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Your shuttle to the floating city of Sela opens its doors, letting you and your handlers step off. Here, on one of the highest points of the facility, you can see the less than impressive conditions of the city. Hastily put-together housing around the sturdy core of the facility, the dust gathering on the properly assembled stands.

A group of decently dressed guards and a few bureaucrats wait on the edge of the landing pad for you. They are a mixed group, but the one most seem to defer to is a gray colored Amphibiod with a tacky suit.
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"I'll get moving. Can't promise a speedy delivery, though."

McKenzie starts moving away, content with his natural armor to protect him from any last potshots the scrappers fire as he leaves.


"Well, the ship was originally designed for Resempians. We got it second-hand and replaced a lot of things with more human-sized amenities, like turning a few rooms into apartments and the like. Your room should be more than large enough for the two of you. Might even feel a little empty, since it was made for four people, but I get the feeling it won't take you long to get used to it."
I can take the couple with me on the one cart, since the rest of the hangar crew might need the others.


The Twins groan as they try to hide a bit from the looks Kamori and Malvi give them, but they eventually come out from underneath the Hovercart.

"It'll be nice not to have to worry about being picked up." Pazu says.
"And now we can pick people up…" Zapu tries to sneak in.

Malvi and Kamori only stare for a moment, then begin to laugh.

"Welcome to the Ankylosaur." Malvi says.
"Be careful where you step and you'll have a good time." Kamori adds in. The Twins begin to smile.

"Here we go, I think you'll be happy about this. You two girls will be living right next to our own rooms." Malvi says, pointing towards their approaching rooms.


"That's fine. I'll add in the details from the black box after this. Hold that position for a moment." With her free hand, she messes with one of the cameras observing you and moves around another of the sensors. "Okay, that should give me a clearer result. Breathe deep as I finish here."

Roll 1d10.

Looking around, you don't spot any motion or lights nearby, but your senseors are being messed with at the moment. You find a decent hole int he asteroid you can shoot from and even rest your weapon on to fire on the Alien.

He stops what he's doing and looks around.

"Hey*STATIC*sig*STATIC*." Something is messign with your signal now, you can't reach Bok!

The ALien resumes his work.


Inhale! '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


Roll Movement.

Your hostage continues to cooperate since it'll be hard for you to miss if he decides too fight back, but his presence still makes it hard to get around.

"Something dangerous is near." Bok says over the radio. "I'm constantly changing our frequency here just to deal with the interference. I even hijacked a satellite for this. Can you see anything pursuing you?"

While there's movement, this shuttle isn't loaded with too many deliveries for the ship itself, just more crew.

"Are there other areas like this on board?" Petry asks. "I can finally give Cana some flying lessons." She says as she scans the hangar, looking at the empty areas as the Hovercart pushes them towards their room.

Cana looks around excitedly, looking at every corner and room you pass, and focusing on any Human who happens to be floating by. You spot Petry doing the same. "Does everyone here have the same clothes?" Cana asks. "Is there a time where you wear your own clothes?"

"All the scans seem to come up how I expected, well within tolerances, and…" She lifts up her hand and presses on your chest as you inhale, then presses with some minor force. You can feel your body push her finger up, countering the pressure she's putting on you. "Done. I'll put in the rest of the data after Eva brings me the black box." She begins running your stomach now that you're done.

"Okay, enough of that for now. Looks like Calta has her surprise ready for you. I don't know what she likes about it, but did you bring a swim suit?"



"There should be a few recreation areas. Not sure how many low-G areas there are, specifically, but you should be able to find a few open areas on the observation deck or even here, if we're not too busy."
To Cana:
"Well, we're in uniform most of the time, but yes there are times you get to wear whatever you want. Usually on an off day or if you've got shore leave. Since you're still a student, you'll have a bit more freedom of wardrobe."
I'll point at a few floating people, of various sizes.
"If you look a little closer, you'll see some uniforms have different colors in certain patches. That helps tell which department a person is a part of. Mechanics get their own color, as do bridge crew, security, pilots, and so on. Learning which department has which color is probably going to show up in your lesson plan, if for nothing other than convenience's sake."


"Oh, that reminds me, will Cana be sharing classroom with Humans? Will you have rooms big enough for it?" Petry asks as the Hovercart turns a corner, nearing their assigned room.


"Well, considering you could fit an entire class of human children on a single desk sized for a species your size, I don't think room is going to be hard to come by. That said, I'm not actually sure how many children there are onboard, of any race. It might end up being more of a tutoring sort of thing, if there aren't at least twenty or so."


"No ships besides the one I destroyed and the two scrappers. I'll keep a look out though!"

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2


"Swimsuit? No… Well, I'm sure it will work out."


"COnsidering how things were back in Sela, that would still be a step up from where we were. I won't have to worry where she runs off to," She points at Cana as their apartment nears, "and she seems eager to pay attention now." Cana waves at a pair of waving Humans, rocking the Hovercart for a moment.

Looks like they lucked out and got a room that was between two Human apartment complexes that you installed. Their apartment is just a large sized version of yours, featuring room for two beds and the basic ammenities.

"Woah, we get to live here?"

Your ComLink begins to vibrate even more now, the temperature of space managing to lower itself as the search lights of a much larger, more capable ship approaches from behind!

It hasn't spotted you yet, the lights moving in numberous directions as it constantly tries to ping your location…


Doctor Zorani smiles> "Eva said as much, so she left a few for you, but first…" The Doctor brings you onto her chest, hugging you as her arms go around you and take up almost all your body except for your head.


"Got searchlights on me, gonna move behind an asteroid and have it pass me by. Worst case scenarios I'll try and disable their lights and sneak off."


Roll #1 4 - 1 = 3


I'll nod.
"Yes, this is where you two will be staying. It's fairly basic, but I hope it's a good fit for you."


"Ah, how convenient! Working together will be more efficient, and considering our work, we believe we will be working together fairly regularly!"

Speaking of which, we should probably introduce them to Duana too.


Pat her breast reassuringly, "That worried? I'm fine, really. It's not the first time I had to fight."


cover [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


You're not able to get too much distance before the Ship begins catching up to you. One of the Asteroids has massive hole in it, making a good hiding place. From there you can observe that it too is trying to keep an asteroid between it and the planet.

"They better not crash that ship. I was going to keep it when we were done here…" Your Hostage says over his ComLink.

"We've got a ship on the way. I'm broadcasting on all the frequencies I can find to scare them off, just try not to be seen!" Bok shouts.

The ship begins to float closer. '1d10'

"It's a real room! Not like the one we had to make!" Cana shouts, floating off towards the bed and TV, messing with the straps that keep one attached in case the gravity goes out. "This is so cool!"

"Don't make a mess of it, we just got it." Petry asks, floating inside. "I think we can finish setting up our stuff inside, unless you want to try and help?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"As much fun as that would be, I'm afraid I've got reports to file and work to catch up on."
I'll give an apologetic shrug.
"Once again, welcome aboard the Ankylosaur. You should be able to access general floorplans from your PDAs within an hour or two, tops, but if you need a guide anywhere, just flag down anyone who looks like they have their hands free."


"She's been waiting in the communications room, since she drew the short straw. I'll call her over, she wouldn't want to miss this." Kamori says, clicking on her ComLink.

The Hovercart slows down, stopping in front of a Large room right next to a Human apartment complex. Malvi shows the Twins how to access their rooms with their new codes, and the doors open to a brand new room. Everything is still clean and new, but there are a few signs of improvised wiring. They approach the bed, which still looks massive compared to them as Kamori and Malvi float onto it.

"It's so big…" Pazu says.
"Is your room like this too?" Zapu asks.

"Not just that. You were fighting for other people. It's an admirable quality." She gives one last squeeze before letting you go as Eva floats into the room.

"I'm not interrupting, am I?" Eva sarcastically says, hiding by the door. "Wan, hurry up and get dressed, Calta wants to show you what she's been working on instead of doing actual work."


"I didn't bring a swimsuit, but I'm sure Calta has something for me."

Let's float off in that direction, no need to tarry.


"Similar, yes, though it currently has the equipment to allow for dictation of broadcasted messages, and our furniture is a bit more unorthodox, due to this drone's differing physical build. Will all of your luggage be able to fit inside this room?"


The ship is about two asteroids away and begins shooting one, the dust and debris jamming your communications.


The ship begins to move in your direction, hitting the rocks as it moves.

Cana continues to jump on the bed, or at least try to now that gravity isn't working for the ship. Petry gives you a smile and bows, then heading off to try and corral the excited child.

A message from Cotentin appears on your ComLink.
>"Lots of things to work on Boxx. Hope you're ready."


I'll leave them to it. I'll respond to the message on my way back to the hangar.
You know me. Not happy unless I'm elbow-deep in the guts of something horribly dangerous and broken.


"You're lucky you didn't end up like your schooner."
Noticing the asteroid get blasted, McKenzie holds his ground, waiting to flee directly before his asteroid gets shot to camouflage himself as debris.

"This might be a bumpy ride, fasten your seat beetle."


"She did." Eva stops you mid-Zero-G-flight. "Which is why I'm going to have you pick it out now and get ready for it. She's got your measurements, and everyone else's, and she left a few for you to bring." She sends you the directions of the surprise plus a few pictures. "Pick one now so that you don't keep her waiting."

The pictures show a few, simple looking swimsuits. A blue two piece, a green and red one piece, and a more athletic looking white suit.


The large bag floats outside, a few Humans floating around it and a Reptilian ALien trying to squeeze through. The Twins look at each other.

"We'll make it work."
"We'll make it work."

The two Humans just smile, before the silence is punctured by a familiar shout.

"Shelley, you're back!" Duana jumps straight towards you, knocking you backwards in this zero-gravity.

>"They had to make a few 'adjustments' to the ship since you were gone. And we saw you didn't go too easy on your machine (❁°▵°). Plus, we got conscripted to try and get the gravity plating back on. As you can tell, it didn't work too well."


the mech can wait, and that was mostly due to the fact I had to load most things by myself. It's just stress and metal fatigue. the cockpit is my bad, though.
I'll sigh a bit.
that said, it should last long enough to fix the gravity plates. At least, as long as they're off. The arms might not support things too well once the gravity is back on.


The Ship blasts the next asteroid in your direction, sending a few rockets its way.

"Hey, cut me a break, it's not like I can do much as I am thanks to you." He says with a tinge of venom in his voice, occasionally cutting out between the blasts.

The attacks stop, the ship moving towards you…

>"Probably for the best. Civet doesn't do too well inside the new place, this might be for the best. Verata is taking stock of the damage, we'll have the parts mostly ready when you arrive."


"Indeeeeeeeeeee…" Unfortunately, getting knocked backwards sort of cuts off our response, instead setting us slowly spinning head over feet.
"Indeed we are," we finish, once getting our spin under control. "And we took many pictures, just as you requested."


New place? They didn't move her out of her room while I was gone, did they?
Should be arriving at the hangar any time now. I'll probably make sure that the arm servos are at least in working order before I risk them failing while I work on the grav plates.


McKenzie readies himself to escape with the shelling.
[1d10-1] dunno if rolling this turn or next

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


"Yay! I'm so glad you're back, it was so quiet without you. We just got all the messages filed and that was it. It was so dull, but now you're back!" Duana shouts, hugging you between her shouts.

"If the gravity hadn't failed, she'd have put a hole in the floor with all her pacing." Malvi says.

The Hangar is still busy, but your crew has put your Mech into the maintenance area. It's surrounded by parts, plus Verata has her DataPad ready to bring in more. Cotentin is cleaning his hands while Civet has a bag with lots of ice cubes around her neck and gills.

"Ready to get back to work?"Verata says as she approaches you.


"Couldn't keep me away with a stick. What happened to Civet, though? She alright?"
I'll pause a moment before diving into work.
"You alright, Civet?"


The Ship positions itself and begins firing, pulverizing the rock you were hiding behind!

A new ship approaches you! Try to get its attention!


"The gravity failed? It seems things were not entirely uneventful up here either?"
"Pazu, Zapu, this energetic ball of destruction is Friend-Duana. Friend-Duana, this is Friend-Zapu and Friend-Pazu."


What a disaster!


McKenzie place himself between the two ships incase one starts fighting, then fires a plasma shot upwards from his location, not aiming at anything.

[1d10+2] not aiming at anything, just making sure i don't jam

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"There was a hot water leak we had to contain." You can see her gills be red and flared up like never before. "Cotentin said it was fine, how do Humans handle it?" She asks, sneezing as she locks your machine in place.

"And it still needs work." Verata adds. "Another trouble to deal with." She shrugs after looking at you.

"But it was fun for a bit, but not as fun as it'll be with you here now." She shouts, before turning to the Twins. "Wow, double… It's nice to meet you!" The Twins approach her, carefully looking her over.

"Hey, are you related to Wan?" Zapu says. "You've got a similar air about you."
"Are all the Humans here related?" Pazu asks you.


I'll shrug.
"With a lot of swearing, usually."
I'll sheepishly hook myself into my seat at Verata's second comment.
"Anyway, what say we get those gravity panels back into position, then?"
Run a quick diagnostic of the suit. See what they managed to tune up in the time between boarding and showing Petry and Cana their room.


"What is that ship doing, attacking my asteroids!?" Your charge shouts, getting his chubby up to the window of the ship and yelling at the people shooting rockets at the asteroids.

"Forget that!" The radio blares, one of the other Security members on the other side of it, "Get those two and get out of there! We need them both alive!"

Your weapons charges but fails to fire! The energy coming off of it sparking in the black void, alerting the enemy ship to your location and it begins turning towards you!


"That is an interesting question," we concede, turning to Malvi. "Friend-Malvi, are you related to the other humans aboard this ship?"
"By the way, how do we intend to view the pictures we took while on the planet? That seems like something that would be well-enjoyed until the others arrive from their firefight."


get on comms with the friendly. "Time to fall back. To the Ankyl. Over. "
'1d10' turn this ship around and plot a course back to safety.

Roll #1 2 = 2


The Voldra lets out a hiss and a few clicks of his mandibles, going untranslated from his device. He drifts rotating in the same direction the ship is, trying to stall as long as possible.

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


"I grew up with Wan and Eva and the other girls, but I don't think we're related…" She thinks while the Twins and even the other Humans watch her process her thoughts.

"The Fold Girls are an interesting group, but they're a little too different from one another to be related, but they are from the same area of Earth." Malvi says. "I actually send a resume to them, but the Ankylosaur called first.

"We can set up a projector in the warehouses, might be a good way to spend some time together. Maybe some popcorn and soda. What do you think Shelley?" Kamori asks.

"Not without those two out there!" The radio shouts, with your radar system now pinging a smaller pair of Aliens floating towards you. However, the warning systems begin flashing red, the enemy ship has a lock on you!

"And not without stopping them from ruining my rocks!" Your porculent passenger shouts.

You've closed half the distance towards the new ship that arrived, but now the enemy ship has re-oriented itself away from you and towards your escape vehicle. Don't let it blow up your ride out of here!


"Hussssh." I hiss at them both.
Time to do some space fighting..
'1d10' dodge the incoming attack, while barreling toward the allies to try to pick them up.

Roll #1 7 = 7


>unjammed last turn
To distract them from the ship being blown up, McKenzie maneuvers to put his alien shield in front of the ship and fire twice at the looming enemies.


[1d10+3] Crits on 7, Critfail on 2
(if crit, Confidence gives +1 to the next roll)
[1d10+3] Crits on 7, Critfail on 2

"Don't shoot my way out of here, jerks!"

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


Tilt our head at Malvi's apparent slip-up.
"Do you not work with the Ankylosaur, Friend-Malvi? Why would you have sent them resumes separately from the ones employing you?"
Nod along to Kamori's suggestion.
"A fine idea, Friend-Kamori. Snacks to go along with the viewing are a great idea! Hopefully the pictures will have turned out all right."


Neither ship is meant for combat, so this vessels turn isn't countered by the enemy ship's adjustments. A pair of rockets float off into space, narrowly missing your ship!


You manage to hit the enemy ships' rocket pods, forcing it to slam into an asteroid due to the force of the explosion.

It isn't out for the count just yet, as it moves behind the huge space rocks, but not running away just yet. The new ship is almost on top of you…

"In fact, I waited a while after the first call for this project showed up on my answering machine." Malvi says. "I was sending out a bunch of resumes at the time since I was still doing some University research, and my coworkers actually tried to get me to look elsewhere. Good thing I did choose to sign up, or I might have never met you all."

"Let's get the Twins set up first then, we can make plans while we get everything in place for them, because honestly," She looks at their piles of baggage, "they might never finish if we don't help."


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