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Vulapa and Blue Rats "Life In Ponyville" Quest:

With no apparent way to return home, Anon has to understand the world of Equestria and create a life for himself amongst the ponies...

Chapter 1
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MoronSonOfBoron's "Braeburn" Quest:

A Wild Western adventure starring deputy femanon and Braeburn.

Quest (Ongoing)

Aspirant's Quests:

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Scrubbling Bubbles Quests

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LK's "Renne" Quest:

After a cruise ship set for an archaeological dig gets sunk, a unicorn and diamond dog try to survive in an ancient temple full of secrets and death.

Quest (Finished)

Jr's "Raisin" Quest:

You are Raisin, a little purple filly that often finds herself in extremely perilous situations. Luckily, she can wind back time with her trusty doll, Hayseed, while she tries to save Equestria from disaster.

Quest (Finished)

SmutAnon's "Celestia" Quest:

Save Twilight. Romance Celestia. Stop the rebellion. Not too much for one man, is it?

Quest (Finished)

MoronSonOfBoron's "Not A Word" Quest:

Anon and Lyra are having an affair behind Bonbon's back and now Lyra's pregnant with what could be the first pony/human hybrid. This, in a world where pony/human miscegenation is looked down upon by either species.

Quest (Finished)

Completely Comfy "FlutterDash" Quest:

As anon, you seek out a cute polyamorous relationship with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy

Quest (Finished)

miLes "Wizard Pinkie" Quest

Pinkie Pie, having lived in a specious existence, is in pursuit for the truth, but only the determined can truly perservere in this peculiar ordeal.

Quest (Finished, Canceled)

Jalm's "Monster Mare Shenanigans" Quest:

Anon works as a detective in ponyville with monster mare shenanigans.

Quest (Finished, Cancelled)

Jalm's "Just Another Civilization Game" Quest

/mlp/ makes a pony civilization! You can guess the results.

Quest (Cancelled)