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All those years of studying finally paying off.
While it was tough to stay in with all that competition, especially with your social background, you managed to pull it off.
Now you reap the benefits, after your graduation and your degree, you immediately got a job at Los Pegasus Central Hopsital, known to most as Hope Beacon Hospital.
You even got leased an apartment nearby, in a much friendlier neighbourhood and close to work - obviously so you can be called in at any time if there is some sort of emergency.

As you approach on your first day, you see the hustle and bustle around, pegasi pulled wagons landing on top of the large building while earth pony pulled carts carry ponies at the front.
You are supposed to find a conference room so the director of the hospital can greet you before you get to do the intern work - quite dull from the rumors you've heard, with tons of hoofholding to make sure you don't treat anypony on your own without the proper experience.


Aerial entrances. The physical differences in Los Pegasus are no more apparent than the social ones. A city of gulfing divisions between the great and small. Still, perhaps the rat race is over. A new day dawns.

Head in the front and look for the admissions desk if there is one. I can get directions tot he conference room.


There is one indeed!
You see a few patients waiting around, but there is a receptionist mare, a purple earth pony mare with glasses on, doing some paperwork at the desk.


Lucky she's not busy with a patient.

"Good morning. I'm looking for the conference room for orientation. Do you know the way?"


She looks up, but manages to force a smile as she sees you, someone not pestering her for a change. You can guess that her job could be just as stressful as a surgeons.
"Oh, of course! Third floor, at the end of the long corridor that you will find coming out to the right from the stairs!"


Give her a nod of appreciation and move on to the stairs. Up and away!


You arrive at the conference room, and see that a few others are already here.
A pegasus stallion, and two unicorns, a stallion and a mare, waiting.


In a lot of cities, unicorns are pretty hot stuff. But in Los Pegasus where the population is overwhelmingly flight-inclined or living in the slums like my folks, that may not be fair to say of these two. In any case, I'll slide into a seat three rows back from the front and relish the moment of quiet.


Still, magic can do literal wonders in the healing business, so cutie marks aside, you are not surprised to see them around.
They seem to be having a small conversation, but they die down to murmurs when another intern arrives.
It's a female gryphon! You don't often see one take up a job that isn't in transport and security, due to their… biology.


Maybe she'll be a surgeon or something. Like Edward Scissorhooves.


The last of the interns arrives shortly too, an earth pony mare, and soon after a door from the other side opens.
In walks a bald, middle-aged and wrinkled donkey jack in a nice suit, holding a briefcase.
He walks up to the table and everyone else in the room falls silent.


He looks important. He must be the director.


Must be!
He opens his briefcase, clearing his throat, taking his sweet time before adressing all of you.
"Good day, everyone."
Huh, as a fellow non-pony, it feels nice to be adressed like that, not the everypony stuff. Not everypony is a pony in this city!
"I would like to welcome you to Hope Beacon Hospital, and I am very glad we have such enthusiastic fresh minds here, ready to heal and help those in need."
He takes out a few small tags from the briefcase, the type you write your name on.
"My name is Melville, and I am the director of this hospital. I have seen all your resumes and chose all of you personally. I expect that you will do what you can to the best of your abilities, and in doing so, quickly shrug off your internship and be a full time medical practicioner."


Better wait for him to finish or for the nametags to get passed around.


You see him write them all, and starts walking down to hoof them out one by one, personally.
A nice touch, really.
"You will get these until your official papers and cards are ready. You can also pick up any and all equipment you may need, including clothing from the supply room."
He motions at the door.
"The lovely Nurse Pillow will show you there shortly. I do not want to bore any of you with a long speech, I just wish you all the best and want you to know that if you have any questions or issues, my office is always open for you."
Once he finishes, he walks back, closing his briefcase.
"After you have your gear on, Doctor Sugar Pill will give you a tour of the hospital, as well as start you off with some basics. I know you must be eager to put all that knowledge to good use that you gathered, but I am afraid you will have to start out small like every intern."


We'll go along with this quietly. It seems they have a lot of standard procedural stuff.


"I believe the Nurse can take it from here. I hope all of you will have a nice day!"
He takes his briefcase and makes his exit!
The nurse waves at all of you.
"If you could just follow me, please!"
As you gather up, the earth pony mare leans closer and whispers.
"Whew! Thank the Princesses, I was afraid we'd have to sit here for hours listening about how we can't make mistakes and stuff!"


Just making conversation, or being neurotic? We'll see soon, I guess. Affix my badge, and read the others as we go get our supplies.


"Not much of a talker, huh? At any rate, I'm Sweet Dreams, nice to meet you!"
You could have just read that off her badge!
The pegasus stallion is called Rapid Love, snrk. Degree or not, that name is ridicolous in the slums.
Heartbeat is the unicorn stallion, while the mare is Guardian Angel. Typical white collar unicorn names, couldn't even deny they didn't need a loan for their studies.
Gounarde is the name of the gryphon chick, must be a foreigner or immigrant, or her parents just hated her a lot.



Well, some ponies are on a course to be a doctor from the moment they were born, and others had to fight for it. I bet I know which is the more passionate kind, though.

So, I take it we're getting our scrubs and stethoscopes.


Yup, once you get to the storage, the nurse hands each and every one of you a set of scrubs, stethoscopes, clips with paper and pencils, as well as a tiny, shiny gem!
"That thing-" she explains. "Is a buzzer. There are magical stones in most rooms of the hospital, and if a patient or nurse presses them, it will signal to all the nearby gems, making them buzz in your pockets so you know there is an emergency! Always keep these on you!"


Pocketing gemstones got my brothers in trouble, but I guess I'll have to pocket this one.


Hey, they gave it to you on their own, this time. And if it is already encahnted, you doubt you could get good bits for it, even if you wanted to.
You see a slightl wrinkly unicorn mare approach, wearing the famous white doctor coat of many pockets.
She eyes all of you up, nodding.
"Finally something fresh in this stale old hospital. Sugar Pill, I'll give you the tour."


This is a pretty big hospital. I could see a tour taking a lot of time unless they're just focusing on a few areas.

Then again, if we're all internal medicine, then they might just be showing off the ER, free clinic, ICU, and observation wards. Still, we probably need to at least know where the lab is to submit samples… Oh, and the pharmacy to pick up pills. No point in standing around guessing though.


Most of your guesses are right, as you are shown around to all those important places, the old mare going on and on like she's playing a recording that she already played a hundred times before. By the time it's done, you get a decent grasp of the layout!
"Now, your first test is to get to the doctors you are assigned to without help. You get fifteen minutes to do it, if you are confident enough, that means you get a ten minute break to grab a drink or a snack from the cafeteria."
She starts assigning people to some intern jobs, you included!
"Zander, see Doctor Tender at the Foal Care Unit."


Pediatrics is a traditionally chaotic ward. As much as I'd love to grab a drink on the way, I'd rather not get bumped by some careless foal. Better head straight there.


You manage to get there in time, and are met with the soothing words of parents to their foals and some crying in one of the rooms.
A kind looking earth pony stallion walks up to you as he notices you, offering a hoof to shake.
"Zander Webb? I'm Tender Hoof, nice to be working with you. Doctor Sugar told me to have you do some routine procedures, even though they might be more finnicky with foal patients. Should we go ahead and start?"


Shake it. Hm, pediatrics is traditionally more of mare's specialty so with a name like that I was expecting something else. Still, put that thought out of mind.



Then again, zebras from the hood often end up being nurses at best if they try to get into the medical career, so you shouldn't make wild guesses!
"Good, follow me."
He walks to one of the rooms, handing you the medical records at the door.
"The colt has been brought in with a broken leg. What do you suggest we do once we enter?"
Oh, so these few days will include these on-the-spot tests too.
Glancing at the papers… it seems reasonable to put a plaster on.


Instead of blurting the first thing that comes to mind, I should visually assess the patient. Look in through the window and see what condition the patient is in.


The colt, pegasus, is about nine years old, and you can see his eyes are red and puffy from crying. His mom seems to be doing a good job of calming him down, and the records say he got some painkillers already.
No visible open wound or deformation though, however the x-ray clearly shows the fracture in the bone structure.


"Since the patient is young and crying, I would begin by reassuring him that it will be okay, since it will be difficult to perform procedures if he remains clinging to his mother. Then, assuming these x-rays are current, I would set the bone and check for swelling. If the tissue at the site is swollen, I would apply a splint and place the patient under observation until swelling has gone down so that a plaster cast can be administered, doctor."


He nods.
"Very good. You may go ahead and do the procedure then, under my supervision."


I'm not great with kids, but I'll try my best to be the kind of doctor I wish I had access to when I was a colt. This… may take some practice. Enter and approach the bed!

"Good morning, I'm Doctor Webb. Can you tell me your name?"


You always aspire to the things that you never had.
He sniffles, a bit shocked and scared still.
"G-Good day, mister. I'm uh… uh…"
"He is Clear Ray. He is just a bit shy around new ponies." The mother says.


"That's okay. I understand you hurt your leg, can I see?"


He sucks in some air as he extends his leg.
"I couldn't pull up in time and fell to the ground…"
You do see a spot where the point of impact probably is with a nasty bruise and some of the fur being scraped off, but no swelling.


According to the X-ray, did the fracture need to be set or was it still misaligned?


It isn't misaligned, according to the x-ray.
There are some additional hairline fractures near the actual fracture though.


"Since the bone doesn't need to be set and there is no swelling, you look ready for a cast. Have you ever had one before, Clear Ray?"


He shakes his head timidly.
"I-Is that a bad thing?"


"The opposite, it's a good thing. After I put this cast on, everypony at your flight school will want to sign it. You'll be the most popular colt there. Maybe your special somepony will sign it."


You see him blush and hide his face behind a wing.
The mother nods.
"How long do you think he will have to wear it?"


"Two months is common. but of course the answer is always when the healing is done. It's especially important that pegasus bones heal correctly, or landings can become painful later in life."


He nods.
"I understand."
Doctor Tender motions at you.
"You have every tool in the room to make a plaster."


Let's have a look at our options! Scan for materials, or if there are none out, start picking through the cabinets for what I need.


You see the gauze, the plaster bandage, and some gloves to wear for it, now you only need a bowl of water.


Let's try the cabinet nearest the sink for a bowl.


It has one indeed, and a small, foldable stand for it, so you can place it next to the medical bed


Right. Unfold the stand, fill the bowl with water, and soak some bandages.

"I need you to stick out your leg for me and hold it as straight as you can. This shouldn't hurt, but your leg might get tired while I'm wrapping the cast, so try to get in a comfortable position."

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