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JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 3: The Breezie Rises

Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion and Nopony as Everyone Else

And introducing

Sylt as Pitilia

Rated B for Breezie



>Correction: Petilia for Sylt!

Ribbon (Large Beast Walker — 100 XP): TL: 6
Str: 18/+4; Dex: 16/+3; Con: 10/+0; Int: 8/-1; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +11=8+3(dex) Melee: +13=9+4(str) Fort: +4=4+0(con)
Health: +9=7+0(con)+2(size) ~ 210/15 Ranged: +12=9+3(dex) Ref: +7=4+3(dex)
Def: 20=10+8+3(dex)-1(size) Comp: None Will: +5=4+1(wis)
Size: Large (2×2); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. ground;
Skills: Athletics VII (Str) +18 = 14+4; Notice VII (Wis) +15 = 14+1; Sneak V (Dex) +14 = 11+3
Qualities: Chameleon I (forest/jungle 0XP), charge attack, darkvision II, feat (Mobility Basics), grappler, light sleeper, rend.
Attacks: Bite IV [2d10/16-20] (armour piercing 2), Trample IV [2d10/18-20]




A new day dawns in the Hollow, you wake up early to get ready to take care of the animals. Ribbon is still asleep.

It's another day, another day of your impromptu vacation. You woke up to the ticking of your Tickcom, seems some kind of message came in, disturbing your well deserved rest in your comfy little bed.

You've been staying at Verde's compound for the past few days. As you wake up, your brain starts to twitch as if it's trying to put something very important together. ROLL PERCEPTION (investigate)


Maybe its the guild!
Check it right away.


Is it about not getting paid?

Roll #1 18 + 10 = 28


I didn't commit to that! I was just helping them get back on their wings after the storm.

It's about time to get moving, I think. I should plan to hit the road. I'll go look in on Ribbon though.


No, you know you're not being paid!
But there's something off.
Your master told you about the Duchesses of the breezie Demesnes before. They're extremely powerful and know everything that goes on in their realm. Yet you've been here for 2 days now without presenting yourself to her and no reaction. Is the power of the Duchess overstated or is something weird going on?

It is the guild!

[GUILD NR: AG-156732
You have been cordially invited to the seminar "Imagining a brighter future for the Hollow" by HIGH TINKER WRENCHBURG. This seminar will take place in NEXUS HALL at 11125878 at 0900.
Because of your INSUFFICIENT AUTHORIZATION, you have been temporarily granted a security badge. You can pick this up at TINKER CORE LOUNGE.


This is some kind of invitation for something way above your rank…in 20 minutes!!!!!!

Did you take the invite to stay at the cottage outside or did you stay at your own half demolished place?


Oh right, they were trying to stop me earlier.
What was their excuse?


At my own place of course! Obviously it's better to stay in ruins than in the company of others.


In twenty minutes?
Get my best guild uniform on and get moving!


It was apparently tradition to present any new visitors to the Duchess at the Palace. But you have not received any sort of warnings since. Maybe someone here will know more?

Ribbon is sleeping outside. But she wakes up as you fly close. There's only a few breezies flying about, bearing the mark of the Butterfly and rebuilding a few of the houses.

You do wonder how you got this invitation that's way above your rank. Perhaps Blaze would know? You do have to ask her for your autorized badge to see the seminar.
When you arrive, you see she's busy filling in papers.


I should have made a friend in town, if anything Verde himself? I could ask him.


Busy?.. Tap on her desk hoping she notices.


Her antennae twitch, but she is absorbed in thought as she writes away on the papers and forms!
Maybe you need to speak up?


Before you go, you notice something beside you on the bed. A little package marked 'Petilia'


Ooooh? That's curious. Who's it from, does it say?


But she's so focused.
Tap much harder, and cough a bit.


Scratch him behind the ear. "What do you think Ribbon? Is this a good day to set off?"


You see her focus waver and her face twitch again, but her mind is so single-tracked right now she doesn't even realize the tapping is coming from another breezie!


You open it and it's a beautiful bouquet of colored microflowers, slightly glowing.
A note beside it says "from a secret admirer"


Oh my!
Spend a moment smelling them. Then pick one and put it in my mane, I will fly around like that.
Finding out who it might be from will be fun.

Now, off to Verde.


He yawns and stretches. Then shakes his head before looking suspiciously at the breezies marked with the butterfly. You've notice the past few days she hissed at them whenever they passed by your home.


They smell lovely. And the flower glows as you put it in your mane.
Verde is outside, you have yet to see him sleep, he's currently busy building a new home for another family of breezies. He's the only one working right now, toiling away.


This isn't good.. Take a breath and try to talk to her.
"Excuse me! Blaze!"


Float down there. "That's no good for you."
Offer him some water.



"Maybe I ought to find out what their deal is. Want to come?"


She pauses, gasping, looking up.
"Ohgosh, hello! Hello, Pattern! Sorry, didn't you see there, what can I do for you? I'm sort of in the middle of something if you don't mind!"


"I.. need to pick up a badge.. for Pattern Pitch. Please?"


She giggles.
"Silly, I know who you are! Uh, yes, hold on!"
She ducks under the table and rummages around for a bit before appearing again.
"Here you go! Don't lose it now, I can't give you another!"
Ooh, it's very shiny!


He shakes his head again. Just hissing… one of the butterfly breezies flies off in the opposite direction of Ribbon as she sees this.

"Oh, Petilia, thank you."
He takes the water and drinks it nearly empty.
"When you're working for a righteous cause, it is easy to forget your most basic needs…"


My ears flop back and I look down as I clip the badge on.
"Oh.. Thanks.. I have to go now."
and then leave immediately, I'm going to be late!


"Like sleep, for one. Have you had any?"


"Suit yourself."

Float over to one of those butterfly breezies. "What kind of construction symbol is a butterfly?"


The badge shines as you show it to the metal eye. The door to the Outer Core opens once again.

"Sleep?" he thinks "I can't remember when I've had any…the cause has been keeping me up, Petilia. There's so many breezies to help, those who are trying to harm the Hollow aren't sleeping, why should I?"

The Breezie looks suspiciously at you 'Why are you asking? If you don't know what this means then either you're an outsider or one of the Duchess' pets, which is it?"


"An outsider. It doesn't matter anyway, really, I'm leaving soon. You must be one of the city breezie guilds, right?"


"The cause doesn't need you to die in the middle of work, Verde.
Go to bed. Somebreezie else will take over."


On the right track, remember to look for, NEXUS HALL 11125878.


"…the guilds? Wow, you really must be an outsider. Listen to me, outsider, there's big changes coming here. Really really big changes. For the first time in millenia, a Breezie Demesne will not be ruled by our Duchess but by the Breezies of the Hollow. It's gonna be rough, outsider, leave while you still can…let those who have their roots here decide the fate of this place…"

He seems to think.
"Rest…I do not feel sleepy…but perhaps a little walk would be welcome. Just to give my mind a little rest."

It's not that far away, there's already multiple guild breezie waiting. The hall door is flanked by Tinker Hippolyte. The Guild's own private army. You've never seen them before since they're usually only in the Inner Core. Oh my, this must be a very important meeting. Even the breezies standing in line with you are all Outer Core breezies way outranking you!


Stand in line like a good breezy.


"I can accompany you then. There are a few questions on my mind."


"Oh exciting, a mob. Well what're you wasting good wood for on houses when you could be building guillotines and gallows? Well, I have no investment in propping up the local aristocracy, but do try to avoid killing everybreezie literate once I'm gone."

Whistle to Ribbon. I should at least let those animal tamers near the edge of town know about this situation before I go. They may not realize what's happening.


He slowly nods.
"Yes, I'm happy you're here Petilia, your arrival here at this crucial time can be no mere coincidence."
He flies up towards the tunnels.

"You should go…outsider."
You leave towards the exit. You see that besides the usual guards, there's a new breezie here, dressed in advanced Tinker gear. You don't recognize all the weapons and armor he has, but he peers out into the horizon.

Eventually, it's your turn, the Hippolyte check your invitation.
"Lounge 2, the Bureau of Robotics section. Be advised that everything you hear in this seminar is classified and any leaks will result in your permanent expulsion from the Tinbker Guild." The doors open.


Probably just foreign, same as me. What do I care?

Unless someone's making a scene, head out of town to cottage.


I nod firmly at the hippolyte, look at the numbers for Lounge 2.
..there really are a lot of breezies here..


There really are.
But you zoom past all of them, towards Lounge 2, you see Master Tinker Avi, who you met earlier, is there to greet everybreezie


No one is. Everthing is dead quiet. Even the militia don't look comfortable.
You fly over to the cottage.
The mice wake up as Ribbon approaches


A greeting line? Okay.
Stand up straight, walk properly, when I get up to him, extend hoof and greet him with "Its very nice to be here Master Tinker Sir.." Then realize he told me just two days ago not to do that, and add. "Avi"


Mice are quite large creatures anyway. I bet Ribbon prefers smaller game.

Knock on the door.


Fly after him.
"You know, something has been bothering me for a while now. Why doesn't the Duchess want to see me?"


You try to make yourself as prim and proper as possible before approaching.
He holds your hoof and gently shakes it, smiling at you.
"Ah, Pattern Pitch! I am indeed very glad that you could make it! I am sure it is going to be of your interest! Do you have just a moment?"


"Yes of course Sir-Tinker-Avi" I reply far too loudly and then cover my mouth embarrassed.


To your surprise, it's not


It's not Ayrie who opens the door, but Spark, the Tinker Guild Animal caretaker. He takes off his goggles "By the great Alchemy, I didn't think we'd meet again, Fairweather."

"That's the wrong question. It's not that she doesn't want to see you…"


You see a couple heads turning towards you, as well as a few nearby conversations dying down, but they all return to their own businesses in a few seconds.
The Master Tinker chuckles.
"It is allright, you are not in trouble. I would just like to invite you to my office after this seminar, if you can make it. What I have to say could not be presented properly before this event starts."


"Being off by one isn't so bad. I came to deliver a warning, nothing more."


Nod in understanding.
"Something bad about to happen"


"A warning now?" he doesn't seem to take you seriously. "Maybe I should warn you about THIS!" he throws a box at you

He shakes his head. "No, not something bad, something beautiful…"


I nod at him.
"Yes, I will be there. Right after the seminar."


Catch it, annoyed. '1d20+8'

"I'm talking about the butterflies."

Roll #1 7 + 8 = 15


Boost, just to be sure '1d6'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Thank you for your time! Now, please, go on! Find a seat or somebreezie to chat with!"
He looks like he has to greet the next guest now.


Move over to an empty seat then.


"I don't want to get mixed in this. When it's about to happen, please, do warn me…"



You catch it.
Inside, there's a bunch of floating lights.
Wait, it's the lightningflies you caught earlier, just even tinier than before!

"The butterflies? Wait…you're talking about that new cult lead by Verde?"

You're now in the Bureau of Robotics lounge. You loook around but everywhere are high ranking breezies. The ones beside you you've seen before on your brief visit to the bureau, and the others well you've never even seen them before! You look to the speaker's table and you see…oh my duchess, the High Tinker of Breezie Hollow Wenchburg himself! And besides him sits Commander Fargale!

He looks confused.
"Mixed into what? My dear Petilia, I do not want to bring trouble upon you. But, you must realize, your &arrival here, right now, do you not believe it to be of any significance? Did you come here simply drawn by the winds?"


As long as I sit straight up and don't do anything, it will all be fine.
This must be really important.


Tinier? Did he breed a new jar or something? Or do they get smaller when their volts are discharged? Forest creature study. '1d20+8'

"They certainly acted like a cult. They said there would be blood."

Roll #1 8 + 8 = 16


"I came to help, because disaster had struck town! Not for any other reason!"


It's the same ones! Just tinier!
Spark smirks. "Behold, have you ever wondered how the Tinker Guild can have an entire zoo inside the Tinker Core, we just shrink them to an appropriate size for storage, neat huh!"
He waves away your statement.
"Blood, maybe a few of them plebians would say that. But you can relax, it is all under control." He shrugs "These are strange times, but the Tinker Guild has been anticipating them for years now. The storm was a tragedy, but through our guidance we can turn it into a blessing, a new Dawn for the Hollow."
Ayrie arrives sleepily. "What are you talking about, Spark?" He rolls his eyes. "Nothing, Ayrie, I was just telling our friend here" he pats your shoulder "that she might be a valuable addition to our town!"

"That is what you know, but there are many things you don't…many secrets you remain blind of. Hence our meeting now…" you fly past the guarded tunnel…

In a few minutes Commander Fargale stands up and floats to the speaker.
"My fellow breezies, I am glad you have come here. It is an honor for me to announce this seminar 'the future of breezie valley' by the most esteemed high tinker Wrenchburg. For too long, the Guild has been seperate from nteh larger affairs of the demesnes. Fated to simply give designs for better harvest of our precious nectar to our beloved Duchess. I will tell you, it is time that the Guild takes a place of greater importance in our beloved town!"


Look nervously at the guards as I fly by, close at Verde's side.
"I thought this was about resting your mind."


This is a strange opener, keep listening.


"My mind can never be restful, not after what happened. Petilia, I respect you more because it seems you came to us to help without knowing what happened during that fateful night of the storm…you don't know, do you?"

"For the last year, the Guild and the militia have been working together to create a new militia."
A few Breezies arrive on the scene, they're dressed in the advanced Tinker Hippolyte gear but with militia colors. "Through this coorperpation we have created the first regiment of Hollow Freecorps, a regiment of Breezie dressed by the finest the Tinker Guild has to offer, I only wish these units could have been active during the recent storm…"


Stare at the creatures. "The Tinkers have extraordinary equipment. I always wonder why it takes so long to repair the hollow when by all appearances you could just dispatch your robots, or make one craftsbreezie so big that they could repair homes like dollhouses."

Glance up at Ayrie. "I was only here to warn of these… do they have a name? Verdians?"


…a sort of emergency response unit?


"It is because the Tinker Guild is subject to the Duchess, the same Duchess who has not appeared ever since the storm…We could, we WANT to repair the Hollow, believe me, Fairweather. All of the tools are at our command, but the Duchess has not given her permission!"

"The Tinker Guild has given so much to the larger Breezie community, yet time and time again she has been stifled by tradition, by ancient laws that the Duchess enforces fir time immemorial" he breathes "This is why we have called together the new concept 'breezie hollow of the future', a bvision of the hollow as it could be without these ancient restrictions, a hollow where reason and science reign supreme" there's some clapse among the audience


Shake my head, flower and all, looking just a bit less worried.


"Remember what we were talking about the other night? About ethical compromises as a result of being subject to an aristocrat?"


This is sounding very strange, can I get a good look at these Tinker Hippolytes or did they move off stage?


They remain on stage.
They're dressed in attire similar to the Hippolyte who stay deep in the Core, but those breezie have never used their weaponry outside the Tinker Core!

"As I speak, this modernization of the tinker militia is being proposed to our glorious Duchess. My Breezies, a few days ago, we were unprepared for an invasion of Radan, we were blind, we blindly trusted the guidance of our dearest Duchess. It is time that we lay down such illusions, that we realize that the only thing protecting us from Radan invasion is the will and strength of the Breezies.
Tinkers, you are an indespensible link beinding the Breezie together. The horrors of the storm are still in recent memory, but because of the storm, you will be the catalyst to a great and bright future not just for the Holllow Hill, but all Breezies!!!!"

He nods. "I could not talk about what I knew then. But rest assured, we are moving towards a future where the will of the Breezies will be what decides the future of Breeziekind, not some Duchess…"

"Petilia, before the storm I was but a farmer, a humble nectar farmer. But during the storm I had…I know it will sound silly, but I can only describe it as a vision…"


"You are talking to a witch. We know all about visions."


Ah! So it is a radan response unit. Sensible!


He nods.
"Then…then I feel comfortable telling you this. Please, tell me the truth of my vision, can you do this?"


"The strange thing is, that those cultists seemed to say the same thing about who they were putting in charge, and yet both you and they seem hostile to one another. The problem with a democracy is that it turns out, in a large group of people, the will of everybreezy includes some opposite opinions."


Nod confidently.
I've done this before!


"In light of these recent events, the study I commisioned one year ago is more urgent than ever. My fellow Breezie, it is my honor to present to you, High Tinker Wrenchburg!" He claps himself as the High Tinker of the Hollow approaches the stage!

"If we have the same ultimate goal, then there will be a way to work together, is there not? I do not know th'e designs of the Verdians, but what I do know is that they're outclassed. Only one lookd outside these wndows will tell you that…"
Ayrie looks worried now "Uh Spark, you're joking right, for a moment I thought that was a threat…heheh"

'I was asleep in my home in the Temple District when in my dreams I saw a beautiful butterfly, it told me of the coming storm, that I needed to get everyone to safety and that it would protect my home. With a belief that bordered on madness, I roused everyone from sleep, they were angry at me but right before it came to blows the storm and the flood came…"


'1d10' clap clap

Roll #1 8 = 8


"It seems to me that they have no love for any guilds."


Look a bit concerned.
"This butterfly. Do you remember the color?"


"And why should they? The current guild system has failed for them. A new system is needed…"

"Yes, a beautiful deep purper!"

With a thunderous applause High Tinker Wrenchburg takes the stage!
"Tinkers, I'm honored to present to you, the fruit of one year of tinker labors, a vision of the new future of the Hollow."
A new screen appears, showing a diagram of the Hollow, the old archaic floor plan is gone, making shape for a rigid floor plan, rigorously fortified hallways, a new wind power net plan.
Roll Investigate!


'1d20+11' Investigate!

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


Free hint. Could this dream have been magically induced, rather than a real vision?


"Well, unlike the guild, those cultists might rise to violence and force rather than rationality."


What's the difference? You feel a tingle up your spine from your guardian ancestors.
Know this, witch, there are 15 different spirits associated with the bush breezie rites and none of them even resemble a butterfly. You don't know what this spirit is, and that might mean trouble!
And i fhtis spirit influences your friendly host, know it will resist any attempts of yours to drive a wedge between you and its host!

You don't notice much different, in fact, it features plans for rebuilding the areas worst hit by the storm!

"Then we…will stop them. Simple as that!"


Very good. I will clap here. '1d20'

Roll #1 2 = 2


I will need to investigate this. Quietly.
"It means…
It means exactly what you think! A true vision, sent you to save your friends!"


"Violence begets violence and so on. I don't think that's something I want to be around for. What do you think of this, Ayrie?"


You don't clap as enthusiastically as your fellow breezies!

The High Tinker carefully explains how every level from Breezie Hollow would be destroyed and replaced by a new ground plan confirming to more rational parameters, he adds this is all of course a think thank concept!

"I know! Because it told me…it told me togather everybreezie I knew in the Temple District. I tried, I tried my best. The flood was coming, it was threatening us all. I saw it coming, but at the last moment, the floor crashed open, draining all the water into the depths below and saving the temple district. Then everybreezie knew that I wasn't joking…"

He nods! "That's right, Violence is never the answer, what you're saying is absolutely horrifying!!!"
Spark rolls his eyes. "You better flee, Bush breezie! You don't want to be around for this." he leaves, leaving the shrinking device behind!


>think tank


This is pretty.. the breezies in the ruined area didn't even want my help to rebuild.
'1d20+11' investigate to try and memorize the plans?

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


Well, pick it up! Examine it more closely. What does it look like? Ray gun? Gemstone on the end of a flashlight? Bug spray? Does it have a comical shrink/grow toggle switch, or is it so sciency I can't even find the on button?

"I don't know about this… the Hollow hospitals have to already be overflowing after the storm. Is it ethically right for me to leave, being a doctor, when I know that every medical professional is about to be such a precious resource? On the other hand, staying means choosing sides, or trying to stop the conflict altogether. What can one Breezie do to stop a three-way war?"


"There, there."
Put a hoof around his back, patting him gently.
"You did good. Calm down now. It's clear you're in need of a moment to rest."


You emember all the plans and can think about it later.
The most urgent change you see is that ALL of the Windmancer space, the temple and the Organs Terrace would be removed. It's not very rurpising considering the High Tinker's disdain for magic, but it would remove 1000 years of Breezie Hollow Tradition…

The Tinker Shrinking Device is too large to carry by breezie hoof but was instlled in this cottage! You caould bring anything here, just push the button and it would shrink….

Ayrie shakes his head "uh Fairweather….Spark already left…."

'You think so, Petilia? How can I rest knowing the Butterfly wants me to help more of my kin?"


"I was talking to you. You have an opinion, don't you?"

Very interesting. Still, I don't have anything immediately obvious to shrink. Actually, if I could get Ribbon to be a bit larger he might have a little more professional pride and start trampling things more often. It's still quite an interesting trinket though.


"If you rest, perhaps you will dream of it again."
Smile at him.


Pretty ambitious
what do that other breezy here seem to be thinking? Look around.


Maybe you sould try to shrink Ribbon then?
"I don't even know what Spark was talking about?" He looks outside the window. "And what does he even mean by looking outside the window? There's just a bunch of weird breezies!"

"I know it…But it's hard Petilia, I don't know if I can be what this Butterfly wants me to be…"

You see very mixed reactions. Some are clapping, others are simply reading the screens with an alarmed look on their face.


This seems kind of bad.
But maybe the magic areas will be moved somewhere else, keep listening.


What? That's the OPPOSITE of what I want. I want him to be bigger! You see, you can only trample things much smaller than you (two size categories).

"Those are apparently Verdian cultists. They wear a butterfly badge and plan to overthrow the Duchess and maybe end the Guilds. It sounds like the Tinkers Guild want to overthrow the Duchess too, but hate those lower class Breezies who follow Verde.."


"Now Verde, you calm yourself.
All at once you're worried the butterfly wants too much of you, and exhausting yourself at the same time!"


I'm sorry but you don't see any immediate functions of this device besides shrinking!

"Overthrowing the…hey…wait wow! Woooow, I don't want to deal with that, I just take care of the animals!!!!"

He nods. "You are right, but I am filled with purpose, it would be hard to sleep knowing my purpose is out there, unfulfilled…"

There's none of that.
The High Tinker ends with
"I would like to stress that this is merely a conceptual exercise, a way to think about the Hollow in a way we have never done before. And I invite all of you to think about it as well, how can the Guild help the Hollow achieve its true potential?"


Give him a flat look. "I'm trying to be patient here, you seem to be quite slow on the uptake. I'm saying you very soon may not have a choice. No one who stays here may have a choice. Soon everybreezie will be picking sides! And what's more – to leave, that's a choice too, with serious ethical consequences. Do you understand?"

Get a little bit huffy.


This was a strange seminar. '1d20' clap for the closing statement.

Once we're dismissed I will go toward Avi's office.

Roll #1 11 = 11


"One night's rest will only help you better achieve it, trust me."


You don't clap quite convicingly

He nods. "…it might be for the best. I shall follow your advice, petilia…"

He turns around. "What are you saying exactly? What'll they do?"



Grimace. "You're a difficult breezie to talk to Ayrie." Head back outside and pat Ribbon.

"A war is coming."


So with that out of the way, I might want to take a tour of the rest of town.
You know. To check if something's amiss.


"My special somebreezie said the same…" you hear as you fly outside.
As you pat Ribbon, you note one of the militia flying towards you, it's Bright!

Roll an Investigate for finding things that are amiss…


"I already know what you're going to say. It's the Verdians, right?"


I used the wrong sheet last time.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


"The Verdians? They seem to be the talk of the town lately, what've they done now?"

You're too inexperienced to notice anything particularly suspicious going on, until you reach the Antechamber hall. At the entrance to Breezie Hollow you see a group of Bush Breezies. They're dressed in rags, some of them have tribal tattoos. You recognize them as belonging to the same tribe of breezies that's been raiding parts of the forests. They lounge around as the militia seems to be having a firce discussion with a Tinker Breezie about them entering.


"Does the militia not realize they're planning to topple the Duchess? The Tinkers' Guild seems close to revolt, too. All this hostility seems to have surfaced almost over night."


Float down there, near the bush breezies!
"Hi! Where are you coming from?"


One of them wearing heavy furs looks at you.
"What's it to you, huh?"


He laughs and takes your hoof. "Oh, Fairweather, always with the weird conspiracies. I understand, these are hard times and we all get a bit stressed out." You feel him slip some little piece of paper in your hoof. "But hey, let's try to keep our heads and not see things that aren't there. The militia has everything under control." he lets your hoof go "Right?"


Frown a bit.
"You should have some respect for others! That's quite the rude answer!"


Give him a weird look. "You think either of us are important enough to be followed or watched? That seems a little bit narcissistic. Everybreezie knows I'm leaving town soon."

Read paper.


He leans on his weapon, which is a large axe.
(what kind of breezie even uses that kind of weapon?)
He chuckles heartily.
"We aren't from anywhere. We are from wherever we set camp. This place looks good for one… even if it has breezies like you asking stupid questions."


"I'm new to town as well, that's why I was asking! I come from the bushes, too!"
Try not to take offense. But I don't like him much already.


"Couldn't tell it. You look like these city dwellers, hiding behind walls, afraid of their own shadows."


He looks completely white.
The paper said "Market Chamber. White Flower. Noon."
"Haha! You're funny, Petilia!" He points to something on his neck. You notice his militia cape is different from before. The band attaching it to his neck is now metal and you note a Tinker Guild symbol on it and 4 little holes. "Well if you have to leave soon, don't let me stop you. It was nice to have you here…"


Check the sun for the time. I have loads of Survival so this should be easy.


In about an hour it will be noon.


"Afraid of my shadow? No. That's not me."
Cast Doom on him!
[1d20+14], dc 16, level 1.

Roll #1 10 + 14 = 24


Scratch Ribbon behind the ears. "Why can't city Breezies just say what they mean, Ribbon? All these ponies lie to each other and spy on each other, and for what? I miss the honesty of the Bush and all the animals who just live to live. At least you're still here."

Glance toward the Hollow. "Maybe they have some fresh fish at the market, you think?"




"Okay, we'll look."

Head to market.



Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


Before you get there, you run into a group of Bush Breezies at the gate. One group is clad in a mishmash of rags and furs, with accompanying tattoos. They've got a large chest with them.
There's another bush breezie, a girl who seems to be arguing with one of them and puts a spell on him. The rowdy breezie in question immediately starts to shake and looks around frightened at horrors only he can see.

The breezie becomes shaken. He drops his weapon, looking confused and scared towards invisible horrors.


"Are you done blocking traffic? Some breezies have places to be. Maybe you could take this fight to somewhere other than right in the middle of the gate."


You touch to curse him, and you see his eyes go wide for a second.
He pushes you away from himself, head turning red.
"What was that?! What did you do to me, you hag?!"
He backs away from you, bumping into another breezie… who is large, even compared to him!
The thing that immediately grabs your attention is the many scars and tatoos on his mostly naked body, as well as his weapon, a large stick with the HUGE fangs of a cat fastened to it! Cat fangs! Those things are large and sharp!
He stops in front of you, amused.
"What is it, Spice? Are you afraid of little girls?"
The rest of the bush-breezies laugh at him, and he quickly scampers off after collecting his weapon.


"Now, I was simply greeting the newcomers! What fight is there, all I see is a rather scared little breezie running off!"
Giggle as the though guy runs away and go back in, I should probably talk to the guards about this.


The Tinker breezie, completely covered in armor and wearing a thunderstaff flies up.
"Enough chit-chat. I've cleared your papers, you can come in. Follow me."


Assuming the entryway is now clear, I head on to the market, Ribbon in tow.

He can get fussy if he has to wait once promised fish!


The rough looking bush breezies just give you passing look after this, but go on their way inside after getting the all-clear.

"You've got guts. I can respect that."
But with that, the breezie with the cat-fang weapon goes to lead the rest of them inside.


The guards look pissed. But let them go in with the Tinker Breezie.
You also note that the Breezie coming in now with a cat is a bush breezie having a similar aura to the Breezie you've met a few days before!

You fly through to the Market. Roll for finding fishies!


I need to talk to him! Later!
Poke on the guards's shoulder and motion him to come closer, I need to tell him a secret!
Hiding my mouth with a hoof I'll whisper- "Those are raiders!"



Roll #1 16 + 14 = 30


There's not many Breezies in the Market and those who are here, aren't very cheery. There's tension in the air.
But you happen to find a grey Breezie at a stall richly filled with fishes of all kinds. Even a few regular sized fishes!

The guards look at each other. "I knew there was something off about them. But the Tinker Breezie showed us papers that they've been invited here by the Duchess herself to assist the Tinker Guild…"


Do they have prices posted?


"Those folks? What do they tinker on, the heads of other breezies?"


It seems to be a sale!
1 small fishie for 2s
2 small fishies for 3s!
These are bargain prices!

"Nobreezie knows! They keep to themselves in their metal ball called the Tinker Core doing Duchess knows what…"


"Oh that sounds dreadfully dangerous…"


Buy two and give them to Ribbon.

"Do you know the way to White Flower?"


"A lot of folks have been blaming the storm on them. Most of the Tinkers were nowhere to be seen during the storm. And their ball was completely undamaged…"
The guardsman shakes his head. "These are trying times. And we still have had no word from the Duchess. She's been inside her Palace ever since the storm. If only she came out and explained to us what happened…"
That reminds you, you still haven't presented yourself to the Duchess. Huh, and here there's stories that the Duchess can sense any new arrival. Maybe their power is exeggerated after all.

Ribbon eats them with glee.
"The Tavern is up ahead, friend. Near the Lilly pool. Have a safe day…"


"Yeah, yeah, you too."

Let's go over and check it out.


I think I was going to meet up with Avi !


Or as it is much more likely, she's either dead or being held at house arrests.
But I will try once more to introduce myself. Fly over.


Introduce yourself to who? Fairweather has long flown away.

You find the Tavern mushroom at the end of the road as he said. There's a large sign that says CLOSED on the door and all windows are barred.


Open the door that says closed.


The duchess!


You pass some hallways and corridors as you enter his 'office'.
It's more like a busy workshop, with projects scattered all around. There is a big table covered by a cloth in the middle, but your attention is grabbed by tiny spherical constructs held in motion by rotors flying around!
They look like they could even carry small items!
Avi seems to brighten up as you enter.
"Ah, yes, there you are! Come in, if you would. Would you like to take a seat? Or get a drink, perhaps?"


Surprisingly the door isn't locked!
You see a Breezie with a large moustache cleaning the empty drinking hall.
"Tavern's closed stranger. We'll open up in an hour."

Of course! You make your way to the Palace! It has it's own chamber and is built into the nearby rock. The wall is a sea of differently colored glowing leaves, occasionally broken by light coming from the windows.
There's two guards by the gate. But they don't look like the ones you saw earlier, if anything, they're clothed like the Tinker guy. With armor, goggles, different kinds of weapons and a huge thunderstaff. Their insignia is that of the Militia though.


"I can wait. Don't mind me."

Have a seat at the bar. "I like the barred windows. Very homey."


I nod slowly staring at the little metal constructs with worry as I sit.


"Hiya, would you mind letting me inside?" Give them my best smile!


"I think not, lady. You'll have to leave. I'll be happy to be your host once we open up."

"Reason?" one of them simply says


"A seat or a drink? I'm afraid I couldn't tell just from a nod."
He motions at them.
"Amazing, are they not? Harmless, yet incredibly useful."


"Fine, I'll go. You have the time, though?"


"It wouldn't be hard to change that.." I reply still staring concerned.


"Around noon. Why, you have an appointment?"
He looks to the door as if he expects someone else to come in.


"I do, actually. Meeting a friend here, noon."


"Visiting the duchess."


"What's his name? Maybe I know him."

"Show your authorization pass!"




He looks unsure, switching between the door and you. "You're the breezie he was talking about? He was supposed to be here already to confirm who you were."


He motions to two nearby stools.
"Excuse me, I usually work here, so this place is not designed for comfort."
He sits down in one of them, clapping his hooves.
"I do understand your concern, with all that has happened… but imagine if we could spread them to do good! They could help teachers in schools or doctors in hospitals!"
Two of the orbs float nearby, holding glasses of cold lemonade, one for both of you!
"It could be a new age brought on by the tinkers, an age of prosperity and peace!"


"See, I don't have one, because I'm new! They didn't give me one yet. But the Duchess should see me, exactly because I'm new!"
Bluff. Impress?
Still a +9.

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28


"How many breezies in the hollow have a cat? Anyway, my patience is wearing thin."


Not needed. You can visit for that reason.
"Of course, then you may take this." he gives you a badge "GUEST".
"Go to the first door on the right on the second floor. Be sure to wear this badge at all times, do not go into other zones."

He looks to you. "Well shittleberries, no Bright? This doesn't look good. Look, I'll bring you to the meeting, but the cat can't come."


I'm already sitting there.
Set the glass beside me.
"You saw the city plans right?"


How insufferably… Orderly.
Put up a smiley face in spite of my disgust and march forth, through the place.


"I don't even know what this meeting is about, much less if I want to be involved. I only came because Bright asked me, and he's not even here, so no, I'm not leaving Ribbon behind. If that's all, I'm leaving."


"I have, yes."
He sighs.
"Unlike tinkering, you cannot apply the same principles on every breezie. We lived in the sheltered belief of safety for so long that when it got shaken once, panic has set in, and now some think that overcompensating is the right answer. I cannot say that I am a supporter of this."


Very orderly. Even inside the place looks deserted except for guards who seem to be guarding every hallway. You can feel them staring at you behind their dark goggles.

"Wait! Look, if what Bright says is true, then we need you. Look, Bright was part of our group. We invited him after the storm when he became suspicious of Commander Fargale, but with his information, we discovered something far bigger. Now that's all I can say here. You'll have to trust me."


I frown again.
"I heard.. no.. nevermind.. What did you want to talk about?"
sip on the lemonaide and look at him


Damn that's creepy.
Keep going.


"Ah yes, before we get sidetracked! Still, before I jump straight to it, I want you to understand my reasoning behind this… There is a saying, some rumors claim it is from the Big Ponies… that 'great minds think alike.'
What do you think about that?"


"Was part?"


"I've heard of that." I reply with a smile.
"Do you think we are the great minds in that saying?"


You have a feeling this wasn't always this way.
You reach the door, it's open.
You see a female Breezie with large glasses inside making notes. Sure not how you imagined the Duchess!

"He's not the first of our group that went missing!"


He chuckles.
"I would say the saying is flawed! It would be more accurate if we said… great minds grow comfortable in thinking alike! It kills innovation! That is why we need fresh minds to grant us fresh ideas!"


"I saw him less than an hour ago, you're already declaring him missing? He could just be late."


Float before her and bow!
"Lady of these lands, Duchess of Breezeholme, my name is Petilia, from the nearby village near the lake."


"Uh.. I think I understand.. Too much talking together makes you get the same ideas?"


He weighs your words. "Bright hasn't been late once, and now he would be?"
He looks to the door again.
"No sense in waiting longer, you in or out?"

She straights her glasses and says in a strained voice. "The Duchess is occupied. I'm her secretary and see new arrivals in her stead for the time being."


"Yes, exactly! That is why I wanted to offer you a promotion."
He looks at you expectantly.


My antennae will droop low.
"O-oh. But you see, it is very important that I meet the Duchess…"


"I guess I'm out. Looking for Bright is something I can do with Ribbon, and I think I have a lead on where he might be. I'd say it was nice meeting you, but it wasn't."


"Really?! I'd be honored Sir! Avi! I mean, I'll work hard I promise!" I put my hooves on the table and my wings get fluttery with excitement


He laughs.
"That is exactly the response I was hoping for! Believe me, you are just the breezie we need!"


Sit back down properly suddenly embarrassed.
"Okay, what did you have in mind for me to do?"


You manage to contain your [SQUEE] and sit back down.
"You can be an Apprentice Tinker! You will get to help or my team in the Bureau of Robotics. Now, you will no longer just build the complete schemes and designs, but can help us invent and test them!"


His antennae drop.
"Farewell then."

"Everybreezie wants to meet the Duchess. But I'm afraid that is impossible." she notes down your name in the book. "Village…by…the…lake…"


"Yes, but I'm not everybreezie.
I'm a witch!"

Roll #1 11 + 9 = 20


Are you trying to Persuade or Influence something here?


"I'll work very hard sir! I already have ideas about how to improve the guild's everyday devices."


Persuade the secretary into making an exception for me of course.


That cape band had a Tinker symbol. I know some tinkers. Spark, for one. And that other breezie, Pattern.

Spark left his house though, so I'll go find Pattern's place.


"That is good! It is exactly what we need! Of course, your new position will come with a higher salary and clearance, as you must know."


VS Resolve '1d20+2'

Very good thinking, you know she has her house in the Tinker Core.

Roll #1 18 + 2 = 20


Let's each roll an AD to decide.


"W-will I have to move?"


He shakes his head.
"Not unless you want to."


I have AD outta my ass!

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Do I bother rolling the explosion's result?


Then my mind wanders back to my room which I just got perfect, and then to my desk of unfinished designs.


To the Tinker Core!


"You may start as soon as next week! By that time, we will get everything in order!"


"Great! I can't wait." Then my hooves flick against each other.
"Um. Would it be.. did you find out about the construct that attacked me.. or.. maybe its too soon too ask.."


Eh nevermind, you've won.
She looks at you suspiciously.
"A..a witch? A magician…?"

The metal doors open once again for you.
You see the red breezie secretary you've met before. She seems to be nearly literally buried in paperwork.
Yet she doesn't even look stressed. Her metal antennae buzz a bit.


"I'm here to see Pattern Pitch. Which way?"


His face falls a bit.
"Oh, that business. I have taken it to the Archives, but it turned out without any results. It wasn't registered. Worry not, however, your concern is mine as well. With some connections, I will see to it that this deal will not be swept under the rug."


Pattern, wanna move a bit forward to talk to Fairweather as well at your place? You can still finish the conversation here of course.


I nod along worriedly. "Thanks.."


"Aye, aye! Specialist in the wildest of magiks!"


He places a hoof on yours.
"Pattern, you needn't worry. Tinkers stick together. We will find out the truth, allright?"


She looks up from her paperwork.
"Pattern Pitch, just a second." She opens up a drawer and takes a badge. Puts it into a small little typewriter next to her and enters something.
The machine blinks and she pulls the badge out again.
"Use the door to the right here. The badge will point you to the right room. Pleasant day." You see there's a little arrow on the badge pointing to the door on the right.

She nervously plays with her pen for a moment.
"In that case, hmmm, maybe the Duchess should see you…"


"Yeah, yeah."

Follow the arrow!


Give her a big wink and an even larger smile!
"Sure she should! Lead the way!"


His words aren't all that comforting, but I try to smile anyway.
'1d20' bluff

Roll #1 5 = 5


The arrow leads you straight through the hallways to a metal door with a picture of a wrench on it.
[Pattern should be inside, but give Andy a sec to catch up here]


He lets go of you seeing your quite visible discomfort, clearing his throat.
"That was it. If you need anything else, feel free to contact me at any time!"


She gets up.
'Right, please uh…follow me."


Follow follow!


"Okay.. I think I'm going to go back and rest a bit, I still have days off, from that incident.." I scrunch disgusted by the idea of so much idleness.
"I'll talk with you soon Avi Sir."
Then leave.


"I'll see you in your new work enviroment, Pattern!"

You're off! Where to now?


My room of course.


Back to home! There's somebreezie knocking on her door!


Go answer it.


"There you are."


"Fairweather?" I look surprised.
"I thought you said.." then shake my head and take a step back gesturing for you to come inside.


She floats down back to the ground floor and leads you to the ground floor. You see the big doors at the end of the hallway, that's it she must be behind there!
But then another group of Breezies comes out of a sidedoor. A large Breezie flankied by two other guards similar to those you've seen before but they're dressed in white and carry two swords on their back.

Your friendly guide stops abruptly at the sight of them.
They float over. "Miss Perkament, how lovely to see you again."
"L-likewise" Your guide can't seem to mask a tremble in her voice.
"And who might you be?" the large Breezie adresses you.


"Actually, it might be better to talk outside. It's kind of stuffy in here with the machines. And cramped."

Point to Ribbon offhoofedly.


Ribbon sure is glad she's so nimble or she might be stuck


"Oh.. Alright one second."
I make sure not to wear my Tinker uniform outside, wear the plain clothes we got on the journey or nothing even.


Bow again.
"Petilia from the village by the lake! I'm a witch of the wild, here to help the city after the storm!
Back home everyone was worried about Breezeholme!"


Once we're outside and to a place with a little breathing room: "Hey Pattern, do you remember Bright, that Breezie who helped rescue you and that galemancer after the storm? We met him after crossing the lake."


"The guard breezy? Yes, I remember him. Did something happen?"


"His friends think he's gone missing. When I last saw him, he thought the Tinkers were spying on him. His cape had this weird band with a Tinker symbol, he acted like they could hear him through it."


"Breezie Hollow. And that is good to know, rest assured that the city will begin the process of restoration very soon."
He turns to your guide.
"Miss Perkament, might I ask where you're guiding this new visitor?"
"Commander Fargale, she's a witch, I-I thought that all magicians should report to the Duchess."
He turns again to you. "A witch? That term carries many negative connotations here…"


I look very disturbed.
"I think something very bad is happening with the Tinkers, something that the rest of the hollow won't like at all. Not that.."


"Why, it's good I'm here then, so I will show the breezies of this town how useful and friendly a witch can be!"

Roll #1 14 + 9 = 23


VS Resolve '1d20+14'

Roll #1 5 + 14 = 19


"Spark implied to me that the Duchess was going to be overthrown and the Verdian cult put down. Was that it?"

Shrug. "I don't really care about that. My motives are purely selfish. I owe Bright one, and I'm going to rescue him. If I can do that, I can leave this city with a clear conscience no matter what comes."


'1d20' courageous roll

Roll #1 20 = 20


- Special Character: AD spent to ignore succesful Persuade Check -

"I sure hope so. Let me introduce myself, Commander Fargale, leader of the militia of the Hollow.
And allow me to introduce one of our new militia units we have raised since the unfortunate Radan incursion. These militia have been specifically trained to deal with magic using Radan."


Okay. From here on I whisper to you.
"Fairweather, listen. There are some tinkers, about half the high ranking I think, that want to replace the jobs of the other breezy, no more galemancers their building completely replaced, no more Milita, but Tinker Hippolytes. I.. they showed a map and everything.."
"I think if any tinker is behind Bright's disappearance, its part of them!"


"My, I never had the chance to study the magic of the Radan! What is their speciality?"


"I see…"

Pause. "Wait, they showed you their maps? Did you see a prison or somewhere they might hold breezies? I could sneak in."


"I'm not a magic user myself, for a more in depth explanation of their magic you might want to talk to the Council of Windmancers, up high on the Organ's Terrace."




"I will be sure to drop by!"


"Prisons? I don't know, but I could copy down the plans for you… if that would help.. I mean I was planning on looking them over myself anyway. Yea. "


"Now, I'm afraid the Duchess cannot be reached at the moment. But I'm sure she'd want to see you once this difficult time for her has passed. I feel I can comfortably say in her name that you have her permission to stay here as long as you respect our laws.


"That would. Let's look for somewhere they might hold a breezie being detained."


"Such a shame… I'd ever dreamed to meet a true Duchess of the breezies ever since I was a wee thing not taller than a petal!"
I will try ANOTHE impress. Boosted with AD.

Roll #1 16 + 11 = 27 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Okay, I'll take out some of my paper and sketch the plans I memorized earlier for Fairweather to look at.


Any suspicious detainment looking areas?


VS Resolve '1d20+14'

Roll #1 1 + 14 = 15


Use 5 of my bonus d4 ad to activate that!


You can't activate that.




It's not a skill check.
There's no Error made, you can only crit or critfail


AD veto to block again.

He seems moved by your plea.
"I understand, as a baby, I was enamored by the Duchess as well." he seems lost in thought for a second. "Perhaps if you prove yourself a dependable citizen of our grand city, I could make an exception for you."

The sketch is crude but there's two areas that might be used for detainment. An area that would be built into the hill near the flower fields, it would be an encampment with an unusually large lower level.
The other is a new tunnel shaft you've never seen before leading straight down near the Temple District where the Verdians gather.



Hm… With nothing else to go on, I'd rather fight only one group instead of both.

"Thank you, Pattern. I think I can free him, with this. There's a chance we might not run into each other again - for whatever reason - so I just want you to know, you weren't completely awful, unlike everyone else."

Pat Ribbon. "Okay, I think it's time to move out."


"W-wait.. you want to go alone?"


"This isn't really your fight. If you do this - to help save Bright - it would mean you could lose your job at the Tinkers' Guild. Are you sure you want to risk that?"


"That would be lovely."
Take a gracious bow.
"Then, I will be on my way."


"No.. But.. I don't want to leave him behind.."
"I'd probably slow you down."


The Militia commander flies away.
Leaving you alone with the secretary.
She seems a bit shaky.
"Uh…I shall uh…bring you back then. Sorry for the delay…"


"Oh it's nothing really."
Give her a big smile.
"You talk to the Duchess often?"


"Then I'm not going to force you to risk yourself. I've never relied on any breezie, no point in starting now."

Give her a nod.


She smiles.
"It's…it's been a while. I used to talk to her every day. Then the storm happened and she….uh…sorry we should get moving…"


We are moving!
"I'm sure she would love to see you, especially in such troubling times!"


"Alas, the last time she called me, she…well she made it clear she didn't need me for the time being…"


"O-oh. I'm sure it's just a phase…"
Put a gentle hoof on her side as we fly back out.


"I just…nevermind…I shouldn't be telling you this…"


"Now now, it's clear you care a lot for her!"


"No! I'm going too. Bright doesn't deserve to be locked up somewhere, and you have better odds if I go." I puff up boldly and hoover to your cat.


Impress her with AD boost.

Roll #1 7 + 11 = 18 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


She nods. "I've been working for her for 40 years now! I've seen much!"
Your Disposition with her is raised.

P.S please indicate next time wether you're persuading or just trying to raise disposition.


"Surely you know her well!"
Oki doki!


She nods. "Without boasting, I'd say I know her better than anybreezie in town!"


"Then what do you guess this is all about?"


She takes a while to answer. "I don't know…but it's nothing good…only Fargale has seen her for the past few days and she's never done that before…"


Nod slowly.
"Maybe things will change. Soon."


Think on it for a long minute.

"Alright. I don't know what I'll find there. The first place we're going to try is the one under the hill."

Move out to the first site?

I want to grant Pattern my +2 Stealth check feat.


"…Things are already changing…I wish there was something I could do…talk to the Duchess…"

You're back outside.
Roll Perception to find some clue to where the entrance to this place is.
Pattern may add +3 to this check


Search is a good check for me '1d20+14'

Roll #1 3 + 14 = 17


add '1d6'

Roll #1 5 = 5


'1d20+12' I can search!

Roll #1 5 + 12 = 17


"Maybe you could try…"
-Look super innocent-
"Sneaking in to her?"


She shakes her head.
"I wouldn't dare…I'm so scared of those guards…"

You quickly find a covered breeziehole near the flower fields. It's marked by a tornado, symbol of the Tinker Bureau of Wind Circulation.
It's an entrance to a maintenance tunnel for the wind circulation pipes.


"Doesn't look too suspicious yet."
The cat can't fit down there can it?


"What if I were to help you?"


The cat is pretty small. It will be a tight fit though!



Ack, that would be a pain

Though there is that shrinking machine…


There's always that!


Please clarify if Ribbon would fit


"Well.. I could go first."


He'd fit but in tight tunnels the rules for barely fitting through would be in effect. This means if he'd be attacked right then and there he'd have trouble moving and be flatfooted, but as long as no one's attacking you're fine!


"Well, witches are good for a few things~!"


Since I don't have a size-fixing machine, I'd rather not risk shrinking Ribbon unless I have to if I'm gonna be pissing off the Tinkers

Breezie And Beast: I gain Camouflage from Ribbon and lead the way down!

"No, I'm sneakier. I'll scout ahead, then you in the middle where it's safest, and Ribbon will cover the rear."


Nod at fairweather and follow her down.


"Uhm…I've never met a witch so…what are those?"

Ribbon does his best and slides slowly through the opening. When looking back you only see his big cat face looking at you.


There's a tunnel here. It goes in two directions. There's a sign here showing that "Sector 5A" is to the right and "Sector 5B" to the left!


"It's all about creating the possibility!"


B it is, leading onward!


Excellent there are labels.
Since we're sticking together follow Fairweather to 5B


"Uhm…A possibility?"

These tunnels and labels seem to be only recently dug. The ground walls haven't been reinforced yet however and water drips everywhere. Roots from the plants above stick out and brush your hair.
You enter into a large circular pit. The pit is shaped like a cone, at the bottom there's a deep dark tunnel barred by a grate. There's wires leading from the grate to a small panel at the side of the pit. You also notice another tunnel on the other side marked "Sector 5C" and another tunnel to the left marked "Auxiliary Refinery Tunnel"


"Distractions. Changes of fate. Witchcraft is how us fair folks have been protecting ourselves since time began!
Gosh it's like you town breezies are taught nothing!"


"This place is a maze. I had hoped it would be more straightforward. We want to go down, right? It was the lower level we needed access to?"


can I tell what the cone shaped place is for?

"I can't imagine prisoners would be in the refinery, so.. onto 5C?"


"If you say so, then alright."



"Wow, that would be…wait so…you'll distract them?"

Roll a Knowledge check.

You fly over to tunnel 5C. This tunnel looks similar to the other but is curved slightly downward.
You end up at a large iron door. Next to it, you see an iron eye similar to the security checks at the Tinker Core.


"Is this like a badge reader?"


'1d20+6' rolling

Roll #1 1 + 6 = 7


"Yes, Its only supposed to let breezies in with the right security."
Do I still have that paper badge?


Yup! You know though that if the eye reads a wrong badge, there'll be an alarm!

Maybe it's some kind of…water disposal tunnel?



"Hey fairweather, if my badge doesn't open this, they'll be an alarm, want to try it, or look around for a breezy who has the right badge for sure?"


"Alright. Let's scout around."

The only places left to go are the maintenance room, bust through the grate, or to bust through the door, right?

So let's go to maintenance


"I could put them to sleep!"


You've also got sector 5A.

You mean the Auxiliary tunnel right?

"…you sure? Because if they wake…"


Yeah, that.


Following to the Auxiliary tunnel


"Well, it doesn't exactly last long…"


You go into the Auxiliary tunnel and

"I'm sorry, you seem nice but I can't help. I can't risk angering the guards" she fiddles a bit in one of her bags. "Thank you, Petilia, for listening to me."
She flies back inside the castle.
You see she "accidentally" drops something from one of her bags.

It takes a while for Ribbon to back up again back to the cone shaped room but you go inside the auxiliary tunnel. The tunnel is sparsely lit but when you reach the end you see gate made of bars. It is blocked with merely a plank of wood on the other side.
There seems to be a storage room behind it, this part actually looks like a Tinker building, perhaps you're at the Refinery as the sign indicated?


'1d20+6' knowledge about this room?

Roll #1 9 + 6 = 15


So the gate, we can open, right?


Let's accidentally put my hoof on it and accidentally pick it up.


Yeah, it's barred but nothing a little wiggling with the old hooves won't fix!
There's stacks and stacks of unmarked boxes here, in addition to the stairs up above.

If this is the Refinery, which you're pretty sure, this is way too far to be the Tinker Core, then it might be one of the storage rooms. You don't recognize this one in particular but there were many you never used since they would supposedly have supplies for security or maintenance crews. You never heard about exits into the wind maintenance network though. Because of the valuable nectar stored in the refinery, there's only one way in for better security.

It's a key! Marked "Upper Balcony"


Based on the map, does it seem like the room we're looking for was in the refinery or somewhere in these tunnels?


Supplies? Float around looking at the storage, what's in here?
'1d20+12' search

Roll #1 6 + 12 = 18


Probably more in the tunnels than the refinery itself.
You hear a door open upstairs.

You check out some of the boxes, there's building tools and materials.
And then there's a curious box with gems shaped like keys. All of them look the same.
You hear a door open upstairs


Whisper: "You think she might have a badge?"


I grab two of the key shaped gems and hoof one to fairweather.

"Maybe, this whole place existing is kind of strange, there shouldn't be more entrances to the wind maintenance network"


You hear two breezies coming downstairs!


'1d20+4' +2 myself and +2 from fairweather?

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8


Aren't there weird rules for party stealth like only one person has to roll it?

Anyway '1d20+16'

Roll #1 16 + 16 = 32


Party rolls happen when only one person has to succeed for the whole party to succeed. i.e. finding a key, opening a door, etc

You have to roll individually when one person succeeding doesn't guarantee succes for everyone, such as now.



Sometimes several characters perform a single task together
and individual success is irrelevant — when Bluffing, for example,
even one failure can expose everyone involved. Other times
several characters making the same check, or even a cooperative
check, unfairly tips the odds in the characters’ favor (even a few
characters can practically ensure success with Notice or Search,
for instance). In either of these cases the group should make a
“team check.” This works like a standard skill check, except that
only one character makes the check for the entire team.
• If every member of the team must succeed to reap the benefit
(e.g. the Bluff), the character with the lowest skill bonus
makes the check.
• If only one character must succeed for the entire team to reap
the benefit (e.g. the patrol), the character with the highest
skill bonus makes the check.
When two or more characters qualify, the team chooses
which makes the check


Notice '1d20'

Roll #1 6 = 6


How dreadfully amazing. Is it late in the evening?


You are both hidden behind the boxes. Ribbon retreats in the shadows of the tunnel.

It's a male Tinker Hippolyte and a female Tinker Apprentice, whom Pattern might recognize as Papaver, a fellow classmate during Tinkering 101.

They're both giggling. "What if somebreezie finds us?"
"No breezie comes here. You can only come in with a badge, and I have it right here." he pats his armor.

Nope it's afternoon, but it's dark here, the glowing moss on the walls doesn't glow that much here.


"The badge, we have to get it from him!" I nudge Fairweather


"I'm not a pickpocket. Can you magic it away?"


shake my head in a 'no' reply


"Let's plan our attack."

Tactics - Ambush '1d20+16'

Roll #1 6 + 16 = 22


The roll happens when you attack, does this roll mean you attack right now?


I might juuuuuust take a slow, steady flight over there.
[1d20+3] [1d4+2] ad

Roll #1 17 + 3 = 20 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Nevermind, use that tactics roll to set up an outmanuever on the guy with the badge


AD exploded. Also it's +5 not +3 sorry.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


As you're flying up, a guard breezie flies around the corner, just one turn of the head and he sees you….and some dirt fell from the ceiling right into his eyes. He's cursing and trying to rub it out, but he's not seeing you…

You position yourself better for any attack or maneuver against him.
The Tinker Breezie sits down on one of the boxes and starts kissing the Hippolyte who takes off his armor and drops it carelessly.

The Tinker Breezie sits down on one of the boxes and starts kissing the Hippolyte who takes off his armor and drops it carelessly.


Oh my.


Quickly use that key and sneak inside!


Let's wait a minute to see if they become Prone


[Censored because Christian quest]
They do become prone on that box.

You quickly open the balcony. You're now in a large gala hall. It's completely empty except for the extravagant furniture. Paintings, flowers, tapestries, beautiful gem lights!


Quickly close the balcony door again, but don't lock it.
Now take a long look around…


'1d20+3' prestidigi to try to take the badge from the breezie's clothes.

Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


Anything in specific you're looking for or just a more detailed description of the gala room?

You sneak so close that you antennae almost touch his butt, but you've got the badge and he didn't see it!


I show fairweather and sneak back to the 5c tunnel


Anything which might clue me in as to where the duchess is.


Roll an Investigate!

That'd require you to open the door again though! triggering another detection check.
Go through?


N-not unless Fairweather says its okay.
go back to her and show off the badge.


After a (little) while, the show is over and the breezies quickly put on their clothes again and float upstairs!


My investigate's untrained.

Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Wow! Nice work!

Let's go back to the door, path is clear!


Back to C5 !


You're back in the tunnel with the security door!

You can't find any clues as to the Duchess whereabouts here! But as you listen at the door, you're quite sure that any guards are really really quiet or not currently around here.


Then I can explore more! ON I GO!


Hold up the badge to the door.


Watch, on edge


You hold it in front of the eye…the eye doesn't react, it neither stares or blinks at it. Upon closer inspection, you note that the eye is inactive, it hasn't been attached yet! You can just open the door! But at least you got a Tinker Security Badge out of it, and a gem key, who knows what that might ever be useful for!

She's waving the card…nothing happens at first glance!

You open the door and find yourself in a large hall. In the middle there's an opening going down, allowing breezies to fly up. On the other side, you see beautifully crafted double doors. There's also another tunnel to the left.


"…this door is turned off.. we could just open it.. I really wish they'd consider installing some kind of indicator on them.."
Open the door.


"Oh! Well, let's go, then."

Head inside.


Any sound coming from the tunnel?


It simply slides open!
No wonder this gate wasn't guarded. This room is completely under construction and is a mishmash of wires hanging at the ceiling and going into the walls.
All the wires go into different directions, each marked with a letter from A to F.
There's also a crystal power source here. A panel next to it shows to Pattern that none of the wires are transmitting power except for wire B.

Yes…you hear…a shower? Maybe the bathroom is there?


Slowly head in, I'm intrigued.


Okay, I'm gonna figure this crystal machine out. Following the wires and checking out the panel too.
'1d20+12' search and '1d20+12' crafting

Roll #1 8 + 12 = 20 / Roll #2 18 + 12 = 30


This is turning out to be way more complicated than I thought. I sure hope Bright is down here…

This isn't really my specialty, nothing I can do but actively keep watch.


Citybreezies, why do they make things so hard?!?

You suddenly notice two breezies appearing waaay on the other side, in the tunnel coming from 5A. They're too far and you only see silhouettes though.
They probably don't see you here in the shadows from so far away.

You take your time analyzing the machine and the wires.
You speculate that the machine was set up here as preparation for a future project. The Tinker Guild usually sets up a power source in advance for their workers and constructs to use during new constructions.
Using a Gem Fusion Reactor 9001 might be a bit overkill though, that's a potent power source just for construction.
You'd expect that since the construction is obviously not happening, there'd be no power used, but line B has a tremendous power usage, far more than necessary for any construction job.
Luckily the Tinker Guild labels everything and the both wire A and B are supposed to go to Sector 5A.

You stick your head in and see a slighty fat balding breezie with a mustache singing in the shower. "Oh my, the Duchess being ill has it's upsides, I wanted to use her shower for ages! lalala!"




"There's something really big being powered over in 5A, I mean, draining a lot of power, this here, a Gem Fusion Reactor 9001, is for serious projects, and most of it is being used over there."


This kind of power could run a whole lab of the Tinker Core!


whatever they are doing there, its gotta be big.
Float towards 5A


You notice, just as Fairweather did, that there's other breezies on the other side of the corridor, at the entrance to 5A!

What'll you both do?


"But the Duchess would be so sad if she found out!"
Chime in, from behind!


I gasp and try to hide.
'1d20+2' '1d6' boosted

Roll #1 14 + 2 = 16 / Roll #2 6 = 6


'1d6' neat it exploded!

Roll #1 6 = 6



Roll #1 3, 1, 6 = 10


Are we going to try to sneak by in the shadows? Can't hurt…


Roll #1 1 + 16 = 17


You're hidden!


The group of Tinkers flies into the light at the middle of the cone room. It seems to be Master Tinker Spark with a group of regular Tinker Hippolytes.
Spark is looking over a map and has several papers in his hooves. The Hippolyte look nervous at all angles.


Can I see the map or papers from here? Search roll

Roll #1 19 + 12 = 31


uh, activate the crit using a die!


The plan, I think, is to lure them into the cone room so Ribbon can go ham, so let's sneak in there…


You notice a
Tinker Super Binoculars laying on the ground here!
Gives you a +1 to perception checks when you wear it!

You put it on and zoom in on the map.
It seems to be a map of these sewers, marked SECTOR 5
Several sectors have been marked with a question mark, including 5A and 5B.

The other papers include a picture of Bright, a picture of a Breezie you haven't seen before but he looks to be a Tinker and a high level one by the advanced armor and modifications he has. He also carries a file marked "Tin Bell" with a large CONFIDENTIAL on it.

You note Spark is looking nervous.

You sneak out of the tunnel and into the room. You accidentally knock over a tiny rock that falls down the metal cone, causing an enormous ruckus that echoes all over the room.


My antennae twitch at the ideas this brings.
Is there a way to get past them to 5B ?


If they're not attacking and I'm still hidden, I should begin preparing a tactical ambush with Ribbon…


Unfortunately, Spark is roused out of thought by the falling rock sounds!
He shines a light around! "Who's there? Is that you, Tin Bell? Bright? We're here to help!"
The light shines on Fairweather.
"Wait, who's…Fairweather?"


"Interesting choice of words, Master Tinker. How do you know Bright?"


I watch in horror, too scared to come out.


Spark looks for a moment at the Hippolyte and turns to you again. He stops shining the light at you.
"I don't know him, but I have been given orders by the High Tinker to find Militia Sergeant Bright Sweets. We have reason to assume he is in trouble. What are you doing here, Fairweather?"


"I'm here for similar reasons. Although I've never heard of… Tin Bell. And you think they're here together?"


"It is a distinct possibility. Tin Bell has a history of being…erratic. We're afraid he might have gone over the edge for real this time. And that this Bright breezie might be the victim of that…"


I slowly come out of hiding now.
my ears bend back in worry and stand next to Fairweather.


"That would be convenient for you though, right? At a time when the Tinkers are about to realize freedom from aristocracy, to have an officer tasked with defending that aristocracy to disappear suddenly. Why devote resources to his recovery? Much less a Master Tinker."


Spark shines a bright light at you for a second. "A Tinker? Who are you?" he lowers the lights again.

"I'm afraid I have no idea what you're insinuating. As for the why, that's none of your concern. We're here to find him and Tin Bell, and make sure they're safe."


"I'm not insinuating anything. I was merely pointing out that it seems a waste of resources to send a Master Tinker to do a neophyte's job, unless there's another reason your technical expertise is required for a breeziehunt."



"Pattern Pitch Sir. I heard you mentioned that.. you uh.. um.. you said you knew something about Bright?"


"Tin Bell could be…quite a challenge to restrain if we needed to use force. And I have experience with incapacitating both animal and Breezie."

"All I know he's missing and we suspect him to be somewhere in this sewer complex."


He stops singing and drops comically on the ground.
"What?!? Who's there?"
He quickly covers himself with a towel


"A very concerned citizen!"


"He works with animals? I only knew of two animal specialists in the Hollow."


'1d20+2' sense motive on him.
"Oh.. I thought the same thing.. and I mean.. If that's okay.. I would like.. help."

Roll #1 15 + 2 = 17


Do you reveal yourself?



"He's an animal handler, in a sense. He's in charge of the Research Unit For Bio-Technical Augmentation. Or in simpler terms, putting big robot things on animals, and himself." He taps the file on his belt. "I haven't met him before but apparently he spent most of his days in the Inner Core, putting lasers on ants and small fish, before starting to put that junk on himself. If you ask me, his erratic behaviour is probably the result of him putting some kind of metal chip in his own brain."

He seems to be telling the truth.
"I could use some help, the search has not been going well."

He stands up as you arrive.
"A concerned citizen, how did you get in here? The guards were told not to let anybreezie in!"


I nod, taking a big breath, and giving fairweather a positive gesture with my hoof. "Have you been to 5A?"


"We've worked well together in the past. I don't see anything that has changed that would prevent us from assisting you, as long as our goals are the same, anyway."


"There were no guards! Why would there be guards, it's such a lovely town!"


"Yes, the place looks clean."

He looks surprised for a moment.
"…Then I will gladly accept your assistance."

"What? But…what do you mean?" he looks utterly confused.


I shake my head.
"There is something there! Come look at the power output here!" I insist and rush over to the screen.


"I mean, it's only natural for concerned citizens to come visit an ill duchess!
We have to make sure she is fine after all!"
Impress to Persuasion, AD boosted.
[1d20+11] [1d6+2]

Roll #1 4 + 11 = 15 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4



Roll #1 16 + 7 = 23


He doesn't fall for you innocent citizen ruse.
"How do you know about that! That's supposed to be secret! Stand aside!"

You show him the output.
"Yes, there can be no doubt about it, we must have missed something inside sector 5A'


"I don't have any particular interest in this Tin Bell, so it makes no difference to me what becomes of him, if the search for Bright goes more smoothly."


Cock my head.
"You said that thirty seconds ago!"


"Well then hurry!"
I rush to 5A without further explanation.


"I would prefer him to come with us, alive and hopefully without any violence."

He looks creeped out.
"I don't know what your deal is, but I assure you, if you do not stand aside, you will be in BIG TROUBLE!"

Go to sector 5A?


To 5a!



You make your way back to the beginning and back into Sector 5A. This place is a maze. Spark shows you the map of the complex. He and the Hippolytes have already scoured the whole place without any succes. If there's any secret hideouts it must be well hidden. How would you be able to find it?


Sure sure, step aside!


Does this match the map Pattern sketched before or is it altered?

Also search '1d20+14' '1d6' (Or if crit, use that to activate instead)

Roll #1 2 + 14 = 16 / Roll #2 1 = 1


I'll search the walls and floors for hidden buttons.
'1d20+12' '1d6' boost it

Roll #1 11 + 12 = 23 / Roll #2 2 = 2


He tries to walk past you! "Just wait here, young lady!"

The map Pattern sketched was way less detailed, but you can see the general outline. On the map of Pattern however, there was a second floor down, or was that merely her drawing the upper floor too big?

You and Spark once again look through the complex, but there's nothing to see! If only there was some kind of hint that could guide you there!


Oh yes, totally gonna do that…

Bolt for the balcony.


You're back at the balcony!
Run for it?


More like fly for it!


Where to, space breezie?


Home. I didn't sign up for any of this.


Go back to the wilderness?


…Is there an air vent here?


No, I mean the temporary home Vert gave me. I still want to help town.


You feel for drafts and find an air vent in the wall near the floor. You could easily fit in there! Unfortunately, it would prove too small for Ribbon, if this does lead to some hidden place, perhaps you can open a bigger gate there?


You fly as quickly as your Breezie wings can carry you back to the communal home near the Temple.
The Breezies here are still at work packing food, blissfully unaware of what's going on!


I show the others. my hooves folding over each other in anxiousness.
"Maybe this is a way down? Should I go look?"


And I'm not the person to spark a goddamn revolution.
Especially when the one contact I have, Vert, is in on this.


Shake my head.

"I'll sneak down. I can best stay undetected."

Sneak! '1d20+16'

Roll #1 9 + 16 = 25


But who can you talk to then?

You sneak right into the dark vent!



Nobody. Never and ever. I don't want to get involved.


My it has been a while.

When we last left our brave heroes, Fairweather and Pattern had been on a search to find the missing Militia private Bright. Following a secret map obtained from the Tinker Guild, they've delved into the newly constructed tunnels underneath the Hill. Here they met up with Master Spark. They learned about a Tinker named Tin Bell who might be responsible for kidnapping Bright. Now the clock is ticking as they try to find Tin's secret base in the dark tunnels!

Meanwhile Petilia drifts through the Hollow, thoroughly disillusioned with her mission. Little does she know what the future holds…


Pattern is crawling through the dark vent, her antennae lit up providing a small bit of light, enough to see the dirt on the floor staining her tinker uniform. Up ahead you see the vent branches into two seperate shafts. Left or right?


Fairweather sees Pattern disappear in the dark ventilation shaft. Next to you, Spark is pressing buttons on his bracelet.
"Perhaps there is another entrance. But the scanner shows nothing. Perhaps Tin has shrouded the entrance from our equipment somehow. If only we had some way to look for hidden entrances without our equipment…"



"It would be useful if there was some kind of organ that would facilitate a search like that, preferably wired directly into the brain."


If only I was a seer.
But no, I'm just a lowly witch.
A witch who made some rather poor spell choices.


You take the right and suddenly see a dark drop before you. Your breezie antennaes light does not shine far so you have no guess how deep it is. You smell something new. You smell something unusual coming from down there. Like the smell after a thunderstorm, or the smell within the Tinker Core's electric generators.

He looks up. "I detect a hint of sarcasm there, Fairweather."

Your teacher once said that you'll only be a true witch once you've ruined your life by magic once and then recovered again also by magic. So cheer up luv!
And look around you, where have you drifted off….You seem to have flown randomly into the tunnel back down to the temple district. You note the fissure the storm created again. The one Vert claimed was made by his protective spirit. Last time you've seen it, it was heavily guarded, but curiously you see no guards now…


Shine a light in here, I wouldn't want to get lost.


Dropping a pebble would ruin our stealth.
I'll go back and try the left path


"Oh very well, I'll take a look myself."

Search! '1d20+14'

Roll #1 9 + 14 = 23


You let your antennae shine the way. It looks dark down there. You can't make anything…wait a second. Waay down in the darkness you see a little light appear…

You decide not to float down and crawl back. The left path goes forward instead. In the distance you can make out a light source. A hole to drop down in perhaps?

Using good old survival techniques you carefully inspect the surroundings to look for any hollow walls. You see that in a tunnel nearby part of the dust has been swept aside near the wall as if a door opened and closed.
The wall itself looks unremarkable save for a round hole at the top.


Fate led me here, might as well follow through!
Flutter down.


Examine the hole more closely. A keyhole perhaps?


Roll for good juju!

There's something round and shiny inside. Like a looking glass, you've seen something similar just minutes ago, the metal eye at the other side of the tunnels. That one was inactive. But what about this one? It doesn't seem to do anything right now.


Keep going towards it to look!


I think I see now. It looks like I can't just ditch the Tinkers after all. Head back.

"I found a hidden badge reader, probably restricted to Tin. Can you subvert it?"


Roll for STEALTH

Spark has been poking the walls with his bracelet.
"If it's a standard model, that should be no problem. Show it to me."



Roll #1 13 + 2 = 15



Roll #1 17 = 17


Lead him back and indicate the hole in the wall.


Spark tinkers with the eye and 10 seconds later the door opens.
"Funny, this is one of the older models. Perhaps Tin's little hideout is older than we thought!"
The tunnel opened is metal and covered with rust. Lights flicker on and you see a staircase leading down.

As you crawl the metal plates under you make some noise, you hope no one noticed.
There's a metal grate here. The room underneath is dimly lit by a blue light You hear sparks and see flashes of light from an unseen experiment outside your view. And when the room lights up you see Bright laying there on the ground. His eyes are open but he doesn't seem to move or respond to anything!


"The line between which of these excavations are ancient and those which are recent seems very blurry."

Let's head down the stairs, cautiously.


I cover my mouth is horror! But I need to open this vent first.
What roll?


The tinkers look at each other confused.
You go in first.
Roll Perception!

There's no roll involved, you can slide it open.


slide it back and get a better look at what's down there.


Notice! '1d20+16'

Roll #1 3 + 16 = 19


Boost '1d6'

Roll #1 4 = 4


Roll what?


You stick out your head out.
The source of the flashes is a bench not too far from you. You can only see the black outline of the breezie bent over the bench. His hair is thin and standing right up. He has some tool in his hooves, creating a bright light any time he touches whatever is on the bench. Maybe he's simply welding something?

You inspect the rest of the room and see a large iron door blocking access to the room. On the wall hang several half finished metal constructs some of them eerily looking like a broken version of the bots that have attacked you before. On the walls there's several glass balls with slithering tongues of lightning inside. In a corner of the room you see a photograph, but can't make out what it shows. The experiment whatever it is makes a lot of noise.

Hmmm, let's do it differently! You may spend 0-3 AD's to influence your mojo. Perhaps the spirits will be generous to you in return?
Your choice…

You float in but halt immediately as you notice a very fine wire hanging nearly imperceptibly near your antennae. You have not yet touched the wire.


I.. I..
Hurry back to the room with fairweather!


Bleh. I'm not any good with disarming traps. Hiss up to Spark, "Can you disarm a tripwire?"


I got ADs outta my antennae.

Roll #1 1, 3, 1 = 5


The +2 to each from the feat doesn't count here, does it?


As you start crawling back, you stop hearing the sparking noises…

He flies over and slips beside you in the tight tunnel. "Make no unexpected moves, this is precision work!"

You feel very confident suddenly!


As you float down your eyes start to adjust to the darkness and you see more than just a little fire. You see breezie-sized buildings! Some large some small. It's a town, underneath the Hollow! You see the little fire darting on one of the squares. It suddenly starts to move!

The roll makes no difference for this particular roll, merely the fact you spent them!


I need to get help on this


Gasp and almost lose control over my flight!
Shut the light of my antennae down, maybe the thing didn't see me!


You crawl further quickly!
You make it out and…fairweather and the tinkers are gone!

You focus and the lights on your antennae slowly dim. You see the flame go into one of the buildings before you lose it from your sight. You also notice that the floor reflects the flame somehow!


I guess I continue waiting?


He shoves his hooves in front of your face a few times until the tripwire is cut…
But nothing happens.



Back up the stairs!


There's just about nothing else here? This is all so eerie…
Follow that flame down, into the building!


"Hey, where are you going? Weren't you going in front?" You hear Spark shout!
You're back up the stair, away from all the tinkers. You see Pattern has returned. She looks very ruffled.

Oh wait, there she is!

As you fly down to the floor next to the open building, you step into something cold and wet!


To the Tinker: "I was collecting someone."

"What did you find? We found an alternate route down."


A puddle?


Perhaps! But you can't see too well now that the flame is gone.

"We'll go forward then!"


Scrunch at the perhaps-puddle.
I will limit myself to hovering for now! Chase the flame!


What! No! Its up to me then.
back into the vent I go.


"No, wait, Pitch is back with a report. This could be important."


But I just greeted you! >>681071


Never mind I point at fairweather.
"We gotta hurry, I found him!"


"Its bright, he's down there!"


It's a big puddle since you have to fly up even as you move to get out of it. Is the town under water?
You go into the building where the flame is. At the end of the huge hall, you see it. Entrenched on top of some kind of cone, you can barely make out what it is. In the light, you see that the floor is indeed flooded. Near the walls you see statues of different breezies with animal heads! There's a lion, a frog, a dog, a cat, an eagle and a rat.

Spark floats up again and joins you both.


Okay, I need my light here.
Do I have any idea what these might be?

Roll #1 15 + 12 = 27 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


"This way!"
I crawl into the vent and go left


actually it's not 27, it's 29 because of Grace Under Pressure.


Roll eyes and follow.


You make a bright light.
You note the cone you noticed earlier is not a cone at all, but another statue. Unlike the others this one does not have a breezie body but has a long slithering body like a snake, It's coiled up and you cannot see a face.

There's several things you notice right away. First of all, you've never heard of Breezies building anything out of stone. This is a truly spectacular find for that reason alone.
You know that the spirits of the wild are often pictured as animals.
The wolf, the frog, the eagle, the fox. Some of these statues show the same animal, could they be older manifestations of the same beliefs?
Time has unfortunately not been too kind on the statues. Before any spirit might manifest there their shrines should be consecrated again, a process that could take a few hours just for one statue alone. That is, if those spirits would even respond to your wilds rituals. The coiled statue looks surprisingly clean however as the fire floats above it.

You crawl back in. You both see the grate in the distance. Crawl towards it?




Alright… I don't like this tight squeeze.


Okay, you go closer…ROLL REFLEX


boost '1d6'

Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22 / Roll #2 4 = 4


'1d20' (Unsure bonus, my laptop is out of charge, I think it's +6 maybe?)

Roll #1 19 = 19


Wait, is that… The same fire?!


Maybe, there's only one fire here, and it's floating magically!

+7 actually!


Wave a hoof and offer it a smile.


As you crawl further, you hear a franctic voice. "STOP RIGHT THERE." he breathes heavily. "Those aren't mites. Too heavy, too loud! What's in the vents! What's in there! Show yourselves!!!"

The flame changes to blue as you start waving and turns into a ball, it slowly shrinks.


Uuuuh. Help mommy?
Clench my staff close. Cast Magic Vestment I, you never know!


I'm going down!
Wield my paper cutter spear


No point in being stealthy if Pattern isn't. Down!

Hopefully Ribbon can find a way down the stairs or squeeze through or something while we're here.


You jump down. You're down inside the room.
You see a large iron door blocking access to the room. On the wall hang several half finished metal constructs some of them eerily looking like a broken version of the bots that have attacked you before. On the walls there's several glass balls with slithering tongues of lightning inside. In a corner of the room you see a photograph, but can't make out what it shows since the room is dimly lit.

The breezie standing near the bench, just the equivalent of what a few meters would be for a pony, is wearing a Tinker coat. His hair is white and standing upright. His goggles are dark and he seems to be twitching.
He looks at you both. "Who are you…" then he sees Pattern and jumps back.

Ribbon is on his way! You see Bright is on the ground next to you. His eyes are open and he's unresponsive, but he doesn't show any external wounds from here.


You glow momentarily as your defense goes up.
The flame turns green now and forms a line.


"E-easy now, I'm not here to fight! I'm friendly!"


"Actually, I'm not interested in capturing you. I'm here for him."

Indicate Bright. "I couldn't care less what you're doing down here."


I start shaking when I realize I'm so close to the robots.
"Why? Why did you make these?"


The flaming line starts curling… it's almost like it is beckoning you closer!


I'm gonna trust it. Take a few flutters closer.


He looks at Bright and back to you.
"I-I…I tried to help him! Believe me I did!"

He quickly shifts his eyes back to you.


"Well then, if you're not detaining him, why are you so defensive? I don't care what you're sneaking about doing down here. A breezie's business is his own."

Go check on Bright. Medicine! '1d20'

Roll #1 17 = 17


The flame curls back into a ball, turning bright yellow, illuminating the pedestal… wait, where did the statue go?
The fire that burns bright now does tell you… it is curled up around the pedestal, slowly making a circle before settling up top gain, dozens of tiny, icky legs carrying the segments of the body - it's a centipede!
What's worse, the head is not just a bunch of mandibles, but rather a creepy face of a Breezie! It opens it's eyes…
A strange green glow envelops the side of the body, the little centipede legs nervously ticking against the pedestal for a few moments.
"Whoo, you gave me a scare, how long have you been here?"


You check his pulse, he's alive! You see no wounds or conditions, except for the fact he's not moving at all. He's paralyzed, perhaps some poison…You take out a bottle from your bag and drop a few drops in his mouth. Not enough to fully cleanse the venom, but enough that he should wake up soon and be able to follow you out of here!

He then blinks and looks at you strangely.
'Wait, you're not….who are you?"


"…I.." I squeak a bit.
"Who do you think I am?"


"No you're not…you're not Rotor…" he shakes his head and starts crying. "Imsorryssorrysorry…I didn't mean to…"

He seems somewhat distracted right now…

Bright opens his eyes. "…huh…Fairweather?"


Mimic her startled motion myself after a quiet moment of disbelief, staff falling off my tiny hooves.
"YOU gave me quite a scare! I just got here!"


"You're late, and this isn't anywhere near the location you suggested meeting at."


The voice sounds more like a him!

The tiny legs click against the stone impatiently.
"Oh, so I'm at fault for giving you a heart attack when you barge in on me! What brings you to this sacred grove anyway, young witch?"
Roll notice.


"Ahem. Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry!"
Straighten my attire and give a bow picking my staff back up.
"I was… Would you believe me if I said I wandered here by pure coincidence?"

Roll #1 4 + 14 = 18 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


Seeing a strange centipide that isn't like any other wouldn't be such a shock, but the face on it is just uncanny!
The insect lets out a hearty chuckle.
"You say pure coincidence, young witch, I say it was the hoof of fate! Such an aspiring talent of witchcraft to show up at such a time of need, tsk, that cannot be mere coincidence I say!"


"Wait so if you took me here I didn't barge in! In a sense."
Give him a hopeful smile.


I get closer to him, summon a sticky paper under his hooves. (force anchor)

Roll #1 13 + 13 = 26


He manages to crack a smile.
"I got caught up."

He suddenly can't move at all because of the sticky paper!
He desperately tries to get loose, but to no avail!
The doomsday button is out of his reach!



"Oh, if I was calling you, you would have known! Just like that friendly fellow Vert up in your city, but all the breezies think he just went and gone mad! Would you believe it! Where are the old breezies who always believed everything I told them?"




"Oooh, so you are the one who's been in his dreams!"


I shutter in intense fear still, putting a page of paper between me and the robots


The creature seems… proud?
"The one and only! Why, what did you hear of me?"


"All the good things! He's so impressed! But I fear it might be weighting on him a bit…"


"T'is a gift and a burden! To be a prophet and a herald, one must make sacrifices, especially against dire times!"


"But you don't look like-"
wave my staff at him.
"-this, in his descriptions!"


"Oh, that flatterer! What does he say about me. It might be more important than you think, you know that Big Pony saying about details!"


I actually don't remember his description.


Tin Bel is stuck on the sticky paper and franctically tries to get loose to no avail.

You put a large piece of paper with a calming daisy pattern between you and the scary constructs.
The hall looks a lot safer now!
Too bad about the spooky lighting, maybe there's a switch to turn on regular lighting?


"Master Tinker Spark and his entourage are probably on their way down right now. I don't really trust him, though. Let's get out of here."


I'm not about to feel around the spooky room for light switches!


Bright grins.
"Are you going to take care of me, Fairweather? Will we go to the forest and live there in some tree? I can farm some flowers and you can take care of our tree home." He's clearly still drowsy from whatever Bell put in him.

You hear some noises behind the only door out. Perhaps that's Master Tinker Spark and his crew. If you want to avoid them it might be prudent to leave through the vents again!


"Better decide what you want to do about Tin Bel fast, Pattern. Will you leave him to Spark, or sneak him away to hear his side of the story?"

Evac Bright into the vents. He's not in any condition to fight if this goes badly.


I nod. Then shake my head.
"I'm going to trust The High Tinkerer."
Let them in once she's clear?


Fairweather leaves with Bright and Pattern and Bel stays.


Spark is the one I showed the part to before yes?


I'm going to remain looking down from the vents, sneakily. I can roll stealth if you like.



Then I'm going to stay here and let him inside.


Roll stealth!



Roll #1 13 + 11 = 24


Fairweather hides in the vent!

As the door opens, You see Spark and his assistants with their weapons pointed at Pattern! Spark holds up his front leg.
"Hold! It's not Bel! Pitch, you've made it in here, have you located Bel as well?"


Make a motion with my hoof from him to follow, and show him Bel.


As Bel sees Spark he flaps his wings as hard as he can to escape. "Nononono! Stay back, don't touch me!"
Spark reaches into his pocket and takes out a syringe. "This is for your own good, Bel!"
Interfere or wait?


..What could spark be.. I will. try asking. Keep a pace in front of Spark.
"What are you going to do to him?"


He looks to you and nods with the syringe
"No worries, it's just a sedative. We can"t take chances with him until we're in a secured area. Before I do, have you located Bright?"


Look behind him first, who's here? ..Did they bring a medic with them?


The assistants don't look like medics!


"Bright escaped." I reply in a soft voice. "Must be home by now."


"He escaped? Are you sure?"


I nod as convincingly as possible. '1d20' bluff

Roll #1 13 = 13



Roll #1 17 + 3 = 20


"Hmmmm, I see. Then I'll have to go over there once Bel has been secured to ascertain his safety.
Now, Miss Pitch, I appreciate your assistance during this search but I want to know why you're standing in the way of me doing my job…"


"..!" I step outta the way with a breezy flutter.


Hmph. Let's sneak out through the vents before they finish up here.


He flies over and sticks the syringe in the shaking Bel, who quickly closes his eyes and falls asleep.
Spark takes off his goggles and flies back. "That's over. Miss Pitch, I want to say you've performed admirably during this search and I'll make sure your efforts are rewarded. As well as those of your friend, Fairweather…where is she?"


Ribbon is faithfully waiting for you at the end of the vent! Bright boops Ribbon who sneezes.


Load Bright onto Ribbon. "Come on. We've finished our job here. Actually, all things considered, this went impeccably well. We didn't even get caught up in a war."

Pat cat. "Maybe things can finally get back to normal after this. Let's just get to the surface."

And up we go!


"Thank you Sir! I.." bite my lip a bit and turn to the metal constructs, let myself get spooked so I don't have to answer.


Spark seems to sense it though.
"Did she…escape as well?"


I nod.
"She.. doesn't want to be around us.."
"B-bush breezy way or s-something."


"I see. I'll make sure there's a reward for her at the Tinker Core as well, if she wants it. But I and the Tinkers would appreciate it if we could keep this whole Bel matter just between us. No need to trouble other breezies with it…"


You make it back to the surface! The fresh air feels great! You can see the Sun near the horizon.


I smile a bit at him.
"I agree. They don't need more reason to be mad at tinkerers."


He nods. "Exactly."


Took the whole day, but I suppose that makes sense. Hm - his home… I don't know where that is. I guess I'm headed back to that bar.


"Yes, we should go back.. before something else can happen."
I carefully try to avoid looking at the metal bugs, and start to leave.


But what will you say when the guards at the entrance asks you why Bright is KO on the back of Ribbon?


"I need to stay here and make a report of this hideout. Do you require an escort to the surface?"




You can't just walk around with a KO'd breezie? Civilization is tyrannical. I'll get up on Ribbon with him and prop him up so he seems more awake!




City breezies are so weird! In bush society you'd just tell everybreezy he's your sex toy now, found him fair and square!
Anyway roll Subterfuge!


Shake my head, but, provide a page of paper for him to write as soon as mentions a report.


He looks surprised.
"Thank you. I can use that."


You mean Blend or…?


Oh wait, it was called p-p-prestidigation


Err, I mean.
"A beautiful butterfly. Blue butterfly. Large and majestic!"


The caterpillar makes a very uncomfortable noise of rattling as it chuckles again.
"Oh, yes, yes, he is quite right in that manner indeed. Yet let us not forget the plight he is trying to warn all of you of!"


"You're welcome.. Avi."
I reply before leaving him and going home.


Prestidigitation? I'm not trying to Weekend at Bernies, just prop him up!


You're trying to trick them! And I was going to let it pass anyway, just wanted to see how hilarious I'll describe it

Back to the Tinker Core?


"Ah yes. The plight.
Since we are here, no dreams or walls, care to be more specific?"


Yea, that's where a pattern would go.


Okay… '1d20+1' Not exactly my specialty!

Roll #1 15 + 1 = 16


"Oh, it's quite simple. There is a very good chance that everyone you know or ever cared about, and everyone they ever knew and cared and so on is going to be destroyed in a most horrendous way."
The ticking of the legs stop for a second.
"Uttering it out loud makes it sound even worse, my word."


You put him upright next to you. He drowsily looks around.
The guard waves at him as you pass. "Hey Bright, haven't seen you for a while!"
He makes some weird noises but the guards just chuckle and let you through. "Typical Bright"
You make it to the tavern, it's open again!

Fairweather is nowhere to be seen. You make it back to your comfy little home in the Tinker Core!


"That sounds dreadful! It'd go so far to even strike the bush breezies?"


"Oh, Petilia, let me be even more clear then, should this event come to pass, it will definitely be a herald of the end of all breezies, possibly other creatures too."


In we go, carry him in and set him in a chair.

I hope things didn't get busier for business while I was gone.


"Well don't be so mysterious then! What is it, what should we do?!"

Deep down, I have some real trouble believing him. But I need to play along.


"I am a spirit, even I am not omniscient! But I do know that if you find the Orb of Vrili, it can help a great deal!"


The barkeepbreezie drops a glass as he sees you come in with Bright!
"Bright, you…" he rushes and closes the door behind you.
"Where did you find him?"


"Thank you spirit."
Bow kindly.
"And would you know where this orb is?"


I really hope they are okay.. but I have no idea where they would go.


Is there anyone else here?

"That might be some sensitive information."


"I thought he was dead! Bright, are you okay?"
Bright giggles "oh Ale, you know I never believed in those Porkpines you told me about. I mean, come on, animals with spikes on them?"

You should have put some tracker on fairweather, she always runs off. At least Spark promised a reward! But that'll probably take some time to process.


"He was drugged and taken to an underground facility. I don't know the full story, anyway - I just broke him out."


"Of course! It is in Fort Sunflower, also known as the Sunny Celestial Fortress! Although, considering it is in the middle of the forest, you might want to go alongside some friends. You do hold the power to see those who are special, not unlike you, do you not?"


…That was a pretty big adventure today, maybe I should sleep?


If you want!

"I bet it was the Tinkers! They always do these things!"


"Is that what the aura is? Those who are special?"


The centipede clitter-clatters excitedly, his sides glowing with a strange green glow.
"Yes, yes, exactly! So you have seen it! Those who have the aura, have the power to stop the impending doom!"


Brzzy Zzz '1d20' rolling for sweet dreams

Roll #1 3 = 3


Wince a bit, unsure what to think.
"So you don't have even a faint idea of what this doom is?"


"As I have mentioned, I do not know all, but as all spirits do, I sense grave danger, yet I am powerless to stop it."


"Spirit, one more question…
If you can sense those who are special, why didn't you enter their dreams instead?"


You dream you're flying outside of the Hollow on a sunny day but then storm clouds gather and it starts raining, you quickly fly to the Hollow but it just seems further and further away! You look behind you and there's constructs chasing you, their glowing red eyes looking right at you!
They come closer and closer, but then they fall to pieces and the clouds go away, as you see a beautiful butterfly appear!
You wake up in the middle of the night, feeling very refreshed!


The story is more complicated than that. Tinkers were on all sides. At least three sides.


You hear the spirit chuckle and clitter again.
"Oh, Petilia, if I could get into their dreams, they would not be special, would they?"


"Unbelievable. You'll have to tell me what happened! Wait, I have something that might help Bright."
He ducks behind the bar and gets a green flask.
He opens it and holds it under Brights nose who immediately squints. "My duchess, that's disgusting!" he coughs.


"Then… I will…
Go get that orb, and gather the special ones. Yes."


Shuffle uncomfortably towards the door.


"Anyway, as far as I see it, we're square now. What was your clandestine meeting about, anyway?"

Gesture to the dead air. "This place is pretty secret, I'll grant."


I will get a tiny drink of nectar or juice. If I have any here.


"You do what I cannot to save Breeziekind. Know that you will always find safety and solace in this temple."


Give a bow before zipping out of the door and up the hole again!


"Okay, I'll tell you but you got to keep it a secret! I trust you.
We're the resistance!"

You have a can of delicious nectar in the kitchen! You could even warm it up! A nice glass of warm nectar and some cookies?

Roll Notice


That would a lovely nighttime snack.


"That's not really your secret is it? Since that was pretty obvious."



Roll #1 20 + 14 = 34 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


And the AD explosion.
And spend 3 of my bonus d4 ADs to activate that crit.

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


And the explosion's explosion.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



As you fly up, you see shapes moving through the deserted town, but they disappear as you look at them only to reappear in the corner of your eye.

He decides to ignore that
"We're a group of concerned citizens uniting to find out all about the evil plans the Tinkers are currently making to take over the hollow! We know all about them, their plan to poison the water with fluor, their plant to turn the hollow into a prison camp!"

You have a nice nighttime snack. You hear a knocking on the door.


Look at the peep hole


"What about Tin Bel?"


It's black…

"You've heard of him? He's the master brain behind this! He wants to start a war between the Radan and the Breezies so the Tinkers can take over! He's the secret Master Tinker behind the High Tinker!"


Fly out.


I um, don't answer it.
just step aside from the door.


"None of this quite adds up."


It's DEAD quiet…

You fly up and you're back above! Hmmm, the guards are still gone…

"Look, it's a lot to take in at once. How about we get a drink and I will start from the beginning?"


Maybe they left!
wait another moment.


"No, not that. I understand your position, but none of the other stories match them. Don't get me wrong, you're actually partially right, but you're also partially wrong. Tin Bel wasn't trying to harm you I don't think, and the Tinkers wanted him arrested - but what was he up to?"

Shake my head. "Not that I care or anything, but it's an unusual mystery."


You hear another knock…coming from your bedroom…


this is too spooky
but.. go open it and see what it is.


Where the hell are they.
And what time is it, even!


You open up the door and there's no one!
You look confused until you look at the ground and there's a piece of metal there!

Who knows! As for the time, you're underground, but there's a clock in each of the big chambers in the hollow

Bright shakes his head. "Maybe I can answer that!" he coughs again. "You see, before I lost all conciousness, he was rambling about some kind of construct. He said something about they had stolen a construct from him, and he'd get it back with my help. But I didn't know what he meant by that!"


Go-up-above-ground-time then!


metal? that means someone really is here.
'1d20+12' search for more evidence or the breezy themselves

Roll #1 13 + 12 = 25


"Tin Bel's constructs definitely looked like the ones that attacked us - they were on the roads, and also probably the ones assaulting the Galemancers up at the top of the Hollow. But what is Spark's angle? I know he's hostile to the Duchess, so why not let Tin Bel loose to wreck havoc? There has to be a deeper political game here."


You check every inch of your appartment and find nothing! You scratch your head when you suddenly feel something touch the top of your head!

You get out of the hollow. Suddenly you feel as if a weight it lifted from your shoulders. You drop down involuntarily, you haven't realized how tired you were.

"Maybe they still need him for something?"


"Maybe. What is the Duchess planning, anyway? And hey, can you even call yourself a resistance if you're allied to the nobility which is de jure in power right now?"


Scream and back away looking up


It's a construct AAAAA-you wake up in your bed!


There is only one thing to do.
Get up and get some paper and ink.
Clear off a table!




Take a few long breaths of fresh air and look around.
What time is it, then?


The Moon is rising in the sky! Roll Notice!

You get ready!

"I don't know what the Duchess is planning, I haven't seen her in days…she used to adress the breezies of the Hollow every Sunday! And I'm not sure what de jure means but if you can come up with a better name for a group to resist the Tinkers, I'd love to hear it!"



Roll #1 17 + 14 = 31 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


You have a good sense of time and you feel like it should still have been Sunset. Are the days getting shorter already?


I want to roll Knowledge on my Stars and Costellations study to see if it's the season for shorter days.

Roll #1 4 + 14 = 18 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Rolling exploded AD.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


I'm gonna start drafting anti-robot weapons!


Roll a Craft check!


"The loyalists? The monarchists? The reactionaries? The counter-revolutionaries? Anyway, the name isn't that important. But if even you don't know what's happened to the Duchess, that's a problem. You can't even consider fighting the Tinkers until you know she's safe. Who will be the figure you rally behind if something happened to her?"


'1d20+12' craftin

Roll #1 19 + 12 = 31


You study the constellations in the sky and come to the conclusion that not only are you not in the season of shorter days, you've also traveled further in time for 1000 years considering the position of the Big Dipper.

He considers this. "You're right, of course. We've been so busy with what the Tinkers might do, to think of her Highness. We'll have to contact her, somehow."

That's pretty good. What kinda weapon you crafting, something portable or some kind of machine?


something portable


Long-range weapon, short range, melee, throwable like a grenade?


medium - long range


"In other words, you don't have an in at the palace. Getting that level of control should be your first move, then expanding your base. Plenty of Breezies dislike the Tinkers, and they're not in control yet. You don't have to hide in the shadows. Bring them one of those mechanical breezie heads and it'll draw a crowd."


Ah I knew I was ri-

Fly up, towards Breezie Hollow!


You just come from there! The Hollow looks the same it did before, just like when you arrived. Hard to believe 1000 years passed! You see the guard near the entrance. Sleeping on the job with his little lantern beside him!

Your first design is crude. It's a long stick based on the electro spears of the Tinker Guards, designed to overload constructs. But then you realize you'd have to get close to use it, so you drop the stick instead opting for a more crossbow like design. As you redesign it to have longer and longer range, you end up with a long tube that can be carried over the shoulder, with a mini-telescope for better aiming, this thing could disable a construct from very far away.

"Yes, of course, you're right. That'll be the first thing, I know just who to contact. I can't believe I didn't think of this!"


Perfect! I'm gonna save this in a binder. A pattern binder.


No that's just not possible! Fly past him and into town!


It's a very quiet town! The moss glows spookily. But everything seems intact. How can this be? The only place you see light is at one of the inns.

You put it in your favorite binder with your favorite color cover! This is the first time you put a weapon in there!


I shall ask there!


I guess so…
Maybe I can get some rest now.


"Anyway, finding out the truth about Tin Bel should probably be important too."


You feel a sense of impending doom.
Go to bed?

"We have an in at the Tinker Guild, I'll ask…" The door opens!

You open the door and there's only 3 breezies. One of them is the breezie you saw earlier with the weird aura, another is sitting in a chair wearing a militia uniform looking dazed
And the last is a breezie with a flower on his head. What have you walked into!


Size up the newcomer. Haven't I seen her before? Wasn't she making trouble at the gate?



Greet them with a meek squeak, as if worried they'd suddenly jump me.


Yes, actually! She's another bush breezie!
See >>681756
As usual, the innkeep seems unsure what to do. He decides to just go with the "we're closed!"

You have a very good breezie nap and wake up refreshed! Wait…it's still dark, that was a fast nap! You hear a ticking from the tinkercom.

The bush breezie from earlier is sizing you up. The militia breezie grins and waves at you. The breezie with the flower on the head quickly says "we'reclosed"


"Wait hear me out a moment! What's going on here, why's the town empty?"


"When did the town empty? I just got back."


"It's just so quiet! Look outside!"


Look to the barkeep to confirm this


Answer it!


The barkeep flies over and looks outside.
"Huh, look at the moos, it's already very late. Nothing to worry about, I think most breezies are just sleeping! Perhaps there's a few awake in one of the other chambers."
He looks towards Fairweather. "Wew, it feels like this day just flew by!"

It's more like a telegram machine than a telephone. You tear off the newest message. It's from Avi. He says that the current project still needs to finish before he can officially assign you to any new projects within the Bureau of Robotics. So your first assignment will be find something to occupy yourself with for a few weeks. As long as it helps the guild, he'll approve of it. A sure chance to let yourself shine!




"But… The stars! What year is this?"


"Now I get it, you got some crazy ideas because you've been recruiting breezies from the part of the Hollow where they've all lost their minds."


Gasp! This is the time to improve the scanner eyes! I better make a blueprint.. but at work! Wait where should I go for that now?


"Recruiting breezies? What are you talking about?"


"He works for the city guard. Their numbers were decimated in the Radan attack during the storm not long ago."


"Now you lost me, this whole discussion makes no sense!"


You can always go into the Inner Core now, you've got authorization, it will just be a little empty! Perhaps your old bench is still there or maybe it's been transferred to the Bureau of Robotics!

Bright giggles. The barkeep puffs 'I'll have you know…well, maybe you're right actually. You've been able to do more in one day than we ever did."


It's like you've gone into the eye of madness!


It really is!


I should find out where I work now.
That seems important. Get dressed and go to my old office.


"Maybe she doesn't speak Breezie. I've known some Breezies to only speak the insect language."


"I understand the words you say, they just don't make any sense!
When was the last time we met? I remember your face!"


"I don't think you do. When you ask a question in Breezie, it is implied you are seeking an answer. You asked, 'Recruiting Breezies?' with the implication that you wanted to know for what they were being recruited. But when I answered 'He's with the guard, whose numbers were decimated', you said that didn't make any sense. Rather, it should make sense that guards who have been decimated need to recruit additional guards. For more on the topic of basic linguistics, you need to go to a formal school."


"But in fact my question was inquiring about the meaning of those words, as I'd not heard of anyone recruiting any breezies, and thought you were talking about me!
But forget about that, what year is this? Why are the stars all wrong?"


"There's nothing wrong with the stars, you need to go to a mental hospital."


"Look, I've spent my whole life studying constellations and the pattern of the season and I can most assuredly tell you, something's not right!
It's like a thousand years went by in a single night! And it's too early for the moon to be that high!"


"A thousand years didn't go by. I know that because if a thousand years went by, the storm damage from earlier this week wouldn't still be here. And I know that YOU didn't go ahead a thousand years because I saw you making trouble at the gate casting hexes on some random bystanders yesterday. Now get out, you nutter!"


"If a thousand years didn't go by then there is something else wrong with the sky, believe me!"
Mutter under my breath, with a pout.
"Beside, that breez was a jerk and asked for it!"


"Then I suggest you go examine it more closely instead of hassling strangers."


"Bah. Fine. I see you have no interest in any of this."

Turn around with a rather angry face and leave.


You put on your Tinker suit and head into the Inner Core. Blaze isn't at her desk, she must be exhausted from all the paperwork.
As you fly through the Inner Core, you only see a light at the Bureau of Relativity, whatever that means! You fly to your old bench. There's a note on it, informing the maintenance crew that it has to be moved to Room 12 at the Bureau of Robotics tomorrow. Ah your trusty work bench! So nice of them to move it with you!

Bright gets up and flies over. "So what are you saying, that time went completely bonkery-wonky? Come on…"


Oh, they didn't move it yet?
Maybe its because the lights are off. I better fix that, go turn the power on!


"What I'm saying is, something has happened!
Nature doesn't just decide to change for no reason at all!
There's magic here!"


"Between the Radan attack, the storm, the mechanical breezies, the butterfly cultists, the ambitious Tinkers, and the absent Duchess – this city doesn't need anything else going on!"


"It's not exactly a choice now, and what's to say the things aren't linked!"


"This is all going above my antennae! Do you have a drink, Vril?"
The barkeep answers "sure. Anybreezie else want something?"

The lights flicker on and buzz! You're ready to work. It's so quiet, you're all alone, perfect to get something done.


"Blueberry juice with a smudge of honey. Shaken, not stirred.
Helps the fates flow better!"


"I'm fine."


You get a drink.
Bright takes a nip of his Honey ale. "So, you do realize this is all very hard to believe. And there's a lot of crazy things happening already like Fairweather said. So why should we listen to you, are you an expert on stars?"


Nod, sitting down to take a sip off my drink, now calming myself down.
"Kind of, yes. I'm a witch, remember? We study this kind of things!
What are these mechanical breezies though? It's the first I hear about it!"


"Enough of that, don't overcomplicate this. Why are you coming to a random tavern to ask about starts? Shouldn't you consult with the Galemancers or some kind of astrological professionals?"


"Honestly? I'd thought this really was a thousand years into the future, and seeing no other light I came here first!"


Yes, but I wonder if there is a bigger problem with the power… I better investigate the other wings.


What are you looking for exactly?


Is the power on? Breezies working on it? That kind of thing.


There is power in this wing. It's just that it's very late at night and no breezie is working! Remember, save precious power, don't leave the lights on!


Look out the window. Do the stars look different?


You're inside the Hollow, you need to go all the way outside to check


Oh. I see.
I am just here too early.
I might as well get to work on the backlog I had.
can't leave things undone.


"We'll get to that. You seem to be new here in town, when did you get here, did you see the Duchess?"


"I've spent a lot of time outside. I'll go look at the stars, and if she's still here when I get back, that will calm her down."

Go out to the gates and look out! Survival '1d20+10'

Roll #1 12 + 10 = 22


"I sure tried… But they kept kicking me out! Blocking me!
What'shisname, the militia leader."


Scrunch at her as she leaves.
She talks of me like I'm not here!


You fly outside, the guard is snoring here with his little lantern beside him. Everybreezie could just fly in, these Breezies really are careless!

You look up, you don't know how to calculate the year from the stars like a wise breezie would, but the stars are in odd places indeed, like its winter! Luna is larger than usual as well. But surely the world hasn't skipped 1000 years. Did the Big Moon Pony mess up?

"Fargale? He was there?"

You go back to your bench and push the tinkercom. It spits out a few orders.


"To assure me the Duchess was fine and very glad I was here-" say in a mocking tone, mimicking Fargale's speech "-but just couldn't see me right now!"


Shake the guard up!

"Hey, you! What's wrong with the sky? You spend all night staring at it, was it like this yesterday?"


Seems normal enough, let's get it done before the boss gets here!

Roll #1 17 + 12 = 29


"Really? Did he say anything else? Were there any other breezies you could talk to?"

He shocks awake. "Huh what? What stars?" When he becomes a bit more lucid he looks intently up at the sky. "Mmmmmmh, you know some of those stars aren't where I remember them! Look, that's my lucky star right there, but he's at another spot! I know because I look for it first every night! How weird! Maybe the Duchess would know what's going on there."

You start tinkering…
You tinker…
You tinker…
"Up late, Pattern?"


"You didn't notice it like this yesterday? This is important! When you looked yesterday, it was in its normal place?"


Turn around to see who it is first.


Shake my head.
"Unless you count the Duchess' secretary! But she hadn't seen the Duchess either!
So now I'm here."


"Yesterday it was in its normal spot, I'm sure of it! I look at it every night, it's my lucky star!"

It's your old Overseer, Maia.
She's not in her usual Tinker uniform but wears a simple necklace with a badge.
"Feeling nostalgic for the old workbench?" she smiles friendly


"The Duchess secretary, that's interesting. Listen, since you're new here, I think we can trust you, but you can't tell anybreezie about this, promise?"


Nod vehemently, eyes lighting up.
Now I'm interested.


I nod.
Then I indicate the pile of slips from the backlog of orders.
"Didn't want.. to leave it undone."


"Then you're right. The Duchess should be told. Thanks."

I'll head back.


You leave him as he looks puzzled at the sky again. But he'll soon go and report this strange finding.

You make it back to find Bright and the witch talking.

"We think the Tinker Guild is conspiring with the militia to do something horrible to the Duchess!"

She looks at your backlog. And then back at you. "Is it because of those days you were gone? Did something happen out there? I know you, Pattern, you're a hard worker but something's been troubling you ever since you disappeared those days…"


"So? What did you see out there?"
Feign surprise.
"But why!"


"Well, fine. Credit where it's due, I guess. Something happened to the sky - and it happened since last night."




Look smug in my seat.
"Told you, I know my stars."

Roll #1 4 + 11 = 15 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6



Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


"Yes.. I had an awful time getting back after the storm. And now I'm leaving but.." I look about to tear up!


"So go brag about it to astrographers, why are you still here?"


"Enjoying a drink!"
Lift the mug up.



Roll #1 20 + 4 = 24


Activating that crit.
Bright looks. "I wouldn't know why, I was hoping somebreezie like you would know! You're the only breezie I know that went into the Palace recently!"


Maia opens up a drawer on the workbench next to you and gives you a handkerchief. "Here. Sit down and tell me about what happened while you were gone…"


"They kicked me out of there straight up, I don't even know who these Tinkers are!"


accept the tissue but.
I look away pushing my hoof tips over each other instead of replying.


Maia waits patiently. "Is it hard to talk about?"

"You've never been to a Breezie town? Never heard of the Tinker's Guild?"




Shake my head.
"This is my first time in the wider world! Part of the journey every witch takes!"


Nod slowly.
"Um.. you.. have seen spiders and constructs before?"


"In many parts of the forest, one breezie settlement is entirely foreign to the next. Just as the bug ranchers out near the plains have little in common with the bird-breezies of the lake, bush breezies often have little in common with city breezies. As you get further away from this area, their cultures can grow even more esoteric."


"I've seen a few constructs, the small flying ones that sometimes bring messages. I've heard the Inner Core has some advanced designs though. As for spiders…I've only seen one in pictures."

"The Tinker's Guild is the guild responsible for creating machines. There's a chapter of them in every city. But I guess a witch wouldn't really care for machines."


Bright says that btw


"You think I don't realize that?
It's the first time I see a town without a single witch in it!
Where I come from we are all witches! It gets so dull…"
Shake my head.
"So time's gone upside down, neighbour hates neighbour and nobreezie in town knows where the Duchess has gone!
This sounds like the endtimes alright!"


"A certain philosophical razor demands reasonable doubt about time going 'upside down'. There are plenty of other explanations. Big ponies control the sun and moon - why not the rest of the sky? And what if it's some kind of trick? Someone could have laid an illusion spell or something over the Hollow to change how the stars appear."


Wave away with a nimble hoof.
"It was just a way to sum things up!
By the way. I don't think we met yet!"
Take off the hat in the mimicking of a bow, without standing up.


"You seem to know a lot about the town though. Have you met the Verdians yet?"


Raise a brow. "I'm not planning on hanging around anyway. But it's not secret, I'm Fairweather."


"You mean Verd? I live with him! After I came here to help town there was no place for me to stay, and he was the one breezie working on fixing things up so I just stuck with him!
He's a bit overworked…"
"Oh but can't you just smell the mystery brewing up? It's gonna be so interesting in the coming times!"


"Really? You're one of his devotees?"


"Devotees? I just help him fix town! It's not a cult or anything."


"It's pretty cult-like."


"I don't get involved with those guys.
There's a lot of breezies without clean water right now, I have my hooves busy at all time."


"Then the Hollow owes you, we can use all the help we can get to rebuild the town. Still, if you stay too long with them, they might try to pull you into their butterfly worship or whatever it was. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me."


"Ah yes. That stuff, it's kinda…"
"As a witch, I think there might be a spirit at work here."


"Really, you think this butterfly actually exists?"


"Not as a butterfly! But we can't say it doesn't exist outright, can we?
The wilds are teeming with spiritual energy!"


He looks at you suspiciously.
"If you know more about this I'd like to know all you know about it!"


"I know a bit. I think I do at least! But if I tell you and you go pick a fight with those butterfly breezies it won't be no good!"


"Then tell us what you know and be honest about it and then I'll know why it won't be any good."


"Okay! What I know is, this spirit really exists and I've seen it!
But I have no idea if he's good or bad!"


"There's no need to pick a fight. The Tinkers don't like those Verdians either, they might work at crosspurposes and weaken each other. Focus on one goal at a time if you want to be successful."


Bright scratches his head.
"More spirits. A few days ago I had never heard of spirits and now they're everywhere…"


"You silly, spirits have always been, you just never noticed them.
It's good, in a way. You are broadening your horizons!"
And then shiver.
"That would be dreadful though.
Brother against brother, in this very town!"


"Conflict is the continuation of politics by other means. I've given my share of critiques of monarchical rule, but if there's one thing it does well, it's stability. When a power gap appears - such as by the disappearance of the Duchess - it draws opportunists like fish to a ripple."

"Is there an heir apparent, in the case of the worst?"


"Wow, that's soooo mean!
You are taking away those breezies identities and counting them as just numbers for your sport! It's horrible to talk like that of breezies, you know!"


"It's not my sport. I don't have a ladybug in this tussle."


"…an heir? The Duchess has ruled since time immemorial, her death would inconceivable." He nervously shakes his antennae. "I'd need to ask the Galemancers to be sure, but I suppose we'd need to send word to the Archduchess in Breezie Valley. The Duchess was born in the Valley, perhaps she has family there."


"And you can see them, you saw this butterfly? Where?"


"Her death would be inconceivable, exactly. Meaning there would be a total panic if something did happen. The fish are circling, and she won't make a public appearance to reassure the public."


Shake my head.
"It's not a butterfly. That's just what it projects itself as into breezies' dreams.
It was down, by the closed off tunnel. There's a whole old town down there."
"Well you should have one! You should support the outcome which lets no breezie get hurt!"


"I-I thought maybe they've distracted her or maybe she got sick or something, but kill her, what kind of madbreezie would want to kill the Duchess?!?"

"Go on. How did you find it, what did it say, every detail could be important!"


"Those old tunnels are labyrinthine. They seem to be limitless."

"You believe that the Tinkers are poisoning the water but not willing to harm the Duchess, the one check against their power?"


"I thought you'd stop believing me about five minutes ago honestly!
It only gets stranger from here! And what is this about poisoned water!?"


"Disinformation, ignore it."


"I stayed with a spider, those nights I was gone. I was hurt really badly and she helped me. She was just so big, I couldn't help being scared."
I shutter. "Yet.. The constructs I saw once I was well were even bigger.. and mean too.."


"Uhm..it just seems so…unreal!"

"Don't worry about the water, continue! I'm not sure I believe you yet."

"It's okay, there are no constructs here. How did you first see them?"


"In a small town, at a distance, they looked like breezies but metal.. I. I wasn't sure then but.. Later in the woods I saw them again."


Huff and puff, frowning a bit.
"To make a long story short, this spirit, if we want to call it like that, comes in the shape of a hybrid, a centipede with a face like a breezie!
And it wants to warn breezies of the end times."


"Well, nothing to be done about that. At least, not while more tangible issues are before us."


Shake my head.
"See, this is where it gets complicated. Because you, you have 「it」."


"Have the spirit?"


"No, no. Sorry, I was too vague.
I mean you have that special aura around you! I don't know if you can see it. Seems like not many breezies can."


"What did they look like?"

"End times? I guess he was right. But a centipede with a breezie face? I liked him more as a butterfly."


"I don't really follow."


"Well it's okay, I can explain.
There are some breezies in this world which have a special something to them! I saw two in this town alone! Maybe more that I haven't met yet exist!
It's that aura which sets them apart! And you have it!
Which according to the centipede-spirit, makes you our only hope!"


"Any breezie can make a difference if they care enough to try. Most breezies just don't have the will to do anything. That's not an aura, it's just perseverance. But in any case, this war to control the city - I don't have an interest in it. I only came back to rescue Bright, and now we're square."


"Breezies and Preying Mantis!"


Oh god I met Ayn Rand in breezie form.
"It's not only about this city, don't you get it? There's some artifact which needs to be rescued!"


"There's an artifact now too?"


"I'm as skeptical as you are!"


"Were you scared of them?"


"Well.. they did attack me so yes!"


"It's not a matter of skeptical, anyone can call any old magical item an artifact. It's just another complication!"


"I'm sorry, that was stupid of me. What happened next?"


"We had to fight them, but they were too strong even the cat was getting too hurt, we ran away."


"Well that's what the spirit said!
It's off in a place called Fort Sunflower, I have no idea where that is!"


"A magical artifact, and did it by any chance say what it would do?"

"What happened next?"


Shake my head.


"Um.. I met a witch, and she said I had to make weapons.. and I.. I'm not a fighter! I just wanted to come back and work." I cry a little and use the tissue.




"Pattern…" she puts a breeziehoof on your shoulder "if you don't want to make weapons, you don't have to. Nobreezie can force you to do that, whatever a witch might say."

"And, do you think it would be worth it to check it out, theoretically?"


"It's not gonna hurt breezies, and I wouldn't know what to do to fix the problems in town!"


"It seems like another distraction to me. Do you have the breeziepower to spare to hunt some artifact when you should be consolidating power?"


He shakes his head. "I can't go after it, there's too much going on here!"

"I'm sorry, you seem very convinced of this, but I can't just go on some random hunt for an artifact that may or may not exist and may or may not help us in a place we don't know where."




"Oh it's fine, you don't have the aura anyway!"


Fairweather, Petilia

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door!
The barkeep motions for you all to lower your voices as he flies to the door.
There's a green breezie at the door. "Ayrie? What are you doing here?"
"I saw the big pus at the door. I'm looking for fairweather, she here?"
Fairweather might remember Ayrie, the friendly if somewhat simple animal keeper.



I nod at her.
"B-but maybe she was not wrong, with the radan attack.. we weren't ready at all.."


Well let's look at Fairweather and wait!


"Small town, you know each other?"



The barkeep grins. "I lend some of the hamsters for supply runs to Lake Mayflower." He turns to Ayrie. "Ayrie, can't it wait till tomorrow."
"No, no it's important. Really!" He looks over the barkeeps shoulder to Fairweather. "Really really important!"

"We weren't, true. But that's not your fault. Nobreezie could have imagined what happened."


"Oh very well, what is it, then?"


He floats inside, looking wearily at Bright.
He leans close and quickly whispers "I saw Radan in town!"


"No…" Look away for a moment then back with something of a smile, like when I had a brilliant idea.
"..I never say this but.. can we go outside of the workshop? I just.. want to look at something else."


"Just one? Hmm, they say where there's one you see, there are ten you don't. It's been too long to just be a straggler from the battle, I think…"


She rubs her chin.
"You know, I've worked at the lightning plant. It looks incredible at night. Want to see it?"

He shakes his head, looking at bright again. "I saw a guard and a tinker let in a bunch of radan. Through the supply entrance into the Refinery!"


I nod putting my things away neatly.
"Let's go."


"You gotta be breezing me."


Sigh. "Well, I guess there's no choice."



"Why would-"
Stop and lower my voice.
"Why would breezies let those monsters in!?"


Together you fly through the inner core to the lightning plant.
It is at the very bottom of the Core. Here big dynamo's catch the wind going through the

"I'm just telling you because the Tinker was Spark. And with that guard there…I didn't know who else to talk to. You thought Spark was bad…and you're right."


Together you fly through the inner core to the lightning plant.
It is at the very bottom of the Core. Here big dynamo's catch the wind going through the wind tunnels.
Lightning surges between the orbs, creating an awesome display!
"If you touch one of the small orbs, your hair will stand upright. Don't put your leg on one of the big orbs though."


"Why are you whispering? You just eavesdropped yourself!"

"I don't know what he's playing at. I have political differences with him but it's completely irrational if what you say is true. Anyway, I guess there's no helping it. A problem like this, if you ignore it, it's worse later."


Pls confirm, I thought she was whispering to hide that from breezies outside the bar, not us.


No, he whispered because he was worried about Bright. But now that you all heard it, looks like he whispered a bit too loud


Whatever we can pretend it didn't happen.


I nod, floating here enjoying the view for the moment.


It's fine, that kind of oblivious eavesdropping kind of fits Petilia's personality.

"I guess the stargazer has volunteered herself, since now I can't let her wander off with her loose tongue and blab to someone before I deal with this."


Suddenly a small construct orb enters the room and flies to you!

Nah let's keep going.

So then only Petilia eavesdropped
Bright flies up.
"What's going on?"


Fall back down on earth and look completely uncospicous as Bright flies in!


"You don't think the non-resistance members of the guard might be working with the Tinkers, do you?"


He shakes his head.
"Perhaps a few, but most of them are simply loyal to Commander Fargale. They'd never do something to endanger the Hollow."
Ayrie puffs. "But I've seen a guard let in Radan!"
Bright gulps. "If so, what did that guard look like?"
"Uhm, he was red, and he had all these weird tattoos!"


I scream at it in surprise!


You hear that too of course.


Sighs externally


Roll Reflex save!



Roll #1 6 + 4 = 10


You tumble down towards the ground in surprise and the construct chases you!
But Maia plucks it from the air.
"It's okay, Pattern."

+1 AD for good RP


Bright scoffs. "There's no guards with tattoos!"


I gulp and approach Maia slowly.
Can I see what type of job this construct has?


"Wait, those are the bush breezies from the other day!"


You think you've seen one at the Bureau of Robotics! It carried messages around!
"These robots are often used inside the Inner Core to find Breezies and deliver them messages. After all, many Tinkers aren't home at night, they work many long hours. Touch it and it'll give you a message."

Ayrie shakes his head.
"No bush breezie, he was wearing a guard uniform!"


"Anyone can wear a uniform, though."


"Maybe he got one off the guards!"


Reach my slightly shaky hoof towards it and close my eyes at the last second to touch it, opening them after I successfully do.


It feels cool to touch, a message pops up from the top!

Bright "That's not good. We have to do something. We need to know what's going on in the Refinery!"


Read the message?


"Aren't we gonna try and find the radans?"


It's a standard message.
"PATTERN PITCH is requested at the outer core lobby. MARROW FARGALE is waiting there for her."

"They've been spotted at the Refinery. Where better to start?"


"You just got back up, and you already want to fight?"




"…I see, I better go to the lobby then."



He sits back down.
"I'm a guard…I can't do nothing while there's something horrible going on!"

The orb peeps and flies away.
"No bad news I hope' asks Maia.


I offer a helpless shrug at the suggestion.
Fly off to the Lobby.


"If you're just going to fall over the first time a Radan hits you, you're only going to get in our way. Don't come if that's the case. I guess I'll leave judgment about that up to you. But I'm moving out before the infestation gets any worse."

Call outside, "Ribbon, we're leaving!"


"Hey I'm coming too! I have a job to defend the hollow, you know!"


You find Marrow there! She's wearing a purple galemancer robe.
"Pattern! So happy to see you!" She flies over for a hug

Ribbon gets up and licks his lips.
Bright gets up.
"I'll come, even if I can't fight. The Refinery has been off limits ever since the flood. There's two guards outside them, I know them they're good breezies.
Maybe I can convince them that Fargale is up to no good!
But I don't know the Refinery inside, that's Tinker territory…"

Ayrie flies behind you.
"I can help too!"


"What a shame, if only Pattern were here. We don't have time, though."

Mount up. "Let's ride!"

To the Refinery!


To the refinery!


I let her hug me looking surprised, then I remember, I invited her over long ago!
"H-hi, nice of you to drop by."


As you ride like the wind for the Refinery, you suddenly see an older breezie flying by. Petilia might recognize her as the Palace secretary.
She waves for Petilia.

"I had to. So much has happened since I've come back. I need to show you something." She gives you a package. It's cone shaped and feels very warm."


This is probably important, carry it close.
"Let's go back to my room and look at it."


You go to your room and quickly close the door.


unwrap it!


"I need to break off a moment!"
Dive down and glide at her side!
"Miss Palace Secretary!"


As you open it a sickly green glow fills the room.
It's a green crystal with lightning moving inside it. You've seen these before but never have you touched one. The Tinkers have made reports of these, wondering how these lightning storage crystals were made…by the Radan. It's a Radan Power crystal.
Marrow looks nervously at you. "Please tell me it's not what I think it is."

"Hello, Petilia. My goodness, I'll have to thank the Archduchess, I wanted to see you but I had no idea where you were. And now I run into you right as I'm going home!"


"Things got hectic! You should go home quickly though, a bad moon's on the sky tonight!"


"We're kind of in a hurry…"


"Radan Power Crystal. Looks charged…"
'1d20+11' investigate it for more clues

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


"Listen, what you said earlier. You've made me think, about the Duchess and what she means to me. And I've snuck into the Royal Chambers." She grabs your leg. "The Duchess was nowhere to be seen! She's gone! Her butler has something to do with it, I know. I…" she pushes a keychain in your legs. "I saw his keychain and I took it. Two of those keys aren't for the Palace, I know that." There's indeed two keys marked with the Tinker logo. "I'm not sure what they do. You said you wanted to protect the Hollow and maybe this might help…"

It's newly made. Can't have been made more than a day or two ago…which means this isn't some relic from the earlier attack.


Gasp, and show the keys to Fairweather.
"Think these are for…"


"It would be an unworldly coincidence. But then, the stars moved, so…"


"Looks brand new actually.. where did you get it?"


She's silent for a long time.
"I found it in my brother's room…"


"We should hurry! Oh thank you, thank you so so much!"
Squeeze a hug of thanks out of the secretary and off we go.


Enough fooling around, refinery


I look worried.
"Anything else odd in the room?"


And so our heroes rush to the Refinery, in a race against time.
What horrible monsters await them?
Why did the Tinkers betray the Hollow?
Revelations await in the next session….

No pause yet for you
She shakes her head.
"Not that I noticed. We were talking. He's been under a lot of pressure lately, but never wanted to tell me what's going on. And then one of those guards arrived telling him he was needed at the Refinery. He rushed away without even saying goodbye. I-uh I snooped around to see if I could find some clue what's going on and I found it in a cabinet!"


"In his cabinet? Not connected to anything?"


She shakes her head.
"No! Should it have been?"


"Well.. I can't say what the Radan are thinking, but usually.. um.. you'd want to power something.."


"Maybe I missed something…what should we do? I didn't want to believe it, but I have to find out what…"


I tap the crystal a couple times. "We could search together or we could go to the Refinery and see what he's up too."


She raises her ears.
"But what if he sees us."
You've worked in the Refinery many times though. You know how to get in without being seen.


"He'd be upset." I state matter of factly.
"I doubt he'd look in the maintenance tunnels thou."


She gets a little confident smirk.
"You're right, you know that place better than him! You really want to help me, Pattern?"


I pat my side making sure I have the nice gift wrench, get my paper and paper cutter. Give her a firm nod.


And so you leave for the Refinery.
Not knowing just what terrible things you'll find….


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