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Last time on PirateQuest…

After leaving behind the wreckage of the Lilliput, the party continued onward on their journey to Agyl Island, passing a journey of four days in relatively peaceful weather. That is, until they reached the waters just outside the island's perimeter. There, circling the island, they beheld a colossal storm, with dark and tumultuous clouds that surged high into the sky. As the party attempted to reach the island, they were beset by a cohort of Squall-beasts, monsters made of clouds that resembled creatures like seagulls, tigers, elephants and dragons.

The party braved the assault as their two ships flew onward to Agyl, but the beasts proved powerful, causing severe damage to all the crew with even just a scrap of the lightning that sparked and flew off their bodies. All seemed to be going well, until the final push to make it to the eye of the storm, the patch of clear sky above Agyl Island, into which no Squall-beast dared to fly. A tidal wave rose up, spurred on by the Squall-beasts' charge, and propelled the ships forward, nearly knocking them stern over bow. Most held on to the ratlines and railings, but Cloud was launched from the deck, and collided head-on with the foremast. With a sickening crunch, he flew head-first into one of the crossbeams, which drove a loose nail partway into his eye. By a miracle, the wound was not fatal, but despite Alder's best efforts to restore his severely shattered skull, his eye was beyond saving.

Neither Alder, Godot nor Sickly Sweet had the equipment to restore Cloud's vision. So now, as the party docks into Agyl Island, the crews are in a rush to find a doctor who might be able to fix his annihilated eye.
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"I can handle it. Finding a pet will be easy, especially with my hearing. You can go do your job."


"Oh, someone found my job!" the voice exclaims. "I'm Sparrow, nice to meet you. It's my pet sunlight tortoise. I let someone from the Bark Scorpion gang earn some spending money by taking him for a walk, but he got loose and ran away, so I need someone to find him."
Sparkler cringes as she hears the voice. "Oh, I can't take this job. This hurts…" she mumbles, looking truly hurt as Sparrow explains the details. "I'll have to go do something with the others. Can you handle this on your own?"

"Well, that's the worst part – it's not that the authorities don't do anything, it's that they employ them," the Knight of Crowsbane says. "It's an open secret that the Maize House, who oversee all of Agyl Island's commerce, has the street gangs on their payroll to control petty crime. The lowest-level gangs like the Bark Scorpions answer to other, more powerful gangs, whose leaders in turn are the Maize House's enforcers. People who talk about it or worse, try to petition the Haku to put a stop to this, have a bad tendency to go missing. They're like a mafia, but far less organized, and far less respectable."

"And the gangs seem to only target independent businesses, the ones that aren't affiliated with the Maize House," Gullveig adds with distaste. "Fancy that."

The fish all return your high fives with good cheer, each of them wishing you good luck as well.

Upon returning to the bar counter where Kukulcan sits with Bent Scales and Bee Holder. There's an atmosphere of good cheer among them, and they're laughing and even sharing sushi and glasses of sake.
"A deal then! The Beesting shall be counted among the fleet for the expedition! You agree?" Kukulcan asks.
Bee Holder grumbles for a moment, mulling this over, then downs a shot of sake, straight from the bottle. "Tempting… tempting… agh! Adventure calls, but I still need to consult my crew on this!"
Kukulcan wobbles for a moment, having evidently hit the sake bottle himself. "Ah… Cerulean! Enjoy your food?"

You head upstairs, hard pressed to avoid the bar's grime while also keeping that craving in the back of your mind. Up on the second floor, you pass by several rooms, until you come to a kind of gymnasium-like area, with a circular ring in the center, some free weights stacked in the corner, a punching bag, and a rack of towels. Nobody's around except for a young crow Vola, whom you see standing in the ring, wearing a white gi and a colorful red mask, stylized like a demon's face. His eyes are shut and hands are pressed together, in a posture of meditation.


Alder looks the pickpocketing deal over and hums, before heading for the Guard's Guild.


At first Cloud questions how a tortoise could run away, but this is a kid, losing pets is semi-expected for them.
"Well you're in luck, cause I won't stop until I find your tortoise and bring 'em back. So what does he look like, and where did he go for this walk so I know where to start?"
Cloud says in a confident tone to help raise their spirits.

He looks over at Sparkler as she mumbles.
"No problem, I got this. And Chiu's got my back anyways, so I'll be fine."
He says, assuming on why Sparkler can't help and not questioning it further.



"I see you're taking this whole training thing very seriously," Cutlass says from the entrance.

>Soul Sight on Waratah


"Lovely. It's almost worse than Aristar. At least if I do something with these Bark Scorpions, I'll be an outsider, so no one should get hurt. …Or, perhaps…" She recalls the bell Gullveig has on sale. "A disguise would not go astray…" She looks back to the Knight. "How much would the reward be? I do not have enough to afford it now, but if it is more than the Bell of Transformation is worth, I would ask to be able to take it, and deduct the cost from the winnings."


"Oh yeah! It was very, VERY good," she replies happily, glad to see everyone getting along. She watches him wobble around, looking confused as she doesn't feel the place rocking nor moving.
"Are…you all okay? *sniff* *sniff* And why does it smell like a tanker of cold medicine spilled here?"


You follow the map's directions across town and up some of the stairs, until you reach a tall and respectable looking white adobe tower, one with six floors in total. A sign hanging over the doorway indicates that it is indeed the Guard's Guild.

Inside, you find a rather clean looking first floor, one that is reminiscent of many guild houses you may have seen before, consisting of a mess hall and common area, with a front counter to greet guests. Many mercenaries and pirate-looking types sit in the common area toward the back, eating and drinking and chatting about recent jobs. At the front counter, a bored looking unicorn secretary sits, and waves you forward. "Welcome to the Guild. Posting a job or taking one?"

Sparkler nods with gratitude, then heads into the crowded streets in search of the others.
"His name is Malarkey, and he's got a yellow shell ringed with orange… about a foot and a half in diameter. Um, as for where he went… uh…" Sparrow pauses. "You know, I don't think the guy ever told me… or maybe I forgot. Sorry, when I heard Malarkey ran away, I couldn't really think about anything else. You could ask the gang themselves. They hang out at the Coop's Stoop, it's a bar on the western side of town. They've got tattoos that look like stingers on their forearms, that's how you'll know 'em."

When you examine his soul, two murky images appear before you, fuzzy and unclear. On the left, you see Waratah wearing the same lucha wrestler's mask and a pair of matching shorts and boots, leaving the rest of his body bare. He participates in a highly performative and dramatic lucha match before a crowd of hundreds, wrestling his opponent to submission to the deafening cheers of the audience.

On the right, you see him wearing no mask, but a white gi, practicing a slow martial art in silence and solitude before an ornate and magnificent looking stone temple. Nobody else is around, and he looks at peace.

As you speak, Waratah startles, and you realize how contradictory his current appearance looks, with both the mask and gi, a clashing of cultures. "Ah! H-hullo, did you want to use the gym? Sorry, I was just finishing up here, but I've already cleaned the equipment."

"It's a right bit more dangerous than the other job, so we'll give 550 Bits to you and whoever else helps put them in their place," the Knight says. "So, if you want the Bell on top of that, it'll be 400 Bits for you. Does that sound fair?"

Kukulcan steadies himself with a claw on the counter-top, then passes you an empty cup, and pours a bit of strong-smelling sake out of a nice white bottle. "Try it for yourself. We're just commemorating the future voyage!"

Bee Holder shakes her head. "Easy on that stuff if you haven't tried it before, Cerulean. I made the mistake of taking it and now Kukulcan's got me contemplating turning the Beesting into a submarine! Can you believe it? You think that's a good idea?"



"No, I'm here because of your job listing," Cutlass says, lifting an inquisitive eyebrow as she looks Waratah up and down, especially observing his clothing choices.

"You're really into martial arts, huh?" she pries, perhaps rudely.


"400 bits will be plenty." She nods deeply and moves to take the Bell. "I believe disguises would be a good option for me and whoever else of my companions wants to come along. That way, we may avoid becoming entangled with any other gangs, by way of concealing our identities. Is there aught else I should know about these Scorpions?"


"You don't need to apologize, I can only imagine what you've been through with this news. I'll go ask them now and find out where Malarkey went."
Cloud says, glancing around for a map.
"So where should him to once I find him?"

Cloud then, once a map is found and asking Chiu for a little help to spot one, heads off to Coop's Stoop to find these tattooed gangsters.


"Yes. I was supposed to look for a Schrodinger, I believe? Some job posting about pickpockets." the griffon says, holding up the paper for reference.


"Cerulean sniffs whats in the cup, making her snout cringe up slightly.
"Well…maybe? If we keep it after the expedition, I mean, then it could. Although," she tries a sip of the sake, coughing slightly as she feels the burn as it goes down, making her give a big exhale.
"Right…uhh…oh yeah, considering our luck lately with ship damage, it might be a bit kinda…extra risky?"


>Master Thief [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


He relaxes as you bring up the job. "Oh, good! I was hoping someone would take it, I've had it up for a while but haven't gotten any takers."
He then nods, not noticing or perhaps caring about the rudeness. "It's what I love the most, though I've been having quite a bit of trouble with it lately. My Aura hasn't been working right for weeks, and I'm afraid I'm stuck at my current Breakpoint. If I don't overcome it soon, there could be serious backlash… so that's what I want someone to help me with, someone to push me over that point so I can get even stronger!"

The receptionist twirls a pen on his hoof. "I see, I see. He's currently training up on the upper floors. I'll give him a ring and get him right down."


The receptionist reaches for a caller conch, but just as he raises it to his ear, you detect a presence beside you, in the form of a tall, bipedal grasshopper Krikral. You see him twirling the Spellslinger on a foreclaw, and you cannot recall having felt him take it off your person. He twirls the gun, and then hands it back to you.
"You want to help train my students, hmm?" he asks. "Well alright, I think you'll do… they are beginners after all." He offers his claw. "I'm Schrodinger. You are?"

"Don't underestimate them just because they happen to be gutter punks," the Knight cautions. "In fact, lowest level thugs like them tend to be more desperate to keep their positions. They've got nowhere else to go if the Maize House kicks them out. Perhaps that can be something you can exploit. Otherwise, if you get into a fight, be wary of their use of poison."
The Knight then withdraws the Bell of Transformation from its display case, wrapping the ringer in velvet to keep it from ringing during transport, and gives it to you. "I wish you luck, and thank you."

"I'm not allowed to go too far into town, so…" Sparrow's voice grows nervous. "Just go somewhere discreet, by the edge of town, and I'll meet you there."
"And thank you, thank you for taking my job. I'll be praying that you can find him."
You and Chiu head for Coop's Stoop, while Droplet excuses himself, heading off into town in the same direction that Sparkler went. You eventually find the bar, as described in >>716562 (bottom reply).

Bee Holder scratches the side of her head, chuckling as you take down the sake. "Right, right… we'll want to have a carpenter give her a good look-over before we do… alright, I'll have to go pay Etch a visit, and see what he recommends. Kukulcan, you comin'?"
"Sadly, I've got business to attend to, crew to vet, riff-raff to chase off, that sort of thing," Kukulcan says, taking out a checkbook to pay for the meal. He turns your way. "Oh, but feel free to continue eating if you like, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the expedition."


Alder blinks once or twice, and snatches it back with a nervous smile "I-I suppose I might have gotten a little rusty- I haven't done as much as I used to, and pirates tend to be, ehm… inebriated, to put it lightly. I am Alder, of Tribe Frostclaw. The name surprised me a little when it came to the offer, though- From the look of it, are you more of a mercenary guild?" he asks, shaking Shrodinger's claw and smiling a bit.



Cutlass smiles. "I'm somewhat of a rookie with Aura myself. I've only had one breakpoint, I think. I don't really use it for combat. Not yet, anyway. I DO have some ideas, though."

"How many breakpoints have you had?" she asks as she telekinetically removes her hat. She shakes her head to let her usually balled up mane free of her hat. She places Sir Pent on the hat and gently places it to one side of the room so he doesn't get hurt.


Cerulean beams at being allowed to eat more, and simply tells the sushi dogs 'surprise me' as she'll likely eat just about anything to come out.
"Oh, I guess my question is: what are we exploring? I heard is was a sunken part of the city or something, but not much else. And what are we looking for?"


"Sure, no problem. And I'll find him before you know it."

Cloud walks through the town, enjoying the half-sights now that he can properly gaze at them as a tourist rather than being carried around in a daze.
"This place looks pretty nice."
Eventually he reaches the Stoop, stepping inside. His walk slows as the wave of Aura hits him, feeling the craving taste in his mouth.
"…Are you feeling that too?"
He asks Chiu, before looking around the bar for anypony with a stinger tattoo he can question.


She blinks, having an idea. "Perhaps an alternative form of employment would be enough to tempt them. I will have to check with the captain, of course… But no matter. One way or another, these lowlifes will be out of your hair." She takes the bell along with her other purchases, then heads for the door. Before leaving, she turns to face Gullveig and the Knight of Crowsbane. "Thank you for everything. It has been a pleasure getting to know you both. Until we meet again. May the wind be always at your back." She bows to them both respectfully and leaves the shop for now. First things first, she resolves to try and track down her companions. It feels like she's been in the shop forever. She makes her way back towards the skinshop, keeping an eye out for familiar faces along the way.
[1d10] Navigation

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Yup, we're usually commissioned for bodyguard jobs, but we've got all kinds of skills to pay the bills, which is good because the rent is killer and Maize House's taxes are even worse!" Schrodinger says. He pulls up a couple of chairs from a nearby table, offering you one.

"Anyway, let's get to business. I've got a couple of students whom I'm trying to pass on my thieving repertoire to, but they're having trouble with the 'real world experience' part. See, they were some oversocialized, shut in kids before they became my students, so they're still hung up on things like 'morality' and 'rule of law'," he says with sarcastic disdain. "What I need is for you to be a dummy for them, of sorts. I'm going to give you a ring, and it'll be their job to take it off you without you noticing, and bring it back to me. It'll be your job to be alert and punish any and all rookie mistakes. If you catch 'em, give 'em a smack and chase 'em a bit until they can shake you off. I want 'em to do three good rounds. Does that sound good to you?"

Waratah's eyes widen with interest and awe as he sees Sir Pent, but quickly gets his focus back on you. "I've only had two, myself, under two different teachers. I've been trying to synthesize what I've learned from them, but ever since I started doing that, my abilities have been harder and harder to use. It's like one of my limbs has gone numb, unresponsive… so I'm hoping that a good, challenging fight can get it going again."

Gullveig smiles. "You were the one to honor me," she says. "It's been an awfully long time since I've seen the old Runes, I almost couldn't believe that there were still others like me, practicing the old ways. May your hooves always find their way back home – until then, you are welcome here."

Gullveig shuts the door behind you once you return to the shop's main room. The front door, which she used to enter the hidden room, then opens again of its own accord, revealing the alleyway once more.

As you look for your companions, you catch sight of Cloud and Chiu heading along the docks, and eventually entering a bar labeled as the Coop's Stoop by the big magitech neon sign out front.

Chiu licks her lips, looking greedily at the bottles on display behind the bar, but as you bring up the Aura, she pauses. "Wait… you're right. That doesn't feel natural. Probably do it to sell more," she comments. "…Maybe I'll just get some water."
As you look around the bar, you see a trio of scorpion Krikral, bipedal and hulking, skulking around in the back, gathered around a kind of clockwork-magitech pinball machine, laughing and taunting one of them as he plays.


The dogs tighten their headbands, silently getting to work on your next course of sushi.

"It's a dead island – an Island Turtle that has died and sunk to the bottom of the ocean, taking with it the civilization that once lived atop its back," Kukulcan says. "I was the one to discover when my crew's Accompass, Two Reeds, found an ancient potsherd that didn't match up with any known sculpting style, but I didn't have the resources or manpower to complete an expedition there before now.

"Let me give you my background. My crew, the Thunder Serpent, are specialists in recovering the treasure of the ancient world! Not for our own personal gain, of course, but for the recovery of culture, of history! So much of the ancient world has tragically been lost to time, wiped out by cruel mother nature or by savage tribes and colonizers, both of whom mercilessly do whatever they can to conquer their foes – which means that so much of the Ribcage's past has been lost. There are many questions surrounding the Ribcage's existence. Where did the Island Turtles come from? Where are they going? What formed the Ribcage to begin with? We have good reason to believe that the ancients, who were far closer to the natural world than we so called 'civilzied people', may have known!

"Each of my crewmates specialize in a particular field of study. I personally take an interest in the forgotten religions of these lost cultures: their religious rites, their ceremonial garbs, but mostly, their gods and demons. I can sense it coming off you… you've encountered demons before, haven't you?"

As he asks this, two pulses echo within you – one within your chest, and another within your head, brinigng to mind the curse that Stone Cold Classic put on you, and the lantern creature you saw in your mind earlier.


"Ahh, I see. It can take a little bit to adjust to, I suppose… so, three rounds for each of them? Do they work together, or separate?" he asks, taking a seat and looking around a little.


"Yea, I wouldn't trust anything here if they need a ploy like that."
Cloud says, spotting the three scorpions.
"Huh, I was thinking this was an odd place for kids to be at. Wonder why some guys like this needed a pet walking job. I'll ask them about the turtle while you get your water."
Cloud says, parting ways as he walks over to the trio. He looks over from behind at their pinball game, then taps one that isn't playing on the back.
"Hey, I heard you guys lost a yellow tortoise a while ago. Where was that so I can go find it."



Cutlass looks at Waratah with an amused expression when he seems surprised by Sir Pent. "What? It's just a snake," she says with a half-laugh.

"Let me guess," she says as she stretches her legs a little bit. "One teacher taught you wrestling, and the other karate or tai chi or something? It sounds to me like you're on the right track. Find a way to make a new fighting style. Make the two fit together, not just in moves, but in mentality. I'm… living through a similar… dilemma. Not really about fighting, but just trying to make two mentalities fit. Unfortunately, it's hard to be a pirate while emulating high society… Both have a certain greed to them, so there's something in common. But, that's the worst aspect of both things…"

Cutlass blushes a little bit. "I-I'm sorry, I'm rambling. Forget it."

"So, how do you want to do this?" she asks, quickly trying to change the subject. "How violent are we getting? Because, full disclosure, I fight with knives. Also, I just spent all my money getting a matey a new eye, so I'd rather not have to spend all of my pay for this job on getting myself fixed up."


"Huh…that's actually neat. To be honest, I've explored sunken ships and stuff, but never cared about them unless I was looking for a new place to crash for a bit."

Cerulean holds her chest and shakes her head with a slight groan.
"A bit, yeah. A genie or something and this possessed lantern thing. I like the lantern: its about as hungry as I am lately."


She clutches her new belongings close, concealing them in her pockets as she strolls the streets. Spotting the two near the Stoop, she recalls the Knight mentioning the Scorpions hanging out here often. She surveys the crowd quickly for any trace of them before heading in eagerly, greeting her friends.

"Cloud," she says in greeting, seemingly materializing out of nowhere as far as the bat pony is concerned. "Miss Chiu," she adds, nodding hello to her.

"Fancy running into one another like this. How did the procedure go?"


Cloud turns in a starting as Thessaly approaches him out of nowhere.
"Whoa! Hey Thessaly, where'd you come from?"
He asks.
"Oh, it went pretty well. Turns out I'm a great healer since the procedure finished in record time."
Cloud flips up his eye-patch, showing his new sapphire eye to her.


"Fascinating," she says, examining the new eye closely. "…I thought we did not have the money for a new eye, only removing the old one. Where did this magical contraption come from?"


"Since it's technically a prosthetic, we had enough money to get this in," Cloud explains, "Cerulean gave it to me before she went off to explore the city. She said it was called the Eye of Wisdom, but that's all I know."


"No, three rounds for the both of them," Schrodinger clarifies. "That's another thing they need to learn: teamwork. It's been a problem for the both of them ever since I took them in. They're orphans, you see, and the loss of their parents has been quite rough on them and their relationship. If they can't get it together to work on a simple pickpocketing job, they've got to start from lesson zero all over again."

The Guard's Guild has a rather rough and tumble atmosphere, made by all the rough looking characters around, but in a way, there's a kind of atmosphere of camraderie and familiarity among them as they eat and talk. It looks like many of them are poor, wearing beaten up armor and torn clothes, but they seem content.

Chiu spins about as you approach. "Hey, Thessaly! I was just headed for the bar, fancy a drink?"

The scorpion looks back your way with a grunt, then shrugs. "Dunno what you're talkin' about, champ. Shove off."
Abruptly, he turns back to the pinball game.

"Perhaps this expedition will give you an opportunity to branch out with those exploration skills!" Kukulcan says. "Dangerous work, but lots of money to be had in it. Though, if I may be so humble, I do it for the love of discovering one more what has been lost and discarded. It makes me feel like I'm discovering more and more of myself."

He laughs. "Oh, I know I've had too much to drink if I'm getting corny like that. I better cut myself off! You enjoy yourself all you like, though, don't mind me."

The dogs pass you a fresh round of sushi.

"He looks cool, though! Never seen one like him," Waratah says regarding Sir Pent.

"No, no, I like to listen to rambling!" he says. "You're right; I was taught in both the Lucha style, and the Rèfēng style. Both are native to Agyl Island, but couldn't be more different. The former is from the southern end of the island, while the latter originated in the mountains to the north. Unfortunately, those differences are making it pretty hard to figure out where they come together. They couldn't be more different in temperament, in discipline, in philosophy… it's not easy to see how they're supposed to come together."

"Knives…?" he asks with a gulp. "I guess if you insist, I can deal with that. I need to be pushed to my limit to overcome a Breakpoint, so yeah… you really will have to fight to hurt me. I'll try not to return the favor, though! Uh… does the gym work for you as an arena? I'd… rather not anyone see us."


"Oh, don't worry, I'm used to dangerous stuff. Work or otherwise." She tosses a piece in the air for Roger to snack on.
"And well, I can't say I got the best exploration skills. Though getting to see new and historical stuff, maybe it could be nice to do. I've been meaning to…oh, what do they call it…expanding the horizon or something?"


"Hey, it's a simple question."
Cloud responds as the scorpion shrugs him off. Luckily he knows the way to deal with these kind of ponies. Cloud steps around the trio, walking to the side of the game and putting his hoof over the window to obstruct their view.
"Look, you want to play your game, I want to get going. Just tell me where you were walking that tortoise, and I'll be out of your… uh, whatever you guys have."
>Persuasion [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"I see." She stares into the sapphire eye for a slightly uncomfortable amount of time. "It is good that we have crossed paths. I have…" She looks around to make sure no one is listening in first, lowering her voice a little. "I have found a fellow sorceress, here in the city. An incredibly skilled magician by the name of Gullveig. She has many things for sale that you and the others may find of interest. And, she has appointed me a task too, of dealing with a trio of local ruffians however I see fit. 550 for each one involved. …If you and the others are not busy, I see this as a good opportunity to make some money. As long as we keep our heads down and use disguises, that is."

She gives Chiu a small smile. The cheery young mare has grown on her some since they met. "A margarita, if you would. Thank you."


"I can understand that. I worked with others from time to time, but I found that having a prehensile tail served as a partner enough at times." he comments, flicking his tail and humming. "It does seem like everyone gets along rather well, here- I imagine teamwork would be important for any jobs they find themselves on in the future. Anywho… I will do my best. Hopefully I can shake the rust off and give them a good test."


Cloud starts to get a little uncomfortable as Thessaly stares into his eye, flipping the eye-patch back down after a few seconds.
"Really? Wouldn't hurt to take a look after I get some bits."
Cloud muses at the prospect of a magic shop.
"Dealing, like as in fight them? I don't know, I'm supposed to take it easy… But I could use a little Aura or magic to help you out with that, after I finish this other job. I need to find a kid's lost tortoise."
Cloud pauses.
"Disguises? Why?"



"He's really cute," Cutlass says lovingly as she looks over toward Sir Pent.

"Yeah," Cutlass says, this works fine. She steps up to him in the center of the gym. "Hope they're okay with a little blood. Cause, you know, I may be a beautiful young mare, but I'm also-"

Cutlass interrupts herself as a dagger comes whizzing out of her dress toward the joint of his wing. [1d10] single weapon attack

"You know, a pirate," she says with an innocent grin.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Understandable. Perhaps it is best if you do not fight them yourself, then. Do you know where the others are? They may be more interested."

"We would need disguises because, even though they are brutes, they are affiliated with some of the gangs on this island. Making ourselves known may cause trouble further down the line. Thus, concealing our identities would help with that."

"A lost tortoise? How quaint. Tell me more," she asks idly, seeming slightly amused.


Chiu whistles. "Damn, I was gonna get myself some water, but hey, I like where you're going with this! Coming right up."

As you cover up the screen, the lead scorpion panics, swinging the flippers wildly. He mistimes the press, and ends up causing the ball to fall down the center hole. He leans back, making a long sigh, then looks down at you and leans in. "We sold it. And we can sell you too if we want… wanna find out?"

Schrodinger laughs. "Sounds like you're no amateur, I like it. Now here, take this."
He reaches into a pocket on his coat and retrieves a ring with a small ruby on the end. "Hide it anywhere you like and head out into town. It'll be their job to get it back three times. Each time it goes missing, head back here for the next round. Like I said, they're beginners, so I won't have them come out and greet you, just to give 'em a little handicap. Ideally, you won't ever find out what they'll look like."

"That's the right attitude!" Kukulcan says, clapping you on the back. "You're either growing or you're dying; a life in which you don't push yourself on to new heights and to new horizons is no life at all! If nothing else, I hope this expedition can do that for you."
He rises to his feet, and leaves the check. "Regrettably, I can't stay longer; I've got to check in with Two Reeds about some applicants who came by yesterday. Let me leave you my Conch Code, however. I'll be in touch with you if any new developments come up, and you can ring me up if you've got questions or want to pass along more of your crew my way."

He writes down his Conch Code and hands it to you, then offers his hand to shake.

Caught off guard, Waratah stumbles backward as the knife hits him square in the joint, falling back before the expression of shock can even manifest. He lays there for a moment, biting his tongue between his beak, then gets up without a word. You can see hesitation on his face as he tries to process this, but he puts himself into a fighter's stance and throws his arms up. "J-just what I wanted!" he manages to stammer out.


He leaps forward and tries to tackle you, arms spread wide.


Roll #1 7 = 7


"Cutlass went off to go fight some guy, Alder took a thief training job, and the others went off to various places."
Cloud explains.
"Really? Are they that bad we'd need disguises given how big our crews are?"

Cloud keeps in his defiant, pin-ball blocking pose as the scorpion leans in. Now he has an answer to why they're walk a kids pet, they're scum.
"Alright, just tell me who you sold it to then."
Cloud says, not backing down.
>Persistence [1d10]

("Droplet got us some job fliers, and one was from a kid.")
Cloud takes out the crayon written flier and shows it to Thessaly.
("She said some guys took her tortoise for a walk and lost it, and I found it was these guys and now I'm getting them to talk.")
Cloud whispers, pointing to the scorpion trio as he faces them down.

Roll #1 8 = 8



"Come on, now!" Cutlass goads him on. "You can't just stop after being hit once! You expect me to stop!?" she says mostly to get him to attack because she feels bad for hitting someone not fighting back.

"That's better!" she exclaims as she realizes not SHE'S taken off guard.

She quickly whips out another knife, and slashes at him with both.

>Dual attack [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"I imagine you will either describe me to them, or they might already be watching… a handicap seems fair, though." the griffon remarks, taking the ring in his fingers and tucking it into his wing. He hops up on to all fours, and offers a short wave. "Right. I hope they learn to work together, then."

The griffon tries to remain aware as he exits, even before leaving the building itself. It wouldn't do to let them get the drop on him before he even left, would it?

>Master Thief [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


She follows Cloud's gaze, eyes widening a little as she spots the three scorpions. "The men of the hour," she says quietly, and hesitates before sauntering over herself. No chance of jumping them with disguises at this point, especially when it looks like they're itching to fight Cloud. She joins the bat pony in confronting them.

"Gentlemen. There is no need for violence," she says calmly, trying not to show her latent detest for the thugs. "Simply tell us what we want to hear, and this can all be resolved easily. There is no need for bloodshed." She's hoping they don't listen to her so she can teach them a lesson.
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Its all good. Thanks you so much for the food, oh, and letting us take part!" She happily reaches out and shakes his hand once she puts his Conch Code in a secure spot.


Waratah powers through the slashes, before he grabs you by the horn and the forearm, and sweeps out your hind legs with a low kick, before tossing you at the ropes surrounding the ring, which you bounce off with a twang.

>Cutlass 5/5

Waratah awkwardly changes his stance and leaps at you, feet-first, doing a theatric kick. "I-I-I expect you to earn your pay!" he stammers out again. You see his hands trembling as he says this.


Schrodinger smiles. "If they've got any sense, then I've got a feeling they might already know their mark. We'll see how it plays out."

As you exit the building and head back out into the street, your immediate impression is of being watched intently, though you can see nobody in the crowds among you who might be the source of it. Nothing happens to you, though, and you still retain the ring. You can tell you're dealing with amateurs by how clear the presence is.

"Bugger off," the lead scorpion snarks again. "We don't snitch. Just get 'em another one, who cares? You can get any kind of pet on the Black Market, or hell, even just at the Faire Trade."

With that, Kukulcan collects his coat and departs, waving as he goes. The dogs bow to him as he leaves, and a bus-puppy comes and collects his and Bee Holder's and Bent Scales' plates.

Roll #1 6 = 6



Cutlass looks at Waratah with a dropped jaw as if she's just been wrong or violated. "Di-did you just grab me by my HORN?"

She lightly touches her horn and looks around the room like with a half-smirk-half-dropped-jaw like she can't believe what just happened. "Oh, you're gonna get it now!"

>Using two bonus points this turn

>Dual attack [1d10+2] [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


"Because, I took on the task of getting their pet back, so I'm getting that exact tortoise back. Think about it this way, you're not snitching, you're just giving them another customer."
Cloud says to try and coerce them, but then he looks back at the table. While Dorado said to take it easy, a little bit of magic won't hurt. His eye glows orange, with a soft blue light under his eye-patch glowing as well as he tries to grow the pinball just a little bit so it get's stuck in the machine, making the game essentially unplayable for the time being to make them talk.
>Wax/Wane [Pinball] [1d10+1]
"Now will you talk?"

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Alder tries his best to look unaware of the two pairs of eyes watching him- he wants to give them a bit of time to plan things out. Mulling things over in his head, he decides to make for a decent-sized crowd and see how well they can follow him.
>What do I roll for that? Perception? Stealth? Master Thief? [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


"It would not be the same. You would know this if you had a soul," she says coldly. "We're going to ask politely one last time. Who bought it?"
[1d10] Persuade

Roll #1 7 = 7


You stumble backwards once Waratah comes in for the kick, but manage to remain upright, keeping your sturdy footing.

>Cutlass 4/5

Waratah looks up, and is beset with slashes, causing him to bleed quite a bit. He stumbles backward and falls to a knee, gasping lightly and holding in his breath. "This isn't working… it's still not… coming to me. Why not?" he asks as he looks at his hand. A faint layer of purple Aura comes to the surface, but it's faint and non-functional, causing him much distress.

He rises once more, despite his injuries, and goes in for another grab!


>Master Thief works

You join a crowd that heads downward down the streets toward the docks, and as you get about halfway down the great staircase that connects the various layers of town, you feel someone brush against you, heading in the opposite direction. A moment later, you realize that the ring is gone. You can't see who took it, though.

The scorpions glower with annoyance at the stopped up pinball machine, and at Thessaly for her attempts at intimidating them. After a short staredown, the lead scorpion spits on the ground.

"Check behind the sushi joint, the one outside the docks. You'll know him when you see him," he says with venom.


Roll #1 9 = 9

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