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>Thessaly 6/4
>Cloud 5/4

Last time on PirateQuest…

Disguised as guards and armed with a pocket-sized Droplet, Thessaly and Cloud Shear waited dutifully by Queen Toko's side during the circus performance so far. The Pattern Juggler pesetered them and the VIPs from all sides with an assortment of tricks and jabs, formed by hijacking various parts of the performance, and using them as weaponized annoyances. This greatly stirred up Queen Toko's ire, exposing pre-existing tensions between her and the Crimson King – possibly something that could be to the party's advantage.

Alder and Cerulean conversed backstage with the crew as they waited for their performance to come on. Cerulean nearly, er, "killed" Boneless, a rubber chicken and performer with a storied and controversial past. Alder, however, saved his life by un-breaking his plastic neck. Nonetheless, they still had plenty of time before their scheduled performances.

Cutlass successfully boarded The Golden Vein and began her invasion, capturing guards to wring out for intel on the ship's guard situation. Although there were relatively few guards left on the ship due to the security detail being spread all across Kaco Island, she learned of the presence of at least ten so-called "giants" onboard, who made up the bulk of the ship's muscle and posed the biggest threat to their attack. Cutlass split her forces; the bulk, led by Schnitzel and Make Believe, would capture the control room on the third level. The rest would break into the prison holding on the second level to free Colobok, which would allow the rest of her assassin entourage to fight without fear for his safety.

As both sides of the attack against the Crimson King and the Bee Queens unfold, neither our heroes nor our foes know what lies in wait for them at the end of the night, nor how it would change the course of their voyages.
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>The Hullshredder

>Requires another character's assistance to use, but this requirement can be bypassed if one has the "Tough" or "Huge" racials, or the Martial Defender skill.

>A beast of a gatling gun, powered by a crank on the side. Like a cannon, it has wheels for transport, and a locking mechanism to hold it in place. Ammo is fed by belt into a slot on the side, usually requiring the assitance of another person to hold the belt and gun steady while firing.

>When attacking with this weapon, it consumes 1 unit of ammunition for each die that the attacker uses. In other words, one can roll up to a total of 4d10, each time that they attack with this weapon. All attacks deal double damage, or triple damage on Critical Hit.

>It can Cleave up to 10 targets per attack, and using Cleave with this weapon has a -2 to its Critfail range, allowing you to Cleave 3 targets with a Critfail range of 1. The range only increases once you Cleave 4 or more targets, and it increases by the normal amount.

>You have 20 units of ammunition right now.


Cloud claps his hooves as Alder manages to dance through the bullets well enough. When the routine speeds up and Isaachar gets more serious, Cloud is on the edge of his seat (or guard post, rather), in suspense.



"It won't be the end of the world if they do," Cutlass comments. "At this point, we're getting the chaos started. But, might as well try to split up the enemy as much as we can for as long a we can."

Cutlass looks at the massive gatling gun, then toward the demons about to try to make a call. She aims the gun at them with her telekinesis then says, "Feed it some ammo."

She then proceeds to shoot the everloving shit out of those sailors with their conches and the ones nearby.

>Cleave attacks on the two with conches and 2 nearby sailors [1d10] [1d10] [1d10] [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9 / Roll #3 5 = 5 / Roll #4 10 = 10


Alder, somewhat emboldened by the cheers, puts more of himself into it! He does a quick, short series of taps and slides to the side to try and dodge to the side, and does a short twirl mid-dance back in the other direction, before continuing with his routine!

>Dodge! [1d10+2] [1d10+2]

>Dance! [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #3 7 + 2 = 9


"Uhmm…not sure. Never had tea before," she replies, "what's your recommendation? Also, nice cups." She looks at the fancy cups exploratively, not wanting to touch from how fancy and dainty they looked.


The Princess looks skeptical and worried as you allude to the difficulties that one has in learning Aura the older they become. "I said flatter, not bore me," she quips, trying to chase away her doubt. "But yes, I quite agree. I am sure my father, upon seeing the utter foolishness in trying to deny me my start in Aura, will be more than grateful. He might actually show some kind of emotion other than deadpan, for once."

She drinks the potion, and her eyes widen as she coughs. "I didn't realize it'd be so spicy! What's in this, Dragon's Breath!?"

After a moment, she calms down, looking at her hands. "How long does it take to… hmm?"

She looks at the tip of her finger closely for a few seconds, then puts it down. "…Perhaps I was mistaken. I thought I saw a Glow."

You've heard the term "Glow" before in relation to Aura. It refers to the phenomenon that occurs when a potential Aura-user is first developing their powers. While those with awakened Aura powers can see Aura easily, those who are just starting can only see faint points of light around sources of Aura, referred to as "the Glow."

Only slight relation to the album.

He pours a little cream into the tea and a tiny sugar cube, but nothing more. "I prefer to let the mint speak for itself."

Isaachar snarls, staying in-character as a cowboy outlaw as Alder completely styles upon him, earning applause and cheers from the captive audience. He reloads all of the rounds in this revolvers, then turns around dramatically, pulling his hat over his eyes. Just as the song starts to approach its climax, he spins about, and unloads every shot he's got at Alder!
>Roll 4d10 in dodging in addition to dance, as this is the grand finale.

As Miss Sunshine helps load it, you unload into the ship with the enormous gun, and a deafening roar pours from it, drowning out almost all sound around you. When the flash from the gun has ended, two of the four sailors are simply gone, reduced to bloodstains and scraps of clothing, and you've opened a massive carpet of holes on the patrol ship. With the damages they've suffered already, the ship starts to sink, and the enemy patrol starts to head for their lifeboats. You see that one with a conch has gotten aboard the lifeboat, and is shouting a distress call into it.

"No survivors!" your crew shouts from the deck, attempting to kill the survivors with rifles and pistol fire.

Miss Sunshine stands there dumbfounded at what she's seen.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


>Updated w/ corrections

As Miss Sunshine helps load it, you unload into the ship with the enormous gun, and a deafening roar pours from it, drowning out almost all sound around you. When the flash from the gun has ended, the sailors are simply gone, apart from bloodstains, shattered weapons, and scraps of clothing. You've opened a massive carpet of holes on the patrol ship, all through its upper deck, masts, and hulls.

There are, quite clearly, no survivors. The ship begins to sink, and though your crew scan the waters with their guns loaded, they see no signs of life to shoot at.

Miss Sunshine stands there dumbfounded at what she's seen.


Cloud leans forward, entranced by the performance and waiting in baited breath as the buffalo unloads all his shots on Alder.


"Give it time, Your Grace," she says as reassuringly as she can muster. "You are the daughter of a great conqueror. I am sure you will develop Aura of your own, when the time comes. Perhaps this catalyst will help speed you to that point. Aura is an art form in its own right, some would say. And, as the saying goes, you cannot rush art."

She perks up as she hears the performance begin to reach its climax, offering a glass of water to the Princess and standing up, ready to carry the champagne flutes back to the Queens. "The taste is quite strong, is it not? Please, wash it down, Your Grace. And… if I may ask a boon of you, please. Do not speak to my Queens of what I have given you. I… I had a vision, you see. From the Par-Fates, during the intermission. I fear… I fear something may happen after the evening's crescendo. I would have my Queens be ready for a fight when the time comes. The Families, you see. They are up to something. I slipped away and procured some of the catalysts, but I do not want to vex my Queens yet. They should enjoy the evening, after all. But when the moment comes, they should be in peak fighting condition to fend off the mafia's treachery. For Aristar. Do we understand each other, Your Grace?" She looks resolute and slightly worried, mentally preparing herself for what's to come.


Alder decides to try his best for this last bit! Sweeping around to wiggle his rear at the cowboy teasingly, before getting a bit of a tap-running start and leaping through the air! He flaps his wings at a lul in the song to propel himself a little further, before quickly dropping himself to the floor and immediately continuing with the tap-dance routine. Eager to not get hit on accident, the griffon incorporates a variety of swoops, slides, and twirls into his routine, hoping it looks good to the crowd!
>[1d10+2] [1d10+2] [1d10+2] [1d10+2]
>Dance! [1d10+2]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #3 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #4 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #5 8 + 2 = 10



Cutlass can't help but cackle maniacally at the destruction she just caused. "Dear Celestia," she laughs, unable to contain her enthusiasm. "Who would design such a weapon? What was this thing MADE for?"

She wipes her eyes, then looks to Miss Sunshine. "Good find," she says with a approving nod.

Then, she puts her hoof onto Sunshine's shoulder. "If you want, we can talk about the other stuff later. I know I'm not the easiest to talk to… But… Yeah…" Cutlass blushes.

"A-anyway," she says loudly, now to her crew. "Let's get this show on the road!"


"Ooo, fancy." She takes a cup and does the same, giving the tea a try. Her eyes go wide as the minty flavor rushes throughout her mouth.
"Woah! This tastes so…refreshing! Like I just brushed my teeth after a big meal kinda of refreshing."


Miss Sunshine blinks a few times, coming back down to reality as the fighting ends. "Oh… right. Um, I think I would greatly like that. Once this is all done, that is. Would you mind if we went to your quarters? … without Ossie. I'd prefer it to be in private."

As The Golden Vein sails on, the carnival gets closer and closer into view. You're not quite within firing range, but you're close enough that you can hear the faintest sounds coming from the tent, namely the loud music.

The Princess looks at her fingers with disappointment and impatience. "Thank you all the same for this gift. It is true; whatever Aura I develop will surely outshine the stars themselves.

She begins to appear alarmed as you share about what the Families intend. "A fight, you say? I am not surprised. I told Toko that that plan was far-fetched. A gamble to see if there are any in those arrogant Families who would drag themselves through the mud to beg forgiveness from the royal family, all to save their own hides. It was idiocy to ever try it, but Toko wants to have the underworld under her hoof the same as the surface world. Pure sentiment, if you ask me. The part of the Black Market that the Families have hold over is such a small part, it's not worth subverting. Slaves, weapons, drugs, organs… they're small-time in comparison to what I've seen my father buy and sell."

"Very well, I will abstain from telling them. But I need them alive to reach the Heart of Gold. Will our forces be able to hold them off?"

Alder briefly wavers as he tap-dances around the gunfire, and a single shot hits him in the stomach! Pain ripples through his body and air flees from his lungs, but as he looks down at the 'wound' he sees no blood. He notices a BB pellet roll to the ground near him.

The impact is not enough to deter your grand finale, and you stick the landing in spite of the searing pain. The crowd's applause reaches a fever pitch.

"Excellent, excellent!" the Pattern Juggler says, then his conch begins to vibrate in his pocket before he can sing Alder's praises. He swears under his breath, clearly not expecting it, but holds it to his ear. "Hell-loooo~?" he asks, trying to play it off. "Why, you're almost here!? Great scott, what timing, my dear! Give us just a moment, why don't you, we'll have to accelerate even more to keep up with you!"

He hangs up the conch. "My lovely assistant, the Yellow Jester, is nearly here with the special surprise for tonight! One of many surprises, I might add. We've still one more act to go before the grand finale, but at this rate, we may have to have the grand finale right now! If I could have everyone outside, please! Our final act before the finale is the race between Miss Cerulean Splash and the Gills Family! We'll set up seating outside as our racers get ready!"


Cloud gives a stamp of applause as Alder manages to pull off his act, even getting hit but shrugging it off like it's nothing! But the cheer is no long lived as Pattern Juggler answers his call and instructs everypony to go outside. He's worried, but keeps a strong face as he turns back towards ot Queen, ready to escort with the other guards to keep a good wall round her. But he does worry as he sees no sigh of Thessaly, wondering where she could be.


Her expression darkens. "I have seen my Queens raze towns to the ground with the power of their Aura. With these catalysts, the mafia will not stand a chance against them. Fear not, Your Grace. The traitors will not live to see the morning."

"For now though, we should return. My Queens have been waiting long enough, have they not? I am glad to have you as an ally, Your Grace. I can only hope that my prophecy does not come true." She bows her head and starts heading back to the bleachers with the champagne.



"Of course," Cutlass says with a nod. "I don't intend for Ossie to be with me ALL the time. That would be ridiculous, and an invasion of MY privacy. Just when we're doing something dangerous do I intend to have her protect me."

"Now," Cutlass thinks out loud. "Where can we fire that will cause the most damage with the least casualties to our side…"

She surveys the shore to find such a target. [1d10] Master Thief

Roll #1 3 = 3


Cerulean sips her tea as she listens to the idea.
"Ooo! And outdoor finale. Sounds like we could do lots of things without worry about knocking the tent down and stuff."


"Well, it's not like I would intentionally spy on you from the shadows or anything," Ossie says. "Even though I could. And might. But only if I hear you talking about me behind my back."

"Excellent. Perhaps I shall look you up after the Queens have been reestablished to their rightful thrones. I shall have need of a butler as qualified as you are, Jeeves."

The ushers and stage crew start to direct the audience through the various fire exits toward the outside, while the VIP guards and the butlers carefully escort the Crimson King, the Bee Queens, the Princess and the other aristocrats out through the throngs of audience members. Outside, there is another set of bleachers, covered with velvet cloth so as to remain warm despite the evening chill.

Out in the distance, The Golden Vein floats in the water, only now you see that it is much closer, showing off its enormous size. The King studies it, and begins to look suspicious and curious.

In the waters, you see that various hoops, buoys and rings have been set up, forming an oval-shaped racing track. At the part of the track closest to the bleachers, the four sharks of the Gills family and Cerulean float in the water, waiting for the race to begin.

The Pattern Juggler, holding a pistol, floats above the water. "And you will see before us, fillies and gentlecolts, the grand, Leviathan-class ship of the Crimson King, The Golden Vein! The King's pride and joy, and the home of his great and mighty Court, myself included! There, my lovely assistant awaits with her great boon for the grand finale, sure to be remembered and talked about for years to come!"

Alder and Cerulean can hear nostalgia and a hint of longing in the Juggler's voice, thrilling like a far-off echo or memory.

"Everyone ready…?" the Pattern Juggler asks, raising his pistol.

As you approach the shore and behold it through a spyglass, you notice a curious sight. The circus audience departs from the tent, gathering in bleachers set up outside, facing the shore. You see that the crew of the Beesting, as well as plainclothes mafia members, and civilians are all mixed in, while the VIPs sit apart in their own segregated section. The bleachers outside are set up so as to watch the race, and they can all see The Golden Vein in the distance.

"They're all bunched up together – not good," Ossie says. "We'd hit too many irrelevant targets and our allies if we attacked from here."


Alder winces as he's shot in the stomach, managing to stick his landing and finish out the routine regardless. He looks down, letting out a sigh of relief and bowing gratefully to the crowd. He works his way backstage to relax for a little bit, catching the conversation and giving a slightly worried look to Pattern Juggler.

"M-Mhmm! Might be a tad safer, as well." he says, sidling in alongside Cerulean and walking outside with the rest of the group.


Being a temporary member of the cast, you are able to sit in a special reserved seating section, off to the side, in another, smaller tent for the cast members to lounge in. Most of them are exhausted, and smoke, drink, chat, and relax as they watch the show. Isaachar comes up and offers you a hoofshake. "Sorry pardner, didn't mean to get you in the gut."



"P-please don't say such things…" Cutlass responds to Ossie uncomfortably.


"Irrelevant people are exactly that," Cutlass says as she takes out her conch. She calls Cloud.


She gives the Princess a meaningful nod. "Perhaps," is all she answers before returning to the bleachers.

She serves the champagne to the Queens. "Apologies for the delay, Your Majesties. Your refreshments, as requested. Is there anything else you require? Shall I fetch a bottle for refills?" she suggests.

Still keeping up her facade, she shoots Cloud the briefest of glances as she comes back, as if to acknowledge that everything is going just fine.


Cerulean looks to the juggler with a smile, and nods as she gets into racing take-off position. She awaits the bang on the pistol so she can jump in and get the race going.


Cloud marches with the royals as they head to their new velvet-draped bleachers. A small bit of alarm comes to him, hoping hey don't pass the two guards they trapped in the ground.

He looks out at the racetrack floating in the water, a bit eager to see a shark race.

Cloud feels a bit of relief as he sees the disguised Thessaly rejoin the group.

Cloud worries as the conch rings, hoping this would not alert the royals. But, in this situation nopony would call without reason. He takes a step to get just a slight bit more privacy, and picks it up.
("Hello?") He whispers.



"Get the Beestings and our allies away from the VIP section of the bleachers. Forget the mafia. They don't matter. You have 10 minutes. Any questions?"


"H-Hmm? Oh! Oh, it is quite alright, mister- it was a pellet, so I seem to be completely fine. T-Thank you for the concern, though." the griffon says, smiling a little bit.

"You are quite talented with those firearms, by the way! I found one earlier this week, but I have no idea how to use one."


("What? Why? And what about me and Thessaly?")



"If you want to die, stay there. Be my guest. The clock is ticking."


("…Is that an insult, or a warning? There's a lot I'm already worrying about so I just want to be clear.")






Ossie mockingly makes a kissing sound. "Shadows are always listening."

"Oh, yes, keep the bottle handy," Toko says, looking at the audience as they wave at her. "I'm going to need the whole thing."
"Not so!" Hurscurs says. "You should learn to enjoy yourself without having to be drunk. Does anyone want to worship and revere a slovenly, inebriated queen?"
"Certainly not!" echoes her twin, Qaromarrow. "Keep your reason about you, dear… we'll drink the whole bottle! Keep it coming, Jeeves, more for us!"

The twin queens are clearly more than a little tipsy, and more than Toko is.

"Oh! Care for a little lesson?" Isaachar asks. "Can't fire it now, but I can show you how to load it, arm it, keep it steady, and clean it."

"Best of three laps! By my mark!" the Pattern Juggler cries. "One, two, a skiddly-diddly-doo!"


He fires the gun, and the Gills family start to swim ahead through the track toward the rings and hoops, all eager to be the first one across the finish line.

[1d10+1] Mr. Gills
[1d10+1] Mrs. Gills
[1d10] Gilliam
[1d10] Gillgamesh

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #3 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #4 1 = 1 / Roll #5 10 = 10


"Of course, Your Majesties." She slips away, heads back to the bar to grab a bottle of champagne, then, while no one's around, pours the contents of the remaining antidote into the bottle and swirls it well so it mixes in before heading back.
[1d10] spiking roll if needed

Roll #1 5 = 5


Cerulean launches herself into the water, also jumping through hoops and making sure she does some fancy twists in the air and landing back into the water hard enough to catch audience members in the splash zone.

>Earthly Affinity: When on chosen terrain, your rolls to recover from helplessness are DC4 and traversing on your home terrain is automatic.


Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


("Alright then.")
Cloud hangs up.

Cloud looks back at the Queens as they yammer on, dialing up his conch for Chiu.
("I have to make this quick, you need to get our crews away the Queens quick. Cutlass is planning something, I don't know what but she said we got only a few minutes. I'll be fine, just make sure you all get some distance. I'll meet with you in a few.")
Cloud quickly says once she picks up, ending the call after to emphasize the urgency. He steps back into line after.


"That would be wonderful, mister!" the griffon chirps, bouncing up and down eagerly. He settles in next to Isaachar, waiting for the demonstration!



"That idiot is going to ruin everything," Cutlass sighs. "Let's give him some time. Then we fire."


"…What's it like to kill someone?" Miss Sunshine asks bluntly as you wait.

Isaachar goes over the points of gun safety, emphasizing trigger discipline, not pointing the barrel at anything until ready to fire, and the weapon's power. He takes the time to identify its properties, explaining that it can shoot magic bullets. He calls it "the Spellslinger."
https://pastebin.com/6pnzYRnW (see heading under Spellslinger)

Next, he goes over how to load, unload, disassemble and clean the gun and its various parts. He's clearly a bit of a gun nut, but he knows his stuff and takes great care to explain everything clearly, making his passion evident.

You mix it as well as you can. There's still a faint orange tint to it, but given how tipsy they were, they shouldn't be too quick to notice it, especially if they're more focused on the race. After returning to the bleachers, you see the Beesting's members leaving their bleachers one at a time, putting distance between themselves and the VIP section. You start to get a bad feeling, like icy fingers skuttling their way up the back of your neck.

"知道了," Chiu whispers back, having a tendency to lapse into Chineighse in moments of urgency and worry. As you watch the bleachers, you slowly start to see the Beesting's members step away from the bleachers, taking up various positions away from the Queens one at a time so as not to attract suspicion.

You quickly spring into the water, overtaking Gilliam and Mr. Gills, but Mrs. Gills takes up ahead of you, while Gillgamesh puts considerable distance between himself and the other racers. Various audience members cheer on the racers, and you think you can hear quite a few calling your name in support. Not to be outdone, though, all the sharks try to get back into the lead themselves.

[1d10+1] Mr. Gills
[1d10+1] Mrs. Gills
[1d10] Gilliam
[1d10] Gillgamesh

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #3 10 = 10 / Roll #4 2 = 2


Cerulean hears the cheers and the crowd cheering and opts to pick up the pace herself. Using a bit of aura and her sleekness, she tries to torpedo herself through the water at high speed, which should be quite a sight for a pony of her size.

>Earthly Affinity

>Sprinter: Once per combat you can perform feat of great speed as part of an escape or charge. If used to escape combat only fast fliers are able to catch up with you as long as there is open terrain.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


She bites her lip in worry as she sees the evacuation, but the show must go on. She takes several deep breaths. This is it. This is what she's been building up to this whole time. Her heart pounding out of her chest, she walks back up to the Queens, bottle in hoof, taking a moment to observe the Princess' actions. "Thirds, Your Majesties?" she asks politely, her voice wavering a tiny bit.

[1d10] if needed

She shoots Cloud a questioning look, noticing something's up.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Cutlass practically deflates at the question. "C-can we not talk about it?" she responds, not looking toward Miss Sunshine.


Cloud watches as the others leave, their safety ensured. Now, he worries for Thessaly and himself. He watches the race, but his hooves tap nervously. She was going to finish off Toko, but now their time could be shortened very soon. Would whatever Cutlass has planned do the job? More tan that, how could they get away from whatever it is without alerting the Queens or causing them to flee or go on full guard if it fails? A few ideas surface, but each one also comes with doubt in helping.
Right now, Cloud is looking like nervous wreck with all this planning.


Cloud's eyes glance back to not make it too obvious. His expression has a clear "worried for life" look to them.


"I see- so, maintenance and discipline are important parts of using a firearm, then?" the griffon asks, looking over the reassembled firearm curiously. He begins to pack it back in his belongings, nodding happily and offering the Buffalo a hand to shake.

"Thank you, Mister Isaachar!"


He tips his hat and returns the shake. "No worries. Always happy to talk guns. You find any other guns out there, especially rare or enchanted or cursed ones, feel free to ring me up, and I'll give you tips and the like on 'em."

He gives you his conch code for later.

Putting in great effort, you rocket yourself ahead of all four of the shark family, leaving a trail of bubbles behind you as you zoom past them. The burst of speed puts you into first place with a comfortable buffer of distance past the other sharks, and you cross the finish line, completing the first lap.

The other sharks, now in the order of Mr. Gills, Gillgamesh, Gilliam and Mrs. Gills, try to catch up.

[1d10+1] Mr. Gills
[1d10+1] Mrs. Gills
[1d10] Gilliam
[1d10] Gillgamesh

"Have you not…?" Miss Sunshine begins, but Ossie sets her hoof on Miss Sunshine's back.
"Let's save it for later, I'll answer your questions. Right now we can't afford distractions."
"R-right, sorry…"

The Queens, after having downed their most current drinks, waver a little as Thessaly holds up the champagne.
"Wait… Does that look…?" Toko asks, blinking slowly at the color of the drink. "Did you get a different braaaand, Jeeves?"
"Oh, what's the difference, it's all the same!" Qaromarrow says.
"Indeed, it's not the drink we're after but this!" Hurscurs says a little drunkenly, hiccuping with glee.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 7 = 7


With herself in a fairly comfortable lead, Cerulean slows down a bit and goes for some showmanship to better pace herself. She goes to do a front-flip through a hoop, hopefully without losing too much of her speed.

>Earthly Affinity


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Her own face goes stony, but she nods and swallows nervously.

"The usual has run out, regrettably. I hope this new brand is to your liking, Your Majesties." She pours each of them the spiked champagne and corks it, setting it aside within arms' reach in case she has to use it as a weapon soon. She stands stiffly next to Toko and waits, taking a brief moment to whisper to Droplet. "Prepare yourself," she hisses to him quietly. She tucks her hands in her pockets and fingers the dagger, passively looking around for any sources of fire she could use to conjure an elemental when the time comes.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Alder nods happily and makes sure to tuck the code somewhere where he can find it later. He'll turn to watch Cerulean and the Gills's race!


Cloud turns his head as he hears the Queens growing tipsy. That'll at least make it easy to not alert them so much. It might make things a lot easier as he thinks about it.

His gaze lingers on Thessaly a bit, but he manages to get his head turned back forward to the race, heart pounding in his chest.



"Give the order to sail in closer," Cutlass says to a nearby mook. "Close enough to get a nice, clean shot. But, not so close to raise alarm."


You keep your lead comfortably, but it's not long before Mr. Gills comes up quickly behind you, clearly set on retaking the lead. With a mischevious, yet good natured smirk, he spins around, launching a current of water at you to try to knock you out of the way and give the people more of a show.

[1d10+1] Mr. Gills uses Water Pulse!
[1d10+1] Mr. Gills
[1d10+1] Mrs. Gills
[1d10] Gilliam
[1d10] Gillgamesh

You don't see any torches nearby, as most of the lighting is provided by Brightstones, magic glowing rocks which are put into lightposts all around. However, you smell tobacco burning in the performer's tent and in the audience. There's also the cooking pits used by the snack vendors over at the concession stands, but that's a little further away from where you are.

The mook nods, and heads up to The Golden Vein's control room. Shortly after, the ship begins to inch forward, gradually crawling into firing range. The crew ducks out of sight behind the railings, but are all at the guns, which are loaded and primed to be fired. The whole ship waits, holding its breath in a collective stillness.

Meanwhile, in the VIP bleachers, Toko, Hurscurs and Qaromarrow shrug, drinking of the spiked champagne as they watch the race. Nothing happens for a few moments, until Hurscurs stirs in her seat, touching her stomach with concern. Qaromarrow develops a light cough, but does not seem overly concerned.

Toko, on the other hand, begins to tremble lightly, looking about with a look of sudden confusion.



Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #3 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #4 3 = 3 / Roll #5 8 = 8

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