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This is the thread for various one-shots relating to the PirateQuest which I run for the cytube group, not to be confused with other quests involving pirates.



Last time on Cutlass' section of Pirates…

After fleeing from Devotchka and her hair-minions, Cutlass entered a room full of trophies belonging to members of the Gates of Justice. The trophies were being dusted by a maid named Miss Sunshine, who shortly revealed both that she was Schwartzwelt's little sister, and that she had an Aura ability of her own.

After some discussion, Miss Sunshine proposed an alliance between Schwartzwelt and Cutlass; in exchange for going free, Cutlass would have to bring several assassins from the Gates of Justice onto her ship, and take them to the Ribcage so that they could hunt various high-profile pirates.

Miss Sunshine snorts. "Well, duh! Schwartzwelt would let the worst prisoners out if it meant getting into the Ribcage! He'd even let out Doctor Godot for that. As long as you don't attack any Gates of Justice members or interfere in their operations, you could pillage all you want!"


[Forgot to add]
Sunshine also offered her personal help if Cutlass agreed: Not only would she be part of the crew, she would also teach Cutlass the basics of forming an ability for her Aura.



Cutlass smiles. "Then, let us be on our way!" she says, trying to contain her enthusiasm. Poorly.

As they exit the room, Cutlass gestures for Miss Sunshine to leave first. "I also don't think anyone on my crew would mind terribly if you joined us. That is, assuming you wholeheartedly accepted the role of pirate. You wouldn't be a Gate's of Justice agent spying on us. You'd be a pirate. Otherwise, no one could trust you. And, trust me when I say trust his important on a pirate ship."


"That's true about the spy stuff. Schwartz would never trust me to report a secret to him. But, should I reveal to them our connection? If they found out I was his sister partway through the cruise, wouldn't they turn on me? I dunno, I'm pretty new to this whole pirate thing!"

After checking to see that the coast is clear, you return to the hall, finding it a complete mess of open doors, scattered papers and bits of hair all around the floor. "One thing I'm not going to miss cleaning up…" Sunshine mutters.

She guides you through the wide and winding halls of the guard tower, and reaches the staircase in short time, hopping with excitement with each step. "So, what's my starting salary looking like? Job title? Responsibilities? PTO? Dental? Insurance?"



"I'm definitely going to just tell them outright who you are," Cutlass says with a nod. "Unless you want to do it yourself. There's only one who I think would disapprove. And, honestly, I'm about to do something to him that will make his trust not really matter to me anyway. Besides, any disillusionment they might have would immediately dissipate when they learn that you can teach us how to use Aura."

Cutlass smiles at Sunshine's enthusiasm. "Listen, Miss Sunshine, I like that you're excited. But, you should know going in… This isn't exactly a high-paying job. Or a job at all… Or something that pays… This is about freedom. And adventure. Maybe we find some treasure along the way. Maybe we steal some. But, don't expect… a health plan…"

"So…" Cutlass adds, trying to just sound conversational. "You mentioned a… Dr. Godot earlier? Was he really that bad?"


Miss Sunshine falls silent, pondering the terms of the pirate life. "Ah well. A lack of funds isn't a HUGE deal with my ability, especially if the info I've heard on Aura Mastery is true."

"Ah, right, I forgot to ask about that. So, you really got your power from Dr. Godot, right? I wonder why you're not dead… he's poisoned three of the head guards with the same kind of pill that he must have given you to unlock your Aura. A lot of rumors surround him, ranging from him being a cannibal witch doctor, to a serial killer and organ-harvester from eastern Europony."

Miss Sunshine takes you up the stairs until you reach the seventh level, and guides you to an ornate set of double doors that stretch from ceiling to floor. Beyond them is a ritzy waiting room full of elegant furniture, with music warbling out of a record player in the corner. At the back is a big desk with a petite mare in a sailor hat sitting behind it, pecking away at a typewriter. She doesn't look up.

Sunshine approaches, but stops and turns to you. "Ah, after you, Captain."



"I… don't know whether I'm more surprised or impressed that you knew that," Cutlass says in regards to her getting her Aura from Godot.

"Anyway…" Cutlass says as she clears her throat and steps forward. "Schwartzwelt?" Cutlass asks the pony, pronouncing the unusual name impeccably well.


"Oh yeah. Everyone at the upper echelon knows that Godot is to blame for the recent surge in Aura-users among the prison populace. He specializes in a form of chemistry that affects one's Aura. In many cultures, this branch of chemistry is used to help foals develop their Aura, often as part of a coming-of-age ceremony. We've been trying to get him to provide some of that medicine to us, but all he's given us is poison. They can't risk torturing him, so for now he's stuck here as a prisoner."

The mare at the typewriter takes her sweet time before she finally looks up at you over the rim of her glasses. With a sniff, she picks up a conch off her desk. "Schwartz, yer sister and the prisoner with the weird dress are here to see ya."

There's some confused chatter on the other end, then a click. A few seconds later, a black, yellow-maned stallion in steel-blue marine garb enters the room from a door in the back. "Criminy, of all the times for Devotchka to lose her mind. Sunshine? What's going on here, we're due for the inspectors in three hours! And you, what are you doing here?" he asks, surprised that you're not in a cell.



"It's a pleasure to meet you, sir," Cutlass says with a dramatic curtsy. "My name is Cutlass. CAPTAIN Cutlass."

"Your sister and I have been talking," Cutlass says with a confident smile. "And, we believe we've come up with an idea that will solve many problems for all of us."

"How would YOU," Cutlass says like a businesspony, "Like to be the stallion to finally get some hunters and assassins into the ribcage after those pirates?"

[1d10] for persuasion

Roll #1 5 = 5


Schwartzwelt clams up. "Quite a bit. But how would YOU like to be on cleaning duty until your skin falls off? We're due for inspections soon and I've got a rogue pirate out of her cell. Might be better just to disguise her as another servant."

Sunshine winks at you, then puffs up her cheeks and stomps a hoof like a filly. "Schwartz! You're NOT gonna talk to her like that, or you'll be in serious trouble! She's our ticket to having the brass stop breathing down our damn necks all the time like mom and dad!"

Schwartz doesn't move, but you can see he's sweating a bit. "Shhh! You want the whole ocean to hear you? Alright, alright, what's your proposal, Cutlass?"



"I get a ship. A good ship. I get to keep it as my pirate ship. I take a few of the prisoners with me as my crew. I've already selected the ones I have in mind. Your sister has also decided that she would like to join my crew as well. I said it would be alright provided she instructs me and my crew on how to use Aura."

"I have a map of the Ribcage. Rather, I HAD a map of the Ribcage. You confiscated it from me along with my hat and weapons. I'll be needing those back, obviously. Along with the effects of my other crew mates. Anyway, with my map, getting into the Ribcage will be no problem at all. I will bring some of your best agents with me. Surely, with their skills, they'll be able to set up a base of operations of sorts so that you can easily continue further operations into the Ribcage. You will be known by the brass as the pony who finally brought some order and civilization to these pirates and the ribcage."

"Of course, I will need diplomatic immunity for my services. My crew and myself will not be targeted by your agents provided I do not attack them or anyone else affiliated with you. Pillaging will of course also be limited to areas which are not under your control. I would also like to add that I am not a pony particularly interested in pillaging. My focus as a pirate is more on the simple expression of freedom and discovery."

[1d10] for persuasion

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Aura!?" Schwartz exclaims, but waits for the rest of your proposal before speaking further. "Alright, look: Setting the rest of that aside, show me your Aura. How far have you gotten with it? Where did you learn it from? What can you do with it?"



"I have no learned much aside from a vague idea of what it is and its name. Hence why I need a tutor."

"I think I can make it appear, but that's about it," she says as she lifts up her hoof and wills a grey light to appear around it.

[1d10] for aura if necessary

Roll #1 10 = 10



"In regards to how I became capable of doing this… This is also a part of our deal. You see, Dr. Godot is one of the crewmates I will be taking with me."

"I should think this would be a good thing for you. I'm not sure if you realize just how deep his drug ring runs. He is surely a source of more embarrassment for you than you realize. You WANT him out of your prison."


Schwartzwelt nods after inspecting your aura. "Well, it's the real deal alright. In a way, I suppose he is an… issue for us. But, I don't think you understand how rare his expertise is. A aura alchemist is exceedingly rare; there's probably only a hundred in the quadrant where we found him. Of course, he's still damn useless, uncooperative as he is."

He frowns and paces the floor. "I dug up your papers when we brought you in. Bala might have thought that you worked at her favorite restaurant, but I've seen the written record. You're an alright pirate… not the best, but you've shown an eagerness to collaborate with us. Most pirates wouldn't spit on us if we were on fire.

"So, I'll make you a deal. You'll have a ship, a crew and protection from Gates of Justice members as you explore the Ribcage. But, I want you to find an Aura Master once you're in the Ribcage, and convince him or her to assist my troops in learning Aura. How does that sound?"



"Y-you have PAPERS on me?" Cutlass stammers, losing her composure and blushing for a moment. "Th-that's fine…" she says, shaking her head vigorously.

Cutlass then stares at Schwartzelt, contemplating his deal as she rubs her chin. "I simply require a few points of… clarity," she says shrewdly.

"First of all, I want this point to be clear: it is MY crew which has diplomatic immunity. If I'm no longer a part of the crew or if I'm not the captain anymore, then the diplomatic immunity should no longer count for that crew, yes? I would think other pirates are not quite as trustworthy as me."

"Second, I still get to bring Miss Sunshine, right?" Cutlass asks, pointing to her. "And Godot and his goats?"


"We've connections with nearly every major government in the world, both land-locked and otherwise. I could pull up papers on just about anyone I wanted.

Schwartz seems confused at first about your second question. "That's right. I understand concerns about mutiny, but it seems like you're almost anticipating one to occur. Can I trust you to lead them through thick and thin?"

For the final question, Schwartz squints at Sunshine. "Absolutely no–"

"Absolutely?" Sunshine interrupts. "Great! It's settled. After all, I'm old enough to take responsibility for my own damn mistakes. Schwartz reminds me of that all the time."

Schwartz rubs at a temple. "Just get her out of here. Ordinarily, I'd give you an obligatory big brother threat to return her in one piece. But I'd be more worried about the other members of the crew, knowing her. Godot and his lackeys, you may also take. But watch yourself around him. He is no doctor you want operating on you."



"I like her already," Cutlass points to Miss Sunshine while looking at Schwartzelt with a smile.

"But, look…" Cutlass says in a more awkward tone, blushing a bit. "You've got the papers. You should know I've had… issues in the past. But, I've learned. NOT this time. I'm prepared this time."

"If that's all, then I have business to attend to. Which way to my possessions? I want to make sure my map is alright."

[1d10] if you want it for whatever reason

Roll #1 6 = 6


Schwartzwelt gestures to his office. "This way. I oversee the sorting and inspection of loot myself."

Schwartzwelt's office is large and circular, with glass panes making up the northern wall, giving you a full overhead view of the prison. In the back room are several rows of lockers, ranging from floor to ceiling. Consulting a clipboard, he leads you down the third row and scans the lockers until he reaches one with your name on it. He unlocks it and pulls out a box, containing your other possessions, without the map.

"And, it wouldn't be complete without this, would it?" he asks, reaching for his coat pocket. But, his face goes pale. He pats his pocket multiple times. "Uhhh… where did it go?"

Sunshine starts biting her lower lip, trying (and failing) to stifle some giggles.



Cutlass' face glows with joy as she sees her hat. "Ah, now I feel like a pirate again," she says as she puts the hat on. She then proceeds to start stuffing various parts of her dress with her assortment of knives and daggers.

Cutlass lets out a long sigh that turns into a sort of frustrated snarl.

"Before I jump to any conclusions, do YOU know what happened to my map?" Cutlass asks Sunshine.


With a flourish, Sunshine produces the map from one of her sleeves. "Honest, I had no idea what it was when I brought it in. But can you blame me? A magical, constantly-updating map? It's the most interesting thing I've seen all month."

"Get used to this. Get really used to this," Schwartzwelt says in exasperation.



"I'm not mad about the theft," Cutlass says, snatching the map back. "I was just growing concerned over… another matter."

"Anyway, I suppose we'll have to be back here to get our other crew's effects. First, I'd like to actually gather my crew. Thank you for being so reasonable," Cutlass says, shaking Schwartzwelt's hoof. "I promise I won't let you down."

"Let's go, Miss Sunshine. I need you with me so the guards don't try to detain me… One in particular…"

Cutlass leaves, gesturing for Sunshine to follow. "First stop is Godot," she says out loud.


"What's the matter?" Sunshine asks.

Schwartzwelt returns the shake. "Likewise. I'll get to work with picking the fellows I want on your ship, and all the paperwork that'll be. I can't promise you a high-end ship, but she'll be sturdier than any small-fry pirates that try to stop you. I'll throw in a blank mast too, so you can design a jolly roger.

"For now though, you'll have to return to your cell. We need to keep up appearances until I can get all this sorted out. I plan to tell the brass only after you've turned up some results for us. Better to be forgiven than to wait for permission after all. Capiche?"



Cutlass groans. "You're really killing my badass factor here. I had it all planned out!"


Schwartz laughs. "Planning a prison break when I could also just open the door for you? Well, don't keep me in suspense."



"No, I just had a few choice words for someone. But, subsequently having to spend the night here really cuts back on the drama of it all. But," Cutlass sighs. "I suppose I'll do what I must."

"Lead me back to my cell for now, I guess," Cutlass says to Miss Sunshine.


"Mmm, it's a big sea. I'm sure you'll get your chance sooner or later," Schwartz says.

Sunshine bounces down the steps with excitement. "Nice work! I can't believe we're really getting this opportunity. It'll be a big day tomorrow, so you really be sure that you're well-rested, alright?"



Last time on PQ…

Cerulean, Pyrite, HHS and Rin spoke with Master Cangrejo, who assisted them in actualizing their aura abilities by inducing a daydream. In the daydreams, they encountered what Cangrejo explained was the darker part of themselves, though what this exactly entailed was uncertain. It seemed that these visions had some connection to the nature of their nascent abilities. After that, Cangrejo advised them to make Kaco Island their next destination for finding clues on the whereabouts of the Crimson King.

Cutlass and her crew were attacked by a horrific zombee abomination, likely one of the servants of the Three Bee Queens who were in the middle of conquering Kaco Island. They escaped, and Cutlass's awful wounds were dressed, though healing would take a bit longer.



That is to say, Alder Frostclaw


File: 1513738341476.webm (3.9 MB, 1280x800, Two Nukes Weren't Enough.webm)



Alder gives Cerulean a bit of a chuckle, before shrugging "I guess none of our visions made any sense, huh? At the least, if we keep on course, we should be able to figure it out."




"As in one population, the beeponies, was displaced and forced into exile by the other as a result of the drain that the cake production had on their resources. Now, years later, the island's embroiled in an all-out invasion by the beeponies, who have resorted to out-and-out savagery to reclaim the territory."

"Nobody's quite sure what happened to the others, and nobody wants to talk about it. They disappeared, and demons who asked questions disappeared even faster. When the Princess wants something, she gets it, no questions asked one way or another. Even I didn't touch that subject with a ten foot pole when I was at her fourth wedding, and I was WASTED!"

He laughs. "Okay, get off your asses and off my tortoise. Go eat, then sleep! You have a lot of adventuring ahead of you!"

Upon the talk of Kaco Island, you recall the Pattern Juggler. After attacking the Beesting on the way into the Ribcage, he gave you a coupon for a ticket to one of his performances on Kaco.

For the past hour and a half, you've enjoyed yourself with Chiu, playing games, dancing, drinking and seeing the sights. As the Funerevival Festival starts to wrap up, it ends with a long parade through the town, full of ghosts and aura-coated skeletons, celebrating the acceptance of new beloved dead into the town.


"Goodness. I suppose they cannot be faulted, but, still." he remarks, before stretching out and yawning a little
"A bit of rest might be best, yes. Thank you, Master Cangrejo!"


"Yeah, hopefully."

"Oh, okay then. Yeah, I think I do not some sleep after this."
Cerulean hops down from the tortoise.

Remembering that fact, Cerulean takes out the coupon and looks it over. Hopefully it wasn't expired or anything like that.


"Now this is the kind of vacation I was expecting."
Cloud says as they watch the tail end of the parade.
"Nothing but fun, isn't this great?"



"Flying off the handle!? I got grabbed by something invisible when it looked like the slave I just bought was trying to bullshit his way out of my service!" Puddin protests. "You're welcome for the save, by the way!"

Sparkler and Ossie allow him to seethe, though it's clear that the crew's got a low opinion of him now.

"We'll have to get a clearer idea of the factions and divisions on the island before we can plan something like that," Sparkler says soberly. "In our experience, a surgical strike is safer for both combatants and civilians than an all-out uprising. And given Ossie's report on your encounter with that vile thing, Colobok is under instructions to flee to the next island if the Queens pick up even a single whiff of his presence. We're outclassed spectacularly here; the best we can do is manipulate the targets into moving the way we want them to to maximize our odds."

Naza offers his hoof. "Ah, yes, I heard you were stung. How much did you lose? I'll Share some."


"Lets go check back on the crew, they all should be plenty rested by now right? And ahm sure they'll be more than happy to help us find someone to navigate this darned sea."


"Well… I do feel hungry." Rin mentions, now finally acknowledging her hunger. "I be gettin' sick of this turtle anyways." She says, before flying off towards the village to see if she can find something that offers food still.



"I'm referring to your whole plan to just walk straight across the middle of the island in the first place, idiot," Cutlass responds to Puddin. "I mean, I'm partly to blame. I actually thought it could work. But, that's only because you were so confident that I didn't even think about it. Lesson learned."

"I don't care about the civilians," Cutlass says in annoyance. "I'm a pirate, or have you forgotten? If there's a way to minimize our own casualties, even if it kills off every citizen of this island, it's still the vastly superior option."

"What are YOU doing?" Cutlass suddenly says, whipping her own hoof away from Naza.


The carnival coupon gifted by the Pattern Juggler seems to be good until the end of this month: Half-off on up to three tickets to one of his shows, but regrettably, it can't be combined with senior citizen discounts.

Cangrejo nods and takes off in flight toward the frozen mountaintop.

Exhausted, the group returns to where the Beesting was docked, picking up a spot of food on the way back. You find the ship back at the dock, lit and guarded by crew members, while Bee Holder sits at the helm contemplatively.

Chiu is quiet, and you notice she's been a bit like this for the whole show. "Oh, it's pretty fun, yeah."

Puddin laughs. "Oh, oh alright. Fine then, you get to take the lead this time, if you're so damn clever. Pick our next direction then, 'Captain'."

"And we are professionals, not pirates," Sparkler says testily. "There won't be casualties if you take what I say very carefully."

"Sparkler, this isn't like other operations," Ossie objects. "These aren't civilians we're dealing with, they're living scum."

"Do you not know what Share is?" Naza asks.


Alder's not near close enough for the senior citizen discount, so he's not too torn up about it.
He offers a bit of a short, tired chuckle as they return to the Beesting, before shaking his head "It seems a little funny that we are going after these bee folk, in a boat called the Beesting, no?"



"I get that you're not a pirate, but you're working with me for now. Which means you're working with pirates. And, let's be fair here, it's not like we're ransacking some innocent island here. It's like Ossie said, these are all our enemies. I made a promise to not pillage anything 'civilian'. And, I think Schartzwelt would agree that this island qualifies as fair game. He said in such a case I am not obligated to show any mercy."

"As for you, I'm waiting for intel before moving out," Cutlass says, looking to Puddin.

"I'm not so big on… sharing…" Cutlass answers Naza awkwardly.


Boards the ship and asks Bee Holder, "Hey what made ya come outta yer lil' den finally? Not that it ain't gonna be great to have ya help in beatin' off whatever it is we find!"


Cloud is silent for a few seconds, giving Chiu an examining look. He sidles up to her side.
"What's wrong? I know the circumstances weren't all great today, but I can tell soemthing else is eating at you."


"Yeah. IS something the matter?"


"Aww, well that kind of stinks. Can't be combined with a senior discount."
Cerulean follows the rest, boarding the ship and looking excited to go to the next island.

"Maybe it'll get us on their good side so we don't have to fight them or anything."


"Enjoying the moonlight air, of course. Enjoy the festival?"

Cloud has also returned to the ship.
"I'm concerned at my apparent inability to use Aura, at least for now," Chiu says. "I'm not sure why I didn't have as sudden an awakening as the rest of you, but this could serve to be a problem later depending on how necessary these abilities are for handling what the Ribcage offers. Did anyone else awaken to these powers?"

>timeskip to morning available

"I'm aware that Schwartzwelt basically granted you the same permissions that the rest of us have and have used," Sparkler says calmly. "Frankly, we're allowed to skirt at the edges of outright war crimes in some situations. As long as we all agree to abide by the same rules and definitions, it won't be a problem."

Puddin rolls his eyes. "I await with bated breath."

Naza laughs knowingly. "It's the name of a basic Aura technique. It allows me to replenish another's Aura by donating some of my own. Like a blood transfusion. Are you in need of any after being stung?"

>timeskip to morning available



Cutlass stares at Naza for a while, contemplating in disgust. "Do you have to touch me in order to share? If so, when was the last time you bathed?"


"Yeah, though I don't really understand a lot of it. It's all so confusing and deep and junk like that."
Cerulean lays on deck and stretches out in the sun.
"Eh, I think I'll just sleep on it a bit."

>ready to skip


Arriving late with an extra drink in claw and having gotten herself a few one too many, Rin walks over with her two bottles and alternating her drinks with them. "Yar har HIC!" Rin hiccups, stumble onto the ship. "Who hash an accordion?! I want to play a shong! I beeeee a great musishhian!" Rin slurs, eyeing around for an accordion while she drinks more.

>Ready to skip

>Drunken Accordion?

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Ah 'spose it was alraght, de skellies didn't seem to wanna do much but at least some demons showed up fer a bit. Are you gonna be okay fightin' bees y'think, bein' in that you're a big fan of 'em and all?"

>Good to skip


"I would not know… perhaps, it just takes a bit more time to come to the surface? I only noticed mine first in that fight against the umbrella-wielding cretin."
>Good to Skip


"Oh, is that all?"
Cloud says dismissively.
"I know you'll get aura any moment now. If I could pull it off, then you sure will. And in the meantime, I'll work extra to keep you safe. Nothin to worry about."
He says confidently.


Thankfully, Naza can perform his technique from a short distance. Assuring you he washed up while you were unconscious, he transmits a portion of Aura to you, restoring what little you had lost.


After a restful night's sleep, you awake. While breakfast is prepared, Godot and Miss Sunshine clean your healing wounds and apply fresh bandages.
>Cutlass 5/4

One of the guards signals to you. "They're back." In short time, Droplet and six hooded members of your crew enter the shrouded campsite. "Morning! Sparkler and Ossie keep you safe this time?" Droplet asks.

"Thanks, but I don't want to be left behind in terms of powers."

The answers don't seem to assuage Chiu's concerns. "Well, since this island had no shortage of Aura users, it seems likely to me that other islands might be similar. Maybe we can find other ways of getting the rest of the crew to learn it?"

"What the hell are you on about, bees?"

Rin's accordion somehow manages to not sound horrible, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the alcohol.

Night passes peacefully and without dreams for you. Just as quickly, morning comes. There's a strong breeze, and the crew has their hooves full getting everything ready, while Cane Shuga and Bent Scales bark orders and give directions to everyone.
"Haha, you missed out," Kling Klang says as you come out on deck. "We shook down that demon that Cloud captured last night for a barrel's worth of gold. But here, I saved you some."

He passes you each 200 pieces of gold.



"Yes," Cutlass answers. Though her words are grateful, her tone is not. "They've been quite good to me."

"But, more importantly, onto business. What do you know? I want to know any information you have on their defenses, anything I can use to manipulate them, and if there's any elements we're able to get to work with us. Those slaves seem promising if we can free them."


Rin steps out, taking her share of gold. "Well now, looks like I get a bit more for me troubles!" Rin says, her eyes gleam with greed.

After taking her share, Rin decides to keep playing the accordion she found. She forgot to buy one for quite a long time, but she still hasn't forgotten how to play it even when drunk it seems.

>Spend work time on ship to boost crew morale with accordion.


"As ah understand it lady we're gonna be fightin' big ole beepeople fer infermation about some demons," Steve tells her after thinking about it overnight, "What is the obsession with bees anyway though?"

Taking the gold, "Thank ya mechanic buddy, ah knew bringin' you with us was gonna pay off!"

Steve starts rounding up members of the crew to join him on the search for a guide.


"Yes, that seems like a solid assumption. Perhaps, each person requires different methods of activating their auras." he offers to Chiu.

"Oh, it had gold on it! Well, thank you kindly!" he chirps, taking his share of gold "How much did it have? T-This is… a shocking amount."


"Oh neat. Thanks a bunch!"
Roger floats over, swimming around the coins a bit and nudging a few of them, as if playing with them.


"I told that master guy I'd meet with him in the morning for that training, so why not tag along. See if we can get him to help jumpstart your aura."
Cloud suggests.

Cloud awakens with a yawn, trying to fall back asleep but the hooves and busywork prove to be too noisy to give him that luxury. He heads updeck and fetches some fruits for breakfast.

"I forgot about that guy. After getting everything settled I just wanted to get back to the festivities I never went back for him."
As he's handed a share of the gold, Cloud's eyes light up.
"Sweet, was wondering when I'd finally start getting some gold. Need to pay for those wishes somehow."


"It's not pretty," Droplet says with excitement.


Droplet and his fellow spies relay their information to you. In short, the Bee Queens are in a process of dividing the island into sections using Heatwaves, walls of air superheated by aura. Each wall is placed so that it cuts through villages, dividing the resisting native forces and crippling their ability to fight back. The walls seem to be less for keeping anyone out and more for keeping people in. It's not enough for the Queens to drive out the natives, but to exterminate them entirely.

Though they weren't able to get a physical map, they learned of the major roads and highways and have a general idea of how to get to the major cities on the island. Finally, they found a potion shop and brought back some vials of a potion conferring the ability to speak the local language.

"We're going to have to get around two Heatwaves to get to the Queens," Droplet says. "But, it seems like the nearest checkpoint is at Potnia, a lakeside city northeast of our position."

"Ohh-ho-ho-ho. Our journey's taking us back to Kaco Island," Bee Holder says. "I was wondering when it would. I used to live there with a family before I set off on my second set of adventures. I hope everything there's still good, what with this Crimson King business."

About half of your share of the gold vanishes, seemingly as part of the curse bestowed by SCC, like some kind of magical taxes.

"Well, alright," Chiu says, still pondering over it from last night.

"Oh, he was more than loaded. I wonder what that says about the Crimson King?"


HHS rounds up a couple crew members, which reminds you of the business of the day: Locating an Accompass to aid you in getting from island to island.

"Oh yeah, you should try the marketplace," Kling Klang suggests. "I think you might find an Accompass there."


"Hrm… well, for what it is worth, we deprived him of some of his gold, maybe? Good for us." he remarks, before smiling a bit in response to Kling Klang's request "Sure! We will take a look and see what we can find, then!"


Rin approaches Kling Klang even as she plays her shanty tune on the accordion. "Do Accompass' stand out? Do we just go around asking until someone just tells us they are? Also we be needing sturdy rope to haul them back if they refuse to help us."


Steve jokes "Good thing you know this place mechanic buddy, ne'er woulda thought to check there."

"Alright boys ah think we should split up and look fer clues, ask around, bribe some merchants if ya feel they're holdin' back, maybe intimidate 'em if y'feel like it, but we gotta get it done quick. Whistle if ya need me or ya find a guy!"

Steve leads the crew back to the skeletion marketplace where they split up.



"It sounds like these people will be desperate for help in destroying these queens anyway," Cutlass says with a nod. "We should see what help we can pick up when we get there."

"I'm shocked that these bees are so smart. And adept with Aura. But, ah well. Let's get going. Lead the way to Potnia."

Cutlass gets up and stretches her legs, then marches out of the cave.


"Good idea. Maybe we can get some fresh food and all before we get sailing as well. Be nice to not have to work to get my fish fix for awhile."


"It sounds like it would. Anywhere that sells complicated compasses, or sailing equipment, may have one."


"That's saves some time. Thought I'd have to keep track of everything and carry it all back myself."
Cloud comments in surprise as the gold disappears.

"Alright, let's go take care of our Auras."
Cloud starts to head ff the ship.
"Should be in town somewhere, he didn't mention to meet him anywhere specific."


"Then we just need to look for anyone with maps and compasses strapped to themselves more than the others, that's how we find the good ones."


"Uh… I don't know. Maybe you could try talking to them like a normal person?"

"Too bad we couldn't spend all of it," Chiu says, despondent. "At least we still have my share."
Although you aren't able to find Cangrejo, you see Brewhaha sitting in the shade of a lighthouse by the shore, reading a book. "Oh, there you are. I see you've gotten at least a start. Were you up partying late last night?"

You head into the marketplace. Many traders are in town bright and early, peddling exotic wares, including weapons, food, animals, clothing and manuscripts. The streets are busy with commerce, while down by the shore, you see plenty of people fishing.
>In the interest of expediting the process if you want to purchase wares, mention explicitly what you're after and make two bartering rolls. If what you're after is within reason to be at a moderately-populated marketplace, assume it's there.

"Their behavior seems a little more fitting of wasps, to my knowledge," Droplet adds.

The crew quickly breaks camp and covers their tracks. The assassins hide themselves, while Droplet and his fellow crewmates walk proudly among you.


Soon, you leave the jungle, stepping onto rocks recently scorched by fire. Before you lays a vast city surrounded by stone walls. Much of the city is in disrepair, a slum full of cramped streets coated in trash. Few people are around, and those that are are despondent and poorly-equipped, wearing patchwork rags.



Cutlass walks up to one of the ponies and asks. "Where is your leader?"

[1d10] for information (not aura)

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Those wishes will be worth it."

"Yea, had to make up for the time those demons wasted. Have you seen Cagrejo around, said I was gonna check in with him in the morning to get those aura lessons."


"Hmn… I better find me some more supplies. I'll let the rest of ye handle getting the Acompass."

>Purchase waterskin to fill with ale, ale, 50ft of rope, more alcohol and even more alcohol. Also a shovel, in case of buried treasure, yar har har.


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6


>Alder is searching for cartographers, and anyone making some variety of star chart. If he were to find anyone selling either, he'd try and barter for both a collection of maps and charts, and hopefully, the Accompass in particular!
>[2d10] bartering

Roll #1 2, 3 = 5


Cerulean mostly goes for mostly food stuffs, and mostly of the meat variety, and takes the time to think on stuff and clear her head a bit. One thing that came to mind was how tough everything seemed to be getting, and felt she might be falling behind. She decided to look over some of the exotic weapons, wondering if there may be something she could strap to her tail or something.


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"I'm not with them, if that's what you're asking. There are no more leaders in this city, only tyrants. Captains, first mates and vice captains are targeted, stung and taken to the Hunt. Then comes anyone respected and listened to on a crew. The rest of us are dumped here like trash to fight among ourselves until we are allowed through the checkpoint."

"A targeted dissection of morale… I love it," Droplet says.

"He told me about that," Brewhaha says. "Unfortunately, he was called away on unexpected business regarding his son, and pestered me to train you until I thought my ear was going to fall off."

You note she has no ears.

"Well, you passed his unreasonable test anyway, so I suppose I'll fill in for him. Come on down to the shore with me."

You obtain what you're after at a bargain price, a mere 100 gold altogether.

The merchants are a bit stingy, and you wrestle the maps away for 60 gold and the sense that you've been overcharged. While you shop, you overhear some gossip about an Accompass who just quit her ship, leaving some rather pissed-off merchants behind. It sounds like she's down by the shore.

You acquire a hearty bag of dried and salted meats. Along the way, you get into a conversation with a weaponsmith, who agrees to make a metal sheath for your tail, giving you more offensive capabilities. He says he should have it ready within an hour.


>Cerulean's price comes out to 40 altogether


"Couldn't even hold up his end himself after all that trouble to get him here?"
Cloud scoffs.
"Good you can help though, we both need whatever teachings these are."
He says with a gesture to Chiu.

Cloud follows Brewhaha down to the shore.
"So what's this going to entail?"



"Excellent," Cutlass says, already prepared for such a response. "Then, you will follow me now. We're going to kill these queens and get off this island. Gather everyone you can. Together, we'll kill them for sure."

As Cutlass speaks, she weaves her aura into her words, all the while with a devious yet enticing smile on her face.

[1d10] for Whisper in your Ear

Roll #1 4 = 4


Alder, while feeling a little jipped, thanks them anyways, and makes his way for the shore! Along his way, he decides to take a chance to look for something a tad stronger than his bow. Maybe a newer one, or something with a bit more to it?

Roll #1 3, 7 = 10


Cerulean thanks the weaponsmith and tries to figure out how to spend an hour. Remembering the countless times Alder had used a lot of his potion-making stuff on her, as much as it pains her to hide her battle scars, she looks around to see if there is maybe some armor. Maybe nothing overly heavy or movement impairing, but still something so Alder doesn't have to worry as much about her when she gets hurt.


Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"If he wanted to skip out of fulfilling his end, he wouldn't have nagged me until I said yes. I'm notoriously stubborn."

You head down to the shore and start heading up a set of grassy trails until you reach a low plateau with nobody around. "Cangrejo might prefer his more freeform method of training, but I've always found practicality is a better method of achieving results. Thus, I'm going to push you two until we can determine under what conditions you're most likely to unconsciously tap into your aura."

"I like it," Chiu says. "I'm rea–"

"No you aren't. I'm not going to do anything for you," Brewhaha says. "You've shown no ability to use it, and you still can't even see it. Doing this would unnecessarily endanger you. So, bugger off."

Chiu turns pale.

The hooded figure huddles closer into their rags, expression one of defeat. "I'm tired. No. But, I wish you luck. Maybe they'll let you past the checkpoint, even. You've got the Aura for it."

You find a bow which is of high quality, made from some kind of tree with magical bark (+1 quality). It's a tad pricey at 80 gold, but it's an investment.

On the shore are plenty of fishers and traders, as well as gossiping busybodies.

You find some sleek armor made of spiny monsters' hide that could easily be fitted for you at 80 gold (adds 4 hits to your max).


Alder is more than willing to take the bow- he's been needing something stronger for quite a while, now! With that taken care of, he heads towards the shore. The griffon scans the shoreline slowly, trying to spot the Accompass. Maybe anyone a group of pissed-off merchants are yelling at could be a start?
>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9



"What's the matter with you? Do you just want to die here? Don't you want revenge on those… THINGS that did this to you?"

[1d10] Whisper in your Ear

Roll #1 9 = 9


Rin pays the full price of 100, afterwards she goes off to search for some possible quality leather armor or perhaps a tailor to help recreate her captain's old coat to wear for herself.

>Search for armorer and tailor for quality leather armor. Use Captain Bloodscale's coat shoulder scrap to find a tailor that can help recreate her captain's coat.


Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Cerulean agrees to it, glad to have something more in her size instead of trying to squeeze into something small. With that order of business done, somewhat attracted by the scent of bait, she goes over to the shore where the fishermen are and looks about the various kinds of fish there.


"Must've been big business for his son if he'll spend the time to nag you but not stick around."

As they walk and are instructed on what the training will entail, Cloud groans.
"Of course it'd be that. Just as long as we don't have a repeat of last night, I guess I'll deal."

As Brewhaha tells Chiu off, he stops in his tracks.
"Whoa whoa, hold on. You don't talk to her like that. And she saw more than I did back when you were showing off this aura stuff, so she's got the capability. Chiu stays."
He states in an oddly stern tone.


Recalling that the ship recently recruited a smith, you return to the Beesting and speak with Etch, whom HHS rescued from Mori's collection. After you explain what you're after, Etch agrees, taking your armor and coat to recreate it. He says he'll be done in an hour or so.

You see a group of merchants further along the shoreline, chasing after something. It seems to be a very large chicken, about your height, with vividly-colored feathers, ranging from purple to lighter blues. It almost appears to be a peacock judging by the colors, but it's a chicken in shape at least. The merchants shout over each other as the chicken jukes them, and utterly fail to wrangle it.

You join a small party of younger-looking sailors who are passing time by fishing, having amassed a modest pile of fish so far. The fish are all rather gruesome-looking, with big mouths full of teeth, spiny fins and jagged scales, requiring a deft touch to skin. But, the scent of one on a nearby grill suggests they're worth the effort. A spare rod lies nearby.

Brewhaha blinks her aura, a light gold, at you, much like how Cangrejo blinked his in greeting last night.

Chiu glances between you and Brewhaha, then shakes her head. "That doesn't make any sense! If you're going to push him, why not push me?"

"You gain the ability to see Aura once you've proven your mettle as someone who can persevere against all odds, no matter what, no questions asked. You're not yet at that point, for one reason or another. The fault lies with you and whatever's holding you back."

Reluctantly, the pony stands up, with a resentful glower on his face.


Rin offers to throw in one of the many many drinks rin bought for herself to try and get a discount from Etch.



"Excellent," Cutlass says with the same sort of devious yet enticing smile. "Now, go gather everyone you can and find me. Spread the word. We'll make these disgusting bugs wish they had never been born."

[1d10] for Whisper in your Ear if necessary

Then, Cutlass continues to walk toward what she assumes to be the center of the town. "Any places of note here?" Cutlass asks her entourage.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Cerulean looks at the fish, seeing how fierce and ferocious they look. The smell of them being grilled only makes her want to try and have some for the trip ahead. Being courteous by not just diving in and ruining the other fisher's time, she tries to copy them by fishing with the rod.


Roll #1 2 = 2


"She's already done that, Chiu's the most persevered pony I know! Even coming here she's been able to pull her weight without aura, so she has this down."


Alder cocks his head to the side in confusion, looking over the peacock-chicken… maybe that has something to do with it? At the least, helping them capture it might give him a chance to talk with them and see what they know. Without further ado, The griffon springs into the chase after the bizarre bird!
>Catch the bird: [1d10]
>If possible, Master Thief to get some clue as to what's going on. Is this, say, a griffon in chicken form? [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Your new peon wanders off.

The city gets more decrepit, and more densely populated, the further you walk. The buildings are all about four or five stories tall, and countless bits of trash, refuse and rags coat the sagging, grime-stained facades. "Weapons dealers galore," one crewmate says. "If you can get past the filters, you can find some heinous things. Sparkler would love to confiscate all of it, I'm sure. But beyond that, it's filth and horror as far as you go. Nothing a pretty lady like you should have to see."

You end up landing your hook in the sand. "Ah, allow me," one of the sailors says. He goes over how to use the rod, tossing out the line, then handing the rod to you.

You give him the drink as a down payment.

It seems to be just a giant chicken.

You manage to grab onto the bird by it shoulders, yet it's very strong and very persistent, and drags you around though the sand in spite of your attempts to capture it.

"What are you arguing with me for?" Brewhaha says dismissively. "I don't make these rules. Now she can leave or you can not receive any training."

"Cloud, would you shut your…!" Chiu snarls, nearly losing her temper. She then pauses, shocked at her own words. Then, a look of surprise comes over her. "Wait a minute… is this a trick?"

Brewhaha doesn't respond.

"Because if it is," Chiu continues, conjuring a couple of shadows. "Then, I think I might get your point, however stupid I find the presentation. Cloud, you mind if I go first?"



Post sheets





File: 1514946701522.jpg (72.41 KB, 486x531, Aaaa.jpg)


>Cutlass 5/4 (5/5)
>All else at full H/W

Last time on Pirates…

After completing their introductory training with Master Cangrejo, Cerulean, Alder, Rin and HHS had a better grasp on their aura manifestations, and could now call on them at will. While they shopped around town, Cloud and Chiu went to see Brewhaha in order to receive training in Cangrejo's absence. Yet all was not well, as Brewhaha seemed hesitant to train Chiu in the slightest given her lack of ability to use Aura.

Meanwhile, Cutlass arrived in the town of Potnia. The lakeside city had been divided in two by a Heatwave, a cruel wall of fire used by the Bee Queens for segregating the indigenous population of Kaco Island. The city had become a slum, populated only by garbage and the destitute remains of villages and marooned pirate crews.


Your new peon wanders off.

The city gets more decrepit, and more densely populated, the further you walk. The buildings are all about four or five stories tall, and countless bits of trash, refuse and rags coat the sagging, grime-stained facades. "Weapons dealers galore," one crewmate says. "If you can get past the filters, you can find some heinous things. Sparkler would love to confiscate all of it, I'm sure. But beyond that, it's filth and horror as far as you go. Nothing a pretty lady like you should have to see."


You end up landing your hook in the sand. "Ah, allow me," one of the sailors says. He goes over how to use the rod, tossing out the line, then handing the rod to you.

You give him the drink as a down payment. Now that he's busy with your coat, it seems you have some time to kill. Most of the Beesting's crew is still aboard the ship or in the town nearby, and you see Alder and Cerulean on the shore to the east.

It seems to be just a giant chicken, albeit a very strangely colored one.

You manage to grab onto the bird by it shoulders, yet it's very strong and very persistent, and drags you around though the sand in spite of your attempts to capture it. Roll to hold on as the chicken zigs and zags in an attempt to throw you off.

"What are you arguing with me for?" Brewhaha says dismissively. "I don't make these rules. Now she can leave or you can not receive any training."

"Cloud, would you shut your…!" Chiu snarls, nearly losing her temper. She then pauses, shocked at her own words. Then, a look of surprise comes over her. "Wait a minute… is this a trick?"

Brewhaha doesn't respond.

"Because if it is," Chiu continues, conjuring a couple of shadows. "Then, I think I might get your point, however stupid I find the presentation. Cloud, you mind if I go first?"


Alder lets out a bizarre sounding squawk of his own as the bird drags him too and fro, holding on for dear life!
>Holding on! [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4



"Oh good," Cutlass says optimistically. "That means we can arm our little uprising."

Cutlass looks around for what she might judge to be the best of the arms dealers. [1d10] Master Thief if applicable

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Hey don't get upset at me I'm just trying…"
Cloud trails off from his defensive retort as Chiu calms suddenly.
"Uh… Oh! No, go on ahead. Ladies first."


File: 1514947638406.gif (474.43 KB, 500x272, Feeding Frenzy.gif)


Cerulean listens intently, nodding to the various instructions.
"Ooooh, neat! Thank you!"
She then stares at the bobber, tail moving side-to-side as she seems to wait patiently….


Rin flies to the crows nest, deciding to scout around with her spyglass to see if she could find more of those island turtles from where she is.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Amid the shouts of the sailors chasing the chicken, you are kicked off of the chicken's back, flung momentarily through the air before one of the larger sailors catches you and sets you upright on the sand.

A brown-haired minotaur in a sombrero, he dusts you off. "You don't want to grab her from behind, if you value having a stomach. You okay?"

Meanwhile, the chicken perches herself at the top of a large rock, while the sailors surround her from below.

"It wouldn't be fitting of an Aura user to give up because someone told them 'no,' would it?" Chiu asks.

"There's a fine line between persistence and pigheadedness," Brewhaha says, "And any idiot can fly over that line even without chasing after power like you two are."

"Please don't stop the lecture mid-fight, I'm listening. Bring her down!" Chiu shouts, sending her crew of pony-shaped shadows at Brewhaha.


Brewhaha snorts and conjures several harpoons of light beside her. She flings three of them forward. "You know what I'm talking about, right?"
[1d10+2] Shadows
[1d10+2] Chiu
[1d10+2] Cloud

The bobber starts to dip in the water, then float away, tugged by a mid-sized shadow beneath the waves.

Your thief's intuition brings you a few streets over, where you see a hunched griffon sitting cross-legged atop a coarse red blanket. Before him upon the blanket are rotting boxes of various trinkets, mostly junk. Yet something about him seems fishy. He gazes at you dispassionately as you approach.

The spyglass reveals the faintest silhouettes of an Island Turtle's shell poking out of the water to the northeast. The journey there would take at least a day, you think. You recall that the Island Turtles are not ones to stay in place for very long, but now that you've spotted it, it wouldn't be difficult to find it later on.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 4 + 2 = 6



"How much do you hate the bees?" Cutlass asks as she approaches the arms dealer.

[1d10] for Soul Seeing on the arms dealer

Roll #1 2 = 2


Alder coughs a few times, brushing himself off as he's set up-right by the sailor. "O-Oh, thank you kindly, sir. I suppose I have little experience in catching poultry." the griffon remarks, before giggling "I am good, yes. what is with this chicken? It seems bizarre in many ways… and, unrelated, but have you seen an Accompass around? I heard one had just left her ship."


Cloud shouts as he jumps out of the way of the harpoon.
>Dodge [1d10]
"Hey we said she's going first, why are you shooting me now?!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


Cerulean looks more alert as she starts tugging and pulling, trying to do the things the sailor taught her, though fishing like this was still a pretty new experience for her.



Roll #1 6 = 6


Rin takes some time to observe each one, knowing she'll likely have to find the one with the Crimson King's daughter on it then it's best to see where the turtles are going.

>Take time to study them further (Rolling if needed)


Roll #1 8 = 8


The trader shakes his head and laughs casually. "I'm just an old-fashioned merchant."
You see him light a long pipe, and take a long pull. He exhales a pleasant-smelling smoke toward your group's hooves; you notice him studying the smoke as it circulates around you. A few seconds later, he nods. "In the building behind you, on the second floor, is what you're after. Knock once on the broken door."

"That'd be her, up there," the minotaur says, gesturing to the chicken. Some of the sailors brave climbing up the rock, only to fall back down in a panic as the chicken pecks at them. "It was a rather lengthy trip from the Frying Pan to this island, one with a lot of twists, turns and unexpected route changes…" the minotaur admits with a bit of shame. "Some of the boys were getting a bit worried, and I suppose she heard someone float by the idea of cooking and eating her. Once we hit the sand, she flew off faster than I'd ever seen a chicken go."

The harpoons shred through the shadows. Chiu stands in the trajectory of the harpoons, unable to see them, before managing a last-second dodge to the side. As Chiu raises a low wall of shadow between her and Brewhaha, you see her eyes widen as she scans the combatant.
"I made it clear that I had no intention of training the filly, only you," Brewhaha says. "But I can still kick a whiny brat's ass while training a pupil. Come on, put up your guard, colt!"
"We came here for training, Cloud, and we're going to get it one way or another!"
"That mentality isn't what aura is about. There's more to it than simple-minded persistence. After all, what if you decide to persist in a path that is actually contrary to your goals, instead of helpful?"

Brewhaha tosses more harpoons at you and Chiu.
>Also roll perception, instant

You overcome the fish's strength, and pull it out of the water before it can get away. After reeling it in, you see you've caught a large, red sunfish. The sailors applaud at your catch. "This is certainly a change of tactics for a shark like you, eh?" the one who taught you fishing asks.

The most distinctive feature of that turtle is the rounded mountain sticking out of its shell. It appears to be some kind of dome, and it's surrounded at the base by more wild, fantastical jungle foliage, like the one you're on.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Wait… the chicken is an accompass? I-I was not sure what to expect, but you may color me surprised. In that case… can she understand us? Can she talk?"


Cerulean marvels at the catch herself, nodding to the sailors with a big grin.
"Oh definitely! I'm usually more for going in after them, but they just come to you like this."
Deciding to ride on her excitement high, she recasts the line out again and waits.
"Kinda relaxing like this, too."



Cutlass nods and walks inside the building without another word.

She heads up to the second floor and searches for the "broken" door. Assuming she finds it without incident, she knocks on it once.


"Ugh, fine. Thought last night would've been enough for the fight side of training."

Cloud jumps to the side again as another harpoon is tossed at him.
>Dodge [1d10]
"Could you speak straight? Haven't gotten anything direct in all this aura talk. I still barely know what this stuff even is!"

>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"If you think you're surprised, imagine how I've been feeling!" the minotaur exclaims. "I mean, a chicken understanding equish? Who'd have guessed it? We just had her point in the direction to go. I haven't heard her talk, but with the hell of a time she's been giving us for a few desperate notions of cooking her for emergency rations, I think it's for the best if she can't speak."

As he explains the situation, you notice that one of the pirates, a one-eyed pegasus, is floating toward the chicken from behind, armed with a grisly knife. She doesn't seem to notice him.

"I wonder what that smoke was," Sparkler says. "I assume he'd be worried about moles from the Bee Queens… is the smoke related to that?"

The building behind you is an abandoned inn, and after inspecting each of the doors on the second floor, you find one without a handle. After you knock, it opens.


The room is spacious and orderly, unlike the rest of the ruined inn. Its main feature is a double-wide desk, behind which sits a slim unicorn, light brown with gray hair, armed with a typewriter and a mechanical calculator. Countless weapons, daggers, swords, darts, hatchets, bombs, spears, arrows, and so on hang neatly on racks built into every wall. Many are exotic and flashy, while others are cold and practical. Beside the unicorn sit three mares who analyze sheets of papyrus, apparently keeping track of finances.

"Ah, a captain," the unicorn says in a deep rolling tone. "Please, take your time."

The harpoon knocks you flat on your back with a blunt impact, leaving you dazed. You notice that the harpoon's head is flat - Brewhaha seems to lack any real killing intent.
>helpless but no wounds lost
As you lay on your back, you see that several harpoons are floating above Chiu, pointing downward, yet she seems completely unaware.
"Aura is the direct application of one's potential to grow and develop as a person. When you use Aura, you tap into possibility itself, and mold it through your own quirks and individuality into an expression of power unique to you."
"Which is why it requires tenacity to use, right?" Chiu asks, shrugging off the impact of a harpoon as it strikes her.
"In part, yes…" Brewhaha adds.

"The best part, in my opinion, is the grilling," the sailor says. "When you're done, let's cook these up, yeah?"
>The sailor is a sleek-maned earth pony with blue coat and seaweed green mane, for reference


>forgot to add

Soon enough, your lure begins to bob again.


Rin takes a moment to think, before flying down to find Beesting.


You find Bee Holder as she exits a tobacco shop, carrying several new satchels. "Ah, Rin. What's on your mind?"


Alder nods a little bit as he listens to the minotaur, checking up towards the chicken occasionally, before offering a short chuckle. "I can imagine. Not many captains hire their chicken- M-Miss Accompass, look out!" he chirps, trying to shoot the dagger out of the pegasus's hoof.
>Reinforced Shortbow: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Cloud groans as the harpoon knocks him on his back. He lays sprawled out, taking a second to rest but then shrugging the soreness off to roll over and not be pummlled more.
>Recover [1d10]

As his head rolls over and he sees teh harpoons above Chiu, Cloud points out with a hoof.
"Chiu, above you!"
He shouts in warning.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Cerulean perks up at the sounds of grilling fish.
"Oooooo! Now THAT does sound like the best part!"
The thought of grilled fish almost distracted her from the fish, quickly turning her attention back and trying to reel it in.

>Fish for the fish god!


Roll #1 8 = 8



"Bee keepers DO often use smoke and gasses to put their stock asleep while they extract the honey. Perhaps it was something akin to that. Like, if we were a bee, something would have happened to us."

"Or," Cutlass sighs. "Maybe it was just more Aura nonsense."

"Hello," Cutlass says as she observes the weapons on the walls. "Are you in charge here?"

As she asks the question, she gives the unicorn a sideways glance. Her eyes glow silver as she looks at him.

[1d10] for Soul Sight on the unicorn

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, I've done some thinkin' and took a look up on the crows nest." Rin says, handing Beesting her spyglass to point out the turtle that caught her eye. "There be a gut feelin'… there be a chance at findin' grand treasure. Gold, jewels, magical trinkets and weapons! One of these turtles should have the Crimson King or his daughter… where there's royalty, there's lots and lots of treasure. A dragon's gut feelin' of greed never lies." Rin says, sounding giddy at the idea of raiding a royal mansion or castle for a hoard of treasure.

>Persuasion if needed


Roll #1 8 = 8


Having gotten a hang for the art of the struggle, you reel in another bright red sunfish, this one a little larger than the previous one. Once you've got it, the other sailors set up a makeshift griddle out of a large metal sheet, a light a fire underneath it with magic.


"True, but wouldn't he have blown it toward our faces rather than our legs?" Sparkler asks. "Unless he was using a very potent formula, we'd have had plenty of time to attack him, as he wasn't even subtle about it."

"Yes ma'am, my name is Magoja, and I've recently acquired this outlet after the previous owner was allowed through the Heatwave," the unicorn says. "I find it rather odd he'd leave behind such a nice stock of weaponry, but I suppose that's the elegance of the Queens' restrictions on who can or can't go through the Heatwave. Familial ties can create such sudden and profound desperation in a pony."

"You don't have to tell me twice; ever since we'd heard of the Crimson King from everyone's reports on Windy Island, we've been eager to get our teeth into this royal family. Of course plenty of the crew are in it to save those tribal villages, but everyone worth his salt is sharpening his knife, thinking of what he can take for himself," Bee Holder says with a laugh. "Just like I've raised them. Once we find them, you'd best watch your fingertips."

You knock the arrow out of the pegasus's hoof, and he floats back in surprise. With a squawk, the chicken leaps off the boulder and speeds across the sand, farther up the shore.
"Shit!" the minotaur says, quickly giving chase. You see the other pirates drawing knives of their own as they run after the chicken.

You get back up. The look of dread that falls over Chiu's face signals her realization of what's been happening. Without looking up, she dives toward her shadow wall as it forms a dome over her.
[1d10+2] Chiu dodge
[1d10+2] Spear rain
>You can use an action to attempt to stop one of the javelins

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #3 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #4 3 + 2 = 5


Cerulean comes over with her catches, having grown very used to the sounds of festivities on this journey.
"Gotta say: it isn't too often I have cooked fish. Tough to get fires in the water, and those volcano vents are just way too hot to be around."



"It's not like attacking him would have gotten bee ponies anywhere. They kill him, now what? They still don't know where the shop is. And, judging by his demeanor, he didn't really seem to mind dying."

"There seems to be a lot of desperation around here," Cutlass comments curtly as she her eyes continue to glow.

[1d10] for Soul Seeing, damnit!

Roll #1 9 = 9


Cloud's eyes glow as he runs over to Chiu's dome, attempting to grow himself to stand a better chance against all these harpoons Brewhaha keeps tossing, and hoping Chiu can hold out this barrage in time.
>Wax/Wane [Grow Self] [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Rin lets out a hearty yar har har. "Then what say ye, will we set sail as soon as the rest of them decide to show up?"


Alder figures it's best to help the Accompass escape for now. This is the only one he's heard of, so he can't let her goose get cooked!
>Flight (Automatic)
>Guiding Tendrils [Aid] (Instant, Automatic) on the Accompass, granting her a +1 on her next roll


You and the sailors grill up, salt and season the fish, and soon have a large lunch before you.
"Ha! I bet that'd be a struggle. So, what crew are you with?" the pony asks. He starts to chow down on his fish… despite belonging to an herbivorous species.

"Those are good points, but still…" Sparkler trails off, apparently considering other possibilities.
"Don't get her going on strategy, or you won't hear the end of it," Droplet says with brotherly amusement.

A most chilling feeling settles over you as you peer into Magoja's soul. It is as though you have been enveloped in a cold, gentle fire, wrapping up your skin with electrifying impulses. Though you are new to this ability, you can tell that this soul belongs to someone certainly not mortal. You cannot fathom what Magjoa is truly after, but his is the soul of a trickster; before him lies a path of chaos for its own sake.

"Those are unfortunately the times we live in," Magoja says soberly. "I'm sorry to see this island torn apart like this, it's very unnecessary. Have you heard? Apparently the Crimson King's daughter is at it again."
"She's after a wedding cake, right?" Droplet asks.
"Even bigger than the last!" Magoja exclaims.

"I'd not have it another way," Bee Holder says. "Though, we can't set sail without the Accompass. I saw Alder heading toward the beach, I think he may have a lead on where we can get one for cheap. All the ones around here are selling their services at far higher a price than they're worth."

As you fly after the Accompass, the other pirates turn their annoyance on you. "Hey, hey! We paid good money for that thing, you shit!" one shouts.


The Accompass speeds across the sand, kicking up dust as she goes.
[1d10+2] Sand-screen
The pirates give chase after the two of you.

The impact has left you dazed, and your ability fizzles out. Chiu's wall holds out against the first few impacts, but the last one breaks the barrier and hits her square in the back. The wall falls apart, and Chiu lays there, seemingly dazed.
Brewhaha walks over. "That's what I'm talking about. You're the type to ram your head against a problem, and that isn't what Aura's about. Brute-forcing your way through life stubbornly is not the same as pursuing a goal with an earnest heart. Until you learn the differe–"
Chiu suddenly grabs at Brewhaha's leg, and yanks her to the ground. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5


"Bah, what happened to the good days of just kidnapping and forcin' a quality asset to work for you. I'll help the cabin boy find an accompass." She says, before flying over to check on Alder.


"Chiu, are you alright?"
Cloud asks as she takes a harpoon straight in the back.

When she grabs at Brewhaha through her taunts, he smirks.
"Probably shouldn't have let up on those harpoons."
He jokes, eyes glowing as he focuses his magic on Chiu to give her a nice boost.
>Wax/Wane [Grow Chiu] [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1



"Oh, I rather enjoy a good discussion of strategy," Cutlass says, waving a dismissive hoof to Droplet.

Cutlass looks from Droplet to Magoja, feeling very out of the loop. "Who is this Crimson King?"


Alder picks up the pace as he flies along overhead the Accompass! Not wanting to get the sailors on his case too, he merely tries to look ahead for any signs of danger!
>Perception [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Something doesn't feel quite right… you've got a bit of a headache. As Chiu yanks Brewhaha to the ground, the two wrestle, each attempting to pin the other. Yet, just as Chiu seems to gain the upper hand, something in your magic backfires, and she is shrunk down to about half her size. Brewhaha is easily able to push Chiu to the ground.
"I respect the attempt, at least. But you, Cloud, should've let the lady go. Not only is she exceedingly stubborn, she's the type to depend too much on someone else, right? Did you think you were helping her like that?"
The words seem to hit Chiu harder than any of the javelins did. She is unable to respond.

"He's a demon, an entrepreneur, a playboy and a very, very rich all of the above," Magoja says. "His daughter, the Princess of Embers, is getting married yet again, and so her Daddy's going to be splurging on each and every detail of her plan."
"Word on the street is that the Princess is having her wedding cake made on this island by the Bee Queens," Droplet says. "However, we weren't able to learn much of the details."
"Yes, well, you don't need to know the intricacies of the wedding to discern that the Crimson King is probably helping the Bee Queens. They used to live on this island peacefully, but now they're in the middle of conquering it. Seems obvious to me that the King has his thumb in it," Magoja says. "And of course, he's always bad for business."

Rin is able to quickly catch up with Alder as he's being chased by a group of pirates. Rin and Alder are fast, and put distance between themselves and the pirates. Yet, some of the sand kicked up by the Accompass gets in Alder's eyes, and he loses track of where he is. He crashes straight into Rin, leaving both dazed.
"There, get them!" one of the pirates says as they start to catch up.


Cerulean digs right in the fish, happily feasting upon the hard work of her catch.
"The Beesting. We're that one ship that came in all beat up looking and stuff."
She goes back to chowing down.
"We're looking for an accompass at the moment, but I guess I got a bit side-tracked from that. Hahah."


"Well, as long as you're having fun, I see no problems with getting sidetracked," the sailor says as he devours the fish. "I'm Agni, with the Colony line of ships. Neither of us can speak for our captains of course, but what say you to an alliance between our two ships? At least, passing the idea along to our captains?"


"Augh!" Rin grunts loudly, shaking off her daze when she hears the pirates shout. "Yargh, watch where ye be goin' cabin boy! Why are these landlubbers chasin' ye?" She asks, preparing to cut down one of the approaching pirates and striking the one next to it with a offhand slice.

>Rupture: Pirate 1

>Slice n' Dice: Pirate 2

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 10 = 10



"And now there's a powerful demon involved," Cutlass says, stomping her hoof and groaning. "I simply cannot catch a break can I? At this point, the revolution plan would end in-"

Cutlass stops dead for a moment. For the briefest of moments, a smile crosses her face. Then, it's gone. "Disaster," she finishes her sentence. "It would just be complete chaos. I'm trying to find weapons to arm a small army, and of course no one would help me with that. It would be pure madness."

"I mean," Cutlass says, looking to Magoja. "What would it take for YOU to agree to such a thing?"

[1d10] for Whisper in Your Ear

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Ack! A-Apologies, Miss Rin! The sand caused me to tumble!" He pulls the dragon up to her feet, before pointing at the chicken "We must hurry! The Accompass is in danger!" he chirps, pointing at the chicken before taking to the air again
>Flight: Automatic


Cerulean gets close to done with her fish, leaving a bit of meat on the bone. She pats her stomach and does a bit of a flex/stretch.
"Eating is always fun," she replies happily, then came the question about an alliance.
"Well nice to meet you Agni. My name's Cerulean, and this is Roger," she motions to the flying, mystical remora, who acknowledges Agni's existence, but his attention is grabbed by the cooked fish Cerulean gives to him.
"And I'd have to ask, but I don't see why not. This is pretty much uncharted waters for us, so knowing ponies more experienced than us would be nice."


Cloud winces as his magic fails, doing the exact opposite of what he wanted. His eyes light as he tries to fix the mistake, but Brewhaha's comments cut him short as he glares at her.
"Hey, you got that all wrong. Chiu's one of the strongest ponies I've met, if anypony here is the dependent one it's me. So how about you knock off the personal jabs you bag of bones and stick to the harpoons, ok?"
He spits, getting fed up with her taunts at Chiu. His eyes flash as he corrects his magic, putting Chiu back to her normal size.
>Wax/Wane [Grow Chiu] [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


As the pirates approach, Rin slices into them, leaving them with bad injuries. Though they outnumber you, the pirates take a look at Rin, and the looks of worry they get indicate their lack of confidence. Though they glare at the fleeing chicken, they turn and flee from Rin.

As Alder chases after the chicken, it starts to slow down, apparently realizing it's not being chased any more.

"I am in favor of any endeavor, so long as it proves to be a fruitful investment," Magoja says slyly. "And anything with the Crimson King's name on it is bound to end with him gaining a monopoly on everything, from business to government and all that's in between. How is a small start-up like mine supposed to survive in an environment like that?"

He leans back in his chair. "If you think you can knock out the pillars from beneath the King, then I will provide you and your revolutionaries the bludgeon with which to smash him."
"That includes swords right? Those don't bludgeon," a mook asks.
"…Yes," Magoja says.

Agni pats Roger's head.
"That's great!" Agni says, quickly finishing his snack. "I'll pass this along to the captain, and if he approves, I'll send word to you by pufferfish. You can send a reply the same way."
You notice that some of the sailors, checking pocket-watches, are packing up their fishing equipment. "Oh, I think we might be out of time. Hopefully the captains approve. The waters are getting dangerous around the Ribcage. The conflicts between the Islands' leaders are starting to get worse, and smaller crews like ours are getting taken out more and more frequently by bigger organizations. To stand a chance, it'll take alliances like ours. Don't be afraid to reach out to other crews, if you think you can trust them."

Chiu returns to normal size. "Cloud, I think she might be right."
Brewhaha remains silent.
"Still can't see it, but… it's a bit more clear now than it was earlier," Chiu says. "Thank you. Both of you. But you, Brewhaha, could use some lessons in speaking plain Equish instead of speaking in riddles."


Rin lets out a dark yar har har as she licks the blood off her blades. "I ain't got time for pocket change chumps like ye." Rin says to herself. Rin then turns to catch back up with Alder and the chicken.



Cutlass grins. "Sounds like a profitable venture for both of us."

"I don't know how many ponies we have yet. I have some ponies out there now gathering more. Could be a lot. SHOULD be a lot. We have a lot to fight. Do you think you'll have enough weapons?"


Alder comes to land next to the chicken, and offers a bit of a smile "Uhm, hello! I trust you are unharmed, yes? A-And, if I have heard correctly, you are an Accompass?"


"Sounds rough, but alright, I'm sure one of us will speak soonish. Thanks again for showing me how to catch fish like this, and cooking it! Was really tasty." She waves goodbye to Agni, Roger also doing a little wave of his own, then remembers about the weaponsmith and her tail sheath. She wasn't sure if an hour had passed since then, but she may as well check up on it.


Cloud asks in confusion.
"Come on, she doesn't know anything about you."

On her last comment, Cloud looks over to Brewhaha. He wants to say 'I told you so', but he keeps silent.


"Do you think you'll have enough ponies?" Magoja asks with a smile.
"I suppose that settles it," Droplet says eagerly. "What's the cost?"
"Speak with Walah over there, she'll ring things up for you," Magoja says, gesturing to the mares poring over the ledgers.
"The Gates of Justice will foot the bill," Sparkler says to you. "It's all a business expense, after all."

True to its nature, the chicken struts about to and fro, keeping an eye out every which way for more attackers. Yet, the chicken now seems more relaxed than it was earlier, allowing you two to get close.

After saying your goodbyes, you see Agni and his fellow pirates hop into the water with their equipment. They swim far faster and more easily than any pony has business swimming. They also don't come up for any air.

After returning to the smith, he is happy to report that the armor's been fitted to your measurements, and will now be easy to put on, even with your shark proportions.

"Oh no, she absolutely exaggerated by virtue of her shot-in-the-dark comment," Chiu says. "But it's still true to an extent… why don't we talk about it more over some food?"
"Hmmph, don't want to share the details in front of an old bag of bones?" Brewhaha asks.
Chiu rolls her eyes and takes Brewhaha aside. "I've got something to ask of you, too, don't worry."

After speaking with Brewhaha privately, Chiu comes back. "Well, I'm going to get us something to eat. You didn't get much of a training session; she just threw spears at you to get me to go away. If you want to train one-on-one properly this time, that's alright with me. Meet back at the ship when you're done, okay?"


"I assume you can understand us, yes? Can you by chance speak, or write?" he asks, before looking to Cerulean "I figure you must have something the two of us could call you besides 'Chicken' or 'Accompass'."



"Well that's nice, thanks," Cutlass says with a nod to Sparkler.

Cutlass walks up to ledgerponies. "Which one of you is Walah?" she asks as her eyes subtly glow again.

[1d10] to Soul See on any or all of them

Roll #1 8 = 8


(Rin, not Cerulean. I swear, I only made one martini)


"It just looks like a chicken to me." Rin says, looking unimpressed at the chicken.


Cerulean looked on with some fascination, but a question possibly for later.

For now, she happily thanks the smith and pays him (if she didn't do so already). Eager to try it on, she starts to put the armor on right there and get a feel for clothing beyond some seashell jewelry.


"Yea, sure, since you're alright with it. I'll try to hurry back."
Cloud says, still surprised and confused at how this turned out. He looks over to Brewhaha after Chiu departs.
"Alright, let's hurry this up then. Start chucking whenever you're good."


"It is, yes. But, it is apparently the last crew's Accompass. It is why they were chasing it."


"Me, can I get you anything to drink?" all three mares say. None of them look the same, as all have different colored coats, manes and eyes.
"She divides herself by three sometimes," Magoja says. "Many hooves make for light work."
Each "soul" of the three ponies feels connected, like an individual flower that extends from the same vine. Similar to Magoja's, Walah's soul is not that of a mortal, yet hers lacks the unfamiliar intensity that Magoja's had. Walah seems to be after self-improvement and individuation, but unlike with previous readings, a clear image doesn't manifest itself for you. It's possible that Walah herself is not sure what that road might look like.

The chicken scratches at the ground hungrily, with her head tilted to the side, one eye inspecting the both of you as if you were worms. It occurs to Alder that the minotaur from earlier might know more about this chicken and her abilities or lack thereof.

Being that you're a bit unaccustomed to wearing the armor, the weight is noticeable. Yet, it's been properly fitted, and doesn't restrict your movements. You suspect that a few laps in the ocean are in order to get used to the weight.

Brewhaha smirks. "She took it much better than I thought she would. Good catch."
After generating a wide array of javelins, Brewhaha sizes you up. "As I was saying earlier, I'm going to pressure you until your Aura manifests as a result of the challenge. That's how it's supposed to be done, traditionally. So, try not to die. Ready… Three, t–?"

Without warning, the javelins dart forward.


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


"Well if he be an accompass, then why don't we just be takin' him back to the ship now?" Rin says, preparing to move closer to the chicken.

Rin moves to begin pushing the chicken back to the ship.


"Could we maybe try a non-traditional way? Can't really get to bruised up you know, got a crew waiting for— Whoa!"
Cloud ducks down to avoid the two tossed javelins.
>Dodge [1d10]
"I don't plan to but some warning would be nice!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Hrm… yes, perhaps. It would do us well to go back and visit that minotaur again." the griffon chirps, before looking between Rin, and the chicken "…Though, perhaps, one of us should stay with her? I feel like bringing her with us could incite another chase."


Cerulean thanks the smith, happily walking out, if her steps are a bit awkward due to the new, added weight. When she gets the the water, she dives right in, doing all manner of movements to try and get the armor settled in. Roger floats around closeby, mimicing some of the flips and twirls she does.


"Hah! Ye say that like it be a bad thing. The others ran off after only getting cut once."



"How convenient," Cutlass says conversationally, referring to her ability to split.

"I don't need anything right now," Cutlass says, declining the offer. "Just need to handle payment. Can you handle it?" Cutlass asks Droplet.

As she asks, she turns back to Magoja. "So, random question for you. Do you know what a Draconoquis is?" she asks him coyly.

She watches him to gauge his reaction. [1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Quit whining, this method is more fun for me," Brewhaha counters. Instead of launching another volley, Brewhaha tosses a javelin into the ground. As the light flows into the ground, it transforms into a chain, which snakes through the ground toward your hoof. You have a bad feeling about what might happen if it touches you.
>roll dodge, instant; this can be made a success regardless of roll by finding a way to prevent the chain from touching you at all

As you exercise in the water, you see Agni and his fellows underwater, near the ocean floor. They're loading their things into a sunken ship, as are several other sailors. The ship rests on the back of a gigantic stingray, apparently the vessel which carries the ship itself.

"I've run into a few here and there. Generally nice folks, but hard to hold a coherent conversation with," Magoja says.
"Absolutely, captain!" Droplet answers as he sits down with Walah.

The chicken defiantly nips Rin's claw as she tries to push it, then struts confidently ahead down the beach. Eventually, you run into the sombrero-wearing minotaur from before. "Ah, good. Got her to relax, eh?" he asks.


"Hrm… perhaps we could. You make for a rather intimidating sight, Miss Rin! In that case, let us be off!" he chirps, flicking his tail and heading for the minotaur


"Ahh, yes! It took a bit of time, but she eventually stopped running. How exactly does she… do her job? I imagine it is not through some manner of trinket or such thing, yes?"


"This be your chicken? Tell us, does it work as an accompass?" Rin asks.


"I thought this was supposed to be training, not entertainment!"
Cloud protests as he readies to avoid another rain of harpoons. As she throws it directly into the ground, he's thrown off guard until the chain raises and slithers towards him.
He backs up a few steps, wishing again that he had his wings right now. Thinking quickly, his eyes glow as he calls up vines from the ground to wrap around and throw the links of the chain to hold it still and tangle it up.
>Earthen Grasp


Cerulean couldn't help but watch, this being a very interesting sight to behold. She couldn't help but approach a bit closer, her curiosity getting the better of her. Seeing Agni again, she gave a friendly wave to him, though seeing a boat on the back of a giant stingray was too cool to not pass up seeing.



"O-oh," Cutlass says, taken off guard. "Really? Where did you meet one?"

"They seem terribly uncivil to me. I always hear about the one living in Equestria being a good enough fellow, but those Ponyville ponies will try to make friends with ANYTHING."


"Well, I don't know exactly, I don't speak much chick-ese. But the way we did it was we presented her with something from the island that we wanted to go to. The more unique, the better. For example, a sample of the local clothing, or a picture of the island itself, or someone from the island. The more unique the thing, the easier a trip we'd have. Then she'd stand at the front of the ship and point us in the right direction."

The chicken glares apprehensively at the minotaur, who sighs. "Ah, tell you what? For 100 gold, you can have her. Every now and again she'd make us go on a rather roundabout course. And it isn't like she'd work for us anymore after the debacle of people wanting to eat her."

"Do you want the powers or not?" Brewhaha asks.
As you disrupt the chains with vines of your own, you feel a certain rising sensation in your chest, much like that from the battle at the carnival last night. This time, a circle of javelins appears around you, with no wide gaps between any of them, leaving an escape route uncertain.

Agni waves back, though he seems a little busy at the moment. The stingray appears to be chilling at the moment, waiting for the crew to finish loading.

"As a merchant, I travel quite a bit, and I sometimes wind up in rather odd corners of the worlds. The most recent time, the fellow helped me change the wheel on my cart… but not before sticking me with eels, peels, and teals. I had to move for miles with my cart propped up by a manifestation of a color. It was rather abstract, in hindsight. What about you?"



Post sheets



File: 1515639518326.gif (1.87 MB, 540x230, Kingsmen.gif)



Last time on PQ…

Rin and Alder managed to calm down the giant chicken and chase off her pursuers. The sombrero-wearing minotaur they spoke with earlier informed them that the chicken most likely ran off after hearing the hungry crew discuss eating her, and then offered to let her go for a mere 100 Bits.

Cerulean finished fishing, and spoke to Agni, a member of another pirate crew, about the possibility of an alliance between their ship and the Beesting, for protection amid the ongoing conflicts on the islands. She would have to speak to the captain about this further.

Cloud continued his training with Brewhaha, now that Chiu had gone off to leave them be.


"Well, I don't know exactly, I don't speak much chick-ese. But the way we did it was we presented her with something from the island that we wanted to go to. The more unique, the better. For example, a sample of the local clothing, or a picture of the island itself, or someone from the island. The more unique the thing, the easier a trip we'd have. Then she'd stand at the front of the ship and point us in the right direction."

The chicken glares apprehensively at the minotaur, who sighs. "Ah, tell you what? For 100 gold, you can have her. Every now and again she'd make us go on a rather roundabout course. And it isn't like she'd work for us anymore after the debacle of people wanting to eat her."

"Do you want the powers or not?" Brewhaha asks.
As you disrupt the chains with vines of your own, you feel a certain rising sensation in your chest, much like that from the battle at the carnival last night. This time, a circle of javelins appears around you, with no wide gaps between any of them, leaving an escape route uncertain.

Agni waves back, though he seems a little busy at the moment. The stingray appears to be chilling at the moment, waiting for the crew to finish loading.


"As a merchant, I travel quite a bit, and I sometimes wind up in rather odd corners of the worlds. The most recent time, the fellow helped me change the wheel on my cart… but not before sticking me with eels, peels, and teals. I had to move for miles with my cart propped up by a manifestation of a color. It was rather abstract, in hindsight. What about you?"



Seeing the crew busy at the moment, Cerulean thinks its about time to head back to her own and see how everyone else is doing with their preparations. She swims back up, giving herself one last stretch to get used to the armor more, then sets off in search of whoever she can find first.


"Hrm… I see! I unfortunately do not speak Chick-ese either… I did not know poultry had a dialect. But, I would be willing to pay." he says, fishing through his pack and looking to Rin "Do you think you would be willing to cover the other half, Miss Rin?"


Cutlass secured a deal with a shady weapons dealer going by the name of Magoja, and his assistant, Walah. The arms they provided would prove useful in the planned uprising against the Bee Queens, and would conveniently be written off as a business expense by the Gates of Justice.



"Yes, they DO seem to have a sort of… odd sense of humor. I've never met one myself. I've just read about them."

"Forget I asked about it," Cutlass adds, waving her hoof. "It was just a random question. Thank you for the business. If everything here is taken care of, I'm going to go see how our little revolution is coming along."


"Well duh, with how everything's been trying to kill us I need that extra edge like you said when we first showed off whatever it was to blast that sea monster."
Cloud complains to Brewhaha's question.

As a new ring of javelins surrounds him, Cloud looks around in a panic. He can't avoid this many, or move fast enough without his wings to get away. Without thinking, his eyes glow as he attempts to shrink himself, either giving him the space to slip through the attacks or hoping they'd collide with each other as they try to hit a smaller target.
>Wax/Wane [Shrink Self] [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7


As your ears catch the sound of fighting, you head south along the shore and follow a dirt trail leading up from the beach to a grassy hill. There, you see Brewhaha, outlined by her aura, apparently attacking Cloud with an array of javelins and chains composed of aura. (See below)

"Fire!" Brewhaha shouts, and the ring of javelins rapidly closes in on you. But you shrink to about half your size in the same instant, and the javelins pass overhead, skimming the top of your mane. You vanish among the tall grass of the hillside, now tall enough to serve as camouflage. The intense feeling within you begins to intensify.

You see Droplet and Sparkler sign off on a sheet of parchment before Walah, which Walah then stamps with a red circular sigil.
"All signed and sealed," Magoja says. "Our agents will busy themselves with preparations and distributions of your purchased weapons, at the opportune time. I'm quite thrilled to have taken over this business and then made such a major deal so quickly. Thank you for your purchase, Miss Cutlass. If I may be so informal as to make one small request: Do put on a good show."
He opens the door, allowing you to leave. Through one of the windows in the hall, you can see your local peon leading a ragtag group of ponies north through the trash-ridden streets.

You and Rin pool your funds together and fork over 100 Bits. Yet, you catch the chicken glaring at the minotaur from behind Rin. The minotaur sighs. "If you say so."

He hands you back 10 Bits. "Most Accompasses sell their services for about this rate. A touch expensive, but we're lucky they're around at all, what with the tumultuous waters, weather, and the conflicts between the islands' Haku getting worse by the day."


"Alright. Thank you kindly, sir." he says, taking the 10 bits back and tucking them away for now."
In response to the other stuff, he can only offr a nod "We have seen much of the weather and the waters- and, hopefully, we intend to help with some of the conflicts as we go. Which islands should we keep watch for in particular, when it comes to conflict?" he asks, flicking his tail curiously


"Yar har har, now we be able to get back to sailin'!"


Alder returns the remaining 10 bits to Rin, now that her controller is here!



Cutlass cackles with delight. "I plan on it," she says as she walks out the door.

Cutlass goes outside to greet her growing entourage. "I'm glad to see you're doing good work," she says with a nod of approval to her new peon.

"And, good news, everyone," she says loud enough for everyone to hear. "We're getting weapons!"

As she speaks, she mentally counts how many there are.


Cloud sits still in the tall grass, breathing deeply at the close shave. He runs a hoof through his mane, glad it was just a trim he received. He looks around, unable to really see much through the grass as he wonders to himself what he's supposed to do now.
Figuring it best to get a moment to breath, Cloud uses his small size to sneak around and behind Brewhaha to be out of her sight.


Seeing Cloud be in the middle of something, and the thing he was fighting was a friendly face, Cerulean decided to get comfy and sit in the grass to watch the fight unfold.


"Horsshu and Kaco are quickly becoming notorious for their violence against unaffiliated pirate groups, even when considering their leadership's pre-existing reputation as packs of raiders and killers. In my opinion, however, Kaco is not as bad; so long as you offer a tribute to the patrols that circle the island, they will protect you while you are within their waters. But if you see the flag of the blue crown, just turn and flee. Abandon ship if you must. Those are Horsshu ships; you're better off taking your chances with the sharks than them."

You recall that Kaco is your best bet for a next destination, given its rumored involvement with the Crimson King.

You see the following unfold below:

You circle around in the tall grass, carefully listening for the sound of Brewhaha's hoofsteps. A loud rustling signals her approach. Through the blades, you see that she's swiping at the grass with a javelin, and you're just out of sight, at her 8 o'clock position.

10 disheveled, weary pirates of various race and stature stand before you, and given the state of the populace of Potnia, it seems you may have been lucky to get this many. Still, Magoja's office had weapons fit for far more than this. Meanwhile, in the distance, the Heatwave hums steadily, its deep droning a steadily maddening buzz.



Cutlass grumbles in frustration. "It's a start. But, I have gained enough weapons for a small army. If we're going to do this, we'll need more. Any of you know where we might find more who are willing to take down these obnoxious bees?" she asks the group.


"Let them try and attack us, I be giving them no bribe and no quarter." Rin says, Ready to push the chicken back to the ship.


Alder makes a mental not of the advise and information, before flicking his tail a tad more "Right. Thank you for the tip, sir." he says, bowing respectfully and looking to Rin "So, let us get moving, yes? We have what we came for, and a good deal more. We should get moving as quick as we can."


Cloud crouches down in the grass as he hears Brewhaha on the move and cutting away at the grass. Fully out of sight, he gets a plan. His eyes glow, lying in wait on the swings of her javelin. He waits for her to swing out, for her to be the most open and off guard, and then he sends out his magic, weakening the ground under her into quicksand to pull and trap her when she can't react.
>Earthen Grasp [Quicksand] [1d10-1]

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


"Our chances of gathering more dwindle by the day," one of the pirates says. "The Queens have been allowing more and more people to get through the Heatwave, and this is quickly defusing the sentiments of rebellion which have been boiling in this city. But if I may offer a suggestion: If we were to provoke one of the guards into brutalizing one of us, and then attacked him, that might serve to inspire more to join our cause."
The pirates grow nervous at the prospect.

You return to the ship with the chicken, and along the way, it occurs to you that the minotaur at no point referred to the chicken by a name. It seems it might lack one.
As you get back to the ship, you see Zerk, Squatz and Paraiba speaking with Kling Klang, Cane Shuga and Bent Scales. Upon your arrival, they wave in greeting.
"That's quite the specimen you have," Kling Klang says. "Good to see you're spending your money wisely."

"Woah!" Brewhaha yelps as she's pulled into the sand, her arm bent in an awkward position such that she can't toss the javelin. She twists her head about, as difficult as that proves, and spots you. "Hmmph. You clever little rodent. Well? You feel anything yet?"
Indeed, the intense feeling has welled up to a crescendo within you, perhaps in being so close to the dense, solid aura of Brewhaha's weapons. You feel a power at your hooftips, waiting for you to call upon it.


"It be an accompass aparently, but if it don't turn out to be a good one we can always roast it!" Rin says, drooling as she brings the chicken closer. "Isn't that right, chicken? You're going to guide us to that Kaco Island, understand?"

>Intimidation: Hungry eyes


Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8



"You are… surprisingly eloquent," Cutlass says, taken off guard by the pirate. "And also very clever. Let's do it. Who volunteers," Cutlass looks to the others.

As she asks the question, she puts a little bit of Aura in her words. [1d10] Whisper in your Ear to get a volunteer

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Hah, yea!"
Cloud cheers as he jumps up in the grass as Brewhaha is trapped.

As she turns her head and calls to him, Cloud walks over triumphantly while she's stuck.
"I'm feeling pretty great after sinking you."
He brags before thinking about the training.
"Hmm, I'm feeling pretty tingly. In my hooves and stuff."


"On my old ship, the Rusted Chain, I was the poet. It was my job to be the eloquent one, so that I could get away with insulting our poor, poor captain while pretending to sing his praises."

None of the pirates step forward. "There are quite a few ways this plan could go wrong," Sparkler says. "It depends on the situation at the checkpoint, the disposition, number and armaments of the guards and the backlash to our approach. Let's isolate one of them instead of risking a larger conflict."

As you attempt to stare down the chicken, she rises up, puffing out all her feathers until she's nearly twice her height and width. She twists her neck and glares down at you, a low squawk boiling in the back of her throat.
"Something tells me that threatening our navigational system isn't a good idea," Cane Shuga says.

"…Tingly. What an eloquent and descriptive summary. At least Chiu appreciated all of my abstract ramblings."
Brewhaha starts digging herself out of the sand, a task made easy by her bony form. "At least it's something. I think you'll be able to use it on demand now. Give your ability a try, just not on me."



"What exactly are you suggesting?" Cutlass asks Sparkler.

"What if we didn't even risk any of our own? What if we just found something that the bees were already doing that people didn't like?"


Cloud dispels his magic on himself, growing back to normal size as he gives a stretch.
"Really, that's all?"
He says in surprise, expecting another flurry of harpoons.

"Alright, if you say so. Still not sure what it is I have though."
Cloud walks over to a nearby tree, figuring that'd be good enough to work with. He focuses on the tree, trying to use whatever this feeling that's been welling up in him on it.
>Leech [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Rin growls, ready to pull out her blades. "If it be wanting a fight, it be asking for it with that attitude!"

>Intimidation: It's a matter of pride, can't let a chicken not be intimidated


Roll #1 4 + 3 = 7


"I-I would be inclined to agree, Miss Rin. We do not want to chase her off for the same reasonings they did." he offers, folding his ears back slightly and shrinking away from the chicken


Rin brings an arm around Alder "Ahhh naive little cabin boy… It be a matter of pride, ye know a pirate be a laughin' stock if ye can't even scare a chicken. Did ye ever hear of great pirates bein' unable to scare a chicken?"


Alder lets out a nervous warble, before shrugging a little "I-I suppose I have not, no! Y-You are the pirate." he cedes, watching the exchange between Rin and the chicken nervously


"If we can get one of the guards alone, but also in a place that many ordinary folk could see him, not only would that minimize the damage done to whoever serves as the bait, it would also increase the chances that others would jump into the fight, by decreasing the chances that reinforcements would arrive for the guard himself," Sparkler explains.

"Second choice sounds safer. Plenty of crooked shit to unearth," a second pirate says. "Methinks gettin' a bitta proof about what lies beyond the Heatwave would work best. Folks here think they're escapin' the island if they can get through it. Not a chance, methinks. It smells of death."
"Colobok should have left behind a marker for us, I imagine," Ossie says.

As the chicken shows no sign of backing down, Zerk butts in rudely, shoving himself in between Rin and the chicken. "Alright, break it up, you two. There will be no eating of chicken, and, although less likely, there will be no chickens eating dragons either."
The chicken still seems displeased.
"We came here to seal the deal on our alliance with your ship," Paraiba says. "Please don't fuck it up by dying. You're basically our meal ticket right now."

The tree quickly shrivels as you drain the life from it, as befitting of a bat.
"You'll figure it out eventually as you come to gain use of it and develop it more," Brewhaha says. "In my experience, those who stick with Aura come to know their power as well as they know themselves."


Rin seems displeased too, growling at the fact Zerk is trying to break up a fight. "Fine, I better be given extra drinks then. If anybody needs me, I be drinking until we get to Kaco." Rin says, grabbing a bottle she tucked away to find a spot on the ship and begin chugging down a drink.


Cloud looks surprised as the tree shrivels away before him.
"Whoa. Hey I think I remember something like this happening to that plant during the festival…"

Cloud turns back around to Brewhaha.
"So I just have to use this a bunch then? I think I can handle that, I'm feeling refreshed after trying it out. This is the perfect kind of training for me."


"Alliance? I had only assumed we were trading the Chicken, and little else… ehm, does it have a name?" he asks, a little confused. He offets a short wave to Rin as she stalks off, before waiting expectantly.



"I like this plan," Cutlass rubs her hooves together with a smile. "Now we just need something we can bring back as proof that the bees have no plans to let them leave."

"A marker for what?" Cutlass asks Ossie.


"Practice is part of it, but try to have a bit of introspection as well, though I know that might be difficult. Aura's more than just power, though so many people treat it purely as such. Mastering it requires a willingness to master yourself as well, and that cannot be done without understanding yourself. You'd be surprised how few people waste their entire lives, and then wake up to find they don't recognize, and never recognized, the face in the mirror. And you can come out already!" she turns and shouts at the treeline behind her.
You see Chiu surreptitiously peeking at the two of you from behind a tree with a spyglass. In her hoof, you see a notepad and quill pen.

"I have no idea, I've never seen her before in my life," Zerk says.
"You should give her a name if she doesn't have one already," Squatz adds.
"Remember, at the festival? We agreed to an alliance for the sake of robbing the Crimson King," Paraiba says. "We were just here to explain the details to your crewmates."

"Before leaving, he mentioned he would leave a marker that we would recognize, signifying a weak spot in the Heatwave," Droplet says. "We use a system of markings and carvings to leave clues for one another on missions. They have to be quite obscure and innocuous to keep them from jeopardizing the mission, so I find it unlikely anyone here would have caught onto them."
He grips the corner of a building and starts to shimmy up to the top. "Let me see if I can spy anything on any of the buildings closest to the Heatwave."

>pausing early due to player absence


>nevermind, not paused, reply like normal


Rin continues chugging alcohol, drowning away time until the ship sets sail.

>Getting drunk


Roll #1 8 = 8


"So I just need to know myself. That shouldn't be too… Hmm…"
Cloud starts to says, before going off in thought.
"I sorta get what you mean. Even with all the bumming around I've done I never thought too much on myself."
He responds with an odd bit of retrospection.

As Brewhaha calls out Chiu, Cloud scoffs.
"Let her learn her own way. So, is there anything else?"
He asks, before giving a wave off to Chiu in the distance.


Hearing the fight conclude, Cerulean came up clapping in her new armor.
"Sorry to spy, but just saw cool stuff happening and I didn't want to butt in on it and all that."
She gives a bit of a sigh.
"Though your lesson looked more fun. Way more than just going to sleep and having a weird dream. Lucky."


"Ah. Apologies, sir. It has been a rather long day." the griffon admits, before sighing a little. He looks to the chicken, and hums a little bit… "Prisma? As in, Prismatic. You are quite colorful."


Cloud turns as Cerulean comes clanking up.
"Whoa, where'd you get the new duds? Surprised I didn't hear you in all that."
Cloud sighs himself as Cerulean comments on his training being more fun.
"I'd trade ya in a heartbeat. Sleeping sounds real great right about now."


Time starts to blur as you slam back booze upon booze.

"That's all I have to teach you. The rest, it's better for you to learn yourself. Now, go on and set sail, I know you're busy people and don't like to stay tied down to any particular place."

"Good to see you again, Cerulean," Brewhaha says. "I find Cangrejo's methods to be too old-fashioned and free-form. He was a real hippie a few decades ago, and he was trained in the older, shamanic style. You know, the kind that scarfs down mushrooms for divine insight. However, on this ocean, you'll find no end of fights; I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunity to learn your abilities naturally."

Chiu sneaks out from behind the tree and joins you. Meanwhile, Brewhaha starts walking back to the shore. You figure that most of the crew's gathered back at the ship by now.

Prisma un-fluffs her feathers, shrinking to her normal size. Drawing closer to you, she inspects you for food.

You hear the sombrero-wearing minotaur's voice: "Oh, that's her way of showing she likes you." Yet, you cannot find its source. Eventually, you notice him clinging to the helm of the ship. "She prefers corn and bugs. Got any?"


"That's all? Alright, I'll keep in mind what you said. Maybe try to pick up meditating or something."
Cloud remarks.
"Yea, unfortunately very busy. Maybe we'll stop back by for your next festival when it's not getting raided."

As Chiu rejoins them, Cloud steps to her side.
"Get any good notes?"


"Hrm…" the griffon searches himself over, before looking around him "I… do not believe I do, no. But, we can fix that!" he says to Prisma, before chirping happily "We could check the ship! I am certain they have plenty of corn!" he offers, keeping his eyes peeled for any bugs nearby
>Quick search for any grubs 'r bugs [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10



"Excellent," Cutlass says as she claps her hooves. "We have a plan. Once you find our way, we'll get going. In the mean time," she turns to her small horde. "I want you all to try to gather anyone else if you can. The more we already have, the better we'll look. Be sure to let people know we have weapons too."


"In town. It was all clinky and clanky before, but I took a swim and now everything fits way better."
She gives a thoughtful hum.
"Well, if we get lessons again, if the same stuff happens, let's try to find each other to switch. All that stuff and about and other self or whatever is way too deep for me."

Cerulean can't help but laugh a bit at Brewhaha talking about Cangrejo.
"Yeah, he kinda reminds me of a big, old hermit crab."
She then looks back to Cloud.
"Oh yeah, I met this crew of other ponies in town that were talking about an alliance or something like that. They seem nice; they showed me how to fish with a big stick, then we had some freshly cooked fish for lunch, and they even breath underwater and have a huuuge manta ray that carries them around like a ship! Cool, right?!"


>Just slamming down them booze


With a nod, your forces disperse; while the ragged pirates try to fan out and encourage the desperate folk waiting their turn to cross the Heatwave, Sparkler and Ossie scout the immediate area, taking note of guards, both the uniformed ones and plainclothes guards and spies.

Eventually, Droplet shimmies back down the side of the building. "I found it… but it's in one of the guard towers. Looks like it'll be fun to get through. Trot along now," he says, before leading the way northwest through the filthy streets.



"I know you're only kidding, but I don't trot," Cutlass says defensively. She follows Droplet.

"Did you see how many guards there were?"


"I'll gladly take that offer. I'll take trying to be deep over nearly becoming a bat-kebab any day."

"There's a ship that sails around on a mantra ray? Why don't we get that, wouldn't have to worry about getting sunk again like last time."
Cloud says, intrigued by the idea.


"I tried to, but considering I couldn't perceive any of the special effects you people were using, eventually I just started sketching bugs."

You see some bug drawings in the notepad; none are particularly good.

After checking behind some of the food storage barrels, you find an alarming array of bugs that have taken up residence in the dark crevices of the ship. They attempt to scatter, but Prisma plucks them up with rapid pecks, and shortly purges that dark corner of the ship of bugs.

"It's difficult to keep a good count, but I'd estimate about 10 to 15. There seem to be multiple alternating patrol routes, and they use multiple redundant verification systems to keep track of which one has gone where. I'm not as good as Colobok as disguises, but I think I can cobble something together for the both of us. We'll need to pinch the combs they use for verification ourselves. Alternatively, if you'd be willing to be a bit tied up, I could take you in as a prisoner. Might work, but I have no idea if they'd let me pass with you."

"Ah, those are the Bottom Feeders," Brewhaha says. "They're well-liked around here, they always bring treasure up from the ocean floor. Stay in touch with them; I'll bet they'll find quite a bit of useful things for you on the journey."



Post sheets







File: 1516243593639.jpg (76.96 KB, 744x464, Launching A Shark Missile.jpg)


Last time on PQ…

Cerulean and Cloud returned to the ship after Cloud's brief, tumultuous and lecture-filled training, the outcome of which was the unlocking of his ability to use Aura freely, as the others could.

Meanwhile, Alder and Rin purchased the giant, peacock-colored chicken from her former captain, and Alder named her Prisma. Now, they would be able to get from island to island with her help. Now, all they would need to navigate to a specific island was to get an object relating to the island and show it to Prisma.

Cerulean continued to work with her assassins to find a way across the Heatwave and incite a revolution against the Bee Queens, though not strictly in that order.


"I tried to, but considering I couldn't perceive any of the special effects you people were using, eventually I just started sketching bugs."

You see some bug drawings in the notepad; none are particularly good.

After checking behind some of the food storage barrels, you find an alarming array of bugs that have taken up residence in the dark crevices of the ship. They attempt to scatter, but Prisma plucks them up with rapid pecks, and shortly purges that dark corner of the ship of bugs.

"It's difficult to keep a good count, but I'd estimate about 10 to 15. There seem to be multiple alternating patrol routes, and they use multiple redundant verification systems to keep track of which one has gone where. I'm not as good as Colobok as disguises, but I think I can cobble something together for the both of us. We'll need to pinch the combs they use for verification ourselves. Alternatively, if you'd be willing to be a bit tied up, I could take you in as a prisoner. Might work, but I have no idea if they'd let me pass with you.

"What do you think, Captain?"

"Ah, those are the Bottom Feeders," Brewhaha says. "They're well-liked around here, they always bring treasure up from the ocean floor. Stay in touch with them; I'll bet they'll find quite a bit of useful things for you on the journey."

You arrive back at the ship. A bell at the ship's stern clangs, and you see various members of the Beesting hustle back to the ship from the portside town.

"Ah, there you are, captain," Kling Klang says as you board the ship. "We'll be ready to set sail once–" he glances at Cloud and Cerulean as they draw near the ship from the port. "Oh, there they are. Now we're ready."



"Why would I have to be the one tied up?" Cutlass objects in an offended tone.

Then, she shakes her head. "Too dangerous either way. We should try to remain together. Make us some disguises."


"Sorry I'm late. Just did some shopping and met this group called the Bottom Feeders. They showed me how to fish with sticks instead of diving after them. Was surprisingly fun! Oh, and they sail around on a giant manta ray! We should do something like that if we can!"


"Ah! There we go, Prisma! I suppose that is two roles you can fill on the ship then!" he says, letting out a chirping little laugh as he follows along "So… we will need to find something from another island to help you lead us there, then… perhaps someone on the boat or in town could help?"


"Looks like you were a bit distracted," Cloud comments as he looks at the sketches, "Didn't miss much on my end though. I only used my stuff on that tree there."
Cloud gestures at the withered tree.
"But, I think I got the idea on how this stuff works."

As they near the ship, Cloud's ears perk as the clanging rings out.
"Sounds like the others are packing up. Wanna grab a bite and chat like you said earlier?"


"That's great Kling Klang, lets get this show on the road ASAP ya'hear?"

Steve takes a look around the ship looking for any problems that might cause problems on the way.

"Hey, check this out too."

Steve tries to use his aura to make Kling Klang feel tougher.


Roll #1 6 = 6


Rin heads to where Alder is, after having taken several moments to drink heavily. Now reeking of alcohol and holding an accordion, playing it inconsistently as she's too drunk to play it. "Yaaaargh, ahoy Alder… What shay ye about findin' sssshome treashure!" Rin slurs out, stumbling over with one hand slipping away from her accordion. "Did the chickun shay anything yet?"


"I was hoping you'd say that," Droplet says with glee. He kneels behind you and touches your shadow. You see him pull it up off of the ground, an inky, amorphous mass, and he starts to stretch, twist and curl it as if he were making a balloon animal.

"I don't have any cool names for my powers like Ossie does," Droplet says. "I'm not too creative."

Soon, he has molded your shadow into the silhouette of a large bee. You notice that the shadow is now much larger than your shadow originally was. Then, he pushes the shadow onto you. A feeling like the fizzling of soda splashes against your skin and inside your stomach, and soon you take on the likeness of a giant bee. You now also wear leather and scale armor with a blue robe underneath, and a conical straw hat - you assume it's the uniform of the guards.

Droplet starts to get to work on his own shadow. "Walk around a bit, get a feel for it. It's going to be awkward at first, and we have to look natural."

You recall that the Pattern Juggler gave Cerulean a ticket to one of his shows on Kaco Island. Prisma wanders around haughtily; though she is a mere chicken, you get the feeling she thinks she's too good for this ship.

"We can eat on the ship," Chiu says as she boards. "I placed an order for delivery."

"After everything I saw on the island, it's only a couple right turns from the realm of possibility," Bent Scales says.

"So, that's what your ability is?" Kling Klang says. "Neat, that's going to be useful. Fitting for a captain. The rest of us still haven't decided on what to make as part of our abilities yet."

Kling Klang glances at Prisma as the crew gathers around her expectantly. "Okay, so how do we make the chicken work?" someone asks.


"Ah, Miss Rin! Good to see you… g-goodness, are you alright?" he asks, helping steady the dragoness as best he can manage "I-I thinkfinding some treasure would be swell, but you seem rather inebriated… perhaps once you have sobered up? And, no, the chicken has not spoke- but, I know how she works now!"


"You and me both chickun… Thish ship is mishin a LOT of shpikesh." Rin grumbles, slumping with an arm around Prisma's neck.

"GOOD! TELL HER WHERE TO FIND ME A BETTER FIGHT!" Rin shouts, slumping more into Prisma and dropping to the floor when she moves away. "Yargh… I mish me daysh with Captain Bloodscale…" She groans, before rolling over onto her side and vomiting. "Ugh… How she work ye shay?" Rin says, still showing that she's paying attention somewhat.


"They have delivery all the way out here? This island is full of surprises."
Cloud jokes as he boards behind her.


"What were your days with Captain Bloodscale like?" he asks, before flicking his tail "Oh! Well, we need something from the island we intend to travel to. She shall point in the right directions! The more unique the item, I believe, the better it works!"


Cerulean looks excited.
"Oh neat! It'd be like having two of you around! Ya know, cause you're both birds that talk and all."
She then looks to the rest of the crew, taking out the ticket to the free show given to her from before.
"Also, can anyone check to see when this is good 'til? Even though he tried to kill us and sink the ship, I thought his tricks were neat to watch."



"Should I be… okay with this?" Cutlass asks as she feels somehow violated from watching her own shadow be mutilated.

Then, she looks down at her new form. "Okay, I'm definitely NOT okay with this," she says with trepidation. "This is weird…" she mutters as she moves around her new body.

[1d10] to acclimate to new body

"Wait…" Cutlass says as a new horrifying realization dawns on her. "Did you… just make me male!? There's no such thing as a female worker bee. Please tell me this is just some sort of visual illusion," she practically begs.

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Bloody… Exciting… Meaningful…" Rin says with a bit of a melancholy tone. "More unique? Didn't shomeone shay there'sh wine from that place? Or shomethin there from that party."


Alder giggles a little bit, before giving Cerulean a playful poke "Unfortunately, I can not understand her. If she speaks, it is a language I do not comprehend."
"Hrm… right! The ticket! Where is it?" he asks, chirping excitedly


"You're all gonna get aura abilities too? Take Bee Holder and see if you can make 'em a useful member of the crew while yer at it then please."

Steve continues to oversee operations of the ship.


"You mean this?" She holds out the ticket. "I'd invite you, but I'm not sure if this lets me invite a friend."


"Regardless, I am touched. If you ouldn't mind?" he asks, taking the ticket if Cerulean lets him, and holding it up for Prisma to see


"Show the chicken, quickly! I be wanting to fight shomething big and mean!" Rin shouts after sitting up quickly, wiping the remaining vomit off her mouth with her arm.


"Nope, I don't mind."

Cerulean looks a Rin a moment, then leans over to Alder.
"Uhh…why does she smell like week-old chum left in the sun?"


"I believe she is quite inebriated, Miss Cerulean. She may have vomited, as well. I-I should tend to her when I am done here."


You stumble about quite ungracefully for several paces, nearly faceplanting a couple times. "It's no illusion - the Shadow is just as much of the mind and body as anything else. It has to be, otherwise all our abilities would have no effect. But rest assured, I didn't model the… you know what parts."

Soon, he disguises himself as a bee. "Alright, let's head into the tower. We still need to get some ID combs."

He leaps off the rooftop, wings buzzing rapidly as he floats to the ground.

"Oi, listen, shithead," Kling Klang suddenly sneers. "Watch your words: I still don't give a damn what caused her to relinquish her captain's hat to you, and you're lucky I suppressed the mutiny that was about to pop off once everyone caught word about the change in leader. You might wear the hat for now, but you're no captain."

As the ship gets ready to depart, a colt rides up on a bicycle, and delivers two boxes full of steamed vegetables, rice and noodles.

"There we go," Chiu says. "Just like back home!"

Alder shows Prisma the coupon which the Pattern Juggler gave to Cerulean after their fight (It seems be good until the end of this month: Half-off on up to three tickets to one of his shows, but regrettably, it can't be combined with senior citizen discounts).

Prisma inspects the coupon thoroughly. Soon, she takes it in her beak and heads to the front of the ship, then plops herself down. She noticably turns her head to the northeast, and then squawks loudly.

"I guess that's it?" Scales says. "Alright, everyone! Head that direction!"


The ship departs from the port, and starts to head to the northeast through the waters. As you sail, you notice that Prisma's head continually turns to correct for the tumult of the waves below.


"A-Ha! We have our way!" the griffon chirps, before turning to tend to Rin's inebriated state
>Natural Remedy: (Not sure if I need to roll, but just in case) [1d10]
"The direction she points must be the correct way to go!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It'sh like ye two have never sheen a drunk pirate before." Rin says with a huff, before pulling out a bottle to drink out of. When she discovers it's empty, she shakes it a bit and peers inside the bottle, sneering in anger and tossing the bottle at the nearby wall.

With the time it takes to begin setting sail, Rin gets enough time to have Alder help flush her systems more to at least be not as heavily drunk but still fairly tipsy. In this time, she gets back to playing the Accordion as the ship sails to the next destination.



"Nice taste in takeout."
Cloud grabs the boxes, carrying them both for the two of them.

"So, you wanna grab a cabin below deck? Or take up te crow's nest to enjoy the view?"
Cloud suggests for their lunch, letting Chiu decide.


"I-I just had not expected you to get so drunk in the short time you were away. Your ability to consume alcohol is astounding, Miss Rin!" he chirps, as he works away with various mixtures and tinctures.


"It comes with the territory, Cabin Boy. Ye gotta have an iron liver to be the best pirate… and an alcoholic."


"I see!" he says, taking notes diligently as he tucks his alchemy kit away "I am afraid I am not as heavy a drinker, but I hope I can build some manner of resistance!"


File: 1516247856499.gif (499.09 KB, 278x297, Prisma Right Now.gif)

Cerulean watches Prisma, utterly fascinated yet again by another mystery of these strange lands.
"Woah, I wonder if Roger could do something like that maybe."
She looks over at him, who is just snoozing on her back at the moment.

"Don't get too drunk, now. What if you fight something that is immune to drunk dragons?"



"I've… never flow before…" she mutters nervously as Droplet does it with ease.

"Well," she gulps. "Here goes nothing," she says as she leaps off the roof as well and prays that her mind is capable of finding the way to move her wings properly.

[1d10] for flying

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Resistance?! Yar har har! There be only one trick to buildin' a tolerance to being intoxicated! DRINKIN'!"

"There be no such thing, a drunk dragon is everything's weakness! Too bad me supplies be limited."


"T-Then tonight, I shall try my best!" he chirps, albeit nervously
"B-But… not too much! You are correct, miss Cerulean!"


"Tonight?" Rin says with a grin. "Well then sounds like ye need to come to me for that tonight. I can show ye how pirates have a real good time, Cabin Boy… with alcohol!"


Cerulean gets a bit of a grin.
"I dunno. I mean, there's been all kinds of weird and new and exciting stuff lately that we've never seen before. Like chickens that can lead us to stuff!"


"Hmm? Okay then, Miss Rin!" he chirps, smiling happily


Steve raises a brow at Klang

"Wheres this new attitude come from, if ah wanted to ah bet ah could have that ole lady at the bottom of the oce-,"
Realizing who he's with,
"Aw shiet ah thought I was talkin' to Etch here, where's he at right now? Sincerest apologies mah sir."


Alder's potion can only do so much to purge the drunkenness from Rin, as she did quite a number on herself in the past hour's worth of drinking.

After some debate and measurements by the ship's navigational and weather teams, you catch word that you're estimated to arrive at the next island tomorrow afternoon, barring any extreme circumstances. You may as well get comfortable, or find diversions to occupy your time.

You float down to the ground, somehow finding it far easier to fly than it was to walk, though in your defense, bee legs are quite a bit different than pony legs.

Droplet leads you to a guard's tower nestled between buildings. Beyond the tower is an obtuse wall of energy, made of swirling red and orange hues, like a wall of fire.

Droplet leads the way into the entrance at the base of the tower. In the main hall, you see many giant bees lounging about on couches, while others talk in a buzzing and visual language. Others read books, and some more dutifully appear to be checking their shifts at a poster board on the western wall. On the eastern wall, you see the stairs.

"Let's stay up here on the deck, enjoy the breeze a bit, it's too cold in the crow's nest," Chiu says.

"So anyway: What I was going to say earlier was, for as brash as Brewhaha was, she was right. Much of my life, I've been able to coast by on the effort of others. First of all, most of my jobs, including my work with the military, I only got because my parents knew someone who knew other well-connected people. I only got onto the ship because you persuaded me to join you, and for the most part, I've been letting most of the others do the fighting. But it's no way to live, and it's no way to be fulfilled, and that's what Brewhaha was getting at. Instead, I should learn to steal and pillage and plunder like a real pirate on my own effort. Make sense?"

"Try it, see what happens," Kling Klang sneers. "The Beesting's prow could do with a new figurehead."

You find Etch on the lower deck, inspecting the weapons in the hold for defects or impurities. He smokes a pipe with strong-smelling tobacco. "Good day, cap'n. To what do I owe this honor?"


Rin knows her diversion, but will drink again with the Cabin Boy.



Cutlass does her best to not look like she's looking at the other guards. She looks to Droplet and gestures her head at the stairs.

She walks casually as she can to the stairs. [1d10] for casual disguise

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Well, I suppose we have a good day or so of travel ahead of us, then! I doubt it shall be fully smooth sailing, but let us hope it goes well!"
Alder will drink as well!


"Etch my favorite deputy, I got a brilliant idea, but I gotta tell ya in secret right?"

Steve has Etch follow him to a darker, more secluded section of the ship.

Whispering, "Now everyone on this ship really likes the former captain, and they ain't too fond uh yours truly.
In fact, they planned a mutiny the 1st day I was in charge.
Here's mah idea, we have the ole captain threaten to harm herself or the crew should mah leadership ever be questioned or overthrown.
Or maybe you build a trap or something like that and she just hops into it, the details are a lil sketchy there but what do you think bud?
Any flaws in this plan y'think? You got any better ideas?"


Cloud says as he sits with Chiu on deck.

"I get that. When she was training me, I think she was actually trying to kill me. Haven't move like that, well, ever."
Cloud comments.
"Really, even your military work? I can't imagine you coasted on that alone, you are pretty tough."

Cloud chuckles.
"Wanting to get deep into the pirate life, huh?That'll be fun to see."


As you start to stumble, Droplet closes in on you and subtly props you up, enabling you to walk more steadily and naturally. The two of you wander about, peeking in various rooms, until you eventually find what appears to be a locker room. Various sealed combs, each the size of a pony, are built into the walls, sealed over with wax covers. Only one bee is in the room, reading a book over in the far corner, not paying you much mind. It might be possible to steal an ID comb from this room, if you were careful and knew where to look.

Etch appears worried. "Methinks you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Why take such an antagonistic role? 'Tis better to disarm the sentiment that led to the mutinous feelings in the first place, rather than to threaten them - resentment paid in kind will only result in further animosity."

"Obviously I did some things on my own, but the big steps– those I only took because I was pushed toward them by others," Chiu says.

>when ready, timeskip is available, specify what you'll be doing during the timeskip


>Timeskip Ready! Drinking and talking with Rin



Cutlass scans the room quickly. She's been in enough guard rooms to have the gist of them. She quickly, quietly, and casually goes to the most likely spot and grabs two ID combs.

>[1d10] with Master Thief

Roll #1 10 = 10


>Timeskip ready
>Cerulean will yawn and take Roger's lead by taking a nap on deck.


"Does anypony really get by those big steps alone? I mean I just leeched off everypony until I met you."
Cloud states as he opens up his takeout box.
"Maybe nothing's been a challenge for you. Yea you got help, but you never really needed it."


"You know what yer right Etch, this is why yer mah favorite!"
Steve laughs with a big smile
"If'n you need a favor just let yer capitan know understand?"
Steve gives Etch a quick pat on the back before heading back up to talk to Klang or BS or CS, maybe even SS.
As many of them that are available.

"Gather round real quick fellers lets have a lil pow-wow real quick.
Now just why is it that all uh y'all don't like me as much as I like me hm?
What can I do to earn yer respect er
even friendship fer as long as we're together like this?"


>Timeskip ready


Without attracting any attention, you swipe two of the combs, and set the wax seals back on the lockers you stole them from perfectly. You and Droplet exit the room, combs in hand. "Nice work. Now, let's head back to the checkpoint and see how the troops are doing."

"Truuuust me, you're giving me far more credit than I've earned. Unfortunately, I've gotten quite good at pretending I'm more capable than I am."

Each of them expresses varying levels of discontentment, some more crude than others, about your sudden rise to the role of captain. Part of it lies in the unsettling certainty with which Bee Holder resigned herself to just being another cabin helper, instead of protesting or even explaining the decision. Much of the crew is superstitious, and immediately suspected mind control or other forms of magic were at play. Though they agreed with you in that there was need for harmony among the crew, it was definitely clear that things wouldn't be well until the old captain was reinstated – or a good justification was given for you to be the captain. The discussion ended without much of a resolution, though the crew appreciated that you heard them out.


The sun sets on your journey, but just as soon, rises again. Various tasks about the ship occupy your time, and all the while, the next island looms on the horizon.

In short time, the sun rises to about noon, as you approach the island. This one is considerably larger and longer than Semetyer Island, and though a thick jungle surrounds most of the exterior, the lookout spies a stretch of the island, near its middle, with a shipyard, where you could weigh anchor safely.


Yet, as the Beesting draws closer, you notice several smaller ships heading out to meet you. Their masts are black, with a golden bee for a jolly roger. Their crews are composed of beeponies, and you can see them eyeing you suspiciously. Alder and Rin recall the words of the minotaur they spoke with earlier: >>691727

"Patrols… lots of them. Any ideas?" Bent Scales asks.



"How will these prove anything, though? What's the plan from here?"

(If this can be explained as they go, then feel free to have the next post involve us leaving.)


Rin awakes with a hangover, sitting still for about ten or so minutes before getting up to put her armor back on.

"It be mornin' Cabin Boy, get up and get ready to help dock the ship!" Rin shouts at Alder to wake him up.


After spotting the oncoming ships, Steve commands the crew,

"Does anyone know anything about these beeships?
How can we get through these guys?"


Alder untangles from Rin and shakes his head, coming to with a quiet warble. He scrables up on to all fours and nods, before blushing a little and heading on to the deck "A-Any suggestions on what to do?"


"No wonder we fit so well together then."
Cloud jests as Chiu admits.
"I'd offer to train you up like Brewhaha did me, but I think my Aura might be a little more deadly somehow. Hmm," Cloud thinks, stuffing some rice in his mouth in the meantime. "I know, how about we see who the best pirate is on this next island then, maybe a game of it. That should be challenge enough to get your aura kicking."

Cloud gets up in the morning, groaning at the light as he never was a morning bat.
"Wha… patrols? Can we avoid a fight for once?"
He says as he rubs the sleep off his eyes as he comes up deck.


Hearing Steve's shout from outside, Rin makes her way towards the deck. "Get ready for a fight, it sounds like." Rin says, looking towards the ships sailing close.

"Yar har har! Seems like the 'toll patrol' is here. I say we sink em to show what we do to tax collectors!"


Cerulean yawns at all of the commotion going on, rubbing her eyes and looking at the patrol ship.
"Yeah, could we not? Maybe just five more minutes, please?"
She gives another yawn.


"Yes ma'am! I shall do my best!" he chirps, gathering up his gear (new bow included) and hurrying to the others!
"Are we going for a fight, or trying to run past him?"


"All we need is to use them to get past the magical signature detector. The other step, I've already taken care of while you were out cold last night."

As you head back into the decrepit slums, Droplet stops and procures a glass jar full of pollen from his bag. "If we walk in with these around our legs, they'll assume we were out gathering it. I saw some guards bypassing the additional security measures like this yesterday, but they still needed the combs. They won't look twice at us."

Soon enough, you regroup with your crew, and find that there's been a slight increase in numbers. Your ragtag group of would-be revolutionaries has grown to 20, though they seem none too confident, and nearly flee as you approach. Yet, Puddin Tame holds up his hand, steadying them.

"Cutlass, right? I've got to say, this look is a considerable step up from before."

"There's going to be more where these ones came from, and we're already outmatched," Bent Scales says. "Why don't we just send someone out and see what they want?"
"The Queens thank you for your contributions," one of the bees shouts up at the ship, in a thick accent reminiscent of Prench. "These waters are dangerous, and crime at our ports is unfortunately rampant due to the ongoing insurrections. We come selling insurance of safety at the shipyard, and we guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back!"


"Depends on how we define 'best pirate,'" Chiu says. "And what sort of game is it?"


"They not be insurance salesbees… they be just sayin' that because they'll attack us if we don't!" Rin shouts towards the others.



"Ha ha," Cutlass says with intense sarcasm.

"We've been successful so far," Cutlass says as she holds up the Honey Comb ID badge. "So let that be a lesson to all of you," she says to the little band of revolutionaries. "You're following some ponies who are definitely capable of dealing with these bees."

[1d10] to BEE inspirational

Roll #1 2 = 2



Steve leans over the edge of the ship,
"Fer how much?"

"We're still outnumbered and it sounds like dey own the port,
what choice we got?"


"YOU got the choice to pay em, I ain't helpin' pay for it!"


"You said you wanted to pillage, plunder, and loot. So why not who does the most of that? We'll stick together to keep an eye on each other's gains and make sure it was actually 'pirate-worthy' to get, and the winner takes all."
Cloud suggests.
"Unless you want to make it a bet for something else."

Cloud looks down at the shouting beepony with a strange look.
"Whoa, and I thought walking skeletons were weird."

"Hey! Do we get a discount for already being bee themed?!"
Cloud shouts back, trying to get a deal given the work Bee Holder put in.


"I believe it is worth a chance! But- we should be wary nonetheless." he says, before scratching his neck "I am glad you got your captain's coat fixed. IT fits you rather well, I would say."


"Of course it fits me! I had it specially requested." Rin says, flourishing her jacket with spikes on the shoulders and elbows, a dragon's skull and crossbones imprinted on the back of the jacket. Buttons made of bits as well.


Cerulean just sits back and listens, not too sure what is going on with these bee patrols, but at least they aren't picking a fight…for now.


"I wasn't being seri– oh, screw it, this sounds fun. Okay, you're in. But, not only does the winner take all, the loser takes on the winner's chores for the ship for the week. Actually, why don't we get the others involved in this too? I think they'd have fun with it."

"7,000 for the week!" the beepony shouts back up. Yet, hearing the commotion, Bee Holder comes out onto the deck, and then shouts something down at him in a strange buzzing language, accompanying her words with a set of wild, expressive gestures.

She and the insurance salesbee have a back-and-forth for a while. Finally, the salesbee says, "Okay, we'll make it 400 for the week! How does that sound?"

Nobody seems to react to your declaration. It seems, however unlikely, that they may have been expecting something a little more bombastic, or at least a corny pun.
"Uh… moving on," Sparkler says. "Have you decided on what we ought to do? Or are you going to infiltrate the checkpoint with what you've gathered?"


"Well I'm not paying!" Rin says, refusing to offer her gold.


"Done! Thank ya fer yer service Bee boss!"


"Knew our bee theme would help. Alright somepony else chip in for that."

"Heh, now we're talking. Alright, I'll take that bet."
Cloud says with a smirk.
"Even better, we can offload both our chores on a chump."

"Hey guys, we got a game for you. Any of you interested in a little bet?"
Cloud asks the others, gesturing away from the ship side.


"Now a bet be different, what idea do ye have Cloud?"



"Yes, considering our success, Droplet and I should be able to handle it just fine. We just wanted to let you all know things are going well. We'll be back again soon. Until then, everyone BEE on the lookout for new recruits," she says, making a poor attempt at humor.

[1d10] to give the people what they want!

"Oh, and Droplet," Cutlass says to Droplet as she turns to leave. "Give him bunny ears, will you?" she asks, pointing to Puddin.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Cerulean goes digging around in her pouch, looking at what bit of gold she still has left.
"I've got 80 gold coins on me. Is that enough to chip in?"

"A game? What kind?"


Steve counts his gold and comes up with an even 200g

"Uh, I'm short guys"

"I could use some money"


"S-Seven thousand? Far too steep!" he says, before waiting for Bee Holder to try dealing.
"Four hundred sounds more doable, but… what is the bet, Mister Cloud Shear?"


"A little challenge to see who's the best pirate. At this next island, we gather up loot as a pirate does, and then whoever has the most wins it all. And whoever had the least does everypony else's ship chores for a week."


"Yar har har! That be easy, everyone knows I be the best pirate!" She chortles, before turning quickly to the rest of the crew. "ISN'T THAT RIGHT?!" She shouts, trying to convince them with her scary good looks.

>Intimidation: Prove to the crew who best pirate is


Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


"Done! These Bees won't know what hit em!"


"I… hrm. I am not so sure about that." he says, mulling it over
"G-Goodness!" he chirps, shying away slightly. He puffs his cheeks out a bit, remembering the talk he and Rin had last night. "I-I will take the bet, as well!"


Their disappointment is so palpable that, somehow, morale drops even lower than it was before. Before you leave, Droplet manipulates the shadow of a very bewildered Puddin, and sets a pair of bunny ears atop his head.

You head toward the checkpoint: An imposing stone structure, made from a re-purposed castle gate, complete with portcullis, which now blocks off the path which leads to the Heatwave. Only one pony, a stout looking fighter, stands at the checkpoint, while a team of bees inspects him. The guards don't react to your approach, apparently finding nothing off about you.

The crew responds with nervous affirmation.

There's enough people aboard the Beesting willing to pay (and who also haven't spent all their money, that is) that you are able to reach the payment threshold by contributing only 25 Bits each. After a crew member flies down to deliver the payment, the smaller ships escort you to the port.


As your ship pulls into port, you are immediately struck by the sheer wreckage of the town before you. It can be described, at best, as a slum, overflowing with trash and cramped shanties, clumped around larger stone buildings which are themselves in disrepair. On the south side of town, you see that the city is bisected by a massive barrier of energy, glowing red and yellow and purple, like a fiery aurora. Though there are many ships in port, most seem to be military instead of merchant or travel, and you see very few people around. Those few who are in town appear to be vagabonds and rogues, sharp of eye and blade.


"On second thought," looking around at all the filth,
"are y'all sure you wanna raid this trash heap?"


As Rin walks through the town with the crew, keeping a sharp eye out for something valuable to steal. This time she's going to see how effective her hidden power is in snatching things quietly.

>Perception: Search for something valuable to steal


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Easy, watch the volume!"
Cloud protests as he covers his ears from the close shout.
"Just remember to keep the pillaging to the island."

"You better hope so, haven't seen ya do to much lately."

"That's the spirit."
Cloud encourages as Alder quickly changes his mind.


Cloud tosses in his 25 bit share for the insurance, given it'd be helpful for if they need to quickly run out.

As Cloud steps off the pier, he looks at the run down town with dread.
"This… I don't think the bet was a good idea for here. Gonna be fighting for scraps."
Cloud turns to Chiu.
"Hey, aside the bet, did you hear anypony else saying why we came here?"


Cerulean takes a gander around at the poor state this place seems to be in, giving a hum in thought as she hands over her share of the 25 gold.
"You know, this sort of reminds me of looking around sunken ships. Ya know, with the whole falling apart thing and all?"

"Well…wanna save the bet for the next place?"
She looks back at everything with a raised brow.
"I get the feeling I should be watching myself more than other things, ya know?"


"Nah, when you start a bet that bet doesn't change. If anything this makes it more fun."


"Uhm… would someone mind covering my share? I payed the last of my gold for the acompass." he says, sheepishly poking his talons together

Alder winces a little bit as he takes in the wreck of a town, before sighing. He keeps his eyes peeled for a sign of anywhere that might look like it has a stash of treasure, before looking back to Steve
>Master Thief: [1d10]
"Hrm… good point. there may be little of value in this town."

Roll #1 3 = 3



Cutlass walks up to the outpost and stands to the side, facing the pony being inspected. She hopes that she gives off the impression of merely waiting while also looking as if she's making sure everything goes well.

[1d10] for no questions asked

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Supposedly, the Crimson King is involved with this island… something about a wedding cake."

From the looks of the town, you sense that this has been the sight of recent fighting. Indeed, the heavy, lingering stench of gunpowder gives credence to this idea. "This can't be the only town on this island," Cane Shuga says. "This island looked far larger, especially to the north, so don't lose hope in the bet just yet."

As you look through the town, nothing stands out to you as being particularly valuable. Indeed, the boarded up windows, raided shops and general lack of people seem to suggest that this town is more or less abandoned. Hives full of bees dot the underside of roofs, and their swarming around the nests creates a slow, ominous drone. Each time you get near them, an inevitability due to the tightness of the streets, it almost sounds like they're whispering, gossiping to one another.

Eventually, the bees stand aside, and signal to someone up in a tower adjacent to the gate. The portcullis rises, and the pony steps toward the Heatwave, immediately beginning to sweat as he approaches its intense heat. One of the bees taps the center of the Heatwave with a baton-like staff, causing it to ripple and open in a circle, allowing the pony to pass. It's open long enough for you to enter as well, if so desired.


Rin continues to glance around, keeping her eye out as she doesn't want to lose this bet.

>Perception: Still lookin about


Roll #1 8 = 8


"So are we going to stop it, or what? I know those demon's where fetching stuff for him, but are we getting involved?"

As they walk through town, Cloud gives wary looks at all the beeponies. Them swarming all over this ruin o a town just doesn't sit right with him. As he hears them whispering, his ears perk as he tries to listen in to the gossip with his bat hearing.
>Echolocation (Roll if needed) [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Alder frowns a little bit, and keeps his eyes and ears open. Maybe he can catch a bit of what the bees are saying?
>Perception? [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


Cerulean makes sure to keep Roger floating close to her as they walk around. She keeps a careful eye out for any suspicious ponies/things that may be lurking about, feeling on edge like she's walking around an eels' den.


Roll #1 10 = 10



Cutlass gestures for Droplet to follow her through the gate. And through they go.

[1d10] for nonchalance

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I guess we'll just keep truckin onward!"
Steve says in an attempt to mislead the group as he searches for hidden cellars or other containers in the trash


Roll #1 8 = 8


In an overturned trash can, HHS finds a nice marble bust of a pony. Could be worth a pretty penny, or serve as a makeshift bludgeon.

Your attention is caught by the obsessive whispering – the bees whisper to one another in overlapping languages and dialects, most of which you don't recognize at all, and yet their conversation continues unabated, apparently driven by a central thread of logic exclusive to them. Yet, you are able to pick up a few words here and there. "Another, another, another one, another gift, gift for the wedding, here it comes, here he comes, another, get him, get him, so sweet, let's see it, let's see him inside-out."

From up ahead, you hear a gate slide open, and see a very nervous pony step forward, clutching a set of documents. Upon seeing the ships at the shore, he gasps and breaks into a run…

As you walk through the gate, it closes behind you. The city on this side is in just as poor a state of repair as the southern half, The pony immediately starts to panic, upon seeing you follow him, and clutches a set of papers, appearing to be a passport. As he gazes westward, he spies a set of military ships, and with a gasp, breaks into a run toward them…

"Here, here, here, here!"
The bees' whispering whips into a frenzy as the pony sprints down the street.

As the pony runs, swarms of bees envelop him, fixating around his neck and the joints of his limbs. He doesn't even have time to scream as the stingers fly into him. You see his body surround with purple aura, but it's very quickly drained away from his body, absorbed into the bodies of the bees. And, just as quickly and as horrifically, his body shrivels and twists up along with it. Even the very bones appear to shrink, as he twists into a wrinkly mess of flesh in the blink of an eye.

And just as quickly as they attacked him, the bees float off into the sky, leaving behind his twisted remnants.



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