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The first thread, in which the GM is nervous



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It is the year 253 A.N.M. It has been two hundred and fifty three years since the fall of Nightmare Moon to the Elements of Harmony, and now 63 years since the Princesses ascended. On that day, the alicorns seemingly disappeared, leaving the country of Equestria without rule. The sun and moon now seemingly rise and set on their own, and the natural magic of the earth has seemingly lessened. Now, the country has been swept by an industrial revolution, under the rule of the Equestrian Council. Population has boomed, innovation soars, and capitalist ideals have taken hold of Equestria.
You, the players, are a group of mercenaries who group together at The Immoral Harlot, a pub which doubles as an employment office for those who need abnormal or dangerous jobs done. You all have your individual goals and aspirations, but at the end of the day the party must work together to succeed in your goals.


(Post Sheets)









Lil’ Wisp [Colt Unicorn] 5/5
Teddy [Eidolon] 5/5
Poppy [Female Diamond Dog] 5/5
Shadow [Male Pegasus] 5/5
Sir Aphelion [Male Dragon] 5/5
Lady Apogee [Female Minotaur] 5/5
Alexandrite % Geode [Male/? Crystal Pony/?] 5/5, 5/5
Chance Hasit [Male Unicorn] 5/5

Jesus christ that was a long list, noveling.



Dawn rises with rosey fingers over the city, the sun shining brightly. However, with the perpetual smog of the factory district, one can hardly tell besides the few cracks of light in the sky.
Mercenaries and job-hunters file down the stairs of the Immoral Harlot, taking their breakfast and grabbing small fliers off of the job board, looking to make end's meet. However, it seems you have all slept in late. By time you've made it down, it's almost noon, and there remains one lone note on the job board…


I trot to the jobs board, slightly upset that my alarm clock spell didn't work out.

"Just one left? Sigh. Let's see what it is Seraph."

I read the note.


"I wish we didn't have to do this, Teddy." The little colt says to the teddy riding on his back.
"Only one? I wonder what it is." He stretches up to read it.


As sunlight cracks over the horizon, Shadow squints at the few rays of light that penetrate through the thick smog and the blinds over his window. The pegasus sits up and stares directly outside.

"To heck with the sun…"

Still groggy, Shadow wraps himself in his cloak as he stumbles out the door, and nearly trips over his front hooves.

"To heck with my hooves."

He keeps a hoof on the wall as he descends the stairs to stumble over to the last note remaining.

"…to heck with my sleeping schedule."


Alexandrite descends the stairs, rubbing the sleep from his eyes at the late start to the day, "Hard to tell if its you or I that isn't quite used to all this smog yet," He comments out loud, seemingly to himself.
He glances over to the job board, the lone note not leaving much option.
"Hope this one might be a travelling job. Been a while since we've been able to do some more searching."

Opting out of breakfast so he cam get to the note while its still on the board, the pony with the crystal growing off his back trots over to read it.



"This is YOUR fault, Lady Apogee," Aphelion admonishes loudly. "I forewarned of the consequences of tardiness. And, you continued to frivolously adorn yourself with unnecessary baubles. Verily, your vanity will undo us both! Look, there is but one job left for us now!"

{"I-I'm sorry, sir," Apogee stammers as she stumbles down the stairs behind Aphelion. "I have to look my best in front of everyone!"}

"This is no time for excuses!" Aphelion retorts. "That time passed long ago when you took an hour to bathe! You bathed last night! Pray, what manner of dirt might you have gathered in your 9 hours of sleep?"

{"I-it won't happen again, sir!" Apogee says resolutely, despite her stuttering.}

"I should hope it doesn't. Now, quickly take the job before we lose this one as well."

{A face of realization quickly dawns on Apogee as she runs to the note on the board to grab it.}


Poppy walks over to the job board, her hair somewhat messy after only doing a half-ass job at brushing it. With a yawn she begins to eye the only job left. "Well… Guess that's what I get for sleeping in later." She mumbles mostly to herself.

She wears what looks like jean shorts, plain white muscle shirt, simple sun flower shaped earrings, sleeveless leather biker's jacket and dull spiked leather wristbands. All of her clothing seems new as if she had recently bought it.

Poppy eyes all the others. "So, are you all here looking for a job too?" She asks.


The colt giggles at the sight of the crystal pony and growth, "Hey, what's that on your back?"

"Yeah, my cousin can barely make ends meet for herself, so me and Teddy have to go make money for ourselves."



You all cram next to one another. The note reads as follows, in a sloppy handwriting

"Save my Ship

Hey, it's All In, you've probably heard of me. Anyways, I was gamblin over at the Okay Corral when I was informed by a fella of mine that my airship was stolen! It's no freighter of anything, but that thing was a fortune. I heard tell of pirates stealing boats from the Port. I've got more info, but you'll have to visit me so I know who I'm paying."

beneath the note is a writing in chalk reading "600?". This is commonly written by the barkeep to guess what the overall price of the job might be.

The name All In also seems familiar, he's also a patron of the Immoral Harlot. If it's the night, you can normally find him either buying drinks for the house, or drinking the cheapest of beers. During the day, there's one location you can usually find him: The Okay Corral, the local, seedy gambling house.


"Since we all got here together, let's go do it together!" The colt says with his childish optimism.



"You!" Aphelion says loudly and suddenly. "Child! This is no place for one so young. You may be hurt."


Aphelion crosses his arms with a forlorn expression on his face. "Alas, it is so. Being a knight is not the influential business it once was. But, that does not diminish the value of the work or the importance of what I do!" He adds that last part quickly.


{"Pirates!" Apogee shouts across the room to Aphelion. "It's a good job!"}

"You've lucked out this time, Lady Apogee," Aphelion says with a satisfied nod.


"You best believe it, missy. Bills don't pay themselves, specially not these days!"
He lazily exclaims as he ties his bandanna on his foreleg.

Shadow peers at the note through squinted and hazy eyes as he brushes his mane back.
"…I can't read this early in the morning…any of you fine fellas mind tellin' me what's it say?"

He double takes at the small colt.
"Ain't you a little too young t' be adventuring, boy-o?"


"I can handle myself! Well… with Teddy's help I can!" He stands his ground.

On his back, Teddy stands up and crosses his arms, nodding in agreement with Wisp.


"We all are, aren't we? And I guess we better get friendly. There's only one."

"Looks easy enough. Should we find the stallion or just go around looking for stolen ships?"

"Oh stop you. I'm sure the colt can fend for himself. Why else would he be here?"


"D-did I ave' too much last night, or is that bear alive?"


"Teddy's alive alright!" He grins, Teddy giving Mute a slightly disapproving look… even with his button eyes.


"Been looking. Thought we haven't had much luck for what we prefer."

"Hmm?" Alexandrite looks down at the colt, "Oh, this is Geode. A crystal I met back during my researcher days."

The crystal does nothing.

"A ship retrieval, doesn't sound too far but its still somewhere."

"It does seem fair. And there must be more too this if he didn't put down everything on the flier."
Alexandrite says to Wisp's proposal.


"Don't you seem a bit young to be getting a job here? Usually kids think of making a lemonade stand first."

After reading all the details, Poppy continues to interact with the group.

"Seriously, who's kid is this?" Poppy asks, looking around for the parents.

"Well, I don't mind splitting a reward. These jobs usually just pay for my shopping trips. My name's Poppy by the way." Poppy greets herself.


"How cute! Here Seraph, play nice while I go get some breakfast. Or brunch, or whatever they call the food you eat at this time."

Chance shrugs.

I go to the counter and see what they are serving.



Aphelion stares at Wisp through incredulous eyes. "That is some impressive magic, but you are still so young. If you take this job, then I insist that you remain by my side. Pirates are a dangerous lot. We can't have you being caught and sold now can we…" Aphelion stares at Wisp for a moment.

"Name!" he says loudly.

{Apogee nearly falls on her face as she quickly reaches into her armor for a piece of paper. "Uuuuum," she mutters as she flips through pages. She glances at Wisp several times and back to her paper before she says, "I think that's Chance Hasit, sir."}

"Stay by me, Chance Hasit," Aphelion says with a heroic posture.


"There are many who take jobs that they cannot handle…" Aphelion responds before pausing again.

"Name," he orders again.

{Again, Apogee flips through pages. "That must be Wisp, sir," she nods her head conclusively.}

"Well met, Wisp," Aphelion says, extending his claw for shaking.


"And now we must share the reward," Aphelion says angrily to Apogee.

{Apogee stands taut and salutes. "My deepest apologies, sir!"}


Shadow tilts his head and ponders for a few seconds.
"Yeah alright, I can believe that," he nods.

"No complaints here, friends. Besides, it's easier to stay alive when you're in a group. I'm Shadow, Mute Shadow. J-just Shadow is fine."


As per usual, Salty (a rather round male Diamond Dog) is cleaning a glass behind the counter, while Short Mead (an average sized female Earth Pony) is going around waiting [doing what waiters do] for the patrons. Today, Haysh Browns and Eggs (Without the Eggs for herbivores) is being plated. Salty looks up,

"You 'avin' anything? It's almost time to switch to the lunch menu y'know."


"It'll get done faster as well, leaving more time to refresh and not wake late tommorrow, as it seems most of us have." Alexandrite adds after the mention of reward split.

"A pleasure to meet you, I'm Alexandrite, and this is Geode."
He nods his head back to the crystal on his back, introducing it.


"I… don't like talking about my parents. But Teddy helps keep me safe!"

"Hi." Wisp grins.

Wisp giggles, "I'm Lil' Wisp, and this is Teddy!" Teddy climbs up to his head.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"


With introductions out of the way, Shadow leaves to get something to eat before the group heads out. He heads for a table and inspects his knives, giving them a quick sharpening with his whet stone.


"I think your list there might be off a bit. My names Chance. Somewhat famous magician? That's my bunny" I point to Seraph over with Teddy. "Seraph."

"Hmm. Just the Haysh Browns I suppose." Chance says to herself: "Can bunnies have hay? Oh well."

Seraph stares at Teddy, somewhere between bored and tired. He then sits down and waits for Chance to return.

It doesn't seem like Seraph is much for conversation, to you at least.


"Oh! Can I have some haysh browns?" He asks, barely able to get his head over the bar.


>>(Anyone else buying breakfast)

Short Mead drops the food by, taking 5 bits from those buying.

"Bit late for a job, don't you think? Ah whatever, buisness is buisness. Here's some Haysh Browns for the lot of you. You all be safe out there, alright?"


"I will! I got Teddy!" Wisp grins at her.


The pegasus idly eats his Haysh Browns as he ogles Short Mead, pausing his sharpening session to see if his tongue is sharp enough.

He half-heartedly smirks, "I'd have to be if I wanna see another mare like yourself."
He breaks on the inside.


"I'll call you Shad." She says, holding out her hand to Shadow.

"Uhm… Hey there, Alex and uhh… Geo." She attempts to greet back while remaining polite to her new team mate(s).

"Hey, not my first act of laziness, Shorty. How's your morning going so far?" She asks, still calling him by his nickname she first gave him.


He blinks and shakes Poppy's hand silently.
"Y-you too."


"Thank you. C'mon Seraph!"
Chance says as she heads towards the door. Half a Haysh Brown in her mouth, the other levitated over her. Seraph comes hopping onto Chances back, taking the other half of the Haysh Brown.

Chance opens the door and poses triumphantly.

"It's the start of a new life, Seraph! Today, we're gonna be mercenaries!"

Seraph glances over at Chance for a moment, then goes back to his Haysh Brown.

"That is, once everyone else gets going too. Sigh."


>forgot shorty was a she there for a moment, statement still applies.



Aphelion's face turns red as he unceremoniously abandons his heroic stance. "Not Chance Hasit, then?" he asks, clearly humiliated.


"Lady Apogee, what is WRONG with you!?" he asks as he turns to her in an outrage.

{"I'm so sorry, sir," Apogee squeaks, hiding behind her papers. "Th-there's only two unicorns on the list, and these ponies are so hard to tell apart so I… guessed…" She covers her face, ready for the impending backlash.}

However, the backlash does not come. Aphelion sighs and recomposes himself. "My apologies. It's a pleasure to meet you, Chance," he sounds more deflated now.

{"Eeeeeeeeeee!" Apogee squeals on the other hand. "THAT'S SERAPH!? The world's most famous bunny!?"}

"You recognize the rabbit but not the magician which uses it?" Aphelion asks in a combination of annoyance and shock.

{Apogee ignores Aphelion, too starstruck by the rabbit to care. "Can… Can I hold him?" Apogee asks Chance with timid excitement.}


Aphelion pays 5 bits for the food.

{"What about me, sir?"}

"We will share. A good knight should be able to survive on a half portion such as this."

{"Yes, sir!" Apogee responds, sounding unnecessarily grateful.}


Alexandrite heads over for a quick breakfast, placing 5 bits on the counter.
"We will, wouldn't be out here if we weren't."


He grabs a fork with his TK and starts eating.

Teddy didn't play with Seraph, instead remaining a stoic teddy bear on the colt's back.


Short winks,

"And you better not die out there, or else I lose a customer."

her face scrunches at the nickname, but returns quickly to a smile,

"It's been alright, can't believe y'all slept through the fight between the Peak brothers, almost got into a brawl again today. Thank god they had a job."

"Make this one extra large!"

Short yells back to Salty, who then shouts to the cook,

"If you're sharing, you can atleast have some more to eat. On the house."


Seraph cracks a smirk, leaning on the back of Chance's neck. He takes his other paw and brushes it over the fur on his head.

Seems like someone is rather fond of having fans.


He raises an eyebrow and points at her before going back to sharpening his blades.

"…oh jeez, oh man, that was close." he says under his breath as he stuff his face with the rest of the Haysh Brown.



"You're too kind," Aphelion bows gratefully.

>ready to leave and eat on the road if need be


{Without warning, Apogee picks up Seraph and spins around with her arms stretched out. "Oh, he's sooooo cute!" She says, still spinning.


"I can't imagine how those two still get a job done yet manage to break a chair over each other during the same day." Poppy chuckles, smiling as she enjoys her breakfast. "Well, I'm sure I'll be heading out here soon with these guys. Food's still great too." Poppy compliments Shorty like she has nearly any meal Poppy got from her.

>ready when everyone's ready


Wisp finishes his food and hops around energetically, Teddy having to hold onto his horn to stay on. "I'm ready when you guys are!"



>>(everyone else)
Dishes stacked, Haysh Browns devoured, Short waving goodbye. That is, before Salty shouts for her to clean up after the patrons.

Emerging out into the open city, the hustle and bustle of ponies and other races going about their life creates a familiar cacophony that you hear every day. Voices shouting over one another, the thumping of crates of goods being delivered, and the industrial noises of the factory district a mile down the main street. The Okay Corral is a few blocks down, and you make it without the crowd impeding your travel too much.

The Okay Corral, for only being noon, is pretty full. All around you, you can see people playing slot machines, sitting around blackjack tables, and talking in booth seatings. It might be a bit harder to find your employer than previously thought.


Alexandrite scans around the Corral as they enter, all the sounds of machines and bets being made making it harder to focus through the already large crowds.
"Maybe splitting will find All In quickly through all this bustle."

Since All is known for his drinking habits at the Harlot, perhaps he hangs around the booze here. Alexandrite heads towards the bar to see if he can spot All.


"Umm… I'll stick with you." Wisp keeps close to Chance.



"Gambling…" Aphelion groans. "One of life's most disgusting of vices."

{"One of life's what now?" Apogee asks, halfway to a slot machine.}

"VICES!" Aphelion shouts, noticing where Apogee is going. "Show some restraint, woman!"

{"Yes, sir," she says, suddenly standing straighter and saluting.}

"Well done. Now, find our client."

{"Yes, sir," Apogee salutes again. She clears her throats then shouts using her large Minotaur lungs, "I'm LOOKING FOR A PONY NAMED ALL IN!"}

[1d10] for shouting

"Subtle," Aphelion says, facepalming.

{"Thank you, sir," Apogee responds, clearly not getting the sarcasm.}

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shadow smiles as he follows the others through the industrialized city, the hustle and bustle of the crowd going about their business reminds him of his past times as takes in a deep breath of the polluted air.

When the party reaches the Okay Corral, Shadow splits off from the others.
"You can say that again."

He wanders off to a more secluded area, and takes out his cigarettes, leaving the box unopened.
"Blast, I need a light."
>Non-Combat Talent: Shadow Network (Can make a roll to see if an informants, suppliers, or hideaways are nearby)

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Alright well, I'm sure I stick out enough for you guys to find me. I've seen All In before so I'm sure I can spot him from a small crowd." Poppy says, making her way through the Okay Corral in search of All In.

>Perception: Seek out All In


Roll #1 10 = 10


Chance takes in the atmosphere of the corral all at once.
"Ah. Good to start somewhere I'm already familiar with. Do you think Brass Pipes still works here Seraph?" She answers her own question. "Probably not. That was a while ago"

"That sounds for the best. These kind of places can be a little off putting for little ones."

Chance looks around for major changes since her last visit, a year ago or so. [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9


"It's not my first time here, but… I still don't like it when it's crowded." He looks around to see if he can find All In… whom he doesn't even know what looks like. [1d10]

Roll #1 7 = 7



"How sad our times are when children partake in such activities as gambling," Aphelion says tragically with his arms crossed.


"I don't gamble, I been here before for jobs!"



"How tragic these times are that a child must work for his own money!" Aphelion says even more tragically.

{"Your compassion is an inspiration to us all, sir!" Apogee cheers for him.}


"What's wrong with taking a Chance?"

Chance looks around, seeing if anyone got the joke. Seraph facepalms.



{"Haaaa!" Apogee laughs like the lone person in the far corner of a comedy club.}


"To quote Cous, 'Life's tough, but don't let it keep you from smiling!'"

"Gambling made one of my friends' parents lose his apartment." He says bluntly.



Aphelion smiles widely. "I have misjudged you, Wisp. You are a wise and strong stallion."

{"What about me, sir?" Apogee fishes for a compliment.}

"You have work to do," Aphelion answers critically.

{"Thank you, sir," she thanks genuinely happy for the 'constructive criticism'.}


Lil' Wisp grins at the complement.


"Losing at gambling did. It's all about risk, or, in my case, a little bit of luck, and a lotta bit of skill."

"Tough… crowd? Jokes are more of Seraph's bit."



{"Seraph tells jokes!?" Apogee practically squeals.}


"Then I guess Black Clover's Mamma didn't have much luck."


"Aww. I suppose I can't act like it's not a bad thing."

"He does! He's hilarious. Go on, tell one!"

Seraph looks around awkwardly. You can't tell if he's shy or just not into it right now. Suddenly, his ears perk up. He then walks over to Chance's ear and whispers something.

"That's good! So what did Chance say when Seraph fell into her Haysh Browns? Waiter, there's a hare in my food!"

Seraph shrugs, seems like he's not that good on the spot.



{Apogee claps, but doesn't laugh. "No, no, that was good! I liked it! It would have been funnier if it was soup, though."}

"How would soup have made it funnier?"

{"I mean, it's always soup, isn't it? No one ever seems to get anything in their Spaghetti."}

"Nonsense. Just the other day I was eating a particularly delicious plate of pasta when I happened to find an odd taste. I took the suspect morsel out of my mouth for inspection and found one of my own teeth!"

{"Your tooth!? Are you okay!?"}

"Naturally, it grew back. But the moral of the story is that you can find anything in any food."

{"I'm sorry, dragon teeth grow back?"}

"Well, I can't speak for all dragons, but- Look, you're missing the point-"

{"Why did your teeth just fall out anyway!?"}

"Well, I suspect it has something to do with the rose diamond."


"I had replaced the meatballs in the spaghetti with rubies. Twas quite delicious. But, I confused my red stones. I'm afraid some rose diamonds found their way into the dish as well. And, they are quite a bit harder than rubies. I daresay they're too hard for even me to eat."

{"Rubies and rose diamonds don't even look a thing alike, sir…"}

"Well…" Aphelion trails off. "At attention, Lady Apogee!" he says suddenly. "Don't give me that back sass. Now drop and give me 20!"

{"Yes, sir!" She says as she immediately drops to the ground to do some pushups.}


Chance looks over at the dragon.
"I'm just gonna take a wild guess here and say you come from some sort of military backround?"



"Why, of course!" Aphelion responds, a combination of shocked and offended. "I am Lord Aphelion, Captain of the Lunar Knights! And, this is one of my charges, Lady Apogee. Do you truly not recognize our iconic Lunar armor?" he asks, gesturing to his dark blue armor and Apogee's light blue armor.

Both armors are adorned with crescent moons on the shoulders. Aphelion's armor has a black (new) moon in the chest plate. Apogee has a half moon in hers.

{"I don't think anyone recognizes our armor, sir," Apogee says 'helpfully' as she finishes her pushups. "Honestly, I don't think anyone remembers the Lunar Knights at all."}

"Don't say such depressing things!" Aphelion responds with denial. "Another 20 pushups for you!"

{"Yes sir," Apogee says as she gets back to the ground.}


"I just thought you had cool armor."


"Huh. Can't say I know what the Lunar Knights are but I know what it's like to be part of a forgotten group. I'm a part of the Equestrian Magicians Guild. We weren't really relevant until arcane magic went out of style. Now were a little bit more known."


Lil' Wisp is just enjoying the two elders talking to each other.


"Do you like magic? Here,"
Chance levitates out her deck of cards.
"I'll just keep cutting the deck until you tell me to stop, just so it's entirely random."


"I like both your stories!" He grins, "Buut… stop!" He throws his hooves in the air.


She stops, and takes the top two cards off of the deck.
"Just memorize these two cards."
She shows you the Three of Spades and the Queen of Hearts.
"Now I'll put them back into the deck, cut it a few times so they get mixed in there, and now, the slightly boring part. I'll deal all the cards into four piles."
She begins the tedious task of dealing out the entire deck.
"So, while we have the time, mind telling me how this little colt became a mercenary?"



"Do forgive my gruffness, and I appreciate your candid sympathy toward our plight," Aphelion says, his arms crossed and eyes closed. "But, I find your comparison between the noble pursuit of knighthood and your traveling entertainment insulting. We chivalrously defend the weak at the cost of our own health if needs be. You provide amusements and gags."

{"Yeah, but… we don't have cute bunnies," Apogee says with a concerned expression on her face.}

"Do not belittle my point, Lady Apogee," Aphelion says sternly.

{Apogee backs away timidly.}


{"Yes! Finally, someone who understands! This armor means so much. It represents the moon, gentle but rigid. It always watches as we must always watch," Apogee says with a soft dramatic voice. "There's such a romantic notion to being a knight," Apogee swoons at her own armor.}


"Cous' is barely making ends meet for herself, so I go out looking for jobs with Teddy!"

"Oooo… Do you think I could earn armor like that?"



"If you work hard enough, you could join the Order of the Lunar Knights one day," Aphelion says in a tone he hopes is inspiring. "Why, I don't believe I was much older than you when I first joined!"


"Well it's not like I don't honor your noble pursuits it's just that they may be a little… outdated."

"That's very honorable. I'm sure the old knights of luna over there would think that's very worthy of fancy armor."
Seraph whispers to Chance.
"Ha! More like Nights than Knights. Moon puns."

"Oh, looks like that's the whole deck. Here, I'll take the cards from pile 1 and pile 3, mix them together, then all the cards from pile 2 and pile 4 and mix them together. So now we just have two piles, I'll place this pile face down into this face up pile, shuffle it up and…"
Chance spreads the new mess of cards out in the air.
"So on this side, all cards are red except for this one, and on the other, all of them are black except for this one. And here they are, your two cards."
Chance shows you the Three of Spades and the Queen of Hearts.
"Well? Did I get it?"


"Hear that, Teddy? I could become a Lunar Knight!"

Teddy seems to smile despite his lack of a mouth, patting Wisp on the head.

"Three of spades and queen of hearts!"



The moment the word 'outdated' hits Aphelion's ears, he grips his chest as if he's been shot in the heart. Still gripping his chest, he falls to his knees and hangs his head. "Oh the cruelty of it all…" he mutters loudly to himself dramatically.

{"It's okay, sir!" Apogee says, putting a consoling hand on Aphelion's shoulder. "There's still a place for knights in the world! I believe in you! I believe in us!"}

"Your words are like a sweet melody to my aching heart, Lady Apogee."


{Apogee stares at the toy for a moment. "So, who charmed the teddy bear?"}


"Charmed?" Wisp asks in confusion.



{"Clearly, some sort of magic is making the toy move, right?" Apogee asks, with a slight bit more fear in her voice than there was before.}


"Oh. I… I apologize. I shouldn't of said that. But I don't see honor's place in this world nowadays. Maybe back in the times of the EoH, but not anymore. Perhaps you could change my mind on that as we complete this job? It's a shame that we can't really do much right now. It's like something's just… missing."
Seraph whispers to Chance.
"Or someone."


"Teddy's like a family guardian, and he woke up when…" He pauses as some tears start to form in his eyes, "When Daddy died." He wipes the tears away, Teddy hugging him.



"You see?" Aphelion says, his voice reinvigorated. "This is why the world NEEDS knights! They must be shown chivalry in a world that has forgotten it!"


{A single tear leaves Apogee's eye, her face quickly pushing down the emotional outburst like a steel trap. "Oh, you dear sweet, child," she says. She kneels down to hug Wisp, putting his face perhaps a bit closer to her chest than a child his age should be.}


"It's okay, I still have Teddy." He says with a Smile, Teddy trying to push Apogee off with a lot more strength than one would ever expect a teddy bear off, feeling almost like he might be as strong as a real bear.


"That's them! Works every time."
Chance begins to put the deck back right-side-up.


"How's it work?"


"A good magician never tells her secrets."
Seraph tugs on her mane.
"Alright, it's pretty simple. The deck was already alternating red black, so cutting the deck didn't mess up that. So when I took the cards off the top, I put them back out of the order. Then, cut them back in, making them still the only cards out of order. Then, I dealed them all out. So piles 1 and 3 were all the same color except for your card, and piles 2 and 4 were the same color except for your card. Then I just combined the piles, flipped one of the new piles over, shuffled it up and fanned out the cards."
She stops for a moment to catch her breath.
"Pretty neat, eh?"


"It is, it is! But… can you say it again? And… not in one breath this time?"


"Um, I'm not that good of a teacher. Sorry. Maybe you'll just pick up on it seeing me do it so much."


"Maybe." He grins.





File: 1466597581950.png (746.48 KB, 3200x1080, fuck my life.png)

The Bar is not very full, so you can get to barkeep pretty easily. However, you don't see All In.

"Looking for someone?"

Asks a unicorn behind the bar, cleaning a glass with telekinesis (why are barkeeps always doing that anyways?)

"Aay! No smoking in here!"

Says a burley earth pony, walking towards you, before breaking out into a smile, sticking two cigs in his mouth and lighting them,

"Just kiddin', need a light mista?"


The two of you take a tour around the Okay Corral. It's a nice place, sans the whole casino part. Besides a bar and gambling, it sports a stage and an upstairs common room with pool tables. Chance notices that the stage now has a dug-out area for a pit orchestra, which is off-putting for a gambling house.


Poppy notices a familiar balding black mane sitting atop a white unicorn's head, looking over the craps table with wide eyes.

"Aw come on, that dice was a six till you rolled it!"

>"Come on All In, you know how craps work, pay up."

just as he's about to seemingly make an excuse, Apogee bellows out his name, causing him and the employee to jump. However, All In takes the opportunity to duck out of the sight of the stickman, who shouts for him to come back.

"I'll pay ya later, promise!"

All quickly shouts, before heading up to the minotaur,

"You need me miss? I don't think I have any debts to pay off, so if that's it lay off."

(Paused, fuck my internet)


File: 1467164116088.jpg (417.86 KB, 989x549, tumblr_n5xn4vhL801s3hp12o4….jpg)

Welcome back to Clockwork Conundrum, where I make the rules, and my internet breaks them. Post sheets.





What's the fun in "Calculated" risk?



File: 1467164340720.jpg (50.46 KB, 800x450, lollipoppy.jpg)




Lil’ Wisp [Colt Unicorn] 5/5
Teddy [Eidolon] 5/5
Poppy [Female Diamond Dog] 5/5
Shadow [Male Pegasus] 5/5
Sir Aphelion [Male Dragon] 5/5
Lady Apogee [Female Minotaur] 5/5
Alexandrite & Geode [Male/? Crystal Pony/?] 5/5, 5/5
Chance Hasit [Male Unicorn] 5/5

Noveling… just kidding, i've already got a post nice and ready for you.

Reply to >>667553 , do it now!


"Are you that All In pony we're gonna be workin' for?" Lil' Wisp asks with his childish excitement.


Poppy follows All In, tapping his shoulder when she gets close. "Hey there All In, heard you had a job offer." Poppy says to All In.


"An Orchestra Pit? Not really the Okay Corral I remember."

I notice the others with All In and trot over to them.


Shadow smiles and sticks a cig in his mouth.
"I'd appreciate it."

He puts up a hoof first.
"Before that. Do you know where I might find All In?"



{"Mission accomplished, sir," Apogee says proudly to Aphelion.}

"Well… done," Aphelion responds, with a look of genuine surprise on his face.

"Now," he says, turning toward All In. "You are All In, are you not? You posted a job in the Immoral Harlot?" Aphelion shudders, just saying the name of the Inn he's been residing in.


Alexandrite steps over to the bar.
"Yes, I'm looking for somepony named All In for a job. We've heard he hangs around here, has he been by recently?"


The stallion lights it first anyways with his brass lighter, before pointing with it still in hoof, pointing to the party confronting a pale pony.

"Believe some other folk already beat you to the punch. He got a bounty on his head again?"

"At the craps table last I heard. Strangest unicorn to grace this establishment. He's confident no matter how many games he loses or wins, talk about a gambling addiction."

he looks you once over,

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

(those ushered to All In can assume they follow and hear this)

"Yeah yeah yeah, come on, i'll take you guys to a booth, we can talk there."

All In says, leading the party to a corner booth,

"Anyways, you lot are a bit stranger than I was expecting. But whatever, as long as you can get the Full House back, I'm happy."

He looks around to see if anyone else is listening, before saying in a hoarse (hehe horse), low voice,

"Anyways, the reason why I wanted to meet you all here is the reason why I hired you and not called the dock workers. You see, I didn't get the Full House by completely… legal means. The last stallion who owned it never gave me the paperwork after I won it in Appleloosa Hold'em. So in reality, I have no clue who -really- owns the Full House."

He quickly adds,

"But it's mine though! I've had it for two years now, got it repainted any everything. Before it was such a rustic thing with the wood being natural colored, red's much more bold though."

he looks to the group,

"If you need any other info, I'm here right now. Otherwise, daddy's got some dice to bet on."


"So, we're stealing back a ship. Well do you have any idea where we could start looking or who you suspect might have taken it? I think I'm satisfied with those two questions." Poppy leans back in her seat, relaxing back as she listens to the other questions.


"Where do you think it might be?" Wisp asks, getting to the point.


Having thanked the stallion for the directions, Shadow follows the others to All In.

"Just give us an idea of who might've taken it, and we'll handle the rest."


"So steal from the stallions who stole, from another stallion who stole, that might have not actually stolen?"

Chance pauses for a second.

"Yep. We're still in Equestria, Seraph."


"Addiction, or just love of the game. And no thank you, from the job description we'll need to be on our hooves."

Alexandrite excuses himself and heads to the craps table to find All In.



Aphelion listens with his arms crossed in a disapproving manner.

"While I do not condone gambling, I do acknowledge that what is lost in a wager should legally and morally be considered the property of the winner. That being said, without that paperwork, there is no proof you own anything, and I can't sit by and allow false ownership to take place. I suggest you get that paperwork. Or, for an extra fee, we can get it for you. Would it not be with the ship's previous owner?"

{"Where did you see the ship last?"}

"What a ridiculous question, Lady Apogee," Aphelion interrupts with disappointment in his voice. "Obviously, it won't be where he saw it last. We should instead ask him where it was headed last."

{"Good thinking, sir!"}


"That's not a good question Either, Aphelion. I don't think the pony who stole it would take it on the same path is was heading. That just doesn't make sense."



{"He's… not wrong, sir," Apogee says in a combination of admiration of Wisp and supportive of Aphelion.}

"Well, surely we can get an idea of WHO it was that stole the ship if we know where the ship was when it was stolen," Aphelion huffs in response. "Pirates often prey on the same waters. If we know the pirates, then we just have to find out where they hide out."



"Well, the memory's pretty fuzzy. See, I was betting at this joint a bit seedier than the Okay Corral: Seedy's Saloon. Anyways, I was talking about my ship to a couple of warehouse workers who were interested in it while we played blackjack. All of a sudden though, WHAM! Blackjacked while playing Blackjack. The irony and the clubbing hurt. After I woke up, I went back to the Full House in the port to grab some booze to recover with. When I got there, the thing was gone! Couldn't ask the port workers due to you-know-why, so I went to the Harlot and posted the message. Haven't been back to Seedy's since."

He rubs the back of his head, wincing at one would assume would be a large bruise,

"I'm gonna guess those damn warehouse workers. I never got their names, but there were plenty in there with matching jackets and such, so the workers must frequent the place a bunch."


"Hey, the guy I got it from, Clouded Vision? He was alright, he didn't do anything shady himself: he was just a fence for the… more shady persons. I don't think you're gonna get anything out of him though, he drank himself to death last year after his kid passed. Poor feller."

He pulls a bottle of bourbon out of his jacket (he was wearing a jacket by the way) and takes a swig, before offering it to Aphelion.

"Not too pompous to drink to a man's death?"


"Then we gotta head there and find out who stole it!"

To what All In said about the man drinking himself to death after his kid died, Wisp sighs sadly, Teddy looking sad at this news as well.


"Was the ship itself worth a lot? And were you bragging about how you won it? They could have stolen it to either sell or possibly return to whoever you won it from for a return reward."


"Didn't you hear him? The pony drank himself to death after his kid died."


"Well the ship has to be near town. Might as well start at the port, everyone ready?" Poppy asks everyone, getting up from her seat all ready to head out.

>Ready to go to port or Seedy's if the team wishes to go there instead.


Chance winces at his offer to Aphelion.

"I don't think the equestrian inquisition over here is really gonna support that…"

I take a step back from the knights.


Shadow gets up and puts out his cig.

"Just a few dock workers? This should be a piece of cake then!"


"We're ready." Wisp says, Teddy holding onto his horn to see in front of them better and have the highest vantage point he can on Wisp.

"Never underestimate people. Daddy always reminded me of that."


"We get payed in bits, not corpses. We don't need to kill any of them."



"I do not drink, sir," Aphelion responds, trying to keep composed.

{"The ad said you suspected pirates," Apogee interjects to keep things civil. "Are you saying those dock workers may have been pirates?"}


"Yes, we should head to the dock," Aphelion agrees as he gets up.

{"I think we should go to Seedy's!" Apogee suggest with poorly contained enthusiasm.}

"And why is that, Lady Apogee?" Aphelion asks with suspicious eyes.

{"U-uh… Because, that's where All In got hit. It would be easiest to solve this if we first knew for certain who hit All In. Someone at Seedy's must have seen one of their patrons getting attacked, right?"}

Aphelion stares down Apogee for a moment before nodding his head. "A very well made point, Apogee. To Seedy's!"

{Apogee sighs with relief as Aphelion turns around.}

>my vote is for Seedy's


"Inquisitor!?" Aphelion responds in an insulted huff. "Is that supposed to be some sort of insult? I'll have you know that The Lunar Knights stand for peace! Justice is but a secondary goal."


"Okay, fair point. This /might/ be a piece of cake."

"Who said we had to kill any of them?" Shadow asks with a smile.


"Why are you so mean to Apogee?"


"Yes, that's what I employed you to do, isn't it?"

All In says, seemingly disregarding your age.

"It's no war frigate, but I've invested plenty on it. Plus that's where I keep all my things! Anyways, I wasn't bragging per say, they were just talkin' ships so I brought up how I won it in a bet and how I painted it and 'been using it to give rides to friends every once in awhile, and where it was exactly in the port… Anyways I thought they were trustworthy ponies!"

"Think he meant the previous previous owners kid. I don't know anything about it, I won this ship fair and squarish."

"It better be, I don't wanna pay for the coal if they take it for a joy ride."

"I ain't stopping you, they're scum just like the lot of us, not like our lives matter any to the Equestrian Council."

"Suit yourself."

All says, taking another swig.

>Party can continue to ask more questions or move on to where the majority decides to go. If there's disagreement, I can split if needed.


"Well I'm up for a split investigation if you guys think you can handle it. Who wants to go to the port with me?"

>Ready to go to port if party split is a-okay


"Not really the playful banter type, eh? I didn't mean any offense. And trust me, there's a lot of ponies out there who are gonna be a lot worse than me."
"Your outfit."

Seraph chuckles.

"We should go to the docks. It's a good idea to see what the workers might want in exchange."



"Mean?" Aphelion responds, genuinely taken back by the question. "I-I'm not mean to her. I am critical of her. She is a knight! And, as a knight, she should always aspire to be the best she should be!"

{"And, it's always appreciated, sir!" Apogee adds with a smile and salute.}

>Aphelion and Apogee are going to Seedy's


>Ready to move

The pegasus makes a scrunchy face.
"I-it's so I can blend in easier at night!"


"I think we might have better luck finding them at Seedy's."

"Aren't you a knight, too?"



Aphelion grumbles and harumphs under his breath. "'Tis because of these worse ponies that I take so poorly to such words," he says more quietly. "My apologies. I did not mean to upset you."


"Yes, and I am her Captain. Thus, it is up to me to train her on proper etiquette and performance."


"Well you can follow the others to Seedy's."


"Must have elaborated a lot on it to make them go and steal it. Hopefully it'll be easy to spot, or see if somepony else has if its got a nice coat of paint. Just be sure to keep the stories down after we get it back for you."
Alexandrite heads to the port.


"Then shouldn't you try to be the best you, too? I was able to out logic you earlier and I'm still just a blank flank."


Chance smiles.

"You do know there's a streetlamp at every corner, right?"

Seraph is outright laughing now.

"Who said we need to find them? All we need is an airship, correct?"

"Then our interests are mutual, honorable knight(s)"

Chance sarcastically curtsies.


Shadow crosses his front legs and frowns.
"Oh please. Dodging lights isn't hard at all! Heck, if I want to track someone, rooftops are always open. Boy, back in my day, we rogues had it much easier I tell ya! Much easier!" he throws his hooves in the air.



"W-well, I- She- You did-" Aphelion stumbles over his words as well as his feet. He is about to fall onto the ground when Apogee catches him.

{"He IS the best he can be!" Apogee says supportively, though the context of the statement would suggest otherwise. She stands Aphelion back up straight and dusts him off.}

"Thank you, Lady Apogee," Aphelion says, deflated.


{"She called me an honorable knight!" Apogee squees to Aphelion.}

"Because you ARE one," Aphelion says, proudly puffing out his chest.


"… then that's sad if I can out logic him." Wisp says honestly.


"Your day? Manehatten had streetlamps even 200 years ago. But I agree, running the shadows (wink) has only gotten harder."

"Aww. That's kinda cute."


"Yeah, and I've been around for over 200 years. And not just in Manehatten, I've been places where light isn't as prevalent and annoying. All this new technology just gets in the way! I prefer to do things the old fashioned way, consarnit!"

Now that he's all riled up, Shadow pouts as he sits on the ground, front hooves crossed.



Aphelion slumps over and hangs his head.

{"Hey!" Apogee says angrily. "Don't be so cruel to a Lunar Knight! He fights for your safety! Sure, Aphelion may not be the smartest… Or most coordinated… Or luckiest… Or well liked by many… But, he has heart! And, that's inspirational to me!"}

With each word Apogee speaks, Aphelion looks more and more physically wounded. "Th-thank you for the defense, Lady Apogee…" he mutters in utter defeat.


"Lunar Knights are not CUTE, madam," Aphelion responds indignantly.

{"I mean… is that like a REQUIREMENT or just a general statement?"}


"That's a good start! Maybe we can grow better together!" He grins.


File: 1467170233710-0.jpg (107.95 KB, 666x515, port-city-franz-vohwinkel.jpg)

File: 1467170233710-1.jpg (80.55 KB, 600x400, bar.jpg)

All In waves,

"Come back with my ship, you hear!"

The four of you head to the port, the sun no longer directly above you but not close to setting any time soon either. You estimate it's midnoon by now.
The port is filled with the sound of blasts of steam and shouting workers, leading airships either into raised metal harnesses or to land in the water and port more traditionally. Hot-Air Balloons also go to-and-from the western side of the port, and the occasional steamship or ferry drops off it's cargo and passengers from across the sea. Fortunately, All In gave you the location his ship was docked last, "N double-L 452 star". Whatever that means, you don't know, and by the looks of it, most of the workers here are too focused on their job to help.

To navigate the port, roll to get information/where you want.

Seedy's is about a half a mile down the road, and then down numerous shady (literally and figuratively) alleyways, leading to a set of stairs heading down underground. A faulty neon sign sports a flower growing out out of a bottle labeled "XXX".
Inside the bar, you can tell the owner's name is quite apt. Seemingly dug out of the earth, patches of dirt and grass poking out of sloppy covered wooden and cobblestone walls. Many of the lamps are unlit or broken, causing many of the patrons' faces to being obscured as they talk in harsh whispers and often foreign languages. Behind the bar, a bear cleans a glass with a large paw, looking at the three of you enter coldy. However, you're interrupted by a evergreen earth pony in a beanie,

"Hello Friends! Welcome to Seedy's Salon. I'm Seedy, your new friend. You want drink, yes? Come Sergei, pour newcomers drink, yes?"

The bear complies, beginning to fill three small shot glasses with a clear liquid.


Chance is a bit taken back. Seraph is outright scared of you.
"Thats… Incredible actually. Never thought I would meet anybody over 100 or so."

She pauses.

"But you don't like the technology these days? Shouldn't it be, you know, what's keeping you alive?"


Shadow wanders around the port as he looks around for anything that might be labeled as "N double-L 452 star", whatever that means. He looks for any lazy worker who might be able to tell him anything.
>Rolling for info

"No, my fake body is keeping me alive. This mushy thing is nearly as old as I am, and I just keep it in astounding shape!" he flexes his muscles.
"I can tell you more later, but right now, we have a job that needs to be done."

Roll #1 5 = 5


"N Double-L 452 Star" Chance says aloud.

"North Double Left… Umm… Uh…"

"This is going to be difficult."

I attempt to find anypony that looks like they know what they're doing, and might be willing to share what this all means. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I… don't drink."
Teddy looks back at the bear with a protective gaze, as if letting him know Wisp is under his protection.



Aphelion grumbles quietly at Wisp's statement. However, as they begin to walk into the dark alleys, Aphelion puts a claw on Wisp's shoulder.

"This could be dangerous for one so small. Stay by me," he says, keeping his claw on Wisp's shoulder.

{Apogee laughs giddily at the symbolism of the neon sign. However, she quickly straightens up as Aphelion gives her a dirty look.}

"Try not to look at… anything while inside," Aphelion says to Wisp. "This will not be a place for young eyes."

"This is a child!" Aphelion responds to the owner of the bar, outraged.

{"I'll have whatever your special is," Apogee answers happily.}

"Apogee!" Aphelion says exasperated.

{"We have to blend in, Captain!"}

Aphelion shakes his head. "We're here on an investigation," he says to Seedy. "Are you familiar with a pony named All In?"


Poppy decides to just look around and see if her luck gives her anything.

>Search around for ship


Roll #1 10 = 10


Wisp facehooves, "I don't need your protection, I've got Teddy."

"Apogee's got the right idea, but I still won't drink."



"With the utmost respect to you… stuffed protector, I'd still feel more secure if you were to remain by me," Aphelion responds, removing his claw from Wisp.


Alexandrite looks around the port as they first approach, looking across all the ships and balloons that swarm about.
Instead of checking the dock, Alexandrite goes around and asks the workers/other ponies there if they have seen the Full House recently.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Wisp rolls his eyes, "I'm gonna see if I can't find anything out."
[1d10] looking for someone who fit All In's description and, if he finds them, asking them "What's up."

Roll #1 2 = 2



The dock worker currently counting smog clouds tells you to follow the signs. Looking up, you see a sign next to an empty docking harness. It reads "S MI 004" And has a picture of a star next to it. You still have no clue what it means, and the dock worker seems too preoccupied to explain it.


You notice an urchin filly with a small crowd around her, sitting while running a shell game on top of a cardboard box. Her hooves move extremely fast, and she is frequently handed more and more bits as ponies try to keep up with the moving cups. She seems like the type to be pretty street-smart.
You also notice this same pony, but also acknowledge the hand-drawn map that you can just barely make out in the makeshift tent she must use as a home behind her.

The bear blinks and cocks its head at the small stuffed bear, but stays where behind the bar, going back to idly cleaning a glass.

Seedy laughs,

"Yes, pony is child, bartender is bear. I have eyes too. I was drinking before I was little one's age, and now I own establishment. It will not harm!"

he nevertheless downs the shot meant for Wisp, punching his gut as he winces from the apparent strength of the alcohol.

"Is good stuff! Now, for bull lady. We have whatever you want, special is already poured! Consider good graces for coming to Seedy's, yes."

he turns back to Aphelion,

"Now, you looking for pony? I have many pony who come to drink here, I cannot remember all names. I do not even know names of three of you!"

To be fair, matching jackets aren't the best description to go off. It doesn't help the first table you go to is speaking in a foreign language and greets you with a knife pointed at you as you approach them. Seedy doesn't seem to mind, or care for that matter.


Poppy attempts to get a closer look at her makeshift map, using that as directions to find what she's looking for.

>More perception rolls if needed


Roll #1 5 = 5


I approach the filly and whisper to Seraph.

"Watch my back, you know how these scams work."

I attempt to reach the front of the crowd so I can get a game in. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


Shadow scratches his head as he looks at the sign that the dock worker pointed out. He shakes his head in frustration and starts flapping his wings. He elevates himself to the rooftops and sees if he can use the new view to his advantage as he explores the docks.
>Looking for stuff

Roll #1 7 = 7


Wisp goes back to the bar to ask Seedy, "Do you know what the doc workers' jackets look like?"


"This isn't even the same number that All In gave us. Hopefully the labeling follows some sort of system, 'N' shouldn't be too far off from 'S'."
Following sorting logic, Alexandrite follows along the line of docks to find N LL 452 ★.



{"Thank you, thankyouthankyou," Apogee says quickly as she rushes to the bar in just 3 long strides. She sits down and starts drinking the drink. [1d10] for handling liquor!}

"Ah yes, pardon my manners," Aphelion responds to Seedy with a slap to his own forehead. "I am Aphelion. And, my minotaur subordinate over there greedily drinking your beverages is Apogee."

{"Since Aphelion won't be drinking, can I have his share for free too?" Apogee asks from the bar.}

"That was a HINT, Lady Apogee," Aphelion calls back in annoyance.

{"Please!" she adds.}

After facepalming, Aphelion returns to his conversation with Seedy. "All In. He's a somewhat famous pony in the drinking and gambling circles as I understand it. He's a white unicorn with a balding black mane. He's a bit showy, if you will. He was in here recently, bragging about a ship he owns."

"Ah yes," Aphelion says, slapping himself in the head.

Roll #1 4 = 4



Ignore that last part. That seems to be a holdover from a previous draft of the post.


It certainly looks like a map, but you'd have to take the map to actually read it, and that'd be stealing from an urchin! You're not that nefarious, are you?

Your fancy magician's hat and rabbit catches the filly's eyes, pointing you out as you walk forward,

"Ah, miss magician and her cute bunny, care to double your bits? Make a bet and follow the ball, and I'll match you for up to 100 bits!"

From the rooftops, you can see the docks head vertically and horizontally, as well as having multiple levels. As the levels get higher, they look more haphazardly made, as if trying to cram as much port as possible in the confined amount of space. Near ground level, multiple warehouses and storage dot the land, workers moving cargo to and from to load and offload the ships.

As you head down the docks, you notice the numbers progressively go up, but the letters stay the same. About 3/4 of all the signs have ★s, but can't find any correlation between them. Looking down a path to your side, you notice the letter goes from I to J if you look to the right (MJ), and I to H if you look left (MH).

"Which workers? Many workers at docks, many companies."

The shot hits Apogee as soon as it's down her throat, burning her way down her esophagus. Seedy smiles, noticing your reaction (whatever it might be)

"Yes, brother makes from lava potatoes! Is family recipe from mother country. Good, yes? You drink more, you pay. 25 caps a shot. Premium stuff."

he turns back to the armored dragon,

"Never heard of him, must be a nopony. Still, gambling happens in back corner, you may ask there."

Indeed, a group of ponies and donkeys are huddled around a dimly lit blackjack table, a crystal pony with a shattered ear dealing. Occasionally a celebratory or angry roar comes from a player, but not as much to disrupt the bar.


"… any that might've been gambling for a ship?"


Shadow blinks and wipes his brow as he looks at just how staggeringly large the docks really are. He flies from rooftop to rooftop, looking for a worker who's on break, or just being lazy to ask some questions to. Any worker who's unoccupied with a task, he looks for from the rooftops.
>looking for a worker

Roll #1 3 = 3



{"Woo," Apogee says, her head spinning. "That hit the spot. Or some spot, anyway."}

"Thank you for the assistance," Aphelion says to Seedy with a thankful bow. "Come, Lady Apogee," he says as he moves over to the booth where the ponies are gambling.

{"You go on without me," she says, waving a dismissive hand. "I'll just sit here for a while…"}

Aphelion shakes his head as he approaches the gamblers. "Greetings," he says cordially. "I am Aphelion, Knight Captain of the Lunar Knights. I am looking for information about an incident which occurred here. It involves a sneak attack on a pony who gambled here named All In. Have you heard of him? He's a white unicorn with a balding black mane. He would have been bragging about a ship he owns."


"Apogee, you okay?" Wisp asks her, a little worried for her.


"Must be a large port if they use three digits for numbers but the letters haven't changed at all."
Alexandrite mutters as he follows the path of docks. As he passes a path where the letters change, he pauses to think. If they are sorted by letters its going to be quite a while, N LL is a substantial distance from S MI. Thinking back on the code All In gave, his dock code sounds more like his name. Taking the more sound (and hopefully shorter route), he follows the increasing numbers up to 452, assuming the letters have just been the owner of the docks.


Chance plays a bit dumb with her.

"Oh I'm not very familiar with the game.. How about, if I can just get the ball at the end, I get some bits?"

Seraph contains his laughter.


'Who says I can't try my best to peak at what I already see' Poppy thinks to herself, continuing to eye at the map for details.


Roll #1 8 = 8



{Apogee smiles at Wisp's concern. "I'm fine, thanks. That was just -woo- more of a drink than I expected. I must be losing weight!"}


"Umm, y'sure?" He sits next to her, Teddy going over and seeming to sniff her empty glass.



{"Are you saying I look fat!?" Apogee responds, misinterpreting the question. "It's the armor, I swear!"}


"No, I meant about you doing fine. You seem to be acting silly."



{"Drinks'll do that to you," Apogee laughs.}


"Well… how do drinks work, exactly? I know the more you drink, the worse it is, but… what else affects how it effects ya?"


File: 1467175800800.jpg (29.62 KB, 320x320, The Airship Docks.jpg)

>[23:30:01] Autumn: make sure you type xD after every single post
"Go ask gamblers, is not my responsibility to know."
An ass (donkey, but he's probably an ass too) laughs when you mention Lunar Knights,

"Looney Knights, more like. Y'all got your minds back when you shat in buckets and dumped it in the road, that's some expensive make-believe you're playing."

a bat pony chirps up,

"We may have seen him, what's in it for us?"

You have no luck finding any workers working that is unoccupied, and those on break are too busy eating their lunches or chatting to listen to a passerby. It seems you'd probably have to know someone previously to even get someone to listen to you.

Fortunately, the numbers rise quickly, as there are sometimes multiple docking bays stacked on top of each other when empty. However, as long as you keep going in a straight line, the letters don't seem to change.
"Ya gotta pay to play gal, and I got customers waiting. If you ain't paying, move along. You can leave the bunny though, they're a cutie."

she says sternly, idly moving the cups back and forth.
squinting, you can tell the the map shows the multiple levels of the docks, as well as sections being circled in red crayon. You deduce, since she's sitting in the location of one of the circles, it's where the filly gets the most business.

Anyways, I'm running out of steam xDDD so this'll be pause tonight. Thanks for Playing!




{"Well, the more you drink, the more you build up a tolerance," Apogee says, already sobering up. "So, the more you need to get you drunk the next time. And, the… more of you there is, the more drink you need to affect you. I used to be able to drink more than this, I think. All this exercise must be putting me in shape."}


File: 1469936124724.webm (10.27 MB, 640x360, [ThePruld_When_you_go_dar….webm)


File: 1470879308461.webm (1.11 MB, 426x426, ponyspooning.webm)

Post Sheets





Well, that was quite the disappearing act, but I can do better.


Seems like my namefield pulled a disappearing act too.



And now cy.tube!



Poppy [Female Diamond Dog] 5/5
Sir Aphelion [Male Dragon] 5/5
Lady Apogee [Female Minotaur] 5/5
Alexandrite & Geode [Male/? Crystal Pony/?] 5/5, 5/5
Chance Hasit [Male Unicorn] 5/5


We need no cytube to play! Myeeah! (I'll refresh every once and a while)


>Chance Hasit [Male Unicorn] 5/5


>I copied it from above, sue me
*Chance Hasit [Female Unicorn] 5/5
The bear working as the bartender grunts at empty glass of Apogee's, looking to the minotaur with a cocked head.
The dealer of the blackjack game, a crystal pony whose left ear is shattered nearly in it's entirety, shushes the jeering players,

"Come come, they mean you no harm. Sit down and talk business, maybe play cards?"

He looks to a gryphon with a half-burnt cigarette hanging out of his beak,

"Gerald, you've had no money to play blackjack in weeks, get out so our lizard friend might join us."

His voice lowers,

"We like this table to be filled with those who can handle a few bets, you know."

You are grouped at the dock where a small crowd is faced towards a small filly playing shell game, who owns a map of the docks and seemingly knows her way around. She's currently occupied with Chance Hasit (the Female Unicorn, who's female), looking more and more impatient,

"Come'n, put a bet down or move aside, you're wasting a poor filly's time and money."


"Alright filly. 40 bits. I can get that ball in my hoof every time."

I put down 40 bits.


"Sorry, kid. I don't make bets with anyone near your age." Poppy says, instead watching Chance bet against the kid.



"I do not gamble," Aphelion says with reservation, trying not to sound judgmental (and failing), sore about the remark made about the Lunar Knights. But, then he sighs. "But if it will get me the information I need, then I will join you."

Aphelion sits down at the table. "Did you or did you not see the attack on All In?"

{Apogee looks toward the bartender, he head spinning a bit from just one drink. She looks toward Aphelion and sees that he's busy. "I don't suppose I could get his free drink too?" she asks, gesturing toward him. "It's not like he was going to drink it."

She gives the bartender a big 'Pleeeease' smile. [1d10] for persuasion!}

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1470882231180.gif (376.17 KB, 400x180, $.gif)

"Good luck!"

The filly says with cheeriness that has the smallest bit of spite to it, placing the bits on the cardboard box and showing the small rubber ball to you and onlookers,

"Alright, one ball, one cup. You've got a one in three chance of doubling your money, all you have to do is pick the right cup."

She places the ball in the middle cup, and her hooves start moving the cups at a rapid pace. You've seen this done before, and she's certainly playing it like a scammer, not legit.
>The cups will end on the next post. You can make a check to see if you can figure out her exact methods, use a skill or talent that might help, or just choose one of the three cups.

She glares at you as her hooves move, but it quickly shifts to a smile and a glint of the eye,

"I wouldn't take you for someone who bets anyhow, most the dogs i've had for customers are cowards anyways."

The bear looks at you coldly (perhaps he's part polar bear) and dumps the filled shot glass in a sink. He none the less pushes you a menu, it listing off plenty of normal drinks as well as a few in what you assume is Brushian. For a bar, nothing's too expensive, even the mixed drinks.


"All In, you said he was a unicorn? We had a unicorn here a few days ago, yes. Very drunk, before he even bought drinks from this bar. He insisted we let him join so we did, and he spent his money fast. After that, he started betting other things."

The crystal pony's eyes look to yours,

"Now, I'm not sure I remember what was bet or who won them. At least… for a price."


"You should watch what you say, kid." Poppy says with a slight smirk. "If you were about maybe 10 years older then I would have a good reason to knock your lights out." She continues on, getting a feeling being called a kid might annoy her further. She also decides to eye the game, even if she isn't really playing.

>Perception: Let's see if them spotting skills work on minigames anyways.


Roll #1 5 = 5


"The right cup" Chance chuckles. "There's never a right cup." She mutters under her breath.

I wait for her to finish.

"Which cup is it… well…"
I turn to the crowd.
"I, Chance Hasit, knows that it is in none of the cups. But instead, in my hat!"

Roll Hat Magic [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8



Lil' Wisp goes over to Aphelion, trying to pull up a chair. "You mind if I watch?"

Teddy is giving them all judgmental looks… well, as judgmental as a blue teddy bear can look.



{Apogee simply looks at the bear with puppy dog eyes. [1d10]}

Aphelion simply sighs. "How much?"

Roll #1 2 = 2


You have trouble keeping track of the ball's cup, until…

The filly rolls her eyes and lifts a cup,

"Pssh, Wrong- hey! what the…"

as she lifts the cup, she finds it to be empty, as well as the other two which she quickly checks.

"I swear I snuck it in…"

she then looks up to see you holding the very same ball, the crowd looking in awe too. Then, a pony in the crowd starts cheering, and a few join him. Some of them toss some coins into your hat for the performance ([2d6] bits gained), and the crowd then starts to disperse. The filly shakes her head and then cries out,

"Wait, come back! You can all still place bets! It's not a trick I-. She slumps, before looking at you.

"What's the big idea, huh? I've been on this turf for weeks and then you come up and out show me and steal my crowd! Your horn didn't glow, so you're running the same kinda gig as me."

She looks at the ball in your hoof again,

"Heck, how'd you even do that!"

The bear snorts and takes your empty glass, starting to clean it with his back turned.


"I suppose perhaps 10 bits might jog our memories, unless you're asking for specifics. We don't have the best of memories, you see."

He says smiling, passing out a new deck to the table's denizens.

The table is packed, but one of the donkeys is nice enough to tolerate you looking over his shoulder. He looks to you, and points to the cards given to him.

"You ever play blackjack kid? Teaches you math, y'know."

Roll #1 5, 5 = 10


"Oh? I haven't, but I guess I'd like to learn!" The blank flank smiles at the donkey only to be bopped on the head by Teddy. "But… I don't really have enough to bet, so I'm not gonna play just yet." Lil' Wisp's eager smiles turns a little sheepish.



Aphelion's mind rebels at the plan it is concocting. Everything about his knighthood would be against this. But, he is desperate. He needs to complete his work. He needs the money to get by. He needs to do SOMETHING.

"How about this?" Aphelion says, folding his claws in a business-like manner. "I'll bet 25 on this game of cards and you tell me all the details. If I win, then I get the money and what I want to know, but if one of you win, you get more than you needed."

[1d10] for convincing if necessary

{Apogee sighs. "FINE!" she says to the beartender. "I'll have… another one of those things," she says, gesturing to the glass she just drank out of. "Just… put it on my tab."}

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Well, if the crowd was still here I'd tell you a magician never tells her secrets, but if I'm being honest, I don't really know."

I give the ball to Seraph.

"So what was your trick? Where do you hide the real ball? And, if it isn't rude to ask, what's your name?"


"Well whatta ya know, looks like you lost your own bet. Congrats on winning a 40 bit bet there Chance." She says with a small pat to Chance's head.


"Well, see these cards?"

the Donkey says as the dealer hands out cards to the players and Sir Aphelion,

"Players get two cards to start, and so does the player, but that one's hidden till we've all taken our turns. Goal of the game is to get a higher score worth of cards than the dealer, but not get over Twenty-one. Dealer follows the same rules. Now each of these cards have a point score, the number ones are their numbers, those ones with the ponies on it are worth ten, and the one with the bit on it is worth eleven, unless you have enough cards that add up to be more than ten, in which point it counts for one point. Got it so far?"

he gestures to the player ahead of him,

"I'll give you the basics, and not teach you the fancy stuff. Anyways, that guy has a four and a pony, which counts as ten. What he did right there with his hoof on the table? That's called hitting, and the dealer gives you another card. Now he's got 17 in all with that three. When you're satisfied with your hoof, you do what he did and 'stand', which means he doesn't want to draw any cards. Now if the dealer worse hand or 'busts', which is drawing over twenty-one cards, he wins double what he bet."

He hits twice,busting, and swears, before turning back to you,

"Easy game to learn, hard to master."
>Lil' Wisp now knows how to play a basic game of Blackjack, if it ever comes up


He nods and hands you two cards, you overhearing the donkey's explanation if you didn't know how to play already,

"So like I said, that All In was hammered, so he played real sloppy. So he started betting things like his hat or his watch, and we humored him. Anyways, one of our men went all in (we were playing Appaloosan Hold'em at the time) and he said he couldn't live to not match his namesake. So he told the guy about his ship. Anyways sure enough he lost, but after that All In got all quiet, so the winner lead him out back."

He flips his hidden card, and places a few to raise his point total ([1d10] Dealer's Hoof [1d10] Aphelion's Hoof; Higher one wins, 1 is a bust),

"Now, he's not here now, but I know that winner of yours. His name is Mild Loathing and he says he works as a sailor, but he's too dirty to do that kinda work. Never heard of his crew or captain, but he did say his ship is located on the upper docks on the southern end, somewhere in the two hundreds i think. Lemme give you the address."

he grabs a cocktail napkin and writes down Docks: S UL 200?

"You don't know? Great, that's wonderful y'know. Really made my day by driving away my lunch money. Name's Half Deck, lived on the docks for as long as I remember. Learned slight of hand from my pa before he left me and used it to live here. Till you came around."

she scowls, before adding,

"And you said a magician never reveals her secrets. I guess I'm a magician then."

She says, crossing her hoofs in protest.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7




The dealer adds, handing you 25 bits alongside your 25.


The bear makes a strange noise, kind of like if you took someone chuckling and pumped up the bass ten times the original amount, before filling you a fresh shot of the strong vodka.


"Okay…" He nods, listening to what the dealer told Aphelion after being taught blackjack.


"Well you're a pretty good magician if you've been living off your "magic" like I have all these years."

Seraph hands the ball back to me, and I place it in my hat.

"And I didn't really mean to drive off the crowd, just needed to get your attention somehow. You seem like a filly who knows her way around the docks. If you can tell me where ship N Double-L 452 Star is I'll buy you lunch and let you keep the 40 bits I bet."

I put my hat back on. The ball has dissipated.


"Why don't we take the map she made? Took a little peek and noticed she had one, might actually give us directions to that ship."


"Didn't see it." I whisper to Poppy.

"Helping out a little street filly's gotta be good karma, right Ms. Philosopher?"


"Wait, you're giving me forty bits and lunch, and all you need is a guide? What's the catch, you seem like the type to have something up your sleeves."

She says,

"Well I mean, we both are. You know what I mean. Anyways, N Double-L 452 Star? So North Lower Level, number 452. So you're looking for a prepaid docking station on the North lower level of the docks, in the 400s and near the center; shouldn't be hard enough. I've got a camp over on the lower levels near there anyways, I'll just set up there, 'long as you don't show off like before and mess my gig up again."

"Hey, I've been working on that for years now, I'm not gonna just give out where the most gullible dock-denizens are."

>Half Deck is ready to lead you when ready



"You can call me 'Ms. Poppy' if you're going to call me a miss anything. I don't think we should help out brats, besides she seems fine on her own."

Poppy just shrugs. "Well then we won't need to take it from you if you show us where the ship is."



Aphelion does his best to hide his smile as he takes his winnings. His best is not nearly good enough. "Thank you," he says to the dealer.

"And, thank you," he says to the helpful pony as he gets up with a bow. "You've been most useful. Here, this is a thanks to you."

Aphelion gives the pony 10 gp as thanks and walks away.


"Come," Aphelion says to his child companion. "This isn't a game you should be playing anyway."


{"Cheers!" Apogee says happily as she raises her glass. However, she notices that Aphelion is coming and quickly chugs it down. She turns around and stands up with the most innocent face she can muster. Though, her inability to stand up straight betrays her.}

"Lady Apogee…" Aphelion says with intense disappointment. "How much have you had to drink?"

{"Just the free one," she lies badly before burping. "And… one other…"}

Aphelion shakes his head and sighs. He looks to the beartender. "How much do I owe you for her drink?"


The bear points with a hefty claw towards a menu item written in Brushian, with a price that reads 6 bits.


Alexandrite follows the group


"I certainly will not [mess her gig up]"

I begin walking with Half Deck.

"You know, you put on a pretty good show back there. You got any other tricks? I wouldn't mind showing you a couple of mine."

Chance remembers the hat trick and her lack of explanation.

"That is, the ones I know how they work"

Seraph and I laugh.



Aphelion sighs and puts 6 bits on the bar. He takes Apogee by the hand and pulls her out of the bar. She follows with her head down, stumbling several times.

"We have our lead," Aphelion says to Apogee and Wisp. "Dock S UL 200."

Aphelion leads the way to the docks.


"Then let's go!" Wisp follows along with the usual skip in his step.

Teddy gives the drunk Apogee a disapproving look, but one where she knows he knows she should do better.



{Apogee looks at the bear, her eyes spinning as she continues to be pulled along by Aphelion. "Is… is that stuffed animal disapproving of me?" she asks in a combination of fascination and shame.}

"Do you see the image you create for the Lunar Knights? Even inanimate objects are judging you."

{"I'm… I'm sirry, sor!"


"Hey! Teddy is a lot more than just an inaminate object, Aphelion!" Wisp grumbles at his elder.


She harrumphs and sticks the map in a satchel anyways, grabbing a few more things and heading off with the party,
discussing slight-of-hand with the Chance as they head down a winding set of stairs that leads to more sets of docks, these ones actually reaching into the sea.
>Earned Passive [Half Deck's Gambit: passive; +1 to preforming sleight-of-hand when playing shell game.]
The docks here actually go off into the water, and many of the spots are actually filled with real boats besides airships. With Half Decks' help the party quickly finds an empty portion of the dock labeled by a sign "N LL 452★". Half Deck looks to the group of you after a couple dock-workers pass by,

"Well don't worry about buying me lunch, lower level food joints are terrible anyways, all fish and seaweed. Besides, 45 bits has me covered food-wise for about a week. Dunno what you're doing looking for at an empty dock, but it's not my problem."

She says, beginning to walk off.

Seedy waves as you exit the subterranean bar, asking you to come again soon cheerfully. Fortunately Seedy's Saloon was already on the way from the OK Corral, so quickly reach it. Remember what he said from before, you head up a set of rickety stairs, heading from MI to UI. From there you follow the secondary letters right until you're at S LL 600. Heading down the row of numbers until you reach 200. However the specific slot "S UL 200" doesn't contain a ship.


Poppy continues on with investigating the area.



Roll #1 9 = 9


"Well that's not good." Wisp addresses the elephant in the room… or rather, lack there of.


Alexandrite looks around the dock. The emptiness was to be expected, but it feels too open for any clues to be left. Curious, he looks into the water of the dock, maybe something fell off or sank when the ship was moved.
>Water Search [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Chance watches Half deck walk off.

"If we need her again, she won't be hard to find."

Seraph whispers in chances ear.

"Right. Just look for the crowds of ponies."

I search the area, specifically looking for ponies and other sentient species.


Roll #1 3 = 3



"My apologies," he responds quickly. "I was being dramatic to make a point."


{"Please tell me that there's no ship there," Apogee says, squinting her eyes to try as hard as she can to see a boat.}

"There is no boat," Aphelion answer simply as he lets go of Apogee's hand. To walk in and investigate.

{"W-wait!" She instinctively calls out as he lets go.}

"What?" Aphelion responds in a huff, turning to look at her.

{Apogee pauses for a moment, blushing. "Um…" she mutters before she falls over. "I-I still can't walk on my own… S-so… Please hold my hand," she says on the ground, still blushing.}

Aphelion rolls his eyes. "This is hardly behavior befitting a knight," he says as he takes her hand and helps her up."

{"I'm sorry," Apogee says with a poorly veiled smile.}

"Anyway," Aphelion says, getting to business. "We may be in luck. The fact that nothing is here means that no one is probably here. Which means we can investigate."

Aphelion looks to see if there are any workers on or around any of the nearby docks. [1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 4 = 4


File: 1470891116263.jpg (95.43 KB, 800x341, 7977855466_b0e05772fb_c.jpg)

The section of the dock that previously held the ship has been damaged, by seemingly the ship that was previously in it. You get the attention of two diamond dogs who are working on repairing such damage,

"Oh this ship that was here? Their crew were just here, said they were moving it and to move the payments that were being paid on this dock to the upper levels. Think the captain was tipsy or something though, couldn't drive his ship for dog shite."


Continuing down the docks in search, you cannot seem to find any ponies willing to help you. As you stop to regain your bearings, however. You notice a red ship being painted by a couple of gryphons. It's as large as the other ships around, and seems somewhat out of place. The inscription on the side of the ship, which is currently being painted over, reads "The Fu__ __use"


"Alright, do you know exactly where they took it?" Poppy asks casually.


"Yeah, let's look for clues!" Wisp looooks around for anything out of the ordinary he can see from where he is before investigating further.
[1d10] (I assume it's needed?)

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Err… Upper L 243? I think?"


"I'll head over there and check it out, but if I don't see a ship there then I know who to come back and ask for directions." She says, heading off to search for Upper L 243.



Roll #1 7 = 7



(Upper levels is two long flights of stairs up, does the rest of the party follow?)>>670722



"Upper L 243?, well if this is 452, 243 should be…"

Chance walks over to LL 243.

"And then upper level, hold on Seraph!"

Seraph climbs into my hat.

Teleport to upper level. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10



Aphelion stops and stares at the ship for a second before approaching it, dragging the still drunk Apogee behind her.

"Excuse me," he says to the griffons painting the ship. "I'm looking for someone named Mild Loathing. Do you know where I can find him?"


"What was the name of All In's ship he lost in that bet again?"

[1d10] Looking for more clues!

Roll #1 10 = 10


Alexandrite follows


Poppy and Alexandrite climbs up staircase and travels to the location only to find Chance appear right next to where Aphelion, Apogee, and Wisp standing, looking at a red ship being painted a non-descript grey.

"Mild Loathing? He's the first mate, watcha need with him, bar tab again?:

Underneath the glisten paint you can definitely make out the former letters of the ship, this is without a doubt The Full House.



"The Full House," Aphelion whispers. "But, we should keep our business a secret for now."

{"Shhhhh," Apogee says with her fingers to her lips and a smirk on her face.}


"It has to do with the bar," Aphelion answers. "But, not his bar tab. Something happened, and it seems he's a witness. We need to know what he knows. Could you get him for us?"


"Welp, never said we had to bring it back coated differently." Poppy says, making her way over to the ones painting the ship. "Hey! I got a few questions for you guys!" She shouts.


"This is _it_, Aphelion," He whispers back excitedly, "It's The Full House!"



"It would seem that way."



I dust myself off.

"Well, can't say I expected that to work."

As I look up and notice the rest of the party, Seraph climbs out of my hat.

"And look, right on time. Hello everypony."

I specifically notice Apogee and her less-than-sober demeanor.

"Well hello Miss Apogee, where have we been while I was gone?~"

I playfully bump against her.

Seraph, of course, rolls his eyes


"Should we let All In know we found it?" Wisp whispers again, Teddy keeping an eye out for any eavesdroppers.



"Something happened? Witness? Clearly you don't know Loathing, buzz off."

"We're busy, if you keep pestering us I'll have to get the captain!"

one gryphon says, holding a paintbrush at you,

"He doesn't like annoyances!"


"Whatever, bring out your captain if you want to. Might be better to ask him anyways. So I was told there was a red ship recently stolen… In fact, I think that it might be this ship. Do you guys know anything about a stolen ship?" She asks, looking at the boat more closely to see if it matches the description of All In's boat.



Roll #1 10 = 10


The gryphons freeze up when you say stolen, one looks to the other, dropping his brush,

"Shit we gotta warn the captain, they know too much."

the two quickly fly inside the ship, the doors shutting behind them…




Aphelion glares angrily at the dock worker. Something snaps in him. He lets go of Apogee's hand quickly.

"You appear to have mistaken my manners for weakness. Allow me to assure you," he says as he draws his sword and points it toward the dock worker's throat with one hand. "I intended to project myself in no such manner. I am Sir Aphelion, Knight Captain of the Lunar Knights. By the authority of the Lunar Knights, I WILL arrest you if you do not bring me Mild Loathing RIGHT now."

{Apogee holds her own hand sadly. "We don't actually have much legal authority left sir," Apogee whispers.}

"Anyone can arrest anyone if they have justifiable reason," Aphelion responds, not hiding the conversation. "As a knight, I'm certain the law will see that my intentions were just."

{Apogee grumbles quietly in disbelief.}

"Now, bring me Mild Loathing," Aphelion says again. [1d10] to intimidate

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1470895646961.jpg (55.73 KB, 600x256, 600px-AC4FlintlockPistols.jpg)


Hardly a moment after, a large gryphon flies out the door followed by an earth pony. The gryphon flies over the party, a flintlock pistol with strange purple gemstones embedded in them in each claw, four more like it strapped to his chest. The earth pony holds a cutlass in his mouth, growling since he can't really talk. The gryphon points the flintlocks around at the party.

"Oi, yew gois know 'bout our winnin's, ain'cha? Well well, we won it fair an' square ye'know. Though, by har strangely dressed ye all be, I reckon All In hired ya to steal me first mate's prize back. I can't let yer do that, can'e?"

He turns to the earth pony,

"Loathing, show tha fools what they git fer messing with Cap'n Gripe and his Hateful Crew!"

>Boss Battle: Captain Gripe and Mild Loathing


Gripe fires a pistol at Aphelion, then turns and shoots Apogee.
[1d10+3] Aphelion
[1d10+3] Apogee

Meanwhile, Loathing strikes out at Poppy, slashing with his cutlass

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #2 7 + 3 = 10 / Roll #3 2 + 1 = 3


Poppy attempts to slam her fist into Loathing's jaw after avoiding his slash.

>Stance of the Tiger: Gain +1 attacking rolls and forced unarmed.

>Sock his jaw


Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8



"Pirates!" Aphelion says with an excited glint in his eye. "Time to make the Lunar Knights proud, Lady Apogee. No need to hold back. These are merely criminals!"

Aphelion hold his blade out to Apogee without looking. "My blade," he says simply.

{Apogee quickly rubs something on the sword. Even in her drunken state, she does it with lightning efficiency.}

>Sharpen [1d10]

Aphelion unfurls his wings and flaps them hard downward, thrusting himself up toward the griffon in the air. "ENGUARDE!" he shouts as he swings at the pirate captain. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"Oh, you're pirates?"

Seraph realizes we are in combat and climbs into my hat.

"Probably the worst pirates I've ever seen. I mean, where are your hats? Or fancy clothes? Or-"

Seraph pulls on my mane.

"Ow! But right, we better focus. Alright Seraph, let's show them the Grand Finale!"

Rolling Famulus to summon Seraph as Bunnyhulk summon. [1d10]

Roll #1 1 = 1


Seeing the chaos, Wisp tries to pull the pistol from Grip's grip with his TK. "I got you!"

Teddy grows to the size of a full grown bear, using stance of the tiger as he strikes Gripe.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


The pirate's jaw releases an audible crack as his cutlass flies out of his mouth, landing to his side. He quickly grabs the cutlass with one of his hooves and pulls upward, standing on two hooves with the momentum of another slash.

Aphelion makes it half way up to Captain Gripe before his first shot rings through the air, the force of the glowing orange projectile flinging the dragon back into his minotaur companion with as much speed as his charge. The second shot rings, and Apogee's sword drops as her shoulder is suddenly filled with pain (and lead) and is then slammed into by Aphelion.

"Har har, that armor of yers won't do nothing against me guns!"
>Both at 0/4, Helpless

You pull up from the hat, the ears of a large furry animal in your hand. However, Seraph stands by your side, and a very peeved looking bear holding a towel and shot glass is looking at you.

You act quickly and tug the flintlock pistol away from the captain right after he fired, the gun still smoking as you pull it away from him.

"Argh, give that back ye petulant child! I'll teach ye not to steal!"

He says, dropping his other flintlock that he was holding and pulls out two more flintlocks from his bandolier and firing a shot at Wisp and Teddy, narrowly avoiding the stuffed bear's swipe

"Har har haaar!"
[1d10+3] Lil' Wisp
[1d10+3] Teddy

Next time on Clockwork Conundrum, will the pirate Captain Gripe and his Hateful Crew prevail and protect something he technically won? Will the heroes still count as doing the right thing since the pirates attacked first? Will Xenthori have more planning on the next arc? Find out next time, hopefully Tuesday if nothing fucks up, on Clockwork Conundrum.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8 / Roll #3 5 + 3 = 8


File: 1472610892701.webm (2.53 MB, 718x404, ALL HANDS ON DECK.webm)

Avast, here there be sheets. What, you don't see any? Then post them you scallywags!





Something something magic joke, something something bears.




Poppy [Female Diamond Dog] 5/5
Sir Aphelion [Male Dragon] 5/5
Lady Apogee [Female Minotaur] 5/5
Chance Hasit [(Female Unicorn] 5/5
Lil’ Wisp [Colt Unicorn] 5/5
Teddy [Eidolon] 5/5

totally not disconcerting that player count drops for each session. Anyways, not noveling, reply to >>670755


"Alright Seraph! Let's get-"

Chance notices the beartender.

"Oh. You're not…"

She notices the bears expression.


Roll to Teleport this bear back to somewhere safe. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2



Aphelion lays on top of Apogee. "What happened!?" he asks in frustration.

{"You got hit, sir!" Apogee answers dutifully.}

"I can see that, Lady Apogee! I meant why is my sword not sharper!?"

{"Oh, I-I'm sorry, sir! Let me try again-"}

"No, I need you to strengthen my armor, now," he says as he struggles to his feet. "He says my armor won't help? We'll show him the strength of Lunar Armor!"

{"Yes sir," Apogee as she struggles to her feet, giving a salute the whole way.}

[1d10] for Aphelion to rise
[1d10] for Apogee to rise

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Poppy stamps her foot down onto the ground, her stance changing while she seems to become more defensive for the sacrifice of a more effective offense. She then attempts to slam her paw into the pirate's hoof to knock the attack away.

>Stance of the Bear: You gain X max hits, where X is half of your current wounds. (2, 2.5 or 3?)

>Basic Attack

Roll #1 10 = 10


Wisp tries to roll out the way of gunfire while Teddy bears the shot to go for another swipe.
[1d10] Wisp dodging
[1d10+2] Teddy attacking.

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


File: 1472613648328.webm (497.85 KB, 1280x720, natcrit.webm)

Not trained in any true magic the bear seems unchanged. He grunts, looking back and forth, and noticing the two knights fighting alongside you. You swear you can see his eyes roll, and he starts sauntering off in the direction of the town.
Your armor weighs the two knights down, as plate armor was also not made to be easily moved in.
(I forgot what this webm is but it's called natcrit so webm probably related)

As the blow of the pirate just begins to graze Poppy's fur, her strike lands true, the blade once again going flying back, and this time the pirate with it. Teetering on the point of collapse, the pirate disregards his cutlass and goes to sock you in revenge.
>Poppy's at 2/5
Unfortunately, as Wisp rolls, a rope tied to the dock catches one of his back hooves. As you try to untangle yourself, a sharp pain goes through torso, a glowing orange projectile passing through and leaving a singed and cauterized wound.
> Wisp is at 0/4, helpless
"Har harr, that'll teach ye, you da-"

but just when the captain is about to swear at the downed colt, his breath is cut short via the heavy, clawed paw of Teddy. Struck directly in the face and claw mark bleeding, Cap'n Gripe falls to the ground, groaning and trying to get up.
>Teddy at 2/5

>Captain Gripe helpless, rolling to recover next round


A reminder:
>When a player hits an enemy with a standard attack (Skills cannot be used, except for buffing the attack itself) whilst it is helpless, they make an extra roll to cause Severe Injuries to it. Severe Injury rolls can not be modified by buffs or debuffs, and only actually happen if the attack lands. Basically, you want to roll as high as you can on your attack, and as low as you can on the Severe Injuries roll (unless of course you're the one getting a Severe Injury, in which case you better hope that the roll is high).

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 1 = 1


File: 1472613762085.webm (3.71 MB, 992x400, it's not very good at all.webm)


*Poppy's at 5/5



Chance looks at Seraph.

"Should of seen that coming."

Noticing that there's a battle around her and she's been paying more attention to a being who's entire existence is a pun, she refocuses on the battle.

"Let's try that again!"

Rolling Famulus [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


"GHAH! K-KEEP HIM DOWN!" Wisp yells through tears of pain, trying to get himself up.

Teddy does as Wisp asks, going for another heavy strike at the Pirate.
[1d10+2] DC5
[1d10] Severe injury in case it hits

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #3 4 = 4


Poppy soaks the blow, allowing her to switch stances quickly into an offense, swinging her fist to slam it into the pirate's gut.

>Stance of the Tiger: +2 basic attacks

>Basic Attack

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



"Get up, Lady Apogee!" Aphelion demands as if he's not also still down.

{"Yes sir!" she says just as dutifully as ever.}

[1d10] for Aphelion
[1d10] for Apogee

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7


As you grab the pair of fuzzy ears in your hat, you hear the familiar sound of your hulking bunny trying to tear his way out of the top hat, his huge leporine form ready to knock around a pirate or six.

Adrenaline surges as your the pain reaches your body, causing you to jump up and ready yourself for combat. However, the captain is able to slowly roll out of the way for Teddy's strike. It looks like he isn't up now, but he will be next turn.
>Wisp at 5/4
>Gripe automatically passes this getting-up check, still helpless till next round.

His hoof never reaches your body as your paw sends him onto the ground, both his breath and his spittle knocked out him. He reels on the ground, trying to get up before move harm comes to him
>Loathing helpless, rolls to get up

The two valiant knights rise together in arms, being some of the only races that have arms.

Roll #1 6 = 6



"Never mind the armor," Aphelion groans in frustration. "Just do my sword right this time," he hands his sword to her quickly before she does something to it with amazing speed.

>Apogee uses Sharpen on Aphelion's sword [1d10]

>Aphelion flies toward the pirate captain once again [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Poppy attempts to keep the pirate down or at least weakened with a blow to break one of his forelegs.

>Go for the injury


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"That's more like it! Now get in there Seraph!"

Seraph joining Poppy in injuring Mild Loathing. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



please roll 1d10 for the severe injury, if you intend to deal one, otherwise specify if you're not going to maim



Oh, I thought YOU roll. Still unclear on that. [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


A reminder:
>When a player hits an enemy with a standard attack (Skills cannot be used, except for buffing the attack itself) whilst it is helpless, they make an extra roll to cause Severe Injuries to it.



I saw it. It didn't help.


What he said [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


Wisp reloads the flintlock he took while Teddy goes for another swipe.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Aphelion's blade glistens as it pierces the captain's right fore shoulder, an audible crunch sounding as he stands and reals back, glaring daggers at you.
>Gripe gains:
>Broken Bone: A guy can only stand so much pressure, or in this case, your bone. Your maximum wounds are reduced by 1 until you can get the bone mended by magic or over a few weeks.
He fumbles to grab his last two flintlocks from his vest,

"Yer fuckin' lizard, Yer pay for that!"

Preoccupied with the diamond dog at hand, Mild Loathing does not expect the giant bunny that swipes against his prone chest, leaving Seraph's white paws with red splatters across.
> Loathing gains:
>Major Cut: Even if it's only a flesh wound, it still hurts like heck. Your max hits are reduced by two until you're properly healed. Resting doesn't help.
Unfortunately, after Seraph's strike Loathing deftly rolls past Poppy's attack and land on his hooves shakely, quickly adapting to the 2v1 fight and going for the giant bunny.

[1d10+1] Seraph
Teddy is pushed back by the gryphon's stance, unable to get a strong enough hit in. Meanwhile, while not trained in firearms, Wisp manages to reload the strange flintlock.

>Acquired: Gripe's Flintlock: instant/standard ranged, special recharge: Firing Gripe's Flintlock can either be done as a instant or standard action, conferring a +2 bonus to hit your enemies with a magically charged shot. However, it is overly complex to maintain and reload, requiring the user to take an automatic action to recharge it. Gripe's Flintlock can't be reloaded the same turn it's fired.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #3 2 + 1 = 3


*Gripe is shooting Aphelion



"I am no mere lizard. I am a Lunar Knight. And, you are a mere pirate - a criminal leading an illegal life."

Aphelion attacks with his Lunar Greatsword again. [1d10+1]

{"What he said!" Apogee adds in a non-threatening manner. She attacks with her Lunar Greatsword as well. [1d10]}

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Wisp lines up the gun, shooting one for the first time in his life.
[1d10+2] Shooting the flintlock

Teddy roars at the griphon, healing himself as he changes to stance of the bear.
>Gains 3 hits through Bear Stance
[1d10] Big scary teddy bear healing himself.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Seraph goes to meet Loathing halfway.

With a giant bunny sized high-five.

To the face.

With his fist.

Roll #1 3 = 3


Poppy decides to reach out and touch Teddy's back, sending healing waves through him to repair his body.



Roll #1 6 = 6


A flurry of blades and bullets leave both the dragon knight and the gryphon pirate on the raised deck, Wisp's shot just missing a vital organ. One more blow could probably be the end for this lowlife.
>Aphelion at 0/3, Helpless; Gripe Helpless
[1d10] rolling to get up, for one last laugh
Unfortunately, the two swing too wildly to notice the trajectory of their fists and hooves, causing an awkward fist bump which leaves both of the combatants sore. The earth pony sidesteps and tries to strike again, bucking with his back legs.
>Seraph takes two hits of counterattack damage, 3/5
[1d10+1] vs Seraph
The giant stuffed animal's fabric mends itself as you lay your hands on the less-huggable-than-normal bear, healing it back to full.

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4



{"Should I modify your armor now," Apogee asks with concern as she watches him get shot twice.}

"Wait, what?" Aphelion stammers as he tries to get up on his own. "Hold on, I'm-"

But, it's too late. Apogee is already touching his armor. It heats up to a red hot blaze.

>Curse of Iron: Recharge 3; Heats up the weapons and armour of the target to a red hot blaze, burning those who touch them. Disarms the target as well as deals damage, and makes their weapons impossible to pick up for a turn afterwards. Autocrits heavily armoured targets.

>autocrits because heavily armored
>because Aphelion has fire scales and dragon force, it will raise him up, give him full hits, and make him painful to touch without hurting him

"Wait, nonono! I didn't order this," Aphelion shouts at Apogee as he struggles to get up for himself.

[1d10] to just get up

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Seraph akwardly stands up and goes to punch again. [1d10+2].

Chance attempts to pull some cheerleading gear out of her hat. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


After giving a heal out to the stuffed bear, Poppy turns her attention back to Seraph to give him another slam of her fist against his skull.

>Basic Attack


Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


Wisp reloads his flintlock.

Teddy attacks him again, going back to the stance of the tiger, attacking Gripe.
[1d10+2] DC5 attack
[1d10] wounds

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 10 = 10


File: 1472622699768.webm (3.72 MB, 480x360, winner.webm)

Aphelion's vigor renews as his superheated armor allowing him to rise up
The hare socks the stallion again has he once again misses. He grabs for his cutlass which is now in reach again, slashing at the rabbit,

"Die, beast!"
Unfortunately the brawl between the bunny and stallion is too hectic to land a blow. You'll have to try again.
Teddy's stuffed leg comes down on Gripe's torso, another crack echoing from his body. A shriek emits from the gryphon's beak, and as Teddy removes his leg you can see the captain's ribcage has collapsed in on itself, crushing his lungs.
>Captain Gripe is dead

(probably still have to kill his firstmate, though)

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5


You pull out a set of cheerleading gear that's black and purple, matching your magician's outfit pretty well.



"GAH!" Aphelion jumps into the air then starts running in circles. "HOT HOT HOT! WHyyyyYYYYyyyy? Apogee!"

{"I'm sorry sir! I was just trying to help!"}

Fueled by the boiling heat that drives him with pain, Aphelion mindlessly runs forward and attacks mild loathing with his greatsword. [1d10+1]

Apogee follows his lead and does the same. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Chance tosses aside the cheerleading gear, more interested in Loathing's comment.

"Beast? Seraph is not a beast. The only beast here is you, scumbag."

As she says this she trots over to him, ready to deliver a punch with Seraph.

Seraph punch [1d10+2]

Chance punch [1d10]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Wisp aims his gun at Mild loathing, breathing hard as he fires.

Teddy lifts up Gripes corpse, shaking it before throwing the dead pirate at Mild Loathing.

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 6 = 6


Following a bunny/magician tagteam roll of punches, Mild Loathing staggers back only to be hit by a flying corpse, his former captain slamming into him and sending him falling sideways.


Is what you hear come out of the stallion's muzzle after the velocity of the corpse sends it and the battered pirate over the edge of the raised docks. Moments later, you hear a crack and a splash much further down, signaling that the package was delivered to it's destination.
>Battle completed

The rest of the crew has been looking on from the ship the entire time. When one of you looks to the ship, the crew starts quickly vacating the area, either flying away or running off in different directions. The ship has been found, and now it's theives? has been dealt with.


"Well that was… fun."

Seraph hops over to Chance and, impossibly, into her hat and right back out, a normal bunny again.

"So we go tell our client that we have his ship?"


"I'm keeping these." Wisp picks up all the flintlocks Gripe dropped before being killed and thrown, putting the guns in his saddlebags.

Teddy shrinks back to normal, climbing onto Wisp's head now that the danger is passed.



"Well…" Aphelion says as his armor cools off. "We've found the ship. Lady Apogee, keep an eye on it while I go inform our benefactor of it's safety."

Aphelion turns and heads back to the casino where they met Chance.



{Apogee simply salutes and stands guard by the ship.}


Wisp goes with them to the casino. "I'm coming with you. Ow." He winces as the bullet hole still hurts.


"Be careful then kid. Those aren't anything to play around with."
"I'll stay here with Apogee."



Not Chance… whatever his name was…


"I know, I just helped kill a guy with one." He says, agitated because he still has the bullet hole.



"You found it? Nice, lemme just saaunter on out."

All In says, taking a cup of filled with bits and emptying them into his satchel. Walking away from a slot machine he was playing,

"Hope it wasn't too much trouble."

>Timeskip intensifies

"Aw come o- painting over the title and everything? Now it just looks tacky. Damnit all."

He takes a quick glance inside,

"I didn't own this much beer either, what am I supposed to do with this? Aw for, anyways, how much do I owe y'all again?"


"It was 200 bits."



"That sounds right to me," Aphelion nods.


In nods,

"200 each sounds about right, was gonna have the knights split it, but I've been lucky at the slots, so here ya are."

He hands a sack of coins to Aphelion,

"Split it amongst yourselves. I've got to find someone who details boats."

rip my motivation

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