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"Hey, get off of her!" Amy shouts at the slugs.

Her body flashes and a wave of holy flames launches from her toward the slugs.

>Wrath on all of them [1d10+3]

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


"Well Etherward is a place one could never forget even if seen from a distance. The city is sprawling with towers that reach up into the heavens and there is clockwork machinery laid about in an egregiously intricate fashion. You would feel as though walking through the interior of a grandfather clock."


Shei-Sher smiles with a smidgen of second hand embarassment at seeing the two, LJ and Flaming bicker with one another. Especially the remark god's chosen seems to rub Shei the wrong way.

>never been there.
"oh.. Well then it's fortunate Temper Tantra is eager to join us. I don't believe you can manage a corridor there Flaming. Seeing as you've been to Hearthome."


She shakes her head, "No, and I'm still trying to get the hang of that myself… though if you'll allow me to try, I'm sure I can make one 'back' here!"

As you describe the city to Tantra, she opens up her mouth in awe. "Wow… and, what is a 'grandfather' clock, exactly?"


Flow shakes his head.
"It's not my place to judge. I can guarantee that I've done plenty of bad stuff as a bounty hunter."
He scowls, "Not like I like any of this anyways…"

He follows her.


Pryce looks at River, silent in deep thought at what she said.
"…It'd be the only way I could look at myself.," He says with a sigh, "All this fighting, every day, every place we go, it's worn at me. I've already lost two friends from this whole conflict, at least, I still think of them as friends despite what happened. If anypony else died, I'd either end up dying myself or I'd be even worse off than I was the other week, and I doubt I could get back out of something like that."

Pryce turns and looks out to sea.
"And a place like Tartarus, I know bad things will happen down there. When you were unconscious and turning to glass, it was the worst feeling I ever felt. I can't imagine how seeing anything worse would leave me."

KP smiles at the pat and nudge. As Mirror hands him the box, KP gives a curious peak inside at how cold it feels.
>"You know me?" He questions, "Oh, we do look the same, since we are the same after all. And alrigh, thanks for th talk!"
KP says with a wave goodbye as he heads back through the corridor to the ship.


Blessings and Amy both attack the slugs, but their attacks seem to have no effect on the slugs– instead, the slugs grow more bloated and bulging as the holy flames seep into their skin and Blessings is promptly knocked to the ground and bitten severely by the mindless creatures.

Observer sees that some of the broken technology periodically sparks, revealing live wires inside that could still be harnessed and weaponized, but at great risk.

Blessings, now in a panic, scrambles to her hooves. [1d10+2]
Yet, the slugs only seem to grow in response to her thrashing, and continue to eat at her. [1d10+7]

"It's all coming back to me now," Tantra says. "Figure if anyone survived in Hearthome, it'd be the folks there. They'd be best equipped for it."
Tantra takes a heavy breath and creates another Dark Corridor. He gasps from sudden strain, as if just punched in the gut. "Ooof… Heh! I thought it'd be more of a pain to reach so far across the continent, but this is nothing! Our Lord be praised!"
"Praise Him!" LJ echoes as you all head through.

An unrecognizable, incomparable landscape lays before you as you exit the text-lined corridor.
The sky is dense with black, and red-rimmed stars drill through the darkness like the frigid glares of otherworldly judges. Bronze, toxic clouds spiral, serrated, through the sky, lit by an unknown source, while crowned, serpent-like beings dart through them, devouring smaller beings that scatter when the clouds are pierced.

The smell is one of alcohol and fine perfumes, one that makes you dizzy upon first breath. The cobbled streets below you bubble with wine, leaking from crusty, skin-colored dome-like molds which periodically dot the street. Holes dot the backs of the domes, and stringy red plants sprout from them, each tipped with a golden, pus-like growth. The background is swarmed with clouds and the indistinct silhouettes of humanoid giants.

Neither LJ nor Tantra are able to say a word as they look about aimlessly.

KP returns to the ship. Inside the box, the Ember is now about half of its original size, and far less warm.

"You're right. Those are still good reasons… and the right words aren't coming to me at the moment. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But, I know what I feel, and I don't want to see you motivated only by despair and what you could have done differently to save them, and… I just want you to live for something more, something greater."

She scoffs. "I'm terrible with words."

"What don't you like about it? The fact that we're handing this much power over to Mudi?" Renee asks. As you follow in Observer's footsteps, you reach the damaged pyramid, the one that Blessings told you was a base owned by the Apostles of White. Inside, you hear the sounds of fighting, and Amy's voice (see top).

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 7 + 7 = 14



Amy cocks her head at the slugs as they grow in response to all the attacks. "Huh," she says thoughtfully.

Quickly, she reaches into her pack and pulls out a potion. She throws it at one of the slugs.

>Natural Remedy on a slug [1d10+3]

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


Observer attempts to use his powers to twist and manipulate the wires to try and electrocute the slugs

>I Dream of Alchemy: Use the wires to make them reach the slugs or sparks to form lightning


Roll #1 1 = 1


Flaming lets her eyes cast a long roll, "Ugh… again with Buiwong…" she mutters under her breath as she steps through the dark corridor.

Upon coming through the dark corridor through to the other side, Flaming's nose takes a whiff of the air as she snorts back in gross agitation, shaking her sinuses free of the alcoholic smell as she looks around the ruined, wine and mold covered grounds of the land. She gags, taking a look at the various creatures scattering among the noxious clouds.

"….I'm not really impressed. THIS is what those missionaries kept talkin' about?! This place reeks!"


Flow shakes his head.
"All of this. Angels, demons, all of it."
As they approach the pyramid, Flow draws out his sword, and nods to Renee.
"Wait out here, make sure no one else comes in."
He tries finding a way inside of the pyramid.


>"Ooo, must've taken a lot of energy to cure eerypony. At least you're still here though."
KP says to the Ember, shutting the box and holding onto it for now.

As he comes out of the portal, KP runs up to the ship. He heads down to his older self's room, tucking the ember box under his pillow, and then heads back up to the main area and checks around for any loose change, since his older self has all his stuff.
>Change Hunt! [1d10]

Pryce looks back to River.
"It may not be much, but at least that's not my only motivation anymore. That show last night, it felt better than any of my years as a knight. I can look forward to doing another of those again."

Pryce chuckles a little at River's comment,
"Glad to hear somepony care about my future."

Roll #1 5 = 5


Shei-Sher feels like the odd one out. admittedly he's never so zealously praised Buiwong before unless putting on a show to convince his fellow goats to convert.
"Er- Praise him" He saves face

Now at the otherside Shei-Sher feels a familiar sense of anxiety now having to walk these alien and mutilated versions of a country he once called second home. Feeling the cobblestone beneath his hooves makes him think they are in a city. Shei-Sher takes out his Pupil and dangles it as he surveys the area ahead. Appraising for any lingering magical energy.

[1d10+1] appraising to find magic produced by a mortal nearby

"Remain inconspicuous. I'll douse the area for magic. Let'spray there is a barrier nearby." Shei says barely above a whisper

"This is not the beautiful country the missionaries of Accorsia once knew. It is a vision of the cosmos Buiwong was so magnanimous to bequeath us." Shei-Sher says with thinly veiled sarcasm

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


Flaming looks to Shei, "O-oh… wait, then, could Tantra have made a mistake and taken us to the wrong spot? Or, did it really change this much…?"

She says looking at the foul landscape. "You're saying 'Buiwong' made it look like this…? Buiwong's a creep, but, I never took him to think 'this' an improvement!"


"I understand the feeling," Renee says. You head inside the pyramid, just in time to see the below happen:
>Also see >>692154 for a description of the scene

Thinking quickly, Amy soaks the slugs in a bad potion, distracting them just long enough for Blessings to roll away. Yet as Observer moves to manipulate the live wires into shocking them, one of the slugs suddenly leaps at Observer, causing him to be caught in the resultant shock.
>Observer 5/4
However, the current spreads across the slugs, cooking them until they reek of burnt flesh and various noxious chemicals. The slugs fall dead, burnt all across the floor and walls.

You hear a set of hoofsteps coming from beyond. A hippogriff mare in a white robe similar to Blessings', as well as a set of magitech goggles, comes up the stairs. You note that her outfit's covered in quite a bit of blood, but she doesn't seem injured. Upon seeing the carnage, she seems more annoyed than anything else.

"Oh damn, that's where they'd gotten to. I thought I rounded them up, but they got away again. Blessings, you brought friends! Oh, dear, you're in quite a sorry state. Come here and let me patch you up."
"Pax!" Blessings says to the scatterbrained hippogriff, shocked at her nonchalance.

KP gathers 25 Bits.

River doesn't seem to know what to say anymore, but smiles nonetheless. She gazes out at the beach as a breeze flows over you. You are possessed by a sudden bout of nostalgia. Something about the wind conjures memories of your first days traveling across Accorsia on your divine mission, when things were simpler.

While dowsing for magical energy, Shei leads the group across the twisted stones. The environment has mutated without rhyme or reason, and mangled beasts, gruesome parodies of life, lounge about in the land reeking of death, watching with amusement as you travel in a close knit group, though none seem to bother you.

At long last, a signature catches Pupil's attention, and you follow it to the base of a silver-gold tower spiraling to the sky, structured like an archetypal tree. Golden rings of power curl around its green-glowing top, and its base is surrounded by a series of multicolored fractals reminiscent of dragons' scales. As bizarre as it is, a certain majesty and ominous authority lingers about it.


Observer brushes off his horrible shock, looking to the hippogriff who only just came in. "You seem to be doing a fine job at containing these specimens…" Observer says with some sarcasm.


"Look above you Flaming- That sky is what Buiwong wished for. To dance amongst gods once more, in the heavenly spheres. This. This is what the Daeva's kept our earth shrouded from. The world is cruel indeed."



"Hey, so your home seems to be a bit of a mess," Amy says to the hippogriff, not realizing how rude of a sentence that was. "What's up with that?"


Flaming looks up into the noxious skies of Hearthome, a frown appearing on her face as she takes it all in. "It's so… wrong. To think only a year or so ago we were all living completely unaware of this madness."

Flaming gives a few stink-eyes to any of the abominations and beasts that turn to look their way, making it clear they are not a group to be messed with as she snorts out roughly. "Look sharp, Climbing Fires."

when they come across the golden, tree-like tower, Flaming's expression changes, "Woah… now THAT is more like it. It's beautiful! Did all the buildings in this place look like this one…?"


Shei-Sher scans the tower with Pupil's gaze. Feeling the texture on the tower wall, searching for a door or button, maybe an inscription to give a clue.

[1d10+1] appraising for a way in
If a way in is already apparent Shei-Sher just leads the group in.

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


>Did all the buildings in this place look like this one…?"
"They tend to vary, an extravagant pillar must mean an esteemed wizard presides here."


Flow looks at all of the burned slugs, confusion written all over his face.
"What happened here?" he asks to no one in particular as he puts away his sword.



"Oh, hi Flow!" Amy says with a happy smile and vigorous wave.

"We were just fighting these slug things. But, hurting them made them stronger. Except for the electricity. That worked for some reason."


>"Yes, this should be enough for something."
KP says, proud of his hunting skills as h heads off the ship to head back towards town. He pauses for a second as he steps off the ramp.
>"Hmm… Yea, I think we'll be fine alone, right Hopper?"
KP asks up to his pet frog riding in his mane before heading off to Fantasia to check the shops.

As the breeze blows, Pryce sits on the sand as he watches the waves, thinking back to those early days. A bright, hopeful knight on his first big mission.
"For now, this feels like motivation enough. These nice, calm moments we can find."
Pryce comments.
"Do you ever think back, to how things were before?"


"Wow… a wizard lives here?" She looks around, "Must be why this place looks so good and everywhere else looks so… not. She must have used her magic to protect this place."


Flow slowly puts a hoof up.
"Hey…how'd you end up here in the first place?"


(Why does my name keep disappearing?)

"How did YOU end up here," Amy says as she bounces toward Flow. When she says the word 'YOU', she pokes Flow in the nose.


Pax nods. "Please forgive us. It's been quite a project, keeping this all intact. We've been running out of room to put all of our new equipment, and we've had to double up on a lot of rooms. Bedrooms have been appropriated for surgery prep, hallways for specimen storage, and so on. Not to mention, we were only raided… oh, I'd say not even three hours ago, by a much larger force than we were expecting. We've been capturing demons consistently for about a week now, and one who has consistently eluded our grasp decided to organize a liberation front." She gestures at the destroyed tubes. "He's the one who attacked us today. Caused quite a bit of damage, as you can see."

Pax helps Blessings to her hooves and quickly slices at her with a green-glowing knife. Rather than damage Blessings, the knife passes through her harmlessly and closes her wounds.

"Well, anyway, we were expecting you. Yatrius has the texts you requested. It's right this way."

Pax starts heading down the stairs.

"I was attacked by these slugs, the result of some scientist's pet project gone wrong," Blessings says, just as bewildered. "The Apostles of White have started conducting experiments on demons, apparently… It was never like this before."

The entrance, a simple circular door bisected by a curved line (creating a taijitu), slides apart as you get closer, and slides closed once you're inside. The inside of the tower is clean and orderly, almost boringly so in comparison to the dark world just outside its walls. The hallway you enter is marked by a simple marble floor, coated by a very soft rug. Intricate sculptures and paintings line the walls, as do trophies such as manuscripts and demons' heads, mounted on marble statues.

In a curl of smoke, a maid appears before you. She is indescribably plain, with no distinguishing characteristics, just white coat, mane, and a simple black outfit with a veil that covers her eyes. "Well? What do you lot want?" she asks, in a voice whose sound you forget as soon as you hear it.

Hopper croaks wisely.
After searching about, KP finds an apothecary packed to the gills with exotic goods, beasts, plants, trinkets and reagants. The shopkeep is an old pony with a head surrounded by bushy gray mane and beard, smoking a pipe.

"All the time. What else is there to take one's mind off the unbearable present if the future is impossible to see?"



Amy frowns as Pax talks about the liberation attempt. "How… smart are these demons that you have?" Amy asks, trying to not get angry.


Shei-Sher gives the maid a slight bow to greet her "Forgive us for intruding. Please send our apologies to your master. My name is Shei-Sher a servant and protege of Aliester Crow-ley. We come all the way from the continent of Huoli in search of him, or at the very least a member of the Order of Theon."


Flow blinks.
"I followed Renee here…"

Flow squints.
"You were experimenting on demons?… Anything useful you've found out?"

He shrugs.
"Well heck, I ain't got a problem with this crap, as long as it helps kill other demons…"



"Well, I followed Blessings here," Amy says as a petulant response.


Flaming gives a short hop in surprise as the door opens up for them upon their arrival, and then walks briskly from the toxic exterior to the beautifully clean interior of the tower. She looks around and continues to marvel at the crisp, ornate marble and paintings that line the walls, looking around to her heart's desire.

"So pretty… whoever's tower this is really did a good job making sure this place still looks good. I've never seen so many sculptures and paintings like this."

As the maid appears in the black curl of smoke, she looks at the pony. She bows her head, "And I am… just call me Shorthorns. These are my fellow clansmen, Little Journey, and Tantra. We're with him," she says, pointing towards Shei with a smile.


KP steps into the apothecary, looking around with awe and wonder at all the little trinkets and baubles. Like a kid he ends up giving most things a poke and picking them up as they looks so entrancing.
>"Hmm, what to get… Anything look nice to you Hopper?"
He asks his pet as he looks over the exotic stuff.

>"Excuse me mister, what do you have that's like, not so common to find?"

He asks over to the shopkeep.

"Not much I suppose. But, I'm starting to feel things have worked out for the better. Personally, I mean."
Pryce adds in before a comment can be made.
"Despite all the terrible stuff we've been through, in a way I found myself. Traveling, the show, even having a kid copy made, I feel a better now then back then."
Pryce looks over to River.
"How about you, things must be somewhat better now that you're healed."


Flow says, still confused.


Observer follows Pax, not wishing to wait any longer for the texts.



Amy merely cocks her head in confusion.


"Absolutely. We're developing many new and exciting weapon types out of what we've learned and practiced from those we've captured. We're saving lives already!"

"They were not very smart to attack us," Pax says with absolute lack of feeling. "Based on current statistics of their rampages across the countryside, we suspect that most of these demons who joined the would-be liberator were riding high on past victories. Most demons are mere savages, and they likely assumed that the ease with which they have massacred the helpless people of this country meant that we would be just as easy prey.


"But we are tired of being prey."

Pax leads you down into a dungeon, well-lit. Many cells are home to test tubes containing many demons, and various experiments are clearly being conducted therein, some involving the injection of various chemicals into the fluid, others involving increasing the pressure in the tube until the demon is crushed. Other cells house the remains of more magical rites, and black soot-stains in the center of the room mark the only remains of the demon subjects. Other cells are simply blocked off with sterile white curtains, leaving no indication of what goes on within.

At the end of the hall, you see a tall diamond dog, of the rottweiler breed. Upon seeing Blessings, he smiles, and reaches for his pocket. "Ah, there you all are. Good to see you. I'd stop to offer tea, but we're as busy as ever, especially with the recent losses to our numbers. My work never ends."

Procuring a key, he opens up a door on the far end of the room. Inside, you see a small stack of tomes, codices and scrolls. "There you are."

"You'll have to be more specific. Everything I've got in here is rare," the shopkeep says. "Actually, I think you might be better suited for the toy shop across the road. This stuff isn't for playing around with."

River glances about. "I suppose they are. It still hasn't sunk in yet. I don't suppose I'll be able to take proper catalogue of my life until the others have gone into Tartarus. That they're going in is still a burden on my mind."

The maid nods. "Well, they aren't particularly busy right now, so I suppose I can allow a walk-in. Come alooooong," she says, and would clearly rather be anywhere else right now.

She leads you through a short sequence of turns through the halls, indicating that the tree-tower is far more labyrinthine than one might expect. Eventually, you enter a small, quaint room with couches, tables, exotic plants, and materials for making coffee and tea on a central table. It's rather plain and small as well. As you enter, the maid presses her hoof against a stone switch on the table, and you feel the room rising, accompanied by clockwork clacking.


"Quite the impressive tower." Shei-Sher tries to make small talk "I lived in a tower like this once. Was not as tall but it was already in the sky.."

Shei-Sher takes a seat as the room rises.


Flow nods.
"Good to hear."
As they go inside of the dungeon, Flow marvels at all of the different test tubes and their captive demons.
"Seems kinda…cruel," he notes.
>"However, understandable," pipes up Vice, who's been mostly quiet till now.
"So what'd we come here for anyways? To have a little reading session or something?"


Shorthorns gives a small snort of her nostrils. "Sorry to keep you from your busy schedule…" she says in a unbecoming mumble as she follows behind the uninterested maid, taking her fill in of the tower's architecture and culture in interest.

She thinks to question how there could be so many halls in such a narrow tower, but upon reaching the quaint room at the end, she asks, "What is this room called?" When she pressed the switch and the room starts to rise, Flaming quickly braces her hooves, standing shakily in the middle of the room. "W-woah! It moves?!"


>"It's is? Hmm, not this will be a little more tough…"
KP comments, heading up to the counter.
>"Oh it's not for me, it's my friend's birthday today, and he likes this kinda stuff. What can I get for…." KP pulls out his bits to check through them again, "25 bits?"
He asks, waiting expectantly.

"Hmm, haven't thought too much that they really are going down in a few days, for who know how long. Or… even what I'd do after that."
Pryce looks off to the distance, then to River.
"At least you'll be here now."


Shei grimaces "Flaming be nice."



"I didn't ask about the ones who attacked you," Amy says as she looks around at the tubes. More than angry, she grows more and more sad and disgusted.

But, there is still anger. And, with contained ferocity, she says, "I was asking about these demons," she says, gesturing to all of them in their containment.


"I'm glad you agree," Amy says to Flow. She sounds relieved to hear someone at least slightly on her side.


"Why, 'she's the one being rude. We're guests! But she sounds like she'd be anywhere but here."


"It is probably very boring being cooped inside a tower year round. Now be quiet."


"Well then she should be excited, we probably liven the place up!" she whispers back.


Observer makes his way to all the sources of information, not hesitating to immediately read through it all.

>Read all the information


"This is called an elevator," Tantra says learnedly. "Some high-end structures in pony and griffon territories use them to get from one level to another faster."
"Y-yeah, you didn't know that!?" LJ taunts, while his knees knock underneath him.

Tantra makes you all tea to pass the time, including a mug for the maid, who cannot help but take it. Soon enough, the elevator stops, and you exit.


The halls on this floor are more structured like the inside of a tree branch, rounded, with a refreshing scent of bark and foliage. Through circular windows, you can see the murky world below, teeming with unknown life forms and phenomena. Giants roam upon the earth, bodies hidden in mottled fur as black as an abyss, and over the far mountains, a spindly, segmented corpse of a crustacean, a body all made of networking limbs, rots and holds up a chunk of the Beyond, pulled straight from the sky.

But you have no time to watch, as you are ushered onward. You soon enter a long and multi-leveled library that doubles as a herb garden, rich with the scent of soil and books. "Make yourselves at home," the maid drones, before wandering off.
At first it seems like you're the only ones around, but a shuffling of books indicates another presence. Above one shelf, you see a large wizard hat moving around, obscured behind some books.

"It was from the attacking force that we pulled these test subjects," Pax explains. "As a set of strong demons, they prove to be the most durable, and therefore reusable, for repeat and variant tests, especially those requiring more invasive methods. More useful than, say, a random sample of weaker ones."
Blessings' face falls, and you see her expression darken.

Without hesitation, you begin to inhale the information present in the texts. Blessings shakes your shoulder, and you can tell she's about to vomit. "Observer, come along. You can read in the ship."
"And hello to you too, my star pupil," Yatrius says to Blessings.
She shakes your shoulder again without looking at him, voice lowering to a whisper. "Observer, please. Let's go."

"The same to you," River says, turning to face you.

The shopkeep goes through some drawers, and finds a mid-sized vial with a red cork. "Something simple. If you put any liquid in this vial, you've got an infinite supply. If you pour some out or drink it, then as long as there's a little left, it will regenerate until it's full."



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