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Post sheets


okay, so what we need are you sheets.

we're going to play Wake up, am horse.

you're going to be vacationing in Scenic St.Petursburg in july of 1908


>st. petursburg
in Russia or Florida?


I hope neither.
Here's my sheet.

Use the hoers inclluded as you please.


Imperial Russia


You are such a princess. like jesus christ.


We're rolling for the characters, right? I may not get her.

I'm really that tall, pls don't laugh.



File: 1476040868725.gif (235.77 KB, 281x274, 1422922073186.gif)

it's to my direction. you roll for initial horsification, though.



that's cool. if you want to put any quirks in tell me. you will all need a name for me to discern you by.


Oh, nevermind then.
I suppose we are ready. Also, Tom will do.
Veri once beyond 5


Okay, so we've got two sheets.

Please Change your name to fit the name of your character- both of you, please.

then roll for initial horsification via '[1d6]'

Roll #1 3 = 3




Roll #1 1 = 1



Roll #1 2 = 2


You wake up from your Hotel bed, Flushed with fresh linens and lined with gold.

with a start, Tomas - the European Undergraduate - wakes up. babbling about his dreams.

this then wakes up Winston, Tom's Vacation counterpart and long time friend. Tom wakes up easily and steadily… not unlike a heavy ox.

Tom had a dream that he was pulling a carriage, rope tied to his neck. he was easily able to pull this carriage and the people behind him did not need to whip him. to his side were cohorts of roman soldiers marching steadily.

Adversely, Winston had a long, lucid dream of him sitting in a meadow naked, with the sun warming his body, and swelling his internals to bring a beaming smile on his face- there wasn't a care in the world. His scientific mind focused on what his body and mind could do and morph and change. He dreamed that he was a beast of burden laying on his side, and he changed to accompany this thought. his legs outstretched and bones moved to finish his experiment. His fur was coming in when Tomas woke him up.




Tom, the taller of the duo, rubs his forehead with his hand.
"This is the last time I go out drinking. Those dreams after alcohol are stupid."


rub my eyes, yawn and look for some coffee
incoherently mumble, "yeah, dreams"


(With a TF of 2/10, Winston is getting darker of the skin in some spots, coming up in patches. thick hairs shortly come in on some spots. there are only two large patches located on the legs and small of the back)


(with a FT of 1/10, Tom is showing a change in eye color, but is neigh unnoticeable)


"I'll get a smoke. I'l be on the balcony. You're the better one of us at cooking," Tom repies, and asks before leaving for the balcony. "And what about you? Any odd dreams?"


wearily blink at Tom muttering about dreams or something. "I dunno, had a dream about leveling Carthage or something, fucking elephant riding bastards had it coming to them. Eggs and toast sound fine?"
semi-consciously itch at where the fuzz is growing in.


"Eggs and toast," Tom replies and walks off to the balcony with a hangover styled walk, lighting a cigarette, leant against the railing, taking in the view.


start brewing coffee and cooking up breakfast, I guess


You scoop some coffee into the steel contraption, and set it to boil on the hot plate provided. but you have no ability to make breakfast, and have to get room service.


Tom comes back a couple minutes later, finished his cigarette, and goes to the bathroom to shower.


The Water comes out cold, due to your place on the high floors. but soon comes out warm and then finally hot.
you take off your clothes and hop into the shower, taking the soap to your body and washing your skin.


call up room service and ask to have one order of eggs and toast and another order of continental breakfast while the coffee brews


Is it too late to join?


Tom leaves shower after a couple minutes, and walks off to the mirror to dry his hair.


pour some coffee into a mug, cut it with some cream and wait for room service to arrive


She starts out in Russian, but as you answer back 'I'm english' a pause happens, and she switches to english.

you order a set of eggs, placed over easy alongside a pair of toasted bread.
at the request of a 'continential breakfast, she simply says - "We have the Petersburg special, if that's okay'

The fogged mirror only shows a light outline of your face, but it suffices to bring the soft towel to your head.
No it is not, make a sheet and post it here. i'll write you in as a meet for our two friends here. make sure you have a name to differentiate you by.


Tom comes back dressed, clean and after a morning cigarette which suficed to murder yesterday's hangover. "How's the breaakfast, Winny?"


confirm that the special's fine
give a death glare


"What? It was your idea to go drinking yesterday." Tom simles at his pal, taking a seat opposite of him.


drink coffee
mutter, "its too early for this shit"


A knock startles you two as some russian is spouted from the other side of your door.


"Don't be such a downer. It's summer, for crying out loud, vacation! Girls, Russia, Vodka!" the future doctor *certainly* doesn't sport the usuall manners associated with the proffesion.


"maybe I'll cheer up once this orangutan stops using my skull as its personal bongo, and could you get the door?"


"Ofcourse." Tom smiles, going to the door, opening it.
"Want some aspyrin?" Tom says to his friend.


(i forgot to mention, it's really 1968 and not 1908)


"I'll be fine, some coffee and a warm shower'll settle it down, and maybe some hair of the dog if that fails"


Tom picks up the breakfast.


You open the door, the cute russian girl on the other side hands you a plate of food, she points to one and says 'English food' and then points to the other and says 'Kasha nd butterbrots.' you give her a small tip and you close the door, turning to put the food on the small table.>>677303


"Here we are! Food!" Tom smiles.


eat the food and pour some more coffee, the last dregs of sleep are being rattled off, but not without a fight


Tom takes some of the breakfast, he doesn't drink coffee, though.
He dwelves into his breakfast. "What do you want to do today?"


"eh, see the sights, oggle the girls, and stay ten paces away from alcohol at all times, I do not want a repeat of this morning, if I can help it"


"Sounds like a plan. Well, you sshould get ready soon, this city is a big one."


"will do"
finish the last of the breakfast and coffee then get to showering


With the plate clear, you hop up and go into the bathroom, which is still hot from Tom's shower. You get naked and hop into the tub, using the soap to your advantage.


quickly shower, daylight's a burnin'


Tom is waiting in the room, taking the scenery in.


When you're done, you get out of the shower and get dressed. leaving your things at the hotel for you have paid for nearly a week more of staying here.

You Need to take a cab, room service can call one, but more than likely there's one sitting outside.


go to the front desk and ask for recommendations for tourist locations


Tom follows. He keeps an upbeat attitude, not even visible that he had downed two bottle of Vodka with Winston.


You get back on the phone, and ask simply 'Where should we go?'
With a pause, she replies
"you could go to the Winter Palace, while it is the most Famous, there are a number of other ones you could visit.

"You could try the theatres!" she spouts out.

"There are a couple of showings at the kirov opera, if you want to get some tickets. though they will be expensive."


relay the information to tom, and suggest visiting the winter palace


"I thought we could get dropped off in the center and then walk and explore. But the Palace would work as well. Whichever catches your eye more."


"if we're going to take a cap, why not just ride it all the way to our destination, and I'd rather not get lost on the way"


"Alright, sounds like a good plan. Let's get moving."


head out front to catch a cab


You step outside the door and down the elevator. in a moment you get into a Small russian cab, with room for two. the driver asks "European? Russian?"


Tom coughs. "Ja mluvim pa Ruski."

//I hope this'll pass as a Russian.//


interrupts his friend with "English"


"Chech? muj bratr, kam chces jit?"
He clears his throat- "Yes Sir, where would you like to go?


"winter palace, please"


"Ah! Skvele, Jedeme k Zimnimu Palaci." Tom proclaims and smiles.


"Yes Sir."
He shifts into first, and pulls away from the hotel.
"Takze, co vas privadi do vlasti?"


"Je leto, v Rusku je krasne, a projizdime maticku Rus, a prilezitostne se ozereme. Pamatky jssou taky krasne." Tom chuckles.


awkwardly stare out the window while the conversation flies over my head


"Vas pritel je kocovinu, ano?"
he pauses for a moment.
"Zda se, ze velmi kocovinu."


//Google translator just betrayed you!:DD//
"Trochu prebral, nezvlada alkohol tak dobre." Tom smiles, and looks to Winston with a slight smile.


continue taking in the scenery passing by outside the window


The cab driver laughs, and takes a right.
"Can't take too much of our vodka? That's a shame. i'll tell you what. when the last world war ended, i was so drunk that i fell asleep in someone else's house!" He bellows out laughing - "Can you believe that? don't worry, though. they were all drunk, too!" He continues laughing, babblig out 'jaka noc!' a few times.


Tom simles and knocks at Winston's shoulder. "Look, I probbaly earnt us a cheaper ride!"


"yeah, knocked the price down so we don't mind the drunk driving as much"


after a bit of clever turning, you three get to the square in front of the winter palace.
"Jak asi dve rublu?"
He clears his throat.
"One Ruble per person?"


Tom gives the driver the rubles, thanks him for the ride.

The duo disembarks the cab.


stretch a bit as I disembark, examine palace


File: 1476050585591.jpg (24.85 KB, 450x155, Winter_Palace_Panorama_2.jpg)

You're standing outside the winter palace. it sits still, with the gates open and inviting.


"Wonderous. Let's get closer!"


a couple of people are shuffling about, as you get closer, you realize that the palace is now a museum of the October revolution.

the entry fee is nearly 2 Ruples each.


anything on the sign restricting camera use?


No there isn't. as a matter of fact- you realize that there are a few people taking pictures of the front of the palace right now.

it is 9:30 AM


"How about we take some pictures? The fee seems a tad bit high, though."


take out crappy little camera and reply, "sure, we should probably take the picture from a bit farther back, to better capture the scope of this place"


"Sounds like a good plan. You pose first and then I. Sounds fun?"

//Could we try getting some rolls in?//




wind up the camera and tell Tom to strike a pose for the photograph


You back up, and pose in front of the palace, after a bit of lining up the picture, the little cellophane picture is ejected. you can go to the palace or go to the opera and see about getting tickets to the show.


"Do you suppose we could go to the Opera? Then again, if we're trying to save money…"


"well the museum's probably cheaper than a show, so let's look at the museum"


"That is the best course of action." Tom smiles and walks closer to the palace, waiting for Winston every a ccouple feet.


You go to the front of the palace, pay the 3 rubles and 30 kopecks.

after a bit of touring. you walk down a few hallways, you look at a few things, areas where people have balls and such.

after a while, you shuffle down a few hallways and into a small room where it's said Princess Anastasia slept. a couple of toy horses sit on her bedside with a carriage.

Both of your eyes widen and you stare at Anastasia's toys.
You both really want those toys.


//this the part where we roll to save vs horse?//


You two must take fortification rolls to see if you steal what may be anastasia's toys.

Nobody is around - nobody will see if you take them. you want them. they're beautifully crafted



Roll #1 1 = 1


You need to roll a D10


rolling a save vs horse

Roll #1 8 = 8


Sorry, my bad.

Roll #1 4 = 4


the risk level for these toys were four.

Winston rolled an 8, which added to four is 12. his willpower fell, and he steals one of the horses off of the carriage and puts it in his bag.

he must roll a d6 for ponification increase.

Tom's will stays, he does not have to roll.


whistle nonchalantly as I stuff one of the smaller ones under my coat

Roll #1 5 = 5


//I thought there was some sub-ponification stuff//


"What the fuck man?" Tom stammers, startled.


You're right.

Winston's ponification level goes up by one, his ears travel up the length of his head, and place themselves rather proudly as sporting equine shape


>Winston's Ponification level is now 3/10


"sorry, sorry, sorry, I just- I just had to have it! I just saw how pretty it was and I just…"
take out the toy and show it to tom
"just look at it!"


I'd pass that, but what the *fuck* are these?!" Tom comes close and grabs Winston by the ears atop his head.


slap tom's hand away
"the hell are you grabbing at my hair for?"


Tom walks around Winston, eyeing the ears atop his head.
"What the frick are those? They showed up when you grabbed the thing!"


"what are you talking about? are you on somthing?"


"It's hard to describe. Right! Mirror!" Tom drags winston into the next room with a big mirror.


You go down a hallway and turn a left. into a more than large bathroom.

this bathroom is dubbed public. but it seems like it's never been used.
A set of apple soaps rest on the counter.

Roll a 10 side die for resistance.
this is a level 2 threat



Roll #1 2 = 2


Me too?

Roll #1 6 = 6


winston has light thoughts of eating the soap, but realizes it's soap and shakes his head.


Tom feels something creep up on him, a gentle warmth, but he pulls himself away properly to look at the mirror.


"alright, so what's so important you needed to drag me in here"


"Look!" Tom manages to find the badly placed ears on Winston's head, and lift them up well enough so he can see them.


"oh come on, its just a cowlick, nothing to lose your mind over"


Winston feels an insufferable itch behind where Tomas believes his new ears are. it's not on his head.

this is a level five threat on Winston's part. he wants his ears scratched. he must roll a d10+5



Roll #1 9 = 9


Rolled a fourteen.
With a strong jut, you stuff your hands un on top of your head and start frivolously scratching.
after your itching session you stand nearly panting.

roll a d10 to figure how much you change.



Roll #1 9 = 9


your tongue turns orange and your eyes turn Emerald, your kanines disappear entirely and your ears now no longer itch.

Winston is at 3.9/10


"What? Are these ears? tom did you seriously just glue ears to my head? Holy crap this iches so much!"


Tom has lost the ability to comprehend.
>Error 404 brain.exe not found

"I-uh-What!? Those are horse ears!"


"don't play dumb with me, the only way these could have gotten here is if YOU put them there!"


"Do I look like I have fucking horse ears lying around?! Along with Superglue? Look! They even fucking twitch! I'm incapable of such witchcraft!"


"oh yeah, play innocent! Don't think I didn't notice that "whinny" quip back at the hotel, I swear you were just *waiting* for the chance to pull this shit!"


As this argument is happening you hear footprints make their way down the hallway. Their walking quickly, they may be looking for the bathroom!


"Why in the name of the proletrarians would I do that!?"
Tom turns his head.
"You look like a clown, we need to get out. Before someone finds us."


"fine, but first we should look for some glue solvent or somthing to get these stupid things off"
pull on a knit cap to hide the ears


>>677401 //Bugs eat emotions, just some ideas for rolls. :)//

"As I stand here, I promise I did not glue those atop your head. Now come on, let's get back to the hotel."


You quickly dart out into the hallway, and passed the Russian who was heading to the bathroom. you're in the main atrium.

you can leave now or go to the west halls


"Then again, we weren't at the west halls yet. And we're almost alone, so no worries there, righht?"


>>677402 "fine, whatever, but we should get to a shop for some solvent before this cap's glue to my head as well"


"I did not glue those to your head. Let's just have a look around and then leave for the hotel."


"if you didn't then who did? you drunk cabbie friend? cheeki breeki, glue horse ears on random fare, is famous russian joke"


Tom shrughs. "I have no clue." The duo walks through the exponates.


you turn to the right and head into the western halls.
you look around for another hour in the the ballrooms. but it seems that there are way more people out near here.

after some walking around you're looking around a tour of Tzar Nicolas's room.

there's a mother with her child in a stroller speaking russian


She turns to Winston, the baby giggling a bit.

she simply states 'turist?'


"Da. Turist." Tom replies.


"Angliyskiy? Russkiy?"


"Ceskoslovenski, on Americki. Moc Vodky." Tom chuckles and walks off with Winstion.


You're back in the main atrium. you can leave for the hotel or go to see ticket times at the opera.


"Let's deffinetelly leave for the hotel."


say "either that or a store for some glue solvent" as I adjust my hat as it forces my ears down, "these stupid things are starting to get uncomfortable"


"Most anorganic materials are solluable in alcohol. Glue is anorganic polymers that harden up, I can clean it with alcohol."
Tomfurrows his brow. "Most glue sollubles are not even suited for skin, so you'd get even worche of an itch."


you dive out of the museum and into the street.

a horse drawn carriage with ornate gold ingravings pull up when you whistle for a cab, alongside a cab.

You must roll d10 to see if you go into the cab or the carriage.

this is a level five threat.



Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 8 = 8


The horse is beautiful to you. it seems better built than humans. you want to set it free. but you know you cant. you want to get as close as possible to the carriage. as close and as long as possible.
Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, you're certain that it happens all the time. you climb into the carriage and sit in the plush seats.

Please roll a d10 for TF ammount.



Roll #1 2 = 2



Roll #1 6 = 6


Winston is now at transformation level 4/10

the patches you woke up with have moved to encapsulate your entire leg area. both of your legs turn fuzzy, and shape to look like a horses.

you are now a satyr.
Tomas is at 1.6/10 and his hair grows a bit longer. a light bump forms at the top of your head and your skin darkens lightly.


"I think the crap you slathered me with might be toxic, because now my legs are starting to feel off"


with your heart pounding, the driver turns around and says 'YAzyk?'


"I didn't fucking do anything! I told you before." The carriage begins moving.


"Ruski. Do hotelu Vlk."


"yeah, and now you're doubly innocent, because this shit's probably melted my scalp off, and I'm going to die, seizing and foaming at the mouth while I hallucinate spiders burrowing under my skin or some shit, and you're going to be watching me die, just YUKKING IT UP!"


"Keep it together, you dip!"Tom slaps his commrade. Shock prevention. Seriously.
"What? You don't even have ears on the side of your head!" Tom slaps himself a couple time. "What the frick?"


"Ah - prejit na Kempinski?"

with a huff he says "25 kopecks přijatelné?"


"Jedte, hotel Vlk." Tom gives the driver the coins.


Feel at the side of my head and notice the distinct lack of ears
"Oh, Gee, I wonder why? I wonder if this toxic bullshit slathered on my head, that's melting my scalp away had anything to do with it?"


He nods, and the horses turn around towards the Hotel.


"Winn, for the love of god, I did not do anything. Keep calm,so I can figure out what's happening, alright? Could be just delyrium after yesterday's, or the breakfast… Justshut up, cross your legs, and wait."


"yeah, easy for you to say when you aren't the one slowly dying due to prank gone wrong"


the carriage takes a few more turns before your hotel comes into view.

it's 3:30 now.


"Winny, I'm a doctor, I'm under the oath.I *cannot* do harm, and believe me, glue in hair is stupid."


Winson heads for the hotel room
"glue in hair might be dumb, but does it cause this wibbly leg crap and melt off ears? Also please stop calling my whinny or whatever"


with some walking, you get to your elevator, when you get to your floor you place your key in the lock and close the door behind you.

you're back in your hotel room.


"No it doesn't." Tom locks the door. "Let me get my bag. I have a tonometer in there, I'll do some basic stuff, m'kay? /You/ get undressed. Down to boxers."


Winston strips down, grumbling as he does, and massages his sore ears one he gets his cap off


(as reminder Winston is a satyr currently)


Tom comes back with the tonometer.
"Winston, I think your ears are our smallest problem."


"what, can you see down to the bone on my scalp? Also can you please tell me directly, I'm pretty sure I'm hallucinating shit."


"You're a horse from the waist down." Tom says, and walkes to Winston, with a small flashlight, and examines his pupils.
"Those are fine." Tom furrows his brow.


"ha ha, uhm, what." Winston starts blankly staring off into the middle distance.
"ok, I'm VERY sure I'm hallucinating now, because you just told me that, heh, 'You're a horse from the waist down'. so I'm going to conclude I'm freaking the fuck out right now and have a little lie down until this shit passes. See ya once I attain universal one-ness or whatever."


"Winston, come on! I need to see. Blood pressure. Your pupils are normal, so you're not under influence of anything. What If you'll fall asleep, and won't wake up?"


"alright, alright, just sit on my chest or hold me down so I don't get the bright idea to jump out the window in an attempt to fly or something."


"That'd be gay."
Tom chuckles and taps his chin. "What if it is contagious, what if I'll get infected as well?"


"well then tie my shit down or put me on a leash or some shit, I'm at least semi-lucid right now, and I don't want to get kicked out of the hotel because I ran screaming naked through the halls"


"I locked the door. If it'd make you feel better, I'll sit on your lap." Tom taps his chin. "We've been traveling for a couple weeks. How long is the incubation? The symptomd…" Tom is thinking,


"well if you're looking for symptoms, there's definite hair growth, so, eh, you might wanna take a look in the mirror, you're looking kinda shaggy there, pal"


Tom walks off to the nearest mirror.


You go back into the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror.

your hair is long and bown, and goes to your shoulders now.


Tom comes back to the room where Wiston sists and slams down in an armchair.
"I'm gonna need a smoke. And more than a single cigarette."


"well if its any consolation, you'll get to see what's on the horizon through my changes… If it weren't for the fact that you got long girly hair first and I got these stupid ears, meaning we're possibly headed down two entirely different tracks."


"I just hope I'm wrong. If anything it seems to be action related. Just hoping nicotene doesn't accelerate this wierdness." Tom gets up to go for the balcony, and stands outside, smoking.


Winston takes out the horse toy, holds it up for Tom to see and says, "or it could be due to this thing's gypsy voodoo curse from when it was carved on an Indian burial ground. Wanna carry it to Mount Doom with me?"


Tomm chuckles. "Was that serious?" Tom finishes his cigarette. "Wait, let me see the thing."


Winston shows Tom the figurine. "you might want to avoid touching it, since the last guy who touched the freaky horse thing ended up with freaky horse parts."


Before Winston finishes his sentence, Tom takes ahold of the figure. "What?"


The horse toy is made of carved ivory and embellished with gold paint. you don't feel anything when you toutch the toy buy you do seem attracted to the thought of the toy itself.


"you MIGHT want to put that down carefully before you break out with a bad case of the hooves"


"It's pretty cute. That is about it, though."
Tom says, examining the toy.
"I'm famished. How about we orfer lunch? Something light, how abouut a salad?"


As the words are leaving your lips a thought creeps into your mind.

You want to order apples. a lot of apples.

roll 1d10 for ordering apples.

this is a level 3 threat



Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 1 = 1


Winston, rolling an eleven. picks up the phone and calls for six apples. and some apple cider.
Tom, shaking off the thought almost immediately, orders a shrimp cocktail


Winston, this was a low chance but high- erm, effect. please roll a d3 to resolve how many full points will be added to your TF counter.



Roll #1 3 = 3


//F humanity, I hardly knew ye//


Winston is at 7/10

Winston's hairline travels upwards stopping before the neck.
his check hardens and muscles form in.
his face grows out to muzzle shape. he is now an anthropomorphized human.


"W-Winston? You fine?"


Winston takes stock and notices somthing is very, very wrong
"aw crap, what happened"


"You look wierd. Like horse face and mane. Alost a pony on two feet? Does anything hurt, or did something when it happened?"

//Lucky guy, I succeeded almost all rolls :F//


He dropped his giant condom

for his M A G N U M D O N G


"well, you suggested food and apples popped into my head, nice, red, sweet, juicy apples and, and…" Winston cradles his head in his hands


"Oh, come on, Winston!" Tom pats his friend's back. "Funnily enough, I had a thought about those too."


"That doesn't really help matters, because you have a thought about apples, nothing happens, I have a thought about apples and oops, suddenly I'm on all fours." Winston raggedly sighs, on the verge of tears. "I swear, in an hour or two I'm just going to slip into being some dumb animal"


"I doubt that. Come on, Winn. I'll give you some of my cocktail and I'll take the apples, you're cretainly *not* in the state to eat that." >>677480


"Seriously? The THOUGHT of apples did this, hell even that soap back at the museum was causing problems. But actual, real apples? in front of me? You might as well play the funeral dirge now, because the moment those things come through the door, I'm dead. No more Winston. Just pony fucking clop clop neigh horse who ate his humanity and hijjacked his body so it could fucking… I don't even know, I don't even fucking know…" Winston curls up and starts crying


A knock finally comes on the door as a french woman shouts 'Room service!' from the other side.

it must be your food.


Winston throws a blanket over himself and holds his breath until the exchange is over.


with a thud your food is on the heavy dark oak table.

Tom starts eating the apples.
after the first bite, though. Toms' eyes go to pinpricks.

Tom must now make a damage roll similar to Winston's.



//tom's dead//



Pausing here.


Sorrx, fell asleep, Could we try to tomorrow? Also, last throw.


sounds good, got a time in mind?


I've got work. we probably can't push for these seven hour roleplays but we can do some 3+ hour ones.

maybe like five tomorrow (PST)


That works for me


File: 1476070037355.png (139.4 KB, 565x600, thingken of appul.png)




Roll #1 2 = 2


Roll call! Let's get this together.




Get a sheet up through a pastebin. Prepare and such. I probablly need to get a GM.


writing one up now :)


man, just give it an hour or two, the last session started at what, 1 PST?


As far as I know, we started earlier before.


Here ya go. Any details I've missed out?


Tom's mostly human, I've failed just about every roll, ended up as b&thro and lost my shit


Does this stuff reset after each game?


Tom actually fucking succeeded all his rollls. Except like one.


Okay, we're back.

post sheets.

no change, and all players joining will be implemented, but in a few posts. right now we've got Winston and Tom, in their hotel room. Tom just got done eating a plate of apples, gaining a damage ammount of two. putting Tom at 3/10.

winston, the most transformed, is at 7/10

the sub-bits have been cleared.


re-posting my sheet for confirmation


what change happened to tom with that 2 roll?


> Tom just got done eating a plate of apples, gaining a damage ammount of two. putting Tom at 3/10.


What're the changes?
"Hey, these weren't that bad."


I mean what physically changed with that 2 roll


i'm gonna put them into the first post once we begin at 1:30

i want to give a couple of minutes to give the opportunity to a few more ptfg-ers.

what you saw before was just a little recap.


Reposting a bit of the stage before we go off.

the two protagonists *plus whomever may be joining* are vacationing in St. Peters-burg during the cold war in 1968.
Tom, being in good with a few people- were able to get them into the country.


Probably thanks to having a clean background and goood grades. Maybe some string pulling. Doctors, man.


File: 1476650065745.png (677.92 KB, 1024x2049, vector___sgt__rarity_peppe….png)

We're Back.

Tom, now at 3/10, notices a large tail to form out from his spine. the large mint tail falls down three feet from his back, ending at his ancles.

his hair as well turns lime green, and falls down to his chest.

Tomorrow you have to get your friend from the airport at 6:30 in the morning.

these effects are, in theory- reversible.


how long until this kicks off?


Wingnid do you mind changing your name to James? for the remainder of this.


notice Tom eating the apples and changing
get up, run over and slap the apples out of his hand


sure thing




"Your hair! Your goddamned hair!"


"Holy fuck!" Tom grabs at his long hair. "What the frick?!"


start throwing the apples away, out the window, whatever gets them out of here
tell Tom, "get away from these stupid things before you're as fucked up as I am!"


In your fits of surprise, you knock over a table lamp.
it falls to the floor, but the steel frame just makes a loud *THUD*
You begin to throw them into the garbage can, ignoring the lamp that hit the floor.


Tom stands up to fix the lamp, steps on his tail, trips, and falls.
"God damn it, what did I step on?"


resist the temptation to eat any of the sweet juicy apples as I finish throwing them in the garbage and tie the bag shut.

look over at Tom and notice the tail that was very much not there before
"well, looks like you caught horse-itis because that's a tail"


Tom hits the floor in another loud *THUD*

In a moment, someone starts pounding on the door, and starts talking russian through the door.
It's obvious that she is a panicking female, maybe a maid.


"What?" Tom pulls the ridicilously long tail out of his pants.
"H-How bad is it?"


"if you cut some of the hair off, tuck the tail in your pans and maybe pass off the wierd hair color as dye, you might still pass as human, which I really, REALLY no longer have the luxury to do"


Tom spews some reassuringly sounding Russian at the voice.

"Cut this off? Urhhhh… I somehow don't like that thought."


the pounding intensifies a bit more.

"Co se tam děje!"
She thuds some more


Tom gets up, and shouths from the door.
"Ne, jsme v pořádku. Kamarádovi se zatočila hlava, jsem doktor, mám to pod kontrolou!"


"its that, or have a bulge in the back of your pants that'll make you look like you shit yourself. I think the actual flesh-and-bone bit is pretty short, just shave it down to that."
notice the knocking and tell tom, "uh, should I hide? I'm pretty sure they won't react well to a wierd horse person"


She calms down a bit.
"Aha, Prosím, nezpůsobují k hodně rakety, poté."

you hear the telltale thudding of her footsteps.


"Phew. So where did we end?" To thinks and half mindedly grabs the tail and spins it around.


"I wouldn't get too attached to that if I were you, you're the only one of us that can pass as human now."
check the lamp for damages and place it back where it belongs


"Do you see how long this thing is? Where would you hide that much cut hair in a hotel room ?


"where would you hide that much hair on your person without it sliding around or bunching up in your pants?"


"Actually, that could work, I have some pretty baggy pants around. Might use those. Won't be that visible, we have to pick up James tomorrow too.."


facepalm at the realization
"can we just, maybe, call him up and tell him NOT to come? Everything seems to be going to shit and involving yet another person to possibly get infected with this garbage would not be good."


"He's already on the plane, what the fuck do you want to do?"
Tom flips away his long green hair. "Do you have a clue how long the papers took to make? I had to scratch a couple backs. Canceling suddenly would be like shooting me in the foot. Then again…" Tom looks at the tail and the long hair, then at Winston. "I do not think anything matters."


"cancelling now would definitely have some very, VERY good reasons behind it."
place a hand on Tom's shoulder and give an entirely too wide smile "and look on the bright side, you might eventually not have feet to shoot in a bit"


"Fuck you."
Tom taps his chin…
"On a more serious note, how else did this thing spread? We only breathed the same air, so that's probably what is the meaning of spread…How many people we got into contact with today?"


"well air, or we ate food prepared by presumably the same kitchen"


"If the first, and we say you're the first infected? At least fifty people. These spread in a geometrical vector.." tom furrows his brow.
"Let's hope it is just the kitchen."


"might also be water, might survive boiling, since I seem to have been given a double dose and I drank a lot of coffee this morning."


"So we have no clue what it is."
"I think as much as heartless it sounds, We need more input. And James, well…"


it's 8:53 PM now.

you can pass the time by going out at night, or stay in the hotel room, you've got a radio that might be able to catch european signals. There is no curfew in st. petersburg.

you also have a record player, maybe one of you brought some vinyls


slap Tom and harshly whisper
"do you even know what this is like? I take one step out there, and I'm strapped down to a table, and slit open like an animal, which I may or may not be turning into."
stare directly into Tom's eyes
"this far, and no further. I may be a lost cause, but I'm not letting anyone else lose their humanity to this shit"


"We've been outside, traveling Russia. How long is the incubation period? How long do we stay infectious? If anything, half the St. Petersburg will be walking on all fucking fours by the morning, if we know anything." Tom fixes his hair ruffled by Winston.


"but what if we're the only ones infected with this garbage? What if its some kind of soviet super plague that only infects westerners? and since we're both still changing rapidly, I'd assume we're both still infectious."
look slightly disgusted by Tom fussing with his hair
"and can you trim your hair or dye it or somthing? It looks… wrong."


"Do you have something to do that with?" Tom asks. "On second thought, you would have to do that. I don't think I have the nerve to cut this 'mane' of sorts, I don't have the guts for it."


"mane- ok, seriously, its just *hair*. It can't feel pain. And please don't tell me you're getting acclimatized to the changes. This-" pat legs for emphasis "*THIS* is *not* normal, THIS is *not* human."


"I'm not getting attached to it!"
To looks down.
"Well, maybe just a little. Know what? I say we go to bed, we'll know more by morning."


give Tom an almost comically incredulous look
"A little? A fucking little? Is this shit eating away your brain as well?"


Tom shakes his head.
"Nononono! Some hair won't get me down."
"Let's just go to sleep."
Set up an alarm for tomorrrow's airport adventure.


Tom Crawls into bed and pulls the heavy linens over his head, and falls asleep.


"some hair won't get you down, neither will a tail, or maybe some cute hoofsies, and how about a pair of big stupid fucking ears on your head as well? How about walking around on all fours munching grass? would you be A-oh-fucking fine with that too?"


[Tom fell asleep done with today's bullshit.]


Winston stands alone in the room, it smells of golden delicious air freshener as to invoke insult to injury.


notice Tom's asleep
bury face in hands and take a few ragged breaths
desperately try to believe that none of this is happening


Tom is sleeping with silent snores and an alarm clock on a shelf next to his bed.

Hopefully nothing happens 'till the morning.


the Golden delicous air freshener disappears.
it was only you imagining this.

you can either leave the hotel, play the radio, read, sleep, or find some other activity.


look for a knife, something sharp
give Tom the Samson treatment


Newbie here
My sheet: http://pastebin.com/uj6gTS3y
Hope this is enough, thanks for the help to all who gave it.


You look around in Tom's bag for a scalpel.

with a huff, you find that he doesn't have one.

you do, though, find a pair of scissors in the bathroom drawers.

//do you want to cut his hair?//


carefully cut the hair off Tom's tail so that I don't hurt or wake him, and so that all the hair is in one easily contained bundle.
Tie the hair in a knot and put it in his bag.


//fucking metal//

You ree under your breath as you save tom from himself, cutting his blasted green hair. from his scalp, making his hair only about five inches at the head and one at the tail.


hide the scissors under my pillow so Tom won't go Benedict Arnold and throw them out.
Go to sleep and hope I don't get triggered into being full horse by dream bullshit.


in this moment you will roll for dreams.



Roll #1 10 = 10





Roll #1 3 = 3


File: 1476656407324.jpg (52.83 KB, 800x331, flat,800x800,075,f-c,0,75,….jpg)


//no good deed unpunished
//at least I can't fail any more rolls


Winston rolls a ten.
(This roll, upon critical failure, (1) would've meant horse dreams, while 2-5 would result in no dream, and 10 being strong Human dreams)

You dream of driving a beautiful red Ferrari Barchetta Roadster through the swiss alps. You gas the car and it responds with a roar.

You look to your left to see a beautiful french woman in a white scarf, smiling. For some reason you know this woman is your lover.

After an eternity of taking windy turns you stop at a hillside bakery where you and your wife drink tea and laugh about each others wonderful lives.

You're reminded of what your life can and will be.

please take a devolution roll


Tom, rolling a three, has no dream.



Roll #1 4 = 4


Winston, rolling a full four, devolves to a safe three alongside his friend tom.

When you wake up, you are human again, with the exception of your long, bushy dark brown tail and hair, plus bright emerald eyes and bushy ears.

you also have a splitting headache, but are also filled with energy.

you both may wake up when you feel is necessary


I'd say the alarm clock rings at a hour before the scheduled arrival of our Commrades.


when you wake up. your alarm clock rings for five AM. you need to be at the airport at six thirty, the airport is fourty five minutes from your hotel in downtown St. Petersburg.


Tom yawnstretches, and looks to winston's bed.


twitch toes
twitch separate toes
twitch separate toes that are most definitely not hooves
chuckle under my breath as I'm rid of that horrible dream


Tom rushes to Winston's bed.
"Holy shit, man! You're like, back!" Tom chuckles.


"back from what?"
look at Tom
"your hair's green? why is it still green?"
reach up at feel the ears that are still there
"no no no no no no no no"


"You have toes! Wait, where is my hair?"


"yeah, toes I can still lose at a moment's notice. Also I cut your stupid shitty green hair off, but it seems I'm the one who got cured by that."


"Well, we can at least co pick up our commrades, at the airport. Let's hurry up before they're here."


You can call for a cab or for a rental car.

You can either eat at the hotel or eat elsewhere.

it's 5:10 now


"I say we pick them up, and then go get breakfast together."


"wait, if I got cured by that, then that means…"
reach under pillow
"that means I can go back to being human, if I just cut the pony out!"


"You do not propose cutting xour ears off?"


"ok, maybe I start small and shave my tail down, and that'll make the ears go away on their own, but still! Its our best chance of being normal again. Its worth a try, right?"


"Well my mane is sorta still there, and so is the tail. No ears though.."


You notice that his hair is nearly three inches longer than what you left it at last night. his tail is at the back of his thigh, as well.


"but I cut off your mane, and I went from being some circus freak, to mostly human. It seems the cutter's the one affected, not the cutee."


"Why did you get ears an I didn't? Tom looks at the clock. "Shit! We need to get going."


"you want them, you can have them. you know how cramped and painful they were under my hat?"
start brewing coffee


"Winston, our palls arrive at six, it's what, 5:10? The ride there takes fourty five minutes."


Tom is craving a cigarette.

Winston is craving coffee.
Winston starts brewing a cup of joe.


Tom goes to have his usuall morning cigarette. A smoke doesn't take too long anyway.


"fuck. so, what, we have time to get dressed and run out the door?"
is the machine able to brew and automatically stop without lighting the place on fire?


The coffee machine is a simple canteen of water placed on a hot plate and set to boil, then the coffee brewing apparatus goes into the boiling water and creates your Folgers brand coffee.


Halfway finish smoke, get dressed and hide all singns of horsefication.



go and shower first while the coffee's brewing


//No rolls from cravings?//
Tom waits.


gotta eat some dinner, give me a moment. pausing for like, 10-20 minutes.


Vefore we resume, Tom goes off to finish his cigar.


We're back. Tom finishes his cigarette and comes back in, smelling of smoke.

Winston jumps into the shower, some water gets into his ears, causing some discomfort.

he has to use plenty of shampoo on both his hair and his tail in order to make sure he was clean.


No need to clean new hair.
Tom waits for Winston.
He pours them both of the finished coffee.


you two sit down, it's about 5:35 now.

the apples in the trash can work as an elephant in the room. causing an awkward silence to befall.


"So what do you reckon we do when we pick the boys up at the airport?"


"I dunno, we should probably ask them what they want to do"
use scissors to cut hair off tail
"You want me to trim you up, or do you think you can do it yourself?"


"I'm fine for the time being. I can hide this easily. See?"


right now you can call the Help Desk on the phone for drinks, call for a cab, or turn on the radio and/or the record player, should either of you brought some.


"James arrives in a couple minutes. I say we get a taxi and gt rollinng.


idly open and close the scissors
"maybe for now, but your hair's been growing like crazy. It may be manageable now, but by the end of the day that stuff's gonna be dragging on the ground. You should let me take care of it if you're too squirmish to cut it yourself."


It stopped at a certain point. We'll do that in the evening.

Tom uses the phone to call for a taxi. For enough people to fit into. Cause a pair of new arrivals.


The Russian purrs back "Yes sir. will a van be okay or should i get a carriage?"

A small pause happens before she continues with "You two were pretty ecstatic about the one you came back with yesterday."

roll 1d10, fail - you take the carriage.

level 3 threat



Roll #1 10 = 10


"yeah, we know where it'll stop, when you're rooting around in the dirt like a filthy animal. We should just cut it out, like a tumor, or an abscess."
shakily take a drink of coffee

Roll #1 8 = 8


With a staggered breath and a hit of arousal- you stutter back "We'll- We'll take the carriage."

You look to Winston, and he agrees through a half drink of coffee

roll 1d10 for damage



Roll #1 6 = 6


Please no.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Winston's Hair grows long, ending at his thighs and his chest
Tom gets an erection.


"Welp, we're taking the carriage."


Hand the scissors to Tom and point at the long hair


Tom has the most deadpan stare, and cuts down Winston's hair in a clean and neat fassion.


before the hair even hits the floor Winston's mane grows back, full and healthy



"I thought I told you to cut my damn hair, you damn hippie"


"Fuck you! It's like shaving a yeti."


With a ring, the nice lady at the desk confirms that 'your carriage is here.'


"Our ride is here. Let's get going."


"fuck it, we'll just have to come up with some excuse for the stupid hair crap on the ride down, and hope we're at least passably human when we arrive"


tuck in tail, and pull hat over ears then follow Tom out to the carriage


You get into the ornate wood carriage and sit on the leather-man seats.

you'll get to the airport in about an hour
thank god you left as early as you did.

They should be at gate 'б'


We wait at the gate for our arriving friends.


Edward, James. you can appear whenever.


I'll go with James whenever he appears.


I stumble out at gate 6, head swiveling around looking for Tom and Winston.
I don't immediately spot them.


Tom is tall as hell, his two meters showing off. Poor James, his headache must be strong.


Tom and Edward will make their initial Ponification rolls once in the carriage.


I follow James out of the gate, spotting Tom and attempting to get James' attention, showing him where they are.


I spot Tom above the crowd and skip over to the pair as quickly as I can manage, rolling my bag behind me.
"Hey guys! Didn't recognise you with that hair. How's it going?"


"Hey! Good to see you two too. Yeah, Petersburg is a mad city at night. Or the Vodka is too much," Tom ruffles his hair and laughs.


"Heh, yeah… So, shall we go on? We can catch up on the ride back to wherever we're staying."


"Good plan." Tom leads the group back to the carriage.


brush the hair out of the way and try to find a way so it stops getting in my face
"could be better. Can we just take a taxi like normal people?"


James and Edward's hotel rooms are across the hall from Tom's and Winston's, they're open to them at noon today.


"Sure, let's get going. Thanks for sorting these papers by the way, some people were having hell getting through,"
I rub my face and follow Tom to the carriage


Don't forget to pay the driver, then.


"You have to have contacts and friends. Was nothing." Tom chuckles.


"Damn, some fancy taxis you have around here. Are they all like this?"
I smirk and look over the carriage, admiring the woodwork.


"Comes out cheaper." Tom smirks back and lets his new arriving friends sit first.


"they aren't.
begrudgingly get in the carriage


Edward stifles a yawn, sitting down in the taxi, "So, about how long is the drive?"


I happily slump into the seat.
"Apologies if I accidentally fall asleep on the way, guys. You realise it's almost 2 AM back in the UK?"


The driver smiles at the addition of more riders.

"Vítej zpátky! kam se podívat teď?"


"Zpátky do hotelu." Tom proclaims and smiles.


With a smile, he yanks the reins and the horses take off.

"Kde jsou všichni z?"


I lean over to Edward and whisper
"any idea why they both have hair like that?"


"Ze západu. Kapitalisti se přijeli podívat na maťičku Rus."
Tom looks at his commrades. "So, how was the flight?"
//Also hoersification rolls?//


James and Edward, being in the carriage must take a 1d6 damage roll for horsification.


what die, and just for the new arrivals, or for everyone?



Roll #1 3 = 3


Roll for the ponpon

Roll #1 2 = 2


Edward, rolling a three, gains a pair of pony ears and a change of eye color plus a loss of his canine teeth.

James, rolling a two- has a strange softening of his facial features


I'm too tired to notice any changes, watching the unfamiliar local area glide by.


Tom looks to Winston and motions to Ed's head.
As inconspiciously as possible.


I put a hand to my head, scratching idly, before dismissing it and staring absentmindedly out of the taxi, only half-awake.


keeps a pokerface and tells edward, "pretty cold up here, isn't it Ed? did you remember to pack a hat?"


"I can cofirm, unless you want to get warm with vodka." Tom laughs.


Hearing the ongoing conversation, I note that it is a little chilly, especially in this moving carriage. I pull my bag up onto my knees and start rooting around for my hat.


"Slyšel jsem vodku, budeme dělat nějaké denní pití, pak?"

He laughs, then says "Chtěli byste jít jinam, pak?"


"Ah, ne. Jen do hotelu. Oni jsou unaveni po dlouhé cestě."


"I wouldn't actually mind a drink, now that I think about it… However, a hat's still a good idea." I dig through my luggage, searching for something to cover my head, before finishing Well, looks like I DID forget to pack a hat. How forgetful of me. Oh well, I can deal."


Weelp, you're gonna be cold. I think I have a spare. At the hotel."


I find my hat wrapped around a shampoo bottle, a dark grey beanie.
"Here, use mine Edward. I don't need it that much"
I hand the hat to Edward, and happen to glance at his head for a moment.
"uuuuh, what?"


"No, comrade- dejte mi vědět, jestli se něco změní."

He turns back to the road.


Tom quickly throws the hat over Edward's head.
"Look! That's the opera house!"


"ha ha, ha ha, pranks, am I right?"
Winston's pokerface starts to break down


Still confused, I turn my head in the direction Tom was pointing.
"Huh? I don't see it."
I could have sworn I saw something poking out of Edward's head. Not wanting to make a fuss, I don't mention it.


I jump in surprise as Tomas forces the hat onto me, looking to the others, confused, "Uh, what's the problems? You guys aren't really the best at hiding when you're nervous."


"Nothing, just a tense day!" Tom chuckles.


Winston breaks down
"ok, I may have pickpocketed a cursed artifact and now my hair won't stay cut"


"Is that why it's that colour, too?"
I smirk at him, bemused.


The driver jumps a bit.



"Winston, shut the frack up. We tell them on the hotel."


"I… Seriously, what's wrong? No jokes."


"On se nevyspal moc dobře. Noční můry." Tom smiles and waves his hand.


"sorry, its an incredibly long story. I'll tell you when we're at the hotel"


"Nenechte vyděsit mě tak špatné, soudruhu."


"Right, sure. A cursed artifact made you dye your hair.
Look, guys, I don't care what you do with your appearance. If It makes you happy, who am I to judge?"
I am totally not buying the 'cursed artifact' story.


"Klid, Já jsem doktor. Psychiatr, on mi vykládá sny abych mu mohl pomoci, není na tom moc dobře, ale svěží vzduch mu pomáhá, soudruhu."


"Je dobré vědět, že jsi doktor."


"Mhm.." Tom says and smiles. " "We are almost at the hotel."


After a turn, your large royal looking hotel comes into view.

witha huff from the horses, they trot to the front.

"Čtyři rublů, prosím."


"honestly, if you had seen the shit I saw, you wouldn't be so skeptical"


"…sure. I'll believe it when I see it. Gotta say, if this is a prank you two put a lot of effort into it."


Tom handles the driver the money.
"Děkujeme." Tom looks to his friends- "Come on, let's get inside."


I head inside, messing with my hat to try and make it more comfortable.


After getting inside, with your bags, you find that it's about eight. You have four hours before Edward and Jame's rooms are open to them.


"Let's crash at our place first. I need to see something."


follow the gang to the hotel room


I enter the room and survey the area, "You guys got anything to eat?"


For food you may leave or go get room service.


Tom pulls out a packet of biscuits from his bag. Along with a flaslight and a fonendoscope.


don't forget the trash bag full of apples in the garbage you may eat.


Edward happily grabs a biscuit, eating it hastily, "Good shit, thanks."


I flop down on the nearest bed, glad to have something soft to rest on.
"ooh, pass me one of those please. I'm feeling pretty peckish."


"you guys wanna see some serious shit?"
Winston takes the scissors and cuts his hair shorter


Before the hair falls to the ground it grows back to his chest, healthy and lively.


I turn my head and watch, not expecting anything special.
"Dude, what the fuck."


I stare at him, dumbfounded, dropping the remainder of my biscuitt, "What the actual FUCK?"


"Ed, let me see something." Tom takes off his jacket and shakes out lime hair stretching to the waist.


I continue to stare, before acknowledging Tom with a nod and a half-hearted "Yeah, sure…"


"oh, trust me, this isn't even one one-hundreth of the shit that I've had to go through."


"okay, you guys weren't kidding…"
I manage to motivate my mouth to say something.
"This shit is not natural. How long's it been going on?"


"Wait, just a little thing." Tom pulls out a tail of similiar colour that stretches al the way to the ankles.
"Alrightttt…." Tom takes off Edward's hat, and checks his eyes with a flashlight for pupil response.


I put a hand to my eyes, blocking the light, "The hell, man? Tell me what's going on, now!"


"So it's not narcotical." Tom grabs at Ed's ears.. "Hrm…"


"Yeah guys, about now would be a good time for some explanation."


"its been going on since yesterday. Also I wasn't even HUMAN yesterday."
"its either an artifact that was cursed, and now we have to find a convenient active volcano to ditch it in, or it isn't and we're shit out of luck for finding out what the fucking hell is going on."


I flinch, stepping back from Tom, before shakily beginning to speak, "Explain. Now. The whole story."


"The problem is," Tom paces the room back and forth, his tail swishing back and forth, " Is that we have no clue. Virus? Curse? It could be gnomes for all I know."


"so… what?" I speak up
"Something, or someone, is giving you colourful horse parts?"


"Fuck… You guys have anything to drink? Preferably something strong?"


"Minibar, Vodka."

"It's just as random as weather. Winstonn didn't even have fucking feet yesterday."


Winston stares at Tom's tail, then asks him while pointing at it, "are you for real right now"
"you sure? for all we know, which is fuckall, it might just exacerbate the symptoms. And I have enough experience to know that isn't a place you want to be."


My attention drawn to tom's long tail, I can't help but think about how soft and fluffy it is.
For some reason, I have a strong urge to reach out and stroke it.


I go to the minibar, grabbing a bottle and taking a long drink,
"Do you really think I care right now? For all we know stress could hasten the symptoms, but is that gonna stop us from freaking out?"


"What?" Tom stops and so does his tail swiishing.
"The issue is,, Ed, has ears atop his head. And we were in direct contact for minutes "


James, roll a 1d10 for willpower


tail powerrr

Roll #1 2 = 2


being a level five threat, you rolled a seven.

this is below ten, you easily ignore wanting to pet his tail.


"Guys, we should just stop freaking out and think logically for one fucking second," I lean against the wall, letting out a sigh before taking another drink and scratching my head in thought.


I decide to keep my hands to myself. Touching tom's tail without his permission is not a good idea.


Tom looks briefly at james and then continues his thought train.
"Since we weren't in contact for an extensive period of time, either it's highly infectious, or it's really magic.


"If it's really infectious, wouldn't all the people in the airport we passed and the taxi driver be infected too?"


"Maybe, but everyone seems to react differently to exposure, Me and Ed weren't changing the same way."


"Magic is just science we don't yet understand. There must be some logical explanation for this… right?"


"Nor me and Winston."


"ok, ok, well there's trying to think what DID cause transformation. 1.The artifact changed my ears,2. a carriage ride ate my legs and gave Ed ears, and 3. apples nearly destroyed my humanity, and gave you a tail."


"Apples? Am I missing something here?"


Tom continues to pace the room, with the tail swishing again.
"Let's rule out what it isn't. It is not narcotics, since we all have normal retinal responses. It is not a bacteria, because I've been on Antibiotics for a week now." Tom continues to think, and the tail swishes around.

Tom points to the trashcan.


"You said something about… An artifact?"


"That cannot be it, since Edward shows symptoms without exposure to it."


"I… Know that I'm showing symptoms without exposure to it. I meant that it might have some OTHER effects- it only seems to have effected the pickpocket and his comrades, after all…"


Reluctantly, I slide off the bed and walk over to look in the trash can.
"You guys threw out perfectly good apples? Could have saved some for us."


"Yeah, throw me one too. Haven't had much to eat in a while."


"No, James." Tom shakes his head and the hair goes just about everywhere. "No."


at a rip open of the bag, the partially eaten bag fills the room with a sharp, wonderful smell.

Everyone must make a fortification roll for eating the apples.


Winston shows Ed the toy
"well there goes the curse theory. Also Ed started changing before eating any hotel food. Ed, did you drink anything when you got on the ground?"
"I grew a MUZZLE. Tom grew A TAIL. Those things are fucking poison."


level 5 threat



Roll #1 9 = 9


Apples look tasty.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Only drink I've had is this vodka," I raise up the bottle before taking another drink, and then noticing the sudden… Delicious smell.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Winston, having a roll of fourteen, nearly barrels for a bite of a nice red apple.
please take another 1d10 roll for damage.
James, Rolling a 9, simply salivates before throwing the apple back with a shake of his head.
Tom has the same effect as winston.
Edward rolls a 3, but the two drinks of vodka bumps his will down two, making his roll 5+5, he rolls a ten, and takes a bite of the apple.

all but James must make a 1d10 damage roll.


Hoping for low

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 9 = 9


Winston mutters through a mouthful of trash-apple, "James, you idiot"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"What the heck, guys? Winston just said you shouldn't eat those."
I watch in shock.
>Meh, I guess I'll learn more about what's going on. Where's the room service menu?
I think to myself.


Tom, rolling a six- is at 3.6/10
his nails go black and shiny.
Edward, at 3.9/10, gains green hair and eyes, growing to long lengths.
Winston, at 3.5/10, loses his canine teeth.


Tom looks at his nails with a load of fright.
"Holy fuck!"


I go for another drink, oblivious of my changes, and check the clock, "Actually, I'm still pretty damn tired when I think about it. Maybe we could better deal with this after a good night's sleep?"


It's 9 oclock in the morning.


"Edward, it's about 9 in the morning. I wouldn't call it a night's sleep. I wouldn't mind a quick nap though, that flight was tiring."


"Now? When I look like I have a manicure and a vagina? What's next?!"


"Yeah, that's… What I meant. Can we go to our room yet, or is it still closed? Sorry, I wasn't really paying much attention."


"You have a what?!"
I'm starting to wonder whether everyone else in this room has lost it, or just me.


Winston pats Tom on the shoulder and tells him, "look on the bright side, at least you still have hands"
Winston clasps his hands together and says, "alright, we need to set some ground rules so this crap stops happening. No weird cursed horse artifacts, no pony rides, and most definitely no more goddamned apples. I seriously just ate apples out of the trash, THANKS JAMES."
"if I were you, I'd get as much use out of those hands as you can, while you still have them. Who's up for up for a vigorous round of clapping and hand shaking?"


"That was just a comparison."
Tom looks down his pants
"Yeah, still there."


This only mildly reduces my concern.


Tom looks to James, and makes a slight hiss noise.
Before snapping back.


I notice this, and shoot Tom an odd look.
"Uh… you ok there buddy?
Anyway, could we order some room service? You guys seem to be fine with apples, but personally I'd like to eat something that won't give me colourful furry appendages."


You can stay in the hotel and wait for your friends to get their hotel or leave and head somewhere, you can also make coffee, drinks, take showers, change clothes or turn on the radio and/or the record player.


"oh great, the only person who can scientifically analyze this is starting to lose his tits. Or grow them."
Winston tells James, "since you're the only one of us who's human, can you take your goddamned trash apples out to the garbage on the street before we all root through them like a bunch of filthy animals, again?"


"Yeah, sorry.. Some snacks sound nice, And for the love of fucking christ, whoever says apples gets a scratch." Tom shows the hand with the darkened fingernails,


I turn on a record and take another drink, humming along to the tune as I contemplate the situation.


"Sure thing. Which way was the elevator again?"
I bundle up what remains of the apple bag and carry it towards the door. The smell off the apples is quite strong with this proximity.


Tom opens the balcony window to let the apples fume out, and goes for a smoke.


Winston gives James the directions to throw the apples away, then goes out on the balcony with Tom.


"Damn. What do we do now?"


"I'll see if I can get a room service menu while I'm down there" I mention to Winston as the door swings closed. I find the elevator and press the button for street level.
"What have I gotten myself into…" I mutter to myself.


Once you're on ground level you place the bag in a room-maid's basket.

you can go to the counter or into the street.


The bright sounds of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band rings out through the room.


"well, we can take a hard gamble with our humanity, and just try random shit, and see what sticks? That could give us at least a basic understanding of what the hell we're dealing with. Or we could end up like I was yesterday. Or possibly worse."


"It'll happen one way or another." Tom takes a long drag on his cigarette.
"I think we will try the first option."


Satisfied that I have removed that threat, I grab a menu from the counter and go straight back to the elevator. I saw what apples did to those three, I don't want to be anywhere near them longer than I have to.


You get back up, you can hear 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' from the hallway.

Edward's having a ball with that record.


"I think I got a place to start. Do you think they serve bacon here?"


"Probably, you might wanna try that, though."


"Strawberry fields, nothing is reall…"
Thankfully, I don't see any more pony appendages on my friends.
"So what's the plan, guys?"


"We go picking things that might trigger it and the the ones that might kill the sympoms. I volunteer for the triggers."


I once again turn my attention from the music to the situation at hand, "I don't know. We COULD actually alert someone who'd know something about this, actually?"


"alrighty then. Is it always food? Because I have a menu here now."


"Deffinetelly wasn't *always* food." Tom takes his tail and spins in in his hand.


Winston looks at Tom quizzically
"what, you vegan or something? or are you just hedging your bets and seeing if it ends up giving me a snout"
"oh good idea, let me just call up the specialist on this event that has literally never happened before in recorded history, outside of myths and legends."


"I meant… I'll just shut up, how long is it until we can sleep, again?"


Tom paces the room again, instead now, swishing the long green tail in a circle swish of green.
"We should quarantine ourselves."
"James, there are gloves and dissinfectant in my bag."


"Edward and I get our rooms at 12. So unless you want to share beds, we can sleep from then."
I turn to Tomas.
"What, are we going to do double-blind trials now? Get fake bacon and real bacon and see if the effects are different?"


"I'd start at physical stimuli."
Tom stops spinning his tail and looks at it.


I look over at Tom and Winston, rubbing my eyes, "You guys mind if I use one of your beds?"


"tom, either cut your tail down or tuck it in or something, that swishing is distracting"


"No problem Ed."

"That's the point, I want to know if these things affect us." Tom continues to spin the mass of green hairs.


I watch Tom's tail with mild interest.
Looks kinda fun, all things considered.


"so, what, we cut one down to size, and… brush? the other? I'm voting for shaving yours down, you're enjoying it too much for your own good."


"I have the biggest willpower, the proble is I have to do everything to see what works. I volunteer for the brush. If that works too well, stuff my mouth full of bacon or something."


I take another drink and sit my bottle down on the bar, going over to the nearest bed and jumping onto it.


"biggest willpower? The one who's been playing around with his tail, swishing it all back and forth? Honestly, you need that shit trimmed before you're down on all fours nuzzling up against our legs."


"I volunteer to do the brushing!

You know, if you want."


"And? do it faggot. Besides, we need to know, you're more able at solvng stuff."


Edward lays back first on the bed as the final song of the Sgt. Pepper's plays
James sits in the corner listening along.


"fine, anyone got a brush? James take it in the bathroom and don't let us see it, or we might have another… negative reaction."


as the final song ends, Edward Feels an extreme patriotism for himself, he is radiating love for country.

Take a reversal roll (1d3)



Roll #1 2 = 2


Edward is now at 2/10.

his hair shortens to it's old length, but in his drunken state he doesn't notice anything.

his eyes stay green and his mouth is built for a herbivore's currently.


"But please tell me, I want to be able to brace."


"Right, what am I ordering for these experiments? Plate of bacon, anything else?"


"Bacon for reversal, and plum brandy."


"get a brush, be sure to wrap it in a spare shirt or something, some bacon and maybe a salad?"


'why not cider?' you think to yourself.

James, please roll a d10 to see if you want to order cider.



Roll #1 5 = 5


this was a level five threat.

rolling a ten, you add a pitcher of cider to that order.


"James, did I just hear you order cider? Do you think this is a game?"


"W-We do not want me crawling after the first experiment!"


"What? Edward's been throwing back Vodka since he got here. Why can't I have a drink too?"


"It's apples you nip."


"James, you invalid, do you know what cider's made from?"


"Oh come on, it's fermented plant matter. What does it matter what it's made from?"


"Sure! But you drink it, then."


"I got a WHIFF of trash apples, and made a flying dive for that shit. I swear, if you don't stop fucking up, I'm taking you off of brushing duty and just having a random maid do it."


"Speaking of the brushing…Aren't we like under pressure?"


"Fine, we'll see who's theory is right. I'm not worried."


"yeah, you're not worried, because you're not the one turning into some kind of horse-based werewolf reject."
Winston grabs the scissors
"alright, you think a scissor cut will do, or should we shave your tail down as well?"


"For you? Let's try cutting your tail for a change."


in a couple of moments, the maid knocks on the door and your drinks and 'russian sized bacon' are placed on the table.


"alright, you ordered it, you drink it. James, chug that shit, before one of us snatches it out of your hands."


I stir from my rest, letting out a loud groan, "Ugh… I can't sleep. You guys doing tests or someshit, right?"


James downs the four pints of cider.

he doesn't break his stride, like a proper brit.

he does want some more, though.


"See? What did I tell you guys?"
I exclaim with a triumphant belch.


"we're having bacon, you want some?"
"if one of us had been drinking that, you'd be singing a different tune."
"I cut my tail down this morning, you seem to be more attached to yours, so it would probably have a greater effect if yours was removed"


The maid is still down the hall, and there's a proper bar on the ground floor.

it's eleven now.


"I… Think I'm fine. Anything else we're doing?"


"we're trying some things with tails, but you don't have one yet. We might get around to you when we're testing ears. or we might just keep you as a control subject."


"But we wanted to brush it."


"We can brush first, cut later. Did anyone find a brush?"


"Alright. I mean, I wouldn't exactly mind a little scratch behind the ears, heh," I chuckle. Realizing that it may not go down well with the more serious in the group, I clarify, "That was an, uh, joke. By the way."


There's a haircomb in my bag.


Edward, please roll for a nice scratch behind the ears.


"all the more reason to snip it off. I hate this stupid thing, and if I end up loving it afterwards, that'd be a sign."
"remember to wrap it in a shirt so we can't see it."


"That'll do."
I reach into his bag and find the comb.
"Someone throw me a shirt or something?"



Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


"Everything is in the bag, wear those rubber gloves too."


You wiggle off the thought quickly and efficiently.


"Alright, I've got everything. Where are we doing this?"


"bathroom, it's a separate room."
Winston grabs some bacon as he heads into the bathroom.


"Turn around, everyone." Tom looks around.
"Here will do."


(So in this case the higher number means I resist, or..? because in that case why would I get that +5? I thought that the 5 was a detriment to my willpower? Sorry, just confused.)


(you want to get below a ten to keep your will)


(Ah, so I just got really lucky. Thanks for clearing it up.)


"Wait, am I brushing winston's or Tom's tail?"
"Or do both of you guys want it"


"mine, Tom loves the stupid thing too much for me to consider letting him keep it"


"Mine. we cut it after as well.


"Alright, so both of you. Who wants to go first."


"Tom, no, we need one who doesn't get brushed, and one who only gets cut."


"But you promised."


I bury my head in my hands.
"Got damn it you guys…just give me a tail to brush. I don't care who it's attached to."



"fucking fine, but don't come crying to me if you walk out of there on all fours."


I grab the supplies and set up in the bathroom.
"Alright, come on then Tom. Let's get this over with."


You begin to brush Tomas's Tail.
After about three brushes Tom gains goosbumps.

the feeling is methodical, and feels as if an itch is getting scratched. but it doesn't-

fuck it, you can't explain it any other way than masturbation. it's orgasmic.


Winston listens to Tom's moans and yells into the bathroom, "YOU BETTER PICK UP THAT PHONE, BECAUSE I FUCKING CALLED IT"


please roll for Damage
full points 1d10



Roll #1 8 = 8


Not you, james- i'm looking to Tom.


fiiine :(


//Tomas died//


guess we're pausing here.

good run, mates.


Night, when shall we continue tomorrow?


Was fun. Hopefully we can pick this up again soon.


it's been running sundays due to Tom's schedule


Ah, alright.
See y'all.


See ya.
I'll get to scratch behind those ears some day…


careful, or you might end up as the one getting the scritchies


Th-This is a good rp


"D-Damn it, that feels better than I should admit."

//We could maybe continue thus week, we'll see.//

Roll #1 4 = 4


(When would people be available to continue this?)


(I'm down for whenever)


(as far as I can remember, Tom/Spacewolfe is only available sundays. Might be the same for Phase 2 as well. I can be available from noon PST to about midnight PST everyday.)


(Alright, I should be able to make time pretty much whenever. Was excited to keep this going as it's a lot of fun, but Sunday is fine.)
(Also, should I have rolled for damage after the Cider? I did have to roll for resisting it)


Now, Sundays aren't the only, but since I have practice on Tuesdays and Wendesdays (Getting up at 5AM and doing a lot of instnse stuff in the hospital). I would be in theory able to make it on WEN-Thursday, but my schedule is thicc on thursdays, so do not expect going on till 5AM when I get up at 7. Central EU time that is. I think hthe mkost crucial part is the GM, but if Phase would be fine with someone else seupplementing him, I'm sure I could smash someone together.
I'll ask on /ptfg/, nevermind if it has been answered there.


Do we roll? Or nah?


Let's do it. Exchange discords?


If zou have skep, I'd be happz as well.


And my english keyboard is on! I'm demented.


skype is fine. would prefer discord though, as it's anonymous
lol, thought you were typing with an accent or something


Discord is fine, so send your name and whatever


no dicc pics pls


Sorry for being a tad late, I'll post mine in a second, have to re-download it.


By the way I'm free for pretty much whenever.


File: 1476914295900.jpg (9.53 MB, 8775x8775, Verita.jpg)

Let's get a roll call in.

Emotiton leeching imotional insect reporting.


File: 1476917443507.png (714.4 KB, 1200x900, SwSt.png)

And I'm also here!
My edgy OC came too.


I don't have a picture of mine


Set light to Default 2 for less shinyness


For a game of WU:AH


Discord can't seem to find you. Are you sure the capitalization and stuff is right?




I've sent a friend request. Depending on phase's opinion we may or may not put you into the current game, but we have a simplified rp in the discord server that you can definitely join.


Oh boy here we go

post sheets.

(Actually reply with your sheets, it's roll call essentially)






tom is at a 7.6/10 currently

edwards at 2/10 currently

winstons at 3.5/10 currently

james is at 2/10

writing tom upgrade now.


Tom, after receiving brushies, itches a scratch behind the ear and recieves a sharpening of the teeth.

his skin turns to chitin and his mouth sharpens, his eyes widen and his tounge forks, thins, and becomes like a snakes'.

his voice lightens and reminds you of that 'one gay kid' back at uni.

your hair grows and forms to thick, web like appendages that only look like hair in spirit.

you're now an anthropomorphic bug-like pony.


"Jesus christ!" Tom stumbles and studders.


"Woah. You okay, Tom?"
James immediately regrets this decision.


Winston knocks on the door
"what happened in there? what's going on?"


"I'm fine! Even if a bit screwed."


"We, uh.. have results! Gathering lots of useful data here."


"What would those results be, do tell?"


"Why don't you see for yourself?"
James swings open the door and gestures for winston to look.




"What the fuck are you looking at?"


"is he on all fours? I swear to god if he's on all fours, I'm cutting his tail off and throwing that brush out the window."
"why's your fur all shiny and your eyes slitted and your tongue is forked and are you being possessed by a demon right now."


"Nothing! Christ…"


Winston grabs James, pulls him through the door and slams it closed behind him
"james what the fuck did you do"


"I just combed his tail, man! We were doing a scientific investigation."
James finds it hard believe his own story. Wtf was he thinking.


"Speaking of, uh, 'scientific investigation'… What next?"


"Now seems as good a time as any to look for things that /reverse/ the transformations. Right, Tom?"


Tom stumbles outside the bathroom.
"Where is the bacon?"


"Plate's on the table. Help yourself."


"really? because it looks like the person who has the connections to get us into and out of this place is… whatever the fuck that was"

"I think that's enough science for today, lets try religion and maybe call an exorsist"

"back demon, outta this house"
Winston stands back and makes the sign of the cross with his fingers


"Come on Winston, you know it's still Tom. This isn't even a house."


Tom makes a Reee noise at Win before getting a mouthfull of bacon.


"Alright then. I mean, I know nobody's really planning on it, but if we're gonna try to figure out more causes… I'm one of the most human here."


"yeah, its Tom and the demon you inadvertently summoned"


"Hey, you got the ears, right? As far as I can tell I haven't been affected at all."
James gives Winston a disappointed look.
"Yeah, a demon summoned by combing a tail. Really spooky and malevolent, huh."


"Fuck." Tom proclaims with a mounthfull of bacon. "Iwt ain't workking, the bacon is really good, though."


"You never know, the ears may actually have some causes connected to it. Just saying."


"if that's what a horse looks like where you're from, then I don't wanna go anywhere near where you live"


"Fair point. Kind of a chain reaction, then? Horse parts beget more horse parts?"


"I mean, maybe. That's what happened with Tom."


"but before, I could sort of squint and see horse bits, this looks nothing like a horse."
"so if doing something pleasurable with the horse parts caused further transformation, what about doing something painful?"


"Please no."


"..I'm not taking part in this."


"no? seriously? take a good look in the mirror and tell me if you like the thing that's looking back at you."
"it doesn't have to be violent, maybe just a tug or a flick."


"Okay, so… Tom and Winston can experiment with reversing whatever this is, and me and James can… Continue with what causes it, I guess? Or is that a bad idea?"


"Just a tug, though."


Works for me.


"I'd like to avoid anyone else going full animal, and it would be good to get some base rules on what sort of stuff we should avoid to prevent going full animal, but Tom just went from some ears and a tail, to that."


"Alrighty. So, what's the plan?"


"Okay, so no more tests on those with more than one horse part?"


"Tom should probably be benched from testing until we find something that can definitely reverse transformation, we don't want to accidentally make him go full whatever the fuck he's turning into. Guess that mean's I'm up for the flicking or shaving."


"Lemme take a quick bathroom break." Tom stands up.


"So that means we can test on..?"
"Yeah, you can deal with… Helping out Tom."


"Looks like it's me and you"


"..Sooooo, who goes first?"


"You first. Let's see if Winston's theory about the ears holds any water."


"So, we doing this out here or what?"


Tom walks off to the bathroom.
Walks out two minutes later, pale as a wall, and instantly walks over to the table. He downs a quarter of a bottle of the Czech plum brandy. Patriotism.


"i'd say… oh hang on. Tom, you okay?"


"you enjoying that swishy-swishy tail now?"


"I uh…need a minute."
Tom falls into an armchair.


James watches tom with concern.
"Well, I guess the bathroom's free. You sure you're up for this?"


"Yuuuuup. Let's go."


Winston pats Tom on the shoulder
"I was as bad as you yesterday, and I got better, so at least there's the possibility of that, right?


James walks to the bathroom, holding the door for Ed.
"What is it you want me to do exactly?"


Ed follows James into the bathroom, "I… Don't know? You said something about ears?"


"You don't get me. It's not there."
Tom akwardly crosses legs.


"Alright, I guess I could play with your ears or something. Maybe scratch them like a dog?"


"Yeah, that sounds g- like a good idea. The, uh, second one."


"I'm know I'm going to regret playing the pronoun game where, but what's 'it'?"
Winston overhears scritch through the door, and yells through the door, "I said flick or pull, cause them pain, damn it."


"The jelwery. You know." Tom kicks another shot of plum brandy.


James begins scritching at the base of ed's ears, feeling the smooth fur between his fingers.
"You feel anything?"


[Should we wait for Phase to describe what happened, like with Tom?]


Roll for reversl


Roll #1 5 = 5


At a damage of 2.6, his chitin turns to skin and his hair shortens, his eyes remain color and his nails stay shiny and black. his ass is also signifigantly more girl like, but you wouldn't know that, would you-

Otherwise Tomas is now entirely human, except the ears, of course.


"Okay, great. So we have bacon as a failsafe. I think this means we can do more testing."


Winston watches as tom's changes regress, then grabs a handfull of bacon and shoves it in his mouth and starts chewing


"Hey! I"m" *hicc* "Back!"


"Alright, who's the next 'victim'?"


please take a 1d10 for regression, full points.


"fuck testing! we have a cure!"

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Man, that was interesting to watch. I wonder why bacon of all things cures it?"


Winston turns back to human, he is now 0/10


"Having a cure means we can do more testing. We have no idea how widespread this is, we have to learn more about it."


you feel something rise within your gut
tom, please take a 1d8 roll for progression, full points.

Winston, as well, feels something well up in himself.

Please take a 1d8 roll for progression, full points.



Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 4 = 4


Winston, at 4/10 gains a pretty pony tail and hair, pretty pony ears grow back in and his teeth fill out flat.

his abs harden and his eyes turn green.

Tomas, at a roll of 6.6/10, grows shiny chitin and that frighting gap between his legs come back and a pair of wings come in. his teeth become sharp and pointed. his mind is unaltered.


"Aw god damn it."


"Welp, so much for our cure. What next?"


"Welp. So, we going to continue testing, or or is the fact that it advanced for no reason not motivation enough?


Winston reaches up with one hand, and feels the pointed hears on top of his head
He quickly reaches up with both hands to grip at his ears
"no, we had this, we had this!" Winston grips the ears in his hands and starts pulling


your ears itch, you want to scratch them.

please take a 1d10 fortification roll.


"Continue testing. There must be some root cause. How about I try a piece of bacon, since I've not had any effects yet it might be different."


"God fucking damn it!"



Roll #1 6 = 6


as a level five threat, you rolled an 11, your will fails and you scratch your ears without even thinking about it.

please take a 1d10 (partial point) roll.



Roll #1 8 = 8


At four point eight, you feel no obvious effects.


"Are you okay?"


"Any ideas, guys?"


James picks a single piece of bacon from the plate, and eats it slowly, as if mistrusting it. "Let's see what this does to me"


Tom returns to the bottle of plum brandy.


"I saw it, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, for a brief moment, humanity, then it was fucking stolen from me!"


"You don't look like a hellhound."


Your face feels a bit funny, but you don't notice anything strange.

until you notice that you're fully human.

James taylor is at 0/10


"yeah, I'm just turning into a filthy animal who roots through trash"


"Huh, neat. Did anything change on me?"


"james, you were human before, you're human now. I don't know what you expected."


"Not that I see."

Tom looks down his pants.
"Well, mind your pronouns now." Tom reaches for the brandy and hiccs, getting a good little bit beyond tipsy.


"Well, when you guys ate it, you turned human, then transformed again. I wanted to see if it's like a temporary fix, or if the bacon causes it."


James, seeing Tomas getting drunk, wants to get drunk too.

Roll to resist ordering cider. 1d10


"pronouns? what?"
"but you don't seem to be affected with this shit, we could have tested it on ed"


We getting wasted lads

Roll #1 1 = 1


"I mean, I'm really up for anything when it comes to testing. Want me to try some of the bacon, or..?"


You don't really need any cider.
but if you wanted some, it's not like you couldn't order it.


"The fissure is back. I think this is past reversible."


"Sure, go ahead."
"Fork it, I liked that stuff. Ordering more cider."


Edward takes a piece of bacon and cautiously takes a bite.


Winston grabs James by the wrist, looks him dead in the eyes and whispers, "NO." while shaking his head.


"What, why not? I drank a whole pitcher already and nothing happened."


You lift up the phone, and order for a nice pitchure of cider, five pints.

with a huff. it's too late. he's ordered.


"YOU drank it, WE didn't. I had my face, in the trash, rooting for fucking apples you goddamned Autist. That's what this shit does to me, and I'm rapidly running out of humanity to lose."


Tom coughs.


"well I'll keep it to myself then. Sheesh."


A knock on the door means that your drinks are here.

something tells me that the devil is at play.


"pronouns, now fissure? I don't see how parts of speech have to do with geological formations."


"hoo boy, that was fast."
James opens the door and accepts the pitcher with a smile and a nod to the maid."


When the drinks are on the table, Tom dives for the cider and downs half of the glasss.


James grabs two glasses for himself. Got to keep it away from the thirst were-ponies.


You got two and a half pints.

tom, please take a 2d10 roll semi points reversal.



Roll #1 10, 10 = 20


James downs the two drinks in his hands as fast as he can. Tastes good.


At 4.6, your chitin falls away, but your legs don't fill out, your wings, horn, hair, ears, teeth, tongue, tail, and eyes stay the same.

you appear to be female, without… a chest.


Winston sits back and watches, waiting for his "I told you so" moment
Winston takes a sharp breath before noticing that tom's change seems to have regressed. "Now that just ain't fair."


James, please take a roll to decide if you want more to drink.



"So… What're we doing, actually? More testing? Just drinking?"


I don't know…

Roll #1 9 = 9


"I still look like a girl!" Tom looks down.
"Except flat as a fucking board. Everything is halfassly done."


You pick up the phone.

how many pints do you order?




Roll #1 3, 5 = 8


"..Fuck it, order me some too."


You call for eight pints.

you hear a giggle, and some jabber before she responds 'One moment!'


"I don't know, I give up." Winston turns and walk over to the unoccupied bed and flops onto it.


"Looks like we're drinking away our problems, boys"


James picks the phone back up again.

how many pints are you getting?




Roll #1 5, 1 = 6


Tom looks to the bottle of plum brandy.
"Fuck it! i'm not going to get caught sober. Or concious."
The bottle still has a quarter in in.
Tom downs it in one large gulp.
"Ah, fuck, bad ida."


Before the drinks arrive, James wants something else to eat, to let the alcohol last a little longer. He spots the, so far neglected, salad on the table.
"Anyone mind if I take this?"


Dunno if the person who was supposed to roll was me or James. Whatever.

Roll #1 5, 6 = 11


and with that, tom passes out on the nice red chair in the corner.

after a clever waiting procedure, 14 pints of Cider come through the door, all in chilled russian 2pint glasses.

drink up.


Edward takes a glass and begins to drink.


Winston stays lying on the bed. The bacon already bit him in the ass, and he'd rather not compromise his ability to resist ponifying urges for a temporary cure.


James takes a pair of glasses and chugs down half of one.
"Man, this is some good shit"


He continues drinking steadily.


Edward gets slightly drunk, on top of the other drinks.


Tom falls back in thee chair.
"G-Guys I'll probably pass out from alcohol blood dilution or something deep like that, be nice gentlement and carry me off to the bed once I do." *Loud hic noise*

Tom takes a handfull from the salad, and falls on (hers?) back. in the chair. Wih a bottle of empty plum brandy in hand, and a salad laf on the chin.


there are now ten pints of cider on the table.


Winston gets up and offer's Tom a hand, "you need some help getting back to bed, there?"


Tom, please roll 2d20 damage (Sub points)


James picks up the remainder salad from next to Tom, and takes a few bites. It's not bad.
He picks up yet another glass from the table.




Roll #1 10, 16 = 26


"I'm just gonna go to sleep too."


at seven point two, you pull back your black chitin, grow some boobs and in a drunken mess, you fall asleep.
Edward linton has passed out.


James, at six and a half pints in, must roll 1d10+6 to stay awake


James will continue drinking until the cider runs out, or he passes out.


Good ninght.
See you all on sunday.


james, at 9 pints in, passses out on the table.

winston is the only one awake and still 'not drunk'.


Winston counts beds, then counts bodies, and realizes he has a problem. He checks if James or Edward have a key for their room on them.


there's still about seven and a half pints of cider on the table.

please take a 1d10 fortification roll to not drink the cider.


You guys never got their keys from the front desk.


//big money, big money, no whammies, no whammies

Roll #1 10 = 10


You drink all the cider.

you notice a slight tear on your cheek as your vision blurs and you pass out.



Roll #1 5 = 5



Roll #1 9 = 9


FLOOD DETECTED (this is getting around anti-spam)

Roll #1 13 = 13


The cider, when passed through your system, started transforming you at an extremely rapid rate.

at 9/10 james taylor is a pony in body, but not in mind.


Coat: dark purplish blue
Mane and tail: Purple with orange highlights, long and naturally flowing

Edward, rolling above 10, gets the extra three added on.

at 5/10, your hair turns long, you get a tail, both dark green, and your body softens as if estrogen was added into your system.
winston, at 9.8, is almost entirely a pony in both mind and body.

>slightly taller-esque Earth Pony Stallion, Black mane & tail, grey coat, Green eyes


it's morning, the birds are chirping, and i hear that the opera house is playing today.

you are hungry, and want some breakfast. and maybe some coffee.


"Fuuck… Anyone else awake?"


James stirs, a mass of hair covering his vision.
"Woah, what the… yeah I'm up. My voice sounds weird."


Winston gets up and streches his new pony legs before standing up, idly wagging his tail


"Is it safe to say last night was a bad idea?"
James lifts a hoof and pushes the mane to one side, scanning the room.
"welp, looks like I'm not immune after all. Who's awake?"


"Christ… I feel, ah- wait, is everyone else okay?" he looks over at Taylor, "Yeah, I'm awake…"


Winston hooks his forehooves onto the edge of the bed Edward is in and stands with them, and says, "I'm up"


"Hey, Winny, you alright? I think that cider had some… Effects on us."


James takes a moment to his own, assess Ed and Winston's forms.
"oh, that explains the voice. looks like we have another fissure, gentlemen."
He, now She, notes that Winston looks rather cute.


"what do you mean?" Winston cocks his head and flicks his ear


"what fissures, can someone just talk normal for once?" Winston scrunches his muzzle as he turns to james


"I think that I'm relatively unchanged… Atleast, compared to you two."


James slides off the table, and wobbles over to the bed, struggling to balance on all fours. She may still be a little drunk.
"Room for one more on there? ahehe."


"Uh, sure."



Winston jumps up on the bed, turns in place, kneads with his hooves then lies down on top of Edward's chest


James pulls herself up onto the bed and shuffles round so she's facing the same direction as Edward.
"Thanks buddy. That hair suits you."


Edward nervously starts up, "Heh, someone's had a change of attitude. Anyhow, you two want something to eat?"


"Some kind of fruit would be nice"
James says, eyes drifting across winston's new form. He's so much bigger than she is now.


Ed gets up, careful not to hurt the stallion resting on his chest, and goes to the kitchen to search for something to eat.


Winston cocks his head and frowns
"yeah, apples sound good"


"So, we're both full ponies now, huh? You seem pretty calm.
weren't you super against letting this happen yesterday?"


Winston's eyes unfocus as vague memories form, "yeah, but I don't know why. This seems pretty nice." Winston gets up and bounces on the bed a little bit.


Edward orders some pancakes and absentmindedly takes a bite of an apple, "So, you two having a nice chat? Need anything else?"


"I think we're good here, thanks. How are you feeling?"


Edward, please take a 1d5 roll.


Winston notices the apple, trots over to Edward's feet and starts pathetically begging for some of the apple.



Roll #1 5 = 5


"Wha-where did that apple even come from? I though I threw those out"


"Sorry, Winson, but I don't think that's the best idea."
"Doing, uh, fine, and… I don't know where the apples came from. Although ghost apples aren't exactly our biggest concern at the moment, I suppose…"


edward rolls a five, he is now at 5.5

your abs harden a bit.


Ed finishes up his apple and sits back down on the bed, playing with his tail, "So, what's the plan for today?"


Winston sits at Ed's Ed's feet attentively staring at him, tail playfully waggling behind him


"..yes, Winston?"


James snuggles down into the bed a bit more, feeling warm and content.
"Not sure, I feel pretty tired still to be honest. We should wait until Tom wakes up."


James, at 9/10 is almost entirely pony

winston, at 9.8/10 is nearly unhelpfully cute.

Edward, at 5.5/ is a bit feminine but hasn't grown fur

Tomas, at 7.2- is asleep, and anthro.



Tom wakes up, yawning into existence.
"fuuuuck, did I get hammered last night?"


Winston scampers over to Tom's feet and excitedly says, "Heya Tom!"


Ed turns his attention from Winston to Tom, "Yeah, we all got drank atleast a little… And it seems like that stuff wasn't as harmless as we thought…"


James trots over to Tom and smirks.
"Yup, we all did."
She swishes her mane.
"With surprising results."


"Tell me about it." Tom looks down. "Fuck, these weren't here yesterday."


Winston sets his head in Tom's lap


Tom is rather preoccupied wit staring at her obviously female physique. Tests pokes one of the breasts with a finger. "Uh."


"One heck of a hangover, huh?"


"You have no clue."


Winston sits down and whines, his tail still swishing away behind him


"Oh, yeah, Winston, what did you want again?"


James smiles and moves to sit down next to her fellow pony.


Winston trots back over to Ed's feet, and stares up at him with big pleading pony eyes.


Tomm is busy weighing one of the cups, before snapping back and shaking her head. "What's the damage?"


"Well, I mean… Uh, it's not… With your… SO, HOW ABOUT THAT FOOD?"


Almost comically so- there's a couple of knocks on the door as the girl with the food cart is readying your guy's English breakfast.


Winston tilts his head, just a little bit, and folds back his ears
Winston's tail wags as he runs over and takes a seat next to the door


"Uhh, who's the most human right now? Could they get the door?"


"That'd be me…"
Edward goes to the door and opens it a crack, making sure not to let the girl see any of his companions.


"English?" The maid says in a heavy Russian Accent.


Winston tries to wedge his snoot in the crack


"Ah, er, yes."
Ed pushes Winston away from the door with his foot, in what he hopes to be a discreet manner.


Winston backs off, and takes a seat on the floor


"So, what did we get?"


"I'm so hungry I oculd eat a horse, I tell you."


The girl nodds, and picks up a few platters.

She points to one, and says "Eggs."
She points to another, and says "Bacon"
She points to the final tray and says "Pancakes"

She leaves the cart there with the butter and syrup.

She makes the sign for 'phone' and points to you- finally saying "Drinks."

You gather that 'if you want drinks call it in.'

you still have plenty of alcohol in the room, no cider; sadly.


"Well don't get any ideas."
James pretends to be scared of Tom.


Ed thanks the girl as she walks off, bringing the platters inside, "Eggs, bacon, and pancakes."


Tom jokingly snares her teeth.


James follows Ed to the table.
"Pancakes sound goood"


Ed sits the platters down on the table, taking a piece of bacon and biting into it.


Winston peeks over the edge of the table


"Wait, something doesn't check out."


James turns away from staring at the pancakes. "Hm?"


Winston turns to tom, and tilts his head


"Passing out the fact that I have tits apparently, there is way too much fucking horse." Tom realizes and grabs her mane. "You fucking twats, could you not drink Vodka"?!"


Winston trots over to Tom's feet, sits down and looks up at him with big pleading eyes


"Winn? What the fuuu-"


Winston's ears perk up, and he wags his tail at the sound of his name


"Where did that guy who wanted to cut his ears off go? Did you shove him facefull of bacon yet? MAYBE TRYTO GET HIS BRAIN BAACK ON."


"Ed, could you pass me one of those pancakes please?" James motions with a hoof, not quite able to reach them herself.


Winston's tail stops wagging, and he slowly starts backing up, as Tom starts yelling


Ed gives James a pancake, and ponders what to do with Winston.


James munches the pancake happily, then goes to lie on the bed again.


Winston hides behind Ed's legs from the yelling Tom, and whimpers pitifully


"Come here and act like a man!"


"Tom, I'm sure we can do something about this without resorting to…"


"Two words of today are excessive force and bacon!"


Winston lies down, folds his ears flat and tries to make himself look as small as possible behind Ed.
Winston starts shaking and whimpering and crying and curls up into a little ball


"That's three words."


"Dare you defy my word!?" Tom scoops up some bacon from the breakfast plate. Goes loking for winn.


James watches from the bed, concerned.
Why is Tom being so mean to Winny?


Winston hears Tom getting closer, and dives under the bed


James drops down and lies in front of the bed, protecting Winston.


Tom leaps under it as well. "Come here!"


Winston scooches up against the far corner, desperately trying to get away from this madman


"My trip demand satisfaction! Move aside heathens!" Tom dives for winston, losinng her loose pants along the way.


James is pushed to the side. Welp, this is entertaining if nothing else.


She manages to chase Win down and shove him throathfull of bacon.


At the addition of Bacon, James must take a regression roll, semi-points



Winston coughs and tears soak into his fur as the disgusting tasting bacon is basically shoved into his mouth


I mean- Winston.




Roll #1 6 = 6


"I hope to get positive karma, this chitin iss terible."


Winston coughs up bacon and grips his head, as if he were in the throes of some terrible headache


At 9.2, Winston is a bit less pony consciously but still would rather eat an apple and get a scritch- his mind clears as re remembers that he'd rather be a human than a horse.


"Winn? You in there again?"


Winston crawls out from under the bed, and smashes his head a few times against the bedside table


Tom chuckles, nownoticing she lacks pants. Exposed to everyone. "Fuck! Where are my


Winston slumps to the ground, and mutters through clenched teeth, "get OUT of my head"


James giggles.
"Well, maybe if you weren't horsing around under the bed with winston, you could have kept them on."


"Fuck you, I'm waving my junk in the breeze!"


James facehoofs.
"Fine. Not as if I'm wearing any clothes either."


"I still have some human featuers! Where the fuca re my pants?!"


You all smell, you haven't bathed in days and tomas really, really needs a cigarette

you guys are all hungry- James needs to pee and Winston wants scritches.


James spots them by the edge of the bed.
"Buck this, I'm going to the bathroom."
She trots off for a shower and a piss.


"I go shower too. Fuck everything." Tom throws down even her shirt, strolling maked, in full glory.


James has already started the shower, and taken a piss. The door is unlocked, because fuck operating locks with hooves.


Tom waits in the bathroom.


Winston lays on the ground, his head hurts, some part of him wants scritchies, and another part wants to keep smashing his head against the dresser until that other part stops


Ed makes over to Winston, "You… You okay, Winn?"


"You can join me if you want, Tom. We're both girls here, anyway" She chuckles.


You have the thought of wanting to 'test the lady parts' given to you

please roll 1d10 whether you follow up those thoughts.
you still want a cigarette.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Winston starts to whimper, but then grabs his head in his hooves and growls, "I'm not going to let this shit fucking BEAT ME."


alright- your will fails and you get up to get a cigarette, standing naked off of the balcony you begin on your cigarette

please roll 1d10


(Wasn't that a shower roll?)


While she's in the shower, James decides to explore her new body. She sits down on the floor of the shower and brings a hoof down to the unfamiliar parts.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Edward curls up on the bed and groans.


(naw, that would've been your decision, without a roll. but you went off for that cigarette.)

You were to begin before you felt a bit of want for hay and apples and friendship, you shake off your arousal and continue soaping yourself.


Tom returns from her smoke break and cheks on the shower. "T-That proposal still holding?"


"Tom. Punch me in the face until I stop being adorable. I swear I can almost feel his voice in my head b-" Winston slams his head back into the Dresser, "NO."


"Yeah, if you want."


Finnally rolling for showerendo

Roll #1 7 = 7


Tomas nonchalantly gets into the shower and begins lathering the chitin.

your mind clears up a bit.
take a regression roll patial point 1d10



Roll #1 4 = 4


James looks up and chuckles.
"Mind using those hands to lather my mane?"


at 6.8 your chittin falls away and you're left with black skin, a couple of holes fill in and your breasts, which were covered in chittin at the time- are now exposed- and a bit sensitive.


Tom applies shampoo to Jame's mane, before stumbling slightly at the regression.


James closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling.


James, the shower's continuous calming effect has left you thinking of a couple of young anecdotes from when you were a kid.

please take a regression roll 1d30



Roll #1 26 = 26


Tom washes off the foam from Jame's mane.


At an ammount of 6.4/10 you regress back to near human. your arms and legs come back- you're now an anthro pony with some hair gone in patches and your natural skin color showing through.


"Heeeey! You're back! Sorta, well, except down there probably."


James stumbles and stands up in the shower.
"..huh. Yeah, I guess so."


James cups her new boobs and blushes. "Well, this is new"


"speaking of new things," Tom steps closer, almost touching James chest on, "Were you never curious about these things?"


James looks up at Tom, blushing harder.
"Y-yeah, I kinda was."


You girls make rolls for advancing on eachother.



Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 6 = 6


Hearts form in the eyes as some yuri begins.
meanwhile- Edward wants to humanise himself but also wants breakfast.
Winston is a bit more fervent in his want, smashing his large head against wood and such.

you both hear whats going on in the shower.


Winston angrily lies on the floor, blatantly refusing to use his new limbs, occasionally smacking his head against the dresser, or biting into his foreleg whenever the desire for scritchies builds up again


James leans against Tom and wraps a hand around her butt. The feel of boobs squishing against boobs is unfamiliar, but pleasant.


Your adamant hatred for your body has allowed you to kick that voice out of your head.

you automatically regress to 9/10


"You sure you're okay with this, Tom?"


"Ofcourse,Silly. I m fine with it. Tom wiggles her chest.


James giggles and leans in to kiss Tom.


Tom kisses back keeping James locked in a kiss, sliding her hands around Jame's new parts and body as the curtains roll down before the main event.


When we were last at it, Winston was at 9- human minded but pony bodied

Edward is at 5.5, Human with patches of fur- ears, tail, and flat teeth.

Tom at 7.2 and James at 6.4

please take a 1d4 roll, tom and james.



Roll #1 3 = 3


a night to remember.

Roll #1 2 = 2


File: 1478828100303.jpg (200.71 KB, 1024x662, 1b4-1024x662.jpg)

At 10.2, Tomas Cepek is fully pony and unsavable.

Lest a miracle happens…

at 8.4 james turns into an anthro pony, but is much smaller and doesn't have hands.
>pic related, is number two.


James steps out of the bathroom, rubbing her eyes with her hooves. "Ohh, That was great, Tom."


Tom just murmurrs in agreement, and stands up, sniffing at the air, ears snappping in reaction to every noise.


Winston seethes with with raw hatred on the ground, "you fucking cunts done being perverted little shits, or can we go back to figuring out how to fucking unfuck this shitmess we've gotten into, you stupid fucking bastards"


Winston, take a 1d10 regression roll.


Tom hisses at Winston, and trots at a happy pace into the main room.



Roll #1 8 = 8


at 8.2, you stand up on two feet and appear in shape to james taylor.

you feel remarkably relaxed, strangely. but you are still pissed.


James walks over and offers Winston a hug. "Hey, there's no need to swear. It'll be okay, we'll figure something out"


Winson shoves James off, "get off me you pinko fuck"


Tom stands between Winston and James, staring down at Winston.


James frowns and sits on the bed. "S-sorry."
She looks at Tom. "Uh, you ok there, Tom?"


Winston stares Tom directly in the eyes, "what are you looking at, you disgusting bug-fuck?"


Tom hisses slightly again. "Who are *you* calling disgusting?"


"you, you fucking insect. Have you seen yourself in the fucking mirror? You goddamn make me sick, you bastardized cockroach."


Tom hisses loudly and snares fangs, looking like preparing for a pounce at Winn.


Winston shrinks back from the terrifying bug, and resorts to shouting generic insults and expletives at it, in the hopes it will just fuck off


Tom fuckiing leaps at Winston.


File: 1478829431183.jpg (78.92 KB, 624x452, 1477370082157.jpg)


Winston screams and flails his unfamiliar limbs at Tom


"Dare insult the queen again and I'll rip you to shreds!"


James watches with concern.
"What-TOM! Stop it!"




James lunges forward and pushes Tom off Winston, Slapping her with a hoof.
"What the buck are you doing?"


"He isulted me! Filthy earth pony!"




A hoof collides with your face and you're knocked across the room, tumbling heavily and knocking something over.

you turn to find your bag of clothes, and something in the back of your mind clicks

you're now at 9.9


James looks into Tom's eyes with concern. "Queen? Filthy? This isn't the Tom I know."


Tom blinks.
"Fuck, what is happening to us?"


"Now that's the Tom I know. Now, punch me in the fucking face."


"W-Why would I?"


"Punch me in the face, until one of us gets their hands back. The word of the day is excessive force, right?"


"I don't want to hit my friend!" Tom sits and curls slightly.


"You saw what you became, I don't want to be friends with that thing. Now come over here, and punch me in the damn face."


"Then hit me You heard it. It wants to hurt things."


Winston shakily stands on two legs and walks over to Tom, then sucker punches him square in the jaw


Tom reccoils, coughs, and spits out what seems to be blood, except green.


Winston looks at the blood, "What the fuck is this shit? Cancer? Are we dying?"


"I don't know, maybe because I look like a Chernobyliean cockroach."


"What a sorry bunch of sick freaks we are. I don't think there's a single person here who's passable for human anymore." Winston exhaustively collapses into a chair


Edward sits up, "I mean, uh,… Maybe me? I mean, I'm kinda…"


"Look at me, for fuck's sake." Tom notices a last piece of bacon on a breakfast plate.


"Yeah, this all got pretty fucked up, huh?" James runs a hoof through her mane.


Tom nibbles on the piece of a bacon.
"We're fucked. Either way."


Tom, please take a 1d40 roll



Roll #1 18 = 18


at 8.1- you too are at the stage of tomas and james.


"H-Holy moley!" Tom stumbles as he shifts to two legs.


Winston looks at Tom change, "We need more Bacon. NOW."


Edward gets up and goes to find something to drink, seeming to ignore the current events.


"Agreed. Ed? Order a truckfull of bacon, bread a mustard."


Edward finds a few bottles of Russian Vodka and a picture of glorious leader kruschev


Edward takes a bottle and takes a long drink, before taking it with him back to the bed.


"ED! You nip! Leave some potatoes for me as well!" Tom walks over to get the Vodka from Ed. "Cyka Blyat."


please take a 1d20 regression roll


Winston hooks Tom around the neck before he can reach Ed, "no, we have a cure, goddamn it, and we're going to goddamn be human again. This is just going to be some funny fucking story we're going to be laughing our asses off when we're old and grey, and still have our goddamned hands. Now, order some goddamned bacon."





"After I have a sip!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


And I fuuuuuck it up.
Rolling correctly

Roll #1 7 = 7


Derp, didn'tupdate stats.]


at 7.2- you are now anthropromorphic

at 4.8- you are now human with pony ears, tail, eye color, flat teeth and colored nails.


Tom happily laughs.


James sighs and lies down on the bed. "I'm not touching alcohol again. Not after last time"


"But it's out of potatoes!"


"I ain't either, the last time I got shitfaced, I went full horse. Also there's a cancer in my thoughts and I'd rather not let it take hold of me again."


"Look at you Win.. Get us the bacon."


Winston calls up the front desk and orders some more bacon


9 months ago
The fucking feels


Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you


i wonder if anyone else ever reads this. or stuff like that. or if it's just me.



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