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Our heroes have returned from the Shifting Sands, where in a forgotten vault they encountered someone they did not expect: a petrified Discord, god of chaos, now known as Persolus. Seemingly under an enchantment forcing him to always tell the truth, he told the party that he had figured out a way out of the Echoes, but it required freeing him and messing with some sort of egg that was being kept in the vault. Sensibly, the party chose not to trust him, and declined his offer.

From there, they have made their way to Braildorn, one of the few places in the Echoes that most closely resembles modern society. However, while they sought respite within its walls, they soon found their troubles were far from over: Lysander, an ambitious and greedy dragon with significant influence in the Echoes, saw to the kidnapping of their friend Violet, replacing her with a spy to study the party and assess them. The party soon rooted out the spy and followed a trail of clues (including striking a tenuous alliance with the nefarious Tiger Clan) which eventually led them to Lysander's ship, the Lady Luck. From there, they proceeded to fight their way to Lysander himself, rescue Violet and take the Lady Luck for themselves - which was not a ship at all, but rather an enchanted construct called a Sanctuary. They soon found that overtaking a Sanctuary did not come without its failsafes, however; the Fulcrum, a unique magical object that controls a Sanctuary, was bound to Lysander and Lysander alone, and no one else could use it without risking severe mental harm or even death.

Via one of their newfound acquaintances, however, they may have figured out a workaround. Fumblemore, a bumbling but good natured wizard, knows of a way to break the Seal of Dominion, but it is a dangerous ritual that requires the participation of the entire group; their spiritual forms would entre the Fulcrum, according to Fumblemore, and have to physically bypass whatever defences Lysander has placed.

Meanwhile, the party have made themselves quite busy while in Braildorn:

Hermodur has accepted a contract to hunt down a creature plaguing the town's citizens, a particularly large and intelligent balaur known as the Beast of Braildorn.

Norv has expressed his interest in performing a courier task for Carnifex, a servant of Black Pudding. He has also commissioned a new sprayer to be made for him by the master craftsman Hadrian, which has dug deep into his pockets.

Silver and Rabi, now officially an item, wish to aid a farmer who's been having a strange problem: non-hostile zombies come down from the hills every night and taint his crops, targeting his farm specifically.

Violet, having experience in ousting warlocks, has shown interest in pursuing a terrible sorcerer known as the Oneiromancer, who has enslaved a small fishing village on the other side of the Broad River.
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There's a lot of meat there. I'm sure taking just a little bit of it wouldn't matter. I accept her offer and deliberately eat it slowly while we're walking, not wanting to seem too barbaric.

"Well, that seems like it about sums it up." I nod to the docks. "Looks like there are a couple of small row boats over there. We could probably use those. Here's hoping not too many stay back."


"Of courze, I alwayz have ze time for readingz, and now I have a room for it too. Hermodur azked earlier, zo now I have two readingz!"

Zunden says, somewhat excitedly.

"I will need zome zpaze to make zure I don't fall off ze boat az I try to control ze Fulcrum, will zomeone hold me down incaze zhingz go poorly?"


"Sounds right to me, Vi. I'm ready when all of you are."


"Yeah, that's the hitch," says Aurora. "We're kind of banking on a bunch of them going to investigate, aren't we. But, we're just going to have to take the risk I suppose. Let's do it."

Aurora agrees. "I'll go with you. If anything goes wrong, I'll try to get those cursed things off you."

"No point delaying then. Let's get to it."

Violet takes a few deep breaths to calm down, then you continue downwards to the boats. "Alright. Let's go. Break a leg, team!"

The rowboats are firmly secured, but with a few chops from Silver's blades the bindings are cut loose, allowing them to be boarded easily. Hermodur takes initiative and sends a green light message via ferret. Because of how many of you there are, you have to go in two boats, Hermodur, Zunden and Aurora in one, and Violet, Norv, Silver and Rabi in the other. You notice something odd as you approach: the figurehead on the mast is completely gone. The ship's been tampered with in your absence.

Before long, as you pull up to the Lady Luck, you hear a distant explosion. A cloud of dust and smoke rises on the Braildorn skyline. You hear shouting coming from the docks, and footsteps as the guards run to investigate. You're not sure how many are missing, as you can't see them from where you are.

All eyes are on Zunden right now. "Alright, Z," says Violet. "Do your thing." "I'd cross my fingers if I had any," Aurora comments.


Zunden breathes slowly, laying herself down and slowly putting the rings on, opening her mind to the Fulcrum to exert her will over it.


Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Before I get into the ship I pull my charm out of my pocket. "Here," I say, flicking it at her. "It's worked out for me twice already. Maybe it'll help you. We're gonna need all the luck we can get."


You slip on the rings. Your mind is assaulted instantly by visions of the ship and everything around it. Visions of the ship assault you, your head feeling like it's being torn apart. Before you know it, you are brought back to reality by Aurora, who wrenches the rings off of your fingers. Your head hurts terribly, but at least you're not dead. "You okay?" she asks, genuine concern in her voice. "You started shaking again." She starts preparing a healing spell.
>Zunden takes 1 wound
[1d10] Heal Zunden

Roll #1 5 = 5


Zunden dry heaves, almost losing the only meal she's had in three days as her body convulses and shakes the boat.

"I'm ztill weak-"

She gasps, breathing heavily and temples wrinkled heavily,

"I can take it, I need to do zhiz."

Zunden says, gritting her teeth through the pain. She takes the rings back and places them back on her finger, fighting through the pain to assert her dominance over the magic ship.


Roll #1 2 = 2


>charm activate
Zunden feels herself slipping again, ready for another bolt of searing pain.




"Hopefully that figurehead isn't an important bit." the stallion comments as he looks the boat over.


>roll 7
After taking a moment to recover, you put on the rings again, concentrating on bending the ship to your will. At first you think it's going to lash out and reject you again; then, you power through it, focusing all your mental energy on moving the ship. You can see the whole scene from a bird's eye view; there are about five guards left to watch the ship, the rest having gone to investigate the explosion. You reach out, as if grabbing it with some invisible hand, and start pulling the ship towards you. You can see your body on the rowboat reaching out as well, grabbing hold with the left hand and pulling at thin air as the ship inches towards you. You then reach out again, as if controlled by some will other than your own, and lower a thick strand of rope to your rowboats. The guards jump as the ship moves, freaking out a little.

"That's it, Z!" Violet cheers excitedly as the ship begins to move. As the rope lowers and the ship floats over, Aurora eagerly approaches, flying up slowly to check it out. "Five guards," she says after taking a quick peek. "Rest are gone. Should be easy enough. Let's go." She takes her sword and flaps midair, waiting for everyone to creep up. Silver takes initiative and flies under cover of a nearby cloud, landing on the ship's deck, obscured by the shadows.


I eye the rope with some annoyance. I knew this was coming, but it still sucks. I've never been good at climbing. Taking a deep breath, I reach out, grab the rope, and try to slowly make my way up to the ship.


Zunden's breath quivers, her deep breathing turning shallow as she holds her arm out.

'Bring me aboard'

Zunden mouths out and thinks, commanding the spirit of the Fulcrum.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Rabi slips on to the ship as quietly as possible, in order to line up a better shot once he's aboard.
>[1d10] sneak

Roll #1 5 = 5


Your right arm burns unbearably from the strain. You slip and almost fall, but Violet shoots her hoof out and stops you, straining to hold on herself. Aurora comes to the rescue, sheathing her sword and helping you up one pull at a time.

You see a Servitor appear on the boat. Silently, it takes your prone body, cradling you easily and floating upwards to the ship's deck.

You blend in easily, keeping low and sticking to the shadows of the deck once you're on board.

Hermodur follows suit in pulling himself aboard. Hearing the commotion, the remaining guards jump as they see you. "Intruders! Intruders on deck!" One of them, a pegasus, takes off to raise the alarm, while the rest of them are left to fend you off. They have not seen Silver, Violet or Rabi yet.

Hermodur gets ready for a fight.
[1d10] Sharpen

Silver lunges out at Guard A.
[1d10] Backstab

Aurora swings at Guard B, who attacks her right back.
[1d10] Aurora
[1d10] B

Guard C senses he's outnumbered and runs for it.

Guard D pulls out a flintlock pistol and shoots at Zunden. Her Servitor immediately springs to action, hands turning into blades and attacking the master of the ship.
[1d10] vs Zunden
[1d10] vs Guard D

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 3 = 3 / Roll #4 5 = 5 / Roll #5 9 = 9 / Roll #6 4 = 4


That should be a 2d10 vs Guard D

Roll #1 2 = 2


Oh. Shoot. I guess we're fighting now. So much for talking. I set my rat down on the ground and click my tongue. It's not as well trained as the rats I've spent more time working with, but hopefully it'll be okay. It scurries at guard B with Aurora, while I pull out my tonfa and attack guard A like I'm holding two clubs.

[1d10][1d10](Lucky Dog crit on 8)

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 8 = 8


Zunden lays inert, seeing the soldier fire at her body from a third person view. She watches herself lift her other arm, displaying the channeler's ring and channeling magic through it.

[1d10] Flash

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rabi fires a magic arrow from his concealed position, willing it to split into two and hit Guards A and D


>Forgot roll [1d10+2]

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


The rat springs up and bites at B's ankles, distracting him from attacking Aurora. She manages to get a hit in on him, but he swings out madly and knocks her out of the air for a moment. Weakened by the tendon injury, he keels over, down but not out just yet.

You get in a powerful blow on Guard A, but he retaliates with a punch to the gut that leaves you gasping for air.
>Norv takes 3 hits

You see yourself get shot in the gut. Your Servitor tries to defend you, but the guard is surprisingly competent, rolling away and firing off another flintlock shot at it. Its form begins to waver.
>Zunden takes 3 hits

Your body raises its arm and lets off a burst of light from the ring, momentarily blinding the three remaining guards.

Your shot misses completely, alerting the guards to your presence.

Hermodur fails to ignite Mjolnir. Again.

Silver gets elbowed in the jaw by Guard A, getting knocked off balance and almost falling off the ship, clinging on to the rails.
>Silver takes 5 hits, helpless

Violet lashes out with her kukri, leaving a gruesome injury in D's shoulder. He collapses with a cry of pain.

A rushes to Rabi's position and swings his sword at him.

B tries to get up.

Aurora casts a strengthening spell on Silver.
>Silver is Bolstered

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 = 10


I let out a quiet 'oof' as I take the gut punch full force. It takes a second for me to recover, but I manage to shake it off long enough to set my sites on the guard my rat downed. As guard B tries to stand, I step forward with my tonfa, planning to crack him over the head as he pulls himself up. "Come on, buddy. I don't want to hurt you. Please, just stay down."

[1d10][1d10-1] cheap shot

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 9 - 1 = 8


"Cripes." the stallion remarks, ducking back and swinging his bow like a baseball bat at the guard charging him
>"Magic Bow" [1d10+1]

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


Zunden remains inert, her body soaking in the energy of her magic sun.

>Bask, healing bonds


My vision blurring from the impact to the jaw, i grip the rails in a haze, making an effort to pull myself up!
[1d10] Recover

Roll #1 2 = 2


As he pulls himself up, you bonk him over the head. He falls right back down, out cold.

You dash to the side, grabbing your bow and bashing the guard with a painful upswing. As he recovers, you maneuver behind him and grab the bow at both ends, pulling it to his neck to choke him out. He collapses unconscious after struggling for a bit.

You watch the ongoing fight from afar, focusing your magical energies.

Strengthened by Aurora's spell, you pull yourself back up.

Hermodur tries to ignite Mojlnir again.

The last remaining guard struggles to his feet.

Aurora tries to heal Silver.

Violet punches the guard trying to recover at full force.

The Servitor returns to Zunden's side.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 10 = 10


Rabi loosens the grip on the guard he's choking, and whips around to point his bow at the last guard "Quit it, now!"
>Intimidate [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5



My breathing is heavy, and I can feel a sharp pain in my arm now that the fight is dying down. Turning to the remaining guard, I hang my bad arm to my side while using my other tonfa to clumsily gesture toward him. "Seriously. Just leave. None of us actually want to hurt you."


Shaking my head clear, i take up my knife once again, only to find the brawl has drawn to a close.

"Well now, it seems this plan of ours went swimmingly!"

Sheathing the dagger, i cautiously make my way down the steps into the ship's interior.

"Now to check on the lower decks, perhaps they've opted to store our guests in the same manner as Violet, that dreary brig further down.."


Zunden casts out the healing magic, looking over the rest of the ship for guards while she does.

>spending orb

[1d10+3]Healing bonds, Silver, Zunden (frozen), Norv

If there are any more stowaways on board, she commands the Servitor to guide the party.

Roll #1 6 + 3 = 9


You mend your allies' wounds, bringing Silver and Norv to peak fighting condition.
>Silver is at 5/4
>Norv is at 5/5

As Mjolnir chugs and sputters with flame, the guard, a lanky sort of pegasus with a deep gold coat, gets up only to get roundhouse punched to the deck by Violet. He groans, his head spinning. As Rabi draws a magical arrow, he kicks backwards in a panic, scrabbling away from him. As Norv opts to spare him, you don't have to tell him twice. He looks around to get his bearings, then flaps off back to the dock, leaving you alone on the sailing ship, heading upstream.

Aurora occupies herself with helping the other guards, shaking them awake and helping them off the ship, warning them not to come back. Violet dusts her hooves satisfiedly, proud of herself for that last beauty of a punch. They both join you in searching the ship for anything missing.

You begin heading downstairs and re-exploring your new ship, shown around by the phantom Zunden conjured known as a Servitor. You find that the captain's cabin is completely stripped clean; presumably Lysander got some of his goons to recover everything valuable while you were locked up. Dawn and Carabas are gone, having left the ship at some point. Your rooms have been ransacked, completely messed up and turned upside down, but nothing valuable has been taken. In fact, Norv finds something interesting:

A strange contraption has been left in the storage area. It consists of a long, slender construct ending in a muzzle, almost like a rifle, with a trigger on the bottom and all. However, it has no chamber for loading ammunition, and is instead connected via tubing to a small, custom made backpack, with slots for loading something in. Additionally, the contraption comes with a bandolier of metal cylinders, seemingly made for storing liquids or gases. The whole thing is simplistic but elegant, with brown patterned leather and polished steel. There is a note attached in nigh illegible chicken scratch: "I heard about what happened, so I came to drop it off myself. I hope it's what you were looking for. -H."

Worryingly, you notice something else in the storage area: the sarcophagus that vexed Hermodur so is gone, along with one of the lifeboats. It seems to have been dragged along and loaded in one, judging by the heavy markings on the ground. Where the sarcophagus was, there is an ominous black stain, which occasionally bubbles or emits smoky tendrils. A feeling of dread hangs over you.


I take a deep breath as Z heals me, suddenly feeling worlds better. Still, the dull ache in my arm persists.

As I see the contraption I rush over to it and pick it up. This is it! It's not exactly how I imagined it, but it's it! Actually, it's even better than the one I had back home. This one is a full blown backpack instead of a cylinder I sling over my shoulder, and it's incredibly well polished and looks like it loads individual canisters instead of the whole thing at once. I don't really have a whole lot of poisons right now, but as soon as I get some I'll be set.

My excitement bottoms out as I see where the sarcophagus isn't. Being wanted criminals in Braildorn means we won't be able to take care of the Ony-mancer guy, and now that I assume Lysander's thugs dragged that thing away… I gulp.

"So," I say. "What now?"


After touring the party, Zunden recalls the Servitor to her room the start fixing her room to be the way it was. As she does so, she focuses back on looking at her own inert body, trying to control her body enough to stand up while under the ring's control.

[1d10] stand up while unconcious?

Roll #1 2 = 2


I gasp in shock as i see the state of our room, left a wreck after the ship's occupation.

"Ooh, and we had only just finished tidying up, too!"

"Well.. i suppose we should fix the ship's interior now that this business is behind us, but after that i'm not sure. We certainly can't turn back now, the guards are quite aware of our ship by now, no doubt watching the port.."



"Well, at least we didn't have to kill anyone." he says, de-spawning the arrow and picking himself up. He helps remove the rest of the unconscious guards.
"Well, on the plus side… at least we hadn't really put some effort into it, yeah? Now we can hopefully set things up nice without fear of this happening again."


Violet admires the sprayer. "Wow. That's actually pretty fancy. Good catch." She notices a little fancy H carved into the stock. "Oh, Hadrian made this one, did he? Can't have been cheap."

"What now indeed," says Violet, deep in though. "…We should head north, I think. With Dawn and Carabas gone, we don't really have any leads on where Lysander could be. The Swap Meet is coming up soon, and if we're heading to the Weeping City for it, then the Dreaming Spring will be on the way. We could make progress on freeing the swamp spirit, if you still intend on that."

Aurora looks perplexed. "Swamp spirit? What swamp spirit?"

You watch from afar as your body recovers. On some level, you feel like you can still move around and talk, although your concentration is split between the ship and your body. It is difficult to maintain this.

Inventory update:

Copperhead Rifle
>ranged, catalyst, crits on 9+

A bolt action rifle with a magical enchantment, bearing a snake motif in its decorations. Once the property of the notorious bush ranger Müler, the weapon can only boast limited ammo, but packs a powerful punch, enchanting its shots with arcane energy.

The Copperhead can only be shot 4 times before needing to be reloaded. This is automatic and takes 1 turn. While using the Copperhead, you have access to a unique skill:
>Surge Shot: spell, ranged, recharge 2; You overload the Copperhead with magical energies, firing off a wildly unpredictable shot. Autocrits, but critfails on a 4-.

>looks like the Serpent Heavy Rifle in pic related


>ranged, single

An extermination device designed by the master craftsman Hadrian. It consists of the main body of the device, a backpack and a bandolier. The latter comes with eight small cylinders for loading into the backpack, which are in turn connected to the Sprayer's body. The Sprayer is subtly enchanted, being extremely durable, able to hold almost any liquid or gaseous substance without corroding. This makes the Sprayer an extremely versatile tool, and could potentially be a deadly weapon with some creativity.


Pocket Venom (x6)
>target takes 1 hit/round for 3 rounds or until helpless. Amount can stack with itself. Wears off after 5 successful attacks.
Small glass vials of deadly venom. Intended as coating for an assassin's blade, this venom, whose origins are unknown, will help ensure a kill on even the largest of foes. Beware; the venom does not last long, and will wear off after prolonged use.


In addition, while using the Fulcrum rings, Zunden has access to two unique skills:
>Dominion: spell; You reach out to the Sanctuary and attempt to manipulate it however you wish, essentially attempting to gain control over the construct. Failure to do so may have catastrophic consequences, and can result in pain or seizure for the user.

>Call Servitor: spell; You summon one of the phantasms dwelling inside a Sanctuary, calling it to your side. These entities may only communicate their thoughts to you, and cannot speak directly. Servitors count as taking up a minion slot. On a critfail, control of the Fulcrum is broken, and the Servitor turns hostile if they are not accustomed to your presence.


"It wasn't. Ran me 400 bits. That's more than I paid for two months rent back home. I get the feeling it'll be worth it, though." I awkwardly rub my elbow. "And, uh… I think I want to stop by the tomb in the sands again. I've actually been meaning to discuss that with everyone." I turn to everyone else. "So I guess now is as good a time as any to bring it up. I want to help Persolus by at least taking his head with us. If for no other reason than to make sure Lysander doesn't get to him and make a deal with him first."


Zunden sits back down to focus better on controlling the ship, sitting herself lotus position as she listens on the conversation happening belowdecks. As Violet mentions as where to go next, the ship lurches as Zunden starts to raise it into the sky, bringing it out of the river.

>Once the Servitor has rearranged Zunden's room, she'll ask it help her get there.


Rabi sets the magic rifle and its ammo on the ground, atop his saddlebags. They don't have any real furniture, so that'll have to do. He looks to Silver and offers a bit of a smile, before asking "We can't really do the swap meet, I think… but, I'm sure we can get furnishings elsewhere?"


"On the plus side, we can still swing by the Swap Mee. Maybe we can get a chest, some tables and chairs…"


"Very true, the springs would make an excellent stop! We can gather the lilies needed and take a moment to enjoy the water too."

"Certainly, not to mention the myriad of other things to see, weapons, artifacts, dazzling clothes to wear, it really is so exciting!"

"But for now, we really should tidy up the room, Lysander's lackeys have pulled up the sheets and displaced all our furniture, i could really use a hoof in fixing it.."


"I'm certain we can find an outfit almost as amazing as you, Silvy.~"


"Ohho you charmer! We'll have to get you something nice to wear as well, dear. It wouldn't do to leave you with only traveling gear."

"We'll have to speak to a tailor, something more fitted would look wonderful on you." i add, nuzzling you affectionately as i start start cleaning.


Aurora seethes silently as she's ignored yet again, but says nothing. When you mention wanting to help Persolus, she gasps quietly and blinks. "…Do… do you realize what a terrible idea that is?" she says faintly. "We're in over our heads with this Cuckoo nonsense as it is. Violet doesn't speak up, but stands by your side, wordlessly showing her commitment to your plan.

The ship shudders, and you watch as the lateral sails unfurl once it rises into the air, gentle as a feather. The Servitor helps you settle into your room, where you slump into a chair as you manipulate the ship. You're starting to get the hang of it, although moving around yourself is difficult. It will be some time before you can have complete control of yourself, the Servitors, and the ship, as Lysander showed.

You feel the ship shake as Zunden begins to carry it away, rising out of the river. In the distance, you hear alarm bells ringing in Braildorn, but at this point, there's not much they can do to stop you. Violet goes to take in the view from the deck, and Aurora follows suit, flying up to the crow's nest and looking out. The moon is huge on the horizon, and already you are flying above the canopy of the trees on the distant shore of the Broad River as you head northwards, to the next leg of your new lives. "The way I see it," says Violet happily, "we can do whatever we want."

End of Part One.


>everyone gains 1 Enlightenment Point


"Oh! Aurora, it's been so long since this 'swamp spirit' situation began i had forgotten you weren't up to speed."

"We were tasked with clearing a bog near Black Pudding's forest, a rather worrying ooze. The spirit involved was cursed by Pudding, and asked us to cleanse it."

"As i recall, there is a patch of lilies near the dream springs that are a part of the spell, though Norvy would know more."


"Yeah, that about sums it up. We agreed to help her if she let us finish a job BP gave us to collect a tusk and blood and let us out of the swamp alive. We needed a couple of things to do it. The lilies from the dreaming spring, the eyes of a deer, and a skull. The problem with the skull is it's actually in BP's home, and apparently he has some sort of spell protecting his stuff, so that's kind of a 'cross that bridge when we come to it' situation." I sigh at the mention of how bad of an idea helping him is. I know. It's probably one of the dumbest ideas I've had, but I'm not going to back down now. "Leaving him there while Lysander -who probably has an idea of who he is- knows where he is and will probably show up to strike a deal with him and actually release him is an even worse idea in my eyes. With the mancer guy he's already proven he's not above helping shady individuals to increase his own power. If he thought he was going to get help from someone like a literal god of chaos do you really think he wouldn't jump at the chance?"

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