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Its early in the morning and the ship sits in the harbor, she's a beauty to behold, big enough to carry supplies for 3 months and a decently varied crew. Chiro and Chiranna are standing by the ship waving at you. Queen Chiranna, her new status signified with a golden crown, has joy in her purple eyes is obviously pregnant, and is attempting to cover her baby belly with a loose fitting robe. King Chrio with his gray mane and yellow eyes, is wearing a simple royal robe and a golden crown, he looks very proud.


I wave at the two of them.
"Goodbye! You two take care, okay?"


How long after the end of Bat Quest is this?


The pair wave at you "Stay safe out there", "May Luna's light follow you.".

The navigator and captain come up to you: The captain is a Bat pony, a strong looking leader type young and a little familiar, his flank is blank. The navigator is a pegasus pony with a mark on the shoulder that looks like an arrow pointing at itself, his cutie mark is three arrows. "Hail Oddette, have you cleared up all your business on shore? It might be a long time before we return."


6-7 months


Wave goodbye to the two of them.


I wave back at them.
"See you later."


I nod.
"I saw all the things that I need taken to my room or to the hold, said goodbye to my family, and quit my job. I am all ready to go explore the real world."

"Cloudcaller? If you are ready to go we need to talk about us."


"Uh… s-sure."


"Excellent. We've finished the roll call so we're all ready to ship off on our end." they leave you alone with cloud caller.
They wave back harder. A group of griffons has flown in and is waving fervently at you. You recognize your old trainers in the group.


"Follow me."
I lead you down to my cabin. Once we are in I shut the door and make sure it's locked.
"We've been together for six or seven months now and almost nothing has happened between us. We've hardly been intimate, you've never met any of my family or friends, and you've never seen me without any clothing on. I need to know if you still feel the same way about me after all this time."


Oh, I wave goodbye to them before going to my cabin with Dreamkicker.


"Um, well I just assumed you were the old-fashioned type. You know, long courtships and romance and stuff.

"And maybe you had some body image issues. I dunno.

"But yeah I still think you're really great and stuff, Odette."


You're the dreamkicker, baka


I finish waving.
"I'll try to send letters to keep in touch when I can."
And then I head onto the ship.


"Anchor's away!" the captain shouts and you feel your ship moving gently away from the harbor. You can talk to any of the crew or each other. Anya has joined you as a magical adviser. She's the one who helped you out in pegavillage, very pretty blue maned, and purple eyed mare she is staring out at the sea.


I start laughing when you say I might be old fashioned, but quickly stop.
"Okay. We're leaving this place for the new world, so I think I should leave my old problems behind with this old land."
I draw the curtain over my window and snuff out any sources of light to make the room as dark as possible before removing my leotard and fake package. I set them on the bed then carefully light a few candles.
"Still think I'm really great stuff, Cloudcaller?"

They're both gay, easily frustrated ponies. It's an easy mistake.


"I, uh… what?

"Y-you're a girl?

"Why would you lie about that?"


I'm just going to stare off into the distance of the sea.

I'm on an adventure.

I don't know this life, though. I never thought I would have it. Now, I don't know if it's the right thing for me to be worth enjoying one.

At least the others seem happy.


"Do you have any idea what the male to female ratio is in ballet? It was almost impossible for me to get a job until I put on a leotard and shoved a banana and a could of apples into the right place."
I jolt when I feel the boat start to move.
"Follow me."

I go up to the deck and start waving goodbye to everyone. I don't stop until we are out of sight.


I follow.

"I don't…

"What I mean is…

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"


"Because I didn't know if you could keep it a secret. Because I didn't know if you'd leave me. Ballet was my life before I got roped into saving the batponies and I didn't want to risk it getting ruined."
I bite my lip as I wave and keep my eyes firmly on the shore.
"You never answered my question."


They don't stop waving until they are out of sight either. To think you've come this far.

A team of four weather control ponies stir up the wind for your sails : three bat ponies and one pegasus: and your ship speeds up significantly.


I give you a hug.

"I wouldn't leave you, Odette. If you lied about that stuff in the past, you're still really great, because I really like you. What's not to like?"


shit, name


I hug you my.
"My lack of a penis?"
I laugh a bit and hug you harder before letting go.
"Just because I'm not pretending to be a stallion anymore doesn't mean I will start acting sappy. I'm glad you still love me. Let's go see who else is on this boat."

"Anya, any idea how long until we fin land?"



I don't get to enjoy that very much in my free time.

I think.. I'll let my mane down a bit. For the first time, after finding a nice secluded corner of the ship, take off my suit and let down my mane from its tight bun.


Anya smiles at you "Well, we don't know exactly what's out there but we have a small weather team to make sure our ship has smooth sailing. The navigator Triple Shot Cabot set our heading for west."


"Would he know? I don't know much about sailing or anything like that."


"Cabot's one of the few that knows about sailing, he used to track down ponies as a bounty hunter and mysteriously knew where to find them: a good gut feeling on that one. A few of them hid out at sea so he went after them there. "


"Thanks, come on, Cloud, let's go ask him."
I find Cabbot and ask him how long he thinks we will be at sea.


Follow her.


You find him staring at the waves to the west. "I knew you'd come eventually. We'll probably run into trouble tomorrow. And I expect us to be at sea for 3 weeks."
Wind feels nice, very nice. The salty sea air has a slight mist on it.


"What sort of trouble?"


He gives you a cocky grin. his teeth are as white as his mane, a nice look against his green skin. "Hard to say, I just have a bad feeling." He seems to shiver "our ship is large enough to attract unsavory types don't you think?"


Relax time over. Pick up my gear and look for info on what we'll be doing. Like whoever our navigator is.


I nod.
"Do we have cannons and swords and other stuff like that?"


"Nothing we can't handle!"


Welcome to the navigator: A green and white pegasus with a cutie mark of three arrows: and a mark on his shoulders that looks like an arrow making a circle.
"We have cannon's on both sides, and many on board are able to fight, Chiro was concerned about you and sent a few from his own army as guards, I think he also greatly over stocked us." He seems to laugh a bit "I am glad you've so confident hero cloud caller. We may need your bow."


"What's that mark on your shoulders mean?"

"Hello, umm, what was your name?"


"Potential for trouble? Well, then, I am glad I kept my swords in order. But who would want to hunt us?"




"Well there are bat ponies, right? Maybe there are shark ponies."


"N-N… Noxx."

Rolling for sudden spaghetti control

Roll #1 5 = 5


Guess I'm sweating a lot and have a shaky hoof.

I've never really told anyone my name.


File: 1369365644425.png (25.86 KB, 697x725, A30-CurvedArrow-Gray.png, IO Google TinEye)

He confidently turns so you can see it better. "A birthmark, I attribute it as Luna's gift to me, along with my fantastic gut feelings and occasional visions made me the best tracker in the land."
"Sea creatures are definitely a possibility. So, are thieves. "


"Sharks? Oohh… I've always wanted to try eating shark meat. I heard the fin is pretty good! "


"Nice to meet you, Noxx. Are you seasick or something?"
I extend my hoof for a hoofshake.

"Are you saying it works like a second cutiemark?"

"You…eat meat?"
I look a little sick.


"I'm fine, I'm fine.. and what's wrong with meat? On missions, yoy need to eat anything you can get your hands on. And-and, it tastes good!"


"Ponies aren't really supposed to eat meat."
I look around.
"Did Khazard come with us?"


"Yeah, well, I like it… Maybe you could try some later if a shark comes? And I'm pretty sure he's here."


"Well, that takes me back to my youth, yea it pretty much is. I was born under a full moon too." it grants him 4th eye and makes him a cocky bastard if that wasn't clear


"I dunno."
I look around for Khasard, if he isn't around then I go talk to that batpony mentioned in >>419502.
"Do I know you?"

I guess this will be mostly talking tonight?


I go and find where everyone is gathered on the ship.


Until it seems like you all are comfortable yea. also need to sort out noxx's MC skill
He is wandering on deck making some of the crew check the ropes. "Oh, so you sort of remember me? I converted over to Luna's light back in Pegavillage." He smiles


Most of them are talking to the navigator, Tripple Shot Cabot.


"It's great to see you."
I shake his hoof.

"Hi. Glad to see another familiar face."


"Fellow blessed of the Night Warder. I, too have a blessing. "

Show him my eyes.

"The night and darkness are meant to be blankets for ponies to rest peacefully under, but for me, it is where I must work so this peace is ensured. My eyes see just as well in the dark. They are Princess Luna's warrant."


"Hey guys."
"Me too, been walking around this ship without seeing anyone I knew."


"Cloudcaller is here, and so is Noxx. I think the happy couple stayed behind."


He gives you a firm hoof shake "I'm happy to be protecting you heroes again. Thanks to Chiro and Chiranna taking charge as King and Queen we were able to be much more organized and have comprehensive flights instead of specialized ones." He continues "I hope that Luna is actually as good as the stories, I can't wait to meet her."


"I can't wait to meet either of them."


"I would like to see her again. I hope I can do more for her now, after so much she did for me. "


Cabot stares at your eyes, "Fascinating, the bat ponies tell me their eyes are blessed similarly, It must be a blessing to your very nature as a hunter, we should exchange notes when we have down time. Hunter to hunter, thou I did mine mainly for pay."
The Captain replies with a heart felt voice "I keep imagining it, you know. Kneeling before the real goddess.." he stares slightly at the pony of two cutiemarks with a bit of jealousy "and then find out how I'm truly meant to serve her."



"So how long until we get to port?"


"About three weeks according to-" Cabot cuts off the captain.

"Three weeks, that's what my gut is telling me, and my gut" he grins "is hardly ever wrong. Dusky here has lost a few card games to me because of that, isn't that right?" Cabot jabs the captain in the side.

The annoyed look on the captain lightens up a little. "You do play a mean hand Cabot."


"Hey boss, have you checked the maps with… Oh, you have company, am I interrupting?"


"Who are you?"


"Where are my manners? I am Rhodan D'Perro, the cartographer. I'll be making the maps for our voyage, as well as cataloguing what new things we discover. It's a pleasure to meet you."


I extend my hoof for a hoofshake.
"I'm Odette, a bellet-dancer-turned-hero. I've met a few of your before. Your kind make great dancers."


"Oh, Rhodan, these are the famous heroes who defeated the nightmare and gave us a new world to explore." he smiles "Oh, and Captain Dusk is fine if you want to be very formal, my full name is Fading Dusk."


"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Odette."


Take the hoof with both paws and give it a vigorous shake.
"This is great. Maybe I shouldn't ask here, but can you invite me to your practices so I can draw you? I want to improve my skills and you'd be great."

"I'll probably be formal when we're on the clock. Speaking of which, let me know when you have a moment to go over what we've come up with so far."


"Um, sure. Sure, I can do that."


"The pleasure and honor are all mine, thank you."


He nods "I've met you before Odette, I didn't expect you to remember me I was just another face in the crowd back then but you all left an impression on me I won't soon forget. A voice of reason and change in our lives."
"Its smooth sailing for now, so I can take a look at your map as soon as we're done talking if you want."


"You want to draw her?"

"W-what are you planning?!"


"I want to be a great artist known throughout the world. What better way than to be the one who draws such a hero?"


"No, I'm the one who is honored. You're making me feel like some famous dancer."

"I'm glad I left a good impression. I can be a bit caustic at times."

I grin slyly.
"Oh my, are you jealous? Worried about me dancing naked for some stranger?"


"Aren't ponies almost always naked, even in the cold?"
"Um. I just need some practice with bodies in motion and little else. I'll probably just be in the corner sketching."


"N-no! That's not it! Okay, maybe a little."


"Most ponies normally are. I'm a bit of an oddball."

I lean against your side.
"I can put on the outfit I was wearing while we were together if you'd like."


Snap my fingers!
"Why don't you dance together? The challenge will improve my skills as an artist."


"…no, I'm sure you'll keep it professional."

"Dancing for dweebs.

"Oh, and it's for Odette."


"I don't think he can dance. He's a great shot with a bow though. Maybe you can draw him and his muscles when he draws back an arrow."

I lightly bop you on the back of the head with a hoof.
"Thanks for the exception."


"Maybe I should draw this scene. You both have cute faces right now. I'll be back when everyone is free."


"Go for it."


"Yeah, okay."


"After work hours, maybe, possibly."


Its just past dawn, The morning fog is thick enough that the sun looks very dim. The ship has stopped moving for some reason, and you can hear Captain Dusk shouting something on deck.


I take a few seconds to gather my thoughts. Once I've remembered where I am and the warning we got yesterday I roll out of bed, grab my knifes, done my manly leather armor, and run up to the deck.


I head up to the deck.


Trot out of my cabin, prepared for a new day at sea.


You see Tripple Shot Cabot at the helm peering into the fog. Captain Dusk is yelling orders to the on duty flier to clear out the fog. There are five of them trying their hardest but they can't make a dent in it. Dusk seems tense as he orders them back down..
"Come on down boys, we'll just have to wait it out."

Dusk trots over to you "Morning heroes, I'd say good morning but that would be lying."


I look at the pegasi and bat ponies trying and failing to clear the fog.
"Can they not control the weather this far out or is the fog magical? A dance I was in once had to have a few unicorns make some fog that wouldn't get blown away because of how many pegasi were in the troupe."


Can I see anything in the fog?

I guess I don't need to roll for that but you know whatevs

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Why? Some fog can't be too much of a problem can it?"


"I think it must be an enchantment, rolled in this thick and it won't leave." he frowns.
You peer down and you can see the water acting strangely, as if its being controlled by something. and you see a scaly tail pop out of the water.

everyone On the Horizon a fast moving cloud is coming toward your boat. It is leaving a bright yellow trail behind it the makes it clear to see even in this fog. It stopped and hoovers on deck the pegasus powering the little cloud has a mane as yellow as lightening and she smirks at you "Thanks for waiting, I have some late arrivals for you, Wow, its foggy all the sudden."
On the cloud you see a brown pegasus stallion and a blue pegasus mare. The Pegasus mare is clinging for dear life to stallion and who is clutching her back almost as hard.
"Hey love birds, we're here. You can stop pretending to be scared now." the yellow maned pegasus taunts them.


I squint up at the two of them.
"Wait a second…"
My face breaks out into a huge smile.
"Come on down here you two! I thought I'd nev-I thought I wouldn't see you two again for a long, long time!"


I shake my head once I realize we've stopped and clear my throat.
"I-I was merely comforting my mare on that bumpy ride!"
Help her down

"Odette? It's been a while! And.. you look different."


I've got my manly leather armor on right now because Odette is expecting a fight. He wouldn't be able to see any difference unless he checks between her back legs.
I grin.
"Why, whatever do you mean? I'm the same mare I've always been."


"That huge smile. I don't believe I've seen much more than a grin from you before!"
I chuckle


I go in for a hoofbump


"I've got plenty to smile about. I have two good friends before me and a new world to explore, soon enough."


I grab Allegro even tighter when he starts taunting us.
"You flew us straight through storm clouds! Th- the big ones! I didn't even know there were storm clouds out today!"

"Oh… Hi Odette and Cloudcaller!"


I give him a hoofbump and ruffle his mane.
"How've you been kiddo?"

"Heh. A good reason indeed. Perhaps not the only reasons, though, hm?"
I wink at Cloudcaller


"He's pretty good too, I guess."
I return your wink, but then get serious.
"The navigator warned us we might run into trouble today. You two should hurry off that cloud and either get armed or get below. This fog isn't acting right, and we have no idea what sort of dangers the real world has."


I blush a bit. But then I remember that thing I saw.

"Hey I saw some sort of tail in the water! Maybe it's like a sea monster or something!"


"Really? How big was it?"


I pull out my mace.
"Considering what we've already been through, I wouldn't worry too much."

"A tail? How far out?"
Can I see anything out in the water? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"sure you were" she taunts again.
The lightening maned pegasus yawns."Well, I couldn't slow down to clear those tiny rain clouds. Anyway.. Light Chaser doesn't get hit by light, so a storm isn't something to worry about." she lays down on the cloud "you're lucky you had me around." she drifts off to sleep. And the captain motions to a pair of bat ponies who push her cloud below deck.

"Welcome aboard heroes, as you can see we're stopped for the fog, and there isn't any clearing it."


"Hey, Khazard, you don't know any magic that could clear the fog, do you?"


"Something's wrong with the fog? What's wrong?"

"So we're stuck here for now?
I fly down to the ship.


"Hmm, not really. Only thing I have that might work would be telekenisis."


"Lucky you didn't drive us straight into the water you mean."

I fly down with her and stay by her side


"The weather team can't clear it away. We think it might be magic."

"Can you use it to see? That's how bats work, right? Not batponies, but actual bats."

"What convinced you two too come along with us? A laid back couple's life too boring after our first adventure?"


"That's echolocation, telekinesis is moving stuff around with magic."


I smile
"You could say that. There's a whole different world out there for us to explore together. That's a thing neither of us could pass up."


"Right, yeah. I knew that."
I cough awkwardly.
"How's your wolf doing? Is it just me or has that bone merged with your horn pretty well?"

I nod.
"A whole new world is exactly why I decided to leave."

I walk over to you and whisper in your ear.
"Don't mention what I told you yesterday to them. I want it to be a surprise."


the ship rocks back and forth as if something big has knocked into it. water splashes on deck. Anya appears on deck as well wearing a blue raincoat, her horn glowing with magic and flipping throu a spell book. she tries a spell of some kind '1d10'

The sound of something landing on deck, like a fish, is clear and five growling creatures are visible they have the head and front claws of a lion, and the tail of a seal.

Roll #1 4 = 4


her spell doesn't do much to help the fog.


"O-oh. Okay."


I draw my knife.
"There's the danger!"
I Cheap Shot the one in the middle.


I draw my bow and prepare to fire!
Marksman shot one of the creatures.

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


"Get ready!"
Cheap shot one '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"He's doing fine."

I take out Fenrir's bones and cast Raise Dead.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


I move to Cheap Shot one of them!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


You fly in quickly and hit the creature's side with you blade. That sea-lion falls down helpless.
Your arrow flies true and hits one, its bleeding from the wound but still standing.
you work together with a sort of spinning throw and each kick a sea-lion with extreme force, causing them to fall helpless.
Ferir is up and ready for action. He wag his bony little tail at you.

>3 helpless

>1 unharmed
>1 harmed


I try to whip up a very small storm with my wings.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stand back and play a tune on my violin to pump us up for combat

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


I cast Transfix on the unharmed sea lion. '1d10'
And Fenrir attacks the harmed sea lion '1d10+4'

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 1 + 4 = 5


Attack again!

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


I fly over there and smack one of the remaining ones with the flat of my sabre!

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


One of the helpless sea-loins gets up and leaps on you, claws digging you into body dealing enough damage to make you helpless.
you play a an upbeat melody.
everyone +1 next turn
The sea lion bats away your pet like a cat with a mouse, but before any harm can come to Ferir you catch the sealion's gaze and it becomes transfixed by your spell.
You pierce the lungs on your target. your lion goes helpless and is bleeding heavily.
You finish off a helpless one before it can get back up.

>1 helpless

>1 helpless and heavily wounded
>1 transfixed
>1 attacking Oddette


I try to buck it off me and stand up.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Help Odette u-
Nevermind, she's got it handled.
Cheap shot the heavily wounded one '1d10+1'

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


Continue wailing on them!
>forgetting to add the +1 sabre bonus

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Continue Transfix on the sea lion '1d10+1'
And Fenrir leaps back at it to attack again '1d10+5'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 5 = 9


Gah! Protect Odette!

Roll #1 10 = 10


you kick hard at the creature and it recoils away from you landing hard on the deck. A few of the scales fall to the deck. you are up, the sea lion is short of breath and feeling its missing scales.
You finish off the dying sea lion creature, as mercifully as possibly, closing its eyes once the life fades from them.
You fight as gracefully as you dance and kill a sea loin with the beauty that your weapon was meant to carry, with each slice more of the beast's scales fall to the ground and it looks horrified as your saber pierces its heart.
the creature breaks free and slashes you, but Fenrir protects you from getting anything more than a scratch tackling the beast and dealing some blows to its back.
You rush in front of her, chanting about the sunshine returning, and in fact it does seem too, as the air from your speed lightens the fog just around you.

>1 fighting Fenrir

>1 out of breath


Knock the out of breath one off the boat if I can '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Strike the one fighting Fenrir off the boat!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Marksman shot the one fighting the wolf bones

Roll #1 1 + 4 = 5


Telekinesis to push the sea lion back '1d10'
And Fenrir tackles it '1d10+4'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 4 = 6


I attack the one I bucked off.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


File: 1369628407351.jpg (315.62 KB, 600x800, Sea_Serpent_Leviathan_by_Grish…, IO exif Google TinEye)

Together you knock the sea lions out of the boat, but instead of a splash they land with a near silent plop. Out of the sea rises a long winding blue serpent. It hisses at you. In between its winding coiling is a pale blue.. shark pony?! The shark pony has a trident and grins with sharp teeth, if you had to guess you would say its male.


"We'll kick your ass too if you try anything!"


"I told you! Shark ponies!"


"You stay away from us or we'll beat you up just like we did with those sea lions!"


"Get ready for whatever that is!"
Overconfidence with heroism! (I shouldn't have to roll for this, right?)


"You were right. He doesn't look half bad either."


"What's all the ruckus going on u…"
See this>>421386
"I really should have stayed on shore."

Get the tonfas ready and prepare to have my Doppelganger assist.


The sharkpony laughs at you "Please, those creatures are nothing compared to me. I'll be having your food now, all of it. and if that's not enough you'll have to throw a few of your crew in with too.." he licks his teeth in a particularly menacing manner.
"You don't look too bad either, I might eat you just for fun."
did you already have it summoned? if not you'll have to roll.
overconfidence requires a roll, the skill after it does not.


"I wonder if that's the source of the fog."


Wait.. actually its instant automatic now, so it just requires a turn


…in any case Heroism activates now.


"We've got five fresh fish lions. If that's not enough we still have enough cans of whoopass left over from when we beat Nightmare Moon."
>"You don't look too bad either, I might eat you just for fun."
"No deal. There's only one pony who gets to do that and you aren't him. Last chance to leave nicely."


"Stupid pony, of course I caused it. You came into my waters after all."


"Your waters? So what, is this your 'territory' or something?"


Gotcha. I sit back and glare at the sharkpony
"We won't hesitate to beat you down too! Back away now"


"Better the fake than me."

"Wait, so you were the reason I was thrown all over the cabin? Because we entered your self-proclaimed 'territory'? What a waste of my morning."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"We didn't know that. How about you just move that fog so we can leave your territory then?"




"You ponies sure are slow, this is my territory, I hunt in it, you're here, that makes you prey. If you don't give over any food I'll have to eat you instead."
You now have a very average copy of yourself.

"Enough talking, your threats are empty." the shark pony raises his trident which glows slightly and the sea serpent opens its mouth, steam is rising from its toothy jaws and it spits a jet of water toward the ship.

make your actions please. heroism is still up


Well since a turn of combat hasn't passed, I think I'm still sitting out


I draw my bow and fire off a Smoke Screen shot at him!


Seeing the trident glow, I use Improved Telekinesis to take it from the shark pony. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


I rocket forwards above the steam and right past the sharkpony, flipping around and hitting the back of his head with the pommel of my dagger as I pass him.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Lighting Energy Orb at the both the Shark Pony and the Sea Serpent, try to stun both of them.


Roll #1 9 - 2 = 7



forgot about my vantage point thing

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


>forgot to roll

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


that you are, enjoy the breather then. fresh salt air, the sea mist in your face, and steaming hot water next to your hooves..
the shark pony is now surrounded by smoke, and since the sea serpent is almost on top of him so is the sea monster. +1 to all rolls against them for the next three turns
You snatch away his trident "H-hey!" the fog starts to lift when you do this.
He tries to duck under water but you're too fast. The sea serpent looks confused as it strikes the deck with its tail where you just were.
You attack the serpent's tail, it roars at the sharp pain.


"have you learned your lesson about preying on travelers or do we need to give you a more permanent one?"
I start doing an aerial dance above the boat to inspire my friends.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Fly in for the attack now!

Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Play another song!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


"Now, if you want your trident back, you'll agree to lift this fog and leave us alone."


Lightning Energy Bolt on the Shark Pony!


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Sorry I missed this.
The sea serpent hits your energy ball with a blast of hot water knocking it away.


Um, hit it with a sleep shot!

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


Inspiring steps, you cause everyone to feel confident.
and your song compliments the dance.

+2 all rolls

Sea serpent looks stressed as it knocks you away from its master, its blinking and shaking its head a lot.
"stupid pony I-I can take you by myself."
"gaahh" Together you cause the shark pony to go helpless, sparks of electricity run throu its body. The sea serpent looks over the shark pony, the trident in Khazard's hooves and slides into the water with a nod and soft hiss.

the shark pony is knocked out and floating in the water. Khazard has his trident.


"So what do we do now?"


I look over the edge at him.
"Do we leave him and risk him attacking the next ship, or take him and risk the serpent attacking the boat?"


"I can use my Doppelganger to grab him if it's a trap. Anyone have some rope and an aquarium?"


I tilt my head
"Take him? Would there be anywhere to keep him..?"


"He seemed to breathe air fine, maybe he just needs to stay moist? Do we have an empty barrel we can put him and some water in?"


I examine the trident.
"If this trident caused the fog, we could just leave him since he can't stall other ships with it anymore."


"Don't ships have brigs? We might not be the first boat he attacked, so the ponies in the real world might want him. We might even get a reward."



"Yeah, why do we need to take him? I mean, without the trident we'll be able to see him coming from a mile away if he chases us, right?"


Anya speaks up "I can set up a tank if you want to keep him."


"If we lock him up, then he definitely can't do anything to us or anyone else."

"And then we can do as Odette said. Maybe they have a bounty on him."

"I'd vote for it. Maybe he has other shark ponies he can get to attack us if we let him go."


"That would be great. Thank you, Anya. Ponies, batponies, and a sharkpony all on one ship. I wonder if the new world has any other new kinds of ponies."

"You're right. We should take him so he can't get his friends to help get revenge."


"Well.. if it keeps him from hurting anyone else, then sure. I can't imagine what we'd do with him afterwards though."


it is clearly a catalyst, and the markings seem to indicating it has some kind of natural powers related to the sea.
She nods and sets up a tank developed by griffons to hold fish, its glass reinforced with bars. "he won't have much room but will stay wet."


"Give him to the authorities. If they don't want him we can dump him back in the sea."


"Khazard, can you float him into the tank please?"


Anya assists in putting him in the tank. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Not what I expected to do, but at least I have a new subject to draw and some noted to add to our rather empty map."

"Hmm, maybe we can use this as leverage on him. If the authorities don't want him, it'll behoove him to tell us where land is. Coming from the sea to this little cage might make him willing to get back out there."


I help too '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"And a new thing to draw."


Telekinesis the shark pony to the tank. '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


I'm helping!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Telekinesis is difficult to do on him with as much magic as is surrounding his body, luckily allegro and odette swoop down and carry him the old fashioned way. Shark pony is now your captive.


"I don't know if this is really a good idea.

"What if, like, her friends come and try to break her out?"


I tap my hoof to my chin
"Well… we'll capture them too, I guess. We may need a bigger boat in that case…"


"By the same token, our captive could have gotten his friends together for revenge. This way, we at least have an eye on him."


I brush off my hooves.
"That's that taken care of. Maybe now we can relax."
I take off my armor and my less useful dagger.

"I think its a him. But to answer your question: What if we let him go and he comes back with his friends?"


"Well maybe if he just let him go, he'll have learned not to mess with us and we won't need to worry.

"But, uh, whatever you think is best, Odette."


"If he had friends I would think they would already be here. I don't he would attack ships himself unless he is completely alone."


"He seemed pretty overconfident. He attacked a lone vessel, he probably thought it was an easy job. He might not make the same mistake again if he decides to come back."


"You heard what he said. He was planning on eating some of us. If all he did was steal things then I'd let him go, but eating ponies…"
I shake my head.
"Uh-uh. No dice."

"We can talk to him when he wakes up."


Anya taps on the trident "You mind If I use this for a moment?"


I hand her the trident.


she smile "thank you." and takes out her book again, chanting a spell. the weather clears up right away. "There, much better."


"What are you gonna use it for?"


"To clear up this fog."


I look around at the now cleared air and smile.
"Well, that takes care of that. I wonder if the rest of our trip will be as exciting."


"We have a whole new world to explore. I just hope every other day will not be as exciting as today."


"I hope we get a few more days at sea where nothing attacks us and we can just relax."
I tap the pile I left my armor in.
"Notice anything different about me other than my huge smile?"


The captain waves at you as he approaches, he's got a bit of blood on him, and a bit of a scar but looks happy. "You've got quite the catch there. Anyone need to see a healer?"


"Yes. I need somepony to take a look at where the lionfish clawed me."


I smile at him.
"I wouldn't mind, as long as you're here."


"Help the others, the shark pony or its serpent didn't get anywhere close enough to hurt me."


I look him up and down
Do I notice anything? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You.. uh… hm. You're not a he?"
I tilt my head


And I guess I'm too confused at the moment to respond


I smile.
"Nope. Our group is full of surprises, isn't it? Next thing you know Kazard will tell us he is secretly a donkey."


"Oh, that does look nasty. " he darts off and brings back a female donkey. "Take a look at this nurse."
"Hm, its not a big wound at all really."
The Donkey presses a hoof against your wound and holds a pendant of the sun close to her. a yellow light comes from the pendant and your wound heals.
Its a mare baby


I chuckle
"I wouldn't even be surprised at this point!"

And then I put a wing around Arioso and nuzzle her


II give her a smile.
"Thanks. What's your name?"

"Arioso, I would you mind if asked you to take me dress shopping once we reach the real world?"
I shuffle my hooves a bit.
"I'm trying to start my life over, and I have no idea how. I need a mare's help with this."


"Huh? O- Oh, of course!"


The nurse seems offended but is busy looking over the shark pony "I'll need to call in the other three to take care of this one. Shark Ponies In my care, I've healed a gold fish before but this may be more complex.."
"My name is Darla, I'm one of the four chosen for this ship's medical team. I had hoped that you wouldn't be needing us so soon.."


I stand there awkwardly.
"Really, I have no idea how do this. Do mares normally hug and giggle at this point or is that a stereotype?"


"That's a stereotype…"
I let out a small laugh.


"It's nice to meet you. Thank you for coming with us."

I release a breath I was holding.
"That's a relief. If I had to do that I think I might have gone back to pretending to be a stallion. I can watch the sharkpony if you and Allegro are tired after your trip here."


"I wouldn't mind some more rest… thanks."
And with that, I depart to settle into our cabin.
And that's it for me. 'Night! Thanks for running!


she smiles "Well, its nice to meet you too heroine. "


"I think some rest will do us some good, love."
I follow along with her
Same here. Thank you for running Andy!


Sleep well. let me know what you think tomorrow or something


"Please, call me Odette."
I put a cloud together and lay on it while watching the sharkpony in the tank.
Thanks for running.


He remains asleep while the healers check him over, his gills seem to be moving at a steady pace. A tooth falls out of his mouth and hits the bottom of the tank.


I keep on watching.


The time is midday, you have captured a shark pony in a secure tank, and he seems to be waking up.


test bump


I tap on the glass on his tank.


Put my face up to the tank and watch him
"Finally waking up…?"


Stare intentively.


"I don't think he'll like that…"


"Oh, right."
I stop tapping.


"Well he deserves at least annoyance for how violent he's been."
I huff.


He snarls at you and bumps his nose against the glass, then rubs it confused muttering something under his breath.
"Why didn't you just leave me in the water?"


"Because we are taking you to justice. We think we aren't the first ship you have preyed upon."


"We wanted to make sure you wouldn't attack any other ships."


"And let you attack other ponies? No. At least you can have time to think about how rude attacking us was in that tank."


"So you won't attack anymore ships!"


He looks worried at this "Justice? Where is this ship headed?"
"Ships are easy prey, of course I would attack them." He says casually "Usually they just throw a few crates of grub over board and that's the end of it."


"You prey upon hapless travelers, devouring their food along with themselves. Do we have reason to have you any way other then broken and removed?"


Assuming I know the name of the mainland.
"The mainland."


"And you never thought you'd attack a ship with ponies that could take you on?"


"Maybe we should throw him back, you know? This is just, like, his niche in the environment. He's the natural predator of the ships. Without him, there would be too many ships and not enough cargo for them to eat."


"Equestria?! Do they even have aquatic prisons there?" he darts his eyes around looking for a weak point in the tank finding it solid. "Look.. I had to steal from ships, its not easy to find food ever since the sea ponies built that castle. They protect all the meaty fish, and fight much better than ever.. a shark's gotta eat ya' know.."
"They've never been brave enough to take me once I show em' big blue, no.." he looks around your ship "You.. didn't kill her did ya?"
He nods eagerly at this idea


I frown and glare at him.
"So you just like attacking things that are weaker than you? Well too bad! Unless you make amends, we're never letting you out of there! In fact… you better get used to a diet of seaweed and shrimp, 'cause that's all you should eat! Not stealing other ponies' food…"

I smack my face at his idiocy.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I turn my head at him
"Kid I… don't quite think ships have natural predators, since they're just lifeless hunks of wood and all…"


"I see… So your food has been taken away by others. I'm sorry. Ever… every thought of raising your own fish? So they are yours by right and none can take them from you. But anyway, have you tried talking to the seaponies?"


"Well, I mean, like, I didn't mean it literally…"


I bop you on the back of the head somewhat gently.
"That's not how it works, Cloudcaller."

"Your friend is fine. Why can't your people negotiate with the seaponies or Equestrians for fish?"


He looks surprised at the idea "We're warriors, not diplomats. We demand, we conquer, we hunt. Bartering is for weaker ponies. Ponies who can't take what they need."
"I…" He goes dead silent at this closing his eyes a bit "Make amends how? Those ships are long gone."


"By changing your ways, and the ways of your people."
If there are any batponies nearby I gesture to them.
"Talk to them about it. If they had not been able to change their ways they would all be dead, or they would be the only ones left alive and starving to death."


I look at Arioso then back at the sharkpony and smile
"Well, you heard the mare. You can start by changing your diet. No need to steal from other ponies if you can find your meals down below!"


"Those who live by violence will die by it. Might, if used for one's own gain at the expense of innocents, will surely find itself drowned in righteous uprising. If your people persist in these ways of brute might over other ways to lead to better gain for all, you will have no help when you need it, once your might has been crushed."


There are a few on deck, they acknowledge your gesture with a quick salute.
"Bah, you wouldn't understand, pony trade ships always shout about how peaceful they are while handing over their food."
"that sounds like the sea pony priest that we fought with.. does some god gift you with power as well?"


"Our power comes from our friendship. I know it sounds corny, but it's true."


I glare at him again.
"That doesn't sound like you're making amends."

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"I'm fine with leaving you in there until you decide to change your ways if you're going to be like that."
I glare at him


"I am personally a servant of a Goddess of Night. Do seaponies worship the heavens as well? I digress. Would you, as one of your people, be willing to put aside your pride and ways to ensure a better tomorrow for yourselves?"


"Friendship.. that's like brotherhood? We have that, no shark pony will attack another."
he cowers away from your gaze. "S-sorry.. I just don't know where to even start.. those sea ponies were the ones who took our hunting space for their 'culture' and 'sea palace', shouldn't they make amends to us? Like a tribute? "


"They didn't even pay you for your land?"
I frown.
"That's not right."


"Well mine comes from an intense training regimen and a pretty sweet bow."

"The friendship's pretty nice, though."


"Took your hunting space? When did this happen?"


"Well that changes things somewhat… And they're not keen on giving any of that space back?"


"No, I don't want to be in this tiny box." he nudges the edge a bit.
"Worship yes: We have some that worship the bright light of the sun, the great blue whale, or the force of nature." He looks conflicted "I will consider it.. I do want us to be free, to have food enough for our brothers. If you're sure change can make that happen.. "
"4 moon cycles ago, they were visited by a crystal sea pony, something we thought impossible. It turned the waters to their favor and they chased us off to build their new city. "


I stomp my hoof on the deck.
"That's not right. If there was some way I could go down there and help then I would, and I bet my friends would too."


"Good. So, they claimed what was yours with force. Have you tried talking with them about it? Asked them why they need to take what was yours?"


I nod
"Agreed. A shame we have no way of getting down there…"

"I don't suppose these crystal sea ponies come up to the surface at any point, do they?"


he shakes his head at this.
"You would go down there? To help me?" he thinks "Well, there is a spell I know, but I've never used it, its supposed to let land ponies be under the sea for three nights."
"And the crystal sea pony is much like us, doesn't need to surface."
"We just don't work that way, we'd rather just take it back by force, but they are too strong." he looks sad "Maybe that's what you and the priest were trying to tell us, that this happened because we didn't talk to them. But changing like that.. its just.. unheard of for us."

[we can pause here, if you want]


Do you wanna pause? I'm down for keeping going.
"We'll help you come to some kind of agreement with the sea ponies. But no fighting!"


"Would you rather your species still exist in a few generations or slowly starve to death. I'm going to go ask the captain if we can afford to stop here for a few days."
I go to wherever the captain is and tell him about what we talked about.
I can keep going if you can.


I smile
"If you have a way, then we're willing."
Up to you


I'm good
"Then find another way. Might can only get you so far. But if you truly are the rightful owners of that region, they should give it back."


"No fighting? not even a little fin-fight?" he grumbles "Fine.."
Dusk nods "If this is something you heroes thing you should be involved in, then I'll support you in it. We can stop for a few days, we have the supplies."
"Great! I'll just be needing my trident.." he has a very toothy grin.
"We held that land for generations. The sea ponies would come try to take it and we would beat them again and again. Proving our right to hunt there. Other predators would try to move in once a while too, and we beat them up as well. My great father said he beat up a killer whale that wanted our spot. "


I go back to the sharkpony.
"Okay. we can stop here for a few days. Before we let you out and go down with you we need you to promise that you won't start any fights and that you won't bait them into fighting. The same goes for the rest of your species."


"Yeah, I'd be okay with a little bit of fighting, too."


I glare at him hesitantly.
"I trust you're telling the truth. If not… then you can be sure it'll be a repeat of our earlier fight."


"Well, if the seaponies start a fight we can beat them up. No killing unless we have to though."


"'Take it'? The seaponies don't seem too innocent, either. But, anyway, try to stay out of fights from now on, alright? Don't attack innocent ships, and discuss our suggestions with your friends. It might be your only way."


"I'd fight if we had to, though I'd rather not, but a whole new world under the sea to see and sketch would be a dream."


"Sharks are built for war. to fight is almost as natural as breathing.." he shakes his head "I'll promise to hold off but as for the others.. I can only speak for those lower on our command line than I.. so, 15 of em' "
"If you can get our land back we won't be bothering any more ships. I promise that much to you."


"Good enough. Magic us."


I sigh with a realization.
"Now I'll have to work thrice as hard. Not only do I have to make a star chart and one for whatever islands we see, but another one for whatever we meet under the seas."
"But then, I didn't sign up because it was going to be easy. It's time to make history."


"Good to hear. Just do what you can. I'm sure there are others around you ho must see they can't go on like this."


"Good. Ready to go when you are."


I smile at him.
"I'm sure any other ships traveling this way will appreciate that."


File: 1370322201398.jpg (142.89 KB, 774x1032, seapony_fluttershy_by_kp_shado…, IO exif Google TinEye)

"I need my trident back."
Anya "Why don't you tell me the spell and I'll use it?"
Shark pone sighs "I guess I don't have a choice?"
Anya shakes her head firmly "You could just run away if I let you have it."
Shark pony "Fine. Just hold the trident up over the target and.." he walk her throu the spell and she takes precise notes, then casting it on odette.

Odette you feel your body changing, and are surrounded by a white light. When the light fades you find your wings are large fins, and your rear hooves have changed into one long fin. you feel as if you're choking on the air and the relief as you are surrounded by cool sea water. you are now next to the boat.

Everyone else sees Odette transformed once the white light fades, she looks wonderful, sea worthy and.. choking but then a bat pony plops bat into the water next to the boat.




I flail around for a bit until I get figure out how to control my new body. After that I swim in a few circles then dive down before returning to the surface.

I cock an eyebrow.
"Like what you see?"


"You're very pretty for a fish!"


Impressed whistling.
"I'm going as last as possible. Let me draw you all before we go deeper in. "


I lean over the edge
"Wow! Can you breathe okay like that?"


"Is this the plan? For us all to go underwater?"


"Thank you, Cloudcaller. I'm sure you will make a very pretty fish too."

"Ok? Can't you just take a quick sketch and finish it later?"

I duck back under the water for a second.
"Yeah. I just need to stay wet."

"I think so."


"What's it feel like, breathing water?"


"Well, that was simple enough. Cloud Caller, I'll do you next"
And she transforms cloud caller, pushing him into the water.

"You feel alright?"
She nods. "make sure you don't get caught too deep under water when the spell wears off."
"Do you not like the idea?"

"You can be next dear."

we'll stop here, next time Sea pony adventures. everyone can have fins if you want to roleplay practicing a bit.


"It feels weird."

"I feel good."


"I'm a dog shark!"
Spin around in circles in every direction.
"I mean, this is really impressive and I should take notes somehow."


[paused until.. maybe Wednesday we can pick up again]


"Yea, we shark ponies usually just crave important notes in stone. but maybe those fancy sea ponies have a better way, they're a lot better at magic now. "


"We're under water, so carrying around some stones to write on should be no problem for me."

"But, can you show me what shark writing looks like?"


"How are you keeping your art stuff dry?"


"By not using them, of course. I'm taking up his suggestions to use the stones, like when pups write with chalk. It's not my most detailed work, but it might be my most important one."


he takes a tablet of stone out, it has a few picture-symbols "this means 'home' and this one means both 'fight' and 'live', this part here says 'we lost the fight for our home, scatter to the remaining territories and hunt' Its an order from the Sharp Shark. "


"Pictograms? It makes sense, but it's still hard to believe. Is this how most news is sent out, by leaving tablets about?"


"Yea, its an old system, but it works for us. We have a messenger run the tablets to where they need to go." he flips it over and writes what look like tally marks at first glance, but are closer to roman numerals. "these are our numbers."


"These I can figure out. Tell me, do you write any of the stories of your people down, like where you came from, or what other creatures lurk in the sky above?"


"We write stories of great battles, pass down spells, and fighting strategies. Spells usually are written in a more complex way, to be more precise. There is one great tale of how we came to our home land, usually told to pups on those sleepless nights, and also its told in three parts."


Bumping in prep for tonight


Lets launch this:

The party has been transformed into more sea worthy versions of themselves. Pegasus getting a set of long fins where their wings were, Diamond Dogs getting an extend maw and almost shark like body. Everyone's back legs are now one tail fin, and your front limbs remain unchanged.




"Alright, Sharko, lead the way."


I look at myself, then look Arioso up and down
"Well… this is certainly different."
Wiggle my fin around.


"It feels like we're discovering a whole new world. Again."


"But cool."
I try to do a flip.

"We sort of are, now that I think about it."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"This… really is weird…"
I wiggle my tail fin around to try and get used to it.


I clap my hooves together.
"You're a natural fish, kid!"


I'm not going to be shown up by some girl. I do a flip too.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"It's sort of like flying. Besides, I'm a dancer. I've got to be agile."

"Not too shabby, Cloudcaller."


"Let's see how high out of the water I can jump."


Roll #1 6 = 6


You flip like a natural dolphin, managing to do a double flip and dive gracefully back into the water. You feel like you could touch the clouds.
You reach high into the air, and do one flip. you feel you like you can reach the moon.

The shark smiles "Lets go find that shiny sea pony castle." and does his own flip just to show you how its done'1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


I smile at showing up the sharkpony then follow him to the castle.


I follow Odette.


Do a few spins and follow barrel rolls and follow behind.


I nod
"Right. Down we go."
Follow him, paddling with both my hooves and wings


You can jump pretty high, nice natural dive back into the water as well.


"Well this is odd."

I follow after the shark


Can I do some flips in the water too?

Roll #1 2 = 2


you hop out of the water, but just make a little splash before hurrying after the others

You swim for a while, the water is dark but your eyes adjust to it fairly easily. There are a few jelly fish floating around you. they squish and slide past you without doing any harm.
"don't play with those. they sting back."

eventually you come to a hill, the shark pony puts a fin up and ducks around the hill. A pair of sea pony guards are chatting on the other side, they each have a spear and some armor.


I follow him around the hill.


I take a peek out at them. Can I hear if they're talking about anything important?

Roll #1 1 = 1


Stay hidden with him.

"If you need a distraction, I can have my doppelganger lead them elsewhere."


Can I hear anything?

Roll #1 10 = 10


The shark nods at you "They'd take me in for questioning if they saw me, probably you too."
you can hear too much, the sound of fish swimming, crabs scurrying, sound waves bouncing off the hill. you can't make anything they are saying out.
you're able to pick up every word.
[h]"Yea, I'm so glad we got this route, no shark would be crazy enough to get this close to the palace. Not after their last attempt."
"I know, and having the crystal sea pony on our side. We don't have to work nearly as hard."
"Its like we've woken up in a dream Shell Shocker!"[/h]


"So what's the plan from here?"


"Last attempt?…"
I give the shark a queer look.
"They said something about sharks not wanting to get near after their 'last attempt.' What's he talking about?"


"How are we supposed to talk to them if they will take us in for questioning?"


"The palace is not far from here, we get you in, and you talk those sea ponies into giving our land back." the shark says "unless you have a better plan now?"
"We gathered most of the clan in an attempt to force them away, but were repelled y their stronger magic, thanks to that Crystal Sea pony's new magic."


"Alright. Let's get back to sneaking."


the shark shrugs "I agreed to take you all down here, you're the diplomats."


"Maybe you should go hide, then."


"Just how far from here is it? And how do you plan on getting us in?"


I sigh.

"Maybe that would be the best idea…"


"Cloud's got a good idea. Hang around the ship and we can find you later."


"Getting in can't be too hard, they haven't seen us before so we could probably walk right on in without suspicion."


he draws in the sand. "This hill is here" he points "the sea pony castle is up this way, 2 teeth away." he draw a line to the north east.
"Alright.. don't let those sea ponies get to you." he says "I'll wait until I can't see you."

The guards are swimming past you now.


"Rhodan might raise suspicion."

"We'll fix your problem, don't worry."
Once the guards are out of sight I follow the directions he gave.


I pop out after the guards go by and look around.
Anything important to be see up ahead? '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"I'll be with you. You can vouch for me, or just say you've taken me prisoner."


Can I figure out where they're heading.

Roll #1 7 = 7


His directions were solid, you can see the palace almost right away, its got a colorful coral base, a gate made of crystal, and windows that look like they are made of crystal. The towers are a spiraling mixture of coral and crystal. There are schools of fish swimming freely about the area. as well as a few sea ponies milling about.

They seem to be going in the opposite direction, almost like a practiced path.


Well, there is a palace up ahead. that's important.


I whistle.
"I wonder how long it took them to build this. Should we go to those seaponies or try to sneak in?"
This is the place that the sharkpony said his people used to own, right?


I follow Odette!
"Ooh… this place is magnificent! So pretty…"




"Where would I even begin to draw something like this?"


I whistle

"That's a tough decision. We aren't sure how they'll react to us instead of sharks, but if we're caught sneaking around inside they'll more than likely be hostile to us."


"Exactly. I think we should go to the ones outside. If it goes bad we can get away easier."


"Wow, that place looks amazing."
"We could just swim in, we're going to talk to them anyways so if they take us in for questioning or whatever it gets us inside faster."


"Why would they act hostile to us anyways? We're poni- fish just like them…"


"We're strangers. Whether up in the sky, on land, or now at sea, it's always the same. They don't know us, and that means we could be dangerous to them."


"We're not one of them love, or at least we're not anypony they'd be familiar with. They might think of us as trespassing."

"True. We do have to talk to them eventually… So, I take it we're going straight in then?"


"I wonder if my bow will even work down here."


I sigh and move besides Allegro.
"I hope they won't get violent…"


all your gear works fine, despite logical reason why it would not


"I think we've talked enough. Time for action."

I swim to the seaponies we saw.


Follow up with a "Good day."


I wave the at the seaponies she's talking to.


I stay behind her and stay quiet.


And I watch for any suspicious movement.

Roll #1 5 = 5


They look impressed and swim around you. They are three female sea ponies, with similar builds but different colors. They giggle " so pretty." "I've never seen her before." "Must be important to have all those escorts." " they even have a shark!"
One of them floats in front of you "welcome to the new home land. I'm claire and these are my sisters"
"The shark talks" "be quiet he's not a shark, look again." "Whatever he is he's handsome.."


You see a couple of strong guards at the gate shuffling incomfortably


"It's nice to meet the three of you. Is there somepony in charge that we can talk to?"


Try not to blush.
Can fish even blush?

Roll #1 5 = 5


I huff.
"We're not escorts…"


I bow at them
"We've heard of a crystal seapony around here. Do you know where we might find him or her?"


"Well, we can see if the king is taking visitors, its not the usual day for it but maybe.."
well, maybe they can blush a little. but they don't seem to notice.
"Oh, our mistake." "Cinder's mistake you mean" "Cynthia please.. not in front of the guests"
"We apologize in any case, who are you then?"
The bow back, "hello I'm Claire, the oldest sister." "I'm Cinder, the second oldest, and most fabulous one." "Hey there, I'm Cynthia"

"The crystal seapony.. Diamond Dust? She's inside of course, but.. She's super busy… She won't even see a mane dresser! "


"Well… what's Diamond Dust so busy with?"


"We're travelers. We heard there was a crystal seapony here and that it was in charge."


"Super busy? Hm… Any idea when she'll be free?"


Claire: "She is in charge of some things."
Cynthia: "the defenses."
Cinder "the magic, mane magic!"
Claire: "And its because of her we built this castle,"
Cinder: "She's like totally our savior."
they frown and whisper to each other Claire says "You should just come inside, we'll have the guards show you what she's done for us!" the other two giggle a bit. "its really nice, so easy to do whatever we need."

The motion to the guards who blow a whistle and the gate opens. they swim inside and wave at you to follow.


I follow them while looking around for anything suspicious.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Mane magic? Can ponies use their manes to cast spells?"


Follow Odette.


I follow them in, staying close to Arioso as I go


"Mane magic?"
I scratch my head.
"What on earth is that?"


I follow after them


there is a shadow following you it looks like a manta ray but its hard to tell. when you turn to get a closer look its gone.

Cinder: "Oh you poor deprived seaponies! You don't know about mane magic! Its like totally the best thing ever, you can make your mane any color, any style you want! Just today I changed mine again, minty green to match my my emerald eyes."
Cynthia "You've never even seen an emerald."
Cinder "No.. but I know what color it is!"
Claire: "Its just one of the things that makes our lives easier here, and sure you could make your mane into a catalyst if you wanted."

The sisters swim eagerly along "Its so exciting to have new pilgrims." "Totally, I bet you can't wait to settle in!"

The inside of the castle looks all brand new, the 'streets' are unfinished, part sand part colorful stones. schools of bright fish swim freely around you. there are several buildings in here, shaped vaguely like hermit shells. they lead you to a grand looking building. and tug their unwitting guard over to it "Go on, let us in! We want to see if he's here!" "Come on, for the new guys?"
The guard grumbles and opens the door for you, leading you to a big room with spiral pillars and a large seat. "Ooh, he's totally not here.. I wanted you to meet our king." "he's young" "and handsome!" "Dreamy.."

The guard they dragged along sighs and pulls a bell "The lovely ladies three request an audience with his lordship Daniel "

There is a yawn and a scurrying of something on sand. Four lobster-creatures come out and size you up, they stand by the throne. A seapony wearing a crown and carrying a crystal trident glides into the room. "What is it this ti-.. Who are your friends?"


I give a fishy bow.
"My name is Odette. We are travelers from far away."


"I am Rhodan d'Perro. A chance encounter led us to know and come to your lands."


I give a bow.
"My name is Arioso! And we're-"

"…Travelers! Yes!"


"I'm Cloudcaller."


"I'm Khazard."


"Far away indeed."
I wave at the seapony
"I'm Allegro. You've got quite a place here… I'd love to hear all about it!"


"I'm King Daniel Coral, I'm glad you've made it here unharmed. Didn't have any trouble with sharks did you?"

"As for this place, its thanks to another traveler from far away, I'm sure you've heard of her by now, The Crystal Seapony."


"No, no trouble. We've heard bits and pieces of this crystal seapony, but that's all. What exactly has she done for you?"


I nod my head.
"She is the main reason we came. According to Cinder, Cynthia, and Claire she built this place for all of you?"


"We've only heard of her shortly after coming near here, but that is all."


"We've only heard bits and pieces about her. Who is she exactly? Where'd she come from?"


I nod my head, too.


"She gave us the ability to take this land, and designed this place to keep us safe. Its thanks to Miss Diamond's hard work that we have a home now, a rich home where we can prosper and don't have to hide like clown fish any longer."
"She says she came from a vast sea, with only one island on it, and her people were very few but very smart. That before she found us she heard about some heroes who stopped an eternal darkness. She said it was very far away"


"She sounds like a good person to help you all so much."


I clear my throat.
"Take, you say? From what? And how?"


"Who did you take the land from?"


"Take it from who? Hide from what?"


"Take? That doesn't sound good, unless you meant take back."


"She really is, send by providence some say. So gifted, she's shown us how to amplify our spells."
"Well, from the sharks I mentioned earlier. sharkponies really, they're savage, more shark than pony and they have chased us away from this land for ages. We lived on the outskirts feeding on their scraps, but no more! Now they must fear us. In fact we've just repelled them again recently, with this fortress it was no problem." he seems pretty passionate about his victory.
he frowns "No, this land is ours, its our promised land: We've been searching, hiding, and eating scarps of kelp that can barely grow for generations. Moving around to find a home, and we kept running into these shark beasts, they would defeat us brutally.. but we finally changed that. This is our home now, those sharkponies can have some other place."


"That does seem like quite an accomplishment… These sharkponies… have they ever physically hurt any of you?"


"You only eat kelp? Not fish? Why not live here with the sharks?"


"What exactly did the shark ponies… do?"

I nudge him.
"What's the matter? You look… bored or something."


"It's obvious you've all worked hard for this land and deserve to be happy. But aren't you worried about the sharks coming back in greater numbers?"


"If you kept running into the sharks everywhere you looked, why didn't you try talking with them or arranging some deal to live together?"


"When are we going to shoot the bad guys? Are these the bad guys? Are we supposed to be shooting them?"


"Well, we only stick to one food when we have to, we like a wide variety of foods, small fish included, all of which we can harvest here." he thinks "I could invite you to my table for diner. You've traveled a long way you said?"
Cinder speaks up "Ooh, totally great idea David, I want to come too!"
Cynthia "Yea, me too."
Claire "Sisters please, calm down."
David: "I guess you can come to diner with me again.." he sighs "You girls are a finful"
all three giggle "Thanks King David"
zulu is afk for a moment
"They're savages, you're just lucky you didn't see them. They've killed our soldiers in battle and wounded many of us for 'hunting on their turf'. I just don't know how we could work anything out with those beasts."
"We are able to rebel them, as long as we have our fortress. Our Crystal Palace." he guides you to the window. "see those towers, we can cast powerful spells from there, a single lightening attack can effect a big group. "




"Did you ask them hunt on their turf first? If times are hard here then you can't really blame them for protecting their food."


"I think that crystal pony might be the bad one here…"
I frown.

"I've heard that the sharks are now fighting ships because they can't hunt in the sea anymore…"


"Hm… I don't suppose we can meet this crystal seapony, can we?"


"Well seeing that if this palace was your work, and if the sharks are more natural hunters. You could have set up some sort of cooperative setup with you guys making shelter and the sharks gathering the food."


"Impressive design, defense, and magic. I really wasn't expecting to encounter such a thing here, of all places."


"Well.. no.. " he frowns. "I.. we have been at war with them for so long, It wasn't thinkable.."
"I can summon her for you, but I'd rather not disturb her yet." he picks up a crystal paint brush and writes something on a tablet of stone. "I'll have a message sent to her room that she should meet you as soon as possible." he passes it off to a guard. who swims off with it. "she's always looking for ways to improve our lives."
He looks concerned "Really? I mean.. we did set up a few crystal towers in the colonies, but that shouldn't have pushed them all the way to surface.."
"Do you think they'd agree to that?" he paces back and forth "Maybe they think we're the savage ones?" he shakes his head "We do make better use of the food, they just eat it whole without a second thought.. maybe if we showed them how much nicer our preparation is.."
"Oh, we didn't expect it either. Something she learned in her home, amazing really. She's so humble as well, saying she was the worst in city . "


"That sounds like a good idea. Invite one or two over for diner."


I nod.
"It's a major problem from what I hear. They have nowhere to hunt so they're forced to steal food from passing by ships."

I also nudge Cloudkicker again.
"Psst. You should go find that crystal pony and check out what she's doing."


I glance at the two of you.


"Good idea! Maybe with a bit of planning you can put aside your feud with the sharkponies."


"I wonder what the best ones would be like then? But still it's impressive. Such a defense system to have existed and the possibility that we may have floated over it on occasion unaware."


"Where is she? And shouldn't you all come with me?"


"The sharkponies now are feeling close to what you had to deal with before you took over, so they'd probably be willing to agree to some sort of cooperative deal."


"Most likely. Being at the bottom of the sea if you were riding a more near surface current you wouldn't see them"
"Well, they must be hungry then.."
"…I'll send out a few guards and see if they'll come, You've given me a lot to think about." he sigh and waves a fin at you, also pushing a ripple of water towards the the sea pony mares. "I'll see you at diner." he seems to be hiding a playful smirk as the three of them tumble into eachother. "See you later My King." "Danny!" "Ah, my mane"


"I hope you're right. Ending the fighting, that would be amazing."




"Actually, do you think I could handle that? I'm a good peacemaker. Besides, they might ambush your guards if they see them, thinking it was an attack of some sort."


"What would stop them from ambushing you? I'd rather risk my own than put a visitor at risk."


"We've already handled ourselves in a few bouts of combat, so don't worry about our safety. We know how to take care of ourselves and each other."


"We know how to handle ourselves in a fight."


He thinks for a bit "Alright, you seem very sure of this. Can any of you cast lightening magic?"


"Not as far as I know."


"That would be me. I've been a bit more attuned to it since I've started learning magic. It colors most of the way I use it."


"well, that's their weakness, give them a bit of a shock if they give your trouble."
"Colors? Huh.." he shuffles throu his bags, and pulls out a painbrush made of crystal, with a clear jelly like tip "Here, its something Diamond made for me, but I can't figure out how to use it. Has something to do with the colors of magic." he pushes it over to you. "Maybe you'll find it useful against the sharks."


"Oh, thank you kindly. I'm an artist, or at least I want to be, so I'm grateful. We'll make sure to do our best to help you."


he smiles "You have my best wishes out there."


We have places to explore, sharkponies to invite to a party, and a mysterious Crystal Seapony called Diamond Dust. You've been left with Cinder the seemingly air headed and very fasionable sea pony, as her sisters went to prepare for the diner. Cinder is a white color with an orange mane and red eyes, she is wearing a firy red shell necklace, and a pair of tinted crystal goggles on her side.
"So, like.. where do you want to go to first?"


Could I get a rundown on stuff that happened from when we presumably turned into seapones and jumped into the sea?

Roll #1 9 = 9


Could I get a rundown on stuff that happened from when we presumably turned into seapones and jumped into the sea?

Roll #1 6 = 6


Sure thing, but we aren't running tonight vs is busy. Your sharkpony captive lead you to the sea pony castle. You met three very pretty sea ponies, Cynthia, Cinder, Claire: in order from youngest to oldest. They took you to meet the king Daniel Coral. You haven't met the king, but you know the sea pony castle is a giant catalyst, and was at least designed by the crystal sea pony, Diamond Dust.. Also a shadow has been following you if you looked.


You got the sea pony king to agree to a peace talk with the sharks tonight over diner. so that's your next destination, but its morning so you don't have to go immediately


Haven't met Diamond Dust I mean, but you've heard quite a bit about her


"I'll handle the shark invite. Cloudcaller, want to come with me?"


"Uh… can we go meet the crystal seapony you keep talking about?"


"Well unless you have any recommendations… is that crystal seapony busy still?"


Shall we see this Dust or the King first?


"Like, Okay.. The sharkponies are probably hiding in caves or something. Caves totally suck."
"Uh, we can totally go check on her."
Up too you.


"Sure! Are we going to go punch 'em?"


"That sounds good. We're pretty eager to meet her."


"Only if they punch of first. Maybe we'll be attacked by a seamonster or something fun like that."
I start swimming back to the boat or wherever I asked the sharkpony to wait..


I follow


"Yeah! She sounds… uh, interesting!"


"Yea, let's see the crystal pony."


I speak once we get out of earshot of the others.
"So, how do you like being a fish so far?"


If that crystal pony is dust, sure.


"Feels wriggly. And wet. What about you?"


"Feels the same for me, but it also feels a little like flying. Well, if flying used different muscles, was slower, was easier, and didn't make your worry about crashing."
I corkscrew a few times.
"Tricks are easier, too."


You swim toward the boat, and there is a strong current that slows you down. An egg is floating tied by a string to a small sea serpent.

"Yeah, Diamond's workshop is totally cool. You'll love it." Cinder guides you past the market, several seaponies waving at her as she goes by. you come to a crystal structure shaped like a big sea shell that has a locked door. Cinder undoes her necklace and sings at it "Little shell of sea, make a way for me", it opens up revealing a key which she unlocks the door with. The workshop is full of dangling shells, crystals, and a skull or two. There are tables with all manner of tools and projects, and there are book shelves stocked full.
"Like Diamonds, come out and say hi." Cinder calls out.


Does the egg look big enough to belong to the sea serpent?
"Hey! Where'd you find that egg?"


Skulls? Weird…
I dart my eyes around without saying a word. Anything of interest laying about? '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


I whisper to Allegro.
"Is she even trying to hide that she's evil?…"


I whisper back.
"Skulls don't necessarily mean she pried them off somepony's head love. Could just be odd taste in decor, but… we should still stay on our guard."


What sort of skulls are these?


"I still don't know… she really creeps me out…"
Can I figure out what the skulls are?

Roll #1 7 = 7


The egg looks about the right size for a baby sea serpent. but you've never really seen one either so its hard to be sure. The sea serpent is your size, the egg is half that big.
It hisses at you coiling around the egg "No, this is mine. The undying draco's minion's won't have it."
Its difficult to pick out any one thing among all this stuff, and whats its and whose-its. There are a lot of half finished projects laying around, something that looks like a butterfly, a glowing orb hooked up to manta ray.

They are skulls from different creatures.
they are skulls from surface creatures like deer, wolves, and goats. There are few fish heads here too.

In the back there is a pile of papers that seems to be moving and mumbling something. out of the pile a sparkling blue sea pony head pops up, is green mane ruffled with a few crystals and papers stuck in it "Cinder, what do you want?"
"For you too meet the new ponies in town. Their totally cool and wanted to see you." she pulls her out of the paper and drags her over to you.
"Remind me why I had to give you a key.."


"The undying whatnows?"


"Are you going to have an omelet?"


"I think the egg is his brother or something."


"Yeesh. Not nice to make omelets out of your brother."


"He lives on that island to the west, lording over us dragonkin. An undying dragon. I'm going to save this little one from him. Take it far away."
he attempts to swim past you.


"Uh… hi?"
I wave hello at the crystal pony.


I give a slight bow to her
"Diamond Dust, was it? We've heard a good bit of praise about you since we got here and just had to meet you."


I swim in front of him.
"I think I can help you. Come with me and I can take you to people who can keep you and the egg safe."

I roll my eyes.
"He's tryng to escape with it, Cloud."
I twirl around in the water.
"Hey, you want to go check out the island? Maybe you can find one of draco's minions and beat some information out of him while I talk with the sharkponies. After dinner gets going I can come and join you."


"Yeah, good idea! Wait… how do I get on the island when I'm a fish?"


"Well, you don't get on the island. Swim around it and try to find a deep river you can swim up. You're a big colt and can stay safe by yourself, right?"


"Hello there, welcome to the crystal city. This is my workshop."
she nods "Yeah, I helped make this whole city possible everyone is pretty grateful." she yawn a bit "anything in particular you wanted to ask?"
Cinder quietly starts brushing out Diamonds' mane.
"Alright lady, but if you try anything funny I'll boil your scales off!" he sticks his tongue out at you. and follows.


"Pft. You know it."

Swim in the direction of the island!


"Yes. We've heard you've done a lot for this place but no specifics of your, er… feats. So… what exactly did you do to drive off the sharkponies?"


I swim over to you, give you a quick kiss on the cheek and a gentle bop on the back of your head if you blush.
"Stay safe, Cloudcaller. I'll see you soon."

"Don't worry little guy. Ever seen a pony before?"
I swim back to the boat with him.


"Yeah! We're, uh… we're curious about your magic."


"Y-you, too."


turns out its not that hard to find the island, it looks like a mountain from under here. There are a few sea serpents about twice your size swimming in and out of caves, a skeletal eel, and a few strange looking manta rays.
"No!" the baby serpent says impishly. "only the sea borne ones like you."
You make your way back to the boat. your shark pony friend is waiting at the surface, chatting it up with that captain and triple shot cabot, Anya and a bat pony are curiously watching.
"Welcome back hero. What can I help you with?" Captain Fading Dusk asks.
"Did the others get captured?" Anya asks
"Well hello there little guy." the shark says.
"Hey, I know you! You're the one who give big blue food for us!" the sea serpent says.


Stop one of the serpents.

"Hey there. I'm looking for some info about some sort of skeletor dragon? I've heard he likes omelets."


"Well, I'm sure you know by now.. the whole city is a catalyst." she sighs and tries to conjure a crystal from the ground "I can make the crystals.. something I learned from my homeland"


the serpent freezes up and shakes his head "Get out of here kid before I make you leave. The undying Draco will not be pleased if you are allowed this way,"


"Can you keep my new friend and his egg safe, Captain? Anya, Cloudcaller is investigating an island near here ruled by some sort of immortal dragon. The others are getting ready for a dinner party with the seaponies. Sharko, you and a few other shark ponies are invited to the party too. Choose the ones that can make decisions and know how to compromise, alright?"


"Did I need to bring him breakfast? Is there a grocer around here?"



Roll #1 2 = 2


"The whole city is a catalyst?…"
I scratch my head.
"So you literally built the city?"


"The entire city..? What sort of magic is that!? Where is your homeland?"
Just curious, she doesn't look familiar, does she? '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'll have to show you some other time. Maybe after I have a cup of juice and some crab patties."
"You're a delivery boy?" he huffs "I don't believe that. turn back now." he slashes at you, roll to dodge.
"Yea, even the smallest spells have a big effect if you cast them from the right spots.That's how we drove off the sharkponies."
"Its far far away, an island, you've probably never heard of it. Unless you've heard about the heroes who destroyed the nightmare."
familiar? You just met her. but you look close just as a light comes in from the window to hit her crystal skin and the reflection blinds you for a second.


The captain nods "We can put him in the tank"
"A what?!"
"Calm down kid, it won't hurt you."
the egg and little sea serpent are placed inside the tank.

The shark pony nods to you. "I'll have to translate for most of them. Sharks n' ponies speak differently. but if there is a food I'm sure I can get them to come."

Cabot and the captain look worried "Should we send someone after cloudcaller? That sounds like a big job."


I float back and rub my eyes

"Heroes who destroyed the nightmare huh… I think I've heard of them."
I chuckle while still rubbing my eyes


supreme survivor has to help here, right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"He said he can handle it, and I trust him. He's a dope, sure, but I've seen him in action before. If it gets to be too much for him I'm sure he'll be smart enough to run and get help."


And I believe it, too. I'm hardly even worried about him being stupid and messing things up big time.


I run over to him and rub up against him concerned.
"Are you okay?…"


"Nightmare? Yea that sounds familiar, we're also from a far off island."


"Just a little sun in my eyes, love."
I nuzzle her and give her a peck.


Heroes who destroyed the nightmare? What would that legend be?


I pull him into a hug and return the peck.
"It looked like it hurt…"

"A far away island? We might've heard about it, what is it called?"


"Interesting.. what are you names newcomers?"
"Almost a year ago now, the mainland was threatened by eternal night, but a team of heroes rose up to stop it. The day they defeated the nightmare the sea suddenly expanded and I left my colony.
"The mainland was called Seven Shadow's Hallow. It was a special place. "
"Alright, do you need anything else? I can send one of the crew with you, we're here to help you heroes with whatever you need." the captain says.


hey hey hey


I nudge Allegro.
"Should we give her our real names?"


"My name is Khazard."


you dodge out of the way with ease. "You're making this harder than it has to be." he attempts to attack you with some kind of hot water breath.


"Yes, if there's a batpony that really wants to swim around under water. Living proof that two different peoples can go from enemies to friends will be useful, I think."


"Hey I was just trying to talk!"
Shoot him with a sleep arrow.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


+2 actually, but whatevs


"I uh… well Khazard already did, so we may as well."

"Allegro. And this lovely mare beside me is Arioso.


I nod.
"Seven Shadow's Hallow?… We're from there!"


Is there some meaning behind that name?


her eyes light up and she swims toward you suddenly. "It can't be the same one.. he was a land unicorn.. but you do have a horn.. and the colors are right.."
"and you too?"
she blinks "maybe I'm still dreaming.."
that's the name of your home island, the meaning comes from the 7 areas: those representing the 6 scared elements and the nexus in the middle.
you reach for you bow a little too slowly and get blasted by hot water, it feels like its trying to cook you alive and you lean on a rock to recover.
helpless 0 hits/ 4 wounds


I try to recover

Roll #1 1 = 1


seeing you try to stand up the serpent pushes you down with a tail swipe "stay down pony."


0 hits/ 3 wounds


"What are you talking about?"
I tilt my head at her.


"It is same one, we used a spell to come down here to help the sharks and seaponies live peacefully together."


I get up and swim away a bit

Roll #1 10 = 10


I nudge her and smile.
"Heroes who defeated the nightmare. I think she means us, Ari."


"the heroes from my home land come to see my city? This can't be real" she laughs a bit.
"Really? How fascinating..I'd always thought it would be nice to meet the magic behind the team. I'd be happy to help you out while you're here.. and is that really a bone from your own minion? "
You get back and swim back before the serpent can strike again.
3 hits / 3 wounds


"But… wasn't that… all a dream?"
I scratch my head.


I shoot him with a sleep arrow

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



"Yea, used a rib bone to help focus my magic with him better."


"A dream made real. Just like us!"

I laugh sheepishly.
"Heroes… we were just doing what was right, but yes, we're the one who fought the nightmare."
I pause for a second to eye the room just to be sure. '1d10'

"Actually if you don't mind me going back a bit, how do you feel towards those sharkponies you drove off?"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"In that case I'll send The Battle priestess Ebony Heart with you."
He nods at anya who bring back a pretty bat pony with a luna themed hammer and a silver tiara with a blue crescent moon on the front. "I'm happy to serve you in this Odette. I specialize in group healing, but I can only hope you won't need it."


"Me too. On our way there you'll have to tell me how you got your title."


Fellow servant in the night! I greet you.


I'm in a completely different place.


"Oh… right. This is still all so very confusing…"

I turn back to the crystal pony.
"Yeah… we were just doing what we felt was right. We weren't trying to be heroes…"


Oh never mind


Oh never mind


"Wow.. this is so.. Awesome!" she says excitedly. "I've been working on way to amplify magic, but doing that, you've got dedication Khazard. I bet you could even learn how to make crystals!"
"flee little pony.." The arrow flies true and the serpent falls onto the seafloor. it will stay asleep for '1d5' turns.
"So, humble too. You really are just like the story says. "
"…you must be the night stalker? I don't think the legend mentions you by name."
"Well, that's a simple enough story. I was trained to heal the armies of the night mare. I'm really good at it too. Like the others on board I hope to meet the real Luna and make sense of my future."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Swim away from there. What a dick.

There some manta rays, you said? Let's talk to them.

"Hey I'm looking for some sort of egg-eating tyrant. You heard of anything like that?"


"Well, dive on in so tall, grey, and handsome can turn you into a fish."


"So, uh… How did you drive off the sharks?"


Andy pls there was a question there…

I nudge Arioso
"Well… what do you think, love? She doesn't seem that evil."


"Making crystals? Sounds interesting, but all I did with this implant was pick the bone to be used."


"No… maybe not evil, but she might be misguided."


the manta rays stare at you blankly. It seems like they don't particularly understand what you're saying.
she nods and dives in with you. the spell surrounds her with a soft light and she is transformed into a mer-bat-pony.

you can still catch up to the shark pony if you desire.
"We used lightening, shot at them from the towers." she pauses "Unless you mean originally. When I lead a team of knights armed with electrically charged spears. " she smirks a bit "That was fun battle, you should have been there."
"Well, its very useful, stopped a shark in its tracks once. "


"Come on!"
We catch up with him.


I make gestures indicating "egg," "eat," "crown," and "dragon" in an attempt to communicate.

Roll #1 5 = 5


oh c'mon

Roll #1 1 = 1



"You shot at them with lightning? Isn't that a bit… violent? What were they doing that you had to shoot at them with lightning for?"


the manta rays seem offended by your gestures and start to attack you.


Swim away!

Roll #1 8 = 8


I clear my throat.
"How would you feel about those sharkponies coming back? Not aggressive towards you or anypony else, but sharing the area with you."


"It does sound useful, guess it wouldn't hurt to spend some time trying to learn it."


the shark pony is stopped at a cave nearby he's making some almost snarling sounds. he turns to you "Hey, there you are. I was just telling this idiot not to attack you." he point at a shark pony wearing some kind of red armor. "Blood Fin is inside here, he's our first stop."
"But, its the only way to deal with those things. They haven't come back since then so it must have worked.."
"What?! Coming back here.. well.. I guess they are pretty strong.. and if they want to be allies.. I don't know that I'd trust them."
"I bet you're a fast learner too." she smiles.
You escape. what direction to you want to go now?



I dunno. What's around me? Where can I go?


I bow.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Blood Fin. My friend here is named Ebony Heart. We are living proof that two waring species, subspecies?, can make peace with each other."


you can go to the caves under the island, look at the surface, go back to the ship, go back to the sea pony place, or look somewhere else..


"But did they really deserve it?… What were they doing that was so bad that you needed to fight them like that?"


"We're trying to get both sides to talk it out. They need land to hunt, and you have powerful enough magic to defend yourselves if they go back on their word. I just wanted to make sure you'd be okay with it, since you control such powerful magic and all."


Let's go check out the surface. Take a little peek.


"Well we'll be down here for a bit, so I could learn the basics at least."


"did these sea ponies deserve to be chased away all the time and have no home?"
"Well, if you heroes think its a good idea, I'll give it a try." she nods
He nods and grunts "Blood Fin listening."
Ebony chimes in "I was once part of an army trying to destroy this pony's way of life. But she and her team extended the concept of peaceful coexistence to my people, and ended a long war."
Blood fin looks to your shark who whispers back to him what she said.
"Sea ponies want to offer Shark Tribe a similar peace? What price?"
you can see the island, there are a few dragons flying about on it, trees, a river flowing down from a tall mountain peak.
she nods "I'll be happy to tutor you."


"I do not know yet, but their kind is throwing a dinner party and has said that a few shark ponies I invite will be allowed to attend. You can all talk about the price there. If I had to guess I'd say what the seaponies are most interested in is your help to defend them from monsters that their magic can't drive off."


I pop out for a second to talk.

"Hey I'm looking for an egg king. Do you know where he would be?"


"But- Wait, really? You're willing to try to come to a compromise?"


"And I'll be ready to learn whenever you decide."


I smile.
"I'm glad you're willing!"


she shrugs "Well, your ways saved our entire world from darkness.. Its worth a try."
one of the teenage dragons looks you over and just points up the mountain "The dragon king lives there." he frowns "He hasn't learned to command your kind as well has he?"
he looks again to your shark friend who translates for him and smiles speaking enthusatically in his tongue.
shark pone: "Blood fin says he will come to the meal, but wants to have a seat next to your friend Ebony."

Ebony:"well I don't mind.. what do you think Oddette?"
" So.. awesome.."
She smiles "Yeah, of course. Is there anything else I can help with?"


"No no. I think we've bugged you enough with the questions."

Turn to Khazard
"Khazard, you staying here to talk magic for a bit?"


I grin at her.
"He's big and strong. I think you two would look cute together."
I turn back to Blood Fin.
"I'm fine with you sitting with her so long as she stays fine with it. You have got to promise that you won't be violent or threaten them, alright? We do this peacefully so you don't scare them into doing something stupid."


"I don't think so. I feel pretty commandless right now. What happened to you? Did he eat all of your eggs?"


"If Diamond isn't busy, then probably."
"Well if you aren't busy with anything else, you could show me the basics now."


I clap my hooves together.


I nod
"Alright. We should either be around the palace or the boat later."

I swim up against her and tap her with my fin.
"Where now, love? Shall we find the others?"


Ebony blushes "You think so?"

sharky translates that and Blood fin frowns "Blood fin promise not to start fight, but will finish one. "

she nods " Cinder can show you somewhere else in the city if you want. " she nudges cinder who is humming as she finishes putting glitter in Diamond's now braided mane. '1d10' rolling for amount of glitter
"Right. I was just finished anyway."

" Well, Its based on the same concept as summoning ice or fire but this works anywhere."
"Well, he has eaten a few of our young, but mostly he uses that magic stone to control us. Works on all dragon-folk, so if you got any dragon blood In you I'd stay away." the teen dragon looks scared. "Worse is that he raises the hatchlings to think he's an actual god and they fight for him like mindless animals."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh, wow, that's way worse than stealing some breakfast. So where is this guy? I need to teach him a lesson."


I swim over to her side and give her a nudge and an eyewink.
"How many mares can say they've had a chance to go out with a shark? If me and Cloudcaller weren't together I'd give it a shot myself."
I look at Bloodfin.
"No killing, okay? That's my number one rule."


"Haven't used any fire or ice magic, I think necromancy is close enough, calling up and animating bones and stuff."


"Uh… well, what else is there to do here? Where would you recommend going?"


We wouldn't be able to find the others at this point right?
"Well, how long until King Daniel starts talks with the sharkponies?"


the dragon sighs "up on the mountain. but you looks a little beat up, you'll only get killed trying to challenge him."
Ebony Smiles at you "yea, you're right. And he's an important shark too!"

Blood fin nods "I promise my sharks won't kill the sea ponies at the meeting"
"then it might be more difficult for you to learn, but I think you can get the gist of it.."
'1d10+1' she demonstrates growing a crystal.
"well, there is like.. totally awesome shopping. and hair stuff, and clothes, and.. um.. are you hungry yet? we can get a snack. Um..diner will be tonight, so there is a while to explore."

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Shopping?… What kinda shopping is here?"


"Oh. Well, uh…

"Who else lives up there? Your dragon kids? What else?"


"We can go and scout the area for the moment. That way we'll have an idea about what we might be encountering if we have to go that way."


>beefed up the color tags
A pink crystal grows out of the sand in a perfect quartz shape.


"Whoah. Where'd you come from?"


"I've been behind you the entire time. You've been so busy getting yourself hurt you didn't notice me dealing with everything else."


I laugh.
"That's the spirit, sister!"
I turn to the shark ponies.
What was his name? Not Blood Fin, the other one.
"Thanks, Blood. Who's next on the invite list?"


"Alright. I'd like to explore this gorgeous city, and I know Ari wouldn't mind a little shopping, so that sounds fine."


"Oh, okay."


"Wow, that looks nice. Hmm, I wonder if I could animate crystals like bones."


"Uh, like.. rare shells, and goods from all over the sea. They like don't have that many actual buildings but lots of newcomers had goods to trade with."
"besides dragons? There are some cows, and goats. Wild animals like wolves and mice live in the forest… which you probably don't know what those are being a seapony.. but under the island there is a squid sometimes attacks boats might try to eat you."
"Right, I'm not sure how you plan to do that but feel free.. I will try not to tell on you, but that stone.." he shutters "it can force me."
"Oh totally! Lets go then."
"Hm.. well, maybe if it were in a better shape like a body.." she concentrates and makes the crystal into manta ray shape, but with a hawk's head.


"Squid. Gotcha."



"We're not those kind of people," give him a warm smile, "and we can take care of ourselves."


"Let's see if this works."
Raise Dead on the crystal manta ray '1d10+2'

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


I nod, take Arioso by the hoof, and follow!


"That sounds like fun!"

And off we go!


Your friend's name is Spirit Fang.
"Next you should talk to the Blood Brothers: twin brothers that always battle together. Leon and Lex. If we get them to agree the rest will fall in line."
he nods at you.
the crystals move gently swimming up to you and nodding. "Wow! you're really incredible.." she says impressed.
sorry you'll have to wait until next time.



I give Ebony another nudge.
"Twins, eh? Looks like you chose your shark too soon."


she blushes even harder. "You think they'll all like me that much?"
spirit nods "you're.. really pretty."


"These two sure do. Promise me you won't go native though, alright? I'd hate to pull you free of the dream only for your journey to end so soon."


she hoists her hammer over her shoulder. "No way I'm miss out on a chance to meet Luna."


"Atta girl."


At the bottom of the sea. Our heroes take swift action.

Odette: with Ebony the bat cleric by her side, Spirit Fang the shaman sharkpone, and Blood Fin the mighty Sharkpone. You are ready to Go face the twins Lex and Leon.

Cloudcaller and Rhodan: You have discovered the dracoliches' island. like many islands its actually more of a mountain underwater and a vast network of caves lies below it. You know the dracolich lives up top of the mountain and the river looks like it can take you up there with a bit of work.


"Blood Fin, tell me about these twins you are taking me to."


"Well I guess we shouldn't go punch the dracowhatsit until the others are here…

"Let's go explore those tunnels are something!"


"We've come all this way, we might as well. We might find something of value too."


"Lex and Leon are true battle brothers. They do everything together, and everyshark respects them. They are the most loyal and strong sharks in the entire clan." he boasts . "They're real bosses. Sensible ones too. speak a little more surface than blood fin."
The teenage dragon has wandered off. you are floating in the river near the shore. to you wish to go under the water to the caves or straight up the river.


"They sound great. Where did they learn to speak the surface language?"


"I'll let you pick, since you seem far more excited than I am."

"Of course, I won't say that I don't want to find out what lies in either direction."


Let's go down to the caves.


"By your orders."
I give him a mock salute.


"From sharks like me that had to go up there to hunt." he smiles but since he's a shark it looks a little creepy. "They really are great."

you soon arrive at another cave, there fish bones floating here and there and fem-shark ponies outside of it, they look at you and whisper, one darting inside, a pair of large white shark ponies soon swims out. They greet Blood Fin by hooking fins with him slapping their tails together. and then spirit fang by allowing him to touch their their fin in a sort of bow. After a moment of hurried talk by Spirit, and Blood fin seeming to cackle at him for something he said.

The white sharks finally address you "Hello surface dwellers, why do you wish us to meet with our enemies? "


"We want both your species to be able to live together. We don't want either you or the sea ponies to starve or have to scavenge for survival."


>half the post gone
You take off down to the caves. There are a few sea serpents of varying size but you can probably avoid them if you're careful. Inside the first cave there is some seaweed and a fish or two that scurry away from you when you get close. the light is dimmer here but enough to see by.


"Maybe we should talk to the sea serpents."


"Sure. I'll keep an eye out if anything tries to sneak up on us."


I approach one of the sea serpents.

"Hello, friend!"

Roll #1 3 = 3



Lex grows a little red "But is that what he sea ponies really want? Long time we have fought them over the same lands, they abuse their power. built a shocking castle. They don't deserve peace."
Leon shakes his head hissing a single phrase toward his twin "Testver."


You corner what looks like a smaller one in an opening up ahead, but its about the size of the ship "SeaPonies?!" he looks alarmed and you see some bubbles rise from his mouth.


"And your race doesn't deserve extinction, but that is exactly what might happen if you piss off the surface dwellers enough that they send a fleet after your species and trap you between them and the sea ponies. What the seaponies are doing now isn't nice, but neither was your species keeping them from feeding in the area with plenty of food."


"We're here to help you! We're heroes. Well, I'm a hero. Not sure about him."


Roll #1 1 = 1


"I'm just an imitation artist trying to get by."


Roll #1 8 = 8


They huff together at that. look at their shark-mares, more than one of them has a bit more of a lump that the others.
"We will talk with you two more inside." the say at the same time. "others stay out."
Spirit looks shocked but then they add with reluctance "Spirit, we'll need you too."

they lead you into their lair chasing out a few strong looking pups one who attempts to get a look at the two sea mares without being noticed '1d10' Their cave has a pile of fish in the corner, mostly larger species like sword fish, they have a pile of tablets in the other corner, and some seaweed covered rocks big enough for four sharks to lay down. they sit down on a rock and lean in closely to you. "Please go into more details about the surface threat."

The serpent reacts almost reflexively to you coming forward to it, spraying you with hot water. you hit a wall and are helpless. but he seems to believe your words "Can you break his hold sea pony?"
you move out of the way and speak calmly to him. he blinks. "Artist huh?"

He stops attacking and offers cloud caller a fin.
sekret roll '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 = 2


no one even saw the little prev.


"I doubt any of their soldiers could come down here to fight your species, but a ship full of soldiers could easily guard the sort of ships your kind forces payment from. Between the soldiers on the surface and the seaponies in your hunting grounds your species would starve until it was only a shadow of its former self. Working with the seaponies isn't the easiest thing, I know, but working together will let both of your species thrive."


"Yeah, probably. You just gotta hit him hard enough, I think."


"Surface ponies, we see your logic, but we will appear weak if we just go and agree to their terms." they sigh. "Do you have any idea what they will ask from us?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Or like that Shark Pony we met, just take his magic catalyst. We'd appreciate any help you could give us, do you know where these caves would lead?"


I shake my head.
"They may want your help as soldiers, but other than that I am not sure. My understanding is that the dinner is a chance for both your species to talk and figure out terms."


"I can guide you but its risky. His power is great, and he can force my fins against you." he nod to Rhodan "You are an artist, you make maps then? I can describe the basic layout of the caves."

Roll #1 3 = 3


What's going on with me now?

I have a task?


"Alright, probably not my best work and not something I'd submit to the Captain, but we'll see how far it takes us. Thank you."


File: 1372306734483.jpg (142.06 KB, 840x860, 8d2eac227c56080327ff77bd493e7e…, IO exif Google TinEye)

they look contemplative. "We can not give our people to servitude. The payment would have to be fair, a split of the land for our own perhaps."
you hear a voice in your head telling you that something isn't right, the shadow you saw following your group, the way the crystal pony looked so happy about the brutal shocking of the sharks. you haven't met the queen, and she's only been mentioned once. your air headed escort is only concerned about shopping for shiny shells.. you can sneak away to the palace.
"Then listen closely to me, for this how the main caverns twist and turn." he guides you to draw map related.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"That sounds fair to me. Will you two come to the dinner?"


"Maybe this will end up being presentable, after all. We'll do what we can for you."


"Yes. We will attend."
Lex and Leon then nod to each other and then turn back to you "pardon us little sealings " then they shout at each other and knock on the cave walls a few times, and punch each other brawl style giving each other artificial cuts.

Spirit sees Ebony's reaction and shakes his head "The things they do, they do to stay in charge."

he nods and then suddenly his eyes glow and he swipes his tail at you. "hurry sea ponies.."


"These two are your rulers?"


Grab Cloudcaller and move into the cave.

"Let's go before he really loses control."


I did notice how oddly happy that one was about war. This does warrant investigation.

Stealth up. Time to look for the palace.

Roll #1 5 = 5


+2 for talent

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Yes. Are they ruthless fighters, but diplomacy isn't in the shark tradition. They would be seen as weak if they agreed to it without at least some protest. Even thou they are the strongest, they must also follow the traditions or there will be no time they can rest." he whispers to you.
I'll give you this one
you flee quickly to a smaller part of the cave.
You move as if you were a shadow, easy enough to find the palace its the largest building. there are a good number of guards. '3d4' roaming about.

Roll #1 4, 1, 3 = 8


Is it dark around here?

Roll #1 1 = 1


It looks like its pretty well lit. Must be all crystals.


"Look around while I try to find out where we are."


Roll #1 3 = 3


I nod my head.
"Is there anyshark else we need to gather?"


Spirit thinks for a moment "No, these should be enough to convince anyshark to go with the plan."

L&L come back to you "Was there anything else you wanted to talk about surface ponies?" they smile, lex slightly bleeding from mouth.



What exits on interest are there? Can I recognise any direction as being where I want to go?


"Can you tell me about the history of your species? How did your kind come to hunt in the area that the seaponies now control?"


you seem a little confused and can't located this on your map.
there are many entrances, but you may want to go from the plain looking side door. Seems intended for staff, and being so close to the sand its likely to be overlooked.


"What kind of Cartographer gets himself lost with a map he made? We should look around, but keep heading to the exit the Serpent mentioned."


Roll #1 6 = 6


I'll trust this gut feeling.

Hidden under the night's blessing, carefully approach and go in.


"Many generations ago, long enough that it has fallen into legend.. The shark clan was small, and led by a mighty whale. The whale did not care what the sharks eat so long as they stayed with him on the terribly long trip around the sea. When the sharks saw this land, rich with fish, and plenty of caves to nest in, they deeply desired to stop. But the whale lord demanded they press on, battling and defeating those who suggested we settle here. Then a mighty shark, one of the biggest shouted to his brothers, rallying them to battle against the whale. That was our first leader, Whale Slayer the White. "


"When did the seaponies come into the picture?"


File: 1372309155018.png (1.64 MB, 840x860, CavesMap2.png, IO Google TinEye)

Well, it looks like you just had it upside down. you are the orange dot, the sea serpent is the blue. the exit leading to the leader's cave is up top.

you can hear the sea serpent thrashing about in the next room.

you enter in and find a ramp going up. and indeed a creature with the bottom of a slug and the top of a pony struggling with a fancy looking tray as she goes up the path. she has two antennae that wiggle as she moves. you follow her quietly and see that she is heading to a fancy looking door.


"That is shortly after we believe" they pull out a tablet out from the their pile. following the symbols and handing it to Spirit Fang. "Here, we don't know to it translate to surface speak, earliest record."
He nods and reads it "This is more of a formal writing it says: We have defended against he seaponies again. They steal from us 45 fish for every seapony, they bring more seapony each moonfall. We need more shark warriors."

Lex "That is from 5 generations back writing was new"


*at least five generations back



Did I see a window that would lead to that room from the outside? If not, keep following.


"And they never tried to buy or trade for the fish?"


"No matter what, a good artist always plans their next move. We'll follow the wall, away from our enraged guide, and see what the leader's cave looks like. After that, I'd rather not stick around if our friend get loose."


Roll #1 3 = 3


No, the room seems to be safely in the center. there is a suspiciously calm guard outside the room. its shadow flicking unnaturally. The slug maid bows to it and asks to be let inside. he looks over her tray of desserts first sniffing it. '1d10'
You follow the caverns upwards, and upwards for a while. You pop up in a pool of water in the corner. you look around and observe the area, its a very warm cave, the sides charred with smoke, and a few eggs in the corner with a fire warming them. there is a large set of spiral stairs leading up to a hole in the roof. A few scattered dragon bones, and chunks of meat are on the ground.
They dig up another tablet "We have very few records of any trade" the show you one such record. "It shows the sea ponies traded medicine to us. Sharks are good warriors, not many healers in our blood, valuable trade.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Noxx: the shadow seems to move to the guards' ear and it floats in your direction sniffing the air.


"Medicine sounds like a good thing to bargain for during the dinner. Is there anything else? Any common enemies?"



Try to avoid him and slip past?

Roll #1 3 = 3


How big are the bones?
"It's not doing what I think it's doing, is it?"


they nod darkly to you "there are a few sea beasts that also covet the land. Seaspeakers such as Spirit help to tame them, but even that power can be limited." they begin to list of the names "tintahal, hollo, lamantin.." but quickly realize you don't call them that and look to spirit.
"The biggest beasts to worry about are the manta-hawks, the mighty squid, and the burrowing electric eels."
They vary in size from those that would fit a teen dragon, to bones the size of your head. anything specific you're looking for?
he stops short of you staring hard at the spot, while he stares you can feel the shadow trying to find you. but you do manage to back off before it dose and he shrugs. letting the slug-mare in. and following behind.


"Both your species can defend against them better than one species alone. With their magic and your might you might even be able to drive the monsters off completely."


Close. The night hides away light, but there are other senses.

Follow. Got to at least see something of their queen.


"On second look, I was worried it was eating the hatchlings, but those bones still aren't encouraging."

How close are those eggs? The sea dragon we encountered at the very beginning was trying to get an egg out of the area, right?


You follow them, the queen's chambers are as fancy as expected, shining crystals and shells decorate it, and her bed looks luxurious. You take a stance in the shadow of her dresser and watch. She rolls over her large seapony body is a dull blue, and she has a few wrinkles, and a grey mane. a long horn is growing out of her head which glows a light blue as she lifts a dessert from the tray. "Yes, this diner is such a silly idea. the sharks will never agree to it. and even if they did, who can understand their jabbering jaws." she scoffs. "this war has finally turned our way, Slugra." she prattles on. "What outfit should I wear to look particularly powerful, the red one?"
"perhaps.. if they proved faithful in combat then the others might come to trust them. Sharks communicate as much with action as you surface ponies do words."


"Makes sense. Any shark dinner customs I should know about?"


Their way? Are they planning to attack while the dinner is on, or they believe the sharks are losing?

Stay hidden.


File: 1372312968759.png (9.68 KB, 668x463, BossLair01.png, IO Google TinEye)

Then you remember that, at least the teen dragon claimed, he has eaten babies or eggs, but prefers to turn them into his servants. the eggs are "far" from the water,


"It's rather far if I have to get out of the water, unless…"

"Maybe I can burrow my way under the eggs and save them that way. No one sees a thing except two pools."


the look confused at that word, but spirit explains it to them.
"Ah, when we dine as one, the tradition is that the strongest dine first, and get the bigger catch. " they reply smiling at the memory "Usually as a victory or celebration, most sharks just eat when they need. We collect some food in case there is not a catch, and for their pups" the point to their fish pile.
The guard sighs "Your majesty, the prince is naive he believes they will respond to good will. We should show him their true nature."
Queen "You're quite right. It shouldn't be hard. Blood drives them beastial doesn't it?"
guard: "Yes, at least it does to the one we have captured."
Queen "I trust it will be a simple matter to us some of Diamond's work in the darker magic to flesh out their beastial nature?"


you may roll to find a proper spot to dig.


"Let's see if these fins still have it."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Hmm. At this dinner you might want to follow the lead of the seaponies. You are technically their guests and making a good impression will make it easier for you all to get what you want."


I've heard enough.

Listen to the conversation a bit more as I sneak out.


you attempt to dig with your tail fin, but then only manage to hit yourself on a rock 4 hits/ 5 wounds.
Maybe you should try again with the claws this time.
"It will be odd.. but we will try." the add in as a note "please be sure none of the seaponies have fresh wounds."
Guard: "Of course, I'll handle everything for you my queen.."
Queen "I know, you will Jante."

you sneak out the door, waiting until the maid is leaving to do so.


"Let's try to split the work."
First, get my Doppelganger out.

Roll #1 2 = 2




"And I seem to be trying to tell myself something. One last try at those eggs then. If the ground is too hard, I'll go back and get help. We at least know where we to go now."


Roll #1 10 = 10


despite your doppleganger appearing a little weak its enough to help you dig directly next to the next. you can grab them all with ease from here. there are '5d2' eggs right now.

Roll #1 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 = 7


"Time to leave this place and get these eggs to safety. Just follow the map and we'll be out."


How's the group arrangement now? Who's where and with who?


you follow the map, finding the serpent who guided you before stalking the tunnels. You see him moving as if controlled.


"Let's hold back, is there a pattern he's following? Maybe's he's giving himself a blindspot with the little force he can exert?"


Roll #1 4 = 4


Rhodan is in a cave in under an island. Last known going back to the ship. finding him would involve going to the ship first to get a heading to the island

the others are asleep.


File: 1372315522347.png (1.27 MB, 840x860, Pattern.png, IO Google TinEye)

What a clever dog you are. he does have an obvious pattern stopping in two places.


"His obedience to the orders are his weakness, huh? He's so set on patrolling that specific area that all we have to do is just go around the long way. I won't even have to make another tunnel to get out."


you go around the long way the eggs slowing you down a bit. even with your double and couldcaller helping 7 eggs is a lot to carry. you see the serpent go back down the tunnel, you're not completely confident you can bring all these eggs at once in time.


"Alright Doppel, here's the plan. Wait until he turns his back at the first stop and going to the second, then run for it. Distance and speed we'll have going for us."

Can I sneak past? [1d10]
Doppelganger's ability to sneak. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Your heart beating quickly, you time yourself and your doppleganger together you move quickly, fluidly even to the outside. you don't stop moving until you know you're in the clear. and your dopple ganger smiles at you, clearly proud of himself.


"When we get back to the ships, more aerobic exercises, or whatever counts as it for fish. I'm too tired after that."

"But, we succeeded. Time to return with the eggs, hopefully to a safer place for them."


I'll just make my way out and relay the info next time then.


If you're sure. The ship can serve as sort of information hub if you want to go and tell the ponies there what's going on they'll pass on the word to the others.


you make your way back to the ship. The closest pony on deck is Anya who is chatting with the little serpent you rescued earlier. She's managed to get the little guy relaxed it seems.

"Oh, Rhodan, Cloudcaller. I wasn't sure when you'd be back. " She looks at the eggs "Is that.. More sea serpents?" she asks


Say "Yes" with a really big Diamond Dog Shark smile.

"It wouldn't be right of us to leave them there to be controlled since birth, or even eaten as a snack."


She float them out of the water and looks them over "I don't think this is the same kind of egg as the one in the tank." she sets them on deck tapping one or two gently. "The shell is much harder. and the colors are different."

The little serpent confirms "Yeah! Those are land dragon eggs."


"We're from rather far away, so forgive me for asking how big those get and what do they eat?"


Anya shrugs "My knowledge of baby dragons is only theoretical. And considering our island had some different rules, might not even count for these dragons.."

The little serpent excitedly chimes in "There are two things a land dragon can eat. Gems and Meat. The more you feed them the faster they grow. Gems make you magic, Meat makes you strong. That's what Big Blue taught me."


"Big Blue? Sorry, I was focusing on some other things and may have missed that note."


Anya helps you out. "Big Blue is the nickname of the giant sea serpent that Spirit Fang, the shaman shark, was using to scare us."


"He certainly was quite scary seeing him all of a sudden. But if he knows so much, would I be able to talk to him if he's available? I'd like to see what he knows."


"Once Oddette bring him back you can ask Spirit Fang about it." she smiles "You could wait here for them."
good night.


File: 1372818212871.jpg (20 KB, 720x480, 315540_1256073608952_full.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Arioso and Allegro: you are following an excitable sea pony mare called Cinder. She has shown you to a market place full of various booths, and ponies trading good and a colorful type of coin.
"[p]So, like.. don't you think these shells are the best?![/p]" she shows you a pair of colorful shells with ribbons on them, presumably so you can tie them to your mane or clothes

Alecrus: you are holed up in your room when you find that the book you need, the one called [sea serpents: a scientific study ] is not here! you'll have to go try and buy it.


>pink text fail


Well, dang it all. I could have sworn it were here yesterday.
No helping it, I suppose. Off to the market.


"They look cute!"
I take one from her and tie in my mane and do a little twirl.
"How do I look?"


I chuckle and grin as she twirls.
"Absolutely beautiful!"

"So what kind of market does a place like this have, anyway?"


"Oh, you look totes cute Girl! " she giggles and ties in the matching shell to her mane. " Now we're like sisters!" "
"Its like.. a trading market! Seaponies from all over come here and exchange goods. We've like.. never had one before the city was built! just traveling merchants that go from outpost to outpost.. but this is sooo much better! "
You head off to the market, its been awhile since you've been there hasn't it. It seems like a few more merchants have moved in on the spot, making it all the more crowded.


Well, that's good for them, I guess. let's go looking for booksellers. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


I giggle.
"So how much does this cost?"
I pause and scratch my head.
"…What do we even pay with?"


"Hmm.. how about a replacement for this old thing?"
I hold up my mace.
"Nothing fancy or anything. Just something that isn't this worn down hunk of metal."

"Good question Ari. I do seaponies use the same thing we do?"


You easily guide yourself to the scholarly merchant you used before. He is a shrewd young business pony, has a keen eye for knowledge and thieves, but his clownfish like pattern makes some uncomfortable with him. "Ah, Alecrus, come to see something specific?" he is carefully monitoring a pair of scrappy looking sea-stallions.
She lays a few of the color coins on the table and the merchant smiles at her "Generous as usual Cinder."
" We use these.. sand dollars, a coin that the queen herself came up with long ago to help unify the nation. You can also use other things of value to trade." she looks at the mace "Like, where did you even get a thing shaped like that? We could get you a spear instead, or.. like.. I dunno what else the warriors use besides a spear!"


I'll nod.
"Yeah, seems I'm missing a copy of Sea Serpents: a Scientific Study. Could have sworn I had it yesterday, but I guess I was just imagining things."


I look over the sand dollars.
"They're really pretty for currency! How do you make them?"


"Heh. I'm more of swinging blunt things around… like a mace or a hammer or…"
I think for a second,
"My hooves. Maybe something to wrap around those."


"Well, I'm sure I have another copy." he take you over to the second shelf and begins to look it over. the two seaponies he was watching seems to vanish as soon as he looks away.
Cinder scratches her head "Well, its made from like.. different valuable shells and.. somehow it all sticks together. "
"Uh..a hammer! I know a guy who likes hammers yea! he's this way!" she swims toward a large shell with a slight glow to it.


"Ooooh, so they're not like actual sand dollars?"
I pout.
"Aw. I've never seen one before."
I follow her anyways though!


"Those two you were eyeballing have disappeared. Troublemakers?"


Follow her!


she blinks "What do ya mean, actual sand dollars? "
"ahh here it is.." he pick the book up but turns bright red at your mention of that. "They what?!" he drops the tome and it kind of floats in the water in front of you, as he hurries to counter opening it "THOSE IMPS! Scoundrels, I knew from the look on their faces and how they tried to say they were after a mythological tale, pfft I bet they didn't know the meaning of the word. "


Scratch my head.
"Like, uh…. those things… that are called sand dollars! They, uh… they look like… sand dollars?"
I scratch my head again and scrunch up.
"I dunno! I've never seen them, I've only heard ponies talk about them."


I'll grab onto the book.
"So, how much do I owe you?"


I laugh and nuzzle her
"You mean those sea urchin things, dear?"


you two arrive at a buff looking seapony banging away a red hot piece of metal, he looks up at you "Cinder, what an unusual sight."
"Yeah, this guy totally wants a hammer or something. you're absolutely the best hammer guy around! "
he rolls his eyes "I am the local smith after all. and I do more than hammers "
"So, you're totally the guy to help him out then? I'll cover his hammer!" she giggles.
he nods and looks to Allegro "well lad, what can I do for ya?"
"Oh, well we have plenty of those around. Totally cute pets."
He looks mad as hell still "2 sand dollars. And I'll have to close up for bit while I go hunt down those thieves."


I'll hoof over the two dollars.
"Need an extra flipper? Just in case they split up on you?"


I hold up my mace and grin
"Just something that isn't this beat up old thing. And don't worry about it being heavy. I can handle a bit of weight."


I shake my head and scrunch up even more.
"Nooooooooooo. They're like… I think they're like these little seashell looking things! And- and… they're flat. And ponies call them sand dollars and like to collect them at the beach!"


"I think that's what… Ari, have you been to a beach before?"


I blush sightly and look down.
"Oh… and um, not really. Except for that dock, and they didn't really have much of a beach…"


he nods locking up behind you both "That'd be appreciated."
He pulls over a rack of weapons "Any of these interest ya lad? Or I could patch up ye mace for ya[/mace]"
you may select any normal quality weapon here.
she looks scared "Beach? You mean those dry places with no water where baby turtles come from?! Like no way I would go there. "


I'll secure the bag in my carrysack.
"Then, let's get swimming. They can't have gone too far."
So let's swim up and get a little height. Can I see them in the crowd? '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"We''l have to fix that then. We'll get you a bathing suit and everything."
I boop her on the nose

I pick up a hammer
"May as well try something new. This one has a solid feel. I'll take it."

Turn to Cinder
"It's not all that bad! Just uh.. don't stay up there too long is all."


You swim above the crowd but can't pick them out. it looks like the shopkeeper has cornered one, near the smith's shell.
"Good choice lad." Cider pays him, and nearly falls over as big clownfish patterned pony swims past her.


"They're not that bad! As long as you don't stay there too long."

I blush and return the bop on the nose.
"You just wanna see me in a swimsuit."


Hrm. I'll swim down to the Clownfish bookseller.
"I lost the other one, sorry."


Try not to blush '1d10'
"Well you need a proper swimsuit to go to the beach! …Just seeing you in one is a pleasant side effect."

Give her a concerned look
"You alright?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


I lean in and whisper.
"I don't mind~"


Just smile and nuzzle her


"Its alright. This one will tell me." he glowers at the seapony he has cornered. "Won't you. Where did you stash my money you runt?"
the smallish seapony stallion shakes his head. "No!"
"yeah, totally! it was just the grumby tomekeeper. He can't hurt a shirmp." you can see another sea pony, that shimmers as the light hits his back, next to the clownfish pony, they are talking to a smaller seapony, looks to be covered in rags.


"I'd just tell him. Last time somepony tried to steal from him, they wound up missing a flipper."


"Still… almost knocking over a mare without apologizing is incredibly rude! He could at least say excuse me!"
Swim over to the clownfish pony and tap him on the shoulder.


I smile and nuzzle him back.

And I just stand back and watch the situation unfold.


"No way! I won't tell you nothin' "
the runt tries to escape, and shopkeeper tries to stop him '2d10'
"I'm sorry miss I'm a little busy right now." he says as he struggles with the thief.

Roll #1 7, 10 = 17


with a scary fast movement he has a firm grip on the scrappy seapony.


Well, not much for me to do.
"Sorry about that. This thief almost gave us the slip. Is your friend alright?"


I huff stomp a hoof
"Miss!? …And what are you doing to that stallion?"

"A thief? I guess that explains blindly rushing past ponies… she's fine, but I think it'd be gentlecoltly of your friend to apologize after he handles his er, problem."


"A thief?"
I swim over to them.
"What'd he steal?"


I'll nod.
"Well, if he cooperates, it won't be much of a problem."
I'll swim around them a bit.
"Money, I think. They really picked the wrong bookkeeper, though. Say, are you guys new around here? Don't look like any seapony I've seen. What's with the ears?"


"Sorry, I was in a bit of a hurry. " He says as he searches the thief "him and his friend stole a lot of money from me." he finds a bone key on the lad. "magical key huh, who did you steal this from?"
the seapony thief just sticks his tongue out. "You'll never get the money back"


"Oh I think he will. And if not, well… There are other ways of making seaponies replace lost sand dollars."


I frown.
"You better give the money back."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


I touch my ear and give it a wiggle.
"Seems like a normal ear to me. And yes, we're from somewhere far off. Just visiting here for now."


The thief shivers at that and then looks up at a fast moving speck. "Yeah, well it won't be easy since I don't have it no more."
"Hmm but maybe for miss pretty voice I can give you a hint." he smiles at you.


"Oh really? Travelers? There's something that doesn't come in with every tide."
I'll swim around them a little more excitedly.
"Where are you from? Where are you headed? Why use a hammer underwater? They don't tend to swing well unless you're like the smith."


I swim up to him, glaring at him and prodding him in the stomach.
"Tell. Us. Where. It. Is!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


He squirms futility at your touch, blushing a bit "Its in the skeret place, over the mantahawk ridge, pretty caves, like a maze. My partner has already hidden it there." he says


"We're headed out to see the world No real set destination for now I believe. And I think I can swing it well enough under wa-"
Swim up to her.
"He giving you a hard time love?"


"Well, it's a good thing you're going to be leading us right to it, then, right? Would be a shame to get lost in a maze!"


"No I won't!" he tries to get away. Shopkeeper tries to hold his grip '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


but he's just a weak little book worm and with a swift slap in the face the seapony gets free of his grip.


Chase after and tackle him! '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


"No, I have a hold on him I think."
I giggle.

I nod.
"Yeah, an-"

'1d10' to catch him

Roll #1 5 = 5


Everyone gets to pile on! '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


together you catch him. "Hey, let go! I won't be showing you nothin' I already gave you a hint! "

the shopkeeper looks pleased.


"A hint's no good when you need a solution. Besides, hasn't anyone ever told you that crime doesn't pay?"


"That doesn't mean you're off the hook!"


"But, you're wrong, I get payed a part of the loot."
"Yea, but I'll be in big trouble with the lobster if I do what you want! "


I'll look at him curiously.
"The lobster? Why would you be in trouble with a lobster?"


"A lobster? Why would a lobster be giving you orders? Aren't they… tiny?"


"He's our boss, barnacle brain. that's why."


"Not this one, he's big, got a bit of shark in him I think."


"Oh really? Then that means if we bust him, the whole operation goes down the crevasse. Thanks for the info!"


He scrunches his face "Can I go now?"


I grin
"If you lead us there, we can guarantee you safety from whatever that lobster can do to you. Or would you rather deal with the authorities?"


I'll just sorta gesture to Allegro after he speaks.


"Call the sea-patrols if you want, no one squeals on the lobster and lives long to tell about it."


I lean in and get face to face with him.
"We handled a very large sharkpony like mere child's play. An overgrown lobster is nothing in comparison."
Are there any police around I can signal for? '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


his eyes widen at that, and he looks as if he wants a shell to hide in, but only has his patchy coat which he pulls up to hide his face.

The shopkeeper has brought over a sea-guard.
"There he is, that's one of the ones that stole from me."
The sea guard look to you three and nods "Thanks for holding him I can take it from here." he pulls a pair of crystal rings out and places them on the theive's wrists they connect with a magical beam and tighten to the right size "Alright son.. come with me."


"Well, that was exciting."
I'll turn to the others.
"But, I've got books calling my name, so I'll let you two get back to your shopping! Try the sea cucumbers. They're great."
And I'll start to swim off.


I blink and give him a confused look
"Wait..! That's it? He seemed adamant about not showing where the money was stashed…"


"What do you mean 'that's it'? He's in custody now, so the guard will take care of everything. Unless…" My eyes will sparkle a little as I swim up real close. "Are you planning on making an adventure out of it? An honest-to-goodness adventure?"


the guard looks up at you since he's still in earshot "Did you want to try and squeeze the info from him or something?"


I laugh
"It's just about always an adventure with us, right dear?"

"Hm, depends. Shopkeeper, you think you'll need any help getting back what this one took from you?"


I nod and giggle, then lean in and give him a peck on the cheek.
"Mmhm! Always adventure."


The shopkeeper raises an eyebrow "I'd thought it a lost cause, but if you find it I could reward you with your choice of books?"
The guard shrugs "If you want to talk to him more he'll be in a cell."
the thief just sulks as he is led away.


I'll clap my front hooves together.
"Perfect! I've always wanted to go on an adventure. You don't mind me joining you, do you?"


"I can't say I'm in need of any books, but I don't see why I wouldn't help. I'm all for it!"


"I'm fine with helping! I don't think I need any books though."

I giggle.
"Of course not! It's always fun meeting new people. I'm Arioso, by the way."


"Of course not! Enthusiasm like that is always welcome!"
I pat him on the back


"Perfect! I'll be back in my shop watching out for any other attempts on my coin stash."
Allegro and Arioso you note that its been awhile since you've seen the others
would this be a good time to pause now that I've got you all together?


Yes it is. Thank you for running


I'm fine with pausing. Thanks a ton for running!


Alright, tomorrow we'll have a full session and hopefully the site won't derp on anyone


"Nice to meet you! Name's Alecrus, but for sake of brevity you can just call me Al.
I'll float a little to the side from the patting, before righting myself.
"Well, it's not just enthusiasm, you know. I've never been on a proper adventure, so I figure, why not try one on for size while a couple of traveling adventurers are in town?"
I'll swim back and forth for a moment.
"Ah, but this means I'd need to pack! And maybe get some actual gear? We'll need supplies, and maybe glow rocks for lighting, and and…"
I'll just sorta trail off as I start drifting away.


File: 1372903007967.jpg (167.21 KB, 600x375, ships pirates sail ship sails …, IO exif Google TinEye)

And so the day was a little over half over. The party coming from their various missions to gather near the ship. The ship has its sails up, and anchor down. Cabbot, Anya, Captain Fading Dusk, and a few others are curiously looking at you from the deck. Ebony the bat priestess who transformed into a seapony-bat is floating next to Spirit fang your shark-pony friend.
Fading dusk speaks first "Welcome back heroes, what did you find out?"


"Ebony and I learned a little about shark pony customs and history. We also convinced some of their leaders to go to the dinner."


"We've learned about someone controlling the dragons. We met a few of them, and I have no desire to meet them when they are really mad."

"That, you've already seen the Land Dragon eggs Cloudcaller and I found. Depending on how big they get, that might mean there is a landmass capable of sustaining them and hopefully, us."


"Well… we met the crystal pony who's behind all the new defenses that they have, and she's from our land. She's also a huge fan of us, too."
I giggle.


"I learned that sea serpents are mean."


I'm busy getting ready.
Real adventure! Just what I needed to get me out of this library.
'1d10' to keep it utilitarian.

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Quite powerful too, it seems. We uh.. also may have told somepony that we'd help them get their stolen money back."


I've returned to the ship to give news, right?

"The seapony queen wants to sabotage the dinner with the sharks. She wants to use blood to drive them and into a frenzy, ruining any chance of peace. I heard all this from her myself, when I snuck into her chambers a bit ago."


"Oh yeah! And we also found someone who wants to join us on our adventure! Alecrus… come to think of it, where is he?"
I pause.
"…He's not seriously still gathering his 'gear,' is h-"

My eyes widen at the news.
"What. Are you… sure about all that?"


"Oh really? Legless water dragons are mean?"

"What!? Why?"


"Well that's certainly news… and something we can't let happen."


You read a book on adventures once, it said something about always being prepared… you quickly find it and turn to the page with the list of adventuring supplies. a knife, a seaweed rope, a glowfish light.. yea, you have most of that stuff.
"Good job you two, I'm sure the information you gathered with be instrumental in stopping the wrong being done to the dragons."
"Excellent! This is a huge step forward for diplomacy."
"Hm, well that's a good sign. very curious that we would run into another from our homeland."
"Really? The old queen is determined about this?"


Okay! Now I need to… need to… Oh no, I never asked where to meet them!


"How did a seapony hear about us? I didn't even know seaponies were real."

"We might need to go back and warn them about the Queen's plans."


"Well, they are in a panic. The ones not being controlled are fleeing."

"We need to be careful how we handle this. If we tell the sharks, they might just rush off and get in a fight before we can even begin talking."


"Right. I imagine they're easy to set off. Should we handle it ourselves?"


"She is. She refuses to accept that the sharks might want peace, and sees a blood frenzy as their true nature. She wants all who witness it to think like her">>443697


I frown.
"That's… we need to stop her. Do you know how she's planning to use the blood? Can it be stopped or sabotaged?"


"We probably should, since the sharks are proving to be far more agreeable than our initial encounter hinted at."

"Any ideas on what we can do to prevent the Queens plans? Did you find out how she plans to start the blood frenzy?"


"It will be during the dinner. While I don't know exactly how, it's quite likely it'll be done through food."


"Drugs, maybe? Wait, I have an idea. We are the ones trying to get them to work together, shouldn't it be us who prepares the food and makes sure it's safe?"


hm.. so you didn't, that is a problem, surely you can figure this out.


"Winners don't do drugs."


"I doubt they'd let ponies who showed up out of nowhere to set up peace talks cook their meals. A palace like that surely has it's own cooks they'd want to use."

"That's right kid."
I ruffle his mane.


Well, looking at the seascape from a little higher never hurt! So let's swim up and check. Can I see those seaponies from earlier? '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


how high are you going?


I blush a manly blush.

>how high are you going?
We just talked about this


Oh, let's say if I can't see them at first, it's just because I'm not high enough.


"Well… we gotta try anyways at least! Maybe… maybe we can bring along someone else and say he's the Shark's emissary or something, and he needs to supervise the cooking."

I giggle and ruffle his mane.
"That's right Cloudcaller!"


So in short, I'm going to higher and higher until I see them.


"They said Sharks were weak to thunder. My doppelganger and I should be able to stop them if they do succumb to blood frenzy."

"Will it affect me, though?"


many sea ponies are afraid of the surface, because ya know.. can't breathe


You see a large group of sea ponie near a sailing ship not too far away, at least you believe its a sailing ship, the cloud like sails aren't visible.


Well, that's interesting enough to check! Let's swim up and say hello.


Anya looks at you "Well, I don't know exactly, your predatory bloodline is what made you more shark like than the others, and I assume that this blood frenzy is a result of that.." she looks worried


"That's good to know! Just as long as you don't do too much damage. Wouldn't like things to escalate even further…"

"Well, it's worth a try at least."


"Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be alright."


You swim closer and spot the sea ponies you met yesterday, there is a sharkpony, another sort of shark pony, a seapony with yellow eyes and tuffs in her ears, and several land ponies on the ship, some with tuffs in their ears and yellow eyes.


I'll swim in a tight loop.
Yes, this is going to be an adventure! I'll swim closer to the seaponies.
"Hello! Hi there, I met two of you folk today, Allegro and Arioso? We were going on an adventure to fight some bandits and somepony named the Lobster."


"Good plan. In the meanwhile, I'll try to find out more."


"if you're sure.."

Spirit Fang speaks up at this "I'll your emissary. I am bi-lingual, and the official translator. "
Cabbot looks stumped "Well, this isn't good, if it was a clear cut thing I could just go shoot her, but.. this is tricky. Call me when you wanna tackle the dragons.." and he wanders away
Dusk looks incredibly annoyed "Well, we could try to come up with a remedy for the shark's blood rage." he look to spirit fang who immediately hides behind odette and ebony.
"Please no.."


Wave at him
"Oh, Alecrus you found us! I'm afraid that's going to have to wait. Something much more… dire has come up."

"There's a remedy for that? What kind?"


"Do you know of something, Spirit?"

"Hello, you must be the sea pony they had mentioned earlier. Welcome to our lovely little ship."


"Oh, hey, there you are! I was wondering where you got off to. Are you re- actually, something… uh, a bit more dire has come up at the moment. We're going to have to wait to go after them."

I perk up at Spirit Fang's comment.
"Yeah! That's perfect! Can you stand watch in the kitchen and make sure they don't put blood in the food or anything?"


"Dire? Like… like political intrigue or a missing princess?"
"This is little? What's a big ship look like? Who are those surface ponies up there? Are they your friends?"
"Why wait? I could help you with this too!"


"What's wrong, Spirit?"


I wave.
"My name's Cloudcaller. I'm a hero."


Spirit is shaking at this idea "The blood rage is terrible, all the pony leaves, only shark remains. Remedies are usually just time, make the victim pass out for a bit or let them burn out the rage.. there was one time I fixed it with a natural remedy.. but I'd rather not.. isn't there anything else?"
"I can do that, better than trying to calm a raging shark, particularly our leaders they are the strongest.."


"The same, but bigger. The ponies up there are our friends. My name is Odette, what's yours?"

"Is this the seapony you are helping?"

"What wrong with the remedies? Do they hurt or something?"


"A hero? Really? To who? What have you done? How many dragons have you fought, princesses saved, bandits dealt with?"
I'll be swimming around him excitedly.
"My name's Alecrus. You folk can just call me Al for short. And I'm not the one they're helping, I'm actually helping them help him. Be terrible form not to help out my favorite bookseller!"


"Something like that… your Qu-er, someone wishes to sabotage peace talks between seaponies and shark ponies."


"Peace talks? Are they surrendering? Or is this something else?"


"To all the ponies back home! We fought a huge army and saved everyone and made peace with the bats. We're all heroes! I'm pretty sure that's why we're here, but maybe not because I kinda tune out when the others are talking."
I swim around you excitedly, too.


"Terribly hard to pull off, you have to force them to eat it, and it can't be prepared more than an hour ahead of time or it won't do anything." he sinks underwater breathing heavily "The leaders in a blood rage, this would be bad.. we would all die"


"And it just hit me. If we tell him to just eat it, he'll probably ask for a reason why. If he finds out, he might just go into a rage anyway."


"Oh. Try not to get in our way. What we are doing is important."

I smirk as I watch the two of you goofing around.

"That is a problem."
I cross my legs and think.
"I think we should tell the cooks, the prince, and the crystal seapony what the queen is planning."


I smile and giggle at the two of them, and lean in to Allegro.
"It looks like they're getting along just fine."

"So are you willing to stand watch in the kitchen and make sure they don't do anything to the food then?"


"Bats? You mean those fuzzy flying things that I read about in books? See by yelling? And a whole army? All by yourselves? Whose?"
I'll look at him quizzically.
"And where are you guys from, if you're not from around here?"
"Why would I get in the way? That doesn't help anyone at all."


"No, coming to a compromise. Sharing land."

I smile.
"That they are. He's met someone as excitable as him."


"Wait a second, what if they just release blood into the kitchen? Seaponies eat fish, right?"

"Where are we from? We're from a dream."


Ebony turns around and pats him on the back. "Hey, it will be okay Spirit.. We have the finest heroes ever born with us. We'll get em' to calm down."
He calms down and nods. "Well If I guard the food it can't happen right?"
Ebony nods "Yea, it won't be an issue."
Captain dusk hoovers above you "Well sea pony Alecrus, he's referring to the army I was part of."
Ebony the sea-bat nods "I was too, I'm not really a sea-pony at all but a bat-pony."


"I guess technically they were bat ponies. They're like regular ponies but they got bat wings instead of no wings or feather wings. Also they worship this evil goddess. But not anymore because we asked them to stop.

"They had an army and they were gonna come destroy my village with storms and stuff, so I and these guys flew up there and beat them up and then stopped all their weirdo cult plans, and then we went into this tunnel and some weird stuff happened and now we're here. We're from an island over that way." I point in a random direction.

"Oh we all used to be ponies, by the way. Legs and wings and stuff."


"What if they release blood into the kitchen while you are there?"


"Sharing land? Are you sure that'll work? There's a lot of bad blood between the two races… Even with my snout stuck in the books I know that."
"That doesn't make any sense. Dreams go away after you wake up."
I'll swim a bit around Ebony and and the captain.
"Say, you're really cute! What's your name? What are those things on your ears? They're cute too."


"They wouldn't be that obvious, would they? They'd have to prepare a good amount, so I'm sure we would notice it."


She blushes "Oh, I was born with these, and My name is Ebony. I'm a trained healer, a battle priestess. "


"Well, then.. I'd try to resist it, but If I go into a blood rage you'd have to subdue me." Spirit nods at you.


"So you know healing magic? That's great! It's pretty hard stuff to learn."


"How much would there need to be for that to happen?"


"Your race started it. We made everything real just before the dream ended."

I shrug.
"The dinner is tonight, right? Who says they haven't already got some blood ready to go?"

"We'll do our best."


Sneaking around alone. What I always did, and will Always do. I hope the others do okay.

First off, disguise myself. Just make myself not look like me.

Roll #1 1 = 1


I nod
"We'll do what we have to."


You put on some make-up to change your color but it isn't waterproof and washes off of you, taking away any dirt or grime to make you really look like yourself..


"What do you mean 'we started it'? If the sharkponies had just shared the land instead of hogging it all, the seaponies wouldn't have had to force them off of it."
I'll think a second.
"Though I suppose it's a good thing peace talks are happening now. That means sharing the land like it's intended to be.


I scowl.
"None of you ever tried to talk with the sharks about sharing though."


"They've spent lifetimes sniping at each other, the fact that they are willing to talk now is a miracle. Let's focus on making sure it's permanent."


"Well, what do you expect me to do about it? If no one kicks the nobles' tailfin every once in a while, nothing gets done. It took the new mage coming to the city to even make me want to move there."


T-try again?

Roll #1 9 = 9


I shrug.
"Well, let's get a move on. The plan is that we are all going tothe city, right?"


Well, now you have the idea. your color is completely different and you pop in some contacts. Your own friends would have a hard time recognizing you.


"Right. What exactly are we going for once we're there? Confronting the Queen directly?"


"I guess? We can't forget to help that bookseller with his-"
"What? What's the queen got to do with anything?"



…friends? Do I have any?

Never mind. Dive in, then head back to the seapony palace. The dinner was to be held there, right?

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Like I said, I think we should tell the cooks, the prince, and the crystal seapony what the queen is planning."


Captain Dusk: "Well, it sounds like you guys have most of a plan ready.. but are you sure this crystal pony and the princes loyalties will rest with you?"


"Guess the pup is out of the box, eh?"

"That might cause more issues, wouldn't it? Look at how our new ally here reacted. Maybe we can say we suspect someone might try to sabotage it? No paws pointed, but everyone is extra careful anyway."


I scrunch up.
"If they don't then we'll just have to use some underhanded tactics to solve things."


you find your way back easily. the guards are on double alert. "Halt, what is your name and business here."


"Arioso's right. If it comes right down to it the seaponies are the bad guys."


I slap a hoof to my forehead
"Well that was dumb of me… I guess it's too late now. It seems your queen is the one who wishes to sabotage the peace talks."

"The crystal seapony seemed at least somewhat receptive to the idea of the talks, and the princesses don't seem like it's something they'd bother with."


"But… why would she want to do that? What could she possibly get out of that? It makes no sense…"



I didn't mean to get so close

"Sunny! I came to talk to the Queen because I'm a little worried about sharks. Can I?"


"It sounds like you won't be needing any back up from us?" he looks up at the sun "Its getting a bit late, maybe you should go down there and get started?"
They shake their heads "The queen isn't taking visitors right now. Come back later Sunny."


"I hope not."
I swim down to the city.


I guess I'll follow after.
"So what's this dinner thing about? You said the queen wanted to sabotage it. That must mean the sharks are coming for dinner too. Can I come with you too? I probably won't get to eat with you, but this is important stuff!"


I shrug.
"She sees the sharks as nothing but savages I guess."

"We wouldn't mind the back up actually. Never know what might happen…"

I wave the others along and follow


"Let's keep an eye out. We might just end up running into their plans and we might be able to stop the whole thing before it goes off."


"But if they're willing to talk, doesn't that already mean they aren't?"


Ebony follows you, dragging a shaking Spirit Fang behind. "I'll heal you guys up if you get hurt in a blood rage." she smiles.


"The dinner is for the peace talk. I guess you can come with us. Are you good at fighting or talking or anything like that?"


"I can heal too! If it's needed. I'm sure you'll have everything well in fin."


"Only if we run in to trouble… I hope that doesn't happen."

"Yes. But the Queen doesn't think that's true, and she wants to use underhanded tactics to 'convince' everyone that they aren't."


"Uh… well, I can move water. And have a little lightning magic too. Oh, and I can heal ponies! That stuff's hard to learn. I can also make you go faster."


"That's a point we'll have to get across tot he queen. Hopefully without force."


"Make me go faster?"


I'll pout a little as we swim on.
"Might be time for a different queen if this is the way she acts. She's got to think about the citizens too, not just how she thinks sharks are."



Well,this seems important.
Cloak myself in shadow. Stealth

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


After I get out of sight, of course

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Make us go faster?"
I tilt my head at him.


the guards are eyeing you, might try to be sneaky after you move away from them.
You keep swimming and arrive at the sea castle, its shimmering crystal structure a glow with the soft light from surface. The guards stop your group at the gate "Who are those sharks you have with you?"


and then you got out of sight and become as a shadow. You could go anywhere and be very hard to notice.


"Yeah! By studying lightning magic and how it agitates particles in the air that's present in water, you can give ponies a tiny boost of speed by temporarily putting a little field around them that cuts through the water for you. I've seen ponies move twice as fast in my experimental trials!"



Go in and look for the kitchens.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"One isn't a shark and the other is a diplomat. This has all been cleared with the prince."

"The the most eggheaded thing I've heard in a long time. Make sure you cast that spell on all of us if we ever wind up in a fight."




"Okay. But my head's not an egg."
"What? I thought heroes could understand that stuff."


I scratch my head.


I roll my eyes.
"He can use magic to make things move faster under water."


you follow a seapony who is pushing a shell full of fish, you see a few cooks preparing something. There is another shadow in the corner of kitchen, vaguely the shape of that guard you saw before, if you weren't highly trained you would never have noticed him.
They nod "Well just see to it you go directly to Prince Daniel.." they let you throu.


"Oh. That makes sense, I guess. Magic does pretty much whatever it wants."

I shrug.
"I thought heroes did heroic stuff."


I swim to the throne room.


I follow her.


Making sure we all stick together.


Just swimming after them.




Daniel himself greets you all, leading you to his throne room. "Oh, you really brought a shark?! Wonderful!" he looks around as if someone is missing "Uh.. only one thou?"


Slowly get closer..


By Allegro's side of course.

I nudge Allegro.
"Are we doing the emissary plan?"


"For now."

I look at everyone else and wonder if i should be the one to tell him.


I freeze up and turn to the others
"Should we let him know right away?"


I'll fidget a bit.
"Hey, Prince Daniel… has the queen been acting… weird lately?"


"Probably a good idea love"


"Psst. Hey. Am I supposed to shoot the important-looking one?"


"He's just here to make sure everything is acceptable to the Shark leaders. Don't want talks to come to a halt because of some decor, right?"


"No kid! Not that one. Hold off on that for a bit, okay?"


I nod.

"Uh, yeah! What he said."


I nod energetically.


you draw closer to the shadowy figure. It seems to be holding something, but its hard to see what..
Around you the cooks are moving, bringing various ingredients to different stages of preparation.
Spirit steps forward "Yes! I'm the emissary, Spirit Fang, here ahead to oversee things. The leaders agreed to come to your meal. There will be three Prince Daniel; Blood Fang, Lex, and Leon. I will also function as a translator for your royal encounter"
Daniel "Oh, alright then. I'm glad you could join us Spirit Fang, what do you want to see first? The food, the meeting place, or..?"
Spirit neverously jumps at the question "Food! I mean, the food is most important right?" he look back to you for support


I nod quickly.
"Right. The food is important. It can't be bloody."


I'll nod slowly.
"Food is important."


I nod and smile as convincingly as I can
"Of course! Nothing brings ponies together like the perfect meal, right?"


"Well I'm pretty hungry."


Give them a paw/fin thumbs up.
"The food is extremely important. Gotta make sure everything is right."


*Blood Fin is the leader's name


I nod very quickly.
"Yes! Food!"


So he intends to make sure the cooks don't know either?


I can't do anything till I see what it is. Sneaking closer..


"Well, the food is being carefully prepared now. you could go speak with the chiefs about it, but I had hoped to talk more about their actual customs." Daniel frowns
Spirit smiles "Your highness I would be happy to brief you after I check up on the meal itself?"

Daniel nods "Now, what's this about my aunt, Queen Cleophin acting weird?

shadow versus shadow his shadow seems almost as good as yours, its got a bit of a shine to whatever he's holding, and its almost like a bag. Almost half his size.


"Well, it's just… hasn't there been anything that stood out as odd to you?"


"Sharks like food, I've heard. But blood makes them bitey. It's a fascinating society."


I take a deep breath before speaking.
"We don't think your mom-aunt? The queen is your aunt?"


"The qu-"
I pause.
"Wait, the queen is your aunt? Huh?"


"Er.. has she been acting off? And what's her opinion on you talking with the shark ponies?"


"Oooh ooh I know – Lines of succession sometimes pass through the heirs of the sovereign's siblings. They taught us that in government class."


"Oh-I mean of course I new that. I was asking why he was the prince instead of her kids."
I fold my legs across my chest and scrunch.


"Maybe she doesn't have kids. Ooh! Or maybe the kingdom's laws don't allow mares to inherit. Some places are weird like that, Ms. Crabapple said."

I swim up next to you and smile.


I sigh and ruffle your mane.
"How come you listened so well in school but don't listen to any of us when we talk about things?"


"…Some kingdoms don't allow mares to inherit Queenship?"
I scratch my head.
"That's stupid."

I giggle.
"I think Cloudcaller might've been a little egghead in school~"


It's.. not a body, is it?


"I had to pass or they wouldn't let me go to competitions."

"N-no! I'm not a nerd!"


"Ohhhh. Do I have to give you some sort of incentive to make you pay attention to us?"
I flutter my eyelashes.

"Sounds like he was only an egghead so he could play with bows and shafts."


I snicker


he blink "Yeah, well.. with the war between the sharks and the sea ponies, and the many other threats, most of the royal line would die in battle. I was just a baby at the time my parents died so my aunt Cloephin took over. Everyone knows I'm the real face of the people, not to mention the only royal male born for while. Cloephin's numerous daughters are well liked but honestly her line just isn't as well respected. And after I helped save the crystal pony and we built this castle it