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CelestQuest - Session 4 SmutAnon!iSmutguyss 2895

Pastebins of previous sessions:
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/gvpegtth
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/rb0kRWDa
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/c7qWvwBH

[From last time]
"I'd like to help. I can't sit here, being useless, while your friend is out there, captive."

Pinkie scoots over to you and nuzzles your shoulder, surprising you a bit with the sudden touch, but you pat her mane once you recognize what she's doing. Luna seems a little suspicious, but doesn't voice any objection.

"I can hardly ask that of you, traveler. While I appreciate your help back in the cavern and your openminded-ness at greeting my friends, this is still a matter very beyond you and, as demonstrated today, quite dangerous."

"Consider it payback for saving me back there, then. I owe it to you."

"There is no debt between us. Do not do this out of some sense of duty."

You frown, crossing your arms. She's being awfully stubborn on this. "I'm doing it because I hate ass—er, punks that kidnap people. Well, ponies, in your case. I want to do this."

Sighing, Celestia shakes her head, but you can see a smile beneath that exasperation. "If you are determined, I will not be the one to stand in your way. But it is late now, and I must retire. My sister can answer any further questions you have, though I think it would be best if you rested as well." Celestia stands up, signalling for everyone else to do so as well. She makes her way to the tent exit, but pauses before leaving. "Luna, please make sure our new friend sees a doctor before retiring for the night. And," she says turning to you, "thank you."

As the tent flap closes behind her, a thousand unanswered questions ring out in your head. About her, about the world, about the Elements, the Worldshard, Twilight, everything, really. Celestia is doing her best to make you comfortable, but how can you really feel comfortable in a foreign world like this?

Anonymous 2898

Tell her that her sun is so much for beautiful and vivid than our sun.

Anonymous 2912

Talk to Luna about seeing that doc.

Anonymous 2947

File: 1368218506557.png (288.78 KB, 663x568, sentenal and luna at the end o…)

Anonymous 2980

"So, can I get a crossbow or what? I guess you guys probably don't have armor that would fit me, but if I could get some leather or something it would be great"

Anonymous 2997

File: 1368219805430.png (246.98 KB, 500x640, tumblr_mhl0coXRGZ1rcw5bwo1_500…)

Slowly, Celestia turns away from you, giving you a perfect view of her barn-wide, alabaster ass. Then she takes a step backwards, and then another, until your entire field of vision is occupied by it, like vast hills of white marble.

You begin to take in details you'd never noticed before, like the slight sag, the occasional pimple almost hidden by her hair, the few pube-like black hairs around her puckered sphincter and, most disconcertingly, the brownish streaks around it.

You know the ponies have invented toilet paper and bidets, but you guess that she just can't be both-

Your ponderings about Celestia's hygiene are interrupted by the trumpet-like blaring of her anus as she unleashes a massive fart.

Anonymous 3025

somehow I feel like this isn't canon

SmutAnon!iSmutguyss 3101

"So, can I get a crossbow or what? I guess you guys probably don't have armor that would fit me, but if I could get some leather or something it would be great."

Luna sizes you up. "Normally I'd object to such a swift adoption of weapons, but the circumstances have deemed such measures necessary. We can provide a weapon, and I can likely find or commission some light armor, if that is what you wish."

"Yeah. I did not exactly feel confident in that last fight. Some armor and a weapon would be great."

Luna nods, but regards you cautiously. "I would hope you are not eager to use such methods. I am not pleased with our enemies' actions, either, but killing them would still be a last option."

Still suspicious of me, huh, Luna? You can see where she's coming from, given both the time and location of your appearance. She may see you as a spy, even if you're not from the same world.

Pain flares up in your arm and you cradle it, wincing. "How about that doctor?"

"Indeed. Follow me."

After giving the Elements a short goodbye, you follow Luna out of the tent. The sun has since set, and the moon fills the area with a dull glow. Torches are set up near most of the tents in the camp, some lighting the faces of guards. A chill runs up your spine at the cool air.

That armor may be useful for protecting you from more than blows.

Luna leads you to a small cluster of tents lying before a much larger tent, white like the princess' but with a large red cross in the front. Curious how your worlds share that similarity.

You're forced to duck your head as you enter. The inside of the tent reveals rows of beds, most unoccupied, and a few nurses and doctors walking about. They all make note of your and Luna's entrance, though some more graceful about it than others. Luna grabs the nearest doctor, who has you sit on the nearest bed. It's much closer to the ground than you're used to, forcing you to bunch up your legs and bend them awkwardly.

"So, what is giving you trouble?"

The doctor, a unicorn, speaks plainly and clearly. You half expected him to mumble or stutter like the guard you first met, but it seems like this pony has seen much more shocking things than an alien like you.

"It's my elbow." You hold it up to show him but the pain flares up again and you pull it back down. "Landed on it pretty rough."

"Hmmm." He grabs your arm with magic and moves it in a few different directions, noting a few things mentally and watching your reaction. After that, he uses a different spell on your elbow, though you're not quite sure what it does. Scribbling some things down, he releases your arm back to you.

"Nothing broken, just a pretty bad bruising. Don't use that arm for a day or so and it will heal up. I know some magic that would fix such an injury on ponies, but as you're not a pony, I'd rather not risk it. Here," he says, floating a sling over your neck, "that should make it a bit more comfortable."

Curt and to the point. You can respect that.

[I think I'll have to take this to /mlp/, guys. I'll try to start another session this weekend. Keep an eye out for it.]

Anonymous 3104

why does nobody ever want to play…

Anonymous 3644

I assume he quest it in the wrong time period.

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