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After working as a Weather Patrol pony for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, you got both good and bad news - while you got accepted to the Wonderbolts, your father, who relies on you taking up the director position of the Factory, fell sick.

Time is running out before you have to leave to the Wonderbolts boot camp.


You were just about to visit Orange Crush.
You ring the doorbell, but there is no response.
You do hear music coming from the garage.


What's that nerd doing now? Check the garage.


You always found it weird that he wanted to get a house with a garage, even though he has no cart or carriage to store there, nor the money to buy one.

Seems like he has a radio similar to yours.
He is on his back on a bench, sweating profusely as he is pressing a large weight up and down with his wings.
Working out, what a surprising change of pace! Although he was never as fast as Corvette or you, he was definitely always stronger than both of you combined.


That he was.
"Well well, what kind of unnatural rituals are going on in here?"


He glances at you, snorting air through his nose from effort without a word. He takes about half a minute like this, silently finishing the set before placing the rod of the weight in its holder above and lets out a deep sigh.
"Just… getting in shape for uh… something."


"Hey, you and I both. You're looking very sharp."


He sits up on his haunches to look at you.
"Heh, thanks. Gotta' appeal to the ladies, you know."


"Ain't that the truth. So what's been going on?"


He shrugs.
"Oh, you know, just doing some jobs, this and that, whatever I can find to keep afloat."


"Sorry I haven't been around with the crew so much lately. It's just that I really, really don't like you at all."


He lets out a relieved sigh.
"Oh thank the Princess, Milky and I couldn't find any excuse how to make you finally fuck off!"


"I've got a pretty good excuse now for real though, don't you worry."


He snickers.
"Are you finally going to Canterlot for the surgery to get your balls back since your girl left you?"
He hops off the bench and tosses you a beer with a muttered 'heads up' while opening one for himself.


"No, I'm staying in the Cloudsdale area thankfully. Well… mostly at least. For now. I think."
I wave a hoof and dismiss that line of thought.
"I received a letter today. From Wonderbolts command."


He stops, tilting his head.
"Wait, are you still fucking with me, or for real?"


Procure the letter.
"I applied a while back with Corvette. They've only sent a bootcamp invite to me so far though."


He breaks out in a grin.
"Well well well, look at Mr. Bigshot right here! Congrats, dude, that's fucking amazing!"


"Yeah it is! It really… really means a lot to me. This one simple piece of paper is probably the biggest thing to ever happened to me. Shit, I've been dreaming of this for as long as I can remember…"


"I know you've been telling us about it ever since we've known you!"


"Well guess what? It's about to get a lot worse."


"Oh, you're going to be like those guys who walk all about Cloudsdale in the royal armor, and everypony is like 'yeah, we get it, you work in the Canterlot Palace'."


"Nothing wrong in taking pride of what you do."


"Yeah, but there's no need to rub it in!"


"I'm not like that. But if you think those Wonderbolts posters at home aren't going to be doubled up, you're dead wrong."


"Oh, are you going to start to jerk it to yourself in the suit too then?"


"You bet."


He grimaces, and you expect a change in topic.
"What about… uh, you know. Those family issues you told me about."


"Well… Dad's stable for now at least. My sister got back to us to help take care of mom so that's a huge help for us. I really hope things will settle down again soon because if they don't… gah, let's not talk about that."


He nods.
"Right, right, sorry for bringing it up."


"Right. Last few weeks haven't been great, so this letter is a welcome change of pace."


He nods.
"Did you tell Milky yet?"


"Nope. I was going after telling you. I'll be off to bootcamp in a few days already."


He smirks.
"Oh, then prepare yourself to listen to some hogwash about how dangerous it will be to fight dragons in Equestria or sea serpents in the war and how you probably never even thought of that when you probably will have to do either once in your whole life between all the shows."


"I mean, I've had plenty of time already to consider all the responsibilities and situations I'll be put in."


"Have fun coordinating getting water from small towns like Ponyville!"


"I will. I'm a weather pony remember?"


"Not for long, showpony!"


"Well, there's boot camp to get through first. Let's not get ahead of oursel- ah fuck it. They may as well give me that badge already, I'm ready!"


"Going to knock it right out of the cloudpark, champ?"
He shakes his head.
"Don't break a wing jerking you off from the idea."


"I'll see you around Orange. I've still got more ponies to visit today and there's only so much of you I can take before I break down and start crying."


"Can't handle a real stallion around you, little filly? That's understandable."
He flexes his wings.
"Go on ahead. I don't want to hold you and your good news back."


"Don't overexert yourself. It'll start getting too obvious that you're compensating."

Off I go. Milky next.


The timing is pretty good, looks like you can catch him while he is having his lunch break from work. He always eats at the same place!


Let's get this over with.


You spot him in the diner, eating a bowl of some kind of cauliflower soup.


Mmmm, soup.

Land in front of his table.
"Hello there Milky. Enjoying the soup are we?"


He drops his spoon and coughs, spooked by the sudden intro.
He manages to squeeze out a "Skim?" between hacking up the mis-swallowed lunch.


"I know I haven't been around much lately, but I don't look that different!"


He wipes his face with a napkin.
"I just didn't expect you to burst into view like that while I was eating! I didn't know you come here to eat too!"


"I don't, I just wanted to come over and say hi. And… share some news too."


"Oh… good or bad?"
He returns to eating, slurping the soup from his spoon.


"Good news for a change!"
Wave the letter around.


He tilts his head.
"What's that? A promotion?"


"You could say that. See, Corvette and I applied for Wonderbolt training a while back…"


His eyes widen.
"No. Way."


"Oh yes way."


He starts taking in breaths much quicker.
"Oh dear, that's… I can hardly comprehend it! I mean, that… it means so many things, where do I even begin!"


"It's pretty mental isn't it?"


"Yes! I mean, you can be… let's not kid, you will be a Wonderbolt! You'll be doing shows! And touring Equestria!"


"You bet. It's a childhood dream come true."


He takes a deep breath.
"But don't forget it's a big responsibility too!"


"Well, they are a paramilitary group."


"Exaclty! What if a dragon attacks an Equestrian City? Or you get called into war?"


"Then I follow my orders to serve Equestria."


He pouts. "What if something happens to you! What will we do!"


"What if I get hit by a carriage or land in the hospital because of some deadly disease?"


"Well, you'll get the best care an Equestrian hospital can give you!"


"Not much use if I'm a dead horse anyway. If I make it there and I get killed on my first day out on the field… I wouldn't have any regrets. I'd die doing what I've always wanted to do.

Uh… I'd rather not die at all though. Wonderbolts don't die that often you know."


He raises a hoof to argue, but then pauses.
"That's… true, I suppose. But still, you take care of yourself, okay?"


"Of course not."


He waves a hoof.
"Anyway more importantly, have you thought about your signature move yet?"


"Milky please. The helicopter is reserved for my bedroom only!"


He blushes bright red.
"Come on!"


"Don't try to convince me, there'll be kids watching!"


His ears flatten.
"I mean come on, don't talk like that, I was serious!"


"I've been thinking about it, but nothing final yet."


"Make sure to tell us first!"


"Of course. Can I count on you to be my test subject? Thanks, you're a real friend."


He scratches the back of his neck.
"Well, as long as it's nothing extreme!"


"Only the most extreme stunts require a test subject."


"Well, it can't hurt, right?"


"It will be extremely painful."


"…not for me, right?"


"I'm just messing with you, Milky. No way I'd ask that of my friends."


He lets out sigh of relief, but then shakes his head.
"That's the thing about friendship, Skim, you wouldn't even need to ask."


"You're a psychic?"


"Yes, my cutie mark is actually fake to cover up my third eye!"


"Well I don't know why I bothered to come tell you then to be honest."
Turn away from his table and spread my wings.


"You were thinking about soup when you came in anyway!"


"Exactly right."
Turn back to look at him.
"Seriously though, I'll let you eat. I've got some more ponies to inform."


He nods.
"Make sure to let me know when we'll have the party for it!"


"I think Corvette had something in mind. See ya."
Taking off.

It's midday right? Which day is it? Skyheart is probably working anyway. Did I tell mom yet? I haven't! Right!


Since it's midday though, she is probably visiting dad, bringing him some food instead of what they serve at the hospital.
Not that it's bad, but he prefers her cooking.


Ha… I should probably tell dad only when he gets better though. Damn, I guess that only leaves Skyheart. I should tell Stormdancer too though. She's been such a huge help after all.

And shit, I need to quit my job! Better head over to the weather factory!


Hopefully your father won't know that you quit, but it's not out of the realm of possibilities.
At the very least, you can tell Stormdancer now.

You arrive there shortly.


He won't know as long as he's in the hospital. That's exactly how long I want to keep him in the dark for, because he doesn't need the additional stress right now.

I'll go see Stormdancer first.


You find her in her clinic right away.
She seems to be assorting different boxes and vials of medicine as you arrive.
"Ah, if it isn't Cloud Skimmer. Came to get a cramp smoothened out again?


"I'm off-duty, so don't you worry. Do you have a moment? I received some news I wanted to share with you."


She puts the meds down and turns around to face you.
"Sure, shoot."


Wave the letter I got around with my wing.
"I received a lovely letter this morning, from Wonderbolt command."


She smirks knowingly.
"Came to thank the workout training I chalked up for you then?"


"Yes actually."


"Well, dark chocolate is my favourite. Hint hint."


"I'll keep it in mind.

I'll be leaving for bootcamp in a few days. So I'll be quitting my job here too."


She clicks with her tongue.
"Drat, who's going to patch you up then?"


"A no doubt less-talented camp doctor?"


"The caretakers of the Wonderbolts, specialized in wing-care? Psch, amateurs!"


"Nothing compared to you, doc."


"I should hope so!"
She snickers.
"The funny part is, I do occasionally help them out when some of their doctors go abroad. I know all of them, so if you do something embarassing with your wings, you can bet I will laugh before you even heal."


"That's… comforting?"


"Just know you can't get rid of me!"


"I wouldn't dream of it. You know you're the sun in my life."


"I disappear every night and you can't look at me directly?"


"Yeaaaaah, pretty much. That and more."


"I'm almost afraid to ask."


"We'll have to keep in touch. I owe you for your help, just remember that."


"I'll take your word on that! I will be very upset if you don't even send me a letter!"


"Let's not go overboard here, that sounds a bit much."


"I will get you expelled for not having proper wing-care if you don't send me two messages every day!"


"Gee, if it's this bad already I'd hate to be your spouse."


"Sorry, I'm only interested in brides!"


"You and I both. You know, you should probably meet my friend Corvette sometime. I'd want to be there just so I could witness the gargantuan clash of personalities."


She smirks.
"Oh, are you trying to set me up with a friend?"


"God no. You'd both be bad influences on each other."


She brushes her wings over her cheek, deep in thought.
"I guess I can always just try and hook up with Skyheart…"


I laugh.
"I wonder what she'd have to say about that if she knew what you just said."


She laughs as well.
"Oh, believe me, I have already. The only time I saw her blush harder was when she told me the two of you made out on her couch."


"You like teasing ponies don't you?"


"It's the least I deserve after patching them up every other day like a granny would to an old sock. Because they never listen!"


"Does Skyheart get hurt often?"


"She's in the labs, so she does tend to shock herself with lightining every so often. At least the whole place is proofed for safety. Some of that lightining in a jar could be used as cannon mounted weaponry against non-fliers."
She shakes her head.
"But I guess making those kind of things is what keeps the weather factory stay afloat with no monetary problems."


"Well, you had better take good care of her. I don't want to see her zapped to a crisp by the time I get out of boot camp."


"She's a big girl, she can take care of herself, even if you let go of her tail!"


"I know. I mean she takes care of Airheart as well and she seems to be doing fine, which is admirable."


"More than fine."
She chuckles.
"Boy, that girl sure is a wingful."


"How do you even manage to keep her entertained for an entire evening?"


"Well, once she goes through five or six puzzle magazines, I usually break out the cat ones."


"She's got a keen mind, but I'll never understand her obsession with cats."


Storm Dancer shrugs.
"I guess she just likes fluffy animals? Hard to get one up here."


"Thank Celestia too, can you imagine flying cats and what they'd get up to?"


"The birds would have a very bad time."


"So would I. Anyway, I'll leave you to it. Got to make preparations for my new job."


She nods.
"Have you told Skyheart yet?"


"No I haven't. I'll get to it when she's done working."


She smiles kindly.
"I'm sure she'll be charmed to know her coltfriend is about to be one of the best fliers in Equestria."


"I think so too. Hopefully she won't miss me too much."


"She'll be all the happier whenever she visits!"


"I just hope she'll be able to deal with my absence for what could be months at a time."


"She's tougher than she seems, you should know that."


"Fair enough. I'll let you be."


You leave her behind with a wave.
Where to next?


I should quit my job I guess. I hope the new boss mare won't be mean to me.


The small statured mare with the pink pigtails is busily shuffling files when you knock and she beckons you inside.


"Can we speak for a moment, director?"


She pats down a few papers on the desk to make them line up then staples them together.
Only after that, does she look at you and sit down in her chair.
"Yes, do come in, take a seat."


Do as instructed.
"I've received some news today which may mean I will be forced to terminate my contract here at the factory."


She puts on some reading glasses and opens a drawer to take out some forms.
"The process may take a few days, if you don't mind. Instantenous termination means no benefits as you leave."


"I thought as much, unless joining the military is an exception."


She raises an eyebrow and gets out a different set of forms as well.
"You should have mentioned that. Is it a temporary or permanent enlistment? There are certain rules regarding both options."


"Well… it's permanent I hope. I'm not entirely sure if the same labor laws apply when joining the Wonderbolts."


She gives you a mean look, as if you were stupid.
Is she judging you, thinking you couldn't possibly get in?
"Why didn't you just say that in the first place?"
She stands up, taking the previous papers and putting them away before fluttering to a filing cabinet and getting something from there.
"Every weather factory has a special arrangement for Wonderbolts. Those who apply to the academy do not get their jobs terminated in case it doesn't work out for some reason and they want to come back. However, if the employee suceeds, the work relations becomes more contractual than an actual everyday employment. Every weather factory, especially the main one, us here in Cloudsdale keeps constant contact with the Wonderbolt managers."
She returns to the desk with her papers.
"We supply certain weather related goods such as clouds or lightining as well as training devices, while the Wonderbolts send us delegates to help with Seasonal Wrap-ups as well as overseeing other weather related jobs such as creating water funnels for rainy seasons and such."

Wait… not only does the factory have a special offer for Wonderbolts, your father has been keeping in touch with them?
And he kept this all a secret from you so you wouldn't try to apply?


Gee, thanks dad. Though I'm surprised I never knew this.
"I didn't realize it mattered. Good to hear that though."


It's not like this would be very public. You knew that the Wonderbolts help out on occasions, but didn't know it was actually contractual.

"Of course it matters! Every weather factory should be proud to have a Wonderbolt!"


"Wonderbolt trainee for now. I'm not looking to blow the horn just yet."


She hooves you over the paperwork.
"You've got to fill these out, as well as an attachment of an official copy of your acceptance to the Wonderbolt Academy."


"Anything else?"


"We can arrange the rest of it."


"Great, that's settled then. Should I fill these out here?"


"That would be appreciated, yes."


Alright then, guess it's paperwork time. Fill these fuckers in.


You fill out all those personal and work related details in a matter of minutes.
She nods and takes them, giving her signature to all as well as the official stamps and such.
"Thank you."


"I wanted to ask, can this be kept private for now?"


"There is not going to be a public announcement yet, no, but officials will still need to oversee paperworks."




"Was that all then?"


"Yes, that's all for now. Thanks for your time."


She nods and sees you out.

Where to next?
It's starting to get late.


Good, because that means Skyheart is done working. I'll need to see about finding her.


Go to her house?




You manage to reach Skyheart soon after she is leaving the factory with Airheart!


Maneuver myself into formation next to them, then swerve into Skyheart and boop her side with the tip of my wing.
"Hey there stranger."


She is startled for a moment and staggers in the air, but keeps flying.
"Heya Skimmer!"
"Oh, hello! You're done too?"


"… You could say that. We need to talk. … While not flying."


"Oooh, should we stop?"
"I think he meant when we get home!"


I nod.
"Like Skyheart said. It's fairly important."


You are halfway there!
"Ooh! Is it a secret?"


Or actually.
"-Yes. But not for long."


"Are you getting a cat?! OOoh, tell me you are!"


Give her a look.
"No, I'm really not. You'll hear in a minute."



You arrive!


Well, let them get inside and follow.


Skyheart starts getting their saddlebags and such sorted when she enters, while Airheart just turns around and presses you back against the door.
"Tell me tell me tell me tell me!"


"Curiosity is a vice, you know that?"


She nods.
"Ahuh! It also killed the cat but I'd never hurt a kitty!"


I chuckle.
"You say the sweetest things, Airheart. I'll indulge your curiosity."
Take out the letter.
"I received this letter today. It's from Wonderbolt command."


"Can I read it?"
Skyheart pauses and walks up as well.
"Oh… you did?"


Reach out the letter to her.
"In short, I've been offered to join their training program."


She takes it with a hoof, and almost drops it when she gasps.
"Skimmer, you…"
She quickly starts reading it.
"Wooooaaaah, for real?"


"Unless it's an elaborate ruse, that's what the letter says. I've… been waiting for this for a long time."


You see Skyheart tear up while Airheart squeezes you in a tight hug!


Please don't break my wings now.
"So I've retired from my position at the factory…"


"Oh, you retired? I thought you were much younger!"
She lets up with the hug, while her sister is staring at you with wide eyes.
"…that means we won't get to see you much, doesn't it?"


I nod.
"There's the kicker. I'll be attending boot camp for a while so I'll be pretty cut off for a while. But even if that doesn't work out I can just get back to work at the factory."
Look at Skyheart.
"What a shocker, right? I wish the timing for this was better but I can't let this chance slip from my hooves."


Her smile seems… Bittersweet.
"I wish you the best… And I know you can do it."
She quickly turns away and excuses herself to the kitchen.
"So, does this mean I can get a poster of you? I'll put it next to the cat one!"


Well… I guess that was to be expected.
"Uh… sure. But that won't happen so quickly. I'll first need to work my flank off to actually join their ranks."


"Won't that just make flying harder? Not having a flank?"


"I don't mean it in a literal sense. What I'm trying to say is that nothing is guaranteed right now. It'll all be up to me to make my dream happen."


She is silent, deep in thought.
"I think you already made your dream come true, now you just have to live it and make sure you don't mess it up by waking up! You didn't get this far by not believing in yourself!"

For Airheart, that was…. Pretty insightful. Even if her logic is a bit abstract.


I nod.
"You're right, of course… but the pressure is still on. The Wonderbolts are the real deal, they're the most experienced fliers in the country."


"You're the best flier I know though!"


"Which is probably why I'm even admitted anyway."


"Then what's the worry?"


"I'm not that worried, Airheart. It just doesn't hurt not to get ahead of myself, y'know?"


"It does hurt to get behind yourself!"
She giggles!


"Anyway, there's not much else to say really. Just so you know I won't be able to see any of you very often while in training."


"Aww, that's really sad. It's probably why sis is crying…"


I sigh.
"I told her this would eventually happen…"


She pouts with a kitty-eyed expression.
"Can you blame her?"
She grimaces.
She lowers her voice.
"She never had a coltfriend."


"Of course not. But I'm not going to abandon her just like that. I'll talk to her, don't worry."


She glances back behind her shoulder.
"Um, sorry but… I'm like really really sorry, but can you leave now please? I'll uh…"
Her ears perk.
"I'll go over to Storm tomorrow, so you two can talk, okay?"


I blink.
"… Sure. Thanks Airheart. I'm sorry for the mess."


She sighs.
"Hey… she's my big sis, and I always cause her all that headache and trouble… I get to help her sometimes too."


"I'll find a way to make it up to you. And… I hope you understand how important all this is to me."


She giggles.
"You may think I'm uh… a few raindrops short of a thundercloud, but I'm not stupid!"


"The thought never even crossed my mind. I'll see you tomorrow, Airheart."
It's time to bail.


Heading home?


Yup. I think I informed everyone now. I just need to get some stuff packed and then I'm done with my preparations.


You pack together your belongings, have a bite then turn in to sleep!

…however, in the middle of the night, when it is darkest, you wake up.
Your room feels empty and… uncanny.


I groan in pure agony.

And… get up out of bed. I'm going to to the kitchen to grab a glass.


You realize this room is endless, and contains nothing but your bed.

There is a pony… no… something standing in the shadows.
A female voice calls out…sounds like an old lady.
"Freaky, huh? But don't freak out, I want to help."


I try to blink the sleep out of my eyes.
"… To get me a glass of water?"


She… giggles like a little girl?
"No, dummy, to help you with the most difficult time of your life that you are about to face and might utterly destroy you if you don't believe in yourself!"


"Oh, of course. This is one weird dream…"
Did I eat something weird before going to bed? Not that I recall at least.


Not that you can remember!
"If this is a dream, why would you be aware of it?"
The strange… being starts hopping around! It is definitely not pony shaped!


"Dreams are weird like that sometimes. Let's say this isn't a dream, would you mind telling me what the heck you're doing to me?"


"I'm using the knowledge about what this really is to create a temporary diversion from your usual nice little slice of life and warn you about not giving up because of the sacrifices you are going to make! Wouldn't want you to be scared off because things don't go the way they did so far!"


"I'm not sure what you're saying, but I'm flattered you're worried about my life. I'm handling things. I'm an optimist."


"Optimist? Very good!"
She giggles again.
"Because I have one thing to say to you!"
You see the glint of… a candy wrapper, which she promptly eats… the candy, that is, she spits the wrapper out beside our bed.
"To win everything, you have to lose everything first."


"Are you trying to riddle me?"


She pauses.
"…huh. I guess? It will be obvious that it's pretty literal, though. Oh, and yeah, like, you don't win other things, like cotton candy or plush animals, like at a carnival fair, you win back the things that you had to have to lose, that's clear, right?"


"Pretty clear."


She stands around.
"Uh, right, we won't meet again, probably, not for a while, since I'll be back at the Island of Freedom doing my thing, so if there's anything you want to ask, now is the time! One question!"


"Who are you?"


The strange voice speaks.
"Oh, you might know me from other adventures, when I was still spry and young, but I still have my wits and other talents…"
Then steps forward to shed some light on the mystery and herself, revealing an aging goat nanny, her coat showing signs of white but still predominantly brown.
She winks and shows her tongue.
"But you can just call me Granny Buttermilk~"


"Well, it's been nice. Thanks for the warning and advice."


"Now be nice!"
You wake up in the morning.
What a strange dream…

You do find a candy wrapper beside your bed you don't remember having… it has her advice written inside it.


Wonderful. I now have a creepy goat lady to look forward to meeting in my dreams.

I'll go through my usual morning routine. Then I'll join up with my family.


You are in the middle of your morning chores when you hear a loud, strong knock on the door!


Well, answer it obviously.


You open the door and see your… father?
Is he suppose to be out of the hospital?
He lets out a raspy cough and lets himself inside. He seems angry.
"I don't remember raising you to be so ungrateful, son."


What. Is anyone even with him or did he somehow escape his room?

"You shouldn't be out here, dad. Does mother know you're here? Does anyone for that matter?"


He leans against one of the walls, coughing again.
"Don't try to escape the subject, that's not why I came here."


"I had hoped to let you focus on your recovery and keep the surprise for later, but I guess somepony decided to tell you already."


"Some surprise it was… did you think that you could just resign and I wouldn't know because I'm not in my office?"


"I suppose I should have known you would find some way to stay involved."


"I get the paperwork delivered every day so I can oversee that the weather of Equestria is not going to become the weather of the Everfree."
He shakes his head, covering his mouth with a hoof to cough.
"I am very disappointed in you."


"How could I ever say no to an invitation to apply for a spot in the best pegasus squadron in Equestria?"


"By honouring your father. Do you think I never sacrificed anything? Equestria is more important than we are."


"The Wonderbolts serve Equestria just as well. Don't pretend this is about patriotism."


"No, this is about disobedience."
He coughs for at least half a minute before he can continue.


"Right, well, I'm an adult now so I believe the choice is still my own. Now, I'm going to have to ask you to come back with me to the hospital before you hurt yourself any further."


He waves a wing.
"That won't be necessary."
He walks to the door, then turns back.
"If you are such an adult, I would prefer that you do not come near my house then. We have nothing more to talk about."
He flies away, leaving the door open.


Headstrong fool. I'm flying after him just to keep an eye on him.


You keep some distance, but he does seem to be flying back to the hospital.


Well, I'm following him all the way there.


He arrives in a few more short minutes.
Follow him inside?


Yes, I need to talk to the medical staff responsible.


You enter the hospital.
A purple mare sits at the reception desk.
"Good day, how may I help you?"


"Is it normal protocol to allow patients who should be resting to simply walk in and out of this hospital as they please?"


"This is a hospital, sir, not a promison. Should a doctor assess that a patient is well enough, upon request they may leave the hospital to take flights or walks on their own responsibility."


"I'm fairly certain my father had no business being outside judging by his heavy cough."


She looks through some papers.
"Could you tell me his name?"


"Cloud Trimmer."


"Ah, yes. He requested permission for a walk outside, and the doctor seemed his health to be stable enough to do so."


"Brilliant. Thank you."


"You are welcome sir!"


Well, I'm done here. I'm going back home to do productive things.


Anything to do or skip forward?


I'll timeskip.


The rest of the day passes without anything eventful.
The next day, however, in late morning when you are doing your training routine, you hear a rapid knock on the door!


This better be good!

"Yeah yeah, I heard you."
Open up.


It's Corvette!
She has a huge grin on her face.
The moment you open the door, she jumps inside.


Blink at her rapidly.
"Are you jingling my jangles right now? We're actually in this together then! Holy crap Corvette!"


She hops around you excitedly!
"They sent the letter to the wrong fucking adress! To my old house!"
She jumps in front of you, grabs your muzzle with a hoof and leans in for a passionate kiss!



Break away from the sudden kiss as my eyes widen.
"Hey, hey, don't start molesting me now!"


She flattens her ears and blushes.
"Oh, sorry… I just got so excited! We are actually doing this!"


I snicker.
"Yeah… almost feels unreal don't it? Damn we're good to have made it together! I'm so happy for you!"


"You won't be alone anymore!"
She giggles like a schoolfilly.
"So, are we going to conquer all the stallions and mares of Equestria now, huh? You said we would when we first applied!"


"We'll dazzle them all and it'll be glorious! Equestria won't know what's hit it."


She rears up again, flapping her wings.
"Fuck yes! I am so fucking pumped right now! Let's go and fly some laps!"


Grin at her and spread my wings, pushing her aside as I quickly take off towards the track.
"Race ya there, hotshot!"


She grins and flies after you!
Due to your intensive training, you now have a +4 to flight rolls

Roll #1 1 + 3 = 4



Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


She tries a desperate dash at the end, seeing you are far ahead of her, and crash lands into one of the, thankfully, softer cloud cordons around the tracks for just such an impact.
You see she is all sweaty, on her back, her legs and wings spread-eagled. She looks dizzy.
"Ow… did I do it?"


Wipe my brow.
"Close enough. Need a break already?"


"Just some help…"


Snicker and help her back onto her hooves.
"Might need to work on your landing techniques q little."


She stands up, shaking a few cloudy substances off of herself.
"I totally did that on purpose!"


"Of course you did! If you want to have a lie down to recover from that, be my guest."


"What, do I seem like a whimp to you? Beat you to the first lap!"
And she is off!

Roll #1 7 + 3 = 10


Okaaaaay! Not tired after all!

Give chase.

Roll #1 3 + 4 = 7


She had too much of a headstart to recover from…
She grins at you with flared wings at the start line.
"How's that for a break, huh?"


"The sun got in my eyes."


She flicks your nose with her tail.
"The Sun, huh?"


"Yeah! It's bright out today and all!"


"Suure is! Maybe if we had responsible weatherponies…"


"Hey, this is all Celestia's job!"


"You're not blaming the Princess for your loss, are you?"


"Of course I am!"


"That's heresy you know!"


"She'll get over it."


She steps closer, messing up your mane.
"Here, maybe this'll help!"


Push away her hoof!
"Hey! How's that gonna help?"


"Your mane should keep the Sun out of your eyes!"


"You're just trying to trick me now. Little cheater."
Straighten my mane back out.


"Another lap then!"


"3! 2! 1! Go!"

Roll #1 4 + 4 = 8



Roll #1 5 + 3 = 8


It's so close, and you are so nose-by nose that neither of you can say for sure who won!
It was a photo finish!
She skids to a halt.

"I tooootally got that one!"


"Nope. Close one, but I pushed out a littlee more speed at the end there. Nice try though!"


"Yeah, as if! I totally nailed the finisher!"


"It's okay, Corvette. You tried."
Snicker at her.


She narrows her eyes at you before grinning.
"Oh yeah? Well, you try this then!"
She jumps up and does an incredibly quick double backloop, water condensing into a cloud as she does, one that she can jump on top the moment the second loop is finished to give it a kick and release a bolt of lightning right above your head!

The smell of ozone fills your nose and you even feel the electricity cracking in your mane! That was TOO close!


"… Hey I'm supposed to be the weather manipulator here!"
Rub a hoof through my mane.


She lands in front of you and grins.
"Show me what you've got, then!"


"It could kill you, if I didn't hold back."


She pouts.
"That's a risk I will have to take, I'm afraid."
She snickers.
"Plus that is not the first time I hear that from a stallion."


"That was your signature move then? A weather pony trick?"


"Still working on it… but it's a start, right?"


Smirk at her.
"It's no sonic rainboom either though…"


She snorts.
"As is anypony can actually do that."


"That's not a very Wonderbolt attitude!"


"Being a Wonderbolt-in-the-making is one thing but believing in fairy tales is another!"


"How do you expect to ever be famous if you aren't even delusional?"


She strikes a pose.
"Unlike you, I got a very marketable look."


"Ponies want more than looks nowadays though. It's not enough."


"I already got a cool trick in the works!"


"What about a catchy name for it?"


"Um… how does Thunderspin sound?"


"That's alright, but it's a bit dry isn't it? Call it the… Cloudsdale Mega Thunderspin."


"Hmm… we are onto something here… the Terrific Tornado Thunderspin! All the good moves alliterate, right?"


"The triple T. That works. But ponies like it when you add place names as well!"


She shrugs.
"Yeah, but then again, eight out of ten wonderbolts are out of Cloudsdale. So what is new with that?"


"Hey, that just means people will just be able to relate to it easier."


"But we do shows all over Equestria! They need something more than just a place name! Maybe I can devise a new trick at every show and name it after their place, to get some local fans!"


"Now you're getting it. You need a signature move but being flexible is not bad."


"We could totally come up with a paired move to blow the minds of everypony at boot camp too!"


"I bet everypony there is going to be trying to blow minds though. They only pick the best of the best after all."


"That's why we have to work something out to outdo them! Or do you want to be just a wingpony?"


"I want o be a Wonderbolt most of all."


"Work for it then!"
She takes off for another few rounds of practice flight!
Want to skip to the day before you leave to bootcamp?


"Oh you bet your tail I will."
That sounds good.


It's your last day here at Cloudsdale and you wake up to some sweet music seeping out from your radio.
You should make sure that you have everything packed so you can leave in the early dawn tomorrow, and you probably should say goodbye to friends and family


I'll make sure to get my packing done first of all before I head out to see my frens.


You make sure to pack all the essentials in a duffle bag before heading out.
Who do you visit first?
There's Voltage, Orange Crush, Milky… You probably can't visit Skyheart until the afternoon.


I think I'll hit up whoever is closest first.


Milky it is then!
He opens the door with a tired expression, sipping on tea.


"Morning pal, looking great today!"


He groans.
"Shaddup, Skim… it's not like you ever work late!"
He yawns, turning around.
"Wanna come in? I have some tea."


"Sure, I'd love some."


He accompanies you to the living room, and apears with a cup of warm tea for you a minute later.
After another yawn, he leans back onto his couch.
"So… you two are leaving tomorrow, huh? I feel like is just about to become a lot more boring."


"Yeah, I can imagine. Corvette and I are pretty fun to be around, aren't we?"
I chuckle, taking a swig from the tea afterwards.


It's some sweet bomb-ass tea!
He chuckles as well.
"Now we only got the absolutes left. Voltage and Orange."


"Keep them in line while we're gone, would you? Especially Orange."


He sighs.
"That is a tall order and you know it!"


"That's why I'm asking you."


He blushes, quickly sipping his tea.
"Oh, you are just going to make me embarass myself!"


"Am I? Would I do that?"


"Yes. All the time. And you'd enjoy it too! Like now!"


I take another swig from my tea.
"Yeah okay, maybe I do. I concede."


He clears his throat.
"So… can we expect letters or news weekly?"


"I'll be sure to keep you lot updated on the interesting bits at least."


He snorts.
"Come on, I bet drinking a glass of water as a Wonderbolt is more interesting than anything happening to us here! So that is going to be a lot of updates!"


"What, you want me to update you whenever I take a dump as well?"


"At least we'd know that you are healthy."
He snickers.


"Oh wow, thanks. You're so considerate."


"Hey, while we are at that… I don't suppose you can get use some saucy rumors about all the up and coming wananbe wonderbolts?"


"You asking me to spy on my fellows, Milky?"
Eye him critically.


He clears his throat.
"Technically, saucy rumors are not considered espionage ever since the Pranking Act of Celestia is in effect since a few years back."

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