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Post sheets!


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>10 642, Ytarr's Day of Chance. Morning.

In the previous session of Mortal Souls, the party traveled out to sea on a ship commandeered by the Disciples of Order, arriving at the location of one of the Immortal Souls. After preparing for their underwater expedition, they began their search, first scouring a coral reef, following a trail of debris into an adjacent seagrass forest. They eventually happened upon one of the ocean's natives, an unusual pony-like being with fishlike characteristics. The seapony, whose name is Ruka, was hunting giant cuttlefish when the party arrived to help him slay them. Grateful for their help, Ruka gave them pointers as to where to find the Immortal Soul: after the Shell ship carrying it sunk, the Soul fell into a place he calls "deep" and "dark". He believes it to be in the possession of a secretive tribe of his kin called the Binaama, but seems reluctant to go there himself…

>Abenad is at 6/5

>Galehaut is at 7/7
>Gloria is at 6/5
>Timber Hoof is at 6/6
>Tourmaline is at 8/6

Known monolith locations:
>Serpentine Keep
>The Dreaming Spring
>Heart of Jevel
>Shrine of Order

2/5 Immortal Souls found

Old thread: >>681367

You float idly by the Shell shipwreck as Ruka struggles to haul the second of the three dead cuttlefish into the ship's hull. You notice a faint wisp of blood lingering in the water from your fight. "You want soul, yes?" the seapony says. "Very soul? Then you go to deep. Very down, very dark, yes. Find Binaama. They see, they know." With a final heave, he finishes pushing the second carcass into the shipwreck, looking satisfied with himself.

Seeing him injured still, Lapis swims over to Ruka and casts a healing spell, doing the same to Galehaut and everyone else who was wounded in the fight. "Thank," he says simply with a grateful nod, rubbing his now-healed injury. He doesn't seem surprised by her healing magic. Kivoda looks warily at the ocean above you, seeming rather intimidated by the considerable distance from here to the surface.



Tourmaline slithers through the water silently before grabbing Gloria and putting her in a headlock.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"We don't have any other leads, might as well take his word for it."

Galehaut says, putting his shield back in his rope strap.


"Hmm, odd fellow," Abenad says, "But we might as well follow his lead, we don't have anywhere else to go."


Ruka seems like he's about to say something, but suddenly perks up, as if he'd sensed something you hadn't. Curiously, he begins to undo his hard work, rapidly hauling the dead cuttlefish back out into the open before darting into the shipwreck. It seems like something's spooked him. Lapis and Kivoda seem nonplussed, with the latter looking rather nervous at his sudden reaction.



"Where are these… Binaama," Timber asks the creature. "And, WHAT are they?"


"Well… at least we know where else to keep looking." Gloria mumbles, looking off toward the deeper parts of the ocean. "This Binaama… are they a group or an individual?" Gloria thinks to herself, about to make her way over to ask Ruka before getting cut off.

Gloria lets out a surprised squawk, attempting to wrestle out of Tourmaline's headlock. Where's a chair when you need one?



Roll #1 10 = 10


checking the Galehaut radar


With some struggle, Gloria manages to break free of Tourmaline's iron grip, proving without any doubt that she is the greater of the two warriors.

Ruka seems reluctant to answer, curled up in his hiding place out of sight. Lapis looks around warily, having a beed feeling all of a sudden.

You sense a ripple in the water coming from behind you. Turning around, you see the snout of a creature of immense size emerging from the grass, making its way slowly towards the party. Its head alone is easily twice the size of any of you.

Lapis follows Galehaut's gaze and quickly scarpers, scrambling to shelter inside the ship. Kivoda freezes in place in terror at the sight, unable to bring himself to move or even speak.


"Whatever," Tourmaline pouts. She grabs Kivoda and drags him to the ship.

[1d10+2] if talent and grapple bonus can apply for dragging Kivoda. Otherwise, ignore the +2

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Abenad lies down in the water as he sees the large creature, wriggling into the sand like some kind of flatfish.


Galehaut looks to Kivoda,

"You know, you're no good as an anchor."

Galehaut enters the wreck last, to make sure the others get in.


After being suddenly jumped and able to pull out of the sudden surprise headlock, Gloria looks to Tourmaline. "Wh-What was that all of the sudden?" She asks, seeming somewhat confused.

When Gloria turns to see the massive head of the creature, she decides to quickly join Tourmaline and the others inside the ship.



Timber stares at the creature for a moment, like prey, weighing its options. Fight or flight?

Considering the unfavorable conditions, flight is best for now. Timber turns and swims into the wreckage.

[1d10] for speed if necessary


"It's too large to follow us into the wreckage, we'll have a better chance in there," Timber says to Abenad as he lays down outside.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You manage to grab him and take him inside the shipwreck.

You do your best impression of a flounder. You feel effective enough.

As you enter the dimly lit wreck, you see Ruka curled up into a ball, peering out of one of the many holes in the hull. Lapis is at the far end of what was once the brig with her back to the wall, waiting for danger to pass.

A shadow passes over you all as the creature emerges from the sea grass, attracted by the smell of blood. You can only assume it is a shark of some sort, but you have never seen a shark quite like this. In height alone it dwarfs any of you, second only to the shipwreck itself. Its body is incredibly long, more like an eel or a serpent than any shark you know of. The tail tapers out into a ribbon shape, and the head, twice the size of the average pony, is broad and shovel-like. Its many rows of teeth seem to curve inward, more like great barbs or spines. The gills on its neck puff out, giving the vague appearance of a frill, or a lion's mane.

The frilled shark pays little attention to you, or perhaps it does not notice you. It seems more interested in the dead cuttlefish. Its gargantuan jaws open slightly, swallowing the equine-sized cephalopods whole without chewing. Content with its meal, the behemoth slowly swims away, disappearing into open water without so much as a sound. Lapis and Kivoda seem shaken by the close encounter, but Ruka has a strange, almost greedy gleam in his eye, gripping his bone spear tightly.

You take the opportunity to have a better look around the shipwreck. You can see that Ruka seems to use it as an outpost, and not his home as you'd previously assumed. You can see that he has illuminated it with several bioluminescent jellyfish kept in glass containers, almost identical to the lighting used by many of the Disciples of Order. Lapis does a double take at the sight of them, but does not question it, still looking rather disturbed by the gigantic shark. Apart from the jellyfish, you see that Ruka has collected a variety of trinkets from the shipwreck in several derelict chests covered in algae and barnacles, no doubt looted from the corpses of the ship's crew.

"Muaka," the seapony utters in wake of the shark's appearance, seeming in awe of it. He turns to you after a moment, shaking his head as if to clear it. "You. You strong, you smart, yes? Help Ruka hunt Muaka. Is good for eating, yes. Very big, very rare, very dangerous. …Ruka make trade with you. Look, look!" He eagerly grabs one of the chests and opens it with some effort, revealing a stash of gleaming golden coin tainted somewhat by marine growth. "Shiny, shiny. For you, but only if you help. Make deal with Ruka?"

Lapis frowns as she hears his proposal, looking at you all from behind the seapony and shaking her head in disapproval, crossing her hooves.


Once the shark has started to pass over him and at an angle he won't be seen, Abenad starts scooting along the sandy floor on his back until the creature passes over the group entirely.

He then gets up, brushing the sand out of his fur and wading in the water towards the wreck, curiously looking around. He listens to Ruka's proposition, unsure at first until he sees the chest full of gold. "I am completely 100% on board with helping him," he tells the group.


"I just felt like playing as a predatory fish, feeling all free from the lack of armor and all that."

"Mmm, do we really need all that much?"


Galehaut shrugs, no input given.


"I'll have it if you don't want it."


"No you won't, but don't we have our own quest we have to do?"


"I suppose… It does feel nice being light for once." She replies, making a small jump only to float back down.

Gloria listens to Ruka's offer, drooling at the thought of having a taste of the shark herself. "Well… We are searching for the soul first…" She says, unsure of which side to pick.

"If we had to help then we should at least get a portion of the shark for food… But Tourmaline is right, we do have a far more important quest than hunting a rare fish." Gloria gives her imput. Her duty is far stronger than her desire for fish.


"I assume we cannot breath underwater forever, however killing beasts in the past have proven to give us advantageous gear at the soul forge or whatever it's called."


"What if the big fish happens to be holding the Immortal Soul? That bird thing in the caves was rather large and terrifying."



"Well, I think we know what crashed the ship," Timber says to Lapis as the giant shark leaves.


Timber looks to Ruka then to the direction Muaka went. He weighs options.

"If that thing crashed the ship with the Immortal Soul on it, then it may have absorbed it. Or just consumed it."

Timber's brow furrows with thought for a moment. "What would happen if a creature ate a container with an Immortal Soul in it," Timber contemplates out loud. He shakes his head. "Either way, it could have what we came here for. At the very least, it would have a very powerful soul we could use."

Timber turns to Ruka. "The only thing I ask for in return for helping you is the Soul of that Muaka."


"Eh?" Ruka tilts his head. "No, no. Was not Muaka that attack ship. Was Gulamara." He looks around, trying to communicate what sort of creature he's referring to, eventually pointing at one of the captured jellyfish then stretching his arms out, implying great size. You can only assume he's trying to implying it was a very large tentacled creature, not necessarily a jellyfish.

He nods. "Muaka have soul, yes. Not great very soul, like on ship, but still. Can help. Is good. Very old Muaka. She queen."

"Hehe, many more still!" Ruka says heartily, pointing at the other chests. "Very useful up above, yes." He frowns for a moment, then gestures at you with his spear. You hadn't noticed before, but a tiny beige crab is standing on your shoulder, having hitched a ride after you emerged from the sand.

Ruka grins and nods as he sees the look on your face. "Yes, yes, listen to friend. She smart. She know."

Lapis weighs in on the conversation. "We already know where to go to find the next clue for the Soul's location. Should we really be using precious time to go chasing sharks? I say we get our friend here to show us where this "deep place" is, and keep moving from there."

"It might be worth our time to go and kill this creature," Kivoda pipes up. "If nothing else, the potential reward might be worth our time if we run into that merchant again. Not that I'll have anything to do with that grave robber."

Ruka doesn't seem happy with Lapis. "Feh. No respect for the hunt. Ruka can show you deep place," he says to you all. "Can show you to Binaama. Secret clan in black waters. Lightless. Not friendly. Ruka show the way, but no further."

All three turn towards you. "The choice is in yours, Soul-Seekers," Lapis says. "What should we do?"

You are finding it slightly more difficult to breathe. The potion seems to be wearing off. Lapis conjures a large air bubble around herself and motions for you all to group up with her as she rummages through her satchel for more potions.


"This is idiotic. The fishguy will probably throw a tantrum and abandon us if we don't do his chores for him, or lead us in a totally different direction. But we'll probably end up wasting all our potions if this is how quickly they wear off," she whispers outside of Ruka's earshot.



"If all else fails, we could always inflate the shark's stomach and carry it with us as a giant air-filled balloon."

Galehaut muses.


"We should continue on with finding the Binaama. If Ruka says they're not quite as friendly then we should be at peak condition if they see us as their next hunt."



Timber enters the bubble.

"Either way carries risk," Timber contemplates out loud. "Either we hunt the Muaka and risk running out of potions, or we don't hunt the Muaka and risk it hunting us when we are vulnerable."

"Large creatures such as that find their home in deeper water near more inhabited areas such as this. In other words, it likely resides in the exact area we are headed. Or, at the very least, hunts there."

"So, the question is becomes which we find to be more likely: the Muaka hunting us at a potentially inopportune time or our potion supply running dry?"

"I would say that the potion supply running dry is a higher likelihood. Even if the Muaka finds us, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be at a bad time. And, if it's at a good time, then it will have been saved time for us in that it found us. Plus, running out of potions is a certainty at some point. Best not to prolong our luck."

"Besides, if we find that we DO have time after, we can just hunt it then."


"We should go after the shark," Abenad says, "Preferably right now while we have the potions and we're on better fighting ground than we would be on a boat."


"The shark is here right now, and it can move. Meanwhile, the ship or the tribe most likely isn't going anywhere."



"The fact that the shark moves will arguably make it easier to find."


"Easier to find than a static object?"



"Easier to find than what you are suggesting."


"Then how about you go on ahead and look for the tribe while the rest of us go after the shark?"



"A good plan were it not for the fact that the potions can only be drunk inside the bubble that Lapis provides. If it weren't so, I'd agree with you whole heartedly."

"But, if the time is not a factor, then there is no problem with hunting the shark."


"What does fish taste like?"


"Amazing…" Gloria says, longing for some salmon about now.

"The flavor is so distinct and the smell of it makes me drool… Probably because I don't get to eat it often anymore."


Kivoda looks at you. "Did you see the size of that thing?" he says in disbelief. "It was like a dragon! I don't fancy carting around any piece of it."

You gather together inside the bubble. Lapis hands you all another vial of potions. They taste every bit as disgusting as before, but it's a necessary evil for being able to survive here.

"I guess we can go hunt this creature for now," Lapis grumbles as she breaks the bubble, clearly not happy with the situation. "Who knows, it might lead us to these Binaama if it lives in deeper waters."

Ruka beams, showing several rows of yellow, crooked teeth. "Very good, very good!" he cackles, grabbing some nearby equipment and readying himself. "Is great chance. Follow, uplanders, follow. We see where it go, then we strike. Yes? Yes."

You stick close to Ruka as he leaves the shipwreck and swims higher up, trying to get a view of the creature he calls Muaka. Without a word, he points it out to you. The colossal creature is at the edge of the seagrass forest, swimming slowly into deeper waters. You can see that the forest ends abruptly at an underwater cliff, below which is nothing but open ocean. Far below, the water gets darker and darker, until you can see nothing but blackness underneath. "It go into deep place," he half-whispers. "Into the black. We attack quick, or we can't follow. We fight it here, or Muaka sink into the deep. Come!" He starts swimming rapidly towards it, spear at the ready.


Galehaut can see more than the blackness underneath as he continues down.


"I want some… can you make me a vegetarian dish with salmon squeezings?"

She follows.



Timber follows, slight apprehension welling up in his stomach as he swims toward such a large creature.


"Blegh," Timber makes a disgusting sound. "Salmon… squeezings? Do 'civilized' ponies often squeeze animals onto dishes?"


Gloria takes a deep breath after consuming her next potion. While she hopes Lapis has enough potions, she still finds the will to fight through her hunger and defending her friends during the attack on the beast.

"I suppose I could try. Do you think you could digest small pieces of it in a salad?" She asks, thinking of the few fish themed salads she has had. "There's also a few soups my mother once taught me to make." Gloria suggests as well.

"I've heard of dishes where you dine on their eggs too."


"We squeeze the breast milk of other sentient animals into bottles and drink that. Plus we bake cakes, and those require the unborn children of other animals."


"There you go, Lapis, don't be such a spoilsport," Abenad says, following behind Ruka, swimming up towards the creature with him. He pulls his swords out and swims with them flat against the bottoms of his arms.



Timber stares at you for a moment. "Are you implying that fish have mammary glands?"


"Eggs I understand," Timber nods. "There are plenty of animals that eat eggs of other animals that are otherwise not considered carnivores."


"That would be silly, fish aren't mammals."



"So, what exactly are you squeezing form a fish?"


You keep an ear out for anything out of place. Other than the rippling sound of water left in the wake of the Muaka's path, you can hear an incredibly faint but distinct clicking sound coming from the abyss every once in a while. At one point while you scan the inky blackness, you see a tiny dot of light materialize for an instant, disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

As you swim, Kivoda wraps his front legs around you, piggybacking and kicking with his back legs in a vain attempt to propel you faster.

Lapis grumbles indistinctly as she moves in formation with you all towards the Muaka.

You follow your companions and draw closer to the Muaka. It is even bigger close up than when you first saw it, towering over you as you hang suspended in the water. It notices you all instantly, turning around and starting to circle you, keeping its distance. Its eye alone is bigger than your head. For now, it does not appear to be hostile, merely intrigued by your presence. It smells the water around you in curiosity.

Ruka is eager to strike, hurling his spear at the colossal predator with a loud yell. His aim is true, piercing its side and drawing blood. It thrashes wildly, almost hitting you with its tail as it begins to zoom towards him. Ruka seems to lose his nerve, swimming at full speed towards the seagrass forest. The wake caused by the Muaka disorients you all, knocking you off balance in the ocean.


"I've had snake soup, which is made with juiced snake. You just have to make sure you're squeezing it enough.

She reaches up and honks Kivoda's nose.



"Wh-" is all Timber manages to say before his dumbfoundedness is interrupted by the approaching Muaka.


"Well…" Timber contemplates out loud. "I guess there's nothing left to do now but try."

His hooves begin to grow algae on them. It spores in the water, causing it to cloud up around him. Touching it would likely not be good for the health of any marine life.

>Rot Elemental


Galehaut moves forward, drawing his weapons as he goes for the neck with his axe.

[1d10] chop CritDC9

Roll #1 8 = 8


Abenad swims above Galehaut, swimming upwards and slashing at the creature with his swords.
[1d10+2] Custom Job+Talent+Big Game Hunter for +2

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


"I wonder what a cooked snake tastes like…"

Gloria attempts to readjust herself in the water using her wings, gripping her blade tightly. "It seems like we're going to have to fight… Light, grant me strength!" She shouts, her body engulfing in the flames of light once again.

>Empower Weapon

Gloria rushes for the beast, attempting to draw away it's attention on Ruka.

>Basic Strike


Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


She also punches the reel big fish(TM)

[1d10+4] Disgruntled Slam

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


File: 1481265808597.jpg (188.17 KB, 1920x1080, frilledshark.jpg)

He instinctively moves his head out of the way, looking at you with a slightly annoyed expression. "I don't think now is the right time," he says, keeping a wary eye on the gargantuan Muaka.

Despite not having all of your armor with you, you are still able to channel your magic through the gauntlets. Your hooves are surrounded by an aura of algae and fungi.

You take a swing at the Muaka, leaving her with a sizable wound in her neck. Most of the damage was absorbed by her tiny yet surprisingly durable scales.

You pierce her underbelly with your blades, dealing a heavy blow to the giant shark.

You feel the Light coursing through you as you swing your blade, only to be interrupted by a lash of the Muaka's tail that sends you spinning through the water. You feel dizzy and bruised from the impact, and your body stings all over.
>Gloria takes 5 hits

You punch the Muaka. Nothing much seems to happen, other than your hoof hurting from the impact.

The shark spins around almost gracefully to face you, looming over you all.

>BOSS FIGHT: Ocean Queen Muaka


The Muaka barrels towards Abenad at breakneck speed, biting at him with innumerable rows of dagger-sized teeth.
[1d10+3] Autocrit

When it is done, it lashes out with its tail, sending a powerful ripple through the water at Galehaut.

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 9 + 1 = 10


She punches the faggot fish in the faggot fish face.

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


After Galehaut takes the hit for him, Abenad swims up higher in the water, not wanting Moowaka to be above him, slashing at her in his upward motion.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


File: 1481266187717.webm (2.81 MB, 889x500, bestiality.webm)

no this is the right music

Galehaut hunkers down.
>Protect: Gloria, Abenad, Tourmaline



Upon transforming his hooves, he comes upon a realization. It has no knees to punch. With little else to do, Timber swims above the creature. Pieces of rock and dirt join the clumps of algae coming form his hooves. The added weight causes him to sink quickly. Just as he hits the creature, he kicks with his hind hooves with a full force FALCON KICK!

>Earthen Strike with 1.5x damage from rot elemental crits on 8+


Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


Gloria withstands the blow, still feeling up to strike back at the beast. "If only I had a harpoon with me…" Gloria mumbles, attempting to charge the beast once more with a strike from her blade. "May the light bless my strike this time!" She shouts, confident in her swing.



Roll #1 3 = 3


You swim up above her snout and give it a good pummel. She seems disoriented by your attack, recoiling and thrashing about in the water in confusion.

You go for an uppercut slice with both blades. It doesn't seem to be very effective, however, barely grazing the Muaka's hide.

Seeing Abenad in danger, you swim in front of the beast. She bites into your torso, tearing out a huge chunk of your flesh. The pain is unimaginable, and you are bleeding everywhere. The Muaka follows up with a shockwave caused by its tail thrash, which hits you like a punch to the face. She isn't done with you, however, and headbutts you hard, sending you hurtling away from combat. You are able to recover quickly, but are dizzy from the grievous injury.
>Retaliate is on 12 hits

Your kick does little to harm the creature, the blunt force absorbed by its scales.

You miss your swing.

Ruka takes advantage of the confusion to swim up, yank out his spear and give the shark a good jab in the underbelly.

The Muaka thrashes its tail again, sending shockwaves towards Tourmaline and Galehaut.

Lapis hurriedly swims over to Galehaut and casts a healing spell on him.
>Galehaut is at 7/6

Roll #1 7, 10 + 1 = 18


She punches the shark.
[1d10+4] Slam

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13


>rot elemental turn 2

Timber grabs onto its rough fails or a dorsal fin if the scales won't do and slams his hoof into its spine as hard as he can.

[1d10+2] at 1.5x damage for spin slam jamming.

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Abenad swims down to stab his swords into the back of the beast in an attempt to squeeze it with his legs and ride on its back.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Galehaut strikes at the flesh exposed where it's gills are.


Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1481267360000.jpg (108.7 KB, 1280x720, del lago.jpg)

Gloria's wings give out at the last second, causing her to swing and miss. She feels her pride starting to hurt from making this many mistakes so quickly. She lashes out at the beast with her blade once more, attempting to strike it with the power of light backing her blade. "If the beast attempts to swallow you, be sure to strike it in the mouth!" Gloria shouts to her allies.

>Empowered Strike


Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


You punch it in the nose again. It seems to be effective, as the Muaka squirms to get away from you. It retaliates with a tail lash that pummels Galehaut again.

The Muaka has no dorsal fins, sharing more physiology with snakes than with sharks. You try to hold onto its scales, but it is slippery and you fail to get a grip.

You manage to pierce its back, but not deep enough to be able to hold on for long. It is also too wide for you to straddle.

It bites into your arm instead, spilling even more of your blood. It bashes you with watery shockwaves again, leaving you dizzy and in agony.
>Retaliate is on 23 hits

You hack through its scales and hide with your burning blade, causing it no small amount of pain.

Ruka keeps up his attack. The Muaka ignores him and sinks its teeth into Galehaut instead, following up by sending a shockwave at Timber.

[1d10+3] Autocrit


Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 1 = 6


>final turn of Rot Elemental

Growing frustrated with underwater combat, Timber returns to the ocean floor. He waits for the beast to be over him, then jumps straight up at it with a shoryuken! Even possibly using the shockwave to increase the force of his own punch?

[1d10+2] for shoryuken at 1.5x damage!

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


File: 1481268336041.webm (2.78 MB, 480x320, spook eater.webm)

>Exploding this round.

Galehaut backs up, throwing his full bodyweight into his axe's swing as he goes for the gills again.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Gloria attempts to raise her blade up, taking advantage of the shark being dazed by Galehaut. She attempts to rush at the beast by swimming quickly with her wings, swinging to impale the beast atop of it's head.



Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


File: 1481269093060.png (1012.74 KB, 675x1256, into_the_abyss_by_ehecod-d….png)

Your gauntlets weigh you down, and you fail to get the momentum required to punch the giant shark.

The shark takes another chunk out of you, but you power through it and put as much force as you can muster into your swing. You deal a devastating blow to the Muaka, cutting through flesh and bone with your greataxe. A cloud of thick blood pours from the injury, and the beast recoils as it begins to sink, panicking at the wound.

Your injuries being to take their toll on you, and you feel incredibly weak and dizzy from blood loss. Your vision blurs and your hearing fades.

As the Muaka begins to plummet, its wildly thrashing tail slaps you across the face, knocking Gloria off-balance.
>Gloria takes 1 hit, helpless
>Tourmaline takes 5 hits

The Muaka dives into the seagrass forest, trying to recover from its wounds and reorient itself after the terrible blow it was struck. Ruka dives down in hot pursuit. "Weak, weak!" he hollers. "Come! Strike!"



File: 1481788100041.jpg (337.36 KB, 1500x844, 1448336492118.jpg)

To all my current and past players: Autumn, Dusty, Garik, Maali, Nonny, Timber, TineCroi, and Xenthori,

After 2 years of runtime and over 70 sessions, Mortal Souls is now regrettably over and all subsequent sessions are canceled. While I still have passion for this game and its setting, recent events in the game have led to me having written myself into a corner, leading to an inability to progress the plot in its current state. While a retcon could be made, I feel like it's far too late into the game now to go back on everything that's happened since the game started back up in September. A Pastebin link will be posted in this thread soon with an outline of what was to come in the game's future.
Mortal Souls was a project made purely out of love for the Souls franchise, and it is incredibly important to me to have been able to make this project a reality and have it last for as long as it did. I will always be grateful for everyone's participation in Mortal Souls. While this may be the end for this game, future games and oneshots that run will use the same setting, not only exploring the land of Rin but other lands in the Known World as well. Thank you all again for your dedication and support. I cannot stress enough how much it meant to me to be able to run it and share this experience with all of you over the years.

Keep the torch lit.




File: 1481830251952.jpg (517.45 KB, 900x719, 1466096616092.jpg)

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