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>Last time, on HolyQuest…

>Amy, Cloak, Pryce

Salt maintains her steady and judgmental glare, even as you respond. "Finally… it seems that you get it. In the end, one Will shall prevail above the others; it is those who do not conquer, who shall be subsumed. Know that all those who enter Tartarus must understand this. And if they do not, then rest assured that they will."

Ignoring Amy's other question, Salt nods. "See to it that you pass along my question to those other members of your small army. Not for my satisfaction, but for their hope of survival."

Like Sulfur before her, Salt is engulfed in a small and dense cloud of gaseous salt, and then vanishes.


Gadds slowly turns his head your way as you make more suggestions. "…How about we take the 'expected' way down."
"Yeah," Busta says. "The Sons of God would have probably taken extra care to put up obstacles against demons that could just phase through walls and bypass all their more conventional traps and impediments. Whatever those things were, they won't be the last ones we face if we try that again."


Volkama jots down the entry onto his map, but then taps your head with his pen. As Spark gnaws on his hoof, he speaks. "Erm, young miss goddess, can't you simply bypass this lock with your dominion over physicality?"
"Or, failing that, bash it open, as your usual modus operandi," Deriva adds.
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If there's one thing Amy is, it's fancy!


Roll #1 5 = 5


Shei is a ragdoll for this undetermineable force that pulls them away from peril. Shie tries to pop his joint back in place as he holds on.

[1d10] get up from helpless.

"Everyone okay?" He asks busta and gadds through the rushing pressure

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I am a construct of stone and magic, engineered to annihilate the worst of what my creators banished into Tartarus's endless panoramas," the stonecat retorts. "What material goods could you possibly bribe me with?"

"Obviously, a–" Zjetya begins, before pausing to think. "Well, I was going to address you by your demonic rank, but I don't think you've ever told us. What are you, exactly?"

Ancient earth and stone shudder away as Amy digs through the earth like a dog. Much of it turns back into volcanic soot, bringing to mind Easy's words many months ago about the Ashfall Mountains surrounding this region. After about another ten meters of progress, a shudder in the earth causes Amy's ears to prick up, and she leaps backwards up the stone staircase, knocking Cloak back on his flanks. At the base of the stairs, the earth cracks, and falls away, plummeting for quite some time before hitting the bottom. You can see that you have broken through to the next floor down, but there's a drop of no less than fifty meters awaiting you and the ground level below you.
"Everything alright!?" River calls from the top of the staircase.


Pryce pauses as he feels the disturbance in the corridor before him, taking a few steps back.
"Careful everypony, seems they had portals trapped in hallways down here too."
Pryce calls back to the others.
Cautiously, Pryce's horn glows in attempts to unweave the portal to open up the path beyond.
>Unweave [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


Busta manages to turn himself upward, even as he's yanked along, and reaches out to help you and Gadriel orient yourselves even as you're yanked along by the unseen entity.

>All have recovered from Helplessness!

"Fine, but where are we going!?" Gadriel shouts over the rushing pressure all about you.
"Wherever this thing pleases!" Busta says. "And I doubt we'll like to see the end of its path. Can't either of you control it!?"
"Maybe… Shei!" Gadriel shouts. "Extend the threads up the chain, I have an idea!"



"You mean like before I took a mortal body?" Amy asks conversationally as she continues to remove the ground. "Cause I'm pretty sure there's no rank for whatever the heck I am now."



"I found something!" Amy announces triumphantly. "It's a bit… place! Really dark. And really far down… I don't think I've eaten anything that can fly…"

Her tail wags excitedly as she talks, slapping Cloak repeatedly in the face where he sits on the stairs after she accidentally bumped him. She remains totally oblivious to this.


"…I guess that's a good question." Shorthorns asks aloud, tapping her mousey chin with her paw. "Well, if you don't eat and just sleep until there's an intruder for you to deal with, is there anything you'd want? Don't you ever get bored of just waiting around for something to pounce on? When was the last time you even left this place?"

[1d10] Persuasion to consider the thrill of adventure over sleeping all day

Roll #1 7 = 7



Leather sits patiently and tries to ignore the tail continuing to hit him in the face. "I can walk down and up and possibly ferry one of the wingless down on my back, should the path Pryce speaks of is trapped yet again."

He turns to Pryce, still being hit in the face with dog tail, "Any insight on the nature of the trap?"


"Far down, I expected as much. I can send a flare down after I remove this portal."
Pryce calls back to Amy's announcement.

"Only that it's an oddly shaped portal. Might be to make it harder to detect, but as long as we don't walk further than where I am it's harmless."


Shei pulls more thread out from himself and allows it to crawl to the other end of the chains

[1d10] roll if needed

Shei then commands the chains to retract so that they are pulled up to the body of the whale. [I think this is an automatic action]

Roll #1 1 = 1


>Spiritual Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


The portal appears to collapse, the top and the bottom disappearing in tandem until they meet in the center, but the shimmering that surrounded the portal yet remains, and is now concentrated at the center, where you last saw the portal.

You can hear an unusual grunting coming from ahead…

"If I might bring forth my discussion with Blessings on demonology," River says. "She taught me the ranks: Wraith, Devil, Fiend, Helel, Heretic, Tormentor, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince, and then, the Accuser, for there is only ever but one. Orcus was a Heretic, and it took all of us back then to defeat him. Now, after all we've been through… hrm. Where might you rank yourself?"

"We can take the pets and KP," Zjetya says. "Hey, wait, Amy, I'm sure you've eaten a bug at some point. Just use that transformation!"

You retract the chain, and send power up its length, but as it reaches its mark, you can feel something rattling the chain from further–

You barely catch but a glimpse of it, but a larger husk, some putrid facade of a hollowed corpse, hurtles past, and rakes its claws in your direction, shredding across – and through – your subtle body.

>Shei loses 6 Hits

Through the pain, you sense your connection to Busta and Gadriel shatter. Busta manages to grab ahold of you, but Gadriel, with a terrified cry, hurtles into the darkness.

Without a second thought, Busta lets go, launching himself after Gadriel. "I've got you!"

[1d10+3] Busta channels wind to encapsulate Gadriel.

[1d10+2] Gadriel reaches out to Busta's arm.

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Amy jumps as she hears Cloak talk. She quickly turns to see Cloak sitting there. She blushes slightly. "Oh. Hehe, sorry."

She extends a hoofpaw to help him up. "If you could help me down, that'd be awesome! I can make myself small if that'd be easier!"


"…Are you seriously trying to recruit me!?" the stonecat exclaims after a moment.


"Well I can't think of what else to offer!" Shorthorns exclaims, "You don't need anything like food or toys or wealth, and the only thing you do, from the sounds of it, is just sleep for years until something comes and needs you to swat it. What better to offer you than a little adventure? I mean, you don't have to go all the way if you don't want, it's going to get pretty dangerous, but don't you ever wonder what it's like outside of this little room? Even for just a little while?"


Roll #1 8 = 8



Amy puts her hoof-paw to her chin in contemplation. "I don't know… I mean, I have to beat the accuser by the end of this. So, wouldn't that mean I'm a prince?"

"-ess," she adds after a moment.


Leather looks unconcerned, "Any lessened weight reduces the chances of imbalance should some other curse or trap try and knock us over on the way down."

Standing up, the cloth wrapped earth pony looks to Amy to see if she wants uppies.


"No NOO!"

Shei lands his hooves standing upon the subterranean beast's body which his chain is lasso'd around. And pulls it from the shoulders, from the hips, with his mind. reeling in any force within his command. Growling bleating panick as he tries to steer the soul of the this thing to his command.

>Bohemian Purgatory: instant, Automatic: The chains produced by the God of Bastards and Kids are fabrications of the soul. As an Instant Auto action gabby's seal may be applied as an elemental attribute to Shei-Sher's manifested switch-cane for this combat. A successful Lasso with the switch-cane applies Gabby's Seal. Target's lasso'd with multiple chains receive psychic damage multiplied for each chain. Psydmgmulti=(damage*Chain#) Psydmg Multiplier for Targets with resistances instead downgrades the resistance for each chain lasso'd. 1 chain brings repel to Absorb, 2 chains brings Repel down to Null. With 2 chains required to revert Resist to Neutral. And a total of 5 chains to bring Repel down to Neutral. The number of chains increased after Neutral is reached does not effect the Attribute Relationship any further, Instead the Psydmg Multiplier begins after Neutral.

>CONTROL+1: Spell, attempts to take control of a hostile or neutral undead. More powerful undead may require a higher minimum roll. Also used to take control of a larger undead at recharge 2.

[1d10+1] control the whale

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Pryce pauses as he hears grunting, looking back as the others prepare to venture downward. He faces forward, looking down the hall, horn glowing lightly to illuminate the path.
"Hello? Who's down there?"
He calls down the hall, unsure if it's a beast or one of their allies.
>Gilded Tongue: Passive; The DC for persuasion, bartering and intimidation-related rolls is reduced by 1. Folks will naturally sense your charisma at a glance and be more willing to trust you the first time you interact.

KP steps close to Zjetya as they all sort out how to descend.
>"Shouldn't we try to see first? What if it's like that last deep room with the big worms?"



Amy smiles and shrinks down into the form of a cute, pink/purple rat. A combination of the color and the fact that she still has some of her wolf floof makes the rat look almost cartoonish. She looks up at the comparatively giant Cloak and extends her little rat arms upwards as if to indicate that she wants up.


"That'd be cool!" little rat Amy squeaks excitedly in response.


Leather lifts Amy in one hoof, looking to his back and then to his satchel, "Any preference in seating arrangement?"

"I'm patient, go right ahead."


"No offense, but that might be a bit lofty," River says. "If I could suggest an analogy? You had a role in defeating Miracle, who held the rank of Seraph, the eighth of the choirs of angels. The eighth rank of demonkind is the Marquis, so… perhaps you may be likened to a Count, if not even a Marquis, after these last few days."

You bump into something as you approach, and through your spiritual senses, you can tell that it is cold and slimy, with bumpy, ridged skin. The grunting only grows louder, deeper and more of a threat, and you can feel it rumble your soul.

Zjetya and River look up as Cloak and Amy make ready for their descent. "Pryce?" Zjetya calls. "You got anything down there, cause we're making ready to descend down this way."

The last glimpse you manage to get of Busta and Gadriel is them grabbing ahold of one another, shielded by a swirling orb of razor-sharp winds, before the vast entity you've lassoed drags you further and further through this dark ocean. You yank and pull upon the chain to try to bend it to your will, but it obstinately pushes onward, with the lazy impertinence that only a monstrous predator can boast…

[3d10+4] mysterious rolls…

"Tch! Damn me…" the stonecat hisses. "All these millennia… and who should I run into, but one just like them. But I will not waste my time for one bound to die. I shall pull back the curse placed upon this room, and you shall reveal to me your true form, and make a sign of your true power, mortal, before I make my decision. What say you?"

Roll #1 4, 8, 2 + 4 = 18



Amy laughs. "I guess Shei would get jealous if you put me in a pocket."

"Just put me in your bag. I'm sure there's nothing TOO gross in there. And, if there is, I'll totally understand. You should see my own bag," she laughs.

Then, she looks down at her own rat body and realizes that she doesn't have a bag anymore. She thinks back. Her bag hasn't been on her for a while now. Come to think of it, her armor hasn't been visibly on her for a while now either.

"Am I absorbing things…?" she contemplates out loud. "COOL!" she concludes.


Shorthorns turns her head in confusion, "Like them…? Do you mean the Sons of God?"

As he makes his offer, for her to reveal her true form and make a sign of her power, Shorthorns lets out a sigh of relief. "Phew! I say it's a deal. To be honest being this small is kinda crazy unsettling, I much prefer being my normal size, if not bigger."

She takes a breath, focusing on her divine powers as a white glow envelops her mousey form, and she uses the Sphere of Life to reshape her back into her full, white buffalo form.

[1d10] Primary Sphere of Life

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shei sends 3 more chains to wrap around the leviathan creature.
>Spell Bleed: passive; You may cast any spell you know at multiple targets, but doing so increases the crit fail range to the number of targets +1
>3 more lassos

Shei bleats bloody fury as he compounds his strengths over the whale. Wheening and growling in a way a goat shouldn't.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 6 Spears [Fire]

Pryce takes a few steps back.
"We should make it quick, there's something behind where that portal was and I don't think it's friendly."
Pryce says in a calm voice to not anger whatever this creature is further, walking backwards to rejoin the others and not facing away from the grunting sound.
>"Can you send a light down there?"
"No problem, but we should follow right behind it."
Pryce, once at the staircase, turns, throwing one of his flaming spears down into the hole to illuminate it. He then spreads his wings, ready to descend down after the others to protect the rear.
>Homing Magic (For throwing the spear down) [1d10]
>Flight [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Dried rations, bottles of ink, quills, and parchment both blank and filled. Everything else I keep ammunition-wise on bandoliers. The writing's for recalling these journeys to my future kids. Nothing 'too gross' in there."

Leather gently sets her in the bag.

"Understood, let's journey downwards."


>no roll needed unless it's a dodge i think



"Wow!" Amy says, as she roots around in the bag. "It's waaaay more organized than my bag! And smells WAY better!"

"I always DID like the smell of paper. I never really had much use for it, though. Not much to do with it when you can't read."


"It's a decent firestarter, but I would prefer it if you did not experiment with such in my bag." Leather muses, "Drawing too - pictures are much easier to interpret."



"Don't worry, the only fire I'd start would be in your pants," Amy laughs.

"I'm not really good at drawing either…" Amy muses as she looks at a blank piece of paper and contemplates vandalizing it.


Before you transform, the cat pronounces an unknown series of words, and you note a great weight leave the room, a weight you didn't even notice until confronted by its absence. With it gone, you easily revert back to your former radiance, power brimming in every muscle and bone. The stonecat steps back, pawing at the key at its neck, until the key comes off the loop on its collar, and falls to the ground.

"Prr-hrr-hrr-hrr, the very same. Quite like them, in all things except power," the stonecat says. "Fine, fine – I think I shall follow, even so, at least for a time. But I must ask – this is no place for the living. What compels you down here?"

The colossal entity shudders, and the whole of the dark ocean about you shudders with it, as you tug at the chains, at last eking your will over its – but even now, you can sense that you are but nudging it. Still, you work the chains until it turns about… but you've lost sight of Busta and Gadriel.

>Unknown rolls…



The fire spear practically dissipates as it falls down the steep, steep drop before you, vanishing into darkness. Zjetya and River hold KP and the pets securely as they make ready to descend.

You drop from the hole in the earth, and float downward as slowly as you can, fluttering through the darkness, until at last, you set hoof down onto the ground. You stand in a lightless space, able only to see your immediate surroundings due to Pryce's flame arm. Cool white marble stretches out at your hooves, but you see nothing in your immediate vicinity, neither beast nor sapient soul nor obstacle of any sort.

Roll #1 8, 3, 8 + 4 = 23 / Roll #2 8 + 3 = 11


>Conjure Weapon: Bow [Flare, Ranged, Single, +1]
>Homing Magic: 5 Spears [Fire]

As they touch down on the marble floor, KP keeps close with how dark it is, unable to see anything that may be lurking.
>"A-Are we supposed to be down here?"
Pryce turns in place, trying to listen for anything that may be lurking, like the unknown force above. With no sign of anything, Pryce takes a breath, focusing his magic into his horn as it glows a deep red, building up a large font of magic to create a flame to light the room.
>Telekinesis [Fire] [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Almost anything can be learned with practice, you cannot expect to know everything from conception. I know Glass has improved a good deal since she started practicing sketching."

Leather closes his eyes as vision is more of a distraction when surrounded by complete darkness, instead focusing his ears to listen for any movement or sounds identifying surrounding objects, such as dripping water or the like.
[1d10] more percep

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Listen to me great creature! I am the last lord of bastards. A paragon for your kind. Follow me and I shall grant you sight! A sense lost to beasts tailored toward darkness. Follow my command and you shall see as a equine sees. This is my oath to you."

Shei bares his soul to the creature and asks for an oath to be made.
>bargaining rolls

True as a god should, his visage appear immutable and consecrated.
>Princess Vinland's Opulence: Twice per combat; Automatic; Recharge 2 after effect ends; Sacrifice 1 Wound to negate all damage against you and your allies made this turn. Damage made next turn against you and all allies will be reduced by 3, minimum 1. Damage made the turn after that will be reduced by 2, minimum 1. Damage made after that turn will be reduced by 1, minimum 1. On the final turn, 1 Wound is restored to you and all allies.
[auto] preparing for whatever happens next

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7



"I'd love to see her drawings some time! And… meet her too, of course!"


Amy hops out of Cloak's bag and then transforms back into a wolf pony. "Thanks! That was a comfy ride!"

"I'll scout ahead," she announces as she creeps forward quietly.

>Transparent racial to stealth in the dark


Roll #1 7 = 7


Shorthorns lets out a breath as she returns to her full glory, shaking off the unseen shackles of the magical weight keeping her form locked as she looks around the room with curiosity. The great white buffalo eventually turns her head down, smiling as he mentions they're only lacking in power. "Give us time, we're quick learners."

As he comments on coming along, she smiles at the thought, but when he asks what they're doing down here, her face turns more serious. "…I don't know how aware you are of what's going on up on the surface, but the Firmament has fallen. Demons roam our world n massive number and are threatening the lives and homes of mortals everywhere. We have a plan to quell their rampage and maybe even bring peace among us all, but it requires us delving into the pits of Tartarus. There is no other way to save our world, and so we do what we must."


making a note at 7/10 h/w now


err correction, 7/9 H/W


The entity offers no response. It is unlikely that a thing this far gone can even recognize anything beyond the most basic of stimuli, lesser even than the most base of animals.

As you send forth power to protect your allies, you sense it landing, and two dim lights, huddled closely together amid a sea of husks, mark the far horizon.

The stonecat tilts its head at you. "I know nothing of a 'Firmament,' and even less of this state of the world that you describe. You say that demons roam your world as if that is not typically the case."


As Pryce expands his flames, and Cloak his senses, you can see that you stand amidst the impossible: A garden. The marble path on which you stand is punctuated by vast swaths of rich soil, and flowering, fantastical bushes reach up out from them, their deep green leaves encrusted with soft, near-translucent bulbs of heavenly colors, glowing with a soft light as the light of the flame touches them.

Curiously – it is as the flame illuminates the scene about you that all of your senses can perceive it. Only now can you smell the soil in the earth, the greenery surrounding you. As you behold the soil, it happens to cross your minds that there must be some source of water – and it is as that thought passes that you can hear water running somewhere far off.

Zjetya and River set KP and the pets down, but keep them close all the same. "I can't see any walls," River notes. "And the spot from which we dropped seems so small as to be a planet in the expanse above us. Just how large is this chamber?"


"tch.." Shei steers again one last time

>spell bleed

>3 chains lasso



Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


failing again, Shei-Sher takes flight and follows toward the two lights.



"Oooh," Amy marvels at the gardens as she stands up straight, no longer trying to sneak around.

"Is anyone here?" Amy calls out as she starts rooting through the foliage.

[1d10] to find a new friend

Roll #1 4 = 4


Pryce stand in awe as the room illuminates, reveal an unbelievable sight.
"I don't believe it… A garden? How?"
KP looks around, keeping a close hoof on Hopper as the garden almost seems too good to be true.
>"It's almost like Regina's place."

Pryce steps forward to one of the bushes, horn glowing as he attempts to unweave any magic that may be in it, to see if these are real plants before them, or if they are trapped.
>Unweave [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Shorthorns lets out a huff. "…well, it isn't. Or at least it wasn't when this all started. I don't know how much you knew of the original Sons of Gods but the thing they set out to do in the first place was seal all the demons on Earth away, and they succeeded in that centuries ago. Now they've come back and they've created just a whole bunch of problems, either just causing havoc for the fun of it or just trying to reclaim old homes that haven't been theirs in thousands of years. Whatever the reason, mortals are suffering, and it's only going to get worse if we don't get down to Tartarus and do something about it."


"I think it's dangerous to make assumptions that a maze like this should be expected to have clear rules, even that of the likes of walls. What matters to myself is pressing forward."

Cloak readies his rifle. "However, I could fire a shot out if you do not mind our position being more or less given away, if you would like elemental light to show where the boundaries, if any, are."


Steering the entity is no small feat, and you strain every bit of your muscles to try to steer its momentum back toward the dwindling lights, until at last you come in sight of them.

The sight is abhorrent – Gadriel is wounded, his subtle body marred by slashes and gashes, but Busta is far worse, covered with deep wounds, bearing by far the uglier injuries. He covers Gadriel with his body, holding him tight in a protective embrace. Swirling currents of light and magical wind surround them, and outside of that, swim grotesque, hateful faces, if you can even call them that, misshapen, deformed, all made of resounding vibrations of corrupt energies. Hundreds of them, from the size of gnats, to that of giants, whirl around Busta and Gadriel, waiting their chance for when the protections fail…

"Shei!" Gadriel calls as he sees you. "Busta's not responding!"

[1d10+3] Heal

"Know? I taught their recruits how to be small, how to be subtle, how to be as tricky as a mouse, and to cooperate like one," the stonecat retorts. "Though, I was a late comer. Soon after I was animated, the traitor, Lady Athena, emerged from Tartarus, coated in the blood of her fallen armies… soon after, Princess Wineberry dissolved what little remained of the Sons of God, and formed the Bene Elohim, seeking to remake her mother's ancient jihad. Prr-hrr-hrr, I got lost in my tangent. This Firmament must have been a later contrivance. You won't solve the issue just sealing it away, as the Sons learned the hard way."

Amy gets no response, and Pryce's spell has no effect upon the twinkling, star-like bulbs, nor on their fractal, mandala-like vines and bushes.

Zjetya shakes her head. "Don't waste the ammo, and don't think we're alone down here. Amy had the right idea, so let's keep a low profile until we have our bearings."
"What a curious thought, KP," River says, as if thinking aloud. "The dungeon thus far has had at least some light, due to ever-burning torches. Yet now we've no light. I wonder if we are not truly meant to be here as you say…"

In any case, there are paths radiating in every direction from your position, as you can see. North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest.


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7



Amy heads north. "I wonder if this is like… Mercury's secret garden, or something. Hey, Mercury! We're in your garden!" Amy announces loudly.

She heads north, sniffing around for anything. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shei directs the subterranean whale to feed on the qlipphoth in one direction away from him and his two friends so they aren't harmed.

Shei-Sher then hops off the whale descending to Gadd's and Busta's level. Without sparring a moment to talk Shei-Sher exercises his domain over the qlipphoth.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Pryce hums in thought as his spell has no effect on the plants.
"I can't tell if if these are dangerous or not. If this was not meant to be in the labyrinth, or an intended path for any invaders, it's hard to tell what anything here could do. To be safe, let's not disturb any of the plant-life."
>"They all look so nice though, I wish we could bring one back."
"…We can examine more when we found a way out."

As Amy goes off towards the north, Pryce looks to Zjetya and River.
"River, Zjetya, lean in close."


"Why didn't you teach them to be as tricky as a cat?" She asks the stone feline, snickering at the odd choice of words. As he explains the circumstances that came about after his creation, she nods as she takes in the new information.

As the subject turns to the Firmament, she sighs. "I agree. That's not what we're setting out to do, not unless it's a last resort. Sealing the demons away just made more problems when they inevitably came back, and honestly not all the demons are so bad I think I'd want them sealed away. But the ones that ARE that bad are going to keep destroying and killing innocent people and places unless we do something."

She smiles, "You know, if you taught a bunch of the Sons of God, we could really use your help. Have you ever been to Tartarus itself?"

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