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Previously, on Cute Quest:

You saw Apple Bloom drawing, and decided to ask her about it. She showed you a diagram of some kind of device she was hoping would make her sister's job of harvesting apples at their farm easier. Though Miss Cheerilee later told you she found someone who could use it, Apple Bloom was not all that excited. The goal was to help her sister.

You subsequently promised to help her realize that goal.

You also met Diamond Tiara and her right hand pony, Silver Spoon, though they were rather unkind in their attempt to sway you to their group.

You also played four square, tying Scootaloo that lead to a tie breaker race after school.

Though you held the lead for two thirds the race, a near collision with a pony bystander and Scootaloo's relentless drive to win netted her the victory.

You coughed up the prize: A milkshake from Sugarcube Corner, as Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie regaled you with tales of Rainbow Dash and the many strange occurrences in Ponyville.

The night wound down from there, and you went home feeling content.


My body is ready


Repping for quest duty


Some days pass in a hum drum blur, nothing notable happening other than what different topic Miss Cheerilee covers in a day or what sport you play at recess.

But suddenly the weekend is nearly upon you, and you enter your classroom at the start of a fresh Friday morning, looking forward to one final day of school before the big weekend and all the fun and games that will surely come along with it.

Today, however, might be a little longer than usual.


let's cute


Alright, showered and shaved LETS DO THIS!


You look about the room after unpacking your supplies, waving at your friends each in turn as you see them.

Scootaloo, Apple Boom, Sweetie Belle……

You look to Brynn's seat, expecting to see his nose buried in a book or stack of papers, and are surprised to see he's not at his desk. In addition, there are no supplies or any papers at all on it.

Miss Cheerilee, of course, has the answer during role call.

"Now, you students may have noticed that Brynn, my usual helper for my lessons, is missing today."

Murmurs float about the classroom until she can get everyone's attention once more.

"Don't worry, Brynn just seems to have caught a cold. He'll be out for a few days, maybe a week, then be right back," she coughs gently as she turns and begins to write every students name on the board, "With that said, we need to pick a new helper to replace him during this absence."


I say we nominate ourselves to unlock the secret Cheerilee route.


We could volunteer. That'll help us get acquainted with the rest of the class.



Well I know a pony that would be great for this. it's us


KS pls go


You're uncertain how to feel as your name is written alongside your classmates, students rolling their eyes, burying faces in books or papers, reacting however they openly feel about the possibility of being Miss Cheerilee's helper.

"Now then; I've assigned each of you a number, as you can see here on the board. We'll draw from a hat to determine my temporary helper, unless we have a volunteer?"

[spoiler]Hot for Teacher DLC not found, please purchase and re load save file.[/spoiler]


I forgot about spoilers being different here. Blah blah blah did it work


I vote we volunteer.
And you just hit Ctrl+s to spoilertext, Aspirant.


A chance to earn more Cheerilee points!


Yeah, I forgot. 2 months away does that.



Let's volunteer



Ctrl-s Aspirant, though that tag use to work. I will go fix that.


I think we should not. Judging from Brynn's social standing, being class helper probably won't make us very popular.


what are we, a nerd?
don't answer that



Spaghetti roll to see if you muster the courage to volunteer in front of your peers.

1d10, first 3 taken.

1-10 = Nope, not doing it.
11-15 = Timid
16-25 = I guess I could help
25+= I love helping!



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #0 6 = 6



Roll #0 2 = 2


Dang. Guess we a pussy.


File: 1354754038654.png (698.89 KB, 857x796, feeling tired.png)


Probably for the best. No one likes the teacher's pet.


hah, right on the edge




You think about helping, but imagine raising your hoof and being laughed down by the rest of the class.

After the popularity you gained after your little stunt earlier this week, that's the last thing you want, so you promptly erase the idea of volunteering from your mind as Miss Cheerilee asks again for volunteers.

"Anyone? No? Well let's see who the lucky pony drawn from the hat is, then. And don't worry, your duties won't be that difficult. Just helping me grade and sort papers and the like," she says, reaching for a rather fashionable pink hat stuffed with slips of paper.

"Now, the lucky student is….!"


Roll #1 19 = 19



It was actually random, I swear.





Fate demands it, I suppose.


Oh you've got to be shitting me


Oh wow








Let us not look to exited now.


The irony of the situation that just played out in your head would strike you if you knew the definition at such a young age.

Nobody laughs like you feared, though a few give sympathetic looks in your direction. Most notably Apple Bloom, who wears a slightly sad smile while Sweetie mouths "I'm sorry."

Miss Cheerilee just smiles in your direction, positively beaming, "It seems our new student will be my helper for the next week or so, until Brynn returns," she chuckles, reaching into her desk for something.

She walks to your side, carrying some kind of medallion on a necklace, piquing your curiosity just before she slips it over your head. The medallion is rather light, made of a yellow gold plastic. You look at the front to see "Miss Cheerilee's Assistant" on the front, written almost elegantly in black marker.



don't blush don't blush



Aaw we #swag as hell now

Wear it like a king


Ah jeez. Hope we don't look dorky with it.


The morning lessons pass with you idly playing with your cheap medallion, wondering when exactly you have to do anything different.

The answer comes after lunch, when Miss Cheerilee sends the rest of the class out for Recess.

Scootaloo nudges your shoulder as she passes, giving her own sympathetic smile before she joins Sweetie and Apple Bloom in heading out to the playground.

"Now then, Mr. Puff," Miss Cheerilee says, pulling a chair for you to sit in to her side and patting it with her hoof, "Have a seat. I won't bite, promise."

You wander over, bashfully hopping into the seat next to hers before looking up at her.

"Y-yes, Miss Cheerilee?"

"Let's get it so you can see the top of the table at least," she says, stifling a laugh as she stacks some books under the chair until you're about the same level as her, "There we go!"

"You're going to help me grade some papers," she says, giggling when your expression becomes downcast and you look at the table, "Oh I know you'd rather be outside playing with your friends, but as compensation I'll let you have some of my secret stash."



"S-secret stash?"

Miss Cheerilee confirmed for stoner


Inquire on the stash and its contents.


>Cheerilee sharing contraband candy stash
Suddenly this job doesn't look nearly as bad.



"Secret stash?" You ask, ears perking up.

Miss Cheerilee nods, smiling mischievously as she looks over your head at the door for a moment. Then she bends over to her right, still sitting in her chair, as she reaches to a lower drawer. You hear the noise of a lock, and when she sits upright, she holds a hoof out to you.

In it is a large, wrapped candy, the wrapper a mysteriously enrapturing swirl of colors.

"It's candy!" she whispers as you stare hesitantly at it. "Some of the best you can get in Ponyville, actually."

You look at her, surprised. She just laughs and puts the piece in your own hooves, "Don't look at me like that, Puff! Even teachers need a sugary pick me up once in a while," she winks, "And my assistants deserve one too for giving up their play time to help me, don't you think?"


"Uhhh, thanks. Do I ever get to go to recess?"


Sweet! Anything good?


Yes please.



Oh god that sounds like it looks delicious

Screw playtime, let's mark stuff


"I think I am going to like this gig"



She unwraps a piece of the candy and pops it into her mouth before answering, "Well, if we finish grading the papers and there's still time left, you can go out and play. If not, then you won't be able to. So if you want the best of both worlds, be quick but efficient."

With that she slides a small stack of papers in front of you, then a separate piece of paper that she says is the answer key.

"These are the correct answers here," she says, using a pencil to point to the key, "And for each one that your fellow students got wrong, just put a red x on that question over on their paper, like this." She demonstrates, putting an x over a wrong answer on a paper belonging to…Scootaloo.

"That's it!"

"I think I like this," you say, trying to unwrap your candy like Miss Cheerilee. It seems….stuck. Is that a thing that even happens?

Miss Cheerilee looks over and sees you struggling, unable to stop herself from giggling and pressing a hoof to her cheek.

"Oh my goodness you are just the cutest thing. Here, would you like some help with that?"

<Spaghetti roll, first 5 rolls of 1d10 taken>

1-15 = Spaghetti dropped at compliment
16-25 = S-sure
26 - 35 = Get it by shredding the wrapper
35 - 50 = Get it yourself, preserving the wrapper


"I think I got it…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


This wrapper aint go shit on me

Roll #0 4 = 4


oh jeez

Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 2 = 2



Roll #0 10 = 10



hey I rolled that 10 for you jerks!


Notice you weren't included.


>implying I didn't want Puffs to drop spaghetti all over teacher


nevermind then…
>Cheerilee keeps you as her assistant
>feeds you sweets only to watch you drop your spaghetti every time




You struggle with the candy for a moment, cheeks blushing red at the compliment and at your inability to open a piece of candy, before you sigh and hand it back to her with a whispered, "Please…"

Miss Cheerilee takes the candy from you, "Well don't feel bad about it. Sometimes these things are like that. Just gotta know how to….get….it…." she says, also struggling before clamping one of the end ties in her mouth and pulling on the other, causing it to unwrap and fall into her other hoof.

"Thank you, Miss Cheerilee," you say, putting your hooves out as she hands it to you.

You pop the candy into your mouth and are hit with a wonderful mix of chocolate and fruit flavors.

"They're good, aren't they?" Miss Cheerilee says with a smile, still rolling a candy around in her own mouth as she picks up a pen and begins to grade the much larger stack of papers in front of her.

You can't help but nod. It's delicious! The flavor seemingly changes every few seconds as the layers melt away into sugary goodness in your mouth. All the while a sweet chocolatey sensation persists, somehow. It's easily the best candy you've ever had in your short life.

Sucking softly on the delectable treat, you begin grading papers, marking questions wrong and adding the graded papers to the finished stack that Miss Cheerilee has between the two of you.

It goes quickly enough, until you finally look up from the paper you're grading and see only one more waiting for you. You stretch your little hooves above your head as Miss Cheerilee continues to work, a smile on her face as she glimpses in your direction, before you look at the final paper.

It's Sweetie Belle's.

You briefly look over the paper, counting the number of questions she got wrong without marking them.

All of them. She missed all of them.

Many are just blank, but the ones she put letters into are just as wrong as the empty ones.

Something goes off in your head and says this isn't right.

>Look at paper more closely. Maybe you missed something. <PER check>

>Tell Miss Cheerilee
>Put in correct answers, then grade
>Grade it as it is, giving Sweetie a 0% on her homework assignment.


Look closely. If something's bad then we tell Cheerilee.

Roll #0 3 = 3


Sweetie was good at math, there's gotta be something wrong like DT and SS playing a prank or something.
Check it again and if it's still off then show the teach


Look at it more closely.

Roll #1 6 = 6



I had a feeling something like this would come up. We cannot cheat and give her a false grade, that's beyond unethical.

I say we look closely.

Roll #0 1 = 1






Roll #0 2 = 2






I… I failed you all ;_;


Let's go with the perception check.




can we get a better roll than this? pls

Roll #0 7 = 7



Alright, here's your one freebie. Don't roll before I tell you the requirements, or I'll keep your rolls and/or change the requirements based on if I'm feeling merciful.

Not to sound bossy, but rolling without knowing the requirements is a good way to make your guy overreact or vastly under react to a situation.

Now then, 1d10, first 5 taken. Minimum threshold of seeing something you didn't before being 30. Good luck!


It's probably the name.

Roll #0 7 = 7



Roll #0 3 = 3


I didn't mean to roll that first time. Email got stuck
The hoof writing probably

Roll #0 4 = 4



Roll #0 8 = 8


Let's not fuck up, shall we.

Roll #1 6 = 6



You start wondering about….something. Something about the paper seems just slightly off, but you can't quite tell. It's at the forefront of your brain and it's bothering you pretty bad, but you just can't put a hoof on it.

>Tell Miss Cheerilee

>Replace answers
>Grade as is



Tell Miss Cheerilee


Let's tell Miss Cheerilee something seems off about this paper.


Tell Cheerilee.



Let's tell Miss Cheerilee


pls let Miss Cheerilee know about this. I don't want to lose candy privileges

Roll #0 9 = 9


Tell miss Cheerilee and also tell her we know that Sweetie studied with us so she couldn't possibly have bombed the test this bad.


stop that dice


We don't have to tell her that. Just that there's something funny about the paper.




"Miss Cheerilee," you say, getting her attention and pointing to the paper as you hold it in front of her, "There's something….wrong, with this paper."

Miss Cheerilee takes the paper from you, nibbling on the back of the pen now held in her mouth as she looks it over.

"There seems to be a lot wrong with this paper," she comments dryly, "Did Sweetie not do her homework before coming to class today? That's unlike her…"

"No, there's something else wrong with it too," you insist, before looking shyly at the table, "But I can't really tell what."

You feel a hoof on your mane, gently rubbing the space between your ears, and look up to see her smiling.

"Gut feeling?" she asks.




>Yeah. I know she couldn't have done this bad since we studied together.



Ask her if it's all in Sweetie's hoofwriting



You nod, thinking her hooves feel a little soft….

"We studied together for the test this week. I know she knows how to do it."

Miss Cheerilee smiles as she removes her hoof from your mane, making you reach up to ruffle it back to a more "naturally" roughed looking state.

"That would explain why you all scored almost exactly the same points," she remarks before looking again at the paper, holding it up to the ceiling to look through it, "Aha!"

You stand up on your chair to get a better look when she brings the paper back down to the desk and begins to trace very light letters out in the answer spots.

"Somepony erased her answers…" she mumbles, eyebrows narrowing into a gentle scowl.


or is that mouthwriting?


It's hornwriting


"Who would do that?"


it's ponywriting you nonponies!
can we figure out who wrote over her answers?



"Who would do such a thing?"



But who would do that?


"Who would do that?" You ask, forming some ideas of your own.

"I have my suspicions," Miss Cheerilee replies before sighing and putting a hoof to her right cheek, smooshing part of her face before mumbling, "But really I'll just give Sweetie a passing grade and bring it up in front of the class. Unless….."

She turns to look at you, and her eyes light up, her expression brightening with an idea.

"Unless you want to find out who did it for me."


get our sherlock on



Shit lets be Puffs P.I.


Aw yeah nigga. Time to defend our future waifu's honor.



Let's do this shit.



You salute to Miss Cheerilee, saying, "I'll take the case!" in the best detective voice you can muster.

This leads to her laughing and expressing her desire to pinch your cheeks, causing you to blush before she contains her enthusiasm for your cuteness and begins to explain what to do.

"Well if you're going to be my little detective, you can't tell anyone. Nopony can know you're investigating. Not even Sweetie Belle. Second, you have to come up with hard evidence. I think a witness or a confession are your best bets."

You nod as Miss Cheerilee looks at the clock, "You've got twenty minutes before recess is over. You can go out to the playground and see what you find. Or you can look around the classroom real quick. Sweetie sits at the front, about four seats over from the left. It might've been someone she handed the stack of homework papers to at the start of class this morning, so you should probably start along that train of thought."

"And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll help however I can in your investigation, detective."

She puts a little emphasis on detective, winking at you as you get up from your chair and think about how to get started.

<Detective mode is go!>



Let's inspect the region of Sweetie Belle's desk for evidence of tampering!


Well, let's get the seating arrangement. If it's somepone she handed her papers to, then we'd need to know who they are, so that we can snoop on them.


Have a look at sweetie belle's desk


if at all possible, look at the writing that replaced Sweetie Belle's and then search through the desks without Miss Cheerilee looking/knowing


See who sits next to Sweetie.



Wouldn't it be easier to ask?


Of course it would, but that would ruin the immersion!

haha, no really it's cool to just ask



You ask for the paper, standing on hind legs to look over the top of the desk as Miss Cheerilee hands it to you.

You thank her before looking at it, looking for evidence of some other pony's writing.

You make out the shape of the way they capitalize A, C, and D, false answers to the only three questions with any written.

They are not very elegant, having been written in haste, but they are by no means chicken scratch. Whoever wrote these probably has much better handwriting when they take their time.

You hand the paper back to Miss Cheerilee before walking over to Sweetie's desk. A pencil and eraser lie at the top of the slightly slanted surface, little bits of eraser flecked across the desk showing that she was working on her notes or something energetically this morning.

>Look inside her desk?



Yes. Also look on the floor in case anything got dropped.


You have permission from Miss Cheerilee to look in any desks you need to, as long as you don't remove anything from them that isn't something you consider evidence.


Have a look inside.
We should also check DT and SS' desks for anything we could use to compare handwriting


Let's do it. Hope she doesn't find out.



Check her desk, and check DT and SS desks for evidence!


Well it couldn't be her's. I don't know why we'd be looking in SB's desk.
Perfection. look in the desks of the the students in front of Sweetie Belle


But she sits at the front of the class.



You look around the floor, but there's nothing noteworthy. Just more bits of eraser.

You open the desk cover, making sure to set the pencil and eraser aside so you don't have to pick them up later.

Inside the desk is:
A box of crayons
A small stack of paper, some off to the side with drawings or scribbled notes. The drawings are obscured by other papers on top of them, though you think you make out Scootaloo in one of the drawings.

More pencils, a backup eraser, an empty lunchbag….

There's a picture of a rather stunning unicorn, with a curled purple mane, hugging Sweetie as they gaze at the camera. It must be….Rarity, you think she said?

No students sit in front of Sweetie Belle, as she sits at the front of the class. There are three seats to the right of her desk, and about four to her left.


which direction did the papers go after getting passed to her?



This, this is kinda important info.


>There's a picture of a rather stunning unicorn, with a curled purple mane, hugging Sweetie as they gaze at the camera.


Um, we should ask if Diamond Tiara sits nearby. Brynn warned us that if she ever gets insulted then she can take revenge and we know she goes looking for trouble with CMC.


Check the picture of Rarity for a hidden .ogg file


Find out who else sits in the front row


You poke the picture's thin frame, hearing a small click when you hit the top left corner.

A faint melody begins to play, getting the attention of Miss Cheerilee as you listen for a moment.


"What are you doing over there?" she inquires after you listen for a bit, before you promptly hit the moveable part of the frame and shut the music off.


"Hey Miss Cheerilee, which direction did they hand the papers this morning?"

Miss Cheerilee thinks for a second, "Well, since Brynn was missing and he's on the corner near the door, I think I had them hand the papers left this morning."

"Here's the desk organization chart for you, inspector," she says, holding out a laminated placard for you to look at.

Upon observation, you note that Diamond Tiara sits two chairs to her left. And Silver Spoon another two beyond that, with Apple Bloom wedged between DT and SS.



Let's check DT's desk first, and then Spoon's.


Check Silver Spoon's desk first.
Just a hunch.


Let's check Twists desk instead!



This. We should check for eraser scrapings. There'd be a lot of them if she erased an entire paper.

Then we need to go talk to AB.



Let's check DT and SS's desks. Silver Spoon is my prime suspect atm.


What he said


You shut Sweetie Belle's desk, putting the pencil and eraser back on top, before moving over to Diamond Tiara's desk, since it's closest.

You look for eraser scraps, but the desk is squeaky clean on top, the floor equally clean. Well, as clean as a school floor can be.

>Look inside DT's desk?

>Move on to AB's
>Move on to SS's


check SS


That's even more suspicious. Let's have a look inside.



Look inside the desk. Maybe they got swept inside.


Check inside.


Look inside.
We can use this for dirt on her later, even if we don't find incriminating evidence.



Check inside DT desk




You open the desk, not sure what to expect.

Inside is:
A very small stack of papers with nothing written on them.

A small bag, perhaps a coin purse of sorts, with a rope you pull the top shut with. It is currently closed, though it looks to have something in it.

A few pencils and erasers, very few eraser shavings to be seen.

A picture of Diamond Tiara and some rather tired looking stallion. He's smiling, but the bags under his eyes make him seem older than he probably is. He looks old enough to be her father, very easily so. She looks genuinely happy, rather opposite to the usual expression she wears around the class.


Wondering how much time you've got before recess ends, you look at the clock.

There are 15 minutes remaining before recess ends.


it couldn't be these two, they probably wouldn't get their hooves dirty with something cheap like this. they probably got somepony to do it for them, take a quick glance outside to see if they're paying someone off


Let's check Spoon's desk real quick.


>it looks to have something in it.
May as well check.

If it's a bust check DT desk/area


I'm curious about the purse, but I say we leave it in case we might get in trouble for snooping around too much.

We should go to SS's desk


Let's check the purse and then quickly check out spoon's desk. And then if neither head out to the playground and talk to Sweetie Belle. Maybe she pissed someone off the other day.



Quickly check on and in SS desk, then go out and see if anypony seen anything / or is acting suspicious.


Check SS' desk


Open the purse, or leave it alone?



Open it!


Open it, running out of time


Peek, but don't open it all the way. If it's full of pencil shavings, alert Cheerilee. If not, then close it up and leave it.


It probably just has some coins, no need to check…urrgh but it might…




Just check it out, we don't have to take anything from it.


Jostle it around a bit without opening it. If she notices, there will be hell.



You open the bag slightly, wondering what's inside.

There's the glint of golden coins.

Bits. A lot of them.



Okay well let's close it up and head to Spoon's desk.



alright then



Leave 'em. Head to Spoon's desk.




You tighten the bag back up and shut DT's desk, walking past Apple Bloom's, and a veritable pile of eraser bits on either side, and reaching Silver Spoon's desk.

It looks clean, mostly. Some eraser bits are scattered oddly on the desk, plus an eraser burn in the top left. Usually happens when you press too hard on an eraser, or a student gets bored in class and marks up their own desk with one.

You check the floor and see very light scatterings of eraser bits, though most trail off in the direction of Apple Bloom's desk.


Close that shit back up


>walking past Apple Bloom's, and a veritable pile of eraser bits on either side

Fucking WHAT

Let's check out Spoon's desk inside, and then also Applebloom's desk.


Look inside


Do a quick check of SS then go to AB.

Fuck if it's AB…





You look inside Silver Spoon's desk and find:

A box of crayons

A small stack of papers, some of which are crumpled or laying at weird angles.

Pencils and erasers, with one rather short looking eraser worn down from use.

A drawing of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, with the phrase "Best Friends" written underneath.

There's nothing else noteworthy. No pictures of herself or family, no money, just that stack of papers and a drawing beside her supplies.



Check the desk quickly, this is all a bit fishy.

>You check the floor and see very light scatterings of eraser bits, though most trail off in the direction of Apple Bloom's desk.

So they look like they where swept towards AB's desk?


Welp. Go look in Applebloom's desk.

sPlease don't let it be her.



Let's inspect these papers closer.


Handwriting check!


You look at some of the papers lying about for samples of handwriting.

There are similarities, or at least you think there are, in the capitalized letters you see. Silver Spoon sure has nice handwriting.

But the non crumpled papers are just school notes. You look at the crumpled ones and wonder why she didn't pitch those. Then again, the trashcan is on the other side of the room, and she doesn't seem the type to play basketball from her seat.



Let's uncrumple and look at them closer.


There are a bunch of them, but you start uncrumpling notes, using extra time to skim the notes.

Some botched drawings. A note to a classmate whose name you don't recognize. A note to Diamond Tiara. More botched drawings.



What does the note to Diamond Tiara say?


Read that note to DT.



Also the other one.


Read the two notes


It looks a day or two old, the paper stiff in it's crumpled state, the writing slightly faded.

"Hey, DT, I hear the harvest for Sweet Apple Acres this year hasn't been so good. I kind of feel bad for Apple Bloom, even if she is a blank flank."

Response from DT:
"You should be thinking what the shortage on zap apples will do to my father's business! Less money means less parties, dresses, and cool things for us to do in general!"

Response by SS:
"Sorry, I didn't realize your father's business relied on them so much."

Reply from DT:
"It doesn't, but that's where a lot of my spending money comes from. They better pick the pace up, or I'll be even more cross at that little blank flank. First the new guy wants to hang with those losers, now this! And stop sending me notes, we can just talk after school at my place."


File this information away for later. Recrumple the note and move on to the other one.


So Silver feels bad for AB? Interesting…

Anyways, we don't have anything incriminating here so we should move to Applebloom's desk.



So let's recrumple and then check on the other note.




"Hi Blazer, thanks for the sweet note. I think you're nice too, but Diamond Tiara says you just aren't cool enough to hang out with us. I'm sorry.

P.S. I'll still meet you after school for a milkshake, like you offered, if you want. DT has something she has to go do and I'm not invited, so I'm free.

Response from Blazer:
"You're always with Diamond Tiara though, so if I can't hang out with the two of you, I'll never be able to chill with you at all. Forget the milkshake. Until she changes her mind or you stand up to hang out with me, I'm not interested."



Damn she got dunked. Anyway I guess we should check out Applebloom's desk and then head outside if there is still time.


Well, unless one of the other crumpled papers are Sweetie's actual test or something, we're going to have to check the two remaining desks. Applebloom's, and the other one.


File: 1354763866215.gif (811.4 KB, 340x200, 0513806.gif)

>classroom drama

It could be useful info, but it's not needed now. We should inspect the other desks with the time we have left.


Let's go outside and Talk to AB. We need to ask her if she saw DT or SS doing anything untoward to SB's homework.


You crumple both notes back up, musing over what you've learned and thinking how this all fits together. Or if it fits together at all.

Leaving the papers wadded up about how you found them, you shut Silver Spoon's desk and walk over to Apple Bloom's.

There are two thin piles of eraser bits on either side of her desk, and plenty on top. The pencil at the top of the desk is worn short and the eraser barely existent.

You check your time. You've got about 8 minutes left before recess ends. Better hurry.



Let's open it up.


We should go outside and talk to AB.


Decisions, decisions.

Going outside and talking to someone will eat all your remaining time at this point, but finding out if AB saw anything might be worth it.

On the other hand, there could be evidence inside Apple Bloom's desk.

Remember, this is also just the span of recess. You can always try and finish piecing it together after school if you need to, though you'll have a hard time convincing ponies to stick around without something important to tell them. Unless you lie, but who would do that?


So we look at AB's desk. That way, if we see something we can talk to her after class.


Alright let's have a look in her desk then.



Can we check AB's test? Maybe she was having a bit of trouble and was erasing and re writing on hers.

Feels like a misdirection to me.


I think AB is just a red herring
like, maybe she was just working on designing something else and making a lot of revisions. I think we should get out there and start asking questions.


I've got an awesome idea. We can look at Applebloom's desk and if there's nothing there then just have Miss Cheerilee bring it up in class. Then we could take Silver Spoon out for a milkshake (since she has nothing to do) and use it as an opportunity for an interrogation.


You can ask Miss Cheerilee for her test if you want, but unless she saw it recently she'll have to use time to find it in her stack of papers.

I'm calling majority decision in 3 minutes, make sure you get your vote in.


I like this idea, but without Cheerilee spilling the beans. The element of Surprise is our best asset here.




>waifuing Silver Sppoon

Y-yes pls



But if Miss Cheerilee brings it up then it gives us a valid reason to bring it up over shakes.



Sure why the hell not, I don't have any better idea's. Also if Cheerilee brings it up we can look to see if anypony squirms.


Maybe, but she also knows that we're the teacher's helper.



Maybe we can bribe her.

Information for an airshow or maybe 10 seconds of flexy our hunky athletic limbs in front of her



That's when we use our natural charm and wit to flatter her to submission.


Guys I don't think we are going to get our cutie marks in private investigating.


I'm gonna agree with this.


<Based on majority decision, this is the course of action>

There's not enough time for an interrogation now, better check out Apple Bloom's desk for anything suspicious.

You open the desk to find a very large stack of paper, and an assortment of designs scattered about in the desk. There are extra pencils, erasers, and a few crayons scattered around as well.
On top of everything though, rests a picture.

Apple Bloom is on the neck of a massive looking stallion, wearing a hat too big for her head and waving at the camera while the big red stallion just smiles. In front of both of them is an orange, golden maned beauty, her mane and tail tied with simple red ties. She stands with one hoof crossed in front of the other, a content smile on her face. This must be Apple Bloom's family.

There's also a crumpled note sitting next to the picture, amidst the scattered supplies.


But we might get it in milkshake buying if we do



Welp read the crumpled note!


Read it.


File: 1354765163580.png (61.78 KB, 227x221, 1351654313674.png)


Look at the notes



Let's take a look at the note


Noooo you guys, sthap!




I forget why our paths were always tangled ttogether like strings. Partyng those unusual ropes from one another may strain ourselves. Yyou would not infllict such sadness on us, right.


Something doesn't quite feel right here….


A thought.

If Blaze likes Silver Spoon, it follows he'd be looking at her during class, right?

Maybe he saw her while she was switching around Sweetie Belle's answers.



Damn DT you're a shit speller. Unless that was your mistake


File: 1354765410230.png (768.57 KB, 1312x1014, What the Fuck Am I Reading 2.p…)

>written by DT







and we should check the hoof writing


okay, so there's some hidden meaning in the misspelled words, I'd bet, but I have no idea what



Previously she spelled fine. It's written really awkwardly as well, like there's a hidden meaning or a code of some kind.


Heeeeee Heeeeee Heeeeeee

You check what capitalized letters there are, but none of them are even the letters on Sweetie Belle's homework.

Some of the lettering is similar.

And now that you look at it….some of those letters stand out a little more….

<PER check, first 5 1d10 rolls taken. No max or min, score will determine what you can tell about the note.>

Good luck, detective.



Roll for great justice!

Roll #0 6 = 6


Roll for Cutie mark

Roll #0 4 = 4





Roll #1 8 = 8


Here we go…

Roll #0 3 = 3



We are a clever pony




Roll #0 4 = 4





Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #0 9 = 9








We are not a very clever pony.



Some of the letters are…thicker? Just barely, it's hard to tell which ones they are at first glance. Roughly the first half are more obviously thicker, but later ones are barely different at all, and you can't tell which are meant to stand apart.

<Capital letters signify they stand apart from the others.>

I Forget whY OUr paths Were Always taNgled TTOgetHEr Like strings. PartYng thOse Unusual Ropes from one another may strain ourselves. Yyou would not infllict such sadness on us, right.

You can't make all of them out!

If only there were a way to see these better, something that could help you see which are darker…..


Hold it up to the light!
"If you want to help our…"
Our what?!



Can we not hold it up to the ceiling for better light like Miss Cheerilee did with the test?








"If you want to help your… y?"
We're missing something here.


Quickly you hold the crumpled note up to the light, revealing the remaining thickened letters!

I Forget whY OUr paths Were Always taNgled TTOgetHEr Like strings. PartYng thOse Unusual Ropes From one Another May straIn ourseLves. YYOU Would not InfLLict such saDness On us, rIghT.

But what does it say….?

The bell signifying recess is over sounds, startling you. You have moments before students come back to class!

>Take the note, you need to figure out what it says.

>Put it back, we can come back for it later.



Pet? Family?


"If you want to help your family, you will do it"
Oh snap. Blackmail. Bring this up to Cheerilee.


"If you want to help your family do it"


Memorize what we can and talk to SS about it over shakes after school. If we can obviously.


Take it and show it to Cheerilee.
Time to crack this case.



Take it and give it to Cheerilee.


Wait scratch that.





inb4 she thinks we are a conspiracy theorist


Let's NOT show it to Cheerilee. AB is clearly complicite in this somehow, and we don't need to get her in trouble.


But this is Blackmail. This has gone beyond bullying.



You take the note. Miss Cheerilee has to see this.

Students begin filing in, and you approach Cheerilee's desk, note in hand. You don't have time to go through the entire thing right now, but you tell her you think you've got something. She says that class is about to start. She'll hold the ponies you need after class, if you think you've got it figured out.

Do you?

Who will Miss Cheerilee hold after class?


Maybe, but probably not. AB wants to help her family and she could use money to accomplish that. It's most likely bribery.



I agree with >>235461. Let's just give Cheerilee an update and maybe we can find out exactly what this is all about later on.


Also, DT gets her pocket money directly from how well AB's family does. For her it's a win-win



Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Applebloom.


Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, and Applebloom.


DT, SS, and Applebloom.




dammit, if only we could do one last handwriting comparison.

this just doesn't seem like applebloom at all. even if it is to help her family.






This is what I think has happened:

Silver Spoon feels bad for Applebloom. She moralfags Diamond Tiara enough to give her a devilish idea; DT convinces AB that they mean to move away from Zap Apples because there has not been enough output, and only DT stepping in on behalf of the Apples could change Filthy Rich's mind. But in order for that to happen, AB will have to destroy SB's test.


Well whatever we do, we can not let the SB and Scoots know what really went down. Unless AB insists on it.



"Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and….Apple Bloom," you whisper, causing Miss Cheerilee to look surprised.

"Apple Bloom? Are you sure?"

You just nod, feeling….strange. You may have figured it out, just maybe, but the whole thing leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

You can't help but look in Apple Bloom's direction throughout the afternoon lessons. Observing her demeanor.

Maybe it's your imagination, but she seems….distracted.

With a message like the one you decoded, why wouldn't she be.


When class lets out, Miss Cheerilee tells Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Apple Bloom that she needs to see them after class.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo head outside, waving and smiling, saying they'll wait for the two of you, since you have to help Cheerilee with something.

You put on a small smile for them, and wave back, before Miss Cheerilee checks the hallway to make sure it's clear so you can begin your case.

The first step, of course, is explaining all this as you go to Miss Cheerilee. But, what is the bigger picture?

<You have 10 minutes will I go grab a bite to eat to formulate your case/evidence against who you suspect the perpetrators are/explain things to Miss Cheerilee. I'll rephrase things for you if you need me to.>


Ok here is the plan we lock them in a room with Pinkie Pie till somepony tells the truth.


<Alternatively, you could probably interrogate someone and hope they crack under the pressure. Phelps.>


Call in Silver Spoon for interrogation.


I'll go with what this guy said >>235479


I think we should start with AB. Get everything out in the open so that she can tell her side of the story.

I don't want to think that big bag of bits in DT's desk was for her.



Lets just play the we know card,

The Shavings.
The Encoded note.
SS Feelings
The fact DT is a bitch
AB's devotion to do anything for her family.


We should recap the tale of how we discovered the test was tampered with, and determined which order the papers were being passed in. Mention how we suspected DT/SS out of all remaining possibilities due to their previous behaviour towards the CMC. Then talk about looking at Applebloom's desk. The eraser was extremely worn down, and there were a massive pile of eraser bits on the desk and around the floor nearby. Maybe pause at this point to apply the pressure of silence to Applebloom and see if she cracks and grasses up Diamond Tiara. Either way, mention how we discovered and decoded the "save your family" note written and signed by DT.

Then talk about looking at SS desk and discovering the conversation between SS and DT about how very poorly the Apple farm is doing, and proved how DT's family is a large buyer of Apple family Zap Apples. Talk about how AB proved to us that she was devoted to her family above all else earlier that week, and how she would never Then, we make the accusation outlined in >>235479


what he said



Actually, edit that a little. Talk about the giant bag of gold in DT's desk as well.


There's also the possibility that they're framing AB in an attempt to sew discontent among the CMC by pitting them against one another.


Aaand times up, over by 2 minutes actually. Whoops.

Anyway, you guys got an idea of what you want to do down and ready?



We don't have evidence of that, though.



I vote for this:



Yes. But I think the accusation is wrong. I think there was a threat if she didn't do it and a bribe if she did it, we should not go more specific than that and let Applebloom tell the truth.


<Alright, without further ado let's get this thing rolling.>

The three ponies are sent into the hall, Apple Bloom standing on one side of the door frame away from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Out of all three, she's the only one looking real concerned about being detained after class.

Who will you call into the classroom to question first?



Apple Bloom.



Applebloom is the most likely to give us something.


Call in Bloomington


Let's get applebloom's side of the story first.



Miss Cheerilee calls in Apple Bloom, trying to make her relax a little by smiling at her as she has her take a seat. Her seat.

You don't really want to grill your friend, but you want to help her. And getting her to talk is the only surefire way to help her, you decide.

Miss Cheerilee says her part first.

"Apple Bloom, while grading papers today, Puff and I noticed something strange about Sweetie Belle's homework," she pulls the homework from a pile on her desk, "All the answers were erased, and a few wrong ones were put in place. You wouldn't happen to have noticed this when the homework was handed in today, would you?"


Roll #1 5 = 5


AB is going to hate us after this…


Apple Bloom swallows, "I-I thought it had less answers on it than should be there, I guess."

She's shifting in her seat, just enough to be noticeable.

"Do you know anything about why that is? Maybe who did it?"


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


File: 1354768862817.png (67.95 KB, 117x120, what.png)


"L-look, Miss Cheerilee, I can't lie to you," Apple Bloom says, eyes cast down at her desk, her little hooves shaking, "…I did it."

Miss Cheerilee walks over, putting a hoof around Apple Blooms shoulders as she asks, "Why?"


Roll #1 6 - 5 = 1


Wait, i'm confused on the spaghetti rolls, do we want them to roll higher or lower?
Eg. do we want AB to get a 10 or a 1?


If she starts crying, I swear to god…


Well, the lower she rolls, the less composed she is and the more likely to spill the beans.
As it is, she's probably just about to burst into treats.


<Fair warning, the next post is going to be a long one as I type it up. Give me some time.>


Take your time



Apple Bloom begins to cry, pushing her face down into her hooves and sniffling as she begins to shake harder.

"I-I just w-wanted to h-help my b-big brother and sister…"

Miss Cheerilee quickly pulls up a chair, sitting beside Apple Bloom and gently stroking her mane and shoulders, trying to comfort her as she begins to sob.

She's not in much shape to speak, so you tell Miss Cheerilee about the decoded message you found in Apple Bloom's desk. You read it aloud, earning more wracks of crying from Apple Bloom as she struggles to make words.

You find your own eyes tearing up as you listen to her mournful confession.

"Sh-she said….said she'd pay me. A-and my sister….my brother….I need that money! Need it to help them," she sobs, "I can't stand to see my sister work herself to death every year, and Big Mac….it's just as bad with him. They try not to show it, I know they do. But I know! They can't fool me.."

She takes a deep breath, wracked with spittle as she tries to explain why she did it.

"Was gonna use that money, to buy something to help them harvest things easier. Some kind of…machine. More people. Something, anything! I can't make one, I can't design nothin that'll help them like just buyin' somethin' could."

At the thought of her own helplessness, she can't help but cry more, great pools of tears falling down her cheeks, the tears of someone bearing far too much weight for their young shoulders.

Minutes pass with Apple Bloom crying into her desk, then into Miss Cheerilee's arms when she gives Apple Bloom a hug.

You can't help but cry with her. She just wants to help her family. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.


File: 1354770462898.gif (477.43 KB, 294x219, feels batman.gif)





File: 1354770563758.png (176.28 KB, 1024x1043, 1352712883806.png)


This investigation went horribly, horribly right…


When the tears finally do subside, a bigger picture is eventually drawn.

Diamond Tiara was going to pay Apple Bloom to sabotage other student's homework. For what reason, Apple Bloom can't say. But the amount Diamond Tiara was offering her would help her family for a month, at least, she claims.

Miss Cheerilee asks the obvious question: Why so much money to sabatoge one homework assignment.

Apple Bloom shakes her head, and replies, "I'm supposed to do it for another two months. If I kept going after that, she was going to pay me again."

With that, Miss Cheerilee has had enough. She walks from the room, leaving just you and Apple Bloom together, as she goes to call everyones parents.

Apple Bloom sits, head still buried in her hooves, gently sniffling and coughing, unable to overcome the sadness of what she perceives as her greatest failure.

"Now I won't get the money to help them, and I betrayed everyone. I'm a terrible pony."


Time to cheer her up.
She was a good pony caught in a bad situation. It was a bad thing she did, but that doesn't mean she can't make up for it, and her friends will forgive her, since we caught it early and no harm was done.



Oh Jeez, I am not sure what to do here. Got to comfort her some how.


Reassure her that she was trying to do a good thing, just not going the right way about it.



Tell her she's not a terrible pony, and she did the wrong thing but for the right reason and that we forgive her and we're sure that so will everyone else.


"No. Diamond Tiara is a terrible pony."


I dunno, wasn't DT lying about her father not buying stuff from applejack?

how about telling her that?



Naw I just fell off Occam's razor and made that up as a theory for why she would do it.


I also have no suitably sad music for this, so here's whatever.



You're not entirely sure what to say. But she's your friend, and you've gotta do something.

"No, you're not a terrible pony."

You walk over to where she sits, sitting in Miss Cheerilee's chair beside Apple Bloom and wondering what to say.

"I…I think you had your heart in the right place," you begin, "Maybe the wrong way to do it, but it was for your family. I don't think anypony would blame you for that."

"But now Sweetie and Scootaloo will hate me!" she exclaims, voice cracking under the strain of her crying, "And my sister. She's going to be so disappointed…."



Puff what are you doing, hug the filly goddammit! Hug her sadness away!


They're not going to hate you. I'm sure they'd probably do the same thing for their families.
And I'm sure Applejack will forgive you. You were lied to, after all.


hahaha, while that is sad music, i don't think it suits the situation much.


Hug the shit outta that filly!
ensure her that Scoots and SB would understand that she just wanted to help her family and will forgive her.


"They aren't going to hate you. Heck, I've known you for less than a week, and I don't hate you. What makes you think they would?"
"And your sister will recognize that you were trying to help her. She'll understand."



You'd be surprised how not sad the music youtubers think is sad really is. I'd play Memory from Bebop again, but that's kind of a cheap shot.


"You were lied to, and you had good intentions. They'll understand, I think. And…I don't hate you."

You reach out to give Apple Bloom a gentle hug, putting one of your beige hooves across her back delicately as she sniffles.


Roll #1 9 = 9


I'm still confused.
So we wanted the higher roll?


For actions we want to carry out, the higher the better. That nine was a very good hug.




Yea I think that means WE wont drop our spaghetti. 9 = good hug


Much more fitting anon, thank you.


Puff is most huggable pon


Your warning is a brief turn of her head, revealing one watery, cry stained eye, and then she's on you, both hooves wrapped around you and pinching your wings to your back as she sniffles some more. You tighten your hug on her, putting both hooves around her and trying to tell her everything will be alright.

Whether or not even you believe that, who can say.

<Situational. In response to actions it's usually how effective the action is in carrying across a sentiment, or in how they perceive it. So in these cases higher is usually better. Sorry for the confusion.>


Critical hug!
Double damage?


Promise to help her find a way to help her family.
We owe her that much, after putting her through that.
Maybe we should also apologize.


Although I think it should be more apologetic about how it had to come about.


This, although I think we already promised to do that.

Now we doubly owe her


Promise that we'll be there for support if she wants to apologise to Sweetie Belle


this also
we can accompany her back to the flagpole once Cheerilee has let us go


You whisper a promise to Apple Bloom, one that you made once already.

"I'll help you. Somehow."

And then you apologize, feeling guilty for what she's going through. Maybe….there was a way to have avoided it going down like this.

She just shakes her head, pulling back and wiping at her eyes with her hooves while you fluff your wings out real quick, "If you hadn't figured it out so quick, things coulda got a lot worse. So…..thank you."

Despite how she must be feeling, she gives you a smile.


Parents are called, fillies are disciplined, and a very heartfelt talk between siblings occurs. One about responsibilities, loyalty to friends and family, and how good intentions can indeed get muddied through dishonest actions.

You get to meet Applejack and Big Mac, finding them to be honest, hard working ponies. Just like Apple Bloom.

You're not sure if Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo ever found out about the whole thing. In the end their friendship endures this hardship. And so does yours. And that's what really matters.

Miss Cheerilee has good news mixed in with the bad for Apple Bloom; Her friend who could use that device, the one you talked with her about earlier in the week, offered to pay her for it. Enough to buy some breathing room for her family.

To an extent, this only doubles Apple Bloom's shame. In time, she'll recover.

<con'td one sec>


You're packing your bags when Miss Cheerilee drops a bag of something on your desk, scaring you half to death before you see what it is.

It's a bag of that candy she shared with you, at the start of this whole mess.

"I think my gumshoe has earned a reward. I know it's not much, but it's what I can give you."

"Th-thank you, Miss Cheerilee," you reply, putting the candies in your backpack before she changes her mind.

"Now I think you've had enough excitement for one day young man. How about you head home. I'll make sure your parents know you did a good job helping me today."




Holy fucking shit I only just noticed the time now, that went fast


"Thanks Ms. Cheerilee."
"…Can I be your helper again someday?"


I'm gonna call it. It's late and this session was….different. Didn't live up to the title, that's my fault. I hope you'll bear with me for next time.


Scootaloo 4/5 Great friends
Apple Bloom 5/5 Best friends
Sweetie Belle 2/5 Friends

Miss Cheerilee 3/-


She's got us all week, man.


Oh yeah…



Thanks Aspirant. When's next game?


>5/5 Best friends
fuck yea
Time to level up that Sweetie Belle social-link.


Depends on when you guys are up for it next. Could go tomorrow night if you want, or we could take a days break since this one was rather…charged.


I liked the change of pace. Besides, now you can say that this quest has intrigue.


Thanks for the night. Next session?



Another fun session, the time just flew by. I can't help but feel if we talked AB into selling her contraption in the first place this shit wouldn't have gone down.


The investigations were fun, even if they weren't cute.
And the Applebloom interrogation and everything afterwards was definitely cute.
I think it lived up to its name just fine, all things considered.


Tomorrow would be great for me.


If you're feeling up for tomorrow night, then so am I.



Like always any day after 6pm est great for me.



I'd like tomorrow.



Tomorrow it is then. Have a snippet for your troubles. Hopefully tomorrow will be feelier and much cuter.

"Alright class, settle down, settle down. After last years talent show went over so well with Ponyville, we've decided to do another, but change it up a little bit," Miss Cheerilee explains, perking the ears of every student in the room, "So for this year, to raise money for the school and for the town, we're going to have….a fashion show!"

Half the classroom groans, the other half whisper excitedly.

And then, Miss Cheerilee makes the announcement that causes your eyes to bulge.

"And this year, the girls will be making the outfits, the boys will be modeling them!"



OH GEEZ, this is gonna be good!


File: 1354773648581.gif (1.73 MB, 564x428, C'mon SON.gif)


>Rarity's face when



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