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File: 1462300575971.png (1014.72 KB, 1280x720, Tales Of Breezie Hollow.png)

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JustPretending Productions presents

Tales of Breezie Hollow
Adventure 2: The Incredible Journey


Wf as Fairweather
Andelia as Pattern Pitch
Sion as Everyone Else

And introducing

Nopony as Co-GM

Rated B for Breezie



Ribbon (Large Beast Walker — 95 XP): TL: 1
Str: 16/+3; Dex: 16/+3; Con: 10/+0; Int: 6/-2; Wis: 12/+1; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +5=2+3(dex) Melee: +5=2+3(str) Fort: +1=1+0(con)
Health: +5=3+0(con)+2(size) ~ 35/15 Ranged: +5=2+3(dex) Ref: +4=1+3(dex)
Def: 14=10+2+3(dex)-1(size) Comp: None Will: +2=1+1(wis)
Size: Large (2×2); Reach: 1; Speed: 40 ft. ground;
Skills: Athletics VII (Str) +11 = 8+3; Notice VII (Wis) +9 = 8+1; Sneak V (Dex) +9 = 6+3
Qualities: Chameleon I (forest/jungle 0XP), charge attack, darkvision II, feat (Mobility Basics), grappler, light sleeper, rend.
Attacks: Bite IV [2d10/16-20] (armour piercing 2), Trample IV [2d10/18-20]




You groggily open your eyes only to be greeted with something pink…
You shake your head and let your eyes adjust. Your body aches, as if you've ran a marathon last night. Slowly the events come back to your mind. The flood, the ghosts, Fargale, the Radan…How are you even alive after getting blown away?
As your eyes adjust, you see there's a pink wallpaper hanging on the ceiling above you…


Pink.. Like a Flower.. I start trying to fly towards it.


Wallpaper on the ceiling? Tacky…

Look around, get my bearings.


It doesn't come closer…wait, your wings can't move…your legs can't move either.

You slowly look around.
The second thing you notice is that you seem to be in some comfortable bed. The floor is made of wood, you suppose the walls are too, underneath the obnoxious pink wallpaper.
The floor has tree rings, leading you to believe you're in some hole created inside a tree. There's a few wooden cupboards and a vase with fresh red roses.
The first thing you notice is that you're stuck in a cocoon made of sticky web.


I star kicking and squirming in a panic.


Shift around… can I feel my saber below the web?


You seem to be in a cocoon of some sticky web.
As you kick and scream you notice Fairweather in another comfy bed beside you.

You hear something to your right, looks like that pattern breezie is here too and she's stuck as well.
You can feel your saber, but your arm is bound pretty tightly.


Maybe I can wriggle enough to get the blade loose. It doesn't need to be controlled - if I can just rub it enough to weaken the bonds…


Also, I have a study in Forest Animals. Are there… intelligent spiders or something?


Still breathing heavily, I look for the spider, and at the web in general '1d20+11' search

Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28


Roll a Knowledge roll.

You don't see a spider around in the room!

You wriggle around and manage to loosen your bonds enough to get loose!


Then there is still time to escape, its probably like sticky sap, you just have to roll away from it.

Roll #1 15 + 3 = 18


The power to know! '1d20+7'

Okay, quietly rip my bonds off.

"Sssh. I'm loose."

Roll #1 18 + 7 = 25


With the help of Fairweather you break out of your chains!

Spiders are one of the most intelligent species in the woodland fauna actually and there's many species. As a Bush Breezie you'd recognize which ones are agressive and which ones are friendly instantly.
For example….

The door flings open and from the darkness emerges a large black spider with red eyes and drooling sharp fangs, advancing on you…

These spiders are actually very sweet and help keep other more dangerous insects away from pony or bush breezie territory. You can talk to it if you want to.


I see…

"Thanks for the help, but the restraints were not necessary."


I hide behind Fairweather.
"Where is your cat? I haven't seen it.."


The spider swings its many legs around and makes threatening clicking noises!

"Oh dearie! I'm so happy you woke up. Sorry, you were both so wounded, I wanted to make sure you wouldn't hurt yourself by accident!"



"Ribbon is too big for the wind to blow away… If he's anywhere, he might be in a search party for US."

"There was a terrible storm… we could have been blown in any direction, but I am glad to know we're still in the forest. Do you know the way to Breezie Hollow?"


"Right.. we should get somewhere higher up to spot them.. um, and maybe away from the spider." I look around the room, is there a window?


"Will you be patient for a minute? I'm asking for directions."


She puts her legs together.
"You're from Breezie Hollow? Oh, yes I know the way, but you must be hungry. I've made wildberry stew just for you both! Oh, that reminds me, I need to check on it!"
She disappears again through the door.

The spider clicks some more before walking away.


I just nod at you.
Now that the spider is gone I try to fly away from its web.


You're free from its web already, you seem to be in some lair, dug into a tree as everything here is made of wood, there's only one exit, through the door the spider went through.
Go through there?


Sigh. "It looks like we aren't getting our directions until after lunch. I've been bogged down by this kind of thing before. You go out to find some good tinder and then you have to spend hours chatting with some spider about whether the rain has been good."

Head for the door. "Are you coming? We could be anywhere in the forest, we need those directions."


"S-sure.." Go to the door.


You exit through the door and enter a spacious living room/kitchen.
The table in the middle already has two plates.
At the stove, the spider is stirring in a pot.
"Come in, come in, sit at the table, breakfast is ready!"


"Even my internal clock is off, but I guess it's good that we still have the whole day ahead of us… She says it's still breakfast time."

Stretch my wings restlessly. "I think I'll stand. I need to stretch. Where is this place? I know a lot of spiders near the north copse."

Realizing it is still loose in the scabbard, I'll slide my saber back into place with a click. "Oh, I'm Fairweather. And this is Pattern. She's… not from here."


"Tell her.. thanks."
Sit down anxiously at the table.


"And she says thanks."


"The north copse? I have family there! Frank there, he's from the same egg clutch as me. This is the Southern south copse, Fairweather and Pattern. You landed in my web two days ago and I've been nursing you ever since.
Breakfast time!

She puts 2 plates of red berry stew in front of you.
"Berries, the perfect breakfast. You'll need it after all you've been through!"

She pats Pattern's head and gives her double portions.
"Poor thing, have some extra! It's good for the muscles!"



>>663832 is also for you


And all of that is spider clicking of course


I shutter when the spider touches me, poking the berry stew with a spoon.


"Two days… That's a long time to be out. Two days can mean brain damage. I'll have to look you over after this. And look myself over, I guess."

"Frank… sounds familiar, but it has been a long time since I have been free to move about the woods as I please. The very south of the forest, then… This meal will be much needed."


Do you feel any stupider?

"Eat up! I can make more if you like! I'm also a qualified physician!"
She points to a degree on the wall.

"What's the matter? Do you want something else? I can make pancakes, or chocolate pudding?"
Clickety click, fang fang drool.


"How far did we fall?"
I squeak in fear and eat several spoonfuls of stew, that should make her happy with me!


I don't feel as angry as I should. I'm usually more brooding and malcontent than this. I might be in trouble if my angst receptors were damaged. "I'm a doctor too. What are the chances that we'd be found by a physician?"

"We're in the southern copse… do you know the forest around Breezie Hollow? Oh, and she's asking if you want dessert."


"Oh, a colleague! How wonderful, I haven't had a chat about medicine in years!"

It tastes sweet.
The spider unleashes an intimidating amount of clicks.
"Oh, do you want more honey in it? Some more berry?"


"Oh.. I don't know my way around the forest actually."
Shake my head that Spider waving a hoof in a 'no' gesture before she can bring more food. "No. This is a lot already."


"I was a little worried about concussion… enough brain trauma to sleep through two days might indicate swelling. And my… acquaintance doesn't speak the language of the forest."

"It's easy to orient because Breezie Hollow was built in the middle. They did it that way on purpose… they wanted all the Breezies to move in there and accept rule by the nobility."


"Ah, okay!"

"I see, well please tell her that if she requires anything, she just needs to ask! You know, I have a big book on Breezie anatomy around. I'll see if it says anything about brain trauma."

The spider walks away leaving you both alone perfect place to faff if you want



"Everybreezy was safe in the Hollow.." I frown into my stew slowly eating.


"Except for that Radan invasion, and the flooding, and the organ pipes breaking… all at the same time. It looks like no matter where you go, every Breezie is an island. You live alone and you die alone."


Shake my head.
"No. We were working together, we shouldn't have lost."


"I didn't mean it that way. What I meant is… it's personal, nevermind. The point is, I'm not a guard. Why is it my job to run off the Radan and save Tinkers and Galemancers? I don't want to be a hero! If I wanted to keep fighting, I could have stayed out in the Bush!"


I tilt my head in confusion.
"You don't want to help other breezies? That's.. why I like tinkering so much."


"I don't want to fight. Out here you have to fight. But when I moved into Breezie Hollow, they expect me to fight because I'm from the Bush. So when Commander Fargale sees a crowd of civilians he threatens ME instead of anyone else to go do his dirty work. You can understand not wanting to fight can't you? … I've seen how you handle yourself in a fight."


"I think I understand. But.. If I could fight, I wouldn't run away when other beezy needed help."


"Yeah, I saw you march right into line when that tyrant ordered you up to Organ Terrace. And he sent you to repair it without cover, right into an ambush."


"…" I frown "You aren't saying that Breezy did this? Why would anybreezy want Radan to invade?"


"I'm not saying that anybreezie did, although it would definitely explain a few things, but I am saying that he was pretty negligent with your life. The fight between the Radan and Ribbon was over before Commander Fargale could close the distance. How would you have fared without us?"

Shake my head. "I'm not saying this because I want to scare you or fish for gratitude, I'm saying… you could have died twice that day, maybe three times, if somebreezie didn't intervene. You have to stop being so reckless with your life. You just put yourself in harms way! I can't explain it."


"It just.. there was no one else to do it.. I know, I'm not really the best or strongest, but If I didn't go then those other breezy would have died for sure.."
"..I wonder what happened to them."


"I care more about Ribbon… he's not used to being alone. And city breezies get on his nerves. And he was wounded. I have to get back there, even if I'm not going to stay."


"I bet.. you two seemed really close. And even a nice cat like her could be intimidating."


"Ribbon is male. But you're right… city breezies don't know how to behave around animals, and animals act on instinct. Someone could get hurt, or worse. And they might realize that and shove Ribbon in some cage just to be safe. I don't like either option, and it has already been two days…"


"Commander Fargale knows that Ribbon is your friend, maybe he has been taking care of Ribbon?" I suggest hopefully.


"Great. The warlord who threatened to ruin my life has my best friend in captivity."


"Wait, I must have missed something, he threatened you?"


"His exact words were: 'I never forget a face… I'll make sure your further life in our town will be very unpleasant.' He's a bully - I know his kind. Military dictator. To him, everyone's a conscript."


I frown. "Oh.. I just thought he was trying to keep everything together, I didn't realize.."
"Sorry.." Then blink. "Oh! I actually don't think we exchanged names in all the excitement. I'm Pattern Pitch."


"Yeah, I saw it on your Tinker outfit. They called me Fairweather, where I once lived."


"Fairweather? That's a nice name. Good luck even."


"Yeah, well, if we had any luck it wasn't the weather. It was the spider. Not all spiders are friendly."


"And its lucky that you can talk to them. I.."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you I could to talk to the radan, it might have helped us learn something."


"No… it's okay. It doesn't matter anymore. The danger is passed. And I don't need words for what I'm going to do to that white one if Ribbon and Fargale didn't finish the job."


Nod taking a moment to eat at the stew before talking again.
"Um.. If you're going back, would you like to travel together? "


"Well, if you're going to the same place, it would be pointlessly more risky to go alone. And I'm not talking about getting into a fight - any sort of thing can go wrong when you're crossing the forest. Traveling in a pair is always safer. That's why Bush Breezies train war animals. Although smaller kinds are usually more common than Ribbon.


"…Does that mean there are other Bush Breezy with War Animals out there, do you think we'll see them?"
My wings flutter with worry.


"I hope so. I'd rather meet other Breezies than Radan or worse. The truth is that while Radan are dangerous in numbers, they're dopey and easily dealt with in isolation. There are worse things to run into."


"I'm not so sure.. Radan sometimes steal from the tinker breezy, and we've found plans for their wheel based inventions before.."


"Getting robbed is the least of our worries with this much forest to cover…"


"At least, the spider proves that not everything is out to kill us. Maybe she knows a safe route north too." I give you a hopeful smile.


"Maybe. Anyway, just because I'm telling you to be prepared doesn't mean we have to be paranoid either."


"I will follow your lead then, I'm sure you guessed, but I've never been outside of the Hollow.."
and then we'd probably go look around


You've been inside the friendly spider's lair, with some wildberry stew for breakfast

As you both get up to look around, you hear a high pitched scream coming from the room the spider just went into…


I hope that's a scared-of-cats scream.

Investigate that.


Go check on the spider lady.


You both fly into the room, another guest room, to see the spider holding another cocooned breezie in her fangs.
"Oh friends, look, your friend has woken up as well!" the spider says happily!
You see a blue breezie head with purple mane, screaming for her life.


I stare that spider for a moment, shuttering and then hold out my arms offering to take the breezy from the spider.


"Hey, hey, that's loud. Be quiet."


The Breezie stops screaming as Pattern takes her out of the spider's fangs.
"Poor thing, she must still be in pain. She had a really nasty wound on her right leg when I found her."

The blue breezie looks at you both as pattern holds her, then looking at the spider utterly confused.
"Help me" the breezie whispers.


I nod and take her to the room with the table.


"Another city breezie? She must be, since she can't tell a good spider from a dangerous one. Could have been caught in the same storm too."


"Yea, you should explain.. Away from the spider so she's calm.."


Roll intelligence

You take her to the room with the table and put her next to your bowl of wildberry stew.

As you put her on the table, the spider walks in as well.
"Oh, have you had enough wildberry stew? I could make some apple pies if you like, or maybe some cupcakes?"


'1d20+3' Int roll

Roll #1 9 + 3 = 12


Clever girl '1d20+5'

To spider: "I think we're full. We have narrow bodies, after all."

To Breezie: "Are you from Breezie Hollow? Who are you?"

Roll #1 6 + 5 = 11


File: 1463430849548.png (410.92 KB, 1280x720, Breezie_flying_wildly_S4E1….png)

You remember this Breezie, it was the one you both grabbed back in Breezie Hollow in the Organ Terrace, before your ropes got cut.
Pic related, you remember she was named Marrow

"Oh, I see. Would you like anything else?"

The blue breezie snaps from looking panicked at the spider to you.
"Yes, I'm..uh…I'm Marrow. I'm a galemancer from Breezie Hollow. There was some kind of weird storm and I got blown off my legs into the air…I don't remember much after that…"


I blink at the spider still not sure what she could be saying.
To Marrow I smile slightly, coughing and rubbing my neck, my mouth dry from all this talking. "Hi.. I'm Pattern Pitch… This spider took care of us. Are you hurt?"


"Marrow… right, I remember leaping to save you. Why did I do that? That was really risky…"

Pause for a moment. "And Fargale knew you - personally."


"I think she just needs a moment of privacy to recuperate."


You'll have a sore throat tomorrow!
She slowly shakes her head.
"No, my leg feels a bit numb, but I don't feel pain."
She perks her ears. "Maybe that spider poisoned it…"

"You both saved me?"
She looks to you.
"Yes, Fargale's my big brother."

A look of understanding comes in the spider's 8 eyes.
"Oooooooh" she slaps her head "I must look really scary to some of you, sorry, I'll be in the room next to here, you can call me if you need me!"
She goes away.


Grumble. "Poison, really? Sounds personalities run in the family."


"Uh.. Maybe we should look at your leg?"
Get her out of the cocoon if she isn't yet!


You open the cocoon up and see she's wearing a Galemancer's blue robe. Her right leg is in bandages with a yellowish salve to ease the pain.
As she looks at it and hears Fairweather's comment, she lowers her ears. "I'm sorry..I was wrong, I didn't want to insult your friend…"


Pat her shoulder with an understanding look, and step back so she has room to move.


"Well, do you feel up to travel? I was planning to escort the tinker back to Breezie Hollow. Babysitting another city breezie will make it all the more challenging, but I don't need even more ire from Fargale."


File: 1463433252306.png (16.9 KB, 915x724, Mindmap.png)

She slowly gets up.
"I…I could use a little bite…"

You may skip to leaving the spider's lair if you like.


This is a very schematic view of what Fairweather knows about the forest layout.
The red circle with the X is the area where Fairweather would logically suggest you are.
The hexagram is the Breezie Hollow Demesne. The green ball, her bush hometown. The dark purple circle is the Radan controlled zone.
The big blue circle the Big Pony Town.
The yellow circles are small settlements with insects and perhaps some breezies.

To have a detailed look, perhaps with sights you don't know about, you need to buy a map!

the light purple circle is a cursed fortress in the forest


I'm ready to move on, since we faffed while eating two weeks ago.

"Well, have some of that soup, but be quick. There's a whole forest between us and Breezie Hollow. Two whole villages on the way, actually."


I agree, lets not waste too much time.

"Do you think that we should ask the spider for food to travel with? It sounds so far away."


A little while later…

The spider opens the door to her lair to let you out.
"You sure you don't want to stay a little longer?" she says sadly while handing each of you a little sack. It is filled with 1 pack of homemade honey cookies.
Added one Rations to your inventory


"Thank you for your hospitality. Unfortunately, these city breezies are not built to live in the wild. I need to get them back to the hollow before they do something stupid."


She looks upset. I should cheer her up.
'1d20+11' Make her an origami flower, everbreezy likes flowers!

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


She nods.
"If you're ever in this part of the woods again, don't be afraid to drop by."

The spider looks delighted and promptly puts the paper flower on her head, right above her 8 eyes.

Marrow bows her head to the spider "Thank you!"


There is a possibility that Ribbon has been out looking for me, since we've been unconscious for days. Can I roll Survival to look for signs that a cat as passed by?

Also orient toward the nearby town - roughly northe, and proceed that way.


Smile at the spider, fluttering my wings slightly as I turn to go.
Following Fairweather's sense of direction.


You exit the lair and find yourself up one of the branches of the trees.
Rays of sunshine shine through the thick leaves up high. You hear the wind rustling the leaves.

Sunny, slightly windy day: There are no impediments to flying, unless you fly up high above the trees or you enter large open clearings.

You may roll Survival to do so.

Orienting north is so easy, you don't need to roll for it. If that's the exact way to the settlement you're not sure, but you can roll Survival as well to look for signs that you're close!


Strong enough to Survive

'1d20+9' Cat tracks
'1d20+9' Locate town

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #2 13 + 9 = 22


I sigh happily, the forest isn't as scary as they told me.


You can say with certainty no cat has passed through here in the last 72 hours.

After flying about half an hour north you spot a small ant path and follow it until you reach the settlement.

The collection of stick and leaf homes and oversized household items turned into houses is known as Caterburg. There's many different bugs gathering here. The sights you see immediately is the large metal tea pot laying sideways on the ground. At the end of the spout, there's a sign "Alice's bar". You hear some music playing inside.
There's a herd of ladybugs grazing outside it.
You also see a house made of sticks and leaves. "General Store"


"Well, this is Caterburg. We made good time. Still another settlement and then some before we reach forest's center, though."

Look to the sky. Time of day?


"…Oh, this is a Lady Bug village.." I frown. "Are the other villages for bugs too?"


"What's wrong with bug? You know big ponies sometimes call us bugs."


Marrow floats beside you.
"Hey, this place looks nice! I've never been outside Breezie Hollow before!"

Fairweather estimates it's around 10AM. Still plenty of time to make for the other village today.

Marrow gasps.
"Have you seen Big Ponies?!?"


"N-nothing.. I just heard that bugs eat strange food"
"Yea.. It looks.. nice."


"We've made such good time, we can actually afford to stop here. Normally I'd travel on my senses alone, but since we're in a rush, a map might be useful. Or any other supplies if you need them. Let's get some water at the bar, at least. Stay hydrated."

Make for Alice's.

"I've done the pollen trip before."

"I figured you filled up at the spider's."


"…" I nod and gulp a little.
Follow her into Alice's.


All three of you open the door at the spout and float into the tea pot.


Towards the cover, there's a little band of crickets playing music. At the bar, a caterpillar is serving a shot of strong drink to a Breezie with a cowboy hat while washing some dishes with his back legs. A group of moths is playing cards in a corner. A fat bumblebee is working on the stove in the corner. Two annoyed long-legged dragonflies are drinking some water at a table.


Make for the bar. "Waters for us, just blowing through. You get hammered by the storm the other night here in Caterburg too?"


At least there is another breezy here, sit at the bar near Fairweather trying not to look terrified of the crowd.


The caterpillar pours you each a glass of water.
"There was a terrible wind, allright. Nearly blew some of the houses here away but luckily the only casualty was the stove." she nods to the stove where the fat bumblebee is working "And I don't even know if that was because of the storm or just because it's as old as I can remember.
I've heard some travellers say it's a bit worse up near Cape Mayflower and a lot worse up at Breezie Hollow. Some travellers who were at Cape Mayflower said they could see the storm suddenly appear above there and then spread out. Say, you wouldn't be from there would you?" she says as she notices Pattern and Marrow's outfits.


"Yes.. I am from the Hollow." I reply quietly over the water, looking over the broken stove from here trying to judge what's wrong with it.
'1d20+10' investigate?

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29


You not only see from here what's wrong with it, you also see several ways you could improve the design, quickly and efficiently. Wouldn't take more then 15 mins for a tinker like you. The bumblebee is probably doing more damage than good.

Marrow nods. "Yes. It was a huge storm, we barely made it out alive."
The caterpillar nods "You know, there were a few Breezies around here yesterday, asking around if someone had seen Breezies from the Hollow. They promised a reward. Shady folks if you ask me."


"Thanks for the tip. Maybe we should keep moving."


I gasp.
"What?! A reward for finding Hollow Breezies?"
"Um, Catepillar, could you tell us more about those breezy?"


Roll Notice

"Hmmm, I don't like gossiping too much about my customers."


"Let's get home before we start any new adventures Pattern. I can't watch you and Marrow AND look for other breezies."

Notice '1d20+9'

Roll #1 5 + 9 = 14


AD '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I could do you a favor if you help out.. I'm a tinkerer and can fix up your old stove for you easy.."
"but what if its bad breezy like they always told me? We need to know!"

Roll #1 9 + 10 = 19


"We had enough bad breezies with those weird gale monsters at the Hollow."


You don't Notice anything.

The caterpillar looks to the stove.
"If you can help with the stove, I'll help you, I might even slip a little extra. I can't cook without it!"

Marrow nods. "I'm with Pattern, besides it's not like they're here right now!"


Fume a little. "Well of course you're with her, but if we get into a fight, I'm going to be the one in the thick of it protecting you two. I don't want to take any risks until I find Ribbon again."




"S-sorry, I just thought that if we knew about the breezy bounty it would be.. better than not knowing.."


"Well… fine. But let's not engage in any heroics."


The caterpillar shouts to the bumblebee "Hey Benny, you can stop, this Breezie here will take a look at the stove."
The bumblebee shrugs, gets up and goes to sit at the bar.


With a small nod I float over the counter to the stove.
'1d20+11' crafting?

Roll #1 19 + 11 = 30


Now roll a 1d10+10


'1d10+10' okay

Roll #1 2 + 10 = 12


You take a look, take out your paper Tinker tools and get to work.
You clean out the pipes, Reroute the gas, stamp out some imperfections.

12 minutes later, your head and hooves are black from the ash, but you're done.
The caterpillar slides over and turns it on. A beautiful blue flame appears.
"How about that, Benny was working for an hour and still couldn't get anything done. Now it seems to be working just as new, maybe even better than new.
Have a drink on the house!"


Well, I wonder what he has to say about the bounty


"Thanks Caterpillar, It wasn't that hard.." I smile at her? and stare at my hooves awkwardly scraping them against each other to try and remove the ashes.


The caterpillar points to a bucket of water to the side.
"You can use that if you want to wash yourself off. Do you want a Berry Jenever?"

The Caterpillar slides back behind the bar.
"Now, what did you want again?"


"Sure.. I like berries."
Go wash off my hooves.


I'll be patient and wait for them to finish talking about the breezie bounty


You gain 2 Reputation!

The Caterpillar pours you a red drink in a small glass.


I sit down with Fairweather again and take a sip of the drink.
"So.. you mentioned some one was looking for Hollow Breezy?"


It's very strong, but fruity.
"Hmmm, ah yes, those breezies.
Well, yesterday…around midday, a group of 4 Breezies entered in here. They wore red capes, but I could see they wore armor underneath it, good armor too, real quality. We don't get many Breezies around here, especially none wearing fancy armor.
They asked us if we had seen any Breezies around here. They specifically asked for a blue breezie like you." He points to Marrow whose eyes widen. "But they said there were also other Breezies and they'd pay a reward for any information on them as well.
They said they'd return today.
There was this yellow breezie girl with an orange mane who was in charge."




I shiver gulping a bit more of the drink.
"No! That can't be right? When are they coming back? Did they have a group name?"



"No, not that I can remember, they didn't really talk much, except for the yellow Breezie. They went around town however, maybe someone else has some details.
They didn't say when they'd be back."
He puts a little bag on the counter.
"Here, I was going to give this as payment to Benny, but you did the repairs, it's yours."


"Well, we were stopping by the general store anyway. If you want, you can ask around there."


"..Okay.. Can we get new clothes at the store?"
I slide the money into my bag.
"Also, um.. please don't tell those armored breezy about us.."


You gain 25 gold!
"A good bar caterpillar doesn't get involved in that kind of thing, bad for business."

Marrow shakes her head.
"But why were they looking for me?"


"Well.. We should get something besides our uniform so they can't!"
I reply anxiously, finishing off the drink and getting up again.
"Thanks caterpiller."


"I think the bar sells some clothes, don't expect haute couture though."


"It could be we misunderstood and they're working for your brother."

"You mean the store?"


"The store, of course."

"Oh, right! Then why are we leaving, we'll just stay here until they come and bring us back to the Hollow!" She says loudly in excitement.
Several patrons turn around to look to her.


"Because we can't be sure. Better to be careful."


I squeak in fear at her loudness, and scoot towards the door.


"B-but..who else could it be?!? You're right, it must be my brother. Who else would give a big reward for us?"



"A Galemancer wouldn't be useful to anyone else?"

"I guess we can hold off on more shopping until later and head straight for the next settlement if you like. That will put us very close to the Hollow."


"We still need a map.. I'll get a good one.."


"Let's all go."

Head over to the shop.

"Come on."


"Uhm…I didn't think about that…"

You're back outside. Pressed to the ground.
You look up and there's a Breezie with a cowboy hat right here!

You leave right after Pattern and find her looking at another Breezie with a cowboy hat.
You figure he's a Bush Breezie like you. Bush Breezies have many different sub groups after all and he doesn't look like a city Breezie


I squirm and scream.


Draw steel.

"These city breezies are under my protection."


"Oh, sorry, miss, didn't see ya there. Ah didn't mean to scare ya'll."
He offers you a hoof to get up.
But quickly raises them as he sees Fairweather.

Marrow hides behind you.
"Oh, sorry dere pardner. Ah didn't mean to scare ya'll."
He raises his hooves to show he's unarmed.
"Ah just wanted to help the little lady up, that's all!"


Warily sheathe my blade.

"We're a little on edge after the storm."


I get up and back away from him.
"Um.. Hi.. Who are you?"


"Ah understand. Keepin' mah ladybugs together during that storm was harder than a cricket's knee."

"Name's Kaizi, m'lady. Sorry for scaring ya'll."


"I understand. I'm still looking to recover a wayward chattel of my own."


"..Your lady bugs? Then this is your town?"
I take a deep breath. "I'm Pattern."


"Ah see. Ah'm sure they'll come back to you. Good herds always do, who else can guide 'em?"

He takes off his hat, takes your hoof and kisses it.
"Ah pleasure, but ah do not own this town miss."
He points to the herd of ladybugs next to the bar.
"That's mah herd of ladybugs, Ah'm taking them to the market in Viel for selling."


"Oh, I-I see.."
I freeze up staring at him in surprise.


"Anyway, the store, Pattern?"


Your antenna are moving on their own!


"..Yea.. the store.." I reply in a squeaky voice, blushing for no reason at all as I blink away no thoughts at all!
"We need to go, Kaizi."



Kaizi puts his hat back on.
"Ah see ya'll are busy, and I have to take mah leave as well.
Nice meeting ya'll."
He walks off.

He's off!


To the store! Pushing Pattern if I have to.


You do, because I was still awkwardly staring at the breezy guy!


You enter the store.
There's a selection of goods here.

Axe, hoof
Goggles Flash Resistance 4
Lantern, candle Faint light (30-ft. radius)
Map, average +1 MPH and +2 for navigation in mapped area
Rope, hemp 50 ft. long; max load 1,000 lbs; escape DC 20
Jaw trap 2d8 lethal damage, bleeding, slowed
Candles (5) Faint light (30-ft. radius)
Balm * Heal vitality at twice normal rate (1 day)
Red Sugar Heal 2d6 vitality
Dave's Special Recipe Heal 4d6 Vitality
Rations Feed 1 day
Berry Jenever negates frightened condition
Simple Clothes

Next to the counter there's an old beetle with a white moustache sleeping.


Knock on the counter.

"How's your rate for maps?"


He wakes up and slowly walks to you.
"A map of the whole forest? I got one for you, for the good price of 5 bits."


I take three sets of clothes, 2 red sugar heals, a package of candles, and 6 rations.
"How much for these?"


"Six days worth of food? I'd like to be back to the hollow by tonight. And that's without the map."

"Money's a little tight for me. I'd rather navigate on my senses. Maybe you could sell one to her though."


He tallies them up.
"That's 3 times 8, 2 red sugar's is 50, some candles is 1, the rations 5 that's 80 bits."

Don't forget one pack of rations lasts 7 days, so the one pack you got from the spider should last a week!


"See? Not to mention, I can scavenge. AND we have the leftovers from our meal earlier. Save yourself some money."


"Oh, you're right. I was just counting for the three of us.."
Put the rations back then.
"How much was the map?"


"He said five bits."


"5 bits!"


You can haggle if you like?


Just the 3 outfits, the candle and map. That's down to 30 so..
"Well.. Uh, These are breezy outfits, so you must have trouble selling them.. Would you maybe be able to lower the price just a little?"


Roll Haggle



Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



Roll #1 1 + 8 = 9


Activate the crit fail with cute puppy eyes


The beetle smiles as he sees you put on your brightest smile and biggest puppy eyes.
"Ahm, well, you know miss, you really brightened up my day by walking in here. For a kind lady like you, just 8 bits for all of it."


"Thank you so much!" I smile back at him and pay up the new amount. Should be 14 total now?


Haggle's always go for a whole transaction.
So 8 bits for all of it like he says


"That was a good deal."

"Ready to move on to the next town, Marrow?"


"Yea, I think we got everything now. I'm gonna get changed.."
Find a spot to swap into the ordinary clothes.


File: 1463607449978.png (198.91 KB, 1095x935, BreezieMapNoDetail.png)

Average Map of the Forest acquired, giving +2 to Navigation checks and makes you travel faster
There are rumors of other maps, far more detailed and used by smugglers and treasure seekers detailing hidden places and tunnels full of treasure.

Marrow nods.
"Yes, how far is it?"

You put away your tinker clothes and are now dressed in a simply brown tunic.


"Uh, Marrow, Fairweather? Are you gonna change too?"
Give them the other two outfits.


Well, I suppose I'll swap to simple clothes too.

Anyway, point on the map. "See here, to Cape Mayflower it's no further than we already traveled to Caterburg. The last trip - across the Grand Forest - will be longer, though. But we could still meet friendly breezies on the river."


It will actually be about 3 hours to reach Cape Mayflower.
From there 6 hours to the Hollow if you cross the lake, longer if you detour to cross one of the rivers.


I'll pretend you said that?



Marrow and fairweather put on their brown tunics as well.
You're not wearing any armor now! Be careful.


"Yea, the Cape sounds like a good place to go, we can make it before lunch if we go now."


"I don't see why I need a disguise anyway. They're not looking for me in particular."

Let's go.


Both roll a 1d20 for encounter on the road!
You may each use up to one AD to boost it if you like.


"…I guess you don't.."

'1d20' Okay
'1d4' AD

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 4 = 4


Exploding works still of course


Switch back into my padded armor. No reason to not look slightly more intimidating. I miss my kitty.


Roll #1 16 = 16 / Roll #2 3 = 3


'1d4' !

Roll #1 3 = 3


2 hours pass…
You're only about 1 hour away from Cape Mayflower.

You start hearing voices, female voices singing in Breezie.


Singing? Is it a song I recognize?


I'll signal that I'm scouting ahead and try to Sneak up quietly to get a safe look.


Roll #1 16 + 9 = 25


Roll a knowledge check.

Opposing Notice check '1d20+7'
AD to boost '1d6'

Roll #1 16 + 7 = 23 / Roll #2 2 = 2


'1d20+6' I know things sometimes.

Roll #1 8 + 6 = 14


You win!
You sneak forward in the bushes and look.
A little further, you see 3 female Breezies collecting pollen.
They're naked and have tribal markings on their bodies.
Probably another group of Bush Breezies, you may roll a Knowledge check to remember if you've seen a group like these before.

Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
Marrow floats next to you.
"Kinda nice isn't it?"


They're certainly not ranchers like Kaizi or ambushers like me.


Roll #1 17 + 7 = 24


"..They look like they are working hard!"


Hey, you're not scouting forward!

Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
Marrow floats next to you.
"Kinda nice isn't it?"


Definitely not.
You've not encountered them before, but you heard of a group of very tribal nomadic Breezies that travel through the forest. The Moondancers or something. They rarely stick in one place and travel with small tents from place to place.


I got confused! Try to mimic their melody. '1d20'
"Yea.. Its peaceful too."

Roll #1 18 = 18


You try to mimic their song and do a pretty good job at it!

The females are startled when they hear someone else singing, sounds kinda like….Pattern?


Roll #1 12 = 12


Aw yea, I should totally learn to play a flute.


No sign of weapons though, right? Just naked pollen collectors?

Steal back.

"Three of them. They match the description of some tribal nomads I've heard about. I think they're more likely to flee us than fight us."


Can't you make a machine for that?

>No sign of weapons though, right? Just naked pollen collectors?
Yeah, no weapons, which might mean more armed breezies are not too far away.


"Oh this area is where a tribe lives, we should probably leave then.. right?"


"Yeah, I see no reason to stick around with a reclusive tribe. We have to get home."

Move on!


Following you out of here.


Another hour passes without any incident.
The trees give way and you see the huge lake mayflower.
This place is very windy and you'll need to cross over the ground here. Flying is possible but will require a maneuver check once in a while to keep stable

You see the reeds and nests of Cape Mayflower in the distance!



Cape Mayflower is built into the reeds of Lake Mayflower. The homes of the residents are built by magpies in the reeds in return for help from the residents to the magpies when they require it.
Connecting the different reeds and nests is a network of bridges both hanging above and on the water.
Cape Mayflower is particularly known for the colorful flowers hanging atop the reeds and the fireflies flying around it

When you arrive however, the cape is not in prime condition. The storm tore up many bridges and you see breezies, crickets, butterflies, magpies and other creatures working to repair the damage.


"Well, this place is in shambles. And they said it was worse, closer to the Hollow."


"I can only imagine how much work I'll have to do when we get home.." I comment while staring at the repair operation.


There seems to be a few buildings still intact, there's another tavern here, as well as a market, the market seems smaller than usual though.


"It's a tough flight across Mayflower, and going around costs a lot of time. I was thinking we might charter transportation, if they have any boats. Sometimes mice and other wingless sorts stop in for trade, or we might meet some water striders. It depends on how strong the two of you are feeling."


Marrow nods.
"I was thinking the same. If we go around we'll lose way too much time!"


"Lets check the market to find out how much it is to buy a boat ride across."


You fly to a wooden circle built on top of the water admidst the reeds.
The different stallkeepers do their best to shout over each other.
You talk with one of them, a chubby beetle who runs a food stall.
"A boat? You come at a bad time, friends. The storm damaged most of the boats at the harbor. They're all either on drydock for repairs or off getting new supplies. But I think you can get a boat tomorrow…
But…if you're in a hurry, you could ask Mallady, he's the only one who got out of the storm with an intact boat. But he doesn't want to let anyone use it, not for any price."
She shakes her head.
"He's very stubborn and not very well liked around here, but he keeps to himself and doesn't seem to care."


"Hey Tinker, you fix things. Can't you just repair a boat or something?"


"Oh. I see.. is there a place we can stay overnight then?"
I nod quietly replying "Yes.. if they had materials.."


"At the tavern."

The stallkeeper scratches her chin.
"Say, where do you want to go exactly? I do have a boat but my boat is only third in line to be fixed. If you can fix it, I'll be happy to send you with it on the next supply run."


"The Hollow on the Hill, but just getting across the lake would be enough for us."


"We can help with crossing." she makes a note and gives it to you.
"If you want to help, it's the boat on Pier 3, you're free to help."


"Pier three? Okay.."
Look at Fairweather with a smile.


Scan the note.

"Alright, we'll have a look."


It seems to be a note from the owner to the guard there, that you're there with her permission.

"Thank you!"


Let's go


Wave goodbye to her and trot over to the docks, admiring the city as I go.


Despite the repairs, the city is quite rustic and charming, very different from the tunnels and halls of the Hollow.
You reach the Pier at the edge of the Hollow and find a wooden boat that's been dragged onto a wooden dock. The most obvious damage is the hole in the wooden side, but a Crafting check from our resident Tinker might help more.
"What a piece of junk!" says Marrow


"Its not so bad.." I chuckle anxiously, and approach the boat to check its damages. '1d20+11'

Roll #1 20 + 11 = 31


"It's no pair of wings."


Wanna AD that?


Sure! I'll use one to make it a crit?


Protip: you can actually use up to 4 AD's sometimes to get progressively higher rewards for it.

This is one of those cases.

Mostly you can do up to 4 during skill checks, and 1 max during combat



Okay, one AD into the mix!

You quickly assess the situation and find that the most resource effective way to repair the boat would require.

>a new sail

Coincidentally, you remember on the way here seeing a building that had a perfect one.

>wooden planks

Can be bought or created from foraged wood


"I could probably find good wood for the breach myself."


"I could probably find good wood for the breach myself."


"I'll see if that sail is still there."
Where is that building exactly?


"Sail? Oh. I suppose the one it has is a little torn, isn't it?"


"Anything I can do, Pattern?" asks Marrow.

It was not far, you can see the white sail from here, it's in the upper reeds, near the nests made by the reed warblers.


'1d20+2' acrobatics to fly up, but does this belong to somebug?

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


It's a bit windy even here, but going on hoof is possible as well.
And you soon reach the upper reeds.
You see an old magpie bird sitting atop a nest. The sail itself seems to cover a…playground. And several young bug larvae and a few tiny breezie are playing in it.
The magpie seems to be watching over them, a sign says "Grandpa Lyr's Daycare Center"


Marrow flutters to Fairweather.
"Hey, I can come with you then, right?"


Approach the bird with as much confidence as I can.
"Excuse me Miss."


He turns to you.
"It'sssss missssster Lyr. How can I help you, young Breezie?"


"Oooh, I'm sorry. Mister Lyr. Um.. I wanted to ask about your cloth there. Would you be.. willing to trade something for it?"


Shrug. "Alright. Looks like it's mostly ruins around here, so we might find some viable wood around town. Don't leave town without me, though."

Survive '1d20+9'

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19


Let's boost that up to 20 '1d4'

Roll #1 2 = 2


He thinks in silence for a long time.
Just when you're wondering if he'll ever answer "Yes, I think so, you see I don't fly much anymore. No, no, the old wings aren't what they used to, that's why I opened this center. My eyes are still good, you know!
But as a young magpie, ah, I could fly, and collect shinies!"

You both fly around and you find a plenty of driftwood floating right outside the village. It seems to be of excellent quality.


"Well, this went easier than expected. No need to buy any of this stuff. I suppose we should head back."


"Shiny? ..Like coins or.. ?"


As you grab some wood…roll Reflex

"No, Breezie coins are very small. I can barely see them. Something a little bigger."


"Something big enough for you to see.." I hum thoughtfully, do I maybe have any really shiny paper, like foil?


No, you can't think of anything immediately.
Perhaps somebug has something around town?


"I'll be back Mr. Lyr."
Head to the dock to see if Fairweather and Marrow are back.


They haven't returned yet.


Dodge! '1d20+7'

Roll #1 16 + 7 = 23


Write a note saying "Went into town to try trade for something shiny. - Pattern."
And bring it to the guard. "Um. Excuse me. Could you give this to the other two, if they come back here with the wood?"


As you stick out your hoof, you barely pull it back in time before you lose it to a fish swimming up looking for a snack.
It disappears again in the murky water, but you don't have any wood.
Marrow swoops down. "What was that?!"


He nods and puts it away.


"Thank you."
Trot off into the market again.


You see somepony selling powders and oils, others selling weapons, you see the stallkeeper again.
"Hello, how's the repairs going?"


"Some kind of fish… Nothing an arrow won't dispense with."

Take aim. Can I shoot it through the water? Even if I just scare it off, that'll be enough.


You can shoot it through the water, you can't see where it is though, you might be shooting completely away from it.


>where the fish is


Kick a rock or something nearby into the water. It leaped at my arm, maybe that'll lure it out.


"Your ship is in rough shape, but I found the perfect replacement sail, I just need something shiny to trade the magpie for it." I explain.


You fly and drop a little rock in the water.
You see the fish coming up to check it out, but quickly fading into the murky depths again!

"Something shiny. Hmmm, well, we have the antiquary near the upper reeds, but he'll ask for an outrageous amount of bits.
You could try Culus. Nobug around here likes him. He's a cuckoo that took over the nest of the richest breezie in town some years ago. There should be a lot of shinies in there still, if that pest hasn't spent it all."


"Culus? Where does he live?"


"He lives at the southern edge of town, way up there. It's a very nice nest, or was before he took it."


Can I fire on it while I see it emerge?


Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12


"Okay, I'll check it out. Thanks."
Trot to the edge of town to look for that nest.


Yes, but you miss!
It's hard to know if you hit it or if it's sufficiently scared.
Marrow flies over. "Are you trying to hit that fish?"


It's not at all hard to find. It is up between the reeds, noticably larger than the other nests, and looks fancier too, as if it was built by more birds with more effort!
You do see that it has some stains on it, as if someone was throwing stuff at it, probably displeased with the owner.


Cautiously knock on the door.


You hear a high voice from inside.
"…old you a million times! No! And I will not stand for the abuse and-"
The enterance of the nest is opened by a large, yellowish-brown bird, who stops surprised.
"…and… good day, miss?"


"Excuse me, are you Culus?"


He smoothens his feathers out, extending his neck.
"Why, yes, of course, I am. Are you another solicitor?"


"Solicitor? Uh.. No.. I actually want to buy something from you.. You see I heard you might have large shiny things."


"Yes, yes, I told all of you before, I will not part with AND tolerate- wait, buy? You're not here to just bother me like all the others?"
He stands aside.
"Maybe you should come inside… such as it is."


"Thank you Mr. Culus. Ehem, I'm Pattern Pitch."
Step inside.


"Nice to meet a breezie who isn't like the others for a change!"
You see that inside there is indeed a lot of fancy furniture and trinkets, mostly breezie sized, but they seem rather dusty. You see a more bird-fitting corner which is the only part of the house kept in proper order… and some shinies indeed! A silver big-pony horn ring and a large, golden medal with a blue ribbon reading 'Cooking Contest Champion', all proudly displayed.


"Well.. That's probably because I'm not from here, and I'm really trying to get back home after the storm.." I explain following him inside admiring his things.


"Oh? A lot of birds start out as not being here but settle. It's nice here!…so I've heard."
He shakes his head.
"So, what do you need to get home then? I'm not as bad as the other birds and breezies make me out to be."


"It seems very nice actually." Pull over a dusty chair taking a deep breath and holding my hooves together, just like that book said, focus on his face.
"To get home means, I need, um, to get across the river, there is a boat that could take us there, but it needs a new sail, and I found the perfect one, but the owner wants a big shiny thing in exchange for it."
"Do you think you have a big shiny thing you could m-maybe trade for?"


"I see, I see…"
It seems to be working! Just focus! You can do this! If you ignore he is twice your size!
He spreads one of his wings, pointing at the wall.
"A shiny? For a magpie, no doubt, I think I know which one. Would either of those do?"
The silver ring has a very nice, reflecting sheen in all areas, and the large medal (with the weird ponyspeak you can't read and the breezie translation scrawled under it) is really golden!


"That ring is shiny all over, it should work." I nod my antennae shivering.


He nods.
"It can be yours, you can take it! I don't really have a use for it anyway. Or for all this wealth. Even if the market breezies would trade with me, I wouldn't want to spend it…
You could still help me, for it."


Smile and then look concerned. "Oh? You need help with something Sir?"


"Yes, yes, I really do! You can take the ring! Free, it's yours! But you need to go somewhere where I can't! There is this reed warbler nest, to the north, really high up, a big one at that… there was, no, is… ooh."
He blushes his plumes.
"Look at me all flustered all of a sudden, I'm sorry… I left something in the nest. It's just a feather. It's more yellow than theirs, you'll recognize it. You just… well, I just need you to go there and get that for me!"


"A yellow feather? Alright, I should be able to do that."
Stand up and awkwardly stare at the ring and medal in the case. Reading its translation as I happen to be staring in its direction anyway.


"Good! Good!"
He just stands around awkwardly, bristling his wings.
"So uh… yes. That ring. For the feather. That's all. No big deal!"


Blink and then back away toward the door.
"Yes.. Um.. I will see you when I have it."
"Have a good day."


"Oh, thank you! This means a lot to me! Really… and thank you! I don't often get visitors! Good day to you, miss!"




"I would settle for running it away."


"Hey, what if you had some bait!"

You're back outside. Where to?


Toward the reed warbler.


"Bait? What do you have in mind?"


You venture up north until you find the only nest that fits the description:
Up high and rather roomy.
How will you approach it?


She scratches her chin.
"Hmm, well it likes breezies, if only we had another breezie here as bait…." she looks around, fluttering her breeziewings


Make a paper ladder to climb up with.
'1d20+11' crafting.

Roll #1 11 + 11 = 22


Everything is perfect for a nice paper ladder!
No wind to blow and no rain to drench, you quickly fold and build a ladder for yourself to climb up with!
You are at the enterance!
Do you knock, or will you just enter?


"That seems pretty risky. I don't want to get anyone killed. But I don't NEED to kill the fish. If we had a fast Breezie who could snatch up that wood while I rain arrows on it…""


Knock first.


"Oh, maybe….are you sure the arrows would keep it away?"


A skinny brown bird with a large feathered forehead opens up!
"Hello hello! What can I help you with! Are you coming in? I got some honey and water inside if you are interested! I do love guests!"
Wow, he seems enthusiastic!


Nod a couple times.
"Yes. I'd like to come in."


He jumps to the side, letting you inside.
"So, what brings you here? Wanted a view from the windows? I get that a lot!"


"Because I can be pretty fast…"


"Sort of.. It is very high up here."
Can I spot the very yellow feather?


"No, but it seems less dangerous than intentionally trying to bait it out."


"You're right!
Just give me a minute, I need to focus on the wind…"


Thankfully, this entire nest is one big room, with only furniture seperating the 'rooms'.
You do see a corner of the nest that looks like a bedroom, with a little seperated area for an egg crib… and there that yellow feather is!
It's nothing like the few other lost feathers around, which are all brown.


"Is this some kind of Galemancer thing?"


"So.. um you mentioned water? Can I look around your place a little? I mean, It looks so impressive from below."


She nods.
"I'll summon a breeze to increase my speed so I can grab those pieces of wood."


I'll go ahead and get ready to loose two arrows myself. "This would be much easier if Ribbon was here. He'd devour that thing."


"Of course, of course! I keep around tiny glasses for breezies who visit! Just like you! They love the view up here! Should I get you one!"
He spreads his wings.
"Go on! Go wherever you want to look!"


She flutters with her eyes close for a minute when you start feeling a breeze through the foliage.
Marrow starts diving down like a bullet, the fish is preparing to catch her….

You get a +5 to your next roll to shoot it


"Thanks Mr.!" This guy is really friendly, maybe I can just walk around all the rooms making my way toward the bedroom.


He doesn't seem to mind as you walk around!
In a minute he is right beside you, giving you a glass of fresh water!
He also goes on to elabroate in great detail every single piece of furniture in every room, how they mash up and tie together the interior decor.
After one of his rants you two end up at the bedroom part.
"…and that is why I decided to become an interior decorator for birds and breezies alike!"



Roll #1 5 + 14 = 19 / Roll #2 12 + 9 = 21



Roll #1 5, 4 + 2 = 11


"Its quite impressive! I'm glad I could make the trip. You know I'm actually a tinkerer, back home, and you had to pay lots of attention to those details, or the whole supply of nectar could be lost."
I sip the water and move closer to the crib.



As Marrow swoops down and down again, you fire arrow after arrow, either hitting the fish or firing so close it swims off agitated.
In less than 2 minutes, there's a pile of driftwood on the shore and the fish shakes its fin at you angrily before swimming off.
A sweaty Marrow flies over to you.
"Wow, you think that's enough?"


"That'll have to be. I don't want to fight the entire pond. Let's see how Pattern has fared."


You inch ever so closer.
You could almost touch the feather now!
"Oooh, is that so? Details make all the difference! Tell me, how did the place look? Was it stylish AND useful? Or was it plain old and boring but still impressive because of the sheer size and inventions? I never get to help on places like that, only homes!"


"Wait, we'll have to carry the wood back first…"


Hoist as much as I can. Actually I'm pretty far from encumbrance so I might be able to just carry it all outright.

"It's not that much. We can handle it."


You carry most of it back to the boat with Marrow.
Looks like there's still no Pattern here!


"I thought the sofa and coffee table were the perfect combination of useful and stylish. There are just so many uses for a good table, and having it match the rest of the decor so well made it extra stylish."
touch the crib and see how he reacts to that.


"Okay, I'll go back for the rest. Stay here and check with Pattern if she comes back."

Go get the rest


You see the fish leering at you as you go grab the final pile. But it can't do anything as long as you're in the air


He notices you touching it, his eyes darting from you to the crib and then back to you, but he doesn't mention it.
"Oh, I knooooow! Not to mention they can be used with so much variety! Low ones with basic shapes, or some taller ones with more pizazz to them! Not to mention the colors!"


"Let the pond consume you!"

Take the wood back. I don't want to keep company with fish.


Look at the feather and back to him.
"Say, do you live up here alone?"


It slowly follows you as far as it can until you fly down on the share with the drydocked ship, then it sinks back into the water.

Marrow is still here.
"No Pattern here! Hey, maybe we can take a look around town while we wait for her!"


>on the shore


He nods.
"Oh, yes, I do now. Used to have my adorable son too, but you know how it is, they grow up so fast! He said he wanted to pursue his own goals and just flew right out one day! I'm so proud of him, I just wish he'd write me more letters, or visit at all!"


Oh, I think I get this.
"Where does your son live now?"


"I guess so. There's not much else for me to do anyway. I can't fix that boat."


Any place you wanna go to?


"Oh, I think he found himself a nice little tree to nest on near the reeds, but from what I hear he doesn't even fly in here to trade! Not sure why he became such a recluse, or why he would choose a tree to nest on, but maybe that is just because of all the style advice I gave him!"


"The reeds? That doesn't sound too far away, why not visit?"


Let's go to the highest point in the city, get a look aoround.


As you fly up, the draft gets stronger, but Marrow murmurs a prayer and suddenly the breeze slows down.
You settle down at a nest on top of the town.

From here you can see all the different reparations going on.
The establishments you see that are intact are the store, there seems to be some ant rambling to the store owner outside, the spa, the port house, the daycare center, the school.


He shakes his head.
"If only I knew! He left so suddenly too! I just hope he is not upset at me for some reason…"


"Is that one of his feathers? That bright yellow one?"


He looks at it.
"Oh, yes, yes. He just left it there! I kept it because I kept most things he left as they are, in case he comes back! Not sure what he'd do with a feather, if not make some stylish decor out of it, so maybe I should clean it up now."


"It's funny that a town this small has a daycare. I always thought that was a big city thing. You know, for parents who work all day away from their family like tinkers."


"I could use it actually, if you weren't going to keep it.. Back home the only thing that bright yellow is a daisy petal, and those wilt after a few days. And painted sticks aren't that pretty as center pieces."


"Hmm… Otherwise I wouldn't do it, but you was such a good conversationist and you seem to love decor as much as I do, so sure, take it!"
He did most of the talking though…


Marrow shrugs
"Comes in handy now, everybreezie is working on repairs.
Those tinies would just be causing trouble."


Doesn't matter. Got feather.
"Thanks! I hope things work out with your son."
By now those other two are getting worried, so I should go.


"Maybe. Anyway, with those birds for labor, I bet repairs here won't take much longer."


You quickly say your goodbyes after acquiring one yellow feather, and fly off, back to the large 'mansion' the cuckoo lives in!


"I just hope we can say the same about the Hollow.
Maybe there's someone here in town who can tell us anything?"


Knock on the door, my antenna flicking a bit.


"That shopkeeper looks like he has a lot to say, if you feel like asking. I'd rather see with my own eyes."


The cuckoo opens the door.
"Oh, you! It IS you! You are… heh, you are back! Already? Did you get it? Tell me you got it, please."


"I did!" Hold up the feather. "Your dad really loves to talk about interior design."


"I will!"
She flies off.

You see Pattern at a rich looking nest at the side


I guess I'll tag along, just in case he goes crazy or something.


With whom? Pattern?



You're near her now



He takes the feather, then looks a bit taken aback.
"What? My… huh… my father!"
He looks around.
"Don't be silly, he is not even a cuckoo, how could he be my father? I'm also twice his size! That's not possible!"
He is breathing faster too!


"He said he misses you."


She seems to be talking to an anxious cuckoo! Quite tall and very yellow!

"I.. I didn't… he…"
He sighs, hanging his head and drooping his wings.
"How did you know?"


"Doesn't matter.. just go talk to him, or send a letter."


He nods.
"You think he won't be… weirded out? You know? When he… realizes?"
Even as he talks, he hands you over the shiny shiny that you have agreed on!


"We got wood - but to get the bulk we needed required getting a little wet."


"I think he misses the son that he raised from a chick."
Accept the shiny ring.
"Okay, want to go together to get the sail? I finally got something to trade the owner."


"Okay. Not much else I can think to do."


He nods.
"Maybe I will visit him then… thank you. A lot. I hope I will see you around more!"
Shiny ring acquired! Now it's just time to turn it in!

You can at least look what she has been up to while you almost got harassed by a fish!



"I'll try to come visit."
"Okay, follow me." To the grandpa magpie's place.


I see she got a ring



You two fly off to a little kindergarten, populated with small birds and breezies running around and having the tiny times of their lives, screaming and laughing like all kids do.
The old crooked Magpie is sitting on a little branch that was installed between the reeds, probably so he can get a better view of all the little ones, or just so they can look up at him when he is telling a story or singing a song.
His eyes light up immediately as he sees the ring from afar.
"Oh, there you are, back, with a friend to boot! And what a shiny you have! I must say, it has been quite some while since I saw anything such as this! I thought I had seen a flash of light in the distance, I thought it might just be my imagination playing games on me, but maybe my sight is still as keen as in my young age!"
He whistles out a small song with the pitch going up and down, visibly excited.
"The sail is yours!"


"Thanks Mr. Lyr."
Leave the ring at his feet, and float over to the sail.


You should be able to carry it with two


Pick up my side, folding it toward the other, then seeing its still big motion to fairweather.
"Would you carry the other side Fairweather?"


Nod. Take the sail and we'll sail on back.


You fly back.

You have everything to start repairs.
Wanna start repairs, Pattern? No roll required


"Okay, I'm going to get started now."
Yes. Let's get this ship puddle-worthy.


As Pattern sets to work, Marrow flutters over.
She waves her legs!
"Pattern, Fairie! Guess what I heard!"


"What did you hear?"


"I just hope we end up saving time after doing all this work…"

Nod in acknowledgement of Marrow.


[Repair noises]

"There was a travelling merchant at the store, he had trouble getting here, apparently there's a group of mercenaries on the roads to the Hollow, questioning everybreezie that passes.
They're looking for 3 breezies and the merchant said they're heavily armed and they weren't bush breezies, they came from one of the Demesnes."


"Eep" I drop my hammer in sudden fear and then pick it up again to keep myself distracted with working.



"Mercenaries… they sound like the others from before. But we don't have any reason to have enemies. Just because we're being cautious doesn't mean we need to get worried for nothing. Unless either of you has any enemies?"


"Well.. If they were our enemy, and we just walked up to them, we wouldn't be able to get away.."


Marrow shrugs.
"I wouldn't know, but they don't sound like my brother's militia. I wouldn't know.
But there's another thing."
She pauses for drama.
"The store owner and the merchant were talking about the storm and the owner said the storm started in the Hollow. But the merchant said he was near Castle Dread before the storm started, and right before it, he saw strange lights at the fort…."


"..You're galemancer aren't you? A breezy couldn't start a storm like that could they?"


"The Radan attacked right as the storm started, and the worst damage of the storm was at Breezie Hollow…"


Marrow nods.
"Hmm, the Radan wouldn't be too scarted of Fort Dread…maybe…"

"Possibly, but it would need to be a very strong Galemancer. I think the only one might be the head of our Order, Lady Mistral, but she'd never do anything like that…"


"Then.. who could.."


"Anyway, it doesn't matter yet. We need to focus on what's in front of us - getting back to the Hollow."


"Okay.. but we should be careful and avoid these mercenaries.."


After 20 minutes, the ship is sailworthy.
You see a beetle with a captain hat approaching.
"You guys the repair breezies?"


"Yes.. I just finished Sir."


"Something like that."


"Well, let's see, let's get her back into the water."
Wanna help pushing it back into the water?


Nah. I want to keep an eye open for fish.


I can do that. Push Push.


Despite the bush breezie not helping, the ship gets in the water, and more importantly it floats.
"Well I'll be darned. Thank you miss Tinker. My mother said to give you this." He hoofs you a bag. "The payment we'd have given to the usual shipbuilders."


Accept the money.
"Thanks! and you'll still take us across?"


"Of course, You all ready to leave?"

You gain 450 bits. Though maybe sharing them with your helpful teammates might be a nice thing to do?


Yea, split it three ways to be fair. 150 for each of us.


"That's a lot of money. You make this much all the time?"


"Trade by ship is extremely important to the bugs here. And the shipbuilders now that, they can charge what they want. And they know it.
If we had some breezies like you as competition, that would sure be something…"



"That explains why its so much.."


"Should we set off?"


"I'll get the engine started up" says the beetle.


I'm good to leave.



You set out as the beetle whistles a song.

After an hour in the the lake you reach the other side. Flying this little bit to the shore shouldn't be a problem.
The bettle takes off his captain hat.
"It was an honor, and remember if you ever need a job, we're in real need for shipbuilders at the Cape"


The beetle
Fuck I shouldn't have had that drink


"If the damage is as bad as they say back home, I'll busy for a long time, but after that's done.."
Smile at him and step off the boat.


Nod and disembark.

"I'm just glad to be away from the fish."


Marrow flies down to the beach.
"You know, I swear I saw that fish again during our trip."
Suddenly you hear footsteps.
Louder and louder!
A cat jumps from the foliage, assaulting Fairweather and giving her a good lick. you know what cat this is!
Attached to ribbon is a rope and a Breezie you recognize as Bright, the militia breezie you talked to earlier, is attached to it.
He looks ruffled. "Oh boy, am I glad to see you, I got dragged all the way here from the Hollow…"
He lets go off the band and falls down on the ground, getting his bearings back



Give Ribbon a close hug.

"You're safe! I was getting worried about you. You found me anyway - who's a clever kitty?"


"…Are you the same one from the tunnel?"


She purrs as you hug her.
She's got a tiny rope around her neck.

Bright flutters down, a bit disoriented. Without much ceremony he sits down on the ground and waves to you. "Yes, that's me, Bright, you were Pattern right?"


Loose the rope or, if I can't, just cut it with my sabre.

"We're still pretty far south, you got dragged all this way?"


It's easy to loosen, she'll breath a little easier now.

Bright nods. "All the way, she never stopped running."


"Yes.. I'm Pattern. Have you been alone with Fairweather's cat all these days?"


I just wanted to take it off entirely, he's a good kitty.

"Ribbon is male. Not like I expected you to know, though, most city breezies rarely see larger animals. You might be able to help us, though. Did her brother send out a party looking for us?"

Point at Marrow


"When the storm finally calmed down, we started scouting the Hill for survivors. A patrol found your kitty but she-..he was really agressive to all of us. He lashed out at anybreezie that tried to come close. But when I got he didn't attack me, I guess he must have remembered me or something. Long story short, I had a healer take care of the wound on her leg and fed her. This morning I got the idea to let him loose to find you, and now I'm here…" he plucks a piece of wood from his hair and looks behind you. "…that's not Lake Mayflower is it?"


"Right, we just crossed."


He looks to the three of you.
"How far did you fly off? When we could find you all on the hill or near it, Fargale started thinking you've all been taken by the Radan."


"The storm blew us all the way to the southern copse, we've passed a few towns already."


"Wait, where did you say you came from.. where is the patrol?"


"A few towns?!? How's that possible?"

"From the hill, the patrol couldn't keep up with your kitty as far as I know they must be still near Hollow Hill."


"…" I suddenly bite my hooves, trembling in fear, fluttering back and forth.


He looks to you.
Marrow flutters over. "So…my brother didn't send any patrols this far?"
"Not that I know, why, what's going on?"


"We made good time. Travel doesn't take so long for an experienced woodsbreezie."


"There were rumors of mercenaries looking for stray Breezies."


I look around for where the roads are, could they be hiding here?


"you'll have to show me some woodsbreezie tricks sometime…"

"…really? But they can't have been looking for you, I don't think anybreezie outside of the Hollow knows you're gone."

There's just the sound of the water, the leaves of trees in the wind, you don't hear the fluttering of Breezie wings.


Sourly, "Thanks, I'm pretty forgettable."


I dart back, nearly running into Bright. Hoovering in front of him 'yelling' and speaking quickly all in one breath.
"They are looking for us specifically, a tinker, a breezemancer, and a bush breezy traveling together. I got us new clothes to blend in. But somehow they knew. They're waiting on the roads for us. We can't follow the road."


"Uhm….what I mean is-"

"Uh-gotcha! How many of them are there?"


"I dunno.. I heard there are 4.. 5 in the group at the bar wearing red capes."


"Calm down, we've made it this far - we're almost home."


Marrow nods. "They haven't found us so far, and we're this close to Hollow. Fairweather can lead us through the forest back home, that way we avoid the roads."


I tear up a little shaking my head, replying with a squeak.
"Remember what the trader said? They are asking around, paying money for information on us. Fairweather… why? What did we even do?"


Marrow takes your tiny hoofsies in hers.
"It'll be okay…"



"Thanks Marrow.." I wipe my eyes a bit and force a smile.
"What should we do?"


Patting Ribbon, I shrug.

"It doesn't matter. Even if they find us, they don't stand a chance. Three city Breezies against bush and beast on our own turf? Oh, and you three will be here to cover for me, too."


Marrow perks her antennae.
"Hmm, since you put it like that, maybe those mercenaries should be afraid of us!"
She winks at Pattern. "Especially that awesome paper magic you have!"


I nod still wearing a forced smile.
"Right. Nothing to worry about."


"Ribbon's return is more auspicious than you know. Anyway, the best way to avoid a fight is to keep moving in the first place. Let's move it."

Set out!


Roll for exciting adventure!



Roll #1 20 = 20


You set out into the dark forest. The sun is slowly sinking into the sky and you hurry up trying to reach the Hollow before dark.

When the Sun touches the horizon and the sky turns the miasma of colors of dusk, you hear a singing in the distance and a weird smell hits your nostrils….
"What the hay…" whispers Bright.


"Huh, maybe its a party?"


Do I recognize the scent?


You don't recognize any of the words however. It's nonsense to you.

Hmm, it's weird, it reminds you of your home in the bush, the shamans of the Bush sometimes made brews that smelled like that.

Ribbon suddenly perks up, ears upright listening intently and rushes forward towards the singing.


"I think it's safe, but I'll have a look ahead just to be sure."

Move up with Ribbon.


Follow Fairweather and Ribbon.
Quietly as I can.



Ribbon rushes right into a little clearing and goes purr next to a Breezie.
She's old, extremely old, hair white, lots of rimples, light brown coat, she's clothed in simple rags made of leaves and there's tribal markings on her body. She sits next to a large cauldron and behind her under a little tent lie a pile of diverse tools and items, some of them looking very ancient.
"Var zi Du vannah." she speaks "Why do you hide, Fairweather, do you not recognize me?" she says in a raspy voice.

Ribbon is very affectionate towards the strange Breezie, that's not like her at all.

Bright and Marrow follow as well.


"I am burdened with the safety of others. It is their city way… one guards many others, instead of each protecting their self. It was for their sake that I did not approach right away."

Ah, of course, that must be…


Wait for Fairweather to approach.


You don't recognize her at all!
But then you remember something from long ago. A story your mother told you about a shaman named Mother Williwaw. It was a legend about a very old Breezie shaman, perhaps the first to ever live, long before the Breezie Demesnes like the Hollow were established. The story goes that on times of great change, Breezies still see her around. It is said she can tell the future. By some she is considered a bad omen, particularly by your uncle who claims he saw her right before the old bush your family lived in before you fell down in a storm.

Could it really be?


"You know, in their keeps they call us aloof for this," I continue my earlier statement. "But you must be the most aloof Breezie alive today."


It seems like they are friends.
Float over to the pair.


She chuckles and slowly starts stirring her cauldron again.
"A Bush Breezie should be aware of the old tales, should know that the forest holds many mysteries that are beyond common sight."
"PATTERN, MARROW, BRIGHT" she shouts loudly.
"Come out, it is time to talk…" she stirs her cauldron again.

Marrow and Bright slowly appear as well.
"What is this?" asks bright, looking to Fairweather


"Williwaw… I thought the old witch was a myth."


"Hello Miss Williwaw."
Do I know this story? '1d20+6' knowledge

Roll #1 12 + 6 = 18


"SSSHHHHHHH!" she raises her front legs to the sky suddenly. And she opens her eyes, which are to your surprise completely black.
The whole forest seems to fall silent, you don't even hear the wind anymore.

"The winds of change are approaching. Soon the Outcasts will return from their exile and have their vengeance on the Breezies that abandoned the Old Ways. The gates have been opened. The Sunken City will be full of cursed life once more. The wheels of fate are already turning, the Dark Hierophant has awoken, and the White Rodent is preparing the key."
She lowers her voice and stares at each of you with her dark eyes.
"You, each of you, will have a role to play, your decisions will change the course of Breezie history forever…or end it.
Now, you may each ask me one question…"



I frown at this situation. "How can we stop the White Rodent?"


Bright asks "About anything?"
She nods "yes…that was your question."

"Wait, what, I mean…aargh!"


"Come…and look into the cauldron, child!"


Too internally conflicted to answer right away, I'll wait for her answer to the other questions.


Look into the cauldron


It is a brown weird smelling mess.
But suddenly you begin to see images…

You see yourself at your workbench. "For so long, you have worked to fill the common needs of the Hill, but soon…" the image changes and you see yourself in another workplace, you're wearing the Tinker tunic of a Mastermind, a high Tinker rank, "your talents will shine. You will build such things. Weapons, great enough to defeat the horrors you'll see within the Radan depths." the images shift and you see flashes of deep dark pits where you see Radan scientists working on terrible weapons powered by lightning. You see the White Rat, scarred, being fitted with mechanical limbs. There were rumors in the Tinker guild of strange inventions found, but you'd never imagined this.
"Your ingenuity might save the Hill." You see yourself being lauded by the Grand Master of the Tinker Guild of the Hollow. You've never seen him before, but you recognize the tunic.
"But oh child, are you prepared to pay the price?"
You then see flashes of dead Breezie militia in the depths of the Radan city.

The vision ends….


Glance at Marrow to see if she'll ask next


I back away startled by the violent vision.
"I never wanted a real war with the Radan.."


Grumbling, "It wasn't really much of an answer anyway. It amounts to answering, 'you'll stop him by making weapons'. Gee, thanks."


"That is not for you to decide, child. The wind goes where it must and you can only decide how to respond to it."

Marrow seems in deep thought, but then walks up.
"Great shaman, please tell me, what is the Sunken City?"

Mother Williwag cackles. "The city of the Outcasts, the city that once was and will be. Look."
Marrow looks into the cauldron and her eyes go wide as she stares for a minute.
She flies back to you, deep in thought.


"And you, Fairweather, child of the Bush, what will you ask?"


Float over to Marrow and whisper "what did you see?"


"Enough prophecy. Your answers are as vague as every fortune teller I've ever heard. I'll ask a question that I know you know the answer to. What is your true nature?"


"A city made of stone, very dark and flooded with water…and filled with monsters. And…that city was right below the Hollow…"

"Drink from the cauldron then."


"..Maybe we should move the city away."


Approach. Eye the cauldron suspiciously, then turn my eyes up to Williwag.

Not to be out-stubborned, I cup some of the liquid with my arms and, without breaking eye contact, draw it up to my lips and drink.


It tastes foul.
As you gulp it down, the drink immediately makes you nauseous and you puke on the ground.
As you cough, you start seeing faces and tribal patterns in that puke, you look up to see the sky even more colorful than before. You see Pattern, she looks so small, like you look next to Ribbon. You look at Bright, his armor looks ridiculously oversized. You look at Marrow and see her eyes growing greenly with barely contained magical power.

Then you turn to Mother Williwag, and look into her dark black eyes. She changes form and you see….you? Wait, no that's Bright, or wait…your mother? The Breezie Hollow Duchess? All with the same black eyes. You sink away in those eyes.
And for just a moment, you become aware of thousands of thoughts, thousands of breezies worldwide, in different continents, in different times, one great chaos of voices, and yet you then become aware that in that chaos, there's order, there's a story, a story of the Breezies going all the way from the very dark beginning to the far future…There's an order in all the Breezies do, something that guides them without doing anything….but where is it leading to…you get a sense of dread as you look to the future.

"That might be…" she holds her breath as Fairweather drinks from the cauldron, pukes and collapses on the ground, jerking and speaking in tongues as she looks up.


Alarmed I go to Fairweather's side, hoovering my hooves just short of touching her, not sure what I should do.


She doesn't give any sign that she even recognizes you.
Bright draws his sword. "Witch! What have you done with her?"


Gently check her vitals.
'1d20+11' medicine

Roll #1 9 + 11 = 20


Seize up a little and stumble backward, trying to make sense of the vision.

Feel about for Ribbon with my eyes closed for a moment. "Ah, it's… too much to take in."


She seems completely unaware of the outside world, not responding to anything you do.
"Gri…Zefor…" she says as she turns and pukes again.

You don't feel anyone, or anything. Or better put, you feel every breezie, but all at once. You are irresistably drawn to the future and at the end, no matter how the story goes, all you see at the end is…death.

Bright runs forward, sword drawn. "Turn her back normal you WITCH"
Then Mother Williwag starts laughing a loud cold laugh that rattles you all to the bone and freezes Bright in his tracks.
Even Fairweather hears it as she looks upon death.

Then, you all open your eyes.

It's dusk and you're laying down in a clearing.
There's no Mother Williwag, nor a cauldron.

Fairweather notices a bunch of purple flowers nearby. It's Skullbloom, a flower with deadly pollen. Perhaps its proximity made you all a bit weird in the head?


Sit bolt upright and roll away from the plant.

"Ach! Why did we camp so close to this poison?"


Marrow and Bright bolt away as well as they hear poison.
Bright rubs his head. "What happened, I had a horrible nightmare…"


"..I don't remember making camp.."


Rub my head. "Maybe we passed out from spores? I remember a strange smell just before I went out."


"But.. did you see her? Williwag?"



As you get your bearings, you hear wood cracks. And Ribbon gets up and crouches low, baring her fangs ready to strike.

You look where she's looking and see a red caped breezie on a branch a little higher.
You barely can see the face beyond its outlines and the eyes. He looks normal except for the eyes. There seems to be no life behind them as it slowly stares at all of you, as if it's thinking.
Then flashes and you're surrounded as more red caped breezies blink in. Disturbingly they all look exactly the same.

The first breezie takes out a paper with a drawing of Marrow.
"We are looking for this Breezie and any who are with her." he says emotionless.



He taps the paper…
You now see something else creeping through foliage, it's a, giant mantis!
But entirely made of metal…
It stops near the mercenaries.



Draw my bow.

"Saw her just south of here at the coast. If you hurry, you'll catch her."


I look confused and try to located Marrow and Bright.


The mercenary seems confused and takes another look at the paper, while occasionally glancing at Marrow.
"We are looking for the Breezie. Submit." he says in the same tone.

They're right next to you!

Inbetween you and Ribbon on the map.


Maybe if I stall him for a minute with talking I can Outmanuever him…

Start working on that while we talk, casually shifting into a more favorable stance.

"I think you're confused. No one here is even the same color as that depiction."


Well. Come forward from behind Ribbon.
"Why do you need that breezy? Who are you?"


After about 5 seconds the mercenary replies "Do not worry. We only want to talk. Drop your weapons and we will escort you back to Breezie Hollow."

The Breezie waits again before answering. "All will be explained once we get back to Breezie Hollow. We only want to talk."


"…Wait the hollow?"
Is there something wrong with these guys?
'1d20+10' investigate roll

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14


There's something very off about these guys. The way they respond and the fact that there's a mantis construct as well, makes you think of Tinker Guild experiments for constructs. You're in that field as well, but you don't know of any projects to make Breezie constructs.µµ

"All will be explained once we get back to Breezie Hollow."

The breezies start to grab their weapons.


Nudge Marrow "Um.. I think.. we should go with them..


Bright's antennae are moving on their own.
"Are you mad, they've grasped their weapons, we'd be sitting ladybugs"


"There's a problem, I'm not going to Breezie Hollow you see. I was only headed north to find my cat, and now I'm going home."

How much longer will a minute last?


You may roll to Outmaneuver next post.

The breezie seems confused.
"……Do not worry, we only want to talk. Drop your weapons and we will escort you back to Breezie Hollow. Final Warning."


"but, they want to take us home.. and I.. think maybe the High Tinkerer made that mantis..


Outmanuever! '1d20+15'

"Wait, what is this a final warning for? You didn't warn me the first time. What are you warning me is going to happen?"

Roll #1 17 + 15 = 32


It's over! You have the high ground!
They'd be mad to attack you now!

"Do not worry. We only want to talk!"
They draw their weapons and the Metal Mantis roars.

Roll Initiative.


Roll #1 2 + 5 = 7 / Roll #2 1, 16, 12, 17 + 5 = 51


Scene has upgraded to Dramatic



Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


Knock an arrow! Initiative '1d20+9'

Ribbon tenses up to pounce '1d20+9'

Roll #1 6 + 9 = 15 / Roll #2 10 + 9 = 19



Roll #1 14 + 3 = 17 / Roll #2 9 + 8 = 17



"Ribbon, take him out!"


Ribbon closes the distance with the mercenary and swipes him!

'1d20+10' '2d10+3' (Threatens 16+)

Roll #1 19 + 10 = 29 / Roll #2 6, 10 + 3 = 19


Critical activates! That should dispatch the merc in brutal fashion. Meanwhile, take a swipe at the mantis itself with the Rend.

'1d20+10' '2d10+3' (Threatens 16+)

Roll #1 2 + 10 = 12 / Roll #2 8, 9 + 3 = 20


Ribbon immediately rushes the mercenary, jumps him and with a brutal slash from the claws rips his side apart.
What Pattern suspected turns out true as no blood is spilled but instead you're confronted with a complex network of radars and wires, pouring oil, but the construct keeps standing even if it is half open.

Ribbon turns upon the mantis and slashes it twice with his claws. The mantis lifts its claws to defend itself but is not as easily defeated as the mercs.

The yellow construct rushes forward to close with Fairweather.

'1d20+5' '1d12+2'

Roll #1 12 + 5 = 17 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


Fairweather's position is too good however and she nimbly avoids the merc.

Marrow closes her eyes murmuring spells….




"Bright, get this brute off me!"

Cut through him with my saber! '1d20+5' '1d20+5'

'1d10+3' '1d10+3'

Roll #1 10 + 5 = 15 / Roll #2 11 + 5 = 16 / Roll #3 6 + 3 = 9 / Roll #4 7 + 3 = 10


Your first cut slightly damages the construct but the second one you lock swords with it and it pushes you back.

Bright rushes towards you and bashes the construct off you with his shield!

The metal Mantis staggers forward towards Ribbon, opens its mouth and fire spouts out.
Roll Ribbon Reflex save



Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12


Ribbon is too slow and receives '3d6' fire damage

Roll #1 6, 6, 3 = 15


The black mercenary rushes towards all of you.



'1d20+13' spell casting check
Illusionary image of Marrow.
Move out of the way of the charge with the image as if we were trying to flee.

Roll #1 12 + 13 = 25


Whisper to Marrow before I start casting "Marrow go hide somewhere. I'll try to lure them away."
Then just have the Copy run away


The copy runs away and one of the mercs chases after it.
It might realize it's mistake soon however.

The last merc flanks Bright and together try to break through his defense stabbing him once.





The pink mercenary leaps forwards to attack Ribbon

'2d20+7' '2d12'

Roll #1 10, 20 + 7 = 37 / Roll #2 2, 2 = 4



Ribbon is too distracted by the Mantis in front of him and gets easily flanked by the bot who wounds Ribbon.




Strike the Merc until it's dead, redirect any remaining hits to the Mantis

'1d20+10' '2d10+3' (Threatens 16+)
'1d20+10' '2d10+3' (Threatens 16+)

Roll #1 11 + 10 = 21 / Roll #2 4, 5 + 3 = 12 / Roll #3 3 + 10 = 13 / Roll #4 9, 6 + 3 = 18


Rending once

'1d20+10' '2d10+3' (Threatens 16+)

Roll #1 4 + 10 = 14 / Roll #2 10, 3 + 3 = 16


With a ferocious hiss, Ribbon sinks his fangs into the mercenary in pink, the metal crunching under his sharp teeth. The sellsword desperately tries to get away, but has no chance when ribbon holds it down with a paw and shakes his head, ribbing the breezie to pieces, sending wires and plates flying everywhere.
Without a skipping a beat he turns to take the mantis head on, but it raises the giant front claws in a defensive pose, the clawing and biting of the cat bouncing off harmlessly.


The yellow mercenary manages to hit Bright twice. His armor holds for now but he won't last long under this barrage.

Marrow finally finishes her spell and a cold wind blows down upon the mantis which slows down. It moves its head erratically.

With a ferocious hiss, Ribbon sinks his fangs into the mercenary in pink, the metal crunching under his sharp teeth. The sellsword desperately tries to get away, but has no chance when ribbon holds it down with a paw and shakes his head, ribbing the breezie to pieces, sending wires and plates flying everywhere.
Without a skipping a beat he turns to take the mantis head on, but it raises the giant front claws in a defensive pose, the clawing and biting of the cat bouncing off harmlessly.




"Everyone, focus all your attacks on the speaker from before! We'll have a two-to-one advantage when he falls, and they'll be pinned – unable to chase – if he falls!"

Taking my own advice, I sink two arrows into the target.

First, Relentless Attack trick bonus:
'1d20+11' '1d6+3'

Roll #1 16 + 11 = 27 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


And no Relentless Attack bonus this time because that hit '1d20+9' '1d6+3'

Roll #1 20 + 9 = 29 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


Spend AD to crit


Distract all three remaining targets as a free action '1d20+2'

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


If that wins versus any of them, '2d6' slow

Roll #1 4, 4 = 8



Roll #1 18, 12, 2 + 2 = 34


You position your longbow in front of yourself, putting an arrow to the string, taking aim with one eye closed, cold and precise calculations going through your head before you pull the arrow back, releasing it almost instantly. The projectile flies in the air gracefully, and the mercenary who talked earlier has no time to even realize the threat. The arrow hits the mark perfectly, travelling with enough force that the head of the construct explodes into oil and sparks, the thin metal body collapsing unceremoniously to the ground.

Fairweather now has a clear line of sight towards the remaining constructs and they'll be more cautious to advance!


The Mantis attacks Ribbon

'2d20+10' '2d8'

Roll #1 15, 17 + 10 = 42 / Roll #2 8, 7 = 15



Despite the coldness, the Mantis once again breaks through Ribbon's defense slashing him across the snout.



"I didn't really want to hurt you, but you're not giving us a choice!"

I'll move to the left, summon a flaming sphere. and try to roll it over both the breezy around bright.
'2d6' '2d6' for damage to each of them if it works.

Roll #1 17 + 13 = 30 / Roll #2 1, 5 = 6 / Roll #3 1, 2 = 3


A sizeable orb of fire flares into existence in front of you, and with some focus you hurl it towards the two mercenaries that surround Bright.
Although they are somewhat distracted, they notice in time, but not fast enough to dodge it entirely, the fire passing both of them.
Their clothes are set on fire, while the orb charring the metal plates serving as their bodies creates a heavy smell of ozone around all of you.

(You still have another half action)


Not quite enough.. Attack the one in front of me with the paper cutter.
'1d20+3' '1d10'

Roll #1 3 + 3 = 6 / Roll #2 6 = 6


You strike…and miss!


The blue mercanry jumps up in the air and throws a dagger at you. Scanning you for a chink in the armor…

'1d20+2' '1d8+2'

Roll #1 11 + 2 = 13 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


+ AD to hit '1d6'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Nobreezie can fault you for your swing with the paper cutter going a bit too high. You are not used to fighting, and may or may not have panicked a little from this admittedly scary situation.
Unfortunately, one of the sellswords takes the chance to capitalize on this. The construct closes in on you, its head doing a strange, triangular motion to survey you. A moment later you feel a sharp pain and the warmth of blood, as you realize the merciless metal mercenary jabbed at you with a dagger, finding the weak spots in your protective gear.




"Ribbon, change tactic! Take out the one near Bright!"

Ribbon closes with the Blue merc and slashes


Roll #1 20 + 10 = 30


Activate crit. If he's still alive, Rend.

If not, we all retreat under Bushwack Supremacy.


The ears of your cat perk at your command. He Hisses at the mantis again, clawing at the air threateningly to buy himself time before turning tail and leaving it to the dust.

You are sure that if mechanical constructs could know fear, this one would have experienced it intensely during the last few moments of its existence.
Ribbon tramples the blue mercenary, the impact itself patially breaking it apart, but your cat is clever enough to make sure to finish the job he started and he spins around, clawing and tearing into the sellsword until nothing but shreds remain.




"Fall back to the road! We've broken their containment!"


Pattern follows?




Nobreezie needs much encouragement to start retreating, both Bright and Marrow taking off at the speed of sound, quickly joined by Patter. Fairweather has to whistle sharply to get the attention of Ribbon who was still tearing the unfortunate blue mercenary apart, but with a leap he is off too. Fairweather even takes a few potshot with his longbow to lay down some covering fire, but turns around to join the others once they are at a safe distance and he made sure nothing is following.


"They won't be able to catch up to us - they don't know the lands like I do, machine or not. Still, we shouldn't dawdle on our way back to the Hollow. If they were serious about taking us there - it could be overrun."


Bright's antennae stir.
"I hadn't even thought of that. I need to go there…"


"What if it was build by a Tinkerer? Maybe one on our side?"


Glance angrily over my shoulder.

"If those were on our side, they need some work."


Marrow nods and flies next to Pattern. "I have to side with Pattern. We're just jumping towards conclusions. I didn't want to go with them, but there's no reason to assume the Hollow's been overrun. There's the Galemancer's, what's left of the Militia and our Duchess! That can't be all gone in so little time…"


Bright nods.
"Who would even offer a reward for all of you? It's clear they wanted us dead!"


"..but.." I frown and mumble the next part "The mantis looks like the high tinker's work, and not many are that skilled.."


Shrug. "The soldiers had a tough time holding that Radan attack, and they're still rebuilding, plus those shadows in the belfry? I can't put my faith in city breezies."

"Just what I needed, another enemy in authority…"

"Maybe that Commander. He seemed like he'd cut throats to rescue his sister."


"We still need to go look.. See what happened to the Hollow."



Bright suddenly looks up.
"HEY, I have an idea.
I didn't tell all of you yet, but some of the guards want to bring the Commander to trial…"
Marrow's eyes widen "…what?"
"His behaviour during the crisis was disgraceful, we can't have that as our commander, we want to bring our case to the Duchess.
What if the Commander sent them to make sure we didn't talk?"


"H-huh? What did he do disgracefully?"


"He let the Radan invasion force run rampant unchallenged! If it hadn't been for all of you, who knows what they might have done!"


That feeds right into my cynical outlook and terrible attitude!

"I could see it happening. But it still doesn't change our plans."

"Well he DID threaten to ruin my life, if you recall!"


It's like fate is playing into all kinds of things


"He.. didn't try to stop it? I saw guards around and it seemed like he was.."
I reply in confusion
"Yea, he said that, so you'd help protect us… I mean, I thought that was why."


Marrow shakes her head.
"That's ridiculous, my brother doesn't have the brain to make these kinds of things. And the Tinker Guild would never let him use their machines!"


"That's impressment!"

"We don't have to argue about it - we just have to beat the machines back to the hollow and find out for ourselves. I bet we'll notice if all the construction ponies rebuilding the top floor have been replaced with hooded robots."


"Okay.. Let's just stay off the roads until we get there.. That should be safe enough."


Bright says "maybe…what if the Tinker Guild went too far and the machines are rising up!"


'1d20+5' will save against fear

Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


I start biting my hooves thinking of a book I read and how It could possibly happen if the tinker was evil or didn't control them enough.


I'll activate that Error

You gain SHAKEN I

The character may not take 10 or 20. Further, he suffers a –2 penalty with all attack checks, as well as Charisma- and Wisdom-based skill checks, per grade suffered. If a character with shaken IV is shaken again, he instead falls unconscious. A character loses 1 shaken grade at the end of each scene.


Hide behind the nearest bush shivering!


Tromp over.

"Hey, you're not seriously spooked by that, are you? We just beat a bunch of robots! They're not unstoppable!"


Marrow punches Bright on the shoulder.
"Bright, you should stop it with your wild fantasies."


I sniffle and reply in fear.
"..They might be beatable now, but what if they learn, what if they learn collectively! Or even just repair each other.. They can be rebuilt as long as they have the essential parts, and fight over and over.. and no breezy would be able to stand up to that, we need time to recover.."


"I know this one thing: survival is a state of mind. If doom is in the future, then you need to act in the present to pre-empt it. Remember in the nectar factory when we were surely doomed by rising water? It was only by action that we guaranteed our salvation."


Unbeknownst to you all, Bright is considering the possibility of him having to rebuild breezie society with 3 breezie girls….
He opens his mouth
"…..Pattern, sorry I shouldn't have said that. We shouldn't jump to conclusions until we're there."


I nod slowly and crawl out of the bush.
'1d20' to stop being afraid.
I'm too scared to think of such a scenario! Instead I stick with the group even if I'm still spooked.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Fate says you're still shaken but you calm down enough to talk and move.


Move on towards Breezie Hollow?




It has been such a busy day.
A cross through the forest, meeting all kinds of bugs, seeing a legendary Breezie (or being poisoned) and fleeing from a group of evil constructs.
No wonder a sheltered tinker Breezie is a little shaken!

You slowly continue on your road as the Sun sets and the forest grows darker. Luckily for you, Fairweather knows her way.
The forest is dark and every cracking stick makes you wonder if those constructs are watching from the shadows.

But soon you reach the Hollow stream, the little water stream that marks the Demesne of the Duchess. As you cross it, you feel safer, here the Duchess magic protects you. The blue Moonflowers softly glow in the darkness lighting your way forward.
The first breezies you see are harvesters wearing tiny lanterns!
They quickly fly towards you to greet you!


A greeting? I guess our silhouette is easily recognizable with the cat, but I'd have thought the harvesters would be too busy scavenging repair materials to waste time greeting us.

What's the matter?


I wave at them as they approach, but don't say anything just yet.



Seems like they actually just wanted to greet you! Lazy bums, better tell them to get back to work!

"Hello! Where are you guys coming from? I thought everybreezie was inside the Hollow?" They look wary at the cat.


"Um.. we got blow away by the storm.. Have you been up to the Hollow since then?"


Pattern can talk for now, since it's a little unusual for her. Glance at the state of the top of the Hollow.


"Ooooh!" says another "I remember the Militia was looking for them! Wow, amazing you all made it back and in one piece!"

The first Breezie nods.
"Yes, it's…hard to describe. Entire chambers flooded, many Breezies have lost their homes. The Duchess has provided all sanctuary in her Palace but…there's only so much we can do."

Another Breezie steps in "Luckily we had the Prophet or things would have been worse." Some Breezies grunt in annoyance while others agree.

The Breezie continues. "Ignore him, all Gates except the Dawn Gate have been closed." he looks at your suit. "You're lucky…I heard almost nothing of the Guild equipment or housing was damaged during the Storm."

The slopes of the Hill had rich fields of flowers ripe for harvesting just days ago, now large parts of it are destroyed. You see the Organ's Terrace is still standing, but you can't see inside the Hill.


"…" Nod at their story. "Oh, is the courthouse okay?"


Finally speak up:

"Have you heard anything about machine Breezies? Mechanical facsimiles of soldiers?"


"I haven't!" the others shake their heads. "Why don't you ask her? I heard the Guild has all kinds of machine monsters behind locked doors!" says the one that talked of the Prophet earlier.

"The courthouse. Damaged, but it's still standing. The Duchess has moved the court for the moment into her Palace."




"Are they.. holding any trials? A-a friend of mine was in trouble, and might be taken to court over it.. and um, have you heard anything about that?"


They look at each other.
"I haven't heard of anything!"
"Me neither."


"Okay.. Thanks.."
I will wait for the other to finish before going anywhere.


Any other replies or are we moving?


Move on!


As you move to the Dawn Gate, Bright flies up to Pattern.
"Hey, what I meant was, we're going to bring our case to the Duchess, we haven't formally charged him yet."

There's 5 militia guards at the Dawn Gate. Armed to the teeth.
"Bright! You're back. And…3, you're the missing Breezies I assume?"


"No, we're a band of traveling spiders."


The other militia snicker. "ZING!"

The yellow Breezie that spoke earlier takes out a paper.
"Your names please, without the jokes."


Nod a bit, but look them over for signs of anything weird.


They're unusually armored. They themeselves don't look comfortable in it. It'll be a miracle if they could fly properly in that.
Someone really should design better light armor.


"Fairweather, and Ribbon."


What a militaristic idea.
"Pattern Pitch." I reply quietly.


"Marrow…" she says quietly.

"-Pitch….Marrow. Good! I think that covers all Breezies that are missing. Marrow, I think your borther wanted to see you when you'd arrive."
"eh…I um…I'd rather go rest first…."
"Oh. Uh, well all of you, large parts of the Hollow are damaged. Can I ask where all of you live?"

Pattern near the Tinker Core and Fairweather in the Fall Corridor


"The Fall Corridor, if it's still in one piece."


"Near the tinker core, Um, I can make a tent thou, If its broken.."


He grimaces when you mention the Fall Corridor. "It's in a bad shape….but there's a few places still standing. Maybe yours as well?"

"That's better news, the Tinker Core is completely undamaged."


"Oh.. are the repairs going well throughout the hollow?"


"I guess it's worth a look to see if anything's worth salvaging. I'll probably move out anyway."

"It's over, now - the whole thing. I'm taking off. I'd say I'll see you, but probably not."

Head off to find my house ruins.


"As well as we can, a lot of Breezies volunteered to help rebuild. At least 20!"

In a depressed state you float to the Fall Corridor, it's close to the entrance. There's no Breezie here…only trash and rubble. Not giving you much hope, but then you see in the distance. At the very end, there's about 4 houses standing. And your mushroom is one of them!


"Goodbye Fairweather." I say with a frown, perhaps sad about never seeing you or just failing to think of something memorable to say.

"That sounds good. I should go home, I'm pretty tired."
Start going to the Tinker Core.


That's a surprise, given the water. Pat Ribbon and float up to the structure.


Marrow tried to say something as Fairweather left but didn't.
She now quickly speaks to you. "Wait, Pattern, thanks for what you both did for me…please come visit me something in the Galemancers Tunnel…"

You fly in through the window where you got flooded out before.
There's a hole in the roof, the window is broken and anything near the floor is drenched. But you figure that if you spent a day cleaning up, do some chores, your house will be fine again. Guess there's some advantages to a mushroom instead of a stone house.




"You.. can come visit me too. I mean.. If you want."
I blush a bit.


"In the Tinker Core, right? I'd love to!"


The sapling bends, the oak breaks.

Sigh. I guess I should at least get it back into working shape. Start with picking up the glass.


"Okay! Good luck with your brother."
I smile at this, and head home. Fighting robots is tiring work.


It is really late. You've just been flying for hours.
Roll for motivation



Maybe I shouldn't bother…

Roll #1 1 = 1



You float inside.
The Tinker Core isn't far. Normally the halls are full of Breezies even at this hour. Now it's very quiet.
You pass past the entrance to the Fall Corridor. It looks eerily quiet.


Why even bother?
You'll just do something else stupid and fuck it up even more!

You weren't fitting in with the other Bush Breezies and now you're an outcast here.


It doesn't matter. Flop on my bed for some sleep.

I can take care of myself wherever I go. I can just go somewhere new again.


Quiet is good for me, means no one asking me about my projects. They aren't my managers!
Float past the door.


You flop down on the bed and some water drenches out.
Ribbon sticks his head through the door and gives you a lick on the head.

You float down to the Core. The metal door emblazoned with the Tinker emblem opens. The Core is the heart of the Hollow air system and all Tinker activities take place here. Except for the Refinery which is located near the surface for practical reasons.


Even exhausted as I am, that sight gives me a sense of pride. Fly up a little straighter.


Absently: "We'll be okay Ribbon. I just need some shuteye first."

Get those terrible nightmares from before out of my thoughts…



You've leveled! DOWNTIME FOR A WEEK. (see downtime rules for what you can do mechanically)

You can explore and faff through the Hollow during the downtime week.


You quickly fall asleep…

You enter. Blaze, the pink receptionist looks like she's seen a ghost!



Wave to her and try to move past, I know where I'm going. And uh, she's usually busy. Yea.


Should I sleep through to the morning?


Your choice! If you wanna wake up in the night, you can do WHATEVER you want!


She's gotta buzz you in!


Not this time, not after this entry at least!
"Pattern? Oh nooooooo, Pattern, it is you!"
She waves you over.
"You cannot possibly imagine how worried the guild was about you!"


Slowly go over to her.
"Oh.. I was okay, I just got blown a long ways off. Thanks for thinking of me."


"Of course we thought of you! How could we not! Kept your place nice and tidy, because we just knew you cannot be gone for good!"
She takes a deep breath to calm down.
"Oh, you'll have to sign in again, of course, but come outside! Come on, you must tell me what it is like! Is it scary? Does it really have monsters? And giants?"


I cough a bit to clear my throat.
"Thanks. We mostly saw bugs and spiders, and a few birds but they were all nice. The only dangerous thing was the mercencaries with the red capes. Did the guild hire them?"


Maybe before I go, I should spend the week helping rebuild. These city breezies seem hopeless with animal taming, but my very high Survival Bonus + Career Level (total 15) allows me to breed almost any type of animal. I could offer my services to help multiply whatever animal workforce they have employed. If they have molly cats, Ribbon could help too.


"Ooh! So you made lots of new friends? Or… well, at least some, right?"
She chuckles.
"Red caped mercenaries? Hired by the guild? What do you mean?"


"They.. had a mantis contruct that reminded me of the high tinker's work.. are you saying the guild didn't have anything to do with them?" I start to get a little worried, my wings shivering


"I… do not know about that, I am sorry. But if it was made by the Tinkers it must have a tag that is in the registry! Did you see something like that?"
You don't recall reading any tags in the heat of the moment, sadly.


That sounds like a good plan!
The Hollow uses critters like mice and squirrels to help them out. You could definitely help tame and train them!


I shake my head. "We left before I could get a good look."


She clicks her tongue.
"Shame… but if you happen to go back and find it, I can help with it!"
She shakes her head.
"Not much I can do without. Oh, unless you want to register it that you are back! You know how the paperwork is!"
She produces some small form that requires your signature that you are indeed coming back home after an unnanounced leave.


Okay, or that. Fantasycraft doesn't list a taming skill so I didn't know if that was doable at all


"Okay. I'll start filling these out."
Sigh and start signing the forms.


Some things at the guild never change, like the boring old forms.
"As I said, your place is all prepped! Do you need help with anything else? Or have any more stories from the outside, maybe?"


It's in the Survival skill.
What we can do is that we play out some parts of the week, depending on how it goes you get some buffs or debuffs to your roll at the end of downtime for the result of your work and how much money you made. Also since it's faff, you're free to go elsewhere in your spare time.


"Uh.. I'm really tired, but maybe another time.."
"Oh! And Marrow might come visit, if she does help her find my room please."


"Awww… make sure to collect them by the next time we chat!"
Her antennae shiver excitedly.
"Of course, of couse, I will! Glad to have you back!"


I nod wide eyed, a little intimidated by her enthusiasm.
"Okay.. Goodnight Miss Blaze."
Walk to the rooms then.


You float through the halls. The metal door opens and your small but comfy appartment opens. Your hobby work bench is still full of tools. Maybe you were working on a project? Or maybe you never used them. The lights here go on by electricity rather than magic.
The walls are made of a white metal. The floors as well, but you put a carpet over it for max comfy.


I better look around to make sure no one moved anything, I'll never be able to sleep thinking of other breezy being inside here and moving my stuff.
'1d20+10' investigate

Roll #1 11 + 10 = 21


You take a good look around.
Everything seems to be in order.


Excellent. I'm going straight to bed. With no dinner.


You wake up way too early to the sound of your clock.
It's a work day today!


I bet I'm going to have to rebuild things. Might as well get it started, drink some juice for breakfast and report to see what my job is.


You fly through the complex to your workbench in the Bureau of Mechanics.
Floor 2, Hall A.
There's 10 workbenches set up for all of you to work, there's also drinks and food further down the hall if you want a snack.
Only 4 of the benches are filled at the moment. They look up, suprised to see you, but not saying anything.
The TickCom on your desk has printed out several designs for you to make over the past days that you were gone. Looks like a backlog! Many Breezies dream of moving up the ranks where they can actually design some of these machines or work on the secret projects deep in the Core.

Looks like your group leader isn't here yet, he'll surely arrive soon.


Sit down and start going over the blue prints.. I should pick the ones that look quickest, and have been here the longest, so I get caught up as fast as possible.


Hmmmm…the oldest is a request for a Tornado Engine Mk II, but that might take a few hours.
Another old one is a request for a an air piston type 2, that's an easy one.


Work on the air piston first. Almost like a warm up.

Roll #1 1 + 11 = 12


Your breezie hooves are shaking as you work on it.
You don't know why!


I just need to relax.. take a few deep breathes. Don't stare at the breezies watching me.

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


It takes you almost double as long as usual but you finish the piston. You put the design in the TickCom again and put the piston in the airtube. It sucks away at the speed of…air.

Next design or have a break?


I don't think the boss is here yet, so build another.

Roll #1 1 + 11 = 12


You start with the Tornado Engine but you can't even remember how to start!

"Acolyte Pitch" says a stern voice behind you.


Turn around and look at the voice, surely my boss.


I'll get out at night. With all the destruction around, Breezie Hollow could really use some Fireflies to help direct traffic and light the areas where destruction wrecked the worst of its havoc. I should tame some!


Yup, it's Overseer Maia.
She wears an overseers suit, several metal tools on a large metal belt and metal goggles that obscure her eyes as well as several metal antennae to enchance her regular ones.
"Acolyte Pitch…" she takes out a notebook "Blaze had sent me that you've been away on some harrowing expedition and that you'd need some days rest. It pleases me to see you here, productive, I approve."


You leave again for the outside. You wonder where all the other breezies are.
You pass by the militia again who ask why you're going outside.


"What's the matter, does the city have a curfew now?"


"Yes.. I got blown away by the storm Maim, It.. wasn't so bad.."
I fold my hooves so she doesn't see the shaking.
"I am just glad to be back home.."


"We want to know who comes and goes and why. Orders from the Commander."

"Yes. But still…" she flies to your Tickcom and checks it.
"You've been working very long on your designs…are you sure you wouldn't like a day off?"


"Whatever. I'm just going out to find some fireflies."


Well.. something is wrong with me today..
"That might be a good idea.. I do feel a little tired still."


"Watch out there!"

"Good. I will note you down for today…and I will note your enthusiasm. The Guild needs motivated young Breezies to pave the way to a glorious future!"




"Yes, Thank you Overseer Maia." I smile a bit relieved.
"I will go rest for now."
Just leave everything sorted by complexity and date, and start to leave.


"Radan! Or maybe one of the monsters of the forest has come out!"


"Before you go, would you like to do me a little favor? I need something delivered to the Office of Constructs. I'll give you authorization to go in there. Take a little walk through the Inner Core, it might inspire you."


"I can do that, what is the delivery?"


Pat Ribbon.

"I'm not worried about those."

Out to find fireflies!


"A small packet." she gives you a little package barely bigger than your breeziehoof.
Her portable TickCom ticks and prints out a small badge.
"Wear this while you're there. It allows you access to wander through the Inner Core as you like. Don't approach the Deep Core doors however. You aren't authorized for that, neither am I for that matter."

You fly down the hill and quickly find some fireflies buzzing around the Moonflowers.


"I understand."
Pin the badge onto my shirt fidgeting with it to make it set just right.
Then read the cover of the package.
"Just bring this to the Office of Contructs?"


"Ask for Master Tinker Avi, he's in charge of the Bureau of Constructs. Watch out, once he starts talking about constructs he can't stop."


"Okay. I'll get it to him safely."
Smile at her and get on my way. It can't be too hard to navigate to the checkpoint.


No, you've often passed those doors wondering what it looks like inside.
You should show your badge to the metal eye next to it.





Pattern Pitch


Here we go.. Hold the badge up to the eye.
"Master Tinker Avi." I repeat to myself to remind me of the name.


The metal eye does not blink or move as you hold the badge in front of it, but the door opens nonetheless!


Terrible design. It should give an indication that it saw the paper.
Go in, but huff at the door.


You huff at the door, but like the card it does not give any indication of your displeasure!

You fly up into the Tinker Core, before you is a giant ball made of glass. You see another metal ball inside it, the Deep Core. And small tunnels leading into it through the glass. that is however for high level Tinkers only. Inbetween the tunnels, the glass ball appears empty. But the occasional haunting sound emmaniting from it confirms what you already know. The fast winds of the Breezie Air Circulation blow around the ball. If the gloass would break, you'd all be thrown around helplessly!

You can fly around the ball as you like, there's no floor here, just a circular hall. There's numerous other doors on the other side of the glass, one of those must lead to the Bureau of Constructs.
You also see many Breezies wearing elaborate tinker uniforms. They're discussing their latest inventions or looking over new designs and theories!


'1d20+10' time to be nosy, listen in on their conversations

Roll #1 15 + 10 = 25


You pretend to watch the Deep Core through the glass as you slowly drift by some Tinkers.

"-that's how we discovered the new method for accelerating the formation of Altrostatus condensation within a Prada matrix convector."
"Ingenious, I've heard the High Tinker believes this procedure will be beneficial to multiple branches of the Guild. There must be a promotion in your future!"
The breezie grins smugly. "Ah, it was no big deal, I'm already working on my next fabulous invention. Hopefully there will be no more storms to hinder our work!"


W-what brilliance.
Okay, I will move on before I die of envy. Try a door.


There's plaques at each door to show what they are!
This one is marked: PROJECT TUNNEL
The door is open however….


Oh. Then look about for the one that says 'Bureau of Contructs'


You look around and quickly find it.
There's another metal eye here!


Try the badge.


The door opens!


Keep on floating then..


You float in and there's a floor again here!
As the door closes again you notice two huge metal constructs standing guard next to this side of the door. They stand upright on two legs and have 2 huge arms!
A ball with a light on it and a helicopter rotor flies over to you.
The light flickers as it speaks "CAN. I. HELP. YOU."


…'1d20+5' will save not to get scared of the robots

Roll #1 15 + 5 = 20


They look very different from the other robots! You manage to keep your composure. They're Tinker Guild robots, they're here to protect and help right?


"I have a delivery for Master Tinker Avi." I enunciate clearly for the machines.


It floats down the hall.


Follow the metal breezy.


It's a ball propelled by a helicopter wings! Not a metal breezie. You haven't seen any of that yet.

The Ball floats down the hall and the large metal door at the end opens.
You enter a workshop, the largest you've seen so far!. The walls are full of tools and parts (some you note you might have made yourself!), in the middle a breezie only wearing a working short, gloves and goggles is working on something. It's hard to see since right now he's using a torch to weld something together.
The door closes behind you again.


'1d20+10' investigate the helicopter breezy

Roll #1 17 + 10 = 27


File: 1469305080392.png (18.86 KB, 1137x868, breezie.png)

The "Breezie" looks like a ball with helicopter wings.
The method of flying, you understand it, but how does it talk? Is it similar to the metal eye? The metal eye can see things too, but it doesn't respond to them!


"What is your registry number?" I ask the robot.


It turns around.

The breezie at the table stops welding. "That's because it made a lot of sparks first time I turned it on!"


I make a surprised gasp at having arrived already.


"Hello! I'm Master Tinker Avi." He floats over. "But call me Avi. It's easier." He takes off the goggles. He's covered in several smears of oil and ash. He grabs a glass of water.


"I-I have.. I was supposed to.."
Just hold out the small package to him.


He looks confused and takes the package.
But then gives you a glass of water as well.
"Here, it's very hot here. You must be frizzled."


"Thank you sir." I take the water and sip on it.
"That's from Overseer Maia." I say regarding the package.


"Ah yes, I was expecting it. Thank you! Did she…uh…say anything else?"


"Well.. she did said that I should meet you, and that I.. should take some time off, after I got blown away in the storm.."


"Oh…" he seems disappointed for a second. "Eh… you got blown away from the storm, all the way into the field?"


"No.. all the way into the woods, I was real hurt and a spider took care of me."


"Wait…the woods? Oooooh, you're not that Breezie that went missing for a few days are you?"


"Yes! I'm Pattern Pitch Sir!" I nod eagerly


"Pattern Pitch, mind if I say Pattern? That must have been quite an adventure, and still you're here the next day? I admire your tenaciousness!"


I rub my head.
"I really like working here.. I like your.. Sparks unit, its very helpful and not scary like the metal mantis I met.."


He seems stunned for a second.
"Excuse me, a metal mantis?"


I stare at him for a moment.
"W-wait you mean that's not something you did?"


"Did what exactly?"


I start shivering as I explain.
"It was a metal preying mantis, it was very large, and it had several red capped breezies with it, who were looking for us.. but they weren't really breezy, but robotics. And they were not very friendly when the others with me didn't want to go.."


He seems in deep thought.
"And what happened next?"


"Well.. they attacked us, so we ran away.."
"Actually I think the cat crushed one, its remains might be just outside the hollow."


"Wait, they are? Listen, Pattern, if your story is true, I've never even heard of a praying mantis construct. All constructs, all machines even, of the Guild are tagged and can be traced to the constructor. If there's parts out there, we should get them now!"


"O-okay, I'll meet you after work then? What time do you clock out sir?"


"After work?!? No, this must be done as quick as possible! Yesterday even! Sparky, alert some collector constructs and some of the assistants!"
Sparky floats off.


I squeak in surprise.
"Right! I'm sorry! I'll lead the way the best I can Sir."


"Please, call me Avi!"
Leave now?


"Yes! Sorry, Avi."
Let's go.


Soon there's a team of you, Master Tinker Avi, two assistent tinkers, several collector constructs and Sparky to help!
You go….uh wait, where was it again?

Roll Survival to find your way back…


'1d20+10' I could never forget that place..

Roll #1 13 + 10 = 23


Indeed, you cannot. You bring them back and the collector constructs search the whole place!


'1d20+10' I investigate too, those things were heavy, they can't have gone without leaving a trail.

Roll #1 13 + 10 = 23


You both find signs of a struggle but the traces seem to have been cleared…

Until you find a small piece, it seems to be some kind of battery. Perhaps the constructs accidentally left it here.


Show it to Avi, if nothing else it proves my story!


He looks it over.
"…this is definitely Tinker Guild material. This puts a lot of weight behind what you said, Pattern. I'll need to do an investigation in the guild. First we'll need to track down this piece. I shall have to contact the Archive."


"Thank you.. Avi.. Um"
'1d20+11' fold up a paper mantis that looks as close to the one that attacked us as possible

Roll #1 1 + 11 = 12


You make one in the shape of a heart.

Avi looks slightly worried.


I crumble it up and turn away from him to try again.

Roll #1 17 + 11 = 28


It looks okay now.
"That's what it looked like?"


I nod and offer to it him with shivering hooves


"Uh thanks…" he takes it.
"Let's go back home."


"I think.. I will go right to bed."
I reply and try to hold my hooves to stop the shaking.


"Of course, it's your day off. Take as much time as you need. I'll send you a message on the part if I learn more."


"Thank you Avi."
I will go home to bed now.


The moment you enter the way to your home, the perky receptionist Blaze waves at you!
"Ooh! Ooh! Pattern! You're here! Good! Come here please! You look tired but this is a must must must!"


Go over to her.
"Yes Miss Blaze?"


"You looked a bit down the other day, and I bet you had some really exhausting times out there… so, this is sort of on me, but I want to give you something in the name of the Tinkers in general!"
She ducks under the table then reemerges with a large basket!


I look a little confused. Touching the thing as if to test its weight.
"A gift?"


"A gift basket, yes! We Tinkers look out for each other, right? It has lots of cool stuff in it, just for you!"


"Thank you!" I hold it close and take a peak inside checking her reaction at that.


She almost flutters with excitement onto the desk as you do!
There are quite a few things inside!
Foods and other such goodies, a few cheap but nice decorations for your room, an admit one ticket to the high class end spa of the Hollow, little stickers for paperwork with smiling faces, a multi-purpose tinker tool with several functions (+1 bonus to crafting) , a nice bottle of juice, a tiny statuette of a breezie with a wrench…


I gasp.
"What?! All this for me?"


She nods.
"Yes! You must have been through a lot, and a little kindness and generosity is all we need in those times!"


"Yes.. Thank you." I stare at her for a moment with a smile.
"I should go put this juice away now."


She nods, still smiling wide back at you.
"Go ahead! And enjoy!"


Go into my room then. I had no idea she cared so much!


Feels nice to have someone with you right?
You go back to your room, it's a bit dark, as always.


Put the juice somewhere it will stay cold, and look over the decorations deciding where to put them, but in the end just leave them in the basket and put the tinker tool on my table


It's a nice tinker tool, one straight from Breezie Valley. It's not a top model, those cost hundreds of bits, but you can see it would come in handy in a pinch.


Tools are comforting! I will try to rest for a while now.


You take a breezie nap.



Pattern Pitch
It's a new day! And you've got another day off today! You can lay in bed and eat nectar ice cream all day if you want


The breeze has been just right. Fast enough to make good time, slow enough to not drift off course. You land down on near the ground out of the Wind's path. This should be it. You've never been here before, but you feel the subtle buzz in the air. There's a Breezie Duchess nearby and that usually means you're near a Breezie City. And there's only one on or rather in a hill, Breezie Hollow.
You notice a lot broken and torn plants nearby. Probably remnants of the storm your master told you about….


Float along with the wind in a soft haste, this would be the very first time I visit a true and proper Breezie settlement, breezies are gonna be so different out here! I'm almost a little scared, even!


Another day off? But I have so much work that I'm behind on.
Okay. I look at the gift basket again, spend the morning setting out those decorations.


I'm going to land and leg it over there very quietly. Staying low should minimize my discovery chance.

Let's see… they live pretty close to the hollow, so they may be acclimatized to Breezies already. Maybe instead of capturing them I can try to tame outright. If that doesn't work, I'll move on to try to capture some and bring them back for more intensive training.



Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10


What a terrible way to waste a month.


Maybe you can work on your own projects for once!

Foods and other such goodies, a few cheap but nice decorations for your room, an admit one ticket to the high class end spa of the Hollow, little stickers for paperwork with smiling faces, a multi-purpose tinker tool with several functions (+1 bonus to crafting) , a nice bottle of juice, a tiny statuette of a breezie with a wrench…

You hear voices nearby, just behind some of the flowers!

Ribbon takes the hint and crouches low as well.
Maybe they are? Only one way to find…

You sneak right over to them. They're very docile and fly over to you. Happily you try to…

Wait a second, those aren't fireflies, they're lightningflies! As they buzz close to you, you get zapped and tumble backwards on the ground.


Flot over, eager to have my first contact with the civilized world!


I can easily find a place for all those.. except for the spa ticket.. I stare it down like an invader for a whole minute.
Then pick it up and check the address while biting on a fruit.
How far away is that place?


How awful! I'd beat the whole swarm senseless just to teach them a lesson if they didn't seem to be doing it probably not-intentionally.

I'll look around for ACTUAL fireflies. '1d20+9'

Roll #1 1 + 9 = 10



You would do that, but now a whole swarm of lightningflies actually shows up! They buzz around, lighting sparks between each other. They don't attack you however. But they're flying very very close….

It's at the Market Plaza, one of the more fancy hillchambers that got out of the disaster nearly completely intact!
It's not too far from here, near the entrance to the Hill.

You go past the flowers and see three breezies gathering nectar. They stop talking as you show up. Wow, they look very different from bush breezies, clotheing wise at least.


You mean they aren't dressed only in leaves and weeds?
"Hi! Am I on the right track to breezie hollow?"
Give them a wide smile through my baggy, dark purple witch clothes.


I will go check the Market Plaza and this spa.


A whole swarm of lightning flies? Actually… this could be really good. But I need help.

In the time I've spent in the Hollow, have I found anyone else good at animal handling? Pest controllers, animal tamers - anyone like that. I need to visit them quick! And the Tinker's Guild too!

"Ribbon! Track them if they leave!"


No, they're dressed in some kind of cloth!
They look at each other. And back at you in a few awkward seconds.

You fly out, past some of the workers hauling construction equipment down the tunnels.

The Market Plaza is the first chamber Breezies see as they enter the Hill. In the middle is the market where merchants peddle their wares, right now it's far emptier than usual, but you still some breezies here selling fresh nectar and berries. Wow, those prices are high! The rest of the market place houses fancy restaurants, shops, a theater, the spa, etc. It is the place to see and be seen, which is why you might have not spent much time here before. Luckily for you, there's far fewer breezies than usual here.

You know there's a Breezie on the hill, near the nectar fields that takes care of the hamsters and mice the Hill uses. Perhaps he or she will be interested to help?


Ugh, basically useless. But maybe. First, the Tinkers. Go!


Twirl around in excitement!
"Finally! The so fated place!
I've traveled long to reach your ill fated community but fear you not, for now help is here!"
Surely, they'll be grateful.


Probably all busy working.
I will just look in the window of the spa, checking my pass multiple times while shivering.


The two breezies seem stunned but then one whispers to the other and they both started whispering a lot! Occasionally they glance over to you.
"Wait, you're here to…help right?"

You fly down, deep to the Tinker Core. The metal doors open up all by themselves, revealing the lobby with multiple locked metal doors leading to places unknown. There's a reception where a pink breezie is writing a note, even at this late hour the Tinker Guild is open for business.

The spa is a light blue wooden building near the market. You look inside and see the lobby. There's satin cushions for waiting customers, now completely empty. You see a painting of breezies playing in a pool in the forest. There's a breezie reading at the desk, but she hasn't noticed you.


I go inside as confident as I can.


Nod quickly!
"Strong prophecies led me here! We heard of the storm all the way into most remote corners of the underbrush, and something had to be done!
Controlling a storm is a lot of work for a witch alone, so here I am! To help!"


A small bell rings above you as the door you open knocks into it and the breezie looks up at you, immediately putting up a smile.
"Good day and welcome to our estabilishment! What can I interest you in today, Miss?"


They whisper some more.
One of them shakes his head a lot, but the other finally flies over to you!
"We're so happy you're here!"


I reach for my pocket where I usually keep badges or IDs or keys and then blush just setting the pass I have in my hoof on her desk.
"My friend gave me this.. Can I use it here?"


Smile even wider, beaming brightly.
"Then could you point me to the entrance of the hollow?"


She quickly takes a look at it.
"Oh, of course! This is a gift ticket for one breezie for an all-inclusive spa treatment! Nothing of the more extravagant services, is that allright with you miss?"


"Yes! It will be fine." I nod at the clerk.


"Of course! We've been expecting you! I'll lead you straight to Vert, he'll be so happy you're here."


That's so nice!
"Expecting me!?"
"I didn't realize mama Jaba warned your village I'd come! That's so embarrassing!"


"Nonsense! Just come with me!" He flies off


She takes a small tool to punch your ticket then hands it back to you, motion at a corridor.
"You can start your spa trip if you head there! You will come to a changing area where a colleauge of mine will give you the towels and bathrobes that you need! Just make sure to keep your ticket on you so you can be admitted to every service that is available to you!"


Fly after him!


"Thank you." I smile nervously as I head through the door with the tiny ticket.


The other breezie also comes after both of you.
You see a tower in the distance and underneath a tunnel into the hill.
There's two armored breezies standing there. "Halt, who are you?" they say as they stop you.


Stop and float mid air, giving a most gracious bow without even taking off my big hat, waving its pointy cap all around.
"Petilia the Witch, I'm here to help!"


"A…what…a witch?!?"


Nod with an easy smile.
"Of course. A witch! You talk like you've never seen one!"


A breezie girl who seems really young but is dressed very elegantly greets you, showing you the way, while also carrying a set of towels and a bathrobe for you. She leads you to your first spa destination. It seems like tiny cabins with round windows that don't let anyone see in, but you guess you can look out from inside.
"First is the hot-spring style tub cabin in your spa trip, Miss. You get your own cabin which can be locked for the utmost privacy. Inside you will find the hot-spring tub, we recommend a twenty minute relaxation session. Please do not jump into the tub and be careful as you get out because it is slippery. Towels are provided inside."
She opens up one of the wooden doors!
You see a small tub with bubbling hot water in it, that looks like it could fit two breezies at most.


They look at each other.
"Uh…should we call the commander?"
Your new friend jumps in.
"It's all right, Draft, she's just having some fun! She's here to help out the town with the storm."


Nod along.


"Uh…heh, I guess it is kind of funny! But you do have to present yourself to the Duchess before the day is over, that's the rules! Any newcomers have to!"


I pick up one of the pure white towels and stand around for a moment before putting a hoof into the water.


I assume you also close the door! Could lock it too!
You put a hoof in the water, and while it is hot, it's not scalding hot, so it's safe… oh, the bubbles must be coming from some sort of machine at the bottom! That's clever! You wonder if the Tinkers had anything with helping build this place, and if they did, that's how Blaze got a ticket so easily.


"Oki doki! Just tell me where she is!"

Background infos I should know on the duchess?
Doing a knowledge roll.

Roll #1 15 + 12 = 27


Yes, I won't lock it thou. I will fold up my clothes neatly before going in thou. With the ticket carefully on top
Dismiss those thoughts right away! I'm not going to cheapen the gift with ideas that she got it for free and just wanted to get rid of it. Just step knee deep into the water.


You've never met one but according to your master they're very powerful Breezie witches who run the Breezie cities. Your master didn't think very highly of them, abandoning nature for hidden cities.


They also tell you where the Duchess Palace is.


You arrange all of your clothing carefully, then go in using the steps… the design of this thing is really clever though.
You see that it is deep to mostly cover your body, but there is a seat where you can lay down to so you can keep your head and wings out but the rest of your body in the water, massaged by the gentle jet of bubbles coming from below and the sides!


Ah I'm sure it will be fiiiiiiine!
Let's float over there and see if I can have a chat with the Duchess!


Before you can get there, the breezie that let you in says "we can go there later, Vert should meet you first!"


I see, It sounds inviting. Go lay on it and try to relax.


"Oh?! Who's Vert?"


He stops and looks back.
"Uh…wait…you don't know…who Vert is?"


Do I?

Roll #1 6 + 12 = 18


The warm water and the gentle caress of the bubbles almost makes you doze off, it's so good! It almost makes you forget all about your troubles from earlier…

There is a clock that you can see from here though, and after the twenty minutes they suggested pass, you feel your hooves becoming wrinkly, and the water is just not the same after you get used to it… still, it was nice! But this wasn't the whole spa experience, right?


[crickets chirpîng]


Shake my big hat!


They mentioned a few more things, I think.
Go dry off with a sleepy yawn.


"See I told you!" says the other breezie that followed you both. "Vert meant somebreezie else! She's not the expected help!"


You take one of the fluffy fresh towels to dry yourself. This might be a good time to put on the bathrobe too?
Glancing out the one-way window, you see that the young girl is waiting outside on a chair, messing around with a pen.
Huh, must be a slow day for them.


"That'd be silly, I know nobreezie in here!
Except you two, duh!"


The bathrobe is basically the uniform of the spa, so I'll wear it even though its never going to stay on right! Does it have a little pocket for the ticket?


It does have a pocket for it yes!
But even though it might not stay on for long between the treatments, you wouldn't want to walk around completely naked, right?
You'd have no pockets to put the ticket in!
As you leave the little cabin, the girl informs you that you can take the corridor and go in to the second door on the right, since a massage is next up.


Well actually there is nothing wrong with being a naked breeze if its a warm day or something.. Right?
But the pocket is important.
"The second door on the right. Okay." I will knock before opening the next door.


He seems embarrassed. "Uh…but…you said you were here to help. Maybe you just don't know you're here to see Vert!"


"If I have to see Vert to help then yes, I want to see Vert!"


"Great! Follow me!" He flies down, into one of the downward tunnels.




Of course there isn't, but this seems like a very fancy place! What if it is frowned upon?
You knock and enter, but see this is a circular room with several doors opening from it. There is a little sofa you can sit on to wait too.
Most of the doors are closed, one is slightly ajar, and one is open completely, empty. A stallion wearing a uniform does come out of it, pushing a cart of used towels.
"A moment of patience, Miss, a masseur will be with you right away."
He leaves you alone in the room.
You do wonder why that one door is not closed properly…


It did break up their nice pattern of a round room with closed curved doors more than the totally open doors. BUT its not like this is my spa to go around keeping all the doors closed, and so far I haven't noticed any tiles out of place. So I'll try to get comfortable in this room.


You sit down and wait.
Maybe it's just the lack of reading material, the lack of a clock, or the out of place slightly ajar door, but time seems to pass really slowly as you wait.
You think you hear voices coming from somewhere too, but you're not sure where.


Actually clocks are shown to make time pass more slowly. In Tinker's Weekly, issue 84.
'1d20' Just close my eyes and wait.

Roll #1 6 = 6


You float happily down.
Deeper and deeper.
The walls here are ravaged, like something large washed through here.
The Tunnel goes horizontal again and you see a deep hole in the tunnel which is surrounded by militia members. There's a sign that says "NO ENTRANCE".

Your guide ignores the hole and follows the tunnel further.


The Tinker's Weekly reminds you of work… but you came here to forget about it! That's not good! Maybe you should-
"Excuse me miss? I apologize for the wait. I am going to be your masseur today, if you could please come into this room with me."
As you snap out of your little doze, you see a well dressed breezie. He is holding some fresh towels too.


Look a bit worried around.
"Is it fine?"
Slowly fly around the sign, almost scared of touching it!


"Oh? Okay. I'm Pattern." I say as I stand up and follow him.


Just to be sure, the hole is a branch in the tunnel, it looks new. But your guide keeps following the tunnel so he's not going into the NO ENTRANCE tunnel


Oh nevermind. Yes go along with my guide then.


You enter a new large chamber, it's filled with quaint mushroom houses. Your guide flies to the middle, where you see a crowd of ponies sitting near a house.


He smiles.
"My name is Verde."
Once he leads you inside one of the rooms, he lays down the fresh towels over the table then turns to you.
"Could I check your ticket please? After that, feel free to get comfortable on the massage table."


Float down right along, wondering what's up with the crowd.


Show him the ticket of course.
"Here it is!" I show him the ticket and can't help but look to see if his legs really are muscular like I heard masseuse breezy are.


It's a lot of breezies. Males, females, even kids! You see a bunch of families among them! They put gifts of flowers, nectar, tools, bits, fruits near the house. There's a sign above it with an outline of a butterfly and a note TO HELP THE POOR OF THE HOLLOW HILL.

There's two larger breezies standing before the house, guarding it it seems.
But the breezie guide just walks in.


Well I'm with my guide, so I walk in too!
Wave hello at the big breezies though!


He checks it and nods with a smile.
"Just a regular I see! Tell me if you are comfortable, okay? Do I need to adjust the headrest?"
It's subtle, but a tinker like you can spot it right away. It's not easy for a breezie to bulk up and develop a lot of muscle mass because it would hinder flight (thanks, biology classes!) but you can spot how he has some additional curves and small veins running along his legs! Oh my!


They nod at you.

The inside of the mushroom house is full of activity. There's a bunch of breezies packing food into boxes. Others are looking over lists. Others are handing out tools to Breezies.
The room is plastered with posters of butterflies.

In the middle there's a green breezie talking to a mother breezie with her kid. She smiles and thanks him as he he gives her two packages of fruits.
Then your guide talks to him and he floats over to you.
"Greetings, my name is Vent Vert"


Aha! The rumors were true then.
"Uh, the headrest? Yes.. we should. Adjust it that is."
Flutter onto the table and lay down fidgeting all over it.


Bow again, aiming the pointy end of my hat straight forward!
"My name is Petilia, I'm a witch from the underbrushes, sent here by Mother Jaba to assist the village after the storm!"


"Mother Jaba? I've never heard of her. But I have heard of Bush Breezies having magical powers. If you're here to help I-"

Some breezie shouts in pain as another dropped a box of tools on top of her. Others quickly go over to help her. She waves to Vert like saying I'm alright.


You're a breezie of science, that is why you had to check if the rumors were true!
"Right away, miss."
He adjust the thing so your neck is not strained as you are on your belly.
Soon after, you feel those strong legs on your shoulders and you feel like you could melt and just flow away like nectar! He is untangling tense muscles you didn't even know you had! Sometimes it is painful for just a second or two, but the relief as that passes is totally worth it!


I see why this is so popular now!


He even gets to the base of your wings and all of your legs too!
All in all, it takes about half an hour before he steps back and smiles.
"We are done with the massage, Miss! I hope it was to your liking!"


Yelp in surprise, jumping startled and grasping my staff!
"She is the very wise mother of a coven deep within the forest, yes."
Say, glancing down to the hurt breezie, but quickly darting back to look at Vert.
"Breezie Hollow never had its own witch but with the damage from the storm there might be some things which require special attention!
That's why she sent me here!"


"It was great. Thank you Verde."
I stand up from the table right away, feeling so much better.
Then look at the ticket, is that all for the day?


It looks like it has two more parts, the steam room and the mud-facial!
"If you are looking for your next stop on your spa trip, Miss, take the next door to the left! You will find the steamrooms at the end of that corridor!"


Vert floats over to the Breezie. His hooves shine and the Breezie's wound heals!
The Breezie looks in awe. "T-thanks!" and quickly flies off.

He smiles and floats back to you. "Your coven mother is no doubt very wise. Disaster has struck the Hollow and we need all help we can to build it up again.
The Breezies dwelling in the forest are often looked at with suspicion, but here we understand that what matters is what's in a Breezie's heart, not where she comes from or wether she uses constructs or magic!"


"Okay." I will head down to the steam rooms, trying not to pay too much attention to the hallway.


You keep your nose out of everything!
At the enterance of the steamrooms, a very bored looking Breezie takes your ticket.
"Ah, yes, good. You may enter one of the two steam rooms as you wish. If you do not wear the bathrobe inside please use a towel at least for the sake of hygiene. We do not recommend to spend more than twenty-five minutes inside without a break. Please, enjoy."
Out of all of the staff here, he has been the most nonchalant so far.


Nod with conviction.
"Wisdom seems a trait common to most of breeziekind.
I know a mild amount of weather magic, and many tricks to keep Big Ponies from noticing us in the forest. Where would I be of most use?"


"I see. Thank you."
Step into the steam room and keep the bathrobe on.


"Weather magic? Say, can you create rain?"


"Yes! With ease! But after such a storm, is rain really what you need?"


You enter one of them, and as you do, you notice you are not alone here!
It's another breezie… wait, it's not just another breezie… it is Commander Fargale! He is the head of the Militia! The brother of Marrow!
He is leaning back on the wooden seats with his bathrobe closed and his head laid back, staring at the ceiling.
"…it's just so stressful, you know? A lot of pressure, and this whole deal with the storm and the Radan and the repairs didn't help one bit. So what was I supposed to do? Still, I already hear the rumors…"
It seems like he didn't notice you entered.
…You also don't see who he is talking to.


I look around behind me and behind him before deciding what to do.
'1d20+10' investigate

Roll #1 10 + 10 = 20


"Not rain, but water. With the disaster that happened, the usual streams running down here and other chambers have diverted their streams. The Breezies of 3 chambers have to do with one intact water pool. If you can conjure up some water, we can hand out drinks and food to those who need it."


He still doesn't notice you.
And as far as you can tell, there is nobreezie in this room aside from the two of you, and you do not see any tinkered or magical tool that would mean he is talking into a reciever of some sorts… he is indeed talking to himself!
"If anything, those rumors should be about my sister, not me! Did you see how weird she was acting? And then she disappears with the storm, only to turn up fine, acting even stranger! Apparently that is okay though, she was just in shock!"


"All I need are jars. Or mugs. Or really anywhere even a nut shell would do! Just somewhere to place the water!"


"We have enough in the next room, let's do it!"


I think I'll just skip the steam room.
'1d20+3' leave without him noticing me

Roll #1 11 + 3 = 14


Walk over and without a second thought, conjure up as much water as they have space to hold it!
Also earlier I said I had a staff. This is wrong. I have a maul.
Wave a hoof over the empty containers and Create Water.
12 gallons per cast. DC 13, total bonus 14. No spell point cost.



Roll #1 1 + 5 = 6


Thankfully the steam is thick and he is busy talking to himself.
You are out without him ever even suspecting that a breezie was inside for a short amount of time.
The spa staff boy outside raises an eyebrow.
"That was quick. Do not worry miss, those are not for everyone. If you want to take the last part of your spa trip and get your facials now, go out this corridor, turn right towards the enterance and take the double doors, you cannot miss it."


"Y-yea, I'm not used to a spa I guess." I reply in a quiet voice before following his directions, now looking at everything after being reminded of my new friends and how they must be so troubled after the storm and..


You look everywhere as your mind starts spinning out of control, thinking of everything that happened after the storm, of Fairweather, Marrow, and even-
You are brought out of your reverie when you bump into somebreezie!
"Oh, excuse me, excuse me!"


I squeal in surprise.
"Aah, I'm sorry!" And jump to the side of the corridor.


You don't need to roll for it.

You fill a bowl full of water and together with a group of breezies, you go through the hillchamber, giving out water and refilling the bowl as much as needed.
You see the genuine smiles and happiness you bring to the Breezies that gather here.
When you bring back the cart of water to the house, Vert turns around. "Thanks, if it weren't for you, many of those breezies might not have had fresh water today."


Oh, it's Verde!
And he didn't see you because he was hauling a cart of fresh towels again.
"Oh, it's you, Miss! My apologies, I should have paid attention to where I was going. You aren't lost, are you?"


"Mama Jabba was right, this place truly does need a witch…
How could you survive so long without something so simple!?"


"I.. maybe a little, I was looking for the mud mask.. the double doors?"


He sighs.
"Petilia, as a Bush Breezie, I assume you've been through many unexpected situations right? Some more dangerous than others?"


"Ah, yes. You are heading the right way!"
He turns around and points down the corridor.
"Just keep walking and you are going to see them to the right, they are very close to the enterance."


Think really hard.
"Well there was this time with a rogue wind where it took me a few days to fly back to the coven…"


"Okay! Thank you!" I float on down the hall breathing a bit easier. Fargale won't be in there!


He can't be, he is back there, and probably will be for a good while!
You find the double doors, and enter the nicely decorate droom with small pools and lounging seats!
An older breezie lady flutters in front of you.
"Good day, Miss! May I see your ticket?"


Show her the ticket.


"You've learned to take care of yourself, you have to in the forest.
Here however, we've always been under the aegis of the Duchess. Her magic kept the monsters in the woods from entering the Hill. The magical inventions of the Tinker Guild made sure everybreezie had water and food. We had it good, but because of that we forgot how to live without these things. How to fend for ourselves."
He shakes his head.
"When the storm hit, what was worst was not the water, or the Radan, it was the panic, there was nobreezie that knew what to do. And now, as we have to rebuild something for the first time in our lives, we're trying to figure out how to do live by helping each other, rather than waiting for the Duchess. Does that make sense?"


"Ah, yes, you have arrived at the last destination of your spa journey! Please, get comfortable in one of our seats!"
As you do, she starts going into detail about the different minerals in the mud and how each of them help to smoothen out wrinkles and make your skin feel fresh and soft!


That does make me feel better, and the seats even feel comfier than most places.


"I.. Think? The idea of waiting for someone to tell you how to fend for yourself seems so…


"I understand, you're from a very different place than us."


The mud feels thick and clingy on your face, but it is carefully applied so it doesn't touch your mouth, eyes and nose.
"Now, Miss, just let that soak in a bit, I will notify you when you are good to go, okay? Would you like some music or do you prefer silence?"


"But if you are looking to change that…"
"I could teach you how we do things, in the wild."


"Music please."
Just let it soak in. Maybe it sounds silly, but it works for other breezy!


"I do believe there is much we can learn from each other!
As you can see, we've already made our own place to organize help and repairs. But with your help we can make this place better than before!"


You are sure they would be outlawed if they were just ripping breezies off with a scam! Plus the explanation about the minerals sounded scientific!
A few moments later you hear a nearby… violin? You can't open your eyes, but you have a feeling that since it's just you, the old mare is playing a piece for you! Or do they do that to all customers on busier days?


"Then let's work together to make this a beautiful and new place, Vert."
Bow to him, maybe for the last time.
"You said you were rebuilding, right? Would there be space for a new house?"


"Please, you do not need to bow for me! And of course, there is always place here for a breezie of noble heart!"


That would be something, if she's that talented I wonder why she would work in the spa instead of performing..


"Then! Shall I take a round of the town and see what's there to be done? See who's missing water still, or if there are holes in our defenses?"


"Please do. Perhaps, go take a look in the Market Plaza. I believe you'll learn more there about our plight if you keep your eyes open! I can't promise a home here for you by tonight, but I can promise a bed and good company."


Maybe this is a side job for her?
Or maybe she is too old to hold concerts for big audiences, and plays to relax herself and others!
Still, listening to it is a great way to pass the time, and you are almost disappointed when the song comes to an end.
"That is the end of your spa journey, Miss! Should I remove the mud for you, or do you prefer to do it yourself?"


"I'm used to sleeping under the stairs. Just knowing I'm welcome is enough!"
Fly off, to the market plaza!


"Oh.. I think.. I would like your help." It might be sticky!


You never had a mud-facial, so you're not sure how sticky it is! It didn't get on your antennae at least!
You feel the lady scrub your face gently with a warm and damp towel, and in less than a minute, all of it gone without a trace and you see her smiling at you!
"There you go, Miss!"


You fly back up, past the NO ENTRANCE hole.

The market plaza is a vastly different hillchamber than you've seen before. There don't seem to be many breezies here who need anything, if any.

There's restaurants, a spa, a theater, bars, shows. There's not too many Breezies here admittedly, but the few there are, are happily eating in the restaurant or flying around without a care in the world.


"Thank you!" I smile back her.
"Um, which way is the exit?"


This place doesn't look too bad off. Then why did Vert send me here?


He said you'd learn more about city breezies if you kept your eyes open, what could that mean?


She points at a single door.
"You will find the changing room there, you can change back to your clothes and put down your used towels and the bathrobe there, do not worry about them, a member of our staff will take care of it! From there you can head to the reception and the exit! We hope you had an enjoyable stay!"


"It was a very nice visit!"
Into the changing room and get back into my usual clothes.


Ain't got a clue cap'n.
Noticing things is hard!

Roll #1 16 + 12 = 28


You change back into your usual gear! Keep the ticket as a nice souvenir and head out?


No! I throw the ticket out.
But Yes I will leave the spa.


You throw it in the garbage on the way out and leave! Where to now? Home or somewhere else?


Happy Breezies, riches and plenty. Maybe you'll find it out.

But you do notice something else. Hard to believe it would be that what Vert meant, but you see pink breezie leaving one of the buildings. She has a strange aura among her. Like your master had at one point. It only lasted a few days but your master only commented that you'd learn one day…


Just wander around for a bit.


Observations on city breezies can wait.
Float over there, detect magic!


>Detect Magic
She sure has some magic skill…


There's some breezie following you…



Wave at her and flutter down in my heavy, purple robes.
"Petilia, new in town."


I shiver visibly and gulp a bit before speaking.
"Hello.. Were you um.. following me?"


Gasp, and slow down my movements to a gentle whisper.
"So very sorry, I did not mean to startle you! See, I'm but a humble witch!"
Take a deep, formal bow in front of her.


"A witch? Like from the bushes?"
"Oh! I'm Pattern Pitch. A tinker breezy."


"From a coven deep and far away from here.
Our coven mother sensed the danger and decided somebreezie had to take care of this town, so they sent me.
Say, Pattern Pitch, do you know you have an aura?"


"A what?" I look really confused.
"And you're right its very dangerous lately, did you come to help with the damage or the defenses?"


"Not only that. I'm here to make sure something like that storm can't happen again, and to help breezies which have been hurt.
And as I said. An aura! The magical power of the soul which surrounds you!"


I scrunch looking at my hooves for the aura.
"Wait. Is this just a bush breezy thing? Saying that breezies are powerful or magical as a greeting?"


Shake my head.
"No no, I can assure you, it's quite atypical!
I've only seen it once before, and not for long!"


"Oh.. I only mention it because you're the second bush breezy to say that to me.. I really have no idea about an aura, but I can do magic!" I nod with a smile.


>You fly down, deep to the Tinker Core. The metal doors open up all by themselves, revealing the lobby with multiple locked metal doors leading to places unknown. There's a reception where a pink breezie is writing a note, even at this late hour the Tinker Guild is open for business.


Gesture wildly with my arms.

"Hurry - quick! I need a big jar. Really big!"


The breezie cocks her head curiously, smiling at you.
"Hello to you too! How big? Nectar for the whole family big?"


"That has to be it!"
We should do this another time, if the quest is moving on.


"No, no - not at all. Outside, there's a huge swarm of lightningflies! I've never seen such a swarm. We have to hurry before they move on! Don't you have a jar already?"


"We don't have jars that big! That sounds like a job for something larger! How about a cauldron with feels that has an adjustable top half? You could even tip it to the side! Would that do?"


"It's really important that it not be a good conductor of lightning. Haven't you city breezies ever seen a lightningfly before? Maybe if you had a LOT of medium sized jars…"


I dunno, what are we doing Sion?

"So, you are looking for a place to help out? Is that right?"


"Oh I met Vert already, he's got me all settled down helping breezies without water."


Whatever you want, if you both want to go other ways, do so


"We have large nets, but they are probably too big for those… Oooh, what about the sucktion machine? It can use air-pressure to suck in things!"


Well that would make CATCHING them easier, but what about storage?"


"We do have some medium sized jars! I'm sure we can tinker a way to attach those! You just need to be quick with replacing the jars!"


I'm not really doing anything, might as well see if I can help around town. I think the housing area was hit bad? Start going there.

"Well. I just got back.. and I did waste so much time relaxing at the spa.. when a witch like you came all the way here to work!" I flutter my wings and look upset. "Okay. I have to go to the damaged areas and see."




"Yeah, okay. Have your tinkers bring them out to the front of the Hollow. I'll go and get someone to help with the jars. I'm betting Breezies as creative as Tinkers can think of something to do with a bunch of jars full of lightningflies, right?"


"Have a nice evening Pattern Pitch!"
Flutter her bye bye with a wing.
Okay. All yours.


Do you fly away without Petilia?


"I'm sure we can put them to good use, yes! I'll go and tell some breezies to get it there right away!"
She closes her notebook and flies away, deeper into the Core!


Where are you going?


Okay, time to follow up with that local animal keeper - I think they lived in a cottage or something on the outskirts?

They're not a perfect fit, but they may at least have the experience with dealing with animals.


Look back at her awkwardly like I expected her to follow, but wave at her when she says goodbye and fly off anyway.


Indeed. She lives on the outside of the Hill in a small cottage, surrounded by the hamster and mouse holes.

You find the cottage fairly quickly. The lights are out. There's a notice saying "Ayrie Animal Caretaker
Spark Tinker Guild Animal Specialist"

You go to the Fall Corridor, one of the worst hit places by the flood. Most of the mushroom houses and plants here have been washed away and you see many Breezies searching among the wreckage for belongings, others simply sit around sadly. Of the nearly 50 houses only two remain standing.
There's also a cart giving out food to hungry Breezies.


It's not THAT late is it? Well, hammer the door anyway.

You know, figuratively.


Where am I supposed to go?


Go to one of the saddest looking breezy.


It's already dark.
You bang on the door and soon a sleepy looking light brown breezie opens the door.
"Hello. The animals are resting right now. Please come back tomorrow if you need one of them."

Are you asking for a hint?
Beside that, I guess you could announce your arrival to the Duchess as you promised.

There's an older Breezie sitting near a destroyed mushroom. One of his legs is bandaged.


Approach him and sit next to him, looking at his leg with worry.


"I don't need an animal, I need you. Or… maybe the other person who lives here."

Scrutinize whoever I'm looking at. "There's a huge swarm of lightningflies! The Tinker's guild is sending out tools, and I'm putting together a team to capture them. That's less danger for wandering breezies around town and we can harness their power for ourselves. You two coming?"


No, I'm asking for a purpose. I don't have much reason or interest to faff around.
Sure let's introduce ourselves to the duchess.


He looks at you, but then turns his head away!

"Lightningflies" Ayrie's antennae move on their own! "Of course I'll help. Spark lives in the Tinker Core, but if you already asked them for help, I'm sure he'll be here any minute."


You dive down into one of the tunnel and arrive at the Ducess Palace. The Palace is carved into the rock and covered in a light giving moss with a thousand different colors, slowly changing all the time. There's several militia at the main entrance.


So fine looking. She must be rich. Fly inside!


"Get any equipment you need. The Tinkers are bringing jars and some kind of… sucking machine, they said. I'll resume tracking the swarm and signal to the front gates of the hollow."

Time to regroup with Ribbon. I hope they haven't moved much.


Take a deep breath and speak to him.
"I.. I was wondering if you needed help.. I'm a tinkerer, and I could probably.. rebuild your house if its broken.. I mean."


You rush back, and luckily you see the lightning swarm has moved only a few meters since you left.

But Ribbon isn't focused on the bugs anymore. Instead he agressively growls at a group of Breezie.
The three in the back wearing white coats with a Tinker insignia carry several boxes and back away slowly from Ribbon. But the one in front, a yellow Breezie dressed in a blue suit covering her body completely, goggles and carrying some weird device on her back, she alone seems undeterred by Ribbon.
She reaches into her bag, Ribbon tenses…and she takes out a small green herb, dropping it next to Ribbon.
Ribbon immediately becomes docile and starts playing with the herb.

One of the militia asks you why you enter.

He snorts and slowly flies away!


Wave them off. "Don't worry about Ribbon, he just doesn't want you to get hurt. You marshaled yourselves quickly - that's good."

Call Ribbon over.


That's okay.
Just look around for someone already fixing a home.


Spin on myself, with sparkles and all.
"I'm new in town, here to meet the Baroness!"


Ribbon seems extremely attracted to the herb, playing and licking it.
The leader of the Breezies flies over to you.
"It was no problem. I've been carrying a little supply of catmint, ever since I started taming a Big Cat. The effect will wear off in a few minutes and he'll be back to normal. Were you the one who reported this swarm to the Guild?"

You see a group of Breezies, some of them with a butterly drawn on their body, working on one of the mushroom houses!

"The Duchess. She's incredibly busy right now. But instead you could meet with her advisor. I'll take you to him."


"But that's not the same! Breezies by the door said I should meet up with the Duchess!"


Try floating closer to them, waving at them for attention.


"Yes, I was out looking for some common fireflies and ran into this swarm. Out in the country where Breezies don't rely on windpower, lightningflies are sometimes used to heat water. I'm guessing you have more complicated ideas, though."


"Then…it is tradition that the Duchess meets and talks to all new arrivals. But she's very busy, do you have a problem with waiting a while?"

A few of them stop.
Roll Notice.

"Perhaps. Thank you for the help, citizen. I'm sure the Guild will give you a small reward for pointing them out." She pulls a few levers on the device on her back. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get to my job."


"You mean subject."



Roll #1 5 + 10 = 15


She looks up, puzzled.

Some of them look scared of you. Another younger Breezie wants to speak up, but gets shushed by an older breezie.
One of the Breezies with a butterfly painted on his back flies over.
"We have no need for help, Tinker"


"A citizen derives their rights from a constitution put forth by the public. A subject derives their rights from a ruler who chooses what to grant them. The Hollow is ruled by an autocratic noble Duchess, right?"


"Huh?" I look very confused.
"Oh.. Sorry.." Look down at the ground mumbling. "I just.. they won't let me go back to work today and I thought..


"Are you some Breezie Law expert? No, you don't look like you're from Breezie Valley."

"You've already done enough here. I suggest you look through Fall Corridor or any of the other chambers and see what you and your Guild have done!"


"No, I'm just a doctor blowing through town."

Pat Ribbon. "We're not from here, and we're not staying, either. I've just been around. Seen the different ways Breezies live."


"Oh..okay.." I timidly back away and slowly fly toward the direction of Fall Corridor


"Ah, a Bush Breezie. Listen, I'm sure that outside of the Duchess' Demesne they do things very differently, but out here we do things our way.
You should try our way sometime, perhaps you'll find living in the Demesne a lot more intellectually enriching than living in the forest."


As you fly back, you suddenly see one of the younger Breezies waving to you from behind a partly collapsed wall.


Huh, go down to those kids.


Shake my head. "Although a more centralized, authoritarian government allows Breezies the stability necessary for more abstract pursuits like Tinkering, your intellectual integrity is more in jeopardy as well. As a subject, you have no say over how your innovations are employed. Moreover, you can be compelled to work in a certain way. For example, if the Duchess wanted you to build torture devices, or if a general ordered you to send some of your engineers into the line of fire to repair a cannon. I'm not entirely sure there IS a good system, but it's more or less missing the point to suggest that enlightenment is only achievable under a stringent regime. For example, if that were the case, I wouldn't have been able to realize the significance of the lightningflies in the first place."

Really flexing that 20 int.


"I like your attitude. But you don't know everything the Guild is involved in. There are 12 Breezie Demesnes in the world, all radically different except fopr two things. They all have a Duchess or Grand Duchess in the case of the Valley and..they all have a Tinker Guild chapter. And while the Duchess's each rule their own Demesne, the Guild is centrally ruled by our Grand Council. I can say without boasting that the Guild is the most interconnected organisation amongst all Breezies, City or otherwise. Right now Tinkers from the Hollow, the Valley, the Rift and elsewhere are working together to advance Breeziekind. We have already our own security force and while we're officially subject to the Duchy, in practical terms we are just as important as them." She adds "Who knows, the way things are going, in the future we might even surpass them."

They smile at you. "Wow, are you really a Tinker?"


"The Guild structure has its own limitations as well, but getting into a legal debate won't catch those lightningbugs."

After pointing that out, I glance back at the cottage. Is this Breezie's… I dunno, husband? Here yet?


I nod at them smiling just a little.
"Yes. I am Pattern Pitch. What are you doing over here?"


You see him coming. He seems to be wearing simple gloves and carrying a bucket with some kind of yellow seeds.
"Sorry, I couldn't find the Sun Seeds…oh hey Spark."
"Hello Ayrie."
The Tinker Breezie turns to you again.
"Now I was thinking about doing the job myself but I see you have some experience dealing with animals and a certain degree of intelligence. How about we make this a friendly competition? I have a spare Tornado-device.

"Ma and Pa don't want us talking to the Tinkers, but I wanted to be a Tinker for so long, I really really REALLLYYYY wanted to see you! Oooh, is the Tinker Core as awesome inside as it looks on the outside?"


"Its very nice, doors make it very safe, and its rounded shape makes it efficient." I reply trying to be helpful


"Wow and is there a big tornado inside?!?"


"I have the time I guess. Alright, we'll see what the Guild turns out in terms of practitioners."

What kind of roll do we want to use? Survival?


"..I guess you could call it that, it does spin really fast, but its not dangerous."


Yes, you use your Survival modifier for the number of Lightningflies you suck up in one turn, before an assistent attaches a new jar to your Tornado-Device.

You may also use one of your AD's per turn if you like. You both suck up lightningflies until they're all captured, then we'll see who caught the most.

Ayrie throws one of the Sun seeds onto the grass near the Lightningflies and they swarm towards it, curiously zapping it with their lightning.


Another breezie asks "Miss Tinker, is it true the Tinkers caused the storm?" with teary eyes.




Bonus '1d4'

Roll #1 15 + 9 = 24 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"No! Why would we cause a storm? Tinkers only want to protect other breezy." I reply quickly and in shock at the very idea.


Spark zooms off as well.


Bonus '1d6'

Your turn


Roll #1 20 + 10 = 30 / Roll #2 6 = 6


What? Are you kidding?

'1d20+9' '1d4'

Roll #1 18 + 9 = 27 / Roll #2 3 = 3



Roll #1 20 + 10 = 30


"Yea! That's not true at all. Where did you hear it?"


Literally what the FUCK.

'1d20+9' '1d4'

Roll #1 8 + 9 = 17 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"That's what my daddy told me. He said that the Tinkers don't care about us and that the storm was because of something they did in the Core…"


Roll #1 9 + 10 = 19


'1d20+9' '1d4'

Roll #1 3 + 9 = 12 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Still going. Almost caught them all.


Roll #1 10 + 10 = 20


'1d20+9' '1d4'

Roll #1 17 + 9 = 26 / Roll #2 4 = 4


And the last of them get caught


Roll #1 16 + 10 = 26


"Hmph. I guess you didn't need me after all. Anyway, you can keep your reward, I'm not sticking around to collect."

Scratch Ribbon's ear. "Let's go Ribbon, it's late."


TOTAL: 247 lightningflies

The assistents count

"116 for Fairweather and 131 for Spark!"

"Not bad, Fairweather…" says Spark.


"I could tell you were going to win anyway at the beginning. You outpaced me early on, it wasn't a match. Don't make it out like it was one - I'm not looking for charity."

Back to the house!



You hear Spark muttering behind you something about a sore loser.

Ribbon walks with you. Suddenly you hear behind you. "Hey, Fairweather, wait up!"


It's Ayrie!


"I.." I frown rubbing my hooves together. "I don't actually work in the core, but every tinker I know cares lots about everybreezy."


What now? Turn.


"What is it? Aren't you going to help the Tinkers with those jars?"


He shrugs. "Spark doesn't need my help. He barely comes around the cottage even though he's supposed to work there with me.
I was just thinking if you need a place to stay, I've got an extra room in the cottage. And special food for your cat!"

She sniffles. "W-will you tell my daddy?"




"No, my house wasn't destroyed by the storm."

I mean, technically it was flooded and a window smashed but it's still standing.

"I don't get along well with other breezies anyway."


"I see. Well, I can always use some help with the animals if you're looking to make some money. And here, take one of these." He hands you a Sun seed. It feels warm in your hooves and trembles slightly.
"I guess you already know that their warmth attracts animals and that if you throw it hard enough, the flash blinds everybreezie nearby."


Weigh the seed in my hooves.

"In the East - which some call the land of the rising sun, near the edge of the forest, there is a river. Somewhere along it - perhaps upstream, there are plants that produce seeds like this. In the evenings, the gnats and minnows dance across the gentle waves on those forever-sparkling shores. Because even after the sun has gone down, the light still remains, shining up from the otherwise-hidden banks at the riverbed. They say that the settlements there never sleep, because they always have light."

Try to make out the moon through the branches above.

"I might try there next. Or not. It's a big forest, like Spark said."


"It really is." He chuckles "I wish I could see it one day."


"All ties are illusory constructs. In other words, the only thing that prevents you from moving forward is broken legs and broken wings."


"I don't know if that would work very well.."
The kid seems really sad, but I don't know how to deal with that!
"I'm not very convincing.."


He scratches his head.
"And duty. The Breezies in the Demesne depend on me to take care of the animals. Without me, what would they do?"



"Uh.. but maybe you can come see the guild." I suggest.
"Or he'll calm down once things are rebuilt."


"I can see the Core?"
You'd need to request special authorization first for that.


"well, I can't promise that, but I can ask about it."
"What's your name little breezy?"


"There are animals to take care of everywhere in the forest - many settlements don't have the resources the Hollow does and have no one at all to care for their animals. So no matter what, you're choosing some animal lives over others. You just don't see those other ones you're functionally abandoning on a daily basis."


He grins.
"You really love to argue, don't you?"



"How bizarre. If I agree with you, am I not, ipso facto producing evidence of the opposite, and visa versa?


"When you talk like that, I find it hard to believe you're a bush breezie, you know. Is there some kind of Forest University?"


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