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Last time, on PirateQuest…

Cutlass, now awake again after her fainting spell, shared her suspicions of Kukulcan with Alder, Splendid, Prisma, Paraiba, the mooks, Make Believe and her four assassins. Her notion that Kukulcan was not who or what he claimed to be was backed up by the fact that Monty, her rumormonger snake amulet, changed his story about Kukulcan and the Watchkeepers after Kukulcan claimed that he was a god. Colobok asserted that he would leave behind one of the papers of his aura ability, Shadow Archive, to spy on Kukulcan and peer into his mind, to see if he was telling the truth. Colobok, Sparkler and Make Believe then left with the godray crystal to deliver it back to the Hidden Dagger before nightfall.

With evening upon them, and much of our crew still injured, Magoja (interning as the Thunder Serpent's surgeon) suggested that our crew ingratiate themselves with Kukulcan's. One such method, he suggested, was to challenge them to a drinking game. Nothing beats heatstroke and dehydration like alcohol, after all.

Cloud, escorted by Bent Scales of the Beesting, escorted Cloud partway to the Thunder Serpent. She broke off partway through, leaving to join the rest of the Beesting crewmates who had been spying on Kukulcan all day to get intel on him and his crew. Cloud arrived at the Dreamer's Moon just as Cutlass got several drinks deep with Cycle Kick. Alder, meanwhile, was being taught in the fishing and culinary arts by the hairless diamond dog they met earlier, the one with the compulsion for orderliness.

Cerulean continued to plumb the depths of the Skull Temple with her pets, getting as far as B5F. While her dog friends found another way around the pitfall obstacle she just cleared, she pressed onward, finding herself in a long hall, with a corridor to the west and one to the east. After going partway down the eastern corridor, she was stopped by a familiar sight: Herself, standing on the other side of what looked like some kind of translucent, watery mirror.
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Cutlass frowns, but says no more to Ossie.

"I see you're sober now," Cutlass says with a grin to Schnitzel. "Find Make Believe. I want to speak with the two of you. Alone. There's a mole among us, so I wish to be as discreet about this as possible."


The most Alder tries is prodding her leg, but he doesn't want to risk too much.


"Make Believe's right here," Schnitzel says, his voice straining. "But you're too far away for telepathy. He says he can hear us, he'll just be busy doing some jury-rigged hangover therapy with his stickers on me. I'll relay his wooooooordsssss… phew! Hey, give me more of that one, kid, that one's working!"

You feel a griffoness tail poke you in the hindquarters.

Ossie steps away from Cutlass, frowning in frustration at her troubles with the captain. "Okay. Cloud, I have no authority to command you, but I suggest you take at least one person with you to the infirmary aboard the Thunder Serpent. It's risky considering her possession, but Juniper Yumeno would be your best bet; she could put up a convincing cover for you if things go awry.

"Anyway, Splendid, Alder – I can't order you around either. But, if you want my advice, it'd be best to head for the Temple to recover the staff of the High Mechpriest with Cutlass."

Splendid shrugs. "I don't think any of us are bent out of shape about you giving us direction. Separate crews though we are, we're all of one goal. No need to be apologetic."

"Hrm?" Ossie asks, sounding distracted. "Oh. Fine – I'm in an off mood."

As you step forward into the mystical-mechanical space, more details, hiding just out of sight, reveal themselves to you. Each of the mechanical craftsmen seems to grow larger than they appeared when you saw them at a distance. You only take but a step, but even so, the shadows that surround them, cast by the light hidden behind the machinery, seem to be the shadows of giants.

And what more, the mechanical craftsmen seem to be sitting about in relaxed postures, contrasting with the holy reverence offered to them by the Watchkeepers. Every now and again, one of the craftsmen will look at another, and jaw away in silence, as if saying something – but all you can hear is the clacking and grinding of his ancient metal bones. The others respond to the one who speaks. Some bob their heads in a pantomime of laughter. Still others jut out their chins, a gesture of macho posturing and banter. You even catch glimpses of one craftsman looking at the project in its hands with a childlike fascination, as if the Watchkeeper he builds was not a weapon, but a thing of intense mystery.

The mechanical craftsmen sit in a crooked circle, with many spaces among them, where perhaps others sat. In one of the spaces of the circle, you see a most strange thing, propped up on a heap of scrap metal – a stone coffin. The coffin lays askew, as if plopped down carelessly by some giant's hand. Though it is askew, fresh offerings of fruit and drinks, served in stone cups, surround the tomb with meticulous and obviously reverent care. But most likely, not by the mechanical craftsmen – they jaw at the coffin with the same strange banter with which they regard each other.


Cerulean simply looks around with a great bit of confusion as all these details suddenly become more visible to her. But in that confusion was shark-like curiosity. Granted, not making her want to bite, but it was definitely helping her in wanting to keep stepping forward instead of staying still or turning back. And step forward she does, making sure to keep it slow and steady as to not, perhaps, give herself a sensory overload or something.



Roll #1 6 = 6


A shuddering of displeasure passes through the Watchkeepers as you step into the circle of giant craftsmen. A few of the smaller Watchkeepers step forward to retrieve you, but halt, once they see what happens next –


All at once, the mechanical craftsmen turn to look at you, as if just now noticing your presence. The weight of an unknown number of eyes bears down upon you as they size you up. Even now, you cannot tell how many there are. Even with your electroreception, your mind seems to enter a fog whenever you try to discern the giants' number. It is as if the giants themselves are not fully there.

The giant sitting beside you motions to the giant sitting near the coffin, who sets down the Watchkeeper in his hands, reaches to the coffin, and retrieves one of the drink offerings, as well as a set of the mysterious tools with which the giants make their Watchkeepers.

The giants pass down the drink and tools until they make their way down to you – and it is as you receive the tools that you realize there is something quite familiar about the one sitting at your side.

The giant beside you is of a curious structure – humanoid, but with an avian torso and limbs, and a skull that resembles both an eagle's, and a sea-serpent's. He wears an ancient crown of gold and gemstones, which resembles the crest of a cockatiel. In fact – much of his body, as you can tell with electroreception, is adorned in old and decrepit jewelry, barely containing hints of its previous magnificence.

As you look upon this familiar radiance, he seems to have a strange radiance of his own, constituting a vague, vaporous outline of some kind of body.

A body of teal.
A head of sunset gold.
And the wings of a Vola.

Each of them, reminiscent of Kukulcan.

This familiar giant hands over the tools with a flourish, and sets the drink at your side. With another motion, he gestures before you, where you see bits of metal laying in a heap, ready for the taking.


Cerulean can only blink as she seems a bit seized up from a myriad of emotions of the confusion and relief variety. She still tries to look around at all of them despite their numbers, but feels oddly at ease due to their familiarity.
"Kukulcan? You're here? But…up there and…taking a long nap?" She asks very confused before the drink and tools are handed to her. This seems to quiet her as her curiosity of the new things takes over her previous one. She takes a sip of the drink first, slightly worried about how long its been in that coffin, but perhaps putting her trust in the familiar figure to not have malicious intent.

She then blinks a bit at the tools before gently taking them, looking back at the figure with a confused stare.
"I…uhh…I gotta admit: I've never really used tools like these before," she admits nervously as she examines the heap of metal before her.


The drink is fresh, but blindingly strong. Some kind of fruit alcohol, which fights and kicks on the way down, and burns afterward.

As you manage to swallow your sip, the scene about you becomes somewhat clearer than before, like the sight of something coming up from underwater. Now, you are able to see more of the giants, more details and flesh, but they are still murky, unclear in number and kind. You catch bits of their voices, but their words are indistinct.

The figure who resembles Kukulcan sets his own tools to the side, then makes a prominent show of sorting through the metals that lay before him, taking a piece of scrap and inspecting it this way and that, setting it here or there. He remains silent through the process, but seems to be showing you the steps involved in working them.

Once he's gathered a suitable pile of metals, he takes the tools. Though they are old, and decorated in the style of shamanic totems and fetishes, their forms and functions are still apparent. Hammers, tongs, grindstones, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, augers. He takes a hammer, and it gleams with a current of lightning. He begins to beat and work the metal, and though there is no flame nor forge available, the metal curves to his designs, molding as easily as wet clay.

The strangely familiar giant takes a slower pace than the other craftsmen as they resume their work, so that he may demonstrate the steps to you.


Cerulean coughs a bit from how strong the drink is as the shark doesn't experience alcohol too much, let alone of this strength. She gives her eyes a rub as things become clearer and she begins to hear more.

She watches the familiar giant demonstrate and her tail perks up and lightly sways as her curiosity is being sated. It looked easy enough that even she could do it. In fact, it was even reminding her of the stuff Etch does around the ship.

Feeling more confident now, Cerulean takes a bigger swig of the drink and pushes past the strength of it as best as a novice can. She then picks up the tools given to her, and seems to be trying to think ahead by applying her Aura as the giant's tools had his become electrified.


Much of your body is rapt with a wondrous, and sweet-tasting pain as you knock back more of the intoxicating alcohol. Your Aura feels extra smooth and liquid as you conjure it, and it flows with little effort into the tool, coursing through it inside and out, allowing you to control it as you please.

When your eyes finally stop watering from the drink, more of the giant craftsmen become clear – but perhaps it may have been better if they had not. As their bodies become more visible, you see the depths of their weakness. The giants' bodies are fragile, brittle, emaciated, old; skin wrinkled, feathers falling out, chitinous carapaces filled with cracks. Even now, though you can see some giants clearly, others remain nothing but silhouettes and vague outlines. Those giants you can see are diverse in race and size and even sex; some appear more like the mortal races, while others seem more like divine, heavenly monsters.

Some have no faces. Others have partly blank and blurry faces, while others work away, despite having no head whatsoever. Others are missing arms, legs, and still others bleed perpetually from gaping wounds in their chest or torso, their blood vanishing into darkness.

But that does not stop them from talking, laughing and working. One gestures to you with his tool, and says –

"Hey, Thunder Serpent. I was using those tools. Take them back from the outsider."
"Oh, shut up," the familiar giant, the one addressed as Thunder Serpent, says. "She made a lot of ruckus getting down here. Let her take a souvenir back."


His voice sounds nothing like Kukulcan's. You see that he works the metal before him with a lightning-blue Aura. You recall that, when you saw Kukulcan fighting the Watchkeepers in the Temple's upper levels, that his Aura was a golden color – so too was Kukulcan's lightning.

You look up at the one who shares Kukulcan's title of Thunder Serpent. His face is the most clear out of all the giants sitting there. He looks – somewhat like Kukulcan. His face is blurry, the details vague. But you can tell that the resemblance is not perfect, as if it were an unfocused snapshot of Kukulcan.

Or perhaps the reverse.




"And, you're sure no one else is around?" Cutlass double-checks.

As soon as he's sure, she continues on. "Like I said, there's a mole among us. That combined with the fact that the I'm fairly certain we're being spied on in a variety of other ways and it's become obvious that the Crimson King and his guards can possess people, we need a way to detect liars. You two are the best for that job."

"I'm thinking some sort of combined aura power like what Hurscurs and Qarrowmarrow did back on Kaco island. My idea is that Schnitzel develops a power that can detect if someone is lying or withholding truth. Then, Make Believe works in conjunction with that - most likely with stickers - to determine what exactly it is they are lying about and what the truth is."

"I want to reiterate: there are spies among us. I chose you two for this not just because you are the best equipped for it, but also because I trust you two the most. I can't rule anyone else out. So, you have to keep this absolutely secret from EVERYONE else, understood. If people know the power you're developing, they're try to come up with a counter to it. More importantly, someone COULD come up with a counter to it. Whether or not someone does, the fact that they COULD if they found out about it makes this whole thing a lot less certain. We need this certainty right now. So, it needs to stay secret. People can't counter what they don't know about."

"Thoughts? No pun intended," she adds after a moment with a bit of a chuckle.


The talk of spies helps Schnitzel suppress his hung-over rumblings and grumblings, and he listens with rapt attention. "Yeah…" he whispers. "We can do that. The kid says we shouldn't discuss this outside of his telepathy from now on. Wait… uh, you sure? No, that name sounds stupid. Hey, watch your mouth – er, thoughts – you little bastard! No, put that sticker back, I need it! Alright, fine, fine, no need to torture me."

Schnitzel clears his throat. "Make Believe says he already has a name picked out: Argument Armament. Now see, I also have a name for it, and mine's better, it's Confessions: Act of Contrition! Whaddya think? Perfect, right?"


"Recovering the staff seems like a good idea, yes." he says, shrugging a little at Ossie's comment as he re-attaches his talons.

"An off-mood? If there is a way we could help, please let us know- this is a bad time to be distracted."



"I feel like Confessions fits better, but I don't think Contrition is quite right. More like Coercion. Did the Bee Queens share a name between the two powers? I don't know how I feel about that. Theoretically, at least Schnitzel may be able to do his half whenever."

"What if you split the name in two? Schnitzel's half is Confession. Make Believe's half is Coercion. Together, you have the single group power: Confession Coercion. I think that's pretty cool."


"Ehh…" Schnitzel grumbles. "I feel like coercion is more of Miss Sunshine's gimmick. I don't wanna step on her hooves. Yeah, Make Believe's not feeling it either. Look, we'll workshop it later, we're going to be late for breakfast, and if either of us is late, people are going to start asking questions."

Schnitzel hangs up.


Alder chirps a little, and responds with a poke of his own.


Cerulean spends her tool time testing out the tools first hand, looking more like a kid playing with his dad's tools compared to the old craftsmen around her. Once she got the hand of things, she fiddled around until she made something…roughly like one of the smaller Watchkeeper dogs that helped her against the giant spider.

As the voices come in nice and clear, and her own head got a bit more clear after the big swig, she looks around her at the more clearer-ish shapes. She looks up at Thunder Serpent, rubbing the back of her head but with a good-natured laugh.
"Yeah, sorry about that. But it was actually kinda fun." Her smile goes to a face of realization.
"Oh wait, I can hear you all now! If you're not busy…well, too busy, could you maybe answer some questions? The spiders are cute and all, but they kinda don't talk much…at all, hahah."


>Applying temp aura point since she is channeling her Aura for the tools

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You make a skeleton for a fierce-looking bulldog Watchkeeper. The Thunder Serpent whistles to one of the Watchkeeper spiders, who hurries away anon. Soon it comes back, bearing with it large chunks of obsidian stone, and drops them before the two of you. The Thunder Serpent takes a chisel, and makes a show of demonstrating how to cut and shape the tool to one's aims.

"Why are you apologizing? It's the whole point of the place," the Thunder Serpent says. "We wouldn't put an obstacle course down here for it to go completely unused."

As you request some answers, the Serpent nods, focusing on his chiseling.


Ossie sighs and shakes her head with defeat. "Not unless you can manipulate the Captain into not being so strange."

Splendid suppresses a squawk, then yanks on your tail with hers. You her Juniper gasping from the lake. Her face is quite red, and she soon submerges herself so as not to be scandalized further by such raunchy actions.


"Oh! Yeah! I guess that does make sense," she says as she watches how to the chisel the obsidian.

She gives it a go herself, then decides to ask as she works.
"So…wow, where do I start? Oh! So you're Thunder Serpent, but there's another person I know that looks a lot like you also calling himself the Thunder Serpent. But you're not him so…are there a bunch more Thunder Serpents?"


Alder frowns a little at that, and says "I am afraid she will likely remain strange… though, maybe some aspects could be worked on, over time. She seems to have a… lot going on."

Alder lets out another little chirp, and snickers a little before deciding to coil his tail around Splendid's and leave it there for the time being.


The Thunder Serpent pauses to think for a moment.

Then, retaking the obsidian in his hand, he begins to chisel anew, picking up his pace significantly.

>roll for your own chiseling

"There is only one Thunder Serpent, and I am he. Only the High Mechpriests may impersonate me on festival nights, flaying the divine night sky for its skin, to fashion a mask in my image. But the last of the High Mechpriests lies dead before us," he says, gesturing to the coffin.

"What you have encountered is an illicit impostor."

The change is minute, but noticeable – the giant's face changes, blurry though it remains. A slight widening of the eyes, a narrowing of the shape of the beak. He now looks less like Kukulcan, after having decried him as false.


Cerulean chisels and listens, nodding along and taking note of how the image was getting less blurry.

"Kukulcan. He said he made these guys and was trying to talk to them or something," she explains as she works, focusing on her work as she talks.
"He was gonna help us because we're kinda having some issues with these big, giant metal guys who can go invisible in the light. Who are they, anyway, cause one was stuck to your spider when I faced against it."

Roll #1 6 = 6


It takes quite a while, but you fashion a suitable head for your bulldog guardian, fierce and bold. What remains now is the body, and the limbs. Perhaps, as your skill grows, you may branch out into more unconventional designs…

"We are the ones who carve violence from stone, who craft war from steel. If an illicit impostor would claim these as his own, he should come down here himself and become calloused by the tools of gods."

As for your second point, the Thunder Serpent thinks. "We know not, but they have made themselves our most ancient enemy. They have come from the Vault, whose ravenous maw opens far, far to the south, and has devoured much of this Island. 'Twas we who sunk Cuauhtemoc when it became clear that, whatever the Vault was, it was assuredly one of the calamities who come out to shake the world to its very fundaments every few epochs: The Hunger."


Cerulean smiles at her handiwork, surprising herself a bit even. She picks up another piece and gets to work as the explanation goes on.

"Well, he tried to, but he got pretty messed up on one of the things on the first floor. To be honest, I'm kinda surprised I got all the way here, but it was fun!"

"Yeah, I was told of a vault thing. I was told of a control rod or something down here that was needed," she frowns a bit as she works on her obsidian, "but if you're saying Kukulcan isn't who he says he is…than maybe I shouldn't be looking for it?"

Roll #1 3 = 3


"…Good idea," Cloud says, realizing going along on a ship ran by the Crimson King would be a horrible idea.
Cloud gets up, taking a few steps to the lake.
"Hey, Juniper! Can you show me where the infirmary is?"
He shouts over to the swimming pony.


As for your second attempt… well, practice will make perfect. You can probably still buff out the cracks.

"Regardless of who or what this 'Kukulcan' is, he has the right idea," the Thunder Serpent says. He gestures to the giant who sits beside the coffin again, who rolls his eyes with mock annoyance for the inconvenience. He stands, and opens the coffin. You are able to see that mounds of skulls of various races are interred within, arrayed so as to look at the object in the coffin's center – a tall staff.

It is, unlike everything else in this strange and ancient space, unmarred in its beauty. Its body is white, and trimmed at the pommel and various rings about its length, in gold. Its overall appearance resembles that of some kind of cryptic key. The head of the staff is a curious lattice of metal and crystal, arrayed in numerous patterns evocative of star-charts, or perhaps mechanical diagrams – as you look upon it, it seems to be both.

"I don't know who he is, or what," the Thunder Serpent says. "And we cannot leave to find out. "But as you have reached us here, by law of the island, you have won what you have sought. Whether you use it yourself, or entrust it to this illicit impostor, will be a matter of your own judgment."

He continues to carve at the piece of obsidian. "Stay awhile and finish your project. I have something else I must make ere you go."

Juniper emerges from the water with a gasp, averting her eyes from Splendid and Alder's displays of affection. "Sure. Are you ready to head out now? I can take you there."
"You all might as well," Ossie says. "I think I ought to hang back with the Captain to see what's got her bothered. It won't do for either of us to be distracted, as you said, Alder."


"Woah…pretty," she remarks as she looks at the staff. She looks at her obsidian as she notices her distractions causing a dip in quality, so she tries to refocus on her task for a short while.
>Aura point

"Yeah, truth be told, I was gonna stick around a bit as well. The little spiders back there I think want me to help put it back together after I hit it a lot, and the dogs were too cute and friendly and helpful to leave broken and all, you know," she explains to Thunder Serpent, getting a fond smile on her face as she talks about them.
"And the spiders looked so sad and hopeful at me how could I say no?"

"So wait, I gotta ask: who is everyone else here…there," she remarks, pointing to the skulls that she assumes correspond to the other figures around her somehow, "or…however things go around here."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Yea, I'm good to go now."
He says, taking notice of Juniper keeping her eyes away from Alder and Splendid.
"In a bit of a rush, eh?"


"Shut up," Juniper says. "I have exercise to get to."

You make a mighty chestpiece for your bulldog Watchkeeper. The limbs should be easy enough to carve in one fell swoop in comparison to the head and torso – now's the chance to trick him out, if you so wish.

>one more crafting roll required for your creation; repairing the hounds and Giant Spider may be defaulted on in exchange for spending most of the day upon it

"The former Head Mechpriests," the Thunder Serpent says. "They are joined to us in death, but they are not us. We are something older, and far different, as we have been in all our forms throughout the ages – once we were but high stone… a strong wind… the blasts of thunder… the glimmering of magic upon obsidian… the howl of the sea… the scorching sun… the wondrous moon…"

His words bring to mind what Kukulcan said about the nature of godhood, and its unity with Being itself.

"Whatever we have become, whatever we are now, and whatever we will become, are all but machinations of your kind," the Thunder Serpent continues. "Gods made in your image. Reflections in crystal, and glass, and water."


"Ah- squeamish, I guess. I believe I am ready to go, yes." he remarks, before nodding a bit to Ossie. "If the two of you get over…" he gestures a little, not sure what to put it as "-then please, tell us over the conch. Less so for coming to help, and moreso to know you are well again."


Cloud snickers.
"Alright, alright. Let's get to the infirmary and then you can get back to your laps."


"I don't know about squeamish – she's probably all a-fluster because her own griffon is 'occupied,' so to speak," Splendid whispers. "Could you imagine that? Being with your lover when you and she are possessed by demons?"
"Somehow I don't see the Crimson King going for the Yellow Jester…" Ossie whispers. "But Juniper is still being denied Cycle Kick's ball–"
"Hey, shut up and hurry up!" Juniper shouts, climbing out of the lake to get cleaned up.
Splendid's head snaps toward Ossie with surprise. "My word!"
"What?" Ossie asks. "His ball game skills. She has nobody to shoot hoops with."
Splendid narrows her eyes at Ossie's atrocious lie.

Juniper leads you and Splendid back to the Thunder Serpent. The motley crew is making their preparations for the morning, finishing breakfast and stretching as they plan the day's tasks. Neither Kukulcan, Two Reeds, nor the Crimson King is anywhere to be seen, but Sir Diamantaire stands watch upon the deck.

>Make stealth rolls if attempting to enter unseen

"Alright," Juniper says, as you reach the edge of the ship's camp. "How you wanna do this?"


Cloud shudders at the thought of demon possession as Splendid brings it up.
"I try not to. Been through enough demon stuff the last day alone for one lifetime."

Cloud follows with the others back to the Thunder Serpent. He looks to Juniper at her question.
"Can't we just walk in? Don't tell me Kukulcan has some protocol for visitors."


"Huh, that's…woah," she says, not quite too sure what to say in response. The answer was of very grand scale for her, and oddly poetic. As she works on the limbs, she gets a creative idea as she gives it bracelets, but tries to see if she could make it so the bracelets could rotate into wheels.
>spending last point

"Then, I must ask: do you guys know of the buildings and stuff outside of here? Because there was a city we came to that was abandoned. I had a gun that could tell me information about things, but for once, the gun didn't have all the answers."

"Oh! And in the trees was this big…structure thing guarded by monkeys and spiders like these. I think it was some sort of magic network thing…I dunno, magic isn't my strong suit."

>I will spend the time and default to fix the pack of doggos and giant spider

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Ah- fair enough. That would put me out of sorts, for sure." he says, frowning a little bit. He'll follow along after Juniper, trying to keep an eye out for any sign of Kukulcan or the others.
>Perception: [1d10]

"As for what to do… I could try distracting the watchman, if needbe."

Roll #1 6 = 6


>Another craft…

>…and a perception


Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Alder looks about, and confirms that neither Kukulcan, Two Reeds, nor the Crimson King are anywhere outside. Only Sir Diamantaire and the mooks are about.

Juniper shrugs to Cloud. "You could probably be fine just walking in, but sometimes the crew can get possessive of their treasure. They may not believe you if you tell them you're just interested in seeing your crewmates in the surgeons ward."

"Indeed," the Thunder Serpent says. "Pieces of the place are gone, aren't they? Even we cannot recall them."

You make some sturdy limbs for your bulldog, and in a moment of inspiration, you see how you might include some extra functionality within the tail…

>pick any skill or combination of skills worth up to 2 points, for your Watchkeeper.

Something about the Thunder Serpent looks off to you now… you can't quite place it, but his appearance has subtly changed.


"Believe or not, that's the only place I'd walk too. Plus if they're real pirates they should have their treasure guarded up so somepony can't just waltz in and take it."
Cloud says, opting to walk to the ship without sneaking around.


"Mmm, very well- let us try simply walking in first then, yes?"



Cutlass rolls her eyes at herself for getting caught up in their naming nonsense.


Cutlass returns to wherever the others are.


As you climb aboard, most of the Thunder Serpent's crew offer little more than nods or grumbled greetings. They look a bit severe, probably suffering from the same affliction that all pirates know well – hangovers. They mostly stay out of your way as you head for the entrance to the ship's interior.

Though, once you get near the door, Sir Diamantaire, a cloud of floating dust surrounding a series of crystals at his core, floats over toward you. You see that he is posted up in front of the door to Kukulcan's quarters, which is situated above the door to the ship's interior.

"Can I help youse?" Sir Diamantaire asks.


Just before Schnitzel hangs up, you hear him mumbling names under his breath.
"Nonstop Debate… Perjury! No… Ace Attorney… Adhesive Attorney… how can I incorporate stickers into all this…?"

see also: >>747548


Seeing as how this was mechanical, and Cerulean was noticing a slight trend with things as of late here, she opts to use the tail space to help it generate extra electricity to use outside of powering itself. Also taking a page from her own book, she gives the bulldog Watchkeeper some extra jaw strength so it could latch onto something about as well as she can.

>Giving the Watchkeeper Elementalist Electric and Grapple

Cerulean hums as she works, not noticing the change at first, but it starts bugging her enough to ask.
"Hey…did you do something to yourself? Dunno why, but feels like something changed about you," she hums in thought, "maybe I need to drink a bit more of…whatever this is."


Cloud goes to cover his face as the dust cloud floats towards him, forgetting that one of Kukulcan's crew was an elemental of sorts.
"Oh, it's you," He says, lowering his hoof, "Nah, we're just going to check on our crew in the infirmary."
He says casually.



Roll #1 9 = 9


At last, it clicks – the Thunder Serpent has regained, at least in part, his passing resemblance to Kukulcan, which had vanished when the god denied the captain. The cause, however, is yet unknown.


"Don't overthink it," the Thunder Serpent says. "As I am now, I may appear differently to different people, depending all on one's perspectives and beliefs. When a tale is known by only one or two souls, it is they and they alone who have control over the tale's contents. When a tale is known by many, it becomes stronger in the telling. But the Hunger has consumed most who knew me, who knew us. As such, there are few now who may dictate who and what we look like. Only when one of decisive will and charisma arises to settle the story to the masses, will my form take shape again."

At last, the bulldog Watchkeeper is complete… but it lays there, inert and without life. The Thunder Serpent looks to you. "Well well. You're outstripping my teachings, I see. I trust then, that I can leave the final steps to you to bring it to life."


"But…didn't have an appearance of your own? I mean, changing shape is cool and all, but I'd be kinda bummed if I just changed into whatever anybody said I looked like, even if it wasn't true."

Cerulean looks back with a nod.
"Yeah, I think so," she says and takes out one of the soul rubies from the dog pack. She tries to put it where she remembers them being housed.

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