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File: 1452283425685.png (44.79 KB, 1238x627, Techicolor_Fools_sketch.png)

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It has been a long and relatively quiet flight to the edge of the plains. You managed to avoid towns on your chosen route. You've been in the right area since last night but, Its late afternoon before spot what looks like stone buildings covered in moss, and washed over by the river water a few times judging by the discoloration. You land your ship nearby, anchoring it down to a particularly heavy boulder.


Hop on off!


Wake up from my stupor…

Waaaah, whats going on?
Ships? Stones?
Who said that?


The time of quiet was quite appreciated…
Let us get up and off the ship and take a look at these mossy stones, could I notice anything interesting about them?


Ah, a nice and early evening for some treasure-hunting…
"A'ight, lads, leh's get ta work! Ah've some new tricks tah try out!"


Cock a brow at you ''New tricks?…''


Stumble over, stinking of rum.
"Heeeyyyyy! What's goin' on?"


"Some sort of adventure!"


"Adventure? I've had an adventure once. Yup, it was night. We were sneaking into an enemy camp, when Reno stepped in a bear trap.
Reno was my best comrade. Lemme tell you, we fought Charlie, like we never had before."
Make some thrusts with my spear to illustrate


Always eager for adventure, you're the first one to jump off the ship.
The ground is kind of muddy, and your hooves sink in.
Leonis, the orange mane'd unicorn finds you and tilts his head.
"Uh, the treasure the captain has been after for the last.. month.. two months? He thinks its around here."
"You always do Doc! Did those two critters help you out?"


"Not the bloody kind of adventure!
I hope!"

Giggle and skip and hop around in the mud!


''Ugh…we are disembarking and about to go take a look around, hopefully we will find something…But it just had to be in mud…'' I wrinkle my nose as I look down
''Ah well, nothing a bath later cannot solve…'' I fold my dress and sleeves so it doesn't drag in the mud
''Very well, does anyone knows where we will be heading off to?''


"Aye, Ah've managed some right intrestin' new potions from working with 'em. Even a way tah-"
I pause, then stamp my hoof.
"Blast it, Ah knew Ah'd fergot sumthing…"
Doc then raced back down into the hold to retrieve his potions.


"I had to leave Reno there.
Go on, he said…I'll stop them. I gave him my spear and while he was stuck in that trap he killed them…I…"

"Oh uh…yeah. I've fought in mud before too. Mud so deep it came up to yer neck…but that's for another time."
Drink more rum


"Talk about baggage, sir!"


"Huh, bags? We'll need lots of bags to carry all that treasure!"
Start walking into the mud.

Time to go off the ship and check where to dig the trenches.


''Such a veteran…'' I comment with a smile ''I would not be against listening to stories from you, Argo…''


"Not like that, but okay!"


Captains can sleep in, it's in the rulebook.
What were we doing?




If you jump really hard you can get the sheep princess muddy too.
"Oh. You mean we can't use the cart to carry the treasure? Uh." Leonis stares dumbly as you run around the ship grabbing extra bags and potions.
"Of course you can't use a cart, in the muddy river bank." Ginger the suspiciously not dressed to go anywhere diamond dog girl says from near the harpoons.

Your ship is anchored just outside of the ruins of a stone city.
The river is to your west, making the ground a bit muddy under your hooves, but nothing that would stop you.
Its currently late afternoon, and the low sound of creatures rustling in the tall grass to the east is a bit haunting.


I need to find the way!
Survival Track, look for clues of other ponies/doges being here

Roll #1 11 + 5 = 16


Jump real hard!

Roll #1 10 + 9 = 19


Right, but why did we come here? I remember something about a map.
"Know any decent adventuring tunes, Butters?"


I'm sure those critters wo't try to bother us
now let's focus on-
Not getting hit by mud!

Roll #1 3 + 2 = 5


"Oh, boy, do I!"
Time for a tiny guitar and a tiny flute combo!
Play a haunting tune, fitting for the mood, but not spookily haunting, just bright enough to get everyone into loot mode!


"Now that's more like it."
Jump normal, it's too early to hear the complaints of a wailing woman.


Fly over the mud-slingers; I've no intention of joining in that particular pastime. Don't want potions getting contaminated, after all.


File: 1452286182042.jpg (619.39 KB, 3264x1840, IMG_20141114_111503_886.jpg)

this map?

Its supposed to be at the edge of the plains, on the east side of the Mana Stream, the largest southern river. And here you are, between the plains and the river, where the ruins of an ancient city lie. Your first goal would be to find a gate.
You find the hoof trail of a team of ponies, looks to be less than a day old.
The small goat jumps her hardest and splashes the poor lady sheep, ruining another dress.


"Cap'n, there's been ponies here recently!"


"Great job. Can you tell which direction they went?"



Point it out!
Andy, do I have to roll again to follow it?


Confound this goat…Thank heavens this dress isn't even one of the pretty ones!
''That might be a potential problem ahead of us, Argo…Can you tell exactly how recent?''


Follow the others now!


Wings are quite useful for this kind of thing.
The trail leads toward the ruins, becoming a bit scattered as they approach the edge. Looks like they went in different directions.


"These ponies were here less than a day ago!
Hmmm, it seems like they scattered, maybe they split up to explore the ruins? Or maybe they're laying a trap! Or maybe there's a few single ponies all following the first trail!"
Grab my spear.


Start to put mud on my fur and face for camouflage


"Where should we follow?"


"Or maybe they were being followed by something.
Alright listen up, I don't want you guys to split off and be easy prey, we stick together for this one."


''Don't you think it would be better if we were all together? dividing our strenght is too risky…''
''Understood, Captain''


"Aye, splitting up has a way o' backfiring. Jest mind ye keep a distance if Ah start slingin' potions. With luck, it willnae come tah that."


"Okie dokie!"


"Then I say we let Mister Argo decide the route, see if he's got nose."
Smirk, making a gesture with my wings as if to invite the dog forth.


You will be a little harder to spot from a distance now.
"Aye Aye Captin'!" Leonis wound up covered in empty bags and looks a little silly as he salutes you.

Still its pretty quiet, the carved rocky structure of the long abandoned city looks strange. The floating mouse creature is sticking close to the captain.
The ruins themselves appear to have three main sections, the first section of once-grand buildings, now piles of rocks in rectangular shapes, a trail leading to smaller, mostly intact buildings, perhaps houses once, and the third section which seems to have been closed off by a wall once, the stone quality is clearly different even from this distance, its a shade of white with green speckled in, or that could be moss..



Perk my doge ears.
Uhmmm, voice in my head, which directions can I go in this here ruins?


Keep on playing the pretty song!


"Hey, goat! They'll hear us!"


"At least we'll know where they are, right?"


I wonder what this palce was like…
Can I notice any similarities to other cultures in the buildings? markings on the walls? should I roll for it?


Search for any signposts, markings, or other indicators of what we might find in each of the three sections.
'1d20+11' Search check

Roll #1 2 + 11 = 13


File: 1452287896141.png (15.76 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Its a bit like this.
You can check one of the buildings here, thou they collapsed. 1 2 3 or 4 for convenience. The section that was once walled off is green, the one with the small houses is orange, you have to go there to get a a better idea of what's around.


Point to the orange section.
Raise my paw to the to the others, then show a V sign with my fingers, point at my eyes and make a circle.
Then sneak to the orange with the small houses


Slowy follow along.


I'll probally have to find a book on military hand/hoof signs…
Follw the dog


Hop after them!


File: 1452289070967.png (17.97 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

It appears Ivlancian, like the ruins you were at before, but a bit.. different, these equines favored a more orderly look, their stone paths so well made that even today the moss respects it and leaves you a clean place to trot. The windows are prefectly square, or the intact ones anyway.
You guess that the houses in the orange block were the residential area. The green block, with its white colored stone, and grand wall fallen to ruin, has an air of importance, you spot a fallen statue in the distance there. This section is quite easier to notice what is here, as you're close. The writing you can find is unreadable to you unless you can read Ivalancian, but the pictures on the door signs of the building are good enough to guess.
The first one has a shelf of bound books and scrolls, a library! The second one has a hammer and key, the court room.. or the jail? The third one coins in a stack, the bank! The fourth, sword and staff crossed over a shield, a military building?

This section is a bit crowded, the old street still clear of mud, where its intact and not broken off by looters. The houses themselves are in 4 tight columns, the wind howling through them, just gusts from the plains. It does bring a scent of smoke along with it, coming from one of the southern most houses.. and you can spot one now that's a little bigger than the others, almost completely unruined, thou the weather has taken a toll on the carving of the building, just the like the others.


"Um, Lady, where is the best loot around here? Just to speed things up!"


Sniff sniff.
Get my spear ready and walk towards the smoke




Draw a pistol as well, readying 2 more in my wings.
"Business time."


''Scent of smoke…We found them…''
Draw my rapier


What a rude little goat.
If you must know the green area has their temple, and the gate is at the very south side of the temple quarter, which is where you'd want to look for the map's starting point
Coming closer to the larger house, you can basically confirm that someone is inside of there, thou the smoke itself is not presently here, its scent lingers strongly around the structure.
Pistols drawn you look prepared for a real fight.


"Ah see a bank, some sorta military building, an' a governmental sort o' place.
…Do the rest of ye smell smoke too?"


Hop over to them and whisper.
"Psst! Instead of this, we may want to head to the south of the temple district where we can find the gate so we can get the loot instead! Trust me, I know!"


Roll Tactics to prepare an ambush.
Do it like in the good old days, get ready next to the door, then storm in spears blazing before they have time to react.

…or wait what?


Uhhh..look to the captain.


"Every damn time."
Roll my eyes.
"But no. I want to know who these ponies are so we are going to break in here."


"Fiiiine, if you want to fight so badly!"


''Yes Doctor…You are not the only one…''
''…Are you sure? I imagined this place would have already been looted…''


Rolling Tactics to prepare this Ambush. '1d20+4'

Roll #1 14 + 4 = 18


"I don't think she would lie to me!"


Add an AD '1d4'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Leonis nods at you and alerts you to the ambush that the others are setting up.



Roll #1 7 + 6 = 13


And success, they don't notice your group.


Good. What are they? How many, which race, anything peculiar about them, where are they and such.


Well well, looks like we've got company… I wonder what they're doing here.
I'll sit tight and wait for the captain's signal.


File: 1452291215887.png (55.58 KB, 1086x796, 1.png)

You see there are two ponies, one earth pony and one unicorn. The unicorn looks a little hurt, bandages on his side and front leg. Their gear is resting beside them on the ground. Most of the movable items have been take from this building, leaving it very empty, a few stone slabs that served at tables, the crystalline base of something, a fireplace just behind the two ponies.


With this surprise round we have, we can just storm in and surround them.
Then ask questions.


Look at the boss to give the okay


huh…Just two stallions, how disapointing…
It will be easy to overwhelm them, so I'll just wait for the sign


Come on, guys and girls, why dilly-dally?
Jump inside.
"Hi! I'm Buttermilk! Throw away your weapons and surrender or you will be quite dead I'm afraid!"
Say that in a cheery tone!
An AD too!

Roll #1 6 + 9 = 15 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Put down all my weapons, holstering them back, and stroll in like I own the place after BM.


Look VERY confused.


"Butters, yer a flighty bugger and a cad, ye know that?"
No helping it now, might as well just go inside.


I just…
Bah, I just sigh and shake my head…This goat is a force of its own


File: 1452292097857.png (45.01 KB, 1008x787, 2.png)

"Whoa! I didn't know there was anyone else here." The earth pony says with wide eyes.
"They probably wanted to loot this place, fools. Here, its empty anyway." The unicorn tosses a gun at your hooves.


"Oh, I have a tip where to go next! Thanks for cooperating!"

Poke my tongue out at everyone else and hop to them.
"So what's up with you guys?"


''Fools…Heh…Yes, I suppose we can be called that…Now, unlike my fellow goat here, I am a bit more polite…May I ask for your names and what are your business in this place, gentlecolts?…Have you too come here to loot these ruins?''


"Well then. Good I got bullets."
Pocket the gun. I like carrying guns around.
"What happened to you?"


"Empty, eh? What ye been shootin' at ta not have any bullets?"


"What happened? We were attacked by panthers, and then a fake tree, Oh, and lets not forget the weird storm, and this guy managed not to be of any help." The unicorn starts grumpily.
"What was I supposed to do! That odd bird stanched my sword, and you lost like three guns."
"Yea well.. that's not the only thing we lost today."
"I'm Shell Forge, and this is Daland Silksmooth." The earth pony replies politely. "We were hoping to loot something, it true, Spiritos mages really love anything from these places, even a bit of crystal junk."
"Look the short of it is, this place isn't as empty as looks, after that storm things I've only seen pictures of appeared.."


I'll just go in then…


''Crystal hmn…Can you give more details about these…encounters of yours? I'm particularly interested in thta strange storm…''


Sense Motive to make sure they're telling the truth. '1d20+11'
"Ah expect ye've got a good reason ta be sitting around in here then, aye? I'd think ye'd have hauled off by now if'n it's as bad as ye say."

Roll #1 4 + 11 = 15


Raise a brow, getting comfortable on a chair, waiting for them to go on.


"Are you just making things up that attacked you?"


There is plenty of room.
The only chair around is a set of 4 heavy stone frame for the cushions, that are barely decorated and one has a chipped corner.
"The storm? It was the wrong color, purple and blue, and it showed up in the middle of the day at that. We were looking just outside the ruins when it happened, I think Winters had found an orb, the kind of thing we were looking for.. but we'll never know for sure now."
"I dunno, maybe you should go look yourself." The unicorn replies.
As far as you can tell they are being honest.
"Just trying to recover a bit before we leave is all.."


"Sounds dangerous!"


"Ye'll be meeting up with this Winters fella then? We didnae see any other ships on our way in."


"Back up a bit there."
Lean forth, head on my hooves as I hold one in the other.
"What else is you lost?"


''hmmn…Purple and blue storm… an orb… Sounds like the kind of cursed artifact or vengeful guardian spirit…I'm interested!''


"Wait… orbs like this?"
I still have some of the colorful orbs I used to juggle with from the baskets from the last ruin, right?


"Yea! But a really large one.. it had" the earth pony points at the yellow and blue orbs. "Those colors mixed in."
"No.. Also we didn't come by airship, but a normal ship, off the river."
"It could have been magical I guess.. but it definitely had thunder and lightning. "
They kind of wince at the question, and the earth pony sighs and answers you. "Most of our crew actually.."



"Interesting…. I want it!"


Here in the stone houses, the clearly the remains of a small city, the band of misfit pirates stood.
Listening intently to the tale of a pair of very unfortunately ponies, the wind blowing through the window, the vague scent of smoke lingering in the mostly empty room of the old city. You could even believe that living trees and monsterous cat beasts roamed outside of the gates, still guarding their secrets.
You should probably head to the temple district where the goat insists that the gate on your map is, or explore south of the ruins directly.


Chew on the closest edible thing as I wait


So far, the goat has always lead us to good things…Mostly…
''Are you two gentlecolts staying here? might be dangerous if a beast shows up and you have no one to protect you''


Cat beasts? Now that would be a sight to see!
"I'll check out th' south ruins, see if'n there's something we missed. Rest of ye ken check on that thar gate, aye?"


''Eerr, Doctor, are you certain you will be fine by your own?''


"I don't think we should split up! In all the horror things that's how you get the bad ends with horrible things happening to you!"


"Oh, you're a kind sheep.. I think we'll be okay, they don't seem to come inside the walls of the city."
Leonis absently replies. "Aye, check on the southern side.. They are always at the southern ports."
Your goat sense tells you that you should go look around the north side for something, and drag your two friends.


Flick my ears and jump in the air.
"Oh my glorious goat goodness gracious, I just had one of those brain-tickly feelings that tell me to do impulsive things! Dania, Doc, to the north, quick, quick!"
Bolt off in that direction!


"HAH! Ah can take take care of meself, lads! I want a chance ta-"
Doc deadpans at the interruption and deflates a bit.
"Oh aye, we'll jest follow the natty nanny like always. Ah, the beasties will keep for a spell; lead on!"


''Very well then, I wish you luck''

''At the ports?…That's odd…I thought cats didn't like water''
She rolls her eyes ''Oh goodness, here we go again'' she tries to keep up with the over hyped goat


In a hop and a dash the small goat is leaping just ahead of the group. Leading the way through the narrow road, the crumbling ruins of houses and blocking a bit of your view, but you do hear someone up ahead.
Once you clear the row of houses, the city district is ahead, a personal size airship for transporting goods hoovering above what you guess was a bank, a green earth pony stallion with a brown mane is standing with his back to you energetically pointing at things.
"The Sunlantis Preservation Society really needs to step up their game, this place is totally unprotected, and looted, Sure there might be some monsters but that's no excuse for leaving this place to rot! Oh, Be sure to check under that one."


Don't ask how I know but I sense a friend!
Acrobatics my way up to the little airship with a bleat!
AD '1d4+2'

Roll #1 19 + 9 = 28 / Roll #2 2 + 2 = 4


Sneak my way behind him. Look around, who is he even talking to?


Well, no point in sneaking with the crazy one here.
"Dunno what yer lookin' fer, but there's not much chance ye'll find it here. Place is stripped to it's knickers of everything but monsters, apparently. Unless yer interested in those?"


Its not actually an easy jump, but you make it look easy, getting a running start, adding a flip on the end, and landing with a prefect bleat.
The earth pony looks surprised and steps back, then laughs. "Zhu Li, look, its Buttermilk."
From behind a rock a zebra mare pops her head out and smiles at you.

You sneak around easily thanks to the goat's distractive nature, it looks like he's talking to some zebra mare wearing leather hoof-shoes for archaeology.


"It's me! And it's you! And it's her!
What are you doing here? There's monsters and weird orbs and superpurplestorms here!"


Take a good look at them, let's see what I can make out of these two…


Raise an eyebrow at that.
"Ye know the rascal? and she knows ye? Well, this is an interestin' turn of events…"


He pulls his fancy jacket up a little bit and gestures around. "Just look at this place Butters, its rich with culture, history, artifacts, the stuff legends are made out of!" Then he leans close to you, pulling the small ship down. "Wait! You already found one even, a purple storm?"
[loading information]
"Oh, Buttermilk and I go way back, you know she's a really talented little bard." The earth pony nods as the zebra brings over a rock to him and he examines it shaking his head "Interesting.." he rubs the rock as if to push away dust then exclaims. "Nope. Nothing here." and tosses it back to the building.


"Nope, I didn't, but the injured ponies we found who were here found all sorts of monsters and the colorful storm!"
Jump up on his back!


"Aye, not much here. We've already checked, and all we found was two ponies what got attacked by somethin' and you two. Ah take it yer interested in the storm they described?"


Time to approach and introduce myself then, since they seem friendly
''Hello, a friend of Butters is certainly a friend of the Fools. I am Lady Dania, a pleasure to meet you'' I extend my hoof for him to kiss it


You feel yourself being lifted up, the zebra mare is holding you with an annoyed look.
"Aw, don't get mad at the kid Zhu Li, she's just playing."
"Well, if you found something like that, I'm certainly interesting it, what causes it, what's it like, does the storm bring monsters with it?" The pony makes a thinking pose.
Then jumps up and gracefully bows taking your hoof. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Dania." Then a quick kiss and he lets go. "You can call me Varrick. Inventor, Bard, Researcher, and World Traveler."


"We'll have to find out when the storm eventually catches up to us! It would be a shame to miss out on it while we're here!"
Look at the mare then giggle.
"Hi! Regards from someone who finds you and your stripes really pretty! Not in the creepy way either!"


"Ah suspect we'll have some of those answers afore we're done here.
If we're doing introductions, Ah'm Doc McGulligan, the one what's keeping this crew from keeling over from flu."


''Oh my. A stallion of many talents…I see you are already aquaintanced with my friend Buttermilk, I must ask for the certainly interesting story behind that''


Zhu Li sets you down on the ground and pats your head. "Aw, thanks. I did do my mane in a bun today."
"I'll be around the area for a while, you said you're a crew? The Fools I think Lady Dania said? That must mean you have a ship!" The earth pony grins. "Tell me about her."

"Nothing is ever dull around Varrick, Master of Ballads and Machines alike." He stands on his personal sized airship, its underside blades whirling with a pleasant hum, keeping the wooden thing hoovering at the same place. "It all started in the town of Geartopple, west of Spiritos, and south of Lawforge. A great place to savage for parts and stories from travelers."
You see the zebra roll her eyes a bit at the dramatics.
"And not such a great place to run into your bitter old rival from bard school. Let me tell you, that unicorn has his horn on too tight."


"Heh, I won't say what else because I don't really understand!"
Hop on her back too! "Shh, Varrick is doing a show!"
Watch it!


I grin right back.
"Well, we just got 'er some fancy new harpoon guns at the last dock, and gave her a bit of a touch-up. She's not too fancy a lass, but she's sturdy enough, and's been servin' us jest fine so far. Rudder's a bit sticky, been meanin' ta fix that but was too focused on mah potions…"


Wipe the floor under me of any dust before sitting down and watching as the earth pony tells his tale with a smile
''He is quite passionate is he not?'' I whisper to the zebra


A Pillow is set down next to you from somewhere.
"Perhaps I can provide some assistance if you're looking to keep upgrading, ships, weapons.. I have a lot of surprising things stored on my ship, I don't even know half of what's on there myself anymore!"

Before you know it a cushiony pillow has been placed on the road next to you, and under you in the case of the sheep. The earth pony continues his tale.
"But the lady is correct, I did run into a dastardly unicorn, full of foul tricks. He always was, that Herald McClef, even his name sounds devious. Always using little tricks to add to his performances, a little magical sparkle here and there and no one noticed how bland his songs were or how terrible his singing was." A pause where he looks at you four and focuses on Zhu Li and then smiles less for a moment. "Well, he wasn't terrible at singing, average really, but its his story telling that fell flat!"
"So, while I was innocently bargaining with a local, Ol' Herald came up and zapped me with a new spell. I turned around quick and caught up to him, about to demand an explanation, when disaster, I couldn't talk at all! Not even whistle." A pause for dramatic tension.


My grin grows even wider.
"Aye, Ah'd like that very much… jest as long as Ah get ta help ye with the upgrades. Maybe I'll even have some fresh ideas for ye!"
New toys to play with? This fella's all right by me!


"I could never imagine myself not being able to speak!"


I feign a gasp
''By the crown, how did you manage to recover from that, Varrick?''


"I can't reveal my secrets! Then I wouldn't be a true Master anymore." He whispers to the side. "We can work out the details later, once you finish your adventure."
"Luckily Zhu Li was nearby and voiced my exact opinion. 'Varrick doesn't even need his voice to outdo you!' McClef was so surprised that he stopped gloating to laugh. 'You know I'm a good sport. In three days there is a gathering in front of everyone, an event sponsored by the local inn, best bard gets all they can eat for life. If you can cause me to lose that, I'll let you have your pathetic voice back' he declared. And course I accepted, by shaking the devil's hoof on it."


I need popcorn for this.
From somewhere.
Survival, scavange the ruins for hot, fresh popcorn!
AD '1d4+2'

Roll #1 8 + 1 = 9 / Roll #2 3 + 2 = 5


Hum and nod, leaning in my hoof as I keep listening
too bad I left that box of chocolates back in the ship. Those always go perfect with a nice story


"Aye, I'll let ye finish yer tale and talk shop later." I whisper back, taking a seat on the cushion and relaxing a bit.
…Sense Motive to see whether he's telling a story or the truth. '1d20+11' 19-20 Threat range

Roll #1 8 + 11 = 19


You learned always to carry snacks on adventures, unfortunately the ship doesn't always have snack food to sneak off with, you had to make do with some potatoes and slice them into strips to make them easier to carry.
It feels like it might be coming to the high point. How exciting.
Its probably true, silencing magic exists and a bard who uses sound based tricks probably knows ityou'll have to spend that action die to uplift the veil of mystery

"I was in trouble, I spent two days trying to make a better music box, play a good melody, even thought about sabotaging the stage, but the event's order isn't set and a trap could go off too early or too late.." With a grin towards buttermilk "That night I saw this little goat singing her way up the street, and behind her a trail of other goats playing her back up! It was impressive, particularly how she said those goats weren't even related to her, she didn't know them! I don't know how she knew that's what I was thinking, but she was right!"


Let's go deeper…
'1d4' action die.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It will have to do!
Nom nom!

"Are we going to do a tribute song for the finale?"


''Ooh, now I see. Butters saved the day, hmn?''


Wink and stick out my tongue.


Its a true tale with some minor embellishment
With a little salt these aren't too bad.
"Don't miss your que." He winks at you.

"Well, I took the goat to the inn for food, she was starving after all that singing. While we ordered some hay-fries, everyone was talking about the big contest, and the goat girl got excited about it. Then I got the idea, I would have her enter and defeat the dastardly McClef, I had plenty of instruments for her to borrow, I just had to tell her somehow. I tried showing her the poster, pointing at the stage, and even showing her my song book but she didn't seem to respond! It was only after she finished eating that Zhu Li explained what my plan was! Clever girl always knows what's on my mind." The zebra smiles at the acknowledgement. "So then it was set, The big day of the contest." Varrick slides over on his boat to make it seem like he was on the stage. "The competition was fierce, the crowd even more so, they booed the first 3 contestants off stage, Butters had to face off with some amateur and his guitar singing about the open skies. Between us it wasn't even close, but the crowd had doubts.. It was a long contest, both McClef and Buttermilk winning by mere notes. The crowd still didn't believe that Buttermilk could do it, there were bets being placed against her openly." He takes a deep breath.
"That's when she showed her real talent, in improv, she made up songs and rhymes long into the night, after everyone had gone home, into the next day, when people came back to see what happened, and found the contest still going. McClef singing songs that date back to my great grandmother, and buttermilk singing about the silverware's flavor."


''By Eckmarrok's Long beard…A whole day and they were still going at it? You have to at least give McClef some credit for being able to keep up like that''


Just remembering the salt of McClef is enough!
Do a backflip in excitement.
"He sure did despise me for even being an opponent! He could never know how or why or from whom I learned to do it so well!"


I raise an eyebrow at the realization, then glance at the goat from the corner of my eye. Even with embellishment, this is quite the tale.
What's worse, it sounds like exactly what Buttermilk would do.
"I sympathize with the lad, having to face off against her. That's a horrible fate, fer anyone."


"Well, I lent her all my instruments, the viola, the guitar, the drum-set, even those old bells I had laying around."
"Do you remember the best part? Of all those songs you made up?"
He's grinning at you and there is enough space for you to hop up on the boat next to him now.
"A fate you earn, that might be called your destiny." With a wild grin he continues.

"The final stretch, they sang late into the night, it had been thirty one hours, and the whole town came out to see who would last. The song McClef played was a song to end it all, he had fire coming from his hooves, he had lightning on his breath, his eyes were the eyes of a dragon, and his words the words of some fallen angel, it was the best song I've even seen him play."
"But Butters responded with a song even better than that song, a song that wowed the crowd, that brought McClef to his knees in defeat!"
Then he does a simple gesture, tapping the boat with a firm hoof."It was a song like no other!"


Hop on 'stage'!
Start beating my hoof to give a beat.
"You better run, you better do what you can,
Don't wanna see no blood, don't be a macho pon,
Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a stallion,
You wanna be tough, better do what you can,
So beat it, but you wanna win baaaaad."

Instrumental Intermezzo!


He pulls out a small drum and lays out your beat for you adding in an echoed.
"You wanna be the winner
You wanna win, soooo baaaaahd


#pause with musical sensation


"And then the finishing move! The one that broke his spirit afterall!"
Time for some epic string background!
"You can't win!
Butters Surprise!
There's a lute in my hooves and songs on my lips!
You can use your tricks, but you can never be this hip!
Legendary song fight with Buttermilk Sky!
Normal Tuesday night for Buttermilk Sky!
You try to retort but air is draining from your lungs!
McClef couldn't is beat, he couldn't win to a pony with a lame tongue!


The last night, before we arrived at our newest adventure!

Sit outside in the dark, alone, my hindlegs hanging and kicking off the side of the airship, singing softly to myself while strumming my guitar.
"This is Buttermilk to Goat Control
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today…

Hang my head a bit before singing more.

"Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very scared
And I think this airship knows which way to go…
Lower my voice.
"Tell my mom I love very her much, she doesn't know…
Goat control to Buttermilk
Your heart's breaking, there's something wrong!
Can you hear me Buttermilk?
Can you hear me Buttermilk?
Can you hear me Buttermilk?


"I like it. A bit different from your usual style, though."
The words come as a surprise from the unlit area around the helm, where I stood silent, listening.


I jump a bit from the surprise, turning around, quickly wiping my cheeks with a hoof.
"Oh, Captain! I didn't know you were here! This was supposed to be a concert for Buttermilk only!"


"Too bad."
Stick out my tongue to mock her, but stand up and walk over, slowly, sitting down just like she was a minute ago.
"Troubles in mind, lil goat?"


Sit down like before as well, shaking my head with a scrunch.
"Nope! No troubles here! Goats cannot have trouble ever, so they create it!"


"Really now? And who said goats can't have troubles?"


"Um… I just did!"


Shake my head. "Doesn't work like that though, does it?"


"Duh, of course it does! A giant bugbear is a problem! Something you can't touch isn't!"


"You can't really touch the sky, can you Buttermilk?
But if one day the sky was gone, wouldn't that be a problem?"


Boop your chest.
"YOU can touch the clouds!"
Evasive maneuveurs!


"Hey now!"
Chase after her! I got good dexterity!
"That's not the point, come back here you little scamp!"


Bleat and hop around the deck.
"That is the point I am going to take away from it!"


Roll a bit around the deck trying to catch her, but eventually stop and scrunch.
"And here I thought we were friends!"


Skid to a quick halt.
"B-But we are!"


Shake my head.
"Nuh-uh. And you wanna know why?"


Hop closer, pouting.


"Because friends are honest to their friends when they have problems!"


"But my… I don't have problems! Really! I don't! Why would I, silly?"


"You can't hide from the truth of a song! Once you sing something, it's final!"


"That's not fair! To use my songs against me! Uh… it was a metaphor! It was abstract!"


Give her a costanza look, crossing my legs and sitting down on them.
"Really now? And what's a metaphor?"


Clear my throat and sound as scholarly as it is possible for a tiny goat.
"A metaphor is a figure of speech suggesting something else over the meaning, consisting of the tenor, the vehicle and the ground!"


"Gotcha you little liar! Then you know that a problem can be something you feel and don't have to touch!"
Grin wide, waving a hoof towards her!


Open my mouth for a riposte, then after a few seconds of silent contemplation, shut it.
"…this is why you are the captain, isn't?"


"No, but if you tell me what's the matter, I will tell you how comes I am the captain."
Smile, a bit cheekisly.


"But it is too horrible of a burden!"


"You know what they say about burdens. They are easier to carry in two."


Look around, uncharacteristically nervously.
"Promise not to tell anyone?"


"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."


Hop to the very edge of the ship, furthest away from everyone, motioning you closer.


Move closer, very curious!


Lower my voice.
"I ran away from home."


Raise a brow and give her a nonplussed face.
"Yes, and?"


"Then they came to look after me and I got into trouble and it's pretty much my fault they ended up where they did!"


"Whoa nelly, I didn't get half of that…"
Sit down and pat the deck beside me.
"Sit here and sit good, take it slow."


Sit down, biting my lip.
"Captain… you're the first person I'm telling this in some non-song form… it's h-hard!"


"Well if you'd rather use a song…"


"It's not the same as saying it out for once, is it?"
Paw at my instruments dully.
"I'm not sure I have it in me to sing another song about it."


"Alright. Then go on, I'm listening."


Sniffle just a bit.
"Do you know what a… siren is, Captain?"


"The half pony hybrids that live on floating islands in the sky, surrounded by mist?"


"That's not what matters!"




"You know, what they do! Brainwash people! With songs! Turn them into puppets!"


"That's horrible!"


Nod, motioning with my hoof.
"See where this is going, Captain?"


"You come from a family of syrens?"


Be dead serious, the stars shining dimmer, the air growing colder, all other sounds disappearing as I give you the sternest look you have ever seen.
"When my parents came to find me, the syren turned them into mindless slaves. I learned how to sing from it. One day, when I am undoubtedly the best singster in the whole world, I will go back, defeat it with a song, free my parents, and kill it."


"Buttermilk, I…"
Reach out and touch her face…
Before sweeping her up, jumping in a heroic pose with her under my hoof!
"I swear I shall free your parents! Right now, even!"


Contrary for my love of theatrics, just let out a bitter laugh, one you might expect from a divorced middle aged mare disappointed in life more than a tiny goat.
"No. This is why I can't tell! You think I haven't tried telling! It can only end one way…"
Actually break out in a bitter song.
"Maybe I should chase before they try to stop it
It won't be long before they become a puppet.


"You try to run and we're just gonna stalk you down to the end of the world, little goat."
Put her down, hovering around with forehooves crossed.
"Then what, you just plan on making them wait more and more?"


Have a determined expression.
"I need more time… I will only get one chance at this! I'm too old now! If I fail, I will just be a mindless slave too! I must be ready! That is why I can't be Buttermilk Sky, the careless kid! I have to be Buttermilk Sky, the goat who grows up to shake the world, the plane of existence and beyond to the very core with her songs!"


"That's gonna take a lot of singing, you know."


Grin, then step off the ship, falling into the abyss, only to reappear behind you, holding a Hotel ledger from a place called Trotheim with the signature of people like Card Trick, Aurelia, Fall Harvest, Neith and of course Buttermilk Sky with a pink crayon, as well as a big golden trophy with an inscription that reads "Best Mysterious Assisting Character in Fringe Cases in Destiny Award" for Buttermilk Sky…
Then throw them off board.
"I'm making progress!"


I can only stare speechless as you jump, even though normally I'd fly down after you, and blink motionlessly once you appear on the other side.
"Bu- how- when- who-"


Too fast for you.
"The voice friend of mine who tells me all the secrets of this world isn't such a great mystery now, is it? Maybe I'll sing you a song about our existence the next time we are bored and want to pass some time out of the regularly scheduled appointments of the quest!"


"I'd rather not suffer a deep existential crisis, thank you liuttle one."


"I believe you already have, captain."
Stick out my tongue and wink.
"So, it's your time to tell me why you are captain now!"


"Oh that's easy. Because I got a great crew."


Blow a raspberry.


"No it's true! A captain's nothing without his crew!"


"But you can't rein in a crew without wits!"


"Guess I got wits. At least I have good taste in bards if anything."


"Would you say…. your crew has the best bard in it?"


"Yeah. I'd say that."


"Then we'll just have to make sure we're the best crew, and I know I'll be ready!"

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