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The story so far:

The party have arrived at the far flung seaside village of Moonhollow, ruled over by the elusive Lord Harroway. They have found that among other problems, the surrounding lands are plagued by a magical corruption known as the Blight. Having befriended the aspiring knight Dalliance, the party have signed on with a slowly growing band of adventurers working to cleanse the lands around Moonhollow.

Their first mission consisted of them rescuing Anna, the local blacksmith's daughter, who had apparently not been kidnapped, but instead run away to prove herself in combat. Their mission was a success, and they made two new allies: Cinder Fabrie, a kirin, and Solar Flair, a pegasus. The latter had already succumbed to the Blight, but the party found that this could be undone through great effort. Unfortunately, Solar was attacked by a creature which appeared to be an advanced form of the Blight, and was made comatose. He is currently in recovery.

With their new friend Cinder having joined the party, the group have split into two for the moment:

Voleurz, Dalliance and Rainy have stayed in Moonhollow for the time being, seeking their next mission. They appear to have found one: food is scarce in Moonhollow due to the local farms being plagued by a terrible beast of unknown nature. After asking around, they have discerned that the beast appears to be some sort of wolf, but of an unnatural size, leaving no trace behind.

Talon, Jesse and Platinum have accompanied Cinder in trying to find her former charge, a renowned paladin called Guiding Moonlight. Cinder, Solar and a handful of others were part of a hired group to escort Moonlight to the village, but a Blight attack led to them being separated. After some investigating, they found Moonlight, only to find her having driven mad by the Blight. Unlike most, she appears to be fighting the corruption, but can no longer tell friend from foe, reduced to little more than a beast.
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Further worried by the mass of blighted townsfolk, Rainy follows behind Cinder, mindful of the porous sand.

"Oh no.. So many blighted, what could have done this?"


"I would prefer not to," says the walking suit of armor.

You take a pony skull. It's a rather macabre trophy; Dalliance winces a little at the sight of it.

Dalliance blushes and looks away. "Oh… Don't say that, I'm nowhere near as good as either of you! I've never really… really seen much battle, while I'm sure you've seen dozens if not hundreds of battles by now. I just hope I can be as good as you someday!…"

"No problem, no problem at all," he says. "As Miss Voleurz can see, I am safe from the Blight."

Looking around from the shack, you can see that the woods extend a bit further out before giving way to what looks like a cave formed by a cliffside overhang, near a gently bubbling stream. Alternatively, you could retrace your steps and explore the abandoned train tunnel.


You examine the crowd. Some have familiar faces, but you don't recognize any of them. Curiously, you don't see any of the guild members among the crowd. These are all just normal people, not adventurers at all. One of them, Cinder notices, looks almost exactly like Clear Waters, presumably a relative. A couple of them seem to be mouthing the word 'Glow', though being Blighted, they have no voices to speak with.


"You sell yourself short, Ms.Dalliance. As papa always said, 'experiences make experience, and experience makes money.' You just have yet to have the proper experience." I chuckle and shake my head. "And yes. Dozens sounds about like it. That's dozens too many in my eyes, but-" I shrug. "what can one do besides pursue something they've found they're good at?"

I glance back to Amaranth. "Well, I trust Ms.Voleruz's word. So, to the tunnel as previously planned?"


He puts his hoof to his chin
"Hmmm well this most certainly is odd." He pauses for a second "What if Blights are attracted to light? I mean they're attacking the village and now are down here staring at the sun. They're behaving like moths"


Talon shrugs and decides to get closer to the group of blights to investigate by flying overhead. Going he looks at a different angle.

Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


"Check it out," she murmurs to the griffon, not taking her eyes off the group.

"Holiday?" Cinder looks startled, as if the word and his fixation on it reminds her of something troubling.

"This is… troubling, for sure," she deduces out loud. "For something to have…" She remembers something the annoying zebra had mentioned earlier, and glances up momentarily to the sun, then back down to the goo pony.

"Could you try to heal any of these guys?" She nods to the waterfront. "You should try one, at first, just to see what happens. Then maybe we can try to help the rest of them."


"Oh! Maybe we should check the fishing village!" Rainy chimes in, pointing to the far off buildings with a hoof "Maybe something there brought them!"


"Of course something brought em here but what would go to all this trouble?"



"Hmm." Cinder tries to be quiet as she approaches one of the townsponies and prods them gently, then harder. She finally tries to knock one down, careful to pick one on the outskirts and unlikely to disturb any others even if falling over.


Jesse watches as Cinder starts testing the Blights. Jesse decides to do the same. He goes to a Blight on the edge of the circle and puts his gun to it's head, all while studying it's face"
"It doesnt even seem to see us as a threat"


They make no effort to acknowledge your presence as you fly over the crowd. They are completely transfixed by the sun. You can see their eyes watering from gazing out at it. It seems like they've been here for many hours.

As you touch one, a bony black and white mare, she slowly turns to face you, staring through you. She mouths something, but you don't know what.


"You'd prefer not to, but I'd insist." Voleurz says, picking up her knives from before. "I don't know how long you've been here darling, but I need to know as much as you can tell me. I don't care if you're the creation of an evil warlock that killed a hundred villages or something, I just want to make sure you really can't be damaged by the blight. If you're a ghost, you probably still have eyes, if they're invisible. If you're the armor itself, then we might be safe. If you're worried about me judging you darling, I assure you I'd do no such thing. If you're worried about unearthing some bad feelings you might have about a tragic backstory, toughen up. Half a town is missing, not really the time to feel a little sappy."

After ranting, she turns back to Platinum,
"I don't know darling, now I'm wondering if whatever necromancer is close by. It wouldn't hurt to give the cave a peak now would it?"


I call out to the group. "Can we wheelbarrow all these blights to somewhere else than here please? They have to be here for a reason I don't want to find it." Talon calls out as he lands.


"They are awfully close to the village, it could pose a hazard if they stop whatever this is. Hey did you manage to see any pattern they were standing in?"



Looking at a nearby villager in concern, Rainy tries to form a ring around them with her water, channeling energy through it.
[1d10] Mend

"please, please work.." she mutters in her focus

Roll #1 5 = 5


Cinder almost feels bad as she knocks down the frail and flimsy mare. She watches her mouth move as she lies on the ground. She tries to make out what is being worded.

Lip Reading [1d10]

Shrugging her shoulders, she watches Rainy work her magic.

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I didn't, I don't see how any pattern would be relevant to what is happening right now in this situation." Talon grumbles, but nonetheless takes a look his curiosity turned to the possibility.

Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.


Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Unsure of what to make of her little rant, I decide to let it go for now. "I don't suppose it would, no. The cave it is, then." I'm really not particularly keen on fighting a necromancer today, but best to nip situations like this in the bud I guess.


"Hmph. Well, when you put it that way, I suppose." He clears his throat and speaks up so Vanity and Dalliance can hear.

"Miss Voleurz is correct in her assumption. I am indeed a spirit. Of sorts. I met my supposed end in a great battle many years ago, but for some reason, I remained. I found myself without a body, so I had to take this suit of armor. …I imagine there is a reason I still linger. I have no eyes to see with, yet I still see. Somehow. I do not think this Blight will affect me, as I am not of flesh and blood."

Dalliance looks surprised. "You're… a ghost?"

"I suppose so. I am not alive, at least, yet I cannot die. I simply am." He shrugs. "Now you know. Let us move on for now, yes? You have been here longer than I, so you lead, and I will follow."

You head off and examine the cave. It is difficult to see, but you feel the unsettling snapping and crunching of bones beneath your feet. Dalliance audibly shudders at the sound. The cave seems to extend quite far in, though just how far is difficult to tell. You won't be able to see much without a light source; it is pitch black in here. "I can't even see my own hooves!" Dalliance comments.


Nothing happens. The Blights don't even notice your efforts.

You can't make it out. When she realizes you can't understand her, the Blight sinks to her knees and screams silently in grief.

You fly a little further up, directly above the crowd. You can see that Jesse was right; they are standing in an odd pattern. It resembles a nonagon, with lines of Blighted townsfolk connecting every vertex, creating a smaller nonagon inside. It looks like some sort of bizarre, geometrical spider's web. What's most eerie is that they are standing in absolutely perfect position to form it, save for the one which Cinder pulled aside.


I call over to my group below me yelling to them. "They are forming a pattern, some type of nonagon. Lets try shifting the townspeople to break it!" Talon comes down to start pushin over the townspeople in his landing.


"Oooohh no" he groans "This could be a ritual"


I swallow at the revelation, but don't say anything. Not the first ghost I've met, I guess. Still jarring nonetheless.

I squint through the darkness of the cave, suddenly regretting never learning a basic light spell. "I don't suppose anyone brought torches? I'm afraid I've forgotten to carry one."


"Oh, a nonagon," Cinder shouts up. A pause. "A what?"

Pushing ponies over she understands. As Talon begins his darkly hilarious work, she tries her best to start shoving all the ponies to the ground.


With the others investigating the townsfolk, Rainy worriedly begins the trek towards the hamlet in the distance.

"Hmm.. I'm sure there's something over there.." she mutters in thought, flowing over the damp sand.


Cinder walks over to Soft Talon and asks what is probably a really weird question. "Will you please throw me at these ponies?" Without waiting for an answer, she curls herself into a ball, careful not to set anything on fire as she waits for Soft Talon to chuck her.


"I suppose we should get to work movin these guys"
He surveys the crowd and goes to a Blight. He backs up several steps and charges into a shoulder bash in order to knock it over


Soft stare at the kirin for a moment, being worried about time. Talon grips the Kirin and lugs her at the blighted ponies forming the weird shape. Once finished with his ask, Talon resumes pushing other blighted ponies near him blocking the recent incident from his mind.


"See there we are, nice having a spirit who isn't screaming at me for once as well." Voleurz says, seeming satisfied. As they reach the cave, She marvels at the bones "Seems like the right place."

Voleurz sucks air through her teeth, "Damnit, I figured our friend the living torch would be around to prove herself useful. Now she can't even be around to do that. One more visit to the shack again I suppose. See what's flammable."


[1d10] Throw

Roll #1 6 = 6


Soft Talon's momentum added to her own fury rails her into 10 of the distracted ponies, taking out what is hopefully a full lane of the 9-sided formation.
Good Golly, Great Balls of Kirin (critfail -10) [1d10+6]

Roll #1 9 + 6 = 15


To knock over the Blight


Roll #1 3 = 3


You start heading towards the hamlet, little more than a clump of wooden buildings on the coast. It seems eerily silent as you approach. Looking back, you see your companions seem to have instigated a riot.

Between Talon's barbaric yeet and Cinder's signature cannonball attack, you wreak havoc on their formation, breaking them up like a set of bowling pins.

You give one of them a good shove, but he looks much bigger and stronger than you.

You knock over and generally cause mayhem on the formation of Blights. As you start breaking their formation, they turn to face you. A hundred eyes are on Talon and Cinder all of a sudden. Many of the villagers silently pull out rudimentary weapons. Slowly at first, then gradually faster, the mob start surging towards you with animosity.
>roll to escape


"RUN!" he screams and attempts to take flight


Roll #1 10 = 10


Talon start to fly away with a thought on his mind. "Why are they angry?" Seeing the townsfolk take their weapons. "Weren't they just braindead not seconds ago?" Talon tilts his head.

[1d10] run

Roll #1 1 = 1


[1d10+1] look for flammables
[1d10+1] pilferin' flammables

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


Cinder proudly unrolls herself, announcing her own arrival with a dramatic "Dun dun dun DUNNNN!~" Her eyes open to see the villagers turning on her. Suddenly widened eyes full of panic, she stands quickly and backs away, then turns tail and full out flees on the sandy ground, kicking up clods of matter behind her. Randomly her path takes her roughly toward the beach near the seaside hamlet.

Get The F*dge Outta Heah! [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I never learned either," says Dalliance bashfully. "Shame."

"I don't have much except my sword," Amaranth laments. "I don't normally need much gear. Being incorporeal has its perks, sometimes."

"Only if you annoy me," Amaranth quips. "I'll haunt you for the rest of your days if you do!"

You pull away some relatively dry wooden planks. They could be used as decent kindling. "Good show!" says Amaranth cheerily. "Now if only we had a proper fire source…"


A veritable cloud of sand is kicked up in the distance as Rainy spots the now moving mob of blighted. With her friends in danger, Rainy surges away from the village and towards the others, using the moisture of the sand to quickly pull herself along the wet surface.


"Well, it isn't fire, but-" I take a step forward and look the wood over. "Perhaps I may be able to create some sparks without destroying it completely." I start looking around for something like paper or cloth. "We may need some tinder, however. I doubt I'll be able to just set it alight with weak sparks."


"Trust me,not the first spirit to threaten that. I visit a priest once a month to wash the bad juju off, usually does the trick."

She signs dramatically, "Alas, not even a tinderbox to my name, I'm not some sort of savage that goes around lighting fires. Never been an outdoorsmare. No clue how to start one of those things."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"I've had to start a few while camping on extensive hikes. I've managed before, but that was with proper tinder and kindling."


You take to the skies and fly off, taking refuge among the nearby canopy. A few of the winged townsfolk chase you, but you think you manage to lose them, for now.

A pegasus grabs you by the leg and weighs you down, dragging you onto the sand. You are kicked and clawed by the various townsfolk, pinned down by the mob.
>Talon takes 4 hits

A large earth pony grabs at you, pulling your mane painfully and preventing you from getting away.
>Cinder takes 1 hit

You see them attempting to flee, but Talon and Cinder seem overrun by the angry mob.


"I used to know how," Amaranth bemoans, "but this suit is quite difficult to move around in. Especially when it comes to sneaking around…"

You find some rotted scraps of paper, but not enough to start a real fire. Dalliance looks around, but can't find much either. She huffs a little in frustration. "Should we just… come back later?" she suggests. "Or move on? We can't do much here without a light source."


"I suppose so darling, but whatever it was that was commanding those snakes probably knows we were snooping around. I don't believe they'll just wait here patiently to return with torches. Ah bother." She frowns. "Besides, we'll have the same issue with the tunnel."


Cinder screeches, turns, meets eyes with the being who dared pull her hair without permission. Her eyes glow. They glow bright, ever brighter, impossibly bright, and then there is a flash so intense that it burns. Followed by three more strobes of such intense radiation. It leaves a mark on the surroundings, bleaching any walls, posters, rugs, clothing, and even causing mild sunburn to exposed skin. However, the assailant who touched her mane receives not one, not two, but four fully focused anger blasts of pure hatred. Cinder is panicked and continues to gallop on the sand roughly toward the hamlet. She redirects herself to intersect the town. She is mostly on fire, leaving flaming hoofprints behind her. She looks up to see Talon above her, Jesse in front of her, and Rainy in the distance, and a heck of a lot of peeved off ponies chasing behind her.


Forgot To Roll
Storm Bolt (3- Critfail)[1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2

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