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((Lore doc https://pastebin.com/JPhEDTcP
((Welcome players! Please post sheets at the start of (solo) session 0 and again at the start of session 1 for easy access.))
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The lizard nods as she mentions Mini, as if the name holds some significance. "You lost the one you love? Mini." He nods sagely. "You wonder what to do without her? What do you plan to do about that?"

The kirin looks for tracks in the road, but they are not forthcoming because
1. Airships don't leave tracks
2. Tracks aren't left on the asphalt
3. She gets distracted by the commonplace – there is a lizard that darts by under a bush, which turns out to be some sort of den for said lizards. They look up at her questioningly as she peers down at them.
Further clues are not forthcoming.

The security guards bunch up around Veddy, and the dog himself actually looks scared for a moment as KC stands intimidatingly. As the security guards touch him, and Cit touches KC, the situation reverses and Veddy is once again in control. He even seems cocky. "Try it, gearhead, see how far you get," he goads. Starfish looks pale, her eyes darting between Veddy, the 3 minotaur guards, Cit and KC.

As Cit reveals the charger and her plan, Veddy eyeballs her warily. "Cheap batteries. Huh." He starts to chuckle, then guffaw, looking at the guards to verify how hilarious he finds this. None of them react, but he acts as though this makes it somehow even more funny. "Batteries," he gasps between guffaws. He seems almost unable to stop his laughter. Then, suddenly, he does, abruptly. "Starfish. You killed my little brother."
Starfish's face is hard. "I never killed anyone."
Veddy's is soft, understanding, sweet almost. "Aww. Sweetheart. You can play your act with everyone else, but I know you."
Starfish's eyebrows are drawn together, and she is not quite looking at anyone as she is looking at the tabletop. Water starts in her eyes like distant clouds over the treeline, gathering for a future downpour.
"I didn't kill anypony."

"Okay! Nice talking to you!" The mare waves friendly like she was never scared as Falling departs.

There is no sign of an airborne vehicle that she can discern. She realizes that looking for airborne tracks is fruitless only after searching for several minutes.


"I have to keep looking for her. She is out there somewhere. I just need to know where to look. A place with ponies. She has to be in a place with ponies." Celestia repeats Talking to Orion.


Orion nods. "You must find her. You know, deep down, that's what you feel and that's what you must do. This is purpose, young one."


eying the band of lizards with mild interest and with all leads going cold, Jiandao makes her way back to Border.

"My apologies for the delay, master." She says, bowing deeply. "Regretfully, i have failed in locating Diamond. She remains missing, her location unknown."


Falling looks around diligently, trying to find note of anything. Though when she realizes the lack of anything can only mean an airship of some kind, she hangs her head low, trying to keep herself calm and focused, but not doing well in that.
She looks at the crushed flowers (from Jiàndào's fall), and sighs. The least she can do is fix them up so they'll look nice when they get back. Her horn glows, attempting to fix them.
>Mend [1d10]

She then looks up, walking out to the street, and looking around for any other nearby house that might've seen or hear a ship last night.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Celestia wraps his own tentacles around himself and shivers a bit. A purpose. "How wonderful, thank you." His one eye closes. Wondering and thinking to continue what he has been doing.


Border is involved in a conversation in which he seems less than invested. West, however, seems offended to have to cut off his long-winded response. Border looks to Jiandao as she speaks.
"What have you learned?"

The flowers, crushed from impact, reverse themselves to mostly uncrushed, though many bear not-so-subtle marks of the alternate timeline in which they were used as a landing pad.

There are a few houses in the surrounding area. Several are abandoned. One, directly across the street, appears to be a decent choice; it looks lived-in, at least. The lawn is well-kept and the windows are not boarded up.

Orion presses the question. "What do you think you'll do once you find this Mini?"


"I am going to hold her and never let go of her." Celestia emphasizes this by holding up his own tentacles in the air. Now Mini won't ever leave my side!




Falling sighs as the flowers aren't back to perfect, but at least they'll continue to live in this case.

With only one house looking well enough, Falling quickly trots across the street, knocking on the door of the house across the street loudly.
"Hello? Is anypony home?"


"There are signs of a struggle within her room." begins the kirin "Her window was opened, with large hoofprints on her floor. beyond her room, there are no signs of distress, the garden undisturbed."

"A neighbor mentioned a windowed box had stopped outside her home. With no tracks left behind, an airship may have been involved."

"If it was an airship, i am unsure how to proceed. Can we pursue something with no means to follow?"


Last time in Horizon…

Em is asleep in a breeding cell. She is dreaming of being very alone, on a featureless plateau in a barren dreamscape. The only feature is the vast starry sky above her. Her own voice fades on the wind. Only overbearing silence responds to her cries.

Cit and KC have followed Starfish to an underground club of sorts, whereupon she revealed that she may or may not be dragging them into the lion's den. As it turns out, exactly the dog she didn't want to meet turned up to meet and greet; this sleazeball is currently shaking down the group, backed by a formidable trio of minotaurs working security. They are looking menacingly on as Veddy shits on Starfish's business plan. Veddy also has accused Starfish of murdering his brother, which she is denying, albeit somewhat unconvincingly.


Celestia, disrobed, is speaking with her new friend Orion, who seems to be not only not put off by her alien appearance, but also able to recognize her as the same being as the one inside the plush. He has offered some poignant advice regarding purpose, and is now eyeing the creature with a mix of compassion and sadness.

Falling has ascertained that Diamond Blossom has disappeared from her room. A minute neighbor from the adjacent house has given testimony that there was some sort of vehicle in the night which paused outside the window for an undetermined amount of time and then disappeared. The vehicle has left no discernable tracks. Now Falling is knocking on another neighbor's door in an attempt to gather more intelligence.
After a minute, there is a voice behind the door. It is a grown pony's gruff response.
"Yeah??" the voice calls.

Jiandao, investigating the scene of a disappearance, has managed to fall out a window, muddle any footprints relevant to the case, and locate a small den of pest lizards. She reports to Border in shame.

He nods, characteristically understanding. "An airship, eh? That does complicate matters." The alicorn turns to the constantly impatient Moment's West, who is checking his pocketwatch again with an annoyed look on his face. Border says, "Mister West, do you know of any way to track an airship that left hours ago?"

West snaps his watch shut and puts it away. "Of course not. Nopony could…" He looks thoughtful for a moment. "However. If we knew what it looked like, that would be a great start."

Border nods, wearing his incomprehensible smile. "Exactly what I was thinking." They meet eyes for a long moment.


"Once I found Mini, I don't ever want to let go. I miss them quite so." Celestia cries out. Gesturing with his tentacles by wrapping them around himself. His eye closing at the thought imagining Mini in his arms. Oh what joy!


File: 1562984213606.png (252.88 KB, 1450x1800, 1562701309571.png)

"'What it looked like'.." the kirin repeats, deep in thought.

"Falling has been speaking with diamond's neighbors, she may yet find what it might have been." Excusing herself, Jiandao trots down the street back to Falling, joining her investigation.



"Did you see or hear a vehicle of some kind leave the house across the street last night or this morning?!"
Falling says quickly, a mixture of excited at seeing another potential witness but still panicked over the possible response.


Her jaw drops, and she looks at Starfish in disbelief and confusion. KC's eyes widen, and he looks from Veddy to Starfish and back to Veddy, completely dumbfounded. "…What?" is all Cit can say, completely lost for words, looking like an idiot as she stares at Starfish.


Orion nods understandingly and waits for Celestia to finish his somewhat grotesque display of closeness. His tongue flicks out occasionally to taste the air, his slitted pupils contracting momentarily each time it retracts. There is a pause as the two of them, the burnt-orange lizard and the black-green octopodian look at each other.
"So," the lizard begins carefully. "You say you need to find the place with ponies, in order to find your pony. You have a purpose. Do you have a plan? How do you intend to locate your Mini?" He blinks one eye, and then the other.

West and Border seem to be sharing a significant glance as Jiandao leaves them to cross the street. Falling Sand is standing at the closed doorway of a domicile, looking expectant. Jiandao approaches in time to hear the gruff "Yeah?" from the other side of the still-closed door, Falling's response, and the response in turn from the inhabitant.

Jiandao trots up to join you.
The voice calls back from the other side of the wooden door. "I ain't seen nothin'. You the cops?"

Veddy's fake-nice act toward Starfish drops as Cit utters disbelief. He leans toward her conspiratorially. "Oh, you ain't heard? Your friend here's a killer." He laughs then, a raucous, mirthless sound. "Oh yeah." He looks over at Starfish, who is still staring at the table stonily, fighting tears back. "Isn't that right, Star?"
She mutters, almost too quiet to hear. "I never killed anypony." One single tear storms the fort, hurdles the ramparts, and drips triumphantly down her pale pink cheek, taking with it a rivulet of mascara.
Griff mockingly puts a paw to his ear and leans in close to her, crowding her space in the booth, his spiked black leather jacket sliding against her as she cannot pull back into the corner any further. "Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over the sound of BULLSHIT!" He shouts the last word into her ear and erupts into a fit of vicious cackles.
A second tear falls down Starfish's cheek as she stares through the table, all squished in the corner by Veddy.
The security minotaurs watch idly, not betraying any hint of emotion.


Celestia taps their nonexistent chin in thought. "I honestly don't know what to do. I feel quite lost right now. I don't have an adult to go to." Celestia says looking a bit downtrodden. There was always an adult to talk to in the pony cities. We only had been lost once before with Mini, but not without her.


She refuses to believe it. "She… She wouldn't… She couldn't…" She doesn't know what to say or do anymore. She looks at Veddy, her mind still reeling. "I… I don't believe you… You're a liar…"


"We have evidence that our ally, your neighbor, may have been stolen away by unknown forces. If you would relay what you may have seen, we will be in your debt." Jiandao asks, bowing deeply to emphasise the point.

[1d10] Persuasion
[1d3] bonus (inscrutable)

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Orion nods. "Sometimes, adults are hard to find. Especially when you become one." He nods as though his clearly nonsensical words meant something profound. "Imagine that one is here. Really imagine. What are they telling you to do?"

There is a sound beyond one of the tunnels, the one Celestia has not been down. The orange and maroon changelings look toward the tunnel, then toward each other, make some complicated body languages beyond Celestia's interpreting, and the orange one disappears into the darkness of the tunnel entrance.

Cit's words are fuel for Veddy's laughter. "Oh yes, my kitty. There's more. This harmless soul, this adorable little-more-than-a-filly looking bitchhere," his snarling grin is at full mast. He speaks his next words as if he picked them just for this moment. "Infiltrated my brother's life, wrapped her filthy tendrils around him, found all his resources and his weaknesses, sucked him dry and then disposed of him when it became convenient for her."

Starfish, her jaw clenched and her bottom lip twitching, black mascara lines from her eyes down each cheek, looks up at Cit and KC pleadingly. "It's not like that, Cit. He was a friend… more than a friend…" She looks down, tears dropping to the table as she shudders out a long breath.
Veddy looks triumphantly on.

Her polite gesture seems lost on the closed door.

"Ally, huh? I don't care how politically correct y'all are, I still ain't seen shit."


Celestia can't help but let his eye follow down the tunnel the changelings went down. From this distraction, Celestia can't imagine an adult being present. Though he does think really hard by squinting very hard. "I don't know what they would tell me." Celestia grunts with his mind thinking of the changelings must be doing something fun. Ensuing images of them jumping up and down the bed.


Falling looks back at Jiàndào as she trots over and helps with the questioning, but then is disappointed as the pony still refuses.
"Please! My friend went missing, and her neighbor hear a loud revving last night. Surely you must've heard something! I-I don't know where else to go…"
Falling starts to plead, her voice wavering as hope starts to fade out of reach.


>Persuasion [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


She looks to Starfish again, part of her hoping this is some elaborate scheme of Veddy's. "…Is it true?" she asks softly. "What happened?"


"It is shameful to press the issue, but time is of the essence." she reiterates, standing firm.

"If you have seen what transpired last night, i humbly request the information. If i am able, i will repay you for this kindness and our insistence."

[1d10] Persuasion
[1d3] bonus (Inscrutable)

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Orion nods as though Celestia has said something wise. "Of course. Of course." He follows Celestia's eyeball toward the guardlings, the orange one disappearing down the tunnel. Looking back at Celestia, the lizard widens just one eye, peering at the creature carefully. "What would you want them to say? What would you ask them?"

There is a long pause on the other side of the door, then a muttered phrase that sounds quite like a quiet cursing, then the door opens a crack. A distrustful eye meets Falling's, the room dark behind its owner's silhouette.

"You really ain't the cops, huh? Look. No need for the waterworks. Yeah, there was a ship flying low last night. Sometimes the racers fly through here. One of em was real close, prolly round 330, took off like nopony's business. I don't know no more.
The door remains mostly closed.

The eye harshly narrows, closing in on Jiandao's form. "Who the hell is this? Look, I'm not answering no more questions." The door slams in their faces.
A voice calls out from behind the door. "Come back with a warrant!"

Starfish sighs again before bringing herself to look at Cit and KC. The tears are streaming now. She has made no attempt to quell the flow, and they blaze a dark trail down her cheeks to her pointed chin.

"Griff was… someone special. There was an accident."
Veddy interjects. "Accident, huh? That's what they're calling it these days?" He turns to Cit. "She killed him. In cold blood."
Starfish turns to Veddy, the sorrow in her eyes tensing up into anger. "That's not even true. He asked me to. It was him or us." She looks down again, the anger fading. "We thought."
"You THOUGHT!!" Veddy crows. "You THOUGHT!! There was your problem, sweetheart, you should leave the thinking to those with the necessary equipment!!"
Starfish looks to Cit helplessly.
"It wasn't just me. There were 4 of us. We all left Griff… allowed him to…" She swallows and wipes her face for the first time. It takes her a minute, which Veddy is thankfully silent for. (He appears to be seeking some kind of validation by trying to catch the eyes of the minotaur security guards, each of whom appear to be tactfully surveying security measures in different directions so as to avoid eye contact with the greasy dog.)
Starfish gathers her composure enough to choke out a few words to Cit. "It's just like Zephyr. I made the wrong call." She meets eyes with the unicorn.


Defeated by her own words, Jiandao ceases her prostrations, getting back onto her hooves and waiting to follow Falling.

"..A 'racer'? do you think they may have taken Diamond?"


Celestia squints his eyes looking toward the changelings as Orion mentions them. Hmmming in thought. "I didn't really get along with them last time we met, or was that the other ones? They would probably talk about the pony I came with and which one she would mate with. I would then ask them not to grab me." Celestia announces.


The lizard shakes his head and laughs softly. The tone is melodic and soothing. "Not those ones, your Highness. The adult you speak of. Perhaps a royal advisor, or a teacher?" He eyes Celestia, looking for a reaction. "Or… perhaps you don't know any adults?" His eyes widen in recognition, then resolve into an expression of compassion. "You poor thing." He moves closer to the creature, his robed reptilian arms spread wide in a gesture of offering physical closeness.


Celestia is unsure where this sudden pity is coming from, but was never one to turn to do a hug. Goes to Orion and wraps his tentacles around the little guy squeezing him gently. He wonders if he squeaks like the dog toy.


Falling rubs her eyes as the pony answers and confirms that ships did pass through the area. She looks at Jiàndào, hope returning.
"M-Maybe. It's our best lead so far."
She looks back to the mystery pony.
"Who are these racers? Do you know anything about them?"
She asks.


"I will bring this information to Master Border." she states, before leaving Falling to glean what she can from the shady pony, returning to Border and company by Diamond's house.


Her stomach turns. She can't even look at Starfish the same anymore. KC becomes very interested in the ceiling. After a moment of silence, she speaks up. "I… I don't judge people on their worst mistakes," she says softly. "Whatever happened, happened. As far as I'm concerned, you're still my friend." She looks to Veddy. "I can't speak for you, sir, and I know we don't know each other at all but I've never known Starfish to be anything but kind. The whole reason we came down here was to try and raise money to help our friends. If we even can. I-I'm not good with words, but I'll say this: I think the two of you should make amends. Somehow. I know it's a lot to ask, but all I see here are… are old wounds that need to heal. Bloodshed won't bring anyone back. And that's… that's all I have to say about that," she finishes lamely.


The lizard does indeed squeak a bit. "Not so tough, big guy!" He laughs and squeezes back gently. When the hug is concluded, he places the octopode down on the ground gently. Looking fondly at the small creature, he sighs. "You, little one, have quite the task ahead of you. I don't know how much you've heard…"

A sudden and very loud sound happens, cutting off all chances for conversation. The origin appears to be the tunnel down which the orange guard disappeared a minute ago. The remaining guard is already running toward the tunnel.

Orion, who has been watching the tunnel entrance, turns to Celestia. "There is a strong possibility our time will be cut short, Your Highness. I cannot impart to you any wisdom more important than this: Find a purpose, find a plan. Pursue it with all your heart." Orion fixes the octopod with his best parental glare.
He quickly softens it with a warm smile. "You'll do great, kiddo."

The loud screeching sound emitted by the large unpleasant bug-pony from earlier sounds through the air, somehow as loud as if she was in the same room.


Border and West seem to be concluding some sort of debate. West is grumbling, his brow furrowed as he pulls out his pocketwatch again.
Border meets Jiandao with his usual inscrutable smile. "A fruitful encounter?"
West appears to be fiddling with his pocketwatch, and then holds it up, as if to see better by the light, but in the shadows. In fact, the way he seems to point it, he should almost not be able to see it at all, the face of the watch not even pointed in his direction as he swivels it around. Quite curious.


She nods, gesturing to the house she left with a hoof.

"Another neighbor has told us what they know: He suspects the airship belongs to the Racers that travel through this area. When pressed for more information, he refused to answer."

"The ponies here are hesitant to share anything they have seen. Without more information, Diamond's assailants remain a mystery." she adds


[1d10] Persuade

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Should I go look for what is causing the commotion, I am pretty sure the weird pony I came with needs something from your guys still." Celestia asks unsure whether to leave and find the weird pony who he is trying to remember the name of, or to go down the spooky tunnel of screaming weird ponies.


Starfish is watching Cit's face carefully as she listens. The tears have started to dry up, and Starfish cleans the last of them from her skin, finishing in time to give a thankful nod to her friend. "Still friends, for sure."
Veddy listens, at first taken aback at Cit's abruptness, and gaining confidence as she loses hers, his nasty toothy grin spreading slowly as she falters.
"Amends, eh? Amends." He looks back at the minotaurs, who are, as always, not responding to his words. "Old wounds. Heh." He looks around for some, any, validation. Nopony has his back. This seems to put him on edge.
"Bloodshed never brings anyone back," he remarks, sounding highly annoyed. "It just makes those of us left over feel better."
He stands, and snaps his fingers. Nothing happens. He looks around, annoyed. The security guards are standing behind him, surveying the security in every other direction except the booth which contains Veddy, Star, Cit and KC.

Border listens to all she has to say with a nod every so often to indicate understanding. "Understood. Thank you, Jiandao. We may have a source of fresh information forthcoming."
He glances to West, who continues to fiddle with his pocketwatch, pulling it to his hip to swivel a tiny knob on the side before holding it up strangely to look at it, and then pulling it down again to adjust the knob. It appears that he is pointing it between Diamond's and the neighbor's, where the loud airship allegedly stopped for a few minutes the night before.

Orion looks as though he might like to respond, but while Celestia is speaking, the room starts to flood with the small, grayish changelings. They pour out of the tunnel from which Celestia most recently arrived, the one which leads to the obese bug's desk, and build up around the entrance to the exciting tunnel, which emits another loud explosion of sound. The crowd of small changelings builds up and flows toward Orion and Celestia. The lizard, alarmed, begins to step toward the stage.
"This may turn ugly, Princess. I would recommend flight as a strong option."


Jiandao finally notices West's fiddling, recalling her own experiences with unusual watches.

"That watch.. I have seen a similar device, the captain using such a machine to freeze a pony in place.. Do you intend to use something similar?"


Falling huffs as the pony slams the door and refuses to answer.
"You're going to tell me about those racers! I need to save my friend!"
Falling shouts at the pony through his door. He bangs her hoof on it a few times, her panic having vanished now to frustration as this pony knows information they need but refuses to give it. She takes a step back, marching around the house until she comes by a window. Rearing up and putting her hooves on the windowsill to peer in, her horn glows bronze she as focuses on seeing herself inside, going to face this pony face to face.
>WInkmaster [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Will it, though?" she asks sincerely.

As he snaps his fingers to no effect, she looks confused more than intimidated, giving Veddy a quizzical look. KC mimics the gesture in an attempt to help.

Cit looks from Veddy, who doesn't seem convinced, to Starfish, then to KC, then back to Veddy. "So what happens now?" she asks simply.


Celestia salutes with his tentacle and decides to rush out back towards where he had left the weird pony in the cage. Wet plopping can be heard from celestias rush and tentacles.


"Goodbye Orion!" Celestia yells.


West continues fiddling as though he hasn't heard Jiandao. Border tilts his head ever so slightly at Jiandao. "A similar device? Do tell. Would it happen to be in the possession of a particular captain Scar? The very same who recommended you to my employ?"

The home has several windows, being a decent-looking house in a neighborhood that was at one point up-and-coming. Falling has no trouble finding a full-length window to press herself against, and with force of will, straight through. She lands in the center of a dark living-room, populated by a very normal-seeming, even rather nice, set of furniture. She almost trips over the glass coffee table on her pass between the lounge and the settee, but spins and regains her balance – almost running smack into a large, dark stallion standing in the doorway to the foyer, agape, watching her antics.
"What the hell?"

Veddy looks over his shoulder at the minotaurs, who seem to not acknowledge him. He clears his throat. One of the minotaurs checks his fingernails.
Veddy's blood pressure seems to be rising by the second. His canine features take on a vascular demonic mask as he screeches, "FUCKING GRAB THEM YOU FOOLS!"

One of the minotaurs rolls his eyes. Another audibly sighs. He looks at Cit as if to apologize, and halfway offers a hand out of the booth.
The one nearest KC seems no nonsense, but rather than attempting to grapple the giant machination, offers him a knowing look and a beckoning gesture, giving him the chance to offer cooperation, with the implication that they were taking him with or without it.

Starfish offers a reassuring half-smile to Cit and KC. She still looks shaken, but there's the knowing spark in her eyes, that level of self-aware irony, that was temporarily robbed from her. She winks roguishly at the minotaur guard that approaches her, and damned if he didn't smile a little bit back at her.

Celestia's sudden rush of activity is unforeseen by both bug and lizard alike. Orion, watching her go, raises a reptilian hand in farewell before being forced to evade the onslaught of gray changelings.
Celestia slips through the crowd easily, sticking to the walls and ceiling when necessary. The crowd dies down midway through the tunnel to the obese changeling's room. As Celestia approaches, he is able to overhear a voice. It is the obese changeling.
Celestia knows the way to the holding room for Bubbling Flask. He could also pause and listen to the fat one speak. There does not appear to be another unit in the chamber, and Celestia is undetected by this one, so he is not certain to whom she rants.


Maybe I can listen to what this fat thing has to say. It isn't like Flask isn't going anywhere. She seemed pretty happy where she is. Besides big people have big things to say. What will this one say? Celestia wonders in hiding trying to listen in.


"Correct." the kirin states flatly. "Captain scar used a watch similar to this one aboard his ship, to dispatch a pirate raiding party, though his usage was without difficulty." she adds, watching west fumble with the watch in question.

"What does he intend to do with this watch, Master?" she asks Border, gesturing to West with a hoof.


Falling stumbles as she goes through the strange house, not having known anything about the inside layout. She looks up at the stallion as she nearly runs into him, taking a step back and lowering her head apologetically.
"S-Sorry for barging in, but you need to tell me what you know about those racers! My friend went missing, and we have no other way of finding her."
Falling pleads again, hoping the stallion might be more receptive face to face.


She has to suppress a smile as the minotaurs show little enthusiasm at being bossed around. She looks to Starfish and, assuming she complies, KC and Cit will follow her lead in being escorted out. Her mind is still reeling with what she's learned so far.


The fat one appears to be barking orders while pacing back and forth. It's hard to parse, but it appears that she is being heard, or at least not stopping to explain herself further.

"What the hell do you mean, there's no east wing? Get some eyes down there, pronto!
I am not screwing with you, Gordon, as God as my witness I will castrate you before the entire Hive if you don't figure out what the HELL is going on and PRONTO!!"

She really seems to enjoy yelling, and the word "pronto."

Border nods knowingly at her. "I am aware of Captain Scar's use of …said device… and I assure you that Mister West here is more than competent with his own. It is interesting that you have drawn such a connection, however." He touches hoof to chin in admiration at Jiandao's mental prowess. Without further comment, he directs attention effortlessly at West as the aristocrat finishes up adjustments to his pocketwatch-device. Border strides to his side, appearing interested at the face of the watch as West holds it up again. Border eyes the face, then beckons Jiandao closer to see.

The tall, dark stallion looks at her like he might grab her, but doesn't. He takes a step backward. "You need to leave."
A voice calls from a back room. Female. "Honey? Who's there?"
He looks around. "Shit! Seriously, you have to go!" He starts to usher Falling toward the front door.
A dark and fetching young mare with a hot pink manefro in a bathrobe saunters in from a back room. "Babe?" She spots Falling and her jaw about hits the ground. "What the FUCK is THIS??"
The stallion appears to start to try to talk, but the mare doesn't let him.
"NO! NO! NO! I will NOT HAVE this! Not in MY HOUSE!!"
The bathrobed mare starts to approach Falling, murderous intent in her eyes. The stallion, easily twice the size of the mare, appears contritely terrified, and stands aside to let things take their natural course.

Starfish and Cit, accepting the security guards' escort as help rather than forceful, are graciously and professionally led, unfortunately at the beck and call of the yappy dog Veddy. KC follows the group, unfettered and with a wide berth, as the third minotaur, a fairly bulky specimen by any normal comparison, follows him, trying to look commanding and not meek next to the hulking automaton.

Veddy leads the six of them to a break in the endless bar, barely a look backward as he slips into a door in the hubward wall of the establishment. This leads to a small corridor parallel to the bar, which the group pushes through to another small portal. This thankfully opens up into what appears to be a waiting room.

Veddy does his best to look intimidating. "Now you await your fate!" One of the minotaurs sneezes right as he is almost done talking. It sounds fake. There is a long second while the diamond dog stares angrily at the minotaur who appears not to notice. Finally, Veddy continues. "You're going to-" Another one of the minotaurs sneezes. It's definitely fake. Veddy looks like he's about to explode.


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