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Last time, on HolyQuest…

After recovering from their brief but dangerous confrontation with the den of toxic rats, the Saviors descended through the strange, two-dimensional labyrinth, down and down and down. They reached a torture chamber, lit by gemstones filled with demons that, by this point, must have been imprisoned for millennia. From there, they approached a chamber further to the right, but discerned, by the fact that their view was pulling out, that there was something waiting for them beyond. Instead of proceeding directly to it, they pursued a path on a slope leading diagonally upward. At its peak, they saw that, at the base of the chamber was the staircase leading downward… and so too were a pair of enormously long centipede demons, trapped in an eternal guard-dance surrounding the staircase. How they would deal with this, we shall soon discover…
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The Skelebutler appears alongside Shorthorned's flame buffalo, only this buffalo is quite small, from being made in such haste. The two turn about, and head down the hallway at a quick trot. They do not get more than ten paces when the tile underneath them shudders, then rises – becoming a column of stone. In an instant, both are squished up against the wall, and destroyed instantly.

Zjetya, River and Gadriel turn dreadfully pale, pacing in anticipation.


To review:


You stand in the middle of the kitchen belong to the Dragon of Salt, companion to the Dragon of Sulfur and the Dragon of Mercury, the three guardians of this region of the dungeon – known as God's Entombed – which guards the way between your World and Tartarus.

Currently, Deriva, Volkama and Busta are putting together meals that you plan to bring to the Capo, who guards the Great Seal of Tartarus. The entrance to the Capo's layer appears and disappears at the Capo's whim, and thus you must bring an offering to appease him.

You've just suggested salted bacon and pork shoulder for the first of five dishes that you will bring to him. As for the second dish, Salt shot down your suggestion for lemon salmon and chocolate ice cream cake, because that would "kill" the Capo.

>"'Yes, yes, that all sounds right,' Salt says in response to the narration. 'But regular salmon would suffice. Three dishes and a dessert still remain.'"

So it goes. What say you?



>"Hmmmmm," Amy makes a little whining sound. "Ice cream is the best! What else could he like as a desert!? Pie? Apple pie is pretty nice!"

>"Some kind of soup would be nice. Like chicken noodle!" she wags her tail, her simple taste showing.


>"Deriva and Volkama look to Salt for her judgment. She grumbles something about nutritional value, but nods. "That will do. Only two dishes are necessary now."

>cooking rolls for salmon, apple pie and chicken noodle soup


Roll #1 8, 2, 5 + 3 = 18



>Amy makes struggling sounds as she think.

>"What other parts of a meal are there usually?"


KP jumps as the column rushes up and crushes both the skeleton and the buffalo. Pryce tries not to show it, but he is a bit shocked by the quickness of the trap too.
"This… might not be too bad. If the traps are all on the floor, somepony could fly over and get the orb. Though, we'll need to test it first."
Pryce pulls off his bracelet, attempting to conjure a paper airplane to toss down the hall to see if the airspace is safe.
>Hat Magic [Paper Airplane] [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


(post assuming Pryce makes his attentions known) Leather offers his own parchment, "Will you use telekinesis? Even paper airplanes eventually fall."


>"Volkama looks over what has been prepared so far. 'If we call the salmon an unconventional appetizer, and the soup the… well, the soup, then we're just missing an hors d'oeuvre, and a salad.'"
>"Salt rolls her eyes. 'Good luck getting him to accept a salad…'"
>"'The meal won't be complete without it!' Busta says. 'Amy! What salad would a meat eater enjoy!?'"


"Yeah, surprisingly straight forward of a crucible." Shei-Sher snaps his hoof and his aura expands to fill the region of hallway ahead of them.

>PHASE AURA: Your body sheds light in a small radius of 5 meters, in a color you choose when you learn this skill. All creatures in this range cannot turn invisible or become hidden, creatures already hidden or invisible are made clear, and incorporeal beings and lingering magical effects and wards manifest a visible shape. Effect persists roll minus five turns (six lasts one, seven lasts two, etc.)

[1d10+1] to reveal traps

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


check em



>"Pasta salad! That totally counts as a salad! Macaroni noodles with bacon! And, whatever else you have to do to make it a pasta salad!"


"I will if it falls and triggers nothing. If the plane sets off a floor trap, then it helps to clear away more traps from our path."


>"Volkama, Deriva and Busta look to Salt in disbelief. She rubs her head with her claws. 'You may find it hard to believe, but it's not impossible to make that dish here. Search the barrels yonder. They are labeled as pasta.'"
>"While they work, Salt sighs. 'Okay… now we just need the hors d'oeuvre.'"

[1d10+3] Macaroni salad

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Shorthorns looks on in surprise as the column pushes up on her little fire buffalo, smooshing it into ashes along side the Skelebutler as she takes a moment to contemplate. "Yep, DEFINITELY trapped."

As Pryce suggests using flight, she looks on as Leather offers a peace of paper to make an airplane. "Good idea: if the air-space is clear, then most of us can get across no problem just by carrying the others. If it isn't, maybe I can disable the traps by turning the floor into something, like soft dirt or flowers"


The parchment airplane makes it a little further than the skelebutler and the buffalo do, but as it passes between a pair of rounded torch sconces embedded in the wall, twin jets of flame gush out, incinerating it in short order.

Then, as Shei expands his aura, you can see a number of floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and even some of the torches become outlined in a sharp black, including the tiles which crushed the skelebutler.

>for the next two turns, you do not have to roll to avoid traps.

But despite this small victory, more challenges persist. A chunk of the ceiling behind you falls away, crumbling to the ground. Still more shakes overhead, threatening to come loose as the dungeon continues its restructuring.

>roll dodge, DC 8

[3d10+2] Gadds, River, Zjetya

Roll #1 6, 3, 2 + 2 = 13


Shorthorns observes the scene as their forces move through the deadly field before them. "So most of them seem to be on the floor for the first part, but there are traps on the ceilings and the torches too. At least we can see them now though, so we 'should' be okay as long as we avoid the parts with the traps."

As the ceiling starts to shake, Shorthorns gives a gasp, "R-right, we have to keep moving! Everyone into the hallway, don't touch the black parts and we'll be fine! I think your plan to fly through will work guys, but only if we don't touch the walls, the floor, the ceiling, none of it!"

[1d10+1] Shorthorns dodging (and moving into the hallway)

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11



>"One time, I had these really neat like… little chunks of cheese fried in bread or something. They were really good! Does that count as a horse nerve?"

>Amy gets the word totally wrong, and screws her face up trying to remember the food she's talking about.



>Name fix.


There's a few seconds of lag time before Shei realizes Flaming ran ahead into the hallway. He follows suit so his aura can light the path for her.

"You heard her! If your life is too valuable to wait for a dark corridor to then start running"

Shei's swing flatly in strong gusts as he leaps forward, gliding through the corridor.

>Dodge roll

>dc reduction from goatcraft

>phase aura

[1d10+1] to extend duration

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11


Pryce watches the the plane trigger flames from the torches, then revealed by Shei that there are traps all over each side of the hallway.
"So there's no guaranteed way to get through here. Good job Shei."
Pryce says to the goat, now that they can see where to not step.

When the ceiling begins to shake, Pryce near gets ready to move forward so they can finish this trial. But as the rock above begins to fall, he jumps back to River and Zjetya to get them out of harms way.
>Assist their Dodge [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Leather starts running down the hall normally, using Tsibi to dodge instead of just for normal movement.

>Tsiba: Passive/Auto-Instant; As an Auto-Instant action, you are able to jump between any of the different ranges in combat, except for Burrowed (ie, can move from Far (player) to Far (enemy), from Melee to Aerial, etc). As a Passive, this ability also enables you to jump multiple times in the air by solidifying light beneath your hooves and kicking off of it. If you can already fly, you can use this to gain +2 to dodge and other movement-focused rolls while flying. If used to evade an attack, make a roll. The DC for success is (Attack Roll -1). On failure, critical or regular, you take half-damage.

>using the secondary part of the ability to help


Roll #1 4 = 4


>"'We can do stuffed bread,' Salt relents. 'Finally, something that isn't going to strain the budget…'"

>You smell some burns as Deriva and Volkama and Busta cook, but things seem to be coming along quite well…

[1d10+3] cooking stuffed bread

You break into a run as the hallway begins to collapse behind you, weaving around every black square, line and outline that you see laying before, to the sides and above you – and sprinting straight through any that encompass the whole of the hall. Spike-tipped arrows shriek overhead, jets of flame roar up from below, and trapdoors fly open, but you manage to evade their cruel punishments. Shei's aura lights the way, and a subtle spider-silk thread manifests within it, providing an optimal path through the traps.

>No trap rolls necessary for the rest of this room.

But the unpredictability of the hall's collapse leaves these victories short-lived. It is as you make it over a snare trap that a gash of rock comes loose from above, pinning River and Zjetya below it. As Pryce doubles back to pull them out, he steps into a nearby trap, and gets his leg caught as the tile below him splits in two and closes again, like a vicious bite. The disruption of the run results in Cloak and Shei being caught by debris as well.

>all lose 1 wound, besides cloak who loses half his hits

Before you can figure out how to disentangle River and Zjetya, a further problem complicates things – this section of hall rattles violently, but you can see that the rest of the hall is not affected. Suddenly, your stomachs fly up as that section of hallway, about 15 meters before and behind you, starts to sink. Above you, the rest of the hall remains where it was. As the section you're in sinks, you can see that what lies ahead is not earth, but some kind of mysterious void – the kind into which Amy vanished. There's still enough time to do something before the section you're in sinks away from the stable section of hall.

Despite the pain, River and Zjetya look on in silent shock as they weigh their choices.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Pryce grunts in pain as the tile clamps around his hoof like a bear trap, halting his attempt to save Zjetya and River. When the hall starts to shake and sink away, dread sinks in, unsure of where it will fall too, or if there'd be a way out from it's destination.
His horn glows black, his magic encompassing the rock pinning River and Zjetya to push it away to free them.
"Go on, get to safety before it's too late!"
>Subspace Walker [On rock] [Auto]
Subspace Walker: 2 times per combat; Automatic; Hide yourself, an ally, or a medium-sized object within a Subspace pocket for four turns, or until they dismiss the effect. During this time, the target cannot attack or be attacked. If used on a sentient target, that target can now move through solid objects, barriers, etc within a short distance at will.


File: 1600064052473.jpg (74.21 KB, 580x456, enochian stuff.JPG)

A hearty helping of bricks nail Shei on the head. He yelps in bloody protest "AH! THATS THE SAME SPOT!" as in the last room was a test to see how many times he could be hit on the head with ceiling material.

Staring ahead into the apparent void, Shei remembers Amy's description of where she found herself. Perhaps the same way he helped her could help here.
The membrane of Shei's aura waxes along the walls, he wipes his hoof across the breathing light as rays shred out from and a cacophonous sound of static. He seems to inspect the sound as he does it again.

He begins talking to himself "Sera, Sohpia, Zadkiel, ZXAS, ZORGE. IXIS. SAAIEME. IMEGCBE. DEIMO.A " occult monikers, or gibberish, but soon the names or words, consonants, vowels, they mix together by no means of acceleration. The spoken words clash on top of one another. And now Shei-Sher is speaking static from his mouth.

>Shepherd's Tone: one effect per 6 turns, stackable, negates resistances; Divinity transposed through rock and roll……… Player may describe environmental effects on planes where the environment is nebulous i.e. dreams, astral plane, chaotic planes, etc……..

His horns vibrate and sound, like a tuning fork freshly stricken. The void breathes light and soon becomes a static aurora of solid light.

[1d10+1] to make the void into solid space

[1d10+1] To give definition to the definitionless void

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4




>Amy wags her tail.

>"This sounds like a good meal! We're done now, right!? How long until it finishes cooking?"

>She bounces impatiently.


Leather keeps moving, bouncing across pillars of light to avoid falling into the void below.

>Continued use of Tsiba


As the debris falls around her, pinning several of her comrades under the refuse from the ceiling. "Uh oh… hold on everyone, I'll get you free!"

Her panic doubles as the floor starts to sink beneath them, realizing they're about to be pulled into a potentially even worse fate as she watches Pryce work to pull Zjetya and River free. With them taken out of the rubble, she runs over to help them up if they have trouble walking, offering to take one while Pryce takes the other. "I'll make us a path way up!" She says as she puts her hoof to the sinking hallway floor, making it rise up into a set of stone stairs reaching up to the next section that has NOT yet begun to sink!

[1d10] Dark II to manipulate the stone floor into a stone stair-case to get above the sinking segment.

Roll #1 7 = 7


River and Zjetya come free with a gasp as the hunk of stone vanishes into subpsace, setting them free with only minor injuries. As the section of hallway sinks deeper into the earth, Flaming raises a stairway of her own, connecting the floor of the sinking hallway section to that which remains where it is for now. The stairway grinds to a halt, held fast by this new connection. But, the stones grumble and grind, and cracks quickly form in the stairs as the dungeon tries to re-arrange itself still.

However, an alternative arises – on either side of the hallway, the void of swirling, indeterminate space suddenly takes on clarity and definition, dimensions and reason, manipulated by Shei's power. A path extends from both openings of the sinking hallway section, both sloping downward, to parts unseen and unknown. Thus, three options are available to you – upward on the stairs, toward the pearl; downward and toward the right side of the screen; downward and to the left side of the screen.

Gadriel helps up Zjetya and River, both of whom look more concerned for KP's sake.

Remember the vertical view of this area

>"Salt just grumbles something inaudible. The text at the bottom of the screen produces an onomatopoeia to express her grumblings."
>"After some time, Deriva, Busta and Volkama step forward, bearing… four trays of dishes. You can see behind them that some hacked-up and burnt remains of salmon are sitting upon the counter. It looks like it was quite a battle with the salmon, one that ended with defeat."
>"'Still, with four dishes, we will have quite an entrance,' Busta says."
>"'Quite, so you can stop bouncing in my kitchen,' Salt says, regaining her earlier disgruntlement. 'Now have fun convincing Mercury to help you, or at least not stop you.'"


Pryce's horn glows, pulling apart the tile trap that snapped around his hoof to free himself.
>Telekinesis [1d10]

With the section of hallway momentarily stable, Pryce notes the others concerned over which way to go.
"We'll continue to the pearl. With an environment like this, it's better to go with what we know than the unknown."
He says, looking down at KP as he sees River and Zjetya's worry, spreading a wing over his younger self to help guard him through the trek ahead.

Roll #1 10 = 10



>"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Amy thanks Salt enthusiastically. "Thanks for all the help. You're nice when you want to be!"

>"I want to hug you because you're my friend now, but I'm sure you probably wouldn't want that."

>Amy gives Salt a pouty face and puppy-dog eyes.

>[1d10+4] Mantra of Equlaity DC-4 to get a hug from Salt

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


>"'I only hug those who can cook a dish that will impress me,' Salt says. 'Come back when you think you can accomplish that.'"
>"You can feel a distant rumbling, which feels as though it comes from high above, and some distance to the North. The others look up, wondering how fares the rest of your party. 'Perhaps someday,' Volkama says. 'But now is not the time for attempts. If there is nothing else, we must be off to where this Mercury awaits.'"
>"'About that,' Sulfur says. 'Mercury isn't exactly awaiting us, or anyone. Guy's always going here and there, doing some kind of chore or errand every hour of the day. He sometimes even heads topside. But, the good news is that I know for sure he's here right now.'"
>"'How can you know?' Busta asks."
>"'You felt that rumbling just now?'" Sulfur responds.



>"Sounds fun!" Amy says with a wag of her tail. "Let's go find him!"

>Amy uses her keen dog senses to follow the source of the vibrations.


>"Salt, after a moment's hesitation, bids farewell to you all, and casts a small incantation over the meal plates to ensure that they remain hot and fresh until the covers on the trays are removed."
>"'You will forgive us if we cannot assist you in battle,' Deriva says. 'We will have our hooves full trying to keep these plates from being knocked over until they can be eaten.'"
>"'I am positive she will keep it under control, dear,' Volkama adds, casting protective bubbles over himself, Deriva and Busta."

>"You head out from the kitchen once more, coming back the way you came. The vibrations came from the North, and there are two options available to you from this juncture: West, the way you came with Sulfur, and East, to parts unknown.

>Sulfur waits nearby, ready to offer what assistance he can.


Shorthorn lets out a sigh of relief as the connection is created, but gasps as she sees it already beginning to crumple. "QUICK


Shorthorn lets out a sigh of relief as the connection is created, but gasps as she sees it already beginning to crumple. "QUICK! Everyone get up while it holds!"

However, as the 'top-down' alternative paths present themselves, she looks between the two of them, considering which one to take: the two that are safest but lead away from their destination, or the crumbling stairs leading to the Pearl.

As Pryce makes the call, Shorthorns nods. "Yeah, I agree, we can't afford to lose sight of it now or we may never see it again! Shei can keep the other dors open as a back-up in case the tunnel collapses!"

[1d10+1] Running up the stairs

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"I agree, no sense making hasty decisions. Patience and perseverance will bring us victory!" Leather Cloak nods, following his friend towards the pearl

>Even more Tsiba, with some assisted dodge rolls if needed

Tsiba [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


>Shei can keep the other dors open as a back-up in case the tunnel collapses!"
"No can do." Shei briskly trots to the Right Hand staircase. "Amy went down, so I'm going down. Try not to die without me -see you later." He turns his back from you all and begins traveling down the the Right side stairs at a brisk pace.

Shei runs down the Right Side Staircase, smirking, stifling cackles from himself. "I put Crow-ley and every Occultist under the Sabuul's moonlight to shame." hoof steps echoing across the walls "Smudging the script -Ha!- how profane.." and shadows produce in his periphery as his white flamed lantern lights the way. "Bet you're awful proud Buiwong! Now I'm dancing the dance of heathen gods! These arts, they're fruitless. Why did I come all this way just to arrive where I started. Power is nothing- Power is nothing -control, power, to know -its…"

"focus. I need to find Amy." Shei realizes the dungeon is intelligent. It sorted Amy with the demons. And how to could Shei make himself appear demon while the dungeon is shifting.
Shei-Sher lets out a light, steady stream of magatsuchi from himself. Emitting just enough to obscure his identifying auras.

>Phase Aura still active (5 Turns)


[1d10+1] emitting magatsuchi

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"Wait, Shei, where do you think you're going?! You can't just run off through this place and think you'll end up in the same spot as her, the dungeon is shifting as we speak!"
Pryce shouts out to the goat as he goes off alone into the darkness.



>Without giving it a second thought, Amy heads East.


Flaming gets clipped by a sharp pillar of stone that falls from above, denting her armor deep into her side.

>Flaming loses 1 Wound

But, Cloak pulls her free just as her legs buckle beneath her, and yanks her to safety.

As you get back on track toward the third pearl, you find that the hall beyond looks much like what you have traversed already. But despite that seeming simplicity–

Without warning–

"□ □ □ □ □ □ □!"
"□□□□! □□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □□□□□□."
"□□□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□□□…"

Throughout your entire time on this floor, all words you have said have appeared to you in the form of text boxes, though you can all still hear one another. But now, a series of boxes appears over your shared field of view. The boxes start to pile up over one another as they all fight for control of the screen. Nonsense characters and strange symbols fill the boxes, entirely without use. The speaker or speakers are unseen, but so is the hallway and the traps within.

Despite this, you can still feel the rumblings of the crumbling dungeon, reminding you of your time limit.

Shei's field of vision is also filled with the aforementioned text boxes, but the further he gets down this alternate path, the smaller they become, until at last the nonsense characters no longer obscure his screen. Gadriel bumps into him from behind, getting tangled up briefly.

Though Shei tries to bait the dungeon with more of his demonic essence, the dungeon does not seem to be taking it. Rather, the solidified section of subspace in which he walks is now, quite literally, unfolding itself.

A wall is before him and Gadriel, and it falls forward, becoming a floor. To the east of that panel, and to the south, and to the north, there are other walls, which fall forward. More walls remain behind them, but the ones to the north and east do not fall. However, to the south, the process repeats once more. "It's–" Gadriel snaps his fingers with realization. "It's unfolding like a cube!"


The others follow behind at a distance as you take the lead. Moving in this strange visual dungeon is quite disorienting – your body seems to want to move primarily in multiples of 90 degrees whenever you are not in a room, such as when you were in Salt's kitchen.

Stiffly, you turn to the east, and soon are forced to round a corner to the north, then again to the west. So far, the rest of this floor is as padded and in good condition as what you have seen so far.

After some time traveling down the west corridor, you come to a three-pronged intersection. To the south and north are bends that you cannot see around, while ahead of you, further west, is a door.


>"It's unfolding like a cube!"
"So then we're standing in a cross.." Shei quickly pans his head over to Gadriel. "Gadds! What the hell! You followed me down here." He is just now alerted to Gadds' presence apparently to his displeasure.



>Amy skips up to the door.

>"Knock knock," she says in a sing-song tone as she knocks on the door.



[1d10] for friendly knock knock!

Roll #1 3 = 3


Pryce glances down ay Shei as he takes the other path, shaking his head as the goat goes off on his own.

Pryce pulls in KP closer as their view is covered by the strange blocks, moving and tilting his head to try and see past them.
"What are these? Is there somepony else here?"
He mutters, horn glowing as he tries to dispel them, unsure of the source or cause.
>Unweaving [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


"What?!" Shorthorns asks as Shei states he's goign off on his own to find Amy. "I understand that, Shei, I want to find Amy more than anything too, but we shouldn't split up anymore than we already have!" She shouts after him as he takes off, hoping it's not too late for her words to reach the goat.

Shorthorns grunts as the pillar of stone slams into her, thanking her new armor and thicker hide for what protection it provides as she struggles to pull loose from the rubble. As her legs give way though, she looks on as Leather swiftly swoops in to save her, letting her breathe out a sigh of relief as she looks to him. "Saved me again, Leather, you're getting good at that!"

As they move back on to the stable part of the hallway, she looks at the sudden mysterious text as it appears on-screen, her own voice/textbox popping up in confusion as she asks, "Huh?! D-did that part look broken to anyone else? Wait, even more of them are popping up, I can barely-"

Shorthorn's words get covered by the text-boxes appearing in masse, her own questions drowned by the mysterious boxes as she continues focusing on running ahead towards the end of the hallway, avoiding the trap-spots lit up by Shei's spell.

[1d10+1] Moving to the end of the hall

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"That's what you're fixated on!?" Gadriel screeches.

The floor below you begins to dissolve back into the chaotic void from which you drew it, apparently becoming unstable once more. You hear a creaking of stone ahead and to the sides – you might want to pick a direction to travel.

>"There is no response. A quick test of the handle reveals that is is not trapped, but it is locked."


"Consider it practice looking after children." Cloak says under his breath, adding quickly, "No comparison though, let-" Leather Cloak is soon overwhelmed with the text boxes as well, "-s get a move on."
Remaining stalwart, Cloak holds the forward key, blindly pushing forward in the hopes that the dramatic cutscene is only to punish hesitation.
[1d10] Continued Tsiba

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Vex- the south end. Now." Shei begins running ahead toward the southern end of the unfolding room.

"What I mean is, you were team Etac's only means of Prognostication. What were you thinking leaving them."

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