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The day is still bright, but you have traveled far into the forest, and can only see the occasional ray of light shine down through the trees. You are one of several who heard the call of nature and have come here to find out what the cause of this meeting may be. There are several animals, ponies, and other wise here, all looking up to a mighty Treant, its leaves full and green, and its face as serious as it is kind. "Welcome friends, I hope you are all happy in this world.. We have decided to move on leaving our guardians here to watch over you." As you get closer to the front you can see to the side a small mushroom like creature with arms and feet, he has an aura of decay around him and a slight smile on his face as he kicks back in the shade. Standing to the side is a cluster of floating rocks, this shape is vaguely hoof'd, and seems to have its arms crossed.


I hold my beehive up, hiding my face behind it.


I stand close to Olive and watch the different creatures closely.


Under the shade of a nearby tree, I bear my parasol to catch the few rays that have hazarded through the green to have at my fair coat.

Currently, I'm pre-occupied with fretting over using my telekinesis to hold up the edges of my silk dress, keeping them from the disgusting dirt below.

I don't look at ease even being here, and slightly recoil when a nearby squirrel looks at me with curiosity. Despite looking to be quite distressed, I bite my lip and say nothing.


"Move on?…"
I confusedly look towards them.


The Treant continues. "You who have answered our call. Who share the knowledge of nature and how to apply it.. We need your help, we wish to retire and need to find a location suited for us. In your wisdom, you may find a place for us to settle that is suited to all three of our needs.." the massive tree gestures toward the two other creatures, the mushroom and the rock elemental.. "This is the task we have sent you for.."


"Ah — I think there may have been a mistake."

I pipe up, a bit defensively, "I don't think I'm right for this kind of… labor. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have come if I had anywhere else to go! I'm not meant to be outdoors. I need to go back to the city. Why would you invite ME, of all ponies?"

I pace in place a bit, obviously bothered by the fact that my hooves are touching dirt.


"Why can't you retire here? Seems nice."


I peek out from behind my hive


"The three of you as individuals, or together?"


Also I kiss my hive and whisper into it, asking for a few of them to come out and stay by my side for comfort

Roll #0 9 + 2 = 11


"Who doesn't like the outdoors?"

Roll around on the ground a bit for emphasis.


The Treant turns to you, its brow furled a bit. "You answered our call, if you did not care for nature you would not have come here. Do you mean to say you traveled here to turn me down?"
The stone elemental floats up and raises its arm toward area. "This place is too close to the cities, too closed in, noisy.. and not enough space for mountains to form, I could never be happy here."
The treant looks incredibly annoyed at his outburst. "we have done our job here, and its time to move on to someplace tranquil, balanced, and where we won't be disturbed. We have each assigned guardians to watch over the lands for us, timber wolves, lesser stone elementals, and your most trusted mages have been given the knowledge to summon a 'Lord Smooze' should anything go wrong in your world you will be able to rely on those beings for aid."
The Great Treant smiles. "You ask the right questions young one, I like that. In the end we leave that answer up to you. The Shroominites are very desirable companions, and would like us all to stay together. If you find that no place is suitable for all three of us, thus preserving our current balance."
A small cluster of bees emerges, they form a small heart to let you know that they love you, and hum extra synchronously. "
"We have a few favorite spots to investigate, but its been years since we were there and any place that we choose will need some form of attention I'm sure. The white desert, the swampy marsh, the mountain ranges, and a peaceful meadow.. "


I give her a perturbed look and respond rather pointedly, "Me."

I sigh dramatically and exposit yearningly, "Oh how I'd much rather be in my greenhouse, back in my manor, back in the city, right now."


"Well I do care for the plants and the animals, but isn't this all a bit dirty and chaotic? It's quite wild out in the forest! I suppose now that I'm here and have nothing else to do, I may as well help, but why did you call upon me?"


"Meadow… the bees will love it there."
I look at my bees and give a beaming smile, then tilt my head so that they may rest in my hair in the shape of a bow~

"City… too crowded. Not a suitable place for a hive."


"Quite the opposite!" I smile proudly.

"I've tended the Canterlot hive for most of my life!"


"So why did you come here in the first place? You were merely summoned, not forced here you do realize?"
"I shall try my best to find a location that suits all three of you then."
I give a respectful bow.
"What do you think would make a good place for them, Flower?"


My ears perk up
"You have a hive too? Where?"


"We called upon you because we are tired, we have watched over this land,the land we formed long ago and set into motion all the needed processes for life.. we have seen your race grow and thrive, the comfy city life you speak of exists now as a result of that.. This is our final request from your kind. You would not have heard our call if you were not ready for this."


"In Canterlot, of course! Most of my family's manor is interspersed with greenhouses. I tend the Hive." I indicate her little companions, "I did not realize that wild bees even existed. Mine require so much care. I suppose I have quite a bit to learn about this so-called nature, dirty-though-it may be."

I blush a bit, and cover my eyes by lowering my parasol a bit.


I pause, unsure.

"I needed to leave the city, and I had nowhere else to go when I was called, so…"

I nod. "Right. No time to dwell on the city. I'm sure you don't want to know about my boring old life. Let's get to finding a nice park, or perhaps a quiet suburb for these noble elementals."


"We leave it in your hooves, then. " He nods to you.
The bees seem to read you mind and form a cute little bow on your head. "The meadow in question is to the east, We will trail behind your team."


"You left them? Shame."
I scowl
"Nature is not dirty. It's their home."

"Forget her."
I step back and hide my face behind my hive again


"Well I just don't know what other adjective to use! The ground is so covered in literal dirt here that I cannot even see the pavement."

I pause and flatten my ears against my head.

"And I would have brought my bees with me, if I could have… I sometimes feel they're my only friends."


"We need to take them some place far from ponies.

"What if we took them back to the Everfree? The coven could watch over them and they could live deep in the woods, away from anypony or any cities."


I meant that to be italics, not spoiler.


"And you left them. Bad friend."

I peek out and stare at the pair


"I didn't have a choice! My house was seized."


You bees hum softly at this statement, they seem to be agreeing that they would never want to leave their keeper.


"Pavement? What's that?"
"The Everfree would be a good place for them… How can we bring them that far though?"


I shrug.
"Walk, I dunno. You're the spirits expert."

I turn to the treant and friends, "Hey, how are you gonna get to where you wanna go?"


I tap my hoof on the ground twice, before thinking better of it and lifting it to dust off with magic.

"You know. The hard stone that the laborers lay down so that carriages can move across the grounds more smoothly."


"Pavement. Hard on the hooves. Uncomfortable."


"What's a 'carriage'?"


"You know, the wheeled vehicles that the laborers pull about so that you can get from place to place without walking."

I brighten at the thought and turn to Olive.

"Perhaps we could rig up a carriage for the venerable elementals? Then we wouldn't have to walk!"


Big things. Pulled by worker drones. Wouldn't let my friends inside."


A group of small shroominites jumps up and displays they are clearly as mobile as any pony. Their legs are small but quick. "Not a problem for us, not at all."
The earth elemental simply rolls his eyes a bit and hoovers back and both displaying his mastery of gravity.
The Treant speaks slowly. "We can move where we need to go, thou we may be a bit slower than the others we certainly have been preparing for this. " Indeed, it seems like the massive roots have be morphed a bit into spidelly 'legs' and 'feet', and the treants are mobile enough for this trip. "We can not do this to often, but it is likely our final journey so we will make the effort for this."


"Why would anypony pull another pony around? Are they mates or something?"

"Oh, good!"


"Drones don't breed."
I grimace.



"I… vaguely remember something like that. From my childhood, so long ago… I believe we called them 'wagons,' if I recall clearly? Though they weren't used for pulling other ponies around…"
That… I did not expect. Pardon me, spirits."
I give a respectful bow.
"Would you prefer for us to explore other possibilities, or would you like to move now?"


I smile pleasantly, "Why yes, they can be called wagons, and often are by the laboring class. You see, some ponies choose to make their way in the world by serving others. It is simply the way of things. I'd imagine they answer the call to help me cross the street much in the same way I've now answered the call to help these elementals find a home."

I give my best proud, determined look, before retreating back under my parasol.


"Ponies… living to serve other ponies? I don't understand! Why would they do such a thing? What do they have to gain?"
I scratch my head, confused.


I shrug. "What do you stand to gain from helping these elementals?"


"Yeah! You should be free!"

"Because… they're nature spirits. We should help them."

My eyes narrow at you and I give you a pretty suspicious look.


"We are ready young earth caller."
"Its understandable, but we wouldn't have called you here without a plan for out departure. We shall trail behind your group to see for ourselves how the new land fares."

So the party traveled onward to the meadows, the sweet scent of flowers fill the air. The land is gently hilly, and there isn't a town for miles. The bees seem thrilled at this place and hoover excitedly. An odd sparrow is flying away from something over the hill, and before it can land its shot down with an arrow. A hooded pony scrambles to grab it and seeing your party shoots and arrow with a red feather on it toward you. It lands harmlessly before your feet and a note unfurls from it. On the parchment is a simple skull a clear message to you.


"They're the very spirits of nature! We don't need to gain something, it's just a necessary task! An obligation! A-"
I try to spot where that pony went! '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Nothing. Fools."

"Even bigger fool."

I hop back from the arrow and stare at the note.
"Skull. Horrible danger. Somepony wants to hurt us like that bird…"


"Exactly! So we understand each other! Much as we are obligated to help our betters, they feel obligated to help their betters!"

I raise a brow from beneath my parasol shield.

"How perfectly vulgar."


It went over the hill, you can spot a small pillar of smoke rising in the distance.


I try to spot the pony too

Roll #0 8 = 8


Its just over that hill, where that pillar of smoke is coming from.


I run up the hill towards the pillar of smoke

Roll #0 1 = 1


Before anyone can sprint off, I remark, "Before any of you go gallivanting off, that wasn't an attack on us, just a warning. I should hope our job of finding a home for the elementals takes priority. Obviously they are not welcome over there, let's go somewhere else."


"Hey, a note!"

Read it.


Roll #1 8 = 8


I turn my head back as I run
"Shut up."


"Sister, stay here with the spirits."
I try to shapeshift into a dove and fly over there without being detected. '2d10'

Roll #1 8, 5 = 13




So just ignore the second roll then. That's my stealth roll.


…The FIRST roll is my stealth roll.
I can totally into english.


I trot over to the earth pony.

"So I don't believe we were ever introduced! I think the culture shock got to me, and I forgot all of my manners at once. Please accept my deepest apologies. I'm Alexandra IV. May I have the honor of your introduction?"


"I'm Wildflower." I try to remember the social niceties the other druids taught me.

"It's… a pleasure… to meet you, Alexandra the Fourth."


On one side it has a skull and the other side it reads "This is territory of the red arrow clan, leave now or face death."
You tumble a bit as you run, and kind of half roll down the hill. You can see a tent of sorts and several cloaked ponies sitting around it. they all stare at you intensely. "Wasn't our message clear? This is our territory, we don't want outsiders, particularly not settlers." A few raise their bows at you.
You slide into a pure white dove and fly over their camp unseen, nothing more than a little bird who moves like a cloud. You can see a few tents, campfires, and a few small animals are being cooked to eat.. quite barbaric for a group of ponies.. you also spot a young one by herself she's wearing some kind of ceremonial hat with various feathers and seems to be sad about something.


you also saw Polly sliding down the hill into trouble.


"Oh, huh. I think these ponies have claimed this land." Show everyone else the note.

"So tell me about Canterlot, Ms. the Fourth. What's it like? Does it have lots of… pavement?"

And I keep a lookout for any approaching ponies.
+1 for the CoG

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Your territory? Claiming nature?"
I tilt my head and take a few steps back.


I give as big a grin as social politeness allows, and reply, "No, no darling! The pleasure is all mine! You know, I'm starting to think maybe this whole 'summons to serve nature' thing is for the best. I can't remember the last time I had words with another pony. I'm usually so absorbed in my greenhouse that I lose track of time! You know, it's quite like a large greenhouse out here, now that I think about it. Maybe I've been seeing things wrong the whole time."

"Oh, please, call me Alexandra, or even Alex, if you like. And oh, my, yes. The pavement in Canterlot is everywhere. It's quite convenient. It's a large carpet, like the grass here on these plains. There are ponies everywhere, of course, but not so many animals, or these…"

I gesture thoughtfully at one of the nearby oaks for a moment - word on the tip of my tongue - "Trees!"

"But I'm rambling. Babbling, even! I must seem so heinously self-absorbed to you. My apologies."


Divine Wrath on the ponies threatening Polly!

Roll #0 2 + 3 = 5


I see him attack
"Quick to act. Reckless. Good."
I smile and turn to the ponies threatening me

"Please hurt."
Animal swarm to cover them in bees.

Roll #0 10 = 10


+2 or no?


They are not approaching you yet.
the same one that spoke before nods. "Ya, you got to go now." and gestures in that direction. you can see his bow is made carelessly from a sapling by the color of its wood, and you can smell something strange on his breath.. is that blood on his hoof?
Your blinding light distracts them for a moment as they look for the source of the cast. "Who dat? Magic? Voodoo?"


"…What's a greenhouse?"

"Olive and I come from the Everfree. There are trees everywhere — so many that you can't even see the sky in the deep parts of the forest…

"I miss it, but we have to experience the wider world if we want to become full druids."

Rolling to notice the commotion with Polly and Olive.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"A greenhouse is a room where you keep the plants. Like I said, being out here, it's like being in a huge greenhouse, where I can't even see the ceiling or walls! Though in my case, I kept my hives there. I tended the bees. I collected their honey, too."


Your bees were waiting for this, they leap into action forming a large arrow and then the shape of a bear's mouth, and then they dive in, covering the ponies in stings and making them run around in a panic. Its like some kind of glorious dance with angry buzzing as the music.
You look over the hill and notice them and alert everypony to the impressive fury off the bees, those bees are seeming to dance before you in their attack.


"You cage plants? In a room? Th-"


Gallop towards the battle, morph into the decay form, and violently power attack the first bandit I see!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


…That didn't work as expected.
That works too I guess.
I fly over to the sad looking pony.
"Why are you so sad, pony?"


"Thank you, my loves."
I close my eyes and smile, then yell at the ponies covered in bees.
"Do you yield?!"


rolling for that because why not

Roll #0 9 = 9


I stare at the monstrous decay-formed pony and remark rather drearily. "They managed to kill her rather quickly. How disappointing. I had thought I had made a friend."

I turn to the elementals, "So… Do you think we should keep going? Unless you really want to live over there, but it seemed to me based on your earlier description, you wouldn't like something quite so settled. I'd hate to waste your precious time by getting involved with every little group of local yokels that we cross paths with…"


You deal a massive blow with you spear to already freaked out red arrow pony in front of you, the cloak tears easily as you piece through the skin on the leg. you notice that the pony's cloak was blatantly made from deer pelt.
The spores from you back sink into the pony and he shrieks at you.
They are clearly intimidated by you but they don't seem to understand many words. "We small group we want stay here. You go." You figure that's a no as you bees continue to swarm around.
Are you speaking as a dove? I believe you still had a turn as a dove so I'm taking that as you are talking to her as a dove. "Little birdy, so sorry that they eat you. I want change tribe, move away to forest.."


The Treant seems very upset. "They are not showing respect for us at all. They tarnish what was once a lovely home to life." The others echo this response.


It's 3 turns, isn't it?
So I still should get one more turn after this, shouldn't I?
And yeah, I was talking to her as a dove.

"So why not? What is preventing you from changing, moving? Becoming one with the forest? Why must you hunt and kill these poor, innocent animals? And feast upon their corpse, wear their skin?"


…Right, this is my third turn. I really need to keep better track of that.

"Please consider my words… the forest cries out in pain from the actions of your tribe."
I fly away.


"Hmph. Please come back friends."
I wave my hoof to dismiss the bees

"We need this place. Run."
Try to look and sound even more intimidating '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


She stare at you blinking a bit. "Old leader is not yielding, I am next leader by blood and can change it if was not for old leader.."
"I understand little birdy.. will it make right again" she watches you fly away back to the group.
They do look scared and a few cover. "No run, Red arrows fight." they all chant this same sentence.


I try to strike a scary visage and yell, "LEAVE THIS PLACE AND NEVER RETURN!"

(+1 for CoG, +1 for intimidate)

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


I sigh, disappointed.

"Well, we'll see what can be done, then."

I trot over to the battlezone, obliviously walking right through the conflict region.

"Excuse me, who is the leader here?"


Divine Wrath on the ponies she's trying to intimidate!

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Fight? Foolish."
I punch a goddamn boulder at them with boulder strike '1d10' then send the bees on my head at them 'r2 1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 10 = 10


You are terrifying your decaying body rotten to the core they fearfully shoot at you repeatedly, you take 4 hits.
One of them beats his chest. "I am leader. " he is the most stung one as well, but he seems to be standing okay..
You divine wrath shines brightly making a nice glow in the air, they look at you and an arrow pierces your side, making some blood gush out . one hit.
Wow, that's impressive, they simply watch with jaws loose as you launch a boulder from the air at them, you strike your target, the leader, knocking him on his flank, he's just barely awake now.
Your bees perform wonderfully and make a small sword shape with their attack, they subdue another attacker and the others seem to be done fighting, they are weakened and their leader is down. They are sort of bowing to you, chanting "Boulder Bee Goddess New leader!"


I ignore my pain and rush over to her! Heal!

Roll #0 4 = 4


"F-fine! Don't listen!"
Stab the biggest one in the face. Hard.


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Did you intentionally try to kill one after the end of combat, or did you not read the whole post?


Oh, I tend to read my thing, post, and then go back and read. Whoops.


I notice her attack on the surrendering ponies.
"Reckless is fine. Murderous is not."
I glare


Yeah, ignore that, please.


The biggest one is just to your right, surprisingly not the leader, but a large brute who can take the hit on the cheek with relative ease. You leave a slight impression and he kind of grunts at you.
The pain is tough to ignore, you can't focus you energy on her.


Heal. Her!

Roll #0 4 = 4


I went ahead and assumed you weren't trying to kill it.


I beckon my bees back to their bow-shaped resting place on my head, then turn to the ponies.
"No more drones. You aren't even bees."


You bees buzz satisfiedly and return to your head, in a neat little bow.
"We can be bees." "Yup" "buuzzz" they seem to want to please you by copying bees, lets see how well they do. '1d10'
You feel the energy flow through you and heal your dear sister, her wounds closing up as her fungi skin turns back into flesh..

Roll #1 5 = 5


I go over and examine Wildflower.

"Are you alright? Your complexion is a bit… off…"

I sheepishly offer her my makeup.


I should be back to normal by now

"Yeah, I'm fine. The arrows didn't hurt much.

What's that stuff?"


"You. Drink."
Whip up something for him with natural remedy '1d10'

"Not very good at bees. What are you doing here?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hey, what are you giving my brother?!"
slap it away from him

Roll #1 9 = 9


I let out a sigh of relief as she changes back.

"Ah, it's… nevermind, it's more important that you're okay."

I pace in place a bit, distressed. "Sorry. So sorry. I was worried I had lost a friend. I thought they did something to you. I wish I had come sooner, now."


"Well if you lost your friend, we could always go find her. You know, after we help the earth spirits."

Pat her on the shoulder.


I blush a bit.

"Maybe I was being a bit presumptuous. Speaking of the spirits, now that we have sufficiently beaten up the locals, should we rejoin the elementals? We have quite some way to go."


"We are warrior tribe, red arrow. We hunt, we live, we red arrow. You want lead us now? You strongest pony we ever seen."
A young mare trots over. "No, leader is not defeated, I am leader." She is wearing a strange hat with various feathers in it. the others seem impressed with this. "She has hat, she has blood. But Boulder Bee Goddess new leader, Bee Goddess one who defeated old leader."
Wildflower could smell the snap root in the mixture and knowing that her brother is allergic she slaps it away with great speed.


"Sorry. Didn't want to hurt the reckless one."

I tilt my head to the left, then to the right… then try to snatch her hat '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


The mare holds on to her hat and jumps back from you, she draws a very crude blade and points it at you, she seems to mean to challenge you to a duel. "If you are leader. I will defeat you and become leader. Make tribe better."


I step back and say nothing, then stomp my hooves on the ground to pop the earth up and punch a boulder at her

Roll #0 9 = 9


"There's no need for more bloodshed. She said she didn't even want them to follow her. Let's not do anything we can't take back…"


You hit her pretty hard, clearly she wasn't expecting that. she's breathing a bit harder but is determined to win. she comes at you with her weapon and a battle cry. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Use my telekinesis to trip her

Roll #0 5 = 5


Trip her with my spear.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Stop this fighting! She wants to better the tribe, make them not harm nature!"
Try to project my voice over the fighting. '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


your magic slows her down enough that you don't get hurt.
she is a little off balance from having to hop over your spear she scowls at you.
your teammates can hear you clearly, and and the mare nods at you "How you know that?"


I step back
"Hmm. No threat then."

"I yield"


"A little white dove told me."
"Thank you."


The mare with the hat looks surprised and stands proudly. "Red arrow tribe, HO!" she say to them. they all echo "HO!" you can only guess that this means they accepted her as the new leader since right after they all lined up behind her.
She turns to you. "You are kind goddess, we will be headed to the forest now, live better there."
She smiles. "Yes, the dove. wise little bird."


"Good drone. Live in peace."
I let out a very faint giggle at being called a goddess


They began packing up and treating their wounded, you can over hear groans as the new leader is listing out commands to respect nature, like "no eat bird" and "trees good, not break small ones"

The Treants are clearly pleased at your work, and they seem to be wondering about the place. The Shrominites look extremely sad, and the Earth elemental is eyeing a particularly sharp hill.


"Hm. If I recall correctly, mushrooms typically do not grow well in direct sunlight. I suspect that's the reason for their distress. Perhaps we should keep moving?"


"Yes, mushrooms enjoy dark and wet places… perhaps you would like some water and shade, Shrominites?"


I turn to the earth elemental.
"See something?"


[caution, pausing in a few more posts. next area visiting will have to wait]
"Yes! I'd love that, a nice cave with a little water dripping in.. Prefect home!" One of them says excitedly. He must really love dark places.
"Ah, yes! This looks like a good place to raise some rocklings, a nice supply of pebbles, and I can grow that rock there nice and slowly.." The elemental seems to be dreaming about such a spot.


"It's yours then."
I look at the hill while petting my bee bow


"Are you thinking of settling down here, Spirit?"
I give it a concerned look.


"It's be a shame if we ousted the locals for no reason. Before, the treants mentioned wanting to stay with the shrominites, but do they mind parting ways with the rock elemental?"


"They're already gone."


"Perhaps, now that you've taken care of those red arrow midgets this place is rather peaceful."
the bees buzz softly almost a purring sound.
"What do the others say?" he asks curiously.
The elemental scoffs a bit. "treants would love to be rid of me i'm sure. they're just leeching off my ground anyway, lazy. And it wasn't for no reason, they were taking from nature, eating everything not meant for them, killing sapling even if we don't stay the land will be better off."
A shroominite hops over to you two. "Its much more fun if we're together.. Please think about it some more.."

You can see the treants seem pretty happy here as well, they seem to gathering around a flower bed.


"Mountain ranges? Plenty of rocks. Caves likely."



"I'm aware they've gone, but we've sent them away needlessly if we don't use the land at all. The damage they've done is not healed by sending them off. In fact, they'll damage their new land even more by taking from the trees and wildlife to create new housing elsewhere. If we didn't intend to use this plot, it would've been wiser to contain them here, and instead set them to work righting their transgressions, through planting new trees and custodializing the wildlife. This is basic zoning!"


"The… fancy pony actually have a point."


you can catch up to them next time [pause]

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