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Beyond the Crystal Empire lay the Frozen North. Many have tried to pierce the Frozen tundra. At the edge of the world lies the Frostmourn Keep. Here a brave, curious, or just Foolish few have come here to discover what secrets reside in the North.

"Alright lads, roll call! Regis Fenwyck, Sapphire Melody, Duncan Northpaw". The Stallion continued listing names until…
" Last on the list is"?

[State Your name, race, and gender]


"Do not bother attempting to pronounce it."

A dismissive paw waves off the end of the statement. The appendage to which it is attached belongs to a heavily robed but clearly hunched diamond dog. The voice: masculine, deep, and encrusted with age. "Enough of the formalities. This wind bites into my flesh, even now."


"Alright uh,Svet? Well welcome to Frostmourn". The Pony leads your group to a Barracks showing where you would be laying your head. After distributing some winter wear to yourself and the others, he leads back to the courtyard.

"Alright! Those who don't feel like dying assemble to the left. And Those who are feeling brave move to the right of the courtyard".
[Are you a Keeper, A Fighter]
[Reeve, Defender]


Unevenly, I make my way to the left, shaking off a layer of snow as I do so. The trundling weight of my pack and form dampened by the many layers of cloth. There are young bucks here wishing to venture out for treasure - the hunters headed out to the courtyard. My motives are ulterior, however. For now, though, I will remain wordless.


"Hmm, interesting? Alright Reeve's your job will be to help maintain the keep, whether it's cleaning, repairing equipment, or taking Watch should your help be needed. For now let's see how ready for Combat you are"?

The Recruiter leads your group to different area as a couple of stations are set up.
" Alright test out your skill so we can see where we can put you"?

Skirmishers: Ranged Weapons.
Warriors: Main Fighter's
Auxiliary: Light Support.


A tall tan mare with a dark mane takes a step forward. Clad in a leather jacket with straps holding her spear and buckler
"Gingerbread, Sir… "

After being introduced to the barracks and taken to the courtyard, she makes her way to the left without hesitation


With a gnarled paw, I pull loose an outer layer of coats. "Look old… don't I? I suppose I am old. But I fight with my claws. I expect I am still fast enough to do the job."

Stretch unevenly.


*To the RIGHT. not left


Alright, I think we can put at the wall watch. At least try to use a crossbow or something if the wall is attacked.

"Alright Keepers! Our job is to make sure Frostmourn doesn't fall. Here you should pick your weapons of choice".
[Bow, Crossbow, or Sling]


A little grin creeps across my face. "Yes. Of course."


I move onwards to take the spear, measuring it's weight
"It's certainly bigger than mine…" I mutter


"Ok, our scouts have determined that a host of barbarians are to converging here in a few hours time. So let's get a move on lads".

" You got your weapon? Alright we got some barbarians trying to assault the keep. Try not to die, or do, I care not.

[WALL Defender]
[Wall Defender]


Raise a brow. "That was somewhat matter-of-fact. Do you believe it will be a trivial engagement?"


"I brought my own spear from home, but I'll use yours."
Give it a few practice trusts before joining the others at the guard
"And don't worry, I'll survive"


"Well, as long as no one does anything stupid then most the recruit's should survive".

The Keepers & Reeve's have reached their positions waiting for the ensuing attack.
Iron Spear Get!
" That's what I like to hear. Alright you've been assigned to Keeper Regis. Make sure you get to him before the fighting starts".


"Very well. Where can I find him?"


"He's at the left flank of the wall, you can't miss him". The Recruiter returned to preparing the troops for the impending attack.
>What now?


Do as I was ordered and proceed to the left flank, carrying the new spear and enjoying the quiet before the battle


You take the time to enjoy the serenity of quiet before the ensuing battle. With Spear in tow you find 3rd Keeper Regis, a human clad in the Black uniform of the Keeper, scratching his small beard. He and about two dozen others were waiting for the attack.
>What now?


Join them in the wait. No point in trying to start small talk since some of us will be dead soon



As you wait for the enemy, they finally come into as the encroach on your position.
"Remember, To The Last". The ones who weren't part of the new recruits repeated his saying. The barbarians would soon be upon you!

>What do you do!?

[Spear Wall!]


The Spartans knew where it was at
Spear wall!


"Spear wall Now"!! The Barbaric ponies jumped the wall into the trench below but many were impaled the rows of teeth that was the Spear wall. Soon enough the battle had devolved into mêlée. You and Regis ended up in a 3 on 2 battle as the cries of battle rang out.
Gingerbread 19 HP
-Attack, Spear
Regis 25 HP
-Attack, Sword
-Support, Bow


Barbarian A 15
Barbarian B 15
Barbarian C 15


Impale the Barabarian A! Right in the gut!


The angry Earth Pony Barbarian tries to rush you but ends up impaling himself on your Spear!
Two more are moving upon but your Spear is stuck in the brigand's gut!
Roll for retrieval! 1d10.
Regis ArchermSupport roll 1d10


Fall back!

Roll #1 4 = 4


You barely retrieve your Spear as you try to create some distance between your attacker, but you take a glancing blow in the process.
You'd two Enemies are closing in.
Roll for your next action.
Roll for Regis. Assist with his Bow or Sword?


So, I never learned to relax it seems. Let's see what the North has to offer.


I'll have to take care of them while Regis attacks with his arrows
I keep trusting my spear at them, not aiming to just hit, but keep them away, using the benefit of my longer range while Regis shoots them
'1d10' me
'1d10' Regis

Roll #1 3 = 3 / Roll #2 7 = 7


While you keep them at bay, Regis readies his arrow as he looses it, killing one of them. However the last one knocks your Spear from your hoof!
Luckily Regis blocked his blow and drove his blade into his gut.
One of the other recruit's Daye was almost killed by another attacker but Regis sniped him with an arrow." Daye grab yourself a weapon and be quick about it"!
Get a Weapon Daye!


"Right." I was trained in these. I think. Grab a spear and help keep the enimies back. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Good let's drive them back"!
Your trio starts advancing towards the center of the line. Four of them this time! It's do or die.

To battle!
Gingerbread 15/19
Regis 25/25
Daye 18/18
>What now?


Draw back a bow. The string… like sinew. The wood: firm, but with some give. Dead now, but once alive. It can be made to move again.

What's there to shoot at from the safety of the walls' crenellation?


"Any of you good with clouds"
I stare at the sky and see if its possible to make a storm over Tue enemy with a little help. '1d10'

Roll #1 6 = 6


"Good work Regis. Now, whos next?"



[Shoot Wall Attackers]
[Shoot Attackers inside the wall]
[Shoot Attackers engaged with Regis' Squad.


Inside the wall? We're losing worse than I thought. Perhaps I should not have taken so long to climb those stairs. Cursed age.

Time to fine-tune the aim. Let's test out the accuracy on a close target – shoot at one of the wall attackers. '1d10'

Roll #1 9 = 9


"Alright you two! We got five of em this time so brace yourselves"!


Recover my spear
"That was just a warm up. Let them come"


Letting your arrow loose, it zips towards it's target piercing the targets neck!


Group A
Regis 25/25
Gingerbread 15/19
Daye 18/18

Group B
Tsvetskov 28/28


"Well, the bow seems to do fine enough. At short range, in any case."

Time to pick off some INSIDE the walls. We need to drive them out of the keep. '1d10'

Roll #1 2 = 2


"Why are they after us?"
'1d10' defend our left side

Roll #1 4 = 4


Now it's time to look for some more Barbarians to poke with my spear


You descend back down the stairs towards the fighting.
Optional Grab a Weapon.

You both go towards the next group of enemies ready for some Spear action.
Regis Squad 3, 1
Allied 12
Invaders 27


It's time to act!
How do you proceed?


My overgrown claws would make handling one of those weapons difficult. Instead, I'll go in with my natural weapons.


Roll #1 8 = 8


That's a lot of Barbarians
I will bravely lead the charge while the archers back me up

Roll #1 9 = 9


I want to dive them from above '1d10'

Roll #1 5 = 5


Forgoing conventional weapons you take out a few with your claws, the invaders surprised by your ferocity!
You charge into the fray, motivating your allies. You promptly Spear one in the neck while knocking another off the wall.
Meanwhile Daye attempts to dive at them taking a few out in the Process.

You have started to turn the tide of battle!
>What next?


"Come ponies! We can drive them back!" Rally the troops for a charge '1d10'

Roll #1 1 = 1


Just like old times. Fight my way over to the gate and shut it. Cut them off! '1d10'

Roll #1 4 = 4


With my blood boiling from the heat of battle, I let out a ferocious battle screech to intimidate my enemies, shaking my spear before going to impale another one in my spear



Roll #1 8 = 8



Daye attempts to incite a charge from the troops but luckily the Warcry from Gingerbread gave them the courage to charge the attacker's.
You carve through them in a wave of flesh and steel!
Tsvetskov was able to regain control of their Gate! He cut off their avenue of escape!

You've gained the advantage!
>Take out the last of the attackers!


No mercy
End the last remaining Barbarians!

Roll #1 1 = 1


You finally finish off the last attackers, although a few of them escaped back over the wall.
The Battle is Won!

>You can explore around the Keep in your free time.


I'll ask if we can pause here for the night


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