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((Lore doc https://pastebin.com/JPhEDTcP
((Welcome players! Please post sheets at the start of (solo) session 0 and again at the start of session 1 for easy access.))
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Today Mini and Cloche are out. Cloche mentioned that they were doing something called “shopping,” and Celestia was not invited. She sits in Mini’s room, waiting patiently.
Voices can be heard downstairs. They belong to Hard Hat and two unknown male ponies. Three sets of footsteps approach, climbing up the stairs deliberately.
Three ponies come into view. Two of them are unfamiliar robed figures. The third is Hard Hat, who stops just outside the door and points his hoof inside. The robed figures start to enter Mini's bedroom while Hard stares at the floor outside.

Em uncrumples the sweaty pocket parchment. A simple note is written on it in looped cursive.
“Touch the crystals on Lunar’s back.”
That is all. How cryptic.
The cheery group still chats contentedly around the fire.

It has been a few days since the GD escapade. Hardly anyone has spoken of it since. Starfish has been mostly absent, only returning to sleep. Zephyr has been holed up in his room since then, only allowing Tempest to come and go. Golden has been busy with food runs, as he is now the only one feeding the gang.
His shield sits in the entryway. A small bright green crystal has sprouted where the battery goo contacted it.


Jiandao rereads the note.
““Ambit. Alicorn. Ask for at the Three Legged Dog.”
The welcome center bustles around you. The "General Questions" desk has a small line, and
the "Jobs" billboard has some half dozen creatures perusing.

Falling Sand is in her library, reading as usual, when the familiar pop of mail arrives. Nopony else is around to announce it or tease her about it; the scroll simply falls to the arrival box with a slight rustle.


Em squints at the paper, brings it closer to her face, then further away. Tilting her head to the side, she turns it upside down, then flips it over. No? That's really it? Weird.

She lifts the paper in the air and waves it around. "Who's Lunar and why do I gotta touch her rocks?"


Celestia stares at the intruding ponies, but not seeing any reason to move within the presence of the Hard Hat, the parent. Celestia remains burrowed within Mini's things.


Falling looks up from her book, a riveting pirate adventure, as the pop goes off. She looks around, neither of her parents around to go check it. She hops up from her seat, levitating her book by her side as she goes to the box and checks the new scroll.


With little to go off of besides the note. Jiandao makes note of the name, refolds the note, places it into her bag and trots over to the Job listing, keeping an eye out for an 'Ambit' among the papers but searching through the listings in general.


Cit is lying on the bedraggled mattress she calls a bed, bouncing a ball on the ceiling and catching it. Her stomach is still tied into knots from the incident, especially considering what happened to her friend, too hung up on it to really talk to anyone. Still, she can't help but ruminate on how strange the whole incident was, and eventually, her curiosity gets the best of her. She looks over at the shield with curiosity, and gives it a tentative jolt of lightning to see what'll happen, making sure to keep a distance.
[1d10] Zap!
>Zap!: spell; Cit can channel her lightning abilities into machinery to give it an extra boost, making it more powerful. Critfailing can have disastrous consequences. She can also conjure and manipulate lightning to a lesser extent, as per Kirin's Burning Passion.

Roll #1 10 = 10


The dogs and ponies all look at her a moment. The tipsy mare known as Smooth Step looks to the drooling, shrunken, crystal-covered pony in the corner, then back to Em. "She is Lunar. She's sort of the brains of the operation."
Em can see the giant crystal growths on her back shimmering with some sort of light from inside. They grow right out of the skin, which looks inflamed and painful.

The robed figures move to the center of the room. One produces some sort of shiny metal device, waves it around a bit while staring at it, slowly homes in on the toybox which Parents like to store Celestia in.
"Readings are off the chart," he says to the other, who merely nods. He picks up a toy, waves the object in his hoof in front of it, throws it away. He picks up the next toy. It is Celestia.

The scroll is from Diamond Blossom. No surprise; the overwhelming majority of the letters Falling receives these days are from Diamond. The letter reads,

"Dear Falling,
Thank you again for your help last week. The new gazebo is a huge hit. My boss personally congratulated me and said that there was likely to be similar work in the future. Yay!!! Your assistance is obviously non-negotiable.
Do you remember Border, the alicorn we met that day? Well, we've seen each other once or twice since then and he was asking about you. He suggested we all meet with an eye to future projects. Are you free this afternoon? Please respond when you receive this.
Diamond Blossom"

There are many papers on the job board. They cover all manner of employment opportunities: skilled and unskilled, temporary and permanent, gigs, heists, capers, rackets, pleas for protection. Jiandao does not see any that list the name Ambit.

Nopony else is around. Time for a little experiment.

Cit accidentally puts a little more mustard on it than she meant to. The arc is bright and loud, and leaves a temporary blind streak in her vision. Around it, she can make out the crystal, seemingly completely unaffected. After a moment though, it appears to grow slowly. Whereas previously it was around the size of a pinhead, it is now about the size of a raisin.


Celestia lets out a quiet squeak from being suddenly being pulled out by a pony that wasn't Mini and being homed on so quickly out of all the other toys inside the box.


Em's nose curled a little. She'd seen mutations and cancers, but never anything so severe. "Right. Should have guessed." She walks over to Lunar, reaches out, and rests her hoof on her back."


Curious about the nature of the letter, she take sone last look at the board before getting into the line at the Questions desk.


She nudges KC, who doesn't move. She frowns and goes to wind him up again, on which he springs to life and starts looking around curiously. "Hey KC, check this out." She shows the enlarged crystal to the robot, who looks at it with bewilderment. "Yeah, I dunno what it means either." She figures someone ought to know about it, though. She steels herself and goes over to Zephyr's room, knocking on the door.


Falling smiles brightly as she reads the letter and the great news from Diamond. Then she giggles at hearing how she met up with Border a few more times, after their little gossip chitchat as they worked on that project. At the request of a meeting this afternoon, Falling trots off to grab a scroll of her own.

Dear Diamond,
I'm totally free this afternoon! I'd love to meet up to talk about more projects, where do you want to meet up? I'm so excited I can't wait to work on even ore things!
Falling Sand

Falling levitates the scroll over to the box, dropping it in and sitting eagerly by it, almost unable to wait for a response.


The robed pony who currently clutches Celestia's soft frame looks to his companion, nods, places the silver metal device back into his robes. The companion reaches within his own robes and retrieves a black prod about half a meter long. He holds it at the ready as they exit the room together with Celestia. They do not speak to Hard as they pass him in the hall. He still stands, head hanging low, not looking at anything but his own hooves.

As Em touches the abhorrent mass of gem-like growths, her vision swims for a moment, then fades into a swimming mass of shifting bright colors of every hue. A soothing feminine voice speaks from somewhere very close.

"Greetings, hidden one. I have been waiting for you.
"Don't worry, you can speak freely. Nopony can overhear us. You are still within the grave of a church, at least physically, but your words will not escape your mouth."

The line moves quickly. Before long Jiandao is beckoned to approach. The pony behind the counter is a silver-haired old unicorn with a kind smile and piercingly bright blue eyes. After a moment wherein he looks her up and down, he speaks. "Welcome to Horizon, traveler. How may I assist you?"

There is a minute where Cit isn't sure if her knock will be heeded. Zephyr has been incommunicado since the incident. However, finally, the door creaks open a few centimeters and Tempest's face appears. The room is dark behind him. His face is quite gaunt, looking even more serious than his normal demeanor.

"Hello, Cit." He sounds tired. "How are you?"

Some time passes, slowly. That's always the way when one can't wait. Eventually, another letter pops into existence before her very eyes. Falling reads the response immediately.

"Dear Falling,
Great! Border says to meet at a place called the Three Legged Dog. It's midlevel in the Central Spire. I haven't been there, but apparently many of the bigwigs of Horizon rub elbows there. I'll be heading there shortly, so whenever you want to meet is great!!
See you soon,
Diamond Blossom"

The Central Spire is the tallest, oldest structure in Horizon. Atop it is the cathedral, and below are many of the most important places in Horizon. Falling has never heard of the Three Legged Dog, but it should be pretty easily located using the main directory.


Distressed and annoyed by the ponies, a tentacle creeps from the plush's mouth. Slowly and surely it comes out and launches out at the pony holding the silver metal device.

Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; Renders target helpless. After success can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Em shrieks in surprise and lets out a nervous laugh. "Oh. That spooked me good. I thought they were joking when they said Ms.Catatonic was the brains. So, I guess you're gonna give me the names of some ponies I gotta hunt down? Are we in each other's head? Are you reading my thoughts? What number am I thinking of?"


Falling quickly snatches the letter out almost as quick as it pops into existence. She reads over the letter, then quickly drops it aside as she trots to her room.
"Three Legged Dog. That's a funny name for a place."
She says with a laugh along the way. She goes through her dresser for a nice skirt and blouse, grabbing her bag and journal as usual, before heading out. Then, remembering, she doubles back into the library to stick a bookmark into her book. With that taken care of, she heads off towards the Central Spire to meet with Diamond and Border.


"I'm… fine," she answers, sounding rather harrowed herself. "Um… I wanted to talk to Zephyr. Is… er… How's he holding up?" She tries to take a look over his shoulder into the dark room.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Greetings." she begins, bowing slightly.

"I am searching for a particular pony, an Alicorn by the name of Ambit. Do you know where he may be, or where i may begin my search?"


The robed pony with the prod is ready for the strike, appearing to anticipate it before it even happens. He jabs with the prod at the exposed tentacle before it has a chance to connect.

Counter [1d10]
(will do second post with results of roll)

A soft laugh fills Em's mind.
"Yes. No. No. Yes. No. And… I don't know, 7?
"I can't tell you exactly who you need to find. The Gift doesn't work that way.
I am able to see bits of possibilities, hints at what may come. Observe."
Em's vision is flooded with an overwhelming number of moving images, all curling around each other in a dizzying sort of spiral. It almost induces motion sickness at the sheer vastness of it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. That was a bit much. Let's zoom in a little bit."

The visions all drop away, and Em is left with a single scene in mind. It is night. She is picturing a ragtag group of about half a dozen pony-sized creatures, silhouetted by a strange flickering light filtering through tall, jagged crystals beneath them. Above, a great winged shadow sweeps across the sky. There is a strong sense of nostalgia associated with it. The vision is gone as quickly as it appears.

The Central Spire is not a far walk away. In addition, all of the sky-level walkways eventually spiral in towards it. Falling can see the gothic-looking cathedral rising above Horizon like a beacon leading her toward Diamond and Border.

Upon entering the lobby level, she quickly locates the central directory. It does not take long to discover that the Three Legged Dog is an upscale tavern some three levels below. There's a magic lift system in the center of the room, or the main stairway, a iconic favorite of visitors, is ornate and welcoming. Alternatively, there is an access stairwell which is less gaudy and populated, definitely the lesser known of the stairways in the Central Spire. Falling only knows of its existence because Sealed Scroll often has business in the CS, and, having a particular disdain for tourists and touristy things, always takes the access route.

Behind the larger Breeze brother, the room is too dark to really make anything out. Cit can see a hunched shadow against the dim light of the twilit city through Zephyr's open window. A soft breeze blows through. If Zephyr is inside, he is silent and motionless.
"He… doesn't want to see anypony right now." Tempest opens the door wide enough for him to step out, then shuts it carefully behind him. Cit notices his foreleg is wrapped in a white bandage.
He speaks quietly so as not to be heard by Zephyr on the other side of the door.
"He's… doing better than I would have thought, actually. Emotionally, I mean."

He nods. "Ambit, huh? An alicorn, you say? Well, I don't know the name, but let's see what the books have for us." He rummages behind the desk for a moment, pulls a heavy reference tome from it, plops it on the counter and opens it, beginning to flip rapidly through the pages. He stops on one, skims it, and rests his hoof on the page as he looks up. "Looks like he doesn't have much of a trail. No record of birth, no living relatives, no address or contact info. Almost seems like an assumed name, from what I can tell. Do you have anything other than a name to go by?"

Roll #1 8 = 8


As the prod makes contact with Celestia's true body, intense pain passes through him. It is unbearably cold and hot at the same time for a moment before fading thankfully to unconsciousness. His last thought is that this is a particularly unpleasant way to begin a nap.

He awakens later, in a dark place. He remains within his plushy shell. There is a window with two layers of fine mesh separating him from the outside world, which filters in a grating and dim orange light. There is only one other feature to the smooth stone-carved room, a very heavy-looking door. It is closed.


Celestia stands up inside of his plush and shakes themselves a bit. They move around to check upon the door. Reaching with a tentacle from their plush mouth. They attempt to open it.


Em's jaw drops as Lunar gueses seven. "Ooooh, you're good. What about-" The zooming images cut her off and cause her stomach to reel. She felt like she was about to fall over, and probably would have if she wasn't floating in nothingness. Whatever Lunar was saying didn't register at first as the many, many moving images held her attention.

She blinks as the single image plays in front of her, but she's not entirely sure what to make of it. For a moment she just floats there, slack-jawed. Finally, she says, "Uuuuh… what?"


She unfolds the note again, rereading the message.

"Yes. There is another name here, a place called 'the three legged dog'. Is there such a place nearby?"


Falling walks along her way to the spire. She looks up at the large cathedral rising overhead, a magnificent sight. She continues on, smiling to each pony she passes by. As she reaches the lobby, without skipping a beat she heads towards the access stairwell, used to that more than the normal way from her father's word.


She nods grimly. "That's good. He's a tough one. He'll pull through. It's all going to be alright. If… if there's anything I can do to help, lemme know."

"Oh, also. I, uh, got curious. About that crystal stuff on Golden's shield. And I zapped it, and, uh… it grew a little bit. Nothing serious, mind you. I'm thinking, this crystal goo stuff… It's dangerous, but it might also be worth quite a bit. You know? Could try asking around, see where the market would be for it." She shrugs. "I dunno. I just… I feel like this is kind of on me. You know? And I wanna do something to set things right. What do you reckon?"


The door is locked, of course.

The soft laugh again. "You see the problem. Only snippets present themselves, the crossing points of fate intertwining. Or something. I was gifted with vision, not necessarily understanding.
"What I can tell you is that a great many important things are happening in Horizon; this confluence of forces spreads ripples of probability forward into the future. Infinite timelines contain infinite possible worlds.
Basically I have no idea what is actually going to happen."
Another vision appears. Bubbling Flask walks the crystal gravel path into the fog, through the gloom, into the ruined chapel. Em sees this all from a third party perspective.
A rocky transition leaves a bit of motion sickness in its wake. Now the vision is that of another unknown pony, a plain-looking female earth pony in a guard's uniform walking through a dark-looking hallway. The mare stops at a door, number 112, pulls out a ring of keys, puts one in the door and turns the lock. The door swings open to a dark room.

The vision ends.

"Ah, now that I can help you with. The Three Legged Dog is a bar located in the Central Spire. What you're going to do is head out that door," the nice unicorn points out which one he means, "and grab an aircab. Just tell him you're headed to the CS lobby, can't go wrong."
He smiles at Jiandao. "Anything else?"

The access stairwell is not marked by any signs, but Falling finds her way to it easily. She slips inside and descends several flights to the appropriate level. As she is about to enter the floor, the door opens in front of her. A surprised-looking blue pegasus, about the same age as her, bursts through, stopping to meet eyes with her only momentarily before rushing inside and flying up the stairs without a word, leaving the door hanging open and a bewildered Falling.
A few seconds later, two darkly-uniformed earth ponies follow him at a gallop, rushing up the stairs behind him.

Tempest stares blankly at her as she says a lot of things. There's an awkward silence as he doesn't reply. It almost seems like he will just stand there staring forever, when he breaks the silence with a sigh.

"It's not your fault. It's mine. And I don't think this is a thing that can be set right." He slowly unwraps his bandaged foreleg. A great bright jagged emerald is imbedded in the skin. He stares at it a moment, then looks at her. "It won't come out. It's deeper than it looks."
His eyes well up with tears and he looks away, embarrassed.
"I don't think he's… I don't think things are going to be set right this time."


Not having any luck with the door, Celestia abandons it for now. He goes to look around for anything around the room. Such as a neglected hole or anything that would lead out of the room.

[1d10] search

Roll #1 5 = 5


Falling steps down the stairwell, hoofs clacking on each step as she goes. She quickly takes a step back as the door swings out and nearly hits her, looking equally surprised at the pegasus that bursts out. She looks back as he flies up the stairs, going to head forward again until the two earth ponies charge by past her, looking back at them as well. She smiles at the sight, puling out her journal as she starts to write down what happened and what it could possibly be over as she heads through the doorway and onwards towards the Three Legged Dog.


"That will be all, thank you."

with another nod, Jiandao turns to leave from said door, heading towards the assembled aircabs.


"Alright, soooo… one of them was arrested. Or is it the guard lady? Actually that wasn't a cell." Em rubs her suddenly aching head and groans. "Man, this is harder than I thought it would be. Alicorn guy told me you'd have a list. Actually he told me Softy would have a list, but her paper only told me to touch you. Anyway. Guard pony. Room 112. Got it."


Her face turns to stone as she sees the damage done, and she grimly nods. "…I'm sorry," she says again. "If there's anything I can ever do…" She can't even finish the sentence, just giving him a solemn nod and turning away, heading back to her room with a long, heavy sight.


Celestia checks the door. It is solidly connected to the frame, without so much as a crack. The window is behind what at first looked like mesh, but turns out to be finely latticed reinforced crystal; while not ideal for viewing through, it is unfortunately completely impenetrable. The room appears to have been carved from solid stone, and there are no cracks in the walls, drains in the floors, or slots in the door. Looks like there's nothing to do but wait. Bummer.

After a long time, there's a loud click at the door. It swings open suddenly and the small room is filled quickly with several uniformed guards, all armed with the long black prods that proved to be so uncomfortable recently. Accompanying them is a bespectacled aged unicorn in a long white clinical-looking coat. He holds a clipboard with his telekinesis and is reading it intently as he enters, surrounded by his entourage. He stays like that for a long minute before finally looking up over his glasses at Celestia. His eyes are invisible behind his glasses.

"Good morning," he says politely.

The Three Legged Dog is a fancy venue. Gold spiral pillars, big archways, spacious tables (all with a good view of the stage, of course), high-class service, expensive cocktails, extremely well-dressed clientele. Falling is glad she chose a nice outfit; she barely stands out at all among the hifalutin crowd here. She sees Diamond sitting at the bar, nursing a martini glass full of something colorful.

"Thank you! Enjoy your stay in Horizon! Next please!"

The aircabs are all in a line outside the indicated exit, on an elevated dock obviously meant for this purpose. Not seeing a real difference between any of the cabs, the nearest one seems just fine to hop into. The pilot is a polite but slightly smelly young donkey with a straw-colored mane. He starts up the engine, which idles while he scratches himself with a crusty hoof.
"Where to?"

Her voice sounds amused. "Alicorn guy says many things. Not everything is what it appears to be. Yes, guard pony room 112. Godspeed."

Em feels herself kicked out of the dreamlike state she was in, and back into the room. Her hoof is no longer touching the catatonic Lunar, who stares into middle distance as vacant-looking as ever.
She still clutches the crumpled parchment.
Smooth is looking at her, amused. She takes a swig from a bottle of clear fluid and offers it to Em. "Here. I find it always helps to get kinda twisted after talking to Lunar."

Tempest continues to stand there in shame, not looking at her, not looking at his leg, just staring at the ground as she walks away.

Cit's room is filled with all sorts of fun projects that are halfway to completion, as well as bits and pieces that she assembles to form toys and gadgets. She has a small box of completed simplistic googahs that she has been building up to sell to a market vendor she knows.

She hears somepony land in the entrance.


Celestia scoots away from the guards and the surgical looking unicorn by curling into the corner attempting to hide in any way.

NonCombat Talent:[Monster in the closet]: passive; Celestia Hides inside a life-sized that makes others believe Celestia is only the cavalier minion as long as he is inside giving a +2 to any stealth related rolls.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"The 'CS lobby', please. I was told to make my way to the three legged dog, and this would be the closest stop." replies the kirin.


Em stumbles as she's thrown back into the real world, and lets out a quiet, unprompted laugh. "Guard pony room 112. Guard pony room 112," she repeats to herself. Loking up at Soft, she holds her hoof out to take the clear liquid. "Thank you. You're so nice! Yeah. That was really- really something. Guard pony 112."


Falling enters the establishment, the class of it so lavish and also seemingly homey, likely from how her parents raised her. As she spots Diamond, she finishes her journal entry and trots over, perhaps a little too quickly as she forgets about poise in her excitement.
"Hey Diamond! Isn't this place great?"
She says as if she's a regular.


"Gods. I knew this whole mission was a bad idea. I could feel it in my gut." She complains aloud to KC, who just stares blankly. "We really screwed up this time. Th…" She perks up as someone lands outside. "Star? That you?" she calls, heading out to see who's there.


The pony in the labcoat tuts and shakes his head at Celestia's pathetic attempt to hide. "There is no need for that. We know what you are. We know… I know… that you understand me. You can come out of that silly children's toy if you like."

"You are in a research facility. The way I see it, you have two options. You could choose to communicate and cooperate with us, or we could dissect you." He tilts his head a bit to the side as he explains the second option.

"CS lobby. Got it." The ass flips a switch and an analog timer begins to count the fare as the craft lifts into the sky. It is a matter of only a few minutes before it settles to the ground again, but the view is fantastic. Jiandao gets a birds-eye view of the city. Its dizzying heights stretch out below her. There are dozens of Toren structures, spreading outward in a spiral like the inside of a flower; several of them have been developed into highly-populated urban centers, others are huge layered stacks of wilderness. Jiandao sees a large section far below which appears to be loosely compiled of junk, a section which appears to be crafted from living wood, and several completely unoccupied portions where the naked Toren megastructures stand jagged in the distance.

The craft approaches the highest, most centrally located skyscraper, slowly lowering down onto an exterior landing dock higher than any other buildings but still some 3 levels below the apex, which appears to be some sort of ornate cathedral.

The cabby stops the timer, reads it, turns to face Jiandao and blasts her with a foul-smelling breath of hot, wet donkey air. "That'll be 8 bits."

Smooth hands the bottle to Em, takes it back when she's done. Takes another swig. "Aaah."
The other creatures are all involved in conversations among each other and there doesn't seem to be an opening. Only Benjamin sits by himself at the door. He has a grumpy look on his face as he watches the others around the flame.

Diamond spots Falling, hops up to give a hug. "Heeeey!" She kisses her cheek fondly. "This place is the tits!" She sips her drink, looks Falling up and down. "Key-ooot!" She takes her seat, pats the stool next to her. "Get a drink! It's on me. I got a raise today!" She waves the bartender over.

It is Star. She's got her fogsuit on. She removes the helmet, shakes out her hair, sees Cit and offers a half-smile. Full smiles have been on short supply lately, unfortunately.

She's got a half-full bag which she drops on the floor of the entrance, walking wordlessly to one of the ugly-but-comfy seats that serve as the communal chillspot and plopping down.

"So. I got a couple things for market if you're still wanting to head that way later," she comments. "Thought if we could maybe scrounge up enough cash…" She lets her thought trail off, though it seems to hang heavy in the air.


She offers her a small smile in return, looking equally as bummed about the current state of affairs.

She nods. "Sure, I'll come. I, er, might have stumbled on a way to make some extra cash, by the way." She points out the shield with the slightly larger crystal. "I figure someone might be interested in… whatever this is. Lightning seems to make it grow, so, you know. Might help. Maybe." She gives her a sidelong glance.


Em takes a swig and a tremor runs through her entire body. Her whole face scrunches as she hands the bottle back. "T-thanks," she says. "It's delicious. I gotta go now, but I'll be back!" She leaves, waving to Mr.Benji on the way out.


Celestia begins to exit their toy, first with their tentacles before pushing themselves completely out, with their large eye staring at the group.
" I want my pony back" Celestia whines.


Leaning back slightly as he mentions the cost, The kirin searches her bag for some bits. Upon finding none, she turns to the donkey.

"This is most shameful, but i ask for a moment more to wait, as the one i am meeting will be able to assist with the charge." she asks the driver, bowing her head in regret for her ignorance.

"I am new to this land, and have yet to learn it's customs."
[1d10] Persuasion
[1d3] Bonus

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Falling returns the hug, hopping up on the stool beside Diamond.
"Thanks! I picked out something extra nice for this."
As Diamond waves over the bartender, Diamond nods her head.
"I'll just take a ginger-ale. I have some magic lessons later and Dad doesn't like it too much if I don't pay attention."
And with business setting, Falling puts her hooves on the counter, looking at Diamond attentively.
"You met Border a few more times, eh? Tell me everything!"
She says, eager to hear.


"Really?" Starfish seems interested, perhaps hungry for anything that will distract her. "What do you think it could be useful for?" She hops up to examine the gem on Golden's shield.

"Alright honey! Bye now! Don't be a stranger," she cackles.
Buster looks up from where he has been chatting up the diamond dogs. "Oh hey, see ya! Y'all come back now, hear?"
Benjamin does not wave back. As she passes, Em can hear him harrumph and mutter something about "moldy herring" to himself.

Exiting the ruined chapel through the side entrance, Em can see the old town around her in the gloom. The structure rises above her, its center not far from the center of the old town.

Several of the guards take a half step back. All of them look horrified. Only the glasses pony appears unfazed. "Fascinating," he breathes. He begins to take notes on the clipboard, not taking his eyes off Celestia.
"Do you know where you came from? Or where you are? Or even what you are?"

The dirty donkey narrows his eyes at her. "What are you tryna pull? What kinda place you from, they don't got money there or somethin'?"

The well-dressed bartender nods to her, supplies the ginger-ale without flourish, and makes himself scarce.
"You missed all the action. There was a crazy pegasus who just knocked over like three tables and flew out of here." She points over to the other side of the room, where the aftermath of the attack is apparent. Staff members are righting the tables, security guards in the same uniform as the two she had already seen are speaking with a small group of scared-looking ponies.

Falling looks delighted to talk about Border. She obviously really likes the guy. But before she really gets the chance, she looks over Falling's shoulder. "Speak of the devil!" and with that she hops back up, waving frantically across the room.

The handsome alicorn enters from a side-door, accompanied on either side by what appear to be businessponies vying for his attention. He completely ignores them as he makes a beeline for the two ladies at the bar.


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