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After working as a Weather Patrol pony for the Cloudsdale Weather Factory, you got both good and bad news - while you got accepted to the Wonderbolts, your father, who relies on you taking up the director position of the Factory, fell sick.

Time is running out before you have to leave to the Wonderbolts boot camp.
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Smirk at her.
"It's no sonic rainboom either though…"


She snorts.
"As is anypony can actually do that."


"That's not a very Wonderbolt attitude!"


"Being a Wonderbolt-in-the-making is one thing but believing in fairy tales is another!"


"How do you expect to ever be famous if you aren't even delusional?"


She strikes a pose.
"Unlike you, I got a very marketable look."


"Ponies want more than looks nowadays though. It's not enough."


"I already got a cool trick in the works!"


"What about a catchy name for it?"


"Um… how does Thunderspin sound?"


"That's alright, but it's a bit dry isn't it? Call it the… Cloudsdale Mega Thunderspin."


"Hmm… we are onto something here… the Terrific Tornado Thunderspin! All the good moves alliterate, right?"


"The triple T. That works. But ponies like it when you add place names as well!"


She shrugs.
"Yeah, but then again, eight out of ten wonderbolts are out of Cloudsdale. So what is new with that?"


"Hey, that just means people will just be able to relate to it easier."


"But we do shows all over Equestria! They need something more than just a place name! Maybe I can devise a new trick at every show and name it after their place, to get some local fans!"


"Now you're getting it. You need a signature move but being flexible is not bad."


"We could totally come up with a paired move to blow the minds of everypony at boot camp too!"


"I bet everypony there is going to be trying to blow minds though. They only pick the best of the best after all."


"That's why we have to work something out to outdo them! Or do you want to be just a wingpony?"


"I want o be a Wonderbolt most of all."


"Work for it then!"
She takes off for another few rounds of practice flight!
Want to skip to the day before you leave to bootcamp?


"Oh you bet your tail I will."
That sounds good.


It's your last day here at Cloudsdale and you wake up to some sweet music seeping out from your radio.
You should make sure that you have everything packed so you can leave in the early dawn tomorrow, and you probably should say goodbye to friends and family


I'll make sure to get my packing done first of all before I head out to see my frens.


You make sure to pack all the essentials in a duffle bag before heading out.
Who do you visit first?
There's Voltage, Orange Crush, Milky… You probably can't visit Skyheart until the afternoon.


I think I'll hit up whoever is closest first.


Milky it is then!
He opens the door with a tired expression, sipping on tea.


"Morning pal, looking great today!"


He groans.
"Shaddup, Skim… it's not like you ever work late!"
He yawns, turning around.
"Wanna come in? I have some tea."


"Sure, I'd love some."


He accompanies you to the living room, and apears with a cup of warm tea for you a minute later.
After another yawn, he leans back onto his couch.
"So… you two are leaving tomorrow, huh? I feel like is just about to become a lot more boring."


"Yeah, I can imagine. Corvette and I are pretty fun to be around, aren't we?"
I chuckle, taking a swig from the tea afterwards.


It's some sweet bomb-ass tea!
He chuckles as well.
"Now we only got the absolutes left. Voltage and Orange."


"Keep them in line while we're gone, would you? Especially Orange."


He sighs.
"That is a tall order and you know it!"


"That's why I'm asking you."


He blushes, quickly sipping his tea.
"Oh, you are just going to make me embarass myself!"


"Am I? Would I do that?"


"Yes. All the time. And you'd enjoy it too! Like now!"


I take another swig from my tea.
"Yeah okay, maybe I do. I concede."


He clears his throat.
"So… can we expect letters or news weekly?"


"I'll be sure to keep you lot updated on the interesting bits at least."


He snorts.
"Come on, I bet drinking a glass of water as a Wonderbolt is more interesting than anything happening to us here! So that is going to be a lot of updates!"


"What, you want me to update you whenever I take a dump as well?"


"At least we'd know that you are healthy."
He snickers.


"Oh wow, thanks. You're so considerate."


"Hey, while we are at that… I don't suppose you can get use some saucy rumors about all the up and coming wananbe wonderbolts?"


"You asking me to spy on my fellows, Milky?"
Eye him critically.


He clears his throat.
"Technically, saucy rumors are not considered espionage ever since the Pranking Act of Celestia is in effect since a few years back."

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