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"What you mean no?
That's your fockin' job!"

The warm light of tallow candles bathes over the scene.
Three Earthies, townsfolks, now circling around one much taller gray maned unicorn in what you and everypony here can at a glance tell to be very expensive armor.
They are having a shouting match before the counter of this shallow-roofed inn, cramped walls pressing them close against each other. None of them seems happy in the least.

"I said no. The coin is not right. You can find someone else for the job. Now get out of my way."

With naught but his walk, the unicorn shoves one of the peasants aside, making him fall on his ass, as he leaves the door. Mean gazes from the crowd follow him cut the corner onto the broken down, muddy road cutting through this two-houses village like a snake, as a chill evening wind hisses through the door.

But even peasants are not fools, and sacking the insult, the three sit back at their table. Just like that, silence comes back to the inn.

You on the other hand, are stuck. Almost out of money, with a letter burning inside your pocket. A letter which just has to make it to the capital.


I'm also infected with curiosity.
Trot over to the three earth ponies that were fighting.
"Hello, you seem a little troubled."


They look up from their mugs of dirty water and glare at you.
The pony who fell on his ass earlier grumbles at you.
"Can't you tell? Monster Hunter won't take the job."
He sizes you up.
"Who's you?"


"Sedeli, a traveling bard."
"You have a monster problem? What kind?"


One of them scoffs, and shakes his head.
"Don't be such a prick Roibert." he's quickly scolded by the pony talking with you, clearly the friendliest of the three.
He leans closer, hoof on the table and eyes darting around, licking his lips as if to tell a well rehearsed story.
But when the words come out, you clearly hear true fear in his voice.
"It's a cursed soul, mi'bard.
A cursed soul who's tainting our soil."


Sit down with him, intently interested in the story.
"Really? Who's soul?"


"We don'no! Would you be going up to a ghost'n ask?"
Head shakes all around, and the stallion takes a sip of his alcohol.
With a slightly foamy mustache, he goes back to explaining.
"Been like so for a month now, nothing we can plant survives and the baron's dead, so us got the monny on us selves for the monster hunter, but he's a cheap one, that bastard."


Frown at this.
"That part of the story I'm familiar with. Not enough coin in the whole place to buy his time."


"We juss' damned to starve, that's us.
Until the spirit gets bored, that is."
The stallion reclines back on his chair, arms crossed, with a defeated expression on his face.


"What about a song? Lift your spirits a little."
I offer the farmer.


They look at you all wrong.
"Sure. If it's a song that can kill monsters."
Quickly one of the other stallions chimes in "And free, too!"

At this, the bartender, an elderly mare, decides to chime in.
"Don't run off mi customers, you twats!"


Scoff at him.
"Maybe, I could sing your ghost away. When's the lovely thing show up?"


They look at each other. Then look at you.
"You say you'd… Hunt da monster for us?"


"Depends, would you pay me if I actually did?" I reply a little irritated.
"Truth is, you're not the only ponies who aren't interested in music anymore."


"Don't cha mind'em."
The innkeepress walks around the counter and over to you, showing off her green dress of rough wool.
"Truth is, no pony here has coin for bards. You're far off those big feasts and tall towers of the capital."
Quickly the ponies cut in.
"But aye, we'll pay! The money the monster hunter did not want, it be all yours!"


"It would be nice to be up at the capital.."
I sigh.
"Alright, I'll give a go. Tell me about this Ghost, where's she gonna show up?"


"By the thunder, you saved us all!
Catherine! Pull up a seat and a mug for our friend now!"
Happily, the innkeepress pulls up a chair and some muddy ale for you, sitting you by the same window-side table as your three new employers.
"So it be like this-" Roibert starts, only for the loud thud of a hoof on the table to interrupt him.
One of the other stallions, who'd been silent until now, is staring Roibert and you down.
Something you quickly notice is a heavy rag, like a scarf around his neck.
"Oh. True. It probably be your story, Valdion."
He seems incredibly ashamed at those words.
The interrupting stallion pulls his makeshift scarf away, revealing dark, old hair on what should be the throat of a young pony.
Then, cavernous, a voice that's a thousand years old leaves his lips.
"It touched me. Right here."


My eyes go wide at the stallion.
"Tell me everything that happened."


"You mind if I'm quick, it hurt to talk."
He grunts, as if to clear his throat, covering it again in the scarf.
"Went to look by the crypt. Berries. Thing was there. Looked like a mare with no hooves, all white and pale. Touched me here-"
Another grunt.
"I ran."
Quickly the third stallion takes over.
"We naught believed our eyes! Time a-sappin from his neck like it be some kind of course!"


"When did happen?" I ask worriedly, drinking the terrible ale.


It's really just muddy water. Not even the sting of alcohol.
The stallion knocks on the table twice.
"Two. Two days ago." chimes in Roibert.


Just bad. Drink it anyway.
"Hmm, you notice anything else about the place?"


He's thinking. Slow and silent.
Then he shakes his head.
Not another sound comes from his tired throat.
"He had to leg it! For his life!" quickly explain the others.
"So will ye do it? Run the spirit off? We'll show you the place!"


"Yea. I said I would."
This is all bad. Stand up and look at the peasant ponies.
"Let's go now then."


Only the four of you, the owner, and one more pony sitting on his own in the back, minding his own business.
They lead you outside into the starry evening, a few torches up on thin, tall spikes light up that mud trail of a road which runs through the village.
Walking past the poor and tiny shacks of hay and wood, you make your way to the edge of the forest.
It's a deep, thick forest of tall birch trees, shaking with the wind. Up in the sky, dark clouds start rolling your way.
The trio has escorted you this far, carrying two torches.
"Take this-" Roibert says, hoofing you one of them.
"-And if you follow the path, you'll come to a split. Take a left, downhill, into a burrow under old vines. There you'll find it. The crypt."


"You're not going further eh'?" Take the torch and start walking on the path.


They exchange worried glances.
"We be stallions with families, no sense leavin' our young'uns orphan so early."


"Ah, so be it then."
"The most popular stories end in victory right?"
Into the dark woods I go.


As you leave into the darkness of the forest, the trio tries to cheer you on.
"Just imagine the ballads telling of the brave bard!"
"He's so dea- Oooffff!"

Their voices are too distant to ear, now.

Short break for dinner.


'1d10' this is probably a great time to spot check while I walk in the dark forest

Roll #1 7 = 7


After a short walk through the tall and dark trees you come up to the fated split in the road. No signs telling you where to go here, only a path going to your left, down the dark green hills, and one going right and up, where the forest clears.


The directions were very clear, the crypt is down to the left.


The path breaking off is just that much smaller now, only spacey enough for a single pony to walk it at once, let alone drag a cart through it.
Darker grows the forest, bushes of all kinds growing beside the many trees. Here, you are shielded by the howling wind and cold air, as the hillside covers your right and the thick vegetation your left.
In minutes you see your destination. It's not a simple crypt, but instead a whole cemetery, built here at the entrance of a shallow cave, splitting the hill open like some sort of infernal maw.
Seems like this is the village's graveyard. A large holy carving on top of the cavern's entrance suggests the crypt might be in there.
It's too dark to make out anything else from this distance. If anything, there's no ghost.


If there is really no ghost, then there is no harm in getting closer to check it out. Maybe the berries were just poisonous or something.


You trot down the path and into the clearing with the common graves.
No stone effigies here, but wooden branches shaped into holy symbols instead, with names carved onto the heavy slabs covering each grave.
A cursory inspection reveals candles and offerings littered around, as if to make a path towards the entrance of the cave, which you can now make out more clearly.
But something's off with them. The candles are all dark, even though there is tallow left to burn, the fruit is rotten, the flowers are dead.
Looking back at the undergrowth here, you notice that it follows the same pattern.
Plantlife all around here is dead and decaying, not even grass grows now.


Back away to the edge of the dead grass and look around


It's all around the edge of the groove, even the berry bushes are dead and shriveled up, as if they'd been here for years.
Nothing else is apparent at a first glance.


I shiver and decide to look closer at the graves, maybe one of them is disturbed.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Deary me, I hope I find those ingredients in time.


The path down to the graveyard is as steep as you remember. It's only been a month since you walked here last to put lil' Carmie down into her grave, after all.
You can see the stallion Roibert was talking about already, he's inspecting the graves in the weak light of his torch.
No, those graves are perfectly intact, aside from the offerings on them being shriveled up.
Only the crypt, hidden away inside the cavern, is left.
But from the path leading down here you see the weak fire of a torch…


Are they actually worried about me?
Try opening the crypt up.


It's not actually closed. There's just a long path leading down into the dark of the cave, you can't see what's at the end of it.
Go in now, without meeting the newcomer?


Poor old Lil' Carmie.
Didn't deserve what she got, but that is life for you.

Walk up slowly to where the stallion is, worldlessly, using my staff as a cane.


I'll wait a moment for whoever it is.


Only the burning of your torches and the slow tapping of the lady's hooves can be heard.
The newcomer is a earth pony mare on with the years, supporting her shaky walk with an intricately carved staff.
The monster hunter looks more like a bard than a monster hunter, dressed in sturdy but nice travel clothes and carrying both a guitar, and a sword on his back. He's a young earth pony stallion.


Chuckle under my breath.
"A nice day to you, deary. I heard you are a busy stallion helping out with this… nasty problem we got."


I look a little surprised.
"You aren't scared of the ghost?"


Shake my head, chuckling weakly.
"What is a ghost going to do to me that life already hasn't?"


"So.. you came down to get a look at it? Isn't that dangerous? "


Raise a wrinkly hoof to gently pat his cheek.
"Is it dangerous? You should tell me, you took this assignment in the first place!"


"I did. " Rub my cheek where you touched me.
"I didn't expect anyone to care to come after me."


Put my hoof down, leaning on my cane/staff.
"Whell, my deary, I have something that needs brewing and I need to collect the ingredients for it, but that naughty, naughty ghost is killing all the plants I need. I might as well make sure it is gone."


"Eh' I won't stop you from coming along. She's supposed to be down here."
Start going into the crypts.


Nod, following him down.


The stallion heads in, through the black veil and the warm, sapping air surrounding the entrance of the crypt.
For some reason here everything feels much warmer than it has any right to be, as if someone had started a large fire.
After moving twenty or so meters down into the cave's entrance, you finally come up to a thin iron gate, unlocked, looking down onto the actual crypt.
From here you can only see a set of large stone graves, and an imposing statue of some mare in armor behind all of them.


Take a deep breath and open the gate.
"Its a bit warm in here."


Walk down there, slowly.
"Hmm-hhmm.. whose graves were these again… I shan't forget…"
Don't say that to the bard though.
Say it to the voices

"The dead don't need it!"


"You speak like a graverobber instead of an herbalist."


"My child, I remarked how unusual it is to find warmth in the cold resting place of the dead. Is that what graverobbers do?"


The gate burns at the touch, but not so much that you can't handle it.
It swings open with the sound of metal screeching on metal, giving you room to enter the crypt.
These are the graves of the baron's family. Only one pony of their bloodline has not been buried here. A pony who died a month ago on this day.


"No, of course not. My apologizes Maim', I'm just a little nervous."

Now to look at each of the resting places here, very carefully.


They all belong to the same family, as it'd be expected from a family crypt.
None of the graves look immediately off.
Roll perception.


Follow him closely.
"It is okay, my dear.
This is the resting place for the family of baron… all except one."


'1d10' rollin'

"…Except one? They told me the Baron died, isn't he buried here too?"

Roll #1 6 = 6


No, the baron himself, last of his line, is not buried here. Indeed, there is no tomb for him.
There is one, however, for his wife.


"Hmm-hmm… the baron wasn't buried here, no no. His poor wife left all alone in the afterworld."


"Then where?"


Neither one of you knows this.


"My memory isn't what it used to be, child.
I do not recall."


You do know who witnessed the Baron's death.


"My child, I do know who saw the poor fellow die. Goes by the name of Roibert. If this crypt is… empty, as warm as it is, that pony might have answers."


"Roibert? The one who was attacked?" I look worried.
"Hey shouldn't we have seen the ghost by now? That's how this works right? Go to the right place and the ghost is there.."


Turn to him, chuckling.
"I see no ghost here, deary, and I doubt my eyesight failed me. Do you? This seems to a dead end…"


No ghost here.
Wonder why that is.
Also Roibert was the one you talked to, not the one attacked. That was his friend.


"Okay. But I'm checking the berry bushes one more time."
I'm new in town!
Still. I'm going to look around the berry bushes. Officially leaving the crypts.


"I'll be right with you, sweetheart."
Brush one hoof against the crypt of the wife.
"Where did you leave your husband to, you poor lonely deary?"


You go back to the berry bushes. Here, amidst the dirt and dead grass, you see signs of panicked scrambling. Hoofprints.
Probably the stallion which was attacked.
The stone is burning up! So much in fact, you hurt yourself!


Suck in some air and pull my hoof back.
"Well, that is not kind at all, is it?"
Can I move the top of the lid with my staff?

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' follow the hoof prints

Roll #1 1 = 1


You start twirling over yourself as the hoofprints scramble and scatter, eventually falling off your hooves and tumbling off the edge of the clearing!
It's a short tumble and not even a steep one, but it's still gonna hurt.
It's quite heavy. You alone lack the strength.


"Now, where is a young and spry stallion when you need one?"
Head out and up, do I see him outside?


I groan and look around here for more hoofprints '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


You do. He looks dizzy, and has dead leaves and dry grass all over him!
And he's looking at the ground with a strange fascination.
You finally manage to make heads AND tail of this mess, picking yourself and your torch up.
It's clear the assaulted stallion scrambled in panic and ran back up the hillside.


Go to the place where it looks like he was attacked.


It's those same bushes where most of the hoofprints are.
Nothing other than dead plants is to be found here.


I'mma dig up the spot. '1d10'

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Are you quite allright, deary? I might need your help. I think the wife of the baron is not resting quite as peacefully as we want."


You dig it up real good.
Still nothing out of the ordinary.


Look up from my hole
"I'm fine. I thought.. Well never mind. Let's go back to the wife."
Uh dust myself off and go into the crypt.


Back in.
As you get closer to the tomb of the baron's wife, you notice the heat becomes stronger and stronger.


"The top of her tomb is rather hot, do not touch it lest you burn yourself, dear!"


"It does feel like a furnace in here."
Uh, is there an easy way to look into the tomb?


"We might need to lift it open… I tried, but I'm not as strong as you seem to be."


Lifting and then pushing the lid of the tomb should do it. You might need a lever and a stick.


'1d10' look around for a strong stick

Roll #1 9 = 9


…Your staff?


Her Staff?
If she doesn't mind..


"My staff should do it, deary."


Derp. Sorry.
Free hint. You could use your scabbard as a lever.


I will free the scabbard and take her staff.
"Alright, step back and let me open this."
'1d10' prying it open roll

Roll #1 6 = 6


Step back.
"Just watch yourself, wouldn't want to see you get hurt."


Sedeli lifts the grave's cover up, and a whiff of heat washes over both of you! But it's not done yet, someone has to push it!


Push it! With a cloth around my hooves!

Roll #1 7 = 7


The cloth is enough for your shoed hooves to endure the heat, and the lid rolls off with a heavy thud, falling to the ground beside the grave.

The empty grave.


Chuckle softly.
"I think we found the home of our ghost."


"…She's not in here."
'1d10' look for signs of where she went

Roll #1 5 = 5


"I think she might be upset, the poor dear."


Gone with the heat, maybe?
She's nowhere to be seen. The whole grave is just plain empty!


"But if she's isn't here, we can't scare her off. What a bother.."
"Let's go talk to Roibert."


You will have to let Dyrah lead you, since you've no idea where that is.


"As you wish."
Get my staff back and start walking.
"So what was your name again, dear?"

To Roibert we go!


"Sedeli, traveling bard."
Well, he's probably back in town! But I let her lead.


The road back is dark and cold, especially compared to the almost searing heat of the crypt.
Want to talk or move there instantly?


Bith of both
"Nice to meet you! Such a charming young fellow, this town could always use more bards!"
Nod once.
"Ponies here just call me Mother Dyrah."


"I'm not staying around actually. That would remove the 'traveling' part of my title after all."
"And Ideally I'd want to stay somewhere I could stay up telling stories instead of creating them."


Let's say you can keep talking, but I'm moving you back to town.

You both stand on the edge of town, looking into a stout house with a sloped roof of straws.
There's still light inside, and you can hear the chattering of children.


"That's a crying shame, deary… at least you'Ll have quite the story to tell!"

"Here we are."



Go knock on the door.

"Hmm a wise old mare guiding me, a dark night that was chilled, everywhere but the tomb of a lonely widow.."
"It sounds like a scary story."


Chuckle again.
"Don't you children love those?"


The children voices go silent, and quickly after the sound of hooves closing in rises up inside the house.
"Who's there?"
It's clearly the same voice you heard earlier, Roibert.


"Oh deary, it is just me and the bard from the town. Be nice and open up, will you?"


"Depends on the mood.. Most ponies like a love story better."

"It's Me. Sedeli. Can I talk to you?"


"Ponies grow out of those with time, believe me."


"The monstah' hunter?"
You hear him gasp!
Quickly, the door opens up! He seems ecstatic to see you! But he seems confused once he sees Dyrah.
"Master hunter! Mother Dyrah! Does this mean the spirit has fled now!?"
There's hope on his face.


"I am afraid not, my child."


"Uh, not quite."
"I need to ask you about the baron.. Probably not near the kids."


His face goes quickly pale.
Sense motive, both of you.


'1d10' sure

Roll #1 1 = 1


He's REALLY concerned about the ghost!


Sealed Pact
The whispers will surely tell me

Roll #1 2 = 2


Who would blame him, its a scary ghost!



He pats his hooves down on the doorsteps.
"We… We talk outside, kay? House's small, my kids be cold outside."


"Sure." go stand in his yard I suppose.


Nod and follow.
"You seem tense, deary."


"Much blessings."
He bows profusely.
"Yes, this got me on all sorts of bads.
Spirit's gonna eat us whole she is."
He shivers in the dark. It's cold out here.
"The baron's dead. Since a month now."


"He's not buried with his wife. Why's that?"


"Why would she hurt you, dear?"


He scratches his head, then gives Mother Dyrah a look, as if looking for help.
"She does buryin' round here, but Baron, he was a special one. The way he died. Folks couldn't find the body!"


Sense motive please.


"Couldn't find it? What happened exactly?"

Roll #1 10 = 10


What is he playing at, the young little miscreant?

Roll #1 10 = 10


That's a big, fat, stinking lie if you ever heard one!
He must know exactly where that body is!
"Hunting accident! T'was a bear! Hauled the poor sob into some witch coven in da woods!"


I look unamused.
"I understand why the Monster Hunter didn't want to deal with this now."


Chuckle lightly.
"I see… where did the bones go, dear? Bears do not gnaw on them like dogs, from what I recall."


He shrugs, now confident his lie was believed.
"How would we knows, body's well and gone!"


"Why don't you show us, where he usually went hunting at. I heard you were great friends."


"Crying shame, that is…"


"Oh ah won't dare say we wuz friends, ah'm but a villager, he like to hunt with company's all.
Now if you will, me time's done. Me kids be waiting."


Step in front of him to stop him.
"Sorry, but this can't wait. The ghost won't leave without her lover next to her."


"Roibert, dear… we are trying to help.
Can you really be a father to your children and just hide inside, knowing the ghost is still out there because you didn't do your part? That is not the stallion I know you to be."
Grandmotherly charm time.


"Well ain't that too bad! But you has to search the woods then! Maybe ask witches!"
"Wut you on about, ah' did all ah could!"


"I'm not asking a witch, I'm asking you. What happened to the baron's body?"


"You could show us where the bear might have got him… you know these woods well, don't you?"


"To the woods? At this time? Oh neigh, me's not as brave as you two!"


"That is why we will be there too, deary."
Mutter under my breath to myself and the whispers.
"There must be something that could lure him out there…"



The cold giggle of the dead echoes through your mind.
"N-nuh uh! Not for me kids!"


"Have you ever a ghost story, Roibert? The ghost always saves the one that betrayed them for last, killing its whole town, and family.."
'1d10+2' terrify.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Chuckle softly, smiling.
"Roibert, deary… why make this so hard on yourself… why would you want your children to hear that you are more involved in this than a bear? They can live with a free consience."


The stallion winces and crumbles under pressure.
"Look, it… I know where it be."
He seems to be… Crying?


"Awww, you poor child… lead us there and soon this will all be over."
Pat his back reassuringly.


"Finally, take us to the body so we can end this."


"You's not tellin anypon?"
He seems incredibly scared right now.


"I suppose I could be convinced to leave your part out of the retelling.."


"If we can resolve this, there might be no need for that."


He seems panicked.
"Mama Dyrah, you's always helped us out-
Convince the bloke!"


"I am trying to help you out now…"
Stop my hoof on his back.
"But you are going to lead us to that body right now, unless you want your children to grow up without a father."


All of a sudden he's so so quiet.
"Can I… Say goodbye first?"


"There is no need for that. You wouldn't use that as an excuse to trick an old lady and this spry young fellow to escape, would you? If you do your part, you will be back without a hair on your body hurt."


I stare at the old mare, she might have overdone it..
"Hey, just show us where the baron ended up, maybe help us carry him to the crypt. No one has to die."


He whines under his breath, but ultimately gives. up.

He leans onto the window, telling his young'uns he'll be back soon. And with that, he walks away, towards the woods.




Follow indeed


He's taking the path which coasts the woods, where the mud trail gives way to cobbled stone and sturdy bridges. Indeed, this is the way to the baron's castle.
And half a kilometer away from it, the townspony steers off, into the woods.
"This way…"
Five hundred and twenty six steps. That's how long it takes for your lot to reach a small ditch, with a thin strip of water running by it… And again, that heat.


"…Its down there?"


"I think the lovely lady baron is close, don't you think, Sedeli?"


"Da… Da baroness?
She's been ded for years now!"
You see Roibert looking around in a panic.
Then, from the dark and dead underbushes, through the tall birch trees…
Tall and searing, opening up a wound in the forest! And through it, the corpse of a lady, her hooves and throat young as young can be, the picture of a mare in the bloom of her youth. But the rest of her body… Nothing but a decaying corpse!


"And you managed to rouse her from the dead, my poor old Roibert."
Shake my head…
"This is not good, not good at all, my lovelies…"


Tall curtains of flames envelope now the wall of vegetation which surrounds the ditch, locking the three of you in here!

Not you she wants


"What.. Roibert.. did something happen between you two?"
I guess I'll draw my sword and try to protect him.


"I think she just wants what is fair… a life given for a life taken."


Roibert cowers behind Sedeli.
The ghost, in turn, paces the edges of the fiery ring, raising a hoof towards the townspony.
"What?! No! This is madness! Fight her, that's why we pay's you!"


"Wait.. are you suggesting we just let her kill him? What if she doesn't stop?"


'1d10' slash at her to push her back

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Why would she not? She would not burn the town of his once beloved baron! She seems to have it out for the murdered of his beloved, who even robbed her of being together in the afterlife!"

I'll stay passive for now.


She's not lunging forwards, and right now she's at a decent distance. Close the gap and attack?
"He had to die! Bastard was of the shittiest sort! Village almost starved to death for his vices! Think of me young'uns!"


That much is true..
"There had to be a better way than this…"
"But alas, it is too late to change the past."

Turn to the ghost.
"Spirit! Your husband deserves a proper burial, which he will get if you cease terrorizing the town! Justice will be done to this stallion, but not by blood as he did, but by fair trial!"


Ah, then I will just keep between her and him.

"What? You really did kill the baron?" I frown at him. "I don't suppose you could try apologizing to her?"


The voices of the dead hiss loudly into Dyrah's mind.

they are so strong, she falls to a knee.
The ghost lets out a long, drawn out lament, striking doubt and fear in your hearts!

Will save!


'1d10' I'm not scared

Roll #1 8 = 8


Clench my ears!
My poor old will!
"I think she cares more about revenge than justice, dear…"

Roll #1 3 = 3


Indeed, you are a bard! Only thinking of the stories and plays you could make from this fills you with courage!
To her, revenge is justice. And to you, the lines get blurred. -1 on skills until you find hope again.


Stand up with my shaky old legs.
"I say we get this over with and let her have him before she burns the forest and the town!"


"Cease this rampage Baroness."
'1d10' try to cheap shot her.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You approach slowly, walking softly with the sword safely put away in its scabbard, beckoning the baroness' ghost with calm words of gentleness and understanding…
Only to spin around and hit her ghost straight in that so young-looking throat of hers!
She recoils and floats backwards, dazed!

In seeing this, Dyrah's hope is restored. She has lost her -1 to skill rolls!

Roibert scampers off, hiding in the ditch.
The spirit is ready to lunge at you!

Sedeli 6/5
Dyrah 2/6
Burning Mare ??/?? [STN]


"I suppose this is how it is…"
This old mare has fight in her yet.
Sealed Pact, Earthen Strike that ghost with my staff!

Roll #1 6 = 6


'1d10' Just go for a sword slash while I have the momentum.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Suddenly, the old mare jumps up into the sky as if made of something lighter than air itself, her hooves blending together into a single, pristine rock which comes crushing down on the Burning Mare's hooves, making a pulp out of them for those few seconds it take her to recreate the illusion.
At the same time, the bard's slashes her throat open, the wail of death and sorrow seeping through the wound, singing the song of the lost through the burning woods.

Sedeli 6/5
Dyrah 2/6
Burning Mare ??/??


'1d10' counter her song with a song about cards and booze. Inspire.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Well, we all know what is coming now, don't we, lovelies.
Attack the ghost again, bracing for pain.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Switching from sword to guitar is not as easy as it sounds.
And pain comes. The song of the dead, amplified by the anguish and spite of the spirit coursing through your body brings you down to your knees, veins in your head thumping an thundering, menacing to split it open.

Sedeli 5/5
Dyrah HLP/5
Burning Mare ??/??


I may be down, but my spirits aren't!
Attack from the ground!
The passive of possessed, remember?

Roll #1 1 = 1


'1d10' I will simply try again, a more soothing song about swimming. inspire

Roll #1 10 = 10


The baroness' ghost holds sway over them… They are withering in pain, unable to attack their own. And through the deal, that pain is yours to bear.
Understanding its pain, making yours the wails of the dead, you are able to sing the song of Hope which denies the fear in everyone's heart.
Dyrah is now up and you both get +2 to your next action.

Sedeli 5/5
Dyrah 6/4
Burning Mare ??/??



I change the tempo to a faster pace, trying to wear the ghost down by tricking it into moving too fast, like a pony used to a jig.
'1d10+4' terrify.

Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Time to pacify the ghost with my staff!
Hitting it hard!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5

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