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Using this thread for one-shots and for testing out new things.


Session 1


Tonight's quest brings us to Las Pegasus, where our two heroes are on the hunt for a bounty. Their target is Haietlik, a thief, murderer and tax evader from the far north. The last lead they were following went cold without warning when the informant mysteriously "committed suicide" by shooting himself in the back of the head. Three times. The police had no comment.

By luck, a new informant with ties to the local branch of the mafia has come forward with a lead. Haietlik has apparently RSVPed to join a game hosted by a group called "Tag, You're Hit," an organization that sets up city-wide games of Hide-and-Seek and Tag. But, these games are quite often deadly and destructive, played by thrill seekers, bounty hunters and criminals who want the rush of chasing, fleeing and fighting in the midst of a tightly-packed city. The police quite often bet on the outcome of matches.

While there may be no hope of shutting these games down any time soon, there is hope of capturing Haietlik through one of them. The anonymous informant has it on good authority that Haietlik is addicted to these games. The informant requires no payment for the tip– but he/she has requested that you capture Haietlik alive.

Post sheets.



>Primary: Physical
>Secondary: Dyn


Tonight's game begins in one of the underground floors of the Sulfur Pit casino– a place that oozes sleaze from every corner. Your new informant registered you for the game, so you will have no trouble getting around. You flash your authorized guest cards at the elevator attendant. He inserts a special key into the elevator control slot, and takes you to the third basement floor.


You enter a well-lit and decorated convention hall, far cleaner than the prostitute- and drug-ridden casino above. There are many sets of high-seated stands on the perimeters of the room, where well-dressed, wealthy ponies drink, eat and observe. On the ground floor, you see your competition: Brawlers, street wizards, rogues and unsavory folk of all kinds.

In the center of the room there is a raised platform. A tuxedo-wearing pony stands, observing his watch nervously. It's about 9:55 PM right now, and the game begins and 10 PM sharp.

You both know that Haietlik is described as being a yak with straight, yet matted black fur. He would stand out even in a pack of yaks. But, you don't see any yaks from where you are.


Rushin' tips down his overly big, black cloak (a purchase made to make him look all the more 'mysterious' and non-discreet, while in actuality drawing more eyes to him) to cover his eyes as he dips into the elevator, listening to the joyful swing music on their descent. Upon arriving in the far more clean, decorated hall of of the basement, Rushin's eyes pop out and he takes a step out of the elevator.

He turns to his companion, his two twin scimitars strapped to his flanks clanking underneath his cloak as he moves forward. "Damn, Slips… why don't they make the joint upstairs look this classy? Sure would get a lot more buyers up there too, is all I'm saying. This place is swag." He says with a grin as he approaches the raised platform. He scans the crowd for yaks, but grunts as he fails to see any.

"No yaks… damn it, Slips, if we're chasing a wild goose…"


Slippy is by Rushin's side, donning the same odd getup. He takes a step to exit the elevator, when he not-so-gracefully trips on what seems to be the carpet and falls forward onto his chin. He is unfazed, however, and while looking at his surroundings, he merely replies, "That guy's gotta be around here, somewhere, man. At least this place is nice to look at."


As Slippy manages to fall flat on his chin straight out of the elevator, Rushin' winces, leaning down to offer a hoof up.

"Dude, you have GOT to get some hoof-wear for yourself. I don't know, Yaks aren't exactly known for being able to blend, bro. There ain't any here, yet."


Lots of people eye you suspiciously, but they soon look away, apparently considering you to be no big targets. As you peer through the crowds, you notice that some ponies are using minor Aura abilities. Few people are looking at them, suggesting that they are unable to see their powers, and are thus not Users.

Ten bells ring out distantly above. The rest of your competition packs in close to the stage. All in all, there are about fifty others here. A female griffon in a red dress descends onto the stage from above, and the pony nervously draws a microphone from his pocket. "O-okay, let's get started, everyone! This is my first event, but my bosses advise me to tell you that I am NOT one of the targets, so please do not attack me!"

The crowd murmurs in confusion.

"Oh!" the tuxedo-ed pony says. "That's right, I haven't even announced the game for tonight! Uhh, tonight's event is the classic Hide-and-Seek!"

The griffon waves her claw with a blue aura. Each of the players receives a card with a different face on it. "Each of you has just received a card with one of tonight's five targets. They're the most dangerous folks in this building. Don't bother looking for them in this room; they've already left their suite on the tenth floor and are heading out as part of their designated one minute head start."

Some of the players grumble in dissatisfaction, accusing the game of being rigged.

"Oh, don't be like that," the pony says. "You have an advantage. When you're near your target, your card will start to glow, and tug in the direction of the target. However, the enchantments in these cards are based on appearances. If your target disguises himself, it may not work."

Rushin's card depicts a unicorn stallion called Rowdy Rumble, while Slippy's card depicts a blue mare with a black mane that covers her whole head and trails on the floor. The name at the bottom reads Haietlik.

The pony checks his watch again. "Oh! The head start time is up! GO! And good luck!"


He takes his hoof and gets back up.

"Eh, too cumbersome. This cloak is already cramping my style, y'know," he says, pinking a corner of the cloak.

He squints his eyes and looks around again.

"Maybe he's camouflaged!"

He stops looking once he the pony starts talking, and he receives his card.

One quick look and he recognizes the name.

"Bingo! Now where do you get my prize?"

He looks around the room for an exit.


>He stops looking once he the…
omit the "he"

>"Bingo! Now where do you get my prize?"

"I" instead of "you"

>tfw can't edit posts

>tfw no face


"Well then ditch the cloak then, dude, I TOLD you I didn't wnat you crampin' my style anyhow. I'm the cloaked mysterious sexy one, you can be the adorkable 'take home to parents' one. Also you're gonna get some major head trauma at this rate dude."

"Camouflaged as what, he's a YAK! He can't exactly shrink himself down."

Rushin' notices the swaying auras around him, and in response, tries to expand his aura out a bit more in a spiritual equivalent of puffing out his chest to appear impressive as everyone gets in close. As the female griffon steps up to stage, Rushin' gawks, letting out a low but audible whistle as he nudges Slippy. "Wow, she's hot, huh?"

As he receives his card and listens to the griffin explain the rules, he grumbles and takes a look at his card, "Not our yak either… still, a bad guy's a bad guy I guess but…" but then his jaw drops open as he see's Slippy's card. "W-WHAT?! You got a chick?! Dude, trade me, I'll make it up for you later…" he then squints at the name. "…huh? That name… it's gotta be a coincidence, right? I-it's like a common name or something?"

>pushing myself and Slippy for the elevator as we do so now that the games have started


File: 1497066832726.png (139.75 KB, 250x251, 250px-Am_I_Disabled-.png)

>…pinking a corner of the cloak.
"pinching" instead of "pinking"


[1d10] Rolling for searching

Roll #1 5 = 5


>"…I'm the cloaked mysterious sexy one, you can be the adorkable 'take home to parents' one…"

"But I wanted to be the cloaked mysterious sexy one, too!"

>"Camouflaged as what, he's a YAK! He can't exactly shrink himself down."

"Well, I dunno, maybe he's camouflaged as, uhh, the wall, or, uh…"

>"Wow, she's hot, huh?"

"Ew, cross-species, though, man? I didn't know you were into that."

After a short pause, he then says, "Yeah, I'd tap that."

>"…huh? That name… it's gotta be a coincidence, right? I-it's like a common name or something?"

He didn't look closely at the picture, and he's surprised, too.

"That's weird. Maybe he's gotten surgery done?"

[1d10] Roll-an for search-an as well

Roll #1 7 = 7


Besides the elevator, there are several exits on every side of the room. While the other players scramble, you take the safer, albeit slower route of the elevator and get the attendant to take you back to the lobby.

As you exit the elevator, the other players have burst through the room and sprint for the exits, running and shoving around as they search for their targets. Far from disturbed, the casino patrons are delighted and cheer on the players, especially as they fight among themselves, trying to weed out the competition early.

As you head out through the lobby, Slippy spies something odd across the street, at a Chineighse restaurant. A giant yak with black matted fur is devouring all he can eat at the buffet, much to the annoyance and despair of the chefs, who are berating him to no end.

Slippy knows that this yak matches what the informant told him that Haietlik looks like. However, this contradicts what the card says Haietlik looks like. If you want to investigate further, roll to cross the street, as traffic is wild right now.


"Dude, you can't have TWO. That's like… not allowed, if we're both sexy and mysterious than no one is. We can roll off for it I guess but I swear I got it first."

As you question his taste in non-pony chicks, he turns to you and says, "See? It's the legs, man. Sure it's a little freaky but you know that's kind of the deal." He stops to look at your mare in the card, clearly oggling the long-maned beauty. "Dude, if that's surgery, I'm an earth pony wearing an ice cream cone."

Rushin' quickly gallops towards the elevator practically dragging Slippy along as they make their way up to the lobby, turning to stare at the elevator they just exited as red-chains start to gather around his horn. "Hehehe… let's slow down the competition a bit."
>Time-Lock on the elevator

Then, as they make their way up to the lobby, he takes another look at his and Slippy's cards, "Alright, so, let's worry less about my mark and look into the babe in yours. Maybe she's involved with that yak or something and she can tell us about 'im," he says with a casual wave to all the casino patrons

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


He takes slight annoyance at him pushing him back into the elevator. He can walk by himself…

Kind of…

The elevator doors open, and he yells, "Pandemonium!" as he sees the other players almost clambering to get outside, and right before being briskly dragged out the elevator by Rushin'.

He then spots through one of the windows a yak eating voraciously at a Chineighse restaurant. Hao chi. The yak appears to be no ordinary yak, however. He appears to be the one they're looking for.

"Wait, wait wait, Rush, I think I see the guy. Not the chick. Like the yak guy."

He points to the restaurant through the window.

"Let's go check it out."


"Dude, tell me about it, fifty guys all scrambling around at once? There's 5 cards so that mean there's at least…." he pauses, stopping to do the math. "…. ten other guys looking for Haietlik. We're gonna have to get moving."

As he points out the Yak across the street and the crazy traffic, Rushin' frowns. "Awwwwww… I mean, oh, y-yeah! There he is, heh." He stops and looks at the card, "I bet he's definitely one of the marks but that must be a typo on the chick's card and got them mixed up. That's definitely him right there." He sighs, "Guess we'll have to try and chase the girl down after. Let's do it, man," he says with a grin as his horn glows, summoning a magic to improve their speed to keep up with the crazy traffic

>Haste on me / Slips


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Fo sho."

He leaps up and does a flips in the air above the crowd and lands on one's head with poise, and continues to hop over them all to get out the door and across the street.

[1d10+2] Rolling to cross the street, acrobatics talent bonus

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


You completely lock down the elevator, but not the people inside, as evidenced by the frustrated groans and plethora of cuss words stabbing up through the floor.

Rushin's haste succeeds; to you, the traffic seems to slow. The cars are still packed, with many making flagrantly illegal turns, cuts and lane changes, but now it's more manageable to get around instead of being a game of Frogger.
>DC -2 to dodging traffic in addition to the second action


AS the elevator is locked down, Rushin' says with a snicker to its trapped competitors, "Tough luck, elevator's out! Hope they get that fixed soon! Hahaha…"

As he finishes his Haste spell and all of time seems to slow, he takes a look out at the slightly less daunting traffic, smiling as he leaps out daringly to make it across towards the yak. "Try and keep up Slips, and DON'T fall here!"

>Talent lets all actions while Hasted get +1

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4


"Hah, why do you doubt me?" he says, still gracefully leaping through the air, now with more ease with Rushin's spell in effect.

>using previous roll


You safely weave through/above the traffic and zip through to the other side of the street. As you peer into the carnage of food at the restaurant, you see that the yak at the counter indeed matches the informant's description of Haietlik. But, as the yak drinks and slurps down food, you notice something odd. He is speaking with the voice of a very coarse mare, drunkenly cussing out the establishment's employees.

"Fuggin' don't know haw ta treat a lady 'round here!" the yak slurs. "You SAAAAAIIIID it was all-you-can-eat, I just don't see the problem with the rules and me, uh… *hic*"


Rushin' chuckles as he slips on past the cars and traffic, skidding to a stop all cool style to the edge of the restaurant with fwip of his pompadour and cloak, looking at Slippy with a grin, "Don't know, maybe all the earlier pratfalls had somethin' to do with it. Not bad though, you got moves bro."

As they turn into the yak, he freezes, his ears perking up at the sign of her voice. "What the…." he looks at the angry yak, shaking his head. "G-gotta be hearing things. Time dilation messing with his voice" He looks up at his horn and charges up red field of telekinetic force to restrain the yak.

"Slippy, I'm gonna hold 'im, you tie 'im down!"
>Both rolls going into Telekinesis

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


>"…Not bad though, you got moves bro."

"Thanks, bro."

>"Slippy, I'm gonna hold 'im, you tie 'im down!"

"Got it, fam."

He somersaults to the yak and he closes in on him (or is it a him?) and tries to bind his hooves together as he's restrained.

[1d10+1] Rolling bind, using 1 TAP

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


The two of you get the drop on the yak, shoving him/her down to the floor with magic and binding both sets of hooves with Aura. The chineighse cheer on the attack and shout at you, probably demanding you to perform worse acts. However, the Yak generally seems unfazed, falling to the ground without much wriggling or struggle in general. His/her eyes fixate on the aura bindings, indicating that he/she can see them. The yak appears to take a big gulp of air and then swallow it; you see a blue aura surround his/her face as he/she does so. Instantly, the yak sobers up and evaluates the two of you. "I haven't even gotten to commit a crime yet," the yak says, again with a female voice. "So, what brings you two here? You sure you got the right person?"


As the Aura binds the Yak at both hooves, Rushin's haste spell wears off, looking down at the now surprisingly re-sobered Yak as he cringes at the voice. "Dude, can you stop it with that? That really creeps me out when you sound so hot but look so… not hot."

He growls, leaning in on the black yak with a grin, "Hah. Nice try, Haietlik, but you don goofed up hard this time. All that time to get away and you go get drunk in a restaurant? You were clever up until now but you just made one fatal mistake, lard-ass." He taps at Haietlik's nose. "Can't bust the Rush. We're takin' you to jail and collecting on your bounty, buddy."


He didn't catch the yak's voice when he was swept up by the action, but now that he hears that voice coming out of that body, he is perplexed. He takes out of his cloak the target card (which he put in his cloak before doing the gymnastics) and looks at it, then at the yak, then back at the card. He imagines briefly the mare in the yak's body, as if the yak was a costume or something. He shakes his head to rid himself of the thought. Preposterous.

After Rushin' gives his little spiel, he says, "Uhh… you are Haietlik, right?"


"Bounty, huh? Oh, it's this business again." The Yak relaxes and props his/herself up against the dining counter. "Haietlik doesn't usually ask when he wants to borrow someone's face, so when he came to me and asked to switch, I was pretty confused. I hate to disappoint, but if you turn me in, I'm just going to walk back out again. Even though I may appear to be Haietlik, my bounty isn't even half of his– although you'd probably still get more money than you've ever seen in your lives. My name is Gaoxing. So, go ahead and let me go and go back to your game, and I'll let you two go unharmed."



Rushin' stops as the Yak explains herself, listening to how she changed faces with the REAL Haietlik and takes a few more glances at her. He jumps at Slippy and takes the card, looking at it between the yak and the card as he tries to match them up. He shows it to her,

"So, wait, you look like THIS normally?! Holy smokes…."

He groans, "Damnit, so he DID get surgery! Aura surgery!" He gives Slippy back the card, NOT letting loose his telekinesis, "We only got time for one bounty today lady, and we're going for the grand prize. Where are you? Er, Haietlik, I mean. Do that and we'll make like a tree and get out."


>"Do that and we'll make like a tree and get out."

Slippy nudges his elbow at Rushin's side, looking slyly at him.

"You should ask for a date first, man."


Rushin' freezes, "W-wait, just right now? While we have her tied up and stuff? What if we have to turn her in?"


"I mean before we 'make like a tree,' man. Get with the program—and get with the lady," he says, nodding his head at the currently-yak's direction


He stares at the Yak, cringing,
"It'd be easier if she looked like a lady, dude. Maybe after we get them to switch back?"


"I'm not all that interested in helping you or in speculating where he could have gotten to by now. Wherever he is, he's probably not more than one more body apart from where he started. It takes him a while to recharge between transformations, I think. That's the real thing he's into these days, identity theft."

Gaoxing looks down at her aura bindings again. "And before we even get to that, there's still the matter of you two ruining my meal. I'll just beat you until I'm full, I guess."

She bends down and bites right through her bindings. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


>music just before "Gaoxing looks down at…"


As she opens up her maw and starts biting her way straight through the bindings that Slippy had set in place, Rushin' looks on with surprise in his eyes, stepping off a few steps as he throws away his cloak to the side, lifting his scimitars out using his magical telekinesis. "Uh, Slips… think I'm getting the idea she ain't gonna go out on a date either way."

As she chomps through their bindings, he readies his horn to power up several spheres of magic
>Homing Attack

Roll #1 3 = 3


With the picture in his hoof, he shoves it in his face.

"JUST LOOK AT THIS, MAN! Can't let that get away."

Speaking of getting away…

"Ah! Hold up! You can't do that! Uh…"

He looks around for something to do. There are some plates on the tables. Time to smash.

He grabs one of the plates, silverware falling and clinking on the table and ground, and smashes it into the currently-yak's head.

[1d10] Rolling to try to slow her down, using improve now to be able to use it next turn

Roll #1 9 = 9


You summon two orbs, but Gaoxing breathes deeply, and inhales the orbs as if they were a couple of donuts.

As you smash Gaoxing's head with the plate, she pauses and staggers for a moment, then looks at you with a genuinely hurt expression. For a second, it looks like she's about to cry, with her bottom lip trembling.

Then she lunges forward and tries to bite your head off.


The restaurant's patrons start to panic and scatter, shoving their way past you to get away from the freakish cannibal yak.
>both roll instant to not get shoved around by the crowd

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


As she lunches out to try and bite of Slippy's head, Rushin' winces, "Dude, I know, but she's literally trying to EAT us right now, I'm not sure it'll work out man!"

He gulps as she devours his magical orbs, and then readies his swords for combat but shouts as the crowd starts to push around and shove them, "H-hey! Watch where you're steppin' people, we're professionals we'll handle this if you guys just calm the hell down!"

He slips through and tries to get close
[1d10] Dodge instant
And lights up his horn to slow down time once more
[1d10] Haste

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 8 = 8


At first he felt a twinge of remorse for smashing a plate into her head. But then…

"Whoa! Hey! Nope!" he says as he leaps back, very shocked, before his momentum causes him to fall backwards.

>"Dude, I know, but she's literally trying to EAT us right now…"

"Yeah, I'm not so into vore, myself…"

[1d10] Rolling to dodge, improvise makes it succeed at 4+
[1d10] Rolling to not get shoved around

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7


The two of you jump and weave around the panicking and foul-mouthed Chineighse crowd, but Gaoxing ends up biting Slippy by the arm. His aura appears and then dwindles as he feels his power weakening.

>Slippy 3/6

>Unable to use Aura next turn

Gaoxing spins Slippy around and chucks him at Rushin'. [1d10+1]


Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Slippy Steppings and Rushin' were hired to go after the bounty of a yak named Haietlik, who is wanted for many crimes, including murder, tax evasion and theft. He's also got a penchant for literal identity theft, as one of his Aura powers allows him to switch bodies (but not voices) with a target.

Slippy and Rushin' received a tip that Haietlik would be participating in an underground and potentially deadly game of Hide and Seek across Las Pegasus. They soon found out that he had used his Aura to switch bodies with a mare named Gaoxing, who was busy devouring everything in sight at a Chineighse restaurant.

They interrupted her meal to interrogate her, and she was not very happy about that.

Post sheets and reply to >>686428


File: 1497578300891.gif (5.01 MB, 426x239, qV4V2wu.gif)


Rushin' bobs and weaves through the crowds as his horn lights up with crimson light, once again firing his Haste onto him and Slippy both to increase their speeds dramatically. "JEEZ, I guess she's a biter. Slippy, you okay buddy?! Hang on, this MIGHT feel pretty gnarly…" He shouts as he prepares his first action, a use of his aura as red-chains form around Slippy's cloak and clothes to time-lock him in mid-air just as he's tossed by Gaoxing

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


As Slippy is time-frozen mid-throw, Rushin' speeds over to turn him around in the other direction using his time-altered pace, turning Slippy around in the other direction so that the momentum that Gaoxing threw him with is now heading back towards her… with some extra weight as he latches on to Slippy with all four hooves, "Okay, I got you, hang on tight dude…"

[1d10+1] Spinning him towards Gaoxing and clambering on to him to add my mass to the re-directed velocity

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


As Slippy is being thrown at Rushin' by Gaoxing (who doesn't seem to be so gaoxing at the moment ohoh), all he can do is yell "AAH!"

He's not able to respond in the short amount of time it takes for him to cast his magic on Slippy, but there is a look of worried anticipation on his face.

Rushin' turns him around, and when he figures out what he's doing, he yells out in a hasty tone, "WAITIDON'TTHINKILIKETHISPLAN!"


wo de mingzi

also dubs


"No dude, it's cool!" Rushin' says as the ticking clock to his time-locking aura chains begin to flicker to near release. "It's like, we're throwing her own strength back at her, but with double the force, you know! Just pretend like you're a cannon ball, I do this all the time, trust me."


Gaoxing laughs derisively as she sends Slippy flying, but then hops in shock as Rushin' turns her seemingly-clever attack into a game of pong. Bracing herself against the counter, she unhinges her large yak jaw and tries to bite back against the impact with her aura-enhanced chompers.
>Wait for the result of this roll and follow-up post

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


Gaoxing bites into the Aura surrounding the two of you, but the continuing momentum and spin that Rushin' threw on forces her backward. Smoke rises from the spot where her hooves drag against the linoleum floor. Eventually she loses her balance, flying backward over the counter, landing among the pots and pans next to the dishwasher with a loud crash. But she is only stunned, and rolls off the counter onto the floor. There, you see her scramble through the drawers furiously, until she finds a bunch of spoons, knives and forks. She grabs a hoof-ful of the silverware and chews it with Aura, crunching them up as though they were no more than pretzel sticks.

>Rushin 2/5

>Slippy 3/6


"BUT I'M NOT A CANNONBALL I'M A PONY AAAH!" he yells once again, looking very, very distressed.

He then is released from the magic's hold and is launched into Gaoxing, bouncing off her like they're bocce balls.

He rises with his hoof on his head.

"Uhh, that worse than any fall I've had, and I've had a lot of falls…"

He looks and sees Gaoxing eating utensils. Like, eating eating utensils. He would ponder it's irony if his heart wasn't pounding so much.

"Dude, let's make like a tree and book it! We gotta find that Haietlik dude, the real one!"


Rushin' shakes his head after he bounces off of Gaoxing, hard, landing on his side on the the floor as he reaches up to rub at his head, "Oooooh…. Okay, that wasn't quite as cool on the landing…" he turns and looks at her over the counter, smugly grinning. "But it did pop her for a fly, so that's rad." He cringes as she begins eating knifes, "Uhhhh… okay, not liking where you're going with this. What kind of Aura are you working with any how, dude?"

[1d10+1] Summoning Spheres of Slow (Homing Attack)

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


As he successfully manages to summon up a single sphere of Slowness, he looks at it floating in mid-air with a wince, "Dang, is that it…? Alright then. Hey Slips, watch this!"

He grabs at his two scimitars, and pulls them into a 'batter-up' pose as he floats the ball in front of him like a T-ball waiting to be struck. "Chew on THIS!"

[1d10+1] Slow homing attack
[1d10+1] + [1d10+1] (my two sword attacks, fluffed as adding the force of their swing into the sphere)

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #3 7 + 1 = 8


>"Oooooh…. Okay, that wasn't quite as cool on the landing…"

He glares at Rushin' and loudly says, "NO KIDDING, RUSHIN'!"

He then holds his forelegs up in the air as he tries to motion for him to stop.


Very emphatically, with his whole body, he says, "LET'S. FREAKING. GET A. MOVE ON!"


"Isch cahh Kahergh!" ("It's called Kamer!") Gaoxing shouts back through a mouthful of metal. When her cheeks are full, she inhales, then spits out small, aura-infused balls of metal back at Rushin', popping his magic sphere and countering with a small hail of makeshift bullets.

>Rushin 0/4

Gaoxing steps forward and rolls her neck. Covering her mouth with a napkin, she steps forward and leans on the counter. "Well, I've gotten you back for ruining my dinner," she says to Rushin, then glares at Slippy. "But I still haven't gotten you back for hitting me with a damn plate. I'm really not in the mood to kill anyone tonight, so I'm giving you a chance to clean up for your screwup. After all, you're the ones that wrecked this restaurant, not me. How are you going to make it up to this poor Chineighse crew?"

In the back, the cooks are armed with knives and shouting explitives which feel like they're aimed at all of you, but mostly Gaoxing.


"Get a move on? We have her on the ropes!" He shouts as he slaps at his slow-sphere ball towards the buffalo…"

Before he watches the balls of metal she spits back out charging back for him, breaking through his sphere and heading right for him with the force of a bullet. "Oh crap."

As he's hit hard by the barrage, he falls over on the ground, rubbing the spots where he was hit as his swords clatter. "AAAAAGH! OW, ow, fffff-… okay Slippy tag in," he reaches for Slippy's hoof as he tries to get up

"Well you switched places with the guy we're looking for, this is as much your fault as ours! AND I didn't eat any of their silverware!"

Roll #1 2 = 2


>"But I still haven't gotten you back for hitting me with a damn plate…"

"WELL, I'M SORRY, I GUESS I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT RESPONSE IS WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU THAT SHE'LL BEAT YOU UP, OKAY?" he says, still yelling. Seems like something's ticked him off or something.

>"I'm really not in the mood to kill anyone tonight, so I'm giving you a chance to clean up for your screwup. After all, you're the ones that wrecked this restaurant, not me. How are you going to make it up to this poor Chineighse crew?"

"Nope! I've had enough of this! I'm not listening. We're going."

Slippy reaches for Rushin's hoof… and goes ahead with casting bind on the both of them, while heading for the door. He appears to have had enough of this business.

[1d10+1] Using one TAP

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Slippy helps up Rushin and heads for the door, while Gaoxing rolls her eyes. She bends down behind the counter, and you hear her spitting out the extra metal into a bowl, presumably so you wouldn't have to see. "Hey, don't be such babies. You're the ones that came in and tackled me out of nowhere. Here! I know: If you two pay for the damages, and treat me to a makeup dinner, I'll help you find the real Haietlik, wherever he is. All he asked me to do was switch bodies; he said nothing about helping him hide. But, knowing him, he'd probably be thrilled that the game is getting stacked against him. What do you say?"


As Rushin' is bound at the hooves by Slippy's Aura, the unicorn stallion looks up with a shock as he grabs at his swords to re-sheathe, "Wait, what?! Dude, come on, we were just getting started, don't be lame!"

The moment that Gaoxing makes her proposal, however, Rushin's head immediately turns back in her direction. He drags his weight to make it difficult for Slippy to drag, and shouts, "Wait, so, you WILL help us find Haietlik… and by 'makeup dinner' you mean you'll let one of us take you out on a date, right?" He turns to Slippy, frowning desperately to get him to consider the proposal.


As they (or more like he while Rushin' is being dragged with against his will) head for the door, Slippy's eyebrows are furrowed in great irritation, his mouth in a mean pout, and his ears down.

>"…and treat me to a makeup dinner, I'll help you find the real Haietlik, wherever he is…"

But then, a sweet sound reaches his ears, and they flick up in response. Not only does he hear help for them to find that big baddie, but he also hears a date.

He turns around.


He turns to Rushin' in unison, with a raised eyebrow know. You know what this means.

He looks to the currently-yak and says, as smoothly as he can in this situation, "You've got my attention now…"


"Well, at this point, I pretty much have to. I only had enough pocket change to pay for my all-you-can-eat dinner, so I can't cover the damages you made to the restaurant. I really happen to like this joint, so I can't just leave it unfixed. Besides, I'll have to get my real body back sooner or later."

"Date? Whoa, whoa whoa, don't get any delusions here. You both are gonna be the waiters, busboys and dishwashers while I enjoy my dinner. I'm sure the establishment will have plenty of things for you to do to pay off what you owe."

Gaoxing tosses the two of you a pair of abandoned, uneaten vegetable dumplings from a nearby plate. "Here, eat up if you're gonna come with me. He's not an easy guy to take down."


Rushin' looks up at Slippy with a grin, "Dude, she's playing hard to get. That means I'm in, right? I think that's what chicks do is they act like that when they want you to try harder." He pulls himself up, motioning towards his hooves as he waits for Slippy to unlock them.

"Ooooookay, sure, we'll be 'waiters' while you eat, if that's REALLY what you want. Getting to see you in your real body will be pretty awesome too, where'd you leave him with it?" He asks as he leans down to eat the dumpling off of the floor, jamming it in his mouth and talking with his mouth full.


>He pulls himself up, motioning towards his hooves as he waits for Slippy to unlock them.

"Oh, ah, right," he says as he swiftly unbinds themselves.

He hears what Gaoxing has to say, and he's not feeling it.

"Wait a second… no date and we have to work? That doesn't sound so great, to me."


Rushin' whispers, "Dude, c'mon, you're not gonna let me take a chance on this? WE can afford the damages no problem!"


>H/W restored to full from the vegetable dumplings

Gaoxing leads the way back to the hotel. "I last saw him going back this way, and I know he has a personal suite on the thirteenth floor in addition to the special one that Tag, You're Hit set up on the tenth floor for the contestants in the Hide-and-go-Seek game. The first thing you need to know about him is that he's way too arrogant to run out to the street like the rest of the contestants. He considers himself pretty smart, so he'd come up with some screwball plan, even if it's a dumb plan, just to see how many people he can throw off through sheer stupidity."


As you enter the hotel's elevator, you notice that there is no button for a thirteenth floor. You know that most buildings call their 13th floor the 14th, because of superstition. However, Gaoxing clicks three buttons: 20-48-63 and the doors shut.

The elevator brings you up to a ritzy, wide, well-lit hotel hallway with five rooms. "That should be his at the end, room NV," Gaoxing says, pointing at a set of double doors at the end, marked as NV.

To save time, yes they are locked.


He pauses, then he sighs, "Ah, alright, but only for you, man, 'cause you're a bro."

He waits a beat, then continues to say, "Even if you threw me at previously angry yak lady there."

Slippy grabs a veggie dumpling for the road and follows Gaoxing back to the hotel, up the elevator, and to the hallway.

He proceeds to exit the elevator, and, wouldn't you know it, he trips again, again presumably on the carpet. Deja vu.

"Dang it, and I was doing so well…"


Rushin' chuckles, bringing up his hoof to bump with Slippy. "That's my pony. I owe you one, dude. And come on, you HAVE to admit that was one slick maneuver, you were flying like a Wonderbolt back there!"

As she leads the way back to the hotel. As they approach the elevator, he looks up at the list of buttons. "So he never even went beneath the 10th floor? He went UP instead? Clever dick…" He looks at the odd selection of numbers, "What are you pressing those for?"

As slippy falls over on the carpet again, Rushin' groans as he uses his magic to lift him back up. "I'm telling you dude, iron horseshoes."

As they come about into the hall, Rushin' lets out a small whistle. "This is pretty swanky. So that's his at the end, huh?" He asks before he lets out a chuckle, "Alright, check this out. I know how to get us in."

He knocks on the door loudly. "Room service!"
[1d10] Bluff

Roll #1 6 = 6


>"…you were flying like a Wonderbolt back there!"

"Didn't land like one though," he says to him with a lighthearted chuckle.

>As slippy falls over on the carpet again, Rushin' groans as he uses his magic to lift him back up. "I'm telling you dude, iron horseshoes."

As Rushin' lifts him back up with his magic, he says, in midair, "Sounds like they'd be too heavy."

He then follows him to the end of the hall, slowly and carefully so that he doesn't fall again.

>He knocks on the door loudly. "Room service!"

He looks at himself and at Rushin', who are still wearing their cloaks.

"We don't really look like room service, though."


"See, in this hotel, the fourteenth floor IS the fourteenth floor, not the thirteenth. That code, 204863, is the only way to reach the thirteenth floor. He's got the whole floor set aside for himself, because his mom owns this hotel and everyone and everything in it, as well as most of the other hotels around here," Gaoxing explains.

At Rushin's call, the doors are opened by a rickety minotaur robot butler, that stiffly walks back around the room, mindlessly sorting anything that seems out of place. The room is neatly kept. It has three beds, two TV's, some game consoles, two dressers, a small kitchen in one counter, and a large bathroom. There's another door adjacent to the bathroom, and you assume it must be a walk-in closet, but it's closed.

Gaoxing messily helps herself to a cake in the refrigerator.


"Eh, Wonderbolts crash sometimes too I bet. We just gotta work on what I like to call the Velocity Reversal Special."

"And we don't need to LOOK like room service to get in, just sound like it." He says as Gaoxing explains the 13th floor. "His mom owns this joint and half the Strip? That's crazy. She's NOT gonna be happy about this."

He gawks at the robot butler, the game consoles, and the over all look of the room. "Daaaaaaaaamn. He has ALL of this?! I'd kill for a Haystation 4 and an XBray 1! Oh and the robot too. Hey Jeeves, can I get a soda?" He asks before looking around the room, "Don't see you anywhere here, Gaoxing… what made you want to switch bodies with this guy anyhow, you two have some sorta past together?"
[1d10] Search for Haietlik

Roll #1 9 = 9


>"Eh, Wonderbolts crash sometimes too I bet. We just gotta work on what I like to call the Velocity Reversal Special."

"I'd rather have this not be a recurring thing."

>"His mom owns this joint and half the Strip? That's crazy. She's NOT gonna be happy about this."

"I'm not happy with her parenting techniques…" he says in a low tone of voice.

>At Rushin's call, the doors are opened…

"Hey, open sesame!"

He walks into the fancy schmancy room and looks around the place in unison with Rushin'. As Rushin' asks Gaoxing about her and Haietlik, he goes to the door beside the bathroom, and opens it to investigate.


"That's what kind of strikes me as weird. He didn't always used to have this bounty, and she definitely has ties to the local underworld, so if she really wanted, she could have gotten his bounty and criminal record wiped. Instead she's just letting him get chased around like this."

>"ALLOW ME, SIR," the robot butler stiffly intones, marching over to the fridge. He gets out a can of Dr. Prancer and washes it with filtered water, then delicately pops the tab. Finally, his eyes glow, and lasers shoot out, melting the opening of the can so that it rounds out the edges and removes any chance you might cut your lip. He then hands the can to you, wrapped in a napkin so that your hooves won't get cold.

Rushin' notices that the closet is not completely shut, and that a draft is actually coming out from the gap. He checks inside and sees a long, thin, maintenance style corridor, full of pipes and dim lights, connected to the back of the closet.

In the bathroom, Slippy finds Gaoxing! To be more precise, he finds Gaoxing's real body (the blue mare with super-long black hair). The mare sits in front of the mirror, trying on different kinds of mascara, makeup and eye shadow, only she is applying it very poorly and clumsily, as if she had never used it before. The mare hums to herself, but the voice is that of a stallion.


"Ha ha, told you man, didn't I? That always works in the movies."

"Maybe she's finally had it up to here with his shit and is willing to let him pay for what he's done? I mean, I could see it…"

As the Robo-taur takes out the can and proceeds to give it the works with its presentation, Rushin' grabs at the soda with his hoof and takes a sip, practically oozing at the taste. "Aaaah, just what I needed. Man, you're awesome Jeeves. How much does a nice bot like you go for?"

As Rushin' opens up the closet, he takes a long, slow sip of his soda and nods his head. "Yeeeeeep. Paydirt. He definitely went down this way, the guy thought of everything." He moans, "Man, a robot butler, the latest games, AND a Bat-mare escape tunnel thing? This guy has it all."

As Slippy investigates the bathroom, Rushin' shouts. "Hey Slips! Found something, over here."


He casually saunters into the bathroom when he suddenly finds Gaoxing, or, currently-Gaoxing. His eyes open wide in shock (partially because they found him/her, partially because of the strange sight it is), but he makes not a sound; he doesn't want to alert him/her/it. He very sneak-a sneakily somersaults to her/him and tries to cast a binding spell on him with his aura.


Rolly rolly rolly


Roll #1 5 = 5


+1 bonus cause muh TAP has recharged yes sir it has



"Wh– oh fuck!" the mare shouts, definitely with a stallion's voice, as he/she's tackled and bound by Slippy. Quickly throwing on a fake, girly intonation, the pony says, "Uh, uh, oh! Th-thank you, thank you ever so much, I thought that he was going to do horrible things to me, but he just locked me in here, so I was looking for a way to, uh, to disguise myself! Right! I'll just be going now…"
The mare tries to slither away.

Gaoxing continues to raid the fridge, apparently too distracted to notice the pony with her body in the bathroom.


>missed a line

>"Maybe she's finally had it up to here with his shit and is willing to let him pay for what he's done? I mean, I could see it…"

"I don't think so," Gaoxing says. "She's always doted on him, every time I went to dinner at one of their places. He could go on a shooting spree and she'd come home with gifts and kisses for him."


"Ah, oh, nope! You're not going anywhere!" he says as his hoof is stuck to currently-Gaoxing's wrist, like hoofcuffs.

He yells out the bathroom door, "Hey, I think I found her! Er, him!"

He more quietly comments, "This is getting kind of confusing…"


"Yeesh. What a piece of work. My grandma would chew me out for not doing my chores, what kind of mom lets their kid do awful things like that to ponies?"

"…that's a little out of my price range. What about a used-model, how much to those go for, dude?" Rushin' asks as he pokes around the closet at first before hearing the commotion coming from the bathroom.

"You what?! Hold on, I'm coming!" Rushin' says as he makes it to the bathroom, checking out Gaoxing's real body there on the floor with his eyes open wide.

"W-woah… yeah, she's DEFINITELY prettier than on her card." He quickly sparks up his horn to trap him/her in his telekinesis. "Nice try, dude, but we're onto you! We KNOW you switched bodies with the real Gaoxing."
[1d10] Telekinesis

Roll #1 6 = 6


The real Gaoxing jumps in surprise. "Wait, what!? The real me's here?"

She runs to the bathroom after you, and gawks in disgust at the mare wearing excessive makeup. "You motherfucker! I thought Haietlik would at least have the decency to swap me with another mare, not whatever you are!"

"I-I just dunno what you're… ah, whatever." The mare drops the fake voice and resumes the gruff stallion voice. "Let's be real here, fellas, if a pretty mare came up to you and offered to switch bodies, would you say no? Eh? I rest my case. If that weren't enough, I even got to get out of workin' with those psychopaths tonight too!"


He's not Haietlik?

"Oh, come on!" he says, with his head to the side before slumping onto the floor, hoof still attached to the not-Haietlik's wrist.


Rushin' suddenly turns up to Gaoxing as she rushes in, his mouth dropping, "You're telling me can do it more than once?!" He turns to look at Gaoxing's body, attractive in all but that manly voice, with a slight look of disgust.

"Uhhhhhh… well, I mean, I play as girls in RPG's or whatever but in real life? That's kinda weird dude, not gonna lie. What have you been doing in here all day?" He asks before shaking his head,

"N-no, don't answer that. Just tell me where YOUR body is now, we found the closet tunnel but what's his game?!"


Now Slippy is just imagining what he would do if he had a mare's body.

Oh, whoa, that got a little dirty. He's blushing a little. Alright, let's snap back to reality.


"I dunno where my body's gone. Tonight I was scheduled to host some dumb 'game' in the basement with a bunch of killers and bounty hunters, but then Haietlik, one of the contestants, came up to me lookin' all hot and asked me if I could switch with him. So, what was I gonna do, eh? Turn 'im down?"

The two of you are reminded of the opening ceremony for tonight's game of Hide-and-Seek.



"You switched with him for Tag, You're Hit? Well, that was kinda stupid man." He holds up 'Haietlik's card, "You literally made yourself a mark for bounty hunters, was being a chick for a few hours really worth that?"

As he mentions being needed to host another game, Rushin' blinks. "Wait… that'd be totally perfect, Slips. NO ONE would suspect the host of being a target, it's a great cover!" He grabs Not Gaoxing by the dress and pulls her up, "Okay, spill it, what do you look like? We have to get down there ASAP, dude!"


Once the red fades off of his face, the cogs in his brain turn as he think about what not-Haietlik says.

He, still laying (or lying? w/e) on the floor, props his head up with the foreleg that is free.


> "Wait… that'd be totally perfect, Slips. NO ONE would suspect the host of being a target, it's a great cover!"

"Hey, yeah!" he remarks as he sits back up.

>"Okay, spill it, what do you look like? We have to get down there ASAP, dude!"

"Isn't he just that tuxedo guy, though?"


Rushin' stomps his hoof, "Damnit it, you're right, it probably is that same guy, isn't it?"


"Where would he be now, though, is the question?"


"Well, I brought up that point myself when he offered it to me. He told me that nobody but a few of his friends knew the code to the thirteenth floor, so he reassured me that I'd be safe up here. Evidently not. But eh, whaddya gonna do?"

"Yeah, they gave me one of those gay-ass tuxedoes that's way too small and makes ya walk like a robot and smell like a funeral home."

"Hey, if you two knuckleheads give ma ya word ya won't spill the beans to anyone, I'll share a little more, eh? Whaddya say?" the 'mare' says.


give me*


>"Well, I brought up that point myself when he offered it to me. He told me that nobody but a few of his friends knew the code to the thirteenth floor, so he reassured me that I'd be safe up here. Evidently not. But eh, whaddya gonna do?"

"But wait, that doesn't sound like much fun for Haietlik… no one knows it's him! There's no one to be chased by!" he answers.

>"Hey, if you two knuckleheads give me ya word ya won't spill the beans to anyone, I'll share a little more, eh? Whaddya say?"

"Hm, consider the beans superglued shut," he says to the mare-not-mare.


"It was a madhouse getting out of the basement, maybe he and that griffon chick are still down there?"

"Well, you're lucky we're really on in this for Haietlik. I haven't even had a chance to track down the guy on my card yet." He snorts, "Dude, I don't know about this switching to be a chick thing still but I will hand this to you, putting your life on the line to wear make-up and a dress is pretty ballsy. Respect."

He sits down on his haunches, crossing his hooves. "Dude, our lips our sealed. What have you got for us?"

"Yeah but, I think that's all just the thrill of the hunt, you know? If they're not smart as we are to finding him, he gets to gloat about it all the same."


"From what I know of him, and from the way he was talking earlier in the night, you'll find him out in South Wayside. I dunno where, but I'd bet my last bit he'd be out there."

The two of you know vaguely what Wayside is. Collectively, it's the slums that surrounds the Strip on all sides, north, east, south and west. The whole thing is nothing but shantytowns and homeless villages, even shaky, multi-story rigs that are made solely of trash and refuse. Wayside, as a whole, is estimated to make up about 50% of Las Pegasus.

"South Wayside, huh?" Gaoxing wonders aloud. "That's a huge place, so it doesn't narrow things down too much, actually. We'll have to move quickly and interrogate whoever we find out there. If we can find the path that he took, we should be good. After all, the pony in the tuxedo would stick out like a shooting star in a place as poor as Wayside."

"You know, there might be some kind of clue in that tunnel he's got," the pony says. "That, or you might find one in the underground hall. Haietlik is kind of a sloppy guy, that's why he's got Jeeves here. He's bound to have left behind something that you can use to track him."


He looks to Rushin' and Gaoxing.



"South Wayside…" Rushin' rubs at his chin, "That's one of the neighborhoods on the outside of the strip that tourists don't go to, right? Not bad. I was lookin' to live it up while I'm here but I bet there's some crazy stuff to see out in the slums too, I say I'm all for it."

He turns to Gaoxing, "I guess he could have changed bodies again though but, we might as well follow what we got. I bet the tunnel will let us out of the casino and then we can hoof it from there. We'll check the tunnel first and then the underground. Gaoxing, you're definitely better with the city, you still with us or do you wanna make sure this guy doesn't do anything weird with your body?"

"DEFINITELY the tunnel, my dude."



"Oh yeah, sorry: found a secret tunnel hidden behind his walk in closet, like something out of a comic-book or a spy movie. It's pretty cool, should give us something to go off of."


Gaoxing paces around a bit. "I'm not sure. On one thing, I know this loser will play around with my body like a doll, but I also know that I wanna bite Haietlik's head off for loaning out my body to a stallion in the first place…"

She digs a coin out of her pocket and flips it. [1d2]

Roll #1 2 = 2




"Well, that decides it, I'm gonna go with you guys," Gaoxing says. "Slippy, bind this guy to the wall as sturdy as you can."

"Bind?" the pony asks, looking down at his arm that's connected to Slippy's. He tries to move his arm, but ends up moving Slippy's along with it. "What the fuck? What is this? What'd you do to my arm?"


>"Slippy, bind this guy to the wall as sturdy as you can."

"No problem-o, m'lady," he says as he (still in the bathroom) drags mare-not-mare to the wall the mirror was on and binds him to it, while releasing himself from him.

"Yegh…" he says, sticking his tongue out and hanging his hoof in front of himself. He goes to a conveniently nearby sink to wash his hooves a little before heading out to see this tunnel.

He peers through the closet-not-closet door.

"Dude, that's sick with a capital S, I, Q, Q! Are we going down there?"


"I know, right?! Is there anything this dude doesn't have? Also Slips, you spelled it wrong. It's C-i-k-e, dude."

Rushin nods, snickering at the host's misfortune. "YEah, I would probably make that same call. I mean, let's be honest, I don't know if I'd trust me with a chick's body. But thanks for coming along, I think that'll help us out a bunch."

He looks to the host, "Dude, you got to live the dream for as long as you did, but you have to admit this is kinda shady man. You can still look at yourself in the mirror but I think if she doesn't want you movin', you're not moving. Take care of 'im, Slippy, we'll bring his body back soon. And thanks for the intel man, we promise to keep this quiet."


[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 8 = 8


[1d10] Look look see see

Roll #1 6 = 6


"You guys are lame," the pony complains, but doesn't fight against the binding.


As you start to proceed down the secret tunnel, the two of you spot a key made out of blue Aura, lodged between two pipes on the wall. Being made of Aura, it wouldn't be possible for a non-User to see this.

"Did Haietlik leave this behind?" Gaoxing asks. "I can't imagine anyone else would have, if this is his secret tunnel. Did he just drop it, or is he waiting for us, you think?"



>Primary: Physical
>Secondary: Dyn



>"…Did he just drop it, or is he waiting for us, you think?"

"Ah, no, what if it's one of those mind games! They make my head hurt."

He stares the key down. If it were alive, it would be dead from that glare.

"It might be a booby trap," he says with a thick, sloppy coating of suspicion (metaphorically).


Rushin' sighs, shrugging his hooves, "Dude, if it's any help, I feel your plight and were I in the same situation, I would probably do something I'd regret too. But, I think you've had your fun."

Entering the tunnel with them, Rushin' looks towards the key in its position between the pipes. "Woah, Aura Key. Cool…" he reaches for it with his magic, grabbing it in his horn's levitation. "I bet he just left it here for himself or something, he wouldn't be expecting anyone to get into his apartment or secret tunnel, right?"


As he reaches for the key with his magic, he smirks, "Hehehehehe. 'Booby' trap."


"I don't know, it seems pretty deliberately lodged in there," Gaoxing says. "He's not the kind of guy to make stupid mistakes either. If he left it here for us, it seems like there'd be a door he wants us to find and open, right?"


Slippy smirks at Rushin'. He knows he knows it.

He protests at Gaoxing, "No! What if it's a trap? He could turn us all into girls!"

He then tilts his head at Gaoxing, "Well, I guess that'd be good for you."

Then, he looks off at the tunnel wall opposite him to say, "Wait, is that how his aura works?" He scratches his head, "No no no. Man, it's not even midnight yet and I'm getting woozy…"


Rushin' grunts as he gives the key a mental tug with his magic to pull it free of the pipes, "Well, assuming he DID leave it here for us and wants us to use it, I imagine he'd also be smart enough to plan us not getting very far without it. So, in short, it's best we DO take it. I don't see anything wrong with it," He says as he squints at the Aura key.

He turns and looks around the tunnel, continuing down. "So would be able to see like, an aura 'keyhole' for this thing too?"

[1d10] Observation to see anything else hidden in the tunnel as we walk down

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Obviously it is a trap, he's just asking for us to walk into it. Additionally, it may be the only way for us to find him. What if he's behind a door that can only be unlocked with this key?"

"I don't know if he has any other aura powers besides his identity theft one. But if it makes you feel any better, he might not have any more dangerous abilities. It would have taken him a while and a lot of Trials in order to develop a complex one like body-switching. So, he probably won't have any combat-related abilities. Or if he does, they won't be very developed."

"That's what I was thinking. I mean, if you're gonna capture him you're going to have to grow balls at some point," she says with a pointed glare at Slippy.

After winding through the tunnels a bit, you find a map on a wall, meant for maintenance workers. This system of tunnels not only connects to most of the hotel, but also has underground cars and tunnels for getting into most of the other establishments around the city. You also see that it has access to the wall that surrounds Las Pegasus, which in turn contains an escape route to Wayside itself.


Rushin' smiles at Gaoxing, "Hey, you know, not ALL colts are as brave as yours truly. It's a gift to be this totally fearless, I tell you."

As they bound through the tunnels, Rushin' stops to stare at the map as they navigate their way through the tunnels. He looks for a way that will take them to the wall, so they can from there slip into Wayside. "That dude sounded pretty confident he was making for the slums, let's see how we get there… maybe this car?"



>"…So, in short, it's best we DO take it. I don't see anything wrong with it," He says as he squints at the Aura key.

Slippy squints at the key in tandem, with his head very close to Rushin's.


"Hmm, I guess you're right. If we get turned into girls, though, you can thank me later," he says. Whether genuinely or not is unknown, though.

>"…So, he probably won't have any combat-related abilities. Or if he does, they won't be very developed."

"That's good to know. None of my abilities are very developed! Those trial things are hard, man."

>"That's what I was thinking. I mean, if you're gonna capture him you're going to have to grow balls at some point…"

He's offended, and it shows.

"Oh, you went there! You went there! Uh, well," he mutters, looking around the tunnel for a witty comeback.

"Uh, you too!" is all he could come up with, but at least he said it with some authority, kind of.

"…Cause, you're a girl! Kinda, not right now but…" he tries to explain, but then trails off.

>After winding through the tunnels a bit, you find a map on a wall…

He points to the escape route to Wayside.

"Ah! There we go! We go there, then! Yeah?"

He then pauses.

"Or… that's where he wants us to go," he says, again with a heavy helping of suspicious.


"Alright then, it looks like we have to go down this route…"

Following the directions on the map, you soon find an underground shuttle system, like a personal subway track that goes all around the routes prescribed on the maintenance map. It's well maintained and even unlocked when you get there, enabling you three to pile into a car without trouble and get going.

After reaching the end of the line, you clamber out and take a few more tunnels and a ladder upward, until you reach a giant, thick metal vault doorway that looks like it could survive a direct impact from a tank. Instructions on how to open it are left on the keypad next to it.


The slums of Wayside are thick and pale with smog and littered with garbage so dense that you can hardly see the sidewalk. There are no shantytowns, but rather whole cities' worth of tents and weak tin structures that are built in dense clusters like beehives and extend precariously into the night sky, ready to topple were it not for the grace of Luna herself. The stink is of smoke and sickness and metal fumes, and the occasional medical odor of hospital bags and boxes just dumped out onto the streets. Few souls linger about here, and those who do are thin and unwashed, their bodies emaciated by hunger and drugs.

Gaoxing cannot speak.


"Still pretty suspicious," Slippy says as he follows Rushin' and Gaoxing into the shuttle.

Once they get there, his face wrinkles up in disgust.

"Ugh, it was a trap! A death trap! Of smells!"

Still wearing that awkward black cloak, he coers his mouth with it.

Muffled, he says, "Okay, now what?"


As Slippy flubs up his come-back, Rushin' lets out a seething hiss. "Ooooh, not so good on that one dude. You need to work on your material. I woulda said something like, 'Yeah well at least I'll still HAVE balls after this'."

As you make up the threat of being turned to girls, Rushin' cringes, "Uh, yeah, no thanks man. Thinking about that other dude back there gives me chills suddenly thinkin' about that. Kinda creepy."

After finding the directions in the tunnels and taking them to the subway cart, Rushin' sits quietly whistling to himself before they make it out the ladder to the slums.

As he breaths in the noxious scent, he freezes up, reaching up to his cloak to wrap around his muzzle like a filter, "UGH! Man, aaah… t-this is insane. Do they just drop ALL their trash and junk out here?! How do you expect ponies to live in this?" He looks through the city of tents and tin. "Now… I guess we go looking the hard way. He could be hiding out in a million places here."
[1d10] Searching for hints of his whereabouts among the decaying slums

Roll #1 10 = 10


"We just have to look for him," Gaoxing says, covering her face with a handkerchief in utter disgust. "That's all. Don't look at anything else… don't even think about anything else."

"They don't expect anyone to live here," Gaoxing says. "This place… I really don't think anyone who can afford to visit the strip understands it. How could they?"

It takes around 30 minutes of wandering, asking for directions and searching for some semblance of order around the garbage heap, but eventually you are directed to one of the few spots where trash doesn't reign supreme. The bombed-out remnants of a four-way intersection has been converted into a fighter's pit, where dozens of ponies crowd around a pair of vagrants in the center. Their left hooves are tied together by a length of rope, enabling the fighters to engage in a tug-of-war while they dance about with knives.

You don't see any sign of the orange pony in the tuxedo, but the information you gathered from the Wayside vagrants claims that he should be here…


Rushin' gags as they wander through, "I don't get it… Las Pegasus is one of the best cities in Equestria, why would they totally ignore part of their own city this badly? I mean, Fillydelphia has its slums too but this is unreal."

When they finally make it through their questioning and searching, and make it out to the fighter pit, Rushin' stares into the pit and watches the two thugs on the rope stabbing at each other. "…okay that's kind of rad though. Can we take bets?" He looks around for the tux wearing pony, but upon finding none he decides to leap to one of the ponies in the crowd. "Uh, hey, who's in charge around here? We're needing a bit of direction."


>I woulda said something like, 'Yeah well at least I'll still HAVE balls after this'."

"Ah, man, that's a bomb!" he says. He then gets a pen and notepad out from his cloak—you don't remember him bringing anything to take notes with, he didn't even take notes in class—and he writes down that kick-ass comeback for future reference. Doesn't this seem familiar? Eh, whatever.

>"…Thinking about that other dude back there gives me chills suddenly thinkin' about that. Kinda creepy."

He mutters, "I dunno, I think it'd actually be kinda…" but then he catches himself.

"Weird! Ah, weird! Very weird, is what I meant to say. Nothing else. Nope," he exclaims, his gray cheeks turning into a faint pink. I dunno what that was all about.

>"…don't even think about anything else."

"But it's so hard to not think about things, sometimes. Especially lewd things," he says frankly.

>It takes around 30 minutes of wandering…

As they look around, Slippy tries to keep his cloak over his muzzle as well as he can, but, being Slippy, he tripped a few times and lost his grip on the cloak, having to suffer the pungent smell as he scrambled to grab it again. After spending a whole half an hour looking around, he comments, still muffled, "Man, I dunno how much more of this I can take. This smell ain't natural, bro."


"The boss is up there," the vagrant says, gesturing up at a mound of old bleachers and chairs far behind the intersection, high enough that it overlooks a few other streets where similar fights are going. Many ponies congregate near the top, organizing and taking bets on the matches, and off to the side, under a pile of booze bottles, you see the tuxedoed pony, drunk off his ass.


File: 1498795875397.gif (3.3 MB, 480x320, youtried.gif)

"Ah! There he is!" he exclaims loudly.

"But shh, we want to be sneaky about this…" he says, in a much more hushed tone, ducking his head as if being shorter made him invisible.

He readies his binding magic as he creeps towards him, but, as luck would have it, he trips on a bottle that was lying around, falling up and flat on his back.



"Ah! There he is!" Rushin' exclaims loudly at the exact same time as Slippy, pausing as he stops him from running horn-first into the situation yet again. "Sneaky…? Ooooh, good idea. Just in case he makes another run for it."

He dons his cloak to hide his appearance, and then winces as Slippy slips on a bottle. "One of these days you might just slip onto the guy we're tryin' to catch and pin him. You're due some karma, man."

He moves into sneaking up on the drunken pony
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 1 = 1


Both of you make a whole lot of noise and chaos as you scramble up the steps. But before you can reach the pony, one of his cronies stops you. "Hey, you need to come back later. The boss isn't well… somebody did something that caused him to transform. We're trying to figure out what caused it and how we can undo it."

Suddenly, a sharp spike of bloodlust seems to turn the air around you black. A horrifying aura emerges without a warning, and a set of hooves clatters up the steps.

[1d10+2] Ambush + Slam
>Wait for the result of this roll, do not post until it resolves

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


A raggedy homeless pony throws his weight against Gaoxing, his body covered in dense blue aura that radiates malice. The impact tosses Gaoxing across the stands and slams her against a light pole. "Ah, sorry you two," the hobo says with a deep, yak-like voice. "I had another puzzle I wanted you to solve, but… when I sensed you carrying a bit of my aura with you, I couldn't help myself. I'm much too impatient."

The homeless pony dives into the crowd. [1d10+1] Stealth

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


>"The boss isn't well… somebody did something that caused him to transform. We're trying to figure out what caused it and how we can undo it."

"Augh, not again!" he complains, throwing his head back in disbelief.

>"…Ah, sorry you two," the hobo says with a deep, yak-like voice…

"Uhh… what?"

He thinks a bit, repeating the hobo's voice in his head.

"Oh! You're the yak guy, the real yak guy!"

He puts a hoof to his chin.

"And, that means you're, uhh…"

Then it dawns on him. His eyes widen.

"Sweet Celestia, Haietlik! Freaking finally!"

>The homeless pony dives into the crowd.

"Ah, wait, no, where are you going? I don't want any more of your mind games!" Slippy yells at him as he vanishes into the crowd.


Rushin' grunts as he scrambles up the steps, "Damnit damnit damnit why is there so much junk here?!" He shouts before making it there only to be blocked. "Not acting like himself… oh no, don't tell me he did it again!"

Rushin's attention is caught by the blue aura from the homeless pony slamming into Gaoxing, "What the…. HEY! It's you this time, isn't it!? You have his aura!" He shouts as he spins about to face him, "Yeah, I'm with Slippy! I hate puzzles in my vidya games, and I hate them in real life! You're going nowhere!"

[1d10+2] Using CL here to power up Time-Lock, aiming for the hobo's belongings to freeze them in place

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12



"What a wonderful birthday this has turned out to be! Do you know how hard it is to find competent Aura-users in this city, and my mom's brought me three!"

As Rushin attempts to engage the time lock, he sees the hobo's clothing freeze– but as the crowd dissipates, that's all that Rushin has captured. The homeless pony rushes through the crowd at a speed not possible for someone of his frailty. Grinning madly, the pony stabs one member of the audience then touches the face of another. The blue aura jumps to the one who he touched. This process continues for a few more iterations until the crowd is in a complete uproar, and the chaos attracts only more thugs and bystanders until it's whipped up into a full-on brawl.

Gaoxing gets up with a groan, but is quickly submerged in the violence.


"Birthday?! I'm nobody's birthday present!" he shouts in indignation.

Then, suddenly much more composed, he remarks as a matter of fact, "That would be very weird."

When he sees now-Haietlik running through the crowd, then working his magic (and mayhem) in the crowd, he points to him and grabs Rushin'.

"There he is! I think he's doing it again! His thing! That changing bodies thing!"

He tries to see who that new pony is.


Roll #1 7 = 7


As the Time-Lock's trade mark red chains all manifest around his clothing, Rushin' at first looks joyful, pumping his hoof before he moves on to grab their prize. However, as he sees that he slips out of the hoodie and disappears into the crowd with surprising speed, Rushin' grunts, "Dang it! He slipped out!"

He lets out a loud gasp as he stabs a member of the audience, looking on as he slips out of his current body and makes a mad dash alternating between audience members. "He's slipping between them like crazy! We have to try and catch up"

He pauses, focusing a red magical light on his horn

"I'm with you, we came here to catch a bounty not give a spoiled buffalo man-child a gift. Keep your eyes on him, we're about to level the playing field."

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


>"…Keep your eyes on him, we're about to level the playing field."

His eyes try to follow the faint blue aura as it (or he) passes through the crowd.

"Alright, I'll try! Man, this is like that cup shuffling game on steroids…"


>Haste succeeds

Barely, you two make out that Haietlik has taken on the body of a colt and is taking advantage of that tiny frame to rush toward a small open crawl space north of the chaos. You'll have to roll to pass through the crowd. Gaoxing gets up with a groan and starts shoving her way through, limping due to the severe impact of her crash.


"I see him! He's going in there, over there!" he says, pointing north of the hullabaloo.

He then notices Gaoxing.

"Oh, man, that looks like it hurt. Uh, should we help her, or…" he asks Rushin', hesitant. They can't lose too much time.


As the spell works and time seems to slow down from their perspective, Rushin' looks on at the colt as he runs through the chaos. "Ah, switching with a kid?! That's low, man! Low!" He says as he's about to rush forward, but pauses as Slippy brings up Gaoxing.

"What the… grrrr… one sec, I think I got her. You go after him!"

[1d10+1] First action used to use telekinesis on Gaoxing to help her move over the crowd
[1d10+1] Rushin' giving chase as his other action

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7


"You got it!" he declares before leaping towards Haietlik's new body. Whipping out his best acrobatic moves, he leaps and bounds over the hustle and bustle with ease, even managing to get a few flips in.

[1d10+2] +2 bonus for talent

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


With the help of Rushin's spell, he's able to multitask, casting a bind spell in midair to try to impede Haietlik's escape.

[1d10+2] +2 TAP LET'S GO

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


The three of you weave through and around the crowd, helping up Gaoxing as you go. Slippy manages to bind Haietlik's legs together with aura before he can get into the tiny crawl space and escape. "Damn it, what a cheap trick, you're a real wet blanket trying to stop me like this," Haietlik groans.

"Give me my body back!" Gaoxing shouts.
"Well, I miiiight be inclined to do so if you'd let me out."
"Come on, that's not even clever, of course I won't do that."
"I'll get out anyway. It's just a matter of whether you'll get brownie points for attempting to help me."


"Aha!" he shouts as he sees his aura casting succeed, throwing his hoof in the air while still in midair. He makes a few more hops to get to foal-Haietlik.

"Gotcha! Finally! That felt almost too easy," he says triumphantly, one forehoof on top of downed-foal-Haietlik back. It looks kind of weird though, if you didn't know that foal, well, wasn't actually a foal.


Rushin' chuckles as they manage to successfully break through the crowd, pumping his hooves again as he literally jumps for joy. "Hahahahahah! We caught him! We finally caught him! Suck it, Bison-dude!" He says as he points a hoof at the now bound colt.

He looks between him and all the bodies he switched between, and winces as he tries to think of his next move. "It's not just Gaoxing dude, you gotta switch back with everyone. But you're insane if you think we're gonna let you go to do it! How about I buy you a burger on the way to the bounty office? I hear Las Pegasus has good burgers."


"Ah, dude, yeah, I haven't been to Whinny-Out in a while! Man, they sure do have good hayburgers," he says, salivating as he fantasizes about sinking his teeth into one.


Haietlik calmly waits while you finish gloating. "As I said…"

His solid blue aura returns, and flares up from an even flow to an unsteady, flame-like cadence. "I'm getting out of here one way or another."

>Escape Artist

Haietlik's intense aura burns through the bindings that Slippy put on him, and in a leap, he reaches forward toward your faces.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Haietlik slaps the edge of Gaoxing's cheek, causing his aura to leap back into his original yak body, and her gray aura to attach itself to the colt's body. Quickly growing accustomed to his original form, Haietlik grabs Gaoxing (the colt) out of the air and holds her in front of him like a hostage.

"Not exactly the body I was hoping for," Haietlik says, drawing a knife while Gaoxing writhes and curses in his grasp. "I always have fun trying out new forms. "Now, here's how this will work… I want to switch with one of your bodies now. I've reached my Breakpoint. Soon I'll be able to take others' Aura powers for my own while I've possessed their bodies. But I need more practice with Aura-users to do so. If you help me develop this power, I'll turn myself in once we're done. Scout's honor. What do you say?"


Slippy is relieved for a split second seeing Haietlik take over his original yak body, now that a little bit of the confusion's resolved, but he comes back to alert mode when he sees both him escaping the foal's body and holding Gaoxing-now-foal hostage.

"Ah! No! Bad! Bad yak! We haven't even had our dinner yet!"

>…If you help me develop this power, I'll turn myself in once we're done. Scout's honor. What do you say?"

"No! If I've learned anything from action movies, it's that you can't trust the bad guy! And you seem pretty bad, to me!"

He then casually turns to Rushin' and says, "Hey, it's like that one Indiana Pones movie, the one with Indy and his dad and the one Neighzi was holding that doctor gal at gunpoint. Would I be Indy or the dad in this situation?"


Rushin' looks on as he slaps the edge of Gaoxing's cheeks, "No!" he shouts before he sees the Aura affect take place, putting Haietlik back in his imposing buffalo form while Gaoxing is trapped in a colt's body, stuck between his powerful hooves. "Gaoxing!"

As he puts forwards his ultimatum, Rushin' growls, looking at Gaoxing carefully to make sure he doesn't hurt her. "And if we refuse and just try to take you right now as you are?"

"Slippy's right, you're dangerous enough WITHOUT getting our Aura powers too. Even if you kept your word there'd be nothing stopping you from breaking out or having your mommy bail you out."

He turns to Slippy as he makes the analogy, "OH! Dude, I got into that after watching Daring Do movies, not bad. And you'd be the dad, Indy doesn't flip flop around everywhere." He says with a smirk.


"Overcoming this Breakpoint was the reason only I wanted Aura-users for my birthday in the first place. I have no reason to put you through any more rigamarole once I've gotten what I want."

"Well, if you refuse to play along, we'll just have to do this after I gut Gaoxing. Even if you turn me in afterward, I'll have no problem walking. This way is just a little cleaner. Ha! I really hope you aren't thinking that killing me is a viable option. Who knows what may happen to everypony whose body I switched up? Magic doesn't go away just because you've killed the magician. Aura works the same. Not to mention what'd happen to you and your families once word got to Mother."


>"Slippy's right…"

"Yeah, I am right!"

>"…And you'd be the dad, Indy doesn't flip flop around everywhere." He says with a smirk."



"Sorry Dad, can't hear you!"

As he threatens to gut Gaoxing, Rushin' winces, "Damnit, that's low dude. What kinda man are you?" He looks between Slippy and Haietlik, "…your mommy can't protect you forever. I'm not afraid of some old has been sitting in her tower. But I'm not gonna risk you fucking over all the people you switched with."

He growls. "But whoever you switch with dude, trust me. You're not gonna get everything you want just like that. Now put her down and take your pick, if Slippy doesn't care then I don't care either."


"The kind that gets what he wants."



>"Sorry Dad, can't hear you!"


>"Well, if you refuse to play along, we'll just have to do this after I gut Gaoxing…"

"Augh, again with the mind games!"

Slippy pulls Rushin' in close to whisper, "Wait, we're actually gonna work with this yak? Indy did what the Neighzi wanted and it didn't work out!"


Rushin's ears flop down as he's pulled to the side, "Dude, trust me, I know. I HATE that we let ourselves fall into this trap, but we're just gonna have to make it work out somehow."

"He's got Gaoxing, and if we try and stomp him here who knows what'll happen to everyone he switched with. We have to play along. At least, at first… we can think of a plan while he gets what he wants out of it, and then spring it on him so we can save everyone and make sure he goes down."


"Ah, I don't like it, but I guess you're right… We better think up a good plan soon, though…"



Last time on the one-shot… now a four-shot…

Haietlik jumped the party, pre-empting whatever trap he may have set involving the blue aura key, because he was just that eager for a fight. Moreover, he revealed, after being momentarily caught, that he wanted a pair of aura-users for his birthday, so that they could help him overcome his Breakpoint and improve his "Identity Theft" aura ability even further. Haietlik was sure that he could actually copy others' aura abilities if he improved his powers.


"Overcoming this Breakpoint was the reason only I wanted Aura-users for my birthday in the first place. I have no reason to put you through any more rigamarole once I've gotten what I want."

>Rushin', Slippy

"Well, if you refuse to play along, we'll just have to do this after I gut Gaoxing. Even if you turn me in afterward, I'll have no problem walking. This way is just a little cleaner. Ha! I really hope you aren't thinking that killing me is a viable option. Who knows what may happen to everypony whose body I switched up? Magic doesn't go away just because you've killed the magician. Aura works the same. Not to mention what'd happen to you and your families once word got to Mother."


"The kind that gets what he wants."


Rushin' winks at Slippy, "Hey dude, who are you talkin' to? I'll think of somethin'…. eventually."

He turns back up to Haietlik, and lets out a long sigh. "Alright… only because of all the guys you switched bodies with and Gaoxing are in deep shit otherwise. I'll take you up on your offer. Take mine and not Slippy's if you only need one. Few questions first: How long will this 'training' you need last?"


Slippy says to Rushin', "Your body? You sure? Maybe if he trades with my body he'll be klutzy, too!"

He looks to his limbs, "I'm pretty sure mine's defective or something."


Rushin's eyes pop open, "Wait, really…? Huh. Well, sure, maybe we can try that. You don't mind giving up yours man? I have to admit, I was kinda curious what it'd be like to be that huge but now you got me curious if it's your body or just plain you that can't walk two steps without slippin'."


Haietlik shrugs. "I don't quite know. I don't really have regular training sessions. It's all come as a part of natural talent, you see. But for just such an occasion, I've put together a mixtape of training music in my apartment in the hotel. A montage always makes things go faster."

"No! I want your body," Haietlik says to Rushin'. "Your ability is much more interesting than his. I wouldn't mind having it."


"Woah, dude, harsh." Rushin' says, "I mean, don't get me wrong, I totally know where you're coming from. I am pretty rad. But you're missing out some unique features you get with my pal Slippy' here."

He shrugs, "But, your choice I guess. Jsut saying, you might be missing out. My next question: if we do this, will you turn everyone back to normal BEFORE I let you switch off with me? Seems smart to get it out of the way."


"It's definitely gonna be a bit weird, but I don't think he's into anything too weird, other than this 'switching bodies and causing mayhem' thing. And yeah, I'm just as curious as you."

He pauses for a moment, thinking over a part of what Rushin' just said.

>"…I was kinda curious what it'd be like to be that huge…"

A creepy grin then starts to grow on his face as he stares equally as creepily at Rushin'.

"Oh, I see what your game is… ( ° ʖ °) "

>"…A montage always makes things go faster."

>"No! I want your body…"

He furrows his brows and says, "Hey! I'm offend—" but then is stopped by a bout of chuckling. The chuckling then grows into an uproar of laugher as he falls on his side.

In between laughs, he says to himself, "He… he wants his body pfff…"


"Once we've made the switch, I'll reverse what I've done, and put everyone back into their own bodies. I can disable that remotely, so if you were thinking of nabbing me while doing that, I'm sorry to disappoint."

He squints. "Is something defective with his body?" he points at Rushin'.


>"…A montage always makes things go faster."

"It's true. I do it on long plane rides."


>He squints. "Is something defective with his body?" he points at Rushin'.

He gets all serious and says, "Oh, yeah, lots of stuff."

He goes up to Haietlik's ear to whisper, "And I'm pretty sure his wee-wee is tee-nee."


He trots back to Rushin', trying his hardest to not trip now, and continues, "And also, who caught both two ponies today?"

He lies on his back and binds his own two forehooves together.

"This guy," he says, demonstrating the strength of his binding skills by trying to pull his two hooves apart to no avail.


Rushin' cringes as Slippy stares at him creepily. "Uh… w-what? Y-yeah I mean, stomping around, being four times the size of everything and like, looking down on everyone? Being huge rocks!"

Rushin' chuckles, "H-hey, come on, I was honestly just thinkin' of these good ponies man. Wasn't thinking of jumping you in the middle of that, you have me over a barrel here dude."

As he asks about his body's defectiveness, "Lots of… dude, no, my body is freaking AWESOME. Just uh, you probably switch places with lots of awesome ponies all the time right? Slippy is slightly less awesome than I am but, he has other cool stuff to make up for it. Just saying, you'll find someone as cool as me eventually, I don't know if you'll ever meet anyone like Slippy again."


"But we let Gaoxing go, and that other guy wasn't even on the cards, he was the announcer dude."


[1d10] Rolling persuasion

Roll #1 7 = 7


>"Uh… w-what? Y-yeah I mean, stomping around, being four times the size of everything and like, looking down on everyone? Being huge rocks!"

"Whatever you say, my man…" he says, still holding his gaze.

>"…Slippy is slightly less awesome than I am but, he has other cool stuff to make up for it… …I don't know if you'll ever meet anyone like Slippy again."

"I, uh, can't tell if you're complimenting me or not."

"Shh! I'm trying to see myself," he hisses to Rushin', still on his back, self-hogtied.


>"…I'm trying to see…

"…I'm trying to sell…"*

also rollan persuasian [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


"What stuff? And when you've taken over as many bodies as I have, you tend not to worry about that… element."

Haeitlik watches the two of you carefully, before slowly letting Gaoxing, still in the colt's body, go. In a short sprint, he runs forward and grabs both of you by the face. The two of you feel light, and then wispy and breezy, as if the wind and light were passing right through you; Rushin's consciousness is transplanted into Haietlik's yak body, while Slippy's is thrown into Rushin's body.

Haietlik, now overshadowing Slippy's body, takes a few experimental steps forward, before turning his gaze back at the mob of fighting ponies. With a nod, you see several ponies' auras light up around them. You see their spirits lift out of their bodies, and be moved back into their original forms.

As Haietlik turns back, presumably to be smug again, he flips over and faceplants without any apparent cause. "Argh! What in the… who did that?"


"W-what? Dude, I mean it, I just want to be swole as heck, that's the only angle here."

Rushin' lets out a loud wail of excitement as his face is grabbed, and he shifts in and out of his body into the yak's. "Woaoooooooooooohhooooooooooo!"

When it passes, he looks down at him self, smiling with glee, "Holy buck, I'm MASSIVE! Look at this? Can I lift a truck? I BET i can lift a truck like this!" He looks around for something big and heavy to lift, and then looks on as all the souls begin to switch back to normal. He checks out Gaoxing, wondering if she went back to hers as well.

When Haeitlik falls over on his face, Rushin' suppresses a snicker, "J-just need to be careful man, I-I think you switched so fast you got a little ahead of yourself. Alright, back to your place then?"


He holds his head, feeling dizzy.

"Whoa, feels like I just got off the dizzitron for the twelfth time…"

"Slippy" then looks at his hoof.

"Wait," he says, calm at first.

"AAGH!" he yells. He looks as if he would fall backwards from that shock, but very surprisingly, all he does is step back a little.

"Wait!" he says again, looking at the ground around him, as if it just turned into a shade of hot pink.

He walks around a bit. Then trots.

"Whoa," he says in astonishment and delight before making happy horse noises.

Just then, he experiences a sudden urge to do something.

Still wearing the cloak, he hesitantly looks down, just at the ground, and looks back up.

"Would it, uh, would it be gay if I uh…" he mutters quietly, confused.

His confusion is interrupted by the loud shout of a yak.

"Ah! Rushin'! Is that you? Indoor voices! Even if we're outdoors."


You see the colt's original soul float back into his body; Gaoxing's launches up into the sky, northward, and presumably ends up in her body (which is still in the hotel's bathroom). The colt runs away.

"Sometimes it takes a moment to get used to a new body, that is true…"

Haeitlik leads the way back to the hotel room on the hidden thirteenth floor, making no attempt to escape. Along the way he rambles here and there about how rich he is, how awesome his life is, all the cool robots and gadgets he owns. He occasionally lets slip a bit about his childhood, and from this, you actually learn that he and his mother apparently hail from Wayside, but he doesn't go on about this.

All the while, he trips, falls and slips, as per Slippy's body. He grows quite sick of it by the end, and forces Rushin' to carry him the rest of the way.

Eventually, you return to the hotel, and Haeitlik gets off of Rushin's back. Upon hearing you enter, Gaoxing shouts for you to get her out of the bathroom, while Haeitlik shuffles through his messy and well-stocked room.


Slippy-now-Rushin' walks as jolly as a, uh, the jolliest thing you can think of as he walks with yak-Rushin' and klutzy-Haietlik back to the hotel, not really paying much attention to Haietlik's stories (or his unfortunate tripping), but he still gives happy hums in response.

When they get there, he hears Gaoxing's shouting.

"Oh! Right! Let me just walk on over there…" he says as he walks on over to the bathroom.

He opens to bathroom door and proclaims, "Honey, I'm walking!"


As Slippy gets all excited in his body, Rushin' chuckles as he gives a few flexes of his now huge muscles. "Pretty cool, right? That's my body you're playing with there Slippy so don't do anything to make me look bad, alright?"

Rushin' tries and fails to suppress more snickers at the yak's expense, though he doesn't mind so much when he forces him to carry him. Rushin' was looking for any new excuse to show off his new found strength as they made their way back to the hotel, Rushin' putting up with Haietlik's boasting about his wealth while trying to figure out a way to stop his body-switching ability. To no avail.

As they make it back to the hotel, he lets Haeitlik go as he too makes for the rest-room to let out Gaoxing. "Oh man, that's right! She's back in her original hot body now! Come on, let's go let her loose…. uh, not TOO quickly though, hehe…"


reply to
Also a small tidbit that's been bothering me a bit: Slippy had his hooves bound before the body switch, but once he felt something weird happening, he instinctively reversed his bind spell.


>"Pretty cool, right? That's my body you're playing with there Slippy so don't do anything to make me look bad, alright?"

"Man, if I can rock that tacky cloak, I can rock whatever skin I'm in!"


Gaoxing glares at the two of you as you enter, but shushes you and mouths for you to shut the door.

"So what's the plan?" she whispers. "I'm back in my body, you two aren't. How are we doin' this? We rush him now or follow through on his dumbass plan?"


Slippy-now-Rushin' closes the door happily and with ease. When Gaoxing asks what the plan is, he lets out an "Uhh…" and looks to the man who's supposed to have the plan, yak-Rushin'.


Rushin' snorts through his nostrils, "That's the spirit! Also, how's it feel not having to be fallin' over your own hooves or nothin'?"

He leans in close, "I'm figuring that out. We got him to put everyone back to normal, that's good, but even if we jumped him now, he could switch out of his binds into any one of us and escape! Maybe, we could bind ourselves too…. gah no, that wouldn't work. Then how would we do it? He's going to be training for a while so we HAVE plenty of time to figure something out, I just need to find out a way to block his ability."

"When he switched with us before… he touched our faces. That seemed important. Gaoxing, do you know the exact way his power works? If we can figure out how to stop it, then after he switches back into this body we can stop it."


"I know that he has to directly touch your face with his hoof. If he's wearing a glove or if you have something covering your skin, it won't work," Gaoxing whispers. "He's got plenty of clothes around here… it's just a matter of getting them when he's not expecting it."


>"That's the spirit! Also, how's it feel not having to be fallin' over your own hooves or nothin'?"

"The friggin'. Best. Thing. Ever!" he says with enthusiasm, making a solid step with every word he says.

"Sounds like a time to be Sneaky Sneakings…" he says to Gaoxing in response. Doesn't this seem familiar? Eh, whatever.

First, he unbinds Gaoxing, then he goes up to the door, opens it a smidge, and peeks through to see if clumsy-Haietlik is there.


"It has to be DIRECT contact… that's helpful, that's something I know we can stop." He looks at their cloaks, "We could wrap these around our faces to make masks too, and then cover his hooves with the spare clothes, tie them off!"

He grunts, "Now I just gotta think of how to get us back in our own bodies… wait." He turns to Gaoxing, the gears turning in his head. "You broke right through Slippy's binds before. How did you do that?"


Haietlik is at his dresser, going through a few CD's, presumably with training montage music on them.

"I can basically 'chew' an attack if I can bite it with my Aura, and cancel it out that way. But the problem is, I can't just bite it whenever. I can only use this ability when another's ability is in effect. Meaning I couldn't just go in there and bite his head and put you back in your own body. I'd have to get him right as he's attempting to switch bodies, and I'm not sure how that might affect you."


Slippy doesn't pay much attention to yak-Rushin' or Gaoxing-Gaoxing, and instead he makes a move to the closet, seeing Haietlik preoccupied. He tiptoes effortlessly.

"Too easy!" he whispers to himself as he makes his way there.

[1d10] Sneak-a sneak

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Then we need him to switch us back himself before we make our move…" he turns to look at Haietlik, "Even if we jump him now being able to cut off his power, we're stuck like this otherwise. Dang it, there has to be a way to trick him into letting us all switch back, if Slippy can put all the bindings and clothes on me then he switches back to his own body, he's sunk."

He turns to her again, "What are the risks? Like, if he makes a switch, and you bite it, will that put me and Slippy back into our OWN bodies and leave him stuck in his again or, will he just get stuck in his body while me and Slippy switch? I think I can trick him into switching into my body instead of Slippy's but that'd leave me and Slippy mixed up!"


While you make your way over to the closet, Haeitlik seems deep in thought over which training montage music to use. Seems like he's prepared a lot for this.

"I don't know. Depending on how stable his aura is, it might trigger some kind of failsafe, so to speak, and undo any switch that's already in progress, meaning that you'd remain in the body you're in right now. However, it's known that intense emotions can cause your Aura to go haywire and function contrary to how you want it to work. So, I think the worst case scenario is that your souls would just end up OUTSIDE your bodies!"

"There's another possibility, I think. If I can sustain my power by keeping my teeth clamped on him, I could keep him from using Aura for a while, so if you manage to trick him into switching everyone back to normal, I could stop him from doing it again, if I can just get the drop on him."

Ignore this '2d10'

Roll #1 6, 4 = 10


Slippy-now-Rushin' rummages through the closet and comes out with probably more clothes than they need on his back, and he makes his way back to the bathroom.


Roll #1 1 = 1



"Then that's worth a shot. After Slippy gets back with the clothes, I'll convince him to let up on the switch real quick. Maybe I can trick him, tell him he should do some stretches in his OWN body first before he starts the montage so that it's nice and limber when he goes back into it after all the Aura training. Then, after he lets up, you grab on to him, I'll haste us, and Slippy can bind him with the clothes. It's our best bet."


Haeitlik turns and grabs you by the arm in a swift motion, stopping all your momentum. "Do tell what you're planning on doing with those, friend."

The robo-butler turns its head sharply and appears skeptical, despite having an immobile face.

Gaoxing goes and peers through the crack in the bathroom door, nodding as you detail your plan. "Sounds good to– oh jeez. He's onto us, I think. He caught Slippy!"


"Shit, you're right…"

He races over, "Costume changes, of course!" Rushin' shouts, "You said you were about to start up a montage, right?"

He crosses his arms, "Well, tell me my man: have you EVER seen a montage in which the character is just wearing the same thing every shot? No, of course not dude, because you know why? Because in a montage you switch through clothes all the time to make it look like a lot of time is passing, don't ya?"

[1d10] Persuade

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Wah!" he says as he's taken off his hooves by what looks like himself.

He tries not to sweat bullets and chuckles nervously, not making eye contact with himself.

"Uhh, just wanted to play a little, uh, dress up! We have our quirks… you definitely have yours… Should I have asked first?"


"You better be sure that you ask before you take anything that doesn't belong to you; that's how Mother runs her kingdom," Haeitlik says cryptically. "Go ahead. But, make sure that you don't cover up too much, otherwise you'll get too sweaty and stink up the place. Then I'll just have you removed. Wouldn't want to get overheated, either."

He goes through the pile of clothes and puts on a headband and a tank top, then loads a CD into his jukebox. "Are you all ready yet or what?"


"Wooooah, hold on a sec," Rushin' holds up his yak-hooves, "You're not just gonna go straight into it, are you? You've been switching around bodies all day long and were only back in yours just now for like, a minute." Rushin' sits back on his haunches,

"Now, it's your power but, you know, doesn't it make sense to limber up in your original body first, make sure it's all prepared before you start the rest of the montage in our bodies? If you just start now, what if something doesn't feel right when you go back into your own body? If you switch us all back first, you can do the first warm-up in it while me and Slippy do it too. It can be like a group thing."

[1d10] Persuade to try switching back…?

Roll #1 7 = 7


>This will be responded to in the first post of the conclusion



Last time on the Aura one-shot…

Slippy and Rushin' agreed to Haietlik's request to be his training partners until he had overcome his Breakpoint and was able to further develop one of his abilities. Of course, they were still intent on punishing him for what he had done in Wayside upon being discovered. In a hushed conversation, Gaoxing had revealed that Haietlik's power had a small weakness: He had to directly touch his victim's face in order to switch bodies, meaning that if anything got in the way of the contact, such as a glove or a facial mask, it wouldn't work.

Now it was a matter of subduing him again, this time for real.

Rushin is in Haietlik's body, Slippy is in Rushin's body and Haietlik is in Slippy's body.

"On the contrary," Haietlik says. "I'm quite fine in this body. And not only that, the fact that I'm trying to improve my ability such that I can access someone else's Aura should justify keeping possession of his body for now. Or do you know more than I do?"


Rushin, still within the gigantic yak body, tries to play it cool and turns to look away from Haietlik, "Do I? DO I?" He chuckles to himself, then whispers lowly, "Celestia I hope so…"

"Well uh, here's a question: do you know what my and Slip's abilities are exactly? We only did them like, once, when capturing you and they're a little tricky. How can you expect to train without knowing what it is you're supposed to be trying to learn? If you switch back just real quick, we can do them in front of you so you know exactly how to do the montage right, you digging me dude?"

[1d10] Rolling for arguments

Roll #1 5 = 5


Slippy puts a sock on his head nonchalantly as Rushin' talks, wearing it like a headband.

"Yeah, I may make it look easy, but my skill-a-roony's tricky to pull off just right. You don't wanna permanently fuse yourself with anything, do ya? Nah, man."


[1d10] I mean what I say

Roll #1 2 = 2


"'Slip' here used a simple binding effect on me to stop me. Nothing particularly special about him. You, on the other hoof, are a bit more difficult to pin down. At first, I thought you were using simple telekinesis, so I threw off my jacket to serve as a decoy. But then I saw that it lingered in the air long after you'd re-focused your attention to me. If I had to guess, I'd say you could use Dyn, or possibly even Psi. Though, I think the effect could have been replicated by Kamer, as well.

"All the same, you've brought my attention to something I hadn't considered. What if, by training here, something goes wrong and I end up permanently stuck with one of your abilities? Neither one of them is my forte, and Slippy's is not so valuable that I would want to keep it. Yours on the other hand…"

He thinks on it for a moment. "Okay, I'll switch things this way: Rushin' will have Slippy's body, and Slippy may have mine. I will take Rushin's body. This gives us both leverage over one another, and in the event that something goes wrong, I end up with a halfway decent ability."

He starts reaching toward your faces again…


Rushin' can't help but show a slowly growing grin as he's told about how unique his power is, failing to hide his pride. "Oh, psssh. Come on, tell me something I DON'T know dude. Hehehe." He shrugs, "Yeah, it's pretty wild alright… and, alright. Sounds like a fair deal, dude. Let's do it."

As he reaches outwards towards their faces, Rushin' casually allows him to reach out and grab it. But just as he does so to both of them, he turns to shout out to the bathroom. "GAOXING! Now, now, now!"



>"…and Slippy's is not so valuable that I would want to keep it. …"

"Hey, I'm offended. I worked very hard to learn how to do it."

As his own appearance reaches out for his face, his-now-Rushin's eyes stare at the approaching hoof worriedly, hoping the worst doesn't happen.


Gaoxing jumps out of the bathroom and barrels toward Haietlik with the speed only afforded to an Aura user. Just as a curse forms on his lips, Gaoxing jumps and bites his arm as hard as she can, with a layer of gray Aura forming around her teeth. "You bitch, I paid you good money to…!" Haietlik shouts, trying to throw her off. But, before he can, the familiar sensation of spinning and floating overtakes the three of you again…


Slippy takes over Rushin's body, while Rushin' ends up in his own again. Haietlik stumbles backward, and ends up back in his own. Pain shoots through Rushin', as Gaoxing is now biting into "his" arm (Slippy's body). Gaoxing looks between the three of you, apparently unsure as to who ended up in whose body.

"Wrhgh drr ah brhgh nrwh?" she asks, teeth still clamped tightly.

From behind the counter, the robot butler cracks his neck and steps forward threateningly.


Rushin' looks down at his body, his lips already cringing at the sight of Slippy's all too slippery hooves giving him pause as he winces in pain from the mare biting down on his leg tightly, "AAAGGH! G-gaoxing, let go, it sorta worked but me and Slippy aren't in the right bodies!"

As the robot approaches, he looks at it sternly, about to focus on his Aura before he feels Gaoxing disrupting it with her mouth. As she lets go, he suddenly gets an idea though.

The last pony Haeitlik was in was Slippy, ie, his body now…. "Ahem, *cough*, HEY! Tin-can what are you waiting for?! You saw what these chumps tried to do, right?" He points at the yak, "Pin that one down!"

[1d10] Trying to imitate Haietlik's voice

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Whatcha say?" he says in reply to Gaoxing, after the brief feeling of dizziness passes.

He brings his forehooves up in front of him to see them, and he remarks, "Huh, nothing changed."

He looks to that familiar looking gray pony to see who it is this time.

At hearing his voice, he says, "Rushin'?" and after he sees what he's trying to do, he thinks on his hooves and plays along.

"Uh, ahh! Oh no you don't, Haietlik!" he shouts, somewhat convincingly, as he not too quickly rushes towards Rushin'-now-Slippy-supposedly-Haietlik as if he was trying to stop him, making sure he puts actually-Haietlik in between himself and the robot.


"What!?" Haietlik shouts, astonished at your quality impersonation. The butler steps forward, producing a blocky orange aura around its hands. "Stop that! They're trying to trick you! Cancel that last action, now!"

The butler stops in momentary confusion.

Roll #1 3 = 3


The butler-robot stops and scratches the side of its head, then shrugs and reaches down toward Haietlik, as if to help him stand.

Haietlik turns and grins smugly at each of you. "You three boneheads are in deep shit now. Now you'll know what–"

"Hacking," the butler says, spreading the blocky aura around Haietlik's head. [1d10+2]

"Wait, what!?" Haietlik shouts. Gaoxing pauses. "I'd bite him again but I don't wanna get in the middle of that…"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


"Rawr…" he less than somewhat convincingly hollers as he feigns pinning his own body down. He looks over to the robot and actually-Haietlik to see if the plan actually worked.



Rushin' grins while in Slippy's body, "Nice one, Slips" he whispers as the robot moves to hack Haietlik's head. He stares at it as he surrounds his head, unsure of what it could mean. "I… no, don't bite him just yet. We need to get him to switch us again somehow so me and Slippy can get our own bodies back, hold off until this robot does whatever it's doing.

He looks around, "Dang it, I'm hornless, do you know if he keeps a catalyst just for fun around he-" he asks Gaoxing as he moves towards the side of the room to flank Haeitlik, but finds himself tripping and flops all over himself moving around in Slippy's body. "AGH! The fuck?!"

>Waiting to see what the robot does to Haietlik first


He smirks in response to Rushin'.

"Oh no, you just slipped out of my grasp, Haietlik…" he deadpans as Rushin' moves away.

When he sees him trip, he just says, "Now you know my troubles."


reply to
here is your (you)


The orange block of aura crystallizes around Haietlik's head, causing him to lift up. The robot points at Slippy, and Haietlik is forced to punch him.


Meanwhile, the butler picks up Rushin, apparently convinced by the charade, and dusts him off, then combs his mane back to perfection. "How are you doing tonight sir? What would you like for second dinner?"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Rushin' grunts, picking himself up on Slippy's unsteady hooves as he nearly doubles over himself all over again "Wow-waoah! How do you live like this…?!"

As Haietlik is made to attack at Slippy (him), Rushin' looks up confused at the robot as it picks him up and dusts him off, grunting as his mane is combed. "What th…" he coughs, realizing that his charade actually worked

"*cough* Uh, yeah! Lemme think on that, but thanks Jeeves. Hey, though, something to do before that! You got control of that guy there? Look, turns out: he has the same power I do, and it's totally screwing me up. I want you to control him and force him to use his Aura power to switch me," he looks and points at Slippy, "and THAT guy so I can train with his power. Then, just in case he does something to mess us up, I need you to keep my Yak body hacked no matter what, got it?"

[1d10] Convincing voice

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Hey, wait, what are you—" he asks as Haietlik approaches him, and is interrupted by a very rude punch to the face.

"Ow! Ooh, that hurt," he moans as he rubs his cheek.


>"Wow-waoah! How do you live like this…?!"

"You can't trip if you're rolling on the ground or flipping in the air," he points out.


"Affirmative, sir. Shall I fetch a grilled cheese?"

Slippy loses 4 hits from the punch. "You pieces of shit! Cancel the order, cancel the order!" Haietlik shouts, helpless in the robot's hacked aura.

Soon, Slippy and Rushin' return to their normal bodies, while Haietlik claws at the air, seething, with his earlier cool all but lost.


As Rushin' is made to switch back into his original body, his eyes blink, looking down at himself as he relishes in having his own body back. "Oh thank Luna's sweet black ass I'm back…" he says as he gives himself a hug, then coughs and clears his throat as he looks to the robot and says *in Haietlik's voice*

"THat'll be all Jeeves, I got this from here. Go get that grilled cheese ready and another of those fine ass colas, would ya?"

He turns to Slippy, "Now, the clothes, wrap his hooves and Bind him!"


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


*early post, meant to say he Time-locks the clothes onto the yak's hooves after they're wrapped around using his TK



Once the dizzy feeling subsides once again, he looks at his hooves this time to see that familiar gray color.

"Ah, finally! It's over!"

>"Now, the clothes, wrap his hooves and Bind him!"

He winds himself up to rush hehe over to the pile of clothes he had just earlier been trying to transport, but finds himself inexplicably slipping, falling over, and hitting his chin on the floor.

"Darn it, it's over."

He then quickly picks himself up and instead does an aerial towards the clothes. He looks for a pair of yak gloves in the pile of clothes, making quite a mess, and just as quickly he lifts them out triumphantly then somersaults over to the yak, puts them on his hooves, and binds the gloves to him.

After this, he intentionally falls to the floor, exhausted.

"Ugh, I want ice cream."


"Affirmative, sir, I shall calculate your return time and prepare it accordingly for maximum taste. Later, I shall prepare sundaes for three, after your training session."


"Alright, you two are taking me with you," Gaoxing says. "The bounty picture he used for this game of tag used my face, so I'll have to explain that to the referees. They probably suspected something like that was happening from the start."

After thoroughly wrapping up Haietlik like a big yak burrito, it takes the three of you to carry him down to the underground convention center where all this madness began: Gaoxing keeps biting onto his arm, while Slippy and Rushin' keep the clothes around him with magic and aura. After finding the game's coordinators and explaining the tale of the night, they agree to take in Haietlik and send someone out to Wayside to recover the announcer whose body Haietlik had taken at the beginning of the game.

The three of you receive a check for 100,000 Bits. Gaoxing stares at the two of you. "Do I need to remind you what the two of you are putting your shares of the money toward, before anything else?"


>game of tag
hide and seek*


As Rushin' time-locks the gloves safely onto Haietlik's hooves, he takes in a sigh of relief, looking down at his red coat and relieving in the fact that he and Slippy got their old bodies back.

"Phew…. man, that was close. For a few moments there, I really didn't know whether things were gonna work out or not." He sighs, then smiles, "Shows me! I should have never even thought to doubt the Rushin' master mind, am I right?" He offers a hoof to help Slippy up, "Man, got to say, I don't envy the burden you carry dude."

With their mark finally captured, Rushin' sighs and thinks to himself, "I wonder if it's possible to get that guy to work for me instead…"

He accepts Gaoxing's help readily as she offers it to take him down to the coordinators, glad that they could stop the yak from getting even stronger as they turned him in and received their whopping bounty payment. "WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO! Slippy, you see this?!" He says as he carries his bag of bits, "Dude, this… this totally covers everything and then like, a billion some."

To Gaoxing, he smiles, reaching up to smooth back his pompadour as he strolls up to her. "Oh yeah, babe, I remember alright. I was gonna take you out on a date after the game was over, wasn't I? Well, the Rushin' is all game, dude. Where you want to go? That robot makes a meaaan grilled cheese if I could throw a suggestion your way."


>"…Later, I shall prepare sundaes for three, after your training session."

Upon hearing these words, he yells "BLESS" with his hooves together in the air, him still lying down.

>He sighs, then smiles, "Shows me! I should have never even thought to doubt the Rushin' master mind, am I right?"

"Hey, I think, like, at least 30% was my awesome performance. I should get an Trotscar."

>He offers a hoof to help Slippy up, "Man, got to say, I don't envy the burden you carry dude."

He takes his hoof and gets right back up.

"Ah, well, it's a burden somep0ny's gotta carry, man."


Finally, it's over. Everything and everyone's back where they should be, including Haietlik, who'll be taking an indefinite break from his naughty shenanigans.

>"WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO! Slippy, you see this?!" He says as he carries his bag of bits, "Dude, this… this totally covers everything and then like, a billion some."

"Only if each thing costs one ten thousandth of a bit," he says, matter of factly and out of the blue.

>"Do I need to remind you what the two of you are putting your shares of the money toward, before anything else?"

"Uh, I was thinking about buying one of those hoverboard thingies…"


"The restaurant, asshole! The restaurant that you wrecked when you came to get me? You're covering the costs before we go anywhere else, or I'll bite you so hard that you won't be able to use Aura for anything except that hairdo."


Rushin' nods, "Eh, I guess I do have to give you SOME of the credit, you really did help sell that performance. Good work man."

He smiles, "I just want MOST oft he credit that's all. Hehehehe."

"Oh, also: buying you horseshoes."

Rushin' hisses, "Oooooo…. riiiiiight… th-that. Heh."

He gulps, then looks at his bag, "Eeeeh… well, that wasn't THAT bad what we pulled in there, that should hardly make a dent in this. Alright, I'll go get the money to the restaurant owners first thing then. And then after…..?" He smiles hopefully.


"…Good work man."

"You too, dude. I gotta admit, you were the man with the plan, man."

>"I just want MOST oft he credit that's all. Hehehehe."

"Sure, you can have that if I can have most of the ice cream, how 'bout that."

>"Oh, also: buying you horseshoes."


>"…or I'll bite you so hard that you won't be able to use Aura for anything except that hairdo."

"Aah, no more biting, please. I think I have PTSD from earlier."

>He gulps, then looks at his bag, "Eeeeh… well, that wasn't THAT bad what we pulled in there, that should hardly make a dent in this.

As Rushin' looks at the bag of bits, he looks at it likewise.

"Leave enough money for an ice cream machine. Is that a thing? It better be."


"Maybe," she says, trotting along ahead to drag you to the restaurant.

"Then keep moving and don't stop until we fix that restaurant up," Gaoxing orders.

Eventually, you returned to the hotel, where the robo butler served you all grilled cheeses and sundaes, as well as served as a sparring partner for training Aura. Eventually, he revealed that he realized partway through what was truly going on, but had always believed that Haietlik deserved a good thrashing now and then to keep him in check, and thus went along with things. Indeed, even though his mother would let him out of jail shortly, Haietlik's birthday was surely ruined– as Gaoxing and the butler believed he deserved. Over time, Las Pegasus became a slightly better place, and Haietlik's rampant crimes dwindled until he was hardly heard from again.

>The end

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