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There once was a team of unlikely heroes, two ballet dancers, an aspiring young archer, a skilled student of nercomancy, a faithful cleric, a holy assassin, and a humble bard. They proved themselves noble and true of heart, and strive to stop an evil from over taking their home. Their kindness turned a great foe into an ally, and they braved the Trials of the Temple of dreams.

Now these heroes stand before an alter, the room is lit with light from the stained glass windows, in the center is an alter, with the sun and moon on its surface. Before the alter is Lady Chiranna, her rune covered body is glowing slightly, her breath heavy. "I knew you would make it, This is it, we can fix my horrible mistake, and your dreams might come true as well. "


I'm ready if everyone else is.





I move closer to her.
"But how? What do we do?"


"We gotta do this quick – before the rest of the bat ponies figure out what's going on around here."


I nod.
"And so we can get her out of harm's way. as fast as possible."


"What do we need to do?"


I also nod.
"Right. So what are we gonna do?"


"…..I don't know."

I fly up in the air and watch the entrances.


The once gorgeous bat priestess, twiches, her tattoo'd runes looking a little obscene and crince worthy, She smiles are takes your hoof. placing it on the alter. a slight yellow aura appears on your hoof.
"We pray." "to make a long ritual short, you're going to use your strength of spirit to stop the elements from destroying me, or summoning her, since we don't have all the elements here it shouldn't summon her. "


I look at the glow around my hoof.
"Pray to who? The elements?"


"Pray to who?"


"That's… a very good question."
I turn to Chiranna and give her a puzzled look.


"Is there anything specific we need to, or just hope our prayers can fix this?"


"Ooooh, ooh – they taught me how to do this!"
I bow my head and extend my hooves.

"Celestia, please help us insert request here through your example of love and kindness towards all creatures under the sun."



Roll #1 2 = 2


I follow his lead, but direct my prayers towards whatever force inhabits this temple and try to put some more soul in it.
Please, whatever you are, heal Chiranna. Don't let her be used to summon Nightmare Moon.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Uh, kid… I'm not quite sure it's supposed to go like that."
I pat his shoulder and chuckle


"Pray to the Alter, the elements, the heavens, to dreams, to the sun and the moon.. Or to nothing.. Simply use the alter to focus your energy, it should come naturally." Just touch it and I will novel the ritual part. maybe you want to talk to each other first
Chiranna giggles a little, but the light does shine on the alter. "That will do fine, just put you hoof here." she points at the alter.

"If I don't make it.. Tell Chiro, that I tried to do the right thing, and.. I'm sorry for that night in pegavillage.." Chiranna flies above the alter and begins her own meditation.


I wave a hoof at him in a shushing motion.

I attempt to join in on the prayer.
Please… Please heal Chiranna. She may have made her mistakes in the past, but she is a good soul at heart, a- and… she doesn't deserve to be used to summon the evil Nightmare Moon.

Roll #1 8 = 8


I also pray
Celestia, the pure moon, whatever kind being will listen… please rid Chiranna of her markings. Please cleanse her and give her another chance to be with the one she loves…

Roll #1 8 = 8


I start to say something, but bite my tongue. This isn't place for that.
"Come over here and pray on the alter, silly."

"Don't talk like that. You'll be fine."
I smile at her then go back to focusing.
And please, if you will, help me figure out what to do about Cloudcaller.


"Don't talk like that, you'll get through this fine and you can tell Chiro yourself."

I step over to the altar and focus.
I've never dealt with something like this, but I'll give everything I can to help fix this so Chiranna can live a normal life


I go over to the altar. And pray silently for a bit.


I keep my focus and hoof on the alter, but lean over to speak in his ear.
"Coming here first was a good idea. You might have more brains than I gave you credit for."


"Uh y-y-you, t-too, Odette."

"I mean, uh, thanks. That means a lot."


"But you still aren't as smart as me, Stutters."
I flash him a quick grin and go back to praying.


I grit my teeth and blush a bit.


I move closer to Arioso and wrap my tail around hers as I continue praying


File: 1361597387069.jpg (138.52 KB, 1280x761, 1347424847174.jpg, IO exif Google TinEye)

Chiranna smiles at your optimism, "I have faith in you."

As your hooves touch the altar it lights up in a rainbow of colors, Your own bodies have an aura unique to you, Oddette's aura an orange and blue light, Allegro a vibrant blue with some pink, Khazard a purple with a streak of blue, Arioso's is the last to activate surrounded in a bright yellow light. The Altar's sun and moon symbols send twin beams toward Chiranna. Once the beams hit her she curls into a tight ball, her face twists in pain. The runic circles begin to unwind, the symbol of each element unraveling, and swirling in the air around the priestess. Chiranna's purple eyes start to glow and her body spreads itself out. The essence of each element that was tatoo'd to her body hoovers in the air, The blue lightening bolt, the purple sparking star, the pink balloons, the white jewels, the orange apples.
"No.. this isn't right.." she says as a sixth element takes shape next to the others.. a yellow butterfly. Chiranna attempts to fly away from the beams but cannot perhaps something inside her doesn't want to fight it, perhaps the elements are just too strong.. but she is stuck there as the elements circle her, spinning fast and turning into a pure rainbow.. before transforming a dark rainbow and hitting Chiranna. She lets out a scream and a flash of darkness forces all of you away from the altar into the sides of the room. Chiranna has disappeared and before stands what you feared most.. Night Mare Moon.. Her appearance is everything like the stories, a mane and coat as dark as midnight, eyes that know only how to cause fear. and teeth that will eat your dreams.


Cloudcaller is a aura blue and yellow aura split evenly.


'1d10+1' (presuming I get the vantage point bonus here)

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


I open my my eyes.
I jump to my hooves and fly up into the air.
"No! NO! Where is Chiranna!?"


I shake the look of shock off my face and quickly grit my teeth at her
"Where's Chiranna? What the hell did you do with her?!"


I shake out of the daze of the prayer and stare at the beast that's taken Chrianna's place.
"Who… who are you?! Where's Chiranna!?"


"No, we can't have failed. Chirana, are you still there?"


Do I get an aura?

"You-you! Beast!"

Pray as I am an arrow at it.


You run around in a panic, you can't think of anything but getting away from her There is no where to run, no where to hide, this is my world and I will reclaim it.
The large alicorn mare cackles "Yes, she is still here, she is my vessel, by servant, and she filled her role perfectly" Nightmare moon steps forward testing out her body, flexing her wings. Dark shadows fly off of her each time she moves. "Thankyou for the warm welcome, I'll be taking my world now." She says with a grin, you can see her sharp teeth just waiting to bite into something.

She looks you over. "You're not wearing my uniforms, I'll have to fix that.."


"No you won't. You will leave her body and give her back to us this instant!"


"No, no you will not be taking back your world! You give us back Chiranna!"


"I will not let you force innocents into your Dark! You will do no harm!"

Moon, I stand here against a foe that seeks to damn all I have sworn to shield. Please, this one begs for even the slightest of assistance

Roll #1 9 = 9


"You only thing you'll be taking is a dose of reality and a few strikes to the flank as punishment!"
I ready my mace


Get it together, Cloudcaller! You're a knight of the sun!

"Evil – pure and simple from the moon itself!"

"W-what are we going to do about Chirana? D-do we just attack?"

Get ready with the bow.


"We won't let you take over the world. We'll stop you here and free Chiranna!"
I take out Fenrir's skeleton and cast Raise Dead

Roll #1 5 = 5


"The altar brought her her, so it has to be able to send her back!"
I fly down and land on the alter. I focus and try to direct it's power towards separating Nightmare Moon from Chiranna.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Good idea!"

I help.

"Celestia, please, help us! We need your strength now!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your aura is orange with board white stripes. based on your value of honest work and forgiveness
The party feel the gentle touch of the moonlight on their skin.

Fenrir's skeleton rattles to life, he growls and pounces forward, a bit defensively.

"YOU WISH TO STAND IN MY WAY?! FOOLISH MORTALS, I SHALL CRUSH YOU WHERE YOU STAND!" her dark aura grows strong and she fires a shadowy bolt at each of you.

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


Dodge and rush in!
Knock her out!

Roll #1 10 = 10



And shoot her!

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


Um, with the special sleep arrows, I should say.


Dodge '1d10'
Then jump back and play a song to get my friends ready for battle '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 3 = 5


Rush in and do a double hit!

'1d10+1' '1d10'

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 4 = 4


I dodge and begin dancing through the air to inspire the group. "dice+1d10+2"
"Don't hurt her unless we have to! Remember that she's still Chiranna deep inside!"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Her spell fizzles before it can get an inch away from her. "This body's strength is still incomplete.. " she says furiously.



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


I sidestep to avoid the bolt

Then I cast Transfix to try and subdue her.

Fenrir stays by my side, not attacking yet.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


You fly in and tackle her, your surprising force throwing her off balance, some black sparks fly off of her. You notice she feels like a solid block of ice, cold to the touch.
You fly up to avoid the dark magic, and fire an enchanted arrow at her. You remember that little zebra who just was so excited by your stories, you can't let him down now! You aim true and strike Nightmare's pony knee, a bit of black shadow seeps out.
A song about a lizard who wanted to fly is charming by not quite right for this place.
You play an emotional song about death.
everyone is depressed until..
You turn it into a steady beat, and its easy to move to.
Night mare moon just give you a strange look. You seek to tame the mind of the dreamwalker? I admire your bravery but you are a fool. you feel a great pain in your mind as she speaks.

End result, everyone gets a +1


I try to fly up to a better vantage point.


forgot about the +1 bow last time

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


Gotta keep an eye out for my friends. Heroism! '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


Oh, marksman shot has a recharge of 3.

So regular shot. Only a +1.


Continue pummeling her to the ground!
Forget swords, this is something to be settled by good ol' hoovsicufts!

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"Agh. Maybe, but it can be enough of a distraction so the others can stop you."

Transfix again

And Fenrir rushes forward and leaps to bite.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9


Ending my dance behind her, I hit her on the back of her head with the pommel of my dagger in an attempt to daze her.
"Sorry, Chiranna. We'll save you one way or another."

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


>missing my post

Right, with renewed vigour, backstab her.


You try to find a good spot on an arch but a dark bolt chases you from the spot.
Your arrow meets its mark once just barely, scratching her wings. She glares at you.
You reference an old tale, one about a young boy from the forest who saves the world. Everyone knows this tale, and seeing that there are believes that they can succeed in impossible odds.
>Heroism activates, at an extended 4 turns.
She uses her hoof armor to deflect your blows with only seconds to spare.

You enter the mind of the nightmare [/h] the fixations of revenge, power, night.. the hunger, the desire. You can see her very dream is to be a ruler, and her will is strong to this. You can glimpse images.. no.. memories from her past, the rejection, the misery, the hate slowly building out of jealousy.

Behind this you can feel Chiranna's mind struggling to simply exist. "Please.. help.."
At this you are met with a pair of glowing eyes "How dare you enter here, you meddling wizard. Get out of my head! Now!" [/h]you open your eyes and you are on the floor.

Fenrir is chewing on her ankle as if it was a piece of meat, black mist is pouring out as he does this.

It seems you were so well hidden the narrator didn't even see you. You stab Nightmare moon's flank defacing her cutie mark.

You strike quickly, making a small dent in her helmet. She swats at you with and energy bolt but you move out of the way.


I try to fly behind and above her to find a new vantage point.

Also I shoot her with the ol' sleep arrows.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5


I do another inspiring dance.
"We can't keep attacking her, we might kill Chiranna! We need to find a way to use the altar again Nightmare Moon!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Right. We can't risk Chiranna if we can still get her back!"
Fly to the altar '1d10' and pray as hard as I can for Chiranna's safe return '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Sorry I forgot to roll

Quick, double hit again!
'1d10+1' '1d10'

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3


I get up off the floor.
"Everyone, Chiranna is still alive in there, but barely. We need to do something fast before she is consumed."

I call Fenrir off of Nightmare Moon.


Continue pummeling her!
Knock her out!

"What can we do?!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


>3 turns of heroism remain

You attacks seem to be working she's finally slowing down, and you've found a tall pillar that is a perfect vantage point.
Your dance is marvelous it, will inspire legends. Its something like a mix between a bird soaring and a could drifting in the air.
You also think Allegro might be onto something with the altar
The alter responds to your touch, your aura returns and sends a beam toward Nightmare moon.
You attacks land, and more darkness spills from her form.
7/19 hits 6/10 wounds
She seems agitated "You will stop that wizard" she aims a large dark arrow at you. '1d10+5'

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15


I try to pull Khazard out of the way of that arrow!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You break through her guard and make a few cuts on her forelegs.


What bonus does that Inspire give us?


Wait, where's Alle?…
I turn and notice him back at the altar, and rush over there to join him!
I move up beside him, wrapping my tail around his, and join him in prayer!

Roll #1 1 = 1


Sorry, that's a +3 since 11 and no one beefed if up.


I pull her closer to me and hold her hoof tight as I pray with her! '



Roll #1 2 = 2


I land on the alter and start praying for Chiranna's freedom and healing, and Nightmare Moon's banishment.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


"I'm not sure, maybe we can separate them somehow."

I try to ljump out of the way of the arrow.
If that fails, Fenrir leaps in front of me to block it

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Moon.. my swords and daggers are not meant to harm the innocent. They are to shield innocent and guilty alike! Let this strike be one to harm only darkness!


Roll #1 4 = 4


"Stop trying to kill her, you lunatic! It's Chirana!"


"Cloudcaller's right! Get over here and pray with us!"


"These swords are not meant to harm Chirrana!"


Night mare moon really doesn't want you near that altar. She tries to stop you with her dark magic, but Odette's orange and blue light is the ultimate shield and pushes her darkness away. The three of you combine your auras into a large focused beam and she staggers backwards.
That arrow is hell bent on reaching you despite your efforts to jump around it and and cloud caller's graceful flying. Fenrir jumps on the arrow for you, his bony body shaking as he absorbs the blast, you can see his bones actually cracking, under the pressure.. and his rib cage bursts into splinters. his other bones fall into a pile, the skull is cracked but intact.
You do a little damage to the nightmare. her left hind leg is constantly seeping black ooze now.


>2 turns of heroism remain


With my hooves still on the altar, I look up with determined eyes and start singing… something. Anything to clear our heads and let us focus.
Inspire '1d10+3'

Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Stab into the ooze and pray for a miracle!

Roll #1 10 = 10


I fly down and help out with the altar.

"Celestia, help us!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Keep praying.


I gather up the bones and the fragments.
"I'll need to replace a few pieces, but he'll be fine."

I then run over to the altar.
"Chiranna, if you can still hear us, we'll get you out of there!"
I begin praying with the others.

Roll #1 5 = 5


I… I don't have Inspire, but can I assist him by playing my lyre along with him?

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


You sing that tune from flight school, the nostalgia reminds everyone that you're fighting for freedom.
>+1 to next roll
4 auras makes a very strong beam, Nightmare moon's darkness is pushes further away, you can see the small priestess's form emerging.
Your blades are truly blessed, you slice away the shadows and reveal part of Chiranna's body.
You play on top of the alter, changing your aura from a pure yellow to a yellow and pink, charging the beam even more. Nightmare moon's form flickers, and she kneels down as if in pain. "Nooo, this can't be!" the light swirls around her, touching Noxx and picking up the a bit of white light as well. There is a resulting flash that blinds you all. and on the ground lies Chiranna, her form clean and free of any corruption, runes, or scars.


I rush over to her.
"Chiranna, can you hear me!? Are you alright?"


Press my hoof on her and check on her.

"It's over. Can you hear us?"

Rolling for comforting

Roll #1 4 = 4


I take a step forward.
"Chiranna, is that really you?"


Quickly fly to her
"Chiranna, you're back! And… cleansed!"


I rush over to her.
"Chiranna! Are you alright?"
I press a gentle hoof against her.


I hug the first pony I see…

…which happens to be Odette.


She slowly looks up and you and smiles. "Yes, I'm fine. I'm sorry.. It was my latent desires to see her that caused this.. it must have been, that. I still wanted to meet the goddess I worshiped for so long, the one who spoke to me all my life.. I hope you can forgive me." Chiranna flaps her wings a bit in an effort to stand. '1d10-3'

Roll #1 8 - 3 = 5


Support her.

"You should find your own path now. What is past is past."

Roll #1 10 = 10


"I don't blame you. If I had lived my entire life wanting to meet somepony I think I would have done the same."

I hug him back.
"Looks like you're still just as good as you were breaking us into the temple. Thanks for fighting smart so I didn't have to yell at you."


"Its ok, we managed to fix it without anyone getting harmed."


You easily support her body getting her in the air a bit even. "Thank you. Now.. I mist reveal something too you. When I was one with the night mare, I found out something.. shocking"
"Yes, you were quite skilled in battle, I saw you enter her.. no its mind."



"It's so good that you're alright! But what are we going to do about whatshisname's army? We need to convince him to surrender."


"You scared us for sure… but you're not hurt, and neither are we. That's all that matters."
I give my head a little shake.
"So that was Nightmare Moon huh. And… we beat her?"


"Yeah! We're heroes!"


"Have I mentioned you're worth my time?"
I pinch his ass and break off from the hug.

"What is it? I think I remember some of the batponies we fought saying…something about another threat, but I thought they were lying.""


"Shocking? What did you find?"
I tilt my head at her curiously.


"Could you tell us?"

Continue supporting her.




"You know you love it."


"Yea, I'm surprised I managed to do that. What did you find that was shocking?"


"Yes, you defeated that monster."
"It means more than you know for me to hear that."
"It will be easier to show you." She hobbles over to the Altar with the support of Noxx. "This world, was born of darkness." she touches the altar and the room's walls collapse then the floor.. "This place is an illusion.. not the temple but the whole world.. we're living in a dream.."




"That's some deep stuff, Chiry, but what about that army and stuff?"


"There are some who believe that. I do know, though, that I can perceive my mind and my own happiness. If I can give others happiness, as long as they feel it…"


My eyes widen
"…I'm sorry but what?"


"Wait what? How can that be?"


My eyes widen.
"A dream?.. Wait, what?"


The scene around you changes to the very day that was legend. "Much like you did today heroes in the past defeated nightmare moon, and they did it with the intent to banish her in a way she could never be summoned, but they forgot about her dreamwalking powers when they did this, she was able to escape, well that part of her anyway.. This resulted in our world, a memory from Nightmare moon's -and luna's past." She pauses and changes the room back. "That's why this place can grant you wishes, you can literally change this place since its a dream plane. "


"We…aren't real? Whose dream are we part of?"


"This… we… none of this is real?…"
I slowly start to break into tears at the realization.
"None of… none of this is… none of this is real…"


"But everything feels real, how can we be a dream?"


"I'm no dream. Your head must have gotten messed up when Nightmare Moon possessed you and now you're thinking funny."


I give a weak chuckle.
"N-No no.. that can't be. I'm real."
I grab Arioso and hold her close to me
"SHE is real. We can't just be… dreamt up!"


"That changes nothing. What is 'Real' is what we perceive it to be."

"You felt angry when I attacked Chiranna did,t you? How about feeling happy? Or sad? Do you understand what those mean?"


"But. My life, everything I have ever done, all my pain and suffering, ALL MY EVERYTHING is pointless if it all disappears when somepony wakes up!"


"I understand you're shocked by this. You can remain here, and you can choose to believe I was wrong. With your strong spirits, and the power the nightmare dispersed.. We can become real, I've found a window when the element of magic and the time traveler are aware of our existence. They can take us to the real version of our time, where everything will be familiar, but different. "


I quickly turn away from the group so they can't see my eyes. I must have gotten something in them.

Annnnd I turn back around.
"Just us? What about our families? What about Chirro?"


"It's all what you perceive it to be, isn't it? Can you think? Can you remember all your accomplishments? Can you do a dance for me, right here? As long as I think, I am."

"How different is it? What will change, here? Won't there be other ponies in need?"


"And we stop thinking of the dreamer wakes up."
I sniff.
"I was in a ballet about this sort of thing when I was a…foal."


"I need to just… take this in…"
I hug Arioso tight


"How do we know what we 'perceive' if we're just a dream? H- How… how do we know these feelings are even ours?…"

"How's… how's it different? What about our families? Our friends?! O- Our… w- what's going to happen…"

I hug Allegro tight as well, sniffling.


"This is all so strange. Is the 'real' world the same as ours, and if we become real, what happens here, the other bat ponies still are under Nightmare Moon, we can't let them try to repeat all of this again."


"That's dumb. We think and stuff, right? We're real."


"Does it matter to us? I feel horrible about things I have done as a filly. I felt joyful when I found the Moon as my guide. I feel safe when I keep others safe. If we aren't real, then so be it, if there is nothing we can do about it. I, for one, think and feel enough to know I am a pony."


I look around at my clearly agitated friends.
"Chirana must still be possessed. That's the only explanation. Nightmare Moon is still trying to trick us."

I pray even harder at that altar.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"If whoever is dreaming wakes up it all never happened."

"Tell us more about the portal."


"If this place grants wishes since its only a dream…"
I take out Fenrir's broken skeleton.
"I wish for Fenrir to be all fixed up and be as good as new."


Chiranna's eyes soften seeing your desperation. "try asking it for a wish?"
"We can certainly try to bring anyone we want"


Fenrir's skeleton seems to flash and is instantly repaired, better than repaired, it looks as strong as the day you first raised his bones.


I dry my eyes.
"What about everyone? We can't leave them here, can we?"


"What does happen to dreams, though? Haven't you ever had a dream where you continued on for many nights? There's no reason for us to end here. And if it does, then I am at peace, having done all I can. If this is a dream, but I know I exist, then…"

Focus on making a nice dress, in the image of the moon.


"It doesn't matter. We are getting out of here."


"So it is a dream then, or powerful magic. Doesn't matter what it is, all that matters is that Fenrir is by my side."


"We will be able to go through it and enter the true reality. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions have proven that our spirits are real. "
"..everyone?" she pauses for a moment. "With their power and ours.. maybe its possible.."
You make a dress that is the very essence of "lunar" the shade of night and the cycles of the moon on the rim.


I sniffle.
"W- Well Alle… is there anything you wish for?"


"Come on, everypony. We are going to save the world. Again."
I place my front hooves on the alter and begin fervently praying for everyone to be able to go through the portal with us.


"But.. ponies here. The others. Don't they feel and think, too? If I think, and the others here with us think and feel, what of them?"

"…I might stay behind."


I close my eyes and nuzzle her.
"No my love. I already have my dream come true. No wish could make me happier than I am now…"


[okay its a little late, maybe this is a bad idea maybe it isn't, so I'm just going to pause here and tomorrow we can talk about this and how you all want this to end]


The room around our heroes spins. Chiranna glows slightly, her aura swirling. A slightly squeaky voice of a young mare is heard crying out in surprise, and then more questioningly "Is this suppose to happen?". An older stallion's voice chimes in "Calm down and focus, child".
The weight of your items suddenly feels greater, and you find yourselves viewing the outside world on the walls. The old Zebra travelling with her grandson still trying to sell enchanted wares. The grave site of the priestess who died defending the Crystal Caverns being visited by an old friend and superior, who never appreciated her properly. Pegavillage with its archers training hard, their arrows falling a little short for a moment. Unmistakable Chiro in his stunning white armor with luna blue accents, his grayed mane and tail damp with sweat and proud yellow eyes glaring forward at some foe. Chiro is facing and what must be the famed General Tilo are facing off with a full army of bat ponies and griffons watching. General Tilo has a thick beard, a helmet and full body armor hides all but his tail, which is cut to stub. Tilo's beard and short tail are dark brown in color, his eyes a hereditary yellow, and his fur is a bit purple in tint. Tilo's decorative and legendary unbreakable armor now seems to be slowing him down, giving Chiro an upper hoof. Finally Tilo's mighty axe falls to the ground and the old general is defeated at last, Tilo lays his head down closing his eyes and awaiting the death blow. Griffons and bat ponies alike watch in awe as Chiro sheathes his own weapon and pulls Tilo up and away from the ground. The moonlight shining on Chiro's white armor, making him shine like a star. "This is a new age old friend, we don't need to treat each other that way."
Tilo's rugged face is surprised, and you can almost see a teardrop in his beard, with a simple nod he say. "My lord Chiro, will you be taking her as your queen then?"
"If Lady Chiranna, will have me back, then I would have her at my side." Chiro replies without missing a beat. "but that is a matter for later.."
The scene fades as Chiranna has rushed outside of the temple. A voice echoes through the room like ripples. "No, child this time isn't right, through another time we shall enter this place." The door you came in by is now opens directs to a foyer with stained glass windows, with a few benches on the side for those in seek of rest. Just past this room is the outside, where you know the scene you just saw is having the happiest of endings.


I shake my head and rub my eyes.
"What just happened?"


I shake my head and look upon the entire scene in confusion, drying my tears and sniffling.
"What… what just happened?"


I look around, still holding Arioso
"…That is a good question."


An ominous voice speaks "Your wish has been granted. Your world has descended from the plane of dreams, into the plane of reality. "
An image of a globe appears on the wall. slowly zooming in on a large island. "This is where you landed." and this it zooms out and west a bit, showing you a large continent. "This is where many ponies call home, including those whose dreams were part of your world. "


I start to smile but stop myself.
"Who are you?"


"Reality? What… who is this?"
I wipe my eyes and look around for the source of the voice.


I slowly break a smile.
"So we're… we're no longer dreams?… We're real?"
I pull Allegro a bit tighter to me and look around for the source of the voice.



"Yes, it is true. You can visit the mainland for yourselves if you doubt, something that was impossible before since your particular world was self contained. As for who I am.. I am the temple's true guardian, the one who tested you on your way here. I have no name and no true body." This voice seems to be coming from everywhere, but particularly the Altar.


Check behind the altar for a curtain or something somepony might be standing behind.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Really? Oh thank you thank you thank you!"
I give a small bow to the altar and run outside.


"Our whole world fit on a continent?"
"Well this has been quite the experience. Though I wonder whose dream we were."


I stand up and pull Allegro outside with me and look around.
Is it… is it all real?


I follow her lead outside and look too


Like a true inquisitor you feel the need to investigate everything, you look behind the pillars try pushing the altar, and even fly up and try to remove a window. "If it pleases you I shall take a form of a wish granter." Above the alter a greenish pony with a wispy lower half appears. It is wearing wrist cuffs and its mane is flat, a blue color, with blank white eyes.
"I believe this world was a manifestations of luna's dreams. And yes it is all real now, do be careful, gravity is real now too."
You three arrive seeing a smiling Chiranna and Chiro holding hooves, their eyes still moist from what must have been a tearfully happy reunion. Chiro speaks first "We can't thank you enough. You've given us back our lives, our people, and each other."


I smile at them.
"I'm glad everything worked out and you two are still alive."
I shudder.
"There were too many close calls."


"I'm glad we could help. It's been… quite an adventure."
I smile at then, then slowly shake my head
"But what now…? Is everything over? Are we really 'real?'"


I smile warmly at them.
"I'm so glad you two were able to work everything out… It's been quite the adventure, getting where we are today."
My smile fades.

"I… I don't know the answer to that, love."


"Only one way to find out. I'm sure we've earned a free boat ride by now."


"Indeed, there were too many close calls." Chiro says smiling at you. "We wouldn't be here today without you."
Chiro says. "We were always real enough, our faith was real, our struggles."
Chiranna chimes in. "The excitement is over, we can rest now. Perhaps the time wizard will come visit you now that we're in his realm, but know you've won this war."


"Luna's dreams? Wonder how she'd react upon seeing that its all real. Also, what about this place? I assume it'd no longer grant wishes since its not a dream anymore."


"I'm certain that brave griffon Grizzletail will have something ready to welcome you heroes back, the moon is still high yet. Certainly a boat can be built or bought for you if you're set on traveling so soon."
The genie pony speaks "My power is indeed limited on this plane. Specifically limited to this temple, While no longer able to grant wishes, I would be able to guard secrets objects from the unworthy. "


I give a sigh of relief.
"Rest sounds nice. I think we could all use some."
I turn to Arioso
"What about it, my love?"


I look at the three of you.
"Well? Fancy a trip across the sea?"


"That's a relief, knowing that this all can't be reversed. I wonder what lies in this new world."
I leave the temple and head outside.


"Rest would be wonderful, love…"
I lean in and nuzzle him.

"A trip across the sea… that sounds absolutely lovely. And romantic~"


"Across the sea? Sounds perfect for a new world."


"Great. I'll go see if Cloudcaller wants to come along too."

I head back inside the temple.

"Cloudcaller. Want to come see the world with the rest of us?"


"I don't know what's happening, Odette…

"…you want me to go with you?"


"It does, doesn't it? Seeing the rest of the world… I can't think of a better way to relax."
I nuzzle her back.


I brush up by his side.
"You've already learned how to use your noggin, but somepony still needs too teach you manners."


"I can… seeing the rest of the world with you, love."
I wrap a wing around him.


"Th-that's, uh… I, uh… what?"


I lightly tap him on the head a few times with my hoof.
"When I first met you you were an impulsive little colt. If it were up to you I'm sure that Cirro, Chirrana, and most of the batponies would be dead by now. Thankfully, the others and I were there to stop you and help you learn to think instead of act."
I take one of the sleep arrows out of your quiver.
"Have I told you how impressed I am that you bought these all on your own?"


"And I wouldn't have it any other way."
I pull her in and give her a kiss


"W-well I'm glad you don't hate me anymore, Odette…

"I think you're more fun to be around than you were when we started this."


I eagerly return the kiss.


I slip the arrow back into his quiver.
"I'm glad you are no longer the kind of stallion I hate."
I look around to make sure the room is clear.
"If you are willing to learn some…discipline…I'm going to be even more fun to be around."


I blush and tense up a bit. I nod my head.


I brush his rear with my tail.
"Are you saying you want to come along with us?"




I frown at him and pull my tail away.
"Say yes sir."


"Y-yes, sir….

I smirk a little.
"…Sir Girly-boy."


"What was that?"
Did I catch that?

Roll #1 5 = 5


RNG that is not an answer.

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Heheheh. Giry boy~"


I raise an eyebrow when he whispers something, but let it pass.
"Good boy."
I give him a peck on the cheek then leave the temple; swatting his face with my tail as I walk away.


I turn round and face him.
"Oh? Does the colt with the heart on his flank have something to say?"


"Hey! It's got an arrow through it! It's cool!

"And what's your cutie mark look like, anyways? I don't think you've taken off that leotard this whole time."


I snicker.
"A pink bit of flesh with a shaft piercing it. How fitting. If you must know, my cutiemark is one of refinement and class: A pair of ballet shoes."


"Ha! It is girly! No wonder you keep it hidden all the time."


I frown.
"Maybe it is. You'd make a good judge, taking it in the ass from a gryphon and all."



"We, just, like..

"Hey, why am I telling you about that?"


I let the frown disappear and give a lighthearted laugh.
"I don't know. For the same reason you mentioned those tingly little spines to us in the clearing?"


"I-i'm just open-minded, that's all."

"What, do you want to see what we did that night or something?"


"I wouldn't mind if my open minded colt wanted to put on a show for me, if that's what you're saying."


"I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours, Odette."


I laugh again.
"That's not how it works, my little Cloudcaller. If you are a good boy, and learn your lessons well, I'll take a nice long look at yours up close. Maybe I'll even let you use it~"
With that said I turn around and leave the temple.


I follow closely behind.


I notice the two walking together and smile at them
"So I assume you convinced him to come along?"


"H-hello? Where are we?"


"He was easy enough to convince. Good thing too, I would have hated needing to find another archer as good as him."

"The real world, about to set sail for adventure."


"Then I am in an unfamiliar world, but still with the work I must do. May I join you, then?"

Take off my mask for the first time and wipe off any paint on my face.


The three of you leave together, the moonlight is shining fairly bright outside. The doors close behind you a whisper of "Farewell Worthy Heroes" follows your hoofsteps.


"Of course you can."

"Goodbye, and thank you."


"Then, fare you well."

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