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>Last time, on HolyQuest…

>Amy, Cloak, Pryce

Salt maintains her steady and judgmental glare, even as you respond. "Finally… it seems that you get it. In the end, one Will shall prevail above the others; it is those who do not conquer, who shall be subsumed. Know that all those who enter Tartarus must understand this. And if they do not, then rest assured that they will."

Ignoring Amy's other question, Salt nods. "See to it that you pass along my question to those other members of your small army. Not for my satisfaction, but for their hope of survival."

Like Sulfur before her, Salt is engulfed in a small and dense cloud of gaseous salt, and then vanishes.


Gadds slowly turns his head your way as you make more suggestions. "…How about we take the 'expected' way down."
"Yeah," Busta says. "The Sons of God would have probably taken extra care to put up obstacles against demons that could just phase through walls and bypass all their more conventional traps and impediments. Whatever those things were, they won't be the last ones we face if we try that again."


Volkama jots down the entry onto his map, but then taps your head with his pen. As Spark gnaws on his hoof, he speaks. "Erm, young miss goddess, can't you simply bypass this lock with your dominion over physicality?"
"Or, failing that, bash it open, as your usual modus operandi," Deriva adds.


"I could do EITHER of those, sure, but if there's one thing I think this whole dungeon is trying to teach me, is that these games have rules for a reason. I don't want to break the 'game' they have set up until I don't have another choice, we could get the whole place caving in on us like with the last one."

"I know we'll need to think outside the box once we get to Tartarus, but I figure I should know the limitations of that box first before I can think outside of it, right? So for now, I'm gonna play by the rules. And if there was a key for one door, they'd probably hide another key somewhere else, right?"



>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]

>Snakeskin Cloak: 14 hits
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears [Fire]

Pryce watches Sulfer vanish, then looks around the remaining doors.
"I wonder what the last dragon will ask of us…"
Following Amy's line of thought from the last dragon room, Pryce walks up to the carpet, pulling it aside to see if there is a trapdoor.



"Mayhaps what what we are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve our goals. T'would be what I'd ask, if I was a cryptic dragon named after alchemical components." Leather notes, looking back, "If all routes will lead this way, perhaps we should wait for the others?"



"Well it's not like I dragged us beneath the earth for no reason. Do we even know if we can back? Or will our desire to go back disrupt our wills. Or does the way back not even exist anymore sense the dungeon is constantly shifting. I figured going straight below would be the most direct way to follow one's will. But we can put that to the test."

Shei-Sher waves his hoof and opens a dark corridor.
[1d10] dark corridor back to where they first went underground from.

"There a corridor from whence we came. If it actually goes there, then I guess I'm overthinking things again."

Roll #1 7 = 7


Volkama and Deriva don't quite look convinced, but they both nod. "Lead on, then," Volkama says, placing Spark back onto your head.
"Or, I suppose there's always the chance they may wish for you to make a key… but we'd be here all day if we let ourselves ponder the endless possibilities," Deriva says.

There is nothing under the rug. River and Zjetya cast careful glances about the room's other doors, daring not to touch them until they are thoroughly inspected.

See: >>740047


Correction: see >>750047



"If we can't find one, I'll make one. But we still have a bit of dungeon we haven't explored yet, right? Might as well give it a good look over before we miss something important."

[1d10] Shorthorns leads on down the hall, noting the hidden, locked trap door on their path on Volkama's map, and proceeds to look for anything of note Eastward down this corridor

Roll #1 4 = 4


"That would be wise, especially with Shei's location still unknown," Pryce says in agreement. "We can check which of these doors is unlocked at least. Maybe see if some of our group is on the other side."
Pryce looks to the Northeast door, examining it from a distance and giving it a dispel of magic.
>Unweaving [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Dark Corridor does not manifest. A few figments of darkness, floating in the air like scraps of dark cloth, appear for brief moments, but soon vanish.
"Teleportation effects falter down here…" Gadriel says.
"Well, not quite," Busta says. "Only ours do, it seems. There's no way it could be that easy."
Gadriel pauses to think, then snaps his fingers. "…What if we tried to go down with it?"


A grin incorrigibly stretches along Shei's face "Down? With the Subterranean whales you meam..? That could work. Did you want to ride inside it's mouth or ontop of it? Because if the latter I could fashion us a wicked saddle from my cape- seats for 3."



Amy frowns at Salt's words. "I think agree but for different reasons," she says as he disappears, not entirely sure what she means herself.

Then, she lightens up and says, "I'll see you at dinner later!"

Amy looks around to see where she can go from here. In particular, she inspects the walls and floors for anything hidden.

[1d10] to find any hidden paths

Roll #1 6 = 6


Leather tries a door that Amy and Pryce haven't tried, readying up a shot with his rifle to take out the locking mechanism if it doesn't open.

>Just checking, will Shatter next turn if locked.


After a time, you come to another cross-shaped intersection. A path extends to the North, but quickly bends to the Northeast. Another path extends to the East. A third path extends Southward.

Like threads falling away from a fraying garment, magical tendrils peel away from the doorway, and Zjetya and River back away in caution, keeping KP and the pets shielded between them. However, it feels like the spell yet lingers.

"If the purpose of this dungeon's defenses are to drag escapees down toward Tartarus, it would only make sense," Busta says, his voice tinged with trepidation.
"The biggest challenge will be keeping ourselves alive through the course of the trip. I doubt they really cared what condition the demon got sent back down in," Gadriel adds. "Whatever you think's going to be safer, I guess," he says by way of reply.

While Pryce examines the Northeast door, Amy sniffs about. She can discern that every door, except the Western one through which you just came, has some kind of enchantment imbued to it, but she cannot discern what. As Cloak tries the Southern door and finds it locked, Amy detects, at least, that the Southern door's enchantment is of the absolutely most potent.



Amy bounces over to the southern door and bites on the doorknob.

>Hungry Like the Wolf: Recharge 2; Instant; Spell: Bite into a magical effect, such as an enemy's oncoming spell, or a natural magical effect in the surrounding area, and devour it. This both neutralizes the effect, and allows you to roll that spell once for your own purposes, using whatever bonuses and modifiers that the original caster would have used, PLUS any of yours that are applicable. Using this skill is an Instant action, but the captured spell is whatever kind of action the original spell was (standard / automatic / instant / etc)(Witchcraft)


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Coming upon the next cross-shaped intersection to the west, Shorthorns turns her head towards all three directions as she considers her options.
"If I'm reading this place correctly, the North path may take it to where Pryce and the others already looked. Let's see what the South way has to offer." Shorthorns says resolutely as she charges on down the south corridor
[1d10] Searching

Roll #1 3 = 3


Leather lowers the sniper rifle he was lining up when Amy bounces into his crosshairs, "Careful now, was aiming at that doorknob, don't want you dead as one."


"None of this is going to be safe at all. But if you guys are ready I'll send a ping for a whale."

"Gadds? you want to put the cover of darkness over us?"
>Asking if he wants to use Darkness that Can be Felt.



this is me



"Thas a goo wun," Amy says as she slobbers all over the door knob, her mouth full.


"They're all good ones."


As you bite onto the knob, a sudden rush fills your mouth, and you can taste, for a moment, the scaled and cold skin of a long and coiling worm.

>Gained "Grunt of the Warp Worm"

>Grunt of the Warp Worm; Automatic; Spell; An enchantment for summoning a Warp Worm, an invisible and intangible Worm of variable size, which most often grows to fit whatever space it currently occupies. When the Worm devours an often unwitting subject, they are warped wherever it is the Worm, or its master, might be pleased to release them.

Once you reach the end of the Southern corridor, you find another small room, and inside is a stairwell, leading downward.
"Further onward?" Volkama asks. "We'd risk losing whatever awaits behind that wall, however…"

River puts a hoof over KP's virgin eyes at this horrific display.

Busta and Gadriel shrug, and Gadriel spreads his wings, exuding a thick darkness about you…
[1d10+3[ DTCBF



Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Shei begins floating downward as he sends a pulse of his aura to feel out the whereabouts of another subterranean whale.

>ASTRAL PROJECTION: spell; you project your spirit, leaving your physical body behind as you send yourself to a distant location. While projecting, your body is unconscious and immobile, and you are unaware of anything that happens to it unless you are in its vicinity. Your spirit is intangible and invisible, but can still be detected by magic or other spirits, and it cannot manipulate or pass through physical objects. Wherever your spirit travels, you can hear and see everything around you in the physical world. Returning to your physical body is automatic.


Roll #1 2 = 2


You and Gadriel just sort of stand there like a pair of apprentice sorcerers, unfit of even the lowest of proper magus' titles, in oversized robes and mismatched wands, citing magic gibberish plucked haphazardly from four or five fake grimoires made specifically to deter novices such as yourself.
Busta shivers as he considers the imagery. "Say, that was a bit harsh…"


"So you want to taste the other ones or am I good to open some of the others? Figured we might as well do something while we wait for others to catch up." Leather says, watching Amy finish up.


"I'm still new to godhood! Give me some leeway" Shei stammers in agitation for the anxiety inducing narrator's bias.


[1d10] He tries again

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It goes even deeper? So there's a whole other level besides this one and the one above. We could be the first ones to explore it!"

As Volkama points out the possibility of losing what's behind the wall, Shorthorns tilts her head, "Why? It's not going anywhere, is it? Maybe the key to get around the wall at the western-dead end is somewhere down here and we'll need to double back?"


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears [Fire]

Pryce looks over the doorknob, and playing it safe he attempts to untangle magic again on the Northeast door.
>Unweaving [1d10]

Pryce looks over to Amy as she bites down on one of the doorknobs, slobbering all over it.
"Amy, that isn't sanitary."

>"What's going on?"

KP asks as River covers his eyes from the sight.

Roll #1 1 = 1



"This door should be safe now," Amy says with a satisfied nod. She wipes the excess slobber from her lips.

She looks over at River covering Pryce's eyes. "What?" she asks in an annoyed tone as if she was accused of something.

"Also, just so everyone knows, at least THIS door was enchanted by some thing that teleports people wherever it wants. So, that's kinda scary."

Amy opens the southern door. "I might be able to just teleport us there, but I'm not sure where I can send us exactly."


>Pryce Dodge [1d10]
>KP Dodge [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1


[1d10+2] River
[1d10+2] Zjetya

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


>Dodge due to Pryce failing us

Roll #1 6 = 6



[1d10] dodge

Roll #1 3 = 3


You project your subtle-body over your physical one, and draw out the same for both Busta and Gadriel via the Black Threads. They nod, sticking close as you descend as a trio.

>roll navigation.

"You see before you but a simple stairwell, but we have no reason to believe it differs from anything else we have seen in this dungeon," Volkama says. "That is to say, crossing that threshold may bring us afoul of another devious curse or enchantment designed to keep outsiders out, and Tartarus' demonic inmates in."

Before River can explain the heinous indecency of slobbering all over a doorknob to Amy, Pryce attempts to unravel the enchantment binding shut the Northeastern door – but the threads of magic that waver away from the door suddenly whip and leap with a sudden vitality, as if they were serpents, furious and ready to strike. They leap forth from the door, managing to bite at Amy, River, and KP – but Pryce too can feel the sting of hostile magic upon his chest, owing to his bond with KP. Each of those who have been struck start to shrink, their bodies twisting and curdling, limbs rearranging and skin transmogrifying…

When at last the horrific spectacle is done, Pryce, KP, River and Amy all find themselves turned into small birds, appropriately colored by what their original colors were.

River opens her beak to talk… but all that Cloak can hear is a pleasant tweeting.

As for Pryce, KP and Amy, they hear–


River's eyes widen, and her beak falls open, tears glistening at the corners of her eyes.

"…Can we keep them?" Zjetya asks, scooping up KP's bird form.


Shei-Sher continues explaining himself to the disembodied sensation of a peanut gallery as he descends.

"I guess it's also worthwhile to mention, that as an acolyte I never actually was inducted into the higher keys and initiation rituals. Life suddenly took over- And now I'm here! I kind of just stole all my power. But is that truly any different from what most high wizards of thee occult schools do anyway? If you ask me -eh -I -I don't know I think I came out fi-i-ine." He bleats the last word.


Roll #1 3 = 3



Amy looks down at her new body and tweets.

>"I wonder how it feels to lay eggs…" she wonders out loud. "It's not like Shei's fucking me enough, could feel nice…"

Then, she looks up at River's tweeting and tweets some more.

>"Alright fine, geez. Drink some piss and shut up," she says as she gives River a potion.

>Natural Remedy: recharge 1, ranged; Use an unpredictable tincture to fully restore a target’s hits to full and restore one wound, or removes status effects. Crit on 9+ restores 2 wounds, but crit fail on 2- deals a wound of damage.

>[1d10+4] Let's see if this counts as a status effect

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


KP scrambles back as the serpent trail of magic lunges for him, but isn't fast enough to avoid it. Pryce winces he feels the magic bite him as well, his horn glows to try and dispel it quickly but the shrinking and transmogrification break his focus entirely.

Pryce looks about as the room around them is far larger, momentarily panicking as he sees River and KP missing, until he sees his own new bird form, and then River's voice.
Pryce holds a wing over his beak in shock.

KP, as the two start cussing each other out, huddles back. When Zjetya scoops him up, he looks up at her with worry, then back to Pryce and River.


"Oh, an enchantment most fowl. We're fortunate it wasn't deadly, though they may find it rather humiliating if the others come in to find them all befeathered. I am fortunate to have been taught a prayer of magic nullification, or things might've really went, ahem," Leather peaks over at the birdified party and clears his throat at the sin he's about to commit, "tits up, as they say."

He muses, listening to them sing, "I take it we can't understand them, they certainly seem to be deep in conversation. It's pleasant."

Leather peaks around to make sure nothing else happened due the spell's effect.
[1d10] percep

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shorthorns thinks about the decision for a moment as Volkama explains the risks, trying to weigh her options… however, she stops herself, realizing that uncertainty is in and of itself the enemy when they'll delve into Tartarus.

"If I stay here double-thinking it, it's just gonna come back to bite me just like the circular room we met the others in! There's no time for doubt, no room for second-guessing. My path was chosen the moment I saw it, I'm going down and seeing what we find."

[1d10] Shorthorns says resolutely as she takes the first step down the stair-well.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Amy makes a series of quick tweeting sounds which might be interpreted as laughter.


"You know," Busta says. "Mudi mentioned something along those lines once. She always said that that was the point – the 'true path' of ascent was always found in deviating from the norm, contradicting the orthodoxy, slaying the old master. The traditional hierarchies were only ever there to deceive the unworthy into seeking after social status, while true mastery could be found by any old person stupid or intrepid enough to just go right for it."

As you descend with your companions, you can vaguely sense ripples in the astral interstice surrounding you, though whether they are engendered by beings far off or close, you can hardly tell. All you know is that they steadily increase in frequency as you descend.

River immediately flies up to where KP is, and gives him a big hug, keeping her beak shut for fear of traumatizing the little birdie.
You notice now that your clothing has turned into different colored plumage upon your bodies, while your equipment seems to have adopted a bird theme. River wields a twig instead of a spear, and Amy's bags have turned into bundles of sticks and leaves, and her potions are carried in hollowed-out acorns.

River desperately drinks the potion… but there is no effect. That can only mean that this change may very well be permanent, unless addressed through means that reach far deeper into the metaphysical and substantial realms.

Zjetya snorts. "Tits up…? Nah, that comes later tonight. ANYWAY," she says, biting back further coarse commentary and laughter. "Looks like Amy just tried to heal River, but nothing's happened. Maybe we'll have to find Shorty or Shei, they might be able to do something about it… barring that, we could always try to find one of the other groups for aid."

Volkama shrugs. "Well-said. Why, if we focus hard enough, we might even call the treasure to us."
"An option worth trying," Deriva says. "If you'll excuse me…"


As you reach the bottom of the stairwell, it is not an overlong one, and at its bottom, you arrive in the middle of another stone room, this one square in shape. A door awaits on each of its walls, in the cardinal directions.

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Feathers [Fire]

KP hugs River back, looking concerned over the shouting from before. Pryce flies up, joining the two and hugging them both as well. He hops back, looking up as Zjetya as she summarizes the situation, and trying to ignore the coarse comment. It got them into this mess, but he tries once again to unweave whatever this curse is, starting with himself in case it gets worse.
>Unweave [Self] [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Well Nooow I feel like shit being compared to Mudi, but -I appreciate what you're saying"

"Busta?.. Have you met my old Master?" Shei asks now that Busta mentions it.

At the same time Shei unfurls a length of chain from within his cape and begins whirling it in vertical spin, as he feels out the growing presence.

>phase aura

[1d10] one more aura roll to locate what's around them.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"You think so? That sure would make everything so much easier for us if just willing our way to the end worked, but something tells me Tartarus isn't gonna be THAT straightforward either."

As they make it to the bottom room, she looks around the square room, rubbing her chin. "Four more doors… this place is pretty big. We'll go west first, maybe there will be a way up to the floor above this one on the other side of that dead-end that was blocking us."


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Either way, it is another challenge. If one was to get turned into vermin or something similar in Tartarus, would that mark the end? I would not allow being turned into a finch to stop my quest, I'd simply learn to peck demons eyes out. I imagine it is a test of perseverance."



>"Shit. Didn't work. Sucks for you, cause I'm just fine," Amy tweets a laugh.

>Jhana of Uprooting Poison to turn Amy back to normal

>[1d10] if necessary
>+2 if it's a spell

Roll #1 10 = 10


HolyQuest: The legends, as recorded in the ancient scriptures…


The Holy Eastern Empire of Accorsia, in spite of internal disputes and divisions among its provinces, once stood as a testament of greatness to the world – a hub of wealth and magical and technological prowess, clearly beloved by its many gods. But, in the far western recesses of this shining empire, a council of fallen gods, cast out from that empire's pantheon long ago, fomented rebellion and ruin. Buiwong, weaver of spiders and fables, Cer'rog, keeper of birds and promises, Ba'drel, patron of cattle and wealth, and Vir-can, stampede of buffalo and might. Together, these fallen gods gathered dissidents and the oppressed from all corners of the empire, amassing an army that would usurp the old order and establish a new one. The Holy Union Church commissioned a band of adventurers – Sir Pryce, Leather Cloak, Glass Dagger, Shei-Sher, Gabriele, Sir Flow, and Evil's Punishment – to thwart, or at least slow, Buiwong's plans while the empire's many provinces could set aside their conflicts and mount a defense against this army of darkness.

Despite all efforts, the empire could not hold against Buiwong's schemes, as not only did he amass armies, he sabotaged the empire from within through conspiracy and corruption, goading the empire's eastern provinces into a civil war, thus dividing and crippling the empire's attempted defenses. His army broke through the empire's barricades on the western front, and even when the gods themselves sent their angels to stop him, they could not overcome Buiwong's newest recruits, five powerful adventurers of his own: the healer, River Spring, the archmage, Sardonyx Emblem, the dark paladin, Shining Light, the apostate monk, Tantra, and the strongest bounty hunter in the east, Septum Axis. Together with Gabriele and Evil's Punishment, who Buiwong had persuaded to join his side, they pushed to the heart of the empire, and destroyed the grand cathedral, Agape, the seat of the holy empire's power.

The destruction of Agape began what would later be identified as the end of the world.

As Agape was destroyed, so too was the Firmament: the great glass dome in the sky, separating the world of mortals from the world of demons. With its destruction, countless millions of demons flooded the world once more, free to scourge the earth as they had once done. Enraged, the pantheon of Accorsia, led by the Seven Holy Devas, initiated the Rapture, where they abducted great swathes of the world's population, taken from all nations and all peoples. These people would serve as the founding stock of the New Kingdom of the Living, that is, the new world that the gods would create; they were abandoning this one. Buiwong, who had craved his vengeance against the Devas since the moment of his exile, pursued the Devas, leaving his loyal followers to the chaos they had birthed. In that chaos, Evil's Punishment and Gabriele had perished, along with countless thousands upon thousands of others.




Over the course of the following moons, the remaining mortals of the world struggled for survival. Many perished for want of food and water, others fell prey to the untamed wilderness outside their kingdoms, or to the countless multitude of demons that made sport of hunting mortals. Still others were killed by their fellow mortals, often in disputes over supplies, or as a result of a blood libel against Accorsians, who were collectively blamed for the end of the world.

Yet in spite of these unbearable hardships, there were still those in the world willing to take in and protect those in need. Many of these lay on the western end of the continent; far away from the demonic invasion, they had had time to prepare. The western kingdoms were soon inundated with refugee caravans – those that managed to endure the trek through the continent's central badlands. In one of those kingdoms, the northwestern sheep kingdom of Zha Arlakane, Shei, Flow and Pryce found refuge, arriving six months after the fall of Accorsia.

In Zha, they met Amy Thest and Flaming Shorthorns, two souls who had not been hardened or embittered by the destruction of the world. Together, this small group of adventurers would spend the next several moons traversing the northwestern tip of the continent, helping those they could.

In Fantasia, the kingdom of the Fairies, they drove out the slave-driving Orcus, and found allies, one old and one new: River Spring and Blessings, acolyte of the demon-hunting Apostles of White. Blessings told them of her own personal hunt for the Witches of Gehenna: three powerful Witches who gathered demons and terrorized mortals for their own gain. As it turned out, Amy, bearing demonic powers of her own since before she could remember, had already killed one of these Witches – Azawakh the Cruel. Impressed, Blessings warned them of Vizsla the Kind, and Mudi the Young, against whom Blessings had a personal vendetta. Blessings would part ways with the party, going back to her own hunt, while they went north to help others whom Orcus had afflicted.




As they traveled north to Circadia, a kingdom enshrouded in eternal night, our heroes encountered Ecclesia, the Nation of the Penitent. Composed of Accorsian refugees and demon hunters from other fallen nations, this eclectic army was in the process of conquering all that they could, employing diplomacy, sabotage and holy violence in equal measures. It was headed by the Choir, a council of twelve judges, and their most powerful members. Amy and Flaming joined Ecclesia's ranks to get badly-needed medical assistance for free, and it was with Ecclesia's help that they explored Circadia. The kingdom was nearly abandoned, save for royal mad scientist Volkama and his wife, Deriva. The two had been made into half-demons by Vizsla, who was responsible for the kingdom's fall when she assailed it with her demons. After forcibly recruiting Volkama and his half-destroyed airship, our heroes spent a long and confusing night fighting through the dreadful abominations that now peopled Circadia's streets and castles.

During this time, they recruited many others: Spitshine and Onion, who had defected from the slave-trading gang headed by Banana Splitz; and the Voidlings, Observer and Yes Mare, two creatures from a dimension called the Void who had come to this world in search of knowledge and power.

At the end of the night, as the Ecclesian forces were overwhelmed by the city's endless demons, Ichimonji of the Choir sought to destroy the city with cleansing flames. But just before she could make the call, an unknown angel appeared, and razed the city while our heroes escaped.

After a brief stay at one of Ecclesia's strongholds, the town of Lilane, (where they recruited the mothpony songstress, Zjetya and bodybuilding bookworm minotaur, Rus Tea) our heroes went back to Zha Arlakane to report to King Lininas, only to find the mountain of Zha under attack by more angels. They learned that the angels had come from the ancient empire of Mariposa, which caused the King distress, as Zha and Mariposa had once been good allies. He commissioned our heroes to head west and see what had become of it.

Along the way to Mariposa's capital, Vitral, the polis of stained glass, there were many detours. First, they discovered the ancient Tower of the Traitors, a half-buried fortress belonging to the ancient demon hunting fraternity known as the Sons of God. It was there that they met once more with Blessings, as well as Wireframe, one of Buiwong's former servants. Amy battled with the fortress's petrified guardians, one of whom was the knight Hardspine, who entrusted Amy with the Garment of the Founder, a relic belonging to Princess Vinland, who had founded the Sons of God many millenia ago.

Before they left again, they also encountered Holy Hours of the Choir, who updated them on Ecclesia's progress in conquering the northwest. It progressed smoothly, despite many setbacks.



Next, in order for their airship to make it over the magical and magnetic fields that surrounded Mariposa (owing to a mineral in the earth called Witchbone), they needed to obtain sap from the Tree of Red Lacquer, prompting a journey through a jungle wilderness until they at last found the Tree at its center. It was there that Spitshine and Onion witnessed Banana Splitz's true cruelty, as he had subjugated a rival gang whom had conquered to the mercy of a zombie demon, turning them all into its undead thralls which it then used to try to destroy the tree.


At last, they arrived in Vitral, finding the great, walled capital in a state of utter ruin, but far from abandoned. The city was a stark contrast of two extremes. On the ground, the many districts were filled to the brim with demonic settlements, led by the six Demon Lords who commanded them through cruelty and might. In the sky high above, metal clouds covered the entirety of the polis. Within those clouds resided the Seraph Mirarcle, an angel who sought the world's Dissolution, alongside the Abaddon Metatron. Disguising themselves as demons, our heroes explored Vitral for many days and nights. They learned that, despite Vitral's takeover by angels and demons both, there remained a sizable population of mortals in its midst, as a slave caste belonging to demonkind.

As they sought a way to free the mortal slaves from the Demon Lords' grasp, they met Tantra once more, and discovered that Buiwong had not fared so well in his attempt to pursue the Devas out of this World. The Devas escaped this World by means of a great interdimensional portal, and sealed the portal just as Buiwong attempted to give chase. Buiwong was caught between this World and the Interstice that separates all Worlds, and thus was far more limited now in how he could affect this World. To this end, he recruited several new adventurers to enact his will: the bold buffalo warrior Little Journey, the silent terrorist Vortigern, and the cursed Dragon stripped of a name, and his peppy granddaughter, the demi-demigoddess Mocha. But, unlike before, this group of adventurers sought to aid our heroes, as they were all in the same boat as Buiwong, who needed the mortals' belief to sustain his existence, and thus now sought to save them just as our heroes did.

As our heroes now had basically a small army at their disposal, they split many ways and accomplished many things. They saved the mechanical prodigy Prisca, who had been made into a half-demon by one of Mudi's rebellious demonic servants who had his own agenda. As a way of apology, Mudi's follower, the fashionista Desert Lamp, agreed to take Shei to meet with Mudi. At the same time, Flaming and Amy tracked down Mudi on their own, and in the process made friends with Bosta, Mudi's newest demonic recruit. Bosta was quickly renamed Busta as a result of Amy's inability to remember names.



With our heroes gathered before her, Mudi announced her intention to save the world.

Her plan was fundamentally simple. All demons were bound by The Devil's Instincts, a compulsion to fight, flee or submit when confronted with a power that far outstripped their own. This compulsion allowed certain powerful mortals to command demons… but there were limits on how powerful a mortal could become. For all their power, Mudi and her sister Vizsla could barely control low-level demons. Thus, using her art of Lifedrain, a spell enabling her to steal others' power and store it as she wished, Mudi sought to artificially raise her own power far beyond its natural maximum – a process that would normally result in a mortal's body and soul being torn asunder. But, at the same time as she elevated her power, she would bathe in the waters of the Momentary Lake, which had the power to preserve things as they were, granting immortality and near-indestructibility. However, the Momentary Lake had been sealed away in Tartarus long ago by the Sons of God. Only with the Garment of the Founder could the Great Seal of Tartarus be opened, and so Mudi needed Amy's cooperation… to which our heroes agreed, despite their misgivings about entrusting the future of the world to a Witch.

But Mudi would be unable to leave the city, so long as the angels guarding it were still alive.


The battle against Miracle and her army of angles proved their greatest challenge thus far, requiring aid from the Demon Lords, and even another angel: Mirror Image, a paladin of the Union Church, now reborn and leading her own insurgency against demonkind. Mirror had been the very one to create Miracle – when she forced General Chorazin of Vitral, and her soldiers, to ascend using a piece of angel's flesh. Mirror had needed allies against the demonic invasion of Vitral, but Chorazin and her soldiers were unprepared, and had lost their minds in the process, turning against their creator. When it was apparent that she was on the verge of defeat, Miracle attempted to summon Metatron to her aid, but with the knowledge of her past, our heroes brought Chorazin's memories and personality back to the forefront of her mind. Witnessing the destruction she had caused in her mania, Chorazin willingly dislodged her own core from her body, which took her offline (without ending her life).

But, it was too late – Metatron had arrived.

Enough of the interrupted summoning had completed for Metatron to assume a physical form, but much of his outer armor had broken, as a result of it being incomplete. The armor rained from the sky into Vitral, carrying some kind of divine disease within. Metatron, believing that Miracle had perished, was surprisingly emotional, and nearly slaughtered our wounded heroes in his grief. Vizsla intervened with one of her spells, enabling our heroes to escape to the council chamber of the Demon Lords.

As they planned their next moves, explosions thundered throughout Vitral, as Metatron deliberately detonated the broken pieces of his armor in an attempt to destroy the entire city. Our heroes scrambled and began an evacuation effort, saving hundreds, if not thousands, of demons and mortals alike. For this, they would come to be known as The Saviors of Mariposa.


This summary shall be concluded at another time.


Last time, on HolyQuest…

The Saviors were in the midst of exploring the dungeon known as God's Entombed, built in ancient days by the Sons of God. Just as its name held many meanings, so too did the dungeon hold many purposes. It kept any would-be escapees from Tartarus trapped within it, and kept out unworthy entrees, while also training those worthy of entry.

KP, Pryce, River, Zjetya, Cloak and Amy were in the middle of the dungeon's fourth layer, having just been questioned by the Salt Dragon as to what they would do to their foes – both those wrought within Tartarus, and those who would be accompanying them, from among Ecclesia, the Witches of Gehenna, Buiwong's spiders, and the Light Brigade. After giving their answers, the Salt Dragon vanished, leaving them to deal with the room's enchantments – one of which turned Pryce, River and Amy into birds.

Flaming explored with Volkama and Deriva, and had just reached the fifth layer.

Shei was with Busta and Gadriel as the three attempted to find a way around the dungeon itself by projecting their subtle bodies through the dungeon's physical form. Unsurprisingly, the dungeon's astral defenses were perhaps more dangerous than its physical ones, as unseen entities swam about in the astral plane…



Amy and Pryce turn back to normal. Zjetya protectively hides both River and KP inside her neck-fluff, and the pair stay put. "Okay, I know we should probably put our healer back to normal, but can't we keep KP as he is?" Zjetya asks.

As you push the door, you find that there is no handle, nor lock, but the door does not budge when you push against it, either. You search it all over, and find a glyph, much like the glyphs you found dotting the walls and obelisks inside the Temple of Slipper. By your reckoning, it resembles some kind of small bird.

As you discover this, an ancient-looking treasure chest warbles into existence before you, like a mirage of some kind becoming clearer as the viewer approaches. Volkama and Deriva start with surprise. "My… the powers of imagination worked!" she exlciams.
"We do not know that for certain," Volkama says, examining the chest all over. "Could as easily be another trap."


"Not before the day that we found him in his Domain," Busta says. "Though, I had heard tell of him – only rumors – when I was in the Beyond, back before the Firmament gave out. You may not be surprised by this, but Western and Eastern demons had our own territorial disputes, and your Eastern demons had little love for us Westerners appearing before your sorcerers and channelers."

As you expand your Aura, Gadriel and Busta shudder. You are entirely surrounded, in the most literal sense of the word. Your subtle bodies are entirely covered, in every possible manner, by innumerable multitudes of tiny, peculiar entities, most of which are no bigger than small denominations of coin. They are so small and light that you can easily push through them, as one might push through water. The larger ones among them, large enough to see details in their bodies and faces, are grotesque and misshapen, like the most feverish nightmares of a dying soul. Only, like demons, which at least have some semblance of an aesthetic, these entities have no rhyme or reason about their forms, like half-baked discarded remnants of creation. This is made worse by the fact that they are not entirely visible, even inside your Aura. Each of them is wrought from visible vibrations, like ripples in water, only each of these ripples is some darkened neon color, mostly of hellish reds and rotted greens.

Busta and Gadriel panic, trying desperately to swim deeper and deeper to try to get away from these vibrational entities.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


Shorthorns approaches the door's glyph, looking at the little bird upon its frame before taking a look up at her forehead, remembering the bird tattoo that sits upon her own skull. She smirks, "Huh… wonder if they know each other." She jokingly suggests before taking another look at the door before the treasure appears before them suddenly.

Surprised, she stares at it, before rubbing her chin. "It probably is, but we'll never know unless we check. I can take whatever this dungeon has to throw at me, you two get back. If anything happens, I'll make sure nothing happens to you." She says as she approaches the chest, cautiously looking for a way to open it while keeping an eye out for tricks
[1d10] Perception check

Roll #1 5 = 5



Amy stares at Zjetya for a moment with her head cocked.

After a long pause, Amy straightens back up and asks, "So, is KP going to be like, your son, or something?"


As you approach it, Volkama reaches out with his telekinesis, pulling back at your shoulders. "Hold! I sense much magical energy from the wood of the chest… but curiously, not from the iron that trims its edges, and the rim of the lid."

As you study the chest, you see that it should be possible to pick the chest's padlock without touching the wood, so long as one took care in how they opened it. Smashing it with your head would probably not be the safest method of opening.


"As we wait here, I do wonder if all paths are to converge on Salt after all. Perhaps it best to continue forward knowing that we will reunite anyways, as that seems more in line with the nature of the maze than waiting. If we were to get separated in Tatarus, would we wait around for others to reconvene, or trust that they'd find their way and not compromise the mission?"


Shorthorns looks at the chest angrily as Volkama points out how picking the lock will require finesse, and she looks up at her large frame and her bulky hooves/horns and gives a sad sigh. "Volkama, could your telekinesis do the trick? I hate to admit it but no way am I gonna be careful or steady enough to avoid touching the wood. I'm kind of… one of the missionaries from Hearthome had a term I liked… a 'Bull in a chineigh shop'?"

She focuses instead on her catalyst, and focuses on unweaving the chest's trap. "I'll focus on trying to make it less dangerous if you can pick it the lock."
[1d10] Unweaving

Roll #1 3 = 3


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears[Fire]


KP huddles into Zjetya's fluff, sitting comfortably.
Pryce stands, looking himself over as he is back in his normal form.
"…Did it work?"
He says slowly and cautiously.
"Phew, good, I'm back to normal." He turns to the remaining pair of birds, looking down at River. "I know it was that curse, but I'm sorry for what I said."

He then nods to Zjetya, horn glowing as he focuses on River to return her to normal as well.
>Unweave [River] [1d10]
"It might be easier to keep watch over him like that, but this doesn't seem like the safest place for a bird."
KP looks up at Pryce from the nest of moth fluff, the elder mulling it over.
"He can stay as is, until it gets too dangerous to be that small."

Pryce glances over at Amy's comment.
"No, let's not think about children yet."

Roll #1 1 = 1


However far they swim they should tug Shei with them by the dark thread their tied too. Shei attempts something in the meanwhile.

"Can't say I'm well versed in demon politics. At least not in Accorsia, I was a small kid way back when."

Shei raises his hooves out gently as if wading through a pond. He uses Qi working to collect the the tiny incomplete wills of the many unfinished demon morsels.
>qi working
[1d10] to collect the little demons wills into a single bunch

He then makes the motion of plunging a dagger into the imaginary pond.
>Qliphoth: automatic, recharge 3; Sacrifice one or all of the minions under your control to heal yourself 5/5 H/W per minion sacrificed. The minion must have over 20% of it's HP to be a proper sacrifice. Can heal beyond character's Natural H/W up to a maximum of double their Wounds+2W. For Shei 13/14 H/W. This ability may require a Control roll at the DM's discretion. Can be used to heal allies and H/W gained may be distributed to up to Five allies at a time. I.e 1/1 for each of Five allies, 2/3 and 3/2 for each of Two allies, etc. This skill can heal someone from 0/0HW but requires a roll and both their soul and body are still present.
[automatic] to sacrifice the little unfinished demons

[Not sure if this would work. I just thought they resembled actual qliphoth (broken shells) and thought it'd be appropriate. Up to DM interpretation obviously]

"Although that makes sense you have heard of him. Him and the Ring of Theon made regular violations of the firmament in their quest for the beyond. And it was a little more than occassional I would see fettered demons roaming Firewood Manor. I was just asking because of all these parallels to people doomed by their ambition that was being made. My thought, this guy has to meet Crow-ley. But I guess you were there for it. Didn't catch you."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Yes," Zjetya says, scratching KP's head.

As Pryce attempts to unweave the spell about River, the spell's threads become tangled, and in a flash of spinning light, Zjetya stumbles, as River falls out of her fluff… and becomes a chicken.

River squawks and pecks at Pryce's leg, while Zjetya leans back and laughs at her plight.


"That'd be my guess, after everything we've learned," Zjetya says, eventually calming down after the gaffe. "Getting hung up about others would probably disrupt your focus and resolution. Having faith that they'd be able to meet you at a common destination would be the better option."

The spell is too difficult for you to undo without risking some kind of backfire. Volkama eyes the padlock, reaching out with his magic. "Stand aside, I shall give it a try. Iron is known for its unfriendliness to magical signatures, curses, and malevolent spirits alike, so perhaps it shall be my friend once more…"


Indeed they are, good catch.

As you send forth your Qi in an attempt to tame the husks of Qliphoth, the ones surrounding you suddenly tense up, all pointing toward you, all those with eyes, or misshapen pustules of eyes, turn and focus toward you three. This lasts but a moment, before the terrible multitude scream and writhe, spasming in terror as they spin and rattle, turning a deep red as their smooth vibrations stab in every direction, becoming terrible spikes that stab into you at every angle.


>All lose 2 Wounds

As Gadriel and Busta spin and churn with mortal terror, your senses remain keen enough to notice a much larger vibration suddenly approaching. Faintly, a calming hum sounds from afar…


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6 + 4 = 10 / Roll #3 1 + 5 = 6


"Mayhaps it best we moved on. Lingering to remove enchantments only puts us at more risk in Tartarus, I do not think these rooms will be kind enough to stay stagnate in their risks. We can attempt to undo these curses as we move on, otherwise I think we'll further separate from the rest of the party." Leather says, motioning onwards.


Shorthorns grunts as the unweaving proves successful, but dares to take the risk of backfire as she moves forward to help Volkama however she can. She attempts to unweave the magic again, putting herself at risk if she needs to while still standing ready to safeguard the others.

"We'll only be making this one attempt," Shorthorns says to Leather, "If we cannot get it open, we won't linger on it. But I'm not gonna be the one to shy away from a challenge, and I'm sure Tartarus will have plenty to taunt us with."


>meant to message Amy, not Shorthorns



"Keeping people as defenseless little birds is also kinda dangerous, though," Amy says as she turns KP back to normal.

>Jhana of Uprooting Poison


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



"Also, isn't it kinda creepy to have a 'son' that is a child version of your lover?"


"Are we not defenses?" Cloak says behind his shield, "I'll put my life in front of them if need be."


Pryce looks down in shock as River is turned into a chicken. KP gives a small chirp of concern.
"R-Right, you and Amy should lead the way this time while I fix this."
Pryce pulls back his leg when River pecks him, picking her up in his hoof.
"Don't worry, you'll be back to normal in a sec."
He says calmly, clearing his mind from all this backfiring. His horn glows, attempting to untangle the magic again.
>Unweave [River] [1d10]

"Be nice Zjetya, I doubt you'd like it if these roles were reversed."
He comments as she laughs at the situation.

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Well we have to fix them eventually!"


"Did I not also say we can attempt to undo these curses as we move?"


"I can take care of fixing. Amy, since you can 'eat' these magic traps, you should clear out these doors so we can find the path forward. Besides, I trust Zjetya to keep KP out of harms way."


Volkama takes his time fiddling with the inner machinations of the lock, clearly apprehensive of a potential backfire. At last it's undone, but as the lock clicks, Volkama leaps back, and he and Deriva pull you back as quick as they can. The lid of the chest practically flies off as a torrent of magical energy flashes forth from the chest, turning the ceiling dark as pitch. The bricks smell burnt once the magic blast is done.

"Well… that should be the last of it," Volkama says. "Thank goodness for iron. Any takers for the treasure?"

Zjetya clicks her tongue as KP goes back to normal. "Amy, don't make it weird. KP's his own colt, you know! Err, at least, he will be once we figure out how to sever their sympathetic connection."

River scores several small hits into your hoof as you pick her up, though of course she doesn't peck so hard as to wound you. At last you turn her back to normal, and she sits atop your hoof, her hooves bunched up at her sides like the wings of a chicken. Clearing her throat, she hops back down to the ground and says nothing more of the matter.

"Alright, alright," River grumbles. "Cloak has the right of it. Let us be off before we invoke more curses upon ourselves. If there's any path before us that requires no doorways, that automatically has my vote."

>Choose direction


Shorthorns nods her head towards the chest. "This was your victory, Volkama, you picked the lock and open it where I would have just smashed it open and put myself at risk. Whatever's inside, it's yours. I think all the magic from the trap has used itself up by now, you should be safe to look inside."


KP sits at Zjetya's hooves as the curse is lifted from him.
>"Aww, I liked sitting in the fluff…"
He says, hopping up to his hooves.
>"I don't know if it can. Mr., uh, Calque, seemed to make it sound like a hostage thing when he used it on the big guy."

Pryce shakes his hoof from the sting of the pecks after River hops off. Unsure of how to make this better, he gives her a quick wing hug.

"Well, since the trap on that northeast door is gone," Pryce states, clearing his throat after all the trouble, "We should at least check what's in that direction."
He says, opening the door.



"There was a way Amy already cleared that I was about to fire at, it had some sort of worm magic within it. We should check to make sure the trap has not rearmed itself in the time it to remove the curses." Leather says, investigating the previously disarmed door.

[1d10] perception with Ecclesian training

Roll #1 4 = 4



Amy nods a follows.

"It's already weird, Zeta," Amy says with a little snicker.


Volkama nods, and cauutiously approaches the chest. He reaches within after some deliberation, and pulls forth an old and thick leather belt with a prominent and ornate golden buckle. You can feel the magic upon it, and Volkama spends some time studying its magical signatures… eventually, he turns and hands it to you. "Bah! It is of no benefit to me. You or Grand Voyage, or perhaps even Cloak, will find more use for it."

>Fortifying Belt; Relic; The DC to hit you drops to 0, such that even Critfails will succeed against you, but all damage taken is Halved before other effects.

>Description: An old belt that held in place the robe of a very bulky Son of God, and through its fame and fortune, inherited a portion of his sturdiness and reliability.

"Incredible," Deriva says. "I conjured that chest with but a moment of sheer concentration on the idea of 'bringing out the treasure behind the false wall above us.' An imprecise target of focus to be sure, but still it worked. Do you think we could get more treasure in this way?"

"YOU'RE WEIRD!" Zjetya protests.

River shudders, but accepts your hug. "'Tis such an unnerving thing to feel teeth in my mouth once more after having a beak… I wonder how griffons are able to speak so eloquently without teeth."

Having effectively dispelled the Northeastern door (by getting afflicted with its curse), you can safely proceed beyond it. You proceed for a short time down a corridor, before it bends East and continues onward… until it at last stops at a dead end.

River clicks her tongue. "I've no doubt this wall is a false one. The question is what it might hide."
"I wouldn't assume so," Zjetya says. "Could just be a means of frustrating would-be escapees, no?"


"ga-a-ahrrr" Shei growls in pain from the disobedient qliphoth

"Gadriel, Busta, I know I'm not the authority on this but could you stop fucking about and do something useful please?"

"Sounds like something weird is coming up. Gadriel, Busta, pop a heal for us. I'm going to absorb these broken shells.. If anything incredible happens I can inure us from all harm for a short while."

Shei-Sher forces his dominion over bastards over the broken shells
[1d10+1] controlling them

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Shorthorn looks at the magic, feeling its strength as she holds it in her hooves. She smiles, lifting her head up high as she puts it on around her waist, smiling as she seems to slide into it quite snugly. "Thank you Volkama, I swear I'll return the favor as soon as I can. I think I definitely CAN make a good use out of this."

She turns to Deriva, nodding, "It would seem so, I didn't even know you could do that! Let's keep it in mind for the rest of the dungeon. For now," she looks at the locked/knobless door blocking their way forward, and turning her eye towards the bird glyph. "Have you noticed any similar markings to this bird anywhere else so far? I haven't been keeping very careful track of if we've seen it somewhere else, besides maybe the Temple of Slipper."

[1d10] Memory, is this glyph anywhere else we've seen?

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Well the curse would've turned those who enter into birds, are there any locations meant to by flown up to?"

Leather looks around.

Roll #1 9 = 9



"I'm also kinky," Amy says with a smirk. "Is that what you want o be?"


"Hmmmm," Amy says as she looks around. Specifically, she looks up.

[1d10] to find a hidden way to go

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I imagine they've had some time to learn it. The size difference has me more thrown off, small enough to fit on a pony's hoof is far more vulnerable than I'd like."
Pryce says to River.

As they gather together, Pryce gives Zjetya a quick wing hug as well, not to leave either out.
When they reach the end of the hall, Pryce looks around the wall for anything that could open or show a false wall. But he then gets an idea.
"I can check. Sir Estuary wasn't able to touch me when I used this technique, so I should set off anything if it is dangerous."
Pryce's horn glows black, passing it's dark light over his body in a soft glow as he steps into subspace, and then peeks his head through the wall.
>Subspace Walker [Self]
>2 times per combat; Automatic; Hide yourself, an ally, or a medium-sized object within a Subspace pocket for four turns, or until they dismiss the effect. During this time, the target cannot attack or be attacked. If used on a sentient target, that target can now move through solid objects, barriers, etc within a short distance at will.


She leans in and whispers… "I already have you beat in that regard."

While hidden in Subspace, the colors of the world around you invert, like a photonegative, through Pryce would not know what that is. You peer through the wall, but see nothing, confirming that the wall at the end of this corridor is quite thick.

In front of the wall, you see a small narrow gap between some of the bricks in the hallway's ceiling. It's too small for anyone of your size to climb through, but it would not be too small for a tiny bird to fly up into. Zjetya and River look up into it. "Dang… wonder where that went," Zjetya says.
"Perhaps there may yet be time to revert that spell," River says. "Pryce, Fairy Castle entrusted you with her spellbook, no? Couldn't you skip forward some distance for a Weaving spell that could bring back that bird-curse?"

There were such glyphs in the Temple of Slipper, but back then, they served merely as decorations for large scenes in the hieroglyphic tales of the Sons of God inscribed into the rock. You can see that each door has an icon of its own; the North door has a mouse icon, the East door has a snake icon, the South door has a dog icon.

"Mice, hrm…?" Volkama ponders.
"Forget the treasure," Deriva says. "Don't any of you think we might be able to call forth the answer to a puzzle that stumps us with our will and visualizations?"

The mass of Qliphoth stop writhing and spasming as you manage to get them to calm down. Gadriel and Busta say nothing, but get to action.

Gadriel sprays himself with the healing mist from his wings' orbs.

[1d10+3] Heal

Busta looks downward at the oncoming vibrations, and flaps his fly-wings, sending forth counter-vibrations. You feel the approaching entity veer off-course, spinning away into the darkness.

"Let's go!" Busta commands, diving deeper as he sends wing-beats back toward the unseen enemy.

[1d10+3] Wind Element

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #2 9 + 3 = 12



"Shei is making me lose my game…" Amy mutters in complaint.


"I got this!" Amy declares. Afterwords, she transforms into a roach/mouse hybrid and climbs up the wall and into small slit.

>>Obtain one quality of the target's body, along with any applicable Racial skill. You can then call upon any devoured quality freely, transforming your own body to reflect it.

I transformed into a roach/mouse hybrid before, but if you don't accept that as more than fluff, I'm sure I can climb the wall well enough as a mouse.


With just a pinch of willpower Shei seems to have the broken shells at attention "That was easy, note to self violate everything."

Shei raise his hoof in champion pose and balled fist. The mass of Qliphoth tear into raw magatsuchi as they are absorbed completely into Shei-Sher. The effects being duplicated in his Gadds and Bustaa as they notice viral energies being consumed by their spirit.

>Qliphoth: automatic, recharge 3; Sacrifice one or all of the minions under your control to heal yourself 5/5 H/W per minion sacrificed. The minion must have over 20% of it's HP to be a proper sacrifice. Can heal beyond character's Natural H/W up to a maximum of double their Wounds+2W. For Shei 13/14 H/W. This ability may require a Control roll at the DM's discretion. Can be used to heal allies and H/W gained may be distributed to up to Five allies at a time. I.e 1/1 for each of Five allies, 2/3 and 3/2 for each of Two allies, etc. This skill can heal someone from 0/0HW but requires a roll and both their soul and body are still present.


"Whatever you say Busta." Shei-Sher follows suit


>"Are you sure you want to be a chicken again?"
KP asks River as she suggests reweaving the curse.

Pryce pulls his head back from the wall as it appears to be a true dead end. He looks up as everypony else notices the gap, figuring that must be the path to take. Spreading his wings, he flies up, taking the subspace's ethereal trait to follow the path like he did following Sir Estuary through the debris before.


"Mice… kind of like yours?" Shorthorns points out, looking at the mice door with a peculiar look. "I have a tattoo like a bird, and I think Amy's not too far off from a dog. What could a snake mean though, I wonder?"

She turns to Deriva, nodding her head. "Give it a try, but if you can't I think we'd best go back up to the level above this. Maybe we'll find another clue somewhere else, but I feel like the glyphs they have here aren't a coincidence. Maybe if we brought Amy and a 'snake' down here too we'd get some answers."


"Well that's one who can make it down the path, I have no way of reducing my stature myself." Leather notes, looking back, "We could still try the worm door, for those unable to follow."


"Not a chicken, but – ah, Amy has it covered," River says as Amy turns into a freakish horror of a creature, though River and Zjetya are none too disturbed. "Let's see what she says, first," she adds for Cloak.

As Amy crawls up into the gap, she finds that there is a path before her now, which ends in a hole that one might drop down into. It appears there are no traps or impediments in this tiny pathway.

"Let's save that for a last resort," Deriva says. "The dungeoneers seem to have thought of everything here… should we overuse an easy method of passage, I am sure we'd invite another punishment down upon us."

Volkama takes one of his mice from their protective, enchanted pocket within his armor, and sets him down upon the ground before the door marked with the mouse glyph. The door shudders, and a smaller door, this one just big enough for a mouse, opens at its base. Volkama's mouse peeks at the door's gap, then steps back, his fur standing up apprehensively.

"Danger awaits beyond," Volkama translates, putting the mouse back into his pocket. "And it can only be approached if we are the creature marked upon the door. Don't suppose transformations are within your godly domain?"

With a terrible cry, the cloud of husks about you vanish – only for countless thousands more to flood the space about you, taking their place. Your absorption of their lingering vital essence brings you to 13/14 H/W

Busta sends a great current of astral wind back at the entity pursuing you, and you can feel its vibrations receding deeper and deeper away, until…


A calming hum murmurs from further below. Many voices echo in slow, arhythmic patterns. Busta slows his descent, as does Gadriel, as the two ponder where to go next…


Roll #1 5, 7, 1 + 5 = 18


Cloak nods, waiting patiently.



"Hmm. There seems to be some kind of tiny path here. I'm going to try to see where it goes and hope it gives me a way to open this wall up."

Amy crawls down the hole and clings to whatever wall/ceiling she can with her bug legs.

She looks around wherever this leads for some kind of mechanism. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


As the mouse manages to open up the door, Shorthorns looks on in amazement, watching the brave mouse as he moves back from the door, smiling as she reaches down to nuzzle him with her nose. "You did great! Thank you for your bravery, little warrior."

She turns to look at Volkama, thinking about the question. "…I think so. I can make life spring from stone and brick, I should be able to arrange living things. Life is my primary sphere."

She takes a moment to collect herself, imagining her being that which she loathes most of all: even SMALLER than she already was. She pauses, turning to look at Volkama and Deriva sternly. "…don't bring this up to the others unless we have to, 'kay?"

[1d10] Life Sphere (Primary), turning myself into a mouse

Roll #1 7 = 7


Amy reaches the end of the path, and crawls partway down the wall, but loses her grip partway through, and falls off the wall, landing upon the stone. Thankfully, owing to her roachy body, she is unharmed. Pryce flies to the other side, seeing her land. The two can see that the corridor before them continues until it reaches a juncture: One path leads Southeast, the other Southwest.


Pryce enters into the open hall, stepping out of subspace, and seeing Amy fall from the ceiling.
"So it wasn't entirely a fake wall at all…"
Seeing it split at the end, Pryce walks down the hall, looking down the southeast junction.
"You check the southwest Amy. We shouldn't get too far from the others if this does continue deeper into the labyrinth."



Amy groans as she hits the ground in her tiny form.

"Hmm…" she says as she looks around and spots Pryce. "So, wanna see if we can like knock down the wall or something?"


The hum, it waxes over the static in his brain. And before it can become relaxing Shei understands.

"Ohhh… nooo…. We're in the feeding grounds and these things krill!"

Shei-Sher manifests a star of solar energy in one hoof. He shines it bright enough to avert the Qliphoth's direction.

[1d10] manifest a blinding solar star to divert any dark creature from coming over here.

He holds the star out in the torrent of broken shell's direction.

"Make a diversion! Get them AWAY from us! Just any idea you got. There's no stupid answers."

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Unless you can take out a foot of stone, I don't think we can knock it down easily."


You turn into a tiny mouse, your armor and clothing shrinking with you. You note that your colors are unchanged, and your fur still has the rough, fire-resistant texture that it normally does, instead of the fine fuzz of a mouse's fur.

"Hold!" Deriva commands after you shrink down. She approaches… and flips you onto your back, trying (somewhat successfully) to tickle you through your armor.

River and Zjetya keep up their guard as they wait, staying close to KP and Cloak. "How peculiar…" River murmurs, catching Zjetya's attention. "When was the last time we were properly attacked down here? Not since the Mercury Dragon's hands sought to disrupt us, no?"
"Expecting more guards?" Zjetya asks. "This place has been abandoned for centuries, hasn't it?"
"True…" River admits.

>10, 12

As you make your declaration, you see Busta get flung into the darkness, as an unseen force but grazes him – you and Gadriel are dragged along for the ride, temporarily knocked senseless as you share in Busta's sudden pain.

>All take 36 Hits of damage

Light flashes from your hoof, even as your consciousness reels and vision swims, and the Qliphoth churn as they attempt to swim away from you, only to, in the process, push other Qliphoth away, into your direction.

"There," Busta says, pointing as he tries to right himself. "A gap, between their energies… move! Move!"

[2d10+2] the two try to get up

Roll #1 3, 1 + 2 = 6



"Not with THAT attitude!"


"No, that's what I'm asking. Do you have a way to take out that much stone? When I tried to peer through it it was very thick."
Pryce responds flatly.

>"We'll be fine, Cloak is here. Nothing can get past him!"


Leather at River's point, "I believe the enchantment Amy disarmed would've thrust us into battle against an invisible enemy, meaning there are foes still guarding this ancient pathway. That being said, I most are tied to magical effects, or quite possibly could be constructs."


Shorthorns looks down at her new, mousey form, giving herself a twirl and reaching behind to pull at her newly elongated tail. "Huh… well, that's interest- WOAH!"

She turns to look up at Deriva and Volkama, giving a slight gulp. "You're all so huge now. I'm not sure I like this… but we have no choice."

As Devira reaches down, Shorthorns looks up curiously, wondering why she was asked to halt… but as her tickling begins, Shorthorns blurts out in laughter and falls on her back, using her newly ineffectual arms to push the offending hoof away. "BHAAHAAHAHAHAH! S-stop it, this is serious! Hahaha… t-this is why I didn't want the others to know!" She grunts in an annoyed tone, stiffing her chuckles as she wiggles away from Devira towards the door. "I-I'll be right back as soon as I figure out how to unlock it from that side, I won't be long!"


Pryce also checks down the Southeast hall.



"Hmmmm. All I can think of is this…"

>Prayer of Enlightenment to learn Return to Earth

>Return to Earth: recharge 2, spell; Bring things back to their natural state. Can return spirits to the afterlife and send unnatural creatures (demons, elementals, undead etc) back to their home plane. Only weakens stronger spirits and creatures, giving you +1 to all your actions against them until the end of combat.


Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


The southeast junction ends with another wall. Before it lies a locked trapdoor in the ground.


>forgot fluff

Amy faces the stone wall and points a mouse paw at it, hoping the wall goes somewhere.


Not much happens, but since you're in no immediate danger, you can give it another shot.


Shei opens his cape and a chain shoots out in the direction Busta points. The chain flies between the gap in their energies and swings its to tie lasso onto something


[1d10] to lasso something, anything

if I'd have to roll to get up from helpless then let it be my roll to get up

Roll #1 1 = 1


Seeing the wall end in another dead end, Pryce walks back, seeing Amy try her spell.
"If River got to this side, she could open a corridor for the others…"
Pryce comments.



Amy makes a frustrated noise and gestures at the wall again.

>Return to Earth on wall


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"I only hope we'll get to be the ones to initiate the battle if it should happen," River says. "I'd hate to be caught unawares by whatever guards these deeper levels…"

The wall between the two groups grumbles, as the bricks and mortar which constitute the wall shudder, and dissolve back into their constituent reagants, falling back into a heap before you. River and Zjetya cross over the heap once they find a safe way to walk across it. "Nice," Zjetya says. "Find anything good?"

The small door opens for you, as it did for the small mouse, and it brings you into a medium-sized room, one that surprisingly looks like it might have served some administrative purpose, rather than testing demon-hunters or keeping demons imprisoned. There are stone desks and chairs, and stone crates piled up high here and there.

As the small door shuts behind you, you hear the clicking of metal upon stone… and see a stone cat laying asleep atop a bookshelf. A key hangs about its neck.

>Shei 0/12 from most recent attack

In the violent churning of the Qliphoth about you, you cast out the length of your chain – and find it surprisingly hooking onto something. But, with a horrid pop, you can feel your shoulder wrench free of its socket as an immense force starts to yank you, Gadriel and Busta through the darkness, pulled by the chain and your shared bond. It's all you can do to stay conscious as the force tugs you deeper and deeeper through the abyss.

>Shei 0/10 from 2 critfails to recover

Gadriel and Busta stir, trying to right themselves in the astral darkness…



Roll #1 3, 5 + 2 = 10


>I just realized that, because of how I calculate damage, the only way that this item is even remotely worth using is if the damage reduction is improved from 1/2 to 1/4, all results rounded down as usual.



"Wow! I did NOT think that would work," Amy deadpans as she stares at the heap on the ground. She transforms back into her usual wolf-pony form. Then, she giggles and shrugs. "Cool!"

"Just more cave," Amy answers Zjetya, pointing toward more caves.


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears[Fire]

Pryce steps back as the wall crumbles under Amy's spell, letting the others regroup with them.
"There's two more paths down this way. There's a trapdoor leading down to the southeast, and the other way I have not checked yet."


As Shorthorned Rodent moves into the relatively large chamber, she looks around, stepping lightly as her small size does a number on her usual bravado. She turns suddenly as she hears the door slam shut behind her, eyes opening wide as her eyes turn up to see the massive stone cat sleeping atop the book shelf. She looks at the key hanging around its neck, and as its monstrous size nearly gives her pause, takes a moment to collect herself, and recall she's been up against far worse. She snorts, "Hrmm… I think I see what I'm supposed to do here dungeon but, stealth was never really my strong suit…"

She clears her throat, heading towards the book shelf as she tap as she balls up her tiny, mousey fist to tap on the side of the bookshelf. "Ahem. EXCUSE ME! Mr. Cat?"



Leather steps over the rubble on small platforms of light created through Tsiba, looking out towards the cave ahead, "I suppose this could've been a solution whether or not we had shrunken down. Regardless, progress is progress."



"Yeah, who'da guessed that that spell would just knock the wall over? Kinda weird!"


>Last time, on HolyQuest…

"It looks like you reduced that wall to its constituent components, as they were prior to their construction," River remarks to Amy as she climbs over the rubble. "Brick and mortar have given way to stone, sand, mud and mason's chemicals."
"Hey, at least those Sons of God were good sports," Zjetya says. "Could've just as easily put up enchantments to prevent this sort of work-around for their weird puzzles."
River paws at the ground a bit. "I wonder how efficacious trying to go straight down with that spell might be…"

Zjetya and River look to the Southwest and Southeast. Just as Pryce said, at the end of the Southeast path, there is another wall, and a trapdoor in the floor. To the Southwest, the path continues for quite a while, so long that you cannot see the end of it.

"So…" Zjetya begins. "Which way, gents?"
"And ladies," River adds.
"Only lady I see here is you," Zjetya says.
"What…?" River deadpans. "What would that even make you?"

The cat's eyes shoot open, and an impulse shoots up from your mousey spine, causing all your fur to stand on end. In a flash, the cat leaps from the bookshelf, and lands without a sound, even as it is made of stone. Tail flashing and twitching, it eyes you with amusement, as if it cannot believe such prey would announce itself so boldly.



"Duh!" Amy says to River as if she's being dumb. "Zeta can't SEE herself!"

Then, Amy looks down at the ground, contemplating River's suggestion. Without saying another word, she gives it a try.

>Return to Earth on the ground!


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6


As the chill goes up her spine, the primal instinct of prey fearing the sharped-eyed glare of a sharp-teethed predator permeates through every bit of Shorthorn's fiber: as a buffalo she is no stranger to the feeling of fearing a hunter. She backs up a moment, but her conscious nerve tries to collect herself: she is no mere mouse, and no stony house-cat is going to give her pause.

She steps back from where she shuddered before, trying to fight back the primal urge to huddle up with her herd for safety as she stares down the cat, lifting her mousey head high in the process as she activates her magical brooch, the Tikkun Olam, allowing her to communicate with beasts and animals…

"T-thank you! Sorry for waking you up from your nap, but I noticed you had a key around your neck that I think me and my friends need for getting through this maze. Could I ask you to give it to me?"
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 5 = 5



Cloak preemptively stands near a party member without wings, ready to use Tsiba to catch one should the floor give way.


"Going straight down like that might not be the best, who knows how deep some rooms are."
Pryce comments on River's idea.

>"Why not check the other path? If ever path is going to the same spot, we could clear the way for the others!"

KP suggests as they mull over which way to go.
"It wouldn't hurt to check, at the very least."
Pryce adds, going too lead to the southwest.

Pryce looks back as Zjetya and River chitchat.
"Since she's a changeling, she must be a queen then."
Pryce comments.


>Spiritual Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Prr-hrr-hrr-hrr-hrr," the stonecat laughs. "Tis been nearly a Kalpa since I've been awoken by a visitor, and what do I find, but one who should come right up to me and ask for this key I guard. I don't believe this has ever happened, in fact… usually they break through the door, or try to sneak up on me. But I digress, prr-hrr-hrr."

It straightens up, extending a paw to bat at the space before you, coming just shy of striking you with its playful swipes. "Make an offer to me, if you would demand an exchange of goods. What is this key worth to you… say, a mortal? Odd…"

"I'm surprised you aren't more concerned about what that makes you in her eyes, Amy," River says. Zjetya fluffs up her fluff at Pryce's compliment.

Amy's spell carves out a rough-hewn stairway below you, about ten meters in depth, as mud, sand, and mason's chemicals flow down into the hole she creates. Still, there is more earth below you through which you will have to press.

As you head down the corridor, River and Zjetya follow at a distance, so as to be a midpoint between you, and Amy and Cloak, should something go awry… and good thing, because as you get about halfway down the corridor, a certain rumbling, from up ahead, stays your steps. It is no physical rumbling, but one in the aether, accompanied by a vague shimmering in the air before you. You see the vague outline and shade of some manner of portal, but it's shaped curiously, almost like the outline of an open maw.


Shorthorns tries a toothy grin, trying to maintain an air of confidence about her large prey. "Well, I'm not your usual adventurer, I guess. Trying to think of some ideas outside of the box. Besides, I'm terrible at sneaking, I would have never gotten close."

She thinks not to correct him on her being a 'mortal' rather than a god, keeping that ace up her tiny sleeve for now. "You want to make an exchange? Well, let's see…. what do cats like? Do you want a big scratching post, or maybe some milk? I'm guessing you don't get to leave here very often since the door is so small, if you want I could let you out!"
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Wait… Yeah, what the heck, Zet-aaaaah" Amy starts to say as she processes River's, but as she does, her spell takes effect, and she slips down a few of the steps she just made.

However, she quickly stops herself. "Hey! It worked!" she exclaims excitedly. "Take that, maze!" she says, kicking the wall.

As she does so, she casts the spell again.

>Return to Earth to keep going!


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


Leather peers down the hole and sees if there's anythin to discern while he waits for information on the hallway from Pryce and progress from Amy.

[1d10] percep

Roll #1 2 = 2



If there's one thing Amy is, it's fancy!


Roll #1 5 = 5


Shei is a ragdoll for this undetermineable force that pulls them away from peril. Shie tries to pop his joint back in place as he holds on.

[1d10] get up from helpless.

"Everyone okay?" He asks busta and gadds through the rushing pressure

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I am a construct of stone and magic, engineered to annihilate the worst of what my creators banished into Tartarus's endless panoramas," the stonecat retorts. "What material goods could you possibly bribe me with?"

"Obviously, a–" Zjetya begins, before pausing to think. "Well, I was going to address you by your demonic rank, but I don't think you've ever told us. What are you, exactly?"

Ancient earth and stone shudder away as Amy digs through the earth like a dog. Much of it turns back into volcanic soot, bringing to mind Easy's words many months ago about the Ashfall Mountains surrounding this region. After about another ten meters of progress, a shudder in the earth causes Amy's ears to prick up, and she leaps backwards up the stone staircase, knocking Cloak back on his flanks. At the base of the stairs, the earth cracks, and falls away, plummeting for quite some time before hitting the bottom. You can see that you have broken through to the next floor down, but there's a drop of no less than fifty meters awaiting you and the ground level below you.
"Everything alright!?" River calls from the top of the staircase.


Pryce pauses as he feels the disturbance in the corridor before him, taking a few steps back.
"Careful everypony, seems they had portals trapped in hallways down here too."
Pryce calls back to the others.
Cautiously, Pryce's horn glows in attempts to unweave the portal to open up the path beyond.
>Unweave [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Busta manages to turn himself upward, even as he's yanked along, and reaches out to help you and Gadriel orient yourselves even as you're yanked along by the unseen entity.

>All have recovered from Helplessness!

"Fine, but where are we going!?" Gadriel shouts over the rushing pressure all about you.
"Wherever this thing pleases!" Busta says. "And I doubt we'll like to see the end of its path. Can't either of you control it!?"
"Maybe… Shei!" Gadriel shouts. "Extend the threads up the chain, I have an idea!"



"You mean like before I took a mortal body?" Amy asks conversationally as she continues to remove the ground. "Cause I'm pretty sure there's no rank for whatever the heck I am now."



"I found something!" Amy announces triumphantly. "It's a bit… place! Really dark. And really far down… I don't think I've eaten anything that can fly…"

Her tail wags excitedly as she talks, slapping Cloak repeatedly in the face where he sits on the stairs after she accidentally bumped him. She remains totally oblivious to this.


"…I guess that's a good question." Shorthorns asks aloud, tapping her mousey chin with her paw. "Well, if you don't eat and just sleep until there's an intruder for you to deal with, is there anything you'd want? Don't you ever get bored of just waiting around for something to pounce on? When was the last time you even left this place?"

[1d10] Persuasion to consider the thrill of adventure over sleeping all day

Roll #1 7 = 7



Leather sits patiently and tries to ignore the tail continuing to hit him in the face. "I can walk down and up and possibly ferry one of the wingless down on my back, should the path Pryce speaks of is trapped yet again."

He turns to Pryce, still being hit in the face with dog tail, "Any insight on the nature of the trap?"


"Far down, I expected as much. I can send a flare down after I remove this portal."
Pryce calls back to Amy's announcement.

"Only that it's an oddly shaped portal. Might be to make it harder to detect, but as long as we don't walk further than where I am it's harmless."


Shei pulls more thread out from himself and allows it to crawl to the other end of the chains

[1d10] roll if needed

Shei then commands the chains to retract so that they are pulled up to the body of the whale. [I think this is an automatic action]

Roll #1 1 = 1


>Spiritual Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


The portal appears to collapse, the top and the bottom disappearing in tandem until they meet in the center, but the shimmering that surrounded the portal yet remains, and is now concentrated at the center, where you last saw the portal.

You can hear an unusual grunting coming from ahead…

"If I might bring forth my discussion with Blessings on demonology," River says. "She taught me the ranks: Wraith, Devil, Fiend, Helel, Heretic, Tormentor, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince, and then, the Accuser, for there is only ever but one. Orcus was a Heretic, and it took all of us back then to defeat him. Now, after all we've been through… hrm. Where might you rank yourself?"

"We can take the pets and KP," Zjetya says. "Hey, wait, Amy, I'm sure you've eaten a bug at some point. Just use that transformation!"

You retract the chain, and send power up its length, but as it reaches its mark, you can feel something rattling the chain from further–

You barely catch but a glimpse of it, but a larger husk, some putrid facade of a hollowed corpse, hurtles past, and rakes its claws in your direction, shredding across – and through – your subtle body.

>Shei loses 6 Hits

Through the pain, you sense your connection to Busta and Gadriel shatter. Busta manages to grab ahold of you, but Gadriel, with a terrified cry, hurtles into the darkness.

Without a second thought, Busta lets go, launching himself after Gadriel. "I've got you!"

[1d10+3] Busta channels wind to encapsulate Gadriel.

[1d10+2] Gadriel reaches out to Busta's arm.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Amy jumps as she hears Cloak talk. She quickly turns to see Cloak sitting there. She blushes slightly. "Oh. Hehe, sorry."

She extends a hoofpaw to help him up. "If you could help me down, that'd be awesome! I can make myself small if that'd be easier!"


"…Are you seriously trying to recruit me!?" the stonecat exclaims after a moment.


"Well I can't think of what else to offer!" Shorthorns exclaims, "You don't need anything like food or toys or wealth, and the only thing you do, from the sounds of it, is just sleep for years until something comes and needs you to swat it. What better to offer you than a little adventure? I mean, you don't have to go all the way if you don't want, it's going to get pretty dangerous, but don't you ever wonder what it's like outside of this little room? Even for just a little while?"


Roll #1 8 = 8



Amy puts her hoof-paw to her chin in contemplation. "I don't know… I mean, I have to beat the accuser by the end of this. So, wouldn't that mean I'm a prince?"

"-ess," she adds after a moment.


Leather looks unconcerned, "Any lessened weight reduces the chances of imbalance should some other curse or trap try and knock us over on the way down."

Standing up, the cloth wrapped earth pony looks to Amy to see if she wants uppies.


"No NOO!"

Shei lands his hooves standing upon the subterranean beast's body which his chain is lasso'd around. And pulls it from the shoulders, from the hips, with his mind. reeling in any force within his command. Growling bleating panick as he tries to steer the soul of the this thing to his command.

>Bohemian Purgatory: instant, Automatic: The chains produced by the God of Bastards and Kids are fabrications of the soul. As an Instant Auto action gabby's seal may be applied as an elemental attribute to Shei-Sher's manifested switch-cane for this combat. A successful Lasso with the switch-cane applies Gabby's Seal. Target's lasso'd with multiple chains receive psychic damage multiplied for each chain. Psydmgmulti=(damage*Chain#) Psydmg Multiplier for Targets with resistances instead downgrades the resistance for each chain lasso'd. 1 chain brings repel to Absorb, 2 chains brings Repel down to Null. With 2 chains required to revert Resist to Neutral. And a total of 5 chains to bring Repel down to Neutral. The number of chains increased after Neutral is reached does not effect the Attribute Relationship any further, Instead the Psydmg Multiplier begins after Neutral.

>CONTROL+1: Spell, attempts to take control of a hostile or neutral undead. More powerful undead may require a higher minimum roll. Also used to take control of a larger undead at recharge 2.

[1d10+1] control the whale

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Pryce pauses as he hears grunting, looking back as the others prepare to venture downward. He faces forward, looking down the hall, horn glowing lightly to illuminate the path.
"Hello? Who's down there?"
He calls down the hall, unsure if it's a beast or one of their allies.
>Gilded Tongue: Passive; The DC for persuasion, bartering and intimidation-related rolls is reduced by 1. Folks will naturally sense your charisma at a glance and be more willing to trust you the first time you interact.

KP steps close to Zjetya as they all sort out how to descend.
>"Shouldn't we try to see first? What if it's like that last deep room with the big worms?"



Amy smiles and shrinks down into the form of a cute, pink/purple rat. A combination of the color and the fact that she still has some of her wolf floof makes the rat look almost cartoonish. She looks up at the comparatively giant Cloak and extends her little rat arms upwards as if to indicate that she wants up.


"That'd be cool!" little rat Amy squeaks excitedly in response.


Leather lifts Amy in one hoof, looking to his back and then to his satchel, "Any preference in seating arrangement?"

"I'm patient, go right ahead."


"No offense, but that might be a bit lofty," River says. "If I could suggest an analogy? You had a role in defeating Miracle, who held the rank of Seraph, the eighth of the choirs of angels. The eighth rank of demonkind is the Marquis, so… perhaps you may be likened to a Count, if not even a Marquis, after these last few days."

You bump into something as you approach, and through your spiritual senses, you can tell that it is cold and slimy, with bumpy, ridged skin. The grunting only grows louder, deeper and more of a threat, and you can feel it rumble your soul.

Zjetya and River look up as Cloak and Amy make ready for their descent. "Pryce?" Zjetya calls. "You got anything down there, cause we're making ready to descend down this way."

The last glimpse you manage to get of Busta and Gadriel is them grabbing ahold of one another, shielded by a swirling orb of razor-sharp winds, before the vast entity you've lassoed drags you further and further through this dark ocean. You yank and pull upon the chain to try to bend it to your will, but it obstinately pushes onward, with the lazy impertinence that only a monstrous predator can boast…

[3d10+4] mysterious rolls…

"Tch! Damn me…" the stonecat hisses. "All these millennia… and who should I run into, but one just like them. But I will not waste my time for one bound to die. I shall pull back the curse placed upon this room, and you shall reveal to me your true form, and make a sign of your true power, mortal, before I make my decision. What say you?"

Roll #1 4, 8, 2 + 4 = 18



Amy laughs. "I guess Shei would get jealous if you put me in a pocket."

"Just put me in your bag. I'm sure there's nothing TOO gross in there. And, if there is, I'll totally understand. You should see my own bag," she laughs.

Then, she looks down at her own rat body and realizes that she doesn't have a bag anymore. She thinks back. Her bag hasn't been on her for a while now. Come to think of it, her armor hasn't been visibly on her for a while now either.

"Am I absorbing things…?" she contemplates out loud. "COOL!" she concludes.


Shorthorns turns her head in confusion, "Like them…? Do you mean the Sons of God?"

As he makes his offer, for her to reveal her true form and make a sign of her power, Shorthorns lets out a sigh of relief. "Phew! I say it's a deal. To be honest being this small is kinda crazy unsettling, I much prefer being my normal size, if not bigger."

She takes a breath, focusing on her divine powers as a white glow envelops her mousey form, and she uses the Sphere of Life to reshape her back into her full, white buffalo form.

[1d10] Primary Sphere of Life

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shei sends 3 more chains to wrap around the leviathan creature.
>Spell Bleed: passive; You may cast any spell you know at multiple targets, but doing so increases the crit fail range to the number of targets +1
>3 more lassos

Shei bleats bloody fury as he compounds his strengths over the whale. Wheening and growling in a way a goat shouldn't.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears [Fire]

Pryce takes a few steps back.
"We should make it quick, there's something behind where that portal was and I don't think it's friendly."
Pryce says in a calm voice to not anger whatever this creature is further, walking backwards to rejoin the others and not facing away from the grunting sound.
>"Can you send a light down there?"
"No problem, but we should follow right behind it."
Pryce, once at the staircase, turns, throwing one of his flaming spears down into the hole to illuminate it. He then spreads his wings, ready to descend down after the others to protect the rear.
>Homing Magic (For throwing the spear down) [1d10]
>Flight [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Dried rations, bottles of ink, quills, and parchment both blank and filled. Everything else I keep ammunition-wise on bandoliers. The writing's for recalling these journeys to my future kids. Nothing 'too gross' in there."

Leather gently sets her in the bag.

"Understood, let's journey downwards."


>no roll needed unless it's a dodge i think



"Wow!" Amy says, as she roots around in the bag. "It's waaaay more organized than my bag! And smells WAY better!"

"I always DID like the smell of paper. I never really had much use for it, though. Not much to do with it when you can't read."


"It's a decent firestarter, but I would prefer it if you did not experiment with such in my bag." Leather muses, "Drawing too - pictures are much easier to interpret."



"Don't worry, the only fire I'd start would be in your pants," Amy laughs.

"I'm not really good at drawing either…" Amy muses as she looks at a blank piece of paper and contemplates vandalizing it.


Before you transform, the cat pronounces an unknown series of words, and you note a great weight leave the room, a weight you didn't even notice until confronted by its absence. With it gone, you easily revert back to your former radiance, power brimming in every muscle and bone. The stonecat steps back, pawing at the key at its neck, until the key comes off the loop on its collar, and falls to the ground.

"Prr-hrr-hrr-hrr, the very same. Quite like them, in all things except power," the stonecat says. "Fine, fine – I think I shall follow, even so, at least for a time. But I must ask – this is no place for the living. What compels you down here?"

The colossal entity shudders, and the whole of the dark ocean about you shudders with it, as you tug at the chains, at last eking your will over its – but even now, you can sense that you are but nudging it. Still, you work the chains until it turns about… but you've lost sight of Busta and Gadriel.

>Unknown rolls…



The fire spear practically dissipates as it falls down the steep, steep drop before you, vanishing into darkness. Zjetya and River hold KP and the pets securely as they make ready to descend.

You drop from the hole in the earth, and float downward as slowly as you can, fluttering through the darkness, until at last, you set hoof down onto the ground. You stand in a lightless space, able only to see your immediate surroundings due to Pryce's flame arm. Cool white marble stretches out at your hooves, but you see nothing in your immediate vicinity, neither beast nor sapient soul nor obstacle of any sort.

Roll #1 8, 3, 8 + 4 = 23 / Roll #2 8 + 3 = 11


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 5 Spears [Fire]

As they touch down on the marble floor, KP keeps close with how dark it is, unable to see anything that may be lurking.
>"A-Are we supposed to be down here?"
Pryce turns in place, trying to listen for anything that may be lurking, like the unknown force above. With no sign of anything, Pryce takes a breath, focusing his magic into his horn as it glows a deep red, building up a large font of magic to create a flame to light the room.
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Almost anything can be learned with practice, you cannot expect to know everything from conception. I know Glass has improved a good deal since she started practicing sketching."

Leather closes his eyes as vision is more of a distraction when surrounded by complete darkness, instead focusing his ears to listen for any movement or sounds identifying surrounding objects, such as dripping water or the like.
[1d10] more percep

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Listen to me great creature! I am the last lord of bastards. A paragon for your kind. Follow me and I shall grant you sight! A sense lost to beasts tailored toward darkness. Follow my command and you shall see as a equine sees. This is my oath to you."

Shei bares his soul to the creature and asks for an oath to be made.
>bargaining rolls

True as a god should, his visage appear immutable and consecrated.
>Princess Vinland's Opulence: Twice per combat; Automatic; Recharge 2 after effect ends; Sacrifice 1 Wound to negate all damage against you and your allies made this turn. Damage made next turn against you and all allies will be reduced by 3, minimum 1. Damage made the turn after that will be reduced by 2, minimum 1. Damage made after that turn will be reduced by 1, minimum 1. On the final turn, 1 Wound is restored to you and all allies.
[auto] preparing for whatever happens next

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7



"I'd love to see her drawings some time! And… meet her too, of course!"


Amy hops out of Cloak's bag and then transforms back into a wolf pony. "Thanks! That was a comfy ride!"

"I'll scout ahead," she announces as she creeps forward quietly.

>Transparent racial to stealth in the dark


Roll #1 7 = 7


Shorthorns lets out a breath as she returns to her full glory, shaking off the unseen shackles of the magical weight keeping her form locked as she looks around the room with curiosity. The great white buffalo eventually turns her head down, smiling as he mentions they're only lacking in power. "Give us time, we're quick learners."

As he comments on coming along, she smiles at the thought, but when he asks what they're doing down here, her face turns more serious. "…I don't know how aware you are of what's going on up on the surface, but the Firmament has fallen. Demons roam our world n massive number and are threatening the lives and homes of mortals everywhere. We have a plan to quell their rampage and maybe even bring peace among us all, but it requires us delving into the pits of Tartarus. There is no other way to save our world, and so we do what we must."


making a note at 7/10 h/w now


err correction, 7/9 H/W


The entity offers no response. It is unlikely that a thing this far gone can even recognize anything beyond the most basic of stimuli, lesser even than the most base of animals.

As you send forth power to protect your allies, you sense it landing, and two dim lights, huddled closely together amid a sea of husks, mark the far horizon.

The stonecat tilts its head at you. "I know nothing of a 'Firmament,' and even less of this state of the world that you describe. You say that demons roam your world as if that is not typically the case."


As Pryce expands his flames, and Cloak his senses, you can see that you stand amidst the impossible: A garden. The marble path on which you stand is punctuated by vast swaths of rich soil, and flowering, fantastical bushes reach up out from them, their deep green leaves encrusted with soft, near-translucent bulbs of heavenly colors, glowing with a soft light as the light of the flame touches them.

Curiously – it is as the flame illuminates the scene about you that all of your senses can perceive it. Only now can you smell the soil in the earth, the greenery surrounding you. As you behold the soil, it happens to cross your minds that there must be some source of water – and it is as that thought passes that you can hear water running somewhere far off.

Zjetya and River set KP and the pets down, but keep them close all the same. "I can't see any walls," River notes. "And the spot from which we dropped seems so small as to be a planet in the expanse above us. Just how large is this chamber?"


"tch.." Shei steers again one last time

>spell bleed

>3 chains lasso



Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


failing again, Shei-Sher takes flight and follows toward the two lights.



"Oooh," Amy marvels at the gardens as she stands up straight, no longer trying to sneak around.

"Is anyone here?" Amy calls out as she starts rooting through the foliage.

[1d10] to find a new friend

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pryce stand in awe as the room illuminates, reveal an unbelievable sight.
"I don't believe it… A garden? How?"
KP looks around, keeping a close hoof on Hopper as the garden almost seems too good to be true.
>"It's almost like Regina's place."

Pryce steps forward to one of the bushes, horn glowing as he attempts to unweave any magic that may be in it, to see if these are real plants before them, or if they are trapped.
>Unweave [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shorthorns lets out a huff. "…well, it isn't. Or at least it wasn't when this all started. I don't know how much you knew of the original Sons of Gods but the thing they set out to do in the first place was seal all the demons on Earth away, and they succeeded in that centuries ago. Now they've come back and they've created just a whole bunch of problems, either just causing havoc for the fun of it or just trying to reclaim old homes that haven't been theirs in thousands of years. Whatever the reason, mortals are suffering, and it's only going to get worse if we don't get down to Tartarus and do something about it."


"I think it's dangerous to make assumptions that a maze like this should be expected to have clear rules, even that of the likes of walls. What matters to myself is pressing forward."

Cloak readies his rifle. "However, I could fire a shot out if you do not mind our position being more or less given away, if you would like elemental light to show where the boundaries, if any, are."


Steering the entity is no small feat, and you strain every bit of your muscles to try to steer its momentum back toward the dwindling lights, until at last you come in sight of them.

The sight is abhorrent – Gadriel is wounded, his subtle body marred by slashes and gashes, but Busta is far worse, covered with deep wounds, bearing by far the uglier injuries. He covers Gadriel with his body, holding him tight in a protective embrace. Swirling currents of light and magical wind surround them, and outside of that, swim grotesque, hateful faces, if you can even call them that, misshapen, deformed, all made of resounding vibrations of corrupt energies. Hundreds of them, from the size of gnats, to that of giants, whirl around Busta and Gadriel, waiting their chance for when the protections fail…

"Shei!" Gadriel calls as he sees you. "Busta's not responding!"

[1d10+3] Heal

"Know? I taught their recruits how to be small, how to be subtle, how to be as tricky as a mouse, and to cooperate like one," the stonecat retorts. "Though, I was a late comer. Soon after I was animated, the traitor, Lady Athena, emerged from Tartarus, coated in the blood of her fallen armies… soon after, Princess Wineberry dissolved what little remained of the Sons of God, and formed the Bene Elohim, seeking to remake her mother's ancient jihad. Prr-hrr-hrr, I got lost in my tangent. This Firmament must have been a later contrivance. You won't solve the issue just sealing it away, as the Sons learned the hard way."

Amy gets no response, and Pryce's spell has no effect upon the twinkling, star-like bulbs, nor on their fractal, mandala-like vines and bushes.

Zjetya shakes her head. "Don't waste the ammo, and don't think we're alone down here. Amy had the right idea, so let's keep a low profile until we have our bearings."
"What a curious thought, KP," River says, as if thinking aloud. "The dungeon thus far has had at least some light, due to ever-burning torches. Yet now we've no light. I wonder if we are not truly meant to be here as you say…"

In any case, there are paths radiating in every direction from your position, as you can see. North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest.


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7



Amy heads north. "I wonder if this is like… Mercury's secret garden, or something. Hey, Mercury! We're in your garden!" Amy announces loudly.

She heads north, sniffing around for anything. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shei directs the subterranean whale to feed on the qlipphoth in one direction away from him and his two friends so they aren't harmed.

Shei-Sher then hops off the whale descending to Gadd's and Busta's level. Without sparring a moment to talk Shei-Sher exercises his domain over the qlipphoth.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Pryce hums in thought as his spell has no effect on the plants.
"I can't tell if if these are dangerous or not. If this was not meant to be in the labyrinth, or an intended path for any invaders, it's hard to tell what anything here could do. To be safe, let's not disturb any of the plant-life."
>"They all look so nice though, I wish we could bring one back."
"…We can examine more when we found a way out."

As Amy goes off towards the north, Pryce looks to Zjetya and River.
"River, Zjetya, lean in close."


"Why didn't you teach them to be as tricky as a cat?" She asks the stone feline, snickering at the odd choice of words. As he explains the circumstances that came about after his creation, she nods as she takes in the new information.

As the subject turns to the Firmament, she sighs. "I agree. That's not what we're setting out to do, not unless it's a last resort. Sealing the demons away just made more problems when they inevitably came back, and honestly not all the demons are so bad I think I'd want them sealed away. But the ones that ARE that bad are going to keep destroying and killing innocent people and places unless we do something."

She smiles, "You know, if you taught a bunch of the Sons of God, we could really use your help. Have you ever been to Tartarus itself?"

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