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JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 3: The Breezie Rises

Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion and Nopony as Everyone Else

And introducing

Sylt as Pitilia

Rated B for Breezie

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Bright scoffs. "There's no guards with tattoos!"


I gulp and approach Maia slowly.
Can I see what type of job this construct has?


"Wait, those are the bush breezies from the other day!"


You think you've seen one at the Bureau of Robotics! It carried messages around!
"These robots are often used inside the Inner Core to find Breezies and deliver them messages. After all, many Tinkers aren't home at night, they work many long hours. Touch it and it'll give you a message."

Ayrie shakes his head.
"No bush breezie, he was wearing a guard uniform!"


"Anyone can wear a uniform, though."


"Maybe he got one off the guards!"


Reach my slightly shaky hoof towards it and close my eyes at the last second to touch it, opening them after I successfully do.


It feels cool to touch, a message pops up from the top!

Bright "That's not good. We have to do something. We need to know what's going on in the Refinery!"


Read the message?


"Aren't we gonna try and find the radans?"


It's a standard message.
"PATTERN PITCH is requested at the outer core lobby. MARROW FARGALE is waiting there for her."

"They've been spotted at the Refinery. Where better to start?"


"You just got back up, and you already want to fight?"




"…I see, I better go to the lobby then."



He sits back down.
"I'm a guard…I can't do nothing while there's something horrible going on!"

The orb peeps and flies away.
"No bad news I hope' asks Maia.


I offer a helpless shrug at the suggestion.
Fly off to the Lobby.


"If you're just going to fall over the first time a Radan hits you, you're only going to get in our way. Don't come if that's the case. I guess I'll leave judgment about that up to you. But I'm moving out before the infestation gets any worse."

Call outside, "Ribbon, we're leaving!"


"Hey I'm coming too! I have a job to defend the hollow, you know!"


You find Marrow there! She's wearing a purple galemancer robe.
"Pattern! So happy to see you!" She flies over for a hug

Ribbon gets up and licks his lips.
Bright gets up.
"I'll come, even if I can't fight. The Refinery has been off limits ever since the flood. There's two guards outside them, I know them they're good breezies.
Maybe I can convince them that Fargale is up to no good!
But I don't know the Refinery inside, that's Tinker territory…"

Ayrie flies behind you.
"I can help too!"


"What a shame, if only Pattern were here. We don't have time, though."

Mount up. "Let's ride!"

To the Refinery!


To the refinery!


I let her hug me looking surprised, then I remember, I invited her over long ago!
"H-hi, nice of you to drop by."


As you ride like the wind for the Refinery, you suddenly see an older breezie flying by. Petilia might recognize her as the Palace secretary.
She waves for Petilia.

"I had to. So much has happened since I've come back. I need to show you something." She gives you a package. It's cone shaped and feels very warm."


This is probably important, carry it close.
"Let's go back to my room and look at it."


You go to your room and quickly close the door.


unwrap it!


"I need to break off a moment!"
Dive down and glide at her side!
"Miss Palace Secretary!"


As you open it a sickly green glow fills the room.
It's a green crystal with lightning moving inside it. You've seen these before but never have you touched one. The Tinkers have made reports of these, wondering how these lightning storage crystals were made…by the Radan. It's a Radan Power crystal.
Marrow looks nervously at you. "Please tell me it's not what I think it is."

"Hello, Petilia. My goodness, I'll have to thank the Archduchess, I wanted to see you but I had no idea where you were. And now I run into you right as I'm going home!"


"Things got hectic! You should go home quickly though, a bad moon's on the sky tonight!"


"We're kind of in a hurry…"


"Radan Power Crystal. Looks charged…"
'1d20+11' investigate it for more clues

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


"Listen, what you said earlier. You've made me think, about the Duchess and what she means to me. And I've snuck into the Royal Chambers." She grabs your leg. "The Duchess was nowhere to be seen! She's gone! Her butler has something to do with it, I know. I…" she pushes a keychain in your legs. "I saw his keychain and I took it. Two of those keys aren't for the Palace, I know that." There's indeed two keys marked with the Tinker logo. "I'm not sure what they do. You said you wanted to protect the Hollow and maybe this might help…"

It's newly made. Can't have been made more than a day or two ago…which means this isn't some relic from the earlier attack.


Gasp, and show the keys to Fairweather.
"Think these are for…"


"It would be an unworldly coincidence. But then, the stars moved, so…"


"Looks brand new actually.. where did you get it?"


She's silent for a long time.
"I found it in my brother's room…"


"We should hurry! Oh thank you, thank you so so much!"
Squeeze a hug of thanks out of the secretary and off we go.


Enough fooling around, refinery


I look worried.
"Anything else odd in the room?"


And so our heroes rush to the Refinery, in a race against time.
What horrible monsters await them?
Why did the Tinkers betray the Hollow?
Revelations await in the next session….

No pause yet for you
She shakes her head.
"Not that I noticed. We were talking. He's been under a lot of pressure lately, but never wanted to tell me what's going on. And then one of those guards arrived telling him he was needed at the Refinery. He rushed away without even saying goodbye. I-uh I snooped around to see if I could find some clue what's going on and I found it in a cabinet!"


"In his cabinet? Not connected to anything?"


She shakes her head.
"No! Should it have been?"


"Well.. I can't say what the Radan are thinking, but usually.. um.. you'd want to power something.."


"Maybe I missed something…what should we do? I didn't want to believe it, but I have to find out what…"


I tap the crystal a couple times. "We could search together or we could go to the Refinery and see what he's up too."


She raises her ears.
"But what if he sees us."
You've worked in the Refinery many times though. You know how to get in without being seen.


"He'd be upset." I state matter of factly.
"I doubt he'd look in the maintenance tunnels thou."


She gets a little confident smirk.
"You're right, you know that place better than him! You really want to help me, Pattern?"


I pat my side making sure I have the nice gift wrench, get my paper and paper cutter. Give her a firm nod.


And so you leave for the Refinery.
Not knowing just what terrible things you'll find….


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