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It's a routine thing for you now, isn't it?
To be on the road, or at sea, looking for something new.

Well, you're in luck. There's a whole new continent out there for you. Even for you, it's a good chance to start anew. There's no established order, very little in the ways of cities, and a whole lot of folks who wouldn't want it any other way.

But all that depends on a very simple thing: Making it there alive.
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"So be it. If I may, where is the salvage which was recovered yesterday? I have some interest in reconstructing the history of the sunken ship. That might provide…"
Roll my tongue in my mouth, grasping for the correct word.


"The big stuff that's left is either in the row boats still, or its been moved to the hold with the rest of the stuff we were supposed to carry. If you had us ship other stuff and it got put on that boat, one of the guards will help you down there."


Nod in a thankful way. "Then, I will be off."

To the lifeboats first.


They've been covered up, but a few items still manage to stick out. There's a bevy of household objects the crew was able to fish out of the wreck. Lots of clothing, bags, books, and even a clock that might have belonged to someone well off.

"Don't look anywhere else, just focus on loading the cannon!" Officer Ezel yells at one of the people practicing the cannon.


Investigate this stuff. What is it, who could have worn it, why.

Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


Most of the stuff on top and all over is clothing. Lots of overcoats and a fair number of pants you have to dig through to get to the bigger stuff underneath.

But that's where you make your first discovery. A lot of this stuff is thick leather, and a lot of the overcoats have bits of metal guarding where someone's important organs would be. As you pull out other pieces, they all fit the same pattern.

The crew of the other ship was at least equipped for a fight.


Take a note about this, and make a sketch of the uniforms in my little big scroll.
I have a few questions for the gryphon, once he wakes.
Now, on I go, below deck. Let's inspect the rest of the salvage.


As you head down, you see Persano with a saddlebag loaded with items. A guard simply looks at him for a bit before going back to his nap. She takes a quick glimpse at you, but still stays seated.

Ahead, you can see Persano dump the contents into a rather large pile. Boxes and random books and even more clothing are there with him. He doesn't seem to have noticed you as he tries to shove everything into the corner.


Make myself noticed.
"Packing last night's salvage?"


Persano jumps up as you reveal yourself.

"You're a quiet one, you know that?" He takes in a deep breathe. "Yeah, lots of bits and pieces the crew was able to get aboard before we left. With all that we're carrying now, I'm left wondering how we don't sink ourselves." He laughs. "So, what brings you down here?"


"I was curious just about that stuff. Trying to figure who were the victims, last night.
Can you show me what has been recovered?"
Pull out the big book.


"Looks like a fat lot of junk to me. Some weapons are the best thing, otherwise too many knick knacks. Look, someone's empty briefcase." He gives it a kick. "Can you believe they didn't let me just chuck this stuff overboard?"

Roll your Notice.



Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14


I will also AD it.'1d4'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You heard it. A muffled noise and a small bit of metal moving. When you look at it closely, you can see that it's design doesn't add up.

The briefcase has a false bottom.

"I'll probably be stuck bringing in the rest of the junk, since they know I can do the cannons." His ears point down as he starts trotting off.


"Weak legs?"


Say that as I fumble about the false bottom, trying to unlock it.


"Nah, just not what I expected to be doing on this trip." He says as he passes the guard.

Despite being salveged from the sea, it's not giving up its goods just yet. You can tell now that there is a false bottom, as sea water continues to come out of it.

Your hooves are having a hard time finding the mechanism. Roll Prestidigitation.



Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


+4, not +3


There's not one but two locks on this false bottom. Whoever brought this on board didn't want anyone else to get to it.

"You okay back there?" The Guard asks.


Can I get this on my own?
"Yes. Found nothing special just yet."


"Just don't make a mess."

You might if you hit it hard enough, but then the guard might get suspicious. One of the locks is already much looser from its experience in the ocean, but the other still seems just as good.


I have my doctor tools. Try using those to cut the lock.
This babe can cut a femur in twenty-eight seconds!
Roll what?


Use your Dexterity score. You have to be careful not to damage what might be inside OR alert the Guard.


I'm just trying to saw through the lock here!
'1d20+1''1d4' ADing it

Roll #1 16 + 1 = 17 / Roll #2 1 = 1


And you do so quite well. Only the experienced person who owned this baggage might notice at first glance that you succeeded.

Open it up here? Or try to get it past the guard?


Open it here to glance inside.


Even in its disassembled state, you can see the that this is some type of firearm. Much smaller than the usual crossbow sized one you've seen. The bullets are unusual as well.


This deserves a sketch, and a detailed one at that!
Sit here, transcribing the marvel before my eyes on paper until Persao comes back!


You hear a few snores from the guard, but nothing else that could disturb you. AS you sketch, you start to hear some other hooves coming down the stairs.


Pay them no mind until I can't glance back and see who it is.


The noise belongs to a pair of ponies, both dressed rather properly in comparison to the poorer passengers of the ship. Their eyes and ears are alert, but the Gryphon distracts them by getting up.


Quickly close my book and the secret compartment, busying myself with a different piece of salvage.


"You can look around, but it's going to be up to the captain and his books to see if you can take it. His orders, not mine."

The two well dressed ponies don't say much, but you can tell they're looking for something as their ears move around like radar.


Just observe. And while I do, sketch down their attires and likeness on my book.


The younger one keeps going through the pile, acting like he's looking for something at random.

The older one, from experience, you can tell he's observing what the other guy moves, and you. Looks like they're being carefull too while they're being watched.


"Been a long road, wouldn't you say?"
Comment off handedly.
"Left something in the luggage?"


"Sort of. We were shipping some family things over, lots of sentimental value, not much else."


"I see. Well then you might want to look over there-"
Point with my quill to the back of the room.
"That's where the actual cargo is. This is all… More recent in acquisition."


The older pony nods over to his associate and they head back there.

"Thanks." he says as they start digging through the junk. His ear is still aimed towards you, or at least as much as possible.


Lazily finish my sketches of them as I sit here, keeping an eye out.
I'm not leaving until they leave.


It's a contest you'll lose, since they don't have to go anywhere else. They're just passengers, but you are crew.



Whisper. And I mean the cantrip. The guard.

-Bring the captain here-


The Guard looks back into the room, then sighs as he gets up and leaves. The other two ponies continue their 'search'.

The Gryphon comes back not with the Captain, but Officer Ezel.

"So, what's the matter?" He asks.


"Ah yes. I think this is the chest we were looking for! We should bring it up and show it to the captain."
Wave with the quill at the chest with the fake bottom, without leaving my sitting position. Gauge for reaction in our guests.


The two passengers' ears shoot up, only come back down and breathe deeply out of relief. They go back to digging around.

"Really? I wasn't told about any search? What's in it?"


"As I said. Things the captain asked."

Whisper to Ezel.
-Things these ponies want. Things salvaged last night-


"Well, it's not like I can be involved in everything." He nods and stamps his hoof two times. Looks like the Gryphon got the message.



The Gryphon nods and comes to claim the baggage. He goes through a log book and marks off on it.

"At least bring back the case, okay? Makes things easier on the hay counters." The Gryphon guard says, much more attentive to the other ponies than he was originally. "So don't throw it overboard." He whispers as he gives you the luggage.

"Let's take this to the Officer's room." Ezel says. "Unless you got a better idea?"

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