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No more bamboozles! Probably.
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Keg taps his foot as he thinks. "Guess we'll have to stick with that," he shrugs. "If we could just find a big piece of metal, we could weld it over like with the fuel tank, I reckon." He starts doing just that, poking around trying to find a piece of metal they can repurpose.


She's taken aback at the sudden barrage of questions. "Hold up. What do you mean about the core? It's unstable?" She looks mortified. "What did you see?"

Roll #1 5 = 5


She also looks around and gives a nervous giggle herself.
"Yeah, its a bit rough. But if this is what they've been flying in, then you know what?" She smiles and hums slightly, then gently goes into some High School Musical style singing to inspire some faith in Sunny that the ship will hold up fine.

>Using Inspire's out of combat effect

>+1, DC-1

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Hey, Geegles, think you can help a guy out? I know you got an eye for this kind of thing." Frank slowly looked around the room, giving Gigi a chance to see what he could manage to show her.


"Oh yeah. Mega unstable. It's cracked and leaking. We're gonna have to get that thing replaced immediately if we make it to port. Me and Keggy boy, my protige, are working on building some stuff around it so in the off chance it does go boom it doesn't damage the hull. Hope you don't mind!"

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Where you shudder, Amelia has a gnarly grin on her face. "Sounds like a doozy. My Lucille's not as scrappy as all that, but yours sounds pretty effective. You've got good taste."


"Yeah, he's big and scary, does the job sometimes without me having to fire. Much easier to not get kicked out of a bar if you don't shoot a patron. Buuuut different lines of work, I'm sure some of your jobs you'd get paid extra if you left a message like that."

Copper says, strapping Boilermaker back over her shoulder. She takes the flask off her hip and take a swig, looking to Amelia,

"You drink?"


You sing an impromptu song. Sunny seems to appreciate it, but it doesn't do much for his wariness. "I dunno. It might be best to ditch this place when I can… It feel like it's a time bomb." He shudders uncomfortably.

You don't manage to find anything useful. Keg doesn't seem to find anything either and frets to himself quietly.


Mae stands up and starts heading out, looking deeply worried. "I've gotta tell the captain. You do what you can to get it stabilized. We need to fix this. Now. Might have to turn the ship around."

She shrugs, sitting up on a crate and getting more comfortable. "I guess. Not so much anymore, but I used to. What's your poison?"



"Huh? Oh, no need to worry. I'm used to cramped spaces, so I'm fine with people getting close- I'm just glad to have my own room, honestly. And, as for this stuff… it was some sort of project. I can overcharge my body with magic to use some stronger stuff, and force out a lot more energy to make healing more effective."

Poncho offers a bit of a shrug, and adjusts his namesake before sighing a tad as he thinks back "It was… well, some crazy stuff. But I sorta wanted to get away from things, yeah?"


His eyes widen. "Project? You mean like… experiments? That sounds dangerous. But hey, if it works I guess!…" He looks a little offput, but still curious.


"Yeah. I can tell you more about it some other time, if you want. A lot of the magical mumbo jumbo went over my head, but I've gotten a grasp of some of it overtime."


"No luck," Gigi says. "All the stuff around here is way too blown apart to use. At least from what I can see from your lazy, slowly panning scan of a small area."

Frank turned around and walked to the other side of the room. Maybe he could find something on his own. He had found the single pannel they'd used to shield the tank after all, and now the whole crew was counting on him. His chassis trembled as he frantically turned his head from side to side. Oh man. Oh man oh man. The whole crew was counting on him now that mae had given him the order. His head swung from side to side as a quiet, high pitched whine welled up from his speaker.


FJS just stood there, suddenly realizing the weight of this responsibility.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You are still in the ship's engine room with Frank and Powder Keg, trying to figure out how to patch the cracked crystal that threatens to blow the ship to smithereens. Luckily, Frank seems to be on the job.

Sunny nods thoughtfully. "I mean, you don't have to, if you feel uncomfortable with it. Magical experiments… I'm pretty sure that's illegal…" He seems kind of uncomfortable in your presence all of a sudden.

Your sensors are sent into maximum overdrive as you panickedly search for somethign to patch with. Eventually, you find a ventilation unit with a protective casing that looks about the right size for the exposed crystal. You'd be breaking off a part of the ship, but the ventialtion should be safe, and this is a priority after all.


Mae looks at you rather angrily. "…Why are you just standing there?!" She doesn't wait for an answer as she hurries off to the ship's deck to alert Garebold.



With the fuel tank reshielded, Coronet takes one look at the leaking core and the lack of parts and shrugs her wings.

"Well, looks like we've done what we can. Until we can pull some strings we'll have to live with this mess."

"Ehh, long as nopony messes with it, it should hold together.. probably."


"What's my poison? There's a universe full of weird fruits and boozes to be made out of them, it's a shame to be picky. Hell, my poison has literally been poison before, bar had a whole challenge to see how long you could last before you had to down the shot fo antidote. Shit made your veins burn. Anyways, I mean I'm packing tequila right now, but again I ain't picky."


"Uhm… is it? Shoot, I was never really good with laws." the griffon says, a touch troubled himself


Frank's chest opens up as he rushes over to the ventilation unit. A large arc welder pushes out of the cavity in his chassis, and the flame ignights. Carefully, he tries to cut the shielding free.


FJS rushes after Mae, trying to catch her before she gets away. "Actually I think I might have already found something for shielding," he says, speaking quickly but not loudly. "I'm taking care of it now, while we're talking."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Keg seems deeply disturbed at your lack of caring. "…You do realize this is a time bomb, right? I don't plan on dying here, lady. Now come on, help me get this thing off." He points out the casing Frank's trying to get free and quickly gets to work himself, pulling out a laser cutter seemingly from nowhere and trying to cut the casing off to use as blast protection. "Gimme a hand here if you can, would ya?"

Amelia folds her arms and sneers. "You're crazier than you look," she remarks. "I like it. For me it's usually whiskey. Or rum. Kinda sworn off booze though. Don't really want to fall into that pit, you know?" She shrugs.

There is an uncomfortable silence between you two for a moment. You sense that Sunny has some academic curiosity towards your enhancements. For now, though, he excuses himself. "Er… I should go set up my room," he mumbles, heading up the stairs and towards the dormitories. It seems that he doesn't feel like talking much more at the moment. You could try speaking to any of the other crewmen, or get to know the immediate party a little better.

Sparks fly from the metal casing as you try to cut through it, making your arc welder flare and flashing your photoreceptors. You are momentarily disoriented, and don't leave much more than a scratch on the casing. "You alright?" Keg asks with concern. "If you want I can give you a look-see after this. No offense, but you don't look to be in very good shape. I've seen bots in scrapyards looking better."


She slows down but doesn't stop walking. She looks perplexed. "Huh? What do you mean? You haven't left my side."

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Hey, from what i can tell this aint't immediately lethal, but if you've found some better plan i'll roll with it."

Turning to the larger Cartor, she whistles and points a hoof over to the vent casing.

"Cartor, deply welders, we're gonna strip that for parts."

Cartor silently marches towards vent, deploying a welding arm from his undercarriage, the flame joining the others burning away.

[1d10] welding: case stripping

"There's just not much we can do to fix this when we've gotta budget in the red, yeah?"

Roll #1 1 = 1


Scrapyards look better. He's a scrap heap, he told himself. Not even able to get a ventilation shield off. "I'm f-f-f-fiiiIiIiIne." His voice skipped and fluctuated like a toy with a dying battery. "Pressu- pressu- It's a lot of pressure!" Static blared from his speaker like heavy panting.

"Frank," Gigi said in a clam voice. "Frank, it's okay. You can do it. You just need to-"

"I can't do this," he said, cutting her off. "If I don't do this everyone will be disappointed. Ms.Mae is rushing to tell the captain, and they're going to turn around, and they're going to kick me off." His photoreceptors flickered as he tried to reorient himself enough to continue cutting the shielding off. A low whine seemed to slowly build from his speaker.


FJS rattled, but continued talking. His voice was the same fluctuating, spasmodic drone the actual Frank was currently speaking with. "I'm aaaalso trying to cut through the weld of some ventilation to shield the- to shield the core in case of potential failure. Two bodies. I have two bodies."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Poncho frowns a little bit and gives him a bit of a wave, before heading off to find someone else to talk to- whoever he runs into first.


"Nah drinking to drown out your emotions is misusing the stuff, I drink to party, to get rid of inhibitions. I might get carried away sometimes, but only if there's reason to celebrate."

Copper says, pausing a bit,

"I've been in some deep pits before. I stowaway on a few ships until I'm somewhere I've never been, usually end up in a bar, and then end up looking at all the people there who likely going through way worse shit. Sobering enough to see drink isn't the answer there."

She puts the flask back on her belt,

"I might check out the larder, could use something to eat."


Keg's cutter stops working. He curses and fiddles with it for a bit, leaving Cartor to do the work. Unfortunately, he isn't able to do much to it. The metal is much thicker than you'd originally thought, causing violent sparks as he tries to cut it away.

You pull yourself together - perhaps literally - and keep cutting the casing off. It takes some time but eventually the casing comes loose, clattering to the floor with a satisfying clang. "Yay," Keg cheers unenthusiastically, clearly annoyed at how long that took.


Mae looks more than a little freaked out. "Well… okay then. I should still tell the captain what's going on. He'll want a sitrep after all. And, uh, it's best I handle this one. He doesn't really like robots." She keeps heading to the bridge, leaving you to your own devices.

You wander around the ship, eventually bumping into Scratch, perhaps the most enigmatic of the crew so far. She seems to be in the middle of setting up the medical bay, struggling to carry a huge bunch of supplies. She almost bumps into you in the process, not being able to see too well, dropping some of the supplies. She curses quietly and starts grabbing everything in a hurry, not sparing you more than a glance.

She nods, casually tapping her foot against the metal crate. "Yeah, I can get that. Seen my fair share of shit myself. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can never fall too far, really." She goes quiet all of a sudden, lost in thought.

"Mind if I come with?" she asks, snapping out of her reverie as you mention food. "Haven't eaten since yesterday."

>regardless of whether you accept

You head over to the galley. You find a variety of food and drink in varying condition, most of it frozen for long distance flights. These include meats (mostly white like chicken or fish), fruits, frozen pizzas, several dozen packs of cheap beer, and half a bag of wine. There is also a fridge with some snacks such as premade sandwiches or knockoff brand chocolate bars, as well as a single bag of chips. The galley has all the cooking utensils you could need for a flight, including some fancy tech like instant ovens and flash freezers. You see a tiny figurine of a brown saurian on the galley's window. It seems like Mae is the cook on board.


"Well, do you what you got to, okay? I'm sure nopony will blame you." She smiles at him and gives a nod.
"Well, its been fun talking, but I think I'm gonna get myself set up in my room and all. Ciao!" She gives a little wave and trots off to where her room is.


He slightly awkwardly waves goodbye, his gaze lingering on you for a moment before he snaps out of it.

You head over to one of the unoccupied cabins. It's woefully barebones; they are small and compact little rooms, with a retractable bed built into the wall next to a view of space outside, a handful of drawers for storing your belongings, and a wall panel to control lights and the bed. Your room is also equipped with a radio next to the bed and a TV monitor above. You see a lot of potential for customizing your room however you like.


Frank's canned laughter track seemed to play on loop, interrupting itself over and over as he jerked the casing free. "There!" He says in his previous, cheerful voice. "Now we just have to weld it in place! Shouldn't be hard with the three of us! It isn't like the first time was difficult." Two metal claws extended from his chest, gripping onto it. Dragging it over to the core, one of the claws retracts and extends again holding a small bar of tin. He tries to flip it over and weld it in place.


FJS gave a mock salute, stood up, marched right back into Mae's room and sat down.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"There we go! Now we just gotta seal the engine with that and start lookin for a replacement."

with the casing removed, Coronet directs cartor in helping Frank attach the panel.
[1d10] welding

Roll #1 3 = 3


The dull whine dies away again as Frank seems to calm back down.


"Yeah, I'm not a cook though, just a warning."

Copper makes her way over with the saurian, taking a deep investigation of all the foodstuffs present. She notices the figurine on the windowsill, pointing a thumb at it,

"Know anything about Mae's collection? I used to watch cartoons but can't place a finger on them."

Copper pulls out one of the frozen pizzas in the meantime, raising it up to show to Emilia,



"O-Oh, sorry about that. Need a hand?" he asks, bending down to help pick some of the assorted stuff.


Glitter looks around her little spot and nods in thinking.
"Yeah, I can work with this I think." She goes over to the bed and hangs up a few letters and such from her fans. She gives them a minute, then takes a breath in as she can almost smell the love in the air now. She also does a small little dance while mouthing, practicing some choreographed moves and seeing if she might bump into anything.


You proceed to sit patiently in Mae's room, like a dog waiting outside a shop. You hear arguing coming from the deck.

Keg joins in helping to weld the metal piece around the crystal. You have to meld it into a proper shape, which takes more time than it should, but you eventually fuse the metal to the rest of the broken seal. "Won't fix anything," Keg comments, "but if it goes off, at least this'll contain the blast some." He shrugs, sitting up on a workbench.

"That makes two of us then," Amy shrugs.

She picks up the little figurine and examines it closer. It looks extremely cheaply made, like something a kid would find in a cereal box. "Doesn't ring a bell. She didn't strike me as the type to collect kids toys. What a dork." She snorts amusedly.

She grins wryly at the frozen pizza. "Didn't think your lot ate meat," she comments.

The supplies are mostly stuff you'd find in a doctor's office; bandages, stethoscopes, syringes, anatomy charts, etcetera. Seems she's making herself at home. "Th-thanks, says Scratch as as you help her pick up her stuff. "Sorry, I don't think I ever g-g-got your name?" She seems kind of shy.

You start setting up your room, admiring your small but growing collection of fan mail. There's not much room for dancing in the little cabin, you find. You accidentally bump into the control panel, triggering the radio, which starts blaring at full volume. "WDPK Intergalactic, 83.7, the sound of tomorrow, the music of today!" Seems to be a music talk show, as the host starts getting into an interview with some electronic musician.


Frank taps the shielding. "Yeah, that's not going anywhere," he says, standing back up. The welder and claws retract back into his chest. "Good job everyone!" He pats Keg on the back. "Especially you. I knew I'd picked you as my protige for a reason, Mr.Keg."

FJS's head tilts to the side as he tries to pick up on the argument. Standing, he tries to follow the sound.


"It's no problem at all, really- happy to help. And, I'm Poncho. You're… Scratch, right? Need some help getting settled in?"


She gives a slight little 'eep' when the radio starts making noise, but seeing that its only the radio and not something else, she relaxes. She has the bed open up and hops on it, testing it out as she listens to the radio.


"Nah that's cows, they're the other 4 hooved folk. Heck pretty sure ponies used to have myths about us goin around in mazes eating ponies, but I ain't ever heard of us doing that."

Copper shrugs,

"So like, haven't ate since yesterday? Better do like three pizzas then. I'm hungry too."

Copper says, taking out two more out and seeing if the packaging has any instructions.


"Uh… sure. Thanks." Keg looks equal parts bewildered and intrigued. "So, uh, would you mind if I had a look at him?" He's addressing Gigi. "Never seen a bot quite like him before."


You move a bit closer to the deck. It's a rather heated discussion between Mae and the captain, with Dashpot (reluctantly) siding with the latter out of duty. Mae's practically begging him to turn the ship around and stay on Hemera until they can replace the crystal, but the captain is obstinate about staying the course to Euryale. Eventually, Mae exasperatedly storms out of the bridge, jumping a little as she sees you standing there. "You again!" she says in alarm. "What is it now?"

"D-Doctor," she corrects you. "Doctor Scratch. But, Scratch is f-fine."

"Well, I was just s-setting up the medbay a little, really. It looks like it hasn't been p-properly used in YEARS. I-if I'm going to be working there, I can't have it in that state." It's not really so much that she's shy, she just doesn't seem to like having to talk due to her stutter. "Y-You can help if you want, but I th-th-think I have it c-covered."

The bed slides out with a smooth whirr and a satisfying mechanical chunk. The mattress and sheets seem quite comfortable, and on the side of the bed are some options to control the ventilation in your room as well. You stare out the window for a while as you listen to the radio. Eventually, the ongoing interview pauses for a while as they play a track from Zenith Sib, the musician in question. You listen quietly to the catchy little tune as you pass a large, many-colored nebula. Despite everything, you feel at peace.

She chuckles quietly at that.

"Hold up, don't want to go through the whole stock," she says. "Still got a ways to go before we get to… whatever that place is called." She shrugs.

The packaging just says to bake in a regular oven for 20 minutes, or in an instant oven for 30 seconds. You just happen to have an instant oven available, courtesy of Polybius, one of the leading technology corporations in the Empire.


The speaker remains silent, but after a moment Gigi sighs. "Alright," she says. "If it means the two of you can keep him safe, I guess you can take a look. Just… Just don't go messing around with anything, okay?"

"Oh, G-dog, I can't believe it! We've barely known him for a couple of hours and you're already opening up? How very 'character development' of you."

"Shut up Frank," she said. "The bat made a good point earlier. If something happens to both you and FJS we'll need someone that knows you well enough to actually make repairs." She didn't say it out loud, but judging from his reaction to nearly failing, that outcome was more likely than she would have hoped.

FJS saluted. "Swabby Frank Junior Senior reporting for duity with a report, m'am. The core has been secured, lieutenant Mae, m'am. A shield is now in place, as ordered. If something were to happen, damage would be minimal, m'am!" He dropped his leg.


"Shit, I could fold one of these in half and eat it in one sitting. Guess it isn't my pizza though, it's for the crew. Split one then."

Copper says, taking the pizza out of the packaging and placing it in the instant oven.

"You think you could cook something with Lucy? Like, reheat a burrito wrapped in foil by shooting it?"

She closes the oven and tries to figure out how to turn the thing on,

"This is why I just buy fast food."


Glitter couldn't help but smile as she looked out the window, bobbing her head to the music. She decides to wait until the song is done before getting up. Feeling a bit more refreshed, she decides to pack everything up and turn everything off before heading out to explore around the ship some more.


"Doctor Scratch, my bad." he says, keeping his voice somewhat level and soft. "I wouldn't mind helping at all- I've got nothing better to do, and this sort of stuff's important for everyone."

He takes a look around the medbay, trying to find the best places to start putting some of her supplies. Flicking his tail a little bit as he mulls it over, he finally asks "I'm not, ehm, bothering you, am I? You seem like the quiet sort."


"Oh I won't, ma'am," says Keg, putting on his goggles. "Don't you worry. I'm just gonna see what makes him tick. Maybe tighten a few screws here and there. Nothing major." He flips through a couple lenses on his goggles, then pulls out a massive screwdriver about the size of his leg out of nowhere. "Alright, Frankie. This might be a little uncomfortable, but don't move a piston while I'm at it, okay?" He gives you a reassuring pat on the head as he gets to work.

Keg proceeds to open up a panel on your head and chest, poking around inside the cavities to examine the hardware. You feel extremely uncomfortable, like a visit to the dentist. He pokes and prods at you for like 15 minutes with all sorts of tools. When he's done you don't feel much different; a little sharper, maybe, but otherwise the same old Frank. "Well, that's about as good as I could get it," Keg says, rubbing his head. "Shouldn't even be running, this one," he says to Gigi. "Don't know how you managed to get him to work. These models were decommissioned years ago, you know."


She nods, looking a little relieved. "That's good. Just… Just Mae is fine, you know. I just work here. I'm not a lieutenant. …Captain says we're staying the course to Euryale. So I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope it doesn't explode." She looks bitter.

The instant oven works just like a microwave. After a few seconds, it comes out with a loud ding! The pizza is fully baked and ready to eat. Ham, bacon, pepperoni, meatballs, onion and loads and loads of cheese. Looks and smells delicious.

"Never tried it. Would be cool to find out though." She gives a sharp toothed grin at the sight of the pizza.

You wander around, overlooking the ship. You can see Frank talking to Mae across the other side of the cargo bay, while one or two rooms down Sunny is listening to the same radio program as you as he sets up his room. Down below, you can hear Keg, Frank (again) and Coronet working in the maintenance section, and Amelia and Copper are in the kitchen. Sounds like they're getting a bite to eat.

You help Scratch carry her things to the medbay, setting it up much like a tpyical doctor's office. She gets to work putting everything the way she likes it. She seems to like organizing things and putting them in their right place.

"N-not at all. It's nice to have someone to t-talk to," she says as she adds a few homely touches to her room; namely, a pot with a single tiny sprouting plant in it. She starts examining a monitor in the room, which seems to be set up to write up medical logs and provide diagnoses. "S-so, Poncho, what brings you on this mission? It s-seems quite dangerous to me."


Gigi says, "It wasn't easy." And leaves it at that, falling silent again.

Frank quickly shook his head around. "That wasn't pleasant at all!" he assured Keg. "But I gotta admit, whatever you did feels better now that it's already done." He deflates at the mention of being decommissioned. "Yeah, trust me. She knows. She's the only reason I'm still around and not trapped in an endless hell of my own malfunctioni- malfunctioni+ malfunctioning body." A quiet click, almost like a clicking tongue, came from his voice box. "But I guess back then I didn't really care as much, so maybe it was a double edged sword. Who knows?" He immediately perks back up. "But hey! If I wasn't here maybe you would all be frozen space debris right now, so it isn't all bad, right?"

FJS saluted one more time. "Well Mae, you can rest assured knowing that I'll stop at nothing to keep you and this crew safe, no matter what! We'll make it to Euryale or die trying!"


"Fuck yes, alright. Pizza and then we'll test that out. Halvsies, I don't wanna figure out negotations for who's more hungry."

Copper looks around the kitchen for some sorta cutting utensil for dividing the pizza,

"You're the type to carry around a big fuck-off knife right?"


Poncho looks over the potted plant with a bit of a smile, before looking to the goat and nodding. "Well, alright. As far as the mission goes… yeah, it's shaping up to be dangerous. It seems like we've got a pretty solid crew though, yeah? And if you feel unsure about it, there's nothing wrong with hopping off along the way- some things really aren't for everyone. What brought ya here, outta curiosity?"


Powder Keg looks at you pensively, and is about to say something, but seemingly changes his mind. "…Right. Let's just hope it holds, eh? Wouldn't do to die only a couple hours into the voyage. Heh. …Well, I ought to go set up my room. I'll leave you to your own devices, mate. Cheerio." He packs up his things and nods goodbye for now, heading towards the cabins and leaving you alone in the maintenance area (except for Coronet, presumably).


She doesn't seem very comforted by that. "Yeah, the or is what bothers me. Fingers crossed it doesn't come to that." The whole situation seems to have soured her mood considerably. She starts moving past you towards the kitchen.

Amy reaches into her boot, pulling out a big Bowie knife. "Save your energy." She hacks the mega sized pizza into eight neat pieces and bites into a still steaming slice, not even feeling the burn. "…'S not great," she shrugs.

"Hey! Those are for dinner!" An annoyed looking Mae enters the kitchen, looking exasperated by something. Amy just keeps eating. "Not anymore." Mae's about to tell her off, but decides it's not worth it and sits at the table herself, taking a slice and munching on it absent-mindedly. She raises her eyebrows at you in greeting.

She thinks for a moment. "Y-You said it. Curiosity. I've been in quite a f-few travels myself, and I'm no stranger to d-dangerous voyages. I'm curious to know wh-what happened on Marillion, really. A-and if I can help any survivors too. The crew does seem quite st-stable. I'm sure we can handle it. …A-although… the captain… he doesn't seem very… very stable, does he." Her expression darkens for a moment. "But we can pull through! I'm sure of it! If anyone's hurt, I-I'll be able to do my thing."


FJS silently watches Mae walk away before turning on his hooves. He took a step forward to follow her, but Gigi told him he probably shouldn't. His voice considerably increases in volume as he spins around and walks down the hall, distorted like he's speaking into a megaphone. "Excuse me, Ms.Pop? Are you around?"


Frank waves to Keg as he leaves. "Catch you around!" he says, following him out of the room. "See you later!" In spite of the parting comment, he continues to silently, awkwardly walk with him to the rooms, deciding to pick one out while he can.


"Fucking knew it."

Copper grins as Amelia pulls out the Bowie knife, grabbing her own slice,

"Pizza is pizza, like, even a 'not great' pizza is still good."

She takes a bite and pulls the slice away from her mouth, ritualistically testing the elasticity of the cheese. She turns around in the middle of the act to Mae entering.

"Ohf, heyah Maeh."

Copper is quick to eat the cheese, smiling at the her,

"Well just consider this our dinner then, I won't ask for more later."

She winks, sitting on the counter and kicking her hooves up to eat her slice,

"You gotta tell me about the figurines though."


"Yeah. If there's any survivors, we'll be sure to do everything we can to help. I'm not sure what to make of the captain yet, but… I'm pretty confident things'll go alright."


Glitter seems to be keeping to herself right now. You can hear Mae, Amelia and Copper having a good chat nearby though, and Poncho and Scratch up near the bridge as well. Everyone else seems to have relegated to their rooms.

Amy nods sagely, as if discussing high philosophy with a fellow intellectual. "The pizza scale. Way at the bottom are shitty unedible dumpster fire pizzas - " she stops to take another bite - "then everything else is good. Up the top are the weird fancy ones with avocado and sour cream and shit. No good."

Mae stops mid bite as you mention them, quickly swallowing. "Oh that? It's nothing, just a dumb hobby I have. I just think they're neat. They're from this show I used to watch, sometimes." She seems kind of embarrassed by it.

Once she finishes, she goes and serves herself a glass of cold water. "Drinks, anyone?"

She smiles confidently. "Y-Yeah. We'll pull through. Euryale should be a good stop. Th-there's a bunch of work opportunities there! Plenty of time to get properly s-stocked for the trip, you know? And make some extra money, maybe h-hire a few other hands… We'll be s-set!"



You come across an unoccupied room. There's quite a few of them, as the ship is meant for a larger crew than what it currently has. Powder Keg is aware of you following behind him and picks up the pace, feeling a bit uncomfortable. The room you find has the same setup as in >>706087

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