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Time to get our groove on and get this party rollin'! Post your sheets!



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When we last left our party, they had rescued a new member to the party.

Ragsen collected some heavy armor and a large two handed flame sword. With everything he's carrying he feels a bit over encumbered, probably a good idea to drop this stuff if you're going to fight.

Mercer had acquired a strange blade he feels a strong connection to, it is currently unknown why he does.

The party returns to the Temple by Remura's request. Remura had a bit of unfinished business within the temple and told the rest of the group she will meet up with them.

Now the group has three tasks currently. Kill the Beast of the Sands, collect all six sacred coins and slaying all the colossi. What will they do now?



Sitting atop the as per usual, i turn my attention to the group, tapping a hoof on my oaken chariot's lid

"Now then, with those dreadful bandits scattered, we'd best settle on what to do next."

"Perhaps it's time we finally find this 'beast of the sands'?"


"Yea, we shall venture to the desert and slay the beast of the sands!" Ragsen declares in agreement.


''Uuh…I think so? Do you think it is just a beast or another one of the colossuses?''
''I kind of would rather try looking for the sacred coins…'' He mutters


"This sword…" He takes it in silent wonder, pondering what it is that draws him to it. "Has this one felt this before?" His head full of unanswered questions, he takes the sword before accompanying his companions back to the Temple of Light. Once there, he looks around to see if he can find Kratz anywhere.

"This one agrees with the Astra. We should move posthaste to remove this creature."



You find Kratz at his usual spot, seeming to be bored at the moment with no trades this time. Although when you approach he smiles widely and waves. "Ah! Hallo zere Mercer! How are you feeling mien friend?" He greets warmly.


"This one is doing just fine. Thank you for asking," he says with a smile. "This one is curious to know what you would trade for this." He shows him his shield. "This one feels like he does not need it any longer, and understands it if is too old or disheveled to be of any worth."


Kratz takes it and inspects it. "Vell…" He strokes his chin, smiling at Mercer for a moment before he dives under his stand. He then pops up and drops what looks like a metal clawed gauntlet. "Zis gauntlet can be quite useful in stunning your foes. Not quite a shield but protects ze hand from nasty strikes." He says, pushing the Gauntlet your way. "Does zis sound good?"

>Right Metal Gauntlet: Can perform a stunning strike to knock some of your enemies focus off. Can also roll to resist disarming skills with that arm.


Ragsen approaches Kratz, laying the armor he looted from Brimstone down in front of him.
"I have something worth trading for once," he says, "From the draconic bandit leader once known as Brimstone. It is damaged, so as a whole it may not be entirely worth as much as it would be, but I believe you'd be able to break it into its base materials to some degree."

"Furthermore, would you be so polite as to hold onto some things for me? Since you're so trustworthy and a friendly firebreather, and you're here all the time, it seems more or less reasonable. I'll even be happy to do something in return for you."


"Hmn… Let us say your armor is ze fee for my storage?" He asks with a grin and a flirtatious tone.


He looks at the gauntlet, trying it on for a moment before nodding. "Yes. Yes, this will serve me well. Thank you, friend Kratz. You are a true asset to this world." He takes a bow and leaves him, rejoining his companions.


"That's reasonable enough," Ragsen says, offloading much of his equipment and inventory over to Kratz. "I have to apologize for my rudeness earlier," he says, "I've gotten over the initial culture shock of a bartering economy, and you've been quite friendly and agreeable to me and my friends. If you need something from me in the future, I'd be happy to help you out as a friend."

He bows as well, then leaves to rejoin with the group along with Mercer.
"What a haul that was," Ragsen says cheerfully, "I'd never think I'd be able to get another dragon's arm, and getting his teeth and claws was quite the acquisition, as well."


''You're not thinking of turning into a dragon…Are you mister Ragsen?''


"It certainly was," he says. "A wondrous bounty for a job well performed. Although, this one must wonder, what is it you need parts of his body for, friend Ragsen? Whatever could they be used for? Perhaps some alchemical reagents?"


"I hadn't been planning on it," he says, waving the thought away with his dragon arm, "It'll depend on how good my wizard friend's gotten between the last time I've seen her and the next time I'll see her."
"Well, the last time I needed them, they were awfully handy to have around," he says, "So I don't see any harm in keeping more of them."


''Oh…Who is this friend?''


"Her name is Mana Delacroix, who lives in the city of Tourbillon. I was part of a party of adventurers with her and several others. I haven't seen her for more than two years now, but the next time I see her couldn't be soon enough."


"Glad to be of service!" He says, waving you goodbye as you join the others.

"Oooo don't go saying zat or I might get nasty ideas." He says with a wave goodbye.

>For the whole party now.

You all head out for the desert once more in search for the Beast of the Sands. As you go through the pass where you encountered the wall crawling colossus and your first greater shadow beast, you notice a group of three male Minotaur's in the distance.

The Minotaur's wear what look like tribal clothing, cloth that covers their legs with open crotches where loin cloth fills the space. warpaint-like tattoos line along their arms, face and chest. On their chest is the depiction of the sun, it's rays shining down as fire rises from bellow. Their arms etched in runes, possibly a cultural thing among their tribe. Two have war paint over their eyes as well as their noses, looking more like skull patterns, the taller one standing in the middle has similar patterns except with a small small painted on his forehead.

The center Minotaur holds his hands out, the way the pass is currently there is no way around these three. "Go no further, Outsiders. If you want to pass, you must fight my disciples. They shall prove themselves to the Great Golden One." He speaks in a strong deep voice. The disciples step forward, brandishing war spears.


The tribals also seem to wear necklaces of teeth, some seem to just be of beasts… but at closer inspection they also have teeth of other beings that crossed paths with them. The Leader wears bones and feathers on his horns, somewhat like a tribal chief hat turned into horn accessories.


''Hehehe sounds to me that you like her, hmn?''
''Erm…that would not really be a fair fight m-mister… They are big strong trained minotaurs And look at me, I'm just a deer…T-there is I would win…I am not even a good fighter hahaha…ha…'' He speaks up nervously


>with a small small painted on his forehead.
>Edit: with a small sun painted on his forehead.


"Hail, native minotaurs," Ragsen calls out from a safe distance, "Why must we fight your disciples if we want to continue in this direction? We have a single goal, and do not plan to wander from it any more than we already have. If you are protecting something, we promise not to molest or disturb it or anything else precious to you, lest you do so to us."


"Would they not rot between now and then?" he says with a disapproving frown. "Keeping body parts around is… less than sanitary, to say the least."

He purses his lips. "Please, see reason. We have no desire to fight any of you. You are impeding our task needlessly. Please, step aside and let us continue."
>Persuade: [1d10+2]

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Perhaps this is some sort of custom?"

"Are you quite certain fighting us is the best idea? if we were to accept, you would still be outnumbered!"
i call out as well, halting the trunk as i watch the minotaurs near Ragsen.


"Yes, her and her husband Ironhorn are some of my greatest friends. But let us not speak of them more for now, there's a more important matter, and I do not need the longing in my heart."
"Dragon flesh does not deteriorate for some time. Mana is skilled in restoration magic, as well. I simply need to dehydrate it in the sun and wrap it in bandages, and it will be preserved until needed."


"Weak. May the great ones crush your bones to better feed this land." He speaks with distaste for you.

"They seek to not only strengthen themselves, but prove they are capable warriors to defend our tribe." He puts it simply.

The one on the left steps forward. "I am Brutus. Allow me to prove myself to my Hoved." He speaks for himself.

The Leader steps forward. "Why should we move aside for you, outsiders?" He asks, staring you down.

"It is one on one combat. If both fail to fend you outsiders off, they are not worthy to fend off even the wooden beasts." The Leader answers.


"My, well there's no getting around it, is there?"

"If you'd permit us a moment to choose our fighters, It'd certainly be appreciated!"

turning to the others, i shake my head.

"Well, who will it be?"


''H-hey that is not very nice…I may not be the best fighter but…But the strenght of muscles is not the only thing that matters you know…'' He replies, his head low, staring at the minotaur hooves
''I-I'm not a good fighter Miss Astra… They would stomp me..And my leg still is injuried''


"It seems that solo combat is the matter of the day for me!" Ragsen says, stepping forward, "What is the method of combat? Swords? Spears? Martial combat? Whistling? Sexual endurance? 20 Questions?"



"Ohh not you, my deer. By 'choose our fighters' i had really meant 'let Ragsen and Mercer fight'."

"I have the feeling that magic wouldn't fit under their taste of honor.."


''I guess so…Seems like we are not needed this time…''


"Our mission concerns the fate of this world," he urges. "Your delay only exacerbates our situation. We have no time for you now. Please, let us be."

Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6



"For the moment, it seems. Of course, you'll certainly be needed after the fact, those two are strong, but they still might be injured."

leaning back on the trunk lid, i take a moment to relax.

"Ah, well, at least you and i can rest our wounds, for now."


''Yes…And I am sure it will be a nice show to watch them wrestle, right? hehe…'' He blushes, lightly elbowing Astra's side


The fancy horned one nods at you.

"You look like one with more than just weak muscles." He adds.

The Right disciple steps forward, dropping his spear and raising his fists up to you. "Allow me to shut this one up, Hoved Argus! He talks to much!" He says to his master, his voice filled with excitement for a fight.

"Don't let bloodlust control your actions, Uta. A strong fist can be wasted on blind swings." He states to his disciple.

"It seems your friend agrees to fight. Allow him to show more backbone than you." Argus says, nodding to his disciple, Uta.

You come from the distance to join the others, Ragsen standing up against a Minotaur brandishing his fists to him while another is waiting next to the largest of the three Minotaurs.


I am here and I am a big gal for you!

"Cast Magic Missile to enemy Minotaur."


Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11


''I-I'm not…'' He grumbles
''If you want to test your pupils so much then why don't you fight them? Sounds to me that you just want to bully around travelers…''
''W-wait miss Remura no! This is a duel you can't interfere!'' He stands in front of the buffalo to stop her


"Why whatever do you mean?" i ask coyly, a hoof to my chest.

"I'm here simply to observe a friend's duel, nothing more." i reply, laughing lightly.

"My! it seems our new friend would like to fight, what a turn of events!"


Ragsen draws his plainer sword from its sheath, leaving the flamberge on his back.
He bows politely. "My name is Ragsen Tatters, merchant of Peleponies. Before we start, though, I must warn you that I am pret-ty strong."


"It is time to do what is needed for the party currently, that is best from what was before."


"Ah, the Remura arrives!" He says with a warm smile. "Greetings, friend Remura. We hoped that you would j-"

"Wh-what are you doing?! No!!" He looks on aghast. "W-we have this under control! Everything's under control…"


'Tehehehehe Good thing we have a veeery good view from here too'' The deer laughs along
''This is one on one Miss Remura! please stop!''


You blast the spear wielding Minotaur, causing him to stumble back as his chest is singed from the arcane of your spell. "You! I will make you pay for such a dishonorable blow!" He yells out, charging at you while brandishing his spear.

>Spear Attack: Remura


"Because none of my warriors can best me. I am their Hoved for a reason." He states, folding his arms as he flexes his rippling muscles.

Your attempts to stop Remura are for nothing, as she has already fired off a shot. You are then shoved away by the duelist Minotaur.

"Ragsen Tatters, merchent of Peleponies. I am Uta of the Solar Minotaur Clan. Allow me to display the strength of my people all within my fists!" He says, flexing at you before charging in for a swing of his heavy looking fist.

>Stunning Blow: Ragsen


Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 1 = 1


''Their Hoved? What does that means?''


Ragsen steps back from the swing of the fist, advancing forward and slashing leftwards with his sword, before rearing to the right to slash with his claw.

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3 / Roll #2 8 = 8


He rushes over to the minotaur attacking Remura, trying to persuade him to stop fighting. "P-please, forgive my associate!" he says, sweating nervously as chaos begins to erupt. "She is c-clearly not accustomed to the conventions of this land. She did not mean to offend. Stand down, this one begs you!"

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"It may be their form of leader, perhaps a priest?"


"Wait, did I do something wrong? Oh no."


''There was a buffalo clan in this island wasn't there?''


"In your outsider tongue, it means their Leader… Their Master. I am the one who trains all of our warriors."

Your leftwards slash causes him to stumble to the right, only to get caught directly in your blow to his side with your claw. He yells out in pain as he falls over, holding his deeply gashed side. Even with such a deep wound he attempts to get back onto his hooves.

>Target is now Bleeding


Your words are enough to cause Brutus to halt in his attack. Although Argus speaks out after Brutus stops. "She struck you without accepting the offer to duel. Strike her back!"

Brutus seems a bit conflicted, truly he does seem new to fighting outsiders. "You beg… but she has still attacked me."

From the looks of it, you might have got caught up in a duel.

Roll #1 8 = 8


"I believe so, yes. Though we haven't had the chance to see them."


"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought there were fiends in this area, not honorable duelists." she scratches her head in embarrassment. "Could you forgive me?"

Attempt to Persuade.


Roll #1 3 = 3


"That was a poor opening," Ragsen says, stepping back to allow the minotaur to stand back up, before stepping back and slashing at him with just his claw, "I should inform you that my claws are covered in a deadly toxin, and continued attacks will result in a quick death for you. I will allow you to yield, if you are worried for your life."
[1d10] Toxic Claw

Roll #1 3 = 3


''And what are you doing out here awy from your tribe?''
''Ooh maybe they have one of the coins!''


"She thought you were dishonorable curs," he explains, "and acted on instinct alone. It will not happen again."

"Will it?" he says sternly.

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


"Yes, I'm sorry."


"I will forgive you if you fight me." He states, still brandishing his spear to you.

You swing at Uta, only for him to move away before your claws slice into the ground. Even as blood runs down to soak his leggings, he holds his fists up to continue the fight. "I must fight with everything I have… I do not fear your blows!" He yells out, swinging out two strikes with his fist.

>Left Hook

>Right Hook

"Outsiders travel along here often. It is easiest place to find those willing to fight for passage."

Brutus lowers his weapon with a sigh. Argus snorts at him with a glare.

"I will take this as a surrender from you Brutus. I am deeply disappointed in you." Argus speaks to him with a disappointed sigh.

Brutus can only walk over to his Hoved with shame.

Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Thanks Mercer, it helps that there is somepony that stick with you here."


"Then I shall fight in turn!" Ragsen declares, "But keep in mind I will allow you the kindness of surrender!" He gets on his hind legs, raising his sword with both hooves and bringing it down, while slashing upwards with his claw in a pincer attack.
[1d10+1] Slam
[1d10] Toxic Claw

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 7 = 7


''But why fight travelers? Wouldn't it be better to visit other tribes and look for their warriors that are willing to duel?''



"My, Ragsen, you've certainly improved your technique!"

"If I didn't know better, I'd have thought you were showing off for me!" I call from my seat, cheering the donkey on.


"This one agrees with the Maali. This does not seem like a productive way to test your might."

"This one merely wished to defuse an unpleasant situation," he replies rather coldly.


You move to bring your blade and claws down onto Uta, who looks like he's going to possibly bleed out anyways. Suddenly, a mass of muscle moves in front of you, tanking the blow as your claws only dig into Argus' side, your blade slices into Argus' skin, but gets stuck in his muscle.

Argus stares down at you, although not with a glare… but with respect. "You are strong, that blow has harmed me. Uta would not have survived your attack, you have triumphed for your allies, Outsider." He speaks to you, waiting for you to pull your blade and claws out of him. "You may pass."

Argus does not answer, as he notices his student is about to receive a fatal blow. He charges over, moving in front of Uta to block the attack (see above).

>You win the Minotaur Duel Encounter! Continue?


''He certainly has…Wow That minotaur has no chance against him!''
''Erm…I know you were being very rude to me but…If you'd like I could heal your wounds…Big one Argus…And the wounds of your student too''


Stamping my hooves lightly on the trunk's lid, I make my way towards the now finished duel.

"Excellent work, Ragsen. Now then, we'd best be off if we're to make progress before sunset."

"When everyone is ready, of course."


"Have we proved ourselves now? Our task is of utmost importance, and we must away soon."


Ragsen waves to Astra as he cleans his claw and blade off on his cape. "Talk to me some other time and I'll have something to show off to you!" He calls back to her.
After withdrawing his claw and sheathing his sword, Ragsen looks up to Argus with a pleased look on his face. "I would hope this will earn me some respect among your tribe," he says, "Your student should feel no shame, as I said before we started, I am pret-ty strong." He bows to the minotaur master, before continuing on his way with the others.
"Thank you, Maali, but I had more than an unfair advantage against him. It was in my favor the entire time."


"Good Job! Lets continue on friends!"


Turning to Remura, Ragsen says, "Thank you for your attempted assistance, but perhaps in the future you should pause and observe before firing?" His voice is polite as he tries to sound like a teacher, so as not to frighten the new team member.


''Well that is still something to be acknowledged mister Ragsen! I never really paid attention to you fighting since most of the times I am fighting alog with you…But watching your movements and your strenght…Overpowering that Minotaur…It was just…wow…''
''Yes…Erm…Miss Remura, next time you could be a liiiittle less brash? I-I mean your intentions were good, I thank you for that, but still that was dangerous…''



"Yes! I will be more vigilante with our next encounter, I apologize for my discretion, for I jogged quite a length to get here."

"Yes, I am sorry about that."


"This one is in assent," he says with an icy tone. "Your actions almost put is in an extremely tenuous position. Next time, observe a situation before charging in."


''It is alright…What as it that you had to deal with back in the temple that made you stay behind though?''
''It is fine mister Mercer…it will not happen again I'm sure''


"Oh? A special technique for your weapon, perhaps?"

"After such a display I'd certainly like to see more of that sword in action!" I laugh, not quite connecting the meaning.


"As you were leaving, I felt a dark presence and the undead assaulted me! It was terrifying, but I was able to defeat them with ease."


"Well, I've gotten especially stronger since we had gone to the temple," he says, "But I've been this skilled for quite some time. He was a student, anyway, this will be a learning experience for him."
"Not quite, it's a very different skill set, but let's save that talk for later."


''T-the undead?! I never saw any undead in this island…C-could it be that there is a necromancer somewhere near the temple?''


"Yes! and for some reason they never attacked me or anything! They just kept trying to grope me before I shoved them off and blasted them with my magical power." Remura shudders at the thought. "It's as if they wanted something from me, it was awkward."


"No, Uta will survive and learn from his pain. My scars will remind him to become stronger." He states.

You travel beyond the canyon, setting up camp once you reach the less narrow spaced area to rest for the night.

Your next day of traveling through the forest was more uneventful. Yet you still get to see the sights and even learn that this land has boars you can hunt.

The third day of travel seems to be nearly similar, traveling across the Savannah as the sun sets. You come across what looks like a camp in the distance, upon closer inspection you can see that two seem to be tending to three injured people.

The first of the injured looks like a grey Female Diamond Dog, her arms are casted as well as her left leg. The second is a gold and white Male Griffon, his wings put into a cast as well as his hind legs, his beak is also wrapped up as if it has been cracked or possibly broken. The third injured figure is a deep brown Male Buffalo with bandages around his head and one around his broken horn, left foreleg put in a cast.

The first of the two figures tending to the injured seems to be a black and white spotted Minotaur Female, her clothing being a long cloth dress that seemed more akin to a barmaid, her hair braided as well. The second figure seems to be a orange coated green mane Male Unicorn, his horn wrapped in a bandage as well but nothing else.

They have not spotted you yet, but from their injuries you know they wouldn't pick a fight with you.


Spotting the injured ahead, I slow the trunk and begin searching for a rift to open, markings aglow.

"Hmm, perhaps we should help them? Poor things meat have been ambushed like we were."
[1d10]summon Esper: heal, mend

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ragsen looks over the scene, nudging Maali and Astra.
"You two should go to them ahead of us- they look pretty bad, I'd hate to give them a scare by going first."


"What has happened!? Do tell me what is going on!"



Roll #1 6 = 6


''G-grope you?…T-that sounds…erm…Strange…''
''Oh yes that is true…There was that power that we were given in the temple…Well, then I suppose you did had an advantage over him…Still that does not make it any less amazing''
''Erm…Yes I will go first then…''
Maali walks up to the small group ahead, clearing his throat before speaking
''Hello…um…I am Maali and these are my friends…We are travelers in a quest…But some of you look hurt…I-I can help if you'd like, I am a healer!''


"Precisely, I have just the summon for the job. We'll see to their injuries and perhaps they can tell us what happened."


He approaches the group cautiously, sheathing his weapons to show he means no harm. "Greetings, fellow travelers," he says, raising his hand. "Wee see you are injured. Are you in need of assistance? This one's friends may be able to heal you."


Ragsen hangs back and looks around for danger.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Your tattoos shine as a rift opens up to spit out what looks like a pixie wearing a nurse outfit. She holds what looks like a syringe big enough for her to sit on.

>Summoned Medic Pixie

Remura suddenly rushes up to them, exclaiming your question. They all jump, the injured ones groaning in pain after their bodies jolt a bit in surprise.

"Wh-Who are you people?! What do you want?!" The Unicorn asks nervously.

The Minotauress gently grabs the snout of the Unicorn, causing him to scrunch his face a bit. "Shush, Patch. These ones may be offering help… hopefully." She says, turning to face you once more. "Apologies for my friend's tone… My name is Anya, our group is still in shock from nearly escaping death with one of those giants…" She says, looking to Maali after he introduces himself.

"You are a healer?" She asks with hope filled eyes. "Please, could you assist us in caring for our friends? We could give you space to camp here if you would like." She offers.

Nope, definitely no danger. Not like something might sneak up behind you and maybe ambush you.


Ragsen hangs back as he checks out the minotauress, then shouts at Astra.


"We'd be happy to assist, Anya."

Pointing a hoof towards the diamond dog, the pixie moves to try and mend her injured limbs.

[1d10] mend

"But where are my manners? I am the lady Astragalus, the mage of our little group. This little deer helping me is Maali, our healer."

Roll #1 8 = 8


''You fought one of those giants? Goodness I am sorry for what happened to you all, miss Anya…Where have you fought it?''

''Oh and yes, I would be happy to help in any ways I can…'' He walks up closer to the group
''I cannot repair broken beaks or restore horns that have been taken…But I will do my best…Forgive me for not being able to fully restore your all…''
He speaks gloomly as his necklace glows. Small flowers spring to life near his hooves. Soon enough a wave of healing flows to all of them, bathing them with natural energy


"We would me more than glad to help you," he replies. "This one's name is Mercer. A pleasure, to be sure. Unfortunately, this one has no practical experience with wound treatment, but others in the party will assist you."


"Good! At least you are all alive."


Your pixie flies over and sticks the needle into the Diamond Dog's arm, causing her to help. Her arm where the injection was made seems to heal up quickly enough for her to begin moving it around without too much pain. She lets out a relieved sigh as the mending magic spreads through her body. "Thanks… Name's Susan." she mentions, relaxing back on her sleeping bag.

"It wasn't a fight… that creature ambushed us from underneath the sands. We were lucky to escape before it used that horrid stinger on us." She says.

Your body sprouts the buds and begins to heal the Buffalo and Griffon. While the griffon can only nod and thank you with a muffled and bound voice, the Buffalo speaks up for him. "We both thank you, little one… I am named Wandering Spirits." He says.

The Diamond Dog speaks up with a smirk. "We call him Wanda." She says, earning a small glare from Wanda. The Griffon lets out an audible upset muffling noise to Susan. "Oh yeah, and his name's Fly Boy." Susan the Dog says for him, also earning another joined in glare from the Griffon. "Whaaat? I'm sure they like your nicknames too!"

"W-Well… You guys aren't beating us to a pulp s-so… you're alright in my book. My Name's Patch, nice to meet you Mercer." Patch says, swallowing his fear at the sign of friendliness from you and the group.

"I'm glad we are alive too." Anya replies.


Ragsen gets closer in order to listen to the conversation better. "Greetings, my name is Ragsen Tatters," he says, "Traveling merchant and warrior. Could you tell us where you encountered this creature? What did it look like? A scorpion of stone, or some kind of antlion?"


"Not to worry, Fly boy, we'll have that beak fixed in no time!"

Susan's arm fixed, the pixie, flutters over to the injured griffon, trying to repair the damage to the beak.
[1d10] mend

"Now, this might sound strange, but do you remember which way the sand giant was moving?"

"Despite the look of it, that beast is what we are here to fight."

Roll #1 4 = 4


Yes, I hope these beasts will get their comeuppance! In one way or another."


''Tehehe…It is a pleasure to meet and help you all. Great Wandering Spirits… Fly the switft, and Susan the Strong…Again, My name is Maali.'' He smiles
''It is nice to see me and my friends are not the only group of comrades in this place'' he speaks up as he continues to heal them
''Miss Anya, mister Patch, do you need to be restored as well?'' he turns to the minotaur and the unicorn


He begins to make himself comfortable, taking a seat on a nearby rock. "So, you were attacked by a colossus? Where did this happen? We are seeking to defeat them in combat, and any knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated."


"You hit the nail on the head." Susan says.

Patch approaches you. "Yes, it was more like a massive stone scorpion, I-I didn't look at it long enough but… I could swear it had more than one mouth." He tells you.

Your Pixie catches a draft from the nearby campfire and accidentally stabs the Griffon in the rump, still injecting him but not mending his broken beak yet until it spreads further. "MFfhh yyhhff." He muffles.

Patch rubs his horn a bit. "Well… Not really, my horn should be fine after a few more days… So I'm fine."

Anya smiles but shakes her head. "No, I am fine as well. Thank you for the offer."

"You… You wish to fight those things? You adventurers are braver then us and most of the others stuck here." Anya says in astonishment. "I… Well… I did see a possible way to defeat the beast… I was able to allow my friends to escape by using a powerful spell a priestess of these lands once taught me. I was able to break away the shell on top of the beast… It was like the sand itself had hardened around it's inner body." She explains further. "You may be able to harm it there if you can somehow avoid the stinger."

The way she describes it reminds you of how the last colossus you fought looked underneath it's thick armor.


"We should take on these beasts…, but for another time. I'm heading off to rest, I apologize, it's too much right now.."


"Hmm, it must be some kind of sandstone, then," Ragsen says, "If it's like the other one, then it should have a vulnerable underside." He bows politely to the various wanderers. "We will be setting out to defeat the creature tomorrow, hopefully you will be the last to be harmed by it."
With that said, Ragsen finds a nice spot not too close to everyone else to pitch his tent for the night, spending the rest of the day lying inside.


"There we are, a spot of triage to get you moving."

Satisfied, I suddenly stifle a yawn with a hoof, the summons wearing me out.

"Terribly sorry, seems the trip took more out of me than I thought. I'll have to retire for now and redress the wounds later."

With that, I trap the trunk into picking up the pace, yawning again as I move into the camp.


"Harm it there if we avoid the stinger," he parrots. "Understood. Thank you for this. You have done us a great service."
After bidding everyone goodnight, he retreats into the camp and finds a place to sleep for the night.


He nods ''I understand…Still I will offer a prayer for your safety…Oh and also, I have some salves I could make for your group, I would be happy to do so. I have these flowers that can do wonders when used right, it makes your natural recovery much faster and heals most venoms or illness. It will be my gift to you'' He smiles as the healing keeps acting up for a bit more before dissipating, making him sigh ''Haah…That should do it…''


Ragsen pokes his head out of his tent, whistling at Astra. "You know, it gets awfully cold in deserts at night," he says with a grin, "Need me to keep you warm?"


"Sleep well, strange one." Anya says with a bow.

"I pray for your safety, Ragsen." Anya says following up with a polite bow.

"Sleep well." Susan says before you head off to dreamland.

"I shall tell others if we happen to pass by it's corpse in a few days." Wanda says.

Anya smiles, but hesitates for a moment. "Are you sure…? Your friends might need it if something goes wrong in your fight… We would only need to rest for awhile to fix ourselves again." She says, making sure you really want to do this.


>Maali still make a post to confirm.


''Hey Mister Ragsen, will there be room for me? I don't have anything to make my own tent, hehe…''
He nods ''I will keep one. Don't worry I am sure that with my help and Astra's, we might not even need all of them… I will just keep one to be safe. After all it is a long way until you can find help from here, so you will need it as well''


"Sure, no reason to leave you out in the cold," Ragsen replies, "Shiverin' your little twiggy bones and everything."


Then the two had intense homo erotic cuddling while the others were asleep.


Time for a long awaited session of FL. Post yer sheets.



File: 1462066618213.jpg (357.27 KB, 1600x1066, 1449384858792.jpg)




File: 1462069363337.jpg (77.95 KB, 422x512, Flame Elemental (Imagine i….jpg)

When we last left our crew of giant slayers, they were heading off to the desert in search of the Beast of the Sands! With Maali staying back at the camp for a moment longer to tend to Anya's group, this means the group will need to continue this fight without him. After all, you've already slain two… why not a third?

Ragsen Tatters of Many Wounds, Mercer and Lady Astragalus finds themselves over a sand dune, staring down at the sight of what seems to be a Buffalo surrounded by four shadow hounds. Not too far from them seems to be two strange bipedal figures wearing feminine looking garb similar to that of the tribal donkeys, guarding a massive elemental made entirely of black flames.

Beyond this scene however… is a gorgeous crystal sticking out from the sands. If the group chooses, they could allow the buffalo to be a distraction to harvest the crystal.

You find yourself surrounded by four hounds, so scrawny you could see their rib cages, their faces showing no features of snouts or ears, not even a tail exists on these creatures. In the distance you can see a band of three adventurers, perhaps they could assist you out of this trap?


"My! it seems we've found another traveler set upon by these shadow fiends."

dismounting the trunk, i try to carefully make my way down the dune, my wooden companion struggling to grip the loose sand in pursuit.

"Not to worry, we're here to help!" i call, drawing energy from a rift.
[1d10] Magic bolt, Hound

Roll #1 10 = 10


"Look, yet another buffalo gal beset by villainous foes!" Ragsen cries out, "Come, we will slay them and add to our glory!"

He pulls out the Glaudias and makes his charge towards the group.
[1d10+1] Slam @ Shadow Hound 2
[2d10] Toxic Ooze Dual Attack @ Shadow Hounds 3 and 4

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 6, 2 = 8


"Another hapless adventurer beset by dark forces," he muses as he reaches for his mace. "We will silence them." He charges up his signature weapon as he rushes towards the creatures.
>automatic Sharpen due to Sentry



The buffalo roared, as he saw himself amidst the troublesome creatures.

Having hoped the ones on the horizon would help, he is relieved to see that. Not daring to go straightforward after the hounds, being surrounded, the buffalo shaman called upon the primal energies of his tribe, to aid both him and the newfound allies-to-be:

"Tizz be eaa grood daay to fiight. Spiiiriits - forrth and to maii aiid! Hasten to ze ones of riiight will and streengden deeit result!"



Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


You strike the closest hound to you, blasting it with a powerful bolt of magic. The hound lets out a ghostly yelp of pain when struck, falling to the ground only to twitch and writhe on the ground.

You charge at the hounds, grabbing their attention… only for them to pounce onto you to maul away at your flesh. However with your strength you're able to push them off before too much damage was done and stand up once more.

>-4 hits. 4/6 now.

You charge your frozen mallet, causing it to course with electrical energies as well with puffs of steam with each spark.

>Gain +1 to attacks

The stress of the situation nearly causes you to fail your spells, but with the attention pulled away from you, you feel able to cast the spell successfully.

>Everyone can use a second normal action for two turns.

The hounds aim their attention to Ragsen, leaping at him once more to crush his limbs with their maws.

>Hound 2, 3 & 4: Bite [Ragsen]


The first hound however remains twitching helplessly on the ground.

With their hounds under attack, the nearby Flamekeepers begin to cast a spell, directing it to Astra and Warhurst

>Flamekeeper 1: Flame Bolt [Astra]

>Flamekeeper 2: Flame Bolt [Warhurst]

Even the flame elemental joins in, casting it's own more massive ball of flame over to Mercer.

>Darkflame Elemental: Fire Ball [Mercer]


Roll #1 1, 10, 3 = 14 / Roll #2 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #3 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #4 7 + 2 = 9


seeing the fireball hurtling towards me, i try to move away, kicking up sand as i struggle for traction.

"Look out!"
[1d10] Dodge

Roll #1 5 = 5


Ragsen returns the damage to the dogs in fury, wondering where his sudden burst of energy came from.
>first normal action
[1d10+1] Sword @ Hound 3
[2d10] Toxic Claw @ Hounds 2&4
>second normal action
[1d10+1] Sword @ Hound 3
[2d10] @ Hounds 2&4

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10 / Roll #2 10, 6 = 16 / Roll #3 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #4 6, 6 = 12


Feeling himself get strengthened by the buffalo's spell, he charges the Elemental head on, sliding under the incoming fireball before delivering an uppercut with the sparking mace.
[1d10] Dodge, critfail range -2 from Lucky Dog
[1d10] Attack

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3



>Stoneguts, instant

The buffalo grits his teeth and plants his hooves into the ground, trying to stand fast against the power of the spell directed towards him.


Roll #1 4 = 4



>trying to dodge <apparently a thing in this game?>


Roll #1 5 = 5



Feeling particularly energetic, i focus this energy into finding a rift among the dunes, markings glowing as i try to open a passage.
[1d10] Raise ancient, triple attack

Roll #1 8 = 8



As the buffalow feels himself faltering from the spell's blow, he focuses his will, while he's still standing, giving the seeming commander of this spiteful foe a taste of a rebutal, hoping others stand up to the challenge.

>Lifestream on the Darkflame Elemental

>Healing effect on Astra.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


You fail to avoid the blast of fire, however doing so only makes you take a direct hit from it. singeing your fur as you're knocked to the ground.

>-5 hits, helpless. 0/4.

You're able to strike away at the second hound, decapitating it in a single swing of your powerful dragon arm. Even the dog near it took a bit of aftermath, it's body being grazed by your claws.

However, the third remaining hound directs itself to you and bites you at the back of your neck, giving the one you grazed a chance to leap on top of you to push you to the ground.

>-4 hits. Overwound Damage. 0/4.

You dodge away from the fire, assisting you in getting closer to the elemental. Just as you're about to strike however, the elemental avoids your own attack. It now stares you in the eyes, intent to turn you into it's first diamond dog effigy.

You somehow try to stand your ground but also dodge, but during your time trying to decide you're struck with the powerful ball of flame and sent to the ground along with the other two.

Even with everyone being sent to the ground, you're still able to open a rift into another world. From the wound of space you have created, shadows begin to leak out into the sand. From the sand rises an ancient at your command, three arms wielding scimitars with armor that makes him look like a bipedal beetle. The fourth arm however seems to reach down to hold onto Astra, carrying her even while she's helpless, like a loyal guard.

>Ancient Guardian of the Sands. 15/3.

Before you're blown away, your stream hits the elemental, causing obvious pain to it while restoring Astra's sore bones enough to allow her to stand back up.

>Astra is 1/4 now and recovered.



"Bah, the start's never easy!" Ragsen bemoans as he falls to the ground, trying to lift himself back up.
[1d10] Recover

Roll #1 3 = 3


2nd recover

Roll #1 5 = 5



The buffalow growls as the scorched body of his feels to him as a promise of a new scar. He feels within him to respond to the ally, to bolster both him and himself while trying to regain senses enough as to re-engage the foe.

"Yasss! Paain' but da passying of weaknazz! Steei stronk and we sholl zii di end of da dei!"

Recovering from helplessness:


Roll #1 1 = 1



>The buffalo is a derp; trying to recover again:


Roll #1 6 = 6


The two standing dogs begin to maul away at Ragsen while the fallen one weakly gets itself back onto it's feet.

>Hounds 3 & 4 [Mauling Ragsen]


>Hound 1 has recovered, but seems deathly weakened.

One Flamekeeper looks to the Elemental, casting a stream of shadow flames to feed the creature. Now it seems almost as if it was never harmed by Warhurst.

The second Flamekeeper however, directs a magical bolt of fire to the ancient.

>Flamekeeper: Fire Bolt [Ancient]


The Flame Elemental stares down at Mercer, raising a fiery fist only to bring it back down powerfully.

>Flame Elemental: Magma Fist [Mercer]


Roll #1 10, 3 = 13 / Roll #2 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12


He nimbly dodges out of the way of the elemental's attack before trying to encourage the party, seeing the party weakened. "As long as we are one, we will prevail! No matter how the wind howls, the mountains will not bow to it! Become as steel, brave companions!"
[1d10] Dodge
[1d10] Inspire

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 = 10


standing on the ancient's palm, i laugh haughtily.

"Fiends! My ancient will finish this fight!"

looking up towards the head of the ancient, i point a hoof towards the flamekeepers.

"Now, attack!"

responding in kind, the ancient roars before stomping towards the keepers, scimitars crashing down around them!
[1d10] Flamekeeper 1

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 6 = 6



Grinning, i sift through a rift, searching for another summon to assist.
[1d10] Summon esper: Heal, mend (Mini minotaur)

Roll #1 7 = 7


"Ragsen!" i call out from the ancient's hand "I'll summon some help, you had better not die here! I won't allow it!"


"Don't worry, all I have to do is not die, and I've been doing that most of my life!"


You are unable to get yourself back up, one of the shadow hounds bites at your right ear, tearing it clean off of your head.

>-1 Wounds

>Missing Ear: Hearing based perception rolls are now -1

You trip and crack your chin on the sand and somehow hurt yourself, chipping a tooth in the process.

>-1 Wound

>Chipped tooth: You can now only eat on the left side of your mouth without feeling some discomfort.

You then get yourself back up onto your hooves, spitting out the remains of your tooth and ready to go.

You dodge the blow, watching the creature's fist erupt with flames as it strikes the ground. Good thing you dodged that!

With a magnificent dodge and words of inspiration, everyone feels their hearts racing as adrenalin pumps through their bodies.

>+2 to all rolls next turn.

Your new Guardian nods to you, raising it's scimitars to swing out at the flamekeeper. Somehow it is able to keep away from the blows, only to be grazed by the third swing.

The little minotaur healer from earlier comes back from the ether after your separation in the temple. She seems displeased at you with how her hands are on her hips and the frown on her face.



The dogs continue their onslaught on Ragsen, while the wounded dog turns to run at Warhurst.

>Hounds 3 & 4: Maul [Ragsen]


>Hound 1: Charging Bite [Warhurst]


With the elemental in good condition, the Flamekeepers keep their attention on the ancient to bring it down first.

>Flamekeepers 1 & 2: Flame Bolt [Ancient]


The Flame Elemental only seems to get angrier at Mercer avoiding his blow, his body giving off a more intense heat as he prepares to hurl another fire ball at Mercer.

>Flame Elemental: Fire Ball [Mercer]


Roll #1 9, 9 = 18 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 1, 9 + 2 = 12 / Roll #4 9 + 2 = 11


"Confound these hounds!" Ragsen cries out, punching out with his hooves as he tries to right himself up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Ragsen, hold on!"
worry creeping into my voice, i direct the mini healer to help Ragsen, still looking upset as she waves her arms towards him
[1d10] Heal, Ragsen

Meanwhile the Ancient, at My worry shifts it's attention to the shadow hounds, bringing it's scimitars down to try and crush one!
[1d10] Melee, Hound 3

I clear my mind and focus another bolt of magic, aiming towards the second hound
[1d10] Magic bolt, Hound 4

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 8 = 8


Feeling strengthened by his good fortune, he charges at the elemental head on, lunging at it with his mace. "Haha! Spirits take you!"

Roll #1 8 + 3 = 11



Injured, but standing, the Buffalo seizes the situation and charges up to the one most in need of help, ramming the hound in his way and stomping him over in the way.

"Reizz an Shain breiv worrior! Tiz not jor dei to dai!"

>Heal on Ragsen


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


You fight back the hounds, pushing yourself back to your hooves and backing away from the hounds. You're quite injured from this ordeal as well.

>-4 Hits, but still recovered. 4/3.

When the tiny healer figures out the situation, she loses her upset look and replaces it with concern as she begins casting out small waves of healing light to Ragsen.

>Ragsen +1 wound and fully restore hits.

Sensing your command, the ancient brings down a scimitar onto one of the beasts. The blow however only breaks a back leg that it seems to power through.

Your blast of magic strikes the fourth hound, causing it to stagger but not fully fall to the ground.

You soak the blast from the fireball, however it burns your skin as well as singeing some of your fur. Your strike however seems to effect the elemental, the lightning and ice combining to harm the creature rather than the metal of your weapon.

You crush the hound under your heavy hooves, the body turning to smoke after you cave in it's ribcage. Your healing energies flow through Ragsen, restoring the deep bites and scratches on his body.

>Ragsen fully restored thanks to double healing.



>Forgot to add damage. -6 Hits. 2/5.

One of the Flamekeepers are crushed by the ancient's foot after attempting to blast it with fire, only for the other Flamekeeper to land a powerful blast on the Ancient's chest.

>-6 hits to Ancient. 9/3.

While one Flamekeeper attempts to recover herself, the other unleashes a stream of fire onto the elemental again, restoring the damage Mercer has dealt.

>Flamekeeper 1: Recover


The two standing dogs still continue to focus Ragsen, furious at him for some odd reason.

>Hounds: Bite [Ragsen]


After receiving a blow from Mercer, the flame elemental seems to move as if it's laughing at him. When the Flamekeeper restores it, the elemental then unleashes a wave of heat from it's body.

>Flame Elemental: Heat Wave [Mercer]


Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 3, 6 = 9 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5


He growls as the fireball scorches him, retaliating with another swing of his mace.

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9


"Get down, hound!" Ragsen roars as he cuts at the more annoying of the two.
[1d10+1] Slam
[1d10] Toxic Claw Normal

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 9 = 9


"The healers are the key! get rid of them before the elemental grows stronger!"

balance shifting as the ancient takes a massive hit, i direct another attack towards the Flamekeepers, scimitars flashing!
[1d10] Melee, Flamekeeper 1

the mini healer turns her attention to Mercer, unfaltering as she waves her arms towards him!
[1d10] Heal, Mercer

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1 / Roll #3 4 = 4 / Roll #4 9 = 9



The bullafo calls upon the spirits of his tribe to strike with their phanstasmal force at the fiery foe and relieve the one standing at the front line:

"Gaaatherr and strraik at da hearrt! Ancestorrs, lend yourr strengthh for yourr descendants, forr prride and glorry! To make you prrroud!"

>Lifestram at the second of the Flamekeepers.

>Healing effect on Astralagus


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You backstep away from the blast of heat, only to leap at the elemental and slam your mace down onto it's body. Even with your mace passing through the body of the creature, the magic still drags along it's body.

You strike the hound, bringing it to the ground only for you to slice through it's body with your dragon claws. The creature lets out a ghostly howl as it vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a single shadow gem much like the other dogs.

Your ancient swings down on the Flamekeeper who is tending to the elemental, causing it to stop in order to avoid being nearly crushed, however the blow still grazes their body.

Meanwhile your summoned healing assistant seems to be charging for a healing spell, seems like she'll cast this soon.

>Tiny healer will cast this spell automatically next turn.

You attempt to suck the life out of one of the Flamekeepers, however the spell doesn't seem to connect… perhaps you should get closer?



The Flamekeeper who had just recovered begins to heal the Elemental once more with another stream of fire.

Meanwhile the other Flamekeeper retaliates against the Ancient with a blast of fire.

>Flamekeeper 2: Fire Bolt [Ancient]


The remaining beast continues to attack Ragsen, attempting to avenge it's fallen brothers… or it could be angry as hell.

>Hound: Bite [Ragsen]


The Flame Elemental, feeling the healing waves of fire once more, continues to throw more giant balls of fire at Mercer.

>Flame Elemental: Fire Ball [Mercer]


Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 5 + 2 = 7


"The quarry falters!" he declares with a lopsided smile, pointing at the weakening elemental. "Send these fiends back to the abyss!"
[1d10] Inspire

Roll #1 2 = 2


"I, Ragsen, will knock you down!"
[1d10+1] Sword @ dog
[1d10] Toxic Claw @ dog

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 4 = 4



Seeing the incantation falter and one of the allies being assualted, the buffalo rushes to his aid.

"Stand fast! Flames of diz foe arre noo match for the ones of deterrmination. May you be filled with it!"

>Heal on Mercer


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


The ancient continues it's assault, striking the flamekeeper with it's mighty blades!
[1d10] Melee, Flamekeeper 1

"Mercer!" i call out from my vantage point "You'll not make progress with the creature's allies standing! We'll have to get rid of them first!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are silenced by the ball of flame smashing into your breastplate, heating it up to cause quite a bit of discomfort and even some pain.

>-2 Hits, restored by Tiny Healer however. 8/5.

You go to swing your blade, however you get a bit too cocky by swinging early. This gives the hound plenty of time to give you a nasty deep bite on your leg.

>-4 Hits.

You begin to direct your heal to Mercer, however you stop after you notice he's clearly healthy enough.

Your Ancient brings down it's mighty blade onto the Flamekeeper, however it barely misses the strike. Although the Flamekeeper did get harmed slightly from being so close to the impact.



The remaining Shadow Hound continues it's attack against Ragsen, biting down onto his leg more.

>Shadow Hound: Bite [Ragsen]


The Flamekeepers noticing the Elemental is at healthy condition, begins to direct their attention onto the ancient.

>Flamekeepers 1 & 2: Flame Bolt [Ancient]


The Elemental remains aggro to Mercer, raising it's fist for another powerful blow from it.

>Fire Elemental: Magma Fist [Mercer]


Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12


"Get off get off get off!" Ragsen says, shouting at the damned dog, slamming down at it with the pommel of his sword.
[1d10+1] Slam
[1d10] Toxic Claw

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 3 = 3


He nods at Astra, flashing Warhurst a grateful thumbs up before drawing his newfound sword and lunging at the Flamekeeper.

Roll #1 2 = 2


The ancient, roaring in anger, brings it's scimitars down on the flamekeeper!
[1d10] melee, flamekeeper 1

Taking a moment to concentrate, I try to channel energy through my dress, the fabric shimmering
[1d10] magic bolt, flamekeeper 1 (energized)
"I certainly hope that dragon knew what he was doing.." I mutter, staying focused.

The mini healer, unphased by the battle, waves her arms towards mercer
[1d10] heal, mercer

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 2 = 2 / Roll #4 10 = 10 / Roll #5 5 = 5



"Yeerr farr from keeping da cryzztal away! I've come farr to get hiir and your not stopping it nao!"

Buffalo grunts deeply as he turns a baleful eye towards the enemy, intent on bringing down the fury of his ancestors upon them. He targets the big bad, seeing his allies engage the Flamekeeper.

>Lifestream at the Darkflame Elemental

>Healing effect on Mercer


Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


You can only bonk it on the head with the hilt of your blade and the palm of your dragon limb.

While you're busy flashing Warhurst, you're struck by the fist of the Elemental. Your armor is intensely heated, forcing you to remove it the moment it's fist lifts back up before it burns you to a crisp.

>Helpless, 0/4. Armor badly damaged and forced to be removed.

Your Ancient begins unleashing a flurry of attacks on the Flamekeeper, sand being kicked up only for it to fall and reveal the helpless Flamekeeper. Your Blast of magic follows up and strikes up more sand, leaving behind a very weakened Flamekeeper.

You keep moving yourself closer to the crystal, however you feel you're still out of range. You're now positioned between the crystal and the elemental.



Once more the dog continues the same gnawing against Ragsen.

>Hound: Gnawing [Ragsen]


The remaining Flamekeeper continues an attack against the Ancient in attempts to avenge the fallen keeper.

>Flamekeeper: Fire Bolt [Ancient]


The Flame Elemental continues his onslaught on Mercer, bringing a fist down once more.

>Flame Elemental: Fire Fist [Mercer]


Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #3 10 + 1 = 11


"Hng!" He winces at the blow squirms out of his armor quickly before trying to get back up and fight, rolling over like a good dog.

Roll #1 4 = 4


Growing ever more tired, Ragsen keeps beating and slashing at the damned dog.

Roll #1 6 + 1 = 7 / Roll #2 1 = 1



The Buffalo raises upon his hindlegs, seeing the enemy retaliate fiercely, shaking the ground with a piercing warcry:

"Forr da futurrre we make with ourr paast!"

He calls upon the spirits of his ancestors warriors, to watch over the fight.



Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Setting it's sight on the second flamekeeper, the ancient brings it's scimitars crashing down!
[1d10] melee, flamekeeper 2

Seeing the keeper erupt into gems, I silently praise krantz for his wonderful tailoring before casting another bolt of energy
[1d10] magic bolt, flamekeeper 2

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 3 = 3


The Elemental once more brings it's molten fist down onto you, burning into your chest further and leaving behind what could potentially be a nasty burn scar.

>-1 Wound

>Nasty Burn: Receive 2 less hits from full healing effects or 1 less hit from lesser healing effects.

Once more you trip after feeling the beast bite down hard onto your leg.

>-4 Hits, Helpless. 0/5.

Once more you spread out the energizing effects of your haste!

>Everyone can use an extra normal action.

Your ancient slams down onto the Flamekeeper, so hard that it knocks you out of your focus. The sand cloud clears away as your ancient brings back it's blade, revealing the helpless Flamekeeper.



The dog seeing his gnawing is effective, begins to gnaw some more!

>Hound: Gnaw [Ragsen]


The helpless Flamekeeper attempts to recover herself from the devistating blow she recieved.

>Flamekeeper: Recover


With the Elemental satisfied with the injures it has inflicted on Mercer, the creature then turns it's attention to Warhurst. It begins to charge a ball of fire to throw at the strangely accented buffalo.

>Flame Elemental: Fire Ball [Warhurst]


Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4 / Roll #2 6 + 2 = 8



Roll #1 6 = 6


Wincing, he tries to crawl away from the elemental, struggling to drag himself back up.

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 3 = 3


[1d10] recover

Roll #1 4 = 4



Roll #1 4 = 4


The ancient slams a scimitar down once again on the helpless keeper!
[1d10] melee, flamekeeper 2

The tiny healer waves her hands again towards mercer, the unlucky dog
[1d10] heal, mercer

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 7 = 7



Warhurst initiates a roundabout run, throwing his lying, helpless ally with his horns on top of his back. He plans to carry him safely away from the enemies, eager to chip away at his defenseless forms. He does so, even if only for a moment, as to let his newfound companion to have a moment's breath to recover before engaging the enemy again.

Helping out Mercer to recover:


Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7



>Helping out RAGSEN* to recover

Having done so, he re-focuses upon the enemy, looking forward to have them a taste of his ancestors' fury:

>Lifestram on the Elemental

>Healing effect on Astralagus


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


You don't feel quite so lucky anymore, unable to recover from your recent injuries.

Dog just sits there biting at you, though you can easily soak it.

Your Ancient slams the Flamekeeper back into the ground, harming it further.

The Tiny Healer continues to cast healing magic to your allies, restoring Mercer back onto his feet.

>Mercer 6/4, Recovered.

With the Flamekeeper down and unable to heal the Elemental, your magic is able to leave lasting damage onto the being. Meanwhile your healing energies continue to restore these allied strangers.

>Mercer is now fully recovered.

>Astra is now 2/4



>Scratch that Fully recovered.
>Ragsen is now recovered with 8/5



With the allies now united and standing at the ready, the buffalo huffs and gets ready to lead the charge straight into the enemy lines:


Normal attack on elemental:


However, the momentum of the charge, getting him past the enemies, leaves his unable to stop before making contact with the mysterious crystal…

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


Even with that blow, the Flamekeeper now finds determination to stand up again, however she is still stunned from recent blows.

The dog keeps gnawing

>Hound: Gnaw [Ragsen]


The Elemental's blast makes contact against Warhurst, causing him to stagger just from the force. He follows it up with another blast of fire.

>Warhurst now 1/3

>Flame Elemental: Fire Ball [Warhurst]

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 10 + 2 = 12


fuck off you fucking dog
>10+1=11 for sword
>4 for toxic claw



Roll #1 5 + 1 = 6 / Roll #2 2 = 2


Limping forward with sword in hand, he swings it at the Flamekeeper as per Astra's command. "Back to the pit!"

Roll #1 6 = 6


Furious, the ancient brings all three of its free arms to strike, the ground quaking from the blows
[1d10] melee flamekeeper 2

Channeling more magic through my dress, I cast another bolt of energy!
[1d10] magic bolt, flamekeeper 2 (energized)

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 4 = 4 / Roll #3 8 = 8 / Roll #4 2 = 2



The buffalo attempts to remain steadfast against the incoming blow, judging his chances against it..

>Stoneguts, instant


Roll #1 9 = 9


He keeps up the assault as he does so, swinging at her again in a flurry of blows.

Roll #1 6 = 6



The buffalo, feeling beaten up at this point, whispers humbly for his ancestors to come to his aid at this point. Though fair a challenge, his strength limited..

>Heal on self


Roll #1 8 = 8


Ragsen surveys the situation to see how dire the straits are for everyone else, frustrated at how difficult those dogs were for him.


rolling 'for real' in a virtual space

Roll #1 2 = 2


You bash the dog on the head, but it only causes the dog to dig it's teeth deeper into your flesh.

>-4 Hits.

Your Ancient beats down on the Flamekeeper, leaving behind nothing but shadow gems again.

You are able to restore yourself and even soak in the powerful blast of fire, bringing you back up to better condition.

>5/4 now.

Your strikes are still able to deal some damage to the elemental.



The dog gnaws!

>Hound: More biting [Ragsen]


The Flame Elemental turns it's attention to Mercer now, bringing it's fist up again seeing as how that was working for it.

>Fire Elemental: Magma Fist [Mercer]


Roll #1 5 = 5 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3


As the Flamekeeper falls, his fighting spirit blazes, and he bashes the dog harrying Ragsen with his mace. "Seize this momentum!" he shouts. "We must not succumb!"

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11


fuck dog

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2 / Roll #2 3 = 3


The last keeper now dead, I direct the ancient's attention to the elemental, scimitar cutting across it's form
[1d10] melee, elemental

Focusing, I draw out another bolt, aiming for the creature!
[1d10] magic bolt, elemental

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 4 = 4



In his mind, the Buffalo whispers a string of grateful words towards his guardian angels. Having rejuvenated his body in the puryfing flame, he shakes his body, clears his throat and with a gruff, heavy voice commands his intangible troop towards the prey.

>Lifestream on Elemental

>Healing effect on Ragsen


Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


You avoid the strike, raising your mace high with intent to strike a blow at the very core of the beast. Your mace swings true, bashing into it and causing quite a bit of damage to it.

>Flame Elemental will recieve an autocrit next attack!

While most attacks wouldn't strike the beast, Mercer was able to leave it vulnrable thanks to his ice enchantment. Your ancient crashes down and shatters the frost that was trying to form around the elemental.

Your life stealing stream of energy sucks away the very flame from the beast, attempting to cauterize Ragsen's flesh with it.

>+1 hit to Ragsen.

>Left session. Dog enemy has been removed along with the gem it would have rewarded.



The flame elemental, knowing it's demise, attempts to gather what flame it has left on it's body. The heat around it's body grows intense… perhaps it would be wise to back away.

>Flame Elemental: Final Firestorm [All Party Members]


Roll #1 10 + 4 = 14



The buffalo was close. There was little time to get away. Nonetheless, seeing the energy condense so rapidly inside of his foe's body, he did what he could to get away before the he was to get caught in the blast:



Roll #1 7 = 7


Seeing the elemental going nova, the ancient shoves itself backward with two of its arms, it's other two shielding me as it moves!

[1d10] Astra's dodge (just in case)

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 2 = 2


"Haha!" He shrugs off the pain of his burns and grins again, raising his mace in victory. "Begone, fiend! Your kind are no longer welc- Oh." Seeing the elemental having a meltdown, he yelps and scampers away in sudden fright.
[1d10] gtfo

Roll #1 5 = 5


Everyone, including the Elemental, takes the brunt of the damage. However with how bulky the Elemental is, he simply becomes heavily damaged.

>Astra now 5/2. Battle is over… but the ancient is still here?

>Ancient is 10/2
>Warhurst is 5/2
>Mercer is 8/3

While everyone is still able to stand, they're quite injured… Now the path is clear to the crystal as well, with Warhurst the closest to it.


I really need to take a nap after this.
>Meaning to say Ancient



The buffalo turns towards his companions, saying loud and clear:

"Yi did well! Bii praud."

He lets his spirits soothen the ally closest to him, in this case - Astra:

>Heal on Astra


Meanwhile, he steps forward to make contact with the long-desired artifact.


Roll #1 4 + 2 = 6


File: 1462083338149.jpg (169.38 KB, 903x885, Beast of the Sands.jpg)

The ground rumbles as Warhurst places his hooves on the crystal. As the quake becomes more intense, everyone comes to a grim conclusion as to what it could be… Warhurst is the first to see the crystal begin to rise, revealing it is connected to something. In his attempts to escape back to the party however, the creature scoops him up in it's powerful claw.

A large sand scorpion with three large maws rise from the sand, towering over the party like every other colossus has. Gripped in it's three pronged claw, Warhurst is slowly crushed in half between two pincers. His lower half flops to the ground, painting the sand with blood as his torso is eaten by the beast.

After consuming it's first victim, the Beast of the Sands faces the party and unleashes a loud earth shaking roar.



Taking the impact head on, he shakes it off and powers down his mace. "Well done, brave companions!" he says. "We dispatched those creatures with great dispatch!" He takes a seat on the sand dune, taking a moment to catch his breath.

"This one does not believe we have been properly introduced. May we ask your name?"


Calling sheets!


File: 1462675582028.jpg (389.19 KB, 950x950, bone_hill_by_maronski.jpg)


File: 1462675692990.jpg (51.61 KB, 640x480, 1462506520420.jpg)




Maali 5/5 (5/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls. Broken Antlers. Cannot use Antlers to attack and no longer grant bonus hit.)
Ragsen 8/3 (8/6) (Missing Ear: Hearing based perception rolls are now -1.)
Mercer 8/3 (8/5)
Astra 5/2 (5/5)
Guardian Ancient 10/2 (15/3)

When we last left the gang, Astra, Ragsen and Mercer fought along side with Warhurst, a strange accented buffalo. One by one each shadow beast was slain, until the very final one which blew itself up as a last resort.

Maali arrives to the battle just to see Warhurst be consumed by the Beast of the Sands. Now our adventurers are left to fight against the colossus, even if they do seem badly injured…

>Colossus battle initiated!



Ragsen sheathes the sword he had been using, and pulls from his back the Flambe-rge, running around to the right of the scorpion before it can close in on them.


The blast shaking my colossus, it stands to face the enemy, sand pouring off it's armored legs as it moves.

"Stand your ground! We'll send this beast to it's grave!"

setting me down on the sand, the ancient strides towards the colossus, Scimitar's flashing!
[1d10] Melee

With a glimmer of my markings, i summon another projectile to launch at the beast!
[1d10] Magic bolt

Roll #1 8 = 8 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 10 = 10 / Roll #4 9 = 9


'1d10' roll

Roll #1 4 = 4


Horrified to see the buffalo torn to shreds, he nonetheless braces himself, powering up his mace as he faces down the enormous scorpion.
>automatic Sharpen


''I am here I am here! I stayed behind to help Anya and the others, I think they will have a uneventful recov-OH MY GAIA!'' He stops as he sees one of the buffalo halves fall into the ground. He almost vomits, but manages to hold his breakfast.
Shaking his head, he begins the healing procedure, his body blooming with flowers, healing his allies wounds
>nature elemental. Ragsen, Astra


>take wound


"My, you've missed quite the skirmish!" i yell from my position down in the dunes.

"My ancient should hold this one off, but we'll have to strike fast!"


''I'm sorry! I thought there would be time to help them and arrive before the battle!''


"No matter! With you here we should be just fine." i reply, giving a smile before refocusing on my magic


The beast's claw slams down in front of you, causing you to stumble heavily.

Your Guardian readies it's three blades, slashing down at the beast to stagger it and following it up with a powerful slam of it's blade onto the creature's back. You then follow up with your own blast of magic against the creature's shell, causing it to crack in reaction to the spell.

Your mace powers up with a mixture of ice and electricity.

>+1 to attacks with weapon

Maali's magic pours out from his body, the healing waves mending away at the wounds inflicted on his allies.

>+1 wound restore for Astra and Ragsen

The Colossus reacts to the damage caused by the Ancient and Astra. It lets out a bellowing roar that shakes the very sand around you.

It begins it's attack by bringing it's claw closest to Ragsen towards him in attempts to bash him, while it brings it's other claw down onto Maali.

>Devistating Claw 1: Ragsen

>Devistating Claw 2: Maali

It then follows up with a swift strike with it's stinger against the Ancient.

>Crystal Stinger: Ancient


Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12


In the face of such an attack, Tagsen feels like there was little he could do but to retaliate by striking at the claw with his blade as it came down.
'1d10+2' Slam

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


>Correction: Devastating



The ancient, with blades rebounding off the colossus' shell, brings a blade hilt down onto the fracture!
[1d10] Melee

the mini healer, brushing herself off after being dumped onto the sand, waves her arms toward the ancient, trying to heal it's massive form.
[1d10] Heal, Ancient

Using the moment of relative safety, i try to open a rift on a nearby dune, pulling an esper into being.
[1d10] Summon esper: Protect

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 6 = 6 / Roll #3 7 = 7


Should be 8/4


"Target its back!" he shouts as he strafes the enormous creature. "The Anya believed it could be weakened this way!" He grits his teeth and tries to climb the creature, hanging onto one of its legs for dear life and slowly inching his way up.
[1d10] Climb

Roll #1 2 = 2


As he sees the claw attack incoming, he tries to dodge it the best he could, but seeing Ragsen isn't as small and nimble as he is, he sends a bit of his healing on the Donkey's way
'1d10' natural remedy

Roll #1 7 = 7


The claw strikes you as you attempt to parry something incredibly larger and stronger than you. You feel a few bones snap, along with sand being knocked into your mouth as you're dragged along it from the claw.

>Helpless, 0/2.

>Broken Leg + Fractured ribs: Mobility -1, +1 discomfort.

Your ancient glows with a soft yellow light, it's more light injuries restored yet none of it's more grievous ones healed. When it attempts to strike down onto the beast, both it and the colossus exchange blows as it takes a direct hit to it's chest.

>Ancient is now 7/2

You then follow it up by summoning another guardian from beyond, an even tinier shield knight from the previous fight! This one is donned in yellow armor, wielding the battered shield of the previous shield knight.

>Summoned: Shield Knight Jr.

>Restored to 5/4

You fail to climb the beast, only to slip off it's leg and fall into the sand.

Your healing waves are able to restore Ragsen, bringing him onto his hooves once more and healing some of his fractured ribs in the process.

>Ragsen is now 8/4

>Fractured Ribs healed: -0.5 discomfort.

The Beast of the Sands lets out a bellowing roar, charging at the party and causing the ground beneath to tremble with each stomp from it's charge.

The colossus is charging! Get out of the way!!


Dodge roll

Roll #1 6 = 6



With the colossus charging into the group, the ancient tries to leap to the side, myself and my nearby summons following suit
[1d10] Dodge: ancient
[1d10] Dodge: Astra
[1d10] Dodge: Mini healer
[1d10] Dodge: Shield knight Jr.

Roll #1 9 = 9 / Roll #2 3 = 3 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 6 = 6


He switfly prances away from the beast
'1d10' get out the way

Roll #1 7 = 7


Wincing as he gets back up from his failed attempt to mount the beast, he scrambles to get out of the way of its attack, running to the side on all fours.
[1d10] Dodge

Roll #1 2 = 2


Thanks to your broken leg, you're nearly trampled by the beast. Luckily you're sturdy enough to mostly withstand being near it's stomping.

>-1 Hit

>Astra is being carried by Ancient currently.

Your ancient, along with your summons, are able to avoid the danger of the stampeding colossus.

You prance out of the way of the beast.

You are not quite as lucky as the others. You are trampled by the beast, your body being battered as you're tossed around underneath. Although when it's all over, you're still able to stand.

>-6 hits.

The Beast of the Sands follows up with another swing of his claws and stinger.

>Devastating Claw 1: Ragsen


>Devastating Claw 2: Mercer


Crystal Stinger: Ancient

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6 / Roll #3 10 + 2 = 12


Ragsen takes some time to lament his busted leg, annoyed at how it was his lot in life to suffer before swinging his sword at the claw once more, beckoning insanity.
'1d10+2' slam

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



The ancient rushes headlong into the beast, making another attempt to bring it's hilt down on the ancient's back, carrying me with a free arm.
[1d10] Melee

Meanwhile i refocus my magic, dress shimmering as i cast forth another bolt!
[1d10] (energized) Magic bolt

the mini healer, hitching a ride on the arm, waves her arms towards Mercer!
[1d10] Heal, Mercer

The shield knight, feeling bold, leaps into the fray near Ragsen, shield held high!
>Protect: Ragsen

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 1 = 1


He lies there for a moment, groaning from the impact before struggling back up and brandishing his mace. "This line will not yield," he grunts as he swings at the creature's claw.

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


He sighs as he dodges the blow, switching his focus to now help Astra's ancient
'1d10' heal

Roll #1 8 = 8


You are nearly crushed once more, although the little shield bro takes the blow for you after leaping to your side.

>-1 Hit to Knight.

Your Guardian ancient swings down for another powerful blow, only for the claw that struck down at Ragsen to swing up and parry the blow. The beast then follows it up by stabbing it's stinger through your Ancient. There is silence in the air before the colossus rips it's stinger back out.

Your ancient falls to the ground, slowly turning to sand and leaving you on the ground once more.

The sudden shock of falling causes the little healer to horribly screw up her spell, injuring Mercer instead.

You are about to fight, before your body is wracked with pain and you're sent to the ground.

>0/2, Helpless.

There is no saving this ancient now, the injuries were too much for the ancient to sustain.

Now with the ancient gone, the colossus turns it's full attention back to the party.

>Devastating Claw 1: Maali

>Devastating Claw 2: Astra

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #2 4 + 2 = 6


Well, at least it took that hit for me, he thinks as he jumps up on the claw and tries to scramble up the arm onto the back.

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2


"Agh!" He convulses from the sudden pain, clutching his head. "Galan-dulur! Mind your arcane sorceries, friend Astra!" he snarls as he rolls over to get back up.

Roll #1 9 = 9


>Heal was redirected to Mercer, now 8/3


Physical shock runs through me as the ancient dies, the mental energy to keep the form stable ripped from me as it dissolves.

gasping, i try to cast a bolt of magic, markings flickering with effort.
"N-not what was planned.."
[1d10] Magic bolt, Colossus

Roll #1 3 = 3


He quickly dodges the Colossus attack again! what a dodgy deer
He tries to restore the remaining wounds on Ragsen

Roll #1 6 = 6


You feel your leg burn from the pain, causing you to fall back into the sand again.

You rush at the colossus, smacking it hard with your mace and cracking the outer shell slightly.

You fail to cast your magical bolt due to the colossus nearly crushing you with it's massive claw, although you're able to just jump out of the way in time.

>-1 hit.

You're able to prance away from the colossus again, casting healing magic onto Ragsen.

>Ragsen fully restored.

The Beast of the Sands roars at the party, beginning to dig into the sand and bury itself underneath. There is a constant unsettling trembling of anticipation.

>Free turn. Mend enabled. Combat as not ended.


Ragsen sighs. "Boy do I feel like garbage," he moans despite being in good health.



Drained, i stumble through sand to reach the party, the mini healer following close behind.

"My.. without the ancient, we'll have quite the fight.."

the mini healer rushes towards Ragsen, waving her hands once again!
[1d10] Mend, Ragsen

The shield knight huffs, hefting it's shield over it's shoulder, like it missed out on something.

Roll #1 9 = 9


He takes a few steps back, warily eyeing the area where the beast is burrowing. "Brace yourselves," he warns. "This can not be a good sign. Whatever comes next, we can weather it. Take up arms, and let us overcome this creature. From darkness, light."
[1d10] Inspire

Roll #1 1 = 1



"We've hardly started, yet i'm worn down, Mercer."

"An ancient that large took quite a lot out of me, we'll have to continue without one.." i reply, trying to stand tall.


''Oh shoot…D-do you think it will run away?…''
''Um…Yes, that!''
''W-we can do it. We just need to find a weakness in it… we also need to get rid of that stinger somehow… It killed your Ancient, Miss Astra''


The miniature healer is able to fix up Ragsen's leg enough for him to stand on it once more.

The constant trembling causes your voice to shake, only making the party feel more unsettled at what is coming.

>-1 to all rolls next turn.

The sand erupts as the Beast jumps out, both claws extended in attempts to crush the party!

>Surprise Attack: All


Roll #1 8 + 4 = 12



"That it did, deery.. I had felt it all too clearly."

"We'll simply have to avoid it's stinger, else we share it's fate."



The sand erupting underneath me, i try to dive out of the way, my summons scattering to avoid it's claws!
[1d10-1] Dodge: Astra
[1d10-1] Dodge: mini healer
[1d10-1] Dodge: shield knight Jr

Roll #1 3 - 1 = 2 / Roll #2 7 - 1 = 6 / Roll #3 10 - 1 = 9


"Beware!" He jumps out of the way of the sudden attack, doing a forward roll as he lands.
[1d10-1] Dodge

Roll #1 5 - 1 = 4


Ragsen leaps at the beast's mouth with his sword swinging.
[1d10-1] jump
[1d10+1] Attack

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9 / Roll #2 2 + 1 = 3


''I doubt we will be able to avoid it all the time…''

As he feels the ground trembling, he loses his balance a bit before trying to jump out of the colosus claws

Roll #1 6 - 1 = 5


You are unable to get away, instead falling to the ground only for your body to be crushed underneath.

>0/3 Helpless

Your smaller healer is also unable to get away, taking brutal damage as it hangs on an inch away from death.

>0/1 Healer

The shield bro is able to dodge away, using his shield to protect himself.

You begin to roll forward, although you get caught by the beast's body instead. You are crushed underneath along with your allies.

>0/2, Helpless

You somehow leap out of the way, but jumping at the mouth was a very aweful idea. You nearly escape death as the beast's maw only chomps down and takes a small chunk of flesh away from your previously injured leg.

>-1 wound.

You fail to jump away, instead landing onto the ground and being crushed underneath as well.

>0/4, Helpless.

The beast of the sands looks down on it's helpless foes, raising it's crystal stinger.

>Devastating Claw 1: Ragsen


>Devistating Claw 2: Maali


Crystal Stinger: Astra

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 3 + 2 = 5


"Do… not… yield!" he barks as he goes down again. "We must… endure…"
[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ragsen looks back at his leg with a sigh as the bandages fall away, revealing his patchy skin and the scars breaking up his fur. "So it goes," he says, and tries to jump up onto the top of the crab once more.

Roll #1 10 - 1 = 9


Maali groans from the beating. Thanking his maker that he was still alive
'1d10' trying to get up

Roll #1 4 = 4



Crushed and gasping for breath, i try to stand on shaky hooves, still drained of focus.
[1d10] Recover

The shield knight, eyes flashing behind it's helmet, boldly leaps to my defense!
>protect: Astra

the mini healer, lying still, tries to keep herself a small target among the sand

Roll #1 1 = 1


You recover from your fall, your strength renewed as you feel more confident.

>Recovered, 8/2

You leap ontop of the creature, getting ahead and making it onto the beast's back in good time.

>You are now on the back of the beast, attack and roll DC4 to remain stable!

You fail to recover, the beast's claw slams down onto your weakened body and causing further harm to it.

>-1 wound.

Your little knight leaps to your aid! He blocks the blow of the stinger, yet it still pierces through the shield enough to pierce both knight bro and your back, causing you immense pain.

>-1 wound.

>Knight Bro 0/2

The Beast begins to raise it's claws once more, aiming to slam down upon the deer and dog.

>Devastating Claw 1: Mercer

>Devastating Claw 2: Maali

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #2 9 + 2 = 11


Ragsen plunges the flaming flamberge into the top o the beast's shell!
[1d10+2] Plunge
[1d10] Steady

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 6 = 6


As he pulls himself back up, he clutches his mace in both hands and brings it down on the creature's shell. "See how it falls before us!"
[1d10+1] Counter

Roll #1 3 + 1 = 4


He loses counciousness for a moment before moaning in pain
>Brain: are we still alive?
>okay good
he trembles to get up ''Y-you…W-will not keep me down…''
'1d10' up up up

Roll #1 4 = 4


The knight holds it's position heroically, pierced through it's shield yet still soldiering on!

gasping, i fade out of consciousness as i try and force myself upright!
"Not yet.. We've made it so far…"
[1d10] Recovery

Roll #1 6 = 6


You are able to remain stable, striking your sword down onto the exposed stone-like flesh of the beast. The creature screeches in pain from your attack.

You're able to avoid the swing from the beast easily, slamming your mace down onto the shell and cracking it further. The beast screeches in pain from your combined efforts with Ragsen, giving you an opening to climb up.

>+1 to begin climb.

You recover from your injuries, standing onto your hooves with renewed strength.

>Recovered, 5/2.

The beast slams down onto you again just like before, causing even more pain!

>-1 Wound

The colossus screeches, beginning to charge once more at the party.

>Mercer may attempt at climbing instead of dodging.

>Maali will recover with successful dodge.

>Ragsen must roll to remain stable and cannot attack.

>Astra roll as normal.


Ragsen holds onto the sword with his front legs and claw while trying to keep steady with his back legs!

Roll #1 7 = 7



standing once again, i can hardly breath before the colossus charges again, diving out of the giant's path!
[1d10] Dodge: Astra
[1d10] Dodge: shield knight Jr

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


He leaps onto the creature's leg again, trying to climb up onto it again.
[1d10+1] Climb

Roll #1 9 + 1 = 10


He sees the creature about to charge, knowing there is no way he would be able to get up in time, he tries to at least drag himself away, praying for safety
''G-Gaia…Help me…Mother…''

Roll #1 5 = 5


changed wound


You successfully remain stable through the charge, you can continue your attack!

You dodge by taking flight into the sky, remaining above the beast.

However, sadly the little shield knight gets trampled. All that's left behind is his helmet and shield…

>Shield Knight Jr. is dead.

You successfully grab onto the beast, climbing up half way to the top already.

>Continue climb with bonus.

You are trampled over, your body beaten up once more. You feel close to death just like the last time you fought one of these giants.

>0/1 Cannot self recover.

The Colossus begins to notice it's unwanted visitors, attempting to shake them off as well as swinging it's stinger at Ragsen.

>Shake off: Mercer

>Crystal Stinger: Ragsen

Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 + 2 = 10


"Watch as this one ascends!" he boasts, his confidence strengthened by seeing Ragsen weaken the colossus. He continues his climb.

Roll #1 1 + 1 = 2


Ragsen continues to hold onto the blade, lifting it up a foot or so and jamming it back into the top.
[1d10+2] Slam

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



keeping above the brawl, i fly down to the still deer, trying to pick him back up.
[1d10] Recovery assist

"Y-you'll be fine, dear.. Just n-need to get you on your hooves.. right?"

The shield knight's helmet and shield dissipate with a flash of light, leaving only the sand where he once was.

Roll #1 3 = 3


He spits some blood
And a teeth


Watch as this one falls instead, slamming onto the sand. It absorbs most of your fall, only harming you a bit.

>-3 hits, 5/2

You lift the blade up only for it to dig in deeper, causing further pain to the creature. As you listen to it's screech, you feel the stinger jam itself into your side, causing intense pain before it slides back out.

>-3 Hits.

You first check his pulse and take caution to recover him, he's still badly injured after all.

>Unable to recover

Mercer and Ragsen has drawn away the attention of the beast for now, the beast attempting to shake off Ragsen while it attacks Mercer.

>Devastating Claws 1 & 2: Mercer


>Shake off: Ragsen


Roll #1 3, 6 + 2 = 11 / Roll #2 6 = 6


"…Allow this one to take a mulligan, as it were," he grumbles as he tries to climb up again.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Feeling the wobbling of the colossus, Ragsen feels like luck coming to reap its due while he attempts to hold on and stab it again.
[1d10+2] Stab
[1d10] Steady

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9 / Roll #2 8 = 8


Sighing in relief that he's still alive, i try to carefully nudge him to an upright position.

"You must get up, Maali.. Mercer and Ragsen can't hold the creature forever.."
[1d10] Recovery assist

Roll #1 5 = 5


He struggles to even open one eye, the purple and gray blur that he assumes is Astra is the only thing he can (barely) see
''M…iss As..tra… If I die…'' His hoof slowly moves to his necklace ''T-take…please…''
He feels rather cold to the touch…


You are unable to dodge away from at least one of the swings, being smacked and flung a few feet away and onto your back.

>0/1, restored from Heart of Iron to 0/3.

You stab down at the beast once more, still remaining stable by holding onto your blade.


You lift Maali onto your back, he is unable to stand on his own and you must carry him.

>Maali is 5/1 but must be carried.

The Beast lets out a bellowing roar once more, before digging down into the sand. Ragsen is knocked off the beast, his blade now lying on the sand where the beast once was. The ground gives off a dread filling tremble once more… Is it smart to continue this fight?


Ragsen runs over to Astra and Maali, and starts pulling on them. "Come, we'll run for now," he says, "No reason to be worry about honor with a beast."


He takes the blow on the chin, grunting and rubbing his jaw. "You… You shall have to try harder than that if you are to smite us!" he taunts, struggling back up. "We… We shall return, in greater numbers than ever before. We will destroy you!"
[1d10] Recover

Roll #1 7 = 7



"Oh hush, Deer.. You'll not die with me here, i'll not allow it.." i reply wearily.


with the deer in tow, i try to move back towards the camp, struggling to climb the dunes with the Deer.




You are able to recover.

The Colossus of the Sands erupts out of the sands once more, although the group has already ran away from it.

You all hear a strange sound… a warped high pitched noise. When you turn to look, you can see the stinger of the large scorpion glow brightly, before letting out a powerful beam of blue light.

>Stinger Beam: Final Strike


Roll #1 2 + 3 = 5


The beam glides along the sand close to where you ran, only for fire to spew out of the newly formed tear in the ground caused by the beam. While the team is not harmed by this with how far they've gotten, this is still worrying as to what else it may be able to do.


After escaping the whole ordeal, everyone finds themselves sitting at the camp they last spent the night at. A small pitiful fire is set up as the crew sits around it, Maali is conscious but still in pain.



sitting near maali, propped up by the trunk, i try and summon something to help, markings flickering as i focus.

"Come now.. I can summon something, right?"
[1d10] Summon esper: Mini healer

Roll #1 4 = 4


Ragsen lies on his side near the fire, pulling his bandages off, slowly revealing more of his scarred body, covered with patches of fur and marks of stitches and poorly-healed flesh wounds.


"Certainly a closer call than the last fight, eh Ragsen?" i ask, keeping an eye on the injured Maali


>Outside combat, automatic.

You summon the minature healer, she seems fine now after being sent back to recover.

>-10 stress


"It was," he says, "It's a shame, too, I was getting so used to being hit up until I jumped up and started stabbing that exposed spot, and then everyone else was getting hit."


He tries to sit up, only to fail and lay back down
''I'm sorry…Again…It is my fault we were defeated…'' he manages to speak


Mercer crouches by Maali's side, holding onto the wounded deer as he says a traditional prayer of his people in the hopes that it will help. "Shagga onoso hilanga da, gis sandrorro maagon. Shagga perzys onoso galanga tulur, margalta hitsos emagon. Hen shagga sandrorro. Hen nagir, pergan. Hen narval, glaesin."


>Pausing, but do continue to RP if you wish



The mini healer, recovered from the fight, makes her way over to Maali, tending to his wounds.

"Oh come now, it's not your fault, Maali. That accursed Fire creature frankly ruined my ancient!"

"As with most ancients, it simply continued it's duty, not much we could do to keep it moving."

"What say we patch you up and rest for now. We'll head back to the temple come morning."


"Do not try to move, friend Maali," he says quietly. "Your wounds are great, and you teeter close to the void."

"We should gather forces before trying to defeat that creature again," he suggests to the party. "Perhaps we could hire a sellsword to assist us. It is clear now that we cannot hope to do this on our own. The skirmish is lost, but the battle may yet be won."


"Fighting a creature that fierce, i'm not so sure we can find somepony with the skill to match it."

"There were certainly many knights of canterlot who would fit the bill, but within these lands i'm not so certain.."


"Is that so? What'd you do wrong this time?"
"Astra, pull me out a mandolin or something so that I can play us a campfire song."
"As for your ancient, I couldn't tell how much it was doing against that scorpion. It was lacking in precision damage."
"How do we hire a body in this land without currency?"


He lifts a hoof to the dog's much larger paw. His fur was sticky and cold with blood and sand as he gave Mercer the best smile of thankfullness he could muster
''Yes…It is…If I haven't stayed behind…You would't be hurt…A-and that buf..B-bufallo…Oh gods. Ifonly I-I was there sooner…'' His wide eyes start to get teary
''M-maybe someone…In the t-temple could help us?…''
I stayed and let you face danger without being there to help…I wasn't there to protect you…And now I almost died if you were not there to protect me…''




shifting behind me, i tap the trunk, it's lid opening wide enough for me to reach in.

"I might have something here…"
[1d10] Hat trick: Mandolin

"As for my ancient, it's quite difficult to control a creature that large. Precision doesn't quite fit ancient power, you see."

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Well, maybe in the future fortune will smile upon us a bit kinder so as not to let you be in such danger."


"Ssshh, it's okay.. get some rest, Dear. You'll feel better tomorrow.."

whispering calmly, i pat the poor deer on the head with a hoof, staying nearby.


"Surely we are not the only adventurers in this land? This one is certain we can find someone brave and capable enough to hold their own against a colossus."

"Perhaps not in gold, but the promise of treasure and trinkets is hard for anyone to resist." He gestures at his newfound sword." A share of the winnings is more than an adequate price, in this one's opinion."

"That is what this one had in mind also. Many travelers come and go through that place. We are sure to find someone there that could help us. Perhaps the waif Rosa, whose virtue we avenged?"


"Ah, yes, you found that. What's it do?"


''It is the second time my life hangs by a thread mister Ragsen…A-and i have not even fully recovered from the previous encounter…I…I think maybe I should leave this place…You need someone stronger to help you n this journey…''
He closes his eyes as the tears mix with the dried blood and dirt, lowering his head for easier pettings
''Do you think she would want to try?…S-she could still be feeling afraid to leave the safety of…The temple''


Ragsen rests his head on some of his junk as a pillow, then snorts. "It's too late for that, I think. We've had that bath together and we're all imbued with the essence of those giants."


He blinks. "…This one is not sure yet, but there is a bond between this one and it. We are coterminous. Surely it has some sort of magical enchantment that will be a great boon in the near future."

"If any vile brigands try to attack her, it is our duty to protect the helpless," hr responds. "Failing that, we must avenge the spurned. Neglecting this is worse than doing such vile acts ourselves. Apathy is death."


Ragsen scrunches his snout up. "Don't be using words like that as if we know them."



resting against the trunk, i nod.

"True. We've entered a new world together, one we cannot just leave behind."

"We'll have to see this through to the end, whatever that may be."

"Lets just try to see it through in one piece." i mutter, laughing to myself.


He rests his head down as well, staring at the clouds
''Well…Then we should try to fully recover… Before we face that thing again…''
''Yes…Mister Mercer. Then I promise if she joins us, I will protect her the same I do to you''
He struggles to smile ''But for now…We recover, and plan our next battle a bit better…''


"Sure, we could, but I thought once I got on top of it I was doing pretty well, so maybe I could go out and fight it by myself next time and you all can watch and admire me from a distance."


"My, feeling brave are you?"

"Well, once we've recovered i just might hold you to it!" i reply, laughing


He tilts his head with a frown. "Does this one's language confuse you? Apologies. Your tongue is still somewhat alien at times."

"This one is glad to hear that." He takes his canteen and pours water on a particularly nasty wound. "You will need that strength when the storm comes. And do not fret, for you will survive this injury. It is known."

"Hear, hear! To a glorious end, and beyond," Mercer barks. "The blackest of nights will always yield to the dawn. We cannot wallow in despair, for our task is clear, and we require naught but the strength to push on. Nayaga nako wada." He raises his water canteen in a toast.


"Sure, just whip out a couple of those lil' buggers to help me out and draw attention and I'll be able to get it by myself. It'll be safer for everyone else, too."


''Ehe… And let you take all the glory from defeating the monster? I don't think so, mister Ragsen''
He cringes as the water hits the open wound, then groans and relaxes again ''T-thank you…'' He raises his hoof to join the toast
''F-for the life of those who..Uuh.. For those who are kind and for nature…''


Ragsen toasts as well with his canteen, then dribbles it into his mouth.



"Hear, Hear!" i reply, hoof raised

"To we few fighters! We'll bring that colossus down, and many more behind it!"


"Well, we and maybe a couple more. It wouldn't hurt."


Post them sheets!



File: 1463277440147.jpg (3.71 MB, 1705x2932, ZENySzQ.jpg)


File: 1463277445705.jpg (111.82 KB, 795x647, G2GrimlockBlue.jpg)



Maali 5/5 (5/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls. Broken Antlers. Cannot use Antlers to attack and no longer grant bonus hit.)
Ragsen 8/5 (8/6) (Missing Ear: Hearing based perception rolls are now -1.)
Mercer 8/5 (8/5) (Badly burned: -1 to healing effects/-2 hits to full heals.)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)

Last time on Forbidden Lands, the party had retreated away from the battle with the Beast of the Sands. Mercer and Maali nearly met their end. Astra gave Ragsen a child's toy version of a Mandolin as well.

Now the party heads back to the temple, where they still see familiar faces such as Emon, Blazing Brew and Kratz. Even the bulletin board has a few new requests on it.

Now the question is, what do they do from here?



Arriving after the not-so-short trip from desert to the temple, i scratch my chin with a hoof, pondering our next move.

"Well then, now that we've made it safely, we'd best plan our next move."

The mini healer, still tagging along for the ride, continues her task of healing the party, waving away from her seat on the trunk.
>Mend: Ragsen


Ragsen walks along with the party in a funk, disheartened not only at their retreat, but the loss of one of his ears, as a donkey's ears are among their more notable features.
"Yes, it'd probably be a good choice to look for more work," he says, "Those have been fruitful, and along the way we've met that fellow who could work with the shadow gems- should we get enough of them, it would be quite useful to our journey. So the more time we're out and about, the better."


Maali looks for Emon, to tell him about the not so succesful encouter with the scorpion
''Look for help?…Maybe look for something with Kratz that we could use?''


Wincing in pain from his burns, he shambles over to the billboard to see if anything new has been posted.

"This one agrees with the Ragsen," Mercer says. "It would be profitable to seek fortunes elsewhere before we attempt to slay the beast again."



"While we take care of business here, i'll take a look at that notice board."

Mustering the chest into action, it patters off toward the Notice board, bark-like tongue stuck between the lid and trunk.


"Or we could find someone to hire, like a griffon with a spear that could dive down and strike at the beast's exposed topside," he says, making a flapping wing motion with his front legs.


''This will give it time to recover…''



"It would certainly help, though i'm not quite sure how he'd fare against that beam it had used.."


"By flying around behind the scorpion, of course. It can't attack in all directions simultaneously, at least not without sacrificing range."


"Or we could distract it and allow our ally to attack it at that moment. Whatever the case may be, we will most certainly require more than just the four of us to complete this mission."


''Or we would need very good plan to take it down… What are the weaknesses of scorpions?…''


"You know what we could do is hire someone with a cart to pull it along with us, and the cart is filled with barrels of water. When the time comes to fight the scorpion, Astra summons an Ancient from the water and uses it to fight the scorpion- surely it would wear down the sandstone the creature is made of."



"A rolled newspaper?"i ask, stifling a laugh.


"I'm not quite sure i can summon an ancient with brought material. You see, it really does depend on the tear i pull them from and, well, there's more sand than water.."


"Then what if you summon it at the seaside and bring it along with us through the desert?"


He blinks. "…The legs? This one is unsure. He has not battled a foe such as this before, but he imagines if its legs could be damaged the creature would be incapacitated, giving us the advantage."

"That sounds costly and impractical," he replies. "Asides, it is as the Astra said. The conjuring does not work in that manner."



"It may just evaporate before we get there, we'd have quite a ways to cover moving inland."


''That sounds…A bit complicated…But I think it could work?''
''Come on Miss Astra…There must be some flaw it has that we can use…Like when we fought that colossus in the swamp''


"When I had leaped upon it near the end of the battle, I made good use of its injury and thrust my sword into it several times. I believe that to be the way to defeat it."
"Bah, whatever, we'll just fight it the boring way, then."


"Well.. i do remember seeing it's shell crack from my ancient striking it, perhaps it's body is the weak point?"


While Mercer's burn only left behind a sore bald spot where the burn once was, Ragsen's ear would not quite be the same. Ragsen's ear is functional but most of it has been bitten off.

Aside from the normal manual labor requests or low rewarding delivery jobs, you find one that seems more interesting than the others.

"Dear Adventurers,

I have noticed the bandits blocking the western bridge are no longer around. To those who either killed or got rid of them, you have my deepest gratitude.

To those who are interested, I have discovered a key that unlocks the gates leading into the Manor located to the far North. Locals have been saying how it is a cursed place, one set up by the first generation of travelers into this land, I intend to find out what they have locked away in there. If you want more details about a reward then speak to me directly, I will be camping just on the south end of the temple outside. Although if you do not find me, I will have more than likely left to the Manor.

Ask Kratz if you need your map marked.

Sincerely, Rosa."

She had left her request posted right over her old one.

You find Emon making his way down the spiral pathway, meeting you just outside the Path Pools. "Ah, Maali, so good to see you are fine. What brings you and your friends back here so soon?" He asks, surprised to see you here when it hasn't even been a week.


"Aha! An ancient, rumor shadowed manor! Just the place to find strange and exotic weapons or lost tomes on colossi slaying."

"Now.. we may need to check by Kratz if Rose left already."


''Impaling might be the way to go then…Maybe Kratz can find us a spear?''
''I could be more fine…We returned from the dessert…We found a giant scorpion colossus of the sands there and…Well it has managed to deal with both us and another group of adventurers we found on our way…We helped heal their wounds and tried to take it on ourselves…But it killed one of the allies we found on the way…Me, Miss Astra, Mister Mercer and Ragsen are alive, but Ragsen lost an ear and we lost the battle…It is still roaming the dessert…''
He sighs
''We came back to recover and think of a plan and prepare before we try to face it again''



With a new goal in mind, i swing past the sign to the south exit, searching for Rosa.

"I certainly hope we caught up to her in time."


"The Rosa calls for aid once again!" he says with a satisfied grin. "Let us find her, and pray we are not too late to accompany her on this quest." He does an about-face and walks off to find Rosa.


"Hopefully she's better than the last time she put a bulletin up," Ragsen said, following Mercer to find Rosa.


Emon listens to you, coming over to give you a comforting pat on the back. "Many adventurers have fought and failed against these creatures… It is surprising enough that you four have already slain two. Perhaps you simply need to hone yourself more… explore the lands and allow it to temper you. Then perhaps you shall be ready." Emon says, giving you a smile in attempts to lift your spirit.

All you find is the small spots where she had set up her tent and made a campfire. Her leave must have been recent, yet it is still difficult to tell how recent it was.


"Well, if she's not here, might as well finish the round up and head to Kratz. Did we pick up anything worth trading this time around?"


He purses his lips. "We should make haste to follow behind her. She may get injured on her own."

Mercer shrugs. "Apart from the shadow gems, this one does not believe we have anything new worth trading."



"Rats! It seems she's already left for the Manor."

with a sigh, i direct the trunk back into the temple towards Kratz's stall.
"As far as i recall, no. I doubt he'd accept shadow gems as currency either.."


"Well, we might as well stop by, anyway, I'm sure he'd appreciate it." He heads to the stall with Astra, seeing no reason to do otherwise.



"That and, as the note mentioned, we'd need the location before we head out, of course. Wouldn't want to wander north aimlessly, would we?"


"Oh, sure, that, too."


"No need for that," he responds as he follows everyone else to Kratz despite not having anything to trade. "We could easily follow her tracks, could we not?"


he smiles back ''Yes…We will do that master Emon…How have things been on the temple? Is everything at peace?''


"Well, it'd be better to have a reference point on a map rather than tracking prints, wouldn't it?"



"I'm not exactly sure how far away this manor is, she might have moved far enough to obscure tracks."

"That is, unless you might have the nose to track her down?"


Upon arriving at Kratz's stand, you notice another familiar face speaking with him… Julius! When they both spot you, they turn and wave almost simultaneously. Even their greetings were said nearly at the same time.

"Ah! Beast Slayers! So good to see you again!" Julius greets happy and just as enthusiastically as he was last time you met.

"Hallo! How are mien most interesting customers?" Kratz greets, however when you get closer he lets out an audible gasp. "Ragsen! Vhat happened to your ear?!" He asks with concern.

Emon lets out a small sigh, turning to look out to the entrance room. "The Pony tribe has questioned me about why I seek the coins. From how well sealed the letter is, I can only tell their leader wishes to keep this a secret affair as well. When you retrieve the coin for him, then we will meet personally and discuss it further. Hopefully I can convince him to allow us to study the coins when they're all together…" He says, reminding you how a few had mentioned your quest to the Pony Tribal Leader.


Ragsen groans as Kratz asks about his ear. "I knew I'd get asked about it," he says, grinding his teeth, "It got bitten off by a dog."


hopping off the trunk, i greet the chipper dragon with a wave.

"yes, hello again, Kratz! We were just stopping by over the matter with that notice on the board, the one from Rosa? It mentioned asking you for directions to the manor."

"By the way, have you received any books recently? Dusty, aged, in an older language?"


''There is still time for that…We still need the coins from the other tribes…What secrets do you think you will even find in those coins, Master Emon?''


"Peace be upon you, friend Kratz," he responds, raising one hand in greeting as is his custom. "And greetings to you too, friend Julius. This one is pleased to see you have arrived unharmed."


"A dog?" He asks, having to hold back some of his laughter. "Vell, I guess some giant slayers can't alvays lose body parts a more heroic vay." Kratz teases.

"Ah, ze fair maiden Rosa. She vent to zat spooky place just zis morning. Just look on ze map I gave to you, it should be marked zere." Kratz says with your question about Rosa.

"As for books… I have an old tome, but I doubt you could find anyone to translate any of ze unique language this place used to have." He says, reaching down to pull out a large book. The tome itself is a worn out grey, the spine made with black leather that has a strap wrapping around the book from the center. You can see the strap is held in place with string to prevent the book from opening. The text on the center seems to be similar to other ancient text found in this land. "Do you have anyzing to trade for it? Or do you vish for me to hold onto it until you return from ze manor?" He asks, tapping his claws on the stand.

"The feeling is mutual, oh grand slayer of the colossi." Julius says with a bow, before rising back up to his hooves. "I see your armor is missing, if you want I could take a few of those shadow gems to restore a new set of armor for you." He offers with a wide smile.

He remains silent when you ask that. After a short while he finally speaks up. "I do not exactly know, Maali. But I feel like the relics of this land may still be the key to seeing the world beyond this mist…" He answers.


"Yeah, shit happens," Ragsen says, "At least I didn't nearly die. Anyway, we don't have anything new to offer you, just came by for you to mark our map and say hey since we were here."


"This one is in need of new effects," he admits. "Alas, this one only has two of the gems. Would this be sufficient?"



"Well, while we're here, i may have something to trade for it."

Turning to open the trunk, i dive torso deep into the maw of the container to search for something of value
[1d10] Hat trick: Gem

Roll #1 8 = 8


''Maybe…'' He stares off at the distance, also silent for a few seconds
''Well, I better get going. Bad things happen when I stay away from the others for too long…If you see miss Hola, please tell her I am doing well and I have not forgotten about her task''
With that, he's off to meet up with the party


"Vell I already told Astra zat ze map I gave you has it marked." He says.

"Well… I'm going to need at least ten of them to make it. Perhaps your allies would like to chip in?" He asks, looking to the others.

You pull out a aqua blue gem, handing it to Kratz. He inspects it, commenting as he does. "Vell… A little cloudy, but I can handle zat." He says, before sliding the book over to you. "Deal."

>Ancient Tome: Requires Rank 6 Mystic to translate it yourself.

He gives you a wave goodbye. "May Lord Dormin grant peace to you and your allies, Maali." He says as you join the others.


"Yeah, yeah, I heard. Anything new or interesting happen around here?"


''Thank you!…Uh, you too!''
Now back with the others, he waves at kratz excitedly ''Good day mister Kratz!''
''You can have the gems I found mister Mercer…I have no use for them if all we can get out of them are weapons, really''


"Ah! thank you very much, darling!"

taking ahold of the book, i carefully pop the trunk's lid and set the book inside for reading later.

hopping onto the lid, i turn the wooden steed about and begin the march to the south gate.

"Very well, off we go then. Tata, Kratz! I'll return with more spoils soon!"


"Your generosity is most appreciated, friend Maali. Thank you, sincerely."

With Maali chipping in, he passes Julius 10 gems. "Here. Are these sufficient?"


''Anytime, mister Mercer''


"You could alvays look to the far Northwest. Zere sits a tower vere I heard a colossus guards ancient treasure. I never explored it, I don't get involved with colossi."

"Hallo Maali, good to see your antlers growing in more, I vould say you're nearly ready to defend yourself again."

"Oh I can do more than weapons and armor, I can enhance them to be sharper or more protective! I can even enchant them with the elements for defense or offense." Julius explains his list of shadow crafting capabilities.

"Tata! Stay safe!" He says with a farewell wave to you.

"Why, yes it is! But are you sure you want me to do this?" He asks, wanting confirmation first.

>Confirm trading 10 gems for +1 physical resistance armor?


He puffs out his chest, trying to make his voice sound deeper as he spoke''I always could defend myself!''

''Oh, well that does sounds useful…I will think about it if we ever find a spare armor small enough for me, thank you''


"Alright, alright, I'll remember that," he says, scratching his chin, "See you when we get back."
Ragsen heads out with Astra.
Ragsen cranes his neck over to look at the book Astra picked up. "Oh, I've read that one before," he says, "Really boring, and the twist at the end is bleh."


"This one sees no reason not to do so," he replies with a shrug.




"Oh? you've read this one before, then? How is the plot, hmm? I'm simply dying to give it a good read!"


"Well, if you're looking for something to curl up with at night, you'd do better than a crusty old book like that."


File: 1463285785837.png (29.13 KB, 212x274, Shadow Armor.png)

"It can apply to normal clothes too if you ever find cloth." Julius adds.

Two out of four party members gather outside now, waiting for the others.

"If you say so, now watch closely… you're going to think this is pretty neat." Julius says excitedly, taking the gems and lining them in a circle. He begins to chant a spell to the gems, causing them to rise and rapidly spin around one another in an orb shape. Finally they clash all together with an audible bang, a mass of shadows warping in place before it begins to take shape and solidifying. After a short while the armor begins to become detailed, revealing a brand new chest piece.

>Gained +1 resistance armor again.


''Well…I don't normally wear clothes either…Huh…'' He blushes, glancing at the party and then himself
''Maybe I should…''


"Ah-klorah!" he exclaims, shielding his eyes instinctively. He tentatively reaches out to try the armor on. "Thank you for this," he says to Julius as he shifts around in it. "Your efforts will not go to waste, this one promises you."



"My, rather straightforward today, aren't you?" i reply, laughing hautily

"Well, an old book would certainly keep me busy, at least. It's quite thick for a tome, seems to be plenty to read before bed.


"Won't traveling all day be enough work, why spend the mental energy on a book?"


"There's quite a bit of insight to gather from those who lived long enough to write it down, you see. Perhaps this might be some sort of… Colossi fighting manual, or something."

"For all we know, it may just be an old copy of the ponysutra, but we'd never know until we read it!"


"We'd know if it were the ponysutra if there were diagrams in it."


"Oh? Diagrams would make sense I suppose, though we would still need to leaf through it to check."

"Judging by the age of the book, I doubt they would have included pictures.."


"What, you're saying there was a period of time where it was universally decided that complicated sexual positions and maneuvers would be better off without a diagram to look at?"


"Oh do not worry, remember that you are given free service. After all, you saved my life." He reminds you before you join with the others.

The party is now gathered, allowing them to move on once more! Let us hope they find their way there safely.

The party travels over the natural bridge to the northeastern part of the temple, allowing them to head to the Manor located to the north. The sun is setting and they can spot what looks like a large set of ruins to the north where the Goo Tribe is marked on the map.

During their travels however, they spot what looks like a back of wild boars. While they don't seem aggressive at the moment, you know agitating them would cause them to be hostile. To Mercer, they do look like they'd offer some pretty tasty meat.

>Sneak around or fight?


>Sneak around, so as not to disrupt the ecosystem, and they're not hostile as of yet.


[1d10] sneaking

Roll #1 6 = 6


"N-not quite, just that there usually isn't room for pictures with this volume of text!" I reply, trying to save face.

Seeing the boars up ahead, I quickly quiet down and keep low, hopping off the trunk and making my way around, the container trying to follow suit.
[1d10] sneak:Astra
[1d10] sneak:mimic

Roll #1 7 = 7 / Roll #2 5 = 5


Suppressing his natural instinct to attack the boars, he tries to sneak around them in order to continue on the path to the manor.
"We should seek shelter in younder ruins," he comments to the rest of the party. "It would be a more agreeable alternative to camping out, methinks."

Roll #1 10 = 10


Maali calmly sneaks past them. he knows how boars can be territorial and agressive if they sense a threat, so he better not disturb them
'1d10' sneaky

Roll #1 7 = 7


You sneak past the grazing boars.

While your chest isn't as quiet, you remain silent and sneaky as possible. Even with your chest bouncing a bit as he follows, you're able to sneak past.

You're so sneaky that the others couldn't even see you sneak past.

You sneak along with Astra.

>optional-hostile avoided!

The group continues on, reaching closer to the ruins. With night fall coming, where will they rest and set up camp?


"Perhaps those ruins would work for a camp? We'd be better off in there than camping in the open, who knows what lives out here?"


>>665069 >>665070
"Sure, sure, let's go in the ruins," Ragsen says, "Put some fire down so nothing tries to ambush us and we'll be safe."


''This island has quite a lot of ruins around now that I think about it, you noticed that too, right miss Astra?''
''Hey Mister Ragsen, I noticed we have not tried to play anything together until now! What do you say, My flute and your…Uuh, what would you like to play?''


Ragsen pulls out the tiny mandolin Astra gave him, looking at Maali with a serious look on his face.


"Yes, the ruins!" he agrees. "The map we carry says there is a settlement there. Hopefully they will agree to shelter us for the night."

"It has not gone unnoticed," he agrees. "This one can only speculate as to the reasons why. Without any knowledge of the history of this land, we may never know the answer."


"Magic is unpredictable, ragsen." I reply, shrugging.

"True, this place is riddled with ruins! Either this land truly is ancient or some cataclysm occurred before, who knows?"


You decide to head to the ruins, however as you get closer to the bridge, you swear you could hear festival music coming from the ruins.



He puts a hoof to his mouth, holding a giggle ''Can you even play that?''
''Ancient civilizations for sure…The colossus must have been part of it too…Can you imagine? Maybe they used to be pets or were created as weapons…Or maybe were the avatars of the ancient gods worshiped in this land…''
''Maybe both…Ehe…It is kind of exciting to think about all the many more things we will find…I feel like we have not even scratched the surface of this place''


"Of course I can," he says, putting it up to his face and striking his teeth against the strings.


''Are you sure?…'' He draws his flute, raising it close to his lips


File: 1464488853525.jpg (846.1 KB, 1024x768, Its about damn time.jpg)



File: 1464489048455.png (1012.74 KB, 675x1256, into_the_abyss_by_ehecod-d….png)




Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/5 (8/6)
Mercer 8/5 (8/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)

When we last left the crew, they had left the temple of light in search of Rosa. The first day traveling to the mansion was somewhat uneventful, aside from sneaking around some wildlife. Now the sun is setting and the party make their way to distant ruins, seeming to be obscured from a forest.

Upon arriving to the supposedly goo pony populated ruins, they find themselves staring out into a valley filled with water bellow, forming a mote-like ring around the ruins which sit on a large piece of land. The way to the ruins is connected by an old bridge, although it still looks sturdy enough to handle the weight of the party if they are careful.

The ruins itself seems to be a tall wall surrounding a large worn down tower, what is behind the wall is for the party to find out.


File: 1464490394135.jpg (334.51 KB, 1920x1080, waterfall ruins.jpg)

>forgot post flavor picture


Ragsen leads the way across the bridge, being such a trailblazer that he leaves the rest of the group behind so he can be across the bridge without any issue.


He notes the dimming sunlight with concern. "Mayhaps the inhabitants of this place will offer us shelter for the night. Let us not tarry in finding out," he states as he begins to make his way across the rickety bridge.
[1d10] to cross if you need it

Roll #1 9 = 9


Maali happily walks through the bridge towards the other side with Ragsen with little worry, knowing he was light enough that it would barely weight the bridge down


When you begin to near midway, you notice another figure making their way over the bridge. It seems to be a donkey playing a strange instrument made from a bag and pipes, while the tune isn't bad the sound from his instrument is still ear piercing. You'll soon meet midway across the bridge.

He is quite large for a normal donkey, wearing what looks like leather armor with a great sword sheathed and strapped to his back.


''Oh Gaia this screeching sound…'' He rubs his ears with his hooves ''Was that supposed to be some kind of instrument?!''
He keeps walking, trying to disguise his discomfort as the strange donkey approaches


Ragsen pulls out the trombone Astra had given him earlier, and begins playing it while approaching the other donkey.

Roll #1 7 = 7


His every instinct tells him to flee from the godforsaken din, but he grits his teeth and smiles politely at the donkey. "Peace be upon you, fellow traveler. Know you who dwells in yonder ruins?"



"My, what an.. interesting tune."

keeping with the party, i make my way towards the bridge, the trunk plodding along noisily.


Your tromboning mixes with the bagpipes, perhaps it may be a donkey thing but this is just making the situation all much more horrid. Although the bag o' pipe playing donkey seems to get into playing with you as you're both forced to stop in front of one another.

After you finish your little tune, he lowers his own instrument with a smile. "Finally, somebody who appreciates the bag o' pipes."

You come to a halt with the others when the instrument playing donkey begins to play and conversate with Ragsen.

"Bunch of weird goop ponies. I wouldn't even bother with em, don't even open their damned gates for the likes of anyone who doesn't have treasure on hoof. Now if ye don't mind, move out of my way." The donkey says straightforwardly.

You just sit there waiting.


"Oh? After loot, are they?"

hopping onto the bridge, i open the lid of the trunk and start rummaging around inside.

"I might have something for them, actually."
[1d10] Hat trick: Valuables

Roll #1 6 = 6


He carefully makes room for the donkey to pass
''Strange…I never thought Goo ponies would live in castles…''


"Aye, truly music is the greatest gift of all," Ragsen says, nodding slowly.
"What kind of strange are these goo ponies, now that we're talking about them?"


"We may have some baubles to barter with. It will be an easy task to be admitted to their village. Thank you for telling us this, traveler," he says warmly as he moves aside for the donkey.


You find what looks like a fork perfectly polished… but the prongs are all bent and curled in a spiral.

"Looks like a beat up tower to me." He states.

"They don't talk right, they switch words up with made up ones."

"Aye." He says, probably his own way of saying you're welcome.

>Assuming everyone does the same.

The donkey begins to pass by the group, nearly falling a few times but able to balance himself. "Name's McGlab. If I see you fellows around, be sure to tell me what's inside that place and if it's worth anything." McGlab says, waving a hoof as a farewell.

The path is now clear to the other side of the bridge.


Ragsen waves McGlab away. "Alright, what do we have to offer as treasure?"


He shrugs ''Close enough''
''I have nothing valuable with me…''



Glaring at the fork and grumbling, i hop back onto the trunk and send it forward.

"Perhaps i can make it out to be a canterlot fork, or something."

"I had tried to fish for something, with.. mixed results." i reply, showing the bent fork.

"I could try again, though i'm not sure what to look for."


"Damn these goo ponies, we shouldn't have to pay taxes when we don't even live here!"


"Well, we are, in essence, paying for a night's stay here. We ought to trade something."


"We shall do so. Safe travels." He bows slightly in farewell.

"We could trade some of the shadow gems," he muses. "This one also has a telescope that he would be willing to part with."


''Maybe they are just greedy!''


"What do you mean, paying for a night's stay? We'll just find a church or something and ask for sanctuary."
"Nooo way, those are too valuable to trade for entry."


"I'm not so sure a church is still intact in there. these are ruins, after all."


"There seems to be no limit to their supply," he shrugs. "We could always venture forth and find more shadow beasts to slay.

"If they are inhabited, then surely something must be in one piece."


"Godless and money-grubbing, huh? As to be expected, I suppose."
"I meant the telescope, and we'd best save the gems, anyway. Would be good relations with that odd fellow."


Upon reaching the end, you're faced with a large door fit enough to make way for a colossus. Above the door resting atop the walls you see two goo ponies, one pink and the other blue.

"Ahoy! You wanderers?!" The blue one shouts from above, looking down at the group with a telescope.

"That one spooky looking, has arm glued to back." could be silently heard, possibly from the pink one. Both of their voices sound female.


Squinting, he looks up at the two goos
''Yes we are! Are we allowed to come inside?''


He holds up both hands to show he means no harm. "We come in peace," he calls. "We are but humble travelers seeking shelter until the morn. Will you not open the gate?"


"Uh..Ahoy!" i respond in kind.

"We're simply passing by, though it looks like night crept up on us before we could set up camp! Might we stay for the evening?"


Ragsen keeps silent as he hears himself under scrutiny.


"Nope!" She replies strangely too happily.

"Wait… Yes! If you have spackles! Do you have any spackles?!" The pink one chimes in.

"She look pretty." The blue one says, leaning against the wall more to get a closer look at your dress.

"She looks like she might have spackles!" Pink goo replies.

"Don't give into these damn greedy goos." Is a thought that comes into your mind.


Ragsen mutters to the group, "Let's see how long we can hold out and for how little we can get in for."


"And just what are these 'spackles' you're after?" i ask, blushing at the remark.


''Uuhh…Do we eben have Spackles?''


"Spackles?" he echoes. "Do you mean treasures?" He thinks for a moment. "…It does not seem moral to deny transient beings such as ourselves shelter because they have the misfortune to come with empty pockets. Pray, open the gate and let us shelter until dawn. We are lost and tired from the day's toil, and wish for nothing more than a place to seek refuge, for the night is dark and full of terrors."
[1d10+2] Persuade, not sure if these count as tribals

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


"Ahoy! What do wanderers call spackles?" The blue one turns unexpectedly to the pink one, accidentally smacking her in the face as she speaks.

The pink ooze shakes her head from the blow before rubbing it. "Sparklies?" She replies.

The blue one then turns to look back at the group. "Sparklies?!" She asks.

"Treasure! That the word!" The blue one smacks herself for forgetting, causing her to jiggle. Both of the female goops listen to your plea before looking to each other for a moment. They nod before turning to the group. "Ahoy! Pretty one looks like she has spackles anyways!" the pink one calls out.

Pink Goop makes her way out of view, a horn is then heard as a signal to allow the gates to open.


''That Donkey was not lying…'' He mutters as he walks in with the others


"Thank you kindly," he calls to them before turning to the rest of the party. "Shall we?" He begins to make his way into the village, lighting his lantern and holding it up to be able to see better.


Ragsen pats Mercer on the back. "Good job, we might get in and out without any loss," He says before going inside.


"Excellent, better to get out of the wilderness before we're attacked by what beasts lurk around here."

trotting through, the trunk lumbers behind me.

"Though i hope i'm not accosted for valuables.. 'the pretty one'?"


As you make your way in, everyone except for Maali begins to notice the layout of the buildings and even the way they look make this place seem more like a military base. Plant life has taken over the area almost as much as the Earth Pony's tribal home, vines covering homes of the multicolored goo ponies, pools of water that have turned the place more into a swamp village more than anything.

Entering the gates you are met with a purple colored goo pony, this one a male. "Ahoy wanderers! I'm Goopaul! Chief make me the leader of 'sight seekers guiders'! You want a guide?" Goopaul asks, a wide smile on his face.



"Not a tour guide, but we need some pointing in a certain direction," Ragsen says, nodding politely, "To a mansion. A pony named Rosa would have come by a day or two before us."


"We would be honored to be shown around your settlement," he replies cordially. "This one's name is Mercer, and his companions are Maali, Astragalus and Ragsen. Lead on, friend."


"A tour sounds lovely, actually. Always nice to know the lay of the land before settling in."


"So eager to leave?" he says in confusion. "But we have only just arrived. We should lay thoughts of the mansion to rest for now, at least until daybreak."


''Wow…This place is crawling with plant life…'' He turns to Goopaul, returning the smile ''A guide would be great, sir! I am Maali, it is nice to know you, mister Goopaul'' He gives a little bow with his head


"It would be best to ensure our objectives' completion before going to rest," Ragsen shrugs.


"You talk about spooky house? Not been there since I was a glob. It just North West from here, can't miss it." He guides.

"Ahoy! Nice to meet you all!" He raises his hoof as a sign of greetings. "Follow me and I'll show you around!" He says, leading on to guide the tour.

You first pass by a building with what looks like a crude painting of a male and female goo pony sharing a pastry. "This Miss Jiggly's shop, she makes best treats all around. She even make jellies!" He says as he passes by the building. When you pass by it yourself you can peek into the window where you see a surprisingly good line up of pastries, a few customers enjoying treats while one customer enjoys what looks like a glass of yellow jelly.

Goopaul shows you around to give you a layout of where the Blacksmith Bubble's shop is, Moe Lass' Tavern, even bringing you to the base of the gigantic tower that you saw from so far away. Up close you can finally see it's true monumental size.

"This Chief Jiggawut's tower! It home to smartest of tribe and use books inside to help village. Nobody is allowed in without say so though! Gotta ask during day at permission booth." He says, pointing to the crudely made shack with the words "Permishun Booth" written on it.


"Excellent, we will be going there tomorrow, then."
He observes the town quietly, not having much interest but being cautious about the locals.
"Ah, truly this is a tower suitable for your chief," he says in a blase and polite fashion.


"Quite the settlement you've set up here, by the looks of it." I comment,nodding.

"Is there an inn for guests to stay? I'd assume the tavern would be the place to go?"


Maali follows along, appreciating the little tour
Once they arrive the the Chief's tower, he looks up at it in awe
''Oh wow…It is huge…So…Who takes care of the permision booth?''


"A tower fit for a king, let alone a chief," he agrees, inwardly questioning why a pastry shop is open at night. "Thank you for showing us your settlement, friend Goopaul. Would the tavern happen to have rooms where travelers such as ourselves could rest for the night?"


Goopaul nods in response. "He is important to tribe after all."

"Moe Lass gives Wanderers a place to stay, he really likes you guys! Not like others here. Only few like wanderers being here more than a day." He says a bit glumly at the end, but puts up a smile once more for all of you.

"Me! I don't guide for wanderers much."


"I suppose I could go and get us some rooms," Ragsen says, heading off to the tavern and requesting two rooms for the night.


"Then we shall adjourn there, if it please you." He bows respectfully to Goopaul and follows Ragsen into the tavern.


"Thanks again for the tour, darling, though I must admit we should see about securing some rooms for the night. Ta ta!"

With that, I send the trunk off towards the tavern, waving a hoof at the gooey guide as I go.


''Do not worry, We won't stay for long. Thank you again'' Another short bow and he hops along with the others


"Ahoy! Have a nice night!" Goopaul farewells to all of you, going on his own way.

You make your way to the the tavern, making your way in and noticing a "band" playing using carved out tree trunks and curved sticks with several strings forming a crude makeshift harp. The plucking of the strings and the thumping of the wood doesn't sound half bad though.

Most customers are never sitting at a table alone, leaving only one empty table with the few other tables with two or one seat left. At the front counter can be seen a green male goo pony, a bow tie made from his own goo stuck to his neck as well.

"Ahoy! Welcome to Moe Lass' Tavern wanderers! Make selves at home and give a spackle to try our village favorite Riversong Berry Juice and trade a story for a bed!" He greets warmly as he advertises for a drink and room. Some customers stop to stare but try to avoid looking at you when you look in their direction.


"Is this one story per bed, or one for all the beds we need?" Ragsen enquires.


''Ooh! I would like a Berry juice, please. I think I still have those coins with me…'' He checks his bags


"This one would be honored to try the berry juice," he says as he sits down at the remaining table. "Alas, this one has precious little to give in return, save for coins from his own realm."


While ragsen sorts out the beds, I hop off the trunk and take a seat at the table.

"The juice sounds lovely, though I'm short of spackles to trade. If only somepony was kind enough to buy a mare a drink" I feign upset, throwing my hoof over my head and looking at maali with a smile.


"Can you make it grand?" He answers with another question.

Indeed you do, you pull out the 25 coins you had from the gambling in the sunken temple. When you show them to Moe, his wide smile confirms this is plenty enough. "Two drinks for you and each friend, yes?" He asks as he counts out the coins slowly.

"Little deer have spackles for drink. You like one or two now?"


''Oh uh…Make it four drinks, one for all of us, please'' He takes four coins and pass them to Moe ''Well…Maybe two drinks for each…'' He gives away 4 more coins


"Well it's not particularly grand, to be honest, mostly just a story about one of the times I got caught trying to steal something and I got busted out of trouble by a friend of mine."


"Oh! How thoughtful of him."

"I'd like to try one cup, if you please" I reply. "Sounds refreshing."


"One will be sufficient," he answers. "Thank you kindly."


"Ahoy! Eight drinks it is!" He says, scooping up all of your coins rather than the eight you try handing him. They really are greedy…

"Oh! So exciting! Dashing thief are you?" He asks.

"Coming right up, wanderers!"

He then begins to pour the first round of drinks to the party, laying out each wooden mug filled with a vibrantly violet colored juice that gives off the illusion like it's glowing with how brightly colored it is. "Drink, drink, let us listen to your friend's tale!" He says enthusiastically.


"Oh you're simply too good to me, my deer!" I laugh "buying a poor mare a drink, how generous."


"Turning to face ragsen, I take a sip of my drink, listening in to his story. "Oh? And who would this friends be?"


''Oh…Uh…Rather expensive drinks…haha''
He takes a sip of his drink and listens in, excited for a little story
''Oh it was nothing Miss Astra. Not like I could have any better use for these coins anyways''


He eagerly takes the mug with a grateful nod, tentatively smelling the juice before taking a swig.

"Yes, tell us this story, friend Ragsen," he says with no small amount of interest, eyeing him curiously.


The taste of the drink is sweeter than any flavored drink you've tasted, nearly overwhelming in fact. As you let your taste buds settle, the flavor calms down to a constant lasting sweet mixed berry flavor.


''Hmmnhnhnnn~! Aaah…Worth every coin…''


"Rich and filling," he says in satisfaction, licking his lips and politely wiping his mouth. "Prithee, friend Moe Lass, what berry is used in making this drink? In truth, it is unlike anything this one has ever tasted."


"Very nice indeed! It's been quite a while since we've had something sweet instead of the usual camping meals"


"Riverberries! They grow in rivers bellow village. It's our favorite crop!" He says, walking off to bring back a small bowl of the berries by themselves, handing them off to the party. The berries seem to look like a much more dim color than the juice itself, but the shape seems to be egg-like and small like blueberries. "On house!" He states, allowing others to taste the berries by themselves. The taste is still quite sharp but not as intense as the juice itself.


''Huh…'' Maali takes the berries, but instead of eating, he saves them up in his bags


>You gain 10 Riverberries.


>Pause, but go ahead and RP. Moe Lass needs a story after all.


"A story, eh?"

"Well, there was our fight with the sand colossus, that was quite the struggle."

"Or perhaps our fight against the siren sisters and their band of possessed donkey fighters!"


Time for another round of sheets!



File: 1465092827621.jpg (128.01 KB, 1280x800, 1448325724754.jpg)


File: 1465092977897.jpg (35.3 KB, 640x480, 228484881974971983198.jpg)


File: 1465093479676.jpg (61.23 KB, 323x960, pG5HeQV.jpg)


Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/5 (8/6)
Mercer 8/5 (8/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)

When we last left the gang, they had taken refuge at Moe Lass' Tavern. Ragsen told a story of his past in exchange for the party's rooms.

Without wasting much time, they leave the tavern and out the front gates of the Goo Pony town. As they leave they hear familiar voices from above the wall. "Ahoy! Come back again sometime!" Calls out one of the two female goos from the other day.

Hours pass and the trip seems to be fairly uneventful, although Maali begins to notice a nearby fruit tree which overhangs a small pond of water. The fruit itself looks like a green pineapple, save for the pines and leaves on top.


Ragsen yawns throughout the resumed journey. "Goodness, this is boring. We should have hired someone to pull a wagon or cart for us," he says, "Maybe we could wrangle some oxen and a wagon together eventually, that'd make things easier."


"Hmnn… Maybe… Excuse me for a moment" he hops over to the tree and gave it a few shakes to get it to drop any ripe fruits


"We already travel quite light, I'm not too sure we'd need something that involved to haul our things."

"See something interesting, Dear?" i ask, watching as you hop off towards the trees.


"Bah, nonsense. We get a wagon, it's like having a home you walk with. You can sleep on it, be safe from the rain, and you don't have to walk."


"And what of the Oxen? where we go, things never stay safe for long. I'd hate to risk more than just us hunting Colossi."


As the party walk along, Mercer munches down on the Riverberries he was given, humming a nameless tune as he contemplates the greater mysteries of life.

He frowns. "This one does not believe the oxen would appreciate being wrangled. Mayhaps the Astra could conjure something to carry us along instead?"

"Hm? What do you see, friend Maali?"


Maali shakes the tree, causing a few of the fruit to fall onto the ground while one falls into the pond.



"Well, so far i've only summoned ancients big enough to ride, and with how much effort goes towards keeping one here, it'd be quite the strain." i reply, in thought.

"I could certainly give it a try.."


"They're just oxen, they're not solid-gold wagon wheels, they're a beast of burden that would be replaced if something bad happened to them."
"I don't suppose the grass appreciates being walked on or the tree appreciates being chopped down, either, but it's a perfectly sensible suggestion that the both of you are shooting down for no good reason."


"Just some fruits I could take back for a friend at the temple is all. I said I would help her while I was out here"
"But where would we even find any oxen in this place?"


He sorts them and put three of them in his bag, and takes one to eat on the go


"From a farm, obviously, where else would you get them?"





"In any case, we had best keep moving if we're to make it to that mansion in time."

"Ready to go?" i ask, the trunk lifting up and plodding along the road.


As you scoop up the fruit sitting within the water, the spot which you thought was a shadow being cast by the fruit remains on the water… in fact, it's become a pitch black circle within the water.


"Yeah, sure," Ragsen says with irritation in his voice.


"Just a minute miss Astra!"
"Uuh…" he starts backing away with the fruit
"Everyone?… "


"Seen some more fruit to grab, Maali?" i ask, halting the trunk.


"Yes, forward!" He picks up the pace and follows her onward, before halting in his tracks and turning to Maali. "The Maali must follow. We should move with haste and cover as much ground as possible ere last light."

He frowns. "Does something ail you?" He begins to move toward Maali apprehensively.


The black spot in the pond grows larger, before a blob-like creature springs out from the water. Maali is the first to see it, noticing the being seems to be an amalgamation of different being's skeletons and possibly even wild animals.

It has an upper skeletal structure that's held together with sludge-like slime, right arm of a griffon, left arm of a dragon, ribcage of a donkey, jaw of a diamond dog and the skull of an unknown creature… possibly a monkey.

It grabs a hold of Maali's hoof with it's griffon claw, a noxious gas pouring out from the skull and engulfing the area in a smog.

>Everyone roll to resist smog. DC8



Roll #1 9 = 9


"No… It looks like a shadow creature, here in the pond"


A wave of gas approaching, i try to hold my breath!
[1d10] Resist

Roll #1 8 = 8


"Ack! Let go of me!" he pulls his hoof back, trying to break out of the strange monster's grip

Roll #1 1 = 1


"Miasma!" he barks in warning as he scampers away from the slimy creature. "Do not let it poison you!"

Roll #1 9 = 9


You cover your face with your hoof, aside from feeling slightly light headed you feel alright.

You breath in the smoke only momentarily, the world around you growing colorless as your dress falls apart. You reach up to feel the top of your head as your mane slowly begins to fall out. You're able to keep yourself calm and focused enough to snap yourself out of the creature's illusion. You wake up to only find something more horrifying.

Even when you're able to cover your face properly to avoid the smoke, you feel the smog's effects still wash over you momentarily. The world around you grows darker, the sounds of insects crawling around within your ears as familiar buzzing wings surround you. For a moment you swear you could see a changeling from the corner of your eye. You snap out of it, only to see your deer friend in a new "condition"

Not only do you trip over yourself, you take in a full gasp of air from the smog. The creature crawls over your body, the skull resting over your head while the jaw rests under yours as if it were consuming you. The ooze surrounds your body and keeps you held tightly in place.

All while this is happening, all you can see and feel is the intense heat of flames that burn the land around you. Your allies set a blaze and screaming for mercy, while three dark figures stand over their kindling bodies.

"They took your home… your family… your friends… I give you the power to destroy them. Do not let them burn mother gaia." A ghastly voice whispers into your ear.

>Maali has been possessed and turned into "Amalgamation Puppet." He must roll DC8 to resist and DC6 to free himself. During this he's forced to attack allies. Recharges have been reduced by 1 (even skills with recharge 1)


Ragsen squints as the amalgamation takes over Maali, grunting in response. "Groovy," he says, as he pulls the flamberge from his back, circling around and closing in to slash at the consuming creature on top of Maali.
[1d10+2] @ the creature, fire attack

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10



shaking my head clear of the horrific nightmare, i hop off the trunk, nearly tripping as i stand to face the ooze.

"Maali! Hang in there, we'll get you out!"

with my markings alight, i try and open a tear near the water's edge.
[1d10] Summon Esper: Protect

"Now, we'll need to be careful not to hit Maali, just around Maali.."

Roll #1 5 = 5


File: 1465098352890.jpg (665.19 KB, 954x1278, precious-bloodsh1c.jpg)

Go to church, guys.


"No… NO! Garr-lan negola wuldag!" He swipes madly as he hears the infernal buzzing all around him, struggling and fighting back against his illusory foes. Once he snaps out of the hallucination, he takes a moment to clear his head, trembling all over from the terrible experience. "Maali!" he bellows suddenly, unsheathing his sword and plunging it into what he assumes is the creature's heart.

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4


File: 1465098651098.jpg (17.24 KB, 304x291, satan trips.jpg)


Even if he could move, the fear paralyzed the little deer as he shakes in terror, his eyes open wide and dull as the smog takes over him
As he is released, he gets up and slowly turns around. His face is devoid of any of the cheerfullness he had, replaced by a haunting gaze.
He takes a step foward, crushing the fruit he dropped under his hoof ''You did this…''
His necklace glows dull
[ ''You…I won't forgive ] he speaks up in his ancient language…But there is something off about his voice
The rocks and ground from near the pond begin to gather around his hooves…
>Nature elemental, earth



Roll #1 7 = 7


You swing your blade down onto the creature, burning away at it and causing it to screech… however you also hit Maali in the process, slicing through Maali's new rock-like layering and into his flesh.

Even if the attack would have knocked the deer down, the amalgamation keeps him standing.

>Maali is now 2/5

Your rift is just about to open, before it wavers and closes back up.

You stop yourself after hearing Maali's own screams of pain from Ragsen's blade hitting him.

You see one of the monsters charge at you, swinging it's blade down onto your shoulder, only for your rock-like body to soak most of the damage.

>Maali is 2/5 now.

The creature only laughs at the party, it's cackling mocking Ragsen as he harms his friend. Maali's rage seems to only increase.

>Maali gains +1 to rolls next turn. (This does not include resisting)


"Hmm, well that didn't work," he says, rubbing his chin, before turning to walk away. "Well, let's leave him to deal with it himself, I'm sure it'll get bored eventually."

Ragsen walks away from Maali and the creature, keeping his eyes ahead of him.


Thinking quickly, he sheathes his sword and tries to pull Maali away from the sentient ooze, muttering the healing prayer he recited before in hopes that it will help snap him out of it. "Shagga onoso hilanga da, gis sandrorro maagon. Shagga perzys onoso galanga tulur, margalta hitsos emagon. Hen shagga sandrorro. Hen nagir, pergan. Hen narval, glaesin."


Roll #1 10 = 10


He shouts in pain and anger. The rocks that were torn away slowly recovering, filling the wound
Recovering from the cut, he glares at Ragsen for a brief moment before jumping at him with blood in his eyes, swinging wildly at the donkey as he howls and cries, striking his face with his stony hooves and bashing Ragsen with his antlers
'1d10+2' earthen strike

'1d10+2' antlers

'1d10' break free

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5 / Roll #3 10 = 10


"Wretched sludge!"

cringing, i charge a magic bolt, hurling the magic towards the slime.
[1d10] magic bolt
"We need a new idea.. Maali isn't exactly durable."

Roll #1 3 = 3


You walk away from the deer, only for his hoof to slam you into the ground. Even though you can recover, the blow still hurt quite a bit.

>-4 Hits

Maali slams his hoof into Ragsen, knocking him over momentarily while Mercer prays to Maali.

When Maali notices the figure praying in the strange tongue, he feels a sense of familiarity from it. Slowly he regains his vision and sees his friends and the world the way it was meant to be seen, however his body is still under the creature's influence.

>Maali's mind is free but is still forced to make normal attacks. Mercer's prayer and Maali's crit has lowered Maali's attempt to free himself to a DC4.

Your Bolt misses the creature, striking the tree nearby and causing more fruit to fall over.

With Maali free from the sludge beasts mental grip, the beast retaliates by striking out at Ragsen with both claws.

>Dual Attack: Ragsen


Roll #1 2 = 2 / Roll #2 7 = 7


As he sees the spell on Maali break, he grins in relief. "The light shines on you yet, my friend. Do not give in!" He tries again to pull him out of the being's slimy grasp.

Roll #1 7 = 7


Ragsen grins despite the pain. "Looks like the bait's been taken," he says, turning and slashing back at the beast with the flambé-rge.
[1d10+2] Fire Great Weapon

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


His mind clears up slowly, the flames fade away and the figures suddenly start to seem familiar to him…
He feels a bried headache as he squints and opens his eyes again

''Eurgh…My hea-eaad?! W-what the…!'' He stutters as his body moves by itself. He runs towards Mercer, jumping to body slam the dog with his body
''M-mister Merce-no! Aah! Get out of the waaaaay!''

Roll #1 2 + 1 = 3


"Hold on, deer!"

Seeing maali struggling to escape, I take the chance to try another tear nearby, markings flaring with energy!
[1d10]raise ancient

Roll #1 3 = 3


'1d10' forgot the resist roll oops

Roll #1 3 = 3


You grab the little deer's forelegs, preventing him from striking you. However he still seems to be stuck, however he does loosen slightly.

You strike the creature once more, causing it to scream in horrid pain once more. Your strike slices through Maali's rock armor and into his flesh, causing intense pain. After cutting into the beast, it's bones still cut into your flesh. You feel a sudden burn through your left leg as the sludge the beast left behind bubbles around your wound.

Even if the deer should fall over, the amalgamation forces him to stand.

>Maali is now 8/4

>Ragsen is now 4/5

Your rift fails to open again.

Even while you loosen yourself with the assistance of Mercer, you're unable to completely free yourself.

The beast only cackles madly at Ragsen, his claws extending to continue attacking him.

>Dual Attack: Ragsen


Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 8 = 8


''Mister Mercer get me out of he-AYEEEEEE!'' He cries as Abenad slices him again, but that doesn't stop him from hitting Mercer even harder with his hoof
'1d10+1' earthen strike
'1d10' break free

Roll #1 4 + 1 = 5 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Refusing to lose hope, he heaves again with all his might as he strains to pull the deer free.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Ragsen keeps on the tips of his hooves, distracting and laughing at the beast as he takes its hits.
"Come on, now, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself instead of being so pissy?"


"Oh, it's no use!"

Giving up the summon with a huff, I aim another magic bolt at the mass of ooze.
"Sorry!" I yell towards the goo-ed deer as I channel the bolt
[1d10] magic bolt

Roll #1 8 = 8


Your efforts to break free fails thanks to the searing pain of being sliced with a flame sword.

You pull with all your might, pulling Maali free from the nightmare beast.

>Maali is now free. He no longer has Earth elemental, causing him to be 6/4 now.

the beast doesn't reply as its dragon claw slices into you this time, causing minor pain which is only followed up with more intense pain covering your other foreleg.

>Ragsen is now 3/4.

You have no worries now, you blast the ooze with Maali now free from it, causing intense pain for the creature.

The Nightmare Beast does not yield on it's attacks, as if it has a vendetta for Ragsen.

>Dual Attack: Ragsen


Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 3 = 3


"Aha!" He unsheathes his sword and lunges at the slime again. "Let us seize this momentum and push on to victory!"

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


As he sees Maali freed from the beast, for real this time, Ragsen quickdraws the flamberge once more to strike at the beast.
[1d10+2] Great Fire

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


With a cheer, I turn my attention to the now deerless slime
"With our friend out of you, you'll nothing but muck in no time!"

With a shimmer of my dress fabric, another bolt blinks into existence, sent hurtling towards the slime!

(Dress magic)[1d10] magic bolt

Roll #1 1 = 1


He shakes and groans, hurt with burnt wounds and dirty from the creature's uncanny goo, all he can manage for a moment is to shiver and mutter
''W-why meeee…''
He also heals one of Ragsen's wounds
'1d10' heal

Roll #1 4 = 4


Your blade slices through the beast, causing sludge to splash out onto the ground. Even with your attacks you feel another scratch along your throat, the pain spreading down into your stomach as it feels like a constant cramping feeling in your gut.

>Ragsen is now 3/3

You slice through the beast, the sludge turning into smoke rather than splashing out onto the ground. It lets out an unnatural yell of pain unlike ones you've heard.

Even though your dress energizes you, your spell backfires and explodes in your face. Not only are you knocked to the ground, but your mane is now frazzled and will need straightening again.

>Astra is now helpless, 0/4.

>New Status Effect: Frazzled Hair - -1 to speech related rolls.

You feel exhausted from the whole ordeal, causing your spell to waver and fail.

The Nightmare Beast, despite all the pain the party has given it and all the screams of pain, it manages to continue cackling with bones rattling at Ragsen. It then lunges in for another strike at him.

>Dual Attack: Ragsen


Roll #1 6 = 6 / Roll #2 8 = 8


"Hooh, boy, you're not giving me any leeway, are you?" Ragsen asks, looking around at the others, "Anyone wanna help me out?"
[1d10+2] Great Fire @ Beast

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Knocked flat on my back, I try to shake the dust off and get back on my hooves
"Oh, not my hair! It will take hours to brush into place!"

Roll #1 3 = 3


''D-don't worry mister Ragsen I'm here!''
'1d10' natural remedy

Roll #1 6 = 6


Seeing it pained by his strike, he swings his sword again. "The quarry falters! See how it withers and dies!"

Roll #1 5 + 2 = 7


Once more you feel the beast claw into you as your blade tabs through the beast. You hear the sound of it's ooze bubbling from the flames as it's claws dig into your face deeply. You feel an intense pain in your chest as death creeps closer.

>Ragsen is now 2/1

You crawl over to the nearby pond, too distracted to join into the fight as you see the full damage your spell has caused in your reflection.

You save Ragsen in time while keeping death at bay.

>Ragsen is now 8/2

Your blade stabs into the beast, it's whole body rippling. It changes between laughs and screams rapidly while the ooze boils into smoke and the bones fall apart. All that's left now is the bones sitting lifelessly on the ground along with a single shadow gem falling out of the skull's eye socket.


"Well, I guess I'll just die here, then," Ragsen says with a rasping voice, before feeling invigorated by Maali's healing energy.

"You know, if we had a wagon, I'd be able to rest up while we were on the move," he says, while lying on the ground.


Seeing his handiwork, he sheathes his sword and nods in satisfaction. "The tide rises, and the tide falls," he declares solemnly. "Back to the pit, you spawn of darkness. Your wickedness is undone."

He quickly moves over to Maali's side. "Are you hurt, friend Maali? This one hopes you are not scarred by that fiend's assault on body and brain."

"And you, friend Ragsen? How grievous are your wounds?"


"Oh you'll be fine! If you'd like you can ride on the trunk for a while, high time I stretch these hooves."

Getting back onto my hooves, I take a closer look at my mane in the water's reflection, sighing disheartely.


"Oh, you know, I almost died from something I don't really understand, so it's just another Thursday for me."
"Might wanna stay away from those, and get a little closer to me, Astra. Summon up a couple hot little things to make me feel better, maybe?"


''N-no you won't…I-I'm sorry I hit you Mister Ragsen…D-did I break anything? come on get up!''
He keeps healing the donkey
''I-I feel well…Mostly…I just feel dizzy and my legs won't stop shaking…D-did I hurt you too mister mercer? I-i don't know what came over me…''


>Pausing as well
>Next Encounter: Lorewalker.


"You are not to blame," he reassures. "Your mind was not your own, and you were being puppeteered by that abomination. Let us pray we do not encounter another like it."


"I don't know if anything's broken, per se, but I'm sure hurting in my everything."


"You'd have better luck sifting through the trunk than asking me, Ragsen. It seems my magic is rather unstable" I reply, pointing out my spell-frazzled mane.

"Besides, maali is doing his best, and I'd hate to steal his thunder."


Calling for those sheets!


File: 1465697834865.png (704.79 KB, 1024x512, singularity_by_jkroots-d9d….png)


File: 1465697841439.png (247.5 KB, 800x700, Astra's Tats.png)


File: 1465697941075.jpg (211.32 KB, 800x720, 176_5c98e3b7260ecfc218118b….jpg)


File: 1465698158116.png (389.55 KB, 1500x1357, 2CWcX0V.png)


Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/5 (8/6)
Mercer 8/5 (8/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)

Last time on Forbidden Lands, our group had come across an unsettling sight… A nightmarish creature made of ooze and bone. Maali was under the creature's control only for a moment before the group defeated it.

With an extra Shadow Gem in pocket and a bag full of fruit, our adventurers continue their way to the mansion.

The party makes their way into a savannah-like region with the mansion now in sight, at least from far away. Another sight the group comes across seems to be a deer, an elder female garbed in leaves, dried grass, sticks and flowers. She sits with a small bowl in front of her, the bowl holds sand with a single pink flower on top, pierced in the middle with a lit incense stick.

"Greetings, travelers." The old deer greets all of you, holding a single hoof up with a small smile. "I hope the sun has treated you well today." She says, under her shaded hat of twigs and leaves.


Ragsen eyes the doe, a deer, a female deer, then nudges Maali forward. "You take care of this," he says simply.


Halting the trunk, i nod towards the doe, smiling.

"Good afternoon to you as well, miss."

"What brings you all the way out here? this place seems rather barren."


With a long gasp, Maali's ears fold foward as he takes a few steps foward, almost tripping towards the doe ''H-hi, miss!''
He purses his lips, thinking of something to say ''I uh…Hi! The sun is nice yes but…M-miss are you, I mean I assume you are from the deer tribe, I was told there was a deer tribe here in this island are you from that tribe? BecauseYoureadeertoojustlikemesoIthoughtandifyouarethenIwaswonderingifIasksomequestions…'' He speaks quickly, stutteringover his own words until his voice became more and more hushed as he realized how strange he was being
He sits down, blushing in silence


''I-I…I yes'' he nods quickly


"Peace upon you," he says as is customary, raising one hand in greeting. "We are explorers on our way to yonder mansion." He gestures at the looming structure ahead. "If it please you, would you be able to divulge any information regarding the place? It would be most appreciated."


"Oh I am just paying my respects to the land… I will travel from place to place, asking protection from the spirits of the land. Care to join me?"

She laughs at your act of shyness. "Ohohoho! Oh my no, I don't follow those old coots anymore. Ever since they began worshiping the giants, I left in search of knowledge and enlightenment. If you wish to meet them yourself then I would be happy to give you guidance." She says with a smile.

"Mansion?" She asks, turning to look to the mansion in the distance. "Much of my people and the Minotuars know of it, yet do not dare seek to disturb whatever may be inside…" She shudders slightly, enough for her leaves to shuffle.

She then smiles to the group. "I apologize… I forgot to introduce myself. I am Lorewalker Dila. Tell me, what would you like to know first?" She asks, looking to each of you to answer your questions.


''I..You…You worship…The giants? You mean the colossus? Colossi?…C-collosusesses?''


"Ask her what's wrong with the mansion."


"My, ponies actually worship these colossi?"

"From what we've seen i doubt their followers live for long once meeting one.."


He frowns. "What do your kin say of the mansion? It is certainly odd that there is one in such a remote location."


''Uuh… why can't you, mister Ragsen?She speaks our language''


"He might be shy around other Deer, Maali. Surely you wouldn't want him to feel uncomfortable, would you?"


"I don't wanna scare her, she might run away suddenly."


''She doesn't seem so scared…''
''Um…M-miss…What is it that hides inside of that mansion? M-miss Dila…'' He asks, looking at her hooves with his head low


"Deer, but yes… They think they are 'protectors' that seek to rid those that seek to harm the land. I have seen them often enough to know they are not protectors of any kind." She speaks with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"The first of your kind built that place as a 'sanctuary'. This was over one hundred years ago, beyond my time… But when I was a young doe, I knew of a time when they had grown cold to other outsiders… hunt them like they were game. One day they sealed the doors shut, never to open them nor be heard from again. We swore to never open their doors, in fear we may awaken their spirits to once again terrorize the land…" Dila says with a dire tone, probably just making it sound more chilling than it is.


Ragsen wonders out loud, "It's curious that Rose would be there, then… we should burn it down."


''We have seen them too…Me and my frineds are…I-in a quest to rid the lands of these Colossi…'' He motions to the party
''Um…Do Aaaaall deers worship the colossus? Are there any that worship something else like…You know, uhh…Mother nature?''


"Spirits, eh? Not to worry about some poor ghosts, miss, i have just the answer for such a problem."

"I am a mage of some power, after all. What are spirits to a summoner of spirits?" i haughtily remark. "We'll simply clear out those spirits and the land can be pure once again."


He looks more confused than frightened. "Apologies, but what do you mean by our kind? Ponies? Or something other?"

"Agreed. If the place is as cursed as the Dila claims it to be, there can be nothing of value to procure there."


"Please don't burn it down, you might awaken the angry spirits." The old doe asks politely.

"There are few much like me, venturing off to find their own peace in life. Most however do worship them… and may not like to hear you seek to slaughter their gods. I must thank you however if you do succeed, maybe then they will seek to help more than just themselves."

"Be careful what you dabble with, the dead are not the kind to be taken lightly." She warns like a grandmother telling their grandchild to be careful.

"Travelers, Adventurers, Outsiders. When the veil opened itself to the mysterious beyond. I do not mean to offend with the way I had said it."


"Awaken the evil spirits? Well, I guess that means we'll just have to expose them to a long and in-depth therapy session, first."


''A-ah I see…Well, don't worry, these giant beasts are nothing worth worshipping…On the other hoof…Well, since y-you say you are not worshipping them…W-would you rather take a few minutes to listen to the word of our lady and savior Mother Gaia?I-it is never too late to open your eyes to the beauty of nature!''
''I…I do agree with Miss Dila mister Ragsen…The spirits should be left alone…If they roamed and killed outsiders and are so feared, then they must be very powerful. And I don't want to get in another battle we can't win…''


"Not to worry, I consider myself the most careful of our little group here."

"I'll hurry along to the mansion, if you'd like to chat for a while longer. I'm worried we might be too late, given the danger of the area.."

nodding to the old doe once again, i rouse the trunk into motion once again.

"Terribly sorry, miss, but we must be off to meet a friend further along the path here, running quite late you see."

"A pleasure meeting you, lorewalker. tata!"


File: 1465702888151.png (1.39 MB, 3994x2638, In which Anon joins an MLP….png)

"Well, it's not like we're going back to the temple," Ragsen grumbles, "We could find a cleric of some sorts, perhaps."
"I'll be along with you, better to investigate right away rather than stand around talking about it."
He picks up a branch before leaving, then snaps it loudly to see if Dila reacts.


"The veil?" he parrots. "What veil do you speak of?"

"This one will be along in but a moment. You are right, we should not tarry."


File: 1465703961017.jpg (310.99 KB, 700x473, haunted_mansion.jpg)

Dila looks confused by what you said.

"Ohohoho" She chuckles again. "I have already seen quite a bit of beauty in nature. But if we meet again when your friends are not quite as busy, I would not mind listening about this… Gaia."

>Mercer follows along
Lorewalker Dila waves a hoof to you as you head off. "Peace to you, Traveler.

After some time of traveling, the group reaches the front gates of the mansion unhindered. From up close you're able to see plant life already starting to take back what has been left behind, such as vines growing along the large fence or moss growing all along a fountain that sits out front.

Beyond the wide open gate and the moss covered fountain is the entrance of the mansion. The large double front doors wide open, chains sprawled all along the ground along with a single padlock that's half as big as Mercer.

>Roll as you enter.


eying the ruins of the mansion, i shudder.

"w-well, the owners certainly had a theme in mind.."

hesitantly, i dismount the trunk and begin moving towards the door, looking into the darkness before stepping through.
[1d10] Entrance

Roll #1 5 = 5


''A-ah, right right…I'll be right behind you miss AStra!''
''I uh…I am sort of a cleric kind of?…''
He beams with excitement ''Ooh I look foward to seeing you again miss Dila..B-but yes, now I must go, M-may nature bless the path you walk!'' He waves to the old doe as he rushes to the party

AS they arrive at the mansion, Maali raises his head to stare at the place, he seemed interested
''It looks a bit cozy though…''

Roll #1 6 = 6


Ragsen daintily walks by on the tips of his hooves, stepping into the double doors while trying to ignore the music of the double bass and some asshole playing with the theremin.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Despite being no stranger to long-abandoned buildings crawling with forgotten fiends, he cannot help but feel uneasy at the sight of the place. The hair on the back of his neck bristles as he lights his lantern and peers about the entrance for any signs of Rosa.

Roll #1 7 = 7


File: 1465705327213.jpg (219.37 KB, 792x612, Mysterious Mansion Layout.jpg)

You're the first to enter, already the creepy atmosphere of the place gets to you. Mostly what gets to you is how grimy the place is, possibly how exploring it may ruin your dress.

You feel uneasy just entering, although you suddenly feel warmth from fond memories of seeing your first real tavern once you look around at the layout of the room. Even the fireplace has left over ash within it… or could it be dust?

You resist the double bass and theremin players attempt to put you on edge. You now stand at the entrance of the mansion, able to take notice in how the entrance hall seems to be designed more for a tavern than a home.

You light up the entrance for everyone to see, giving you a good view at the tavern-like layout of the entrance.

As each of you look around, you begin to spot the same theme. The place, while on the outside looks to be a mansion, was built in the style of a tavern. The first room has tables and chairs knocked over, paintings that have worn out through the years, a fireplace that hasn't been lit in ages. To your direct right however, you spot a set of stairs that lead up, a railing allowing a moment of visibility of the ground floor as you make your way up or down. At the front bar sits an open dusty book, behind it seems to be large broken down kegs with a door standing next to them. Another door sits just under the stairs as well.

>Map provided does not have all the same rooms with the same material inside, only to give an idea of the layout.


"Alright, gang, let's split up, we'll cover more ground that way. Astra and I will take the top floor, Maali and Mercer can take the ground floor- there's probably a basement, too, a nice place like this probably has a wine cellar or something."


Wary of any spooky ghosts that might be lurking in the mansion, he cautiously approaches the book and blows off some of the dust to be able to read it better.

"A wise proposition," he agrees. "There is much to explore in this place, and the time will go much faster if we are in pairs."


stepping lightly as i enter, i quickly pull myself back onto the trunk, determined not to touch the filthy flooring.

"Very well, though i doubt we'll see much without a lantern.."

tapping the lid i try to balance on top while searching inside the chest.
[1d10] Hat trick: light source
"Now there should be a lamp somewhere in here…"

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Haha, you won't need that," Ragsen says, as he draws the flaming flamberge from its scabbard, "I've got a light right here."
"Excellent. You don't need me to tell you to keep that nose down to the ground, do you?"


"Well, that works too. Nothing quite like an eternally burning sword for light."

"Just.. don't hold it near the wood paneling."


He sighs, taking a deep breath of the air in this place
''Thats odd…It's liek a tavern in here…'' licking his lip, he inspects the fireplace
Nodding, he steps besides Mercer ''But what if we find one of those cursed spirits, mister Ragsen?''


"Hit it with some magic or something, why are you asking me? I'm the least magically-inclined member of the group, even Mercer has religion on his side to some extent."
"Sure, alright," he says, going to the staircase while holding the magic sword aloft.


"You'd only need to shout and we'll come running, deary. This time we'll keep whatever's here off of you."


>Upper floor

As you two head to the upper floor, you're greeted with a long darkened hallway. Already everything feels a sudden shift in scenery as the scent of rot hits both of your nostrils. You notice just from here that the walls and floors are painted with blood, a skeletal figure of a pony in sight already. There are sounds of a light scraping coming from one of the midway rooms.

Astra attempts to pull out a lamp, only to pull out a stick with a cloth ball stuck to the end of it.

You blow dust off the book, most of the contents are worn out but what you can make out from it are names and dates scattered about. Nearby on the ground also seems to be a dried out inkwell and quill.

The fireplace contains scattered ash and a whole lot of dust. Looking up into the chimney however brings you face to face right with the skull of a minotaur. Someone had stuffed their remains down the chimney.


"Excellent, a ghost already. Go ahead and talk with it, Astra, you're the one with the personality between us."


Wide-eyed at the sight of the skeleton, I stifle a gasp, gesturing towards the scraping noise.

[font6]"over there.."[/font6]


''R-right…Sorry mister Ragsen…''
''Well…Thank you miss Astra…But y-you don't have to worry so much, Mister Mercer will be with me''
With a nod, he's off with the Ddog
''UAAGH!'' He squeals as he back off, getting his head off the unlit fireplace
''M-m-mister Mercer! There is a skeleton here…O-ofa dead Minotaur…It's stuck inside this chimney!''


"They may not be able to be harmed by physical attacks. You have magic on your side, however. Perhaps you would be able to strike at them? Regardless, shout if you find anything supernatural. This one will protect you."

"Hardly," he replies. "This one is no priest or shaman, no true devout of the old ways. What this one does he does out of custom, nothing more."

"A logbook," he muses. Leaving it be in case it conjures something horrible, he tries to open the door next to the ruined kegs to see what's behind it.

He glances over, shrugging. "If it is dead, and not reanimated, then it cannot hurt you. Best to leave him be."


"Me? Oh fine."

Making my way past the skeleton, I clear my throat.

"Spirit of the mansion, face the guide to your grave and speak to us your name!" I intone, trying to sound professional.


Maali follows Mercer further into the tavern-like setting of the bottom floor. They are greeted with the stench of rot, a black sludge leaking out from the stove, only to slowly wash down into a drain that has been set up in the center of the room. Tables stand over the drain, bits of old animal bones rest on plates along with blackened bits of ancient food.

There rests a sink on the southern wall with what looks like the skeleton of a griffon lying on the floor. The wing bones have been torn and thrown together against a dried bloodstained wall. A knife sits stabbed in the skull of the griffon, which rests in the dried up rusted sink.

There sits another stain blood trail leading from the drain up to a room connected to this one. That's where the smell originates from.

As you make your way down the hallway, you notice more skeletons lining along the hallway. Realization begins to hit you about half way as you cannot even avoid stepping on bones at this point. The hallway seems entirely painted in red. You hear the scraping come from the room to your right, only growing louder with your approach. The stench of old corpses and rot is almost overwhelming as well.


Ragsen follows up behind her with his sword out, groaning uncomfortably as he sees all the bones and blood. "Do we risk calling out for Rose?" he asks, "Where could she be?"


Teary-eyed from the smell, I go quiet as I try to block the odor with a hoof and summon something from a tear along the floorboards, markings casting a blue glow on the red walls.
[1d10] summon esper: earthen strike, return to earth

Roll #1 6 = 6


He represses his urge to gag at the smell, covering his nose and mouth with his cowl. "Whatever happened here, it must have been quite recently," he thinks out loud as he shines his lantern around the room. "This one is beginning to fear for the Rosa's safety." He tentatively steps further into the room and looks around for any small details he may have missed.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 10 = 10


[Font6]"with what we've seen, I'm worried we might be too late." I whisper, focusing on my spellcasting.


''Are you sure we shouldn't get it out? It m-might have…Something to tell…''
He shakes his head, backing away from the fireplace
He scans the room, upset and wide eyed, glued to Mercer's side

''O-okay…This place is much less cozy…''
He makes a soft, brief prayer as his necklace glows faintly with green light

He leans closer to the black sludge on the stove and gathers up all his bravery to try to slowly open it, then he helps Mercer scan around the place, looking for anything out of ordinary


Astra conjures a small half breed buffalo minotaur, with a stone upper body.

Inside the room you see several cradles pushed up against the wall, knocked over with little bones lying scattered out of it or being hung from the ceiling with barbed wire. Each and every one marked with a red X, most containing small bones of varying infant races.

At the back of the room can be seen a coffin, big enough to hold an adult stallion. The coffin is wrapped up in several chains, holding it in place with three padlocks on the front. Each padlock is painted with a different symbol. A Heart, An Eye and a Butcher's Knife. The scraping can be heard from just underneath the coffin.

You open the door to the second room with the blood trail cutting off at the door, three skeletons rest against the wall, two ponies and a deer. All of them seem to be huddled over one another, as if they had simply embraced one another to await death. All of them share the same stab wound on their heads as the griffon. Mercer spots what looks like a key hidden behind the bones of the skeletons.

The room itself seems to be what once held quite a bit of food, now all rotten and left to sit and mold over.


"Or its wraith could attack us in its ire. If you wish to take this gamble, this one will not stop you."

He wrinkles his nose at the sight, but nonetheless cautiously reaches to grab the key from behind the skeletons without disturbing them.
[1d10] if you need it

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Well, let's not waste time being scared," Ragsen says, before calling in a low, somewhat sing-song voice, "Roooooose, where arrrrre youuuu?"


Worried over the scraping, I shuffle closer to the coffin, minitaur at the ready.

"Hello?" I whisper as I get closer to the noise source.


He swallows a lump in his throat as he sees the skelletons
''There is just…S-so much death in this place…That lady was not lying…''
''Y-yes I suppose you are right…''


The bone pile falls apart, their display of love now just looking like a grim sight of slaughter. Nothing seems to come of it but you feel dread after what Dila warned you.

You then hear a muffled scream from upstairs.

The scraping from under the coffin stops, suddenly gasps of panicked breath come from the coffin. "HEEEELP!!" A voice screams from inside, just from the fact it sounds female gives you a feeling this could be Rosa.


"Not to worry, we'll assist you!" Ragsen calls out, looking at the padlocks. "We'll need some keys," he says, "So not right away, but we'll get to it." He tries lifting the coffin up by himself.
[1d10] Strength check

Roll #1 2 = 2



"What happened? How did you get locked in here? How long had it been?"

"..how do we get you out of there?"


His ears prick up at the shriek. Fearing for Ragsen and Astra's safety, he quickly motions for Maali to follow him as he unsheathes his sword and begins to head up the stairs towards the source of the noise.


He rears up, shivering ''W-what was that?! Mister mercer it came from upstairs!'' he shouts, following the dog


The coffin feels like it's bolted to the floor.

"Wh-Wha-?! Wh-Who's there?! P-Please tell me you're gonna get me out… I-I came to this place after finding a key not too far from here, b-but when I checked out one of the rooms, something just… knocked me out. P-Please tell me you can help me!" She pleads, panic still in her voice.

You find yourself rushing to the upper levels of the mansion, coming across the same sights as the others had.

>Refer to previous posts.

After making your way into the same room as Astra and Ragsen talking to a chained up coffin.

"I-I hear more footsteps! A-Are there more with you?" Rosa asks Astra and Ragsen.


"Don't worry, we'll get you out of here soon," he says, looking for a wedge to use, "It's just pretty heavy, I'll need to find a fulcrum or something. We may have to roll you out before unlocking you, but we'll find a way to get you to safety."


Dismissing the minitaur into the ether, I nod towards maali and mercer rushing in.

"Oh my, this is quite the mess. I'd rather not risk smashing the coffin open, but we'll need several keys to even come close to opening it…"


''Wh-what are you…Are you talking to a coffin?…oh…Oh wait, you are talking with a dead pony!? M-miss AStra did you do n-necromancy?!''


"Haha, no, Rose is trapped inside." He knocks on the coffin again. "Is it comfy in there, at least? Cushions and purple satin?"


''W-wha! Get her out of there then!''


Ragsen pulls Maali in and starts to give him a noogie. "We would have if we could, dingbat. We'll have to find the keys to undo the padlocks on the comic."


"This one found a key downstairs," he says, quickly putting two and two together and working to find the lock it fits. "Doubtless there are more scattered throughout this mansion. This one would suggest opening the coffin by force, but it would not be wise to risk harm to the Astra."

He frowns disapprovingly. "This is hardly the time or place for japes, Ragsen. We must save the waif from her prison."


"Hey, I'm concerned for her comfort as much as I am for her safety."


"We can't, silly deer. The coffin has three separate locks on it and we've yet to find a key."


''AaaaarghS-stop that! U-use that force to break the coffin open then!'' he struggles, trying to escape Ragsen's grasp ''W-wait, Mister Mercer and I found a key!''


"Ough, I-I don't think my stomach can handle rolling after what I've seen today… C-Can you carry me instead?" She asks. You can't seem to find a wedge anywhere.

"K-Keys? Who had the time to put me in this box and lock it?!" Rosa asks with quite an upset tone.

Rosa huffs at you following up with a bit of shuffling. "Yeah, it's like a big comfy palace in here." She says with a sarcastic tone.

"Y-You found one?" She asks, just as the key clicks the lock open as you fit it in. "There has to be more! P-Please if you can get me out of here I-I'll do anything to repay you." She says, hope slowly returning with the sound of the padlock falling to the floor. Some chains loosen but the coffin is still held tight.



File: 1466906609720.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 441x233, 8oE8WIE.gif)

Go fiddling with any SHEETS and we're going to have a BIG… party.




File: 1466906994676.jpg (209.91 KB, 567x800, 130_32437410_p0.jpg)




Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/6 (8/6)
Mercer 7/5 (7/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)
Succinite 5/5 (5/5)


When we last left our party, they had recently found Rosa within the Haunted Sanctuary. Yet instead of a pony, they find themselves a coffin wrapped tightly in chains. One of the three locks have been unlocked, all that leaves is the locks with A Heart and An Eye.

Astra, Maali and Ragsen now stand outside Rosa's chamber's, in the dark bone ridden hallway. Mercer remains behind to guard her while the others go off to search.



You make your way to an old spooky mansion in the distance, finding yourself at the front gates of the mansion. Up close you're able to see plant life already starting to take back what has been left behind, such as vines growing along the large fence or moss growing all along a fountain that sits out front.

Beyond the wide open gate and the moss covered fountain is the entrance of the mansion, although you spot something resting gently atop of the fountain… something most goo ponies of this land would notice first, a shiny key. The large double front doors are wide open, chains sprawled all along the ground along with a single padlock that's half as big as a diamond dog.


She takes the key and heads inside, slithering along the ground with legs unformed.



"There's bound to be a key somewhere inside, right? We'll have to split our efforts and find it!"

hopping off the trunk, i begin the search through adjacent rooms to Rosa's, careful not to kick over the massive pone piles scattered throughout.
[1d10] room search

Roll #1 2 = 2


Still occasionally muttering a soft prayer, Maali keep his necklace glowing
"D-dont worry, I'll lead the way, everyone…"
He walks ahead in the hallway, looking for doors, chests, cabinets, anything to find the keys


"No no, no scattering… At least not when it leaves us alone… This time it's better if we go together Miss Astra…"


"Well.. i suppose you're right. I'd rather not face.. whatever made these bone piles alone."


Ragsen follows along with Astra, providing musical accompaniment on the trombone.


sifting through another room, i roll my eyes.
"Really now, loud music in a place like this? What if whatever carved up these bones is lurking nearby, hmm?"


"Then I'll regale him with my tromboning while you solve the problem."


"Maybe they'll like it!" he says positively


Alongside the rest of the party, he begins to explore the rest of the mansion, searching for any keys that might help free Rosa.
[1d10] Perception

"Stop that," he says sternly while opening a drawer and sifting through it, as if scolding a small child. "You will spoil this one's focus."

Roll #1 9 = 9


You slither along into the mansion, finding yourself in what seems to be a tavern-like layout.

Reefer to >>666884

You enter into the room opposite to Rosa's. Inside you see what looks like a large stallion, his back to the wall, seated and resting against his blade, still.

The layout of the room seems to be that of a hunter's den, a book shelf full of dust covered books, faded paintings of the great colossi, even one you can make out being the beast of the sands. All the furniture has been broken apart, yet no blood seems to have been shed.

Upon entering the room, you spot something a bit odd about the knight's hoof… it seems to be covering something.


She clambers around the floor, trying the key in any locks she finds, searching for whatever it unlocks.

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


"Oh my, a fallen knight."

noticing the knight's position over something, i nudge Ragsen.

"Ragsen, if you would, see what that knight is holding onto. It might be important!"


"He… Hello? F-friend or foe?" taking a step foward, he shines a faint light on the stallion


"Fallen?… O-oh…"


Ragsen pulls out his extending pole and lengthens it to the full ten feet, nudging the knight a couple times. "Pardon, sir, we're looking for some keys, do you have any in hoof?"


"Well by my guess he doesn't look too good. He may very well be sleeping strangely for all we know."

"Only way to check is to ask him, it seems."


"Steady," he mutters to the rest of the party in a low voice, approaching the stallion cautiously with one hand on his sword. As he creeps closer, he tries to move the assumedly dead pony's hoof away from whatever it is he's guarding.


You enter into a dark bone ridden hallway, the walls painted with blood showing the history of gruesome massacre… good thing that's all in the past, onto the room you're searching for.

You notice a coffin in the room, there is nervous breathing coming from it. You approach it and begin to slide the key into the lock with the eye only for it to not work… then try the heart lock. It clicks open and you obtain a padlock with a sick heart design on it.

>Add heart design padlock + key to inventory.

"A-Ahh! D-Did you guys find another key already? C-Can I come out yet?" A female voice calls from inside, still locked away with one last lock.

The knight does not respond.

Ragsen nudges the knight with his rod, knocking over the armor. It falls over with a thud, remaining intact… it did not sound like there were bones inside.

With Ragsen moving the knight away you see a light blue colored gem, long and thin. You feel a sense of dread following with the thud of armor.


"A gem?"

"I certainly hope it isn't one of those shadow gems we keep finding, the last thing we want is to fight more of those things here."


Unsure of how to respond to the strange language, yet still sensing the distress in the voice, she begins to search the various other rooms for keys [1d10+2]

Roll #1 10 + 2 = 12


Ragsen laughs as he puts away his pole, glad that he brought it along and laughing at anyone who said it was dumb, and goes to collect the gem and inspect it.


"It doesn't look any like a dark one… Do you think Kratz might know about it?"


He instinctively takes a step away from the armor, suddenly regretting having ever come to this awful place. He shakes his head and begins to warily search the rest of the room for anything else of note.

"It would be best to leave it be," he warns. "This one can only imagine the evil things that happened in this very room. Best to leave it undisturbed, lest we call up something we cannot put down."

Roll #1 6 = 6


"We might as well check with him once we get the chance."


"We can put it down, and if it's valuable Kratz is gonna love us, just let me check it out first."


"You do not know that for a fact," he insists. "We are not invincible. Need this one remind you of the debacle with the Beast of the Sands? There are forces at work much greater and far more powerful than us."


"How about you quit trying to shoot down any ideas or opportunities I bring up? First the cart and now this, if you're not liking how I'm doing something you can keep your damn trap shut and then laugh at me when it goes wrong."


"Should we say something?… He mutters to the Batmare, motioning at the discussion between Ragsen and Mercer


He looks taken aback. "This one speaks out, because disaster would affect everyone here. This one does not wish to laugh at your misery. Far from it. This one is merely trying to avoid an unpleasant and possibly fatal circumstance. This one sees no reason not to speak out against something that bodes ill."


"And I'm telling you it'll be fine, now just let me hold onto it!"


"Oh you know, it's best to let them work things out between them.."

"why don't we keep searching for more keys?"


"You do not know that for a fact!" he retorts, visibly sweating. "This one has no desire to die or suffer calamity, and imagines the same applies to everyone present. Why take such a risk?" He points at the empty suit of armor. "Need this one remind you what happened to the last one who tried to claim this gem?"


You leave the room, spotting the adventurers inspecting what looks like a sleeping knight. Deciding to just leave them to their strange watching people sleep fetish, you head into a room at the very end of the hallway. Inside you spot what looks like a table with candles and a glowing green orb around it stuffed in the corner of the room, even weird blue markings are scribbled onto the table.

The rest of the room seems to give off the wizard kind of vibe with all the dusty books lining the shelves. On the enchanter's table you find what looks like a journal with only a few pages in it. Next to it seems to be long thin dull looking crystals, some cracked or even broken in half.

You take the gem to inspect it, finding nothing too odd about it aside from the illusion of a glow thanks to it's luster and color.

You do not spot anything else in the room.


"Yes yes miss Astra"


She begins to comb the room for whatever she would need to unlock that lock. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 1 + 2 = 3


leaving those two to argue, i head out the door and check the next room over, avoiding the bones as i go.

[1d10] Key search

Roll #1 6 = 6


After looking over it, Ragsen puts it in his bag. "It's perfectly fine, now get over it!" He then leaves the room to pursue Astra and Maali.

Key search

Roll #1 2 = 2


He purses his lips, still looking wary of the gem. "This will lead us to catastrophe. It is known," he states stubbornly as he leaves alongside everyone else to search for the missing key.

Roll #1 7 = 7


You search through some crates that were tucked under a bed, only to find one is a small crate full of wooden combs.

You hear rustling through the rooms, although you cannot tell which room it is… You enter the neighboring room to find a small room fit for a child. A small bed with a chest at the feet of it. The room seems completely barren however except for the chest and bed.

While peering around the room, the rattling of armor is heard from the room you came from, followed by silence for the moment.


Also roll

Roll #1 1 = 1


>Works with this


Ragsen taps at the chest with his pole from the max distance of 10 feet.

"Hmm, what could be in here?" he asks curiously, though caution is on his face as he squints at the chest and purses his lips.


She sticks a comb in her mane and continues the search. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 2 + 2 = 4



"Not to worry, i'll be checking this one, Ragsen."

moving towards the chest, i carefully pry the lid open to check inside.


"I'm more worried about that noise… There is definitely someone here besides us…" the little deer mutters


"Be careful.. Might be a trap"


"I'm sure it's nothing of consequence, worry, or consideration."


He jumps at the noise, bristling and unsheathing his sword as his eyes dart around the mansion. He begins to mutter in his native tongue, trembling and holding the sword in both hands, his grip tight as a vice. "Shaka-rovegri per ziry… Hen tembi haeda… Mazver abdar…"


You slither over to the journal on the table, flipping it open to see what looks like a picture of the thin blue gem, but bright and glowing almost the way it's portrayed. The next page then shows a key.

You poke the chest, but can't quite open it with your pole.

You open the chest to find a small pony skeleton inside, along with the smell of rot wafting out into your face.

After the moment of silence… the rattling of armor can be heard again. Heavy hoof steps begin to make slow steps out of the room next door. A blade drags along for a moment, before being lifted.


She starts to look for a thin blue gem. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 9 + 2 = 11


The noise send shivers to the little deers spine
"someone's coming!" he whisper shouts


"Sounds like that armor's coming back for that crystal, Ragsen say, as he moves behind the open door and draws his smaller sword, preparing to attack once the thing comes through the door.


recoiling at the sight of the skeleton, i finally hear the rattling of armor nearby.

"Sounds like we have company, best ready ourselves!"

turning to face the door, i ready my magic for any sign of armored assailants.


He inches away from the doorway, breathing heavily as he tries to steady his nerves and prepare for a fight. "Kamog! Kamog! Shadows marshaling in the gloom! Doom has come to us all!"


You make your way out of the room and into the hallway, spotting what looks like the sleepyhead knight from earlier. He's wandering closer, but slowly to the room. When you both make your way to the room, he stops… as if to give you entry first. When you make your way in, you see the creepy perverts from earlier as well. In fact you notice that the extra limbed donkey has the blue gem you seek.

The armored hooves come closer to the doorway… closing in until it stops just outside. There's another moment of silence as the door slowly opens up to reveal a goo pony.

As you set your sight on the goo pony however, you feel a sense as if not to question why it is here or who they are at this moment, but what were those hoof steps?

>Succinite's Innocent: Does not effect Ragsen. He can still question it all he wants, yet still effects Mercer, Astra and Maali.



Ragsen closes the door. "It appears to be a variant of a killer ooze known as a Black Pudding, only this one is brown."


This is me


She initially reaches to simply take the gem, but notices that a person is attached to it. Holding out the journal, she flips to the pages which indicate that the blue gem is associated with the key.


confused, i look through the open door, dropping my guard.

"Hmm? where's that armor? Could have sworn it was right behind that door.."


"Huh… What are you talking about mister Ragsen?"


Also me


Door's closed
"Must be because of the darkness. We should wait until it goes away, unless it starts melting thought the door."


Even though the sight of the goo pony is strange, but the pictures she holds up brings in your interest again. It seems whatever object she holds will bring your interest, rather than the goo pony herself.

Too bad she's in the room.


Ragsen jumps up onto the bed, poking at it with his pole to shoo it away.


The pole passes through the goo with no visible effect. She shows the pages to the others.


"it looks like… A book?" he leans closer, even though he couldn't read
"What does it say?"


His fear is replaced by confusion at seeing the goo pony. He doesn't really question its presence, however, shrugging it off as just another traveler exploring the mansion.

"This newcomer seems to know something about the gem the Ragsen took," he muses. "She could help us, perhaps."


Leaning in towards the book to get a better view, i barely even register the creature holding it.

"That gem seems familiar.. perhaps it's the same as the one we found earlier?"


There are no more sounds of armored hooves, everything is quiet aside from the group talking among one another.


"That sounds somewhat reasonable," Ragsen says, I know if I were rich I'd have everything be a gem or diamond of some kind. I already have a gilded… Never mind, let's see what the pudding has to say."


Presenting the key she used to undo one of the locks earlier, she taps the illustration of the key in the book. She then holds out her hoof for the blue gem, which strongly indicates that cooperation, instead of endless jabs, would help with actually getting that chest open sometime soon.


Ragsen tosses the gem into the goo.


"Just so," he concurs. "They may know the gem's true purpose."
He turns to Ragsen. "Perhaps you should-"

"…Well, that will suffice," he says with a shrug. "Hopefully they are not serving some greater evil."


It lands in her face, but she doesn't seem to mind. She wanders out of the room, searching both in the rooms and in the book for some way to procure a key from this stone. Hopefully there are pictures, as she cannot read.


"We should be fine, whoever or whatever this is wouldn't have fit into the armor anyway, quite a bit too liquid for it."


"Oh it wants to trade the gem for a key it found!" he points out the obvious
The deer walks up to the goop
"Um, Hello? Can you understand me?"


"Do you think it can speak? The goo ponies from earlier at least introduced themselves."


You return back to the room with the shattered gems on the strange looking table, the crystal glowing lightly the closer you get to the table.

You are the first to follow, watching her walk around the corner to head down to the last room… however, just as you step out of the room you notice something from the corner of your eye. By the time you turn your head to look, you're only given a small moment to react to the suit of armor swinging it's blade at you.

>Surprise Attack


You follow Maali, only to watch him get jumped by the walking corpse of the armored stallion.

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13


She frowns in confusion and makes a noise like a bird call.

Noting the commotion, she sets the gem on the table then returns to the hall.

Seeing the attack in progress, she gently nudges the armor in the direction of the mansion's exit.
>-Scapegoat: recharge 1; When caught, a weapon isn’t the wisest choice. With clever wording you can make an enemy focus their attention and/or attack on a chosen target of your choice next turn.

[1d10] go target something outside.

Roll #1 10 = 10


Reacting without forethought and being closest to maali, I try to shove him out of the way of the charging knight!
[1d10] shove
"Look out!"

Roll #1 5 = 5


"Oh, right, the armor was still there," Ragsen remarks, taking a beat before going at the armor with the flamberge.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


"Yes, that is what I wanted to find out"
He tried to endure the hit the best he could, quickly covering his hoof with stone and using it to block
'1d10' earthen strike to block

Roll #1 4 = 4


He scrambles back, baring his teeth in shock at the sight of the living corpse. "Barag-hazin! It has come for us!" he wails in fright of the revenant, swinging at it with his sword in a frenzy. "We are cursed!"

Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


You slither over to tap on the shoulder of the knight just as it swings down at Maali, only for it to suddenly stop. The knight turns his head to you slowly, watching you shake your head and point him out at the exit.

The knight lowers his weapon and wanders off down the stairs, the steps slowly fading as he gets further.

You charge and knock Maali over, toppling you both over with you on top.

You go to pull your blade out, but the knight had already stopped and walked off thanks to the strange goo's influence.

You attempt to use your Earthen Strike, only to be interrupted by Astra throwing herself onto you.

You go to freak out, but stop just as you see the knight stop. The strange sight of the goo somehow convincing the suit of armor to make peace and walk off. What sort of being could convince the dead to walk off such as that? Even that question seems to pass on to the back of your head.


"Um…Miss Astra?"


She goes back to check on her gem.


Lying on top of you from the impact, I blush furiously before quickly moving off of you.

"W-well I saw that knight about to strike you and I tried to get you out of the way!"

"That goo pony did a far better job than I did getting us out unarmed, hehe.."


Ragsen grunts as it walks away. "It would have been great if I got it."


Breathing heavily as he sees the undead simply leave, he collapses against the wall and drops his sword, trying to calm himself. It loudly clatters to the floor. "We must away from this vile place," he insists. "As soon as we are able to rescue the Rosa, we should flee. The Lorewalker was right. This place is a nightmare unending."


Well now that he's gone, back to your gem. The gem does indeed glow it's brightest when you set it on the table… but what is the next possible step? How about clues?

You all simply see the goo pony wander off into another room.


He blushes as well, getting back on his hooves "Haha… I-its okay, you were just trying to protect me is all"
He smiles "Thank you, good thing that goo did… Something"
"Well I am glad that the goo shooed it away." he walks up to Succinite, leaning over her shoulder "Erm… Thank you for that… If it was not for you, I would be in trouble"


"Is it really that bad, Mister Mercer?"


Her face deepens in color as she looks for a way to make the key come out. [1d10+2]

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


Dusting my dress off, I eye the table and gem with suspicion, noting the glow.

I search the table for any objects that could cause the glow to brighten more as it moves closer.

Roll #1 1 = 1


Ragsen yawns loudly. "Hoo, I'm getting kind of sleepy, I think I'll take a nap in the kid's bed and let you all handle the rest," he says, then goes to the children's room and lies down on the bed.


"The dead should not rise from their graves," he mutters. "It is a thing most foul and unnatural. They are not of this world, not alive nor truly dead. A ghastly thing, to see them move in mockery of true life…" He shakes his head. "This one needs but a moment."

"We should follow her," he states, slowly rising and picking up his sword. "She seems to know something we do not." Motioning for the rest of the party to follow, he begins trailing after the goo pony. As he does so, he keeps an eye out for anything that may be lurking in the shadows.
[1d10] Perception

"An unwise decision," he cautions, "but on your head be it."

Roll #1 9 = 9


You roll it around a bit as you peer closer at it, you swear you could catch the glimpse of an outline in the gem.

You find a box full of wooden combs. The same type of comb stuck in Succinite's mane.

You keep a watchful eye out at the hallway while the others investigate… while standing guard, you swear you could see a shadow move in the distance, following with faint scratching noises from earlier.

You stick with Astra in finding a box of combs with her.


"He raises his hooves "No no no no I agree completely! Necromancy is the worst sin to nature and life, it's disgusting… I'm sorry mister Mercer, I spoke without thinking…"


"Hey, these are the things pony use on their manes, right?"


She smashes it to liberate the key within. [1d10]

Roll #1 4 = 4


Distracted by my find for a moment, I pick the sturdier comb of the box and set it into the trunk.

"How lovely, something to fix my poor hair with!"

Pleased with the find, I resume my testing of objects for the gem's glow.

Roll #1 8 = 8


Trembling, he lights his lantern and raises it, peering in the direction of the sound. "Reveal yourself, fiend!" he barks, hoping he sounds valiant.
[1d10] Perception

Roll #1 1 = 1


>Good enough
Succinite smashes the gem open, revealing the key inside that may lead to Rosa's freedom.

You hold your lantern up… peering around and even making your way closer to where you saw the shadow. However… as you pass by Rosa's room, you turn a corner only to come face to face with a ghostly figure. A Banshee-like changeling with a wicked grin lets out a screech, familiar cloth hanging around her ghostly form.



"Indeed they are, deary. Once we finally get out of here I really should fix my mane, quite the mess."


Get them sheets posted, it's time for more Forbidden Lands!



File: 1468116519729.jpg (495.19 KB, 642x867, NpeKfta.jpg)



File: 1468116524546.png (9.12 KB, 426x364, 1451629109370.png)


Dunno why that didn't come out properly.



Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/6 (8/6)
Mercer 7/5 (7/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)
Succinite 5/5 (5/5)

Let's continue where we left off.

You crept down the dark bone ridden corridor, searching for more possible dangers that may be hiding within the mansion. However just as you turn to investigate the north western hallway, you come face to face with a ghostly figure. A changeling-like Banshee wearing a familiar garb. When your eyes meet, she flashes you a wicked grin before letting out a ghostly ear-piercing wail.

>Roll to resist

Just as you exit the room to head for Rosa's room, you hear a ghostly ear-piercing wail coming from the hall Mercer left to investigate.


She slithers over to Rosa's room to unlock the final lock.


startled by the wail coming from the hall, i quickly rush out the door, shoving bones out of the way as i run.

"Mercer!" i call out down the hall, the trunk shuffling rapidly behind me. "Where are you?"


He pales at the sight of the apparition, scrabbling backwards in fear. "No… No, it can't be… Away! Away!" He swats at it vainly with one hand before stumbling in the darkness, curling up into a ball out of sheer instinct. "Nuhoso… Nuhoso naegor gelebo iksis… Dohaer ru abra embar…"


Forgot to roll [1d10]

Roll #1 2 = 2


Maali jumps with surprise, the fur on his body standing on end as the wail sends shivers all the way from the back of his neck to the tip of his cute little tail
''T-that came from where Mister Mercer went!'' He exclaims as he follows after Astra


You pop the key in and unlock the final lock holding the chains together. After unraveling the chains off the coffin like some sort of twisted birthday gift, the lid pops open after a pair of hooves shoves it.

An earth pony mare with what looks like an archaeologist's outfit, blonde mane with brown fur and turquoise colored eyes. She seems fairly young as well, one who just recently crossed over into adulthood. "F-Fresh air!" She shouts, taking deep breaths to calm herself down, holding a strange leather book with a crow painted on the front with one foreleg.

With Succinite being the only one around, she can't help but notice the key you used to help her out. "Were… you the one that saved me?" She asks, finding it hard to question Succinite's presence in the first place.

Maali and Astra find Mercer curled up like a scared puppy, cowering at the Changeling Banshee.

"You… have disturbed my home… for far… to long… outsiders!" The Banshee speaks, only able to wheeze out a few words at a time. The bones can be heard rattling from the hallway, giving you a sense of dread.


>Gain Status Effect: Spooked - Lasts 2 turns: You're far too scared to even swing at this ghostly figure! But it doesn't mean you can't help your friends in other ways.


"W-well.. Given the circumstances we can either fight her and whatever else is going on behind us."

"Oor, we can run, which isn't a terrible choice, really!"

steeling myself, i fire a preemptive magic bolt towards the Banshee, magic flashing from the dark behind me.
[1d10] Magic Bolt

Roll #1 6 = 6


She puts one of her (useless) gemstones into the coffin. When she discerns that Rosa is something she cannot take, she instead tries to look inside the crow book.


''G-get up mister Mercer, we have to get out of here!'' He tries shaking the dog
''Come on… Y-you were always the bravest one among us, please get up, mister Mercer!''
'1d10' encourage!
''M-miss Astra, try to distract it with something to cover our escape! We came here for miss Rosa, we have to get her to safety!''

Roll #1 1 = 1


"We're in too tight a space, Dear, My ancient won't fit!"

"Perhaps i can slow it down with my magic? I hear the undead are weak to the arcane!"


Every bone in his body is telling him to flee, but he can't bring himself to move, paralyzed as he is by sheer terror. "Ancestors preserve us," he whispers, looking up at the banshee. "The twilight deepens, and no midnight is as black as this foul vision…" He tries to will himself to move, to get away from his assailant.
[1d10] Recover

"Yes, flee!" he urges Astra. "Flee, flee for your lives ere your fate is sealed!"

He shakes his head, trembling. "No. The die is cast. This will be the final resting place of this one and his ilk. Save yourselves…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


Your magical bolt seems to phase through the phantom, watching your bolt harmlessly hit the wall. She cackles at your failure.

"Weak! Foolish!" She taunts.

The sounds of hoofsteps are now heard from behind you.

Rosa notices your intrigue with the book. "Oh, uhm… Well if you want to look then I don't see any reason not to." She says, allowing you to look through the pages as she brushes herself off. While you can't make out words, there's quite a few pictures that spark familiarity to you.

"I found a study at the north western rooms in this place, thankfully I know the language of whoever wrote it, seems like they were just another adventurer… maybe even a scholar. I-I'll explain later, first let's get out of this creepy place." She says, taking back the journal to make her way outside.

Maali's words only spook Mercer further
>+1 turn extension to spook.

The Changeling Banshee sets her sights on Astra, taking in what looks like a deep breath only to unleash a spine chilling screech.

>Maali + Astra roll to resist. Instant action.


"Don't be foolish!" i snap at you "We've not come to far to just leave you to die. Now stand and assist us!"

[1d10] Recovery

undeterred by the banshee's wail, i try to cover my ears while the shriek echoes through the room
[1d10] Resist!

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 1 = 1


File: 1468121342634.png (827.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1462243213614-0.png)


She goes to investigate the sound from earlier, seeing as Rosa knows her way out.


''T-try to summon something smaller? A-a annoying little critter from the void, maybe?''
His eyes widden in realization ''That's right! They are weak to healing energies!''
''No no no no NO! We're not leaving you in here, C-come on you can't be a slave to fear! Get up mister Mercer!''
He glances at the banshee with fear in his eyes, only to look away, in his mind he tries to block out the sounds
He also tries to motivate Mercer again

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 5 = 5


He only curls up tighter instinctively as the banshee wails again, but some small part of him tries to fight back and overcome this unnatural fear. He falls onto his hands and knees, pale and clammy, trying to get up and face his fears.
[1d10] Shaking it off

"The future is already written," he babbles fearfully. "The ink is dry. And even the most blazing summer cowers before the winds of winter…"

Roll #1 4 = 4


''Stop speaking nonseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeense!''


>Gain Status Effect: Too Spooked - Lasts until out of combat: Time to cry like a baby or run away screaming!

You follow along with Rosa, only for her to stop as she spots the spooky ghost that seems to be scaring the whole group. Seems like even poor Rosa is getting second-hoofed spooked.

You walk out from the children's bedroom after being disturbed by very loud screaming, only to notice your comrades being scared by what looks like a ghostly apparition.

You cover your ears with your hooves, resisting the creeping fear that came with it.

>Motivation fails.

>Fail to recover, effect will fade after next turn.

The sounds of hoofsteps ends as bones begin to fly through the hallway in order to smack the others, phasing through the ghostly figure and smashing the window behind it in the process.


Mercer: [1d10]
Astra: [1d10]
Maali: [1d10]
Ragsen: [1d10]
(In line of fire) Succinite: [1d10]
Rosa: [1d10]

>Spooked and Too Spooked targets take an extra wound damage. Damage cannot be resisted if hit.

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 7 = 7 / Roll #3 9 = 9 / Roll #4 3 = 3 / Roll #5 9 = 9 / Roll #6 9 = 9


"Nah," Succinite says, though it sounds more like a grunt than an articulated word. She shoos away the ghost.

>Return to Earth: recharge 2, spell; Bring things back to their natural state. Can return spirits to the afterlife and send unnatural creatures (demons, elementals, undead etc) back to their home plane. Only weakens stronger spirits and creatures, giving you +1 to all your actions against them until the end of combat.


Roll #1 5 = 5


Ragsen trots out of the children's room with a yawn. "Hmm, so much for a nap, he grumbles, walking towards the banshee, yawning and drawing the Flambé from his back and slashing with a downward strike.
[1d10+2]Fire, Great

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


''S-stand behind me!!'' He shouts as he draws stones to his body and stands in the way of the attack towards mercy to protect his friend
>Nature elemental, earth
'1d10' blcok

Roll #1 1 = 1


He cowers in the face of the impending hail of bones, shrinking into a corner and covering his face to avoid being hit by the worst of it. He keeps mumbling in his native language in the vain hope that it will save him from the terrible figure in front of him.

Roll #1 4 = 4


My magic fizzling from loss of control, i collapse on the spot, tucking into a ball while the bone shards fly down the hall.

"N-no! This can't be the end!"


As you begin to cast a spell, a bone lodges itself in your side.

>-4 hits

Your sword phases through the phantom. A bone then smacks you across your noggin giving you quite the head ache.

You attempt to rush forward, but your quick transformation throws you off as you're sent face first into the ground. When you attempt to get back up, you're smacked right back down with a femur breaking against your rock headed skull.

>Helpless, 0/4

You can only curl up as more of the bones seem to focus you, bashing away at you to cause you more harm.

>-6 hits, -1 wound. 1/4

While you're only given a bruise worthy smack across your rump from a bone, the fear doesn't exactly help your heart.

>-2 hits, -1 wound. 3/4

The furthest room's door opens up, a familiar figure exiting it while sitting upon her two seat cloud… except one is missing. You recognize this Changeling as Arabesque, the lime green colored sister of the Changeling Twins you faced before you faced your first colossus.

"Oh Allegro, I've found what we've been searching for." She chimes, the tone of her voice one of carefree happiness, like she got a promotion.

The phantom cackles before fading away into smoke, Allegro flying down from the shadowed ceiling to take her seat next to her sister. "Aw… I was having fun toying with these adventurers again." She flashes a smirk.

"You can toy with them all you want when we aren't working. Now let's not bother with these rabble, I'm sure your pet misses you already." Arabesque speaks, dismissing the group entirely as she steers the cloud to the broken window.

"After sitting on the ceiling for that long, I could get her to give me one of those massages." Allegro continues with her sister, taking this just as casually like a true twin.

As they float to the window, there is nothing but silence. The "spirits" have stopped entirely.


She re-arranges her internal storage so as to fit the bone more orderly with the rest of the objects stored neatly inside her goo.


Ragsen runs to the window and jumps onto Arabesque!
[1d10] Grapple

Roll #1 8 = 8



Roll #1 5 = 5


cowering for a moment more, fear turned to embarrassment as i lifted my head and got back onto my hooves

"…None of you are to speak of this past these doors, understood?" i mutter, blushing.


As the fearsome apparition vanishes, he struggles to get back up, wincing at the pummeling he received and trying to steady himself after the terror he went through. As he sees the changelings leaving, fear is replaced by fury as he lurches towards them. He is still weakened, however, and his legs give way as he crashes to the ground again with an inarticulate snarl. He opts to merely nurse his wounds for the time being, glaring at the changelings hatefully as if his look alone could smite them.

"The changelings," he grunts. "Do not let them get away…!"


>Obtained a bone.

You charge your way through the hallway, intent on grabbing one of the twins. However, you trip over after one of the minotaur skeletal hands grab your hoof.

"Ah ah ah~, never touch a mare without permission…" Arabesque teases.

Allegro turns to blow a kiss to you only to mock you. "Don't die out there too quickly!" She says, flying off with Arabesque.

After a brief moment of silence, Rosa steps forward while clearing her throat. "H-Hello… It's nice to meet you all when I'm not stuck in a box."

>View >>668747 for how she looks.



brushing off my dress, i try to regain some composure.

"Erm, yes. Hello. We got your message back at the temple, though it seems we were a tad late."

"Now that we're not in danger, we really should introduce ourselves. I am Lady Astragalus, our little group's mage. Astra for short." i say, smiling


Maali angrily shakes his hoof towards the flying changelings
He does not have much time to stay angry, as he turns to Rosa, still mildly miffed
''H-hello… Miss Rosa, sorry if you saw that… It was embarassing… O-oh! But are you alright? Are you hurt?''
He turns to the rest of his party ''Actually, that might have been a trick but our wounds are real… Just a moment, I will relief our pains''
He starts healing the rest of the party, then turns back to Rosa ''I am Maali, it is a pleasure to meet you out of that box, miss Rosa… You can probally guess what my role is in this group, ehehe''
>out of combat taking six. if allowed


He glares at them even harder somehow, muttering all manner of foul curses before turning to greet Rosa. "Greetings," he says, still trying to get his bearings. "You are the one named Rosa, yes? This one's name is Mercer. We answered your call at the Temple of Light for adventurers to explore this mansion. Although, having seen what it holds in store, perhaps it would have been better to leave this place be…"


As Maali heals her, she gives him a shiny (but worthless) rock in payment.


''Uh…'' He holds the rock in his hooves, attempting to figure it out for a few seconds, only to look back up at the goo
''What is this?''


"Nice to meet you Lady Astragalus, my you have such a beautiful dress." She says, admiring the dress you're wearing with amazement in her tone.

"One of those bones hit my back but, aside from a bruise I'm fine…" She says, sighing in relief when you ease the pain of her bruise. "Thank you… You have no idea how much I owe all of you."

"I wouldn't mind getting out of this place… sleeping in the open out doors sounds really nice right now too." She attempts to joke, though her laugh being a bit nervous.

"Really… I want to thank all of you for saving me. I hope you would not mind if I accompanied you back to the temple, would you?" She asks, looking to the group.


''Don't worry, I will ease that pain for you…just hold still for a second… Aaaaand there, do you feel better?''

''And of course! If you have not asked I think we would have offered to scout you to the temple anyways.''


>Abrupt pause


File: 1470277800291.jpg (395.76 KB, 1366x768, 1467421866665.jpg)



post what



The car's on fire
there's no driver at the wheel
and the streets are muddied with the blood of a thousand suicides
and a dark wind blows



File: 1470278046700.png (26.5 KB, 700x450, 1465759997690.png)


File: 1470278049397.jpg (243.79 KB, 960x820, i accept it.jpg)



File: 1470278614185.jpg (126.13 KB, 540x720, sYm8jts.jpg)


File: 1470278739392.jpg (11.42 KB, 297x239, Book for ants.JPG)

Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Ragsen 8/6 (8/6)
Mercer 7/5 (7/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)
Succinite 5/5 (5/5)

Current Companion - Rosa 5/5 (5/5)

With everyone making their way to the Temple of Light, they find themselves back at their previous camping spot just outside of the Goo Pony Tribe's village.

Now the team has recruited two new members to the party, a strange mute goo pony with more innocence than a child named Succinite and an archeologist garbed earth pony named Rosa. Everyone now sits resting in front of a fire after setting up camp.

Rosa clears her throat to grab the attention of everyone. "So… may I ask why you all went that far out of your way to help me? Nobody has really shown me that much kindness… at least not since I got here." She says, looking at each member of the group. Rosa has seated herself near Succinite, holding the book with a raven printing on it's cover close to her chest with both of her forelegs.

The night is cold, but the fire is keeping you warm enough to bring you at least some slight comfort.


Succinite tries to take the book in order to admire the pictures more.


Seated by the fire, i wave the trunk over, popping the lid to search inside.
[1d10] Hat trick: Brush

"We saw your message on the temple board, darling!" i reply, headfirst in the trunk.

"I must say it's a good thing we found you when we did, being locked away by those changelings can't be good for your health!"

Roll #1 7 = 7


''Well…'' scratching his cheek, he starts ''We came because of the message you left in the wall… The Board in the great temple… With me I mean my friends, though, since I would have not be able to read any of that on my own…''


Rosa is more than happy to open the book for you, showing off the pictures once more to you. You see a picture of what looks like a door which rests at the bottom of a mountain gap, a wall of mist blocking off the doorway from above to prevent intruders. In front of the door rests a large circular stone platform with three stone pillars sitting both to the left and right of the doorway, making six pillars in total. "You're quite interested in this book as well, aren't you? I found it back in that old mansion, it had a library full of books… but… this one just stuck out the most." She says. The language it's written in however seems completely foreign to you.

You successfully pull out a normal brush. Rosa smiles at your mention of the message board. "Thank you… I really don't know what would have happened to me if they left me there all alone." She thanks deeply.

"You can't read? Well… If you have any troubles reading, I could teach you. I know a few languages outside of equish, including the language written in this book, Hospal." Rosa says, the name of the language not sounding familiar to you.


Blushing a little, he fidgets in the seat ''Nooo…B-but I can speak very well! Wait… You know Many languages? And what is this… Hospal? Are you talking about the place where sick ponies are sent to?''


Eying the book, i lean over to check the pages while trying to straighten my mane
[1d10] Brushy Brushy

"Oh? found it tucked away in the library?"

"Do you know what the book says?"

Roll #1 9 = 9


Curiosity piqued, she starts to look through Rosa's pockets for other things with pictures.

[1d10] (+2 if talent can help)

Roll #1 8 = 8


Rosa can't help but giggle at your statement. "No, silly. That's a hospital. Hospal is my father's native language. The people of Hospal are practitioners of medicine, although they believe only their land could provide the strongest ingredients… somewhat limiting them to only what was around them. They followed that rule pretty religiously." She says, continuing to help Succinite look through the book.

You straighten your mane.

>Mane buff: No bed head next morning.

"It seems to be someone's journal… Their tales of traveling around this land and… quite a bit of knowledge on it too actually. I think whoever wrote this was just a peaceful observer, I'm sure if I looked through it I can find some useful information." She says with a gleam of hope in her eye.

Rosa doesn't seem to mind your investigation of her satchel. You find simple supplies any adventurer would go out with; canteen, compass, a map, a small blue notebook, rations, etc. etc.

However, searching deeper you pull out a small locket, opening up to reveal that it's a watch with a picture inside. It seems to be Rosa and a more elderly male Earth Pony.


''Ooooh… Where did the Hospals came from? Did they lived here in this island?''


"Nuh," Succinite mutters, putting all the stuff back into the bag haphazardly. She starts trying to make a little fort out of nearby rocks and twigs.


my mane finally clean and clear, i set the brush in the trunk and sit back down.

"Well with a journal like that we'll be twice as prepared for our Quest!"

"Once you dig in you simply have to tell us if there's any information on the Colossi, especially a particularly brutal scorpion-shaped one!"


"No no they live on a large continent with other nations near it. It's quite far to the north from here… took me three months to travel here. I've been gone from home for about five months now…" She says melancholy.

You make an excellent fort of rocks and twigs… for ants.

"I'll see what I can find but… no promises, alright?" She says, opening the book to look through it.



File: 1470539044494.jpg (738.14 KB, 1280x720, Blossom.jpg)

Post dem sheets!



File: 1470539156728.png (987.25 KB, 1280x876, PURGE O CLOCK.png)


have i bearposted in this thread yet?
ah well, just to be safe



dumb bearposter


File: 1470539250313.gif (345.99 KB, 500x273, challenger.gif)


File: 1470539282662.png (22.46 KB, 828x568, 1461470846649.png)


File: 1470539283930.jpg (351.6 KB, 1920x1200, GlUrHjw.jpg)


Maali 6/5 (5[+1]/5) (Status Effects: Can't Swim. -2 Swim Rolls.)
Mercer 7/5 (7/5)
Astra 5/5 (5/5)
Succinite 5/5 (5/5)
Widowmaker 5/5 (5/5)

Current Companion - Rosa 5/5 (5/5)

When we last left our crew, they were just on their way back to the Temple of Light for a short stop for Rosa. They had learned Rosa has the ability to translate a book which contains quite a bit of knowledge from an adventurer's perspective, indeed this will be quite useful for their own travels.

Upon arriving at the temple, they are greeted by the same sight as they usually see. Few adventurers making their own stops, one group leaving Kratz's stand to venture out of the temple, even some groups resting after rough encounters in the wilds.

The only new sight to them however, was Emon giving a tour to what looks like a pony(?) obscured with cloth and armor. "I'm sorry, I don't believe I've seen any Diamond Dogs that fit your description… to be honest not many come here that often, the only one who visits regularly is-…" Emon says, trailing off as he notices our main group. "Ah! Mercer, Astra, Maali, good to see you're doing well. It seems you brought young Rosa back to safety." He congratulates the team with a warm smile.

Rosa smiles in return to the old goat leader. "Thank you mister Emon. If it weren't for these four… I don't know if I would have gotten back here alive." She says, looking back to the group. "I'll be gone for just a moment, there's someone I want to talk to up at the top. I-I swear it will only take me fifteen minutes, tops!" Rosa says with apologetic eyes, before making her way for the spiral pathway leading up.

Emon clears his throat, grabbing everyone's attention once more. "Now then, would you like to see the rest of the temple, mister… hmn… I don't believe you've mentioned your name to me. What was it again?" He asks the strangely garbed pony.



sitting atop the trunk as usual, i wave at the new arrival.

"Hello there! Always lovely to see new faces in the temple. I take it Emon's tour went well?"


She wanders to some nearby stalls to find useful items to steal without being caught.


Roll #1 6 = 6


"Indeed, the task is done," he replies to Emon, raising his hand in greeting. "The Rosa has been rescued from the eldritch mansion, although the process of doing so was… most harrowing." He shudders at the memory of the place. "Nevertheless, we have completed our mission with great dispatch."

He nods in greeting at the new arrival. "Peace upon you, friend. What brings you to this sanctuary?"



"Widowmaker. Thank you for the information. Please, if you see the dog, inform me. He is a wanted criminal, and thus a threat to civilization of any type."

He turns to meet the approaching group,

"It is interesting, a whole part of the world held off from the rest of society. It is not the place for me, though."

"A bounty of mine was seen fleeing into here, and I followed suite. I then learned I could not return after passing through the Gate."

he adds,

"Pray tell, have you seen scrawny, somewhat short diamond dog? He would be seen acting shady, possibly carrying something that looks out of place for such a personage."


File: 1470541223978.jpg (76.88 KB, 900x773, 906308__safe_solo_armor_ar….jpg)


>pic related


"Take your time" he waves as Rosa leaves
"We also made a new… Uh, friend, on our way" Nodding towards Succinite, he looks at the goo with a look of worry "I think"
"I don't… Remember if I saw a diamond dog like that.. Though the temple sometimes can get very crowded, someone Short would not have trouble hiding."
"Mister Mercer…" tugging on the Dog's side, he whispers "What's a 'widow'?"


You find a small bag of spiky looking fruit one adventurer had.

>Stole a small sack stuffed with 5 Spine Fruit

When you point out Succinite's presence to Emon, he seems to finally notice her. "Oh! No wonder I did not see her right away." Emon says with a small laugh. "An elusive goo is quite a rarity out here… We have no idea how many actually exist or even where they go. You tend to go on without noticing them your whole life sometimes… even if you pass by one. Tell me, why is this one following you?" Emon asks, lightly chuckling at Succinite's thievery thinking it to be nothing less than curiosity.

"Sir Widowmaker… Might I make a suggestion? You and these fine adventurers might be able to help one another mutually." Emon says, his tone becoming more hushed. "I sent these three on a mission to collect a matching coin all tribes seem to have possession of… If you help them, I will keep a watchful eye out for the one you seek, you may be able to find him on your own during your travels with these folk." Emon suggests to Widowmaker, looking to the rest of the group for approval.


He shakes his head apologetically. "This one has not seen any kin matching that description. There may have been Dogs among the bandit camp we raided not too long ago, but they were either slain or routed into the wilds. This was before your arrival, as far as this one knows, so it is doubtful that they were among said outlaws."

"It is the term given to a maiden whose spouse has been slain," he explains. "A dangerous name for what is likely a dangerous individual," he adds in a lower tone so their new potential companion does not hear.

"An excellent suggestion!" Mercer adds, nodding in approval before turning back to Widowmaker. "As the Emon has stated, will be making several expeditions across these Forbidden Lands in the future, and we may be able to find your target on our travels. If it is your wish, we may be able to provide some succour in regards to your mission."


"Well, more hooves make for lighter work, not to mention the extra help against that accursed scorpion colossus."

"I'd be more than happy to have you join us, Widowmaker" i reply, nodding.


She looks for additional things to steal before she goes back to the party.


Roll #1 5 = 5


He matches the hushed tone,

"I take it this group is not getting rewarded for your mission by you, or I'd expect the same for helping them. Other than that,"

his voice returns to normal volume, still hoarse and gritty,

"I don't see why not, as long as they do not imped my search."

he turns back to the group,

"You all passed through the Gate, then?"

"I know not the time or day the bounty entered the gate, so they could be weeks ahead of me. Knowing this is an entirely unknown world for me, this could prove difficult."

He says, grunting in disdain.

"A shame."


You also decide to steal what looks like the fresh cold drink of the bag owner. Smells pretty fruity too.

>1 cold fruit drink.

When Emon notices he has done his job to unite more adventurers together, he decides to take his leave for now. "Farewell, I hope to see you back again."

>Rosa will return shortly, ready to travel?


"Fret not, friend Widowmaker. This one is certain our party can aid you in finding your target. After all, we are all outsiders to this foreign land. Is it not for the best to work together in cordial alliance to further each others' goals?"

"Farewell, friend Emon," he says with a polite bow. "Blessings on you."


>Ready whenever
"At convenience, yes. At this time it is convenient."

He says coldly.


She gives Mercer one of the stolen fruits as she slithers back to the group.


"Take care, Emon!" I say with a wave.

"We'll be as careful as we usually are, not to worry."

>good to go


''Well it…I uh… Well I don't know. But it has been helping us since the mansion… We were fighting an enemy, but then the goo pony just… Made it stop? I am not sure of what happened… It was strange. That goo is strange''
Maali stares at Mercer, blinking and confused ''Uh…Understood, so he is dangerous, alright…''
''Oh that is true. Some help would be great if we find that same colossus again. You know, I have the feeling that each colossus gets even more powerful than the last…''
''Goodbye Mister Emon! Stay safe and keep this place safe too!''
''Hey, what is that you have there, miss or mister goo?''


Rosa rushes back down the spiral pathway, panting softly as she stops in front of them. One of her satchels seems to be carrying quite a bit of a fruit, enough to feed the group for a few days. "Alright, sorry about that. I'm all set when you guys are!" Rosa says, just as eager to get going as you all are.

You spend the rest of the day making your way to the swamp, making a stop just outside to rest for the night. When the sun rises, you don't waste any time to make your way through the swamp during a chilly fog filled morning.

Something doesn't feel quite right… You spot a sign written in large letters in equish. "GET OUT OF MY SWAMP."

"Well… That doesn't seem very welcoming. Does anyone even live out here?" Rosa questions, looking about the area after noticing the sign.


The trunk plowing through the mud, I shiver in the cold

"W-well, that certainly seems welcoming. You're certain there's no way around?"


She gives him one of the fruits.

She continues past the sign, looking for encounters.


Roll #1 8 + 2 = 10


''Sure. I have seen ponies, zebras and even dogs that had houses made in the swamp. Not all of them were friendly though…''
''Oh, um… Thank you''
He examines the fruit, searching in his memory for information on what kind of fruit this is


Well we don't really have to disturb whoever lives here, just passing through would work as well. I'm certain they wouldn't mind us here only for a short while, right?"


''I thought the same thing before I became an unwanted guest…''


Widowmaker observers silently.


He blinks in surprise as he suddenly feels an uncomfortably sticky fruit get placed in his hand. "Hm? Oh! Well, thank you…?" He's not quite sure what to think of the goo pony, but nonetheless, he stores away the fruit for later snacks.

"Indeed it is," he says amicably, somewhat oblivious to Widowmaker's aloof demeanor. "We will be glad to cooperate with you in the days to come."

"Evidently so," he says to Rosa grimly as he reads the sign. "Hopefully we will be able to pass unseen by this inhabitant. We should be careful not to disturb anything." He peers around the area for any signs of whoever lives here.
[1d10] Perception

"We could go around, but it would take many days," he replies. "And who knows what dwells on the outskirts? The fastest route to the sand beast is directly through this swamp. Let us not forget our pledge to the Desert tribe."

Roll #1 3 = 3


As you continue to walk, Succinite points out more and more signs. The deeper you get the number of signs present in one area seems to increase, either being stuck in the mud or pinned to trees with arrows. At one point one of the signs has a torn batpony wing stuck to it with a dagger.

Each of the signs seem to say different things, yet point to the same message.


Eventually you find yourselves at the edge of the Sunken Temple's lake. In the center you see the temple, however it seems the entry way has seen some new damage… stone knocked away and even old blood splatters dripping down from the top of the temple's stairway down into the water.


She goes inside.


"Oh this can't be good…"

Steeling myself, I direct the trunk to head into the water, the wooden vessel splashing water about as it clumsily wades through.

"We'd best be ready for anything!"


"This bodes ill," he muses as he makes his way into the temple with one hand on his sword hilt, keeping a wary eye out for any survivors. "We should stick together. We are clearly in the presence of a most terrible foe."



"At least their literate."

Widowmaker muses, looking to a sign.




The small cervine seems very perturbed at the sight of the temple. He silently climbs on top of the trunk with Astra to avoid the water


File: 1470545617087.jpg (302.06 KB, 2693x1593, Full Dungeon Map.jpg)

You begin to head deeper into the temple, making your way to the temple entrance. From here you already notice quite a number of bat pony corpses surrounding this area, at least consisting of a good chunk of the bandit crew. These bodies seem old, however the bloody hoof prints trying to escape the temple seem to suggest a few may have escaped.

With how dead quiet the temple has become, the invader's voice rings out loudly as if talking to himself, sounding quite high pitched yet gritty and southern. "What do you think? Does this red match the rest of my get up or do you think it looks too fancy?!" The voice echoes out from the central chambers.


''I think whoever it is, does not knows that we are here yet… Be wary of any traps'' He mumbles as he takes a very careful look around for traps, threats, or ambushes set up

Roll #1 9 = 9


His brow furrows in concern as he hears the voice, making a shushing motion as he creeps onward up the stairs and towards the central chamber.
[1d10] staying quiet

Roll #1 1 = 1


Hopping off of the trunk, I look around at the mass of staircases leading to parts unknown.

"My, this place is much bigger than I expected! Where do we even start?"


"Oooh," she vocalizes, listening for the spooky echo. She sticks close to Maali and pats around on the ground for items.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


Widowmaker picks up a stray rock and tosses it down a staircase.

"I'd rather fight whatever it is in a passageway then it's lair."


File: 1470546845357.jpg (35.15 KB, 1023x675, Reference for colossus sha….jpg)

You make your way to the central chamber, stopping yourself after finding what looks like a trip wire just at the doorway.

You follow Maali and Succinite as they keep an eye out for traps.

You make your way through the hallway leading to the central chamber alongside Maali. However, before he could warn you, you stumble over a trip wire and trigger it. There's a short moment of silence before a jar falls suddenly from above and crashes all along the floor.

"INTRUDER!!" The voice cries out.

You're greeted with the sight of what looks like a Diamond Dog, unkempt fuzzy fur covering his body and shorter than the average dog. This one doesn't quite match Widowmaker's target, due to his stronger physique even with his small stature. He wears what looks like plate only a knight would wear, Zul's bloodied cloak serving as his new cape while wielding a long and very sharp polearm. He sits atop what looks like a wingless gargoyle, horns that are bloodstained from all the enemies it has gorged, eye holes carved out that emit a strange blue light similar to the colossi. Even a wicked mouth has been carved out like a twisted pumpkin, given teeth that remind you more of a shark's mouth. The gargoyle stands on all four, still quite sizeable over the group.

"SO, YOU THINK YOU CAN BARGE IN ON MY NEW TERRITORY AFTER READING ALL THOSE SIGNS?! YOU CAN READ, RIGHT?!" The dog barks out, his tone harsh with anger even with his wicked grin on his face.

Rosa lets out a whimper of fear as she hides behind the group. "Wh-Wh-Who is this crazy guy?" She mumbles.


''Y-your territory? M-mister I am sorry if we disturbed you but… This temple is n-not yours. It was the den of the bat ponies that were here bef-'' he gasps ''You were the one that killed them!''


"We… beg your pardon, my lord," he replies, thinking on the spot. "We were merely passing through the area on our way to what lies beyond and thought to investigate this place. Now that it is clear you do not wish to be disturbed, we will be on our way." He bows deeply to the madman in an attempt to appease him. "May you grant us permission to leave? We have no quarrel with you, truly."
[1d10] Persuasion

Roll #1 8 = 8


Realization hitting hard, I whirl around to face the mounted dog, runes flaring in anger!

"You beast! How dare you slaughter an entire temple's worth of ponies!"

"They might not have been the most friendly, but they were my kind all the same!"


She points out some furniture which really ruins the room's feng shui.

[1d10] Scapegoat

Roll #1 3 = 3


Widowmaker idly spins his combat hook as the party speaks to the creature, studying the large beast closer, looking at it's body and it's strength and weaknesses.


Roll #1 4 = 4


"So what if I was?! I told them to git and they didn't git! I wanted this place all to myself so I took it from them, WITH FORCE!" He shouts, brandishing his blade by pointing it in your direction. "You got a problem with that or somethin' sonny?!"

The dog scoffs at you, eyeing you up and down. "Fine, just make sure you tell everyone to stay clear away from this place, y'hear?! I won't be so merciful to intruders more than once!" He says, watching and waiting for your retreat.

The mangy mutt laughs maniacally at you. "They weren't so friendly when I came tellin' them to get off my new property! But I guess you're right about one thing… They're all the same… all dead that is." He grins to you. "Now buzz off."

The crazed dog doesn't seem to pay much attention to you.

You don't seem to find any as the dog eyes you back. "Go on boy, I dare ya… I'm itchin to find out what you taste like." He says, licking his blade as the gargoyle lets out a deep rumbling growl.

>Roll Results: He's one tough cookie.


Maali takes a step back, glaring at the dog ''I… Yes, there is a problem… The land belongs to no single one. Mister, this swamp is not only for you. Please, I will ask you to leave and apologize for all the lifes you have takened…'' He raises his voice, looking just slightly agitated


"Oh, you brute!"

Taking a deep breath, I hop onto the trunk and prepare to leave

"This won't be the last you'll see of us, that I can promise!" I yell, turning away in a huff


"Then we will leave you to your devices." He bows again, seeing that it seems to be effective, and begins to retreat out the door, motioning for the rest of the party to follow.

He shakes his head and motions urgently for Maali to follow him out.


Widowmaker follows the party, watching the imp-like diamond dog over his shoulder.


She sticks to Mercer, searching again for objects they may have missed on the way down.


Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


''W-what? B-but we cannot leave, what about the awful things that he did?!''


"It can wait," he hisses under his breath.


"Ahahaha AHAHAHA HAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!" He cackles, clearing his throat before looking back down to you. "No." He finally replies, before going back into a mad fit of laughter.

"When you come back, remember to wear something less gaudy than that dress o' yours!" The dog shouts, his laughter only growing.

"You're the smarter one out of your little band of idiots, make sure they don't do anything stupid like BOTHERING ME AGAIN!"

He stares back at you with a cold gaze.

You're able to swipe a sack of 20 coins from one of the bandit corpses, seems like the guy wasn't after their treasure.

As the party leaves and continues on, they are able to get through the rest of the swamp unhindered… aside from the occasional insane rambling signs you pass by. Ahead of your destination is now the desert where the beast of the sands awaits for your return.

The sun is raised high in the sky, it's solar rays beating down on our group and giving them quite a sweat. Even Widowmaker feels the unbearable heat through his outfit.


"Oh don't worry, dear. I won't forget. We'll be back" I reply darkly the trunk kicking through the sand as it shuffles forward.

"First, we have unfinished business with this colossus. After we succeed, we'll figure out what to do about that dog."


Widowmaker sweats within the bounds of his armor,

"Is an encounter like previous normal in such a realm? I would have killed him if not for our presence being made known."


He eyes the dog, indignantly before turning back ''This land is not yours. it never will be…'' asserting himself, he leaves with the others
''Hrrgh…Alright'' the deer sits besides Astra in the trunk, eyeing the ground below with a troubled look on his face
''No… I have never seen anyone so selfish…So much of a fool like that dog…'' He grumbles
''His territory…Hmph''


Once in their way to the desert, he also examines the fruit that was given to him by Succinite


She gives the coins to Widowmaker, then stops to drink some water from the river before they leave.


Widowmaker notices the creature for the first time,

"What is following us?"


''That is the gooey one… It has been following our group for a while now.''

''Um… I forgot to ask, mister Widowmaker, yes? What combat skills do you have? I wanted to know, since we will be fighting a very powerful enemy in this desert…''


"Erm, I'm not quite sure… it started following us after we saw it at the mansion we passed through. Not to say it's anything bad, just hard to focus on."

"Perhaps it will make itself known eventually. No harm in letting it tag along, at least."


"This one will ensure so," he lies as he leaves the Dog to do his dark bidding by himself.

As he trudges through the desert, he wipes the sweat off his brow and stops to drink from his canteen. "Curse this heat," he complains. "This one hoped never to have to return to so cruel a place." He suddenly remembers something, and rummages in his pocket to find the handwritten note he found so long ago. "Rosa," he says to their companion, "it is this one's understanding that you know how to translate certain languages, yes?" He shows her the note. "Would you by any chance be able to decipher this scrawl? This one found it in some ruins, near a colossus. Perhaps it could be of use somehow."

"Just so," he concurs. "The bat ponies were scoundrels and deserved some retribution, but such wanton slaughter is most disturbing. Like some sickly tumor, it must be pinpointed, grabbed, and wrenched from the bosom." He takes the fruit Succinite gave him and takes a forceful, messy bite to emphasize the point.

"Such villainy is woefully common in this land," he explains. "It is left to outsiders like us to right their wrongs."


File: 1470550623693.gif (573.63 KB, 320x220, kaga.gif)

>gif related


"Tracking and the capturing and/or killing of law-breakers. One of the reasons I wear such unrevealing armor is due to the sheer number of ponies i have locked up in prison or killed. It is much easier to make enemies in the profession than friends.