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Those statues aren't going to collect themselves.
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She looks a bit surprsied as you take her hoof.
"I know they are in Cloudsdale, but I don't know where! It's a big pegasus city!"
She scrunches.
"Are you sure it has to be them?"


"Not really, the vision.. it looked like it could be any druids. Any stallion and mare."


"Oh, I see!"
Her ears perk up again and she uses her other hoof to cover a giggle.
"I'm not sure if it was all druids or just me, but some time ago I had a dream where Mother Nature showed me she has a stallion as her missionary now, doing her bidding in something important. I know I wouldn't mind kissing him if Mother Nature respects him so much too!"


"I see. Then you knew.."
I lower my head in shame. "Before we go forward more with this.. I lied about my name, See.. doing this work for Nature, I've managed to make enemies, I couldn't be sure who you were.." Look up at her with pleading eyes, still holding her hoof. "I'm Kelani Rush, and I'm sorry for lying."


She blinks rapidly a few times, looking as confused as a new-born lamb.
She tilts her head.
"I don't get it."


"Then never mind it, I just.. didn't want to ask to kiss you, as a fellow follower of Nature, still lying to you."
"So, how about I gather the branches, and you rest and think it over." Pet her mane back and lean closer to her. "We can practice, if you're worried of messing up."


You can almost hear the pieces of this great puzzle click in place as she is still processing what you said earlier.
"Wait, you mean… you're that stallion?! And you were just…"
She blushes as you smoothen her green mane back.
"And I just said… I didn't know it was you!"
It seems that she is hard to get through to now, with how flustered she became!


I simultaneously move my head away from hers, giving her space, my wing sliding to her back, supporting her, and my hooves bringing her leafy blanket up to her chest.
Smiling confidently at her. "I'm not as tall as you expected, huh? Hope that's not a problem."


"No, it's… I thought you were cute but… slow, but you were so smart you just made me believe that and now I'm feeling dumb! That's amazing!"
As you wrap your wings around her you feel her wings wrap around your back in turn, the leathery ones feeling almost cool and smooth, pulling you with her onto the bed.
"I know you know I didn't know it was you at the time, but I meant it about the kiss…"


"I think you're just perfect for the role of the kissed mare~" I reply letting her pull me closer, going most of the way to her lips, looking seductively at her, and readying my lips for her to kiss.


She doesn't hesitate to do so and doesn't wait for you to take the initiative either, smooching you with all she's got!

You even feel her tail wrap around yours!


No reason to resist this, slide into the bed with her, testing how comfy a bat on leaves really is~.


She wasn't lying, a Leaf on the bed does feel reaaaaally good.

After the vigorous testing and kissing practice, she gives you a smooch on the cheek and falls to sleep though, she has been awake all night.
You haven't gotten much sleep yourself and you did a lot of flying and other things… do you fall asleep with her? Her fur is super soft after all!


We will need energy for later… just a small nap.


The two of you fall asleep with a cute cuddle!

…you may have napped a few hours more than you'd have liked, it is just after midday when Leaf wakes you up in a very playful yet gentle and pleasant way, not something you'd think Lockbox would do.

After that, she chimes happily.
"I made fruit salad! You want some? I made enough for both of us!"


"It sounds wonderful, thank you Leafy."
Follow her with a wing over her back smiling.


You can't get over how soft and fuzzy her coat is as you wrap your wing around her!
It's almost unfair batponies get to be this soft!

She leads you to the kitchen and dining area and nudges a bowl full of an assortments of chopped fruits on the table.
"That is yours, but I've got more if it's not enough!"


"I'm sure it will be enough."
Then I recall the box lunch, with slight dismay, then again maybe it will be enough to share later.
Munch on the fruits.


Maybe it will be good for dinner?
She starst eating too, but sometimes stops to smile at you, accidentally bearing her fangs at you.


Smile back unafraid.
"This is delicious. Did you pick them here?"


She nods.
"I ha-"
She starts speaking with her mouth full, quickly chewing and swallowing.
"Sorry, I mean, yes, it's from the little orchard!"


"I'd love to see it sometime." I comment to her with interest.
"Do you tend to it yourself?"


She shakes her head
"I sometimes get help from the town and in return I bring them gifts from the gardens every now and then!"


"That's very fair."


She nods.
"But Nature provides for everypony! And everyone! They have a field just outside the forest so they can make bread, so they trade me bread back too! I can also get eggs from them sometimes and make cakes!"


I hum a little bit at the idea.
"Sounds like those town ponies really need you."


She giggles.
"Oh, it's nothing like that! This isn't the only garden we have, but it is the one with the most variety!"


"Variety is the spice of life. Without you and your garden, their life would be dull…"
"However if you really don't think they need you here… then taking a few nights away with the paladins won't be bad? I think they would like to hear about your undead infestation."


She nods.
"I can leave them a note, they can make sure my plants are all healthy while I'm gone!"


"Great. I'll get the branches, while you leave the note, and meet you back here."


She nods.
"You know what to get and where to get them?"


"The ones in the vision were all local.. I think I can find it."


She throws the bowl into the sink then gives your muzzle a smooch.
"Meet you here then!"
Without saying any more, she flies off towards the village!


And I'll fly off into the woods, looking for loose branches. '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


You find a few lose branches by them snapping around and hitting you in the muzzle, ow!

Some others you find, but will need to break or cut them off.


"I think it was the number of variety of types that really mattered.." get them from as many different trees as possible.
'1d10' clean snaps.

Roll #1 9 = 9


You fly around for a while, but eventually manage to collect branches from every type of tree that grows around here, tying them together with some vines and grass for now!
You'll also have to ask Leaf to collect and carry the vines and flowers that will connect them!


She's got a garden that probably has that!
Let's go back and see if she's at the forest home.


She is, outside, with some cute green saddlebags.
She was just relaying a quick message after all.
"I packed some stuff if I'm going to be away for a few days!"


"Okay! Its not that far but I think it might take a little bit."
show her the wood, the branch silly.
" I got all the branches, but I need flowers and vines to connect them. Do you know where any are?"


"Oh, you can just get as many vines as you need from my house, they'll grow back! I'll gather some flowers for you, one of each!"


"My, what a prepared pony." I smile and head around back, to pick a few long vines off.


She strikes a pose.
"Leaf Roost, servant of nature, also at your service!"
She giggles then canters off to her grove of flowers!

In about ten minutes, you have everything!
The bird that previously left to give you some privacy (you didn't even notice!) now rejoins you in your mane!


"Hello little bird." I greet it with a pat on its little feathered head.
Its gotten a bit late on us already.
"Before we fly off, let's have a little dinner." I bring out the. box lunches.


She smirks.
"Oh, you've been holding out on me with some food?"
She giggles and joins you.
"Hmmm! This is really good! Did you make it?"


dig in myself.
"No, can't take credit for that. But, they are pretty much the best in the world."


"Hmm! That they are!"
You both eat to get some energy for the road and she even has some fresh spring water to wash it down!


Sip on the water with a clear 'aaah' sound.
"Ready to head out?"


She nods.
"Just lead the way!"


Into the skies we go!

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