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It is a lovely Saturday afternoon. The weather pegasuses made sure there wasn't a cloud left in the sky after this morning's light rain, and the ponies of the town are hustling and bustling about.
You, Troy and Cloudbloom, are no different. Though your adventures are currently taking place in your house.


[playing with pony dolls intensifies]


"Hey Cloud, time to wake up "
Shake Cloud to wake her up from bed.


*Okay, I guess I wake up*

[Close my eyes harder]
"No, I wanna sleep!"



"Oh fie, but only 5 more minutes".
>I leavemCloud to snooze for a little longer as I head into the kitchen and start making some waffles.


You could certainly try to make waffles, but mom usually was the one who worked the oven. You might be in luck, though since…

Roll #1 2 = 2


…well, it smelled like waffles for a second, but I guess it was just hopeful dreaming. You do smell eggs, though, so Mom must already be up.


That wakes me up!
Who's the oldest?


>Cleans up mess and go grab some breakfast and bring it to cloud.


I mentioned it in the other thread, but Troy's the eldest.
You seem to be misreading, as currently your mother is at the stove, making breakfast for the family. Today it appears to be eggs and toast.


"Troy! What are you doing! It stinks!"


"Eh? Look Cloud It cleaned it up okay. Was just trying to be nice.


"Oh, you're so silly!"
Get out of bed and trot to mother for breakfast.


"Well, you two are certainly lively today, aren't you?"
You mother, an earth pony mare, chuckles to herself.
"It will be ready soon, so set the table, won't you?"


"Yes mother, Cloud I'll set the table for you".
Sets the table of plates, napkins,cups, and silverware.


"Yes, mommy!"
I'd help set the table, but apparently Cloud's doing everything so I sit down at my seat like a princess!


In a few minutes, and being careful with cutlery, you've set the table. One place for Cloudbloom, one for Troy, one for Mom, and one for Dad.
"Alright, your father will be back soon from his morning shift, so wash up. I'll serve out the food."


"Yes mom!"
Run for the bathroom to be first!



"Yes Mother, I'll wash up". Not even gonna try to beat the fast little squirt. Let Cloud go first.


Luckily, there's room for both of you at the sink. But, since there's only one stool to stand on, Cloudbloom finishes washing her hooves first.


"Beat ya to the table"!? Safe run to the dining room.


Quickly put some more water on my face and style my mane.
And run after him…too late of course!


By the time both of you are back at the table, Mom has already doled out the eggs and toast to the four plates. You dad (a pegasus), also, has returned home in the time you were in the bathroom, and is just sitting down at the table.




"Ey, Father welcome back from the daily grind". Let Cloud and father have their moment.


He'll scoop you up and give you a solid hug.
"Hey there, midget. You giving your mother any trouble today?"


"Mother, thanks for this wonderful breakfast".


"No! Of course not!"


She smiles and tidies her hoof on her apron.
"Make sure you finish it before it gets cold."
Ruffling your mane, he laughs a bit and sets you down.
"Now, let's get started on breakfast."
Suiting action to word, he starts to place his eggs on the toast.


I'm gonna eat as well.


Look at this. Frown
"Mom, this is really delicious!"


"Will do". Tucks into food.


Breakfast passes without incident. Your parents make small talk about the weather and what's going on in town, but it seems it's just another peaceful day.

After breakfast, and helping to clear the table, your mother calls you to back to the kitchen.
"Kids, I've got an errand for you."


"Whatever do you need mother"?


Look up.
"Yes, mom?"


"Well, I was just looking over a few things we'll need for dinner, and it turns out that we're missing some things! So I need you two to do mommy a favor and run to the market in town to fetch a few things."
She picks up a small slip of paper from the counter, and hoofs it to Cloudbloom.
"This is the list of things I need."
She then gives Troy a small pouch that jingles when you shake it.
"And these are the bits you're going to need to pay for them. Now, I only put 15 bits in there but that should be enough. Don't get lost, and you keep each other out of trouble, alright?"


"I'll do my best to keep Cloudbloom safe and get the errand done". Wait for Cloud at Front door.


"Yes, mom!"
Hold onto the list carefully as I walk to Troy


With that, you're waved out. So, what to do now?


Trot to the market of course!


Check ze list.


Off you go.
You're going to have to catch up to Cloudbloom, as she's the one who's got it.


"H-hey Cloud, wait up"! Run after her.


"We have to get going!"
But I do wait up for Troy


Catches up. "*Huff*, let's see the list".


"Why, mom gave it to me!"
But I give it anyway.


"Alright, we have to get…". Reads off list.



Carrots x5
Celery x2
Bread (one loaf)


"Alright this'll be a piece of blueberry pie". Head to the vegetable stall first.


"You're saying it wrong! It's a piece of CAKE!"


Well, you need to find the market first. The streets are… '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


Pretty busy. You're going to have to watch your step due to the busy ponies.


I'm a very attentive pony! '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Tomato, potato little Billy". >>657170
"" Alright, Cloud stay by my side so we don't become separated".


You sure are! Just look at how shiny that puddle is!


"don't do it Cloud! You'll ruin your mane"! Try to save Cloud from the dreadful puddle.


UH…that sure is a shiny puddle!
I can see my face in it!


You sure can. However, you're surprised when, accompanied by the clattering of wagon wheels, the puddle jumps up and splashes you! Turns out some rude pony just ran past you and went right through that puddle.




"Oi, you fetcher, why I oughta"! Comfort Cloud with hug of familial support!


I'm in this hug, I guess.


"Uh….thanks, but you can let go now!"


"Oh sorry" let's go. "Let us be off once again to the market sister of mine".


"Troy, I…"


"Yes Cloud"? Give her a look of concern.


"My mane is wet!"


"Oh um look it'll have to dry in the sun, I'm sorry Cloud".


Start trotting towards the market again


After a time, you both meander your way to the market. There are stalls upon stalls of ponies hawking their wares, and business is lively. Luckily, most of the stalls have pictures of what they sell.


'Damn. If only ponies wore clothes'. Follow close behind.
Look at all the stall signs.


Go to the candy stall!


The stalls stretch off further than your tiny pony eyes can see. Though that's mostly due to the crowds.
By yourself?


Yes, IF the candy stall is in plain sight, I'd be mesmerized by it, otherwise I follow Troy


Let's get Carrot's first. Goes to carrot stall. Cue carrot top cameo.


By yourself, then?

Roll #1 2 = 2


There it is, in all its sugary glory. It's got so many things on display!


I have a brother?
I walk to it and look at all the candy! Nearly drooling and with eyes so big you'd think I took a snort of coke


I'm sure Cloud will be fine.


You are quite certainly entranced. Your mother was smart not to leave you the money.
Well, it takes a bit of walking but you find the stall with the big carrot sewn onto its overhang. It looks like there's a… '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


A line of about three ponies.




I'll just wait till it's my turn, not like Cloud can do much without much munny.


Maybe if you ask really really nicely, the stallmare will give you a candy? Stallmares are supposed to be sweet, right?
After a few minutes you get to the head of the line. The stallion manning the stall looms over you.
"Well, ain't that a sight. You on an errand for your ma, kid?"


"Yes my good sir, I need Five carrots for Mother if you would"?


Right, go look at the friendly stallmare with my best smile '1d10'

Roll #1 3 = 3


"Shoot, ain't you a fancy talker."
He'll fish out five carrots from a nearby basket and bag them.
"S'gonna be 5bits."
You leer at the mare in a manner hat, were you an older colt, would probably have labeled you as a pervert.
"Can I… help you?"


"Excuse me, miss, I would like some candy!"


"And you sir, are a fancy stall owner if i say so myself". Procure the requested amount and hoof them over to the stallion.


I say this in my sweetest voice!


"Well, we've got a lovely selection ranging from one to three bits, and our jawbreakers are a particularly popular item."
Carrots acquired.
Where to next?


Time to get muh Celery from Celery stall.


"Uuuh….I forgot my money…I'll get it later!"


Luckily, it's nearby.
"Have a good day, then."
And she waves.


Start crying


Get to that stallmand get Two Celery stalks.


There's no line this time, and you manage to pick up the celery with little difficulty. But, you're starting to run out of carrying space! You can't carry all of the groceries by yourself!

Roll #1 8 = 8


'Damn, I need my sister to complete this monumental task'! Look's for Cloud.


She maintains a stony facade.
She's not hard to find, thanks to how loudly she's bawling.


Make a scene! Ponies will give me attention!



Roll #1 8 = 8


A fairly stout mare comes out of the crowd.
"Whatever's the matter, dear? Are you lost?"


"The lady's being mean to me…."


'Shut the fuck up you dumb bitch'!>>657237
"We're fine miss, sorry for the commotion". Pullcloud to the side.




"Thehay is wrong with ya causing a scene like that"!? You say strictly at your younger sibling.


"I wanted some candy!" Dry my eyes


"Oh, what do you mean?"
The mare will glare at you for using such language, and leave in a huff.


"Geez Cloud I'll get you some candy when we leave OK"?


"Will you get me that?"
Point to the basket full of giant pink lollipops


"Look, after we everything on the list then we'll see OK. Don't want to disappoint mom and dad do we"?


"You get me one of those or I'll tell mommy you used nasty words!"


"Cloud, once we get the stuff on the list I promise to get you something with whatever we have leftover alright"?


"No, I want it now, or I'll tell mommy?"


"You know what, tell her because I was given a job to complete and intend to not disappoint".
>Heads off to get Asparagus.


Stick my tongue out and follow him


"You act like a grown up!"


You've reached the asparagus stall. Of the 15 bits you started with, you are now down 8.


"Yeah it's both a gift and a curse. But only because it's the right thing to do to keep you out of trouble".
" One unit of asparagus my good Mam". I ask as politely as I could.


The pony running the stall floats out a bundle of asparagus stalks onto the counter.
"That'll be three bits."


"You're gonna get it!!"


"That is usually how this works, yeah."


Here you go.
>Gives bits.


You have acquired Asparagus. That leaves only the bread, and five bits with which to buy it. But time's moving on, and markets don't last all day.
You and Cloudbloom roll to find the bread tent.


Gotta get that bread, try to get it at 4 bits to get at least a piece of candy for Cloud.



Roll #1 7 = 7


Gotta find it first.


We search low and medium high for the Bread loaf stall hoping to complete the task set before us.


He means you roll. ROLL



Roll #1 10 = 10


Following your noses, you find your way to the bread tent. The gentle wafting scent of freshly baked bread rouses your tummies to grumble, but you're on a mission.


"Good Sir! I would like to purchase a loaf of bread but at the price of four bits. For you see she has been well behaved all day and you know how the attention span of kids are nowadays, so I beseech you fine sir"?

Roll #1 3 = 3


The mare attending the stall gives you a look that could turn dough sour.
"It's five a loaf."


"Fine, I bet the bread is already stale anyway". Toss her the bits and take the bread while apologizing to Cloud.


You have acquired Tasty Fresh Bread. With this, shopping is complete and the bit bag is empty.




"I'm sorry there wasn't any bits to buy you candy with, sport I failed you. Tell mom if you want".
>Make for home with a defeated look upon our muzzle.




>Hangs head in failure


"You promised"


"I'll ask mother when we get back".


And so, you trudge home, laden with groceries. There, you are received by your mother, who has already made lunch. Turns out that it's hay and cheese sandwich day.
That night, you dine upon a lovely stew, made with the ingredients you went to fetch. All in all, a good day.

Quest End.

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