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This is a sci fi game using FEMTO. Information on it can be found here: http://pastebin.com/pf0hnWFi


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Equestria is no more. With the planet having become uninhabitable, its sentient races have taken to the stars. With the creation of countless sprawling space colonies known as Arks, the newly formed SUN-MOON EMPIRE has united the myriad races, bringing about a new era of prosperity.

However, a new threat is rising in the Empire. Disgruntled outlaws from all over the galaxy are being rallied by an unknown leader and forming a furtive alliance known as the SPURNED. Their true motives a mystery, they have declared war on the Empire, refusing to rest until the royal twins have been slain.

Well known in the Empire are a freelance group of spacers named the GOLDEN COMPANY. Well known for their reliability, having never broken a contract, the Company are comprised of thousands of travelers from all walks of life. The party seek to join the Company and make their fortune, having booked transport to one of their many bases across the galaxy….

Post sheets.


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Hailing from all over the vast expanse that is the Sun-Moon Empire, you have all eventually made your separate ways aboard a transport shuttle owned by the Golden Company. You have recently departed from a major trading Ark of Alambil, and are bound to shortly arrive at a smaller station orbiting it. Property of the Golden Company, the space station known as Iridav is one of the freelancer collective's lesser known outposts, but the closest one to your location so you may become part of them.

The five of you are sitting in the passenger area of the Company shuttle, bereft of almost all your luggage save for the clothes on your backs. You are not alone; there are about three or four other passengers aboard as well, although they are either asleep or keeping themselves occupied. The ship you are currently on is a large transport vessel, of the type regularly used by commercial companies for travel within a star system as opposed to long transgalactic flights. Booking this transport was not particularly expensive, and the interior you are in seems to reflect this.

The cabin is somewhat unremarkable, being a spacious, cylindrical area with a plain metallic tone to it. It is rusting slightly in some areas, and the place has lost its tone with age, but it is still in serviceable condition. The walls are lined with plain black leather couches for passengers to rest on, with monitors protruding from the on the ceiling displaying the local news and portholes with a view of space at regular intervals. There are a handful of posters on the walls as well, mostly advertising the local Arena or remind citizens to report any Spurned activity. At the far end of the room is a cube-shaped, idly humming robot of some sort with several thin appendages and treads for legs. Its front displays a list of food and drink that one can order during the flight. Regrettably, there isn't much to choose from on the menu, being limited to a narrow selection of sandwiches and small snacks due to the briefness of the trip.

At the far end of the room, above the robot, is a countdown to your arrival at Iridav Station. Judging from the reading, it will be about 3 hours until you reach it. The Golden Company don't seem to have provided much in the way of on-flight entertainment to pass the time. Through the glass door at the far end of the cabin, you can see another room with more seats hosting other travelers to Iridav; however, apart from the five of you and the other few passengers, you are alone in this section of the vessel.

With lack of many other ways to pass the time, it occurs to you that it may be a good idea to introduce yourselves to your fellow would-be mercenaries.


Tapping my talons on the metallic walling, i hop out of the seat to stretch.

"High time we got out of this can, the higher gravity is a killer on the back.."

"Which one of you are off to sign up for this merc job?" I ask, resetting a pressure valve on my limb. "I want to know my crew before we land."


Pyrite is swaying from side to side slightly, with a big dopey grin on his face. He looks to the other four in the cart, before speaking up with "Well, howdy! Guess y'all're headin' t' Iridav too? M' na-Oh, sorry." he offers, looking over to Riky "O-Oh, that'd be me! M' name's Pyrite! 'S good t' meet ya miss!"


"Yeah? You're with me, then?"

eying the armor and shield, i nod.

"Lot of armor for one pony, i like it! You look like you can cause some damage, Pyrite."


The annoyed looking Veta can be seen lounging on the couch, mostly staring at the countdown clock and her tail tapping against the piece of furniture impatiently. While she would have normally started playing a game on her wrist, sadly, she was bored of the game currently inside it and all of the other cartridges were in her normal luggage.

"Oh, you're doing this too? And just when I thought I was done meeting the clinic duty regulars," she 'greets' while looking at Risky.
"Guess you can be glad you won't see a bill from me in about a month since it'll be free and no unmotivated interns to screw things up."


"Your crew? Oh, I didn't realize you were the captain!" Hui says in surprise. "That'd be me then too. I'm Hui of the Undisol line. I didn't get your name before I boarded, captain."


"Veta? Well isn't this a surprise! You seem as cheery as i left you a while back. Keeping up with Brimstone? Lost track of the big guy ages ago."

"Aye, i kept low 'till we were out of station range, i've got quite the rap sheet."

"You've probably heard of the scourge of open space, the wraith in red, Captain Risky Hooves?"


"Mhmm! I can take an awful lotta damage, an' I can do an alright amount m'self! Pretty dang good at keepin' other people up an' at 'em too!" the large earth pony says with an excited nod
"Oh! Are y'all gonna be on th' team too? Good t' meet ya!" he (almost) shouts "Guess you're a doc, then?" he asks, pointing at Veta "What do ya do, Mr. Hui?"




The breezie, having until now resting on top of one of the monitors, peering over the edge and checking the wiring - given how the quality of the video feed seemed to be lacking something as far as her knowledge of this model was concerned - perked up at the voice of unicorn. Sadly, it wasn't the case of the landing party coming to greet them yet. Nonetheless, someone to have a chit-chat with was a preferable option, given the potential time until arrival.

She swooped down round the the mare's vicinity, casting a curious gaze at the piratey-looking pony.

"Oh, yes, yes, definitely so! This is gonna be great! The Company seems to offer so much here… hey, name's Teal! What's yours, miss? You look like a wanderer. Are you one? Do you plan to join the mercenaries to wander more?"


"Pyrite! Name like a mountain, you reverberate positively so, sir, whaaaaaa, i feel your voice resound, gonna get used to it… or is it just the ship? Hey, are we boarding yet? No, we're boarding yet. Wow, you sure wear a lot. Do you work out a lot, sir?"


"You could say that, yeah. A wanderer of a type, though i've not done much wandering lately, no ship and all."

"Y'seem busy up there, just what are you up to?"


Pyrite leans in, lowering his voice some "Shucks, good t' meet ya, Miss Teal! And, Mhmm! I used t' be a miner b'fore joinin' th' guard, so I was always workin' out in one way 'r another."


"We don't get to hear much of the outside while we're in our training, so I'm afraid not. Any topics I should avoid bringing up?" he asks, lowering his head in respect.

"I'm a soldier," he answers, unsure of the climate around magic among the crew. "And a collector for the Undisol family's research."


"Sounds good t' me! And, uh… I can't think 'a any topics ya shouldn't bring up."


"Cheery, right, sure," she says with a roll of her eyes, "anyway, nah, haven't seen the canned dragon meat in a while. Kind of surprised honestly; figured I'd see him overdosing on whatever it is he shoots himself up with."

Veta rubs on of her ears at the loudness of Pyrite's voice.
"No, I just carry this med school degree around for funsies."

Her gaze goes to the breezie, and she gives a groan.
"Great. Now I actually have to measure my own doses."

"So a 'soldier', a tiny butterfly, a pirate missing a limb, and a stallion head-to-toe in armor."
She shakes her head.
"Good grief, gonna have my work cut out for me. But hey, when it rains, it pours I guess…."


"Oh, really? Wl as long s ya have fun, I suppose." he says, without a hint of sarcasm


stumbling, i recover and clear my throat.

"W-well I've got a less than legal reputation to keep going, The company didn't exactly vet their pick for positions."

"Y'look level headed enough, what say you help with the negotiations? I've never been good with deal-making. A mare of action, you know how it goes."


"Understood, captain. I don't like to throw the family name around too lightly but most folks have respect for it, so they won't be much trouble with me around."



The Breezie adress both the unicorn and the diamond dog, taking turns looking from one to the other as the conversation goes on.

"Woooh, you know each other? Small galaxy! Wait, regulars? You mean you got treated often, miss Risky? Before joining the mercenaries? Jeeze, where did you work? Also, what might be your name, doctor? You are a doctor, right? Can we call you one, like now? Are the mercenaries officially cooperating with the health care system now? Wait, no ship, miss Risky? Oooh, gotcha! Wonder what we'll be having as ours. If we do. Like, they might just drop us undercover in the middle of some jungle at the other end of the galaxy, right? But hey, we're bound to get a ship eventually if we go high enough, right? And oh, that thing, eh? Seems like a model from the AX 3t4d line, but the crystalization looks just so off, like it could use calibrating. Maybe something with the core… meh, wouldn't be surprised. This whole cabin looks like it could use some refurbishing. Hope we see better once we reach the station."


"Ohh, appreciated! Say, mister, if we end up together, I'm gonna have a mighty need for someone like you. Probably. Not sure what they'll want us with. But some parts are just so heavy, aaaah. Probably not as heavy as your armor though! You a guard? Ohh, bountiful, the mercs could probably see from a differing viewpoint. All benefits.."


"A soldier! That is great! Why are you changing from being a soldier though, then? Oh, or are you gonna be both a mercenary and a soldier? Twice the excitement, twice the benefit? Also, collector? You mean, like a hobby? What is that you collect?"


The more the little breezie talked, the tighter her eyes squinted at it. When there peace once again, she took her time answering as she reached in and grabbed a bottle, shook out some pills, and looked ready to take them. However, another glance at the breezie resulted in her shaking out a few more.
"Just called me Veta," she says after dry swallowing all the pills.


"What? Oh. No, this is all part of my preexisting duties to the family. Historically, they preserved many artifacts of old world culture, media, history and technology that would've been lost otherwise, so collection is all business as usual for them."


"Sure thing, miss! And it ain't too big 'a deal f'r me. I'm awfully big, so heavy armor ain't too huge'f a deal."



At Veta's reply, the Breezie laughs heartily.

"Oh, you have a sense of humour, miss! I like your already! And hey, can help with dosing if that's a deal! Just tell me what's the regular value, pretty used to being a tiny butterfly in this world with the doctors and apothecaries having meds cut out for bigger ponies already! I mean, not wanna intrude on the medical busisiness, if it's serious and you have a legal reason to do things yourself, but hey, count me in for help when that's concerned! Veta, that's such a nice sounding name! Kinda sounds like a veterinary though. Is being a doctor your family business?"


"Oh, that's so exciting! Past technology holds sometimes as many mysteries as the future, aaah… like, sometimes, you backtrack the way of thinking of those genius inventors and you come to new conclusions just by applying their way of thinking to new technology; it's amazing! Like they were living up till this day! Plus, that's a lot more you're mentioning, jeeze, sounds like quite the collection! Are you becoming a mercenary to look around for more?"


"Yay! Awesome to hear that, thank you! I'll make sure to get back to you on that one!"


Time passes aboard the transport, and before you know it, you are arriving at Iridav. You had been told that it was one of the smaller Arks, and it definitely shows from the outside. It's not much more than a large hunk of metal floating in space, vaguely shaped like two femurs stuck together. Not much to look at, but then again, these sorts of places rarely are. You watch as your transport moves closer and closer to Iridav, a large square panel on its surface opening and your vehicle passing through a barely visible rippling force field protecting the base itself from the outside.

After the vessel finishes docking and the doors are opened, you gather your luggage and exit the transport into Iridav's interior, you enter what could only be described as a very large bar of sorts. It is dimly lit and circular in shape, with several alcoves at regular intervals along the perimeter. At the room's center is the counter, also circular, with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages being advertised. A spiraling set of stairs around the bar lead to a platform above the counter, which is home to a DJ set which is currently unoccupied; instead, faint, tinny electronic music is warbling through the speakers around the room. Air vents on the floor emit vapor, making the room rather hazy in appearance, the bright yellow and blue lights piercing the faint mist about the place. The are is filled with about two dozen Golden Company mercenaries of all shapes and sizes, taking time between missions to relax and enjoy a good drink. Some of them eye you up, judging you to be newcomers from the luggage you carry, but no one steps up to welcome you. You notice many of the bar's patrons are gathered around the far wall, which hosts a huge digital billboard, although you can't see what is written on it from where you are.

You recall that to enrol as a mercenary, you were recommended to speak to the one in charge around Iridav, a griffon named Gwenael Carrith. Looking around, you can see quite a few griffons among the crowd, but none of them strike you as looking particularly leaderly.


"Tch. much as i'd like to fire a few rounds to get their attention, they'd probably return the favor."

making my way further into the bar, i try and listen in for anyone barking orders or looking the part.
[1d10] Search

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Of course. Easy transport, easy pay, wide ground covered. Much more efficient than just trying to pick up leads independently. And what brought you here?"

He goes up to the counter and asks to see Gweneal Carrith.


File: 1488686010383.png (236.88 KB, 341x363, Rising.png)

Veta holds her face in her mechanical hands, wishing the hydrocodone was faster acting.
"Oh for the love of…," she mumbles to herself, then looks at the breezie. Annoyed.
"No, I'm fine. I've treated breezies before, just remarking it's going to be a pain that I can't just take a pre-measured syringe and just jab it in you."

"And no. I have no idea what my family does anymore."

Reunited with her luggage, Veta digs in it really quick to pull out a game cartridge and swaps out the old one. She sighs.
"Finally, now let's see if I can finally beat the speeder bike level."

Veta manages to follow the group, even while playing her game, though in terms of finding Gweneal, she just shrugs and walks around the place. Mostly to look at things in between the occasional PAUSE screen, though not paying mind if she bumps into anyone.

>bumping into Gweneal…literally


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Shucks, I ain't really sure which one's who we're lookin' for… I ain't th' best at this, so I think I'll jus' follow along with y'all."



"Waaaah, no welcoming party, but instead, this whole place looks like one ready for a part instead!"

The Breezie eyes up the place, itching to dart in the crowd and see stuff from up close. She doesn't do that until after she responds to hear possible teammates-to-be, however:


"Oh, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you having a few shots over at the counter, teehee.. wanna get some later?"


"Sounds like a perfect combination indeed! And as for me… oh, I'm actually already in the job. Just seeing what this company has to offer…"


"Right… gotcha."

The Breezie stops, seeing the Dog grow annoyed close to mentioning the family and stops there, thinking it might have been that paw that she landed on, painfully so. She decides to give her a moment. It was a new situation for those here, after all.

Having done all that, she does as initially intended, grabbing her Breezie-sized belongings and getting to searching the place.

>Getting lost in the crowd in search for this one specific griffon


Roll #1 3 = 3


You make your way to the other end of the bar area, where you can see that the billboard has a rapidly changing list of available and unavailable jobs in a somewhat garish glowing green font. A huge, rectangular robot is controlling it, taking orders from the mercenaries gathered around it and updating the jobs rapidly. You ask one of the mercenaries, an older mare in a beige hoodie and an eyepatch, if she knows anything about Gwenael's whereabouts. The mare simply shrugs and mumbles something about a certain Camus.

You are greeted by one of the bartenders, a young-looking unicorn with a red jacket, thick glasses and a scruffy beard. "Bad timing," he grunts as he washes one of the glasses by hoof. A nearby out of order robot explains his doing so. "Gwen just left a few hours ago. The big boss wanted to see her, I don't know about what. She won't be back for a week. If you need anything, go down below and talk to her sister Goldie. She might be able to help you. Now, can I get you a drink or…?"

You can't see any griffons who might be who you're looking for, unfortunately. She might not even be on Iridav.

You get disoriented as you fly around the bar, ending up getting tangled in the wires of the abandoned DJ set above the counter. It takes you more than a little while to get unstuck.


Pyrite sort-of follows along behind Risky Hooves, frowning a little and shrugging "Huh. Guess we oughta look 'round more, 'r see what th' others found?"



working my way through the crowd, i spot Hui near the bar and try to wave him over.

"Hui! Y'see any sign of this griffon we're after?"


"Aye, i'll check with Hui, maybe he's got something. Barkeeps know their clients."


Veta finds her way back to the others, face still in her game.
"Welp, I didn't find who we're looking for. Any luck with you?"


"Hardly. That board over there has job listings, besides that i've got nothing."


Hui shakes his head to the drink but thanks the bartender. He waves down the other members of the party as they look around. "Change of plans; Gweneal's meeting with one of her higher-ups. But, we can still get what we need from her sister Goldie. Right this way, everyone."

Sticking close to Risky, he leads the way downstairs to find Goldie.


"Oh, just what I love," she begins, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "a patient who can't keep their own appointments. They just really, REALLY make the day worth waking up for."


"Right. First mate Hui, lead the way!"

pushing through the crowd behind you, i keep an eye on the others to make sure we're together.


Pyrite nods and follows along happily. He looks over at Veta, before chuckling a little
"Glad they make ya feel that motivated!"



"Gah! One time I'm not chasing after tech and I get entagled by it in return. Talk about irony."

Teal does her best to make her way out of the vine-like cables. Afterwards, she makes use of the elevated spot that the DJ set was resting on to see over the crowd and scan it from there… and while she didn't get a clude regarding the griffon's whereabouts, she did spot the whole party heading for one specific place.


Although at first she thinks that the party went straight for something stronger to have, it occured to her after Undisol explained the situation, what is what.

"Oh, gotcha. Well, huh, Not what expected, but hey, let's see what this station has to offer in urgent situations like this one! Great measure for how things stand overall."

That being said, she flies after the party.


"Yes, motivated enough to get sued for malpractice."
This is gonna be a long trip.


When the bartender said Goldie was down below, it was meant quite literally. Following the signs, you leave the bar and go down a spiral stairwell, covered in graffiti and with barely functioning lights making it difficult to see. You're a bit tuckered out by the time you get to the bottom, which seems to be a very large workshop of sorts, with several speeders and robots in varying states of repair lying about. There are racks upon racks of mechanical bits and pieces, and thick transparent containers containing oddly glowing magical crystals. There are four or five functioning robots working on a particularly large vehicle, although from your point of view you'd say it's beyond saving. It looks like it was in a particularly nasty collision. One end of the workshop seems to be an airlock leading into outer space.

Flapping about the workshop is a griffon, presumably Gwenael's sister Goldie. She is hard at work on the same vehicle as the robots, wearing a set of filthy blue overalls and a welding helmet. She doesn't seem to notice you at first, but eventually turns to face you. "…Um, hi. Can I help you? You seem lost." Her voice is somewhat muffled underneath the helmet, and she is still absent-mindedly clutching an active blow torch.


"Ah, you must be 'Goldie'. My crew and i were looking for your sister, though it looks like she's away."

"We'd like to sign up for this mercenary company you two are running!"


"What she said," she says with a head jerk, but walks over to one of the speeders with some genuine curiosity.
"Damn, now I'm wondering if I remembered to lock mine up before I left for this."



Teal did not expect that kind of scenery when the second-in-charge was mentioned. However, it was a pleasant surprise. Leaving the official talking to the bigger ponies, at least for now, she looked around, taking in the details of this tinkerer's abode.

The vehicle being worked on caught her eye… at first it looked so damaged that it was difficult to see what sort of a machine it was. Teal squinted her eyes, scanning for any telltale, undamaged parts, hoping to draw a conclusion from that basis.

What is it that could've had a collision in a space station? Did one of the fighters have a crash landing of sorts? Would explain the airlock nearby. As much as it was likely that some transportation machinery was used on the station, it seemed unlikely that any would travel at high enough speed to warrant a collision of those proportions..


>Perception roll


Roll #1 9 = 9


He waits patiently while Risky explains the situation.


"Hiya! M' name's Pyrite!" he almost-shouts "We're lookin' f'r Gwenael! She was supposed t' give us some stuff t' do, I think. You know where she went?"


"Hm? Oh, right. …Well, we don't run the Company, of course. That's Camus' job. Gwen's just in charge of this facility, and I'm in charge when she's not around." She shrugs and puts out the blow torch, tossing aside carelessly. "Which she isn't. So I'm your boss for now. Goldaline Carrith." She extends her claw in a handshake. "You can call me Goldie if you want."

They seem to be of the racing variety, built for speed and agility. They remind you of the racers in one of your video games.

They seem to be made for racing, although the reinforced sides and the spikes jutting out make you unsure of their legality. This one must have crashed during one such race. As you examine the vehicle, one of the robots stops its work and turns to face you curiously before continuing its work. It is about the size of a pony, hovering above the ground on a repulsor of some kind. It's shaped kind of like a trash can with tons of spidery arms, and a head shaped like a dinner plate with one central blue eye.

You cradle your spear idly as Risky handles the talking. Goldie looks at the magical crystal curiously, but makes no comment on it.

She nods. "Nice to meet you, Pyrite. The thing with Gwen is, Camus called for an emergency meeting of all the Golden Company leaders at the last minute, and she had to leave just this morning. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it is Camus Farshaw after all. You can't really say no to someone like that." She seems intimidated by this Camus character, whoever he may be.

Goldaline, or Goldie for short, hops off the vehicle and takes off the helmet, revealing an equally dirty face underneath. The griffon has large, bright blue eyes, and the feathers on her head are spiky and dyed purple. She grabs a relatively clean rag and begins to clean her face. "So you're new here? I hope you know what you're doing. This line of work is dangerous, and… Well, meaning no offence, but some of you don't look like you have much of a rind on you. I could be wrong, of course. I'm not much of a judge of character."

"Now then, if you really are willing to join the Company, then you're going to have to prove yourselves first. It's how it's always been done around here. We send you on a mission of our choice, then depending on how you handle it we decide if you're allowed to join the Company. You get a cool badge out of it and everything." She digs around in her pockets for a moment, eventually taking out a holographic pad with the same garish green text as the billboard in the bar upstairs. "Hm… Let's see… There's actually a few jobs available right now. Tell you what, you seem like a good enough sort, so I'll let you pick what you do. Just don't tell Gwen about it, she hates bending The Rules. They're guidelines, I say." She snorts derisively.



"Now then, if you really want to be part of our dysfunctional little family, you have a choice of the following:"

"There's a scientific outpost called Haxan a few systems over that was hit by a meteor and almost entirely destroyed. You might have heard about it, it was a pretty big story. Huge property losses. The company that own it, Polybius, they say there's an object still remaining in the ruins. A beacon of sorts, that has a recording of all the data they've obtained so far. They want us to go over and retrieve that beacon for them. The scientist in charge is around here somewhere. Annoying little fellow, buthe's offering good money. 300 florins for each of you, plus you'll be in Polybius' good books."

"The other option is bringing in a bounty on these two jokers. One's a mad scientist of sorts, the other's his croney. They've got the death sentence on a bunch of Arks. We think they're somewhere on Alambil back where you came from. We think that they're going by pseudonyms, Sawkee and Roofoo. Could be dangerous, but the reward is worth it. 500 for each of you."

"Both jobs are pretty promising. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide." She looks up from the pad and looks at you patiently.




Returning her handshake with my talon, i take a look at the miniature job board.

"Hmm.. We'd be needing a ship for either of these jobs, something i'm fresh out of. Don't suppose you've got a vessel for us to borrow, eh?"


Miss Risky Hooves seems t' be th' boss, so she's probably got first dibs on what we're gonna do f'r a job."
"Which one d'ya think looks best, Cap'n?"


"If we're lookin for the fastest way to be hired that beacon job sounds simple enough. We'd just need a ship to reach it."


"As much as I want to go after the data recording first, those two bounties sound like they're a threat to everyone they're around if they've earned the death penalty. Taking them out'd earn us enough fame to get bigger and better jobs in our inbox. What's your priority, captain?"


"Aye, you've got a point there. If we took those two down that'd only make things easier for us!"

"But where would they be? from what she said they could be anyone on that ark."


Veta looks over the speeder while Goldie talks. Getting back with the group, she yawns a bit.

"Hmm…well, we can either act like a bunch of cops, or we can do some salvage recovery. Either or, I expect nothing but a 'good time' from both," she says with a sigh, "personally, I'm all for easy work at this point."

She moves closer and lowers her voice so only the group can hear, but mostly for Risky.
"Plus, if this is Polybius wreck, there could be some…other things that may have also survived. Not sure about you, but I always enjoy a good bonus when I put up with annoying people all day."


"Sounds good t' me!" the stallion says with a dopey grin


"Better to leave criminal catching to the empire's lapdogs, true. They'd sooner arrest me than accept the bounty."

"Where's the contact for that beacon job? Retrieval sounds like a good start."



Having had some time to consider, Teal adds briefly, getting her more serious side on:

"It seems quaint Polybius would wish for mercenaries to dig through their outpost's remains instead of a more specialized squad. Doubt they're low on ponies for it. It's almost as if something was missing in the picture. Does thiscompany run a 'no questions asked' policy?" - she addresses the last words to Goldaline.


"That's what the transports are for," she answers. "The ones you arrived on. You wouldn't be in charge or anything like that, but they'd get you where you need to go. I know they're not really optimal, but unless you can afford your own ship, then you'll have to make do."

"Well, we do have some leads," she says, tapping away on the data pad. "We know what they look like, and where they've been spotted recently. The PD suspect these two to be connected to some disappearances lately, suspected murders considering who we think they really are. I can give you all the info you need if you have pads of your own."

Goldie nods with a slight grin. "You know what's up. I'm sure they'll be happy to turn the other cheek if you "recover" a few bits and pieces here and there. That beacon is valuable to them, after all."

"Oh, he's around. We've offered to shelter him here on Iridav until his situation is taken care of. I'd rather be rid of him to be honest, but we have to be good with our clients."

She looks around confusedly for the source of the voice before spotting you. "…Well, let's just say more often than not they'd like to avoid getting tangled up with the bureaucracy. As far as we're concerned, all we have to do is go there, find that beacon, and bring it back here. It's better to be in Polybius' good books than risk annoying the number one R&D group in the Empire."

"…By the way," she says to you all, "if you guys are interested, I know a used ship salesman down on Alambil who deals with us on the reg. Sleazy little guy, as you'd expect, but he has pretty fair prices. I'm sure if you rake up enough money you'd be able to afford one from him in no time. I can give you his name and address if you want."


"They're a big time corp, so odds are, there's probably something in that beacon of theirs that wouldn't sit right with the general public. Kinda hard to stay on top if your PR sucks."
She gives that last statement some thought.
"Well, I'm an exception to that, but then again, I'm just a dog who doesn't have her real arms, not a corporation."
She gives a small chuckle.
"A lot easier to buy the silence of a bunch of mercs than let one of their own blab about it."

She smirks back to Goldie with a knowing nod.

"Sure. From how Risky is sounding, I think it's been awhile for her."
She has a sly smirk.
"I'm talking about piloting a ship, of course."


"How much are they paying to make sure that the information contained in the beacon stays on the beacon?" he asks, glancing around the room for anything suspicious like cameras or the client. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Alright, we'll take the beacon Job, Goldie."

"I heard that, Veta."

"Though you've got a point, I've been back to square one since our last ship. Not even a vessel to my name, sad indeed!"



Having taken in the wisdom of both the griffon's and diamond dog's words, the breezie replies:

"While the bounty hunt is officially more rewarding, it's usually a mostly graceless job. Doubt we'd see much interesting stuff by choosing it. Furthermore, the salvaging seems suspicious, so by the value of those, it has my vote."


"S-Shucks. Any idea how we're gonna get a ship?"


"I wasn't trying to be subtle about it," she replies, tone going a bit more dull again.

"From what I hear, most merc work is suspicious. Might do some things you might regret. For example, I might treat someone that, in hindsight, I shouldn't have. Though, I feel like that a lot. Either way, if you don't think you're up for it, well, one less thing for me to jab a syringe or pop a pill into."


"Great. Now then, remember this: The workshop you want is at 601 Cavendish Road, in the Solaris District. You can't miss it, it's the biggest building around. It's the owner you'll want to talk to. His name is Patches. Silky Patches. Earn your Company badge, show it to him and he'll be sure to give you a discount. Just heed my advice and try not to show that you're new to the Golden Company. If he knows you're new, he'll try and pull some parlor tricks on you and sell you a crap ship."

There's no cameras or spies anywhere in sight.

"I don't deal in finances," she shrugs. "I'm not even in charge around here, my sister is. It's Polybius though, so I'm guessing it's a lot."

"Splendid!" She beams. "I'm sure you'll do a great job. The guy you want to talk to is on level 3, room number 8. We're on level 0, for reference. His name is Wolfgang Rivers. Or Dr Wolfgang, as he insists on being called." She rolls her eyes. "He'll tell you everything you need to know. When you're done, come back here and I'll set up a transport for you to the research station."

"Oh, by the way, I don't think I got all of your names, apart from Risky. Just need to add you to the list as newcomers, that's all." She gestures at her pad.



Teal offers Veta a moderate smile.

"True, tiz the nature of this line of work. Don't get me wrong though. I wouldn't mind either, it's just preference of one over the other."


"Sounds like Goldie knows a ship seller. All it'd take would be some credits to buy us a ship."


"Level three, room eight.."

Nodding, i make my way over to the staircase.
"i'll wait for everyone to sign in, best we all see this 'Wolfgang' together."


"Oh, right! I'd best get my name on there!" he says, before walking a little closer "M' name's Pyrite! Like, th' mineral."


He puts in his name, then follows Risky back up the stairs.


"Oh, I don't think it's going to be that hard to remember."
Veta replies as she types the information into her PDA, making sure to put in bold 'Typical Used Shipsalesman' as a sort of reminder of what to and what not to do.
"Oh great, one of 'those' doctors," she remarks dryly, "welp, let's go meet the contact with a degree-inflated ego. I'm sure he'll be a treat."

"Oh right. Officially I would be Dr. Veta, but since I'm on work leave at the moment, just Veta."
She looks at Goldie seriously.
"Please, for the love of shiny gems, just leave it as Veta. Last thing I want is everyone coming to me just because they have the sniffles."



Teal thought to herself as the echo of the first part of Goldie's last sentence carried a different air than the rest of it. For a thought, it appeared as if there was an actual attempt on the company's side to record all the rookies before they get shot down. In the end, it was all formalities though, huh.

Not letting that brief flow of thought come to the surface, the little mare presented herself, saying aloud:

"Teal Drop. Looking forward to see what this place has to offer, miss Goldie."

Miss Goldie… of the Golden Company. Coincidence, that one? - she wondered.

The breezie takes look at the list before signing it, checking how many of newcomers are there as of now. She was meaning to gauge the flow of fresh blood in this place.

Shortly before leaving, she allowed herself one informal comment:

"By the way, that's one fine piece of steel you got there. Bet it'll shine once repaired… added those modifications yourself, perchance?"


She nods. "I'm sure he'll have less of a mouth on him with the lot of you around."

"'Pyrite'," she parrots as she taps away. "Well, that's easy enough to remember I suppose."

It takes her a few attempts to get your name right, and you have to spell it out for her several times. "So you're one of them mages then?" she muses. "I mean, not that that's a bad thing. Just don't really see your kind around here very often. Interesting."

"Veta? Just Veta? No last name?" She looks at you oddly, but puts it in anyway. "Fair enough. Welcome aboard, Doc," she says with a cheeky grin.

"Teal Drop. Right." She types it in. "Well, I'm sure you'll learn for yourself soon enough. It's a pretty big commitment, being part of this place."

"Hm? Oh no, it came like that," she says in response to your question. "It's a hobby of mine really, fixing all these broken things. I'd like to work on a proper ship, but Gwen won't let me. They need me here I guess. Still, I shouldn't complain. I can tinker away in peace, and nobody's shooting at me in here." She smiles and starts getting back to her work as you and the rest of the group prepare to leave.

"Good luck on the mission, guys!" she says cheerily as you leave her workshop. "I'm sure you're going to do great. You'll have to tell me all about it when you get back!" She gives you all a friendly thumbs up, then rolls up her sleeves and gets working again.



Last time on BWB, the party arrived at the Golden Company outpost of Iridav in hopes that they would be able to join the renowned mercenary group, making each others' acquaintance while aboard their transport. While their boss Gwenael was unavailable at the time, they made the acquaintance of the second in command, a griffon called Goldaline 'Goldie' Carrith and Gwenael's younger sister.

Taking Gwenael's place, Goldie gave the party their first mission to prove themselves worthy of joining the Company: they were to travel to a derelict research station called Haxan, which had recently collided with a meteor and all but destroyed. The party's mission, should they choose to accept it, is to travel to Haxan and retrieve an object called a data beacon, which contains information valuable to the Polybius Corporation. For their services, Polybius are offering 300 florins to each party member.

The party are currently at Iridav, walking to the room where one of the station's guests is waiting, a Polybius scientist named Wolfgang Rivers.

Post sheets.


File: 1490491772351.gif (482.96 KB, 900x675, 1459903511701.gif)





File: 1490492160972.png (47.57 KB, 468x214, It Was Okay.png)


Following Goldie's instructions, you leave her workshop and go to pay Dr Rivers a visit. To your slight chagrin, you find that the elevator is out of order, forcing you to take the stairs up to level 3. Your legs are aching a bit by the time you get there. You are in a rather plain-looking hallway, evidently hosting temporary apartments for the Golden Company's clients. It is lit by dim red lights, and a tiny dome-shaped robot is trundling along through the hall, presumably cleaning.

A consistent coughing sound comes from behind the door to room number 8. You notice that like most of the other doors, it sports a small but clearly visible round camera on the front. As you knock on it, you hear footsteps before the door is unlocked. Standing there is a small, portly little Diamond Dog, with round glasses. "…Well, it's about time they sent someone," he says after an initial somewhat awkward silence. "I've been waiting for days to get a response from you lot. Lovely service you have here, absolutely lovely." He coughs loudly again as he moves aside to let you pass. "I'm assuming you want details on the Haxan job, yes?"


"You read my mind, dog!"

wandering into his room, i take a seat in what passses for a chair, waving him on with a talon.

"How exactly can i, Captain Risky Hooves, help you recover this 'data beacon' you mentioned?"


Pyrite hums softly as they reach room 8, before looking the Diamond Dog over. He gives a happy grin before offering a hoof to shake "Heya! M' name's Pyrite! And, uhm… yeah, s'pose we are! Think you could tell us some stuff 'bout it?"


"Yes, details would be nice," Veta says, walking inside the room and sitting down on a chair/something that can be used as a chair.
"I'd usually like to know what kind of shape my patients are in before I go shoving pills and needles in them."



The Breezie flutters about, trying not be directly in the vicinity of the Diamond Dog though, given the coughing fit.

"Definitely, mister! Firstly, are you coming with us for the job? From the sounds of it, you're in no good shape, my condolences. Would need fewer questions if you went alongside us, naturally."


"On top of those other questions the others brought up, what kind of other groups would be hunting for this beacon? Who might we encounter who're also after the information it contains?"


"Straight to business then. Good. I'm assuming you already know who I am, otherwise you wouldn't be here."

The room is fairly bland and uninteresting as rooms go. It looks like one you could find at any motel in the galaxy, with a plain bed, a single metal table with four chairs, a faded old couch, and a bedside lamp that looks more like a wilted flower. An attempt has been made to liven it up, judging from the painting hung askew over the bed. It is an absolutely hideous painting of a group of kittens.

You can see that Rivers has been keeping himself busy, seeing as he has a rather large stack of holopads on top of the table. He quickly clears those out, standing there stiffly as opposed to taking a seat.

The chairs are clearly meant for a more clinical environment. You find them extremely cold and uncomfortable to sit on.

He returns the hoofshake, albeit seemingly reluctantly. He has a very firm grip.

Rivers nods and grabs one of the pads, tapping away on it for a moment before showing you an image of a strange-looking device. It is shaped like a double tetrahedron, completely smooth, pitch black in color and having a neon blue line across its perimeter. "This is what you're looking for on Haxan," he explains. "It's called a Data Beacon. The station isn't very large, and it's a rather hefty object, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to find. Assuming it isn't buried under rubble, that is. You lot have your ways of dealing with that, I'm sure."

"I suppose I'll have to, but I'm not setting foot on the station. I'll wait on the ship for when you come back, and you'll be able to contact me at any time." He seems irritated at the prospect, clearly not wanting to be in this situation.

"There's the rub, really. There's a group of pirates - scavengers, really - who've already started to loot Haxan. They might have found the beacon already, although they wouldn't know what it's worth, the savages. So really, your job is twofold. Find the beacon, and get those vultures off our property. The beacon is the most important job, but if you manage to scare them off, there might be a bonus in it for you. Not up to me to decide though." He shrugs, turning away from you to cough again.

"Was there anything else you wanted to know? We should get moving as soon as we can. I've been here long enough as it is."


Pyrite grins happily and shakes vigorously, before trying to focus a little and listen "Shucks, alright. Don't sound too hard. Any clue if th' folks there at Haxan'r okay? We might be able t' help 'em if we can."


"We're as ready as ever! No second-rate pirate is going to loot that station before i get there!"


Veta doesn't mind the cold, nor the lack of comfort. She was used to chairs such as these.

"These pirates have a name," she asks, turning the chair around and using the backrest to lean her chest against.
"I'm slightly curious who we're going to be scaring off, and likely which shitlist we're going to be put on. But please, feel free to talk as we walk," she says, standing up, "multitasking isn't that hard, after all."



Teal does not seem surprised by the Diamond Dog's mentioning of the scavengers. Everyone is always in for easy money, after all.

"Sounds like quite the rudimentary assignment. Only two questions from my side. Truly, the sooner we get there, the better chances we have. Firstly, how big a pirate force are we dealing with? Secondly, other than the Data Beacon, is Polybius looking forward to recycling the station? Asking in case blowing up its remainders alongside the scavengers comes into question."


"One last thing: What would happen if those pirates cracked open the data beacon, and figured out what was inside? Hypothetically. What would our job be then?"


"Wreckage robbing is commonplace this far away from Empire space. If these foals are as unprepared as us we might have a free ship, once we tear it free from them."


"Call it doctor's intuition, or dog's instinct, but I have a feeling they'll be plenty prepared for anything that might come their way."


"If they're anything like the last crew we've seen, we've got a chance."


"Hmm…I suppose."



The Breezie turns her head towards the two, looking interested in what is it that Risky might be implying, but doesn't butt in yet.


"You don't have to worry about that. The research team saw the collision coming and managed to get out before impact. No casualties, luckily, otherwise they'd probably still be doing the paperwork."

He doesn't seem too enthused by that, looking at you with scrutiny. You have a feeling he knows who you are.

"I'd wager they're nobodies, really," he shrugs. "I don't think you'll have to worry about the consequences of getting rid of those lowlifes."

He takes up his pad again and taps away on it, showing you a grainy recording of the pirates' ship in space. It is a large, oblong vessel, seemingly cobbled together from parts of other ships. "They may not look like much, but from what we gather, there's a lot of them. Like I said, your job isn't really to get rid of them, but if you find a way to, then even better."

"To answer your second question, there's not really much left to recycle. It's all dust and echoes out there. The beacon is the only thing that's important to Polybius at the moment. Still, it's company property, o if you blow it up you'll have to deal with the consequences."

"I doubt they're smart enough to be able to crack it, but what worries me -us- is what could happen if they sell it to our competitors. The fact that they're still there now means they probably haven't been able to find it, or if they have, they don't know what it is yet."

As he talks, Rivers packs his personal belongings into a suitcase, eventually being ready to leave. "Right. Let's get a move on. …You do have a ship, don't you?"


"That doesn't answer the question, but I get the implication, I suppose."


"Erm.. Well i had a ship, was on loan, you see."

"I hear those shuttles they have around the station could take us."


"That's pretty relievin', I guess! Don't see how somepony could be doin' paperwork if they'd gone 'n been hit by a meteor."
He nods vigorously and works his helmet back on to his head, before shrugging "I don't got a ship, naw. I can't even really fly 'em alright."


"That doesn't put me at ease…," she dully replies.

"Anyway, we got to talk to someone about our ride, first. So…I dunno, grab a coffee to-go or whatever while we get that set up," she says, idly waving one of her cybernetic claws as she leaves to head back to Goldie to discuss setting up transport.



The Breezie focuses on the image from the holopad, trying to roughly estimate the quality of the ship, given the components used to create it - assuming one call them from the image.


"Understood. No more inquiries from my side, for now."

Good to know Polybius is as vigilant as ever in trying to get the best of their insurances, she thought.

She let the captain handle the ship talk. Although the lack of one was a definite downgrade for the status of the group, the Breezie mercenary, having experienced the situation from both sides a few times, found awaiting Rivers's response to be somewhat amusing.

Roll #1 4 = 4


He nods. "It's in your interests not to ask too many questions when it comes to Polybius. If you must know, if the beacon isn't anywhere to be found this whole mess would be out of your hands and more our concern than it already is. Er, hooves."

He nods. "You should get that fixed, you know. You can't keep using the Company's transport forever. It's in your best interests to get a ship as soon as you can. Complete this mission, and you'll be at least partway there to being able to buy one for yourselves."

"Meet me in the bar, then. I can't imagine you could have missed it if you just arrived here."

It's hard to tell from the video quality, but it looks to be in a pretty ramshackle state to you. A ship is a ship, though, and it poses as much of a threat to you as any other.


You leave the dull little room and make your way back to Goldie, who gives you the number of the transport you'll be taking to Haxan. After that, you go and find Rivers, and alongside him you make your way to the hangars, where your transport awaits. It is identical to the one you first arrived on in almost every aspect.

To your surprise, you find Goldie there, seemingly waiting for you. "I just figured I'd tag along on this mission," she explains as the ship's door opens with a mechanical hiss. "I know I'm meant to be taking care of this place and all, but it's so boring. Nothing ever gets done around here. Don't you worry, I've left this place in good hands." Rivers looks irritated by her presence, and Goldie returns his look of disdain. "So, shall we get going? It's not too far from here to Haxan. We should be back here in about three days, depending on how the mission goes. Er, you don't mind me coming along, do you? I just need to get out of this dump…"


"Shucks, I'll try m' best!"
Pyrite grins dopeily and nods, before heading on to the shuttle "Don't sound too bad, then, so let's skidaddle. Glad t' have ya along, Miss Goldie! More th' merrier, I'd say!"


"Fine, fine, don't let me stop you.. If you get your tail blown off don't complain."


"Now now, you two play nice," Veta says, noticing the slight tension between the two, "I would like to not use more of my medical supplies than I have to."
She punctuates that by tapping one of her arms as it shifts into its 'miniature doctor's office' mode.
"But please, tag along. You can contact my previous employer; I just loved taking a lot of walks to clear my head. But you better have a good alibi if someone didn't want you leaving and all."

There is some whirring from her arms, and Veta gives her arm a slight glance as she observes.
>Distill Life

Roll #1 4 = 4



All things considered, the Breezie is somewhat suprised, though not unstatisfied to welcome Goldie as a member of the crew. It carried some risks, sure, but it seemed worth her presence.

"Oh, by stars, sure we don't mind, miss Goldie! Oh, it's gonna be great, I can tell! Hope this trip, with all the danger involved, makes up for leaving the station for now."


"Understood," he says to the dog. To Goldie, he adds, "As long as you're fine in a potential combat zone. What are you bringing to the table?"


You prepare some adrenaline shots, but the formula unfortunately comes out all wrong, being effectively as useful as a shot of plain water.

She shrugs. "I've been in my share of fights, I suppose. I can handle myself hand to hand, and I did pack a handgun in case things go completely south. I'm better at mechanics than anything else though, so if anything bad happens to this ship, I'll be able to take care of it.

"Great!" She beams as she gets on board. "Let's not waste any more time then. We have a job to do!" Rivers silently follows suit, looking like a storm cloud is raining on him and him alone.

>pausing prematurely


Post sheets!



File: 1491097437888.png (23.8 KB, 241x275, Pyrite Facecrop 3.png)


File: 1491097551412.jpg (12.32 KB, 600x315, 1463525284843.jpg)



File: 1491097791207.webm (1.53 MB, 640x640, Cure For Depression.webm)


You follow your companions' suit in boarding the transport to the Haxan Research Facility. The inside is drab and near identical to the shuttle you arrived on (see >>683246 for a description). Goldie eagerly makes her way to the cockpit and starts prepping the ship for takeoff, while Dr Rivers simply slumps into one of the seats, looking sullen as ever. He quickly tries to distract himself from his less than agreeable circumstances and takes his belongings into an adjacent passenger area away from all of you. "If you don't mind, I have plenty of work to take care of," he says to you dismissively before leaving, "so unless it's urgent, please leave me be."

Not long after, you hear the transport's engine start whirring and rumbling faintly. Goldie emerges from the cockpit smiling eagerly. "Ugh, it feels so good to finally bein a ship again. I thought I'd never get the chance to get out of this place. Thanks for letting me join you guys! …So, everyone ready? Just say the word and we'll have liftoff."


"Take us away, Goldie!" i reply, gesturing with a talon "I can see it now, first step toward a ship of my own. First the salvage, then onto the shipyard!"


"Yeah, getting away from work for awhile is a good habit to get into. Clear your head, refresh, then go back at it later," she says as she tries to readjust the formula in her arms and attempt another go at making some precautionary shots.

>Distill Life


Roll #1 3 = 3


"Sure thing, Mister Rivers! I'll try m' best t' not bother ya!"
He sets some of his gear down before grinning eagerly back at Goldie "Well, shucks! I'd say I'm good t' go anytime! I don't take much t' get ready."


Teal looks in the direction of the Diamond Dog, as it fades away in the corridor:

"Call me off, but I feel sorta bad for that guy. Knowing that his job's success depends on time and having to wait a few days… must have been nerve-wracking. Wonder if he's nicer off-duty."

That being said, she turns towards the griffon, listening to her statement intently and slowly grinning as it went on.

"Youuuu said it. Nothing like the feel of smoothly working machinery around. Let's blast off!" - the Breezie echoes Goldie's words.


"No objections here, let's do this," he says as he straps in. Although hesitant to let the others know of his magic, he holds his spear close to subtly animate the shadow beneath him (though it still remains behind/beneath him.)

[1d10+1] Friends on the Other Side

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Huh… guess I didn't think 'a that. Hope stuff goes well when he can get back to it."


"He'll be off to worry about something else, a job like that will you with stress."

"Bah! who needs it, raiding and merc work is the life for me."



Teal snickers.

"Just imagine the faces of those from the company if their transporter returns towing away that pirate ship."



The Breezie makes an affiramative "Mmhm" noise, looking between the two and turns towards Goldie:


"You've mentioned before that he wasn't the nicest of Diamond Dogs out there, but has he been that sour right off the bat?"



Teal seems intrigued by that line of thought.

"Might that imply you're in for the merc job temporarily yourself, miss Veta? Having a refreshing break of sorts from a stationary assignment?"


"Ohho, i can't wait.. The moment we get them by surprise, it'll be over! then we'll see what we'd be working with.." I mutter, drumming my claw on the paneling in impatience.


"While the 'refreshing' part is always being called into question," she says, rubbing a paw against her forehead like she has a headache, "yes, you could say I'm on a very extended leave. Not really looking to do this gig full time, but if anywhere can be my office for now, I'll take it."


The formula still isn't right, and the shots are just as useless as before. Perhaps you need a refill.

Seeing as you've got voodoo and you've got hoodoo and you've got things you ain't ever even tried, you successfully and subtly bring your shadow to life. Anyone looking closely enough would have seen your shadow flicker in and out of existence for an instant.

Goldie double checks to make sure he's out of earshot before nodding. "He's been like that since he arrived," she says, looking as grouchy as the good doctor himself. "He's been treating all the mercs on Iridav like garbage, just because he's an important client and we're not allowed to talk back to him. I've seen his kind before. He's just a prick. The sooner we're rid of him the better. I'm surprised he hasn't given you guys the same treatment. Maybe he's just tuckered out. We can only hope."

"You got it! Just a warning though, this transport is pretty old, so it might be a little bumpy at liftoff. Hold on to your butts." With that, she turns tail and enters the cockpit again.

The rumbling of the ship's engine intensifies, followed by a rough jolting sensation in your bellies as the transport begins to take off and into space. It takes you a minute to steady yourselves after the takeoff, but through the windows, you can see the double humerus shape of Iridav rapidly shrinking in the distance as you head off to your destination. After a few minutes, there's a second impact as the ship goes into FTL, leaving you disoriented for a few seconds. The stars outside turn into a blur as you hurtle along through outer space.

Soon enough, you hear a crackling sound, and Goldie's voice sounds throughout the vessel. "Llllladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking," she announces, doing her best impression of a professional airline pilot. "We have reached our cruising altitude of… Well, I don't really know how much, but we are in space, and that's what matters. The current temperature outside is really freaking cold, and lethal in seconds, so don't open the windows even if it does get a little hot in here. Seriously though, we should be out of FTL and in the general area of the facility in about 6 hours, then add a few more hours till we actually arrive at Haxan itself. So get comfy, because this is going to be a long one. …Er, over?"

Soon enough, she walks out of the cockpit again. "I always wanted to do that," she grins as she makes herself some coffee from the cubical robot in the corner. "…So, travelers, tell me, since we do have some time on our hands - what made you all want to join the Golden Company of all things? You don't all look the mercenary type, if you don't mind my saying so, and it's not exactly a common choice of profession."


"Oh! It ain't refereshin'? Maybe ya need t' get a bit more sleep, that always helps me!"
"Workin' with? Ya mean what the folks there'r like, right? Hopefully they won't be too nasty, I'd prefer t' just knock 'em out an' be done with it."

"What made me wanna do this? Uhm… I dun' really know, t' be honest. I figured I'd be able to help folks out if I traveled 'round some, so this seemed like an alright way to do it."


"I'm an envoy of the Undisol family. Sometimes they'll send out a few of us to collect information, find interesting magical relics, study far-off cultures and so on. This is all part of the family's overarching hobby of preserving things that might otherwise be lost in a hectic galaxy."


"I mean their ship, had to have got there on something, and if we get the chance, i'll fly us out with their ride! It'll be great."

"Ark life isn't for me, that much gravity is a real pain in the neck. My heart is out here, sailing the stars for salvage and another ship's cargo!"

"And i would still be out there if my crew didn't mutiny and throw me out by trash pod!"


Veta grumbles as the formula is wrong again.
"Stupid outdated piece of…."
She sighs and decides to take her own words to heart and stop trying for now.

As Goldie comes out and asks her questions, Veta lays back and relaxes a bit.
"Well, I needed a break from my office, not so much my work. Seeing the same walls, the same doors, the same stupid coworkers and even more idiotic patients who think them having a sore throat means they have some life threatening disease…it kinda wears on you after awhile. Plus, I don't necessarily have to listen if any of you issue me a DNR."
She says this with a grin and laugh.
"Not that it stopped me before, but the paperwork I have to do afterwards is just a pain in the ass."

"I sleep, but the idiocy in the voices of the clinic patients haunt my dreams."


"Oh! Well, we'll make sure they got somethin', right? It'd be awfully rude t' just strand 'em there."
"Well, shucks. That sounds pretty rough, Veta. Hope you can get that kinda stuff outta your head." he hums out, before "What's a DNR? Some kinda medical thing?"



"Of course! I can't build infamy if no one lives to tell the tale. I'm sure we can scrape together a distress beacon or something."


"You get used to it after awhile."

"A DNR stands for Do Not Resuscitate. Basically, it legally binds a medical professional from reviving someone if they go into some form of arrest and let them die."
She sighs with a roll of her eyes.
"That said, many issue them when they're easily curable and have a history of depression. Then I just happen to be around, spit in the DNR's face, and have the patient up and about and back to their lives that they were so damn eager to end."



The moment the news about the impending FTL travel come around, the little Breezie flies down and holds on to stuff for dear life. Not out of panic, but due to a force of habit. Being a fragile thing, life has taught her the value of keeping oneself grounded at times.

She listens on the the griffon's speech with some amusement. It sure seemed like Goldie was in need of a break, just the way she described it.

After the settles down its flow, Teal flies over to a comfortable spot, high enough to adress the ones gathered around without them, needing to look down in search for her. There, she answers, somewhat more serious than usually:

"Some parts of the galaxy are changing way faster than others. I may not look like your regular mercenary, but I've been at this job for quite a while now. Thing is, the company I've been working at has lately decided to limit its area of influence to a cozy, moderate amount. Treaties with other factions, danger from the Spurned, interest checks… all of that and more contributing to their final decision. I could not stand for that. I did not join this profession to satisfy myself with the job of a mere soldier or bounty hunter."

One could hear quite a hint of anoyance midway Teal's speech, though she was recomposed herself before the end of it.

"Hence, the Golden Company. From what I could tell, it was not only a prosperous, up-and-coming one, but one with sights set on development of its range of influence. It is such, isn't it, miss Goldie?"



"Oh, good! I think I'll be fine with that." he says, before smiling a little
"Huh. That sounds like an awfully odd thing t' issue. I can't think 'a how someone'd think offin' themselves is better than just dealin' with it."



Teal seems to be lost in thought for a while, as she eyes Risky from hoof to claw.

"Now that I think about it… I'm not sure if I haven't seen your profile in my former company's databank. Could it be, there was a chance I would've chased after you, miss Risky, have I chosen some other assignment at that time…?" - though the matter might have seemed serious, Teal was commenting in a rather playful tone - "Quite a reputation you must've once had. Makes one wonder why did your crew mutiny… was your accent not pirate-y enough for their standards? You're really missing out on the yarrs, ya know?"


She raises her eyebrows. "…Well, I'm sure you'll be able to help someone doing this. I'm sure you'll do great!"

"I see. So you're one of them mages then?" She seems intrigued. "Don't really see your kind in the Company often really. This should be interesting."

"That's the spirit!" she says enthusiastically. "You'll do plenty of traveling as part of our merry band, I can tell you that much. Well, most of the time, anyway. My role is elsewhere I suppose. Don't really get to leave Iridav often." She shrugs.

She seems a little disturbed by that last part, but shrugs it off as a joke. "That's quite a leap though, wouldn't you say? Going from medical work to a hired gun. To each their own I suppose. If you ask me, doctor work pays better." She takes a sip of her coffee, only to pull a grimace and promptly bin it.

"Well, that's as good a reason as any I guess. The Company's been around for quite a long time though, since before the Fall of Equestria, although it had a different name back then. I wouldn't exactly say we're up and coming. There's change on the horizon though. Camus will see to that, for good or ill. I guess when you've been in power as long as he has you need to make changes eventually."



"Oh… so did they send you here to find relics or rather, for a cross-cultural trip?" - she winks - "Seems like you've gotten yourself quite lucky, haven't you? Quite the diverse party, if I dare say so, wouldn't you agree?"


"They thought they could keep the ship and more of the cargo if they cut me out of the share!" i reply, hitting the panel angrily.

"We nearly had the coordinates to an old weapons cache when they knocked me out cold and jettisoned me out to the nearest ark by trash pod."

"If i see any of those backstabbers, i'll have them strung up to the thrusters!"



"Seems like quite the dedicated doctor you are, miss Veta. Most probably for the best. Long as they live, they've got a chance to change, so hey, legal papers being one thing, but doing what's right being the other. I'm sure you're gonna have a better time around us, doubt anyone here's willing to let go of life, given how it means not getting paid.."


"Sometimes patients may be in that extreme of pain, and that clouds their judgement. More often, they just can't handle that life isn't all hookers and sunshine that they grew up their whole lives being told."
She scowls after that statement.

"Well, I don't exactly have a gun. Really, I'm mostly just gonna piggyback off everyone else while fixing up whoever gets shot."
At the mention of pay, Veta shakes her head.
"The shit I have to put up with when I work there, nah, it isn't enough. No amount of money is when bureaucracy and feelings get involved."


"They didn't send me here in particular… I just kind of sought it out myself, figured something a little on the dangerous side would bring me places that other family members wouldn't have already picked clean. Lucky's not quite how I would put it."

"I didn't realize we were a 'kind,' but neither have I been outside of our towers very much. How does the outside world view our 'kind?'"


She sighs, but this time she doesn't seem annoyed this time.
"Not dedicated. You can't fix stupid, but you can certainly try and lead them where you want like good little sheep."



"Huh, I see… oh, that's right. Given your skills, one could see you going for different paths out there, miss Goldie. Are your plans for the future connected with the Golden Company? You seem more like a free spirit to me, kind of like miss Risky over there, if I dare say so."


"Oh? too busy to leave? I thought your sister was running the shop, surely she wouldn't mind you out on 'work-related trips'?"


"Ahh. Well, phooey. 'A course it ain't gonna be all sunshine, an'… whatever a hooker is. Jus' hope most folks don't go through with it."


Veta has to do a double take and looks at Pyrite with a raised brow.
"You seriously don't know? I mean it, do you seriously not know what a hooker is? That is common knowledge by this point."


Is it like, somethin' to do with hooks?"


Veta stares at Pyrite in utter disbelief.
"You know what, no. I am not going there. After this job; go online, look the word up, and educate yourself. I am not your mother, so I am NOT giving you 'the talk' of any kind."


"Shucks, really? Well, I'll try m' best!" he whinnies out, before grinning widely


She doesn't seem very comfortable with that justification, but smiles and nods anyway. "I imagine it must be pretty frustrating. Still, if you joined up with us to get rid of work stress, then I'm not entirely sure that was the right career move." She chuckles, but you're not entirely sure it was meant as a joke.

"Well, it's just rare to see mages outside of your installations, you know? It's not that we don't like your kind, it's just… well… not something you see every day." You notice she's eyeing your staff curiously. "Only… I wouldn't go around showing it if you go to the Outer Arks. They're, well, less educated over there."

"Well, I suppose so. I've been working for the Company almost my whole life. If it weren't for them, and my sister, I'd probably be homeless somewhere out there on the Outer Arks. I know I'm meant to be taking care of business on Iridav, but it's so dull. I want to see the galaxy, but I don't get much of a chance to. Oh well. We have to play the cards we're dealt I suppose."

She shakes her head. "Gwen needs me on Iridav, and that's the end of it. I can't exactly say no to her, she's my sister. I suppose she's right. Not many people can do what I do. This is just a short mission, so I'm sure everything will be just fine when we get back."

"That's the spirit! Everyone here's good at something, aren't they? I've got a feeling this job won't take long at all with you on our team."


As you talk amongst yourselves, the hours pass, and the ship eventually jumps out of FTL and into the star system home to Haxan. As it does so, Goldie goes back to pilot the ship manually, leaving you five alone for a while. A few minutes later, you hear her voice over the PA system again. "Um, folks, if we could gather together for a moment, that'd be great."

She soon emerges from the cockpit and joins you all where you are, shortly followed by Dr Rivers. "What is it?" he snaps, not looking up from his data pad. "This had better be worth our time. Might I remind you that we are on a strict sch-"

"So, we've got a bit of a situation," Goldie explains, talking over Rivers. "I picked up a distress signal from a ship nearby. Seems they were traveling to an Ark when they got looted by pirates. Most likely the ones that have set up shop on Haxan. They're out of fuel, so they're essentially stranded, and they need our help to get to their destination. What do you think we should do? It could be a trap set by the pirates. There's just no way of knowing."


"Hmph. Just when i thought we could make it without problems."

"We'll answer their signal, at worst we fight pirates or take some salvage, at best we make some extra Florins playing rescuer."

"..Unless we have some dissent to the plan?"



"There's still too much of a chance it's legit. Captain, I recommend we go and rescue this ship, and if it's pirates, we'll capture and interrogate them and then strip their ship for the best parts."


Pyrite cocks his head to the side, before heading over to the cockpit door and waiting. He listens intently, before hopping up and scrabbling for the gear "W-Well, yeah! We gotta help 'em! Even ifthey might end up bein' nasty, it's worth a shot t' try."


"Well, everyone else seems to have the same idea. And I don't mind either way."
She stands up and stretches her back, making it crack here and there.
"Either way, there's likely some work to take my mind off of things. So…let's do it."


"True. Well, we can scrape some florins out of them for the save."

"If they get in the way of the mission we'll park them at the station until we're finished."



Teal thinks about then situation, calculating the odds and responds, going against the grain in a surprisingly level-headed fashion:

"I'd vote for leaving them be for now. If the message is true, then the ship has already lost what it could to the pirates. It means they're not likely to bother with them anymore - hence, they're safe for the time being. If it's only fuel that they're lacking and not provisions or fixing life support systems, then they can afford to wait, contrary to us. Our mission is on a time limit. We can take care of them once it's over. Not to mention there's a fair chance that, even if it's not a trap proper, going round that ship might alert pirates to our presence beforehand. Given the superior forces of the enemy, it is of crucial importance that we don't lose this tactical advantage."

After a while of silence, she adds:

"Plus, if we don't help them out outright, there is a bigger chance we might recover whatever it is that they lost to the pirates."


"Valid, but keep in mind we're not pirates. At least, not all of us. We should at least open communications and fully assess their situation. For all we know, they could have passengers who are bleeding out and dying. We don't have to leave now, per se. I'm sure they wouldn't mind waiting a bit with some peace of mind."


"Oh really? I wasn't aware you ascertained the situation inside their ship all the way from within ours. We're checking it out, and they're not waiting."


"If we move their ship with us to the station we'll get them out of open space and have an out if our ship is attacked."

"And if it's full of dirty pirates I'll show them why i was called 'The terror of open space'!"


"W-Well, we can't jus' leave 'em! We gotta check an' see, at th' least. I-I really wanna help, though."



"It is only fuel that has been mentioned, mister Hui. I've evaluated on the basis of what I've heard and I have not assumed things to be certain, mind you, only pointed out what seems rational." - Teal responds, without getting emotional, contrary to the clearly roused adressee.


"If that were the case, wouldn't they have enclosed such important data in the distress signal, miss Veta?" - again, no irony felt in the calm, collected voice.


"Admittedly, I don't see logic in it. Why would anyone haul a fuel-less ship over to a destroyed station? If not suspicious, woudn't that make the passengers more vulnerable to the pirates present there?"


"Not if we leave Pyrite to guard them! A big pony like him can keep an eye out no problem."


She shrugs, obviously indifferent.
"I dunno. If it isn't obvious, I don't exactly have high expectations of a stranger's intelligence right off the bat."



"I'll agree that Pyrite seems like a trustworthy pony in regards to guarding others. However, the very need to guard them arises if we take the ship with us down to the station. Aren't they safer where they are now? Not to mention, if we choose anyone to guard them, we will need to decrease the size of our search party."


"W-W, we could at least stop by an'make sure they don't need anythin' vital. Then we can come get 'em on th' way back."


"Fine, fine, y'made your point, we'll check up on them then haul the ship back with us." i sigh, running my talons through my mane.

"Suppose it's more practical, at least."



"Pyrite. I can tell you're a good-natured pony. However, not helping them now is for their own good. Again, if there was anything vital that they needed aside from fuel, isn't it common sense that they would've included it in their distress signal?"

Teal looks around the ones gathered and adds:

"That being said, I can see that I am alone in my judgement. If none of you agrees with me, then we should go with what you proposed. No sense in disputing further."


"R-Right, I guess they woulda. Well, if everyone else wants t' giveit a pass, I can agree t' that, I guess."




Post sheets!




>Should be getting some cool pics to post alongside that.



File: 1491703335154.webm (1.41 MB, 640x640, Hugging Doggos.webm)


File: 1491703485450.jpg (307.08 KB, 1080x1080, 1491603607809.jpg)



"Well, looks like that's settled then," Goldie says in satisfaction, despite Rivers having opened his mouth to talk. He gives her a death glare as she continues. "I'll let them dock and we'll help them out as best we can. I don't know if we'll get anything out of this, but we don't always have to do it for money. We shouldn't stoop that low." With that, she promptly heads back to the cockpit to signal the ship in distress.

Over the next hour or so, your ship drifts over to the stranded travelers. It is a small, fairly nondescript vessel, notable only for its angular, pointy appearance and metallic green hue. You slowly come parallel to them and watch as your ship connects to theirs. Before long, you are greeting the ship's passengers, a group of four or five young adult mares who were apparently passing through this sector on their way back from holidays. They look somewhat shaken by their runin with the pirates, but are otherwise unharmed. The de facto leader of their group, Fever Ray, explains that they are out of fuel, as it was taken by the pirates. With your help, the travelers carry about a quarter of your ship's fuel cells out to help them get to the nearest Ark. As usual, Dr Rivers stays to the back of the ship, and doesn't emerge while you're helping the stragglers.

"Hey, thanks so much for everything," Fever Ray says as you finish doing your good deed for the day. "We would have died out here if you hadn't gotten our signal. We don't really have much to offer, but…" She digs around her pockets for a moment before offering you a small wad of money. "We agreed we'd give this to whoever came along. Here. You all deserve it."


"Glad we could help, mister Ray! I'm jus' happy we got here when we did!" he frowns a little, and shakes his head "aw, ya don't gotta give us a reward. 'Specially with how things went f'r ya, y'all need that more than we probably do."


"Glad to be of service."

taking ahold of the wad of florins, i leaf through it with my magic while strolling towards the console.

"Anyone from your crew missing? If they've got a hostage it'll only get worse.."


Hui keeps quiet, eyeing the mares with suspicion, quietly scrutinizing their story.


"I would've offered the grand chance of free medical services, but you all seem to be in good shape. Pity," she says with a shrug, "mostly for me. But I would beeline back somewhere safe after this. But hey, now you have a great story to reminisce about on your next ladies' night out."



Having looked along the way for signs of potential danger inside of the stranded ones' ship while appearing to be engaged in the activities required, Teal could have been found giving curious looks all around the place. She used the excuse of not being big enough to carry the cells to be wary of the foreign mares and what could they be doing while the party's guard was lowered. While they handle the compliments, she can be found between eyeing them and watching over the sensors that supervise the area outside of the ship.


"E-Err, uh… I-I guess you're th' boss."


"If we ignore money when it's around, we'll be out when it isn't." i reply plainly, bopping you on the nose with the money to emphasize.


"R-Right, sorry." he nods sheepishly "I-I have a habit 'a that."


She looks offput for a second, but it passes. "No, really, I insist. It's the least we can do in return."

You count through it quickly. It's not really much, only 80 florins, but it's better than no reward.

"No, nobody got kidnapped. We don't exactly have much of value, they only took our fuel. They didn't seem to be after our money. They seemed… desperate. Wild, even. They're not like normal folks. I'd get out of here as soon as you can if I were you."

They seem trustworthy enough to you. You notice one of them looking at your staff curiously.

Fever Ray nods. "We're getting out of here as soon as we can. What a great way to end our vacation."

You take a look around the mares' ship. It seems quite homely on the inside, if somewhat barebones. There are signs of a struggle, however, as much of the interior is very messy. Presumably this was the pirates' doing. There's no sign of them on the exterior, however, apparently still stationed at the research outpost. Judging from some of the signs around the ship, the mares seem to have rented it from a company.

"Well, I am, actually," Goldie pipes up, "but I guess that's only for this mission. Or at least until you can afford a ship of your own."

With your business concluded, the mares return to their own ship, thanking you profusely once again. "You know," one of them comments, "folks say all sorts of nasty things about the Golden Company. Guess you proved all them wrong." With that, their ship undocks from yours and takes off after a few minutes, eventually blinking into FTL.

"Well, that's that then," Goldie says, looking pleased at having helped out those strangers. "Now back to business. Just sit tight and we should arrive at Haxan in the next half an hour. We've got some built in radar jammers, so we should be all but invisible to the pirates, at least until we're docked with the station."


Some time later, your ship begins to arrive at Haxan - or at least what's left of it. The station seems to have been built much like the shape of a spider's web, but approximately half of it has been destroyed, hosting an enormous asteroid with an aura of debris around it. There's no sign of the pirates' vessel, strangely enough.

Your ship begins to move closer and closer to the intact portions of Haxan. As it does so, Goldie and Rivers join you all to take in the view. The latter groans at the sight of his former reserch station reduced to rubble. "Okay gang," Goldie chirps, "here's the plan. We can't really dock properly with the station, since obviously there's no one left on there to monitor it. What you'll have to do is get in the hard way." She take out a data pad and brings up a schematic of Haxan, pointing out a highlighted hatch on the exterior. "You'll need to open this from the outside and get in through the airlock. We've got space suits ready to go. From there, you'll need to the docking bay ready so we can land safely."

"Also, here. You'll need these." She hands you all earpieces. "This way we'll be able to stay in touch. I'll stay on board and have the ship ready. I'll be able to guide you through the docking procedure from here. …I'm assuming you all know how to operate in zero gravity, right? It's okay if you don't, I'll walk you through that as well."


"You're a good pony, Pyrite. Too bad good ponies don't last long in the vacuum of space."

"When you've raided for as long as i have, you know how to scrape every Florin you can out of people. Helps keep the engine full and the lights on."


"No dock, huh? Nothing too tough, i've handled zero-g before."

slipping the earpiece on, i strap my shotgun and ammo close to my body and make my way to the airlock.


He looks away, hiding the staff behind his back a little. Until they leave, he pretends to be distracted with his data pad to excuse himself from the room.

Once he's got on the earpiece and space suit, he moves to the airlock. "Any signs of the pirates yet?"


Veta takes the earpiece, putting in place and her ear rotates a bit from the feeling.
"Well, I've had to do an operation or two in zero g. Was actually nice having my equipment float around instead of some jittery assistant that wasn't a unicorn."


"Not worried about powered saws and lasers floating loose in the room?"




Teal mounts the earpiece and dons the space suit. Since there was was a high chance they wouldn't be getting out of those on the station, she takes the time to extend the shield and submerge the aeronautical piece in it.

>Defaulting Cradle on the space suit

"Ready when you are."


She snorts.

"Well, ain't those a hoofful…?"


"That's because a doctor who didn't get their degree playing a simulator will actually turn such things off after using them. What, are you going to ask if I use a hammer to get past the ribs or something?"


R-Right, sorry miss." he mumbles, folding his ears back a bit.
"A-And, uhm, thanks. I ain't th' best at this stuff, so I'll try t' think more 'bout that."

When they return to the ship, he gives a short nod after listening to Goldie "Sure, I can give it a shot! I've never really done much zero gravity stuff, so I could use a bit'f a walkthrough if ya don't mind."

"Would somepony even do that? A hammer sounds pretty dangerous."


She gives Pyrite a slight smirk.
"See? Now aren't you more glad that you all ran into me and not some other shit-for-brains doctor?"


"Definitely, Miss Veta!"


"Good to know. This should be over quick then."

Goldie shakes her head. "none, and that's what worries me. They should be docked already, or at least orbiting the station…"

"Well, this is going to be a little different to that. If anything goes wrong, I can bail you out, no worries."

Luckily, the ship is equipped with space suits for all different kinds of species, including Breezies. Your suit has gathered a bit of dust, but other than that it's wearable.

"Not a problem. Just do as I say and you'll be alright."

"You had better get this done quick," Rivers grunts as he looks out the window. "There's a LOT depending on it. I won't be happy if you fail, and neither will Polybius. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room. The sight of this place is giving me an ulcer." With that, he turns tail and leaves, Golie shaking her head in disapproval. "Can't exactly make any promises about that," she says, more to herself than to him.

You all get into your suits, Goldie talking Pyrite through the process of putting on the helmet and attaching the tether to the ship. Before long, you are going through the airlock and emerge into the vacuum of space. It is a strange sensation, almost like floating underwater. Looking in almost every direction, you can see billions of stars light years away, almost all part of the Sun-Moon Empire.

At Goldie's instructions, you gently push off from the airlock and float towards the hatch you're meant to be opening. It is operated by a large circular valve, that opens up to Haxan's airlock with a rush of pressurized gases that makes it difficult to keep stable. Before long, however, you are through the airlock, out of your space suits and inside Haxan.

Just as it is on the outside, the metallic inside is in a state of severe disrepair. The lights are flickering, panels have been shaken off the walls from the impact of the asteroid, there are destroyed maintenance robots everywhere, rubble blocks several paths and loose wires spark at every corner. Despite the unholy mess, it seems that people have been through here recently, judging by the hoofprints and the lack of any valuables anywhere.

"Alright, so far so good," you hear Goldie say. Her voice is distorted somewhat, and you feel that the signal might get weaker. "You're on the administration level right now. If you continue forwards, you'll reach a large open area. On the right end of that area should be the central command console. If it's still in one piece, we should be able to get this ship to dock. Just let me know when you're there, and tell me what you see on the way."

>roll Perception


"Roger, Goldie." Turning to Risky, he frowns. "What do you think, captain? Looks like they may have already been here. You got a plan for us or we playing by ear? Oh, and I'm going to borrow this…"

He animates Risky's shadow, causing it to rise up from behind her and walk about on its own.

[1d10+1] Raise Dead

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


"On the way."

with the quiet of the hall broken by the clicking of claw on plating, i make my way towards the door, careful to peek through as it opens.
[1d10] Perception

"The ground team is mine, follow my lead and we'll make it through."

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1491712839272.gif (3.6 MB, 500x282, Space Doge.gif)

"Got it," Veta replies, looking around the wrecked ship.

"Sheesh, they sure did a number on this place," she says as she tries to prepare emergency syringes should anything happen.

>Distill Life


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



"Quite the wreckage indeed. Wonder if the pirates didn't contribute to the mess though." - Teal comments while readjusting the forcefield back to the original target, her stealth suit.

"Can't quite complain, seems like a perfect fit for me."

With that in mind, the Breezie moves on, using the various pieces of rubble and wreckage as cover for her, beginning to move stealthily about.

>defaulting stealth

>perception roll


Roll #1 7 = 7


Pyrite nods eagerly, and listens to Goldie's instructions intently. He hurries over towards the airlock, before yelping a little at the moving shadow "W-Wha? H-How'd ya do that?!"
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 5 = 5


You try to animate the shadow, only to have it twitch slightly before falling inert.

You don't see anything dangerous, but you have a vague feeling of impending dread.

You finally manage to get your systems working properly and prepare three adrenaline shots. In a pinch, they should keep the team going.

You scout ahead of the rest of the group, even giving your companions the slip. As you fly ahead, you find discarded food containers and satchels of supplies, hinting that the pirates have taken up residence here very recently. Suddenly, you hear very faint footsteps from off in the distance.

You see more footprints in the dust, and a few bags and food containers suggesting the pirates have been here in the recent past.

The console, luckily, was not heavily damage in the asteroid collision. It is a large monitor about three ponies long, with a myriad of buttons you barely recognize. "How's everything looking?" Goldie asks. "With any luck you'll be able to hook up our ship."


"There's a big ol' monitor with a whole buncha buttons! I-I dunno what anny 'a them do. It doesn't look damaged, though!"


"Working on it, these controls might have been damaged"

Clicking away with my talon, I try and reboot the system [1d10] Interface

"Watch our back, crew! We haven't seen hide or hair of those pirates."

Roll #1 6 = 6



Teal's ears twitch when she catches the sound of a nearby foe.

"Careful" - she informs through the earpiece - "I can hear them. Not too close, but still. We better hurry with this console, if we don't want them to damage it further by taking the fight here, I reckon."

Seeing Risky try her way with the console, Teal flies towards it as well, She takes a glance at the multitude of the buttons present and dives in shortly afterwards underneath the panel, seeking to make heads and tails out of this module by taking a closer look at it.



Roll #1 7 = 7


"There we go. Finally," Veta mutters, looking around at the group. Wait…did one go missing? Ah well.
"Risky, Hui. Take 'em. You too, Pyrite. Just jab them anywhere and it'll do its job. Might feel a little tingly for a moment."

>Giving Risky, Hui, and Pyrite a potion each.

>Instant Automatic; recover three hits

At this point, Veta just sits back and let's Risky do her thing, keeping ready in case something goes south.


Veta keeps an ear out in case anything tries to sneak up on them, though looking like she's about to take a nap sitting down.


Roll #1 2 = 2


"Shucks, thank ya kindly!" he says, putting the vial away to use later. He tries his best to keep a lookout as well.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Slipping the syringe into my vest, I nod, focusing on the console.

"Will do. You can't OD on these, right?"


He makes another attempt at raising the shadow so they have another guard. [1d10+1]

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


She gives a thumbs up, good to see he at least has a place to store it.

"Normally your florin account would; but stay on my good side, it won't. Oh, you mean yourself. No. At least, so long as you are hurt you won't. Trying to fix something that isn't there is a sure fire way to make something that will need fixing."


"Err…. I'd prefer leaving mine with you. A little hard to operate without any fingers, and with my upbringing, it's a smaller risk if you handle it."


There's a brief pause while Goldie considers her options. "… Maybe you should just leave this to someone else. Keep guard. Those pirates could come back at any moment. We're on their turf, after all."

With some help from Goldie, you manage to get the docking station ready and help her land the ship on what's left of the station. It takes quite a while, seeing as most of the systems are down, but you get there eventually. You're not entirely sure you understood everything she was telling you to do, but by following her instructions you both managed to pull it off together. The far end of the room is a window offering a view of space, through which you watch as Goldie expertly pilots the ship into the docking bay.

You don't hear anyone coming, but you do look around the open area. From what you can see, there's a path off to the right that seems to lead to the living quarters, and at the far end of the room there's a busted door labeled "Samples." Mist seems to be pouring out of it slowly.

You unfortunately fail to raise the shadow again.

"Good work team!" Goldie says cheerfully over the comms. "We're good to go. I'll stay parked here and give you guys h- …Hold on. I'm getting something…

"Oh, this is not good. There's a ship that just jumped out of FTL. It's them, they're on their way to dock right now. There's pirates in there with you to help them dock. You need to hide. Now."

Sure enough, through the window, you can see the pirate's ship floating in. It is several orders of magnitude larger than your ship, a huge, shapeless, ramshackle vessel made of several different alloys mishmashed together. At its bow is painted a huge, grinning face with Xed out eyes, as well as the ship's name in sloppy printing: the Big Daddy!, complete with the exclamation mark.

You hear footsteps coming from the living quarters, and before long six extremely filthy-looking pirates with assorted weaponry emerge. Four of them are Diamond Dogs, while one is a pegasus and the other a griffon. The latter confronts you. He is carrying some sort of electrified nightstick and has a cybernetic eye, and doesn't look very bright at all. "Oi! Who are youse?" he demands, his eyes moving independently of one another as he assesses the group. "Youse don't belong here…"


"Or I can just jab it into you now and set it to an automatic release when you feel like it. I'm a doctor-turned-mercenary, not a nurse."

"We are just figments of your imagination," Veta begins, not moving from her spot right away, "brought on from whatever that mist is leaking from that door. A pretty fun group high, wouldn't you say?"

>Bluff/Lie/being a wiseass


Roll #1 9 = 9


He cringes at the thought of the needle. "We'll just figure it out later."

To the pirates he nods. "Right, we're mostly just incarnations of stuff you forgot to do. Cleaning up your rooms, brushing your manes, stuff like that. Seriously, you dont' want to breathe this stuff in too much, otherwise we'll turn into your parents next, and not even we want that."

[1d10+2] lying

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Very confused, I roll with what they're planning
"Exactly, you're seeing things, must be a gas leak!"
[1d10] improvise

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Somethin' comin'? Shucks, that can't be good. I guess I'll keep a lookout." he says, grabbing for his gear and getting to attention. He blinks once or twice as they walk in, going to say something before shaking his head and keeping quiet. He's not a good liar, anyways.



Teal makes use of the distraction that Veta started providing and sneaks up on the griffon in charge. Trying her best to avoid the swathing tail, she sets up preemptively some explosive crystal charges on one of his back paws.


>DC lowered by a total of 2, due to the trained talent and "tiny" racial trait.


Roll #1 8 = 8


It looks to you like things are about to go south.

The griffon looks dumbfounded for a second, and the sextet huddle together to discuss the situation, murmuring urgently. The griffon turns back to you with a triumphant, lopsided grin, his cyborg eye aquiver. "Youse is real, isn't youse?" he growls. He points an accusing finger at the broken door. "That's just ventilly… vent… er, air. Yeh! Air!"

You manage to set some tiny charges on his legs. He twitches and grunts in discomfort, almost swatting you as he itches his leg, but doesn't notice your trap.

The griffon powers up his nightstick, clearly ready for a fight. It crackles with electricity as he charges towards you. "Whop 'em lads!" With that, the pirates swing into action, getting ready to deliver you a good beatdown.

The griffon, being the biggest of the bunch, decides to pick on someone his own size and swings at Pyrite.

The pegasus flies up, pulling out a large hunting knife and backing the griffon up by swinging at Pyrite.

Three of the four dogs stick together, eschewing weapons in favor of dogpiling on Veta.
[3d10] Tackle

The remaining dog pulls out a pocket knife and tries to shank Undisol.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 3, 7, 5 = 15 / Roll #4 1 = 1


"Eh, it was worth a try."

"Come on then, birdbrain! I'll show you how a real pirate fights!"

Wasting no time, I leap at the griffon, trying to knock him over, claw sparking off the console paneling!
[1d10+2] overconfidence
[1d10] body tackle

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Pyrite frowns a little, mumbling "Shucks, guess we can't talk this out." He lets out a startled yelp as the griffon goes straight for him, ducking a little and throwing himself at him to try and tackle him "I-I'll take care 'a th' big guy!"
[1d10+1] Wrasslin' (+1 from Grappler)

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


He raises the griffon's shadow, disappointed in their discovery. [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Ahh geez, just when I thought we could get away easy."
Veta sees the dogs coming after her, trying to use her robotic claws to fend them off.
"Hey hey, one at a time. Or at least buy me dinner and a few drinks first. I'm not some cheap tavern floozey."

>Single weapon attack

>attempt to make them flustered or something with what she said

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8



The moment the griffon announced its course of action, Teal jumped off him and denied him the good, first swing that he was, as Teal could tell, about to make. Namely, she set off the charges in a moment that threw the griffon off balance and left him wide open in the face of Teal's comrades.

>Calling sabotage on the griffon, substracting 8 from his roll.

It looked as though they were at a slight disadvantage regarding the numbers. However, there was an element of surprise on the Breezie's side. Although hestitant to leap into the fray with such a pile of meaty, chaotically-fightning opponents, she nonetheless did. Extending the fluid energy blade from her forehoof-mounted mechanism, she flew from behind the group, aiming for a broad swing, to cut down the enemy ranks. She aimed at all the four Diamond Dogs, their somewhat similar size making the targeting of their vitals with one swing a somewhat easier issue..

>Cleave on the 4 Diamond Dogs

>Critfail on 3-, due to the trained talent
>DC reduced by a total of two


Roll #1 9 = 9



Forgot to add:

>autocrits due to stealth


As the griffon goes to give you a heavy wallop, a device planted on his leg by Teal Drop leaves him quite shocked as he collapses in sudden pain. You dodge the pegasus' swing and take the opportunity to tackle the griffon to the ground. He manages to scrabble backwards and get back up, albeit with a limp.

"Who youse calling birdbr- Oof!" You deliver a solid roundhouse punch to the griffon as he gets away from Pyrite's tackle, leaving him helpless and seeing stars.

You finally manage to pull off your spell, and the griffon's shadow detaches itself from him and stumbles over to your side. It quickly springs to life, delivering a mighty punch to your attacker, knocking him helpless.

They didn't quite get what you said, but seem demoralized anyway, as you manage to avoid two of the doggos and give one a nasty cut across the cheek. The third barrels into you, making you hit your head on a railing quite hard.
>Veta takes 2 hits

You see your trap work swimmingly as the griffon's attack is sabotaged. You follow up with a swift strike of your energy blade, dealing a powerful blow to all four Dogs. They are left perplexed by what attacked them, until one of them points you out and shouts a warning.

With the previously unseen threat revealed, one of the Dogs tries to swat Teal out of the air.

Two Dogs keep up their attack on Veta, opting to use their natural claws instead.

The fourth Dog tries to recover from the blow dealt to it by his shadowy assailant.

The griffon tries to get back up also.

The pegasus turns his attention to Risky, improperly holding his knife as a rapier and jabbing at her.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4, 4 = 8 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 3 = 3 / Roll #5 1 = 1


The griffon's shadow attacks the griffon. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ahaha! You call that a knife?"

Seeing the Pegasus and his stab, I lock my talons together and spear him in reply!

"Now these are knives!"
[1d10] melee

Roll #1 5 = 5


Pyrite pulls himself off from over the griffon and blinks once or twice, before shrugging a little and pulling his shield out and looking around to gauge the situation. He lets out a little yelp before charging over to take the swat for Teal, and give the Diamond Dog a bash with his shield
>Protect [Teal]
>Slam: [1d10+1] (Crits on 8+)

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Hey, what did I just say?! Paws off the merchandise!"
She swings her metal claws against their natural ones.

>Single weapon attack


Roll #1 8 = 8



What happened was to be expected. Glad to have pulled off the first cut cleanly, Teal is well-aware that things wouldn't be so easy from now on. Especially seeing one of those she injured wish to get back at ther immediately. Seeing the incoming blow, the Breezie dives in-between the bodies, attempting to lose the assailant in the crowd.


>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 6 = 6


The big lug swipes blindly as you command his shadow to attack him. Instead, he manages to dissipate the shadow momentarily, and it fragments into a smoky substance before reforming. It seems to waver and flicker constantly, implying it won't last much longer.

You manage to fend off his stabbing attack and counteract with a well placed jab to the face. He grunts as he spirals to the ground helpless.

You take the blow for Teal. While not being much more than a slap in the face, it hits surprisingly hard, knocking you off balance for a moment. You respond to it by ramming your shield into the Dog, bowling him over helpless.
>Pyrite takes 5 hits

You manage to dodge both their attacks, swinging at one of the Dogs with your metal claws, poking his eye rather painfully. He also falls to the ground helpless.

You manage to zip out of combat for now, hiding under a pile of rubble.

While the griffon is still winded from the blow, the other Dog pulls himself back up, ready to keep brawling.



Post sheets!




File: 1492307780426.webm (3.99 MB, 640x360, How Was Your Day.webm)


File: 1492307972815.png (20.2 KB, 800x480, 1476597075138.png)


The battle continues! Reminder that Risky and Hui both have adrenaline shots to keep them going in a pinch, recovering three hits. Hui has also raised the griffon's shadow as a minion, although it has two hits left before it dissipates.

You have turned the tide of battle against your attackers, with five of the six having been knocked to the ground. The only one standing is one of the Diamond Dog pirates, who tries to help up the griffon.

The griffon, pegasus, and the three other doggos all try to pull themselves back up on their own.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1, 10, 2, 10, 8 = 31


rushing the last standing diamond dog, i try and bash him with my claw!
[1d10] Melee

"You're helping no one, dog!"

Roll #1 10 = 10


>Trained Talent: Shadow Absorption: Automatic; Undisol can sacrifice 1 minion, absorbing the shadow into his own to either a) Heal full Hits and 1 Wound or b) gain +1 to a chosen action until the end of combat.

The dwindling shadow flies toward Hui's hoof, and he crushes it, restoring its magic into his own.

>Gaining +1 to Raise Dead

Meanwhile, his own, fresh shadow moves out from beneath him and attacks the standing diamond dog (raised during previous session).


Roll #1 10 = 10


Seeing Pyrite take a hit pretty hard, Veta walks over while rolling her shoulders. She clearly didn't seem all too worried.
"Okay, hold still. This'll only pinch for a second or two," she says as the tip of one of her claws is replaced with a needle, quickly jabbing it into Pyrite and injecting something to jumpstart the healing process.

>Rejuvenate, talent makes it have a DC 4 for success


Roll #1 7 = 7



Teal, having shifted under the rubble as to reach a new angle of offensive, now proceeded to launch another sneak attack. The Breezie dived forward, extending her weapon to slide the energy whip across the backs of both the one left standing as well as those looking successful in their attempts to recover. Alike a beastmaster, taming one's prey - painfully so.

>Cleave on 4 targets

>Critfail on 3
>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 5 = 5


Just as he's helping up the griffon, you punch him so hard you knock his few remaining teeth out. He topples into the griffon and they both collapse, unconscious for now.

Your shadow punches the Dog, but he's already been knocked out by Risky's blow. You're definitely going to leave him with a black eye for quite some time though.

You successfully treat Pyrite's wounds with your formula, keeping him on his toes. He is very grateful for it.

You misjudge your swing, and only manage to graze the pirates.

One Dog and the griffon have both been taken out of the fight, but the pegasus and two other Dogs rise to their feet/hooves with relative ease. Not wasting any time, they spring into action, both Dogs teaming up on Risky while the pegasus tries to swat Teal out of the air.
[2d10] vs Risky
[1d10] vs Teal

Roll #1 2, 10 = 12 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Oh, and the remaining Dog tries to recover.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Hui's shadow now attacks one of the dogs that gang up on Risky. [1d10]

Then, he reaches toward Risky and animates her shadow. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Correction: You deal a swift blow to all three pirates, giving them all a nasty slice. It won't prevent them from getting up, but it'll leave them with a souvenir of your fight.


Veta walks over to the dog trying to get back up, squatting down in front and has a look like she's thinking about something.
"My professional opinion? Stay in bed and get some rest."
She then proceeds to punch the downed dog right in the face.

>Single weapon attack


Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ahaha! So you want to clash blades with the queen of pirates?"

after clobbering the dog, i leap towards the two, claws extended to stab and tear!

"Have some of this, Ark rats!"
[1d10] Overconfidence
[1d10] Melee

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 9 = 9



The Breezie, having completed the attack sequence, finishes the loop by flying backwards for a moment, observing the one paying her attention, not meaning to turn her back at him immediately. However, she does attempt to vanish in the swirl of fight afterwards, looking to cut across corridor in the process. That she tries to accomplish while staying low, for the rising dust, roused from the fight to aid in her act of hiding.


>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 9 = 9


You try to go for a swing, but one of the Dogs sees you coming and elbows you square in the chest, leaving you disoriented momentarily. You manage to recover from the blow and assume control of Risky's shadow.
>Risky's shadow is at 10/2, as does your own
>Hui takes 4 hits

He growls incoherently and rolls out of the way of your punch, countering with a swift and very painful kick to the shins that bowls you over.
>Veta takes 5 hits, helpless

You manage to bash one of the Dogs to the ground again, rendering him unconscious as well. However, in your rush to keep up the offensive, you remind yourself about Overconfidence a moment too late, as one of the Dogs punches you in the face and then kicks you in the gut. With the wind knocked out of your sails, you fall to the ground, seeing stars. And not just the ones through the window.
>Risky takes 5 hits, helpless

You dash out of the way of the pegasus' attack, and he manages to bash Pyrite upside the head instead. You quickly zip out of sight, perching yourself on a nearby railing.

Another Dog is down for the count, but the party have also taken heavy damage on this round. The pegasus takes to the air and scans the room, trying to spot the missing Breezie.
[1d10] Perception

The helpless Dog tries to recover again.

The non-helpless Dog tries to bash Hui with his shoulder.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 6 = 6


"Oh, well, looks like you were lying about being hurt I guess," she remarks to the dog as she rubs her shin and attempts to stand back up.


Roll #1 7 = 7


keeled over from the blow, i growl and try to stand back up.
"Oh I'll tie you to the engine for that!"
[1d10] Recover

Roll #1 10 = 10


Hui's shadow attacks the non-helpless dog. [1d10]
As does Risky's. [1d10]

He pokes the non-helpless dog with his spear. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 4 = 4



Teal, observing the battlefield with a cold gaze from the top of the railing, makes notice of the one Pegasus that decided to take to the skies after her. She squinted her eyes at the approaching target as it neared her position, then set off, diving past him and letting the searing energy wire to brush alongside his body on the whole length, as she prepared to strike at her team's remaining foes, before they get alerted to her presence prematurely. The Pegasus seemed like he could be a problem, lest it gets dealt with.

>Cleave 4, meaning the pegasus who sought her out + 3 random targets, prioritizing the ones currently up. Feeling ok with choosing whichever fit the scene atm.

>Critfail on 3
>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 9 = 9


You don't get much of a response from him as you get back up, your shin still smarting. You're not even sure he speaks Basic.

You pull yourself back up easily, ready to deliver the smackdown on these wannabe looters.

The Dog looks frightened for a moment as the shadows surround him, but he manages to avoid Risky's shadow and swat away your own, leaving it wavering and unstable. He jumps out of the way of your stab and shoulder bashes you.
>Hui takes 2 hits
>Hui's shadow is at 1/2

You deliver a rapid and powerful slice to the pegasus, the Dog who just got up, the one Risky floored moments before, and the one attacking Hui. The latter stumbles from the sudden attack, looking almost ready to go down.

The pegasus' eyes dart around the room, until he sees Teal on the railing. He rapidly flies over and claps his hooves together on her, alerting the remaining pirates to her presence.

The Dog that was previously on the ground is now up and ready to rumble, running on all fours like an ape as he barrels into Risky.

The Dog on his last legs haphazardly swings one paw at Hui again.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 = 8



Roll #1 4 = 4


Shadow Absorption: Automatic; Undisol can sacrifice 1 minion, absorbing the shadow into his own to either a) Heal full Hits and 1 Wound or b) gain +1 to a chosen action until the end of combat.

He absorbs his own shadow, this time making himself stronger.

Risky's shadow drop-kicks the dog which attacks Hui.

Roll #1 9 = 9


with the dog charging headlong towards me, i reach for something heavy nearby with my claw, ready to knock him over the head once in range.
[1d10] Improvise

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Not much of a talker, are you? Making it really hard for me to enjoy my job," she remarks as the dog goes running off to attack someone. She shrugs, and casually moves to Risky.
"Nasty hit back there," she says before jabbing Risky with another syringe-tipped claw. This time, she moves her claw away and leaves the syringe in her, "and I think a shank would be a better option than whatever you're planning, right?"



Roll #1 4 = 4


"First solid hit these dogs had! Gonna take a lot more than that to keep me down."

"This is easier than i thought, if this is the best they have, that ship is good as mine!"



With the eyes and ears of the pirate task force on her tiny frame, Teal engaged in a dirty tactic. She flew in the direction of the pegasus, right in his face… or so it would seem. She slid across his forehead and cheek, grabbing the ear and using it as a leverage to beat the rotary force and jump off him throwing a tiny crystal fragmentation bomb down the last mentioned, sensitive organ..

>Sabotage on the Pegasus

>DC reduced only by 1 and not 2 in this case, I think?


Roll #1 4 = 4


The Dog's blow is deceptively strong, but you take it on the chin like a man. Or stallion, rather. Risky's shadow kicks him to the ground, where he just lies there accepting his fate.

You fail to find anything to defend yourself with, taking the full force of his attack as you stumble and fall. You pick yourself back up, but you are somewhat dazed from the blow.
>Risky takes 3 hits

In the heat of the battle, you fail to poke her in the veins, instead just jabbing her rather painfully in the side.

You try and prepare a bomb, but you don't have enough time to get it ready before you are forced to dart out of the way of the incoming attack. Thinking quickly, you flick your energy whip and slice the pegasus' face, drawing blood. The sudden sting sends him off balance, hitting his head on a large piece of rubble and losing consciousness.

Two more pirates have bitten the dust now, and only one remains. Seeing his companions fall only seems to bolster the Dog's resolve as he jumps at Risky, claws bared.

Roll #1 2 = 2


Risky's shadow bonks the last pirate on the head.
As does Hue

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6


You give Risky her shots, just as the doctor ordered.
>Risky recovers all hits and one wound


"I'll tear you to pieces, Dog!"

incensed by the brash charge from earlier, i meet the mutt head on with a clenched claw!
[1d10] Overconfidence
[1d10] Melee

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Veta stretches, seeing as how the others have this lone dog handled.
"Welp, I did my part. You guys have fun beating him up, I'm gonna get a head start on setting up their payment plan," she calls out, going around and rummaging through the unconscious pirates' stuff.



Teal takes things slowly. She falls downwards alongisde the Pegasus, using the cover of his limp body as means of cover. Once on the ground next to him, she inspects his condition brifly, to make sure he doesn't get up anytime soon. That is, she slits his throat. From over his body, she takes in the current situation, preparing herself to strike anew.


>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 8 = 8


"Check that griffon first! if he's their captain we've got a hostage to trade."


"Yeah, he seemed pretty important. Not sure if pirates would care about hostages, but then again, I don't care much neither."


>I have a bad feeling about this loot roll

Roll #1 7 = 7


You perform a Team Attack and bring the final Dog down between the two of you.

You slip on some loose rubble and fall in your eagerness to finish the fight. Luckily, the only thing hurt is your pride.

As you rummage through their personal belongings, you manage to salvage the following of note: 38 florins, a set of binoculars, a couple of protein bars, a pretty cool watch that projects the numbers up in a holographic display, and a commlink. The latter crackles as a gruff voice barks from it, presumably coming from the Big Daddy! idling outside the station. "Gavin. What's going on in there? Start the docking procedures, dammit. We've been waiting out here for ages."

You finish off the pegasus with a slow and precise cut. Your work done, you zoom out of sight again, observing the situation from the main terminal at the far end of the room.

Suddenly, your earpieces come to life, and Goldie's voice warbles through. "Is everything alright up there? What just happened?"


"we ran into a boarding party." i reply, brushing myself off as i get back up. "Nothing we couldn't handle but now we know they can't dock either."

"Anything useful?"


He returns Risky's shadow to its original owner, and then gives her the healing vial which Veta gave him earlier. "Now what, captain?"


"Some scratch, binoculars…hmm, protein bar, eyuck. Those things are sometimes loaded with sugar," she comments, then fiddles with the watch a bit, "I'm keeping this one. May not fit my wrist, but I'll get it fitted later."

Veta holds up the commlink as it crackles to life.
"My, what convinient timing," she says to the group, then actually answers.
"Sorry, but Gavin is taking a nap right now. Suffering from acute asskickedinitis. Doctor's orders," Veta answers idly as if it were another day in the office, "but I can take a message for him for when he wakes up. Or, if I'm not good enough for you, we have a few others still up."
She holds out the commlink in case anyone else wants to speak.



"That is, unless they send reinforcements" - Teal chimes in, flying over to where Risky was and finishing her sentence. She watches the pirates, waiting for movement other than breathing and involuntary spasms.


As Veta holds up the commline, the Breezie falls silent and shakes her head, in case it is held up to her. One could tell from the look in her eyes that the stealthbug did not wish to have even its voice heard prematurely, unless it were necessary.


"Our ferry is docked and the pirates are off station, time to fan out and look for the beacon."

"Lock these goons in here and smash the console, we'll deal with them later." i reply, looking for a facility map on the console screen.
[1d10] Map search

"I'll talk to them."

taking ahold of the piece with my magic as i'm typing, i hold it close enough to listen in, typing away at the keyboard.

"Your docking party isn't coming anytime soon, and if you're smart you'll stay off station while we work. Those clowns you sent are alive and we'll send em back to you alive if you cooperate."

"Try and dock and i'll take your ship myself." i add, pausing to mention it mid search.

Roll #1 7 = 7



"I'd advise against smashing the console yet. We might yet need it" - Teal suggests through her earpiece, staying away from the commlink hld by Risky.

In case there was anything Teal could help out with regarding the console, she does so, making use of the knowledge she gained from using Engineering on it earlier on.

She tried to see whether there isn't any tractor beam or any other interesting equipment on board that is still functional/could be used against the pirates. If not to harm them directly, then to slow them down, at least.


Not seeing herself fit to tie up the pirates due to obvious limitations, once she's done with this space, she flies off to search the station, making sure to inform her teammates which route she is taking. Naturally, she'd choose to go by the map from the console, if there were any. Though there was a possiblity that the beacon was at the original place, there was a fair chance it was moved due to the catastrophe… nonetheless, it was worth trying out first. Assuming pirates didn't get that information from the console here first, of course. Did not seem to smart, but still…

>Search for the beacon


"Goldie? Is there enough space in the dock as to hide our ship?"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"Hmm, maybe not smash it, just have to keep them away from it.."

"There's an idea, hide the ship and ambush the rest of them when they dock! We've just got to get the Beacon first."


"Be careful," Goldie says emphatically, sounding genuinely concerned about your safety. "There's at least a hundred pirates on that ship. Don't get all cocky and go trying to act the heroes. You'll get yourselves killed."

The shadow settles back into place with a soft sighing sound.

It doesn't look like they're going to get back up for a while.

You manage to pull up a map of the area you're in. Unfortunately, so many systems are down that you can't access maps of anywhere else other than this level.

Where you're standing is labeled as Administration, while behind you and to the right is the path down to Docking Bay 3 where your ship is parked, along with an elevator to one of the Dormitories.

Behind and to the left is a room labeled Samples; more importantly, however, there is a path connecting Admin to the Medical Bay, the Morgue, Security. There is also an elevator to an area called Research Lab Alpha, as well as Maintenance.

You can't seem to find the beacon, at least not in this section of the facility. No sign of anything that could be used against the pirates either. This was a scientific research facility, after all.

There is a sullen silence from the other end, then the gruff voice speaks again, more quietly this time. "Listen closely, you. This station is mine. This ship is mine. My crew are loyal to me. You don't stand a chance. Lay down your weapons and surrender, and we can resolve this peacefully. Resist, and we will destroy you all." With that, a soft click notifies that he isn't intent on discussing the matter further.

Through the window, you see a small one or two man pod eject from the pirate ship, followed by three more. They are flying towards the docking bay, and seem to be keen on entering Haxan by force. "Not good," Goldie says over the earpiece. "Change of plans. We need to get out of here and avoid contact with them at all costs. They find us, we're toast. Rivers and I will abandon ship and find somewhere to hide, since the first thing they'll do is search our ship. I suggest you do the same. Get a move on and stay away from this section of the facility, and keep communication to a minimum. It's best if we don't talk for a while, at least until one of us finds the beacon. I don't know what we'll do from there. …Goldaline out."


Veta listens to everything go on, and sighs.
"Welp, I suppose that is that then."
She starts to walk out of the room as her arms begins to make some noises.

>Distill Life


Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Frag, they've got boarding pods."

running my claw through my mane, i take a look at the map again.

"Veta, see if you can download a copy of the map, might need it later. Our best bet is to check the lab for the beacon, sounds like they'd store tech like that for research."

moving to the door, i pull my shotgun out of the holster, checking the hall.

"When we're ready, we move fast to that elevator."



Hui starts heading toward Security to see what they can find to arm themselves before the other pirates arrive. "The beacon is probably going to be in the Lab, but they might have brought it into Security to hide it, too."

[1d10+1] Raising his own shadow again (Preferrably default if available, otherwise use the roll)

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


Seeing three more adrenaline shots get created, Veta passes them out to Risky, Teal, and Hui.
"Another batch, fresh from the mixer."

Taking Risky's advice, Veta does download a copy of the map. Once that is done, Veta walks away from the elevator.
"I'll take the stairs. Faster we split up, the better, right? I'll check some other areas in case the beacon might've been moved or something."
She gives a wave, taking more to wandering the ship for now with the map out.


"Fine, fine, just try and warn us if you find the pirates."



Roll #1 8 = 8



Teal, after a meaningful pause, turns over to Risky and asks her, gesturing towards the unconscious pirates:

"Permission to off those here? Their knowledge of us decreases our chances of survival."

Her eyes seem somewhat dim when the lab is being mentioned:

"Seems like quite the obvious choice… wouldn't it be too obvious though? I'd rather agree with Undisol's idea, though I have no intentions of bringing about any qualms now. Let's check out that lab. "

Ever since Risky made the bold gesture of the speech to the pirates, she seems to have been casting some non-descript glances in her direction every now and then.


"Part of us, at least. I should be alright on my own, in case things happen. Veta's right on that we should hurry now. I, if you don't mind. You're welcome to tag along, of course. Veta, where do you plan on going to?"


"Right… thanks." - Teal responds, stashing away a, hopefully Breezie-sized, combat first-aid cocktail - "Hope we won't see the need for those though."

In case a search check is needed:


Roll #1 4 = 4


"These fools? bah, we've beat them nearly dead anyway, it'll be hours before they wake up, longer if they're stuck in their medbay."

"Time is important here, killing them won't find the beacon."



"Right… there is always the possibility that we might be stuck here for more than a few hours and our lives might depend on that. Finishing them takes half a minute. I'm sorry, but I'm not taking that risk."

That being said, Teal takes the time to execute the pirates, and only then continues on with the search.


You make three more adrenaline shots to distribute to your team, eventually wandering over to the medical bay. There isn't much to look at here, the pirates having gotten to it before your team did. Judging by the bin of used needles, they seems to have haid their fair share of fun with what was left.

In one of the rooms, you notice a large white oblong pod-shaped robot, with a transparent top and several skinny arm-like appendages folded along the sides of the interior. You've seen them before in expensive hospitals and the like. They're called Polybius Automedics, and they can be programmed to perform all sorts of complicated surgeries. It seems like the pirates tried to take it, but either it was too heavy for them to carry or they didn't know how to use it properly.

All seems to be clear through the hall, apart from a few environmental hazards like exposed wires. A brief trip up the elevator, which is thankfully still functioning, places you in a very large and surprisingly intact laboratory, although it is still in a state of disrepair. Holographic displays in lieu of chalkboards are flickering all across the large rectangular room, and samples of certain minerals can be seen on benches. In one corner, there is a strange transparent pyramid-shaped device, inside which sparks a bright blue light at regular intervals. Along both walls are doors leading to Research Labs Beta and Gamma. If the beacon is in any of these, it'll take you quite a while to search thoroughly.

You raise your shadow again and head to Security. Unfortunately, it seems that the pirates have already stripped this place clean, with nothing to salvage save for a single vintage revolver left ngelcted and buried in the rubble. It only has three shots in it, so if you take it be sure to make them count.

You quickly and professionally finish off the pirates and dart over to maintenance. Much like the rest of the facility, this section of Haxan is a ramshackle affair. Dense tubing runs along the walls and ceiling, and benches and shelves are filled with tools, broken-down robots, and other such objects. To your alarm, you have to be extremely careful not to touch the floor, as it has become inundated with water. Coupled with the sparking wires at regular intervals, the maintenance area has become a death trap.

Unfortunately, despite your thorough searching, there is no sign of the beacon here. However, it is entirely possible that you missed it, considering that there are almost no functioning lights.



Post sheets!


File: 1492910725851.webm (2.12 MB, 720x404, Top Gear.webm)



File: 1492911055312.jpg (110.97 KB, 1098x1182, 1466102681439.jpg)




Last time on BWB, the party managed to finish off their pirate attackers and made contact with their captain, who is on board the ship currently waiting to be able to dock at the station. In response, he sent even more pirates to fix the situation, prompting the party to have to split up to avoid being noticed. They have cut off communications with Goldie, due to the risk of being found.

You have made your way to the facility's medical bay, only to find it mostly empty, having been stripped almost clean by the pirates. The most noteworthy object is the large AutoMedic robot in the corner, useful for performing complex surgeries. It seems unlikely you will be able to move it any time soon due to its size and weight, but if you are able to it would be a valuable asset. Reminder that you are also carrying three adrenaline shots to distribute to your team as you see fit.

You have headed to the most likely place the Data Beacon would be, Research Lab Alpha on the upper floor. However, there is no sign of the beacon in this lab, although it is connected to labs Beta and Gamma. It seems it'll take some time to search all the labs thoroughly.

You are in the Security area, which has also been ransacked by the pirates. The only thing remaining is a single old, forgotten revolver half-hidden under some rubble, which only has three shots left in it. There is also a console with cameras showing every corner of the entire facility, but it is turned off for the moment.

You are in the Maintenance area, which is impassable for anyone smaller than you due to the flooded floor with live broken wires electrifying it. It is very difficult to see anything, as most of the lights were broken in the asteroid's impact.

You all hear the faint sound of several footsteps in the distance. Presumably the pirates sent out from the main ship have already docked and are searching the facility.


"Ooh, this is a pretty neat relic," Hui says as he unloads the revolver and stows it in his bag. "Pyrite, keep an eye out while I fiddle with this."

He tries to figure out how to turn on the cameras.



Roll #1 10 = 10


Keeping an eye on the doors and my shotgun hovering nearby, i make my way towards LAB Beta.

"Its got to be somewhere around here…"
[1d10] Search

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Shucks, that look awfully old. Guess they mighta left it if it ain't too useful." he bobs his head eagerly, before leaning against his shield a little and trying to look around
>Perception: [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8



Seeing the condition of the maintenance area and hearing the impending footsteps of the pirates, Teal decides to leave the location she was currently. It seemed as though this place wasn't to be penetrated anytime soon by both her team and their rivals.

Hence, keeping up the stealth mode of movement, the Breezie made her way to the Labs. Not seeing Risky in the Lab Alpha, she deemed that the unicorn went on. So did Teal, continuing her search in one of the remaining Labs. She meant to find both the beacon and Risky.

>Coin flip to see which Lab would Teal enter first


1 - Lab Beta
2 - Lab Gamma

>Search roll


Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Veta gives a hum at the lack of things in the room, but is nonetheless interested by the AutoMedic. She keeps the three shots handy as she grabs the bin of used needles, not worry about poking herself due to her robotic claws.
"Welp, might as well have some fun," she says and gives the wall a nice, hard bang to make a noise and attract the pirates. Then, as she makes her way to the morgue, she dumps the needles on the ground where the pirates will likely stomp through to investigate said noise.

>Moving to morgue, leaving used-needle caltrops as I move


You put the revolver away for later use.

It doesn't take you too long to figure out how to use the console. Ironically, they seem to have been pretty lax on security, as it logs you in as "Dave" without asking for a password or anything. Several of the cameras seem to be offline, but you can see the pirates filing in through the docking bay, twelve in total. Four of them split off from the main group to search the Company ship you arrived on, while the other eight have made their way into the admin area and are working to help their ship dock. After some time, six of them split up, leaving two in the admin area. Two of them head upstairs towards the research labs, two towards the medbay, and two are headed in your direction.

There's not much to look at, apart from an outdated calendar askew on one of the walls, decorated with extremely tacky pictures of kittens. You do, however, hear footsteps coming in your direction, which is backed up by the cameras you can see on the console.

You both team up as you search Lab Beta. The lab seems to have been affected significantly by the meteor impact, with cracks running up the walls and ceiling and several glass instruments shattered on the ground. Unfortunately, from what you can see, the beacon is nowhere to be found in here. Fortunately, the only lab left to search is Gamma.

You leave a few needles as traps for the pirates, as you can hear a few heading your way in response to the noise. They are fairly easy to spot, but should be effective if they're all as dim-witted as the ones you've encountered.

The morgue is a small, enclosed room with six or seven beds, all empty and covered with debris from the asteroid impact. There is a broken console at one end that would have presumably held a record of all the morgue's "clients", for lack of a better word.

After a minute or so, you hear indistinct yelling and carrying on coming from the medbay. It seems like your plan worked, to some extent.

Not long after, two grubby looking earth pony pirates (A and B) barge into the morgue. One of them is limping, and carrying what looks like a taser. "There's one," the other pirate growls. "Grab her!"

The pirates you saw on the console (C and D) soon catch up to you, both unicorns. Clearly rearing for a fight, they both pull out clubs and rush towards you.

You soon see two pirates (E and F), a griffon and a goat, walk up the stairs and into Lab Alpha. They don't seem to have spotted you in the adjacent lab yet.

Pirate A tries to restrain Veta, while B tries to fire the taser at her.
[1d10-1] Grapple
[1d10] Attack

C and D split up, attacking Hui and Pyrite respectively.

E and F keep searching the lab, unaware they are being watched.

Roll #1 2 - 1 = 1 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 7 = 7


Pyrite frowns a little, grabbing for his shield and sighing a little "Come on now, leave it be, why don't ya?" he asks, before trying to body-check the second pirate and trip him
>Grapple/Trip: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


seeing the two enter, i try and duck behind the desks, keeping my gun close
[1d10] Sneak

Roll #1 1 = 1


Hui's Shadow bonks Pirate C on the head, while Hui himself raises Pyrite's shadow.

[1d10] Shadow's roll
[1d10+1] Raise Dead

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9



Teal gives risky a meaningful look before they engage the pirates. Afterwards, she proceeds to approach them, keeping herself to the shadows. Insufficient light was both a blessing and a curse around here.

This time, she attempts to fiddle with one of the pirates' ammo packs.

>Sabotage from stealth

>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 8 = 8


"I wouldn't have your friend move if I were you," Veta begins as they try to attack her, "those were used needles. The more he moves, the faster whatever was left on them will spread. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, maybe even an STD or two. And who knows what were in those needles? Maybe I might've laced them with something before leaving them."
She saunters over to one of the beds, tapping a metal claw against it.
"Why, he could maybe die in the next hour or so. Quicker if he keeps moving like this just to restrain a trained medical professional. That is," she looks to the two of them, notably the one not limping "unless you *want* your crewmate to die in, perhaps, the most slow and agonizing way imaginable."
She sits on the bed, one leg crossed over the other, and one of her claws taps against the metal, as if counting down the seconds.
"So, way I see it, you have weapons and a dying pony, and I have no weapons but the ability to fix him good as new. I'm sure we could come to some sort of…deal where we both benefit, yes?"


He's too fast for you, managing to jab you with his horn before giving you a good thwack across the jaw with his club. It's going to leave a nasty bruise.
>Pyrite takes 6 hits

You accidentally knock a beaker off the desk. It falls and crashes loudly, shattering into a million pieces. Peering up, you see the two turn quickly at the sound of the noise, one barking to the other to follow as they enter the lab you're in. After a quick room check, they find you, the goat (Pirate F) pulling out a taser and pointing it at you. Behind him, you see Teal zipping to safety after having presumably tampered with his weapon.

"Alright, you," the pirate grunts as his associate brandishes a baton menacingly. "Captain Redgrave wants to see you lot. Come out peacefully and nobody else will get hurt."

You interrupt the incoming attack with a strong jab to the pirate's gut with your staff. He almost hacks up a lung as he doubles over. He quickly recovers and avoids your shadow's attack, bringing his club down on its head. It disperses quickly, but soon recovers, although it's looking shaky. You manage to quickly steal Pyrite's shadow, making it quietly float up and stiffly jerk to your side like a marionette. The pirate seems to be regretting his life decisions.
>Hui's Shadow takes 5 hits

Seeing that Pirate F is carrying a taser, you deftly fiddle with it, rigging it to backfire. Your work done, you dart away and prepare to watch the imminent shenanigans.

You manage to give them both the slip before explaining your proposition. They both look perplexed by your big words, but seem to get the gist of what you're saying. "…How's about you come with us," the non-afflicted pirate says after exchanging a glance with his companion. "Orders are to bring you on board. Captain's orders. You talk to him, he's good with big words. We're just doing what we're told. Sound good?"


Veta sighs as she thinks to herself about how much air she just wasted talking to them. But at least they seemed to get the main idea.
"By all means," Veta says, getting up from the table and casually walking out. When she gets to where she dumped the needles, she crouches and sweeps them aside with her robo-paws.
"I've already got one sick pony," she says, looking at the limping one, "I'd hate to have to treat another."

"So, anything you can tell me about your captain? Can't say I've treated many pirates while being a doctor," she says, apparently looking to make idle talk as she reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out a lollipop, holding it in her mouth to make the stick look like a cigarette.
"Oh, sorry, want one? Seeing as how you're both good boys, I would think you deserve one."


Both shadows take down Pirate D to get them off of Pyrite.

[1d10] Hui's
[1d10] Pyrite's

"If you're still sticking around here, you don't know where the beacon is, do you? How many of you are still around, huh?" he asks one of the pirates.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"And you tell him i follow no orders by another captain, so long as i draw breath" i reply defiantly, leveling my shotgun at the two.

"A true pirate yields to none but themselves! You'll have to kill me here before i follow you!"


Pyrite yelps and stumbles past the pirate, shaking his head a little and trying to shrug off the club swing. He looks over at his shadow with a curious whinny, before shaking his head a bit more and trying to bash the other Pirate (C) with his shield
>Slam: Crits on 8+ [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Oh yeah, I can borrow people's shadows. Hope you don't really mind that. You don't think magic is weird, do you?"



Teal, seeing Risky take on a provocative stance, yet not engaging in combat yet, decides to make use of the attention they are giving the unicorn mare. Namely, taking a discreet route, she attempts to cut them off from the network, in preparation for what was to come.

>Stealthily disabling their communication devices

>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 10 = 10


"I-It's fine, Mister Hui, jus'… looks a lil' odd, I guess. 'S like 's me, but it ain't. Ain't too used t' magic, sorry."


[2d10] Pirates C & D, attacking Hui and Pyrite again

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11


"Oh, it's not a problem. What's your exposure to it so far? Personal experience? Or just seen it in movies and TV?"


"Little bits 'n pieces, I guess. Most 'a what I've seen is stuff like telekinesis, an' light, an' other kinda basic stuff. I didn't even know y' could animate shadows."


"So, I'm curious: How do they portray us in the movies and stuff? As creepy recluses or old freaks living in glass towers, stuff like that?"


"Hmm? Kinda depends, I guess. A little more mean that I figured they'd be, though. I figured I'd jus' wait an' see f'r myself… Ya seem alright t' me."


As you walk out, they make sure to do their job as best they can, keeping the taser on your back and occasionally giving you a little shove. You get the feeling they're excited to be taking a "hostage".

"He's good to us, Cap is," one of them says. You're not sure which, they all sound pretty much the same. "Keep us well fed and well equipped. Looks after us well enough. Couldn't ask for more than that!" To your surprise, they actually accept your offer of lollipops.

They escort you back to the admin area, where you can see two more pirates working the console. The pirates you and your team took out before seem to have been finished off at some point, and have been moved off to the side unceremoniously.

One of the pirates who escorted you stays behind you, while the other exchanges a few words with the others. After a few minutes, the doors leading to the docking bay open, and about a dozen more of them pile in. At their head is a sharp-eyed, middle-aged Diamond Dog in a black fur-trimmed insulated jacket. You notice that he has a mechanical right foot, similar to Risky's, giving him a soft clink on every other step. Accompanying him wherever he goes is a large, shirtless, pitch black minotaur in some sort of gas mask. He has a prominent tattoo of a coiled snake on his chest.

The pirate captain doesn't acknowledge you at first, conversing with the other pirates and gesturing at the bodies first. You recognize his low, gravelly voice as the one you and your team spoke to over the commlink before. Aftera minute, he turns to you. "And who's this then?" he demands.

"Captured her!" the pirate holding you says proudly. "She's one of the ones what did in our boys." The captain's sharp eyes narrow, and he swiftly yanks the lollipop out of his and his companion's mouth. He then turns to look at you in the eyes, clearly waiting for you to explain yourself. His minotaur first mate looms over him, arms crossed.

You manage to dodge Pirate C's swing. Neither of them seem much for conversation. As D manages to land a hit on Pyrite, both your shadows dogpile him, leaving him trapped under the ephemeral minions.

The duo exchange a glance and get ready for a fight. "The hard way it is, then."

The pirate manages to land a blow on you, but you power through it and bowl him over with a ram of your shield.

Taking your trusty blade, you manage to cut some of the wires on their earpieces, leaving them unable to communicate with their ship.

One of the two facing Risky leaps at her, while the one with the taser tries to, well, tase her.

The pirate Pyrite knocked over tries to get back up, while the one still standing keeps attacking.

Roll #1 4, 6 = 10 / Roll #2 1, 5 = 6


"I figured the outside world still wouldn't understand us."

Both shadows kick the crap out of the one that's on the ground.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Pyrite huffs a little bit, and goes to grapple the second one to the floor "Come on, now. Jus' givin' up'd make this easier on all'f us, mister."
>Grapple: [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"So, dropping the peace offer, eh?"

"I like it! We'll settle this like the outlaws we are, clashing blades and bullets!"

Riled up, i meet the charging griffon head-on with a hail of shotgun fire!
[1d10] Overconfidence
[1d10] Ranged

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4


File: 1492925585097.jpg (10.23 KB, 550x387, Shrug.jpg)

Veta gives a shrug, despite her current situation looking rather bleak right now.
"What can I say? I suck at hide-and-seek."

One of her arm compartment opens up and she takes out her bottle of pills.
"Lemma just take some of these. And for the record, I have a pain problem, not a pain management problem," she says before popping some pills and swallowing them.
"Now, as much as I'd love to take credit for doing your boys in, I myself did not. I'm mostly riding on some coattails for an easy payday, only made difficult if someone gets hurt. I'm not a breaker, more of a fixer."
She motions a claw towards the bodies.
"That said, I could've fixed them instead of, well, that."

She visibly looks at the lollis the captain took and holds her own up.
"Relax, if you and your intimidating friend here want one, I have more. Still in the wrapper and not in anyone's mouth. Unless that's your thing, then hey, you do you," she goes back to sucking on the lollipop.

"Oh, and you might want me to check on that one," she says, pointing to the pony with the limp from her needle trap, "guy stepped on some used needles. Haven't exactly been given the chance to check it out and make sure he isn't going to die…or suffer through life with herpes or whatever may have been in your boys that used them."



Seeing Risky live up to her name, Teal leaps into action as well. She decided to leave the taser as it is for a moment now, however. Having made sure that no one would come to their aid - at least if not called from immediate vicinity - she rises in the air behind their back, extending her energy whip. Having the enemiess focus elsewhere, she allows herself a wide, open swing at the rivals' necks.

>Cleave on 2

>Critfail on 1
>DC reduced by 2


Roll #1 1 = 1


The pirate manages to roll over and avoid getting hit by your shadows, but in the process hits his head hard on the table leg, leaving him knocked out for the time being.

You block the incoming attack with your shield and tackle the pirate to the floor with a loud thud.

Both pirates manage to drop to the floor and avoid getting filled with buckshot. The sound of your shotgun is almost deafening, shattering miscellaneous glass apparati in a single shot. The taser-wielding one manages to get you with one of the projectiles. Although it doesn't stick, you still get a nasty zap from it, making you seize up involuntarily. As you recover, you manage to give the incoming griffon a good bash with the butt of your shotgun, leaving him stunned for a moment.
>Risky takes 1 hit

The captain doesn't respond for a moment. "You're with the Company, then. There's only one reason your kind would come to Haxan. You're looking for the data beacon." He seems annoyed at your offer, instead snatching away your bottle of pills. "You're not getting these back until you answer my questions. How many of you are there, and who are they? They can't have just sent you alone. I want names."

You miss your swing completely, leaving you open for a moment. The griffon looks around, sees you and backhands you out of the air, leaving you seeing stars as you careen into the floor.
>Teal takes 5 hits, helpless

The pirate pinned by Pyrite pushes as hard as he can against his attacker, trying to get free.

The griffon pirate tries to stomp on Teal while she's down.

The goat pirate changes the settings on his taser and jams it into Risky, setting it to harm and not just incapacitate.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 5 = 5


"Hey guy, you're not really doing very well right now. You're not in much of a position to keep fighting either. So, I'll just keep asking questions. Who paid you to come after the beacon?"


"Really, just calm down! I don't wanna have t' go too hard on ya." hesays, trying to solidify the grapple into a pin
>Grapple 2: Grapple Harder [1d10+1]

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10



Teal shakes her head as she tries to rid herself of the affliction. She knew she had to act fast and that she did. She swung her whip, almost as if on instinct, upwards, as to ward off any who might wish to squash her like a bug. Taking advantage of that moment, she rolled to the side, freeing her wings from her weight and attempting to jump back into action.



Roll #1 5 = 5


Correction: Both pirates manage to drop to the floor and avoid getting filled with buckshot. The sound of your shotgun is almost deafening, shattering miscellaneous glass apparati in a single shot. The taser-wielding one manages to get you, paralyzing you with several dozen or so volts of electricity through your body. You slump to the ground, twitching involuntarily.
>Risky takes 5 hits, helpless


Collapsed on the floor after the intense charge of taserfire, i try and force myself up with my talon, spreading it's claw for traction
[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 9 = 9


Veta watches as he takes the pill bottle.
"Well, you could've just asked," she says in response. Though truth be told, she was only so calm about it right now because of the couple she took.
"Well you see, we seem to be at an impasse here. Considering you swiped my pills and those poor boy's lollipops, maybe I don't feel like telling you now," she crosses her own arms now, wagging a metallic claw around, "but seeing as how I know what you want to know, killing me wouldn't exactly be that wise of you. But if I do tell you, I don't exactly have a guarantee that I'll live afterwards."

"And, just to save you time, don't try that 'beat me within an inch of my life' line cause, you see these," she says, pointing to her claws, "some piece of crap surgeon did these, and now I'm in constant pain until the day I die. Now, unless you can make me physically more miserable than I already am, be my guest, but it won't exactly sweeten this deal for either of us."


He grunts and squirms futilely to get free of Pyrite. "Alright alright alright!" he grunts, admitting defeat. "Get this big lug off of me and I'll talk!"

You gently but firmly apply more pressure. The pirate lets out a high-pitched squeak as you pin him, now completely unable to fight back.

You flutter up and to the side, narrowly avoiding getting crushed. With a surprising display of strength, you manage to yank on the griffon's leg, bringing him down next to you. The effort tires you out, however, and you fall down again.

You manage to pull yourself back up, shrugging off the tase with relative ease.

He blinks. "You don't seem to understand your predicament. I don't have to try any lines. …I'm sorry. I just hoped we could have done this peacefully." He glances behind him and moves to the side, averting his gaze. Without any hesitation, the hulking minotaur moves up and punches you with full force, hitting you so hard you black out for a moment. When you come to, you can barely open your eyes, and you can taste blood, as well as a tooth knocked loose. The pirate holding you lets go, and you fall to the ground.

Through your blurred vision, you see the pirate captain crouch over you, looking you in the face. Behind him is the masked minotaur, his fist bloodied. "You've got a big mouth, little merc," the captain says flatly. "It's going to get you into more trouble than this some day. Now, I'm going to ask again, and it's in your best interests to comply. How many of you are there, and who are they?"
>Veta takes 1 wound

The hapless pirate stops struggling against Pyrite, or if he is it's hard to tell. Either way, it looks like he's surrendering.

The griffon pirate tries to get back up, while the goat pirate tries to paralyze Risky again.


Roll #1 7, 7 = 14


Pyrite smiles a little and eases himself off of the stallion, before sitting back on his haunches "There. Ain't this easier?" he asks, picking up his riot shield and leaning against it


"It'll take more than that to keep me down, ark rat!"

Rushing the goat, i extend my claws, aiming for his throat!
[1d10] Grapple
"I'll wring the life out of you!"

Roll #1 2 = 2



The Breezie wheezes, catching huge gulps of air as she tries to stabilize herself. Bringing down the pirate was one thing, yet it looked as if he wasn't meant to stay there long. Neither did Teal.



Her attention was divided, however. As she tried to stabilize herself, she gazed intensely at both of the opponents. It seemed to her as though it was ample time to uncover the nasty surprise she had prepared for the one with the taser.

>Calling sabotage on the goat's roll

Roll #1 6 = 6


She groans a bit once she has come to, looking back to the captain with a smirk.
"Obviously not that sorry. Don't suppose this is the part where you just have your way with me?, she says with a grinning laugh. She checks said loose tooth, and gives a sigh of relief.
"Well, can't say my dental provider is going to like this one…."

"Oh right, the others. Hmm…give me a sec. Your boy over there kinda punched their names out."
One of her claws turns into a syringe, which she jabs into her head and injects a medical mixture.
"Would be funny if this were cyanide, wouldn't it?"

>Rejuvenate, DC 4


"Well, pretty sure I remember…six? Yeah, six pains in my asses with me. A rowdy bunch. Wouldn't be surprised if they're fighting your boys as we speak. They're not exactly the 'talking' types like yours truly in front of you. As for names, well, may I ask why that matters? Afterall, what good is it to a butcher to know the names of the cows he's about to section up? And, might I say, one hell of a butcher you are right now just with Muscles alone back there."

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


He gives you a dirty look as he picks himself up, rubbing his shoulderblades. "Think I broke something," he mumbles. Taking a breather from the combat, you feel a little bit better.
>Pyrite regains one hit

You try and chokeslam him, but he manages to avoid your attack and pistol whip you with his taser. Needless to say, it hurts like hell.
>Risky takes 4 hits

You scramble back up and take flight, ready to keep on fighting. The goat pirate fires his taser at Risky, but it malfunctions and zaps him instead. He collapses and flops about like a fish for a moment, then blacks out. Seeing his companion fall, the griffon lets out a plethora of space-themed swears in alarm, backing off slightly as the fight changes into a 2v1.

Your injection makes you feel a little better. Not much though. Your head still feels like it's about to explode. Part of you is dreading looking in the mirror, while another part is kind of looking forward to it.

"Six," the captain repeats, thinking for a moment. "…Well, if you're the sort of stuff they're made of, this shouldn't be too hard. You're not answering my question though. They might be nobodies to you, but the Company and I go way back. So I'm going to ask again, otherwise I'm going to have to punish you. Wh-"

He is cut off mid-sentence by the sounds of struggling and fighting coming from down a corridor. Before long, five more pirates arrive, escorting Dr Rivers and Goldie with them. It seems Goldie has put up a hell of a fight, as both she and the pirates look almost as bad as you do. Rivers, on the other hand, looks untouched.

At the sight of Goldie, the pirate captain's expression changes to one of slight surprise, and a faint smile crosses his lips. "Goldaline Carrith," he announces, as she stares daggers at him and spits at his feet. "Well now. This is getting very, very interesting."


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