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This is a thread for ███████████, commonly known as ARC, hosted by the GM Timber.

Addendum (1); Femto Roleplaying System: http://pastebin.com/Pu749mrT
Addendum (2) [DATA EXPUNGED]
Addendum (3); ARC Info Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W0vz-DIzE7oXBylKUewIqqao70xlMbY7LUymLl6RnK4/edit





NOTE: File is soon to expire at this source for routine purging.


Welcome to the shitty restaurant. Give me your fucking sheets.


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Blue Screen5/5

Behold! My incredibly intricate and detailed party breakdown!




Last time, the party has found themselves in unfamiliar territory. With some experimentation, it has been noted that gravity is stronger here. The air also feels thicker and warmer.

Everything is dead and grey and rigid and destroyed in this farmland on the countryside beside an equally destroyed city. There are no other ponies beside the party anywhere to be seen.

Jack found a bizarre black and red fungus growing in a nearby well. He took a sample of it. He also found a bottle full of a golden liquid labeled "Glory".

While searching the nearby corn field, Xavier was met with an unholy sound like a cross between a gasp, gurgle, and an electric theremin drowned out by a gurgle at the end. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0gvRZv58tFj

Soon after, a sharp weapon of some sort is tossed at Xavier and narrowly misses him. It's caked in some substance that is a swirl of pale pink and dark green. Some of it splashes off the weapon and lands on the ground where it promptly sinks into the earth.

The unholy sound assaults your ears again as whatever it is quickly hides from your view in the corn.



"Celestia fucking… What the hell is this place."

Blue Screen bolts up into the air, looking down at the weapon, then to the cornfield,

"How do we get out of here. How do I get out of here? What is that noise!"


Elaine is about to answer Jack and Xavier when the weapon flies out at the Professor. She looks down from her vantage point in the air.

"Wait what was that?" she yells down.

"Are you okay down there?"


Xavier stands motionlessly, still paralyzed from his near-death experience.

He lifts a hoof to his face and pats it, in disbelief that he survived.

Then, looking at nopony in particular he says:

"Th-that's not wh-what the spell is supposed to do."


After Jack spills over the bucket, his eyes lift up at the golden bottle falling out of the bucket, "Well now…" he mumbles as the mule leans down to pick up the bottle with another evidence bag, unwilling to touch it with his hooves just yet, "Glory…"

After he pockets the golden vial, Jack's ears flatten at the sudden sound of slicing air as the sharp weapon soars past Xavier's head, "What in the hell?!" He exclaims as he looks out towards the corn field, reaching in to draw his grappling gun from his trenchcoat, "Just when I was enjoying the quiet…"

He still has QUITE a few questions for her, but Jack just shakes his head, "We're FINE, just… get down here already, you're out in the open!"

"Just stay down, I'll handle it!" Jack shouts as he dives for the bushes, vanishing into their midst

>Talent: Swift Justice: Stealth can be used as an automatic/instant on recharge 2 (ala Vanish)

Diving into the brush, Jack quickly begins looking for their assailant, keeping low beneath the top of the corn-stalks.
>[1d10+1] Perception

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"Get down? I don't want to get shivved!"


"You're harder to hit if you're lower to the ground, kid, up in the air he can see you clear as a bell!"



As the creature continues to make the horrible sound, you begin to hear it coming from the north (the direction of the city). The sounds are quiet and far off. You can't see where they are coming from. But, the sound is certainly there.

You suddenly urgently feel like you shouldn't be out in the open.


You dive into the corn field and disappear from any reasonable being's sight. It's not hard to find the creature with all the sounds it's making. You get close enough to see it but not so close that you're within its reach.

The creature is covered entirely in the substance that the weapon is covered in. It's a bipedal creature with backward bent legs, about 5 or 6 feet tall. There are no discernible feet that you can see. At the bottom of its legs, there is just a mass of the same congealed pink and green substance. Its torso is short and stout, only taking up about 20% of its height. The rest of its height is legs and… what you can only describe as shoulders. On either side of the creature's head are almost 2 feet tall shoulder-like structures. At the top of the structure, something similar to an arm dangles down to its knees. Its head (or what you assume is its head between its two (shoulders) is almost as long and tall as is shoulders. Though, the head droops forward as if it's not a rigid appendage. It hands in place close to its tiny chest.

Every move it makes seems like a deliberate effort as if it's fighting itself every step of the way. Larger and faster motions seem to cause cracking and puffing sounds.

It continues to make its terrible call from its hiding place, writhing in place where it squats/stands.


>forgot to mention

It seems to only have one arm. The other shoulder just ends at the top of its structure.


Xavier recovers from his shock.

"It could be the world trying to tell us to move. It doesn't want us just standing around."

He looks at the corn again.

"Or maybe not."


Jack keeps himself silent as can be as he stalks the monster through the corn field, his muzzle contorting into uncomfortable snarls as he stares at the grotesque creature. "What in Equestria…" he quietly mumbles. "Where in Celestia's name did this thing crawl out of…?"

He growls, prepping his grappling gun by taking off the safeties, "Better make this shot count. Don't like the look of the big zit…" he mutters as he aims down the sight at the creature's legs

>Custom Job: Passive, your weapon, regardless of type, also counts as Ranged, and your basic attacks benefit from Trick Ammo

>Knockout: On hit, the enemy is unable to counterattack next turn, and is considered helpless, but does not lose a wound. He instantly and automatically gets up on the turn after that.

Grappling Hook (Ranged)
>Due to stealth will autocrit if it hits

Roll #1 3 = 3


Elaine looks down at Jack, weighing her options between staying in the air and going down where that thing can reach her, before hearing the otherwordly sounds intensify, causing her mind to roll with horrible urgency.

She flies down to the ground, jetboots cutting off once she reaches terra firma, running a bit from the momentum before coming to a shaky stop near Xavier.
"Okay, walk and talk." she says pointing for them to step further away from the cornfield, and walking in that direction if he follows [but not wandering far]

"What makes you think we're on the astral plane?" she says somewhat quickly.


Blue Screen starts hurriedly flying towards the farmhouse.

"Gotta get inside, indoors is safe. Maybe even people there. Hopefully no more ghosts."



Roll #1 1 = 1


He trots along with her.

"The prench pony. If that spirit did the same thing to us, we aren't in our bodies. Our bodies are lying in the Everfree, our eyes swirling with colors."

He looks at the sky.

"However, the spirit wasn't too specific. 'One has given oneself so that this one may be shown the path'" He quotes.

"What's your theory Mrs. Rocketry?"



The shot misses. The sound causes the creature to twist in your direction with shocking speed, creating several snapping and cracking sounds in the process. It lets out an elongated and louder version of its sound.

As it turns, its long arm swings like a whip, becoming a rigid, sharp object with a snap. It gets swung at you a surprising distance from it's body.

>ranged attack


After it attacks you, it continues its back swing with another moaning gurgle sound and launches its sharpened arm into the air.


As you fly above the crop field, another one of the weapons (its arm) flies out of the crop field and hits you right in the wing. You fall painfully to the ground, losing a wound. You are not helpless, but can't fly.

The weapon passes through the wing entirely and lands far off in the crop field. However, some of the substance on it splashes onto your wings, back, and side.


You both see Blue Screen get knocked down into the corn field.

Roll #1 7 = 7



Jack gets a slash into his chest by the creatures bladed whip arm (before the arm detaches from its body). He takes a hit of damage.

The substance also splashes onto his chest and in his wound.


"Doctor." she corrects before continuing.

"Well we're clearly not on Earth, the physical constants aren't the same. The force of gravity is stronger, and as a result the atmosphere is thicker. Also I'm reasonably sure that thing isn't native to Equestria."

"It would explain our so-called 'ghost' however. What do you know about this place? Physical constants, native inhabitants, and so forth?"
"Blue!" Elaine shouts as she sees her crash into the corn.


Jack's eyes open wide as his shot misses, his teeth snarling. "Shit!"

When it notices him, he tries to move, but the swift, extending arm slashes him across the chest, causing him to grunt loudly as he's moved back a few feet, hissing, "Ach!! You little…" he looks down at his wound, the green and pink substance beginning to seep into the wound. "Damn!"

When he launches another weapon out into the air, nailing Blue, he curses under his breath, reaching into his trenchcoat to pull out his trusty revolver and re-holster the grappling hook.

He gives a loud whistle, "Hey! Over here, dirt bag…" as he tries to draw attention away from Blue Screen by firing a shot

>Revolver (Great)


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Aw shit aw shit aw shit."

Blue screen whisper shouts to herself, her damaged wing fold in on itself in pain. She takes the time to take rip a part off of one of her stockings to see if she can't wipe the substance off. She then continues on towards the farmhouse's direction.

"Just need to get inside. Can't get me there."


"I know nothing about this plane. Or at least I don't recognize it yet. Surely it has something to do with the spirit we met and his religion."

He tries to find Blue in the corn.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7


"So you think we're in the astral plane due to some magical sign in the Prenchmen's eyes, but you have no knowledge of said plane itself?"

Elaine says walking with him towards Blue, drawing her ray-gun from her labcoat pocket.



Roll #1 6 = 6


"I may have been here before, possibly in a different area. But as it's looking right now, no, I don't know anything about this place."



You shoot it with your revolver, and it falls over easily. The substance splashes, but none of it gets on you since you are at range. It lays there, still for a while, presumably because it has no arms with which to get up.

However, soon, it's head begins to retract into it's body, like a snail receding into its shell. It slithers in, creating many cracks and gurgling sounds along the way. It doesn't seem to be making any aggressive actions toward you.


The substance does not wipe off. However, you quickly find yourself on the other side of the corn field, the old farm house in front of you.

The front porch is old and decrepit. Many floorboards have rotted away. All the windows appear to be boarded shut. The roof has collapsed into the second floor. But, the structural integrity of the first floor still seems sound.


You follow the sounds of movement in the brush (and also avoid the sounds of gunfire) to find where Blue Screen had gone. You have not caught up with her, but you have clearly found a trail left behind where she has moved.


"What do you mean you think you've been here before? How could you have been here before but know nothing about this place?" Elaine questions as she follows along.
"Blue! Where are you?" Elaine shouts out, heading through the brush, looking around herself like she expects that thing to come barreling through the corn any moment.
>continuing to farmhouse supposing Xavier is too.


"Not coming off, great. Ruined a good stocking."

Blue Screen mumbles, trying the door handle. (If it doesn't open/is locked, she panics and tries to bash the door down [1d10] )

Roll #1 2 = 2


Jack lowers the smoking gun after the creature falls over, eying it very warily as it slinks to the ground. As it begins to retract its head like some malformed, oversized turtle, Jack frowns heavily at the disturbing cracking sounds it makes, and begins to inch closer and closer to the prone beast, taking very careful movements not to upset it

>Using my talent to Vanish again, instant/auto

As he creeps steadily upon the creature, he looks down at his chest wound, grimacing at whatever the pink/green goo that's seeping into him could be, but focuses on the creature as the most immediate threat. He reaches into his coat to retrieve his grappling gun, dry-firing the tool so that the cord and hook comes loose. "You're not causing any more trouble…"

>Using Knockout to render the creature helpless / tie it up with the cord of my grappling hook

>Autocrits if success


Roll #1 10 = 10


"This plane could be massive, I have no idea if I've been here or not."

He pauses.

"You don't really deal with plausibility in your field, don't you?"

He follows Elaine.



Strangely, despite the owner of the house clearly trying to keep anything from getting in, the door is unlocked.

Inside the house, the entire first floor is one flowing design. There's a kitchen area and a living room area. The living room has a television on the opposite wall with several couches set up around it. Or at least, they would be set up around it if they weren't flipped and all around the room as if someone threw them around haphazardly. There's a coffee table in the living room with papers thrown across it with no organization whatsoever.

The kitchen has normal kitchen appliances: a stove/oven, a refrigerator, a sink, a toaster. However, there's also a strange device unlike anything you've ever seen before. It looks like a soda dispenser. But, there's only one dispenser and one strangely large, hoof-sized button. It's also far too small to be any sort of container. The dispensary part of it takes up most of the space of the device.


You tie up the creature, head to toe in the chord. The only motion it could make now would be wriggles like a worm.

However, doing so required touching the thing. As a result, you got the substance on your hooves.



You two arrive at the farm house as Blue Screen opens the door.


>forgot to mention

The house smells like a horrible combination of brimstone and vomit.


"Of course I do, but unless the physical constants differ by location in this dimension, you should know 'something' about it if you've been here."

"For instance, whether biological processes continue, such as eating, drinking, excretion, etc. Or, whether there is a day/night cycle. Those things should be universal if this place adheres to any universal laws."

"Do you know any of that?"
Elaine steps up to Blue, seeing her open the door.

"Blue? Are you okay, I saw your nosedive." she asks standing on the porch, not yet looking/heading inside.


Jack grunts as he ties up the creature as best he could, making sure whatever this monstrosity is will not be moving after him or the others for the forseeable future. He sits back on his flanks, looking down at his painful chest wound, and then to his hooves covered with the strange substance. He cringes at the goo, wiping it off on the exterior of his trenchcoat as though it were a hoof-cloth. "Gah… feels like wherever I end up there's a mess to clean."

After wiping the goo off on his trenchcoat, he reaches into his belt to grab another sampling forcep, taking a bit of the creature's pink/green goo to save for later before he puts it back away, and looks around the thick cornfield. "Don't go anywhere, friend, I'll be right back." He growls at the bizarre creature as he starts to look around where he saw Blue crashland, to make sure she's alright

[1d10] Searching through the cornfield

Roll #1 1 = 1


Xavier looks around the house.


"I don't know where we are. I know what it could be, and that there is a chance I've been here. This place doesn't really have any universal defining characteristics. Or at least any visual ones."

I inspect the papers.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4



Blue quickly raises her shirt to cover her nose, coughing at the four smell. She turns around to face Elaine.

"What even is 'okay' anymore. Celestia where are we and what's on my wing."

She says, stretching out her wing covered in the strange substance.

"Get inside, it's gotta be safer in here than out there. just try not to think of the smell."

She then turns and checks if the sink works, to see if a wet cloth could wipe the strange substance.


"I don't know where we are, we're still working that out."

Elaine says proceeding inside, looking at Blue's wing.

"Is that from that thing?" Elaine asks as she follows her to the sink, pulling her shirt up over her nose to block the stench.


"What thing? You mean flying death weapons out of nowhere? Yeah, that thing. I Have no clue what's going on and am on the verge of a panic attack."


"Calm down. Everything's going to be okay."

"There's some kind of creature out in the cornfield, that pony in the trenchcoat is taking care of it. Whatever is on your wing must have come from it."


"Well if it's a 'creature', then any stuff that comes off of it can't be good. Princesses what if it's poison. Shit shit shit shit"



To your dismay, the substance does not come off your body. At all. However, you're able to take a sample off the creature easily enough.

As you search for Blue Screen, you find no trace of her. But, you suddenly hear large crack sound as the creature makes it's loud moaning noise again.


Its shoulders also recede into its body. At the same time, small spikes begin to creep out between the wires on the back and side of the creature. There is no real pattern or order to their placement. It seems to just be wherever it can even slightly push the wire aside.


As you enter the house, you see and smell everything already mentioned.

Also, there are two doors and an entryway in the living room. The entryway evidently went upstairs, but the way is now simply filled in with the collapsed wood of the upper floor.

The door next to the stairway is open. It seems to lead into a bathroom. The other door is closed.


You're not entirely certain, but when you look at your wing, it seems as if there's more of the stuff on it now than there was before.


They seem to be a confused hodgepodge of newspapers and notes. Many of the headlines speak of sin and the fact that it is spreading. The notes seem to be related to the articles.

The same note seems to show up a lot. "Another planet using The Lord's cure."

Several other papers seem to be small, simple mathematical formulas, but they are using words rather than numbers. They say things like:

Ignorance + Want = Sin
Righteousness + Fury = Wrath
Understanding + Devotion = Love
Fear + Devotion = Courage



When you reach the sink, you find that the same black and red substance from the well is dripping out of the sink faucet. When you turn the handle to turn it on, you hear a creaking sound as if the plumbing is clogged.


Jack scowls as he finds the substance impossible to remove, and gets only the more irritable as he fails to find where Blue Screen landed, "Son of a bitch… come on, kid, where'd you go?" he asks silently, but then a shiver goes up his spine as he hears the cracking and moaning of the monster.

"Oh, you are freaking kidding me…" he curses, running back quickly to where he left the creature as he tries pushing aside the wires with its random assortment of spikes. Each one jutting out gives Jack the creeps, and he reaches back into his trenchcoat, pulling at his revolver and aiming it down at the tied up monster. "I-I… what… what in Celestia's golden earth IS this damned thing?!"

"Alright, stop right there. I have no damned idea if you can understand a word I'm saying, punk, but I'm giving you exactly one warning. Stay absolutely still, or I will fire!" He swallows. "Come on, buddy, understand me…"

[1d10+1] As he intimidates the monster, his keen eyes try to gauge how long it'd take him to wiggle out of the ropes

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


"Shit I think it's spreading. Is it spreading? It's spreading."

Blue Screen says, beginning to breath heavier and heavier.

"Shit I gotta cut it off or something. I don't want it reaching my body. That' can't be good at all. Do any of you have a knife?"


Xavier gathers up the papers, keeping the one with the formulas on top.

"Dr. Elaine!" He calls out. "You should keep these for your files."

Leaving the papers on the desk, he trots over to Blue.

"That won't be necessary. Would you be okay with me attempting to remove it with magic?"


"Get rid of it, please get rid of it."

she says quickly, stretching out her wing as if to keep it further away from her body.


"Just try and keep calm, if it is poison freaking out is only going to make it worse."
Elaine looks at Blue in shock when she suggests amputation, but calms slightly when Xavier says he can fix it with magic. She takes the stack of papers from him, looking at the formulas first.

"What's this, the Anti-Life Equation?" she asks looking up at him.



As I said before, it didn't just splash on your wing, but also your back and side.


As if in response to you, one of the spikes suddenly juts out in a lightning quick motion, creating a long, thing, spider-like leg. It jabs it into the ground, and tries to lift itself. However, the smallness of the limb is clearly not enough for its weight, it just rolls over a bit. Another one quickly juts out and it tries to get up again. But, it's still not enough to lift it.

It moans at you loudly. However, when it's done moaning, your ears pick up several similar moans coming from the north, getting closer.


Blindsighted before by her panic, she looks behind her,

"Shit it IS on my body. shit shit shit shit."


"I can only attempt."

As Xavier prepares the spell, he asks;

"I don't think we've been introduced yet, what's your name filly?"

Rolling Return to Earth on the goo on Blue. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Blue Screen, don't call me a fucking filly."

she exasperates, before slowing her breath,




You don't feel as if the spell interacts with the substance at all, even if it did succeed.


As the extra legs begin to spring out and shoot into the ground, Jack cringes, staring at the monster with disdain, "Ugh… really wish you would stop doing that…"

His ears perk up as his moaning seems to attract others, not far off in the north and getting closer. His muzzle drops, "Oh… no. Don't tell me…" he asks in disbelief at the notion of their being more of them in the fields. His heart drops, "That's not good."

He looks at the downed creature, lowering his eyebrows as he lowers his gun. "Out of time, we're done here. Follow me and die." He turns tail and leaves the tied up monster on the ground, dashing through the corn fields with his weapon still out looking for the others in the cornfield

>Vanish, instant auto

>[1d10+1] swiftly checking through the corn field for the others.

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


"Don't feel excluded. I called all of them by the wrong terms too. I'm Xavier Quetzal. A professor of occult."

"Hmm. It's not alive. I would of seen a response if it was."

He looks back at Blue.

"You should be safe. For now."


"Any luck?" Elaine asks as Xavier heals Blue, continuing to look over the notes.

"Well beyond some tasteful references to the best work of Kirby, I can't make heads or tails of this stuff. Its all superstitious terminology for what I can only assume is some kind of invasion or plague."

"Something about 'The Lord's Cure' and sin spreading."



You run like the trained operative you are through the corn maze and find the farm house with the door open. You see the familiar figures of the others inside the house.

The whole way, you can hear the creature struggling and failing to get up.


Pretty much the exact same moment Jack enters the house, the previously closed door in the living room opens up.


"Yeah sure, safe. The stuff's still on me and there's something outside attacking at large. This is textbook slasher film set up. We're even in a rundown house.I'd make a joke about zebras in these type of movies, but I'm probably going to be the first to die anyways."

Blue screen says, resting her head in her front hooves. She then suddenly pops her head up and shakes it, her face showing a mix between a smirk and a grimace

"Shit, well. If I'm going to die, I might as well be constructive. Anyone check out this yet?"

Blue says, grabbing a glass holding it under the dispenser, pressing the button.

"Whatever it is, maybe whoever lived here dealt with the same shit that's on me, and since i'll die anyways, might as well try and use it to see if it does anything."


As Jack races through the door, a wound in his chest splattered with the same pink-green material and the same substance covering his fore-hooves, he looks around the quaint house, his nostrils flaring up at the awful, sulfur-laced smell that he seems to recall from inside the well. He takes a quick breath, looking around to the others as he huffs. "Phew… hah… good, all here. Blue, you alright? I saw that thing clip you from groundside"

He looks around the room, and he jumps slightly and aims his out-drawn pistol at the door when it suddenly swings open.


He looks at Blue's wing, back, and side, eyebrows furling, "You got it all over you too, huh? How's your wing?" He looks at the dispenser in the kitchen, "What'd you find?"


"The shit's all over me, we're all gonna die, and I'm going to be first. So yeah, 'alright'."

Blue says, focusing on what else may be around the room as she press the dispenser's button,

"Can't fly, and no clue. Figured if this shit keeps spreading, it can't be any good. Figure whatever in here could be to remedy it. Atleast, my blind hope thinks so."


Xavier trots over to the newly opened door and looks inside.

[1d10+1] Perception

"Do not assume. I am not your average zebra."

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"We already knew of this "Lord" and these "Sins". I put more value in these papers in who wrote them. Can you find any names on them? In the newspapers perhaps?"


"We're not in a slasher film. We're lost on another planet or dimension dealing with superstitious aliens and strange monsters. This is classic pulp." Elaine says trying to calm down Blue.
Elaine turns and looks at Jack as he bursts in, covered in gunk.

"Welcome back. Did you see what that thing was?" she asks.
"Let me che-"
Elaine drops the papers, drawing her ray-gun when the door opens suddenly



There's a worn down label on the button that's clearly been weathered away by repeated use. But now that you're closer, you can see it. It says "Will".

When you press the button, a dark yellow substance is dispensed into the bottle.


It leads down to a basement. You see that there is a light on downstairs. Though, the stairway is too narrow to see much beyond the entryway from the top of the steps.


Now that you have a moment to rest, you realize that your wound doesn't hurt anymore. In fact, you realize that it's gone. But, the substance has spread across most of your chest.


There doesn't seem to be anyone or anything on the other side of the door.


As she mentions her anticipated death, he frowns, but gives a small smirk "…well, hey, it's in my blood too. So, if it's fatal at least you won't be going first alone… whatever it is, it hasn't been doing much for me lately, though. Just a pain to get rid of."

AS you mention not being able to fly, he scowls, "When I get a chance, let me take a look at it."

As you make for the door, Jack holds up a hoof, "Professor, be careful. No idea what's in there."

He looks down at his covered hooves, still breathing heavy as he looks out back towards the cornfield, "Yeah, got more than enough looks at him to last me. It was… I don't even know what it was. Like, some kind of twisted, broken…" he shakes his head, "It shouldn't cause us any more troubles, but I can't say as much for his friends."


Jack looks as Xavier heads safely down into the basement, and then looks down at his chest with a startled jump.

"What the…" he reaches up to his chest, poking around at where his wound had been. "There… what in the hell is going on here…" he groans as the substance appears to be spreading, and shakes his head. "Too much to process. One step at a time."

He slams the door behind him, then moves over towards the table, picking up the papers and moving them off onto the nearest couch, and flips over the table. He then drags it over to the door to prop it up against it, barricading it.
[1d10] Propping the table against the closed door.

Roll #1 4 = 4


He notes this, then moves back to the side of the door.

"Of course we have no idea what's in there. Why do you think I looked?"

He says this despite walking away from the door.


"Says 'Will'. Knowing my luck it'll be 'Will cause bodily harm'."

She throws caution to the wind and rubs the yellow substance on her infected wing, preferably with a hoof that's already got the shit on it.

"Hey you grabbed that red stuff earlier, see what it does with the yellow stuff. Fucking alchemy or something, I don't know. Try everything."

"Slasher horror."

Blue Screen asserts.


"Jack has the bottle from the well. And I wouldn't combine them just yet. Keep it to yourself, perhaps Will is meant for you."


"It's a fucking dispenser, anyone can use it. Stop saying zebraisms, this isn't a yoga class."


File: 1472791008685.webm (2.59 MB, 800x450, bearandthebigbluehouse.webm)

i posted take that vigil


"Try and describe it, we need to know what we're dealing with. And what do you mean 'friends'?"
"Don't mix random chemicals! And don't put that stuff on your wing, you don't even know what it is!" Elaine protests.
Elaine looks down the stairway, drawing her gun.

"Pulp" she says simply, before she begins cautiously walking down into the basement.


"I'll do what I want, I'm gonna die anyways!"



You do as good of a job as you can of propping a table against a door. Which isn't much of a job at all. If you don't use something else to add weight and hold it in position, it's really just a table sitting on its side in front of a door.


It doesn't really do anything. Though you note that as you rub it on, your wing is no longer injured. You still can't fly, though. As the stuff covers more of your wing, you find it harder and harder to flex it in the manners you would have to for flight.


As you turn your head away from the door, you get a wiff of the repugnant air in the house again. You didn't notice it at the time because one does not notice the lack of something. But, the air in the basement felt much more fresh.


You walk down into the basement and find what looks like a make-shift lab. On the opposite wall, there is a large rack of small glass vials and bottles full of liquids of various colors with labels on them.

There's also a table in the middle of the room with a chemistry set on it. Much like upstairs, there are also papers tossed across the table. But, on top of the papers is a book. And, placed very deliberately on top of the book is what looks like a note.


"It's just a turn of phrase, pal… what's down there?" He shouts from upstairs

"'Will'? Hh. Interesting. Found a bottle at the well that said 'Glory'." As you rub the yellow substance on your hoof, he throws up his hoof, "Hold on, are you crazy? You don't know what just came out of that thing, it could damn well make it worse."

"Kid, I wish I knew where to begin describing it. It… imagine a pony with that crap all over it. Then stretch out its legs and get rid of most of the torso, with a head that sinks into its stomach and spines that jut out wherever they feel like…" he looks out the door, "And best of all, whatever sounds it was making I heard in bulk coming from the north.

He looks at the table as its propped up against the door, shaking his head, "Ah, this won't hold them for long if they wanted to come barging in…" he moves into the kitchen, and takes note of the refrigerator. Before moving it, he opens it up, to see if it's turned on or if it has anything useful, and then afterwards begins moving it

[1d10] to move the fridge into the living room to barricade the door after checking its contents.

Roll #1 2 = 2



"Will's a healing solvent or something. Ain't doing shit for the spreading stuff though."

"Hook me up with some of that Glory, here."

she grabs another bottle,

"Pour it in here. Gonna try this shit. My wing's getting harder to move, I ain't gonna be all cautious about this anymore."


She tests the Will on the stuff in the sink while she waits.


Xavier goes down into the basement with Elaine.

"Odd. It's a lot fresher down here."

He trots over to the vials and inspects the labels and contents. [1d10+1]

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"You are not going to die." Elaine says from down the stairs.
Elaine listens to his description, not quite grasping it.

"Well if its coming from the north, that means we're stuck here. Keep boarding up the house, I'm going to have a look downstairs."
"Pulp" Elaine says confidently to herself as she enters the lab. She walks over to the desk, picking up the note and reading it, as well as the title of the book.
"Careful with those. We don't know whats in them." the Scientist says as Xavier examines the chemicals.


"Of course doctor. I'm wearing my safety goggles and everything."


Jack keeps his bottle close to his belt, "Blue, if there was a time to be cautious, it's now. You're lucky that's all it was, if it caused a reaction we'd be up shit creek." He frowns, "I get it, this whole situation is FUBAR. But we gotta keep our heads. We should take a look around, if that faceless goon wants us to do something, we'll have to find it. Might be good for taking your mind off the wing."

"Way ahead of you…" he says as he tries moving the refrigerator, "Let me know if there's another exit down in the cellar, an exit strategy might not be a bad idea. Let me know what you find down there, I'll be down soon."



You open the door and your nose is assaulted with a very concentrated version of the smell of brimstone and vomit. Not only was the fridge not on, but the black and red substance seems to have found its way into the fridge. The light inside the fridge seems to be full of it. As is any other electrical equipment noticeable in the fridge. The food is covered in it as well.

The smell has you so momentarily nauseous that you were unable to move the fridge.




The assortment is listed by color of the substance and the label on the vial. As in, Color: Label

Silver: Righteousness
Dark Blue: Fear
Redish-Orange: Devotion
Light Pink: Ignorance
Dark Green: Want
Light Brown: Understanding
Deep Red: Fury
Light Purple: Desire


The book has a title hastily scrawled across the front of it: "From the Desk of Holy Sanctity."

The letter looks like it's written as hastily.

"If you're reading this, I'm sorry. I was too late."

"Know that I HAVE found Salvation. But, it has come too late for me. Sin is in the water. It's in the wiring. I have nothing to drink. I have nothing to eat. Even with Salvation, starvation will be the death of me. But, if you yet live, you have a chance. Take heed and Salvation will be yours."

"I've found that the key to Salvation lies not in denying Sin, but embracing it. Combine Glory and Sin in equal measure."

"But, this is not enough. You must have a Righteous Will. But, the will must be your own. If this Salvation is for many, then all of their will must be added. Just make sure that the Righteousness equals the amount of Will."

"Finally, you must possess Love. If Love is present, then imbibe your Salvation, and Sin will no longer be able to touch you."


"We've been up shit creek, but regardless. fine. Just one of the worst feelings losing use of your wings. 'least, for a pegasus."

She moves her wing, hardly able to flap it like she could in flight.

Blue starts searching any cabinet and cupboard for anything that might be of interest.

Roll #1 8 = 8



It's just a lot of empty bottles. Anything else is either old and decayed or covered in the black and red substance.



Blue heads downstairs,

"What's the diagnosis Doc. Rocket, how long do I have to live."

She says somberly joking, placing the yellow bottle on a table,

"The Will stuff from upstairs, you're a chemist or some shit, you can figure out what to do with it. The mule has the other stuff."


>forgot to mention

There's also a slot where there looks like there should be another vial, but it's empty.


He recalls the formulas.
>Ignorance + Want = Sin
>Righteousness + Fury = Wrath
>Understanding + Devotion = Love
>Fear + Devotion = Courage

"Seems like they are all here."

He leaves them where they are and turns to Elaine.

"What do the papers say?"


"I'm serious." she says simply as she continues reading.
Elaine raises an eyebrow as she reads, before walking over to the chemicals and reading them.

"Oh that is so stupid."
Elaine looks over to Blue.

"You have an infectious disease, but I just found the cure."


"You'll thank me later." He comments, but as you mention the loss of your flight, he grimaces. "Hh. Can't speak from experience, but, I sympathize. Trust me, we'll get your wing opening up again in no time. I'm guessing there's a good reason all these drinks are just lying around."

As the wretched, unconstrained smell of what may be the single most foul-smelling scent he's experienced in life assails his nostrils, Jack quickly gags and slams shut the fridge door, "Guh… hopefully nothing in the FRIDGE though… smelled better homicides…" he grumbles as he waves away the remainder of the smell, keeping the fridge door shut as he tries to recover. After he's taken a few breathes of not-so-fresh air, he tries again to move the fridge to the entrance.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"Get on with it, cures don't work on a corpse."

she says, looking around while she waits.



You push the fridge over to the door, but as you push it into place, you hear a fast skittering sound on the other side. Something slams against the door.


Roll to keep it from getting in.


You all hear the bang at the door.


Jack huffs as he moves the heavy fridge across the living room, "This should keep it a little more…"

As the skittering sounds out, Jack's face contorts into a sneer, "Of course they would…" he hurries up his moving of the fridge, pushing into the door as he grits his teeth. "Go away, go away, go away, go away…" he chants, pushing with all his might against the door.


Roll #1 4 = 4


"I think its the cure for whatever that creature gave Blue and the guy upstairs"
Elaine looks up at the roof as she hears the bang.

"Go get the potion from upstairs, the one that said 'Glory' on it. I'll get to work on the rest."
"Professor, is it too much to ask that you know some kind of magic to help keep those things out?"



Only two aspects can be mixed at once. The only exception being that all Will can be mixed at once. Multiple people can mix different parts of the mixture. But, mixing is an automatic action (not instant).

Remember that movement is also an instant automatic action. The basement and upstairs are far enough apart that moving between the two is an instant automatic action.

The Will Dispenser can only be used by one person per turn. Using it is an automatic action.


"Seems like we won't have much time to do this with the scientific method and all Doctor."

He grabs the bottle rack and places it on the table.

"Blue, we have to go upstairs and find something to mix these in. And if you had some way of slowing down whatever's at the door, that'd help."

"I can try. If it gets bad I could make something out of Jack's shadow. He's the most suited to stopping this thing."

Xavier heads upstairs, Blue hopefully coming with him.



Blue Screen nods, running upstairs.

"Jack I'm taking Glory, they need it downstairs. Hang in there."

she says, grabbing at the bottle on his belt. She then rushes to grab more empty decanters and runs back downstairs.


File: 1472794564701.webm (565.87 KB, 640x360, Can't make the puzzle any….webm)


File: 1472794972833.jpg (13.67 KB, 300x300, 1469228517678.jpg)

Elaine nods, not quite understanding what he means by 'making something out of Jack's shadow' but having more important things to do.

Elaine stands at the desk and takes the pencil out of her mane, and begins writing on the back one of the pieces of scrap paper.



Will-Dispenser Enchantment

She then gets started on the process of synthesizing Salvation, by mixing Understanding and Devotion into an Erlenmeyer flask to get Love.


>Forgot to link DM


Xavier wordlessly joins Jack in trying to hold the door-table-fridge conglomerate.

Roll #1 3 = 3



Jack's shoulders feel stiffer. You realize it's because the stuff has spread to cover your shoulders. As a result, you aren't able to apply your full weight against the door.

Xavier has no excuse. He's just a weak shit.

The creature bangs against the door again. [1d10]


You now have Love. For the first time in your life.


You retrieve Glory and bring it to Elaine. You're now downstairs.

Roll #1 10 = 10



The door opens up partially, and the creature shoves half of its body through it. It's still wrapped in Jack's wire, but the substance has begun to wrap itself around the wire. It has spider-like limbs growing out through the wire in various spots, with absolutely no symmetry or logic to their placement.

Its head is now back in a normal position for… any living creature. Though, it's jaw is unhinged.



"Aight tell me what to do, I've got two hooves you don't have Miss."

she says, holding Glory.


Xavier mutters under his breath, still struggling at the door.

"Maybe three…"

He backs away and casts Raise Dead on Jack's shadow.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Elaine takes Glory from Blue, setting it off to the side.

"Thanks. Go help the boys I can't finish this without them." Elaine says taking Ignorance and Want, one chemical in each hoof, and mixing them together into another flask.

"I really hope this isn't alchemy." she says offhand as she does so.


She shrugs, heading upstairs,

"Shit, hang on guys."

She holds up her watch-ed hoof and it glows momentarily,
>Slow: Spell, Ranged, Recharge 4 after effect ends; Binds a target to the limits of mortality, slowing it down and allowing it to counterattack only one target at a time, the one with the most tragic failure. Last for 2 turns.
[1d10] casting on It

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1472795930940.jpg (135.12 KB, 1200x600, hold the door.jpg)

As he presses his body against the door, he turns in shock to the filly reaching at his waist and pilfering through his belt for the bottle of Glory. "Huh?! I'm going out on a limb and guessing there's a good plan in place?" He shouts as he struggles to hold the door.

Jack's arms strain and burn as he attempts to press against the door, looking on in dismay as he sees the stuff slowly spreading up to his shoulders, "No… no, not now, come on…" He leans further into the fridge and tries to press his whole weight against the door, leaning into it on his side, "Well whatever you all have planned, now's a good time to do it…"

[1d10] Hold the line!

Roll #1 9 = 9



As you mix Ignorance and Want, the colors fuse to become blatantly the exact same substance that is covering the creature and growing on Blue Screen and Jack.

You now have Sin.


Your spell just barely misses. The creature is wriggling around too wildly.


You press against the door hard enough that it slams into the creature with a painful sounding crunch. It groans in agony. Or anger.

One of it's limbs stabs at Jack. [1d10]
It also pushes against he door harder. [1d10]


You raise Jack's shadow. It has 4 hits.

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 9 = 9



The limb flails nowhere near Jack. It pushes hard against the door, currently at a stalemate.


"Hang in there Jack, you're coming to save yourself."

Xavier realizes the awkwardness of his statement, but also the philosophical value.

He slams himself and Jack's shadow against the barricade.

Xavier [1d10] Shadow [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Fuck it, magic isn't good enough."

Blue fits her body to also help pushing against the door.

[1d10] holdadoor

Roll #1 8 = 8


File: 1472796559624.jpg (38.31 KB, 512x288, 1472003790470.jpg)

Elaine takes a graduated pipette out from among the scientist's supplies, and withdraws exactly as much Glory from the bottle as there is currently Sin in her container, before mixing the two.


Jack grins in self-satisfaction as his slam into the door pushes back the creatures with his forcible shove. As the limbs stab through the door, he growls and moves deftly out of the way as he tries to shove hard into the fridge again to force them back.


As his shadow is risen, he turns to look at the creepy doppleganger, his face grinning, "Professor…? Care to explain why my damned shadow is lifting off the floor?"

Roll #1 5 = 5



Mixed. Also, love the detail.


Your combined effort pushes the creature back out the door, closing it completely. Shutting it cuts off some of its limbs in the process. You can hear it moan in pain and skittering to get back up.



The Sin has been spreading down your shoulders and up from your hooves which were covered a while ago. At this point, your arms/front legs are almost completely covered.

To your surprise and horror, your right arms starts reaching toward your gun on its own.

Roll to resist.

Roll #1 2 = 2



The creature has some limbs to grow.


Elaine leaves her workstation, running up the stairs.

"Okay so I figured out how to cure whatever you two have, we just need to have everyone press that dispenser in the kitch-"

She sees Jack struggling with his arm.

"What the frigstick!?"


Xavier commands the shadow to stay on the door.

"That should stop th-"

He notices Jack's condition as Elaine walks in.

"Better idea."

He orders the shadow to go press the Will button.

"Even better idea." He says, obviously having his train of thought cut up by current events.

Xavier presses the button as well.


While the creature is pushed back, Blue grabs for more furniture to blockade the door.
>Make it a statistical benefit pls

"Let's hurry this up before my wings start to strangle me!"


"Best idea."

Xavier doesn't press it.


Jack relaxes against the door after the team of himself, his shadow, Xavier and Blue force the door all the way closed, the stiff arms laying lazily next to himself as he pushes the fridge all the way up against the door, and looks down with disgust at the skittering limb as it tries to get itself up.

"Damnit.. these things just don't give up. Good job…" He takes out his bowie knife from his belt as he props up against the door, but his eyes shoot open as he sees his own hoof starting to reach for his gun.

"What in the hell?!" He grits his teeth as he tries to resist his actions, reaching into his belt with his one good arm and grabbing at his grappling gun, disconnecting the coil and trying to tie up his arm to his side

[1d10] to tie up my hoof with grappling coil
[1d10] to resist it grabbing my gun

As he resists his own possessed arm, he shouts, "Damnit… i-it's under control! Now tell me what's going on, what'd you find down there?"

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 6 = 6

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7



You successfully restrict the movement in your right arm. However, your left arm starts reaching for your gun now.

Resist again. You also can't use your right arm now.


I'd ask for a roll, but I don't feel like wasting time. You shove a sofa against the door as well.


Jack's shadow presses the Will button. It dispenses a Blue substance.


You're upstairs now.

The creature continues to get itself working again. [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3



What a shitty subject of horror.


Blue tackles Jack, grabbing for his gun.

"Doing this for you pal!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


"No time to explain, I need everypony to press that dispenser in the kitchen." Elaine says sternly, heading in herself after Jack's shadow.
Elaine heads into the kitchen, pressing the button.

"Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeooooooooooon." she says really fast under her breath.


Xavier commands the shadow to head downstairs into the makeshift lab.

Just as Xavier is going to press the button, Elaine slips her hoof in front of his.

He sighs.

"Mares first I suppose."


Jack looks down in agitation as his left arm begins to betray him now as well, growling loudly as he tries to resist the control over his limbs, "N-no, no, no…. damnit… ONE OF YOU, GRAB MY WEAPONS! I have two guns and a knife on me, get them off, now!"

He shouts at Blue and Xavier

[1d10] to resist the temptation to grab at it.

"That a girl! You know how to turn on the safety?"

"Okay, I get it, but my hooves are a little indisposed at the moment…"

Roll #1 9 = 9



You tackle Jack to prevent him from hurting anyone and take his gun away. Though, in so doing, you get a lot of the Sin on yourself, covering a lot of your chest and legs in addition to your wings and back which still has it spreading.


It dispenses a purple liquid.


Your shadow is downstairs.


Temptation is the wrong word for it. Your mind is not making any decision. Your arm is simply being forced to move as if someone was grabbing it and moving it.

You resist it successfully with all your strength, but doing so makes your arm hurt. You feel as if your arm will snap from the conflicting pressure.

The monster decides to not be a failure this turn. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4



I stand corrected…

Oh, Also, Jack needs to roll to resist punching Blue Screen in the face. It would really suck if she got this shit on her face.


"Not a clue, I know this though."

Blue Screen says, tossing his weapons across the room,

"You grab them if we survive. HEY!"

she shouts at the two not covered in Sin


Elaine picks up her Will.

"Okay that just leaves Xavier, assuming that shadow-creature counts as Jack's. Get downstairs with your Will as soon as possible!"

She says rushing down the stairs back to the lab.
"Working on it!"


As he's tackled to the floor of the farmhouse, he looks down with wary eyes as the stuff begins to spread even faster over Blue's body.

"Oh, no, Blue… look." He darts his eyes towards the spread of the corruption, and tries to bring himself up to his hooves while fighting his suicidal/homicidal limbs. "Gah… damn it…" he groans at the intense pain of fighting his own body. "G-gotta get this shit off… now…"

As the monster pounds at the door, Jack willfully throws himself at it again, screaming, "AH, go to hell you dirt bag!"

"That will do too, just… get… urgh… away from me now, before it spreads more!"


Forgot roll to fight the monster at holding the door

Roll #1 8 = 8


Xavier commands the shadow to leave the Will on the table and come back upstairs.

Xavier presses the button.

"The path to salvation is a- Oh at this point I know you don't care."

"Jack's should be on the table! Make it before yours!" He shouts as she runs away.


Blue nods, before the comical light bulb appears over her head,

"Got an idea, see if this'll slow the spread."

casting Slow on sin [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


>Rolling to resist hitting Blue with my arm


"Great, more magic… but if it works, it works!"

Roll #1 5 = 5



With all of this, all of the Will is now downstairs in one place.

Xavier and Elaine are downstairs. Jack's shadow is upstairs.


Interesting idea. Sure. You slow both yourself and Jack because I like it. You're both unable to take instant actions anymore. But, the Sin has stopped spreading.


You punch Blue Screen in the face. It deals 1 hit of damage to her. More importantly, it splatters sin across her face. It gets in her left eye. She can't see out of it.

Thankfully, the slowness shouldn't matter as much.

The monster does… anything? [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9



The monster gets back up, new limbs grown, and continues to pound against the door.

Jack can now only choose between holding the door shut or resisting to punch someone, not both.


"I'll hold the door, you stop the punching."

Blue says, then holding her mouth shut to make sure no sin gets in.

[1d10] hold the door

Roll #1 3 = 3


The shadow rushes over with Blue to hold the door.

"Alright doc, I can deliver the potions if you make them.

[1d10] hold the door

Roll #1 5 = 5


As he nails Blue once in the jaw, Jack curses loudly, "SHIT! Sorry kid, I'm trying to fight it but…" he groans, "GAH! Feels like i'm twisting my own damn leg."

As the magic of Slow begins to spread and he finds the corruption slowed as well, Jack slowly moves to the far side of the fridge, trying to keep himself held back. "Come on, Jack… fight… fight…."


"Professor! Elaine! How the hell is it coming along?!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


"It doesn't work that way, I have to make one big batch of this."

She says, taking all the wills, pouring them into a beaker, pouring out an amount of Righteousness into another beaker up to the same point as the Will, then mixing the two.

"And I hope this isn't a potion, I'm a chemist not an alchemist."



But is the door holding enough!? [1d10]


You successfully DON'T punch anyone.


It's mixed! Almost there!

Roll #1 10 = 10



The door holding was NOT enough! The creature bursts through the top of the door. But, the hole it created is not large enough to fit its newfound overly long limbs. There's not closing this door any more, but it's still not all the way in yet.



*there's no closing


Jack roars out in a loud, donkey call as he fights the ever building pain of the stuff in his hooves compelling him to act against his fellow pony. "Grrrrr…. graaah… a-any time now, fillies and gentlecolts. I really hate blowing my own horn but I am NOT an easy horse to hold down… grr…. it's like lifting without a spotter here."


As the monster pokes through the roof, he shouts at Xavier, "Professor! That weird shadow summon, make it grab my gun, open fire on it!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Its Doctor!" she shouts up.
"And I'm working on it!"
Elaine mixes GlorySin with RighteousWill, adding the latter into the beaker.

She picks up Love next, impatiently waiting for the former to finish mixing so she can add the last ingredient.


Xavier can feel what's happening upstairs from the shadow.
"Elaine, we're running out of time."
The shadow goes and grabs Jack's gun, shooting the beast with Trick Ammo: Knockout

Trick Ammo [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1472801536045.webm (2.04 MB, 640x480, chickennugger.webm)

Stay out pls [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2





You punch Blue Screen again, dealing another hit of damage and spreading more Sin.


You try to jab it, but it does not help. You get 3 hits of damage for your trouble, which causes you to go helpless and lose a wound.


However, Jack's shadow shoots the best. It launches it back out of the door and writes around on the ground, limbs skittering everywhere. It lets out a long groan. A cacophony of more groans join his own. The cavalry is practically here.


tfw i'm a sinner, and a grinner
[1d10] get up

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Doctor! Whatever! Just gaaaah!" he roars, "Make it snappy!"

As his shadow fires on the beast, he shouts, "HAH! Knew it. Deadshot whether it's me or my…"

"Ooof!" He cries out as he nails Blue again with his hoof, "Damnit, Granny Jack has to be rolling over in her grave. How are you doing?"

[1d10] Resist the rolling as the monster is blown out

Roll #1 7 = 7


She pours Love in.

"Done!" she says pouring the beaker into several test-tubes and sealing them with corks. She skims the notes on the table.

"…vaccine effect, just what I thought…." she keeps reading for a moment., surely making Xavier's blood boil with impatience.


She rushes up the stairs, pockets jingling with glorious medical science. She holds up two of the test-tubes.

"Catch!" she says tossing them to Blue and Jack respectively.


The shadow retreats to the… shadows and hides above the doorway.
"Not even the courtesy to hand it to me."


Roll for stealth [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


The Scientist, breathing heavy, holds one out to him.

"Shut up."



The final result is a completely clear substance. It's not unlike water, but it doesn't even refract light. If you didn't know better, you'd think the vials were empty.


Elaine rushes upstairs while the monster is still down. She hands them out to everyone. Xavier helps feed it to Blue Screen and Jack since they are having troubles.

The moment Blue Screen and Jack drink them, the Sin stuck to them evaporates into thin air.

Once everyone drinks Salvation, there is almost immediately a loud bass-like sound outside. It sounds like an air blaster being shot directly into your ear. A second later, the party can see through the broken door what looks like a meteor crashing through the sky. The massive objects lands in the ground. The size of the object combined with the distance makes it difficult to say how far or how large it is.

Before the rubble of the impact can even land back down to the ground, something huge and fast flies out of the dust and begins moving toward the house. Despite it's size, it moves so fast it's just a massive blur getting larger and larger.

However, it's too late. The world around you begins to fade. With a sudden jolt, you all wake up as if you just woke from a horrible nightmare. You're back in the Everfree Forest. All your injuries are gone, your bodies are pristine.

However, you attention is drawn to a unicorn stallion with a gun floating on either side of him, pointing at you all in turn. He wears a tactical armor vest, and some sort of goggles on his face.

"What did it show you!?" he demands forcefully.


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