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"I wouldn't mind talking to the locals more too," Amy interjects. "I-if someone will watch me…" she adds quickly and timidly.

Amy looks to Blessings with a thoughtful expression. Suddenly, her face lights up. "Hey! Blessings! I got a joke for you!" she starts giggling.

"So, there's this colt, okay? And, there's this filly he really likes, but he's so scared to talk to her because all the colts like her. So, there's this party coming up, and the colt decides, this is the perfect time to ask the filly on a date! But, it turns out all the colts are asking her out to the same party."

"But, the colt is determined. He won't back down so easy! He waits in the long line of colts all asking her out. And, they all get rejected. So, the colt is getting more and more scared the longer the line goes. If all of them get rejected, what chance does he have? But, he keeps waiting in line. Finally, it's his turn! He asks her to the party. And, she says yes! But, he has to buy her a nice dress to the party."

"So, the colt goes to the store to buy her a dress. But, there's a really long line at the dress store today. So, the little colt waits in line for hooooours to buy her this dress. He doesn't mind, it's for the filly he likes! Finally, he gets to the end of the line and he buys the dress."

"So, he gets her the dress, and she likes it. He's so happy. But, now she says she won't go to the party unless she gets there in the fancy carriage he can get. So, he goes to rent a carriage on the day of the party. But, everyone decided that they want to rent a carriage for the party. So, he's waiting in line for HOURS for this carriage. Luckily, he saw this coming. He went there in the morning. By the time he gets the carriage, it's almost time for the party. So, he goes to pick the filly up, and they go to the party together."

"But, it's a big party. Everyone's getting there at the same time, and everyone can't fit in the door at once. So, they have to wait in a looooong line just to get into the party. But, the colt doesn't mind. He's with the filly he likes. Finally, they make it through the line and they're at the party."

"The filly decides that she wants some punch. So, the colt goes to get her some punch."

Suddenly, Amy is distracted by something in the sky and starts staring at the clouds.



"It sucks…" Amy sighs. "I want to help, but I don't know how…"


Flaming snickers,

"His papa has a really funny accent. What is that, I don't recognize it."

As Amy begins her long joke in the attempt to get Blessings to crack a smile, she listens in, but as the joke goes on and on, Flaming quickly begins to lose as much interest as Amy is distracted part way through. She nudges Amy's side with her head

"This isn't a joke, it's a story. And when does it get funny, Amy?"


>The King of Trash
>HP: 180/230
>A hastily-made guard forged from the remnants of a proposed document for a more efficient worker in the Forge Vimana's working-class and slave districts. The one was made by the daughter of the Crystal Workshop's previous owner, who was well-loved around the Forge Vimana for her contributions to her father's work, which eased their daily toiling in the blasted heat of the forges.
>Weak: Dark
>Repel: Light

As the book flips open, a tired old stallion's voice speaks to you in Neighsco, which Pryce cannot understand.

>["Ah, sir. I trust you slept well? I do not know what is keeping the servants, but I assure you they shall be here anon bearing a fresh pot of tea. What shall I read for you this morning?"]

It's coming from the book.

Blessings approaches you, waving her hoof a bit frantically. "W-well, what happened? You can't just stop there!"

A flash of red. A gray body. Is that? No, it's someone else. Between the overlapping voices, you find a faintly familiar laugh… but it's just some overlapping demon guffaws. But there's a smell. A familiar waft of alcohol…

"Who are you looking for?" Renee asks, concerned.

You see many groups of small demons looking into shop windows, hanging around one another, getting into minor fights at times. A tall palefaced paper doll riding on a camel, which you have never seen before, appears to be leading one group down this street, giving them a tour.




"Oh, there's no punch line," Amy says, waving a dismissive hoof, casually.

Then, after giving them both a moment to get it, she busts out laughing, rolling on the ground unable to control herself.


"Galloway Isle, lass. T's a bit south a' ere'. E' traveled all th' wae t' Obscurus, where e' met is' one true love. I'm sure ye can fig're out th' rest, lass," he finishes with a sly grin.


Blessings stands there with a disappointed frown. Well, she tries to look disappointed, but her lips soon press together and she succumbs to an annoyed laugh. "You're a demon in many ways, you tricky hussy," she says, letting herself have a full hearted laugh.


My grammar is bad on the King of Trash description. For clarity, the Crystal Workshop's previous owner is the father, and he's the one who's well-loved. The maker of the King of Trash is the daughter.


"What?! What do you mean there's no punch…. line…"

Flaming's eyes shrink to little dots, and she holds her muzzle with her hooves to keep the snickers in, "FPffffff… n-no punch… line, heheheehehe!" she stomps a hoof, "I-I get it! Punch-line! Like, the line for the drink wasn't there, but hehehe you also meant there wasn't an ending to the joke!" She smiles, "R-right?" She asks nervously, unsure if she interpreted it correctly. Pony humor can be so weird.



"YES!" Amy says, through her laughter, grabbing Flaming and pulling her down to the ground with her. She continues to roll back and forth with Flaming trapped in a vice-like hug as Amy giggles uncontrollably.


As she's pulled down, Flaming kicks her hooves and shouts, "YES! I got it! I got the joke, hahahaha!" She squeezes against Amy and tries to wiggle through, still giggling, "Hehehe, o-okay, Amy, it was funny, y-you can let me go now."



"Fiiiine," Amy huffs, through her giggles. She lets Flaming go and gets up.


Tonight is the conclusion of Shei-Sher's detour so as not to slow down the main thread. Post sheets and reply.


"I'll let you tug on them all you want when you get back! I have both my wings!" Laciela protests. "Ichimonji's got her hooves full right now, unfortunately. They think they have found the sheep responsible for some of the weird occurrences and demon appearances around Zha, so Ichimonji's on the team to take him out as proof of Ecclesia's innocence in the matter."

Little Journey doesn't notice you yet.


"It seems he hasn't told you what happened to him, neh?" Little Journey explains. "The fact that he's been able to communicate with anyone at all has been nothing short of astounding. You see, after the Rapture, he attempted to return to his Domain in the Beyond to fully regain his powers before pursuing the cowardly Devas. But, the Deva Enjoma anticipated this, and laid a trap there for Buiwong. Enjoma cut a hole in reality with the Blade, and shoved Buiwong partway through before closing the hole, effectively cutting him in half.

"But that is no way to kill a god. Buiwong's essence was split billions of ways across the endless expanse of Subspace, neither existing fully in our world or in another. He has only recently regained his capacity to communicate with anyone, but he has been guiding many ever since."

The black scrawl remains unbroken.



"Really?! That's great," Flaming gives a small sigh of relief through the conch, shaking her head. "We had to leave Zha quickly due to an angel attack, as I am sure she's heard. We think we have found the source of it and… uh, given some 'interesting' help, we should be able to stop it from ever happening again in the future."

She huffs, "Laciela, listen, this next part is extremely important. Your wing… I am sorry to be asking this of you, I understand it must be sort of embarrassing but, have you ever had anything bad happen to it in the past? Maybe before Ecclesia found you?"

She looks at Little Journey again, very eager to speak to a young buffalo like her, but waits for the conch call to finish up before she jumps into it.


"Yeah, we heard all about the Bodhidharma's appearance from the refugees. When you see the angels, tell 'em to kill the demons this time.

"I did get injured pretty badly once. Mariposa held out a really long time against the demons, but after a Marquis-ranked demon used a really, really, REALLY horrible chemical attack on the ponies living in the Comfy and Forge Vimanas, everyone else began to panic. There were riots and factions forming straightaway, and I knew from what mom and dad told me about the stuff happening in the courts and markets, this whole demon invasion was the last straw for ponies who had been looking for a reason to overthrow the crown.

"Demons were pouring into the city, and riots and battles were just getting worse, so me and Yareakh decided to run with some of the aristocrats' kids. We got pretty far before we were caught in a small, narrow canyon by some rebels who wanted to take us hostage. But, there was a demon up above who saw the fighting and decided to join the fun. He knocked down a rockslide onto all of us. This one guy, I saw his head come off and it got squished all over his friend…

"Uh…" Laciela pauses as if trying to remember. "Yeah we all got banged up real badly there. My wing was caught underneath a rock, but together, me and Yareakh were able to lift the rock and get it out, but it was still torn and bleeding pretty badly, until Doctor Galton and Sir Gegenschein saved us."


"Oh, if you only knew the circumstances… you won't believe this, but they actually managed to form a TRUCE with the demons in this city! It's an uneasy truce but, they're not killing each other. Crazy, right? Oh! And, there are at least a few Mariposans still here. Not all of them are well but, some of them are even fighting back like Evil's Judgement."

Afterwards, she listens to Laciela's story of when Mariposas was attacked and the ensuing rebellion. As the story turns gruesome, Flaming puts a hoof over her chest.

"And, after this rock crushed your wing, did it remain that badly damaged until Doctor Galton saved you? What did she do to fix you up after they all found you and brought you to Ecclesia's base? I'm… I'm a little worried to give you the details but, we have reason to believe a witch here in the city might have some kind of, 'copy' of your wing. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but it's the honest truth!"


Laciela doesn't respond for a while after you mention the truce and the few surviving Mariposans. "Oh… okay. Thanks for keeping an eye on them. A lot of days… I start to wonder if there was more me and Yarry coulda done. Like, if we had appeased the Song more, or if we'd brought more people to the Grave Marriages… anyway."


"Flaming," Laciela says with a high level of familiarity and friendliness limited to the closest of friends. Something in it makes you feel quite calm and trusting. "We should lay this to rest. Whatever she has, it's what you said yourself: A copy. Just a copy. It's not worth worrying about. If she thinks she's got a little souvenir of me, I'll just kick her ass before she can brag about it as if she had beaten the grrrrrreat Laciela!" she laughs, tone gradually returning to normal.


"No need to thank me, Laciela… I know what it's like to wonder how your people are doing. I actually found one of my own clan here as well." She frowns, "I… I don't know if I can answer that. There's always more we WANT to do, but, that's not the same as more you CAN do. But, there's no use going over it now. The past is the past, princess, it's what you do now that matters."

As the familiar and friendly tone sets over her, Flaming's body quivers as she feels Laciela's comforting voice, like a sister's calm her state of being and she slumps to the ground. "Oh… I-I mean, I understand that, if you say it is…" she grits her teeth, "N-no, wait, Laciela please, it's important! This witch might be an ally, not an enemy, but we can't make that call unless we know the whole truth. You DO know something, don't you?" She asks accusingly, "Please, I'm sorry about saying you had spiders in your hair, I'll explain that later too but please believe me when I say I want to HELP Mariposa."

[1d10] An attempt to convince

Roll #1 5 = 5


The sensation stops. "Look, I don't know any more than you! Yareakh's here too, and she saw that my wing was hurt, but not severed! And if my friends weren't busy with all the tinker-monkey work the Laity's making them do, I'd get them to testify too! I really don't remember getting my wing cut off! How much longer are we gonna fixate on this?

She grunts with annoyance. "Although I really don't know why a witch would go to the trouble of replicating JUST my wing, if that's really a replica. Is she making a whole me? Can you just go and ask her where she got it?"


Shei-Sher breaks from his work on the Gigginox to reply to Little Journey

"I think I've met a piece of Buiwong. Sitting at the root of some vast wyrm that claimed to be the claw of God. Thank you, that paints a more sincere picture of Buiwong. For one reason or another I couldn't help but picturing him lounging on a straw chair by a beach shore in his new plane. It's remarkable that you'd know so much of the going abouts in the beyond. Praytell, what is your place in all these matters?"


"You really don't know then?" Flaming asks, shuffling her hooves somewhat guilty along the ground. "I'm sorry to push it, Princess, I… I just wanted to be sure. I don't really know if I can just ASK her that, I'm not even sure if we can trust her entirely. I think there must be some way to find out though. I hate to ask, but can I ask your sister if she knows anything…?"

"I think she just wants you for your magic though. All i've seen of your wing is a single feather. She uses it to write words and then, whatever word she writes, happens to whatever it is she is writing ON. It's incredible."


"I am from the Clan Sinking-Rain, first calf of the great warrior Pillar-Breaker. Sadly, during a territorial fight with the Clan Climbing-Fire, who were under Buiwong's leadership, I was beaten and captured to be a war slave. Just like when I had been captured in years past by Sleeping-Stone and Living-Wind, my father expected me to escape by myself.

"Yet, while those clans treated me and other slaves so poorly, shaming us for our weakness in battle, Climbing-Fire was a whole different world. I was regarded as an equal, and made to work no more than I could bear. Though the Highland's various racial tribes, the deer, buffalo and dogs, always quarreled in the outside tribes, Buiwong's leadership unified all the racial groups in a harmony they'd never seen. He would reclaim our lands, restore glory and our old charging fields, and end the ponies' subjugation of our people! He had been wronged just as we had! Why would I want to leave?

"So when the Rapture happened, I abandoned the weak Sinking-Rain Clan, but Climbing-Fire did not feel the need to 'accept' me. As far as they cared, I was already their brother. Those of us who remained faithful to him, he guided us every day, defending us against the demons as we marched northwest, to where he was gathering many other followers of his. Many of my tribe are now safely living in a small country called Amlapura, southeast of here many weeks' journey. But unfortunately many had lost faith and fallen away on the journey here."

"Huh, trust her? So you've been talking with her for a while now? YAREAKH, C'MERE!"

You hear Yareakh and Laciela bicker on the line for a while, then some shuffling sounds, presumably as the two sisters squish their heads together so they can both hear and talk.

"Hi, Flaming. You're consorting with witches now and you're eating her poop stew? That's really gross, you know," Yareakh says scoldingly. "But this magic, anyway… that's weird. None of Laciela's powers have anything to do with writing, and she's barely literate to boot!"


"Yeah, a lot, actually. It's all very important, the moment Ichimonji is free to speak you MUST tell her to contact me. It involves a plan for stopping the demons from destroying everything, a real possible solution too."

As the two sisters bicker back and forth on the line, Shorty pulls her head back a bit as Yareakh comes on. She pulls her head back to the conch and shouts, "WHAT?! I am NOT eating witch poop stew, you take that back right now!" She shouts angrily.

After she calms down, she states, "Oh, well, that's understandable. I can barely read or write either, though I have a good excuse. Hmmm… so she might just be borrowing her power then from the wing's 'data' I think I heard it called. If I brought back a piece of it, could you two tell what it is?"


Shei-Sher harbors admonishing feelings for the buffalo's tale. He feels compelled to speak his feelings truly on the matter but he thinks that might be very good of his demi-god image. And though Shei knew there would be nothing good to come out of such a conversation, he can't help himself.

"Haha now that was the cause to originally make me so contemptuous of Buiwong. Aye, our stories of opposite worlds. I come from an upbringing of slavery as-well. Quite lush in comparison beside the menagerie of horrors that come with serving an occultist, but in contrast I was ostracized by every caste in my community. Slaves and Griffon alike -my unique place in society was considered unacceptable but Crowley ensured I would live. I think it is fortunate Hearthome became rubble before your people could reclaim their land. It would be a stain on Accorsian history for a philistine God and legion of equal rapport to conquer a nation-state of high civility. I apologize for being so forthright on this Day of Slavery. I joined with Buiwong because it was convenient in saving my people, even if they never treated me like one of their own and still to certain extent, I felt it was my higher purpose to lead the Goats and they so desperately needed a Shepherd."

"However that was tangential to my question. How do you know so much? Who are you to Buiwong? Not to sound rude."


"Hmmmmm, don't like it so much when someone's spreading rumors about you, do you?" Laciela smugly says.

"Wasn't that just a misunderstanding on our part and not a rumor that Flaming spread?" Yareakh asked.

"Oh, I'm sure that's what she'd love to claim, but now we're even."

"Be super careful if you try to bring it back," Yareakh says. "Anything a witch tinkers around with could melt the bedrock. It'd be especially dangerous now. There's some kind of sickness going around Zha, but it seems like it's only affecting people who know some kind of healing abilities or magic, so we have to quarantine them and all the refugees we've let in recently. If the wing did something awful, it could be much worse than normal."

"It was? Oh, my mistake. I get excited when I'm talking about him. Like Vortigern and the Dragon, he has appointed me to the team he has constructed to replace River Spring, Tantra, Shining Light and Septum Axis. He is aware of all their whereabouts, and has worn off his presence on them. Thus, he can see and feel through the as though they were his spider. Fear not, for Sardonyx is with him again at long last. It was because of how raggedly I had worn myself in defending Climbing-Fire during our exodus, even though I am not related to them by blood. You mentioned that he seemed uncaring of you at times? Well, perhaps it is like what I heard you mention earlier, how eastern wizards toy cruelly with those whom they like. Truly, there must be some good reason why he has not spoken to you yet, but I have faith your time is near. He has rewarded me greatly, so just think how much more he shall reward you!"


Shei-Sher wears a very squimish expression accompanied by a nervous smile at the comment.

>so just think how much more he shall reward you!"

"That frightens me. I pray to whoever hears that Buiwong doesn't play by the customs of eastern wizards. I have met Tantra only just recently. Chummy pony, but a bit too loud for me to hold company with. RiverSpring on the other hoof, I wish she would give Buiwong another chance and join my cause. I am still testing the waters with her, but she is prone to recoiling at the mention. I think a reunion between her and Shining Light would be heartwarming. Precisely what River needs after so much hardship. I can't say I am acquainted with either Septum Axis or Sardonyx. Perhaps my memory fails me. Is there any method of swift contact I might have you? Little Journey, Vortigern -er Dragon? My kingdom come's soon and with it a journey to Buiwong. I imagine this is something you might aid me in."


Flaming growls in retort, "I was NOT spreading rumors, you only thought I was! I don't spread silly gossip around like some silly ponies do."

As Yareakh comes to her defense, she nods her head, "THANK YOU Yareakh. It's good to know someone knows what's really going on."

"The sickness is mostly affecting the healers…? I don't remember any illness being this bad and we didn't leave but a few days ago. Tell them to try as hard as they can to find the cause, if it's anything to do with the cloud that came from here, we'll find it."

"As to the wing… if it is dangerous, I will keep it away then, but someone should analyze it. Can Galton look at it back in town?"

She looks over at the dragon, the pegasi, and the buffalo especially with impatience, "Listen, again: I need you to go get Ichimonji as soon as you can, I need to tell her about what the witch told us personally, it's too important."


>Chummy pony
[I mean buffalo]


"You know what, Flaming? Ichimonji's not your personal surrogate mama. We'll pass along the message, but you gotta be patient," Laciela says.

"We'll tell Doctor Galton," Yareakh says. "She and the other Choir members here in Zha have their hooves full because of the huge influx of refugees we've been getting. It's complicated, but for a number of reasons, the Choir thinks that the demons are trying to get as many refugees into Zha as possible. For what, nopony knows, but it can't be good. If you can get the wing though, she'll totally look at it."

The savage-looking Vortigern is staring holes through your head.

"If that kingdom is what Buiwong told you to do, best of luck. But if he has remained silent on the matter yet, I would not follow through on it if I were you. I know he is going to play his hoof soon. Don't you think it's strange that so much of Accorsia has headed from the southeastern corner of Huoli, all the way to the northwest? Ecclesia, my tribe, Accorsian angels, all of us… It is because Buiwong has been nudging us this way. He can only control so much, but like a harpist at her instrument, all he requires is to lay the very corner of his hoof upon the string to send causal vibrations all throughout. We are here for a purpose."

"I see your friend has a Caller Conch. To reach me, the whisper-wind is 'The Bridge of Threads is strumming.'"


Flaming gasps, "W-what?! I… I know that! I just, I'm in Ecclesia now, and she's my leader so, it's important that I tell her stuff, you know? It involves making a deal with the witch so I can't exactly just tell it to anypony!" She says, clearly telling it to somepony.

To Yareakh, she says, "They're TRYING to fill it with refugees…? That's weird. Try your best to keep everything under control, I don't know if all demons would know what is being planned but, if there is some demon that knows what the purpose of sending them all to Zha is, I can find it here."

"I think that's everything at the moment. Just, get back to me quickly before…" She pauses as she sees Vortigern staring holes at her, the buffalo feeling quite nervous as she looks on at the pegasus. "W-what? Do I have something on my face?" She asks, before narrowing her gaze, "I'm not the only one who looks goofy here you know."


Shei-Sher's eyebrows raise and his face brightens by the sudden revelation.

"That's why! That is why Shining Light, Gegenschein, and Galton are within the ranks of Ecclessia! Well that certainly explains a lot. I do think my people deserve their own kingdom, but I suppose I will post-pone my aspirations for my curiosities. Whatever Buiwong is concocting I do hope it's not as spectacular as shattering the sky above."

Shei-Sher walks a few paces away from the three and the Gigginox "Spare a moment. I have been meaning to introduce you to someone Little Journey. Please refrain from mentioning word of Buiwong."

Shei-Sher ambles over to where Flaming had been speaking into her conch. "Flaming Shorthorns? Are you finished? It's time I introduce you." Shei-Sher leads her back to the three surrounding Shei's Gigginox.

"Little Journey, Vortigen, Dragon I would like to introduce you to Flaming Shorthorns. Flaming Shorthorns" with a hoof Shei gestures to each. "meet Journey, Vortigen, and Dragon."


"Well, don't think that the rest of the Congregation and Laity don't have questions about why she seems like your favorite, so soon after you joined us," Laciela says. "I'm just saying this for your own good. Some folks who have been here for months and months barely get any recognition from the Choir."

"We don't know who's ordering it, but this is too big of a happening to disregard as coincidence," Yareakh says. "The Choir thinks it's signaling that there are demon warlords who are managing to accomplish the impossible by unifying and organizing demons rather than just letting 'em run free."

"A DEAL with a witch!? Okay, you DEFINITELY want to tell Galton instead of Ichimonji… she's the only one who'd probably listen," Laciela says. "She's a little more friendly with the occult than Ichimonji; Ichimonji would break your snout for suggesting an alliance with practitioners of dark arts."


"Such a task shall seem trivial to the wonders he desires to perform, and yet those wonders will be for the good of all - angel, demon, mortal… even Deva."

"Excuse me, my name is pronounced, _____!" _____ protests, clearly enjoying the confusion called by the empty sound of his 'name.'

Vortigern silently stares at both of you, her mane a ragged, unkempt mess. Her face is marked with lines, suggesting she's probably around a mother's age, and her feathers are all out of place and unclean.


Flaming flattens her ears a bit, "Oh… I… w-well, I haven't really met the rest of the choir yet. Ichimonji is the reason I'm IN Ecclessia, who else would I report to?"

"All the same, I… I'm not sure if I feel like telling that to Galton," she says, remembering what she's been told about Galton's 'odd' sway over the princesses and how it might tie into Buiwong's schemes. "Ichimonji can yell at me all she likes, I'm used to it."

As Shei stumbles back over to Flaming, she looks at him with surprise as she drags him back to the giggionx. She looks at the pet, petting it lightly with a hoof before looking at the others.

"Oh… well, that is an odd name for a dragon but, well met Pronounced!" She bows her head low, "I-it is truly an honor to be in your presence. As it is for any buffalo to meet a dragon. Y-your scales look very hard and tough, if I might add." She turns to look at Vortigern, still fluffing up her ears and looking at her with confusion as she stares, and says, "Hi there," before turning to Little Journey last. She smiles widely at him, "And h-hello! You don't know how happy I am to see another of us here!" She shouts, before ramming her head into his roughly in a traditional buffalo hello
[1d10] slamming my head on his

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Do not mind the dragon. He is merely a tease. and I suspect Vortigen's stare is the most of a conversation you with her. However I imagine you and Little Journey have much to talk about."

Shei-Sher smiles seeing Flaming butt her head with Little Journey. Know this is an amicable greeting. Now able to focused Shei-Sher returns to freeing his Gigginox. He works double diligently his preparations. Afraid if he can't remove Mudi's curse he will have go seeking out her feather. Laying scrolls and adapting symbols from his books. He tries for a spell more precise. Shei-Sher takes his finished charm and wraps a piece of wool over it. With the thing he has made Shei slowly but firmly rubs off the ink letters written on his Gigginox.
[1d10+1] SpellBreaker

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


"A bunch of ponies can say that Ichimonji's the reason they're in Ecclesia. Just don't go thinking that you'll get special treatment, especially when she's pretty busy trying to stop whoever's bringing demons into Zha right now," Yareakh says. "Anyway, we have to go. Bye!"

"Don't get mad if she doesn't speak," _____says, gesturing at Vortigern. "Her voice is on loan to another."

Little Journey returns the head-smash to Flaming, leaving her legs shaky. "Likewise! Have you kept up your prayers to Buiwong?" he asks cheerfully.

The writing smudges away for a moment, but the black scrawl re-configures itself, reading "VIOLENT"

The gigginox's tail slaps Shei across the garden against the wall of a nearby shed. He loses 3 Hits.


Flaming takes that to heart, wondering if she has been asking too much of Ichimonji during her short time in the organization. "R-right… bye. Good luck."

"The dragon…? You mean Pronounced? He is a bit odd, but…" she takes a second look at the flying dragon, her eyes squinting as she takes a closer look at his form. "I… I'm sorry, I was so excited to see a dragon I might not have noticed but, is he made of… paper? Is he not a REAL dragon?" She huffs, almost sounding a little defeated.

She asks _____ "Oh! I'm sorry. Mudi didn't steal it from you, did she?"

As her head is smashed upon quite enthusiastically by her fellow buffalo, Flaming quivers with excitement, about ready to bounce in joy at the familiar sensation. As he asks the fatal question though, she immediately stops, looking at him as one would look at a dead body. "WHAT!? I-is that supposed to be some kind of joke because, I didn't think it was funny, Little Journey."

After hearing Buiwong mentioned, she pulls at Shei's fur and asks, "What CLAN is he from?"


"Ba-a-h!" Shei bleats as Mudi's curse retaliates. "Curses. I was certain that would do it."

Shei kneels on the ground beside his Gigginox. He puts a hoof on the side of his head and leans over his pet. Wearing an annoyed expression when Little Journey mentions Buiwong to Flaming.

Before she might blow up at Little Journey's response Shei swiftly interjects "Flaming, is Mudi in the cabin? What was she last doing?


"Climbing Fire, same as you Shorthorns." Shei-Sher responds with acute annoyance.


Flaming huffs, "She was getting a visit from her sister, Vizsla is here as well and I think she wants to help us again. Amy was trying to talk to both of them," she frowns, "I don't know if she's still mad at you though. Sorry. You probably won't get thrown up on again though."

"I guess that explains why he thinks highly of Buiwong but, NOT after the Firmament broke! Are you sure he isn't some Stone idiot who's been hiding under a rock?!"


>You probably won't get thrown up on again though."
"That is fantastic to hear because I have new garments now and I prefer it's original color" Shei says ever more vexed.

"Why the grievance for immigration. What of the colorful culture we are to be enriched with?" Shei says sarcastically with poor humor.


"She lent her voice to Buiwong," _____ says. "My name vanished many years ago. I deserve to be at the top of the dragon families of Ornifex, so I challenged the elder family to ritual dual known as Prokolot. Yet, the cowardly new rulers refused to honor this rite. When I cast the first blow at the patriarch anyway, I was punished. I was unnamed.

"So when I heard that a bitter little mother of three from one of the tribes of unwashed savages in the Ornifex mountains had become a serial killer against the ruling elite of Ornifex… and even broke the scales of a dragon's neck, I thought I'd join her. If they wouldn't listen to a duel, they'd listen to a warhammer."

"So you have fallen away. I empathize with your loss, but do not sympathize with it," Little Journey says. You recognize that his coat is much much thicker than yours. That is a common trait among the Sinking-Rain buffalo, who have to endure much ritual rainfall summoning dances as well as swim in their territories. "Know that Buiwong has taken good care of the faithful members Tribe, guiding them to a land called Amlapura, where they are safe."


members of our Tribe*


"What did I say about saying his name, what did I say what did I say." Shei-Sher iterates to himself as he buries his face in his Gigginox's torso


"I noticed," she says, pulling at the disguise he put on. "This is a dress. Why are you wearing a dress?" She smiles, "Did Novelus make it look fuuuuuun?" She teases.

"That… that's incredible. Buffalo have duels all the time too but, losing one's name? What an odd practice the dragons are known for." She says, looking up at him with grandeur. She turns towards Vortigen, "So you're both from Ornifex like Zjetya? I've thought of going there, just to see more dragons. You're a mama? Why did you become a… a serial killer?"

"The faithful…?!" Flaming looks at his coat, recognizing the familiar Sinking-Rain thickness but too fraught with anger to ask Shei why he said he was from Climbing Fire. She moves in on him, "The only reason we need a new home in the FIRST place is because of that… that… that traitorous, ugly, stupid jerk! H-he MADE the demons come down and destroy our home, what do you mean he's still leading us?" She asks.

"Climbing Fire served him faithfully once, but after what happened I'll be thrown in the Sleeping Dragon before I see another of my clan worshiping him. If you even ARE of my clan."


"It's a shame you can't see things the way the faithful do. Our people's service to Buiwong was never without purpose, and these greater trials are nothing more but the breath of the Sleeping Dragon coming awake to harden us and burn through our weakness. Buiwong had been wrongfully imprisoned by the Devas, just as our people were wrongfully imprisoned and relegated to a small portion of land by the ponies. Just as the ponies did to the Changelings and Dragons, whom they drove from Accorsia. Buiwong will one day restore our lands to the fullest. Wouldn't you rather stampede on a massive, empty grass plain, instead of dodging about in the cramped forests and valleys that we've had to endure for so long? Can't you see what he has to offer?"

Vortigern pats the side of _____'s head, and ______ begins to explain.

Hailing from the Osi tribe of Ornifex, Vortigern was next in line for ascension to Clan Mother. In Ornifex, a casting of lots is performed every five years among the native tribes to determine who among the tribes' children shall be taken across Yongning-si as servants for the Dragon Knights, never to be seen again by the outside world. Vortigern, in an attempt to spare her tribe's young mothers the horror of surrendering a child, rigged the lots so that she drew all three lots for her tribe. However, she vastly overestimated her ability to endure the unbearable weight of loss, and was driven to a bloody madness. She is now reviled by the ruling elite of Ornifex as a mass murderer and terrorist, who has also committed the unforgivable sin of murdering a dragon.


"For your information! A seasoned professional in the ways of fashion said it looked nice on me. And I am going make amendments to it in place of a unisex garb."

"So you are fine with a serial killer but worshiping a god that wanted to return home is where you cross the line? Have you taken into consideration there are members of your clan that haven't lost faith as you have?"


Shei-Sher takes his face out from his pet's side
"You murdered a dragon!" he is genuinely impressed "You have my applause" He brings up his hooves to clap briefly.


She says with a stomp of her hoof. "Yeah, I KNEW THAT! I-I know buffalo getting a raw deal was the whole reason we signed on with him in the first place, we had that in common, but don't you see where that's gotten us?! Our homes… they're gone! We're WORSE now than we ever were with Accorsia's ponies. Demons probably have flattened the Sleeping Dragon, rendered our forests to cincders… so, now we're doing all we can to stop the demons, or at least I am, and what is Buiwong doing? NOTHING."

"Ho-how can you say he still has followers? Do you even know where our clan is, because I sure don't."

"T-they take children from ponies as servants? I didn't know. Are you saying she sacrificed her own family so others wouldn't have to endure that?" She frowns, "Well… what happened to her children after that? Are they okay?"

She chuckles non-stop, "Oh, it looks VERY nice. You're pretty as Dania ever was. Are you thinking of asking out Pryce or Flow? I think you can date more than one pony at a time so Amy won't get mad."

She growls as he takes Journey's side, "A single pony's actions can't compare to what BUIWONG has done to the world. And if there are any who still follow him, I'll smack them up until they think straight."


"Don't congratulate us!" _____ says. "We snuffed out the life of a minor one at best. We have neither reason nor urge to celebrate until we have toppled the patriarch and his kin."


"That's what we'll discover along the cloudy path to the top," _____ says capriciously.

"They are very near, hiding in a country called Amlapura. Like your Ecclesia, like the Accorsian angels… and like you, Buiwong nudged and guided them to the northwest, all in according with his greater design."

Little Journey winces as you point out some legitimate grievances and fears. "If a parent does everything for a calf, will the calf learn to do anything for himself?" he asks. "Perhaps a religious discussion wasn't the best topic for an introduction. May I take you out on a run? Oh! What day is it? Did the Hearts and Horns Dance already pass us?"

"You will have time for that later," _____ says. "But you dawdle too much here. All of that we will have time to think on later, after Mudi, Vizsla and Lord Buiwong establish a country of peace soon enough."

Lamp, Journey, Vortigern and start to lead the both of you back to the cottage.



shei-Sher face contorts wildly in disgust "Eughk! Don't even insinuate such a thing! That is repulsive Flaming!"


"We are in agreement. I am merely suggesting that it isn't outrageous to presume that members of your tribe remain faithful. Especially since Buiwong did succeed in wreaking havoc upon Hearthome during his leave."

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