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The year is 4267, Equestria has become a highly advanced society,thanks to Earth-Equus Alliance. However monsters have plagued earth and Equus. With the beings known as Chaos threatening the peace of everyone's lives, we have been caught up in a struggle for the fate of Equus & Earth.

This story begins at Marshallese Orbital Colony. A few individuals were preparing to board the tram to head over to the Marshal Academy to take the entry exam.


11:42 Buckingham Tram Station
"Alright, 3 minutes early. Well I wonder when some of other new guys will get here"?
Initiate # 9 Eryk Brydger


Rush in, hoping I'm not late.


11:50 Status: On time.
Initiate # 76 Beetal Cabra
"Nah your on time actually. We got 10 till the tram arrives".


Wash off the sweat then.

"Usually I ignore my alarm. Let's hope the test goes smoothly."


A TV screen show's channel 4 News. The threat of Chaos was on the rise again as another attack on Earth marked the 26th Attack this month.
"Yeah I hope so as well. Hopefully the written portion will be the easiest part".
Checks watch as we wait for the tram to arrive.


"Enough time to get more studying done. Were you cramming before this, or up watching the news?"


"A little bit of both, but I am in the ninth ranking so I should be pretty set".
The Tram screeches as it slides to a stop at the Station. Luckily the tram is mostly Empty today. I swipe my Card key and board the Tram.


"Hopefully it rubs off on me."

I'll swipe my card and take a seat too, looking outside.


The sleek tram pulls off from station as it moves along towards it's next stop.
An alarm breaks the silence as the lighting turns a blinking red.
"The hell is going on"!?

Roll a Force Check.


"The heck?"


Roll #1 8 = 8


With your innate magic senses, you detected an impact before it hit!
The two of you brace yourselves as the tram violently rumbles and breaks from the rails crashing to the ground.
Event Cleared! Ranking A!
Somehow the two of you managed to get through relatively unscathed.
Unfortunately, the other passengers in your car weren't as fortunate.
"Aw hell. We gotta find out what in God's name is going down out there".


"Yeah, but let's get the others safe first."


"Right"! However after searching the other car's, you find the everyone was either missing or dead.
" Aw shit, this isn't looking too good ".

>You can try to press onward to the next stop, or find an emergency exit of some kind.


>Emergency exit
"Let's get out of here. Whatever did this, were worse off staying inside."


"Yeah, we need to get out of danger".
After searching for awhile in the tunnel you find a service ladder that Eryk helps you ascend.

Residential Sector 3-A
>Security Office


"Let's go to the security office. Someone there has to know what's going on."


Making your way to the office, yet again you find splatters of blood everywhere and a few mush clumps of what used to be Ponies.
"Damn, here too"!? Slams fist against wall.
" Alright lets grab a weapon and get out of here".
Eryk retrieved Tech Sword Mk I!
What do you grab?
>Force Staff
>Machine Dagger


"Let me grab that Force Staff. Whatever is out there, I want to be able to hit away."


"Great Thinking Beetal, now lets move"!
Exiting the office you contemplate where to go from here? You could try the Academy, but then again there were sounds of gunfire in the other direction?
" Alright where going from here, it's your call".


"Away from the action. I want to find out what's going on first. There'll be plenty of opportunities to get hurt later."


"True". Your duo starts making it's way towards the Academy crossing past the Residential District you finally get to the Military District. You were able to see the flashes of gunfire from here.

Which way?


"Let's stay out of sight. Everything else feels riskier, more exposed."


"Makes sense to me".
Moving through the Engineering department you you have a few looks at the machines and tech that were being created and built here. A banging from above breaks the long quiet up until this point.
A bipedal monster with Blades for arms calls from a vent as he clamors up letting out a two toned screech.

Battle Sequence Initiated
Eryk: 110 Life
Beetal: 75 Life

M11 Mantua


"This wasn't what I wanted to see."

Try and jam my force staff into something vital. '1d10'

Roll #1 7 = 7


Combat Manual 1
Sword Drive 2 MP: Breaks Targets Defenses, and inflicts Medium Damage.
Cross Slash 1 MP: Average Damage but can attack twice or two Targets at once.

You try to jam into somewhere vital and luckily pierce it's chest as orange fluids pours forth.
Art Manual Pending please hold.


Double Smack 1 MP: Two strikes that bludgeon the target. Average damage.
Fireball 3 MP.: Small sphere of flame flung at the target. Effective against Chaos Type enemies.

MP is shared by Party.
MP: 7


"Alright I got our Tech downloaded, so lets do this".
Mantis is stunned.
You can act again.


"Think you can do something about it's blades. Feel more comfortable if we didn't have to worry about being stabbed."

Normal Staff Attack in the meantime. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Alright, gotcha"! You managed to get a good hit in before the board force you back.
" Raagh! Sword Drive"! Eryk drives his blade forward as it collides with the blades, causing sparks to fly, but after he spins around for an uppercut, he breaks the guard!

"He's Wide Open"!
Eryk 110
Beetal 75
MP: 7

Mantis ??? Slightly damaged.
Guard is broken!


"Thanks, now he's mine! Let's see how you handle this!"

Double Smack '2d10'

Roll #1 10, 3 = 13


With the force bearing down on the Mantis it as trouble rising back up once again.
97 ,DMG!

"Take This, Cross Slash"!
Eryk slices across and finishes with a downward Slice THQ seems to have taken the monster out for good.

" Well that takes care of that".
The creature turns into a pile of grey mush after a moments.

What now
>Check Around
>Continue towards Academy


"That was weird. Let's see what's happened around here, because if we ran into this thing."

>Look Around


Searching around the premises yields a metal container labeled M.A.R.E,
And a strange weapon similar to a Shield is on a nearby Display Case.

"The hell is all this"?

>What now?


"Let's grab this stuff and go. Someone at the academy might be able to figure something out with this stuff."

I'll take the M.A.R.E.
Eryk can grab the Shield.


Eryk grabs the Shield? Which attaches up to his elbow and has a sleek Silver and black design.
Varied Weapon System Acquired!

After attempting to unlock the container, the access panel denies you access.
"*Beep* Those with Rankings above single digits are deemed not ready to control and operate the M.A.R.E. *Beep*.

" That sucks".

What now?

>Leave Engineering.

>Find a way to get access.


"Let's get out of here. Whatever is in here can wait until we're safer away, at the Academy."


"Wait a second, see if yours or my Card keys work. I mean it said those above single digits and I'm a 9 so in theory.."?


"Worth a shot. Slide it through."


*Scanning* Beetal Cabra #46, Denied.
*Scanning* Eryk Brydger #9 Access Granted. Redirecting Service & Control to P-Gear.

The clamps release as a hissing is heard as a mist is released as then containers door opens. Stepping out is a Mechanical Pony with metallic and organic looking parts adorned on her figure. It has a equine face and a long Steel colored mane like the rest of her. 'Probably could use a new paint job'.
She steps as it scans you both with a beam of light.
"*Beep* Hello Initaite 9 Brydger & #46 Cabra. I am M.A.R.E., Mechanized, Assistance, Reinforcement, Equine. My scans indicate a 49% Danger level based on nearby threats. Suggested course would be to rendezvous with the others holed up at the Academy, And I am ready to comply with any and all orders given as numbers 1 through 8 have been terminated by hostiles.
Your orders, Master Brydger and Sub-Commander Cabra?


"Wait, terminated? Tell us what's going on first? Just so we know what we're dealing with here."

Battery low, I'll have to stop here.



"Yes Sub-Commander Cabra. Initiate #'s 1-8 along with 30 others at least have been killed by Choas-Class Monster's. There are confirmed M-5 to M-40 types of Monsters present at Marshallese. Should this Colony Station be overrun by Chaos-Type Monsters, then Earth and Equus will be cut off and a staging ground for attacks on Equus would be made possible. To neutralize this problem, we will need to terminate the M-001 Chaos Seed, which in turn will cause the remaining monsters to cease to live. The V.W.S. along with myself are designed as Anti-Chaos Weapons. So that and magic should have optimal efficiency in eliminating any threats we come across along the way. Was the answer to your question satisfactory Sub-Commander Cabra?


"just one more. Where should we be headed? Where's the closest group of Academy personnel?"


"Scanning…Closest Academy personnel are 2 miles from us and an equally far distance from their positions to the Academy. Was this answer satisfactory Sub-Commander Cabra"?


"Yeah, just guide us as well as you can over there. Being on our own is asking for trouble. Don't you agree, Eryk?"


"Yeah, your right. At least she's basically under our command currently. We can give her commands from my P-Gear for specific commands".
Mare takes point as we navigate through the areas while smallest chance of hostile encounter. We had almost reached them when we reached an…obstacle.

" Alert! M's above Type 19 have been detected in the vicinity. Caution is heavily advised for your optimal safety condition ".

A group of M-11 Mantua, and M-17 Crawler have blocked the most direct route. Detours may lead to engagement with more dangerous Chaos monsters.

>What's the Plan?


"Think we can sneak around them? A fair fight won't be fair to us."


"It would be no problem going around through the buildings but…we might run into much more dangerous than what we encountered back in Engineering. I'm more of a follower than a leader so you make the call".


"Let's clear these two out then. At least we know what we're getting into. Try to break their guard like last time and I'll follow up."


"Alright! Let's give em' hell".
Heading to street level you confront the oppressor's assaulting the barricade.

Initiate Battle Sequence!
Inventory & Skillset uploaded to P-Gear.

Eryk: 100
Beetal: 75
Mare: 240
M-11 A 200
M-11 B 200
M-17 260

>What's the plan!?

>Issue command to Allies(Optional).


"Try to focus on the big on the lackeys and keep your distance from the big one. Let's take it nice and steady against these guys!"

'1d10' Attacking M11 A

Roll #1 6 = 6


" Orders Received ".
Standard Shot!

Roll #1 9, 9 = 18


A turret pops of Mares shoulder as it fires a volley at M-11 A tearing it to ribbons, while Eryk gets a lucky shot in killing it.
234 Damage inflicted!

You get a good swing on the second before your forced to back off.
50 Damage inflicted!

M-11 Counters with a Claw Slash against you!
25 Damage!

The M-17 fires its back mounted Cannon at Mare but she is able to shrug it off.
50 Damage!

Eryk 100
Beetal 50
Mare 190
M-11 150
M-17 260

>Our move!

>You can issue specific actions from your Party by stating the attack used and yourself rolling for them.


Does MARE also get an attack roll?


"Good, now the last M-11. Don't let them coordinate!"

Staff attack '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


You can tell Eryk and Mare specifically what actions you want them to carry out.
From the their skills here.

You miss your strike as it sidesteps you and knocks you back with the blade side of its arm.
20 Damage.
>Direct Eryk & Mare!


"Try to take it out with basic attacks. Don't stress yourself on the smallfry!"

>Attack M11


4:26 PM Erde Hanger
Previously, Marshallese Space Colony was attacked by a Chaos Seed and the creatures it spawned forth.
An engagement could be heard outside of the hanger.
>Stay where you are?

Eryk stabs the M-11 and throws it off the road to the ground floor below, while Mare obliterated the M-17 with her P-Cannon.
The three of you proceed to find anyone else Alive here.


Deer Mêlée
Initiate # 94
Erde Hangar.
You hear sounds of Combat very close by.
>Will you investigate or wait for help?


I won't get anywhere just standing around, The sounds might be from allies.
I go investigate


Exiting the hangar sidedoor you peek outmthe alleyway to see a Satyr, a M.A.R.E. Prototype Robot Pony, looking around for for somebody.

>What do you do Akasia?


That's an unusual sight…But at least they aren't Chaos
I walk slow towards them, speaking up to call their attention ''HEY.''
''What are you people looking for?''


"Oh thank Jesus. We were trying to find any survivor's before pushing towards to the Academy. Number 94 right? Well stick with me and I'll try to make you don't end up as another statistic alright"?


>Head to…
-Continue along Street?
-Check out Hangar?


''You got it boss.''
Instead of heading anywhere, I let them lead the way for me as I keep watching our backlines


"Alright, we should get you a weapon before we get going. Don't wanna leave you defenseless".

Eryk leads you back to the hangar as he swipes a key card on a weapon locker. It swings open as weapons are displayed before you.
>Choose your Primary
-Tech Spear Mk I
-Antleer Axe Mk I
-Mouth-grip Sword Model 1 Mk I


-Longbow Mk I
-Crossbow Mk I
-Volt Rifle Mk I


''Oh, much appreciated, friend''
I take the antleer axe and the crossbow


"Alright 96, I'm Eryk Brydger and that's Mare. We're going to go along the streets to reach the Academy. Are sure you can handle the dangers out there. I need to know that I won't have to carry you the whole way alright"?


Nod ''Yeah, I can fend for myself and watch your back, don't worry. I'm a big girl''


" Glad to hear. Although I'm sorry but I never asked your name ".
Proceeding out and along the street illuminated by the flashing red light you make a good instance before a group of Monsters had blocked the path.


>Do you take them on to save time or detour for a potentially safer route?


''My Name is Akasia''
Let's take them on. we don't have time to lose and there could be more monsters hiding in other roads


"Alright then Akasia, lets fuck their shit up".
You were able to get close without being detected by them yet. You can get the initiative on them.

Battle Sequence Initiated!
Loading Skillset…

>What's the plan.

>Optional, give Eryk and Mare their command's.


Knight hasn't replied in a while, lets wait for him?


Akasia 100
Eryk 100
Mare 200
M-6 Worker A 80
M-6 Worker B 80
M-9 SCOUT A 100
M-9 SCOUT B 100
M-10 Dwarf 150
He said to go without him. He had to do some family stuff.


let's start with a trishot on the Worker A!

Roll #1 6, 6, 7 = 19


With 3 consecutive magic Bolt's spit forth from the C-Bow getnacouple in the body and a another strikes the head, causing it to cease movement.
126 Damage!

Eryk & Mare fire their standard weapons at the Dwarf inflicting 75 damage.

Akasia 100
Eryk 100
Mare 200

Worker B 80
Dwarf 75

>You're move.

>Remember that you can't use the same skill twice in a row without injuring yourself.
> You can select the attack Eryk and Mare uses by stating the skill name and a roll with.


Chopper hack at worker B!
let Eryk and Mare do their own thing this round


With a mighty swing you brink your Axe down upon the small creature as the was swiftly ended.
162 Damage

Eryk and Mare fire their standard weapon's at Dwarfas it explodes into Bits of dust.
80 Damage

SCOUT A & B fire a laser at you which gives you a jolt of pain in your side.
20 Damage

Akasia 80
Eryk 100
Mare 200


>What's the plan?


simply finish the Scout A with a trishot

Roll #1 10, 1, 4 = 15


With another burst of magic Bolt's, the scout slumps to the ground life.
Eryk & Mare finish the last one off with their arm Blades as the monster is cut in four.

Will the immediate threat out of the way, the three of you continue towards the Academy. The awkward silence starting to get to you.
>Talk with Eryk/Mare.
¡Keep silent.


I don't really have much to talk about with them…so just keep going


Finally coming upon the Academy grounds you find everyone else that have been holed up here. Eryk & Mare depart as they head to find the commander.
You however are left with time to wander about before some other crazy thing happens.

>What will do Akasia?


Let's look for somewhere where I can get some food, i'm starving!


After finding the cafeteria, you eat some greens, nuts, and berries all nicely put together in a leafy, cruchy, and tasty salad.
After a little while you leave the cafeteria.

The Academy is about to make it's assault on the Chaos Seed. Which operation will you participate in?

Operation A- Act as a decoy so that others can destroy the C-Seed.

Operation B- Use the Erde Mech to launch an assault on the C-Seed to destroy it.

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