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Its a bright day, the sun is shining off the crystalline decorations, the wind is the coldest it gets, and the snow is nearly blindly bright. It would seem like a peaceful winter day, but you knew better than to trust that feeling. You were interviewed earlier this week by a representative for house Sectorium, the Germane representatives in the empire, and must escort Gunther Sectorium safely to a meeting on the east side of the empire, in Castle Rosefall. However, the only available path this time of year is quite risky. The Gorges of the Neverthaw Mountain Range.
You are waiting here at the meeting point, just on the outskirts of Rockfell a fine city in the mid south of the Empire, with two of the servants, sturdy earth pony stallions they are, and volunteered to pull the cart for their Lord despite the well known dangers. Gunther himself is taking a moment extra to arrive, which gives you a moment to size up your partners in this venture.


Look around silently, lifting my talons in front of my beak to breathe on them warmly every now and then.


The cold Barely bothers me…It actually feels nice, makes me feel comfortable, even with my armor coated with snow
Floe, the small ice bird is perched on my shoulder, silently looking around
''Should have brought another coat…''


Glance over at the pony, eyeing her up.
Then let out a small, grunted "Should've." under my beak before returning to try and warm myself.


I return the glance with a look as cold as the current weather, and then look away as well


The small blue bird on the shoulders of the blue crystal pony almost make them blend into the bright background.
The gryphon's blades seems as sharp and as well forged as him, his posture and eyes scanning the area dictating someone who has done this multiple times. Seems that Germane ponies don't mess around.
The icy blue bird chirps its feathers get prickly and long with icicles, your hear hoof steps approaching, and then over the hill you see a well dressed earth pony in about his fifties, followed by an earth pony mare who seems about half his age and a young crystal pony stallion, both equally well dressed.
The oldest of the bunch addresses you with a thick accent on his speech. "I apologize for the delay, my nephew was showing me around a new shop."
The young stallion nods and the crystal mare smiles and shimmers just a little at the memory.
"Yes, it was my fault. I worry so about my uncle and just had to see him off."


I nod calmly ''No problem, sir. Are you all ready to go?''


Sigh. And they say nobility is to be trusted with appointments.
Nod towards their carriage.
"Wasted enough time, let's move."


"Yes. We should not waste this daylight." Gunther steps his tannish hooves onto the waiting carriage.
"Have a safe trip uncle, and be sure to tell me if their taste in wine improved from last year." The young earth pony stallion says with a wave, the crystal mare waving as well and blushing slightly.
The old Lord grumpily stares at them and then the two stallions set to pull him along. "Lets go."
They start trotting at a steady pace, the snow crunching under their hooves surprisingly loudly, and the scent of the mare's perfume filling the air, almost urging your group on to get away from the pungently strong smell.
Roll for perception as you walk this stretch.


''Heads up, Floe…''

Roll #1 5 = 5


I'll walk instead of flying, for now.

Roll #1 1 = 1


The chilly bird on your shoulder chirps at you and brushes off some flakes of ice. She always gets a bit extra frosty in the winter, luckily you don't mind the flakes of ice on your shoulder. You don't see anything off..
you should roll for the minions actions usually
You look directly up at a hill and get blinded by the reflection of the sun off the snow.

Proceeding as normal down the path, suddenly one of the stallions pulling the cart trips, his leg caught in something. The stallion at his side tries to pull him out and it makes the apparent hole bigger. "Aaah!" the stallion cries out as he sinks into the earth.
The old pony steps off the cart surprisingly quick and moves back a step.


Without a word, fly over and try to grab the harness, pulling on it!
Try to save the pony!

Roll #1 6 = 6


Oh, alright
I quickly turn to the stallion who starts sinking into the snow and the ground, Was it a trap laid there or a spell? I take a good look to see what I can make out of it, already bracing myself for the possible encounter to come
'1d10' appraise the hole

Roll #1 4 = 4


You pull the stallion up out of the hole and onto the snow beside it.
"Whew, thanks.." the pair of them back away from the hole cautiously.
Leaving you plenty of room to investigate it. Yes. This was a trap, a magical trap based a little bit on the space warping magic of hat magic, but meant to pull things in.

There is a rustling in the trees beside the path, and the strange trap grows just a little bigger before suddenly closing up to barely a visible indent.


Grunt in response.
"Ambush. We are all targets now. Keep your eyes peeled, weapons ready."


''We are dealing with magic dealers! You two, don't leave Sir Gunther's side at any moment!'' I shout to the two earth stallions
''Floe, get ready…''


The two stallions unhitch themselves from the cart and draw spears as the stand by their Lord.
"We will not let you down Sir."
The blue bird takes flight above the blue crystal pony, suddenly freezing the air around it and growing more and more icy feathers, until it reaches about the size of a pony.

From the sides of the road a team of 5 ponies in rags appear, there is a unicorn with three balls of fire floating around him, an earth pony with two shields, an earth pony with a great axe, a unicorn with daggers floating about him, a crystal pony with a smug expression to match his overly flashy scabbard, and a pegasus pony with a cross bow.
The crystal pony swaggers to the front. "Alright. Just give up your valuables and we won't- Oh, I see we have a special pony here. Change of plans, give over that Germane stallion and we won't hurt you."


Draw my two swords and spread my wings.
"Leave or die. That is all there is here for you."


I ignore his offer as my staff starts to get an eerie light blue glow
''Or you could just run away and live a little longer…But if you are so desperate to find death, I'll be happy to help you…'' I point my staff at them as Floe flies in place besides me


"Nah, we're tougher than we look, and we always get what we want." The smug crystal pony replies.
The bandit ponies aim their attacks at you.

5/5 Aegis Glaze
5/5 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

5/5 Archer Pegasus
5/5 Crystal bandit leader
5/5 unicorn fire mage
8/6 earth pony tank
5/5 unicorn


Furrow my brows in a disappointed, almost sad expression.
"So I see."
Dual Duel Dash the Bandit Leader, lunge towards the target!

Roll #1 7, 10 = 17


My first worry is their firemage. But thankfully, I got a trick he might not be expecting
'1d10' spellbreaker on the mage and his fireballs
And after that, shot a beam of ice right at his face
'1d10+2' Magic bolt, crits 9+ (ice)
While Floe sends a wave of ice spikes from her wings at the two unicorns and the archer
'1d10+2' Energy orb, 3 targets(Critfail at 3-)
And quickly fire a beam of ice, similar to the one I shot from my staff at the fire mage
'1d10+2' magic bolt (ice)

Roll #1 1 = 1 / Roll #2 5 + 2 = 7 / Roll #3 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #4 6 + 2 = 8


You pummel the leader in his smug face as though he were a novice.
This surprises his whole group as they can do nothing while their leader is forced down.
Enraged by the sight of their leader falling, the fire mage launches all the fire balls at you, this leaves him open to the magical attacks you unleash, the feedback striking his friends too, the mage falling into the snow screaming in rageful pain. But you and floe manage to take a fire ball to the face each and are helpless on the ground.

0/4 Aegis Glaze
0/4 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

1/5 Archer Pegasus
0/3 Crystal bandit leader
0/4 unicorn fire mage
8/6 earth pony tank
1/5 unicorn


Uurk, fire spells, my worst enemy
Mine and Floe's that is
'1d10' get up
'1d10' Floe gets up

Roll #1 4 = 4 / Roll #2 1 = 1


Use Backstab on the downed leader.
They had their chance to flee.

Roll #1 3 = 3


It certainly seems too warm, you just want to lay back and relax until it gets cold again.
But that won't do, and the daggers flying at your head and chipping ice off your beloved phoenix are a fine motivator. +1 togettingup next turn
The crystal pony dies quietly under your blade. The rest of his crew are a mixture of horrified and enraged. They won't back off easily now.

0/3 Aegis Glaze
0/3 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

1/5 Archer Pegasus
0/0 Crystal bandit leader
0/4 unicorn fire mage
8/6 earth pony tank
1/5 unicorn


''Enough of this…'' I mutter as I rise again, and so does Floe!
'1d10+1' me
'1d10' Floe

Roll #1 10 + 1 = 11 / Roll #2 1 = 1


"You were warned."
Rupture at the Earthie tank.
School of Fighting should make it Agi too

Roll #1 3 = 3


You won't stand for these bandits beating up your pet.
You get up and your skin is shimmering brightly with determination. crystal emotions
I think so.

The earth pony uses his two shields to try and block you, but you managed to slip a cut in under his hoof. He breathes deeply. "I'm gonna punch you."
The archer and unicorn with the daggers attack the two servants with their ranged attacks, but they duck behind the cart to get away.

5/3 Aegis Glaze
0/2 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

1/5 Archer Pegasus
0/4 unicorn fire mage
7/6 earth pony tank
1/5 unicorn


Just cock my head and give him a tired look, as if I've heard that a million times before, always with the same result.
Surgical Strike, let's try a crit on 6

Roll #1 3 = 3


With a glare cold enough to chill, I calmly stand as the rage silently boils inside of me as I point to all of their crew, but keep my focus on the firemage ''Disappear''
'1d10+3' Magic bolt
'1d10+3' Energy orb on all four of them (critfail on 4-)

Roll #1 10 + 3 = 13 / Roll #2 5 + 3 = 8


He is pretty good with those sheilds, but you're going to wear him down eventually. Can't win by spending all your time defending after all.
"Ha, this that all you can do cat butt?"
>no ice
You decide to snipe the fire mage while he's down, and spare time for his friends too.
The energy of the impact of your attack blows apart the pony until he's just a smudge in the snow. The other three seem seriously wounded by the impact as well coughing and wiping ashes from the magical burn off their fur.

5/3 Aegis Glaze
0/2 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

0/4 Archer Pegasus
0/0 unicorn fire mage
4/6 earth pony tank
0/4 unicorn


Use Parry!
Answer with a sword to his face, get past his defenses!

Roll #1 5 = 5


that's an instant action, so would you like to roll for something else too?


Uh, sorry, I should have clarified, Parry and the standard AGI attack.


Ah, then I believe you need another roll.


Now that I managed to get the message accross, I turn to Floe, a bit worried, but it doesn't show as help her up
And with a shake of my staff, I create three little balls of healing energy that float around me
'1d10+2' distill life
>Also forgot she could try get up herself, whoops
'1d10' Floe helping herself up in case I fail to do so

Roll #1 10 = 10 / Roll #2 1 + 2 = 3 / Roll #3 7 = 7



Roll #1 5 = 5


You parry away the shields leaving him open to attack, and then take full advantage, forcing him down into the snow.
The ice bird rises up with a cheerful squawk, its body reforming the missing ice to make it bulkier.
Your healing spell however.. could have gone better as when you go to cast it the unicorn rogue gets up and tosses a dagger into you hoof making you fall back in pain.

0/2 Aegis Glaze
5/2 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

0/4 Archer Pegasus
0/5 earth pony tank
5/4 unicorn


Backstab the tank.

Roll #1 2 = 2


I shout at the sudden pain, losing my focus for a moment
''Uugh…I'm f-fine, Floe, go!'' I shout at her as I try to get up myself while she dishes out the damages to cover me while I struggle
'1d10+2' magic bolt at the archer (ice)
'1d10+2 Energy orb the three of them (Ice)

Roll #1 7 + 2 = 9


'1d10+2' missrolled

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


You twist your blades into the pony's backside, peircing as many vital organs as you can.
He dies quickly distracting the other two.
Your icy companion doesn't show much emotion to you, not in this battle ready form at least.
She focuses on killing off the archer with a beam of ice from her beak, and launching an energy orb for good measure. The pegasus doesn't get up from the icy assault.

The unicorn pony gets chilled and is barely standing after the massive orb's impact. He suddenly loses his nerve about facing you alone and tries to flee.

0/2 Aegis Glaze
5/2 Floe the Phoenix
5/5 Göring Von Himmel
6/6 Lord Gunther
6/6 earth pony servant 1
6/5 earth pony servant 2

0/4 Archer Pegasus
0/5 earth pony tank

1/4 unicorn [fleeing]


Let him run.
If he is foolish enough to continue being a bandit, he will be felled by the sword of someone else.

Wipe the blood from my blades with the clothes of one of the dead before sheathing them, then check on the carriage.
"Everyone in one piece?"


I opt to not even bother as I get up
Turning to the servants and Gunther, I nod
''Apologies for the inconvenience, sir. It is now safe to proceed, but for now on, Allow me to walk ahead and scout for traps''
I say as me and Floe both cast our healing spells on eachother to recover
>both taking 6


Look her over.
"Be more careful."


"Yea, my leg is a little sprained, but I can keep going.." The earth pony who fell replies.
"We can go at slower pace until you feel better Ironblood." Gunther Sectorium replies. "And I'm perfectly well."
"T-thank you Mi Lord.." The pony replies and gets back into place to pull.
You trot in front of the cart, bouncing health filled orbs between you and your blue bird companion. Now that its not a battle, she sheds off most of the ice and becomes a somewhat soft smaller bird.

#pause because late


''Psh…'' I glance over at you with a serious, tired look, sustaining a glare for a moment before looking away
Let her stay perched in my shoulder and pat her head a bit


Glance over at the bodies, then run a talon along my barding.
"I suppose you will. Time and experience is all it takes."


''I am very experienced…I just comitted a mistake or two…''


Point at the bandit leader with a talon.
"One mistake. Right there, in the red snow. Only one."


''It will not happen again'' I sigh
''I assure you…''


"I'm not chiding you. Just don't die."


''Do you worry? Or are just scared of having to face this alone if something happens to me?''


Glance at the corpses briefly as I speak.
"Do I look like I am afraid of thugs like this?"


''It doesn't seem so, but who knows what else will come on our way?''


"Let's stay alert then."




Your small party of travelers made it past the first challenge of the Neverthaw Mountains, a mere team of bandits.
Things are quiet for an hour or so, when you hear fierce growling up ahead, the clashing of claws and fur, the swish of an arrow in the cold crisp air. Lord Gunther has his cart stop and nods with a sigh at the interruption. "We shall remain back here."


"We'll check."

Do so, scout ahead!


"Don't worry, we will make sure this interruption is brief"
Let's go ahead and check


You trudge ahead, the icy snow crunching loudly under your hooves, almost as loud as the roar of the white bear a few paces ahead of you.
The bear, a pony dressed in bear skins, a pegasus with rabbit pelts on her back, and a saber cat are engaged in battling 2 diamond dogs in heavy armor, and a pegasus archer sitting on a cloud.


Watch the scene with a glare
"I propose we put an end to their fighting "


"Which side, is the question. We have no alligances to either. Why should we help?"


"We aren't helping either side. I was thinking of ending this fight so both groups can go their separate ways and we can advance"


"Or we could let them wear each other down."


"and make Gunther wait any further? No. We're settling this now"

Walk foward and speak loudly "You lot, cease this fighting immediately to allow the passage of our client!"


"I did warn you."


"If you are so eager to fight them, if they don't comply, I'd gladly help you in dispatching them. But first let's give them a chance"


The two diamond dogs grunt and look up at you, their large axes and shields holding off the bear. The ponies dressed in fur look surprised and back up a step up. "A crystal. A caster of the Empire?"
"Maybe and, the griffon looks like a warrior too."
"You there, are you here to tame our Gorge? Dig your tunnels like these three?" The stallion in bear fur calls out to you

"Quickdraw you need to silence these wild ponies before they can call more creatures. " One of the diamond dogs says
"Listen, these wild ponies attacked us, we are just defending our camp." The pegasus archer calls down to you while aiming her bow.


"Cease hostilities or perish. I do not ask twice."


"As the gryphon said. I couldn't care less for your reasons of territory, if you don't stop and go away, you will all die together. So I will ask this last time"
Let Floe fly besides me as I draw my staff


"You first Wild Ones." The dog growls at the ponies.
"We were already going to come back to your pathetic camp later tonight. Slaying you now would only be a bonus."
"No. You and your bear will die here. Are you two with us, or do we have to fight you off as well?"

Both sides are actually pretty wounded.

Bear: 8/2
Wild Pony scout leader: 4/4
Wild Pony scout: 5/2
Saber cat: 6/1

Diamond dog 1: 6/3
Diamond dog 2: 5/2
Pegasus : 4/3


"So I see."
Crit on 7 Surgical Strike

Roll #1 6 + 2 = 8


The Bear, I wanted to mention

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