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It turns out that collecting statues for Mother Nature is not just about rolling around the grass and seducing mares.

It's still a big part of it, thankfully.
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She tilts her head.
"One of our own? I can't really play any instrument!"


"I was literally tripping over musicians when I got here. We just need to set the stage up."


"So you will be the lead singer? But what songs will we play? This is a bit sudden! I love it!"


"And you'll be the back up dancer. We'll play.. whatever we like. Let's pick a spot and set up."
'1d10' rolling for lucky spot on the beach to set up a stage.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You both come out of the water - Joy shakes her head and body to shake the dampness of off most of her coat and let the sun dry the rest before dressing back up - and you start scouting the nearby area.

As your luck would have it, not only do you find a lucky spot, but there are boxes here… it's a DIY stage, with the picture of a smiling goat on every box.
Huh, guess you'll just have to assemble it then!


"Some assembly required." I hum and start opening the boxes up and attaching side A1 to joint A.. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Either you should have a cutie mark in construction or these things are idiot-proof.
In no time flat you have a modest sized but firmly standing wooden stage on the beach!


"Great now.. we just put up a sign.."
grab some paint and display 'Beach Stage: Free Venue. Musicians wanted, come show your talents and become famous!'


You put up the sign but there is little interest at first…
Until Joy starts to do some advertising!
"Who's a good musician? YOU are! Why shy away from letting the world now? Feel free to come up here and play some good old fashioned music from the heart!"


I will help out, strut around and point at ponies and goats and dragons that seem to be carrying their musical instruments along. While dancing and singing a bit myself.
"You! Yes I said you. Young goat. Would you like the world to see you? Don't you know there is a place you can play? Oh, young goat. Why don't you come along this way."


The young goat gasps in surprise.
"Hah! Me? Well… I guess I could!"
There is a crowd gathering now, and it almost looks like there's going to be too many musicians to pick from!


Clap my hooves in approval, and to get everyone's attention.
"This is the Beach Stage. Thank you all for turning out tonight. Since there are so many of you, we'll have each band play a set of 3 songs and change places with the next. Get into bands of 3-6, and be ready to make this the best beach night ever!" I do a fist pump at the last part to get the hype up.


The response is a resounding cacophony of cheers an hollers as the crowd goes wild… and the number of people who are approaching only seems to grow!
A haggard looking middle aged pony steps up to the stage looking all serious, reaching to a bag on his back…
Presenting a violin that he starts to masterfully caress with the bow!
You see a few other creatures, mostly donkeys, goats, mules, dogs, that look like they could be nothing more than outcasts in a proper pony city, all playing their own instruments - trumpets, drums, harmonicas - and as they do, Joy takes the lead to the front of the stage.
"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to PARTY?"
There is an incredibly loud cheer in response as she starts shaking what she's got!


Well, grab a mic and join in, singing for the bands, some giving me a song title, some just letting me improvise with their style.

When the middle age pony looks almost ready I whisper to him. "you're looking to play something romantic? I've got a sort of ballad in mind."
Once he agrees, sing this.

My weeping lady.
Heart of metal, kept in a box
echoes of your sound.
lost thoughts so long ago
My weeping lady.
I take your hoof and fly away
I take your troubles in my wings
My weeping lady.
We go to the place so full of metals
the place of magnetization
My weeping lady
I fight the darkness you once knew
I take that old plight on, like t'was new
My Weeping Lady.
Enemies which only slept
on us did crept
such a dire trial called
My Weeping Lady.
It was a day, it was a night
the explores almost died of fright
the shadows, that the past reclaimed
for this my lady, she was famed
for die this night, my lady does
My Weeping Lady
she cried for those who did not know.
she died for what she could not show.
and how could, someone thank such a lady?
I prayed and pleaded, bring her back.
My Weeping Lady
Tears of fire, and screams of fur
I tore the heart from her empty chest.
warmed it with my very last breath.
I brought her to the altar with me.
(softly) My Weeping Lady.
I never knew the land could feel
for something which was never a part,
of that precious family.
I asked and offered and the trees did listen.
For. My Weeping Lady
Her heart stone cold grew up and old
a form so strong, and a voice so bold
she laughed again, in golden light
she cried, she felt, at every sight.
My Weeping Lady.


The band behind you nods, quickly picking up on your vibes and improvising an amazing song to play under your lyrics as your voice booms through the crowd!
Your song slowly becomes a rollercoaster of emotions affecting everyone, making the crowd cheer with joy or weep with sadness, an utter and complete silence embracing everything once you are done.
As you are catching your breath from the exhausting singing session, you look over the crowd, every pair of eyes transfixed in you in silence, the seconds stretching into eternity…
Then it all explodes into clapping, clopping, hollering, cheering and just an unstoppable force of love and excitement!


Take a bow and back down from the stage for a emotional water break.
Watching the band and Joy who's the star dancer of her own concert. shed a tear of pride


You grab a bottle of water to hydratize your parched throat and replenish all the water lost by the tears and just sit back a bit to take a break.
The earlier band has now exited the stage, now replaced by another, and Joy looks positive stunning in her cute little outfit as she is giving it all she's got on the stage, dancing her soul out!


That's how this stage works, everyone gets a turn. My chance to cheer for her now.
'1d10' cheer for Joy (the mare)

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your voice cracks in an incredibly high pitch the moment you try.

…looks like you'll have to give your talker a bit of a break for the rest of the day!


Sitting back and enjoying the concert from here on out won't be too bad.. let someone else sing for a bit..
Just get a comfortable spot and watch, waving at Joy once in a while.


Musicians come and go from the stage, with Joy staying there dancing, waving back at you every time she sees you do it!

After an hour or so, she does climb down at the back of the stage, joining you in your comfy spot.
"Wew! That was quite exhausting, but tons of fun!"

A stallion quickly takes her place as main dancer, and the party continues.
"We made quite a concert! I think most people from the island are here!"

Your throat is still a bit sore!


I nod at her, grinning in delight at the festivities.


She sits down beside you, nuzzling your neck.
"Thanks… for everything. You really made my day!"


Put my wing around her, and attempt to say. "It was nothing." '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


You pull her closer to yourself into a half-cuddle.
Your voice only cracks a tiny bit.
"Tee-hee… you had quite the long day too!"


Nod at her, blushing a bit at the weird voice, and rubbing my neck with my free hoof.


"Awww, don't worry about it!"
She leans up to whisper in your ear.
"We could go somewhere quiet so you don't have to yell~"


What a sweet offer, accept it by kissing her and taking her hoof firmly. My wing releasing her after the kiss. She can lead the way this time.


She giggles and leads you to a small grove that has grass everwhere, surrounded by tall palm trees. The last of the light from the sun is disappearing, but some magician has conjured lights over the stage that you built, you can see it from here, and faintly hear the distant music… considering how quiet everything is around here, most of the island is gathered there now!


This sounds like a perfect day.. all there is left to do, is make the night perfect too.
Look into her eyes, roll her into the grass playfully, tickling with my wings. and then turning the tickling into touches and kisses and -intimate care-


The two of you spend quite the bit of quality time together for the perfect closing of such a nice day

When you wake up in the morning, your throat is still ever so slightly sore from the strain of singing yesterday, but at least you had a nice rest!
Joy has her head just under your neck, still sleeping blissfully.

Funnily enough, you hear distant music from several directions, the island itself never sleeps it seems!


One endless party.
Sadly, I can't stay forever. Kiss the mare's forehead and see if she wakes up..


She does, blinking a few times and yawning!
"Hoooaah…. Good morning!"


"Good morning Joy." Stretch a few times starting to get up.
"Know where to get a coffee?"


She scratches her mane.
"Uuuh… I think there are a few carts here and there that we can probably catch."


"Alright.. Let's get breakfast."
Straighten up my furs and mane, waiting for her to be ready too.


She straightens out her skirt - giving you a coy smile as she does - and fixes her mane, joining your side as the two of you take off to find some nutrition!


Look for some toast and coffee.
'1d10' luck.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You find a place that has both, but you have to wait a few minutes, there's a line!
The coffee smells delish though!


set her warm cup into her hooves and smile over my breakfast. Let her be as close as she likes, breathing a relaxing sigh. Then look a little uncertain, but start anyway.
"Joy, I have to leave the island. I've got ponies waiting on me to help them. Thanks for the perfect vacation, it wouldn't have been the same without you."


You see a bit of sadness in her eyes, but she smiles.
"It's okay, I understand. Thank you for yesterday, for everything… and I'm sure we'll meet again one day!"
She actually cheers up a bit after saying that!


"I wouldn't be surprised."
nudge her a bit when I finish my toast. "Keep up those dance moves, maybe you'll be a pro-cheer mare next time we meet."
Then without making it awkward, kiss her and whisper to her. "Goodbye Joy." and leave.


You kiss her goodbye and she waves at you with a fond smile as you go.

Crap, did the goats ever tell you how to get back?


Well.. The way I got here was a balloon, maybe I need to use that?
Do I have the pieces ?


To your surprise, you have the balloon again! And it's intact again, despite having popped once!


Let's try the same process.
inflate it until it pops.


You start blowing the balloon up and POP!

Your ears are ringing a bit and your vision is a bit fuzzy, but you regain your senses in… uh.
This looks like Los Pegasus, where you left from.


Okay, now.. find a news stand. What day is this compared to when I left?


Only one day passed! So you weren't gone for all that long!
Nothing in the news that makes you immediately concerned either, thankfully.


Wasn't I supposed to be gone a while?
Oh well. I had better go to ponyville and check on Lock Box..
'1d10' stealth into an alley and use that crystal to teleport.

Roll #1 10 = 10

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