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Previously on Travel: http://mlpg.co/arc/q/raw/knight/travelquest/648989.html

Our brave little Deer is pulled to safety as strange multi-limbed beings he tried to save nearly pulled him under the water. Maali and Rhodan manage to rwo back to the safety of the ship, the crew aiming weapons at you in fear.

"What in the Princess' world was that?!" Captain Corsican demands of you, asking as the tower behind you burns. "Just what did you run into!?"


''I-I don't know… I don't know I don't know I don't know!'' I hug myself, shivering a bit as I ask myself; What id I run into?


Rhodan takes off his vest and puts it around you.

"There's a lot going on, but get us out of here! There's no one here who wants to stay!" Rhodan yells back. "Maali, look at me, focus!"

A horn can be heard back from the tower.


I nod to him ''I-I'm looki-'' I turn around, however, as the horn blows. I face the tower ''T-there is someone in there…''


You feel something deep in your chest as you look towards the smoke.

Roll your Notice skill.



Roll #1 18 + 4 = 22



You can feel it approaching. Even the crew stops what they are doing to look over to the tower.


Even through the ocean, you can feel something massive coming towards you.


The head of a massive Unicorn appears through the smoke, well above the buildings and sheds next to it.

Then, it looks at you Maali.


[''By the Lords…What is-''] ''W-what is that?!'' I try to hide behind Rhodan's larger frame



"Sails, sails, sails!" The Captain yells out as the beast bellows.

The monstrous Unicorn takes a few steps forward, emerging from the smoke and allowing you to see its full body. Even from this distance, you can see the muscles of its legs moving. It has three arms that it starts swinging, smashing the builings.

It grabs a "spear," just the leftover chunk of a house, and starts running towards your ship.


OOooh no…
''I-it is coming for us!'' I turn to it and wave my arms, shouting at the huge, multilimbed unicorn ''Stop stop! Please stop! [''We didn't mean no harm, P-please stop!'']


It roars in response, sending some of the crew to the deck around you.

AS it charges, one of its arms comes off, but that won't help you much. Other creatures jump of the "spear" as the unicorn prepares to throw it. The massive thing goes into the air, loaded with other beasts hanging on to it.


Roll #1 18 = 18


The gargantuan "spear" narrowly misses your boat, hitting the sea next to your ship.

"Raiders! They're trying to board the ship!" Someone yells, as the creatures swim towards your ship! They're using their claws and arms to scale the sides!


''Everyone get down!''
''W-what? Raiders?'' Look towards Rhodan ''Mister Rhodan what is going on?! Who are these raiders?''


"It means they're trying to get to us! Maali, you ready to use that shield of yours?" Rhodan asks.


Still shivering with a bit of fear, I raise it up and nod ''A-aye aye…''


You see some of the crew taking shots down the side of the ship, the noise and smell making everything harder to take in. Them you see it.

An arm reaches high into the air, then clamps down onto the railing of the deck. Then another, and another, and finally a fourth. Lifting itself up, you see the familiar, yet twisted form, of a Donkey soldier.


"Death to the enemies of!" It's rushing at you and Rhodan!


I'll block him with my shield!

Roll #1 12 = 12



It punches your Buckler, sending your smaller frame backwards, but you do manage to stay standing. Rhodan uses this opportunity to strike at it with his weapon, buying you a few seconds!

Roll #1 13, 6, 12, 20 = 51


I draw out my staff, standing near Rhodan to cover him, and clumsily bonk the first enemy I see with the staff
'1d8' damage

Roll #1 15 = 15 / Roll #2 8 = 8



It screeches out, holding its head with all 4 arms. Rhodan hits it in the chest a few times before the creature backs away. One of its arms reaches for a knife. It swings it in an erratic way, then lunges at you!


I hit the thing again with my staff!
'1d8' damage
And ready myself to block its attack (next turn, with shield block)

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3 = 3


You swing wide and miss, but you manage to luck out, as its flailing means it mostly just pushes you around for a bit.

It takes a step back, but then rushes towards Rhodan!


I swiftly swing my staff to DISARM the screeching twisted donkey, getting the knife out of his hand before it reaches Rhodan
'1d20+8' (+4 from two handed staff, +4 from bigger weapon)

And I follow up with a shove of the staff on the soldier's stomach
'1d8' damage

Roll #1 10 + 8 = 18 / Roll #2 13 = 13 / Roll #3 1 = 1


In the flurry of his attacks, you still manage to hit its hand wielding the knife. It falls to the floor, and the movement puts it out of reach for the strange creature.


It bellows shortly after you push it back. It, and the rest of its comrades, take the opportunity and jump into the sea.


I keep my staff raised, looking as the jump back into the sea
''…D-did we do it? Did we win?''


"They're off the ship, at least." Rhodan states plainly. "Maali, are you hurt?"

"Get everything ready to take off. I don't want to be here in case we get another surprise!" The Captain yells as the crew starts getting ready to take off.

Looking into the sky, you can see the smoke has gotten thicker.


''I-I'm not… Are you hurt, Mister Rhodan?''

after asking, I turn back to the island. Where is that Giant Unicorn?''


"I'm okay. I've seen worse, to be honest."

Looking back at the collapsed tower, you see the enormous Unicorn on its knees. Its last remaining arm slowly coming off of its body.

Then, its head simply falls off, collapsing the body on the harbor.


I lean on the deck, staring with my eyebrows furrowed ''Just what in the name of Gaia was that thing?''


The body is slowly consumed by the flames of the tower.

"Maybe it was the source of the Catastrophe? It must have taken incredible amounts of magic to get that big, let alone make all that stuff."



"Don't get comfortable yet." The Captain adds. "We'll be sailing along the coast, but you'll be making sure of that. I don't need another disaster on my hooves."


My ears stand up as I lean back ''Magic… Do you think it was necromancy?''
''W-what do you want me to do, Captain?''


"Whatever it was, I don't like it." Rhodan says, growling a little.

"As much as I don't like it, we can't leave this place unsearched." The Captain tells you as he preps his smoking pipe. "The source of our troubles might be here. I'm sure everyone will sleep better if you get rid of whatever did this."


''Y-you're sending us after what made that thing?!''
I clear my throat, realizing i spoke a bit too loud ''Sorry, Captain''


"You knew what you were getting into. 'Sides, you got that big dog with ya', don't you? And you seemed to have done well for yourself." He walks back into the ship.


I frown ''Yes sir…''
then turn back to Rhodan ''So… is it going to be just you and me to look for it, mister Rhodan?''


"For now, yes. It means we have to be much more careful about how we approach places. I mean, we literally parked this giant ship right outside their harbor. If we had rowed in further out, what do you think would have happened?"


''I don't know… But you are right, we should be careful… A-at least with just you and me we will draw less attention.. i hope''
I strap the staff to my back again ''are you ready to go?''


"I'm ready for anything, but let's go lie down first. Whatever that was, I'm wishing I brought a shield like you did now. Even blocking, that thing still hurt."



The ship crew is running like someone lit a fire under them. Hauling injured sailors, readying to sail, and trying to do something, anything, that will get them away from the monsters that just attacked your ship.

Rhodan is busy taking a breather, the Captain yelling orders to whoever is listening.

It's just you, the sea, and something about the scene bothering you.


In times like these it's hard to stay calm
I sit down besides Rhodan, patting his back, it's probably the best I could do


"Ever see anything like that we're your from? Because I'll tell you, four armed people aren't common." Rhodan asks you.


Shake my head "No, never… That thing is so unatural… Looked almost like a spider"
Shiver "Hate hate spiders…"


"Hahaha, that's the most normal thing I've heard you say in a while." He starts smiling. "Well, that's good to hear. At least I know I'm not going crazy with what I saw.


The gargantuan Unicorn head screams off in the distance.


I feel my fur crawl and a chill in my spine at that terrible, horrible wail
"Why is that thing still… Ugh"


The world around you starts shaking. You feel like you could fall down at any moment.

Roll 1d10




Don't forget to roll


'1d10' too much emotions

Roll #1 8 = 8


You manage hold on to the railing, keeping yourself from falling down or falling off the ship.

Then a wave of emotion hits. You feel pride, strong. You can see yourself leading the people of the city.

You could see yourself leading your family.


Is… Is this a vision? I don't…
I reach out to them, to me, but I'm there…
I feel lightheaded, but a warmth in my heart too


There's the feeling of promise. You feel your heart go stronger. Your flag, your legion, there's no stopping you!

If only, if only…

Roll 1d10.


What am I lacking?
What am I missing?

Roll #1 8 = 8


It feels like Gaia is reaching out to you. You know it isn't, but it is!

Jyst reach out and take the power Gaia is offering you!

Just as you grab it, a Darkness comes over you. Reach out for someone, anyone!


I… try to
But I don't… I have no one to reach out
No one…


Pain. All you feel is pain. It doesn't stop. It's driving you, you can't stop. There's flashes of light and pain seared into your brain!

"Maali! Maali, speak to me!"


I open my eyes wide, shivering, curled up and scared


You can hear Rhodan, but he's blurry. Some bright light is making it hard to see him.

"Hey, wake up! Don't disappear on me again!"


I hold my head, dizzy
"I-I'm sorry for… Sorry sorry I… I felt a bit odd… Sorry mister Rhodan. I-I'm okay, though, really"


"You're not the only one. Seems there was something in that scream. Come on, we'll get you to your bunk." Rhodan offers you a paw.


"B-but…" I slowly take his hand "I thought we were going out see the island…"


"Not as you are, and everyone else seems ready to turn tail." Rhodan says apologetically as he leads you into the ship.

There's a strong smell as you go inside, the crew running around adding to it. The Captain is giving orders as one of the crew goes over a map.

Roll 1d10


What kind of smell is it?
''L-leave? B-but we must look into this mister Rhodan! I-I mean I don't really want to either, but there might be something really bad happening here and people might need help…''

Roll #1 6 = 6


"I can't blame them, none of us expected this." He says, with a tinge of disappointment.

As you sniff around, you get a good handle of it. It's familiar, like your family! The smell is strong too, like your back home.

And the strongest source of the smell is the map.


That's… Strange
''Are we.. Really going to leave then'' I say sniffing the air
''Mister Rhodan…Do you smell that?'' I glance at the map


"Yeah, this place needs a good scrub down."

You can feel it! There it is! On that spot of the map, your family is right there!


''W-what… M-m-m [M-Mother?!… F-father?!]''


Your hand, it's pulling itself towards the map!


Okay wait this isn't normal
it isn't normal at all
I glance at Rhodan, is he also seeing this? He's gotta also be seeing this


He looks at you, as does the crew man who brought the map.

Rhodan nods. "Go ahead."


I… Put my hand on the map?


You let it go on its own, and you trace the shape of the island of it with your finger. You put three X marks on it, then your compulsion ends.

Everyone is looking at you.


"I-I don't know what I did I swear!" raise my hands up defensively


"You've never been to this island, have you?" The Captain asks.


I shake my head "No I… Never have been out of my home before meeting you"


"Even if he was, the Calamity would have made that knowledge useless." Rhodan chimes in. "I think we should investigate. It's the best lead we have."

"I think so too," the Goat Captain says, "it's not like we can take you back, little Deerie, even if all my instincts say to."

The rest of the crew is silent.


"I-investigate what? T-take me back?" I glance between Rhodan and the captain

"W-what is going on? What was that just now?!"


"We don't know." Rhodan says, downtrodden. "But that's what we're here to check out."

"Alright, water dogs. Looks like we have a destination to head to now. Unless you want to stay where the monsters attacked us, set sail!"

"Maali, is there anything else you could tell us?" Rhodan asks.


I raise my arms ''I don't… I mean I… I see my family.. M-my tribe but they're…Dead''
Point at the map ''I see them… right here, mister Rhodan''


"Don't worry Maali. We're going to check it out, okay? I don't know what we'll find, but you and me, and everyone else back home, we'll help you."


I look down at my palm and the then the map, sighing ''Why are you going to do this all just for me?… I saw something, and I did not like it mister Rhodan… I-I'm scared''


"We've all experienced our share of suffering. But we have to help each other to get through it. It's just how the world always worked." Rhodan pats you on the head.



It only took a day to safely reach the first area marked by Maali on the map. The ship went there slowly, with most of the crew ready to shoot down any trouble that came their way.

They are preparing another rowboat for you and Rhodan, putting in some packages and getting your backpacks ready.

"You raring to go?" Rhodan asks, with a toothy Diamond Dog smile.


I definitely was not. But it's hard to not feel at least a little cheered up with that big, smiling dog around
"Y-yes sir!" I reply, adjusting my backpack around my shoulders


It's still early in the day, with only a bit of a sea breeze to bother you. The seas are stable as your rowboat is lowered. Again, the crew is going to leave you two to yourselves, as they stay ready on the ship.

"Good luck to you, but keep your heads and ears down, got it?" The Goat captain says as he gives the signal for your rowboat to be lowered.

"Looks like it's just us again. Help me row the boat, let's try and find a safe place to leave it."

Roll 2d20 plus your Strength modifier.


"Are we going to leave it on the beach? Or on sea and tie it somewhere with rope?" I ask as I strain at the oars

Roll #1 18 - 1 = 17 / Roll #2 12 - 1 = 11


It's a struggle, but your able to pull the boat into a small reef.

"Here we go, it's nice and surrounded, so if someone is patrolling, they won't see us." He points to the moderately high rocks. They'd be easy enough for you to climb in a hurry.

"Oh, dang it." Rhodan says as he digs through his bag. "You wouldn't have anything to use to mark our way, right?"


''Um…'' I start browsing through my own

''I have chalk?''


"Nice work. We'll mark our way with it. I'll leave you in charge of all that, okay? Now then, according to your map, we're a bit west of where we need to be. That backpack of yours isn't too heavy for you, right?"


Nod, then shake my head ''It is fine. I don't carry much, thank you''
It is a little bit heavy though…
''So uh…W-what are we going to find in the west of here?''


"That's what I should be asking you. When you were in the trance, you don't remember why you marked it?"

As you walk off the beach, you're witness to a sea of trees. You can make out buildings in there, but they're clearly damaged.

"So, I think this is the part where I let you take the lead. Want to check out the buildings, or will be safer if we don't? He asks you.

Roll 2d20 + your modifier if you want to travel to the buildings.
Roll 3d20 + your modifier if you want to keep moving forward.

I'll let you use any skill/feat/attribute you think will work best for the situation


''I-I, Well, I saw s-someone on the map…''

''Hm…Hold on, let me see what I can see from the tree top'' I gently place my bag down and start climbing a tree to take a good view from above before I move on. What do I see?
'1d20+5' survival

Roll #1 16 + 5 = 21 / Roll #2 1 + 5 = 6


Thanks to your help, you make it close to one of the damaged buildings. It looks weird, how the paint on it still seems new, yet there's a full grown tree jutting out of it.

You try your luck climbing a tree to get a better view. The tree responds by dropping a coconut on you.

-1 Vitality

Didn't seem like anyone noticed you, though. It's quiet with just you and Rhodan.

Approach the building? Roll with your Sneak skill.


I rub my head with both hands, cursing in my old language, but I'll take the coconut and put it on my inventory! Haha

Maybe this might be a trap though…
I'll sneak ahead, ready to back out at the slightest hint of danger

Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17


>Coconut added to inventory

You slowly and carefully approach the lone building. Up close, you can see it was two stories tall. If the trees weren't there, it would have a great view of the beach.

There's lots of string based traps that you can spot with your eyes, though some have already been triggered by the trees and sand. They're simple ones, you could probably trigger them from a distance if you had something heavy you could toss, or something that kept you out of harm's way.


''Ah, There are traps everywhere here mister Rhodan… Someone lives in this island, and don't want us here''

Wait a minute, something heavy?
Coconut I choose you!

Roll #1 10 - 2 = 8


You've got a lighter frame than Rhoda, so he stays back to not trigger anything.

You, on the other hand, have to get much closer to the traps than you'd have liked. You frequently get sand in your eyes and ears, but nothing that would hamper you. It's much better than being impaled by the traps.

The door of the building has basically fallen off, holding on by just one of the metal rivets. You can see a few couches and some jugs on a desk. It's hard to see anything more.

Head inside? Check through the windows?


Well, not like I'm not used to getting dirty

Check the windows first of course.
If I don't see anything, I'll head inside with my staff raised


There's someone inside!

On one of the seats, to the corner, there's someone sitting down. But it isn't moving…


Ooh boy…
''H-hello?'' Approach it carefully, but stay mostly near the door, not getting TOO close


The person doesn't respond.

You can't see who it is with the armor they have on. Approach?


I-it's probally just a corpse then
approach and poke at it with my pole


You tap it with your staff on its back.

The head falls off and lands with "Plop" sound as it makes ripples in some black goo at its feet. One of the arms falls off and hits something.

Approach from the front?


''Just a corpse…'' mutter to Rhodan
let's see it from the front then, and try to identify it


From the front, you can tell this guy was also a Unicorn. But, his horn isn't on his head, it's on his lap. There are blood stains on the couch, but a weird black substance on the floor, all around him.

Beside him, there's a bag. It's got a sword and spear, plus some old food the bugs have long since claimed.


Oh that's just gross

With an irked face, I lean in to take the sword and the spear and show them to Rhodan "Do you think someone can discover something from these?"


"We can check the markings on them. Find out what group he belonged to." He replies, after walking in. "That stuff in the floor, what do you make of it? And have you checked the second floor?"


"N-not yet"
I stick the tip of my staff at the black goo and bring it up to light


It's oily and smooth on your staff, but you can also feel the faint sense of magic coming from it.

If you want to get a better bead on it, roll d20 with your Wisdom modifier


How strange…

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4


You close your eyes, focusing your magic, letting it get close to it.

It's reacting, reaching out to you…

YOU'RE BEING CHOCKED, it's hard to breathe! There's an incredible pressure on you!


'1d20-1' if it is a physical kind of choking
'1d20+3 in case it is a mind choking'

Roll #1 19 - 1 = 18


'1d20+3' mind choking

Roll #1 16 + 3 = 19


You fall down, hitting the cold floor. Whatever the goop was, it bubbles and boils before evaporating and fading away.

"Maali, you okay?" You hear coming from upstairs. "Come join me!"


Whatever that was, it isn't good
"C-coming! Mister Rhodan D-dont go ahead without me!" I go upstairs to catch up with him


"You look like you've seen a ghost." He laughs, before becoming serious. "You didn't, right?"

"Anyways, look at what I found. It's a small map of the area!" He beams with pride, holding up an old scrap of paper.


"No… B-but that goop on the floor! It came alive and attacked me!" I say, glancing at the map and motioning to my neck


"Stay still, are you sure? There's nothing on your neck, your fur seems fine." He looks you over, nothing seems to be out of place. "Wait, was it a magic attack?"


"I… I think so" I run a hand over my neck
"It might have been what killed that unicorn too"


"The people here were constantly at war. If it was strong enough to overcome them, we'll need to be extra careful."

He hands you the map.

"We should get out of here. I don't think anyone is coming back here, but it might be best to keep moving. We've got a forest ahead of us, then some mountains. You ready?"


"Are you okay carrying those weapons though? I could carry one for you if it's too heavy"


"Hmm, you should keep one on you. Just in case. Besides, we can use the as grappling hooks, or to catch some fish!" He rambles on for a bit as he leads you outside.

You head out the front door, with the forest before you. Roll 2d20 + relevant stat to get out of this forest.


"I'll take the sword then. It's lighter, I'm not going to use it though"
I look around, my ears moving back and forth, attentive to any noise "Come on, behind me mister Rhodan"
'2d20+5' survival

Roll #1 6, 19 + 5 = 30


You dart straight through the forest, as if there was just a straight line between the watchtower you were at and the edge of the wood. Without his capable paws and your patience, Rhodan and any other pursuer would have been left in the dust.

Standing at the edge of the forest, there are mountains with roads on them. However, they hang perilously over drops, and even the trees have sprung out from under the roads.

"I thought I could give my paws a break, but it'll be safer if we keep moving. There won't be any shelter if we stop on the roads. So, is that backpack nice and secure on you?"

Roll your Notice skill.


It feels good being at a real forest again

"Uh… It is, but I… Oh Gosh" I stare over the road at the fall below "I don't like being this high up…" I adjust the bag on my shoulders
"Maybe we could find a cave to hide in if we need? Oh, or maybe you could dig something up mister Rhodan?"


Forgot roll

Roll #1 19 + 6 = 25


"If it comes down to it, I could probably dig us something. I just don't like the idea of one of the people from earlier patrolling into us."

The road was well built and thick, but you can see places where the roots have pushed whole chunks of the road up and off of the mountain. As you approach the second tree on your travel through the road…


You can quickly tell someone was here before, recently. Branches have been torn off by hand, and the leaves have been gathered on the ground. The wind would have blown them away if all those branches weren't put on top of them…


"I don't either, so we should keep movi-wait…" I crouch down "Oh… Oh no, mister Rhodan, someone was here before, not long ago… This might be bad"


There's a big pile of leaves in one stack. There's also a piece of old fruit left in the middle of it.

"This is more of your thing Maali, what do you think we should do?"


What kind of fruit was it? And more importantly, have I seen the same kind of fruit growing anywhere in this forest?

"L-let me um. Let me think for a moment…"


It's not one you recognize, and it's been out for some time since there is a layer of dust forming on it.


That can only mean…
"Mister Rhodan, this fruit is not from this place. I think who was here must be an outsider…" I hold up the fruit


"Maali, wait!" Rhodan yells as he reaches for you.


Roll Acrobatics, quickly!


Oh n-

Roll #1 9 + 4 = 13



The sound of metal clinking together echoes around you, but this old trap fails to catch your arm.

"Your arm, is it okay?" Rhodan breathes heavily in worry.


I pull away, holding my arm, shivering in pure fear. Thank Gaia I'm safe, this was my favorite arm
"And whoever they are, not friendly… Bae'rzhul…"


"Next time, don't pick up things that seem out of place, okay?" Rhodan chides you. "Keep an eye and an ear out, we should at least make sure something else doesn't catch us by surprise."

"Ready to keep going?"


I nod, my gaze low with shame
"Yes mister Rhodan… I'm sorry mister Rhodan…"

I am ready, and this time more careful


"It is a trap, so don't take it too hard. Just, learn from it, okay? Not everything is at it seems." He puts a paw to his chin and thinks for a moment. "When you were in the woods, you must have seem a lot of animals that looked like plants, right?"

As you continue along, you can hear something, feel something nearby…

Roll for your Notice skill twice.


"Y-yes, I'm just a bit worried… If that trap was laid there… What if there are more?"

"Oh yes I have many times! I even learned to imitate them when young!" I exclaim excitedly before slowing down and lowering my voice

Roll #1 5 + 6 = 11 / Roll #2 15 + 6 = 21


Looking over the edge of the road, you see a hole burrowed into the mountain. Peeking out of it, you see a puppy peeking out of it.

It has six legs.


What the…
I crouch "Mister Rhodan, are you seeing that… Thing?"


"Yeah, but you're seeing the same thing, right? It's got six legs, huh?"

A howl could be heard off into the distance.


I look around, my ears perking up at the sound. Rhodan is a dog so he probably understands this better right?
How does the weird Pup react to the howl?


The pup starts yipping out loud like crazy as Rhodan holds your head down.

"To the right, move slowly, but it looks like momma is home."

The scent of blood approaches your nostrils.


"M-momma?" I sniff the air "Oh…"
I slowly drag myself to the right


A large, six legged dog is coming down the mountain, with a large animal in its mouth. In its haste, it doesn't notice you.

The thing is, this momma dogthing is wearing armor.


Woah what?
"Mi-mister Rhodan, that thing…!" I whisper
How can a wild animal wear armor? Unless…


"It's not wild, and it belongs to someone or [i]something. Let's let it pass, and then we'll keep moving before it catches our scent."

Rhodan sniffs the air. "And to be honest, we could both use a bath."

The six legged dog brings the meat into its home, and nothing but some puppy squeaks can be heard.

As soon as it was safe, Rhodan kept you moving. "What a weird place this is? For all the war news that came out of these lands, I never heard of that type of animal living anywhere."


"This smell is good, not pleasant but disguises us… Wait, war news? What war news?" I speak up worriedly, squeaking as he holds me down


"These lands, they were constantly being fought over by the armies, navies, and even sky forces of the countries of Yasmin and Yustea. Thing is, only war news ever came out of here. Traders could only go to designated ports and that was it. Could you imagine that Maali, groups larger than any town you've seen, fighting to the death for some dirt."

According to your map, you should be reaching the end of the road. There's one more tree in the way, but this one looks and feels different than the others you've passed by and over.


I glance down "I don't want to imagine… So much greed. Why can't they see the land belongs to us all to share?… It is so sad"

I tilt my head at the tree "Huh… M-mister Rhodan, hold on" I very slowly and carefully approached the tree, sniffing, feeling…
I try to reach out to it with my mind


"We've probably walked past countless battlefields just to get here. People died for honor and glory, but in the end, they just died." Rhodan says with melancholy.

As you reach out, you feel a nice and warm sensation coming from it. Something about it feels good. Keep reaching out?


Hmmn… Sure, but still careful… Though this can't be a trap could it? Such a nice and relaxing feeling…


It feels like someone you remember, a sister or a cousin. Someone who was nice to you. However, your senses are telling you that it's damaged. As if it had magical burns over half of its body.

It reaches out to you.


"I'm here, there there" I touch it gently with my hand and close my eyes, focusing "What happened to you?"


You're shown a memory. Of being tended to, a plant in a vase, being cared for. Then a light, and a pain. Then it was here.

A branch lowers, carrying with them a few berries.


I shed a tear, holding the tree with both hands "I'm so sorry…"
I sigh and let go, reaching out for the fruits with a smile "Thank you"
I turn to Rhodan, muttering sadly "It is fine…"


"Yeah." Rhodan stays quiet as he continues walking with you.

As you approach the end of the road and mountains, a grand vista appears before you. A massive, sprawling forest as far as the eye can see. it stretches off into the horizon. The air feels alive here, and birds flock in great groups, occasionally blotting out the sun.

But there is one set of mountains stretching into the sky in the middle of it. Some smoke can be seen coming out of it.


I stand at the edge of the road, staring in awe at the beautiful sight
"Wow… It might be even bigger than my home"
I point at the mountain "No mountain though…"


"Unless that's a volcano over there, we might have found the first thing you marked on the map. Get your backpack ready, we have a while to get over there."

"Oh, and Maali…" Rhoda motions towards your staff.


"I never seen a volcano up close before…"

Hold up the staff and take a good look at it "Hmn? What's wrong mister Rhodan?"


"Remember, these lands have been at war since before either of us was born. The people we meet here might not be so friendly."

"But, let's try to be friendly first, okay?"


Smile and nod ''That was my plan! That trap maybe was just for an animal''
I put the staff in my back



He pats you on the head.

"Alright. Come on, we have a long road ahead of us and this one doesn't look like it's paved. Get ready for a long walk and keep your ears out for trouble."

It's a long way ahead of you, use any skills or attributes you think will help you cover the distance.


Rolling my eyes, I take the lead. Silly Rhodan, doesn't he know that I lived my whole life in forests? this will be easy!

'1d20+5' survival

Roll #1 4 + 5 = 9


The road is much longer than either of you imagined. Even with the shade provided by the trees, the sun still pressures down on you.

"We didn't spend any time checking out your island when we got there Maali. What was it like?" Rhodan asks.

Roll again.


''It was- It was… Like this one, only smaller'' looking down, I kick a rock on the way ''Just some wildlife and me living there, yes''

Roll #1 3 + 5 = 8


The road here just seems to curve on itself, never ending.

"I hate to ask this, but do you remember anything about the day of the Calamity?"

Roll Survival AND Notice


I-I can't be lost, right?

''…Which Calamity are you talking about, mister Rhodan?''

'1d20+5' survival
'1d20+6' notice

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15 / Roll #2 8 + 6 = 14


"The day where everything went bad. This place was always at war, but all the reports said it was highly populated."

you nearly missed it, but there was a road leading straight ahead, and then it curved!


Embarassing. Hopefully Rhodan didn't notice my mistake

''You mean in this place? I couldn't see much from what that tree showed me. Only a bright flash and hurt''


"No, I thinkbI got a good idea of what happened here. But I want to know what happened to you that day."

The road is curved, but you are getting glimpses of it being straight…


''Oh…'' I slow down a bit ''I think we can talk about that later, Mister Rhodan''
I give him a somber look

What a strange road. it's making me a tad confused


"I understand." He says, offering you a smile.

"Seems like something has your attention."


''Hmn?'' I look at him, and then back to the road ''Oh I- Well. I think I might be a bit lost…''


"This road, feels like we've been on it for ages, doesn't it? I figure we should be fine as long as we follow it."

Roll Notice


''Maybe you should take the lead'' I back off a bit, letting him go ahead ''I think I started trusting so much in my skill in my old forest I started to think it would work everywhere''

Scratch my head ''Looks like I was wrong''


Roll #1 20 + 6 = 26


Oh yes lets explode that dice

Roll #1 4 = 4


You focus your eyes and ears and your other senses ahead of you.

And then you see it.

It's a bunch of insects ahead of you! You can see the gaps between them now! They've been changing their color, making you follow the wrong roads!


''What in the name of Gaia… Mister Rhodan are yo-'' Of course he's not seeing that

I rush foward, shaking my arms and shouting to scare the bugs away


Rhodan looks at you with worried eyes as you start swinging your staff around. But his expression changes when you cause the bugs to give way and reveal a hidden road just ahead!

"Maali, how did you..?"


Huffing I put my hands in my hips and look back at the dog ''I noticed there was something wrong going on. But I never seen those bugs before…'' I put a hand to my chin ''Why would they do that though? Just try to get two travelers lost in the forest like that?''


Walking ahead, Rhodan's ears perk up, then he puts his nose to the ground. He's sniffing around the bushes for something.


Did he even heard me?
''Um, hey, mister Rhodan? What's wrong?''


"Hold on, yeah, I can smell it…" He says, with a few variations. He reached his long arms underneath some tree roots, and brings out a partially eaten skull.

"Looks like it was a good thing I didn't ask about taking a break, or we would have been bug chow."


I cover my muzzle with a hand ''Gross… So they try to tire adventurers or eat them while they sleep''
Look up at the direction they went
''This place is more dangerous than what we thought mister Rhodan…''


"And we are already halfway through it. Might as well keep going and see where it leads. The Captain and everyone back home will really want to know if this place is still inhabited."

"Good work on the bugs, I don't think I would have figured it out at all."


''I wasn't thinking of backing off now!'' scruch

''Well, I might not have figured it out either, that was just luck''

I also try do identify what creature that skull belonged to
'1d20+4' medicine

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6


The skull is about the size of your own head. It's got some big eye sockets and a whole lot of pointy teeth on it.

"Now that we cared 'em off, let's head to those mountains. The smoke makes me think there should be people nearby."


Weird… Maybe it was a carnivore deer! hahaha

''Yes, let's go'' now I feel confiedent enough to take the lead again


"Hopefully this is all we have to deal with." Rhodan grudges.

Roll Survival one last time.


''Nature is unpredi- dict-… Unpred-dih- It can't be predicted''

Roll #1 9 + 5 = 14


"This world is crazy like that."

Before you stub your hoof on it, you stop before a spiky helmet on the ground, almost completely buried.


With a grunt, I pull it off the ground, showing it to Rhodan ''A helmet…''


"Let's hope we don't have to worry too much about its previous owner." He looks over the helmet, the thing is full of spikes and other scary adornments.

"Just over the hill there, and we can get a good look at the place."

As you look around, you can see people off in the distance, walking around somewhat casually. The smoke is coming from some specific rooms on the top area of the mountains, that looks like it has been carved out.

Some of the people bave broken off and started wandering around.


''Should we keep it? Maybe someone in the ship could make use of it''

Oh good, maybe it's just mountain dwelling folk

''Hey Mister Rhodan, what you think? Should we say hello? I think it's just a village in the mountain''


"Maybe, but these must be hard core warriors to have survived the Calamity. I mean, they have weapons, and shields, even I can sense some of the magic equipment they have inside." Rhodan goes quiet for a moment. "Hold on, am I seeing things right? Maali, can you see what's going on with that guy, the one close to us?"


''You can sense it?'' I look down at the helmet for a second before my ears perk up, and I glance to where Rhodan is look, trying to find hte guy he's talking about


"It's the magic stuff I'm used to. Weapons, magic ones."

Roll your Notice as the soldier takes his position.



Roll #1 12 + 6 = 18


You focus and can clearly see what Rhodan was guessing at.

The soldier has six arms.
All of the soldiers have six arms.



I get down a bit ''R-rhodan they have… Just like t-that thing back then…''


"Yup, yeah, yup." Rhodan is also breathing hard. "So, how do we play this? I mean, they are acting like normal soldiers. But they are freaks. How do you want to handle this?"

"Is he wearing armor, weapons, something that might make him seem not crazy?"


''I-I'll look. you're more easy to be noticed… Stay here and I will see, okay? If anything bad happens i'll come back running''

Now let's try to sneak closer and get a good look…


Roll #1 17 + 3 = 20


Your experience with the forest means you can sneak up on people near one, even if they left branches along the way to tip them off.

The Soldier, the one furthest away from the group, looks a bit less intimidating up close. He seems about your height, and his chest armor has a hole punched in it for its arm.

But the spear on him looks sharp and has a weird glow to it.


I suppose that means the armor he's wearing wasn't originally meant for him then? hmmn… I'll keep watching a bit more


There's a roar in the forest.

The 'soldier' drops his spear and takes off for the door. The others have already locked him out!


How mean
Wait… What if whatever that is comes for me too?
I curl up a little, hopefully I'm w-well hidden enough


You can hear the soldier scream and yell, banging in the just closed gate.

The roar is getting closer…


Wait. what about Mister Rhodan? Can I see him from here? What is he doing?

Well as long as he keeps yelling and making noise like that I'm sure I will not be the beast's first target, But…''


You feel a presence approach.

Something hungry.
Something that has found its prey.

Something that isn't Rhodan.


I do nothing but be very very afraid
And stay hidden of course
Can I see the beast?


Only a small bit of it, just its six limbs touching the ground near you.


That six armed guy better have ran away by now…
Stay as still as I can be


It's skulking about, waiting at the edge of the trees for the perfect moment to strike.

Then a second roar can be heard.


Two? Are you kidding me?
Now I'm starting to get scared. I've been used to running away before but these beasts have six limbs, it's easy to see that they can run and FAST

Well I can't blame anyone but myself for getting in this mess. All I can do is wait and pray they won't notice me so I'll do just that


The one that was near you makes it moves, starts heading towards the soldier. You can hear the rapidly approaching roar of the second one.

And the there's the screaming, the poor soldier being attacked.

And then there's a sudden noise in the air!


I feel really bad for the soldier but well… The beasts have to eat too
My ears perk up at the noise, but I stay put. If I'm found here I'm most likely dead


"Get off of him!"


It's Rhodan!


Oh no…

I get off the tree ''Mister Rhodan stop! They are going to attack you too!''


It's two versus one right now! The soldier is curled up and it's just Rhodan with the weird spear!


But the beast is still there right?


both of the beasts rushed the soldier

One of the beasts saw you, an easy young deer kid to eat, and runs towards you!


I hold up my staff defensively and shout in my ancient language ''Wait! Wait! Stop!''
What should I roll to block with the staff?


In this case, Roll Wisdom



Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


There's something else getting int the way of you communicating with it!

[I]There's something else![/I]

And it's about to leap at you!


Ack. Try to dodge the leap in time!
'1d20+4' acrobatics

Roll #1 17 + 4 = 21


It crashed into a tree behind you.

Was it there earlier?

But the animal is getting back up! It's mad now!


Try to talk with it again while it gets up ''Li-listen, you don't want to do this. Please return to the forest. There are much easier prey for you there''


It slows down, snarling and circling you…

A sharp sound rings out, the creature's focus is interrupted, and it comes charging back in at you!


ugh, what is that sound? Where is it coming from!

''Please stop I don't want to harm you!''
'1d20+4' dooooodge

Roll #1 5 + 4 = 9


It isn't stopping! And it is fast!

It's got you pinned to the ground!

But there's that sound again that causes it to stop before it can get to your throat! It's just weighing you down!


I try to wiggle away off of it!
What should I roll for that?



It stays on top of you, you can smell it's body and bad breath!



Roll #1 18 - 2 = 16


You shove it off!

It roars at you, but then it and it's mate takes off into the forest.

You're safe, for now.

Or you would be if the doors weren't opening and a bunch of soldiers were coming out at you…



I hold up my hands defensively, glancing at Rhodan

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