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Last time our heroes had a day off, they choose to do various activities in the renowned griffon fortress Talon Fort , there was a nice play, a happening bar, and a sweet date. The team said their goodbyes to Chiro and made plans to head off to the tower ruins to investigate the remaining bat ponies. Its now the next morning and you wake up wherever you went to bed at.



"I, uh, guess I gotta go now… I'll be back, I'm sure!"

Say my goodbyes to Gregory and head back to the main fort, or wherever we were going to meet.


>you wake up wherever you went to bed at.
I lightly nuzzle Arioso and stretch
"Wake up dear"


This is a swanky place so I'm assuming each room has its own shower. Once I'm clean and dry I put on my equipment and one of my tights then grab my stuff and go looking for the dining area.


"Nng… five more minutes? It's so warm here…"
I yawn.


Not sure where I fell asleep, so I meet up wherever we're supposed to meet at after I wake up.


"I'm sure the others are bound to be waiting for us"
I peck her, then pull the covers off of her


Gregory waves at you as you leave. and mumbles something about new forces being so eager. You seem to be the first one to arrive at your meeting place, a large open space at the north side of the city. You have a nice view of the sun from here.
You come into the clearing and see Cloudcaller is already there.
You look spotless, and smell great. A waitress greets you with a smile. "Hello, are you here alone? Please, have a look at our menu while I find you a seat." she hands you a nice menu and it looks like you can order just about anything you want.


"Aww… fiiine."
I reluctantly get up and stretch myself, wincing and rubbing my rear.


"Hey, sun!"
I use my book to look up whatever prayer I should say to the sun, and then I mutter it.

Roll #1 3 = 3


I look it over for a bit. After being taken to my seat I order a fresh glass of OJ and some fruit.


Your prayer sounds a little choppy, you may need to read a little ahead of what you are saying next time, but you feel good for saying your morning prayers anyway. Glided Wing would be proud.


I open the room door, then pause as I notice her wincing frown
Rolling for comforting rear pats

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Hey Cloudcaller."


I wince again and give Allegro a look.
"Can't I at least get a little rest?… My rear still hurts from… all of yesterday afternoon. And night."


"Hey, Khazard. Are you ready to show those batponies the light?"


You are brought you dish promptly, it looks nice, freshly chopped fruit and the juice is pretty sweet as well.


I look at the ground and blush hard.
"Sorry, I can hardly help myself… We should probably go before there's… any delays"

Start making my way toward the others!


I finish my meal, pay for it, then go to the meeting place.


I follow him, limping slightly.


"I am, and lets hope we don't have a needless death like at the caves this time."


You meet up with Khazard and Cloudcaller in the clearing. Its a nice day out, you can't help but feel that today is going to be a good day.


"If the bats fight us, we might have to use deadly force, Khazard. We have to recognize that. We can't pretend that they'll just throw down their arms and greet us happily. But I've got a few new tools to hopefully stop them from even doing that much."


"Is everypony ready to go be big heroes again?"


I wave at the others.

"I'm ready to get moving after that nice little break."
I sigh and stretch my wings.


I wave at the others and smile!
"Of course! I'm back in action a hundred and ten percent!"


"Big. FREAKING. Heroes!"

"Hey, did you guys know how soft Griffons are? It's weird! You'd expect them to be all hard and edgy and tough, but they're pretty ticklish."


"But they're all covered in feathers! And they're like half cat too! Why wouldn't they be soft?"
I chuckle.
"What's the occasion though? Did Cloudcaller find a nice gryphon to spend the night with?~"


"Well that's… nice? What made you bring that up?"
I tilt my head and give him a strange look


"They really are just big kittens once you get past the beak and talons, aren't they? Did you manage to find a nice chick last night?"


"I, uh, yeah, that."


"I am."


I chuckle.
"Well? Tell us about it. Not many ponies loose their virginity to another species."


I chuckle.
"Really now! Was she nice? Was she pretty?"


"Oh! Congrats kid!"
I nudge him and give him a wink
"Have fun with her?"


"FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I've had a couple rolls in the clouds with the girls back home!

"I went to a bar, and then we went back to, uh, G's place. And, you know, I put my moves on, and it kind of escalated from there."

"It was a very pretty griffon."

"Oh, yeah. Great time."

"So, uh, let's get moving!"


Having rested and prepared the team make their way northward toward the ruins of the peace tower, they are able to travel much more quickly without the small fleet trailing them, and travel through a thick swamp to where the location on their map is. there isn't much in the way of apparent signs, and there are some places that are deceptive, looking like they are just muddy grass but really a long fall down. The sun is still bright in the sky, its only a little after high noon.


"I'm sure you have."
I raise an eyebrow.

I scowl.
"What a disgusting place."


"Hmm… not the best of places to engage the enemy from"
Look around for anything dangerous

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Swamps aren't that bad! I hear all the moisture in the air is supposed to be good for the skin and your complexion too!"
Any paths, or are we going to have to slog through the mud?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"How big is this place supposed to be, anyways? If it's all ruins, I guess we probably can't spot it from the air…"


"Never liked swamps much, too easy for bones to get stuck in the mud."


There are some hidden pools of water up a head, a few snakes slithering by in the slimy land. A few rocks stand out to you, they have tiny runes on them, but only the rocks to your west have such markings. To the east you can see a thunder cloud rolling by, most unusual. The trail seems okay enough, thou there might be more hidden pools around.
You can follow Allegro's path.


…Okay, I'll just follow Allegro's path.
Right behind him~


"But the mud gets everywhere! I don't want to ruin Madame Grey's gifts with all this smelly mud."

I hover a few feet off the ground and follow Allegro.


Look at that thunder cloud. What's up with it?

Roll #1 5 = 5


Its hard to tell from here, but it looks a tad smaller than a normal one, and might not be moving.


I start down the path, looking at the runes as I pass. They look familiar?

Roll #0 2 = 2


I examine the runes on the rocks.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"I'm going to go check this cloud out!"

I fly up and give it a closer look.

Roll #1 9 = 9


I guess I also try to examine the positioning of the rocks. Any particular shape?

Roll #0 5 = 5


"What's so exciting about these rocks?"
I look at them.

Roll #0 5 = 5


I wave to him
"Be careful! There's no telling how far off the enemy is!"


You stop to look at them and Arioso bumps into you surprised by your sudden stop. You're too distracted by her to really focus on the runes.
The runes are stylized butterflies, the symbol of the element of peace. Most of the runes have been here ages, and seem to be old markers to lead travelers to the tower. There is also a familiar rune on there.. more recently craved in, its the same that on that was in the town of Pegavillage.
You notice many of the runes are old, and have some kind of pattern common to them, Its highly stylized as well as being old which isn't helping you understand them at all.


"Does anypony know what these mean?"



I lightly swing my tail at her
"Now's not the time for that, love!"


"You're the one who stopped!"
"I haven't got the slightest clue…"

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Looks like they lead to the tower we're looking for, and there's a similar rune to the one that was in Pegavillage."


The cloud is thick and gray, its got a bit of lightening sparking from it and you can see one tall tower poking up from it. It looks a little different from the ones you have seen before but you can safely guess that it was build by the bat ponies.


"Hey there's like a bat tower up on this cloud!"



"There is? Hmm… good eye."

I nod and immediately fly up to meet him


"Should we destroy them? The runes are bad, aren't they?"

I fly on up.
"Good job seeing that. Do you have any ideas other than a frontal assault?"


So now the party comes to a fork in the trail, one path leads to the west, and is lined with the runed stones, the other leads to the east toward the storm cloud.


"They could be like the crystals in the cavern…"
I look at them again. Do they look old?
"Where to now?"

Roll #0 2 = 2


"The tower. I don't want to fight a bunch of ponies."


really old, and really pretty, you get distracted by their intricate patterns and slip into a small trance thinking about how like a dance they are.


"I, uh…."

Does the book say anything about tactics?

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Hmm… they probably do outnumber us. And that cloud's a very likely spot for them to be."


"They might be, but they are a bit small. They could just be markers to replace these other ones for the tower."


Right lets check the bible holy book.
Celestia herself is more fond of peace, but isn't afraid to give justice when it is deserved. She was forced to allow the discordant one to live because of his power but turned him to stone to sit in her garden frozen in time for all eternity. We learn from this that there are times when harsh steps are necessary in order to keep order. (you can look again if this wasn't the right idea you meant.)


"Ooh, pretty…"
I shake my head and clear my thoughts.
"So we're going down this path? The one with the stones?"


"So you think the tower has the real runes? What are we waiting for then? We need to destroy those runes!"


I meant, like, battle tactics. You know, like blowing down the walls of Jericho

"We could go around 'em, but that would probably leave our rear open to attack. They might send soldiers after us."


"Most likely, hopefully they haven't finish them yet."


"Around the cloud? You mean sneak in through the back?"


"Let's go for their tower first, kid. I doubt giving ourselves away here will do us much good."


"Around them? How? Won't they have lookouts around the entire thing?"


"Yeah, that."

Wait, what are we after again? Isn't there something we're looking for down here? I'm a little confused, sorry.


the runes I mean


"That's…not a bad idea, colt. This is assuming that one side of the cloud is less guarded than the others. Either way, we should go to the tower first."


Okay how about this.

In the great uniting some resisted Celestia's wisdom and clung to their heathen ways. One such group was the foal cultists the Grogarians, they dug in and fortified their lands so that Celestia's light could not reach them. She sent in specialized teams to show them the light and investigate their cities. Her Celestials is what she call them. The Celestials preformed great acts for the citizens and proved Celestia's might in test after test, but the heathens still clung to their old gods. The Celestials had no choice but to carry out their duty and subdue the heathens, killing some of those who would not give in, but preferring to capture so they might face a fitting trial.
Are you going after the tower ruins or the storm clouds?


"Wow, this book is way more badass than I thought it would be."


Tower ruins!


Yeah, there, I guess.


Works for me.


I also pick tower ruins


The party heads down the western trail and makes their way onto increasingly more solid land. the trees part to a clearing where you can see large stones half covered in moss, clear remains of the tower are here. The site does seem to hold some kind of enchantment related to nature, in the center of the ruins is a flower field that is covered in butterflies. You can see a few markings on the ground, and it looks as if someone has been here recently.


I investigate the markings.

Roll #0 9 = 9


Eyes on those markings. Can I find out anything from them?

Roll #0 3 = 3


Investigate the ruins.

Roll #0 2 = 2


"Hey, butterflies!"
Check out the butteflies.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I check the markings, seeing if they lead anywhere.

Roll #0 10 = 10


They are some outlines for the runes used to summon the nightmare.
You two try to look at the same rune and knock each other over.
You fly in too quickly and scare them, they fly a little to the left of you.
Lead somewhere? They circle the entire location, while following them you look behind the remains of the wall and see a sleeping bat pony. His armor is black with runes and he has a sword and shield with moon styling on them. poor guy got stuck on guard duty alone in the middle of the day, that's like midnight for bats.

The sound of heavy flapping in the distance tells you that someone might be coming to relieve this one soon.


"Aw, shoot."
What about these flowers? I'm the outdoorsy type, right? Anything I might know about them?

Roll #1 7 = 7


I stand up and help Allegro up.
Can I see anything about those butterflies?

Roll #0 6 = 6


I try to whip up a gust of wind with my wings to destroy the outlines.

Roll #0 1 = 1


"I found a guard over here, he's sleeping."


"It's fine love!"
I dust myself off

I fly over
"Just one guard? Asleep at the post…. how convenient!"
Look him over. Is he well armed?

Roll #0 6 = 6


Of course you do, they are lilies, and daisies, wild sunflowers, very nice soft colors, over all comfy and safe for rolling in, eating, and butterfly attracting.
They are all pastel colors and don't seem to want to leave this place, its like they are a part of it.
drawing them in more with your tail is so considerate of you they need the help after all, those terrible lines they made won't do.
He's got a nice looking sword and shield.
The guard pony stirs in his sleep and holds his shield tightly, seems he is dreaming of battle.

You can all hear this small sound of tired wings flying over here.


Shake my head and try to concentrate. They need to go no matter how pretty they are.

Roll #0 5 = 5


"Gah! We have company! I suggest hiding until we know how many of them are here."
Hide somewhere

Roll #0 1 = 1


I help him hide.

Roll #0 5 = 5


Munch on a couple.

"Hey, I can see why that bat is asleep. It's pretty nice out here."


I'm mostly yellow. Try to hide in the sunflowers.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Anyone else hear that? I think more bats are on the way."
I hide somewhere nearby.

Roll #0 6 = 6


Bah, I can do that later.
Rolling to hide.

Roll #0 4 = 4


They don't seem to want to leave now that you've made them better, you at least smudge them and make it less clear anyway.
In your hurry you trip over each other again, Allegro landing on his back and Arioso on top. Luckily you land in a bush with only your tails showing..
You blend right in, the butterflies even think you are part of the flowers and sit on top of you.
You take cover behind a rock, pretty effective.
You hide behind a tree, unfortunately its a skinny tree so you're showing a bit.

Three more bat ponies fly in all wearing similar armor to the resting one. You notice a robed figure flying behind them. They land beside the sleeping pony and stomp on the ground. He shoots up immediately and salutes. "Site is secure Maim." he says quickly.
"Is it really? Take a look around men." she has two of them fly over and do a spot check. '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


Stay still and wait for them to pass.


Looks like everyone is good, no ponies to see here.


Rolling to "stay calm"

Roll #0 6 = 6


Heheh, blind as bats.
I watch them from behind my tree.


I take a look at the robed figure, anything different or unusual?

Roll #0 9 = 9


All shall be revealed but yes, you can recognize that faint glow of dark magic anywhere, its definitely a priestess and a powerful one.

They circle back around to the group and say.
"All Clear Maim, should we proceed as planned?"
"Why does this have to be in the day time again?"
They fly to the center of the site and hoover above the flower patch. The robed pony lowers her hood to reveal a heavily runed pattern on her skin. "Because, we need to say the spell while the site is still charged with power, just look at this." she gestures around exposing some of her legs have runes on them too. "The peaceful aura of this place is practically screaming right now."



How powerful does she look? Could I take her on?

Roll #1 1 = 1


I throw a pebble at the bush Arioso and Alegro are in to try and get their attention. Rolling to not be noticed.

Roll #0 6 = 6


You can hardly tell what color her skin is anymore, and her own men seem afraid of her power, see how they back away from her hoof as if she were going to spark some kind of dark juju at them. No way you could take that shit one on one.


Attention attained. I look over at Odette, then at my mace, then at the priestess.


Successful stealthy pebble toss.


I cast Commune, asking any spirits in this place on how I can stop the peace aura momentarily.

Roll #0 1 = 1


I motion for him to wait for my signal, then step out into the clearing.
"What are you doing, mam?"


I nod and wait…


"Are you sure it will work again? The spell we researched said only one priestess can hold each element safely.." one of the men cautions her.

She glares at him. "Do not question me, this is what The Goddess wants, and she chose me for this task. It matters not what happens to this flesh. Now help me begin this.. and fix up those runes for me."

"Yes maim!" they busy themselves fixing the runes from the outlines, as the priestess hoovers above spinning in a slow circle.

Your prayer for peace to stop is met with a long dead spirit awakening. certainly distracting and gets the guards attention as they quickly strike away the apparition.
The Priestess stops her strange spin and looks at you. "How are you, and how dare you interrupt this?"


"What's she doing?!"
I wait on top of Allegro.


"I'm fine, thank you. I'm interrupting this because you've been lied to and are not doing exactly what you think you are doing. Why don't you and your ponies stop so we can have a civil discussion?"


HE. What's HE doing.


"I'm not sure…. but we're waiting for his signal."


"Well that didn't work out well."
I cast Commune again, seeing if the spirits here know about this element that was mentioned.

Roll #0 10 = 10


"Lied to? What are you-" she stops and looks closely at you. "You look very familiar.. do I know you from somewhere.." she shakes her head. "Explain yourself quickly, I must being the ritual soon."


"Your goddess is lying to you. She says she will make you powerful, or save the world, or something, but all she will do is kill everything. Plants cannot grow without the sun and every species except for yours would hardly be able to see."
Tell me if I need to start rolling.
Do Luna and Celestia rule side by side in this quest?


You hear a soft voice in your head. "Um.. hello.. if you don't mind.. this is.. eep! its my first time meeting one who could actually talk to me like this.. but If you don't mind.. I'm the element of this place.. the element of kindness, um.. this place is.. important because its the source of nice sweet things, like love and peace and.. kind things.. I hope that answers your question! I mean its the first time I've been asked something like that, before everyone knew about the elements of harmony.."
"foolish claims, the land shall be reborn and reunited under her rule. There is not cause to think she will make the planet she wants to rule starve. I have spoken to her myself. " she examines you, so sure she's heard this claim before.. '1d10' "are you certain I don't know you?"
a roll might help your cause

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I think I would remember if I met you before. She doesn't want to rule the world, she wants to kill it!"
What about my second question?

Roll #0 9 = 9


yes, they are here both here, this quest happens in an odd time after the show, but technology was banned because of bullshit dictator. The bat ponies believe that she will inhabit on of their bodies or her own body when she comes back.


"Besides, you might not even be worshiping who you think you are. Is the pony you are worshiping Celestia's sister?"


"Elements of Harmony? I guess its safe to assume that if one is here, the other places must be linked to some element too. What can the elements do if they're all together?"


She doesn't seem to remember you, but you remember her now, this is the same Chiranna from long ago, she's been so disfigured by the runes you couldn't even tell at first. you can only guess that there are more under her cloak. Something must really be wrong for her not to remember you like this..
"She is the better half of the moon goddess. The perfect half, the side of the moon that saw reason and freedom but was struck down. The 'Luna' you speak of is but an empty shell doing her sister's bidding and nothing more."


What the hell happened to her?
"If she what you said, Chiranna, she would not have told me so much about you and your goddess. If your goddess really loved you she would not be slowly destroying your mind and body. Luna tells me you were once quite an intelligent and beautiful mare. Look at what you are becoming."

Roll #0 3 = 3


My ears perk up as I lay waiting


"Did they really say Chiranna? What's she doing back here?"


"Same as last time I imagine. Damn…"
I shift slightly to get a better view


"yes, there are five others, all were my friends in life and we did great um.. miracles.. and um.. magic.. together.. Its been a long time but I remember that we used them to banish the n-nightmare moon! It was super scary.. and I.. I.."
You can almost feel the voice quiver and whimper.
"I am becoming the perfect servant. the fact that you know of my name means that my work is spreading quickly. I have taken claim to this land, so if you disapprove of my thinking, you should take your leave before I do some harm to you." She points a hoof at you threateningly, the runes activating one by one making her hoof glow a bit. A pair of guard get up next to her just in case.


"You are becoming the perfect slave! Can you even think on your own anymore? What does your goddess give you in exchange for your life?"
I start slowly walking closer.

Roll #0 7 = 7


Maybe those bat eyes can recognize you now. '1d10'
"Of course I know my own name, I am Lady Chiranna, and my life is for my goddess."

Roll #1 2 = 2


"But what does she give you? After you are used up and wither away like so many before you what do you get? When she has taken your life she will simply move on to another, then another."

Roll #0 1 = 1


"Its ok, you don't need to into details if its scary. Thank you for this information, I'll do my best to make sure these places and their elements aren't ruined by these cultists."


"t-thanks good luck out there.." the voice slowly fades away and the feeling of warm and kindness wash over you.
She seems puzzled. "You seem to know an awful lot about this.. But why should I listen to you over the one who protected me so long? I was raised wrapped up in the Dark Moonlight, and made to feel from a young age that she loved me. I think you should go now." she motions her guards to step forwards and encourage you to leave. you can't help but wonder why she didn't actually fire at you. '2d10' for guards strength to take you away.

Roll #1 6, 8 = 14


let the guards push me.
"You're a good pony, Chiranna! You don't really want to do this? If you the kind of pony that would follow her naturally you'd have had me killed!"

Roll #0 9 = 9


"Hey, don't touch her!"
Use my word of power on the guards!

Roll #1 5 = 5


Seeing that the bat ponies are distracted with Odette, I use Telekinesis to remove as much of the rune carvings as possible.

Roll #0 6 = 6


"I'm fine! Don't hurt them!"


She pauses for a second and comes close to you. "What do you know that I don't know?" she asks you directly.
They kind of look around to see where the sound came from, not enough to make them stop completely, but they slow down a bit.
You erase most of them, that should slow them down for a while anyway.


"I, uh, rebuke thee!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


I smack my head and roll off of Allegro.
"Should we do something?"


"You even more than I do. You just don't want to admit it to yourself. You don't want to admit that everything you may know about the world is wrong. The only thing I know is that you have ponies that can help you once you realize these things."


"And I know that one of those ponies loves you. A pony named Chiro."


"Either way I'm tired of waiting…"


I wait and watch how this goes.


They seem scared and cower a bit "Where did that come from?"
Her eyes widen. "What do you know about Chiro?" The guards are too scared by the spooky voice to help her, and she looks to be in pain, almost crying, she releases a small burst of energy with '1d10' strength.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Weak, it pushed away some butterflies and that's about it. "if you don't tell me what is happening to him, I'll kill you now." clearly she's not happy about the idea of somepony knowing more than her and tries to summon something. '1d10'

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Sit down!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


that was at her, btw


I try to struggle free of her guards and move over to hug her.
"I know he loves you. I know he misses you so much that he's in pain, and I know you feel exactly the same way. You ran away from him because you could not let go of the lie you say you were taught from birth. He misses you."

Roll #0 3 = 3


"Oh screw this!"
I jump out of the bush and walk by Odette's side.
"Right! He misses you oh so much… being away from you is hurting him!"

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


Fly out and pull the guards off of him in a non-harmful way

Roll #0 9 = 9


There, its a decent shadow construct, it a large pony with a some spikes on the hooves and long dragon tail.
The guards have dropped you because of cloudcaller's power of word, so you are free to move in and hug her, lets see if she can resist it in this kind environment. '1d10+-2'
you pull the guards away easily they are clearly freaked out by something.
"Where are all of you coming from?! Spies?!"
4 is not a success, she barely even heard you.

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8



Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh sod it.
I fly in to hug her too!
"No! We're not spies! We're here to help!"

Roll #0 4 + 2 = 6


I recommend you love harder or something. she's too tough for a simple hug like that.


I keep hugging.
"We don't want you to die. We want you and all your ponies to be free of a goddess that wants only their death and service. How would Chirro feel if you let yourself die; if you committed suicide by not freeing yourself?"

Odette don't swing that way.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I meet her face to face
"Please believe us! We're only trying to help!"
Try to look as charming as I can while I talk?

Roll #0 8 = 8


She does and so does her odd minion. "but.."
You do look charming, convincing even. "You think that you can help me?"
A tear rolls down her cheek and as she embraces your hugs.. "I can give it a try.. for Chiro.. he always said he was afraid for me.. and now I've nearly lost him again.. out of my own stubbornness.. I.. "


I pat her on the back and continue to hold her.
"It's okay. It will all be okay. Once we make sure this place is safe we will take you to see him."


I command the guards.

Roll #1 4 = 4


I walk over a put a hoof on Chirana's shoulder.
"Its ok, everything can be fixed now that we're working together."


I glare at him.
"Cloudcaller, please read the situation and stay quiet. Calm voices and reason got us this far and I will not have you ruin it with your loud voice."


I wipe the tear away
"It's okay. You came to your senses finally"


I continue to hug her as well.
"Like Odette says, it's alll gonna be okay… you're gonna see Chiro again!'



"I'm just trying to keep them from starting something! They might be more loyal to their cause than their leader!"

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Of course, you couldn't stop me from seeing him anyway" tears are flowing now.
"T-thanks.. I wish I could remember more.. I keep feeling like I know you.."

The guards are confused but seem to be waiting for a clear sign. "Lady Chiranna, are you okay?" all four try to separate her from the party. '4d10'

Roll #1 10, 8, 2, 1 = 21


She smiles at you. you can see some kindness left in her eyes.


"Then let them draw first blood without us provoking them. You keep going on about us not acting good, but you keep trying to start fights."

I see them coming and let go.
"She's fine, boys."


"I'm not trying to start a fight, Odette. I'm trying to prevent one. Pay attention!"


"You are acting like a big, tough stallion around other big, tough stallions. Even if you aren't trying to start one, that is how fights start."


"Hey, if you want me to show you how big and tough I am, just ask, girly boy."


The two more able ones muscle her away.
"Please, I'm not a pup, I can make my own decisions." she protests
"No my lady, we can not let you go with these ponies. They are trying to stop you."
"So let them stop me, they are also trying to reunite me with my love.. my life.. and my.. memories.."
"we're already down to just you two, and we warned you that it was dangerous to do that spell.. we just want whats best for you.."
"What's best for me to go with them.."
"Can't you at least take a day to rest on it.." they plead with her
"I suppose I am tired.." she smiles at the party. "I'll return to you at sundown, don't worry.."


"Do we let them take her?!"


"Girly boy?"
"W- Wait! How will we find you?"


"Where will you meet us?"


"Are you stupid? They'll just imprison you or something. Or they'll kill you. And they'll send a bunch of soldiers to come kill us. They're evil. It's what they do!"

"He is pretty scrawny for a stallion."


I smirk at him and swish my tail.
"You really are as young as you look. That offer for a fight nearly sounded like an offer for something else entirely~"

I take a few steps towards her.
"Stay with us, please! The others may lock you up and force you to stay away from Chirro."

"Listen to the girly boy, little colt. They aren't evil. They are misguided just like she was, and just like Chirro was. Your desire to help would be cute if there weren't lives in danger."


"HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND?! They might be misguided, but that doesn't mean they don't want to plunge the world into darkness! Haven't you been listening?

"Why should we trust them? Why should SHE trust them?"


She kind of nods at you but looks surprised. "Don't you consider my goddess evil? She speak to me often and I won't so easily break away from her.."
The guards look kind of worried at this. but hide it quickly. "We will protect you, that is our duty. You're safe with us."
"I can meet you back here at nightfall. That should do fine."
"SHE BELONGS WITH US BE SILENT" the guard snaps at you.


>be silent

Roll #1 3 = 3


"If they are misguided they can be reguided! That means THEY. CAN. BE. SAVED! You act like there is only black and white and that black will always be black and white will always be white!"

"Please, sirs! Stay with us too! Keep you lady safe by keeping her here! I am begging you! I don't want to see her lose herself again!"


"I'm not saying they can't be saved, Odette! I'm saying that, until they're saved, we gotta recognize that they want to hurt us. And no amount of wishing is going to change that."


"But they don't want to hurt us! Did you see how many times they pulled us away from Chiranna or pulled her away from us? If they wanted to hurt us one of your groups would all be dead right now! They are good ponies, just confused!"


and then we paused for the sake of sanity. [pause] Picking it back up sometime next week, probably wed.


The party may proceed where we left off at: Continue convincing Chiranna to stay or watch or her leave?


"Chiranna, you should stay with us. If you go back, you won't return — they won't let you."


"That's right! This may be your only chance to come with us. Your only chance to see Chiro again!"


"Yeah! If you go with them… they won't let you see Chiro again! Except on the battlefield as enemies!"


"You and your guards can stay with us! We've already shown we don't want to hurt you! If you go with them they may try to keep you from leaving ever again!"


"Is there any reason you really have to leave? If the guards insist on staying with you, we can all stay here."



Chiranna replying confused. "You believe that I would be held captive? I can not be held captive, I am blessed with divine glory!" her body ebbs a little with energy and she puts some spikes on her minion to show off her abilities.



Roll #0 9 = 9


"B- But don't you want to see Chiro again?"


the spikes grow and twist on the pony shaped minion and she maintains control fluidly. the guards look visibly relived at this. "Wonderful, a powerful display. You should take your leave now my lady. This day light is getting too you.." She nods. "It might be best that I rest."
She smiles down at you slightly. "you know Chiro, and you have shown you don't want to hurt me, that's why I wanted to meet with you, think this over a little. Perhaps if I stay you won't let me leave either.."
"I have to attend to a few things tonight, the moon rising ceremony is soon.. Is there any reason I should stay? I just met you, and this could all be a trick.."


"If I remember right, we held you captive pretty well, so…"


"You are blessed by your goddess for now, but what about when you announce your plans to break away and join Chirro?"


"None of this is a trick! The sooner you come with us, the sooner you get to see him again. Please…"


"I assure you this isn't a trick, but my friends do raise a point. Perhaps we're just assuming the worst."


"I do desire his presence, but he does not desire mine.. at least the last time I remember seeing him.. he was completely furious at me. " She looks into the distance as if trying to concentrate. "You know him right?"

"Well.. I.. don't know you can't make such a decision on a dime.. but Chiro.. he had to have a reason and if you know It I want to meet with you and hear it.."

"I suppose we could stay here a bit longer.. I feel as though I should know you.." she starts to say.

She looks taken back, "What are talking about?? " clearly she doesn't remember your encounter at all. "Guards, these are clearly enemies if they threaten me with cages." The four guards move forward and draw their weapons. You'll have to fight them to get to her now.


"Oh, right…"


"Th- That's not what he meant at all!"

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"If its not a trick then what proof can you show me that you really know chiro?"


They aren't convinced. "What else could he have meant?"


Better just come clean. That's what Celestia would want, I'm pretty sure. No time to check the book, though.

"We were part of a party that took you captive around Pegavillage. Chiro joined us after that. I was referring to that."

"We totally had you tied up and everything."


"That… we were able to willingly convince her to join us and come with us like Chiro did! Yeah!"

Roll #0 3 + 2 = 5


"Well we did know Chiro's name without you saying it, and we knew your name too. I can't think of much more proof right now, but there must be some way to prove we're truly trying to help."


"Oh boy…"


"Oh and I guess you don't remember because this one dick in our party drugged you or something.

But then when I clubbed some guard over the head EVERYONE JUST FREAKED OUT AT ME! DOUBLE STANDARD!"


I bap him on the back of the head with a hoof.

Then I sigh.
"You and your big fucking mouth."
"We might as well be honest. We took you captive because you were the leader of a stormcloud fortress threatening Pegavillage. We set you and Chiro free once the two of you agreed to work with us, and let you go peacefully when you decided to leave. Your leaving is what caused Chiro to become so angry. He felt like you had betrayed him. We weren't lying when we told you that we didn't want to hurt you."


And I bap him again.


"Hey quit it!"
I bap her back. Right on the tush.


I nudge him hard
"Hahaha oh kid you're such a joker!"
"What are you doing?!"


I join him and do the same, giving him a look.


I raise an eyebrow at him.
"What was that?"


Er, him, rather.

"Well, otherwise she'd probably be all, 'Hey if that's true then why don't I remember any of you?' So I'm just heading off-"

"Freaking stop it!"


She just stares blankly at you. "You mean that you.. were the ones who took him away.. no.. both of us.. and then you did what.." she paces back and forth at this. "you are the reason I have to destroy my own body?" She seems really upset at you. "guards.. handle this.. I'm leaving before I can come into contact with any of these drugs again.." they salute her and she begins to fly away, you can still shoot her at any this distance. The four body guards are surrounding your and look alomst pleased at the challenge. She shadow minion is here as well, but it seems Chiranna forgot to order it to attack.
roll for whatever you want to do.


"You'll what, huh? Where's your precious ideas now? Time for action!"

Bap him again on the butt.


Roll #1 10 = 10


who is this directed at?


I fly after Chiranna, trying to grab her.

Roll #0 10 = 10


The guards.


Er, the guards.


"If you have ruined our chances of saving her I'll…I'll…"

"No! Please!"
'r2 1d10' to not cry

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


I let them do their thing


…grab her into a hug, rather.
A nice, warm, comforting hug that'll surely calm her down!


"Wait, we're trying to help."
I attempt to chase after her.

Roll #0 3 = 3


I glare as he baps my butt again and turn away so it's out of his reach.
"I won't do anything."
I get right in his face.
"But if she ends up dying because of you, if Chiro has to live his life knowing his lover died needlessly for a mad goddess, it will be your fault. You-"
I jab him in the chest with a hoof.
"-might not care, but I imagine that Celestia would know, and I cannot imagine a kind a wise pony like her smiling on your actions or their consequences."


"Shut up, Odette! Action time, not nagging time!"


In which case you speak with an authoritative voice and force two of them to fall in lin and sit before you.
You wiz past the guards before anyone can even blink and glomp Chiranna, you bring her to the ground but she seems to be struggling against you, I guess she doesn't feel cuddly, she sure is soft thou, that bat pony fur is plush as a kitten's. '1d10'
The two standing guards easily push you down as they try to get to her first. one of the cuts your leg for good measure, but its merely a flesh wound. (-1 hit)

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Please Chiranna! Listen to us! We don't mean you harm, we just want to help!"
I continue hugging her!

Roll #0 1 = 1


Pull out my sword and hit one of the guards attacking Khazard with the pommel. Don't want to hurt them too bad.


Roll #1 3 = 3


Cheapshot a guard in a non-lethal manner

Roll #0 9 = 9


I get up and try to run past the guards and catch up to Chiranna and Arioso.

Roll #0 7 = 7


I poke him again for good measure.
"Try to fix the situation instead of killing things or swatting assess."

I Cheap Shot one of the guards that isn't sitting down.
What was my bonus for the Fishnets?

Roll #0 9 = 9


"I'll poke you when we're done with this!"


Yep plush and harmless. She can't seem to get her powers to work right down, and you take full advantage to cuddle her.
you get a little distracted by her ears, and the pattern of her runes, you loosen your grip completely for a moment, and the two guards separate you from the plush bat pony. She stands up and glares at you. "Stop this madness or I will kill you now." rolling for how threatening she actually is right now.
You get up there pretty quickly. You can see everything that's happening.
The guard looks surprised.. "but.. you're so.." he falls over in pain next to chiranna.
You don't hurt him at all, he blocks your attack with a shield.
Cheap shot auto crits on the first turn of combat always.
You strike the on on the other side of chiranna, Its eyes widen and it groans as it falls over.

Chiranna's all alone now, her other guards are a turn away from helping her.



Roll #0 9 = 9


Rolling to stand firm!

Roll #0 7 = 7


…My ears droop and a tinge of fear enters my voice, but I attempt to stay where I am.
"N- No! I won't let you fall to madness and evilness!"


"I am a warrior of the sun! I fear nothing! Surrender!"
Word of Power/resistance

Roll #1 6 = 6


Gah. Using heroism. Crit fails only

Roll #0 5 = 5


I roll my eyes.

I take out my dagger and drop it on the ground, then fall to my knees in front of her.
"Chiranna, please, think of Chiro. I don't want to have to hurt you to save the world. I know you are a good pony."

Roll #0 4 = 4


"Please listen, we're trying to help. If you can't trust us from previous actions, let us make it up to you and show we're trustworthy."

Roll #0 6 = 6


"You want to save me now? Its because of you that I have to risk myself like this. " She discards her robe and you can see for the first time the extend of what she's gone through to collect the powers of harmony on her own form. each element's symbol is tatoo'd on to her, three apples, a spark of magic, a thunder bolt coming from a cloud, three gems, a triad of balloons, and three butterflies. all dimly glowing except for the butterflies.. "I'm so close.. you must understand.."
She feels somewhat compelled. "Yes.. I should just st-" but gets a hold of herself. "Stop with your mind games."
She seems interested in this. "How do you propose I trust ponies who admit to intending to harm me, and doing so in the past?"


heroism activated I suppose.


"It wasn't us that harmed you, it was a pony that is no longer with us! We don't want to harm you again, the young colt is just a simpleton who can only think with his brawn and not his brain! We can fix the damage that has been done to you if you come with us, please!"

Roll #0 6 = 6


"There has to be something we could do. What about the moon rising ceremony you mentioned earlier? As long as it isn't that ritual for Nightmare Moon, we could help you."


"Your body… you didn't have to do this to yourself! You could've stayed with Chiro instead of continuing on with this crazy mission!"

Roll #0 1 = 1


"You're so close to summoning an evil goddess who will kill us all!"
I step forward again, moving closer to her.
"Please… we don't wish you any harm. Just… listen to us."

Roll #0 8 + 2 = 10


"I THINK PLENTY! We should have just told her the truth from the start!"

"You should trust us because we didn't need to tell you the truth. I did it because I thought you deserved to know. We could have gone on pretending, and let you go back to your lair, and you probably wouldn't have come back. The rest of your cult wouldn't have let you. But I wanted to do right by you…



"You would celebrate the raising of the full moon with me? Its one of the few ceremonies we share with the lunanites. "
She sighs and looks at her reflection. "I know this plan was crazy, and that I didn't have to do this alone.. but chiro left me.. and I wasn't even sure why he was leaving me.. I had to do something.. I'll stay with you for now.. the only way I know to reverse this is to go to the final location and Master Tilo won't allow us entry there."


"If it is the only way to save your life we can try sneaking our way in there, and if the Lunanites do it then we have no problem doing the ceremony with you. Isn't that right everypony?"
I look at everyone else and make sure my gaze comes to rest on Cloudcaller.


"You don't really listen to what I have to say, do you? Of course I don't have a problem with that."


"We'll get you there and reverse it. That's a promise."


I nod in agreement.
"Me too. I promise we'll help you reverse this!"


"I will. And if the lunanites share this ceremony, maybe Chiro is doing the same as well."


I grumble.
"It's hard to tell what you'll do. The only thing I know that you will do for certain is cause trouble. Do you promise to behave and keep your hoof out of you mouth tonight?"


"I promise I won't be sticking anything in anypony's mouth tonight, unless he asks first."


She orders her shadow minion to cart away the guard ponies for her. "My guards were right about one thing. I need to rest a bit, its already past noon. I'm very pleased that you will honor this night with me, and … happy.. that you want to help me.."
"Maybe he will be.." She smiles a bit at you.


I widen my eyes and chuckle

"And we're happy to have you with us again!"


I snicker at the innuendo of his statement.
"Sticking things in pony's mouths? My my my! Aren't you a bit too young for that?"
I smile at her and walk over to hug her again.
"And I'm happy you're willing to work with us… thank you."


"I'm gla-"

"Oh? What an aggressive thing to hear from such a little colt."
I saunter towards him.
"What would your hen back in town think if she heard you say something like that?"


"Glad to hear we're all working together."


"I- I'm not little! And… don't talk about my family!"


"And don't talk about Gregory, either!"


"Oh, horsefeathers."


She smiles at you. "Yes.. It will be nice to see him again. "
"For someone who dresses so strangely you certainly talk a lot about others behaviors." she comments as she stays close to the group.


"Well, without any proof we can't exactly know that, can we?"


I tilt my head


I smirk.
"Whatever you want to believe, colt."

I burst out laughing.
"Gregory? Gregory! I would never have guessed you swung that way, I thought you were just stupid! Let me guess, he was on top? Did those spines hurt your poor little behind?"

I bite my lip.
"I'm sorry, Chiranna, but this is too good to pass up. You haven't known this twerp for as long as I have."



Storm off in a huff. Go lie down in the flowers again.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Spines? How does… what."
I tilt my head at Odette and give her a look of disgusted interest.


She gives you a slight grin. "Naturally, I just met him after all."
The flowers have a very soothing effect and begin to calm your nerves, you also look really adorable sitting in those flowers.


I wince


I keep laughing as I walk over to her.
"Gryphon penises have these little spines on them. They hurt if you aren't expecting them, but feel absolutely HEAVENLY once you get used to them. I keep that poor gryphon tied up all night and halfway through the morning before I let him go."

"You're a funny little colt, Cloudette."
I fly over to him and whisper in his ear.
"About that hoof comment you made earlier: I don't ask for anything. If I decide you are worth my time then I will teach you some manners."



Roll #1 1 = 1




"Grrrrrr. I am so totally worth y-

"I mean… get away from me, Odette."


I let her lead me…


"Hey, unicorn.. Your horn's got an extra bone in it.. I've never seen someone do that, is it as powerful as my runes?"Chiranna asks as she lays down restlessly in the meadow, its not quite the same as a fluffy cloud bed.


I bite my lip and uncomfortable move around as soon as we land.
"Alle… I- I need you. Right now."


Damn it.

I watch them fly off.
I wonder…

I pluck a flower and tuck it in his mane.
"Sit here in the flowers like a filly. Maybe that will teach you how to be more calm in the future."
I fly back over to Chiranna and her guards.


"It boosts my necromancy, not sure how it compares to your runes though, let's see."
I take out Fenrir's skeleton and cast Raise Dead
"My name's Khazard by the way."

Roll #0 1 = 1


I notice her uncomfortable shifting and grin.
"Well this is out of nowhere… but if my Ari needs something, then she gets it."
I pull her into a deep kiss


"You seem like the most rational one around here Khazard. " She watches as the bones rattle and move around assembling themselves and leaping to life, but you over charged him again and he radiates a dark energy and needs to attack something. The closest targets are you and chiranna lets see what he chooses. '1d2' 1 for you 2 for chiranna.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Oh thank you…"
I melt into the kiss and gently push him down to the ground, then fade to black


and then they fucked like rabbits and came back in time to see a pair of zebras coming down the path. One was a young colt and another was a old woman, they seems rather small and are using a tamed wolf to pull their traveling cart. You can hear chimes and bells from chart as it moves.


I fly over and land in front of them.
"Who are you two?"


I shoot them a glare and try to ignore them


"I've traveled around a lot, I had to learn how to rationalize so pones wouldn't overreact to my magic…"
I noticed Fenrir acting more feral than usual.
"Like when this happens."
I cast Transfix to try and calm Fenrir down.

Roll #0 8 = 8


"Ooh… that was absolutely wonderful~"
I give Allegro a kiss, then turn my attention to the zebra pair.
"Oh? Who are they?"


I nudge her
"Can't be anypony important. Let's get a move on dear."


The elder one answers first. "We hail from the southern lands, and have come seeking new knowledge and to sell our fine enchants.."
The young one whines a bit "Granny Zachezi, why can't we just enjoy the sites? I hate working all the time."
"Hush Zipper, these pegasi might have something to offer us."
Fenrir sits down, tilting his head at you and slowly wagging his bone tail. Seems pretty calm now. "Fascinating, I've had some trouble with my own minions at times, its really a bit of a hassle even with all this power.. Its a bit frightening really.."


"What sort of enchantments do you sell?"


"But they're salespo-… sales zebras? They're selling things! Can't we at least look and see what they have?"


"Grr.. I'd rather not love, but if you want to…"


Wander over to the zebras and check them out.

"Oh! I've never seen a zebra up close before!"


"Yea, when I first learned I could raise the dead it took some time to get them under control. Eventually I just ended up sticking with Fenrir only since he's been with me from the beginning."
I give Fenrir a pat on the head.
"So what magic was that for that minion you summoned earlier, shadow I assume?"


"What's wrong, Alle? We don't have to if you don't want to…"


"Just go if you want to. I'll stand back if you don't mind"


Grandma Zachezi gets a slight glint in her eyes. "Oh, we have some pre-enchanted papers, leathers, and trinkets and of course my Grandson here is quite the talent he can whip up an enchant for you no problem."
Little Zipper nods. "That's true I can make many things possible."
you notice they are both really nice looking. they have small bodies but traveling has kept them in shape. The young colt looks really healthy and seems to be growing nicely, the elderly one hardly even looks elderly she's just barely got a single wrinkle, oh now her face is scrunched up. she swishes you away. "Is there something on my face Pegasus?"
She smiles seeing you so close to your minion, his tail wags just a little faster. "Yes, most of these runes power up shadow magic, its quite convenient since shadows are everywhere.. but it does have its weaknesses, its not nearly as strong during the day like this. I can't say I've gotten attached to any of these minions they aren't quite as solid as a set of bones." she pats Fenrir as well and he seems to respond a bit to her.


"Huh? Really, what's wrong love?…"


"Yes, yes, but what sort of enchantments are they? What do the enchantments do?"


"Nothing! Browse their junk if you're going to, please."
I stomp my hoof


"…Allegro, you're upset. What's wrong? Why are you so upset?"



"Could you enchant my arrows to only knock my enemies out? You know, so they don't die when I shoot them? That would be pretty sweet."


"Nothing love."
I drag her over to the zebra's cart
"Now look."

Roll #1 2 = 2


She pauses and looks you over. "Oh, a stallion like you.. I have what you need.." she climbs into the back of her cart and comes back with a small box. She takes you to the side like its some kind of secret, and holds out a necklace "This lad, this will make any lass you like feel enamored to you, with a figure like yours I bet this is what you're after.."
The young zebra looks at you a little odd "Its that a knock out arrow your bag.. um sir?"


you fail to move him, you might as well be tickling a stone.


I push his hoof away.
"Allegro, stop that and please, tell me what's wrong!"


"Yea, I can see it being hard to attach with something that's mostly intangible, and I guess it'd be difficult to get the same one each time unless you use your own shadow."


"I'm not exactly comfortable around creatures like these"
I glare at the zebras


"Yeah, but those don't have the same aerodynamic properties as a regular arrow."


I follow her and look it over.
"Hmmm. I simply wear it and they start begging for me? It seems like it would take all the fun out of the chase. What if I were to put it on a mare I liked? What if mares weren't what I was after?"


"But… why? They haven't done anything…"


"Idon'ttruststripesokay Now PLEASE go see what they have if you want."


"O- Okay… but can we please talk about this afterwards? Please?"


"There's nothing to talk about."
I turn my back


"Its more like.. the ability to use this magic was taught to me through devotion.. and they were made to sacrifice themselves for me over and over, I kind of saw it as an example of how I should consider myself to my goddess, simply to serve her cause. I never got too attached to them, because they were never around long enough to matter more than their purpose. It was never intended to use this much shadow magic, but without chiro to be my guardian I delved into the shadow arts deeply to prefect making a protector, the end result is kind of an empty shell that doesn't really have a personality or purpose outside of protecting me and following my orders.. Kind of a sad existence.. "
"Well, I can give it a try for you, granny used to use arrows a lot so I know what they're like and everything." he checks a list. " 'sleep special' is 300 bits per cast, how many arrows should I do? I can probably do thirty in one cast."
She raise her eye brows. "Well, regardless of the gender, get the pony to slip this on and look into your eyes, they'll have eyes for no one but you. If you ever want to release them then you must remove the necklace, they will never want to do this themselves because they will treasure it as a gift from you.."


I sigh and give him a sad look.
"If you say so… after everything we've been through, you still don't trust me… I suppose I deserve it. For lying to you…"
I walk over to the cart with a sadness in my step and look over their wares.
Anything dance or music related?


How much money do I have?


I don't see any on your sheet, we can say you have enough for one cast if you want, but you can always try to barter with something else if you like.


I rub my chin with a wing.
"Hmmm. Hmm hmm hmm. That sounds like it might be fun. What do they remember once I remove the necklace? What happens if somepony else removes it?"


She smiles a bit.
"Oh, you ask the right questions.. No pony else should be able to remove it, but if they do, or they don't see the pony who removed it all the memories of you will be lost. If they see you remove it then they will remember meeting you and doing things with you, but lose all the artificial feelings. "


"I see, but soon you'll be with Chrio again, so you won't need to rely on empty shadows."



"One casting please. He's the rest of my cash."



"That sounds-wait a second. All memories, or all memories between when the necklace was put on and the necklace was taken off? There is a fun, but rather baudy, play about the dangers of improperly used magical items and I do not wish to be responsible for any accidents."


"I'll need these arrows to continue my quest against the foul, evil cult of Nightmare Moon!"
Confiscate, why not?

Roll #1 1 = 1


There are a few charms tagged as "singing" and "good luck", one musical note pendant catches your eyes, its rather pretty and shimmer a bit like a song.
"I don't have any opinions about your war archer." he casts a spell on a bundle of thirty arrows his hoof band catalyst straining a bit under the stress. "That should do it." he smiles at his work, despite saying he doesn't like it, he certainly takes pride in his work. He hands them to you with a cute smile. "Anything else Mr. Hero?"
She kind of shrugs. "It depends on the pony how much is lost, usually its just the time spend with you. but that's the risk of such highly effective magic." she sets the necklace back in the box, its tiny emeralds sparkling in the sunlight, against the golden bands.


I pick it up!
"What's this do?"


She smiles hopefully at you. "I do wish it to be be so, Its been quite lonely without him.."


"That's it!"


Zipper trots over and looks at it. "that one.. it makes even granny zachezie sing like an angel. one of my more early works." it makes the DC lower when dealing with NPCs


"That sounds beautiful… I'll take it! How much?"


"It sounds like it could be fun. What do you want for it?"
Do I have enough money, RNG?

Roll #1 9 = 9


zipper checks his handy list. "its a pretty weak enchant.. and for such a lovely lady who hardly needs it.. 50 bits is fine." he says slyly.
she looks at the money you offered greedily and takes it "Oh, that will do love, I fair price for love don't you say?" she even ties a silk ribbon on the box for you, its practically gift wrapped.


I perk my ears up and turn my head towards the zebra
"…Excuse me?"


"Good deal."
I slip the box into my saddlebags.
"Humm, you don't happen to have any traveling supplies, do you? Enchanted torches or water bottles? Maybe some enchanted rope?"


"Consider it a deal!"
I pay him the cash and take the pendant!
…I don't actually have a necklace for this, do I?


The colt is blushing a bit, at least that's what you think, it must be the fishnet stockings your lady is wearing, little devil of a colt is checking her out.
"Well of course we do lad, how else to you think we get around?" She shows you some un extinguishable torches, unending ropes, and never thirsty canteens.
what do you mean you don't actually have a necklace? It comes with a basic chain for your neck, or you can put it on something else you have.


I walk up beside Arioso and nuzzle her
"Are you about done, love?"


You just said it was a pendant, so I assumed it didn't have a chain.
But nevermind!
"I'm quite done here… how do I look? How do I sound, even?!"
I smile excitedly at him.


after you are all done I'm turning in for the night.
He gave you one with it. the pendants were all hooked on to a stand, you can say you have an anklet chain instead if you like that. it basically makes your voice sweeter.


"I'll take one of those ropes and a canteen."
I pay her and pack my purchases, then walk over to Cloudchaser.

"Did I hear you trying to have your arrows enchanted so they wouldn't kill anything?"


I look her up and down and bite my lip.
"Beautiful! And… you sound a little different. So soft.. What did you do?"


"Yeah, some of them, anyways. They'll be more accurate than those sleeping dust ones."


Ooh, I like the idea of an anklet chain.
"It's this beautiful pendant… it's enchanted and makes your voice more sweet!"
I perk up and take it off.
"Ooh! You try it on!"


I chuckle.
"Maybe there is hope for you after all. What made you decide to spend your money on that instead of something else?"


"Ari I don't think I have any need to sound any kind of sweet."
I chuckle and stare at it


My ears perk up at you being nice to me, or else not berating me.

"I thought about blunting my arrows a while back, so I could shoot them and not worry about killing anypony, but I was worried they wouldn't do anything, or maybe they would still be deadly.

"And they didn't have anything else I'd want.

"What did you spend your money on, Odette?"


The two zebras wave good bye to your party and head down the road the older one pushing in the driver's seat cracks the whip. Their wolf begins pulling the heavy cart with relative ease and the the colt sitting on the back of the cart kicking his hooves. [paused]
I'll see you next time, I plan for us to preform the moon ritual, and face off with Tilo's group, if all goes to plan only two or three more sessions left.


"I bought some rope, a canteen, and something in case I find a pony that is worth my time."
I chuckle again.
"You bought the arrows because you were thinking? Not quite the answer I was expecting, but a good one none-the-less. Good boy, Cloudchaser."
I swat his ass before walking over to Allegro and Arioso.


Try to swat his ass in return.

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Aww… I guess you're right though. I love my oh so masculine stallion just as he is~"
I nuzzle up to him.


"And your masculine stallion loves you too!"
I nuzzle back and sigh


Your hoof connects with a loud slap. I look stop walking and look over my shoulder.
"You're lucky I've got other things to do right now, colt."
I keep walking.
"How feisty. This is going to be fun."

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything? I was meaning to talk with you before we left town, but I didn't have the chance."


"Hmm? Oh, not at all! What did you want to talk about?"


"Oh you know. Stuff that mister masculine wouldn't enjoy. Outfits, relationships, secrets, that sort of thing. Why don't we go for a walk while we talk?"


"Er.. go ahead, Ari. I'll wait for you."


"Sure… I guess?"
I give Allegro a quick kiss then join Odette for his walk.
"What's up?"


I look around then move closer to her and lower my voice.
"I want to get a nap in before the moon ceremony so I'll cut to the chase: Does Allegro know about your secret or not?"


I blush and look away.
"Yes. He knows and he's fine with it."


I hang my head.
"I was afraid of that. I'm surprised he swings that way. Maybe if I had known sooner…"
I shake my head to get rid of those thoughts.
"I guess this means I don't have a chance of another night with you and your marvelous dick."


"Anyways, I'm glad you two are happy. All the fighting and trying to save the world has made me think about…stuff. I also think I should apologize for that night. A long dryspell and you looking so cute bulging like that under your disguise were not good enough reasons for me to do what I did."
I look down at the ground then back up after a few seconds.
"I think that's it. If it doesn't work between you two I'm always available."
Feeling good for making that apology I go find a nice cloud to sleep in.


"…never. use. That. Phrase. Again."


And I turn around.
"Why not? That was without a doubt the best sex I have ever had in my entire life. I can still close my eyes and bring back the memories~"
I close my eyes and do just that before sighing.
"I'm not sure why you act like you do, but nature gave you a gift. If Alegro really loves you he will understand that. Your secret is safe with me though, after the good time you gave me I owe you that much, at least."


"Nature gave me the wrong gift, then. I don't want to be a stallion, okay? This isn't some… fetish. This is who I prefer to be."


"Okay, but you know what they say about lemons right? They make rubber toys for mares that want to walk on the wild side with their partners, and you have something even better."
I frown.
"That thought of you not being able to or not wanting to share the pleasure you gave me with somepony else feels…wrong to me. It almost feels cruel."
I sigh.
"It's your body though. Do what you want with it."
A sly grin forms on my face.
"It might be worth asking just to see how he reacts."


"Not even a chance."
I lean in and whisper.
"And besides. He has something so much better. He really knows how to treat and make love to his mare~"


My eyes go wide.
"Really? Even better tha-sorry. Anyways, tell me about it. Does he romance you? Take you out places and stuff."


"He's… He's special, that's for sure. Sweety doesn't even begin to describe him."




"Lucky girl. I wish I had one like him."
A half hopeful, I-already-know-the-answer-is-no look shows up on my face.
"You don't want to send him in for obedience training do you?"


"Not a chance. I can handle him just fine… juuust fine."
I giggle.


"I had to ask. In the sack does he ever…"
I guess Odette spends the rest of the walk gossiping and making girl/effeminate gay dude talk with Arioso as long as Sol is fine with it.


I'm down.
And now I'm out.
Seeya man!

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