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File: 1512940385196.png (12.94 MB, 6000x5000, MLP - Luna49.png)


>After staying together for quite some time in your dreams, you and Luna finally leave to face Tiamat
>You both agree that you must face her in her prison to decrease the amount of lives lost should you fail and give the others a little more time, and prevent her possible escape should you choose to face her outside of the prison
>While Luna discusses this with Celestia, you visit a now healed Lucent with Baron
>Lucent doesn't want either you or Baron to go fight Tiamat, but you all say your goodbyes for you and Baron depart for the prison
>You meet up with Luna in Emperor Halberd's throne room and decide upon the following for your party
>Celestia, Luna, Baron, Pierce, and yourself
>Gold Heart, Thorn, and Halberd are to prepare troops and evacuate the city while you're away to prepare for Tiamat's arrival
>Starswirl will help how he can from outside the prison's maze
>Upon entering the maze, Starswirl helps to lead you to Tiamat's cell and leads her to you
>The final battle has begun

Luna and Celestia are carrying the Chains of Harmony through the air and attempting to restrain Tiamat's movement. Pierce's fireballs and Baron's magic blasts are having little effect on Tiamat, and there's a chance she could shoot another burst of fire again.

There has to be something you can do with the magical power you have. Figuring who you should help first might help you figure out how. The princesses are agile enough to avoid any of Tiamat's physical attacks for now, but you'll have to keep moving if you want to avoid any of her attacks on the ground. You assume her current raging state is the only thing keeping her from using her own magical ability to attempt to harm you much like Tiamat harmed Lucent.


>Current Inventory:
- A strange key
- A proper sword
- Harmonyllium Compass
- 10,300 bits

>Physical Ability

- +15 to all combat rolls, and perception rolls while in combat

>Magical Ability

- Current spells: Light, Shield (Average), Double (Poor), Disguise (Novice), Magic Blast (Novice)… wait… something's strange… there's something you feel that wasn't there before… it feels familiar…

>Current Affection Levels:

Luna - Lovers[LOCKED]
Nightmare Moon - Lovers[LOCKED]
Lucent - Best Friends[LOCKED]
Gold Heart - Close Friends [LOCKED]
Celestia - Good Friends [LOCKED]

Congratulations! All relationship paths are now locked.


You will your wings to come forth with no effort at all. It doesn't even strain you to keep them. This is unusual as before, you struggled with things, and in the two years you spent with Luna inside your dreams, you don't ever remember having practiced or honed your skills.


No time to worry about it now. You cast the spell to double yourself and hopefully help in distracting Tiamat, only to end up casting more than intended. There are now at least ten of you, all awaiting your will to act.

Tiamat has started flying around to avoid the chains. Celestia and Luna are doing their best to keep up with her but it's taking everything Baron and Pierce have to keep her confined to one area of the air.


Well, there's tons of us, so we can circle her and start taunting.

"Tiamat! Where's your strength gone? Are you still groggy from your beauty sleep? I knew days where you could shatter mountains with a claw, now you look more like a mewling kitten! Get down here and show me what you can really do!"

"What's the matter, getting tired already?"

"I'd have expected you to be less pathetic than this!"

"If this is all you can do you deserve to back to your bird cage!"

"Bested by ponies the size of a baby dragon! Have you no shame?"


Your taunts seem to be effective. A little too effective.

"Glaurumat" Tiamat roars, sending another burst of fire outwards and sending the princesses flying away from her.

Glaurumat rushes towards you and your duplicates, showering fire and slashing claws in every direction make direct contact with most of them, causing small and harmless explosions where they used to be. You won't last long like this. Not even Baron and Pierce's attacks, which were helping Luna and Celestia before, are doing anything for you now. Her rage has only grown, making her stronger and more bloodthirsty for the one who imprisoned her.

"Keep her distracted," Celestia shouts as she soars a safe distance away from you. "Luna and I will do our best to bind her wings while she's enraged."


You, and your doubles, all focus their magical energy into placing a strong shield around her muzzle. The shield remains in place for less than a second before it's shattered into magic dust.

Tiamat charges you and her head collides against your body.

>Please make a defensive roll of 1d100



Roll #1 83 = 83


horray luck


In an impressive display of power, you bring out your hand and effectively bring her charge to a full stop. The shockwave from the impact bursts from between you two and everything falls silent for a moment. Everyone is stunned by what just happened, including yourself, and Tiamat can only stare at you with burning hatred. Your hand starts to quiver as she roars and continues to push forward. Whatever it was that caused your sudden burst of strength, it's fading fast.

Celestia and Luna take the opportunity to try and rush Tiamat, but as you are right now, you can't hold her like this. If she sees or hears Luna and Celestia coming you won't be able to capture her. Pierce and Baron seem to know this as well and haven't continued their own assault for the time being.


Using magic to enhance your voice and change your pupils into slits that would match a dragons, you shout "Quiet, welp" at Tiamat, only to have her shout back and raise her head up against you. The force of the movement flings you away from Tiamat and crashing into the maze.

It doesn't take you long to recover from the impact and stand in the small crater you've made. The maze reforms itself from the rubble you've made and a quick check of your body reveals you haven't been harmed. Taking to the air, you see the situation hasn't changed much from how it was before.

"You're weak, Glaurumat," Tiamat's voice echoes within your head. "Much weaker than you were before. I'm starting to wonder if you can even kill me?"

Tiamat's rage has dissipated. She's keeping herself aloft between Luna and Celestia, and none of them are moving. A dark green aura of magic surrounds Tiamat, expanding outwards and enveloping the maze. Luna and Celestia fall to the ground and you start to feel the weight of your own body increasing.



Another wave of dark green magic and you find yourself being grasped in Tiamat's claw.

"Is this what these ponies have reduced you to?" she says. "Harmony has made them frail and compliant. It has poisoned your mind and turned you away from me."

Tiamat looks down upon Celestia, Luna, Baron, and Pierce. Sneering in digust, her eyes flash green and you see Pierce begin to move.

"A strong mind and will in this one," she continues. "He'll make an excellent replacement for Kukuri."

Pierce walks towards the ponies, fire spilling out from his mouth. If you don't do something now, Luna could be hurt. There has to be something you can do.


In your panic stricken state, mind racing, you see Tiamat smile. She knows this emotion all too well: fear.

"Delicious," she says, crushing you in her claw. "How long I've waited to see you suffer."

She leans in and inhales the scent of you, the laughter that follows reflecting the brief arousal on her face. Pierce has Luna on her back, his own claws crushing her throat.

"With the sisters out of the way," she says, "and you in your weakened stated. Nothing will stop my dragons from claiming the world that rightfully belongs to me."

"No," Celestia cries out. "Please. Don't do this. Luna."

Celestia's cries echo through the maze and Starswirl's voice comes in loud and clear through your head.

"I didn't want to intrude again until we needed to assure our victory, but it doesn't look like I have a choice."



All around you, the maze seems to writhe and coil upwards around Tiamat. The shock of the sudden attack surprises her into releasing you as the maze washes over her, slamming her into a solid cocoon floating high above the ground.

Look down, Pierce has passed out and everyone else is physically fine, but shaken. Celestia rushes to her sister's side, Luna struggling to regain her breath.

"This won't hold her for long," Starswirl says. "I'm not even sure I'll be able to reconstruct the maze once she breaks out. I've used up too much power already. After this, you're on your own.


Baron is keeping an eye on Pierce and the cocoon while you and the princesses regroup. Coming up with a new plan of attack is your first priority, as your previous one was less than successful. The Chains of Harmony are useless if you can't pin down or distract Tiamat long enough to bind her. Luna and Celestia look worried.

"We should take advantage of the cocoon she's in and see if wrapping the chains around it would work," Baron suggests.

"The enchantment that makes the chains won't work on the cocoon once it breaks," Celestia explains. "In order for that to work, the cocoon itself would need to be bound against her body tight enough that it would give her more than enough free movement."

"The weight of the cocoon itself…" Luna says,
"would it not slow her movement enough to bind her?


"It would take a great deal of magical power to pin the cocoon to her, but I think we can do it," Celestia says and smiles at Luna, "together."

Luna nods then looks at you.

"You had the power to stop Tiamat, if only for a moment," she says. "I know you wish to help us, but having that power on our side might ensure our victory over Tiamat should either Celesia or I fall in battle."

Both Celestia and Luna flap their wings and hover before you. Luna dashes forward to deliver you a brief kiss, and then the two of them race off toward the cocoon. The cocoon becomes enveloped in Luna and Celestia's magic as it crashes against Tiamat's form.
True as you believed, her movements do seem slower, but exerting magical power to keep the pieces of the maze in place without Starswirl's help is putting great strain on the princesses.

"So what's the plan?" Baron asks.


perception check

Roll #1 4 = 4


>+15 has been added to your roll as this is a combat situation

Despite your effort, all you can tell is that the power is coming from somewhere inside you.
You're not sure why it's there or what it is but if it helped you defend against Tiamat's attack once before, it may help again. You need only figure out how to access it.


File: 1515954906463-0.png (16.48 KB, 814x168, Capture.PNG)

Upon inspecting your compass, you find that it does not point to Luna, but to you. Upon realizing that you are the incarnation of the stars and that the power within you is probably related to that, the world around you is instantly transformed into the vast and majestic beauty that is outer space. A moon larger than any planet or sun you could imagine floats before you in the vast sea of swirling galaxies and bursting supernovas.

"It is strange to welcome ourselves," you hear your own voice call to you, "however, we feel it would be rude not to. Welcome."


"Uh, hi."

"Yes," the stars glow bright with glee as they respond. "Hello."

"Who brought me here? Was it me or you?"

"Both," they say, "But we already knew that."

A cluster of stars groups closer together in front of the moon and slowly begins to change color until you can see a replay of Luna's fight with Tiamat. She's straining to keep the maze attached to Tiamat while she carries the chains, but the fierce determination in her eyes tells you she's nowhere near done fighting.

"Isn't she beautiful?" the stars swoon. "There is so much passion and strength within her cool, reserved presentation to her subjects. It's rare to see her like this, but when we do… If we had breath we would fear of losing it. Truly she is wonderful either way, but you understand the value of precious few moments like this."


"The fight is still going on? We have to help her!"

"No," the stars correct you. "We are within our own moment within ourselves, viewing a recent memory of the battle."

The stars dim for a moment and the replay pauses.

"Unfortunately," the stars say, "she does not wish for our help. She will only ever wish for our safety. And at the moment, Tiamat has her too distracted to be focused on anything else."

The screen of stars fades away and clusters together in front of the moon.

"We would do anything for her if only she would ask."


"To hell with our safety, if she dies our lives won't have a meaning anymore! We'd be an eternally mourning entity babbling incoherently in space and we'd always know it was our fault!
Only by defeating Tiamat we truly be secure.
We have to give our power to Luna even if it puts us into danger. We both know that we can't live without one another. We must ask her to trust us and help us help her save Equestria."

"We understand how we feel and we know the consequences," the stars say, "but our powers can not be given unless they are asked for properly."

"I don't think she will have time to ask us any time soon, even if I could convince her to do so"

"We must," the stars insist. "To prevent us from abusing our powers we were not given free will over them. Luna must request that we assist her in defeating Tiamat. Only she can. Remind her of how she was freed from her prison.
Remind her of how much she has to lose and how much more she will lose if she doesn not ask for our help. Otherwise, we are all as powerless as we feel, and she will lose more than just us in the process."

With that, you are back in the maze.


After being catapulted in the midst of the battle from the calmness of the night sky, just being back in our body hits us like a mallet. The pain, the sounds, the fatigue, the-
"Luna!" we scream at the top of our lungs, "We're powerless! We can't do anything to help you if you keep trying to save us, Luna!"

"If you truly love us, ask for us to help you!"

When all of you went in together, you knew there was a chance you wouldn't make it out.
Luna knew the risk that the two of you were taking together, and while you may be willing to sacrifice yourself for Luna and the rest of Equestria, she seems hesitant. Thinking over your words has slowed her movement further and a slash from Tiamat almost clips her wings.

"I will not live to see you die," Luna says as she regains her composure. "Unfortunately,
I know you feel the same."

Luna calls out to Celestia and the two princess share a few words. When they part, Celestia goes off to distract Tiamat on her own while Luna appears before you. Closing her eyes,
she begins to recite:

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.


Power. There's no other word to describe what it is you feel the moment she finishes the spell. It fills your being making you feel lighter than air as you shine a blinding light into the dark remains of the maze. When the light fades,
you look around to see that everyone has stopped fighting to look at you. Some stare with awe and amazement, but one in particular gazes upon you with fear and loathing.

"I wish," Luna speaks and your attention is drawn to her. Her words are all you hear and her will your sole purpose of being. Anything and everything is for her and her alone.

"Imprison Tiamat for eternity."

A violent roar breaks the silence between the two of you as Tiamat rushes toward you.
All her might and fury rain down upon you in glorious hellfire and relentless assault of teeth and claws. None of it harms you, for Luna does not wish it to.

Celestia has long since abandoned the chains,
taking Pierce's unconscious body to safety while Luna and Baron retreat with her.

It is only you and Tiamat now, with all the power of the heavens at your disposal.


Perception check!

Roll #1 7 = 7


Roll #1 45 = 45


So consumed were you in fulfilling Luna's wish, you were unable to notice the stray fireball that flew towards Luna, Celestia, Baron, and Pierce. None of them were prepared for the attack either, as fighting Tiamat had left Celestia and Luna exhausted. Had Pierce been conscious, had Celestia and Luna been more reserved with their efforts while trying to restrain Tiamat, had Starswirl not had to use the last of his strength weakening her with the maze… There were so many things that could have prevented what happened next.

To protect the princesses of Equestria, Baron used what magic he had and threw himself in the fireball's path. From where you stood, you could see a small explosion from the impact and a scream from Luna and Celestia.

"Imprison Tiamat for eternity"

That was Luna's wish you would use all of your power to grant it. No longer content with dragging Tiamat along, you use the chains to fling her body into the cell. The ground quakes as her body crashes into the prison. Tiamat writhes and shrieks as you wrap the chains around her body, the links do not seem to end no matter how much you pull. Finally, the last of Tiamat's head is entombed by the Chains of Harmony, and her new prison is suspended in midair.

You leave the cell and see Luna approaching you. The power of the stars is fading from your body, drifting back into the cell. Luna looks up at you, tears welling in her eyes.

"Baron is gone."

Roll #1 11 = 11





You feel weak, your body getting heavier by the second as more of the star's power leaves you.

You stumble forward, wanting to see for yourself what's happened to Baron, and end up falling on Luna for support. Fatigue creeps into your muscles and bones as she carries you toward Celestia, who is carrying Pierce. There, lying on the ground before you, is Baron's body, still and lifeless.

"His magic kept him safe from the heat, but the force of it carried all the way through," Celestia says, fighting back tears.

"He died protecting me," Luna says, tears streaming down her face. "He died protecting me."

She struggles to say the words again, kneeling next to Baron's body and she weeps.

"No one should have to die protecting me."

You roll off of Luna and fall to the ground, unable to hold yourself to her. As Celestia kneels next to Luna and does her best to comfort her, you hear your own voice calling out to you.

"Luna's wish has been granted," they say. "It will be sometime before we can regain enough power to grant a wish like that again. One thousand years sounds right. Rest well, until then."

You feel the last of the star's power leave you and you begin shedding tears of your own. The portal to Tiamat's prison opens, breaking through the sounds of your cries, and Starswirl steps through. Dark circles are sunk deep into his eyes and he struggles to remain standing. He takes a moment to survey what's happened before summoning a group of ponies and dragons to care for things.

"It's over," are the last words you hear him say before your consciousness fades.


>One week later

Baron's funeral service was held in Canterlot where he was given his own stained-glass window as part of the service. Lucent hadn't stopped crying until the day after the service. She was restign on a bench in one of the castle courtyards where they'd given Baron his own statue. Completely free of her armor and looking well-rested, she smiles at you.

"Is Princess Luna still busy?" she asks.

You've only seen bits and pieces of her outside of formal ceremonies, for you, her, Pierce, or Baron, and those moments were small kisses and "I love you"s to let both of you know you were still there for each other. She'd told you on more than one occasion that the two of you were taking a long vacation once things had been thoroughly sorted out.

"I'm glad everyone's doing well," she says and looks back at Baron. "It's gonna get pretty lonely without that grumpy old soldier keeping an eye on me every second of every day. In case you haven't been told already, I'm retiring from the Royal Guard."


"So what's next?" you ask her. "Something that keeps you close by, I hope?"

"Something like that," she says, laughing with her usual bubbly rasp that always reminds you of soda. "I'm gonna travel around Equestria for a while, doing shadow plays for the foals. See if I can't find myself a new home."

"A new home?"

"It's always been somebody and not something," Lucent tells you. "For the longest time it was Baron, and I thought my new one could be you."

Lucent nudges you playfully.

"You've got a nice home to make for yourself and Luna now, though," she says with a sigh.


"Baron made me promise that if anything ever happened to either of us, we'd take care of you."

"That sounds like something he'd do," Lucent smirks. "He knows I can take care of myself, he probably just wants to make sure that if I ever need anything, I don't get left hanging."


"How long before you head out?"

Luna's voice calls out to you from somewhere in the courtyard.

"I think that's my sign," she says with a laugh.

You ruffle her mane for a bit and she wraps you up in the biggest, tightest hug she can muster, nuzzling her head against your chest.

"I'll miss you," she says as she lets go. "I'll write you from the road and make sure to visit so you don't get worried."

Rising to her hooves, she leaps up into the air and flaps her wings.

"Take care of yourself and Luna," she tells you, and then dashes off out of the courtyard.

"I thought I heard voices," Luna says as she appears from behind a bush. "Pierce just left for Taloran. He says that the city and its dragons and ponies are all back to their everyday lives. Starswirl will be keeping a close eye on Tiamat's cell, but he does not think we will be hearing from her any time soon, or ever again."

A spark of magic flies out of Luna's horn and the two of you are resting comfortably on her bed.

"Which means that we can finally enjoy some peace," Luna says as she traces small circles on your chest with her hoof.


"At least a thousand years"

"And one thousand after that," she kisses your cheek, "and one thousand after that."

Luna gives you a long and lingering kiss as the two of you sink deeper into the bed and into each others embrace. Neither of you are sure of what tomorrow will bring, what dangers or adventures will be waiting for you, but for now, the least both of you can do is wish for this moment to last forever.

The End.

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