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This is the thread for the Chaotic Realms game sessions and stories.

Post sheets, use character names.



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File: 1460341081411.png (93.32 KB, 726x639, mymap.png)

The four of you set out from the town of Dæslyn several days prior, going ever forward into the frontier of the Chaotic Realms, away from Equestria and familiar countries. However, the path out of town died within the forest, and soon you were all lost amidst the trees. Night has fallen for the third time since you had become lost in the woods, the sky a dark blue and purple, with wispy violet clouds and distant white stars. The wind comes and goes suddenly and violently, threatening to uproot trees and rip the leaves from their branches before dying down like the last scream of a dying creature.

And then the distant light of fire can be seen through the trees. Drawing closer, you see several torches and can hear bizarre cries and ululations, and as you finally break through into a clearing, you come upon a temple, overgrown with plants and vines. Several statues stand around, their faces broken off, bodies marked with graffiti.

The temple is ovular, the roof decorated with deformed statues. From where you are, a single staircase leads up to an open archway, where the sounds are coming from. A stink wafts out through the archway, shriveling your noses involuntarily.


"Der be bad Juju in dis place mahns. We best watch our steps."

Tuz'tk says in a low tone, crouched down low, greatbow prepared and his hawk perched on his shoulder,

"I'll be second ta enter, if ya don't mind."


i look around, checking for traps, doors, plates, fake walls, anything of use.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


Zia gags at the foul smell, pulling her shawl up over her nose and mouth. "Maybe we should try a different route?" she suggests, eyeing the temple warily. "I'm sure this place is fascinating on the inside, but it smells like a gong farm. I don't like that awful screaming one bit either. Whoever's in there probably wouldn't give us a warm welcome. They could be madmen, or devil worshippers. Or mad devil worshippers!"


"Vat do you zink is goink on in zere?" he inquires. "I know for sure I am not goink in first."


"Ay mahn, but it should be put to stop. The world dun' need dem evils lurkin' in temples like dis."

If Rusty enters, Tuz'tk follows, covering him.


As you go around the building, you find two high windows on each of the longer sides of the ovular building, about thirty feet up, with purple smoke slowly coming out. On the opposite side, you find another archway in, though this one actually has doors on it, before coming around to the side with the rest of the party.


"hey- uh, party… guys, there's… eh, something, something interesting over here, if you wan't to check it out."


"Vat is it?" Whiz goes to where Rusty is. "Ah, another entrance. Vell done." Whiz pats Rusty on the back, and checks if the door smells as bad as the front.


yeah, uh, yeah its no problem- whiz, was it? your- your an arcane blade, right? or, or am i ju- just mistaken?" i say, turning to whiz.


"Les' go into the one wit'out doors. I don't want to set no traps off."

Tuz'tk takes the lead, if no one else does.


"I don't know about that. Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. I don't want to die here."

"Hm? What is it, Rusty?" She goes over to see what he's found, still wary of the eldritch temple.

"But… A-alright. I'm trusting you on this one. I say we just pop in and out, see if we can find anything of use, and try not to stir up the hive." She follows him in, keeping a tight grip on her dagger.


"Vat?" Whiz looks off into space for a couple seconds. "Oh, yes. I forget about zese thinks sometimes. Hold on for one second." Whiz' body falls limp as his spirit leaves his body.


"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," she comments, taking a few steps away from Whiz's body.


>going in through the open archway as determined via OOC chat

Leaving your limp body behind, your astral form goes through the front door in advance of the rest of the party.

You come into the temple, and see a bizarre ritual taking place. Twenty or so bipedal creatures with grey, clammy flesh like that of amphibians are writhing on the floor wearing indigo robes. They are making all kinds of noises, forming an inharmonious racket. But the longer you listen to it, you seem to pick out a single phrase that is continuously repeated- N'kulba.

Looking towards the far end, you can see that the doors have been covered on the inside by a barricade. Staircases on either side of both doorways lead into a lower level of the temple.

Sitting in the middle of the floor is a ghastly creature. It is both amphibian and reptile, with both scales and smooth grey skin like the others, with tentacles emerging from its face as it chants along with the cacophony. It has three eyes, two on the left and right of its head, one in the middle, and a glass orb embedded on the top of its head. Space seems to be bending and warping around it, and the longer you spend inside listening to the noise and looking at the scene, you feel your incorporeal form start to flutter as your control over it becomes weaker.


"OH! Oh cool- i- i uh, i always wanted to see one of, err, i mean, a phenomena like this in real life; astral projection is a - its a facinating phenomena, being able, able to uh, well, err- leave your body, so to speak, is- uh, facinating to say the least. i justn- never seen one- something. i- im gonna stop before i hurt myself" i say, rubbing my temples with two levetated stones pressed to my temples.


Whiz takes in a gasp of breath as he returns to his body. "Now I feel voozy. I need a minute." He sits down on the floor. "Zere vere about 20 or so in zere, I don't sink vee schtand a chance!"


"Twen'y? jah, we should stay away for now. Wanna go block 'em in? Dat should keep 'em from doing any bad 'dings."


"That's what I was afraid of," she says, sheathing her dagger. "I'm no coward, but there's only four of us. It's suicide!"

"Now there's an idea. There's always alternatives to fighting. If we could seal the doors somehow, or collapse the structure… I'd hate to ruin a temple like this one, though. It must have been here for centuries. Just look at those pillars!"


this would be, be unethical, but we could take /those/ trees and put them /there/ and then mash the pillars. if we could, erm, find, find some clay we could make concrete with the stone, if- if i have the supplies, they'd be better off- erm, better off jumping from those three story windows up there- that- that or trying to break down those walls. but, then again. i- i don't like the thought of starving another being."


"How about instead of goink in or barricadink zem in, vat if vee draw zem to us?"


"I suppose mahn, but aren't dey evil an' corrupt? Dey'll spread dere bad JuJu if we leave them there."

"Oh, jah mean like baitin' dem? Daz a good idea too, den we have an equal playin' field."


"ac- actually, now that i think about it, i don't- i don't think that i can have any part in starving ponies to death, i uh, i can't… i just can't stand the thought of it."


"I 'taught dey weren't the pones mon."


"But zey are not ponies, zey are some veird amphibians."


>From what you could tell, they didn't look particularly powerful or strong, and you feel like you could take them on as a group. The bigger guy looked much stronger than they were, though.


"erm, i mean, anybody-"
"and, uh, Tuz? was it Tuz? i haven't seen anything that constitutes any acu- acusations on them. i don't like this place as much as you. but its not like they're trying to harm anypony"


"Oh! Silly me, I forget again! Anyvay, zey seem to have been vorshiping one bigger, stronger looking one." He gives himself a light slap.


"Draw them to us? You mean, bait them into coming out here?" She tilts her head. "…Why?"

She pouts. "How would they spread their "bad juju" if they can't go anywhere? If we seal them in, they'd be trapped in there forever and we wouldn't have to fight anything."


"Man dey aren't natural. I tol' you dere was baaa-aaaad juju in dis place. Is' gunn spread like de fire. Plus, didja hear those screamin' and yells?"

"Only matta a time till dey got out I suppose. It's only a temporary solu-shun."

"Oh, dey not strong? Why are we not killin' dem den?"


i turn to the zebra, flustered- i seem to be speaking lightly angrily "You- you don't get it, zebra, they will /starve to death/ if you seal them in on themselves. would -you- want to be one of them, out of food, water, craving for anything, eating eachother. you're despicable if you think that doing something like that could help in any way." i pause, continuing, saying "and what for? a bad smell, a bad feeling? we don't even KNOW what's in there!" i say, thrusting my hoof towards the structure.


"I know vat's in zere, and it felt so efil, it pulled upon my fery spirit! Zey are cultists, und up to no good!"


"I suppose you're right. Still, Tuz's Sherpa sense is tingling, so it can't be anything good. Besides, Whiz does know what's in there. Why don't you ask him?"


"no - no good, NO GOOD? YOU WERE IN THERE FOR A MINUTE! FOR ALL WE KNOW, THEY COULD BE JUST- Just- just a couple of hippies all waiting on their alicorn god to come take- take them to the motherland. it's- it's not OUR place to decide based on a moments glance weather something should live or die! that's ridiculious!"



"Whizmahn, let's go in. Dese two are too afraid to go kill de froggies. Dey'll follow in suite, I'm sure."

Tuz'tk beckons, slowly entering with his greatbow drawn."


"this- this is a good idea, but- can we not attack first? just, please? we need to, we need - need to see if they are- needed dead; we need to make that judgment."


"I agree vith you. Let's go." Whiz pulls out his dagger and walks with Tuz'tk.


"Hey, calm down, would you?" she says, slightly irritated. "No one said anything about killing them all. Tuz is right though, we should at least stop them from doing something horrible. I don't think they're even equine, or any other sentient being."

She takes a deep breath. "Alright. Let's… let's do this." She follows behind him, dagger at the ready.


if- if i find out we massacred a cult for no reason, i'm- im not- not going to be able to ever live- ever be able to live it down" i look at the party going in, i fish out my cross-bow, saying "that said; lets go fighting boys!"


"guy's, i'm going- im first in there. you-you hotheads stay beh- behind me; please?""


As you enter the building, you see the sight of twenty bipedal creatures with smooth, slimy grey skin and large eyes writhing on the floor, chanting, moaning, and crying, their bodies twitching and moving in bizarre fashions, their slimy-sounding mouth noises bringing forth the phrase that sticks to your mind like a leech- N'kulba.

In the center of it, the larger creature with the three eyes, glass orb in its skull, and tentacles growing from its face rises up. The light bends and shimmers around it. Its eyes open, emitting a red glow and emanating orange smoke.

"Strangers ye be," it says with the voice of many, sounding like the chanting cultists, "Begone from this place, or join us in the terror-celebration of the arrival of the great N'Kulba- either as one of our number, or as sacrifice."


"tell, tell me about N'Kulba, leader. enlighten me about why he's worth this?" i say, looking around.


while i do this, i appraise the leader.
instant; Determine the number of remaining hits and wounds on an enemy, and possibly weaknesses. More powerful enemies may be harder to Appraise. Out of combat, quickly determine value of objects, study mechanisms and documents, size up other ponies, etc.


"Nanana man. Dis baaaaad juju. Dem tentacles an eyes. Daz' corrupted mahn. I can't allow dat while it combats da earth spirits."

Tuz'tk loads a few arrows into his greatbow,

"I'd say nothin' personal, but you an ugly mahn."

>Trick Ammo, split (Big guy, cultists)

[1d10+2] Crit Range -3

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9



"Vell, in zat case I choose 'or'" Whiz says, firing a magic bolt.

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8


She visibly pales at the sight of the creature, instinctively ducking out and hiding in the shadows.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"N'Kulba is an entity living outside our world, who speaks to us through his embedded essence. We have all come to hear him, and were drawn towards each other. I, Dulskyn, will guide the followers of N'Kulba in the chants and beckonings. As we speak, our high priest Korpellan is below us, channeling our beckoning energies to sacrifice the lawman of a nearby town. He will be slain by our chaotic will, and his wound will be the portal for great N'Kulba to come through and devour these Chaotic Realms!"
You deduce that the leader is about as physically strong as the average pony, but powerful magic powers are at his disposal, and his tentacles could be particularly dangerous when you get close to him. He is capable of warping space to some degree.
>30 Hits
You shrink back into the shadows undetected.
One of your arrows pierces Dulskyn, as the other goes straight through several of the cultists, dropping them instantly. The creature roars in pain, and three magical energy spheres emerge from his head as the mobs to his left and right run towards you!

Mob 1 @ Tuz'tk
Mob 2 @ Tuz'tk

>put on H/W

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Your bolt of energy sears into his fleshy grey skin, sizzling before dissipating into the aether.
>see the fourth reply in >>661525


Wiping the sweat from her brow, she observes the situation for a moment, not knowing what to do or who to target. After a moment, she steels herself and lunges out, stabbing frantically at Dulskyn.
[1d10] autocrit from Stealth

Roll #1 2 = 2


"i've heard enough." i say, loading a cross bow bolt. i instead use 'flamethrower' on the leader "we're done here."



Roll #1 2 = 2


"We need to kill dem faster so we can save da pony downstairs!"

Tuz'tk says, loading a few more arrows into his greatbow and firing them off

[1d10] Cleaving 2, Crit DC-2, Critfail on 3

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whiz tries to disappears from sight, then goes looking for wherever Korpellan may be.

Roll #1 4 = 4


You trip and fall short. The mutated cult wrangler looks over to you, stepping forward and leaning down as its tentacles engulf your face.
>Grappling Tentacles- Automatic in melee Range
>renders PC in melee range helpless. Dulskyn and affected PC roll every turn, PC remains helpless until a higher roll is made. PC can be assisted by ally- recharge 2
It doesn't work. The three magic orbs above Dulskyn fly towards you and hit without error.
>take 3 hits
One of the mobs climbs onto you, clawing, beating, and biting at you, causing you to aim high and miss your attack.
>take 4 hits
Their assault continues!
The second mob turns toward you as you try to head down the stairs, jumping onto you like they had to Tuz'tk.

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 8 = 8


i make a magical forcefield from my gadget

in addition, i fire off Aster, [1d10]

Roll #1 5 = 5


going at the leader


Whiz winces, then keeps heading downstairs while swiping at the cultists with his dagger.

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Bad froggies, geddaway from me!"

Tuz'tk shouts, hitting them back with a volley arrows.

>Trick Ammo, Knockout

>mob attacking me
[1d10+2] CritDC-2

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


She screams as she gets grappled by the monstrosity, kicking and pushing until she breaks free of its grasp. "It's too horrible! Drop your bags and flee for your lives!" She scampers in terror, hiding behind Tuz'tk.
>Escape Artist is automatic instant
>activating Meat Shield on Tuz'tk


The shot from your crossbow misses by inches as Dulskyn seems to be trying to smother Zia with its face tentacles.
You trip down the stairs, falling on your dagger as the crowd continues to beat, gnaw, and claw at you.
>take 2 hits and 1 wound, helpless at 0/3
The crowd's assault continues mercilessly as they push you to the ground.
>take 1 hit, helpless at 0/4
The tentacles hide sharp talons inside their rubbery mass, cutting at your face and neck as you tear out of them and run towards Tuz'tk, who had just been knocked over by the crowd.
>take 3 hits

The cultists turn onto Zia, who is now using Tuz'tk as a living shield.
Combat Talent: Meat Shield: automatic, recharge 2 after effect ends: Zia is not the most capable of fighters, but she is adept at making herself scarce. This skill essentially works like a reversed version of Protect, i.e. forcing an ally to take damage in your stead. However, it also grants a defensive buff to the target, with attack rolls against them only succeeding on 8+.

Mob 1 @ Tuz'tk
Mob 2 @ Tuz'tk

Dulskyn summons another 3 magic orbs, floating above him and pulsing with blue ethereal energy.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Coward, fight'em off while I ged up!"

Tuz'tk shouts at Zia, struggling up against the mobs

Roll #1 7 = 7


Trying hard to play it cool, she reaches into her bag and scrambles to prep a smoke bomb, tossing it at Dulskyn.
[1d10] Blind

Roll #1 6 = 6



I reload Aster again and fire at the leader.

Roll #1 2 = 2


fixed hits/wounds


"Of all zee vays to go out, I don't sink it vill be zis!" Whiz says, struggling to stand.

Roll #1 10 = 10


You're able to lift yourself off as the mobs knock each other over trying ot get to you and Zia, before getting up and rushing towards you as a whole once more.
Mob 1 [1d10]
Mob 2 [1d10]
The smoke bomb lands on Dulskyn, sticking to his slimy skin as he advances towards Rusty blindly. The magic orbs floating above him fly out and strike you in retaliation.
>take 3 hits
Dulskyn walks towards you, raising his claw up and striking you across the face with his clawed hand.
You're able to lift yourself up, standing on the stairs near the wall as the rest of the party takes the heat.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 4 = 4


/now/ i use flamethrower on the leader.

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Les' try dis again"

Tuz'tk says, firing another disabling shot at the first mob

>Trick Ammo, Knockout

>crit mob attacking me
[1d10+2] CritDC-2

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


She winces and topples over from the impact, groaning as she tries to get back up.

Roll #1 3 = 3


As Whiz is about to leave, he remembers what he was doing, takes a shot at Dulskyn with a magic bolt, then continues downstairs.

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


You bathe Dulskyn in flames from your flamethrower, knocking him off his balance with the sudden attack. He still stands, though, glaring at you as he lunges forward, his tentacles engulfing your face…
>automatic, roll higher to break free next turn
The first crowd beats you up terribly, knocking you right back down with Zia behind you.
You're unable to recover by yourself.
As you head down the stairs, you don't notice that your magic shot pierces through Dulskyn's head, going in one eye and out the other. He vomits his brains out through his mouth and right out onto Copper's face.
>Dulskyn is dead
The cultists freeze in place, shivering as their eyes start moving all around in their sockets, head shaking from left to right before their heads simultaneously explode in the same fashion as Dulskyn's had. The floor is now littered in the brains and bone matter of the now-dead cultists.

Whiz goes down the stairs, leading to an iron door. He can hear the sounds of pain from inside, along with more sinister chanting and vocalations.


>combat over, helpless PCs may recover


"I dun think I can shrink dem heads. Come'n, don't want Whiz hurting 'emself."

Tuz'tk follows Whiz down, read to go from one combat to the next.


licking my lips, i say "awesome" before following whiz with guts all over my beaming face. i am extremely pleased with this encounter.


Whiz knocks and says "Pizza delifery! Did you order mushrooms vith it?"


looking at the door, i use my /engineering/ ability to check out the door.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


She suppresses the urge to gag as she gets back up, looking aghast at the carnage all around her. She cautiously steps over the corpses before suddenly making a beeline to Dulskyn's remains, taking the gem and examining it before rejoining her companions. "I wonder what this does…"

She scrunches her snout in disapproval. "That's repulsive."


"g- good. do i disgust you? are you… upset? you seem… rustled. you seem… disturbed! do i- do i disturb you?"


The chanting inside stops, before a voice inside replies, "We didn't order any pizza, and we're not paying for it." It is quite inside, now.
It's a lockless iron door. You can open it.
You pull the orb out. It's a plain, blue crystal orb with the remains of green brains plopping off of it, but you can feel some arcane power from it.
>Missile Orb- Summon 3 Homing Magic orbs as an Automatic action, Recharge 2


"well." i say "there's thirty free peetzers on the porch! Paid for by the big tentacle guy upstairs! you better run to get there before they eat it all!"


"You're goink to eat my peetzer, und you are goink to like it!" Whiz opens the door. ""Or vould you rather have it vith a side of knife?"


"reaal smo- smooth, Whiz." i sarcastically say following behind.


"No, I just think that's disgusting. I don't know how they do it in your hometown, but we're I'm from ponies don't eat meat. Especially not raw, and most of all not from an eldritch abomination. You'll probably have some cosmic parasite growing inside you now."

"Interesting…" Her fear quickly replaced by curiosity, she cleans off the orb on her shawl and puts it in her messenger bag before searching around the area for any other trinkets and baubles.
[1d10+1] Rummage

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


"that's pretty neat, here; take a seat, i shall show you too, how to eat meat!" i say, mocking zecora's accent.


i pause, realizing that i went into the more abrasive personality i have tucked in my brain, saying "im- im uh… so- sorry, zia, i- iah, thought that was pretty clever… please don't hurt me."


She frowns. "That's racist, and I don't appreciate it."


You don't find anything else of value. The cultists were only wearing their robes, and Dulskyn's most valuable possession was the orb.

The three of you enter into the lower room. Inside, three creatures similar to Dulskyn are standing around.

Two of them are wearing black and blue indigo hooded robes with helmets, facial tentacles spilling out of the mouth vents, and armed with silver poleaxes embedded with emeralds, decorated with black etchings that become nauseating to dwell upon.

The third is standing over an altar where a bipedal furry creature is chained and stripped naked. It also has three eyes, and its tentacles are long, with claw-like barbs at the end.

"You have come to interrupt our sacrifice!" It cries out, pointing with a clawed finger, wielding a knife with similar emerald embeddings and etchings as the two axes, coming around in front of the altar, "We will slay you and offer your bodies to N'Kulba as the first meal!"


"Don't you realize that zere are no more chants? You lose!" Whiz takes his dagger and slices at the closest abomination.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"o-oh, another one of these things." i say, pulling out my crossbow and starting combat.

Roll #1 4 = 4


"Feh." Annoyed at her fruitless search, she follows her companions deeper into the temple.
Feeling faint at the sight of the hideous creatures, she slinks away from the scene, trying to get behind the bipedal creature.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 1 = 1


Post sheets/pics, new game starts son.


File: 1460944264047.webm (1.99 MB, 640x360, thesetruelyaredarktimes.webm)



File: 1460944365574.jpg (491.73 KB, 624x850, 3_shimmering_brook___acop_….jpg)



http://pastebin.com/xr60avpu Acting as Rusty until his player gets in.

Tuz'tk 5/3
Rusty 5/3
Zia 5/4
Whiz 5/3

The four of you are in the lower chamber of the defiled shrine, confronting Korpellan, the leader of the N'Kulba kult, and his two personal guards.
>>661567 refer to for descriptions

Your dagger cuts sharply into the first guard, on Korpellan's right. It staggers back from the deep cut, then replies with a strike from its axe.
[1d10] Great Weapon

Rusty's bolt flies high, sticking into the flagonstone wall as the other guard rushes towards him, bringing the ornate axe down onto him.

You trip in front of Korpellan, who bends over to engulf you with his tentacles much like Dulskyn did earlier.
>Grappling Tentacles- Automatic in melee Range
>renders PC in melee range helpless. User and affected PC roll every turn, PC remains helpless until a higher roll is made. PC can be assisted by ally- recharge 2

Hurriedly rearming his crossbow, Rusty fires at the charging guard while modifying his crossbow to increase launch velocity.
>using Gadget, Inst/Auto, to give +1 to crossbow

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8 / Roll #3 9 + 1 = 10


She shudders as she is engulfed by the abomination, squirming free of his grasp and quickly tossing a smoke bomb at him.
>automatic instant Escape Artist
[1d10] Blind

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Get outta her mons, we've got buiss'nus to attend to!"

Tuz'tk shouts at the guards, firing two arrows from his bow which split off and hit both of them.

[1d10+2] CritDC-2 (technically -4 if this is my first combat roll)

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


*Trick Shot- Split


"Zat hurts, but I sink zis vill hurt more!" Whiz exclaims as he fires a magic bolt at the same guard.
>+2 from special talent

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Rust's bolt sinks true into the guard's armor, but it perseveres and brings the heavy axe down, smashing him into the floor.
>Rusty takes 5 hits, helpless

The smoke bomb merely bounces off his head and lands behind him. His tentacles swerve and slither off his face like the waves of the ocean as he thrusts towards you with his ornate dagger.
Your bolts sink deep into the armpit gaps in the armor of the grey fleshed guards, causing them to cry out in pain as the first one stumbles, then gets back up.
Your magic bolt pierces through the guard's armor, causing it to fly into a rage and charge forward, swinging its axe with abandon.
[2d10] Weapon Flurry, Great Weapon

>Forgot in starting post

For when you feel combat weighing down on you, you may take a sip from your vial of Equus- a warm, syrupy fluid given to each adventurer who leaves the transplanted lans of Equestria to remind them of the warmth of Celestia's light.
>Normal Action; acts as Automatic Heal. Recharges after a short rest

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5, 9 = 14


Forgot to roll for the first one
[2d10] @ Tuz'tk

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18


Focusing my might, and cursing a little, i attempt to get up.

Roll #1 6 = 6


Tuzt'k trys to roll out of the way of the attack [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


She quails as Korpellan bears down on her, nervously stabbing at his torso while averting her eyes from his gaze.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Whiz grits his teeth in pain, and goes back to the guard with his dagger again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


You recover from the blow.
>now at 5/3, put H/W in your name
You roll out of the way of the attack, as the guard continues his onslaught.
Korpellan parries your nervous stab and jams the blade of his dagger into your shoulder.
>take 5 hits, helpless
The guard's axe swings down on your leg as you dash towards him, nearly splitting it in half as it cuts right down the middle.
>helpless, extra wound from combination of enemy crit and your critfail, now at 0/1
>unable to get up without assistance from a party member, melee attacks now suffer from -2

Roll #1 3, 6 = 9


Looking at her injury in horror, she grits her teeth and tries to get back up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


sturdying myself, i hastily load a bolt in my crossbow and fire at the guard whom sent him to the ground a moment ago.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Tuz'tk lodges more arrows at the guards, seeing an opening

[1d10+2] Trick Shot - Split

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


fixed name


Whiz takes out his equus flask, and takes a swig. He begins to feel better.


You recover, forced to favor your back legs since one of your front one's is nearly split.
Your bolt pierces through the neck of the guard, causing him to turn towards you…
…before one of Tuz'tk's bolts pierce its head, as the other one gets hit between the gaps of its armor again, swinging its axe wide to strike at Rusty and Tuz'tk.
[2d10] First @ Rusty, second @ Tuz'tk

Korpellan charges towards Tuz'tk, enveloping the Diamond Dog in its facial tentacles, rendering him incapable of dodging the remaining guard's attack.

Roll #1 2, 7 = 9


not blinking, and maintaining the same, cold face, i load up another bolt and fire at the guard.



Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


You recover as well, your injury not so bad compared to Whiz's.


Tuz'tk struggles his way out of the tentacles,

"You're worse den da krackens we have at home. 'Least, ya smell worse!"

[1d10] escape

Roll #1 6 = 6


Zia limps away from the battle, trying to hide so she can pull off a sneak attack.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 3 = 3


Realizing he probably won't get anywhere by using brute force, Whiz tries to blend with the shadows.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Your arrow goes wide and misses the guard, who decides to wail on Tuz'tk. Korpellan points a finger at you, his eyes flashing red as a bolt of black energy fires from his finger.
[1d10] Enfeeble
As you try to blend in with the shadows, you fail thanks to your clashing stripes.
You do much better than Zia.
>hidden, won't be targeted by enemy attacks
As you struggle, you take a good hit from the enemy guard, who decides to keep wailing on you while Korpellan holds you in place.
[2d10] Guard Attack @ Tuz'tk
>free next turn if lower than 6

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 1, 4 = 5 / Roll #3 10 = 10


>tuz'tk took 3 hits last turn


She prepares another smoke bomb, lobbing it at Korpellan again.
[1d10] Blind

Roll #1 7 = 7


Tuz'tk struggles [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


shaking my head, i aim at the guard and fire off my flamethrower.

Roll #1 5 = 5


Whiz slinks behind Korpellan, then stabs it in the back with his knife.
>Attacks made in stealth autocrit


Whiz forgot that in order to attack, he needs to actually swing his knife.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Korpellan struggles blindly as he's blinded, unable to dodge properly against enemy attacks.
>+2 on rolls against Korpellan for 2 turns
You continue to struggle in his grasp, as he turns his knife around and stabs into you while you dangle from his face.
[1d10+2] Knife attack
[1d10] Hold
The axe of guard who attacked Tuz'tk gets knocked to the side by the dog's swinging legs, causing him to run it into the wall- his forward momentum ends up impaling his belly on the spiked butt of the axe, and he falls to the ground.
>Guard helpless, attacks against him autocrit for the next turn
You feel weakened after the black bolt hits you- you breathe heavily, and your muscles start to ache.
>Enfeebled- next recovery roll requires assistance
Your knife cuts into the back of the tentacled creature, tearing down its robes and exposing the grey, mottled flesh, oozing sticky black ichor into you.

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Tuz'tk struggles [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


She rushes over and lunges at the helpless guard with her dagger. "No's our chance!" she shouts to the rest of the party. "Kick them while they're down!"
[1d10] Autocrit

Roll #1 5 = 5


i load another bolt into Aster and fire at the guard, focusing.

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Whiz sees an opportunity and sticks his horn inside of Korpellan. "One deep dish eldritch abomination, coming right up!"
>+2 from special talent
>+2 from blind

Roll #1 2 + 4 = 6 / Roll #2 7 + 4 = 11


alongside my firing, i appraise the enemy 'korpellian'

Roll #1 6 = 6


>forgot +2 thanks to Blind
As you break free from Korpellan's grasp, his knife plunges into your back, causing you to lose control of your legs as you fall to the ground, helpless.
>take 5 hits, helpless
With your combined attacks, the guard's body ruptures and it falls to the ground, dead.
Your horn fires a bolt of energy that pierces through Korpellan's back and out through his front, leaving a burning hole where several important organs were.
He turns around, slashing at you with his knife once more!
You determine that even though he has taken some nasty damage suddenly, he is still able to stand and fight, assisted by some eldritch might.
>19 hits remaining

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


Seeing the tide turn, she attacks Korpellan while he's still blinded.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


Whiz dodges, then stabs with his own knife. "Pssh, nosink personal… kid."

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


focusing on korpellian, i load another crossbow bolt.
>"need a little help with this little bully?" i say, joining whiz with helping the fight. [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


(take it as a three, forgot the +1)


Tuz'tk shudders, drinking his Equus as he prys himself from the floor,

"Too much time in da tentacles… es' a really bad time. I'm gun' getcha back for dat."

>Automatic Action


Together you cut into the fleshy squamous creature, but he still stand, roaring in anger as he misses his swing at Whiz- his body's momentum allowing both blades to cut deeper and farther into his body than you would have normally let them. His organs begin spilling out of his massive wounds, and he falls to the flagonstone ground.
Your bolt misses his head just as he falls to the ground.
You stand up over the high priest just as he goes to his knees.

Korpellan breathes loudly and heavily, as he starts laughing. "Hhhehehehahahahahuhuhuh. So I must die without giving my essence back to the great N'Kulba, and without seeing him on our own plane… very well." Gripping his dagger, he uses the last of his strength to start carving runes into one of his arms, slicing up the flesh, making his ink-like blood run over the wounds and carved runes. The knife glows with a blackened aura, and he then drops it to the ground. "There, it is finished," he says, before keeling over, dead.

>Success! You have eliminated the N'Kulba cult! Each player receives 58 EXP.

The furry creature on the altar is still writhing on the altar where it is chained naked. It calls out, "Help me, help me out of these chains now that you've slain those creatures!"


"Fery vell, if you insist." Whiz goes over to it, then attempts to get it out of the chains.


Tuz'tk grabs the monstrosity's dagger, looking it over.

He then takes out his own knife and cuts off the creature's head, as well as those of the guards.

"Glad dat's over mahns. I dun know if I shul' shrink dese heads so I'm jus' gon' bury dum. Don't want de bad juju following us around."


She cleans off her dagger and looks around fearfully at the dead bodies. "I-I'm not very good with that sort of thing," she answers the creature. "I'm sure my companions can help you, though! …Do you have a name?"


The chains are difficult to untie from the creature's wrist, but you soon free its wrists and ankles. He goes over to one of the dead bodies, ripping some of the cloth off to use as a kilt. "I am in your debt," he says, bowing graciously and repeatedly, "My name is Benwoo, I'm the sheriff of the town Goldwheat. These creatures kidnapped my deputies and I a few days ago- they killed my deputies, and they were going to kill me in a short matter of time!"
The dagger is very sharp, the steel and silver polished and worked on to appear to be the same material. A total of ten small emeralds are placed in the hilt and alongside the blade, and it has a tentacular black pattern laid into the silver.
>N'Kulba Kult Dagger- +2 Dagger; slaying enemies with this dagger will result in bad dreams.


"Oooh, da bad juju's also in dis knife. I'll keep it on my belt, don't want no one getting misfortuned from it."

Tuz'tk turns to the sheriff,

"Know of any otha' of dese monster types around? Dey are bad for de earth, gotta get rid of dem before they make da spirits restless."


"Do you sink zey kidnapped you and your deputies in particular, or at random?" Whiz says to Benwoo, before taking a few glances around the room. He looks for any tome or scroll that might give him clues about what happened.


"I don't think you should keep it at all, to be honest with you," she comments. "If it's really cursed with their fell magic, don't you think it'd be better to leave it where it is or even destroy it?"

"Don't worry," she says to him, "we'll escort you back home if you need us to. Do you think your town might have done something to draw their attention?"
While she talks, she begins to scour the area for valuables.
[1d10] Scrounge

Roll #1 6 = 6


"If you von't be needink it, may I have it?" Whiz says, putting on his beggar eyes.


"Nana, I gotta keep it to give to de witch docta, de know how to cleanse da weapons. I only know how ta make sure bad spirits dun follow us around. If we bury dis or break it, we dunno what bad juju we'll unleash."

"No mahn, you wanna end up with tentacle mouths like dem badduns? We get weapon fixed by Voodoo witch doctor. Den you can hav'eet."


"No, the only time I've seen or heard of these creatures was when they kidnapped us," Benwoo says, shivering as he rubs his arms. He appears to be something like a cross between a bear and an ape, with a tall stature, long arms, but a flat face and small, beady black eyes.
"Something to do with appeasing the forces of chaos," he says, "That's what they said before sacrificing my deputies."
"I honestly don't know," he says, "We're but a peaceful farming town. I hate to think what happened during these four days we've been gone."
Tuz'tk had already taken the knife, but besides that you're able to pull together the two axes that the guards had.
>N'Kulba Kult Poleaxe- Great; A double-headed axe with ornate silver workings, embedded emeralds, and tentacular etchings. Crits at 8+.


"Maybe by gettink rid of zee law, zey appease the gods of chaos."
"I doubt zee vay zey got like zat vas because of zis dagger, but if you insist." Whiz pouts in defeat.


"So, do ja need an escort back to town or sometin? We're juz' adventurers who be lookin' for… well, adventurin'. We could rest up an' den take you dere."


She strains to lift one of the poleaxes, but fails to do so due to not having the strength or inventory space. "There's some weapons over here if any of you want one. I can't take them myself."
She turns to Benwoo. "I'd say you were just an unfortunate target of these fiends. As I said, if you need an escort back to town we'd be happy to help you out."

"If you say so. If it were me I wouldn't mess with it. Something could go terribly wrong."


Tuz'tk will take it with the poleaxe with him if no one else does.


*Will take the poleaxes with him


"I wouldn't know," Benwoo says, "I just want to get home and get things back to normal."
"Well… I'd like to go now, but you're all in a pretty bad way. I suppose you all could have some sleep and fix yourselves up, and I'll put all these bodies together and burn them so nothing freaky happens with their bodies."

The party spends the night in the shrine, the eerie quiet from the woods punctuated with the sound of Benwoo pulling the bodies around and stuffing them together into a pile.
>recovered to full H/W

In the morning, Benwoo starts leading the party through the woods, heading west. During the journey, he points to a castle raised above a swampland in the near distance. "That'st he castle of Lord Grendar," he says, "The land came under an illness some time ago, and he locked himself and his servants inside so that they wouldn't catch it. Apparently they ended up dying of mass hunger and dysentery."

The sheriff continues west, and soon comes to the town of Goldwheat. The fields that would have normally been swaying with an ocean of grain are burnt, as are most of the buildings in town, as townspeople gather up their dead or are working on wooden walls made of felled trees to surround the town. The creatures are all of the same species as Benwoo, a race known as Furlongs.

There's some small celebration as the sheriff returns, but soon he and the party learn that the town came under attack by a raiding party of barbarian creatures unknown to any of the locals, killing many of the men, taking the women hostage, and ransacking their food supplies.

Among the crowd is an Equestrian, a cream-colored Earth Pony with a red and green striped mane, wearing the robes of a Celestian, one of many missionaries who journeyed from Equestria to learn about the Chaotic Realms and assist others as best they could.


Whiz walks over to the earth pony. "Praise zee Sun." He says to him. "Vat can you tell us about vat happened here after zee deputies vere captrured?" He looks around, warily.


>Tuz'tk buries the heads of the corpses deep in the forest, underneath a rowan tree.

"Oh, dis a bad joint. My grievances for dem ded'uns. I could give dem a proper send-away if ya wanted, but i dunn wanna intrude on your beliefs if ya got 'tem."

he says to Benwoo, before asking another townsfolk,

"Ja know where dem barbar-ins went? We could help get dem womans back, and dem foods too."


She looks troubled by the news as she assesses the crowd. "Well that's no good. What did these creatures look like?" she asks.


The Earth Pony nods back to Whiz "Greetings," she says, "My name is Rosemary, I've been living with this people for the past year."

"It was just yesterday when the creatures came by- they were quite small, strangely enough. About fifty or so of them, not much taller than ponies like ourselves, little greyskinned creatures with horns jutting out the back of their heads, wearing some sort of light armor stitched to a fur suit, wielding spears and having large shields on their backs that were almost as big as they were. They came through like a wave from the ocean, charging in, stabbing the men, climbing up on the women and tying them up, dragging them off or going to the food storage sheds. It was all so quick, but so vivid."
Rosemary continues. "We believe they've headed back south, but no one's gone down to check- we've all either been preparing for another attack or cleaning up."


Whiz nods. "Vait for just one moment." He lays down on the ground, then says, "Don't be alarmed by vat you may see." He says before going completely limp as his spirit leaves his body.


"He's an astral project'a, but he hasn't learned to lay down first before doin' it. I think he's gunn get a lot of bruises if he keeps dis up."


"Well then," she responds after a moment, "we should do something about that, shouldn't we? No rest for the wicked!" She thinks for a moment. "By the way, miss Rosemary, would you be willing to accompany us? I'm sure fortune and glory await."

She instinctively takes a few steps away. "That'll never not give me the willies," she comments as she shudders involuntarily.


Rosemary shrugs. "I have seen Astral Projection before," she says, "As a Thaumaturge, I have more experience in the healing and rejuvenating arts, myself." Whiz leaves his body without any issue.
"Accompany you? Hmm, I suppose I could," she says, "I've already done what I could to assist with my magic healing, the rest will just take time. I'm not that good in a fight, either, but I'll help however I am able."


Whiz goes south, scanning the trees for any sign of the little, gray whatevers.


"jah ma'am, would be nice to 'ave a healer with us. We're good folk, we jus' wanna help like you."


In your expedition away from your body, you don't find anything out of the ordinary, just native flora and fauna. You can see the swamp castle off in the distance, close to the shrine where you were last night.
"Certainly, I am glad to help. What is your name?"


"No good in a fight? I guess that makes two of us! The name's Zia, by the way," she says as she follows her companions south, looking around for any sign of the creatures.


Whiz decides to investigate the castle, as there is no other place he sees as a point of interest. He will look inside any opening he can find.


"I'm Tuz'tk, and de little guy on my shoulder is Juju. She brings me da good luck."

The hawk on his shoulder nuzzles his head into the diamond dog's neck,

"She keep watch over us. Hopefully I can find some more friends to bring wit'us too."


Looking back at Whiz's body, Rosemary lifts it up with a huff. "I'm sure you're helpful to some extent, just as I hope to be."
The castle is on a raised spot of land, like an island, with a wall around the moat. It is quite large on the inside, at least as large as the town of Goldwheat. You see some bad spirits emanating from inside, though.

"I wouldn't mind leaving for a short while," Rosemary says, "At least just to help with this situation. Allow me to stop by my hut for a while so that I may meditate and gather my things."
"It's a pleasure to meet the both of you!" She beams.

Rosemary's hut seems to have survived the attack quite well, being partially out of the way of the main part of town. The inside has a comfy-looking bed, cooking implements, pantries of ingredients and clothes, all arranged around the outside, with a pot for burning incense and a crystal ball in the center. Rosemary puts some things in her bag, then sits in front of the crystal ball, lighting an incense stump that fills the room with a thick, perfumed smoke.

"Do any of you have questions about the future before we leave?" She asks politely, "I may be able to help discern your answers."


"Ooooh, you a scryer den. Our witch docta's also do de scrying, but de use pools of water. Can you ask de spirits if dere'll be trouble on de way dere?"


Whiz returns to his body, and fills his lungs with air. "Vere are vee? Vat is goink on?" He looks around and recognizes his companions. "Oh. I assume vee are safe Zen." he says. "Zee creatures don't seem to be anyvere. Howefer, that castle vee saw earlier gives me bad feelinks."


"Nice place," she comments as she looks around.
"You're a fortune teller as well?" she replies, perking up all of a sudden. "What a coincidence! I can do some hoof-reading, but I haven't had the chance to in a long time."


"I see no trouble on our journey, only at the destination," she says, eyes half-lidded as she gazes into her ball.
Her hair is blown back as she contemplates the castle, squinting into the ball. "I see something of import at the castle," she says, "It may help you- a spear, covered in rust and vines, but with the heartbeat of a patriot."
"The art of telling the future is a tricky one," she says, "I do not care for the indentations and markings of a hoofprint, but the visions inside the clear crystal."

She closes her eyes, then opens them again, coughing on the smoke. "Hrmm, well, that's that," she says, "Anything else I could assist you all with before we leave?"


Whiz points to the dagger Tuz'tk has, the says, "Can you get rid of zis dagger's 'bad juju'?" He leans in afterwards, then whispers, "Or, at zee fery least, pretend to?"


She looks around at her companions, then shrugs. "IF everyone's ready, we should get going." Inwardly, she begins to regret having gotten tangled up in this mess, but she stays determined.


"Nonono, she not witch docta. She dem cleric-wizard type. She got no fetishes or protector-charms in her home. No spirit-lanterns either. She's no witch doctor."

"YaYa, we go now. Longer we wait, more da midgets have dere way with the womans."


File: 1460958275394.jpeg (84.71 KB, 1000x815, image.jpeg)

Rosemary stares at the dagger for several seconds before blinking and shaking her head. "Mm, sorry? My apologies, curse lifting is sadly out of my repertoire. Only so much you can study before leaving the nest."
Rosemary lifts herself up. "Yes, let's go," she says, slinging her backpack on and leaving the hut.
"Yes, quite right," she says, "That's, ah, a different field of expertise. No fetishes here."

Thus, together the group sets off from the town of Goldwheat to avenge the dead, rescue the women, and put a stop to the little barbarians. However, soon a fork in the road is reached- one path heads south, and the other heads east, towards the swamp castle of Lord Grendar…


>pic related not an accurate representation


File: 1461547659533.jpg (23.61 KB, 222x298, 1461524976680.jpg)

It's time for another session of Chaotic Realms!

Post your sheets.

Reminder that the group present in last session got 58 EXP to spend or save. If you are considering changing your character, saved EXP and equipment may be carried over.



File: 1461547862563.webm (1.2 MB, 640x640, whowasphone.webm)


File: 1461547922160.jpg (9.62 MB, 9400x4218, _sacred_shivers__by_janek_….jpg)



File: 1461548290456.jpg (1.43 MB, 3915x3069, DSCF4370.JPG)



The five of you, accompanied by the Celestian nun named Rosemary, make your way from the ruined Furlong town of Goldwheat, recently attacked by a raiding party of small, impish creatures in furry suits armed with shields and spears, who burned their houses, raided their food supplies, and kidnapped their women and children.

As the three of you approach a point in the road where it forks left, you see two things-

First, a signpost. It points north-west, the direction you just came from, towards Goldwheat, north-east towards the swamp castle of Grendar, and south-east, towards some places called Fort Ridden and River Rest.

Second, you see a Furlong male, probably an adolescent, dressed in peasant clothes with a long sharpened tree branch in his grasp, running out of the woods and chased by three of the small furry creatures. Each of them is about three feet high, the size of an average pony, stabbing at the Furlong with their spears, their shields bouncing up and down on their backs.



As Clix walks on the road by herself, she notices a group of travelers. That many people traveling together with weapons - they're either heroes or villains. Either way, she wants to see what they do.

As they walk up to the sign post, she casually walks up to it with them. She stands there with her hood up, covering her face as if she's been with them the whole time.


-15 EXP, repurchasing Trick Ammo
Modification: (Trick Quiver: passive; Trick Ammo no longer has a recharge.)
-15 EXP, purchasing Hawkeye


Tuz'tk interposes himself inbetween the Furlong and the other creatures.

"You four, you gon' stop now. Dat means you too Furlong. Waz going on here? You dun' look like corrupted mangs."

He raises his bow,

"An' no funny buisness now, you keep stabbin', and I starta shootin'."


i join Tuz'tk in confronting the creatures, holding my crossbow up.
"i- i wouldn't piss him off."


Unable to shake the sudden feeling of being watched, Zia joins the party in trying to chase off the spear-wielding gremlins, waving her messenger bag at them threateningly. "Shoo! Horrible things! Leave him alone, you hear me?"


Whiz stays behind. "I'm sure you hafe it handled."
Whiz then turns to the hooded figure and says, "Hallo! You must be new. Who are you, and vat do you vant?" He inspects the figure and waits for a response.


"Ay, to be fair, dey all gremlins. Besides, what if Furlong is doin' da wrongdoin'. He could be a thief."



Clix stares at Whiz silently. Her green eyes shine through the darkness of her hood. They shift back and forth as if she's sizing you up.


i turn to Tuz'tk and look at him with my regular eye.
"good thinking, we better find out. we should get the /whole/ story- i'll go get the little one."
and with that, i run to grab the person peing chased.


You join the group, unnoticed until Whiz takes notice of you.
Rosemary turns back with you, quizzically looking at Clix. "Wasn't, um, this one with us already?"

The small creatures hiss at the party as they come close, running away. The Furlong lifts himself up on his sharpened branch- there are several puncture marks on his shirt, and bleeding wounds underneath.
"Thank you," he said, "I noticed some were still at the border of the town and started chasing them off, but then they turned back and got me with those spears of theirs. Where are you all going? I was thinking of heading to the old abandoned castle to see if we could fortify ourselves in there, but I heard there are a lot of ghosts and things around that old wreck."


"Nah man, you go visit de docta back at your…"

Tuz'tk begins, before turning to Rosemary,

"Ayy, you know de scryin', you also a healer? Dis little guy needs some fixin'. Anyways,"

he turns back to the Furlong,

"We was goin' to get dem raiders who attacked your village. Den we might help ya dere."


Whiz stares back, waiting expectantly with a big smile on his face. "Vell zen? I am vaitink."

Whiz turns to Rosemary and says, "If you sink so, vee vill do a head count. One, two, three, four, fife, six. Vee had fife before."


"Was who with us already?" she asks obliviously, looking around and noticing Clix for the first time.

"Oh! Hello. Are you lost? Do you need our help?" she asks Clix.

"That's where we're headed too," she answers the Furlong. "You're welcome to accompany us if you want. Our friend here can patch you up, she's good at that sort of thing. At least I think she is." She gestures at Rosemary. "Do you have a name?"


"holy sweet celestia, did they just, pin you down and stab you?" i say amidst a small chuckle. "we need some health pots, or something… this is nasty!"



With a sudden start, Clix looks around as if she's trying to figure out who everyone is referring to.

"O-oh," she says, taking off her hood as if she just realized there was no reason to put it on. "You're talking to me? I'm sorry," she laughs. "I forgot I was here. You know how it is. Always looking around to see what's up and you forget that you're actually a part of what's up," she says as if this is a common problem.

"My name is Clixtn'Chickdn Mmnd'dflz," she says fluently, making it sound like a series of clicking and buzzing bug sounds. "But you can call me Clix. Because non-changelings just never seem to be able to say it right. I swear, it's like they don't know how to work their mandibles. No offense. Well, a little offense."

"Anyway, it's nice to meetchya! Unless you're bad guys. You're not bad guys are you? You look like good guys. That's why I came over here. You guys looked like some real good folk so I thought to myself, 'Hey, Imma go see what they're up to. It might be something cool and heroic!' So, here I am. Are you going to be doing something heroic? I would love love love to see some heroism. That's sort of my thing. I love heroes. The way they beat bad guys just by being themselves. GAH! So cool!" she swoons.


"And heroes are just so unique! I mean, they must be, right? Not everyone is a hero. I mean, what's with that accent? Where are you even from? Amiright?" she laughs as if she's made some kind of joke.


"Oh, you guys MUST be heroes! That's so heroey of you to ask."


"Yes, I can help with that!"
The Earth Pony steps forward, helping the Furlong onto his back as her eyes glow, his injuries slowly closing.
"My name's Gerfarber," he says, "I'm a farmer."
"Listen, if you're going to the castle, there are stories of a spear there that Grendar had made for himself. I think you might be able to use it if you can find it, but for all I know it could be rusted and broken."
Rosemary finishes closing Gerfarber's injuries, helping him back up and sending him on his way back to the town. She pats Clix on the head, then gives her a hug.

>writing second part, don't reply yet


Making their way towards the castle, the party passes through overgrown segments of the road, where cold winds suddenly blow onto them, odd for the time of day and year. They finally emerge from the overgrown road, emerging before the overgrown Castle Grendar, built into a raised portion of land, surrounded by a stone wall, with a moat full of algae and gross, stagnant water, the drawbridge broken, the front half submerged in the water.


"can anyone lift heavy loads?" i say, turning to the nearest tree. continuing with my idea "we might be able to cut one of those trees down, and hang it across so we don't have to get our hooves dirty, or- or we could use our grappling hooks and scale across. i've- i've got more ideas if those are gar- garbage."


"I dun wanna go in dat water, looks dangerous. I'm gun look for some felled trees to use as a bridge, any'n got an axe incase I can't find any?"

Tuz'tk searches for a suitable log.
[1d10] search
>Hawkeye: instant; see far into the distance, find small details in a scene, see in dim light or nighttime, or examine an enemy to gain a +1 bonus against it for your attack this turn
[1d10+1] search instant action

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9


don't know why i added a +1, that's an 8


Whiz looks at the drawbridge, and looks to the group. "Can anyone get a tree or somesink to make a bridge? So vee can cross, of course."


She blinks in surprise. "…Well, I wouldn't say we're heroes, but we're certainly not villains either. We'd be glad to have you along, Gix. The more the merrier! The name's Zia, by the way."

"A spear?" she parrots. "How fascinating! It must have been there for centuries if not more. I'd very much like to retrieve it, now that you mention it. Artifacts like those belong in a museum."

She takes a moment to appreciate the castle's structure before racking her brains trying to think of a way across. "Hmm… I don't fancy taking a swim there. It'd take forever to clean that gunk out of my mane. What to do, what to do…"

"As good an idea as any," she shrugs, joining the search for a suitable tree to use as a bridge.

Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6


"well-" i say before looking towards the group.
"can Tuz'tk dig out enough dirt to partailly fill the trench? pretty far fetched? yeah, that is. i- i- i got nothing after that besides grappling hooks and magic…" i say, slumping down.



"Yep, bad guys wouldn't give strangers hugs!" Clix says enthusiastically. Though, her body language in response to the hug is awkward.

"Oooooh," Clix says with excitement. "Look at this place. It just screams, 'Lair of Bad Guys'! Go get them, heroes! I'll be watching!"


Clix grunts in annoyance. "It's CLIX! Geez! It's a nickname specifically designed to be easier to remember. It's like one syllable!"


You all find a number of dead, dry trees around the castle.
Working together, you're able to pull one of the longer ones out and use it as a makeshift bridge to get across the moat, while a sinister looking eye watches from within the gross and slimy muckwater.

Inside the walls are a number of small houses, probably for servants, and the overgrown remnants of a small farm and the skeletons of farm animals. The castle walls are overgrown with dark green vines with red berries growing from them.
From the front gate, you can tell that the keep has two floors, a pair of large wooden doors shut closed and covered with the same vines, and two towers near the back on the left and right sides of the keep, with hazy smoke coming out of the one on the right.


>forgot you
"Aren't you coming with us?" Rosemary asks, raising an eyebrow as she starts crossing the tree bridge after all the rest of the party, "There might be something important or fun inside!"


included in >>662380


"hold on, group" i say quietly.
"whataya guess, 6 thousand years old? oh man, the history we didn't get to see!" i continue, exstatic.
i turn on my metal eye, and inspect the castle much deeper than the naked eye or first glance
I use engineering [1d10+2]

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Tuz'tk looks at the plants,

"Oh, are you good for da eatings?"

>Natural Fungal and Plant-life

Checking out the red berry vines [1d10]
Hawkeye [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 9 = 9



"A bridge!" Clix says, suddenly breaking out of her trancelike state ranting about heroes and names. "How convenient! Just like someone put it there on purpose!"


"He's the brains of the group," Clix whispers to no one as if she has someone to make commentary to. She takes a journal out of her saddlebag and begins to write in it.


Whiz looks around the huts and the castle for any sign of life, anything else important looking. "Hallo! Is anybody here?" he says while doing so.

After he's done, he turns to the party, and asks, "Vould anybody like me to project? I could, but zere does not seem to be any openinks."


"'Clix'. Right. Sorry. I'll try to remember that. …Aren't you coming with us?"

She lets out an audible whistle as she takes a good look around the castle grounds, closely examining the stonework around her. She keeps any eye out for any trinkets and babules lying around.
[1d10+1] Scrounge

"Maybe not that old, but still. Just look at those crenellations!" she comments, pointing out the structure of the castle walls.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


breaking my concentration, i look at Whiz.
"go ahead arcane blade, if i were you i'd just go birds eye view and see what the new perspective does for ya-"
turning to the rambling changling and say. "ooh! you rambling? wh-what about! the universe? i like the universe- i like to imagine how we look to some- god or existentialist who's figured out infinite life, and the pointlessness of it-" i continue rambling alongside the changling.


File: 1461554571260.jpg (683.66 KB, 1000x600, Swamp Castle 1st Floor 2.5….jpg)

Rusty has grossly overestimated the age of the castle, being little more than 200 years old. Constructed of grey flagonstone, with red tiles on the roof, wood made of oak imported from out of the nearby woods.

As the two unicorns walk around the edge of the keep, they find a side door and a cellar door on the left sides. The side door is stuck under the vines when they try to pull out, and pushing in gives it some leeway, but it then falls back into position. The cellar door, built into the ground, is covered with vines, and reinforced with a lock and steel belts.

Walking around the back, they find a large window allowing them to look inside.
The majority of the interior is a food hall of some kind, with a second floor balcony. In the middle of the floor, a figure overgrown with vines is hunched over on its knees.

The plants are like some kind of thorny ivy. The berries look like grapes, with disturbingly skull-shaped protrusions on them. They seem safely edible, though, and quite juicy.

Going through the huts yields the finding of long-dead skeletons, rotten wood, rusted cookware and farming implements, and a rat nest.

Rosemary helps you cross the bridge. "Ooh, what a spooky place!" She says with a beaming smile.


>addition to the first part
On the right side of the hall, you can see a fantastic vision of a curtain of rainbow-colored smoke pouring from the ceiling to the floor like an endless waterfall.


learing the real age and information of the castle, i look back to the group and tell them what i found out about the castle.
"huh, still, two lifetimes- i imagine the sieges and battles here- Tohrva himself mustv'e given this castle his blessing, it still being this well-put together!"


"Hmnnn, no bad juju den. I'm gun' take some deese for later."

Tuz'tk says, wrapping a small bag of berries up with his rags and sewing kit.

"Now, waz that smoke comin' from. I'm gun check if it's bad juju."

He first checks it with his natural senses
Hawkeye [1d10]
and then with his prenatural senses, body glowing a soft red
Phase Aura [1d10]

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


"I'm gonna have to name dese as well."

Tuz'tk says as well to himself, tasting one to see if it'll help with the naming process.


Whiz lays down on the ground in a comfortable position and says, "Could someone please keep zee door open vile I project? I vish to scout ahead." He waits for anybody to volunteer to help him.



"Kihihihihi," Clix laughs. "I know right! Look!" she says as she picks one of the fruit from the vine. "Skull grapes! It screams, 'I'm evil! Vanquish me!'"

She eats the grape. "Take dat evul," she says as she chews on it.


"You better get it right, Mia."


"Pointless!?" Clix practically squeaks. "There's nothing pointless about it all. It's beautiful!"


She wrinkles her nose in distaste as she fails to find any valuables yet again. "Better than a trap at least," she muses as she rejoins the party.

"Sure, here you go." She opens the door and averts her eyes as she anticipates Whiz beginning to leave his body.

She frowns. "Are you absolutely sure that's safe to eat? We're in the middle of a very strange land. I don't think it's wise to do that."


Sank you Zia." Whiz says as he leaves his body. He forgets to lower his head beforehand and it falls on the ground with a plop. He enters the door and looks around, mostly intrigued by the smoke in the hall.



"There's only one way to find out!"


"I checked dem out, dey don't seem bad. Just funky lookin'."


I've got a song for that!
using magic, i produce an acoustic sound to accompany my song.


Squinting at the tower window where the smoke's coming from, you can't really see inside it, or what the source of it is, but that it's not magical.
You're unable to open any of the doors right now without effort put into clearing the ivy off and/or breaking them open.
The grape-like berry is sweet at first, then turns sour the longer the juice is in your mouth, even growing sticky and dry after a while.
You find yourself unable to open any of the doors, with them either being stuck under the constrictive growth of the vines, the hinges being rusted in place, or something blocking them on the inside.



"Blegh," Clix wretches as she swallows the last of the berry. "The evil fought back! But, I prevailed against its vile flavors!"

She looks around at all the failed efforts to get into the castle.


"This is the part of the story where one of the heroes uses his unique abilities to make a clever way in. Like digging a tunnel."


Clix silently bobs her head with her eyes closed.


"I'm gun' call dem Quickdeath berries. 'cause dey change a different flavor quick, and de look like skulls."

Tuz'tk then burrows underneath where the door is, seeking to make a tunnel inside.

"Gun' see if I-
"Ya daz de plan."

Roll #1 7 = 7


>sitting down and breaking into song.


Whiz returns to his body. He takes a deep breath, the stands. "I should hafe zought zat through first. Oh vell." He sighs, then waits for Tuzt'k to finish digging.


She frowns and begins to hack away the vines with her dagger.
[1d10] Hacking and whacking and smacking

Roll #1 3 = 3



"Clever name!" Clix applauds.

"I know my stories!"


Clix continues to silently listen.


Clix's fantastic powers of deduction foresee Tuz'tk burrowing under the large front doors of the keep, pushing up through the stone bricks making up the floor.
Your rhythm and strength aren't exact, but with some effort and Tuz'tk's help from the inside, you're able to pull open the doors, allowing the party to go inside.

The party emerges into a front hall, facing and viewing the eating hall and the figure grown over with vines through a buttress. In the figure's left hand is a long spear with a sword-like blade. To the left and right of the party are halls where the kitchens and some washing areas must have been. Vines bearing Quickdeath berries grow over the skeletal remnants of dead bodies on the floor. The right-hand side hallway isn't visible through the rainbow smoke, nor is the right side of the wooden balcony.

There are two stairways to the top floor on the immediate left and right of the door.


stopping about how pointless the universe is(in song form), i go on, rambling without musical accompaniment.


"hey, whiz, can you- astral project now?" i say, inadvertently pointing a crossbow at whiz in an attempt to point him out



"Something eeevil happened here, heroes," Clix says giddily.

Assuming the figure to be a statue of a famous hero, Clix approaches it and starts moving vines aside to find some sort of plaque commemorating him.

[1d10] for moving vines and plaque finding

Roll #1 9 = 9


She eyes the spear for a moment. "I don't think we should touch that," she muses, "at least not for now. It could trigger something." With that, she inspects the nearby bodies to see if they carry anything.

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


"Wonda if dat's de spear, or if it's jus' part of the statue. Anyone wan' take it? I like bows myself."

"Good idea."

Tuz'tk heads up the leftwards stairway to scout ahead.


might as well be wary of traps as well
[1d10] perception
[1d10] perception, Hawkeye

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 9 = 9


Whiz instinctively pulls out his seemingly non-existent dagger. "Please move your crossbow in a different direction! Please and sank you." He collects himself, then says, "Alright. Just watch my body for a vile." He lays down and begins to have his spirit leave his body.


In the skeletal grasp of one of the skeletons, you find a rusty key.
>acquired rusty key
You can move confidently and safely knowing that there aren't any traps here.
You head up the left stairway, onto the second floor, and find a similar layout, with two side halls next to the balconies. There are two similar figures covered in vines, these ones wearing chainmail and light plate armor, clutching swords in their metallic gloves. There's a staircase in the right tower that wasn't on the ground floor.
Your spirit leaves your body, free to roam throughout the castle so long as it's not through solid matter.
Moving the vines to the side, you find the figure underneath is a skeleton, long rotted away, wearing a suit of chainmail armor with a rotten white tabard over it, kneeling in a respectful fashion with its hands resting on its thighs.



>Second floor map for some reason is invalid on MLPG so here it is on imgur: The most awesome images on the internet

Which isn't necessarily true, i don't think my image is particularly awesome, and I don't think it's made awesome because it's on imgur.


i follow in behind my party; sheathing my crossbow at the same time.



"Ew," Clix says, taking a reflexive step back as she realizes this is not a skeleton. However, once the initial surprise is gone, she frowns.

She silently searches the skeleton's clothes for any indicator of identification, either a name or just a group he belonged to.


Roll #1 2 = 2


i check out the sanctum in the middle, and look for treasure and books.


Whiz floats upstairs to go roam around. He scouts as far as he can withought touching anything, looking for anything that could indicate signs of recent arrivals .


She contemplates the key for a moment before pocketing it and beginning to search for a door that fits it. "Where there's a key, there must be a lock," she says to no one in particular.
[1d10+1] if you need it

Roll #1 7 + 1 = 8


Tuz'tk disarms the skeletons (in a literal sense), just in case. He then looks around the corner which is on the other side of the hallway.


You don't find anything that would tell you what he was from, and as you do so you inadvertently tear the rest of his tabard off.
You don't find anything like that, it's just Clix checking out an overgrown skeleton in armor clutching the fabled spear.
Tuz'tk is upstairs. There's a staircase leading upwards in the left tower, and in the right tower there's another staircase heading up to where the smoke was coming from. On the right side hallway, there are several piles of recently-perused books and a table acting as a reading and writing desk.
You remember that Whiz and Rusty found a cellar door covered with vines and locked shut.
On the side covered with the rainbow fog wall, you find several piles of books and a table acting as a desk with some writing utensils on it.


"IMPORTANT SPEAR!" i shout running over to clix.


Tuz'tk looks at the astral projection of his friend, still able to see magical effects.

"Hello friend, do jah need a hand? Maybe two?"

he sets the arms down, chuckling. He shouts down the stairs,

"Dere some books up here. I dun' read so someone else gotta read dem."


She makes her way over to the cellar door and hacks away the vines before unlocking the door.
[1d10] I don't even know if I need to roll for this shit

"Not a good idea to mess with that," she calls. "It could be cursed, and then we'd be in for a world of hurt. And by we I mean you."

Roll #1 1 = 1



Clix frowns as she finds nothing. However, she's quickly overwhelming by yelling being thrown at her. She steps aside, not wanting to get in the way of the story.

"Kihihihi," she laughs. "Why? What's the point?"




Whiz looks over the desk and books, trying to find out what it was whoever was here earlier was studying.
Whiz is shocked for a moment, then waves and chuckles at Tust'k. He then points a hoof towards the staircase that leads towards the fog, urging him to head on that direction.


"I dunno mang, that fog seems like baaad juju."


i viciously rip the spear out of the skeleton and inspect it.
I use Engineering and appraise at the same time
Engineering roll
Appraise roll

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4



Clix frowns. He didn't get the joke.


She bites her lip in sudden panic as Rusty removes the spear. "Now you've done it," she says. "Just don't say we didn't warn you!"


The knife cuts through the vines with more effort than it probably should. Unlocking it leads you down into a cool, dry wine cellar, with racks full of wine lining the walls and entryway. In the middle is a chair, with a body lying down on its front in front of it, wearing a cloak that would have been nice two hundred years ago, but now it's rotted through. A ring is on the skeleton's finger, pearl set in gold.

They appear to be notes on wine-making, using the grape-berries grown on the vines growing all over the vines in the castle.

Rusty rips the spear from the skeleton's grip. It is a bronze spear with vine-like inscriptions along the long blade, weighing about twenty pounds and unbalance, especially towards the sword-like blade.



"You've done it now!" Clix says in a cheerily ominous tone. "You've activated the curse!"


Because Tuzt'm refuses to go upstairs, Whiz decides he'll go himself. He heads up the spiral staircase, searching for the cause of the fog.


"Ooh, Bronze! gotta love me some copper and tinne!" i say before my pupils dilate, i shout "I WONDER HOW WELL IT KILLS THINGS! OOH! AND WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS IS ENCHANTED WITH!" and with that, i'm going to use the spear next time we go fighting,


Tuz'tk follows the astral projection, bow drawn and moving little noise, being on high alert.


"shut up, Changling-" i say, pointing the blunt end of the spear at Clix… "you'll look like a traitor when we all get cursed like those one pirates from that one play thing, the ones that couldn't die or eat or drink rum…"


As she looks around the wine cellar and pockets the ring, her curiosity gets the better of her and she takes a bottle of 200 year old wine, discreetly uncorking it and giving it a sip. "I wonder…"



"Hey, I didn't take anything! That curse only affected the ones who took anything," she says playfully.

"Also," she adds in a suddenly much more serious tone and a stern expression. "Don't call a changeling a traitor."


Heading upstairs to the top floor of a tower, you find a recently dead, probably a few weeks old, and decomposing body of some kind of foreign creature- some kind of bipedal reptilian creature. Books on alchemy and brewing are on shelves around the room.
The fog comes from its belly, where it resembles a smoldering crater, a red fluid sitting in the dead flesh, filling the room with a scent that's foul and fruity at the same time as it continuously burns and destroys the flesh around it.

… and then nothing happened.

You pocket the ring.
>Lord Grendar's Ring- Lord Grendar commanded two things- his palace guard, and a significant collection of wine.
The flavor is that of a pinot noir bottled in oak, grown in a humid valley.


File: 1461561175080.jpg (125.17 KB, 1921x1055, But-nobody-came.jpg)


without moving a muscle, i magic the spear around so the blade is pointed at the changeling.


>story of my life


Clix looks at Rusty with a confused/amused expression. Then, she shrugs and heads upstairs to see what else is going on.


Tuz'tk searches the body of the lizard,

"Betta' it then me. Or I suppose us. Prolly' shouldn't eat dem berries no more. 'Least, not cook'm."

He covers the body after searching it.

Looking around the general roomspace
[1d10] searching
[1d10] hawkeye

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7


i walk downstairs to see if there's anything going on with that eye we saw in the moat.


Whiz gags at the stench, the n looks around for anything that could indicate what caused the creature to leak rainbows.


Nodding in approval, she leaves the cellar to join her companions upstairs, putting the bottle of wine in her bag.

"So, have you guys found anyth- What in the seven hells is that?" She backs away from the dead creature, covering her snout at the smell. "Never seen anything like it before. Anyways, I found this ring downstairs in the cellar." She shows them the ring. "I get the feeling it belonged to the owner of this place."


As you walk out of the front door to go outside, the spear disappears from your grasp.

As you head upstairs, you hear the creaking sound of armor moving from the lower floor, as well as the same floor.

Investigating the pool, you recognize it as something like wine. The scent resembles that given off by the Quickdeath berries.
You don't find anything on the body worthy of note. Looking around the room, you find books on brewing and wining- probably something that would be more valuable in the hands of someone who knew what to do with it. And could read.

>omitting second part of post
You pass by Rusty on his way out of the front door as you go back in. You see the figure in the middle of the eating hall rising to its feet, the rest of the vines stuck to its body snapping off of it. It starts advancing towards you, spear in hand.


first reply meant for >>662448


"Oh no. I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it." She starts backing off from the advancing figure, dashing into a nearby alcove to hide.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 6 = 6



"Umm… H-heroes?" Clix looks around timidly, hoping the sound is coming from them. But, there doesn't appear to be anyone on this floor.

"Living corpses?" she asks with a gulp. There's no one to help her. She's all alone, defenseless!

[1d10] to see shambling corpses coming for her

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Ah well, de books are wasted on me. Go get de friendies Whiz, de can read it."

he takes one last look at the corpse,

"Y'know, I wun'da if I could use this as a weapon. De wine i mean."

He takes one of the intact bottles and pours a small portion it on the face of the lizard, testing it's acidity.


continuing on, realizing it must be Tuesday, cuz' stuffs disappearing again.

standing at the moat, i look to see whats in there.
Appraise roll

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


Whiz returns to his body, and lays there for a bit. After he has recouped. He stands then looks around.
He sees the figure wielding a spear walking towards Clix, and he hastily fires a magic bolt at it.
>+2 from special talent

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7


You dash off unseen, as the skeleton in armor pauses, looking to see where you went.
You don't see anything at first through the rainbow fog wall, until the two skeletons pass through it, swinging their one remaining arms around before stepping forward and punching you, each.
[1d10] Armless Skeleton 1
[1d10] Armless Skeleton 2
The wine splatters on the face, sitting for a little while before the burning begins, slowly eating through the remnants of the scales.
Suddenly, the rapier-wielding arms in your paws start waving around, threatening to stab or slash at you with their blades!
[1d10]@ Tuz'tk
>just a heads-up that this is an increased DC since they're unattached and can't see so it's more unlikely that they'll hit you
You discern that it's some kind of reptilian creature with a stalk eye.
Your magic bolt strikes the skeleton's armor, passing through it and hitting the crunchy center. It shudders, then turns towards you, charging with the spear!

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 5 = 5 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 3 = 3 / Roll #5 3 = 3


i pull out my aster(muh crossbow) remove the arrow-head off of one of my bronze bolts, i fire a headless bolt at the reptilian, in order to see if its passive or not
[1d10] if you need it

Roll #1 3 = 3


She sneaks up behind the skeleton before dashing out from behind it, lunging at the strolling bones with her dagger.
[1d10] autocrit due to Stealth, also DC-1 due to Sprinter

Roll #1 6 = 6


Whiz attempts to disengage from the skeleton for a moment, then slinks off into the shadows.

Roll #1 7 = 7



"Heeeerooooooooes!" Clix squeals as she runs up the next flight of stairs up the tower.

"Help me, help me, help me!" she shouts frantically the whole way up.


Tuz'tk jumps, setting the bottle down in a hurry but avoiding spilling it.

"Nah nah, i knew you were bad juju. Now I show you what dogs do to bones."

He prys the swords from the arms and gnaws on them.

[1d10] on that whole action, they're not too hard to manipulate i assume since they've got no bodies to leeeean on.

Roll #1 3 = 3


As the crossbow hits the water, the reptile starts spasming, lashing out with a long, whiplike tentacle.
Your knife plunges into the back of the skeleton. It must have done something to anger it, because it turns around and strikes you with the spear!
You hide among the vines in the darkened side halls.
>Stealth engaged
You run upstairs to the top of the tower to find Tuz'tk gnawing on bones like an animal.
You're able to pull both swords from the grips of the fingers. Clix joins you, and she is joined by the owners of the arms, who pick up their swords from the ground and get violent.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 6 = 6 / Roll #4 10 = 10


Whiz maneuvers into a position behind the skeleton, then exits the safety of the vines to stab the skeleton with his knife.
>Autocrit from Stealth

Roll #1 9 = 9


i load a real bolt into this and fire at the creature.
i also shout something about hen-ties.

Roll #1 4 = 4



"Hero!" Clix shouts as she runs into the room. However, she stops in her tracks as she finds what she finds. "Wuh…?" she says, dumbfounded.

However, she quickly shakes her head. "Help! I need your heroeyness! There's some creepy corpses trying to kill me!"


She lashes out against the spooky skeleton, kicking it in the ribcage before beginning to scamper up to the second level.


Tuz'tk looks behind the changeling, talking with his mouth full.

"Mppph, moppph!"

He pulls forth his bow and fires an arrow at the skeleton attacking him.

Hawkeye: instant; see far into the distance, find small details in a scene, see in dim light or nighttime, or examine an enemy to gain a +1 bonus against it for your attack this turn

>Trick Ammo: Knockout

[1d10+2] CritDC-3, extra +1 if hawkeye succeeds

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


The skeleton must not be up to its game after a couple hundred years of not doing anything, as the two of you knock it back and forth after it overextends on a stab.
It staggers for a while, then swings the spear around at Whiz since he's still on the same floor.
You miss again, as the creature lashes at you once more.
One of the skeletons slashes you with the tip of its rapier, then stabs at you for a follow-up!
The skeleton's initial slash cuts from your shoulder to your hip, and as you try to fire back at it, stabs right through your liver.
>take 5 hits, helpless
>additional wound from critical counterattack

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Messed up third roll, redoing

Roll #1 8 = 8


She rushes over to Tuz's side and passes him her Equus flask along with the ring. "Here, patch yourself up! I found this downstairs, I have a feeling it could be the key to all this. I'd use it myself, but, you know." She waggles her hooves.



"You've got this, hero!" Clix says in a supportive tone as she does her best to hide behind the diamond dog on the ground. "Go get him!"

[1d10] to heal Tuz

Roll #1 2 = 2





Roll #1 5 = 5


Whiz takes this opportunity to charge up a magic bolt, and aim towards where it's face would be.
>+2 from special talent

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Tuz'tk spits out the bones in his mouth, casting them into the Quickdeath berry wine puddle.

"Baaad juju spirits are here. No stabbin' me no more, go back and stay dead!"

Drinking from flask


You fail to heal Tuz'tk.
You swallow the contents of ye flask, allowing you to stand with vigor.
>recovered from helplessness at 5/4
As you head up the tower, you run into two skeletons blocking the way into the room on top. They both turn and stab at you with their rapiers.
Your magic focus fails, as the skeleton slashes across your side with its spear.
>take 5 hits from counterattack, helpless
You're smashed to the ground and unable to recover, as the tentacle slams down at you once more.

Roll #1 1, 5 = 6 / Roll #2 2 = 2


roll recover agian

Roll #1 1 = 1


>Clix takes 3 hits from the skeleton attack



"Don't hurt me you creepy things!" Clix yells as she reaches into her bag for a healing potion.

[1d10] for natural remedy on self

Because everyone knows that if the healer goes down, everyone goes down.

Roll #1 10 = 10


She barrels past the skellies and gives Tuz the ring. "Here! This'll help!" she says, barely being able to catch her breath.
>Escape Artist



"If ja say so! I hope dis works!"

Tuz'tk slips the ring on one of his large digits (presumably his pinky, if the ring is small) and holds it out to the skeletons, waving,

"Da spirits of nature compel you to stop in da name of Tuz'tk!"


Whiz falls down on the ground, then attempts to stand up to fight.
[1d10] to get knocked down, but get up again

Roll #1 2 = 2


You trip as you try to get up, falling and hitting your head, then getting hit by the tentacle once more.
>take 2 wounds, now at 0/2
It continues its merciless strikes, as Rosemary the nun rushes towards you, having just noticed you getting your ass beat.
You heal yourself up to full fighting potential.
The skeletons, recognizing the ring, halt their attack and stand to the side, halting their attack.
You fail to get up as the spear-wielding skeleton strikes at you with its spear once more.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Forgot tentacle attack roll

Roll #1 10 = 10


Dodge roll

Roll #1 4 = 4


Whiz winces in pain, then drinks from his equus flask to regain his vitality.



"I think this is because we took that spear from the other one downstairs. What should we do, hero?"

[1d10] to heal Tuz

Roll #1 10 = 10


She grins as she sees the skeletons begin to obey Tuz's command. "Haha! I knew it! I mean, I know it now, I just had a gut feeling it'd do something important. …We shouldn't tarry. The others will need our help! Let's get going!" She gestures for Tuz to follow as she quickly moves downstairs to where the rest of the party are.


"Umm, good, now go digga hole in da ground, and lay down inn'it. Den, you're allowed your rest, an' free from whateva dis ring is binding you ta do."

Tuz'tk says, pointing with his ring-bearing paw.

"Put da spear back, of course!"

Tuz'tk rushes downstairs,

"I dun do tarryin."

he looks at the skeletons on the bottom floor,

"Da ring says you gotta stop, and I says it too. Well, I says the ring says to stop. Either way, no more fightin' and more being regl'ar skeletons."


from the ground, i wince out "took you long enough-"


You get smacked down by the tentacle again.
>take 5 hits, helpless at 0/3
Rosemary squeaks, then drags you of range of the tentacle. "Goodness, to think that was there the whole time!" she says, "What happened?"
You raise back up to your feet, feeling better as the slash across your side closes.
>now at 5/5
The skeletons in the tower fall to the ground like they were told, or at least to the best approximation.
Downstairs, the spear-wielding skeleton is about to stab Whiz once more, before stopping at Tuz'tk's words, then moves down into a kneeling position, setting the spear down on the floor and then falling apart.


"besides me being a horrible fighter?"
i look back at the scene of the casu-lness
"its good that we chose to make a bridge."




>the party(sans Rusty) receives 15 EXP


Post sheets for tonight's game.
Any EXP expenditure should be noted in the post.
No expenditures will be accepted past starting time.



File: 1462154121122.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720, i wish i had eyes on the ….webm)




File: 1462154292384.jpg (3.03 MB, 3500x2000, 707d34297981f87e8eb207bfab….jpg)


We resume with the party after they have defeated the three skeleton knights of Castle Grendar, having recovered a certain artifact from one of them.

>Spear of a Patriot

>Forged by Lord Grendar's request, this spear was his personal weapon for defensive battles.
>Enemies foreign to this spear's homeland will automatically be critted against. This effect only applies on while the spear is within its homeland.

The four of you are inside, having recovered the spear and defeated the skeletons.

You have been dragged away from the moat where the vicious creature living in it has assaulted you with its deadly tentacle by Rosemary the Celestian nun.


Tuz'tk takes the ring off,

"Ergh.. Dat pro'lly had de bad jujus as well. Dem livin' dead always a bad sign. Still, we could spruce dis place up a bit, ees lookin' like a strong place."

He then looks at the ring again, putting it back on,

"Ay skelies, I changed my mind. Can you go away from de castle before ya decide to lay down."


I blink twice, collect myself, say a couple of choice pejoratives, and go off to find the spear, and the rest of the group.

"thanks, rosemary. that- that was stupid of me."



The crisis now over, Clix goes back to being silent. Without thinking, she puts the hood back over her head. She observes everything everyone does with silent interest.


"Now there's an idea," she says, perking up suddenly. "If we're going to be traveling out and about, we should have some place to return to during our downtime. It'd be a shame to let this place crumble, and we already have servants to help us clean up around here."

"What do you think, Trix? Should we clean up the place? It's not like anyone else is going to be using it."


"Everyone makes mistakes," she says, patting him on the shoulders as he passes by, following him into the keep.

Rusty and Rosemary join the group from outside the keep.
The remains of the skeletons shiver and quake in place before returning to stillness. Something must have broken them just now.
Rosemary perks up as she comes in with Rusty and hears the conversation. "Hmm? Stay here?"



Clix looks around for whoever you are referring to.


seeing the group, i tell them what happened.
as i finish, i tack on
"anyone see the spear i was holding?"


"No skelies doin' da work.. de bad juju."

"Oh good, bad juju's gone, dey jus skeletons now."

He looks to Rosemary,

"Not stay, just somethin' we can claim as ours. De otha tribes my tribe fought did the same kinda thing, and we could store da bad juju stuff here till we find'a witch docta to fix it."

He then goes to work burying holes to put the bones in, which one looking from an outside perspective could interpret as dog-like behavior.



Clix continues to silently observe.


Whiz nods in agreement. "A place to call our own vould be nice. It vould let us hafe a place to rest as vell.


"…I'll take that as a yes."

"Yeah, why not? It's a solid fort, and we don't exactly have a place to call home right now."

She pouts in disapproval. "I know you get hung up on dark magic, but we could have used those strolling bones. Now we'll have to do everything ourselves."

"The spear? It's right over there." She points to where it lies in the castle.

"Oh, by the way, if anyone wants some there's a huge stash of wine in the cellar." She shows the bottle she recovered earlier. "It's vintage, too," she adds before taking a sip.


"Oh, dat reminds me. Don't drink da wine upstairs, it lives up to de name Quickdeath. No wine from dem berries either, stick to grapes."


i look around.
"roomy! i hope they've got a forge around here…"


"Hmm, I see," she says, "I could write some glyphs of warding on the walls and other places, it should help cleanse the bad spirits around here."
"That makes enough sense, one should settle down after enough wandering, and it'll be good to have a greater Equestrian presence in the area."
As you continue to wander around, you find the left tower holds the bedroom and bathroom of the late lord, though the bath is covered in mildew and the bedroom is full of fabrics worn down from age.


"ooh, fancy!" i say, laying down to cuddle with an obvious skeleton. chilling out until i snap back to reality.


"If ta say so, les' spend some downtime cleanin' up an' explorin' da rest of the keep, den we can go find those raiders."

Tuz'tk, having buried the bones, heads up stairs to dispose of the others corpses, burying them in the same small pit he dug (careful not to get the distilled Quickdeath on him.


"Then we're decided. Let's get to it! We've got a lot to do." With that, she begins to explore the castle, looking for a room she could refurbish to call her own as well as any treasures left lying around.
[1d10+1] Scrounge

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11



"So," Clix suddenly speaks up with timid excitement. "C-can I- Does that mean I can stay with you?"


"You haven't killed tus so far, I don't see why not."


"Hm? Of course you can! You're part of this team, aren't you?"


Whiz turns to Clix. "Of course! Vy vould you not?"

Whiz then goes upstairs, picking out several books from the shelves along the way, finally settling in the room of the rainbow-spewing corpse.



"A p-part of the team?" she repeats giddily. "Me?"

However, she then makes a scoffing sound at the suggestion. "I don't know about THAT… But, I promise I won't betray you. I want to see what kind of things you heroes can do. Think of me as your… cheering audience."


You do so at your own whims.
You manage to do so without getting any of the deadly fluid onto your body.
After rooting through the unexplored areas of the keep, you find a room wherein is contained a mannequin with a large necklace of tarnished silver and rubies of various sizes, probably worth about 150 gold pieces. You find little else, just rusted and tarnished trinkets. The rest was probably stolen by thieves who came by the castle ages ago.
You read up on the books, which are various journals and notes about the brewing of the 'Skullberry Wine' that killed its brewer. It appears that the corpse was rather fresh- the lizard wizard had been gathering and distilling the berries for wine, and had only just gotten to drink the first bottle less than a week before you all had come.

>engaging short rest


Tuz'tk clears away any debris that might cause harm or block travel, and sets up a cooking fire in the courtyard as his hawk catches a small rabbit to cook. He makes a rabbit stew that includes Quickdeath berries (unless cooking would cause it to gain it's negative properties), making a non-meat portion for the herbivores in the group.



Clix searches for a bedroom in the keep. If she finds one, she searches for the closet so she can sleep in it. Changelings sleep in their tiny holes in their hives. Cramped spaces are home to her.


She grins, pleased with herself as she admires the necklace for a moment. "Fortune smiles at least," she muses before donning the ostentatious jewelry. After doing so, she begins to look for a mirror anywhere in the castle to see how she looks in it.


Vitae studies the books he has for about an hour, then loses interest. He then goes in and around the castle. During his leisurely stroll, he occasionally spars with imaginary opponents.


You clean the keep of some of the ivy and desiccated old bodies, making it look better.
You get comfy in an old wardrobe that smells like the inside of a tree.
You find a cracked mirror, and find yourself looking good.
As you do. There's not much to look at, but Tuz'tk's making stew and it smells nice.

After everyone gets together and eats the stew Tuz'tk made, the party starts walking south. It's late in the afternoon, and soon night falls. They can see in the distance a small mountain, and the lights of fire in the distance.

>everyone roll perception


Tuz'tk looks with his special eyes, and his hawk helps too.

[1d10] perception

>Hawkeye: instant; see far into the distance, find small details in a scene, see in dim light or nighttime, or examine an enemy to gain a +1 bonus against it for your attack this turn

[1d10] another perception, basically

Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"Hm… Maybe we should find shelter. I don't fancy traveling in the dark. Maybe that light over there will offer haven," she says to no one in particular. She looks around and her ears prick up.
[1d10+1] Perception

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


Whiz's eyes tire from reading and gazing at the scenery, but still tries to stay weary.

Roll #1 8 = 8



Looking at things is common fare for Clix. She's a pro. [1d10]

Roll #1 8 = 8


Six of the grey-skinned, fursuit-wearing imps burst from the treeline, attacking with spears!

Your hawk notices trouble before you do, clenching its talons into your shoulder in time for you to jump out of the way.
Together the six imps fail to get the drop on you, cursing in their snarling, chirping language.


She curses and dives into the bushes, taking advantage of the sudden chaos to hide and get the drop on some of the imps.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 8 = 8



Clix simply smiles and gets to the side of the road, ready to watch the combat about to ensue.


Tuz'tk growls, firing an set of two arrows at two of the furry gremlins.

>Trick Ammo: Split


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Whiz gets past his initial shock, then pulls out his knife. He follows suit with Zia, and hides from the assailants.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 1 = 1



I guess here's a roll if you need it. [1d10]

Roll #1 10 = 10


oh wait, his hawk helps
Hawkeye [1d10] for the possible +1 to my attack

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your quick thinking allows you to get out of their line of sight.
You move to the side of the road, proving to be a terribly uninteresting site to the imps for now.
The hawk corrects your aim at a split second, allowing your bolts to tear through two of the imps' fursuits and run across their skulls.
You trip and fall with your head landing in the bushes.

The six imps move towards Rusty and start stabbing at him with their spears.

Rusty 5/5
Tuz'tk 5/5
Whiz 5/5
Clix 5/5
Zia 5/5

Roll #1 1, 7, 4, 1, 1, 2 = 16


Seeing them dogpile Rusty, she grits her teeth before jumping out and backstabbing the second imp.
[1d10] Autocrit

Roll #1 9 = 9



"Yeah heroes! You got this!" Clix cheers her words of encouragement form the sidelines. "They can't do anything to you!"

[1d10] for absolutely nothing

Roll #1 7 = 7



Tuz'tk fires arrows at three of the six imps (the ones who critfailed)

[1d10] Hawkeye
[1d10] Cleave: 3 (autocrits, critfails on 4)

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9


File: 1462160883989.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, DoubleCrit.webm)


Whiz winces, then stands to fire a magic bolt randomly into the group of creatures.
>+2 from special talent
"I sink vee vould all appreciate it if you helped us, like zee hero you vant to be, instead of just standink around!"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


With their tiny bodies, these imps have all their important organs close together, allowing you to kill it with one well-placed strike.
Your words would be awfully inspiring if you took the skill for it.
Your arrows slay the three imps who failed to hit their mark and instead ended with their spears in the ground, dying with your bolts in their heads.
You slay the penultimate imp, who looks around worriedly before running to stab at Clix.

[1d10] @ Clix

Roll #1 9 = 9


seeing his friend about to get hurt, he realises that he'd have a better time than her with that wound

I jump infront of the attack


Feeling bad for killing the relatively harmless little creature, she opts to try a different approach. Turning to face the final imp, she raises her hooves up and shouts in an attempt to frighten it off. "Shoo! Horrible thing! Before we carve you into fine art!"
[1d10] Intimidate if you need it

Roll #1 10 = 10



An earlier version of Clix had her as a bard. But, I enjoyed the idea of just keeping everyone healed forever funnier. But, people have to be damaged first…

Clix panics when she sees that the attack is coming toward her. She quickly dives out of the way. [1d10]

Roll #1 6 = 6


While the imp is distracted by the other party members, Whiz attempts to stab it in the back with his knife.
[1d10] Attacking with a knife

Roll #1 7 = 7


Tuz'tk begins chopping off the heads of the corpses, prepping them for burial (since they're traveling; head shrinking takes around a day)


Rusty falls in front of Clix as she rolls away from the attack, as he falls to the ground, unhurt.
The imp freezes in place as Zia shouts at it, before Whiz's knife cuts into it. It runs away in terror, before bleeding out and falling to the ground, dead.

>encounter ended, party receives 5 EXP each


The heads come off easily with the slender spines of the imps.


getting up, i see what the diamond dog is doing.
"facinating" i say, before approaching him
standing next to him, i slyly say "Warding away more bad juju friend?"


She frowns. "You didn't have to do that, you know. He was running away, the poor thing."

She wrinkles her nose and averts her eyes as Tuz'tk beheads the imps. "I wouldn't exactly call that fine art. What's that for anyway?"



"Well, all of us have de spirits, yes? Well dey did too, so now de spirits are gonna wanna leave de bodies, and since we killed dem dey gonna be mad at us."

He starts to bury small holes for each head,

"Since de spirit resides in de head, we can prevent it from followin' us and causin' misfortunes by givin' it burial rites. We not gon' give the whole body tho, since I dun' wanna give them their body in de afterlife. If I had more time i'd shrink de heads down, dat way I could take the spirits with me as trophies instead of givin' dem de release. I dun wanna take too much of your time though."



Clix watches Whiz with interest.


"And good riddance!" Whiz yells at the bodies. He then turns to Clix. "I sink zat if you are to stay with us, you must contribute. Zat means helpink ven vee fight. Okay?"
Whiz then turns to Zia. "If I had not, he vould come back later to finish us off."



"I'm not a fighter," Clix responds matter-of-factly. "I'm no hero. I'm sorry, I'm here to watch and support. That's all I can do. If you need healing, I'm your changeling, though!"

She says the last part eagerly.


"Support is a good idea. Maybe help vith flankink, even distractink enemies vould help efen a bit. But do understand zat at one time or anozer, you vill need to fight." Whiz finishes with a sigh.


"I doubt it. He was hardly a threat. None of them were."

"Fair enough. What's that word you people use for evil spirits again? Yuppies? Guppies? I can never remember, but I've heard it before…"

"Well, you could at least try," she says in annoyance. "It's not that hard. I'm not much of a fighter either, but I do what I have to when the time comes."


"De called spirits. Both good and bad."

Tuz'tk says flatly.


"Alone, yes. Zey are not a big deal. But if he got avay, he vould notify zee ozers, zen come back vith efen more of zem. Vould zey be 'hardly a threat zen?"



"I-I'll try…" Clix says timidly, not wanting to disappoint her heroes.


She stares at Tuz and the heads he's collecting.

"What are you going to do with them?" she asks flatly.


"Bury dem, like I said, dun' want their spirits following us, so I'm givin' dem burial rights. Jus' de heads though, dey don't deserve bodies in de afterlife."


"Fair enough," she responds with a shrug, still racking her brains trying to remember the word. "…Puppy? No, couldn't be…"

"I suppose. Still, I do feel bad killing these things. They're not really very dangerous at all."


Do we deserve bodies in the afterlife, Tuz'tk?


File: 1462163809434.jpg (698.06 KB, 1000x600, imp camp.jpg)

After moving the bodies out of the road and burying the heads, the party continues downwards. The lights ahead are joined by sounds, more of the chirping and snarling sounds of the imp language can be heard.

Night has fallen completely by now, but the party can see ahead that they are near the barbarian imps' camp, surrounded by forest on two sides, with a mountain behind it, with the road forking north west, where the party came from, and south.

Drawing closer and hiding in the tree line, the party can see the camp consists of five large huts, with the biggest one in the middle rear, and a large ring in the middle, where two of the little buggers are engaged in fisticuffs while what seems like the rest of the camp have gathered around to watch.


"Jah mahn, If any of you guys die i'll make sure ya get de full and proper burial, as well as de marking rituals."

Tuz'tk looks at the camp, and then a nearby tree.

"I'm gun' get up in dis tree and wait till you start de fightin'. Den I'll start sniping de buggers. Dey won't see it coming."

Tuz'tk says, climbing up. [1d10] if needed

Also some more perception, to make sure we aren't being watched
[1d10] Hawkeye

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 4 = 4


"So vee hafe two options. Firstly, vee could find out vat zey vanted and vy zey version raiding the furlongs, and try to get zem to stop. Secondly, vee could take an eye for an eye, and burn down zeir fillage. Vat do you sink?" Whiz says, turning to his companions.



"Do you really think they'd follow us?" she asks curiously.


"Both sound heroic from different standpoints," Clix says. "I like either one we pick."


"We killed dem, of course dey'd try to cause us misfortune. Dey were trying to do that before hand."



"Well, maybe they're scared of us because we killed them," Clix says optimistically.


i follow tuz'tk, taking out my crossbow. i try to be as quiet as possible, hiding behind his tree


"I'm with the second option. Maybe the Furlongs did something to anger these creatures. It can't be as simple as it seems if these imps are intelligent enough to build a village."


"I suppose vee are fightink zen." Whiz says, seeing the sherpa climb into a tree. He runs into the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike. (In between huts E and C)


Getting into your tree, you're able to survey the camp. You see two armed guards outside one of the tents(B) craning to try and see what's going on at the ring, looking antsy.
Smoke is rising from the larger hut(A) but you can tell that it's not from cooking, or from a fire, moreso from something hazy.
You do so.


i use engineer to figure out exactly what that smoke is
[1d10+2] if needed

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


"Not necessarily. I say we go in unarmed and try to communicate with these things. If things go pear-shaped, then we attack. Try to knock some sense into them, if talking won't. I for one volunteer to be the ambassador. Maybe I could win them over with some tributes."

"So what do you think? Does anyone else want to accompany me in case everything goes wrong?"


You can't really figure it out, yourself, but a breeze blowing it your way can at least tell you it smells pretty good.



"I will," Clix offers.


Whiz decides to get a closer look, then dashes toward one of the huts (C). He will look on into the group, and try to get a good idea why they are fighting.
[1d10] Stealth (if needed)

Roll #1 10 = 10


It's a ceremonial brawl, common among barbarians, involving honor and such.


"Great!" She grins. "Let's get moving then. I'd cross my fingers if I had any."

She tucks her dagger under her shawl and takes off her ruby necklace, holding it in hoof as she slowly approaches the main gate. Once there, she raises her hooves to show she's unarmed, letting the necklace be clearly visible to the guards. "We come in peace," she declares slowly and clearly, "and offer gifts to your people. Please take us to your leader."
[1d10] Persuasion if you need it

Roll #1 5 = 5



Clix gives one of the guards a persuasive wink.


Roll #1 6 = 6


>no gate or guards of notice at the entrance to the camp

You come into the camp from the road, at first unnoticed, but soon the imps start noticing you more and more, growing quiet. The fight in the ring comes to a stop, and you feel more than a hundred eyes on the two of you.

Eventually, the largest tent opens up, and out comes what appears to be a shaman, wearing a fur suit with wooden accoutrements, with a headdress consisting of three furlong skulls topped on top of one another, with feathers sticking out of them, and smoking a pipe.

"Strangers… come to in big house of wood," he says, exhaling the hazy smoke, his words halfway between the imp language and the common language known in the realms. He turns, beckoning for you to follow him into the hut.

The inside is full of the hazy smoke, which has some twinkling in it, with a pit in the middle burning a large incense cone. Cushions of various sizes are arranged around it, and a large cushion with an ornamental wooden back is where the imp shaman sits.

"For what reason come you to camp of ours?" It asks, the common language clearer and louder, even though the sound and movements of its mouth match the imp language.


She nervously approaches the shaman, clutching the ruby necklace tightly. She clears her throat before replying. "Ahem. We have come on behalf of the Furlongs of Goldwheat, wishing to negotiate a truce between your village and theirs. We wish to know why you have raided the Furlongs. Have they angered your kind in some way?"



"It's been so long since I've had so many eyes on me," Clix says in a joking tone. "It's pretty nice," she says with a wink to a nearby imp.

[1d10] to make an attractive impression so as to lower aggression toward us

Roll #1 10 = 10


File: 1462167019176.webm (3.83 MB, 638x272, critpersuasion.webm)


Your attitude and expression make the nearby imps relax a bit.

The shaman grunts at the necklace. "Long time when be great nature lord see we, had when we fur from self. See he we kill all thing with no fur when it sleep in winter, cruel be we. He take our fur, and give it to them. We take fur from other creature, be like we be."

"Short days ago, we be not home, we be here. Journey, find fur creatures. They like we be, long ago. Weak be they. We take their fur. We take their children, take their fur. Take their women, make children with fur." He nods, smoking on his pipe with certainty.



"Wait, who took your fur?" Clix asks.


"Well, there's other ways to get furs. You shouldn't be hunting the Furlongs for it," she presses. "There's plenty of wild animals out there that you could hunt instead. Like bears. If you formed an alliance with the Furlongs instead of hunting them, you could even work together to gather furs. They are much stronger than your kind, and they'll be expecting your next raid. It's not worth it to fight them."


"Great nature lord be Walk By Wolf name."
"All we be here all we be. Soon die or kill until die, no matter."



Time for a new session of Chaotic Realms, wherein we discuss the proper method of dispatching an entire imp camp.

Post sheets!

Reminder that since no one's spent their EXP yet, everyone has a total of 78, each.



File: 1462759569512.jpg (1.13 MB, 1600x1055, walter-licinio-dreaded-woo….jpg)


File: 1462759761580.webm (3.43 MB, 204x360, SaxBattle.webm)


File: 1462760361355.png (313.92 KB, 500x310, 1459692576714.png)

The two of you stand watch outside the imp encampment, waiting for Zia (and Clix but Timber isn't here) to return from her talk with the shaman. Presumably with Rusty if anyone wants to play as him.

"All we be here all we be. Soon die or kill until die, no matter. Even breed child take time to come, and wait we until then." He sits back in his cushion, taking in a deep breath of the smokey fog and exhaling.

"So that how it be. If you like, stay here, eat with us, fight in ring, we spare you, care only for tall hairs."


She blinks, trying to hide her disgust at the shaman's declaration. Shee realizes that there's no talking sense into the tiny beings. "I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand. We will take this message back to the Furlongs. Thank you for your time." She stands up, bows slightly and leaves the village to rejoin her companions.

"Well, there's no talking sense into them," she reports. "What should we do now? Negotiations are a no go."


" 'tere's a lot of dem an' de Furlongs are too hurt ta help. If we gun kill dem, we gots to be all sneaky-like."

Tuz'tk says, hopping down from the tree.


The imps allow you to leave unscathed and unmolested, having grown more interested in the fight in the center ring once more.


"Killink? Sneakink? Count me in! Vee should vait untill zey are asleep, as to slit zeir throats in zere sleep." Whiz equips his knife in anticipation.


She exhales. "Me three. I don't think I could face them head on. To tell the truth, I don't want to kill them at all, but if that's the way it has to be then so be it. How should we start?"


"I can do de diggin' to dere sleepin' huts, since we saw dey had guards before."

Tuz'tk thinks for a moment, before turning to Zia,

"Y'know, we could do more den just night killin' and tunnels. I cud' dig a buncha tunnels for us ta sneak around de village in. Den we could kill'a few baddies, den hide again."


"We could get rid of their food supplies as well. You have poisoned wine, don't you? …Or was it acid? Either way, using that would ruin their food."


" 'wud be hard, an' I dunno what an acid is. It burned da lizard's face when I poured it on 'em."

Tuz'tk says, shrugging,

"Any of you twos can dig with me or make de traps? Dis gonna take a few days if is jus' me alone."


"I don't know about traps, but maybe there's shovels back at the castle? Or at Goldwheat?" She shrugs.


"Ya 'tink you got what it takes to do tunnelin'?"


"Well… First time for everything, right?" She laughs awkwardly.


"Vee hafe enough cofer from zee shadows and trees, so vee might not efen need trenches. But zat's just my two bits." Whiz waits, cautiously scanning the camp.


"Just because they don't have guards now doesn't mean they won't come night," she points out. "Someone needs to protect the village."


Rosemary listens on curiously as the party discusses the options of guerilla warfare with a polite smile on her face.


"Zat may be true, but a couple guards is better zan a whole fillage. Vee vould stand a better chance." He turns to Tuzt'k and asks, "Vat do you sink?"


File: 1462762896335.png (231.03 KB, 1000x600, Untitled.png)

Tuz'tk thinks about how long a tunnel system like this would take to create.

>Given that Diamond Dogs are a fantasy race that can tunnel at fast speeds and that unlike in the show, he'll be tunneling in dirt, I would think it would be reasonable to say one to two weeks, if not less?

yellow: entrance
tan: tunnels
red: ambush holes (meant to quickly be collapsed if discovered)


"So," she says, thinking out loud, "if we're going to be digging tunnels in secret there's no telling what the imps will do. They could go around for a second raid on Goldwheat. We should get there first and warn them, and grab some shovels while we're at it. We'll have to work fast. We can't let them linger." She claps her hooves. "So, let's get moving then!"


"Jah mahns, you should go back an' warn de Furlongs, I'll get started. I'll show ya where I'll begin da tunnel, I saw a bit'ta da mountain that looks like a good entry."

he brings the party to the point behind B marked w/ yellow.

"Just watch where I start diggin', I'mma cover it up wit' leaves an' sticks when I start."


The two of you head back north along the road to Goldwheat, accompanied by Rosemary. With some effort, you're able to convince the locals to leave the town temporarily, and they agree to move eastwards towards the shrine, setting up a tent town between the defiled shrine and Grendar Keep, where you pick up shovels.

By the time you get back, Tuz'tk has finished digging a tunnel system under the imp camp.

Your efforts to dig under the camp take about two days and you're able to finish in time for the rest of the party to return with Rosemary and shovels.
As you go through your digging process, you're able to learn that Tent B is where the female Furlongs are being kept- unfortunately, some of the children have already been killed and skinned for their furs.


"I sink vee should get zee females out first. Vee could sneak in at night and free a few at a time. Alsough, zat might let zem track us and ruin our mission. Vat do you guys sink?" Attack or liberate?" Whiz says while preparing to distill the quickdeath wine.


She wipes off some sweat from her brow, sticking one shovel into the ground and taking a break from her digging. "We should get the prisoners out of there first," she replies. "We can't risk them getting hurt during a fight."


"Jajah, we bring 'em all out and den collapse dat tunnel, 'es all we need it for."


"Let's get to it then." She takes a swig of water before continuing her digging, this time moving upwards to emerge behind Tent B.
[1d10] if you need it

Roll #1 7 = 7


With some work you're able to dig through the earth and up behind the tent, unnoticed by the imps. You don't hear anything from inside, so you know you wouldn't be walking in on something terrible.



These are all huts


Whiz takes a look at Zia's handiwork, and says, "Zis vill not do. Vee should go furser." He then picks up a shovel of his own and digs further, into the center of the hut.
[1d10] you should really mention if we need to roll

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Nanana, mahns. Aren't dey goin' out to raid Goldenwheat soon anyways? We should wait till dey go, den we can get all da girlies out without being caught."


You emerge into the hut, where you see ten or so furlong women with their wrists chained to a stake in the ground, with the remaining eight or so children tied and gagged on the opposite side of the hut.


"What if something bad happens to them? We should get them out now while we're ahead."

She emerges along with the rest of the party, making a 'shh'ing motion with her hoof before struggling to pull the stakes out of the ground. She gestures for them to follow. "Don't make a sound," she mouths.


Whiz follows behind Zia, making sure not to make any sounds. He beckons for Tuzt'k to follow.
[1d10] Stealth (I guess?)

Roll #1 9 = 9


Tuz'tk remains in the tunnels to guide refugees, as of the maze-like tunnel system.


Some of the furlong women are having trouble keeping their composure.
You're stealthy as a mouse in a church.
You stand at the ready below the hut…

Roll #1 3 = 3


Fortunately, the furlong women manage to keep their composure well enough, keeping their lamentations down to choking sobs behind their hands.




She quietly begins to lead the furlongs out of the hut and down through the tunnels, glancing warily at the opening in case any imps show up.


The furlong women get into the tunnel hole, as do the children, following Tuz'tk and the others into the tunnels.


Whiz heads over to the children and starts cutting their bonds, though before removing their gags, he whispers "Please do not make any sounds. Head down our tunnel."
[1d10] for stealth if the GM needs it

Roll #1 1 = 1


The only imps nearby are the ones keeping guard, and fortunately they don't feel the need to look inside.
The children follow the women down into the hole to be led to safety.


if this makes it through, i think i'm calling it a night. Receiving a fluctuating 0-8 Kbps from my wifi, can't sneak down to reset it. Sorry again, hope this isn't persistent


File: 1463367036555.png (267.87 KB, 374x469, Elephant stats.png)

Time for a new session. Post sheets.



File: 1463367157017.jpg (441.35 KB, 800x1600, 1448325849038.jpg)




File: 1463367221279.webm (1.22 MB, 718x404, time to feed my babies.webm)


What did he mean by this?



It's a mystery to everyone.




File: 1463367627544.png (265.07 KB, 459x398, Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at ….png)

When we last left our party, they were freeing the remaining Furlong women and children from the hut of unfortunate things. They move through the tunnels and come out on the north-easternmost tunnel entrance, hugging and clutching each other.

Now what?


"Alright, escort dem to de outskirts of de forest, den bring em' to dere family. Dey can't go back to dere town though, we gotta get rid of de bad guys first. I'm gun' collapse this tunnel."



"How are you gonna do that?" Clix asks, standing next to Tuz'tk, excited to see it happen.


"Breakin' da walls till dey're unstable. I can dig myself out, but you should get out of dis tunnel."


"Right. Rusty, Whiz, you make sure these lovely ladies get to safety. In the meantime, we should… Actually, what should we do next? I'm stumped."



"Oh? O-oh, right!" Clix laughs and hits herself in the forehead. "You're a diamond dog! Duh!"

Clix quickly leaves the tunnel.


"You can't leave the bad guys alone now, can you? They'll just keep doing bad things to these innocent things."


"We lay seige. Since dey don't know where we are, we can get de advantage on 'em and kill 'em before dey see us. Den, we hide, wait a bit, and kill some again. That way, dey all die out and we don't get hurt."

Tuz'tk says, playing with a rock,

"I dug holes you can pop out of and shoot dem up at, but you gotta hide afterwards."


Rusty and Whiz leave the imp camp with the womenfolk and children to lead them to the safety of the Furlong camp near the shrine.


Tuz'tk drops the tunnel that leads to the hut they rescued the women from.


Dirt and dust blow in the party's collective faces as the tunnel drops.

Roll #1 9 = 9


Fortunately the tunnel was dug deep enough that the earth above it doesn't collapse in, as well, and the party's efforts go undetected for now.

Now what?


She thinks for a moment, squinting and brushing away the cloud of dust that's formed. "…What if we start a fire? I can't imagine their huts being too resistant to that."


"Well, de refugees are gone, we can burn de place too."



Clix frowns. "That's a little grim. But, they ARE bad guys…"



Tuz'tk grimaces,

"Dey raped de women and was plannin' on wearing dere skins as clothes. We burn dem."


"To be honest, I don't like the option either, it's not exactly the most painless way to do this. On the other hoof, we don't exactly have an army, and hit and run tactics would take an awfully long time to clear them all out. They could catch on to us at one point, and then it'd be over for us. We should do it." She purses her lips, clearly uncomfortable with the situation.



Clix's face twitches as her disapproving frown morphs into a furious grimace. "Rape?" she repeats the word. "Okay, I didn't know that. Burn them. Make sure none get out."


"A'ight. So, we need a good way to spread de fire fast, and to do it all at de same time so dey don't extinguish it before we light anotha one. We got de cave system for dat, but anyone got a better idea den torches for de burning?"



"Anyone have some good fire magic?" Clix suggest/asks.


"Not dat I know. We got de alcohol though at de fort. Think dats strong enough?"


"I don't know about magic, but we could always just light the huts on fire directly with a flint and tinder, if anypony has one. I mean, they're only wood and straw. They'll go up in a merry blaze in no time."


You get the feeling that it probably wouldn't be enough.



"I-I'm sorry…" Clix says more timidly. "I don't really know much about setting fires. I feel like the flint and tinder thing is enough."


"I'm in your boat," she confesses. "This isn't really my area of expertise at all. I'm very much out of my element here in the wilderness."


>impromptu pause, sorry guys.


File: 1463968449352.jpg (200.29 KB, 1680x1050, K-On! Symbols parody.jpg)

Time for a new session, post sheets.


File: 1463968531298.webm (1.92 MB, 480x270, Bale out.webm)


File: 1463968537781.jpg (222.05 KB, 1600x785, andreas-rocha-thewhitetowe….jpg)


File: 1463968571951.jpg (105.72 KB, 405x399, 1463890971796.jpg)


File: 1463968601072.jpg (563.53 KB, 900x1343, 1463417973643.jpg)



File: 1463969345084.png (52.8 KB, 800x519, Left Side Ataraxia.png)

Having rescued the abducted female and children furlongs, the group convenes in the forest outside the barbarian imp camp to plan their next move.


"Jah guys know, dere be dat fort a lil' down de road. We could see if we could get some burnin' stuff dere…"


"A fort? I suppose that's a good place to try and salvage some material, but it could be inhabited still. I say we go, but keep an eye out. We don't know what's in there."


"Jah mahn, like always."



"Do we have anything to trade with? I don't want to steal."


"I got de pony coins, as well as de bad-juju weapons."


i'm with tuz, i don't have any burning things here on me.


"Leave that to me," she says with a grin, patting her messenger bag. "I've always got trinkets and baubles for trade. I'll be able to make a deal with whoever's there, no problem."


got about 100 bits, and some select drugs in my bag if that's needed, hey- if i packed my ether we'd have something to burn… that stuff is nasty when set on fire.



"Alright mahns, so we good? Den lez head out, don't need no time wastin'."

Tuz'tk says, leading them through the south exit of the tunnels when everyone's ready.


"Right. We need to move quickly before they leave on another raid." She follows him out.



"Well, I've got a little bit of money too," Clix thinks out loud. "I guess we can pool something together."


"Right behind you," Clix says happily.


The party leaves the vicinity of the camp, heading on a south-bound road that splits east and west at the end, with a sign pointing west towards some place called Fort Ridden and a town called River Rest, and north-east back towards Gold Wheat.

They continue on through the night, arriving at a bridge connecting a wide river flowing northwards, with a stone fort in the middle, firing at an approaching boat with cannon-fire. The boat is small and somewhat ramshackle, but some kind of creatures on the boat are hucking glass bottles at the fort, which shatter and explode into flame against the stone, with cries of pain being heard all the way over where the party is standing.


Tuz'tk makes a quick inspection of the creatures on the boat

>Hawkeye: instant; see far into the distance, find small details in a scene, see in dim light or nighttime, or examine an enemy to gain a +1 bonus against it for your attack this turn


Roll #1 3 = 3


(normal roll) [1d10]

Roll #1 3 = 3


"so" i say, turning to the rest of the group.
"north or south.."
i pause again.
"i don't wanna deal with their problems. but they might have some burnables over yonder."


"We make friends with dem, we access their bridge an' maybe get some flammables too."


Frowning as she sees the battle unfold, she tries to move closer surreptitiously and observe the boat more closely.
[1d10+1] Perception

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2



Clix stares happily at the battle with wide eyes. "What's happening!?" she asks like some child walking halfway into a television program.

"Maybe they're rebelling against their evil, tyranical king!" she suggests. "Oh! Oh! Or maybe they're saving a kidnapped princess brought here by the evil brother of a duke. Or, maybe there's some sort of special weapon inside and they're trying to retrieve from the cluthces of an evil wizard!"

Clix's wings vibrate happily as she contemplates all the possibilities.


You can literally hear Clix's heart break. "Why!?" she asks, mortified. "Be a hero! Find out who needs help and who's in the right!"


"Oh yeah, that too. They obvioulsy have lots of fire. Look at all the explosions," she says as she looks back at the battle. "All the awesome, fiery, actiony explosions…." she practically drools over the story unfolding in front of her.


Tuz'tk fires two arrows at the boat, trying to make friends with the owners of the Fort.

"You mahns help too."

[1d10+2] split shot CritDC-3


Neither of you are really able to see who's on the boat, with the darkness of the night and the stark brightness of the fire making the details even harder to see.

During the course of the cannon-fire and fire-throwing battle, the boat's tip hits the center column of the fort, and starts turning so that the port side was getting pushed up against the center column. The soldiers in the fort pull out several long spears, leaning over the edge and stabbing down at the sailors onboard.

>now you can post


File: 1463971809935.webm (1.45 MB, 640x360, fullspeedagain.webm)


pow crit, was shooting the things on the boat, for clarification. Maybe shooting one of the glass things in their hands because crit?



"What do you mean, 'Mix things up'?" Clix asks in a disapproving tone, giving Rusty an admonishing look. "Are you saying you steal a lot? That's not what heroes do!"


Without waiting for another word from anyone, Clix begins galloping toward the boat. If/when she gets close enough, she jumps/hovers onto it.


She thinks quickly, weighing up the situation before picking a side in the battle. She uses the strange orb she found earlier to summon 3 homing magic missiles.


"hey, clix- you mind you fly over there and do a little scouting?" i turn to the group. "or, maybe we can get some astral projection going in here?"



[1d10] if necessary

Roll #1 10 = 10


You hear a cry of pain, followed by the shattering of glass, as the deck of the boat suddenly lights up with fire.
A strange whooshing sound is heard from the orb as 3 magic orbs float out of it, the orbs looking like they were covered in some kind of ever-oozing green slime.
You flitter over to the boat, floating safely over it as you see the inhabitants are some kind of scaly, lizard-like creatures.
>roll 1d10 evasion



"Oooh, lizards," Clix says out loud to no one. "These are probably the bad guys. Like, pirates or something. But, I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. There could be something more interesting here."

Clix looks around for someone like a navigator or helmsman who may be less occupied with battle at the moment so she can talk to them. As she does, the battle rages around her. However, she's clearly lucky enough to not get hit: [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


The boat explodes, as the fire from the burst bottle Tuz'tk hit spreads to the chest holding the rest of them. The explosion and shockwave knocks Clix into the stone walls of the fort, knocking her into the water, partially burnt and caught up in the current. As she floats away, a life ring is expertly tossed into the water, which she safely floats right into.


i head as fast as my hooves allow myself to get to the castle.


Tuz'tk sends his hawk up to inside one the keep, hold an arrow in it's beak and instructing it to look where the party is standing.


*inside the keep
*instructing it to lead an inhabitant to


>Runs in panting, with a piece of toast in mouth


She flinches and averts her eyes from the explosion, shielding herself from the debris. When it dies down, she dismisses her magic orbs and looks around for her changeling companion. "Clix! Clix, are you there?" she calls with concern.
[1d10+1] Seeing and hearing etc.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3



"Ow…" Clix moans. "Geez, I know that battles are dangerous, but I didn't know THAT much. I'm just gonna assume that they were the bad guys. Otherwise, that was super sad!" she laughs.

She struggles to get to the shore and to her hooves. [1d10] for getting out of helplessness

Roll #1 4 = 4



+2 and autocrits due to Calm Until Provoked


i snap my head towards the intruder and sigh.
"God damnit, whiz- i told you not to hide just off screen like that!"


You join the party after leading the furlong women and children back to the temporary furlong camp and intuiting the party's location and motives.
>go with it
Rust heads towards the fort in the middle of the bridge, where a drawbridge connects the two halves to the moat. It lowers as you approach, and the orange glow of torchlight allows you to see who's inside.
It appears to be a race of large bipedal creatures with long, shaggy fur, their necks long, covered with chainmail for protection, their faces some kind of in-between of a dog and camel. Their shoulders and back are hunched over, and they wear a light leather armor.
"Were you the one who assisted us?" It asks, reaching out to let the hawk land one of its three thick fingers, taking the arrow from its beak and looking at it curiously.
You fail to see Clix as she falls into the river and is hoisted up on a life preserver.
You are lifted up from the river on the life preserver like a fish on a hook. Facing outwards, you slowly start to turn as you're raised up, soon coming snout to snout with a shaggy creature with a furry snout, large eyes, and small wiggly ears, alongside several others.
>check the above description


Whiz pouts and crosses his forelegs at Rusty. "Vell nobody told me vee efen had an offscreen and I got lost."


Tuz'tk pulls out one of his own arrows from his quiver, calling for Juju to return to his shoulder.

"Jah, what did those bad'ns want anyways? More of de chaotic?"

he places the arrow back in his quiver,

"Anyways, we moved into de neighborhood recently, decided to say hello."



"Hellooooo," Clix says in a flirty voice out of force of habit and follows it up with an equally habitual wink. She inwardly curses her changeling upbringing, but just rolls with it.

"My name is Clix," she says, extending her hoof for shaking as she continues to hang from the life preserver.


that is true. we're looking for any flammables and other trinkets and souvineres, can you indulge us in trade?"


Whiz walks towards the drawbridge, taking a look around at the fortress. He looks at the creature before him and Tuzt'k. "Vat kind of creature might you be? Are you somesink like a furlong?" He asks curiously.


Now beginning to get worried, she makes her way towards the rest of the party, still keeping an eye out for Clix. "Have any of you guys seen Clix? I hope she didn't get hurt in th-"

"Oh. There you are." She smiles with relief. "You really shouldn't be charging into battle like that, you know. It's not wise. You could get hurt, or worse, killed. …Come down from there, won't you?"

"I'm with him. If you've got anything like that for trade, I'm sure we can work out a deal."


"Greetings," the creature says, bowing politely, "We are the Gruden, members of a protectorate race that have spread over the realms. My name is Garodo, I'm the captain here. We have been keeping this town safe from pirates as best we can as of late, as they have been coming up every time the river's flow shifts upwards."
The creature sets you down on your feet, patting your head. "Hello," he says politely, pointing over to the drawbridge where Tuz'tk has engaged in conversation, "Is that your friend?"
Captain Garodo raises his eyebrow and rubs his chin. "We are not merchants," he says, "River Rest is a pony town, so if you are looking for trading you may go in there. What do you need flammable materials for?"


"And I'm Tuz'tk, we been protectin' dem Furlongs in Goldenwheat, if y'know them. Anyways, dey been raided as well, and we found de village of de raiders. Dey be weird and wantin' to skin de Furlongs and they also molested dem."

He takes a breath,

"Long story short, we lookin' to get rid of dem. For good."


"burning something to ashes, bad juju, and all that."
i think for a moment
"got any weapons we can check out? crossbow bolts maybe? bronze bolts aren't quite as penetrative as i hoped they'd be when i forged them."



"I'm sorry!" Clix laughs. "I just wanted to find out what's going on. Have you found out anything?"


As Clix is put down, she dusts herself off. "Thank you," she says politely. "Yes, those are my… friends? We're traveling heroes. Why were those lizard guys attacking you?"


"No less than you," she shrugs.

We're going to be destroying a village of imps. They've been tormenting the Furlongs for a while now and won't listen to reason."


Whiz nods at Rusty's words. "Some better veapons vould certainly make it easier to kill zee imps. I've been wanting to get my hands on some kind of ranged veapon for some time now."


The captain looks shocked as you inform him of the misfortunes visited on the furlongs. "How deplorable, to be tormenting such peaceful farming folk!" He smacks a fist into his hand. "We're not able to offer much, as we have been keeping constant vigilance and need much of our supplies. I suppose we could lend you a cannon and allow you some balls and gunpowder. Would you all be able to move it?"
"We don't have anything like that, no. Our primary armaments are spears and cannons, crossbows are tricky for us with our large hands, and ballistae are unwieldy and slow to reload."

"They are pirates," the soldier explains, "This river flows from a sea and into and ocean, and every year around this time, the flow reverses, allowing pirates to attempt to move in from the ocean. There are several other rivers attached to the same sea, but this is the largest river out of them, so many of the pirates attempt to come down this one more than the others."


i sigh, "makes sense- anything else we can do to help? if not, you mind mapping that town out?"


"I have no clue how'd it work, maybe we could trade a person for'a person. I'm a good hunt'a, I could fend pirates of for jah if you could have one of yous help seige da bad'ns."


meant to link to


i perk up for a moment. "you mind if we took some black powder? you never know when we can use a pile of explosives!"


"Oh, jah know how to use de cannon?"


MS is now canon in CR


dis is me mahns


it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out.


"Dunno if we should be thinkin' like dat with a cannon, we could get some'n trained instead."


"Gunpowder?" she parrots, the gears in her head turning at light speed. "Now there's an idea… If you can spare any for us to use, we would appreciate it."

"We won't need a cannon to blow them to smithereens."


i point to my eyes and say "need i remind you that figuring things out is my special talent"


Whiz shakes his head. "A cannon won't do. It's too inaccurate for vat vee are plannink. I do not efen sink vee could mofe it! But, zee gunpowder vould come in handy at some point. If vee could hafe just zee gunpowder, sat vould do."


"As you wish, we will be able to lend you some of what we can spare," Garodo says. He instructs one of his soldiers to bring a three-pound bag, several sheets of bomb paper to form them, some pots of glue to put it together, and strings for wicks.

"Do you all believe you would be able to come back this way soon? There have been some rat problems in the town, and able-bodied volunteers are needed."


"yeah, i think we can play exterminator when we circle 'round."
i turn my head
"that okay with us?"


"Of course, we just wanted de Furlongs to be able ta go back to dere village first."

Tuz'tk says, offering a wave to the dog-camels,

"We'll bring some wine too."


Whiz nods his head. "As soon as vee are done vith our problems, or hafe spare time, vee can be able to help." He turns to his group. "Vere to next pals?"


"to town, i guess- we need to get some trading done"


"Of course," she answers cordially. "Once we deal with those imps, we'll come and clear out the rats in the basement."

"Back to the village?" she suggests. "We won't need oil if we can blow the whole thing to kingdom come."


"Excellent, the townspones will be happy to know that their dead may rest in peace once you avenge them."


Everyone roll danger sense.


i follow the group wherever the path takes them


[1d10+1] Spider sense

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


Whiz's ears prick up, thinking he heard or saw something dangerous.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Dog-Guy and Hawk-Hawk use their super senses for good.

[1d10] Hawkeye
[1d10] sensing

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 10 = 10


Muh Rusty senses!

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


meant to link to


The group heads back towards the imp village, as the night goes ever onwards, and the horizon brightens as dawn comes close.

The party, save Whiz, feels an eerie sensation running up their backs and spines, and find themselves prepared when it happens. Whiz, on the other hand, , doesn't realize that he's being snatched up in the jaws of a giant, hairless wolf, growling as one of its several eyes look over the party. Scars run along its body, looking like tribal designs, its naked skin the same grey-green as the imps.

>Whiz takes 5 hits, now helpless


surprised, i shout "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
before using flamethrower

Roll #1 6 = 6


She scrambles to hide in the shadows, trying to move up behind the enemy in preparation for a powerful blow.
[1d10] Stealth

Roll #1 7 = 7


"I dun like dat one bit. Sit down beastie!"

Tuz'tk fires a shot into the creature's leg.

[1d10+2] Knockout CritDC-3

[1d10] hawkeye for the bonus

"Watch where jah put those flames, we got da boom barrels!"

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Whiz screams out, trying to escape the jaws of the beast.
[1d10] To escape/ get up.

Roll #1 8 = 8


The fire catches onto the hairless wolf, and it returns the pain with a swipe of its claws.
You hop into the bushes, unseen.
The wolf cries out, dropping Whiz and turning to slash at you after Rusty, his strikes and movements rapid and rabid.
You're able to get back up after the sudden shock and combat.
>now at 5/4

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


Tuz'tk aims between the eyes of the thing
[1d10] pew
[1d10] aimbot

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 7 = 7


She grits her teeth and jumps out, lunging at the wolf with her dagger.
[1d10] Autocrit

Roll #1 9 = 9


Whiz turns to the wolf, charges his horn, and fires a magic bolt at it "Here is one for you!" he shouts.

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


i return the favor with fortifying my Crossbow with my gadget. (+1)
then i fire my crossbow at the wolf

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


With Tuz'tk's stunning arrow, the wolf is brought down to allow the group to quickly slay it in a flurry of blows. Its skin bursts, and it starts shrinking, its shape changing as it becomes one of the small terror imps in its death throes.

>party gains 19 EXP



Post sheets




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