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In this world Drakin are not born, they are made

In the 2nd age since Dolvia's Wrath, Esten has seen decades of uncertain peace. Major powers vie for more control over land where the great dragon's tomb lay. But while armies and assassins march to a tired political tune, adventurers and unaligned desperados scour it's depths.

A pair reaches the tomb, meeting several other adventurers already at it's entrance.

When resolving events, your Offense and Defense numbers are going to be key. If your offense is greater than the event's defense then you successfully resolve whatever blocks your path. You will need to pool your points at certain times in order to overcome an event.


Right, well, this is going to be an adventure.


I sigh at the other adventurers scratching under the strap of my backpack.
"Looks like a crowd."


"Well, so long as they don't take everything worth taking before we get down there, they're not a terrible concern. It is odd, though, that so many are out here instead of in there."


"I suppose we could ask them. Maybe they are just having a case of cold feet."


You two get close to the entrance and the other adventurers, some fresh with gear from the nearest town, part to give way. Down a flight of large stairs you come to the first room, what light that reaches down here illuminates bodies new and old.


"We can lead by example, then."
Speaking of gear, what do we have on us, anyway?


Bedroll, dried rations, flint&tinder, sharpening tools, strips of cloth, Wooden poles for tenting, tent cloth.


"The bold get the treasure right?"
Press on with a smile.


Basic stuff. Okay.
"The wise get to enjoy it."
Follow after.


File: 1462230270534.jpg (47.37 KB, 1000x1000, New Dungeon Canvas.jpg)

Alice proceeds further into the room before taking note of two people breathing as quietly as they can. When her eyes adjust to the low light, she sees two bandits in large dirt-coated robes standing outside of the tomb's natural light waiting for you both!


I aim an arrow at them, alerting Frank to their location.
"Stand down, we don't want to hurt you."


Well, I should probably light a torch. I can't see in the dark, after all.


One of the bandits takes a soundless step forward while the other takes a soundless step back and out of sight.
"Why? You make such good targets."
You throw together the equipment necessary to make a torch and light it. The room illuminates some as you now see one of the bandits taking a slow step forward.


Bandit 1
Offense: 4
Defense: 2
Bandit 2
Offense: 3
Defense: 3


Right. I'll take up a defensive posture behind Alice.


They were warned.
Attack the Bandit with Marksman Shot


You hit the First bandit in his chest and drop him to the ground. The second bandit is lost in the dim light.
You are well defended by Alice


"Come out and get your friend." I call to the bandit in the shadows while I line up another shot. "I won't attack unless you do."


Well, she's a big gal. If anything happens, though, I'm there for support.
Should probably move forward to try and catch the other bandit before he disappears forever.


File: 1462231548189.jpg (54.27 KB, 1000x1000, New Dungeon Canvas.jpg)

"Put your bow down, little bug, and I might."
You see a pair of feet dance away as flickering torchlight depletes the darkness
You move forward and illuminate more of the room. It's bare until you look left and see an indentation into the wall, it must be where the room continues to.


Well, I'm not going too far without Alice, so I'll stick around here for the moment. She seems to be in negotiations.


"That guy is still here, just there, can you see his shadow?"
I groan in frustration "No, You'll just have to trust me, little thief."


"Not quite, no."
I'll squint in the dim light.
"What's he asking for, anyway?"


"He says he won't come out until I put away my weapon."


I'll roll my eyes.
"Big talk for someone who tried to ambush in the dark."
I'll call out in the dark.
"Look, we didn't plan on killing other people here today. Personally, I would prefer you just skitter off wherever it is you want, so long as it's away from here."


You hear the bandit laugh quietly and disappear further into the tomb's darkness. There is still the manner of the other bandit bleeding out on the sand nearby.


Sigh heavily.
Well, I did mean I wasn't planning on killing other people today.
I'll Heal the bandit on the ground so at least he isn't bleeding out.


"While you're laughing your friend is dying. Don't you even care about that?"
Shake my head "You better help him."


"Already on it, Alice. Just make sure the other one doesn't stab me in the back somehow."


"He's a little shy, don't think he'll come into the light."


You get no more response, speaking only to an echo
You rip out the arrow and heal the bandit's wounds, he immediately scrambles to undo his weapon and whatever equipment he had in his many robe folds and dumps it on the warm orange sand.


"Look, just take your stuff and get out of here. And don't resort to this sort of thing again. Otherwise, your next 'target' might not be so forgiving."


"Seems like your friend ran away." Speak softly to him. "What are you trying to steal from adventurers for anyway? You know they are all just as dangerous as us."


File: 1462232935181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.56 KB, 1000x1000, New Dungeon Canvas.jpg)

"There's more of us inside, and sand eaters as well. Only foolish adventurers come down here now."
The bandit regrabs his sword and a small clay jar before darting up the stairs and into the desert once more.

In the calm, you find that there are shields, swords, and spears. Equipment sacks, helmets, and even potion bandoliers scattered among the dead and sand here.


Well, good to know I suppose.
"We can rummage through the potions, at least."


"If any of this is even usable.."
I'll use my Survival skills to help sort out this mess, check the age of the bodies too.


I'll pick up a sword. Maybe a helmet.


I'll pick a set of heavy armor, decorated with symbols of the sun.
"If its really full of monsters, we should be ready."


Most of the potions look like colored water, others are milky shades of green and blue. You grab an unbent rapier (Offense +1) and take a chainmail gorget (HP +2)

You take everything and sort it from the bodies. Most have lost their smell, the ages range from near ancient to the normal span of most early adventurers.
You find such a suit, colored a dull blue and yellow from spending time down here.


"This trap of theirs has caught many.."
I sigh leaving them in a row in an effort to show respect.
"I'll carry the potions, I'm used to hauling large loads anyway."
And slide it around my waist as a belt.


I'll swish the rapier a bit, and then put it away.
"If you insist. Though I'll be able to help out a bit with the fighting now, at least."


"Best to keep our options open, Frank."


"True. We don't know what's waiting beyond the sand monsters and bandits."


When ready, you make for further into the tomb. At another open section you see what looks to be a pair of feet sticking out of the sand. Alice, you see that the sand itself resembles disturbed water in this new area


"A sand drake naturally." I chuckle my odd insect like clicking.


"Quick Sand." I frown and take an arrow poking it at the sand in front of us.


"Wouldn't that be something."
"Perhaps we should have taken… ah wait, one of the tent poles. We can use them to test the ground ahead of us."
I'll fish one out of our supplies.


You two, with your graciously-named sticks, poke at the unnatural movements of this sand. The pair of feet do nothing, though ripples move around it. Moments pass with no real way to firm ground until the watery sand moves first away, then sinks..

Your Defense must exceed 6 to notice what's about to happen.


Well, I've sure got more than a six defense!
"Some kind of sandshark!"


Is this when we combine our scores?
Swap to Paladin gear.
"I'll be ready."


You raise your torch high and illuminate more of the surrounding ground, showing just as three strange monsters with a single massive mouth opens to reveal rows of dulled teeth.
Yes you can combine scores on just about any action during your turn
Your Heavy armor gleams as you pull on the last bits of it, standing solid against three trapping monsters!
Sand Eaters
Offense: 27 (9 each)
Defense: 18 (6 each)


File: 1462235380737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.67 KB, 1000x1000, New Dungeon Canvas.jpg)


With a growl on my voice I call out. "Don't let them touch you Frank."
Blast on the nearest sand monster.


Well, shit. I can't even touch those. And their offense is pretty damn high, too.
I'll be supporting Alice, though. Defense assistance.


Your arrow tip rips away the sand monster's mouth in a bright flash of light, the other recoils in unknown pain before biting at you!
You swing your torch at the lashing monster, keeping it just out of reach to biting Alice.

The last sand monster does nothing while the pair of feet slowly disappear underneath the golden colored sand.


Ah. That was probably that bandit, wasn't it.
I'll keep covering Alice while she works on the sandworms.


"They are pretty hardy, for being made of sand."
Try Shatter on the second one.


You take another shot, this time hitting the creature's body with an explosion of light. the sand monster revolts but cannot move from that stunning attack.
Sand Monster1
Offense: 9
Defense: ~4

You swing your torch around as the other sand monster tries to flank ALice. Keeping it away for just a few moments more.


Nice, that means its prime for another blinding arrow attack, use blast on him.


No sand monster can get through our combined defense. Because we are a team, and all that jazz.


You fire a brilliant sunlit arrow into the monster's maw, destroying the creature from it's insides.
You skillfully keep the last sand monster away with your torch and rapier this time. Poking it just out of reach from Alice


"That's one down." I ping the remaining monster with a normal attack, as if wanting to lure it out.
"Now two.. one to go? Its hard to see them."


"Well, so long as we're bait, it's bound to come at us."
I'll continue to stonewall the worm.


You fire a tactful shot at movement in the sand, missing but drawing the creature's attention just long enough that it comes after you again.
You keep the monster at bay, forcing it to pull back and attack from another angle once more.


What if we both attacked it at the same time?
That might work.
"Let's finish it off together, shall we?"


"On your mark then."
I hold my shot until Frank's sword strikes the monster. Infusing it with as much holy power as I can for a final Blast.


Frank pierces the creature, pausing it just enough that Alice's Blasting arrow destroys it in a radiance of holy light. When the last creature falls into the sand.

The ripples slowly return, but with less mimicking of water this time.


"Well, that's that, then."


"Great job Frank, couldn't have done it without your cover."


"And I'd have been eaten or forced to flee without you taking them down."


As you both rest and compliment each other, a couple of gems get spat out of where the sand creature died at.

Both gems are bright red!

Aside from that, you hear faint talking to the north, and shifting sands through a corridor to the west.


Well, I'll take one gem.
"Well, they're certainly not being quiet, are they. Likely bandits one way, and more sand worms the other…"


I'll take the other gem.
"We handled those two, maybe this place isn't so bad."


"Well, it is still the first floor."
I'll look between the two paths.
"So, which do you prefer?"


Picking up the gems, glowing a milky red with sand-sized lights sparkling from within. You feel a slight rush of strength pour through your arm. It takes effort not to crush the gem in one motion.
The gem takes an Equipment slot and gives Offense +4


I'll bag it for now.


"Huh, I guess North. North is lucky for me."
Equip this gem instead of the alchemist belt for now.


"North it is then."
Torch at the ready, and away we go.


You both head north, skirting around the loose sand to arrive at a larger hallway. You hear scuffling sand and flying robes as 3 pairs of feet stop just where your light cannot shine.
"Not that, leave before you die!"

Alice: Beyond this point, the hall continues north past some pillars, and east where there doesn't seem to be any sound.


"I can't imagine you're any worse than the two we ran into at the stairs or those sandworms down the hall."
Squint at the darkness. A pity this torch isn't any brighter.


"Not again. Come out into the light and talk to us." I groan.
"Lets go east, I don't feel like fighting more of those poor thieves."


You see two move forward as one disappears into darkness.
"No, but like you we survived sand worms!"
"Leave! You have no business this far in! Elite will have your heads otherwise!"


"Who's Elite?"


"We are talking! If you value your lives, leave!"
"My boss, he is the Elite! What he seeks will make us rich, powerful, deadly!"


"And what is it he seeks?"


"Th- the soul stone of Dolvia!"
"They'll be dead anyways! Best we tell them what's to come!"


"That's just a myth."
Prepare my self for combat. Looks like we've overstayed our welcome.


"Why will we be dead?"


"Myth reborn, holy man."
"Elite will be reborn with Dolvia's soul, and he will rip asunder the masses who dare otherwise!"

Defense MIN 10


"I think you have been down here too long. You sound completely insane."


Well that's just peachy.
"Then we can't let you get away."
I'll run defense for Alice.


"Then so be it!"
All either of you two hear is a quick shuffling of robes against rock before your gods blind everyone. Steel shatters somewhere behind Alice and an injured bandit with red and blanched robes hobbles away from you both. The other two back off as well, you have initiative.


"We can't let them warn the rest!"
Work with Alice to take down the one we can, and try not to lose the others.


"Right." I try spell breaker on one of them.


Alice shatters the illusion of darkness around the sneaky bandit, as Frank drops him with a quick and deep stabbing wound. The other two bandits start to recover from their blindness, pulling away from your torchlight


"This is looking pretty bad.. For the bandits."
Laugh slightly and attack one of the fleeing bandits.


Move on to the next one before he gets too far. Last thing we need is them alerting the rest of their buddies.


You both rush the bandits, catching them with their backs to the pillars. As your light reaches the two moments before, you see that both have found shields from somewhere and have them interlocked! Alice's arrow shatters against one shield and Frank's rapier cannot do anything to break their duo-formation!

[Bandit1] Off(6) Def(3)
[Bandit2] Off(1) Def(8)


Well, that's inconvenient.
"Alice, can you break their shields?"
I'll assume a defensive stance.


Luckily a paladin has a tool for this.
Shatter on Bandit 2

"Working on it Frank."


You wait for Alice to
COMPLETELY OBLITERATE the second bandit's shield! Shrapnel flies into everything as the bandit gets thrown against the wall clutching his arm. The second sees what you did and >>664024 Does nothing thanks to Frank being in his way!


Let's take down this last one before we worry about taking prisoners.


"Feel like surrendering yet?"
Attack the same one as Frank


You both kill the third bandit, hatred glowing in his eyes as his last breaths grow heavy. The last two bandits are downed, and thanks to your victory, only one cares enough to want to keep fighting.


Well, in that case, we'll secure them both before I heal them.


"You sure about that?"
Aim an arrow at the one who is still aggressive.
"Where is your shrine, the one to Dolvia?"


You both wait for the last bandit to simmer down, then heal them both and tie them against a wall. The Resting Place of Dolvia lies north past the hall pillars.


"North huh? Any traps? Ambushes?"


"All used against the sand creatures, only the Elite is left."


"Then let's hope we find him before he achieves his goal, mad as it may be."


"Thanks. We'll let you down on our way out."
"Ready to go Frank?"


"As I'll ever be, I suppose."
I'll swap out the rapier for the Strength Crystal.


Once prepared, you both head further north past the pillars. Hidden in complete darkness in the midst of this tomb, against its farthest wall lay a large feminine-looking drakin.



"Let's be on our toes, their boss could be hiding anywhere…"


Approach the drakin lady statue.


You shine your light as you follow the towering Myrmid
With more light you see this once proud drakin now stripped and laid bare, her chest mutilated and scoured. It has been some time since her rumored death, but whoever dealt the final blow didn't defile her corpse.
You see a faint red glimmer somewhere to the left


"We should bury her once we're done here."
Swap to tracker set.
"Light to the left, someone might be coming to check on this.."


"Or running away."
I'll move towards the left, torch leading the way.


Light shined, you see a well armored bandit pressed into the wall clutching something close to his face, the object faintly glows past dirty fingers


Oh bother. If we try to talk to him, he'll likely try and eat the damn thing.
"Let's take him down before he does something stupid."


"Actually keep him busy for a moment. I want to try something. "
Put a trap between him and the altar.


"That's no more yours than it is anyone else's, bandit. It belongs to the dead."


The bandit gets agitated when your voices cut through his focus.
"It's mine you filthy sun preacher. You don't know- NEITHER ofyou knows how long it took to open the dead warlord's tomb up, much less to open her up. This is what the desperate poor and petty kings long to hold between their fingers, but you know I have it. That's what matters!"
You set up something simple enough to hide in the mushy sand between the Bandit and Dolvia's corpse


Nice. Now nod at Frank and circle around toward the other side of the bandit.


"You're mad, bandit. That thing doesn't belong to anyone. Nor should it."
Ready my attack to coincide with Alice's.


"No! It's properly mine! Those you cut through, those I lost to sandworms and greedy glory chasers all know it! DOLVIA'S SOUL IS MINE!"


Just as he starts shouting, I aim a Marksman Shot at him.


"Dolvia's soul is hers and her god's, thief. You've no claim to it."


You cut off his next mad idyllic words with a carefully aimed shot at his precious gem. In the bleak darkness he surrounds himself with, the bandit is well able to catch your swift movement and turns so that you strike his arm instead. The bandit roars
And then he puts the gem into his mouth and bites down


Well, this is either going to kill him or actually work.
Let's beat him down before he gets too far ahead of us.
Whack him. I've got the gem on so that makes my offense 5.


"…He really is trying to eat it, the bastard."
Charge at him trying to push him down.


…and continues to bite, breaking some of his teeth in the process.
Frank punches the soul stone out of his mouth as Alice tackles the two and everyone falls into the slightly cool sand. The man in his now endless desperation pulls a knife out of nowhere and
Stabs between Alice's chick chest plates!


Keep beating him into the sand. The sooner we knock him out, the sooner we can wrap this up.


I wince, but try to push him toward the trap.


Frank continues to punch the man as Alice hefts him back to standing. The bandit
>DEF: 8/6
Pull his blade and swipes at a battle-hardened Frank, losing his hidden knife somewhere in the sand.


I'll help Alice toss him into the trap she made.


I push and kick him until he's close enough to activate the trap.


You both throw him over the trap's location. The bandit throws himself towards the fallen soul stone on all fours in time to activate alice's net trap. The bandit is enveloped in sand and rope before swinging towards the black ceiling.


"No, I don't think so."
Pick up Dolvia's soul rock.


I try to take any other knives he has.
"Who are you that you're so worthy?"

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