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You came from the far away land of Neighpon, to start your life anew.

It has been slower than you were hoping for. Still, at least you have an honorable job as a delivery pony for the Pony Express.

The only problem is that they don't pay extra for hazard fees.


I was talking to a doll in a weird toy room.


You are being trapped in a maze of weird, living art by the pony called Guerpone Weiss, who you are supposed to deliver a package.

You are currently in a strange room filled with toys, dolls hanging from the ceiling.
Wide Pallette, the another pony trapped here told you that the only key to exit this room is in the hooves of an ugly doll, but it turns out that doll is sentient and considers the key her only friend. You tried to bring her some toys, but they all seem to fall down, as if trying to get away from the doll…


"This is most problematic. Yes. Very troublesome. Can you paint? Your name implies this."


She nods.
"Yes, I can… I'm not very good, I'm still learning! Why, do you have an idea?"


"Do you have paint things with you?"
What else is in this room that isn't toys?


It's all toys, everywhere, but there's so much of them you are pretty sure there is one of every kind of toy known to Ponykind here, somewhere.

She nods.
"I have them! Well… they are part of the package, but nopony will miss a brush and a canvas, right?"


"In Neighpon, the ideal idea of beauty is the geisha. We will need white and red paint. Perhaps black."
And I must find a dress that fits the doll.


You find a doll house that has plenty of spares!
By the time you return with the doll dress, she has all the paints out.
"But I still can't fly!"


"I could bring her down here but that could unleash badness. I can carry you up there but it will not be stable for painting. Or I can attempt to use the paints. Choose your poison wisely."


She scrunches.
"Um, well, you know those Neighpon gayshash better!"
She gives you the paints.
"You do it!"




"That's what I said!"


I take the paint and brushes and fly up.
"I will paint with a steady hoof like grandmaster calligrapher."


"You make less ugly?"
The doll looks… hopeful?


"No. I will make you beautiful. Do you know of Neighpon?"


The doll shakes her head.
"Only know here."


"I will turn you in our icon of beauty. It is an honorable position to be a geisha in Neighpon."


"Toys will play?"


"They must."


You see her actually smile!

You think that's your que to give her a make-over!


The doll is waiting for you patiently!


I hope my painting skills are adequate. my nimble form may help here. I will paint her face white, get her some red lips and perhaps some fake makeup. Also put a dress on her and maybe some chopsticks for her "mane".

Roll #1 10 = 10


If you ever seen a perfect geisha doll, this is it. Not even the old crones at the Neighpon festivals could have done it better!
The moment you are done, all the other dolls cheer, and offer her gifts and toys!
She makes gross, sob like sounds of happines.
"No lonely anymore! You take key! No need only friend anymore, lots friends!"


"It is my pleasure."
Take the key.


You got the key!
Palette clops her hooves excitedly.
"You did it!"


"Yes. I was nimble like spider crafting its autumn web. Now we can move."


You two head to the door and it opens with a satisfying click!

Beyond is a long corridor, followed by a large hall.
There is a table in the middle, surrounded by chairs, and all sorts of creepy, pony shaped statues sitting on them. The food all seems to be… made out of some black goo, crafted to look like pony dishes.
There is another sealed door at the end.

You notice there are two empty seats.


"This looks delicious. Reminds me of home food."


"This looks delicious. Reminds me of home food."


"This looks delicious. Reminds me of home food."


Wide Palette grimaces.
"Ewww… it looks weird… but it looks like Equestrian dishes to me!


"It may be fungus. Or ocean food. Very tasty. But why is it here?"
I just keep walking onward for now.


You walk past the table with her. The far door seems to be sealed.
"For those creepy statue things? They don't seem to be very interested…"


"They cannot eat."
I'll have to look for a key or a lever to open the door.


You find nothing of the sort, not even on the table.


Then I will look in the food.


It's too dark to see inside the black goop!


I touch the food. But also watch the statues closely!


A nearby statue slaps your hoof, but then returns to a graceful position.
Another statue turns his head slowly towards you….

"No touching the food unless you have a chair reserved, ma'am."

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