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Who is the one on the left?







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And more?


cooking, ironing the vest, pulling the cart, filling the pool, cleaning the dogs, etc etc.


Why are you not on Steam?


Because I dont have steam here on my macbook.
Also 80% of my games dont work on mac.
Mac sucks
Apple can burn to hell.


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seaponoe is excitable


Well, come on.
It's a fairy
They only existed in pony tales!


So do seaponies!
Kotone gets treated like a fairytale all that time, and assumed you probably did too, you see



Well, less so for Marina, since she grew up around seaponies. And she's been too busy with Lilly's thing and now Curry's breakout to notice any staring or whispers.

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Memelords assemble.
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Same flight booked


I'm looking at booking the same flight(s) today, if I get the money on my account straight away.


Same flight.


For the people landing in BRU Airport, there's a train station that runs beneath the arrival hall. Once you've picked up your bags, it's very easy to follow the signs to this station since there's about a million of them pointing you that way. I'll be waiting for you there as my train arrives the moment your plane lands, but I can't enter the actual airport myself. Don't worry about buying tickets for the train, I can take care of that with my train pass.

As for Nopo, you remember the drill.


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I still have box of S10 Gold prints.

Can someone please email me (moronsonofboron at gmail) the address to ship it to so you guys can unbox together and each get a copy? Also how many should I send?

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Then I guess I will get shadowrun and naissance


I actually had my eyes on the latter too


Looks heavily inspired by BLAME! so I'm all over it.


>DL: Following for 10
>Broken age for 5
>broke as shit

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>unsheathes flower
>pollinates you
>Hmmf nothing personal pone


so tired

gotta sleep



>Andelia is now Tingle


new thread plz


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Good lord, I feel like crap


Did you forget to drink water before passing out


I'm still having lunch.


Sort of, yes


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lemme know


File: 1466046911362.png (385.76 KB, 866x923, 1456279214972.png)

I'll be around tonight, so I'll try to keep an eye on the sub.


A nu paen is needed


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File: 1466048154177-1.png (520 KB, 1093x1600, img000017.png)

So there's a cool manga called Innocent by Sakamoto Shinichi that tells the tragic tale of the royal executioner during the reign of Louie the 16th. It's got some really great art, tragedy, and lots of creepy imagery. I'm not that far in but I like it thus far.


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File: 1465856330300.gif (287.54 KB, 500x281, 1464453206294.gif)


File: 1465856338159.png (169.55 KB, 500x553, tumblr_o2ar200yat1tliclwo1….png)

What's wrong?


I'm gonna make a new meta




File: 1464974219799.png (51.29 KB, 600x200, Untitled-1.png)


Let's build the world of S10!
Except we're not using the S10 system any more. Which is just fine, because that lets us take the reins off our imaginations since we don't have to develop these characters, settings, and stories with regards to any game system in particular.

Master Document
You can edit the master doc to link your own GDocs containing writeups, ideas, snippets, samples, drafts, drabble, what-have-you.


Or, Oh God Not Another Vanity Publish

Yes, it's true, I want to make another PDF with pretty pictures and stuff.

Long story short, my original idea for this was to title it “The Adventurer’s Cookbook” because it was going to contain all the ingredients and templates for constructing an adventure in the world of S10. However, because we are no longer working on S10, we won’t be developing this in connection to any particular game system or mechanics. So, it will contain the stylistic elements of the setting to inspire campaigns and stories.

The other reason it would be so titled is because I also wanted to present the cultures of this fictional world in a unique way: from the eyes of a traveling gourmet. The traditions, activities, and tastes of each society we sample would be characterized by local cuisine, including how it's made, where it comes from, and why it's important. The book would supplement the regular meta exposition with short stories and narrative interludes, either penned by the narrator or transcribed for the reader.

So, it could be literally and figuratively an adventurer’s cookbook.
As an added bonus, we could even reimagine our favorite dishes in this fantasy setting and maybe even include “real” recipes. Add a personal, very human touch, especially since we’re such a diverse group ourselves.


Everyone's got their own ideas for how the world was made and how it operates, but our first thing should be to agree on a certain overall tone or spectrum of fantasy that we want S10 to occupy.

What we do know is that it was inspired by MLP and retained a level of cartoon-like playfulness. And there are no elves or dwarves. I'm still hardline against overt Tolkien/Gygax elements, and we should also avoid any comparisons to Ironclaw.

That said, I do want to emphasize diversity, not just between races but also inside them. Drudge from one biome will have different ways to their cousins from different climes; there are as many Horks in quarries as there are in mountains; and Drakin have learned to hoard more than gold.


Some thinking points:

Given the highly magical nature of the setting it's entirely possible for higher powers or ascended beings to exert direct divine influence and thus give rise to all sorts of religious traditions apart from whatever "natural" cosmology is intended by the writers.

How do Drudge, Hork, and Zhivur exist and adapt outside of their naturalist origins?

How do Aeon age and pass away?

Where do Humans come from?

Why does MSOB draw every Capra with a bell accessory of some kind?

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