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Flaming grunts as he knocks her horns, and she snorts and gives him a growl. "Please, they hit me with a hundred arrows and I wouldn't feel a tickle. You just happen to have a very thick coat. Not to mention a thick head."

As the voice speaks out of the woods, Flaming sudden tenses up even more, putting herself into a fighting position (VERY unthreatening, however, she's displeased to see as she does it given the story-book aesthetic she's been turned into). She looks out as the figure steps out of the woods, cloaked in white, but Flaming turns to look down at her legs, and then at her familiar looking sword. She starts to toon out the being's threat and demand for tribute as she puts the pieces together, and when Pryce says it…

Flaming joins in. "Yeah… YEAH! Blessings, that *is* you, isn't it? What are you doing?"


"NO," the mysterious figure quickly answers Flaming and KP. "Uh, my name… I-I… my name is Curses, the feared Duke of Tartarus! Only the Princes and the Accuser have authority before me, so what are thee but a worm, mortal? Kneel before me, and address me by my proper designation!"

"Oh, do you mean that dreadful demon hunter Blessings? Yes, I fought with her for a hundred days straight before your arrival interrupted our fight; she is a mighty foe indeed, and has even saved many souls who became lost in this world after failing the temple's trials. Of course, I recaptured them after I drove off that dreaded hunter, and they are now back under my control! Mwahahaha."

One of the other hooded figures steps forward, and you see that he is a buffalo with the black and white mark of Buiwong's cult on his forehead. "Yeah, we've been following Blessings here ever since she saved us from those real demons back deeper in the–"

"Shhh!" 'Curses' says.

"But didn't you say–"

"I said shh, that's what I said."


KP looks up at her as she states her true name. After a moment his eyes light up, and he gives a wink.
>"I will never kneel before you Curses! And we will not pay your tribute either! We're on a grand quest to save our friends, and we won't stop for the likes of you!"
KP declares, puffing up his chest in a false bravado, playing along.


As 'Curses' swiftly denies the allegations, Flaming turns her head and stares at the cloaked figure, squinting. "Really…? Cause," she points to the buffalo, "That guy right there just called you Blessings. Is this some sort of game? Because I don't know if I like it."

As she comments on her being here for a hundred days, Flaming's eyes open up, "Wait, WHAT!? But Blessings only disappeared a few hours ago! How could she be here for a hundred days?!"

She turns to Pryce, confused. "Uh… what are you doing, Pryce?"


"They will largely be figureheads; survivors of the old world, they will act as symbols of mortalkind's resilience, and its potential to survive the worst of evils that lies in wait in this cruel world. True power shall lay with Ecclesia, who will guide them and take control of mortalkind at each level."

"We can throw around 'what if' questions until we are all old and gray. Amy's tattoo is currently causing her to meld closer with her demon. What will happen when she and Ego completely integrate thanks to the tattoo? Will they still be 'Amy Thest,' or something else? Will they be more mortal, or more demon at the end? If she becomes more like a demon, will she be subject to the innate respect for power that all full demons feel? What if she does not survive to the end of Tartarus… or what if she feels the power of a greater demon inside Tartarus, and it imposes its will upon her? Your plan is as full of variables and chance for failure as ours is, no matter what they are, yet I fail to see how you will take command of mortals without the Church as the sole unifying authority that mortals will be able to trust."

He shakes his head. "How do you know your seal will hold purchase if it is too far from Mudi? If you are to use her as a seal, the fillies will have to come with us. If they are to remain on the surface, other means will have to be used to take them into Tartarus at the moment that we reach our destination and slay Mudi."


>("We gotta play through the story I think, so I'm just playing along! Think of it like that show you did.")
He whispers.



"Flaming, what are you doing!?" Amy says angrily. "Don't ruin the game!"


Amy looks to 'Curses' and smiles. "What tribute do you demand of us?"



"You don't even know what she wants yet," Amy admonishes KP. "Don't be rude to the new friend!"


Flaming quickly looks between the two of them, seeming VERY confused about the current situation. But, not wanting to look the fool, she swiftly turns her attention towards 'Curses'. "Y-yeah! You don't scare us, what tribute do you even want?"


"Are they ok with that decision, to be a figurehead for the rest of their days? Even if we went with that route, they cannot be mere idols. The demons would need to see real power in either of them in order to be pacified, not power from your large assorted group."

"Whether she is more of one or the other does not matter. She will still be mortal in some capacity and that will keep her from giving in to the demonic instinct to follow power. She has not forgotten herself to follow power with any demon in the past during our travels, so I believe we do not have any worries on her there."
Pryce says to Shei's defense.
"And I would agree that we can be here all day throwing around worries and what-ifs until the world ends again. We should worry more on getting through Tartarus, rather than jumping to assuming we'll reach the end without issue."

>"She came at us and demanded tribute or to leave!



"The tribute is one million bits! But, as is customary in demonic law, I will offer thee an alternative to payment, as thou lookest as though thou have trouble paying your tab at the bar, much less throwing around millions! Mwahahaha! The alternative is to help me with a little issue. I used most of my power fighting that hunter, and so other demons… ones I don't quite recognize, have moved in on my territory. I have to protect my subjects, and thus I need your assistance in defeating those monsters… particularly a pair of characters who are also in the midst of a fierce battle of their own!"
LJ digs his hooves through the ground. "No objections from me, Duke Curses!"


>"Very well," KP says with a heavy sigh, "I shall aid you in this task Curses. Who are these other demons we must deal with?"
He asks, trying his best to hide his excitement over being in the story, to act more reluctant in working for the dark Duke.


"Well I would say a quarter of those 'what ifs' are void after we submerge from Tartarus-" The sound of Shei-Sher's voice becomes tender and fonding "Maybe it is my own preference for Amy speaking. But she loves me, She loves a mortal. And I love her too. We have grown to be a couple during our travels together. I do not believe she will ever forget that. Amy Thest has walked a long arduous path in self-control and learning what is right. The tattoo she has is intentional, everything she does is so she will be in more control of herself. Your point is fair, I will concede my share of variables. The church has failed us once before however. The highest order of the church were not even whisked off unto Nirvana when the angels came, I wonder why. I was there beside Rising Tide when he had gone mad with desolation. And yet you preach their righteousness as if it is absolute, as if the angels will recognize it."

Shei sighs shortly, Shei-Sher learns forward and speaks in a softer more beseeching tone "I'm asking you to look in your heart. Ask yourself if we are repeating history again. Ask yourself if we walk this path Ecclessia walks will it be honest."
[1d10] Diplomacy

>"How do you know your seal will hold purchase if it is too far from Mudi?

"My seal, is a brand on the soul. To my knowledge, data is maybe like the script of a soul's memory. Laciela's Data is what Mudi holds when she writes her hexes. Though the Data is seperate from Laciela's body that does not truly mean it is Seperate. My Pupil has never told me such, only that it is a part of Laciela's Data. As long as I am close to that, and Laciela has my seal placed on her it is like the seal is on Mudi's quill as well."

Roll #1 7 = 7




"One million bits?!" Flaming repeats angrily, shaking her head. "That's outrageous! I doubt that much money even exists!"

As Curses gives her their alternatives, she snorts, shaking her head, "I am not one to deal with evil such as you, uh… Demon Lord Curses…" she groans, "Curses, *really*?" She shakes her head, "B-but no matter! Point us in the direction of these you need dealt with, and I…"

Flaming pauses, looking to the side. "Uhhh. I, Chief… Inferno Stampede, will see it done, if you are too weak to do it yourself. Now tell us where we need to go!"


"Of course they will have real power: all the pure magical energy which Mudi drained from the witchbone and that she seeks to absorb into herself with the help of the Momentary Lake… her own magical power, accumulated by stealing the talents of countless ponies… the magatsuhi of the Shades that she so cruelly drags along, keeping them from their eternal rest… everything that Mudi has gathered for herself shall be offered instead to the Princesses, combined with the boons of Ecclesia's gods – those who have not abandoned the Church. You needn't worry about their power before demonkind; it's fair to say they'll be quite set."

"Repeating history?" Gegenschein asks. "But of course we are. It is simply mortal nature. They rise, they fall, and rise once again. Each time the cycle begins anew, they say to themselves, 'This time we've got it, this time we'll do it right, this time will be the right one…' They put far too much stock in their power as individuals, not realizing that they are stumbling along, pushed by the momentum of those who came before them."

Suddenly, with a chill, the night of the Rapture comes back to you. Gadds in particular shudders and clutches his arm, as Gegenschein repeats some of the final words of the Archbishops before Agape fell.

"But what else can we do? Even to suggest that we can break this cycle, to recognize the spiral nature of history, is in itself a repetition. Piece by piece, the great machine of mortalkind falls apart. Individual pieces lose themselves in hubris, and lead others astray with their dreams of the future, of what they can shape reality to be. And piece by piece, the collective good falls apart once again. The Church is to blame for each crack in the machine if it does not repair itself every time that peace begins to break down again. Go on and establish Amy as the monarch over demons and mortals! Establish Mudi as the monarch! Establish anyone as the monarch! It shall happen again and again and again… unless the church's control is utterly and truly absolute, whoever the monarch may be. Only when all hearts are turned toward it, when the Union is complete in all places and in all hearts, guided by the gods, can we expect to finally break this cycle."



"And I… Amy… will help her!" Amy says with lackluster drama.


Flaming looks at her, whispering, "Hey, Amy, what was that about not breaking the rules?! Blessings chose a new name!"


"I still disagree with giving that power to children. And if it's to be split between the two of them, we can't be certain two halves of this power will draw the same effect of the demons as one whole."

Pryce listens to Gengenschein's grim warning, and almost threat. He holds his tongue. While his face shows his distrust from that, he waits for Shei to respond.



"I couldn't think of anything!" Amy whispers in a panic.


"I am not insisting that Amy rule Mortal kind. Everyone to the nation they belong respect their ruler. To each their family, to each their nation, to each their gods, segregated but united against Dissolution! What I am proposing is that we know nothing and the only way forward is to for an embassy to represent the interests of all creatures"

"Lo, your hearts lay bare. The same as I saw within Accorssia's Church. Heed my words, you will never control a person's heart. You may never have a person's heart, if it is all you desire."

"Chorazin- You're an Angel. Enlighten us, what would Metatron think of this new Union Church? What did he think of the previous one?"


With that, Curses gives a flourish, nearly revealing her face from how the gesture moves her cloak, but quickly pulls it back into place. "Come, they're fighting over in the woods a bit up from here."

Curses leads you along through the 2.5D landscape, occasionally stopping and checking behind trees and bushes, protectively holding out her hoof before the others to make sure they are safe. Eventually, after a little while of travel, you hear the clashing of swords and the breaking of trees. The scene shakes as trees are felled and rocks are knocked around, some even whizzing just overhead.

Up ahead, in a destroyed clearing, you see a knight, identical in appearance to the stallion you saw in the mural on the cube. However, whenever you look at his face directly, it is blotted out by black scribbles. When you look at him from your peripherals, his face can be seen, though only in that half-blurry way that things in your peripheral vision appear. He is fighting another figure, a mare wearing the same dress as Amy, only hers is of a higher quality. Her face is similarly obscured, only revealed when not looked at directly.

The two don't acknowledge you at any point, and continue fighting, leaping and clashing at one another, with nobody having an advantage over the other.

"I tried to intervene, but no matter what I tried, I couldn't find an opening while still protecting my servants," Curses says. "But thou lookest like you can hold your own in a fight, even for puny mortals, and there's a lot of you! See if you can solve this matter!"


KP trails along, looking around and wondering where they will be next in the story. When they come out to see the Knight and Princess fighting each other, KP pauses with hesitation.

>"Uhhh… which one do we help?"



Amy sees the dress, and steps forward without thinking. A mystified look sits upon her face.

"Princess Vinland?" Amy calls out above the noise of the combat.

[1d10] for diplomacy with Compassion

Roll #1 7 = 7


Shorthorns lowers her head deep in thought, "Well okay, okay, lemme think… maybe… let's see, what's purple and sparkly like you…"

"This had better not be a waste of Chief Inferno Stampede's time, Lord Curses!" Flaming bellows, stomping her hooves as hard as she can to feel more intimidating as she tries to get into her role.

She follows behind the disguised Blessings, felling VERY relieved that she is safe after all, as they travel through the woods to the sounds of clashing swords.

She looks at the knight, trying and failing to catch a glimpse at his face, and then to the princess, whom she can't help but feel is eerily familiar regarding the dress she wears… and remembering where they found the one Amy now wears. She opens her eyes, "It's her… the Princess of this story, s-she was that mare from the tower!"

She turns towards Pryce as he asks who to stop, and she snorts. "BOTH. Let's let Amy try and talk them both down first. I'll hang back behind her ready to jump in if either of them make a move."


"Metatron did not exist prior to the Rapture," Chorazin answers. "In fact, as an angel, he is hardly older than I am. As for this new union Ecclesia seeks to build from the ruins of the old…"

She looks up at the ceiling with reticence. "He shall make his opinion clear tonight."

"Ah, good, we shall look forward to hearing his thoughts," Gegenschein says. "As for hearts? I am afraid your perspective is too small, Shei. Hearts are truly easy to guide when a higher truth is on your side. Fear not: is our alliance with Zha not an indication that we do not seek blind power and instead work well with others? You might claim that we took Zha over with cruel politics. Far from it; Zha had already lost its sovereignty when King Lininas took on the leaders of the nearby kingdoms into his council. Each squabbling ruler only fought for his own interests and the interests of his people, and the other kingdoms' refugees be damned. Our allegiance is not to power, but to the higher wills of the gods. Even foreign gods can be added to our union. We are not the inquisitors and exterminators of old – we are a unifying force. I mean, listen to us! We are all on the same side except for who we are putting at the top!"



"Amethyst," Amy says flatly.


Flaming's eyes open wide, "OH! That's good, Amy! Use 'Amethyst', that's really pretty." She says, apparently lost on the pun.



"See, that's what I was thinking. But, then I realized that that's where my name came from in the first place. So, I was like, 'Hey, maybe I can make some pun out of it'. Then, I just came up with Amy…"


"An angel is going to come down tonight?"
Pryce says in shock to Chorazin.


"'An' angel?" Chorazin asks with irony. "You don't know the half of it."


Pryce looks on grimly.
"…And he's coming down for Ecclesia specifically?"


"…I don't even know how to describe it."


The two combatants stop their fight and look at you, and they both back away from one another and from you, with the Princess hopping up to a higher platform, holding her sword at your group in a cautious stance. The knight does the same, and clutches at some injuries around his side, though he looks like he's got some fight still in him. It is only now that you start to notice a blurry, indistinct aura around them, rippling out like heatwaves, seemingly concentrated around their shoulders.

Curses stands back, protectively guarding her entourage, and Zophie stands beside her.


>We are all on the same side except for who we are putting at the top!
Shei-Sher sighs "That we are.. I- I just can't help but feel terrible about this. As though we are digging our graves this very night… I do not think the Gods want us to rely on them. At least not the good ones.. No, no.." Shei-Sher turns his head left and right telling himself it won't work. "Union is a lie, the creatures that are different are truly distinct even in heart, it is something one must accept. Only Y'dryth is truly united, we are not Y'dryth. We were born in the waters of Sheol.. It doesn't matter. I came here to know if you will fight with me in Tartarus and now I do. Doctor Galton I shall prepare another vial of dark matter from my source vial, for your examination. We will rendezvous at Fantasia on the morning after two days from now. If that settles everything would you care to call Laciela for me? So I may place my seal upon her."

"And one more thing, has Ecclessia happen to take in a number of Goats from Zha Arlakane?"


KP holds up a hoof in defense as the Knight and Princess lead away and aim their weapons at them.
>"W-We mean no harm. We're here to help."
He says to try and defuse the situation.
>"Why is it that you two are fighting?"
He asks. As he sees the aura, he looks up inquisitively as he tries to see if there's anything causing it.
>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Oh…" Flaming comments, "Well… I think it still works even if it's where your name comes from, it sounds a little different from how your full name does, and it's pretty."

Flaming smiles as she looks to Amy, "I knew you could get their attention. Yeah, I think that lady there is the one we learned about in that Tower, when we first learned about the Sons of God. I wonder if she realizes what you're wearing."

She looks towards their shoulders, noticing the odd waves coming off of them, and asks, "Why are the two of you fighting?! Can't you see what you're doing to the land around you? What you're doing to yourselves?"



"Princess Vinland…" Amy says slowly, looking a combination of worried and awestruck. "Why do you fight your own knight?"

[1d10] for Compassionate Diplomacy

Roll #1 9 = 9


Gegenschein seems to calm down somewhat, and settles some feathers back into place. "So long as you don't raise your arms against us, we will fight alongside you to the last bullet, the last blade, the last soul. We may disagree with you over who should rule, but…" he scoffs. "Well, I suspect Tartarus itself will gauge our wills and do the sorting for us so we don't have to squabble over the crown at the last moment. We are not enemies; let neither you nor I forget that.

"We have taken in some who are stationed here. Others have surprisingly opted to be resettled in other locations; conventional wisdom suggested they'd all want to be together, but it seems they've fractured some. Do you wish to speak with the ones here?"

Galton steps out, then comes back with Laciela after a little while. She greets you with a wave. "Well, if it isn't the Saviors! Some of you anyway. What's going on?"


"Right, we should focus on our unity first and foremost. This needs to be done, regardless of how we feel on the end result."

"We're discussing the details of the Tartarus mission."
Pryce responds as Laciela is brought in.


You can see a monstrous, insect-like shape crouching upon their shoulders. At times it looks like there's one on each of their shoulders, and at others, it looks as though it is a single creature, a lanky and thin mass of limbs and chitin. As you speak to Vinland, she leaps backward, leaning to the side as if attempting to dodge an attack. As she lands, she leaps forward and tries to strike at Amy with the flat of her blade.


Roll #1 8, 7 + 6 = 21


KP shudders at the large besial insects possessing the Knight and Princess.
>"Hold on, you guys are being co—"
KP stops as the Princess jumps and charges at them. His horn lights, trying to see if he can maybe pull off the bug before it reaches Amy.
>Telekinesis [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


>We are not enemies; let neither you nor I forget that.
"Of course, you have our trust."

>Do you wish to speak with the ones here?"

"I was their Shepherd, but they lost faith in me. I want to tell them farewell formally. Do all the goats in Ecclessia share a lodge? Is there perhaps somewhere they all convene for supper?"

Shei-Sher steps forward to Laciela "Laciela? Can you open your mouth? Say Awwww."

then if Laciela turns her eyes up to show her mah Shei-Sher slaps a paper seal onto her shoulder.
[1d10] Cursed seal

"There, we will need that on you to defeat Mudi. She is using a piece of your data to write her hexes."

Roll #1 1 = 1


Flaming catches glimpses of the strange creature shifting in and out of sight on the two's shoulders, leering at it carefully as she tries to gauge what's going on witht he princess and the knight. "Does anyone else see anything…"

As the Princess leaps at Amy, Flaming lets out a gasp, turning towards Amy as she bows her head, white light appearing around her horns as she lets out a scream, "AMY! MOVE!"
>Prayer for Salvation on Amy


The moment you put your seal on Laciela, it is as though the world itself blinks. You are now standing ten feet away, about to put the seal on the wall instead. "You want to try explaining yourself before sticking weird things on fillies? I feel like you weren't bullied enough."

Galton waggles her finger at Laciela. "Now Laciela, what did I tell you? You need to state your opinion as if it was a fact, you're a princess, you can't be wishy washy."

"Right, you definitely weren't bullied enough," Laciela says.

Ichimonji shakes her head and walks out. "I'll summon the goats."



"I don't know what's happening, but it has something to do with those bugs," Amy says angrily as she is attacked by the princess.

>Wrath on the insect thing [1d10+3]

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


>Amy 0/4
Amy is knocked backward into a tree, nearly felling it from the force of the impact and the deep gash it puts into the trunk, but she retaliates with a blast of fire, causing the bug perched on Vinland's shoulder to fly off, skittering about for a few moments before leaping onto the knight. He doesn't seem to notice the bug as it melds with the one on his shoulder, morphing into a much larger shape, which coats the knight in a dark and malicious aura.

Vinland stumbles forward and shakes her head, and you can now see her face plainly, without any blurring or scratching out. She looks around in confusion, before turning to face the knight, as he grows in size, with shadows gathering around him.

Curses curses, drawing her sword in anticipation as the knight now towers above you, empowered by the insect that seems to be controlling him.




Shei-Sher is sincerely impressed, he's only heard of the little alicorn sister's abilities.
He peels the seal off the wall.
"I will have you know, There has been no shortage of bullies my entire life. In fact, some of my closest friends bully me." Shei-Sher says proudly, half joking, half not "Simply ask Sir Etac."

"Now hold still, we need to administer my seal onto you. The Choir and I have agreed to help mute Mudi's power we will need this seal on your body. Mudi uses a piece of your data to write her hexes, this is the only way to subdue it."
>cursed seal again, roll required?


Pryce blinks as Shei is suddenly jutted forward after attempting to place a seal on Laciela. He feels a sense of deja vu, like this sort of effect happened before.
"Shei what are you doing?"

"I am not a bully," Pryce defends himself, "I have only scolded you for doing things like this with your seal."

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