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File: 1482534210229.png (825.17 KB, 843x1024, flt.png)

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me
A horse wanting to be a tree


File: 1482534791024.png (829.16 KB, 1093x1077, B-b-but I looooooooove him.png)

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
Two turtle slippers.


File: 1482534803268.jpg (80.96 KB, 272x430, ccfce.jpg)

>HAHAHAHA well surely I won't have to destress my heroes for this next run
>Almost there, time to…oh shit I forgot to buy torches
>well how bad can it be, I only have to do 3 more chambers

And now my party is insane.


File: 1482534941512.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1090, 1479087544289.png)

I guess I'd stram it tomorrow if people want me to.
But it's gonna look real bad.


File: 1482534950739.jpg (170.45 KB, 1366x768, 2016-02-07_00013.jpg)

No torch or no balls
No torch runs are actually useful since they give you more loot, but you have to prep for them accordingly


File: 1482535295566.png (1.4 MB, 1916x2592, Why wizards don't generall….png)

Well, I'm about to head off to have dinner with extended family. See you guys in a few hours.


File: 1482535589582.jpg (398.13 KB, 850x708, 1479895939336.jpg)

I'd stram right now but can't talk so pretty useless


Nice to hear you're enjoying the game.


Enjoy is a strange word to use for it, but yeah


File: 1482539393253.png (40.46 KB, 138x218, 1479815862375.png)

>Silver only accepts prayer as stress relief
>Meanwhile Amber has become a Gambler

True to life


Antiquarian: Pattern
Houndmaster: Fairweather
Plague Doctor: Petilia


File: 1482539581701.png (1.12 MB, 5576x5792, 1478446657991.png)




File: 1482540574249.jpg (89.39 KB, 624x658, 1434024094705.jpg)

>Carrie Fisher reported to have suffered a major heart attack



2much coke
Check wassap


File: 1482543404849.webm (1.45 MB, 640x480, 1482538924243.webm)

The real question here is how the deer got in this bedroom in the first place.

Currently stable in the hospital.


I put a couple of owls in your snowy village.
I also managed to make them pure white by applying more than one bonemeal, so maybe there are more shades of owl than I first thought.


File: 1482549984320.jpg (334.98 KB, 1920x1080, 20161224034633_1.jpg)

>pirates trying to attack my mining ship
>my mining ship is the strongest combat ship in the game




(owl noises)








File: 1482552965015.png (238.59 KB, 800x800, 261daca3195fa29767a920c29f….png)


File: 1482553200222.png (175 KB, 700x700, Applegoat and Fashiongoat ….png)

>get a nice Belgian ale for Christmas
A pity I'm not a big drinker, but I will try to do some damage to it.


I don't recognize this pokemon


File: 1482555349918.png (250.94 KB, 1024x512, rowlet_by_zaprong-da24yxp.png)


File: 1482555469869.png (722.77 KB, 850x892, 1482028663194.png)



File: 1482555842660.jpg (74.2 KB, 600x666, 1437810037717.jpg)

Lizards can be very cute


File: 1482556920047.gif (507 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oinpntwlLp1uh6dquo3….gif)


>woke up and can't sleep again



File: 1482558188268.png (34.45 KB, 168x122, 1450267052140.png)


File: 1482558469548.jpg (39.1 KB, 480x480, 3d2e12d7-a1c9-4374-9a1e-50….jpg)


File: 1482559116660.jpg (153.7 KB, 1476x1798, 1423820935430.jpg)


>tfw no Twily will cuddle you


File: 1482559300049.png (634.18 KB, 1280x989, Walking through Ponyville ….png)

But soon she might be your in-house assistant thanks to Japan's waifu-tech.


there there..


It'll be painful hearing her voice and knowing she's not really there

Wanna interrupt farming adventures for mons? After I shower in 20


File: 1482559446017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.62 KB, 912x935, large (30).jpg)


IT makes a fine stopgap until the robot body arrives.


that's about a day in stardew, so it makes a compelling case!


File: 1482561021840.jpg (86.83 KB, 800x800, 57f91810e7c68a775a6e6fff3b….jpg)


many fish we caught today.
What's happening in mons?


You can relax in the tree a little more




File: 1482561362573.png (125.32 KB, 600x1000, 398ff88d-7324-440d-9031-a5….png)


you too?


File: 1482562026298.png (Spoiler Image, 342.63 KB, 1411x868, 376bb2ff178ce22c8d218762f2….png)

I drew a Christmas gift for a person.


File: 1482562227095.png (85.69 KB, 650x1026, ac622574-db5a-4ab3-940b-65….png)

Also I want 20 of these


What a gob



Hey guys!


File: 1482562540970.jpg (439.87 KB, 640x870, 1363471.jpg)


File: 1482562582888.png (453.66 KB, 800x1200, 79f7e62e7c437c977f87b40142….png)

>Dawn with large tits


Large boobs are best boobs.


I don't see any large tids there.


File: 1482562706549.png (47.56 KB, 540x409, Get up or I boop your skel….png)



Good night.


File: 1482562858711.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, Pokeslut.png)

See this guy gets it


Can go wrong with big boobs, unless they are large enough to be classified as hot air balloons.


File: 1482563003821.png (178.35 KB, 400x910, 1398238767472.png)

They're 2big for Dawn though

Pleb pls


File: 1482563068483.png (Spoiler Image, 829.25 KB, 2332x2345, Troll stretching sfw.png)

They're WATER balloons.




Hello. Were you busy with classes?


Yeah, and some heavy life stuff.


I can sympathize. Hope you got those out of the way.


I did. I was wanting to start or join a quest.


You are in Europe, right? The rest of the Yuros will be showing up soon, so ask Nopony, Sylt, Sion, and the others if they'd like to join.


Actually I live in America.


My mistake.

Pitch your idea. What type of quest did you want to run?


It's about the players who get an old book from one of their grandparent house that they all go to read as a blizzard hits their town, upon reading it they are drawn into the books world where what the players do fill the blank pages of this magic book.


Can you give a hint about the world they get sucked into?


(Either a mlp world or one with fantasy style races, lots of magic, adventure, and good old loot.


Most of the Americans are asleep and the Yuros in school. Wait a few and ask them.


Do you wanna quest with me?


I wish. I'm doing some stuff on my end between posts.


What are you doing?


I have awoken


Posting between red lights as I drive around at midnight.

Oh look, a potential victim quester


>the random bulletin board quests are always something out of reach
I'm just gonna stop looking that them
>potential waifu thinks everything is food
god damn it stardew


File: 1482569994868-0.png (178.96 KB, 650x1000, ceaa6f41-a53d-4861-a3f1-74….png)

Goddammit BDN it's been a while I couldn't remember that


such a silly deer


>not remembering your friend's details



Nah, I'm not a fan of complete freeform


File: 1482570830141.png (44.21 KB, 497x507, 906046__safe_solo_oc_monoc….png)

>wave of fatigue hits me
okay goodnight
thanks for running



File: 1482571266895.png (115.25 KB, 650x850, 6925d538-5bcd-433e-b22c-79….png)

BDN I don't even remember all of my Pokemon sometimes, gosh!
No thanks


File: 1482571493191.gif (3.41 MB, 1280x720, intense tinyponying.gif)

merry christmas


>Silver lost 1000 gold after becoming overcome with emotion and donating generously



You're early!


>raining when we were supposed to have a barbecue


File: 1482573773139.jpg (134.91 KB, 600x800, 1437149414608.jpg)

>Wake up to three gifts in my Steam inventory


Dankest Dungeon?


Yes, got it from nasse, it's pretty dank.


File: 1482575341904.jpg (24.6 KB, 480x517, 1465342365335.jpg)

>It's a "Sion isn't streaming episode"


>Nasse and Fidget both gave me Dragon's Dogma


File: 1482576997244.jpg (114.18 KB, 499x500, 1468895164716.jpg)

God I'm sorry BDn
I got so engrossed in drawing I forgot mons


File: 1482578478575.jpeg (969.94 KB, 3000x2000, 308006__safe_pinkie pie_d….jpeg)


What's this now?



Anyways, gonn eat now
See ya


File: 1482579189574.png (511.69 KB, 1125x900, 966567__safe_princess luna….png)

I have lots of "tiny pony contained in something" images, I was just saying good morning


File: 1482579323553.jpg (63.59 KB, 612x612, 10368219_1075665605795607_….jpg)


File: 1482579551636.png (247.16 KB, 1140x876, 3e01c4e5-fc6a-454e-8739-6a….png)

>BDN hates you now
>Wf way of greetings is by posting small ponies trapped
What a weirdo


File: 1482579567559.jpeg (260.12 KB, 967x761, 720470__safe_monochrome_p….jpeg)


So, some little questions about your breezie
Does she usually goes for shaft or balls?



That was surprising


File: 1482579916861.png (317.46 KB, 600x776, 0e34dc6c9a6c63283f223e26a5….png)

Aswer the question Wf


File: 1482580247402.png (Spoiler Image, 116.81 KB, 600x600, 853769__oc_explicit_nudity….png)

It hasn't come up yet since she's proud, independent, and scornful.

But it would probably depend on a lot of things, like the circumstances or her partner.


Goddamit Wf stop being so elusive, it's a simple quetion!
or balls?


File: 1482580730749.png (Spoiler Image, 96.87 KB, 860x1086, 1111374__oc_explicit_nudit….png)

Probably the former


Alright, good


File: 1482580823689.png (155.36 KB, 300x300, 1454426375627.png)


File: 1482580875695.png (547.01 KB, 800x792, 1170347__safe_oc_micro_rai….png)


Shut up nopo I know you were at the edge of your seat waiting for the aswer


I was somewhat curious!

>posting more tiny ponies next to flared tips



Okay I am actually going to stop now though, gonna watch nation wars


>deer documentary on TV


File: 1482585031083.png (110.82 KB, 191x266, Genjifags.png)


>wake up
>want to ask mom if there's Christmas gifts
>but I can guess there aren't and I don't wanna get disappointed


>30/30 on turn 4



File: 1482589060741.png (1.08 MB, 1280x1039, 600e8732-d62d-4332-9c40-d1….png)


2+ hours of eating and 6 plates later, phase 1 of Christmas dinner is done


>This early
Christ mate. People are only now just arriving here and dinner wont be up for another 3 hours.


File: 1482593424962.jpg (89.16 KB, 595x1056, 1465259197803.jpg)

Having a friend cross into the 'would invite to house' territory is nice


>tfw BDN will never invite you into his Asian temple


File: 1482593554280.png (1.28 MB, 1181x1748, 1472321071810.png)

Y-you're all welcome


Merry crimmas


Hey fagget, git on steam.


>Sion got me Starbound
>Gaius got me Battlefleet Gothic
You faggots are really spoiling me.


You both got me Dragon's Dogma. Should I gift a copy back to one of you or pass it on to someone else?


Do what your heart tells you.
I'm fine with mine being re-gifted.


Now, dessert and gifts


You guys can give me your addresses whenver, I'll ask tomorrow or the day after.


I know it's on your own wishlist. Do you want it back or should I find someone else?


That's actually a very difficult question. While I would like a copy, if you know other people who've been after it for a while, I'm fine if it goes to them. Whichever you prefer to do, I'm fine with.
Besides, from what I hear you guys all got me something so that's more than enough.


You should take it, then we can hire everyone's pawns.


You're the only Sub member on Steam that I know of who has it on your wishlist.


Very well, you've twisted my arm.


File: 1482595776875.jpg (107.48 KB, 1000x1000, Frosty Cream filly grump.jpg)

>forestalling my attempt at getting you something else


>tfw no Battlefleet Gothic
>tfw no gifts
Also keep it, I already have Dragon's Dogma and I wouldn't know what to do with an extra copy.


Thanks for Sir, You're Being Hunted, by the way. I was actually worried Sion had bought Groves DD. Turns out I was wrong.


It's an interesting-looking game and I figured you'd probably enjoy it. I hope you have fun with it.


Looted the nearby town, got coins, language samples, and some mission confidence for killing new things. Currently rated at Concerned. Some deaths hurt confidence unfortunately.

The big reward was looting an entire smelter. That will get my industry off to a flying start. Melting away that big spawner nest was the best part.

Split decision. Should I try to decontaminate another island in the swamp, or make a push for Ecodome Alpha on the planes? Capturing a new some would reward more resources and a teleport point, but would require dangerous cross country travel. Taking the island would be nearer and safer, but less rewarding.


I've got plenty of stuff to play already!


Still. I could have gotten you DLC for something you already had, or the like.


Thanks for the gift, I'm not sure when I'll get to playing it. I heard the ending really ruins it so I haven't been looking forward to it.


File: 1482596671109.jpg (192.89 KB, 962x642, ss_9b8c0592838f46a9ad02725….jpg)

It's fine, really.




File: 1482598034445.gif (5.54 MB, 676x508, 1279670.gif)


>Whisper died too

S-sorry Ambrosia, you'll have to go on alone…



I swear to god if Mabel dies


Mabel is doing pretty good


He died a warrior's death bleeding out right before they died


File: 1482599067770.jpg (219.4 KB, 1366x768, 2016-02-12_00007.jpg)

I thought that about my Grave Robber too, until she died
I still get PTSD about how fucking unlucky everything about that was


RNG is a cruel mistress


This is why I liked Armello less than I could, and the same with this game
If I do things the strategic way, I'd rather not just get fucked by RNG
And my problem is not difficulty, the game was difficult, but this wasn't a difficult fight, it was just bullshit attacks and turn orders


I decided for a compromise between both. I'd assault the new island in the swamp, but instead of spending hours decontiminating the whole thing, I'll springboard to Ecodome Alpha from it, since after crossing to the main land it should be only about 200 blocks away.


Punished Ambrosia.


>sisters gave me a pink phone cover with custom heart decor
I feel like that one ep of sabagebu



If you wanna get me a Christmas gift I wouldn't mind Battlefleet Gothic unless it's too expensive
Unless by some coincidence Sion got me that


File: 1482604368539.jpg (120 KB, 722x491, UNITA32_20161221191329208-….jpg)

>berlin terrorist kept saying he was from Reggio Calabria and had forgot his document somewhere before the shootout in which he died


File: 1482604424592.png (5.51 MB, 3000x2200, breezfight.png)

Left: Sylt, Right: Wf, Middle:Andy

Okay so, some thoughts on this picture because this was an important one for me

-I really really liked how the composition for it turned out, but that also makes me upset because I promised myself this would be just a doodle thing and not make it a polished, clean picture

-I Especially liked how Wf's breezie and Andy's turned out

-Even though I said I wouldn't make it a finished picture, I still inevitably polished the sketch layer (I can't help it)

And I hope you guys like it, for once I had some fun drawing


Oh goddamit
The opacity on the white layer again
every fucking time


Cute! That came out really well, great job Maali!


File: 1482604558554.png (4.49 MB, 3000x2200, breezfight.png)

god this shit is the bane of my existence


It's just slightly soured by the mess up I did, you probally can't understand but it feels terrible

Also your breez is blue, are you okay with blue?



File: 1482604878535.png (997.42 KB, 1280x1008, 1480871841090.png)


>posting fetish shit
I mean it's my fetish, sure. But why.


>Fetish shit
it's just a cute pony gosh
Is it the collar you're talking about? I mean its just a cute accesory too
you're the one that is just so lewd


It is the collar.
A thick leather collar is not just a cute accessory!


File: 1482605133747.jpeg (852.62 KB, 2000x2000, 963981.jpeg)

Sure is
neck accesories are cutest, right after cute hats


Not all neck accessories are born alike.


Fucking hell my mouth tastes like modelling putty.


Finnish """"cousine""""


It's cuisine you fucking Neanderthal


I'd let her bite me


Acktually, it's cuckine.


Where is the giant horse cock though

For fags like you who eat bull cock every day, maybe


So rude
In your mouth




File: 1482606347046.png (353.69 KB, 1366x768, Captura de Tela (105).png)

Goddamit Fidget what did you dooo


they're right in your post


File: 1482606565216.png (Spoiler Image, 403.97 KB, 1462x903, 88768c8d93cddb7b3ffea8c4de….png)

What post
I don't see anything
And I certainly didn't forget to spoiler


Blu seems gud to me, altho she is maroon but I'm not picky


File: 1482606755495.png (612.98 KB, 1890x980, Untitled.png)

Restoring even just a little land is a slow process


File: 1482606770484.jpg (97.69 KB, 555x475, 1436334555071.jpg)

Sure sure
Fuck me
Well her mane wa-FUCK


Short must be in fashion


Ho Ho Ho.
Merry Christmas.


being a failure is too
just fuck me man
You bastard, I can't believe you spent 17 dollars on me


Nasse what does Toivoo means?


It was on sale for ten.


Still a lot
You could have bought like
8 snicker bars with that money
8 whole snickers


He could have bought a small house in Brazil for that money


Its there!


It's Finnish for "Draw more boobs"
It means "best wishes"


File: 1482607275333.gif (93.88 KB, 1280x1080, 1482440543835.gif)

Now I gotta make up for him somehow
Also Nasse
And also the dude who sent me Fallout: Vegas
How nice of you
And gosh, I draw plenty of boobs already, you need to be quenched at some point


Not lewd enough!


File: 1482607482182.png (Spoiler Image, 335.32 KB, 915x746, 12eef584323612167df3e6ff99….png)

Gosh fine
let's see if I have something you like


Now that's really nice


File: 1482607593209.png (Spoiler Image, 280.11 KB, 872x1200, 21c1cfe0cd1c406325390255a3….png)

There we go then


I mean, you don't gotta, but I'd appreciate if you drew something for me.


Well sure what is it?
Hopefully it should be fun


Something really lewd and booby.


>Steam goes down
Welp, there's that.


>and is then immediately back up
Guess someone was on hand to flip the circuit breaker this time.


What a surprise!


>Maali will never draw for you


>says the guy who that lovely picture of Emrille
It was hard to make that dumb hat look good, but he did it.


The breezie drawing was also for you, I thought you would be happy as the DM
Plus I've drawn plenty for you
The poor guy here is Fidget, I never drew anything for him that wasn't a commission


File: 1482610715096.jpg (880.27 KB, 2560x1920, Cuddly horse pile.jpg)



He has the most art of his characters!

The one where she just shot someone or the one where she is spreading?


Who are your favorite artists, anyway?


Tfw no favorite artists


Who are your favorite autists, anyway?


That's an excellent question.
Do you mean just on here, or in general?


>here or in general
Not just in the general, but on the entire internet


That's only because I'm terrible with money and am a filthy drawthread beggar.


As always, gift opening takes hours.


You're my least favorite autist for sure


File: 1482611905555.png (66.3 KB, 325x325, 1430691418651.png)

Oh yeah
I forgot about that one oops
Well those weren't made by me


As always, gift opening is a few clothes and the price of a plane ticket


I wouldn't know what art to ask for anyway


That's a lie


No it's not!


File: 1482612374545.png (262.22 KB, 972x987, 1464030108712.png)

You made me many requests


File: 1482612518446-0.jpg (135.82 KB, 792x1450, Godiva dryad.jpg)

File: 1482612518446-1.png (247.16 KB, 1140x876, Sleepy crazy priestess.png)

File: 1482612518446-2.png (197.41 KB, 900x900, Anvil witch.png)

File: 1482612518446-3.jpg (329 KB, 1600x1641, Contemptor.jpg)

File: 1482612518446-4.png (1.02 MB, 764x1080, Red half-dragon battledres….png)

Considering I haven't seen them all, that's a tough question.
However, I like different artists for different things. Greenmarine, who I ran across in /tg/ drawthreads, is an excellent cheesecake artist.
ReiDuran is quite talented, but like most artists his confidence is in the gutters.
Nips is also good, but I don't like some of his more… extreme works.
Halcyon450 (his DA tag) is another /tg/ artist who is quite good at somewhat macabre and armor-heavy drawings.
Rotaken is also a /tg/ artist who has improved every time he shows up.


I only remember one that I really wanted


See, that's one
SUch nice pictures


I still think you are the perfect artist for it
One day when I'm rich I'll commission it


there are
countless other artists nopo
Plus by the time you get rich I would probally have done it for free


More like I'm your least autistic favorite


File: 1482613292068-0.png (148.76 KB, 609x1057, Color me pretty.png)

File: 1482613292069-1.jpg (342.24 KB, 982x801, Don't you know we poop fro….jpg)

File: 1482613292069-2.png (57.76 KB, 400x401, Grumpy ewe.png)

File: 1482613292069-3.jpg (621.85 KB, 1066x1440, Knight 5.jpg)

Then there's Rose, who's linework I enjoy (she was the one who drew the picture of Marina making breaded fillets).
Jessy (Palette Swap's creator) also has really nice linework, but goddamn if she hardly posts anything anymore.
Sunibee (formerly Applesacr(sarc?)um) colors very well and he's very expressive, but good luck finding SFW things.
Lizombie is an artist I like because she always seems to be able to make her lines look very "soft" and that lends itself well to her style of things.
Kekai-k (http://kekai-k.tumblr.com/) is just amazing at armor designs, and his stuff is just really nice to look at.


>ReiDuran drew that OC Maali dislikes, Chalk, recently

Apex kek


I never said I disliked it


File: 1482613344017.jpg (116.12 KB, 890x699, tmp_6504-14687200504261148….jpg)

With all the chances I've given it, with so many mods claiming to fix it, I can safely say Oblivion is the worst fucking game I've ever dedicated time to.



Night, BDN. Merry Christmas.


File: 1482613371338.png (340.96 KB, 500x439, wf.png)

>least autistic

You sperged out because you could not comprehend there is a difference between cocoa and hot chocolate

Your cute style is perfect for it!


>You're still sperging out about that to this day

I should trigger you some more later by posting that Hearthstone picture that makes you squirm. But I won't this time, because it's officially Christmas where you live in 2 hours! Also I'm leaving soon.


>Sylt not here to link to Star Citizen thread



File: 1482613763901-0.png (490.68 KB, 755x967, Mooo.png)

File: 1482613763901-1.jpg (249.87 KB, 1932x2576, PaperMo.jpg)

My style is always changing nopo
I might be the most inconsistent artist ever
Both these pictures were supposed to be the same character


You follow so many artists


File: 1482613848457-0.jpg (145.88 KB, 1024x762, Tau Stormsurge.jpg)

File: 1482613848457-1.jpg (114.02 KB, 1024x582, Heavy Arms sand edition.jpg)

File: 1482613848457-2.png (252.47 KB, 1306x1099, Felinid Snake.png)

File: 1482613848457-3.jpg (351.56 KB, 1328x1200, Perhaps summoning a swarm ….jpg)

Continuing, Reza-ilyasa (http://reza-ilyasa.deviantart.com/) is great for mecha art.
Mimic has good monstergirl stuff.
Koboldanon (aka Loodovono on tumblr) is really good at drawing cute things. I forgot his sfw handle, though.


That I do.
But I can safely say that my favorite artists are the ones who've drawn me things, no matter the technical skill employed in their creation.



File: 1482614796709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.53 KB, 800x594, 57fbbf18cc1167e16c1539de95….jpg)


We both got Fidget OW, awkward




You could put the gift toward commissions if you like them so much!


Disney concept art / 10


But she is so pretty!

Okay, I did not expect that!

It already is!




File: 1482615320768.png (1.36 MB, 1280x989, First snow.png)

True. Bribing an artist with a video game is practically the barter system! It's flawless.
Unless they've already got it.
Anyway, heading off for Christmas Eve mass. And then to swing by my boss's place to drop off some baked goods since we were invited to their party.
So I'll probably not be back for like, two, three hours maybe.


File: 1482615563131.png (168.57 KB, 1218x666, 2016-12-24_15.37.28.png)

something is a little bit different on the server today.


That chest looks presentable


I meant I could refund it and PayPal your artist of choice


And you are such an ass kisser when you want something, you manipulativs pervert
Ba-excuuuuse me. What's that supposed to mean?


Wish I could say it was me being clever, but that's built in to mc


Does it work like that?
And you don't have to, really. Because I know for a fact I'd look for the cheapest one.


It's just how the game of life is played


I see!
How cute.



Yeah, if you want


>got five lootboxes for logging in


Now it's your time to present too!


I hope I remember to collect mine


It clearly shows the intended characterization, with the clothes, pose, expressions, and the single color for each of them helps evoke their usual emotional state: Thou, I would have suggested warm color for fair weather, to protray her as angry, the blue makes her come off as calm/depressed contradicting with the shouting pose. Purple is associated with magic, a logical choice for petil the witch, and green is kind of neutral, attempting to show she has no side in the argument.



You get five lootboxes just for logging in as a thanks for the support, playing, etc.
I got Reinhog and Yeti Winston out of it so I'm real fucking happy


The only things I want are Zarya taunt and maybe Merry Me I

That legend taunt is so good!


I have Mei-ry skin but it really is nothing special
I also got the Zarya emote already, I've been real lucky this time, I got legends out of the ass


Christmas: done.
themes of the year: light and chocolate


Yea but none of Mei skins are good, at least it gets the snowman


File: 1482616665408.gif (556 KB, 442x339, 1391364111904.gif)


>3 legendaries
>jester junkrat
>hockey lucio
>zarya emote


Still meh
The gun is nothing special too and that's what you look at the most

Which one is cuter?
Ponk or Scoots?

That's pretty good
At this point I think the only things I want are the Symm Highlight intro and the McCree emote


I got a bunch of sprays and the overgrown reinhart from my 5 boxes




Overgrown Rein is best Rein


But she is not on the image!


File: 1482617000397.jpg (110.46 KB, 590x708, 1482270324555.jpg)

>3 legendaries
>2 (TWO) Santa Torbs
>1 Young Hanzo dupe


O-oh, well thanks then
And I wasn't trying to portay the emotions of the characters when I did that fam, it's not thaaat deep
I just used one of their main colors for each one
To be honest I just picked this little color palette and used it, since Sylt's purple seemed to go well with that shade of blue and that tone of green

I was honestly expecting someone to say they got a Powerpuff Girls feel from it, which I honestly did personally

Thanks for that though Andy, Artists really like when someone gives feedback like that in their pictures and I'm no exception


>Getting santa torb before me


File: 1482617150791.gif (1.45 MB, 449x418, 1448311404486.gif)

That is a top quality meme right there


Blame Canada.
And your lack of presence in our WhatsApp group.


She's inmy heart


Just your heart?
Sounds like she's in your thoughts too~


Yea! wait I'm a green breezy?


Wait, do I have to log before midnight for the boxes?


I guess before midnight tomorrow


File: 1482617475695.png (145 KB, 818x977, apple_flora_smiling_by_tha….png)

no one knows


Yes you are


Great, because I'm not home.
And hey, merry Christmas DM!


I do really like the color green!


It's the 2nd of January, so the launcher says


How much?


You could entrust your password and login to someone in the sub and let them get it for you
So I hearrrd
Hopefully she looks like how you imagined her and you like the hair I gave her too


A great amount


I like how is looks smooth / styled compared to the others. Makes her feel more civilized and orderly. Pattern is a very orderly and neat breezy. but the last button on the coat looks undone


I could install TV on my phone and do it that way!


You actually got me rused with that
Well played

>undone button
I'm sorry Pattern, you are fired


File: 1482618004553-0.jpg (85.84 KB, 750x750, Da3jwTx.jpg)

>Inaccurate by one button
I-I failed
Oh, do that then!


Nooo please! All I am.. is a tinkerer..


Then you should know that undone buttons and untucked shirts are a safety hazard!
Pack your tools, unless you have something in your defense!


>pattern leaves shivering
>has to move out of town because she can't live in the tinkerer core anymore


If she can invent something groundbreaking within a week, she can stay!


ground breaking you say


Does she have something in mind?


File: 1482618691121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.42 KB, 405x640, wOlh8Fs.jpg)

Yea she has just the thing.


The hexaxe
An axe with 3 heads/double blades


You're fired

>she takes it literally

Well, a breezie like that cannot be fired from the tinkers.
But there are certain conditions regarding to those buttons from now on!


'6d10' kill nopo with hexaxe

Roll #1 9, 7, 3, 6, 6, 6 = 37


File: 1482619426329.jpg (36.78 KB, 500x307, pathetic.jpg)


>We are Number One is literally the only meme that cured cancer instead of causing it

that's fucking deep


Of course she did!


Does she take everything literally?


Nah, just more things than a usual breezy


Meeeeeeerry curisumasutu!


Let's hope she doesn't need any mind-blowing inventions then

>tfw so full but sorta feel like eating still


File: 1482620700093.png (405.83 KB, 1280x709, berp.png)


Will you ever stream the meme?
Or will you make a YT channel out of it instead?


That's a good one

Will you help us Americans teach fidget to play? Ive played with him in tf2 and I know he needs a patient team to help him, so it may not be best to jump right in with nopo and sylt

Should I join?

Also its mostly trivia anyway since its a fork of cry engine




Later I should do an edit of their expressions to suit their personalities


I mean, I don't care about losing if we just meme, but teaming up with a level 200-something might be a bit damaging for him at first

Also, I can go through the fucking travesty of adding an american number to Whatsapp if you want to join the memes
It took us a while with Swatz to figure it out


File: 1482621351496.png (659.53 KB, 1647x395, counfounded oriental femal….png)


Don't do that
I drew that inspired by the argument you guys had Friday
If you edit around it will lose its original meaning


Star Citizen has always been in development on a cryengine fork.
Also I don't know, because I haven't played it in a long time.


The meme I sent you


Okay but after all this Christmas stuff settled down

Yeah that's what I meant. So nothing really changes, just trivia

I'm okay with that


Okay with what exactly?


Well obviously


The original meaning being lost


File: 1482622701986.jpg (47.01 KB, 424x283, 8be75c17-1d04-4677-a0ed-6c….jpg)

Wf don't


It's a grim reminder, like the Auswitch Amusement Park Museum


A jolly christmas


>tfw resisted for hours but failed

I'm sorry Sion
I went back to the kitchen and ate another plate of garlic-crust catfish fillet with the potato salad


>1 gold,2 purples, all the rest is blues and Grey
>1 purple is coins, the other is dupe
>only gold is elf Tracer
I don't even like Tracer…


Now you will pay the price for your lack of vision '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


That's not a good way of saying epic and legendary
I was very confused for a second
Also, I got Jingle-Jangle tracer too, and I can't play her, but she has some amazing new voicelines for that skin

And that is?


File: 1482623234953.jpg (147.96 KB, 894x894, decarbia.jpg)

your soul


Voice lines too? Fuckin dev favoratism


For some christmas fish?

>gets picked
"Cheers love, the Holiday season is here!"
>gets a kill
"Did I hear some slay-bells?"

Those are the ones I'm sure of since I heard them


Yeah Yeah
But she's really difficult to play with in the console
Unless you're a cheater who uses mouse and keyboard, the kind which I have been finding every game


I can't play her for shit either, don't worry


I kind of understand wanting the only art of the characters to match them better, but editing maali's gift art isn't what I think you should do


File: 1482625043057.png (251.58 KB, 1050x1000, smile-marker-pony-christma….png)

And that's Christmas eve over with.


>it was based off the meta
well that explains it


Everything has its price


Felt good to feast like a king again

>war memorial


I thought it was because Fairweather is so argumentative!


Well, between the two of us, she is a bush-breezy savage




>open the 5 free loot boxes
>3 legendaries
money, torb pirate recolor (I had the other one) and mei-rry


I only got Yeti Winston as a legend but it's all I needed


>tfw no nutcracker


>tfw 3.5k gold and nothing to spend it on


>I'll probably get nutcracker and no meirry

Curse of rng


File: 1482626123323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.58 KB, 640x403, 1377439810150.jpg)

If only we could trade


I have the money for it, but other than the nuts as balls, it's pretty lame

If only there was some in-game currency which we could use to buy the stuff we like

Why would you want that?

Same, but with 4.5k


>tfw down to 1.1k and want santaclad


Just farm the Arcade boxes man


I find it amazing instead. Face of a murderer!


File: 1482626921159.png (679.44 KB, 2666x1000, 1475616888006.png)

>tfw 0 gold


>tfw sion never plays with us



File: 1482627054572.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x320, 76fe8f8239.jpg)

But how can I DEUS VULT?


With faith and fury.


Sent you a friend request on Bnet by the way.




>tfw no Fidget on Bnet


File: 1482627867746.png (Spoiler Image, 801.82 KB, 2491x1583, Pysa Christmas Gift for AA.png)

Posting this here to give AA a full resolution link


It was a spur of the moment thing


File: 1482628098012.jpg (113.59 KB, 512x546, 1458440705717.jpg)

Goodnight to all of you
Merry Christmas once again


Sleep well


Man, I didn't get a single legendary


File: 1482628303787.png (1.3 MB, 900x1435, 1479587748675.png)



Thanks for Grim Fandango!


Thanks for dank dungeons


File: 1482628448400.png (64.81 KB, 289x295, Red judges you silently.png)

Time to put this meme to bed.



Red is a slut and deserves to be raped.


You say that like it won't happen!




My BNet tag is Fidget#11450


File: 1482629641356.jpg (778.97 KB, 800x1178, 1481836731757.jpg)


File: 1482630174600.jpg (101.22 KB, 751x1063, Mei in Dva's suit.jpg)


File: 1482630329998-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.88 KB, 716x1012, 0e8.jpg)


File: 1482630435985.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.7 MB, 640x360, 1482629099283.gif)

Since you are our resident perv, say, what's this kind of swimsuit called?
The borat?
[insert horrible shadman flashback]


Horrible who?


File: 1482630538242.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.4 KB, 900x722, Shadman drew loli hilary t….jpg)


I think it's a sling bikini.


what the actual fuck man


>she doesn't
That's on the mild side.


What the heck
Why would the picture I posted give you flashback to that?


>looking at hentai
why would I ever?


Because I said shadman but I was thinking about a real hentai artist who did a very sad comic about cows.
Shadman is not hentai, he's a meme.
He draws DISGUSTINGLY bad, and his stuff is only posted to make everyone shit on it.
Like Moon Over June.


What a strange thing


Nooo not the cows!


Yes, the cows.
Help me here, how was the guy called?


Shindol? That's the only one I can think of.


What? what guy? the one who made the sad comic? I don't know 'em


Thank you!




File: 1482631137187.png (711.19 KB, 812x1128, 1466135722200.png)


File: 1482631175510.jpg (1.83 MB, 1447x2046, Cockbulges.jpg)


Sion you son of a bitch
Exactly at midnight


File: 1482631268666.jpg (596.3 KB, 800x1130, 1427091410384.jpg)




File: 1482631308128.png (586.29 KB, 540x935, d2a45c90-d772-4cbf-b336-ea….png)


File: 1482631322474.jpg (274.54 KB, 1132x1600, IMG-20160716-WA0000.jpg)

I don't have any new pictures to post




File: 1482631362447.jpg (78.8 KB, 480x620, 1482383629622.jpg)


I only know about the guy because his stuff turns up in threads where people don't like monster girls.


File: 1482631515427.jpg (287.69 KB, 539x842, 1422921059072.jpg)


File: 1482631562088.jpg (127.19 KB, 600x850, 1435012350974.jpg)

them too


>implying you didn't fap to the animal pens with the cowgirls in them
Are those…


File: 1482631656154.jpg (63.67 KB, 404x600, 1423541813609.jpg)

Boobies Yes


I was more focused on the coat of dicks or the deliciously THICC waist


File: 1482631758300.jpg (62.51 KB, 600x663, Chg7kI2UoAA6Zwu.jpg)

Come on get with the theme!


All my pictures of anime boobs are outright porn, sorry.


File: 1482631870835-0.png (Spoiler Image, 432.3 KB, 900x833, 3b9.png)

>coat of dicks
Let's see what I got




It's more of a skirt. The rest of her outfit is made of tongues.


I was actually too focused on boobies to notice


File: 1482632080330.jpg (191.41 KB, 640x918, 1467123241423.jpg)


File: 1482632107891.jpg (204.32 KB, 932x1300, Elf 2.jpg)


File: 1482632140289.jpg (268.61 KB, 900x1269, 1467133078762.jpg)


File: 1482632174990.png (3.42 KB, 252x159, temp.png)


post them all one-by-one





File: 1482632239392-0.png (Spoiler Image, 256.93 KB, 624x1000, tumblr_odw1g1Opnh1u4e3oio2….png)

Still pretty weird
Oh you
Woah that's a cute cleric
I'll be honest I don't have so many cute 'human girls


File: 1482632255544.jpg (178.84 KB, 705x800, 1423133307761.jpg)


A goat is fine too


File: 1482632298700.jpg (198.91 KB, 800x717, Wf shares his mouse anthro….jpg)


>Fidget's diaries.jpg


File: 1482632367490-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 708.69 KB, 660x900, tumblr_odd05ycK2b1spcpdgo1….jpg)

Geez with boobs this big I could mistake you for Nasse


File: 1482632371424.jpg (3.21 MB, 3850x5950, Sexy deer.jpg)

Who needs humans?


File: 1482632526638-0.png (331.81 KB, 801x945, tumblr_oe5grqANYx1tgmzxxo2….png)

>its 20 minutes into christmas and we're posting sexy gurls


File: 1482632562591.png (433 KB, 1024x579, Kemomimi gym.png)

Sexi girls are the best.


File: 1482632567622.jpg (381.75 KB, 725x1172, 1467133941410.jpg)

why do you think I'm posting them here?


File: 1482632615216.jpg (123.88 KB, 385x545, 1471582394996.jpg)

I don't have much christmas theme thou!


File: 1482632669153.jpg (92.44 KB, 1000x1011, b7f9d543c24282e2ca825ef6d3….jpg)


File: 1482632673627-0.png (475.34 KB, 768x762, 1473138327563.png)

Time for a change of flavor then?
Makes sense


File: 1482632705084.png (118.5 KB, 700x700, Flustered beyond apple.png)

>Dear diary:
>today Wf dumped a bunch more lewd fairies in the thread
>I think that's his method of courting Andelia
>She has so far not taken kindly to it. Observations will continue.


File: 1482632766313.jpg (143.09 KB, 850x1224, sample_89fed583fc78442f750….jpg)


File: 1482632834328-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.13 KB, 712x1024, 5881f5dffd7207bd5a77665f80….jpg)

is fine
I admit this is pretty fun to post these things while the euros sleep
As in less sexy girls and more sexy bois


qt poke gurl


File: 1482632887886.jpg (177.5 KB, 850x1012, sample_f7231c970ffbdb8f71f….jpg)

I dson't hyave any good cheesecake of Lillie


File: 1482632939066-0.jpg (230.7 KB, 900x1335, 1472748031522.jpg)

Why not?




File: 1482633001880.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.64 KB, 1280x800, Tracer x Widowmaker.jpg)



File: 1482633055927-0.jpg (99.98 KB, 540x810, tumblr_o9ms6uCNrN1txla6go1….jpg)

Come on, boys deserve love too you know


File: 1482633101744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.92 KB, 507x810, dominant boobs.jpg)

No they don't
Why do you have to be gay only when I don't want you to


File: 1482633164372.jpg (209.69 KB, 539x644, 5c2d617ba20fe2d5d8c8a8ac33….jpg)


File: 1482633188559-0.png (1.42 MB, 978x1456, 1471457991612.png)

Such is the fickle nature of a filthy bisexual


This thread has gone places.
Not good ones.


File: 1482633284782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.94 KB, 1220x1461, PFZ3NzS.jpg)


It went to America at the end. That was an improvement.


File: 1482633317025.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.64 KB, 1000x1200, 1471654889699.jpg)

My baaaad


You were having bad ping?


File: 1482633338595.png (609.42 KB, 1105x1098, 1482376944127.png)

Are you disparaging Iowa?


>not choosing superior Bismarck


File: 1482633442759-0.png (733.38 KB, 640x800, 5f32716425ef41eed4986c5dc4….png)

Embrace it


File: 1482633510137.png (140.04 KB, 350x350, tumblr_inline_ogoi6dxaG31t….png)

The only thing I will embrace tonight is the Iris, you motherfucker.
And my pillow. Soon.


File: 1482633584390.jpg (368.14 KB, 673x680, Laughing breasts.jpg)

It's only as bad as I think it is.


You can enable a stat display with temps, ping and fps.


Gee, Sorceresse's boobies sure are huge.


File: 1482633693329-0.jpg (91.76 KB, 650x871, 80b82b2f9f03ac0ceadae8b695….jpg)

Fine then
hopefully things will have gone back to normal when you wake up
That filename gets me everytime


File: 1482633724765.png (820.99 KB, 855x990, 1482383533205.png)

Bismarck is good, but Iowa is still better.


They're the font of life, you know.
Lots of milk for healthy skellingtons.


I would tell you off but I still haven't seen Kancolle.


File: 1482633973948-0.jpg (324.89 KB, 700x2800, 553.jpg)


None of the foreign ships appear in the anime or movie.
Iowa>Yamato sisters>Nagato sisters>Kongou sisters>Bismarck>Ise sisters>Fuso sisters>Roma


What foreign ships
Isn't Iowa foreign to Japan
What the fuck


Yes. Kancolle is a Japanese property, so the vast majority of them are IJN shipgirls.


So they have foreign ships, except not the good ones. Well at least now I know I don't have to watch it!


I just told you none of the foreign shipgirls appear in the anime.


File: 1482634499325.png (Spoiler Image, 39.9 KB, 954x403, brew of love.png)

okay no cookies involved actually that was the sleeping one


Not even Iowa? Then how do you know who is the best?


The browser game, of course.


Woah andy
What are you planning to do with that?




File: 1482634665661-0.png (37.61 KB, 589x781, 1476497534965.png)


File: 1482634683549.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.41 KB, 500x380, ALRIGHTY THEN..jpg)


File: 1482634714136.png (716.65 KB, 1004x649, Untitled.png)


>all that porn


File: 1482634934036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.63 KB, 659x800, tumblr_odh7roCO801snxtmno3….jpg)

Someone called?


What's up with you tonight!?


He's drunk on the Christmas spirits.


That should be a HOLY spirit.


File: 1482635316056.jpg (282.29 KB, 847x1200, Best horse and snek with s….jpg)

The cat woke me up and I can't sleep, I like posting lewds and Andy started it.


I was making a joke about how another term for alcohol is "spirits."
Nasse's boner is his cross to bare, though.


Speak of what the cat dragged in…


Everyone so lewd today…


hey its christmas, let nasse have fun!


The one having the most fun here is you!


File: 1482635622805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.83 KB, 502x700, I want to feel you in my c….jpg)

To be fair, she's the only girl in a room full of guys. Metaphorically speaking.
If she can't let down her hair once in a while, why even come here?


It's no fun if no one's responding.
Funny how well drawn all the features are but her pose is stiff as a brick.


Well I stopped once I posted my favorites!


File: 1482635875488.jpg (29.75 KB, 483x623, 1405096081651.jpg)


I love that hair!


Sure, 'Nasse'
I bet in a bit this will escalate into a fetish talk even!


Oh come on, no one is talking about fetishes but you!


It's what Lewdanon does, Nasse.


There's a lewdanon?!


What's your favourite fetish?
Mine is [insert meme answer here]


Well it is fun to share personal tastes with friends about all sorts of things
Especially for an artist that can put them in a canvas


I like bullying little anime girls


File: 1482636494990.jpg (206.59 KB, 371x790, A pirate.jpg)

Remember, Nasse, with /tg/ you don't need other boards.


My fetish is learning other people's fetishes


File: 1482636533759.gif (763.37 KB, 500x383, for bullying.gif)


File: 1482636538481.png (823.3 KB, 979x1050, 9881b56718f03ac8cd33a2e2c7….png)

You understand well


Its like you want to start fetish talk


Shuddup Verne.
I do


That too
I love learning other people's fetishes
It's too bad no one here has any fetishes
Who is this semen demon
Does he have a tumblr or some other art gallery, I can't go to /tg/, they frighten me and don't allow lewds


File: 1482636762943.jpg (433.01 KB, 3541x2507, 1456649601857.jpg)

You recoil and beg to stop wheneveer I reveal a hint of mine


File: 1482636822601.png (58.68 KB, 295x336, Blushing Orc.png)

I dunno
It might be to mainstream


Well, the grumpy old folks are asleep and it's Christmas
What other better time than the present?
We all do, but of course like in all groups of friends we don't just openly share all our kinks just like that to avoid embarrassment or awkwardness for everyone


But I don't want to know yours!
You might give me internet cooties!


File: 1482636924225.jpg (766.95 KB, 2542x1793, 2016-12-25 05.30.11.jpg)

I don't even remember ever asking you.
You say that but most of us have ERP'd and then had multiple meets after that


File: 1482636971362.gif (975.46 KB, 300x229, 1423498038103.gif)


True enough
But the most important thing is how comfortable each of us are to admiting our fetishes like this, since you are leaving yourself very open for people on the Internet who (in some cases) you never met


What nasse said.
I even slept in the same bed as Nopo, despite knowing the shit he gets off to!


File: 1482637140897.gif (1.9 MB, 540x450, Whisking intensifies.gif)

I forget. But I asked so there might be an answer in the future.


The whole concept of image boards is based on confessing your fetishes to strangers on the internet




Let's be honest, just sleeping in the same bed as Nopo must have been terrible, regardless if you know his fetishes or not
Well geez, you knows know I'm a NOOB when it comes to imageboard etiquette


I hear you about the bed thing.
He trashes like a croc in heat. Hogs all the sheets, too.


File: 1482637623057.png (60.96 KB, 377x374, 1472321508818.png)

You've made assumptions that may or may not have hit the mark


File: 1482637660210.jpg (125.58 KB, 675x1200, 5ed09e99-6344-42e2-adbd-ce….jpg)

Jesus Christ
I'm going to go to bed happy knowing the fact it won't be haunted by a dirty Hungarian


share your fetishes. I really like. girls with pointy fuzzy ears and long soft tails. and fairies.


What andy said. We shared. It's your turn.


File: 1482637867143.png (95.48 KB, 540x405, Mothest.png)

I don't remember any.


you fucking fag get back here and post your fetish now!


File: 1482638003868.png (96.65 KB, 500x427, But where is Mothest.png)


File: 1482638274012.jpg (1.38 MB, 3341x2269, 2016-12-25 05.52.39.jpg)

She's busy making new moths with anon


>Anon going for the ara ara~ grandmoth
Truly, a man of adventure.


File: 1482638353616.png (260.1 KB, 1024x546, bewear_by_xtodomatsux-daay….png)

And I like cute ponies
Glasses also make girls look qtier 90% of the time
And hime cuts, which is part of why Twily is my favourite
and and complete and utter domination and forcing people to lose control which leads to a lot of other things, cuter if voluntary and even cuter if they want to do the same to me


File: 1482638385010.jpg (351.64 KB, 1280x985, Too many glasses.jpg)


File: 1482638551152.png (Spoiler Image, 124.38 KB, 540x405, Mothest2.png)

Moths never get old.


File: 1482638560839.jpg (505.57 KB, 1280x1807, 004.jpg)


top cute



File: 1482638707463.png (Spoiler Image, 113.04 KB, 540x405, Mothest3.png)

I wish I could draw lewds


What happens next?




But you do?


File: 1482638988188.png (Spoiler Image, 262.26 KB, 1400x1200, Bimbo Tomoko.png)

Yeah right, if I could draw lewds wouldn't I be drawing them even now?


File: 1482638994120.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1280x960, 1e0d099ec89ada13913521b651….gif)

Goddammit I go up for a glass of water

I'll share one of my biggest, if not the biggest, fetishes
Its this stuff, and there's a long story about how it developed
Good night for real


Red eyes?


Isn't that mostly due to a lack of motivation?
Maali, tittyfucking is a completely vanilla preference. Even adding light mockery on top of that is still incredibly vanilla.



File: 1482639242259.png (Spoiler Image, 172.82 KB, 346x498, creation.png)

I guess


Cute tiger.


File: 1482639323466.png (23.04 KB, 714x669, Tiger butt.png)

Oh hey, my brother drew that.


What are you, gay?




A high number of sub-goers are a fan of the man.


I know

Now this is gay
K-kemono makes it okay though


I know you know. But like every queer does, I have to reiterate.


>the 1060 works

Yes! Into the modern age of gaming!


My, my.

The fact that she's trying is what makes it great!
It's a very mental thing for me too.


File: 1482640214476.png (Spoiler Image, 139.9 KB, 648x1022, Cerea's breast.png)

Everything is better if it's your waifu doing it.




Good, good.


Fooking hell, now I have to upgrade my whole rig.


File: 1482642160190.jpg (77.38 KB, 521x730, 1320010501471.jpg)

I don't really want to torture a pon though


What if your "torture" was just reading her blatantly false facts with bogus citations?


N-no, stop


On special nights, you'd read articles straight from the Onion completely unironically.


File: 1482642791596.png (144.98 KB, 802x1324, 1482494306042.png)

>Christmas eve on /tg/


>Processor arriving on the 27th
So how has your day been Ponypeople?


good night


Buenas noches


Night Andy. Merry crimmas


File: 1482645319786.gif (280.72 KB, 960x540, 1336553375672.gif)


File: 1482645568860.jpg (159.75 KB, 861x1024, 1482346797429m.jpg)

Good night, and merry Christmas. I'll be off now myself.


>mom starts blasting metal covers of christmas songs on volume 11


It's been okay. Yesterday was nicer.


Merry Christmas, everyone


Merry Christmas, Gaius.


Y-you too

>got a whetstone set and soldering iron



Merry kurikumasu


So far, my complaint about Dark Souls 2 would be the lack of good, light armor. So far, the best has been the Hexer's Set, which looks like someone grabbed clothing from the Goodwill bin and ran it through an industrial wood chipper.

Who am I supposed to kill to get a decent set of clothing in Drangleic?


File: 1482652348501.png (3.1 MB, 2400x2400, But you look so cute in it.png)

Well, Merry Christmas and to all a good night. See y'all tomorrow.


Good morning everyone


File: 1482659138391.jpg (1.34 MB, 1280x1810, Wonderbolts.jpg)



Unf unf unf


File: 1482662623640.png (517.42 KB, 3000x5606, 413556__safe_solo_vector_r….png)


Why are they so pretty?


File: 1482662779275.jpg (37.02 KB, 540x304, 43915694-8a53-4ea2-a261-aa….jpg)

Time for morning regret
Yes the first one
What?? No it isn't, especially with how obsessed I am with it makes it not vanilla at all


File: 1482663622488.jpg (27.35 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Postcards gonna be delayed, I'm gonna get you guys better ones


I mean
It's your fetish
But it doesn't make it not-vanilla


Eyebrows from Love Lab




File: 1482667114407.png (16.42 MB, 4850x3750, trixie_twilight_s.png)


For this Christmas I will make '1d3' mine

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1482667581614.jpg (382.29 KB, 748x1008, Dino-Fag goes to a Warhamm….jpg)

>ramming prow deals no damage when ramming a smaller ship

What the fuck?


still ready to hand out more drawings if someone has ideas


File: 1482670109187-0.png (336.98 KB, 1366x768, Captura de Tela (107).png)

I can't believe I open up my heart only to be insulted like this
So this is the famous game I've heard so much about…
Thanks Sionne!


A-are you getting one for me as well?


It's because we are in the same shoe
You know how mouth stuff is my ultimate fetish but that doesn't make it any less vanilla


Humanized Emrille meets pony Emrille and likes what she sees


Well your mouth stuff seems kinda weird too, especially when it has blood and such
blood is also your fetish right?


Slap hand '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


I don't cross the beams!
Those are separate things!
And blood is nowhere near mouth stuff


Time to see if this thing works


Twily is mine!


No! Twily is for bdn


File: 1482671470041-0.png (12.49 KB, 256x288, pompous_privateer_by_abyss….png)

would you be up for drawing me a sheep in a dress like this?
You don't need to color it.


But then who is for me?

Lady Dania


Your left hand.


File: 1482671785030.png (115.49 KB, 276x230, 01b.png)

>He doesn't know


Jill needs some time and distance

That she isn't a lady?


File: 1482672007437.png (207.81 KB, 417x256, 12412125125168.png)


File: 1482672100922.png (189.17 KB, 814x981, lyra_heartstrings_by_memer….png)

You can have this one


What about Jack? You're not overworking the poor fellow, are you?


I'll see what I can do


though when you say sheep do you mean like MLP sheep or anthro sheep?


MLP kind!



Fiiiiine, I'll take it

Our relationship has been cold since I caught him with a woman

I sorta want to see the pirate sheep too, so get on that first!


Well, you have to admit that women have nicer breasts than you.


Sadly, the last few I knew weren't quite a… handful, so to say.
Not that I don't like all shapes and sizes except the giant veiny water balloons, I'm looking at you Nasse but still.


I see. The humanoid shape of it made me first think anthro.


The Red Army Choir has died.



File: 1482673709555.jpg (103.76 KB, 1280x720, Red army choir.jpg)

Yeah, that's actually genuinely sad. Though I thought it was the ensemble and not the choir itself?


As long as you can palm them like some sort of sports ball, it's all good.
Like disbanded died, or the oldest surviving member of the original choir passed?



They were on their way to Syria to perform for Russian troops.


Are we sure they weren't shot down?
And you're right, that's depressing.


They lost contact with the plane minutes after it took off. It crashed in the Black Sea. Seems unlikely, but I guess anything is possible.


Well, let's hope that it was just mechanical error and not something some terrorist group will claim responsibility for or something.


It was a military plane, so not a commercial flight. We'll see I suppose.



File: 1482674218758.png (333.22 KB, 1280x995, daf68e2d-ad69-4be0-ac91-89….png)


A pokemon trainer


Here is a transcript from the Black Box
>"Vasilij, do we have enough Kerozine?"
>"Nyet Igor, is worst tasting vodka I ever drank"
> muffled https://youtu.be/eBhh23-paLU in the background


File: 1482676061382.png (377.51 KB, 1300x1307, scourge of the high fleese.png)



Thanks DM


That's pretty fucking qt

Does this mean Sky-yarr is coming back?


File: 1482676594786-0.jpg (82.11 KB, 800x848, 1077619__safe_solo_monochr….jpg)

I would say that it was never off the table


Woah that was fast


Hey DM, who's your favorite poninino?


What a cute pirate

Also, you know what I mean!


I get it!

I'm serious thou, I was just kinda down ever since I visited my sister that's why I didn't run things


It's okay, I'm not trying to pressure you into anything, but you know how much we love your style! But I'm glad you're getting some of your enthusiasm back at least!


File: 1482676966948.png (91.98 KB, 324x316, 1331155386871.png)

My speed to quality ratio is my one advantage


Good taste. She is my second favorite by a rather narrow margin.


File: 1482677023487-0.png (643.5 KB, 1600x998, VenomSparrow.png)

going through some old pics really reminded meI even drew things for it, silly things but still

AFK for breakfast


It's not silly if you enjoy it, is my motto!


You know, playing Orwell actually makes me feel bad for the people who have to be FB administrators, they unironically have to sifht through shit like this



No no
Well speed is almost always prefered over quality


Prim Velevetthe bounty hunter sheep


We shall capture her, shave her, and give buttermilk a coat made out of her wool.
So she can sing "I wear Priiiiiiim Velvet!"


>pirates capturing bounty hunters
Nonono you've got it all backwards


I like this plan



File: 1482678975010-0.png (44.79 KB, 1238x627, Techicolor_Fools_sketch.png)

dang it, I can't even be mad at this



File: 1482679051402.png (333.85 KB, 641x647, Untitled.png)


What did he mean by this


Nothing I just wanted to post that crop I took from BDN's comic. I should point out it has several story flaws
>Shrine keeper's daughter says they grew up together
>But she's 400 and he's 26


I guess I'll look into these two next


File: 1482679339092-0.jpg (47.19 KB, 720x480, Sally-Acorn-sonic-sally-14….jpg)

You don't say?


I'm starting to suspect that story accuracy wasn't very important to the author of that porn


File: 1482679536654-0.png (478.94 KB, 1050x1400, 1423805510310.png)



Do you think you can give the server a reset if you haven't yet?


okay afk for a bit now


File: 1482681773033.png (437.13 KB, 777x770, mouth ref.png)

Someone mentioned porn?


File: 1482681822651.png (13.78 KB, 183x101, Lot of misogynist filth.png)


File: 1482681859368.png (228.49 KB, 1024x1480, bunecapr.png)

No porn here, only pure things


File: 1482683162097.gif (3.6 MB, 576x324, 1472052046667.gif)

>Open stove
>Ants have completely taken over the turkey from yesterday


You must purge.


File: 1482683624933.jpg (78.13 KB, 415x325, 1471069025387.jpg)

>37c outside

I hate ants almost as much as I hate spiders


File: 1482684473565.gif (2.89 MB, 405x227, Tashy Wave Motion Gun.gif)

You know what to do.
Chemical warfare is the answer. Sugar water mixed with poison.


>1 hour ago

I'll reset it now

I was distracted with Christmas stuff


>Le Pen says she wants France to leave NATO
Really makes you think.


What episode of Courage the Corwardly Dog is this?

Can't be the ally of Russia in a war while in Nato, true.


Sym Bionic Titan, actually.




That is clearly the house of Eustace and Muriel in the middle of Nowhere


>things from free christams lootboxes:
D.va victory pose (blue)
Santaclad Torb
Tracer's pink tights
Pharah victory pose (kneeling, blue)
Sombra victory pose (blue)
Zrya skin (goldenrod)

An interesting opening for Overwatch.


Welcome to the club.


Here's hoping I don't end up trying to go competitive pro or some silliness.


She probably shot herself in the foot there


Weren't her polls already looking grim?


She was looking pretty good, but that's of little consequence if all her enemies team up against her, which they will. The whole French election process is basically designed to keep a Le Pen out.
I would be extremely surprised if she won, and I thought Trump would win!


File: 1482689358958.png (795.68 KB, 970x723, 1481664346904.png)

Okay, this Fallout seems really fun, it's very inviting and easily got me immersed in a few minutes, even if it is a little bit overwhelming at first with all the stuff you can learn

I also would prefer playing with a controller instead of keyboard/tablet but at least the VATS thing is there to help
Hopefully I won't regret having my very first playthrough in Hardcore mode


You are now playing the only good modern fallout. Enjoy it.


I'll try
But I thought 4 was super great and such? I remember there was a lot of hype behind it


People who have yet to pick up their gift from me!


>Sion got presents for literally everyone in the sub


Sion pls link HYPE from the /V/ musical to him.



Wind is getting addicted to flagellating himself


First of, that's a surprisngly quality video, woah

So I guess Fallout 4 became one of these overhyped games then huh? All I remember from when you guys were talking about it was JETPACKS!!


Let's make something clear here. Me, Sion and nopony always knew the game would be bad. We know what Bethesda does and we are aware how bad a company tgey are


File: 1482691127733.jpg (20.8 KB, 486x389, tumblr_o64ad8SMVS1uypv6uo1….jpg)

I didn't remember if the reaction you guys had was positive or negative either
Well I'll make sure to treasure this gift of the last good Fallout then, thanks



We have Fallout 4 on the PS4 but there is no way I can play it before I leave to the UK


I hate "fallout" 4 with a passion. It's not an RPG and killed the game series I enjoyed.


I really don't understand what the fuck they were going for with it


Oh god
I just noticed something that will make me sound like an idiot but I just realized where I saw the Bethesda logo before
I even thought to myself how this game felt a bit like Skyrim
How embarassing
I'm sorry to hear that. I know how it is pretty upsetting to see a franchise you like get distorced
If it is not an RPG anymore then what was it turned into?


File: 1482691696434.jpg (103.58 KB, 729x746, 1434890481200.jpg)

>Maali is playing New Vegas

H-have fun, I'm so proud of you

You should probbaly ask your questions about thwat the Fallout setting is like



Hey, it might recover. I think they've admitted they fucked up in a few places.

Replaying Oblivion I end up more and more impressed with the way Skyrim turned out because holy fuck it's utter shit, Fallout 4 seems to be bad in the same way


Madden's audience. People who don't play fallout. They managed it, it's a huge success among normies.


You'll be getting a gift from me later - promise! I just need to do some stuff first maybe I should let you gift Starbound to someone else though, I tried Terraria and it wasn't really my thing, and isn't this very similar?


I will!
Though instead of asking I'll just play it out instead and learn as I go in the highest difficulty
I feel It wouldn't be as fun other way


Well, everything has been casualized to shit, that much is true.
The greatest insult is still just taking away additional options


An open world looter shooter with some RPG elements. Keep in mind, these elements are as light as perks are in cod multiplayer.




Aah I see, so in the end those perks and character customization didn't matter as long as you could just shoot stuff dead
How dull


Not to mention the wheel is just there to hide how much a lot of the answers are the same


Oh so that's the dude from the JUST BUY MY GAME picture
Wow his voice sure is squeaky and annoying

Also that video is gold after gold, holy fudge


Fallout 4 is actually a lot of fun. I played and enjoyed it personally. You really shouldn't listen to the others, since they're just parotting other's opinions again without actually having played the game.


It's not like shooting stuff dead was the easiest way to play, it's that it is the only way. Literally. The are no options to solve matters in different ways, the are no choices and consequences. And the writing for the main quest is shit, while for the side quests is non-existent.


Wait, you mean you hate Skyrim or Oblivion more?


Skyrim is alright, I like it enough
I absolutely fucking detest Oblivion and every time I give it another chance because m-mods fix it it pisses me off more and more.


Todd pls go


I mean, I saw it being played too on the PS
It is a very pretty sandbox and the crafting is cool, but the whole 'build your character as you want and make dialouge choices based on that and use your skills' thing that I love about Fallout didn't really seem to be there.
There's just tests of how hard a skill check is instead, but no new options


I played Fallout 4 and liked it because the shooting elements, but it's really a shit RPG and the dialogue system might as well not have been put in.
Yeah Oblivion felt really flat after I powered it through Morrowind. Haven't touched the Expansions for the Dark Elf simulator though.


It's certainly different from the previous games, but to say FNV is more of an RPG than Fallout 4 is absolutely laughable.

FNV is still the best Fallout game ever made though.


The expansions are eh, Tribunal sticks you in one place for the whole expansion and Bloodmoon is an interesting change of pace.

Shivering Isles for Oblivion was actually really good, though.


You sure you don't want Starbound?
It's kinda like Terraria I think, but I thought you liked that kinda thing.

If you really don't want it, I'll gift it away.


I like Oblivion


>let me just level up my skills
>wait, right
>skills are no longer a thing


Fnv is a real RPG though. It has choices, ways to build a character and progress it, consequences, different outcomes depending on your playstyle, good writing and it answers the most important question.
"What do they eat?"


It's just so
And the world is just a square kilometer of European forest


Meanwhile, Fallout 4 has a Zeppelin made out of steel


>don't listen to them, listen to me!
Jokes aside, yes you got a point, yeah you should take what others say with a grain of salt before you actually play the game

Your post actually makes me think a lot too. Now I'm wondering to myself which is the bad mindset: Keeping an open mind to listen to other's opinions on a game and keep them in mind when you play it, or pushing away the hate and shills and just play the game and develop your own opinion with no influence from others
Geez, the way you're saying it makes it sound like its just a CoD story mode then


File: 1482692778704.jpg (104.08 KB, 1000x800, 1393806469985.jpg)

I can more or less understand the appeal of a more 'familliar' setting now, at least.

I don't know how you deal with the combat though, fucking shit. And the setting is perfect to play a knight too, which also means I'll have to always deal with the combat. It's very hard to resist turning down the difficulty slider so I don't have to spend decades clicking the same enemy who shouts the same taunts as fucking everyone over and over again.


File: 1482692821355.jpg (68.3 KB, 331x381, 1478699253941.jpg)

I like Darkest Dungeon but losing my heroes scares me!

I dunno what it is about it. There were really nice sights in Oblivion. I never really had any locations in Skyrim outside that made me go wow. Also the quests were kinda better than Skyrim, most of the time.



Problem is, since people gobbled Fallout 4 like this, it makes it less likely that we get a good Fallout game like NV again, since it's obviously easier to make a shit game with bad writing and half-assed, casual gameplay elements


File: 1482692960040.gif (439.44 KB, 294x294, 1206444.gif)

>I don't know how you deal with the combat though

See, I never got why people complained about the combat. I played through Morro "missmissmiss" wind. I've never played a TES game for the combat.


They technically are. I mean stuff like lockpicking is still there and to be upgraded.

I'm not denying they simplified things, but it's hardly worse than FNV.

Nigga please.

I love FNV, but don't pretend it's anything more than a game with some RPG elements added to it.


Wait so which is the universally best then? Skyrim Obvlivion or Morrowind?
normies usually don't pay attention to things like writing I suppose
But honestly, what do I know? I might be a normie myself


> which is the universally best then

Whichever you play first.


File: 1482693095950.png (644.93 KB, 1022x778, 2PONES.png)



Just pirate it if you're curious/unsure. Play it and see what you think.

I suggest starting with FNV though. Well worth the price.


Then please, describe an RPG. What's missing from NV for it to be one?


File: 1482693139433.jpg (107.74 KB, 660x371, tundra.jpg)

The moment I decided Skyrim was alright was when I was walking to Whiterun and looked across the taiga and saw giants herding mammoths. Like Morrowind, I was in an alien world again, and I was really happy about that.

I really don't remember anything about OB Cyrodiil except precisely that there was nothing to remember.

Missmissmiss isn't an issue if you just carry stamina pots to start off fights after long distance runs, and even then at least the combat is over with quick so you don't have to dwell on it.

I still love Morrowind the most
Skyrim is okay


I guess it might have to do with my playstyle. I get the most fun out being some sneaky hunter using poisons and bows. And I had lots of fun just walking through the forest in Oblivion shooting stuff.
I never really got that in Skyrim even though it should be there.

>Missmissmiss isn't an issue if you just carry stamina pots

I only learned that waaay late in the game. This was before the internet or me having many rpg's. I didn't even know what stamina was beyond some bar that made me not run


Modern Fallout games fall under the same category as Mass Effect games, Mount and Blade and Alpha protocol. Not quite RPG's, merely action games with RPG elements added to them.

Actual RPG's aren't really as popular anymore, but they're still being made just looking at games like Tyranny and Divinity: Original Sin.


For some reason Terraria never clicked with me, probably because 2D


File: 1482693470734.png (234.25 KB, 550x603, JXkGRmk.png)

Heh, true enough. When we play the first game of a franchise we like, regardless of order, we'll always compare the others to the first one, and usually negatively too
Skyrim it is for me then
Who do you take me for?! I would rather buy a legal copy and support the gam- ah who am I kidding I just won't do it because I barely got time and I doubt my computer would handle 4

And yes, I'll just stick to New Vegas for now, though I can't opinate on the worth of the price since it was a Gift
I see I see


File: 1482693489201.gif (869.9 KB, 179x203, 1235051.gif)

Anyone really want Starbound?


Could give it to DM. He loved Terraria. Or keep it for yourself.


You didn't answer my questions!
I played the older fallout games too and all the elements which make them RPGs (which I listed above) are present in new vegas.
Just because NV doesn't have a turn based or stat reliant combat system doesn't mean it instantly loses its RPG status. Also VATS is the action combat approximation of that.


Sorry, pass! Got way too many games and I didn't ever like Terraria too much.


This might be a dumb question but
Vanilla is when a game is just without mods or does it stop being vanilla after you get the DLCs too?


File: 1482693783291.gif (291.99 KB, 500x400, 1469355448529.gif)

Thanks a lot Wf!


Depends on the definition!


It can mean both (no DLCs or no mods) but more often it means no mods


[Gun noises]


I just got told by the gifter that I was given all the DLCs too
I guess that explains all those non-stop messages at the start


Also the real gift I want for Christmas from you is you to play OW with us again If it's too high pressure to play with Sylt and Nopo we can play separately


Sorry, my laptop is giving me other troubles likely related to being filled with ants.

Thanks for the gift, but it might take me a few days to claim it.


>getting literal bugs in your computer


>Just because NV doesn't have a turn based or stat reliant combat system doesn't mean it instantly loses its RPG status
No, but it does if you couple that to more action game oriented gameplay. The bulk of the gameplay is spent doing the same thing you do in shooter/action games. It's a different game to classic Fallout games. The RPG elements are still there, but they're no longer the main mechanics and you can't rely on them alone to beat the game.


>and you can't rely on them alone to beat the game.
I sure as hell did.


I vary my style a lot, and a lot of my gripes with Oblivion came from being a beefy as fuck knight, all strength and endurance, and then for some reason to not be staggered when blocking I needed to have high agility, which I completely ignored because I wanted to be a unmoving guardian in service to my Emperor. Then some fuck with a tiny dagger can make it seem like I'm disabled just by tickling my shield a lot. Then as a protective knight I decided to do the escort quests, and because I made the mistake of actually building my class according to what skills I used, so I had leveled up to around 10 while the NPC escorts stayed at around 4-ish. So I failed every single escort quest. And since at some point in the MQ you need to gather reinforcements to make sure your escrot stays alive I decided to gather as many as I could, which meant tackling Oblivion gates in every city, which meant walking through the same eye-bleeding red space trying to hit things with my sword that take forever to die, and I did this seven times.

I noticed the game flowed a lot smoother when I did a mage run, it was much, much less painful.


But the majority of players didn't, because VATS is ass and an optional part of the game. I rarely play VATS characters myself. The game handles so much better when you manually do the shooting.


It's not about the pressure though, I just tend to get mad when I lose and that happens a lot when you guys are far higher lvl than me.



I wasn't talking about using VATS. I completed the game without ever firing a shot.


You can do that in some shooters too. That doesn't make them non-shooter games. What kind of logic is that?


Don't be that way

Oh I see

Maybe you could play with Andy and DM who are lower level and you would get better matchmaking?


I think my brother got actual Oreo fluff into the keyboards. Came home from work and the ants were literally attached to the stuff.


File: 1482694238562.gif (455.32 KB, 586x508, 1279703.gif)

I guess.
But I'll be sure to play some more with you guys too.


The implication was, I talked/hacked/stealthed/charmed/bribed my way around the enemies ad challenges rather than killing them.
You know, CHOICES based on my CHARACTER BUILD which had CONSEQUENCES as then the outcome of a given quest was different. That's the definition of a role playing game. I have the tools to play any role I want within the game's world.


>wasting oreo fluff

Who are you good with again? You were a CS player so I guess soldier?


I guess Soldier, but it really makes no difference.
CS is slow and requires precision, OW is fast and requires synergies. I just need to learn how the game works.


Soldier got a big buff last patch. It's crazy how much a difference 3 damage a shot increased his output.


Let the man play what he wants!
Maybe he's a better healslut than Groves!


And yet it still lacks the focus on being an RPG rather than an action game with RPG elements. It's part RPG, but not a true RPG.

And here's the fun part, you can beat Fallout 4 without killing anyone as well. Still not an RPG though. Sorry to disappoint.


>And yet it still lacks the focus on being an RPG rather than an action game with RPG elements. It's part RPG, but not a true RPG.
Saying "it lacks the focus" is very broad. It means all and nothing at all.
FFXV has action based combat. Is that not an RPG?
RPGs are not defined by their combat system!


Yes they are.

As for Final Fantasy, Japs are complete garbage at making games. JRPG's are a different beast altogether.


>And here's the fun part, you can beat Fallout 4 without killing anyone as well
In Fallout NV they actually designed the game around having options though. In Fallout 4 it's just a loophole.


Ok, so your opinion on what an RPG is disregards with the rest of the video game industry, from review outlets to game developers.
Good to know!


FNV is literally defined as an Action RPG. Just like Mass Effect and Skyrim.

Now I don't know about you, but I feel there's a difference between these games and actual RPG's.


And it's closer to an RPG than an action game, while the other 2 games you quoted are at the opposite end of the spectrum.


>And it's closer to an RPG than an action game
It really isn't. It's just an Action game with RPG elements.



This guy is not perfect but he surprisingly manages to not completely butches most words


Well I disagree.


Lel, Andy, this is ALMOST exactly what I joked about a week ago


>Thaumcraft/Industrial Expansion crossover mod


Which is why I told Maali not to care about an opinion and to form his own.


I also still think you are wrong, but at least this argument gave him our views on the matter. At this point it's clear you have a very narrow definition of what an RPG is, and he can draw conclusions from there.


There's plenty of RPG's out there. It's just that games with RPG elements added to them are more popular nowadays. The classic kind of RPG just doesn't sell quite as well.


I mantain FNV to be a purebred rpg.


And I just happen to disagree. That's my opinion. Not going to sperg more about it.

It's time for vidya now.


it had been slowing down since yesterday and was just unplayable this morning.
No worries.


>The mod finally solves the problem of the players required to carry 2 sets of armor in the inventory while playing with these mods. It introduces the item which is Goggles of Revealing and QuantumSuit Helmet in one, Boots of the Traveler and QuantumSuit Boots in one.

Sounds pretty convenient.



File: 1482697266076.gif (2.6 MB, 440x507, 1451237118336.gif)


pretty qt
there is a holiday firework like lens in botania which is what I was trying to see if we had when I realized we couldn't move


Is it working again? I restarted it a bit ago but I'm trying to get my holiday arcade lootboxes before they reset


I'm loading it up. I'll know in a five minutes.


File: 1482697767068.png (821.69 KB, 4077x5000, 1464777893815.png)


after two time outs its loaded up
seems normal again!


File: 1482698881268.jpg (283.42 KB, 1000x1100, 1444005949303-0.jpg)


File: 1482699275390.png (71.62 KB, 415x600, 1449611556958.png)


She looks so… Naked.


She is!


Okay, that's good


only to lag up again after I make the mana blaster and lens its a green firework, kind of cool


Green you say?


Yes. Green.


File: 1482701900425.gif (3.7 MB, 640x360, 1451834987180.gif)

That's your color!
And also, the color of this pony!


Those ponies are not green


They are all green, can't you see?


Did it clear up in time?


File: 1482704115181.png (247.22 KB, 1280x640, Emmy.png)

"Hi Bran, I'm Emrille, I'm an assassin, I buy guns from your father.
Listen if you ever need anypony murdered, please give me a call, I'm very discreet, I have no code of ethics, I will kill anyone, anywhere, children, animals, old people, doesn't matter, I just love killing!"


In time?
No one else was really playing, I made three mana blasters thou, they're neat


>It'll be new year in four hours dude
-me just now


Are you gonna draw?


Sounds fun


Not today I'm not home


File: 1482705453889-0.gif (2 MB, 388x268, donkyMareHittingOnMe.gif)

maybe I guess
I don't know what fun is right now


File: 1482705541725.gif (1.1 MB, 598x354, 1448747972970.gif)

That filename is fun


>tfw no fun filename to read on that gif


File: 1482705629888.jpeg (154.33 KB, 1280x1536, mfw Andy snooping up my f….jpeg)


File: 1482705682947.jpg (123.71 KB, 1366x768, Lady Dania and Leonis.jpg)

My filenames are very hit and miss


File: 1482706265967.png (199.19 KB, 1055x655, It's three in the afternoo….png)

My filenames are usually shallow and not funny.


File: 1482706320330.jpg (25.43 KB, 460x257, got there a bit early.jpg)

I occasionally strike gold, but it's usually because I can use macabre humour


What episode of Ren & Stimpy is this?


File: 1482706517573.jpg (111.43 KB, 559x960, I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna….jpg)


File: 1482706566095.jpeg (50.66 KB, 736x491, Jean d'Arab.jpeg)

I don't remember

One day I'll get good at it


>not "spawncamping"


File: 1482707599185.gif (3.51 MB, 480x270, a few days later he turned….gif)

I read that as "prawncamping" for some reason


File: 1482708120391-0.jpg (84.26 KB, 941x578, XCOM.EU.Slingshot.Armors2.jpg)

For reference.




File: 1482708514339-0.gif (1.72 MB, 250x188, when the inventory screen ….gif)

>breeding villagers

Super lewd


With my love potion to make the population boom too


>love potion
So that is why you have been witching around so much!
I should have knew it!


EXACTLY one year to the next meet


Wonder what the future will hold.


File: 1482709655898.jpg (147.76 KB, 600x800, 1481802615829.jpg)

Thanks for the present, Sion. Merry Christmas!


File: 1482710925401.png (194.33 KB, 1024x792, Gabby.png)

>Watching Demolition Man
>Every time he says "Taco Bell" it's captioned as "Pizza Hut"
>"I wouldn't mind a burrito" is changed to "pizza"


>try disabling train to remove lag
>only one track turns off


It's probably not the train since it has been running a long time, but you should turn it off anyway since no one is using those essences


File: 1482714990427-0.png (414.56 KB, 970x900, 1446562077514.png)





File: 1482715191320.jpg (32.28 KB, 204x181, 2015-09-14 13.17.05.jpg)

>The protag from Don't Starve isn't a kid
What the heck. I feel so betrayed now



I can't actually power down the tracks
gave up for a while

And It might be a combination of things, the villages and the tracks happened right about the time of the lag!


File: 1482715673180-0.webm (9.68 MB, 640x360, Liru_project.webm)


2016 was a pretty alright year for memes


I think memes have been at their most intense

Politically speaking, in historical terms, 2016 was a fucking travesty


I powered it off (and got your stuff back)

I'm gonna restart again and see if that helps


The glint weed and hand of ender you mean?
I don't think I had anything else on me.


Also are you noticing the problem at all?
Its not just me right?


Some rings, tiara, etc.

Yeah, it's definitely super laggy


Oh I forgot to remove the baubles.
Thanks then.


Although, the lag seems gone after this latest reboot

Come check



I learned a couple things you might be interested in.

A. the fairest one of them all is a special NPC which spawns, it looks like a disney princess, snow white or auroa are possibilities, but you'll definately notice, and they just spawn somewhere kinda "nearby" so we just need to look for her when get the message again.

B. the witchery poppet shelf counts as a chunk loader, if you want to try to fix your villages with that.


Nope, I only followed it for the memes such as >>796624


File: 1482716497572.jpg (27.88 KB, 425x329, 1467827665497.jpg)

Time to take my memes to dreamland.



Night Groves. Merry Christmas.


Hm, I see

Maybe I'll try the poppet shelf with the jap village just as a testing ground

BTW you can view a village's maximum expansion range by reading the town map in its town hall


well I'm not too concerned for that, at least until they are confirmed to function again


It needs to stop being so cold.

How's the day been for you folks?


Soilid 7 out of 10, only had one christmas day fight!


My mother and eldest brother brought up the election.
It ended about as well as you'd expect.



I always thought those fights were just a meme. Did they bring up the Wall and Making America Great Again?


No, it started with the Affordable Care Act and ended somewhere around how implausible it would be for someone to assassinate Trump.
My mother is unfortunately quite deep in the Left camp.


My phone woke me up this morning with a clickbait article about the latter topic, so it seems even the people on his side are just waiting for it to happen.

Anyways, plenty of food and happiness otherwise, right?


>Processor arrived in the shipping facility in town on the 24th
>Tempted to just drive out there before work and pick it up
I want to build my computer. I feel so hollow without it.


Oh, yeah. Great dinner otherwise.




It's just 15 minutes away, dude. I'll pick up the RAM and GPU and I'm ready to go.


File: 1482721144510.png (780.83 KB, 516x849, 1482681491223.png)

>that feel when the night has come and the land is dark


Night Sylt. I hope you had a good day.


Buenas noches.


My only wish for Christmas is a job.


Try vineyards. It's hard, but good work.


Can't move out on a seasonal job.


True. That's why you get a liquor store job for the off-season.


How about one of those gas station attendant jobs? I usually seem them reading books whenever I have to go pay.


>try to do anything on Wf and Andy's minecraft server
>takes more than a solid minute to bring up anything (container, alveary UI, crafting stations)
>they just reset the damn thing
Well, it was fun while it lasted. Feel free to harvest bee hut for gold and coal.


I thought you got a new microwave?


No, it wasn't the microwave's fault this time.


It's pretty late on your end anyways, isn't it? Get some rest already


It's only midnight… But yeah I probably should.


Starting 2017, I want to run an ADnD campaign. Get your books ready when I inundate you with questions.


File: 1482729230015.png (368.6 KB, 512x724, Santaalter1.png)

So what did your respective version of the winter gift-giver entity bring you for Christmas?


So far, a headache as my brothers tears the room apart trying to catch the pet rat.


Did you try luring it out with peanut butter?


They're basically trying everything right now


Wf has a theory that its the server itself getting more traffic because people are getting minecraft for christmas. Maybe it will settle down in a few days. Well. Since you're giving up on it too.

I made you witch hunter armor as a presentsince you're the only uncursed one on the server, it would let you use the special bolts on the witch hunter cross bow


vidya gamez


I got Doom, Assault Suit Leynos, and DS3, but that was a mix-up.


Comfort in knowing I can give stuff to my friends


Is this a dream?


its a nitemare


File: 1482743332077-0.webm (4.61 MB, 1280x720, 423100.webm)


File: 1482743799816.png (402.52 KB, 637x718, 1455475111153.png)


File: 1482744734971.webm (10.37 MB, 640x360, 410370.webm)


>Only 3 survived by not being on the plane
Christ imagine being one of those guys.


Sort of like that brazilian football team


File: 1482749825111.gif (1.8 MB, 437x508, 1278998.gif)


File: 1482750516589.png (517.64 KB, 566x800, 1476275114342.png)


File: 1482750532399.gif (687.28 KB, 625x480, glimmer_shaking_trixie.gif)


File: 1482753700000.jpg (177.13 KB, 1000x726, 9915868a-b342-4936-b377-b1….jpg)


>tfw flash games are a lost art


I've seen so many people of newgrounds moving to appstore stuff
Tis is the age of mobile gaming now


File: 1482757957681.gif (3.24 MB, 300x169, gone home full game.gif)


File: 1482758527630.jpg (77.29 KB, 840x700, piggie pie.jpg)

<intense hangover>


[Tiredness Intensifies]


File: 1482758759951.jpg (56.12 KB, 640x696, 1464561844002.jpg)

>Have to clear a dungeon in Starbound
>No savepoints, if you die you have to redo the whole thing
>Making a single mistake is enough to get you killed
no fuck this


Do you want starbound?


Why all this?
The darkness got me before the hunger could
gosh this game is a bit tough


At least you didn't starve


>woke up at noon completely well slept
>I'll get up and-
>wake up again at 4pm



cheers m8


I'd post a picture of the deer stew I ate but my phone can't handle it


File: 1482763067517.jpg (82.52 KB, 850x638, 1450614069094.jpg)

>Nopo wants to be hardcore but his phone won't let him


>A deer was killed and cooked so I could have a nice meal

Chewing the meat off the bones and suckling the marrow out of the spinal bone that I can't recall the name of aside from the fact it starts with a v was great


Venison, I had some for Christmas dinner too, it's my favorite in terms of taste but it's rather chewy if not prepared with exquisite care


File: 1482764214429.png (531.62 KB, 1024x1024, 1482736171786.png)


His hair is so girly


Yep, taste is really great, and this stew was made by a hunter friend of my father so the meat was really supple


That's the point I think


File: 1482764763994.png (144.86 KB, 800x600, 523203__safe_oc_oc only_ed….png)


I see.
And it rankles too much to leave the bee work unfinished. I'll give it a couple days and see if it's still in a bad way. Thank you very much, by the way.
Don't forget the story is garbage.


Ya want to OW in a bit?



I do, although my desktop is having some trouble so I guess I'll have to play on laptop


Mumble? We can play on US.


I'm going to have to log in NA to see your friend request, aren't I?
You know I'm not a talker, but it will be easier to coordinate.



And I need to test something before I can play, like 10 min


Lemme know


We're going for it.


Sure sure.
NA servers.


By the way, not sure if I mentioned it but the battle tag for me is Fidget#11450


File: 1482767003342.gif (1.02 MB, 482x475, 1257402.gif)

Now go and make sure Groves-senpai doesn't die!


File: 1482772586374.png (1.96 MB, 1582x638, 1482726785402.png)


File: 1482773186957.gif (936.74 KB, 500x281, erection.gif)


She grew up so quickly ;_;


File: 1482773752645.gif (1.69 MB, 295x300, P3YLQ7M.gif)

For fuck sakes Fidget.


What did he do now?


He bought me the new Vermintide DLC even though I told him not to.


Remember all the times we just pretended it was Fidget meme'ing on us?

Turns out, we weren't wrong


Some of his Rein plays were truly sick though
I had to clench my ass super hard since I can't do much as Zen for him aside from the orb and discording the enemies, but he somehow kept suriviving a lot of dangerous situations


>Winter Mystery
>Roll Pharah
>Everyone in Mystery is retarded and can't hit a pharah because they're not playing their main
>Go 21 killstreak, 4 gold, win


It's a really fun DLC though


Sure, but I just didn't want him buying me a gift.


File: 1482775005014.gif (2.93 MB, 636x358, horse_getting_swole.gif)



File: 1482777339623.png (39.33 KB, 1492x536, nightmare timetable.png)

Fucking kill me


Have you read the Eva manga?
Have you seen the very last chapter?
what the fuck
Fucking lesbians


File: 1482777469652.gif (3.44 MB, 576x324, 564345.gif)

Killing le evvull nazis is pretty fun!

Bzzz players, do you wish to continue the adventure tomorrow?


File: 1482777473695.png (1.52 MB, 750x1041, Big purple wings.png)

>10 hours of classes
Be strong, BDN.


Nope, only thing I know is that it doesn't have Anno's insanity behind it, so I wasn't interested.


No lunch break?


Lectures are supposed to end half an hour early, but the canteen is 10 minutes away.


It's pretty much the same as normal EVA except a few changes, but the one difference is it's got a happy ending
Also they shoehorn mary into the last chapteras a lesbian in love with Yui


6 hours of Lab in a row sounds like hell anyway.


I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Also sure


Wolfenstein is a top tier game.
Also yes.


File: 1482781535310.png (792.27 KB, 3472x6000, 1478013425202.png)


File: 1482781921494.png (1.31 MB, 4000x4000, 1463292471912.png)

>people with no previous Spotify subs can get 3 months for fucking 0.99 euros


>Oh baby, my last box has a legendary!



Last box?


Last arcade box

Reset in 4 hours tho, last arcade week of the holidays so if I don't open what I want I need to play hard for the next few days so I can increase my odds of getting what I want


Next week is holiday arcade week too nigguh


That's what I mean, understand? After the reset if I don't get anything good out of my arcade boxes, I need to play hard that week (the last week)


I mean, a lootbox/hour with a team is the usual pace, so it's not that hard play is it?


But with each expansion of loot they decrease the odds you'll roll what you want


Just use the 4.5k currency you have saved


I want the Zarya emote but that's 3k already

And while I want the Mei skin just nice iceblock effect, it's not worth 3k




File: 1482782849307.png (177.06 KB, 1086x1089, 1482778892625.png)


At this point the only thing I want is that Zarya emote. Yeti Winston would be a plus.


I think the Zenyatta skin is cool but I couldn't imagine wearing it rather than Ifrit. Meanwhile all of Mei's skins are basically bad so I could at least swear hers.


I love that Zen, it's the one skin which turns him into a grade A motherfucker, here to fuck you up.


What a lonely night.


File: 1482787301013.jpg (104.31 KB, 1280x720, darkest-dungeon-ps4-vita-r….jpg)

In time you will learn the full extent of my failures…


Okay so
Those who use the teleporter turn into hot babes, when the hot babes have sex they turn into alligators, and those bitten by the alligators turn into zombies. But not just zombies, GAAAAAY zombies.


weird porn you have there


The things I do for my boner.
Almost nothing works any more!


File: 1482788908689.png (118.74 KB, 575x607, WizardPony.png)

just think how long celestia has been around!


File: 1482788949435.png (229.15 KB, 555x594, 1328439063145.png)

>spent the whole day on WoW and drawing


Do some coke.



Good thing you're a fat balding middle aged scientist man that wrote the movie, right?


File: 1482790241626.jpg (4.49 KB, 125x127, 1319435304506s.jpg)

>woke up way late and didn't have time to do anything productive today


did you at least get started on my caper


No no no, I didn't write this guy to look just like me.
It simply so happened to be like me, so I might as well play him!


Not yet, but at least I bought you Exanima.


File: 1482791530714.png (1.41 MB, 4380x2929, 1413938666344.png)


File: 1482791597024.png (32.9 KB, 1061x822, Time periods.png)


File: 1482791649223.jpg (20.3 KB, 199x229, bc.jpg)


You know, from that face I had expected the bowl to be a mix of M&Ms and Skittles.


File: 1482791703257.jpg (51.77 KB, 1024x456, hR1h7jih.jpg)


Stellaris is really fun


File: 1482792416094.png (184.48 KB, 434x336, 1309684_.png)

Oh shi-


File: 1482792766700.png (226.94 KB, 600x600, Sukuna chocolate.png)


File: 1482792938718.jpeg (39.28 KB, 500x500, boo.jpeg)

H when?


File: 1482793006892.png (109.73 KB, 766x764, cumin and marina.png)

When you and Nopone both feel up to it

He wanted to wait until after the Holidays so he could really get into Emrille


File: 1482793060031.png (355.82 KB, 692x1080, trixie_silently_judging_yo….png)

Then we shall wait!


File: 1482798225716.jpg (173.39 KB, 581x800, tumblr_oi3fr1Znpr1qhqxfro3….jpg)



slp tgt


File: 1482798476048.jpg (215.53 KB, 800x800, tumblr_oi3fr1Znpr1qhqxfro1….jpg)



>almost 2017
>still no whorse character


File: 1482799087302.webm (636.54 KB, 360x360, 1480389100432.webm)


File: 1482799284614.jpg (94.75 KB, 1245x1141, 1482222013008.jpg)

Alright, since H is dead until the holidays are over, get everyone to roll up Book of Horsefucking sheets.

I think you should try a pet class this time, and by that I don't mean a Warlord or Lordblade, I mean you play as someone's pet and you can rank up to nicer collars and leashes.


Where do I sign up?
Also, I might be able to play tomorrow


If I seriously ran a Settlers-esque quest, I think the only way some people like Sylt would feel comfortable to cut loose is if it was in Roll20 so that there would be no permanent record to regret after the lust is gone


File: 1482799507543.png (948.94 KB, 670x926, blanketrara.png)

I already signed up, I can't back out now!


File: 1482799540368-0.jpg (162.48 KB, 800x800, tumblr_oi3fr1Znpr1qhqxfro2….jpg)

File: 1482799540368-1.jpg (147.52 KB, 581x800, tumblr_oi3fr1Znpr1qhqxfro4….jpg)

Goodnight for the last time since it's real this time


Night for real this time


Sure, link me the BoH


I think DM has it!


File: 1482799965010.png (303.24 KB, 800x612, 4aef73c7-956d-4b13-9a76-9d….png)


It was quite rough. Write the BoH yarr edition.


I'd want to canvass my audience to know what they wanted. Like grapple rules for snares and tentacles


Breeding rules, of course.


File: 1482801578910.jpg (610.42 KB, 1920x1474, bat_bed.jpg)


That bat looks peeved.


because her bed is empty



Or, the Andy reply was

Mobile is a pain


I agree, lewd!


Okay gosh don't reply to me, I wasn't interested anyways


I didn't see it.
Like I said, mobile is a pain


aren't you like 13?


A coming of age story

Or maybe the other kind of coming…


I understand
That joke's getting old, old lady
And what does that has to do with quests?


>And what does that has to do with quests?
Like pottery.


File: 1482803207732.jpg (2.06 MB, 3327x3021, 1479965925023.jpg)

Don't try to confuse me with your elusive words and old references


>Panel order is American
>Bubble order is JP



Also now that I'm back
>Breeding rules
>It becomes BDNquest, the hunt for superior IVs
>Sylt's character ends up boxed immediately because starter stats


Good thing we have bottlecaps!


Is that how you raise your Pokemon's IV in the new S&M Pokemon?


Yes. Though it doesn't actually raise the IVs, but it sets the stats as if the IVs had been raised.


Then there's a more troubling problem. You might have good IVs but that would make you prime stock for breeding during the next round. But they're probably all your biological descendants since you were in the first round!


And they couldn't even breed with each other.


As BDN said, "What a relief Pokemon removed the restriction on close-generation breeding"

The truth is that while being breeding stock for some kind of farm may sound glamorous, it probably involves tons of incest in any industrial setting!


TBQH in today's industry we just use artificial insemination.


So you mentioned Overwatching after the chests reset? Or have you guys already done that?


File: 1482808093587.png (Spoiler Image, 221.12 KB, 474x673, 60f152d9a551f6477d52ca75b2….png)

AA drew me a Christmas gift


File: 1482808770203.png (124.86 KB, 540x556, tumblr_oitmnpFYF81s5tlxzo1….png)


>tfw late
Why are we here? Just to suffer?


>tfw 34 degrees this afternoon
>House became a stove
It's 1:25 already just let me sleep
What a big snowflake


I'm assuming I'll have to log into the euro side if I want to play with you?


File: 1482810260299.jpg (15.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>shittalking the americans on a /v/ thread about pizza
>someone replies to me in italian
>"it's late, we should both be asleep"


File: 1482811140174.jpg (84.26 KB, 908x879, 1319781066921.jpg)



File: 1482811697174.png (884.46 KB, 900x1439, 114fad83-26d2-402a-93a1-d7….png)


File: 1482812208911.jpg (291.22 KB, 485x819, 1482809293122.jpg)


File: 1482812515819.png (687.44 KB, 1280x1024, 1427449059058.png)

Fucking perfect

It's just a cute stallion!



File: 1482813108594.png (259.16 KB, 750x1250, 83155394-9c3d-4a75-b4e6-e1….png)

Makes me very scare
Such a pretty


File: 1482813697065.png (867.26 KB, 1412x1059, 20161226_233137.png)

>got cleared to start eating normal food again right before the trip
>got to see uncle and cousins I hadn't seen in a while
>managed to avoid politics for the entire three days
>spent several hours out shooting clays with siblings, dad, uncle, and a family friend
All in all, a bredy gud Christmas.
Upstaging my brother while out shooting was just the icing on the cake.


File: 1482813849422.png (611.36 KB, 1050x1075, f2e42380-d0c3-4f1b-a0e9-b2….png)

>Cheesy shows up after not posting forever 10 minutes after Zoroark is posted


File: 1482814135437.jpg (68.52 KB, 500x522, 1466173011283.jpg)

What can I say? That was a nice pic.


>managed to rescue my old phone I softbricked

Praise be
And fuck Sony Customer support


File: 1482815961298.jpg (162.36 KB, 480x677, 1482142476907.jpg)

>Met spiderboss and nope'd out
>Forgot which fire links to it, ended up wandering and fighting two other optional bosses
>Fire I thought led to spider was incorrect, found another boss
Dark Souls 2 is massive


>he thought the spiderboss was required
ho ho ho
But it does lead to some things, and a dragon.


I still haven't found which bonfire and which direction leads to the Spider. I've fought the Royal Rat Authority and Vanguard and the Chariot while trying to find my way back to the Spider!

And now you made me remember I haven't even fought the Dragon in Heide's Tower!


I fell asleep but I will tomorrow (today)


DS2 is my favorite, mostly because it did Covenants the best. I hope the online isn't totally dead, you're missing out on a huge part of the experience if so.


I haven't done online, I usually end up using the NPC helpers. I might try on the next character.


What spider?


If you put down a soapstone sign (small or large) and complete your mission (small soapstone = kill a certain number of enemies, large = kill boss) you get humanity restored and total estus refill. It's a great way to prepare for a boss fight.


He probably means DDF



Duke's Dear Freja


This is extremely helpful. Reason I ditched the Spider was because I was out of Estus.


Oh right she was in DS2.


File: 1482821154578.png (Spoiler Image, 22.85 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)

If you want a very light tip, here's an MSPaint map I drew of only the bosses you've talked about fighting


>I have to explore the Tombs again
So far, Dark Souls 2 has been good about its atmosphere. I always feel like I'm wandering really ancient places by myself, yet the threat of death is ever present.

I'll try a Thief/Monk next time.


The easiest bosses you have available to you right now are in Forest of Fallen Giants, which is usually the first area a person goes to. You might have already beat the bosses there though and didn't mention them.


DS2 is probably my favorite game of the series. I haven't even managed to complete DS3 yet. It lacks something for me.


DM pretends to hate it for meme reasons but I know he had a blast with the Bell Covenant


I think I did, the name sounds familiar.

Was there anything else we are searching for, like the Bells in DaS1?


Seek great souls lest you be damned you can choose to either collect the 4 great souls or 1,000,000 normal souls

Forest of Fallen Giants bosses were
1. Last Giant - Hunched over giant, fight in a tiny cave chamber
2. The Pursuer - Armored guy, moves fast. Fought in an arena with ballistae on a wall.

Great Soul bosses you know about:
Duke's Dear Freja


Do I need to hunt down all the Pursuers? There is still one waiting in the Lost Bastille?


If you're lucky and line it up right, you can actually use the ballistae on the Pursuer.
No such luck on the one in the Iron Keep.


Bastille pursuer is sort of a one-off. You don't get any bonus for beating him there, and he vanishes if you die while fighting him on the roof.
He's sort of just an early-game hazard.


No, you don't, he's like an optional boss. You get stuff every time you kill him though.


File: 1482822696433.jpg (28.96 KB, 299x242, 1422061750734.jpg)


Have you gotten to the fight with the Ruin Sentinels?

It's my favorite fight in the game. I've made like six helper characters just to help people with that fight


File: 1482822952215.png (169.75 KB, 274x415, 1362738991721.png)

Wait, seriously? That's your favourite?


My character takes ages to arm it. It works as a way to block an attack for me.

Really? Feels like a waste of a Key that I found then.

The three guys in Lost Bastille? Yeah, my Magic was strong enough to cut through them.


File: 1482823017481.jpg (153.34 KB, 1040x608, Wait one two three.jpg)

>clear out the queue of loot boxes for the day
>says it resets in 6 days
The most memorable for me is probably fighting the old king in the tomb if for no other reason that I only had like six giant souls by that point and he still wore down about a half-dozen of my weapons.


What queue of loot boxes?


It's a comfy fight

I told you man, it resets the same time every Monday. That's why I told you to complete your boxes before 6pm your time.


Well, the Pursuer is guarding a nice set of armor, if I recall rightly, that you can only get to by ledge hopping down from his area. I could be mistaken.
For Overwatch.
I see. Well, I only missed out on, like, one by the time we had finished the other day.
I'm still terrible with Hog.


File: 1482823230147.png (31.08 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)

In that case, the easiest boss you have available is in the Cove behind the Dragonrider fight, but it's an optional boss. If you want easy souls, extra loot, and bonfires, though…


I mean, what do you mean a queue of loot boxes in Overwatch? Do you get new free lootboxes now?


It's the holiday boxes.


Hog takes more practice than people >imply

You can get 3 lootboxes a week for winning arena games.


I mean arcade




I did say it


There was another boss in Belfry Luna, right?

Plus, I took out the blind Sinner person and bought his cuffs.


Blind Sinner is a Great Soul, so you have 1/4. Congrats!

>Belfry Luna

Oh right, yes there is. If you're playing offline it should almost be a joke to beat. It's a little harder online because you get softened up by fighting other players before you go through the fog.


>Blind Sinner
Now you got me to say it! It's Lost Sinner


File: 1482823842940.png (32.66 KB, 1061x822, Untitled.png)


I do enjoy exploring, but this map makes it look like I've gone the long way for everything.

I need to be careful with upgrading Strength. I'm wielding weapons that feel like they should be too heavy for my character.


You're going to have to kill DDF and Lost Sinner if you want through the Shrine of Winter no matter what, so you're arright


Just reminded me of the Cleric lady. I like how rotten she is.

Does it get explained why I'm fighting furries? I thought they were dudes in make, but I have been killing Rastafarian Lions and actual anthro-Mastodons?


>Scorpioness Najka, Manscorpion Tark, Duke's Dear Freja
All experiments by Duke Tseldora

>Lion Clan Warriors

"The Lion Clan are an offshoot race that have no ties to humans"


This is actually the name of the armor they wear, the ones wearing the Mastodon Armor are called Primal Knights. They were summoned/resurrected/conjured/SOMETHING by the King (the same guy who defeated the Giants and stole their power)


>Drangleic is on the Island of Dr. Moureau
I know about the King from the memes, but I don't recall any mention of him in the game so far, except in a quick line from the Emerald Herald.


Most of the info about the King is in part 2 of the game, after Shrine of Winter

If you thought the game was big, you ain't seen nothin yet


Gee that ol' king sure got up to a lot innit.


Dang, at least I'm getting my money's worth. Still haven't seen hide nor hair of DLC areas.

Good night.


The DLC are all kind obscure. You need keys and then you need to find the door that the key fits into


I don't know, I thought the DLC locations were obvious.

>Sunken King DLC

Defeat a Great Soul boss you haven't found yet
>Iron King DLC
Defeat a Great Soul boss you haven't found yet
>Ivory King DLC
Shrine of Winter - Requires all 4 Great Souls


Oh right, you just have to find the fucking keys which are hidden aboot.


This is the funny bit, in the original game you got the key as soon as you bought the DLC. The keys were hidden as part of the rebalance in SOTFS


Wasn't someone (BDN?) interested in We Are Number One memes?



Didn't we all see that one already?


You probably did


File: 1482832058699.jpg (109.71 KB, 960x934, MpVkPJ5.jpg)


File: 1482832579310.jpg (206.11 KB, 1920x1080, nautilus.jpg)


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